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Ep. 821 Explosive New Details about the Anti-Trump Scheme

2018-10-04 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address astonishing new details about the surveillance operation on the Trump team. I also discuss the disturbing details surrounding the arrest of a Capitol Hill insider for a doxxing incident. Finally, I address the remaining options for the Democrats in the Kavanaugh confirmation.    News Picks: Please join us on October 9 for a live, online signing session of my new book, “Spygate,” by using the link below.    Explosive new allegations by John Solomon regarding the FBI’s connections to a Clinton-connected law firm.    A lead FBI lawyer revealed troubling new details about the operation to take down Donald Trump.    This piece recaps the worst anti-Kavanaugh lies.    This Yahoo piece lays out the potential scenarios going forward in the Kavanaugh hearings.    The arrest of this Capitol Hill staffer is extremely suspicious.    This Mark Meadows interview, regarding the spying operation on the Trump team, is remarkable.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i love the about you shall please show how are you did enabling a morning i'm doing ok i know i know time and it's school around joe and i both have a stack show today to get to you so i'll let's i too would folks here what i want to cover today there were some jesting at a ball revelations yesterday that came out both with regard to the investigation into the trump spy scandal what happened to their team also there some very very cryptic traffic they came out last night about eight axing scandal up on the hill i stay four from sheila jackson leave office democrat senator excuse me democrat congresswoman i'm who really some of the personal information from some of the centres mike lee and others
during the judicial knock committees vote fervour for our cavanaugh to release from committee this is a there's more to this story folks is something going on here and sometimes there's open questions have all the answers all the time i'm digging i'm begging for you but i want to throw up do you some that this could be your thing than we are then i it let not aright today show brought you by our bodies it i target i target is the best system out there to pour improve your proficiency with a firearm when i want on foresman training three times i would two times do the police academy cadet men as a police recruit and in this you could serve as one of the things they do to teach you a professional user firearm is they teach you how to dry fire fire is to safely depressing the the trigger i safely unloaded weapon of course always made sure check check twice checked retires make sure it's unloaded pointed to safe direction downrange any report trigger on a safely unloaded weapon allows you to practice
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i target pro dot com you will get ten percent that is ten percent off if you'd for views promo code then i target dot com that's a letter i target road that calm use promo code then you will not be disappointed the reviews on the product or absolutely terrific ok overwhelmed today have to be candid with of my wife richest just in here she's equity talk about i don't even know where to start so i'm let let's start first with the ivy seize up you don't happen we cabinet has in the end the docks incident here's what happened there is a staff or by the name of jackson costs who is now being investigated for adopting incentive for those you unfamiliar with dioxin is toxic with max i know you know what it is showing a pile of maya yeah my i feel a little surprised toxic is the releasing of someone's personal information on a internet platform social media facebook web page wikipedia whatever it may be it's disgusting
happens a lot unfortunately up there with swatting is too with the most disgusting things the liberals do to us what is swatting swatting is when people call nine one one and say hey there's a bear katy hostage or whatever in a house of someone they don't like and what happens the swat team shows a folks united i know you lot of you a very busy lives this is i do for a living i'm telling you this stuff you may say that come on at doesn't happen none oh no it does ask a lot of conservative commentators out there's happen at mit garrick eriksson who use the rifle red state and now at sea or tv i think happened to him not that long ago this is disgusting stuff so the allegations are that this guy jackson cassio who worked for him to work for maggie hassan at apparently for some senate offices as well this democratic unpaid in turn was workin for sheila jackson lee and
story about how he got caught releasing the personal information must be clear we're talking about the stocks incident of might leave republican senator and others on the judiciary committee during the vote there this are you how he got caught is interesting and and and begs a number of very critical question smokes number one how did he get caught wealth as it turns out twitter has a bought running in the background or an algorithm or whatever it may be i don't know accurately how to describe scribe it i'm not necessarily attack was around this but has a program running in the background that detail changes originating from ip addresses upon capitol hill i guess it's for monitoring political things are breaking news folks have to be candid i'm not really sure i just that's how it happened because it's it's been reported multiple times the various press allison i have articles in the show notes about such has this this program running in the background to detect changes coming from capitol hill
twitter strictly strictly forbids doctrine you're not allowed to release the personal addresses or self offer ivy job this is obvious a cover for all our knox against twitter and believe me there no friend the conservatives there's some our policy you're like joe armacost cassio release a cell phone number on twitter so ten million talking overload as far as dumb but you know accusing the radical left to be in bright and these people are police they tyrants and we don't expect them to actually do smart stem cell once this change came from capitol hill twitter detected it now twitter flag did show i just told you it forbids dioxin and they noticed that the changes were made to what to the wicked media pages of michael d and other republican centres and on the wikipedia page their home addresses and their phone numbers were included now the first numbers for one of the other centres i believe it was hash we're not accurate but the high my dress is were real and it's a phone number for mike lee was real too so
changed on the wikipedia page twitter immediately flagged it and capitol hill was notified capital notify investigation starts right away and joe interestingly enough what we find out if you read some of the charging documents and some of the material surrounding it this individual jackson carrasco was cod tuesday night a computer that was not sheila jack's italy's why is important because actually was turning for congresswoman but it was the hard computer whose computer was it folks why was he charged with seven different charges including witness tampering with this tampering i await adult we're talking about toxic we are at
listen i being candid when i don't know i don't know i am feverishly digging to try to get to the bottom of what the hell's going on here but i don't want to leave this story behind even if there are open questions because it's this important right now with regard to the cavanaugh hearing was this an act of pure unadulterated political coercion and intimidation who is he working with was this guy working with someone else why do i ask that because he wasn't at sheila facsimiles office computers the at someone on the senate side new from a different in turn opportunity where was he who gay m access how much destiny have witnessed tampering what witness was he care with their work there are many witnesses up on the hill or the way this is joe cavanaugh blasi ford
looking up other information to when they looking up avenues information what was going on here folks think we ve heard the end of this story now i've got a lot to get i want to dwell on that too much on when i don't know i don't know what it doesn't make sense a city for half an hour talk about i'm just telling that expect when i get it i will put it out to you immediately i'm working on it but this is not a simple docks in case yes that's a core of it that they release it for me i'm telling you there's something else going on here there's a burglar charge an air there's a witness tampering charge a burglary charge did a burglary was there an intrusion into someone's office he shouldn't abandoned action jackson he seems to these seems to think so it's gonna be detained
potentially a jail jackson soon erastus in a sling jackson yes pretty soon one more interesting note about this jackson carrasco who's the alleged have done this a cyber security grad student always ie isn't that special and he was caught in a computer that in an office he doesn't work for dude this final question who else was see potentially working with some group on the outside folks then tell me how our government is not a complete swamp of anti trump deep state insiders tell me again how we're all crazy i want it just to this and you should do is a bigger scenario that laid out and he said verb even some the press reports are kind of hinting at some stuff what's gonna pay
let me just struck again and again the articles in the show no today fox news article it's really good describe some of the open questions i just addressed another article i buy it pains me to put it in the show notes but i want you now left this week out with like yahoo news it kills me too then click but i think it's important especially given this pivotal moment this red line in american history they cavenaugh nomination process that you understand what's going on and at least get a flavor for what the left this thinking right now and one of the few to do that sadly is to put up left wing outlets and see how they describe what's going on so there's a yahoo news article give it a shot read it describes the three scenarios coming up in the sky from a left leaning perspective and i want to lay them out you because the left is not done data three scenarios up i'm still talking about the cabinet nomination just to be clear the dioxin incident
was the exposing a personal information during the cavanaugh hearing to intimidate people this is about the three scenarios going forward now where we act now here where we met with the moroccan has scheduled closer vote for friday a potential final confirmation votes on saturday which is again i think a brilliant move do on saturday get this thing outdoor in a week and now i'm telling you as i have warned you now multiple times on twitter this i'm basing on very very good connected information on one oversell it but expected an unprecedented chaos on friday and saturday like i warned you last week about all the stuff that was given a u can exe back to more on friday and saturday we could pretend we have a justice cabin or by monday i say actually because i have no idea how bad it's gonna get this week and all i know is that the planning stages for making it really bad are already there were already way downstream
so he that's where we are looking at a potential saturday confirmation vote here the three scenarios we have an up vote scenario number one in up vote we get fifty one maybe he passed the vice president cavanaugh justice cabinet by monday again expect chaos no matter what scenario number two we already discussed this autumn want dig too deep but it's in the yahoo peace i want you to read it from their respect because it's the scenario number three this interesting scenario virtue is down vote we don't get fifty plus one and i believe cabinet level and be renominated it will become an election issue for november we ve already discussed that i think that is the if their god forbid is it down vote i but if that would be a brilliant political strategy which would absolutely bury the democrats at the polls i've got information on that you how the poles are changing this was a disastrous overplay by the democrats your number three okay
related to one but i broke it out because it involves some details here there's an up vote a load up by immediate calls for cavanaugh impeachment the democrats that their election issue you heard it here he twenty talked about and demands for refusal on just about any case heard in front a cabinet which would be any case out of the supreme court right because they say what job they'll say all his angry and fiery speech you gave makes him a partisan actor and he can't rule on union membership or abortion rights or second amendment of it he's a partisan actor there will be a call as for refusal on every case they ve done the clarence thomas for years the scenario trees and a vote and the democrats then inter used for the november elections the impeachment abrek cavanaugh on what the impeachment have donald trump it'll be the double eyes impeach a peach followed by
elsewhere for immediate refusal on every case in front of the supreme court for cabinet you may say the good news there is no good news we're in a fight would you think there is good news you're in a street fight good news is we win without good but you still getting and going she's what's the less bad news the less bear it was we exercise as i've said to you and try to motivate you over the last few days raw pull coal power now our raw police power we win elections we push cabinets and supreme court we win you lose as with the new rules will not do it i wickedly when i try to be cute nice about it anymore it is about raw political power now and your desire to win you want to win or not no we don't at all costs the left wants to do that but we win at the necessary to stop maintain our moral backbone and whatever we after due to win in november we are going to do
and i have no good news on scenario three there will be on ending calls for refusal and impeachment the left never stops the question is will you you don't want to fight and you don't every new that's fine you're always welcome here but please back away back away from other people and don't we can now i'm sorry but weakness is contagious why when i train i train around me stars in my jim you squat three fifteen output non three twenty do three twenty i'm doing three twenty five we this is a virus contaminate anybody else this fight is common fight is here you got it in your what i know you do i read your emails folks what leads me to believe you do have it in you and you are right
for once come in you're in that fire that steals gettin harden right now is because one i read your emails but secondly i'm looking at the polls let me give you some quick dates on how badly this is blown up in the democrats face folks north dakota heidi hide camp democrat in a deep red trump state she's the incumbent she is now down to challenger kevin kramer the republican by twelve points this a dramatic shift since the i have an odd disgrace which heidi high camp has been a part of it keeps saying north dakota your turn step up you got it in you i know you listen we do sophisticated analytics on this programme i see the bubbles i know you're their step up under no circumstances this heidi i can't get your vote i can't tell you what to do your all responsible adults i can't envision a circumstance variety i can't get your vote she
it's done nothing but destroyed help destroy this man's life in cavanaugh she's finish can kramer's your guy missouri josh holly care clare mechanical holly's now up eight in polls we're dead even if and how he was down at one point karma castle and incomplete red state democrat has been awful on this claremont gaskell's been awful everything missouri europe under no circumstances should clare mechanical get your vote bring ten friends to the poles clare mecca those political days thankfully appear numbered soda heidi hide camps they have played a role in this disease serious treatment discuss or a treatment abrek cavenaugh finally the enthusiasm gap when people are paul likely voters important is its elections either democrats at a ten point enthusiasm gap
words ten percentage points more of democrats said that the selection was more of a very important than they did republicans astounded to nano is it down to two joseph its within the margin of error you are fired up folks i know i don't have to do this anymore but gosh i ran myself i put my but in this race of one point i'm not trying to get a cab any pats on the back i'm just saying this is these sacrifices that need to be made right now maybe a little bit of painful can be a little uncomfortable go volunteer for a campaign i you know i don't be kevin kramer just holiday loosed here today beat your guy in a primary this is no time for that this is this time the links shields and move on get out there volunteer ten pennoned ten bring ten four email ten friends call ten friends get him to the poles we have got to win i was asked again by people too to mention one other race right pennsylvania centuries without lou barletta pennsylvania trump one that state close the gap
so casey get him out of there there's excuse tat see marcia blackburn youtube your candidate whatever may be you like or you know like i've met are i like her you got a vote i don't care what what is it breton says i dont care he's not a republican he's not with you what flip on you in a minute i write i gotta tawny spidey supported and again i i the show so stack today i don't even know where to go there was some just words when i would try to get audio that's why you're not going to note a simple we get on the air little bit later to joseph let me decided way out i appreciate your patients sponsors wanna be a recipe the new sponsor which is really helped me last week by the way on a lighter note more recovery is a really terrific product where a few years ago when you go out at night you have a future and she could bounced back in the morning they had happened the effects that are my brother john major awaken madonna i do those days are over for me you got in
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let is a wonderful republican congressman's north carolina deserves your support easier for me when i needed he appears on a hill tv yesterday and i'm sorry so when i we desperately trying to get the audio i'm just gonna redeploy he drops a nuclear bomb on this spy gate thing that i have suspected for a long time i just didn't have the number what was it let me quote mark meadows there is a strong suggestion that confidential human sources actually taped members within the trump campaign ok silly yeah but he gives a number which is fascinating the indicator enjoy listen joe and i will try to get this order you free tomorrow will have to do we will get it she's been workers but the way they had set up is crazy but he gives a number which is fascinating pieces
there may have been up to five people who were recorded really so my wife was in his morning she follows this by gay case because i spend my life since i wrote the book the book launches the next week but it's available now and amazon you order you will get it please please please go get it five people who are the five people that may be spied on and recorded in conversations notice uses intercepts he says record intercept would be emails recording a phone calls recorded i'm assuming meadows means and i think base the blame on some research we did for the book tat actually means physical like recordings while digitally what conversation show now let me again say speculating here on who up that these five people are but this big some very serious questions gimme the lead first where are the tapes
exculpatory and who the hell are those people now i think we can comfortably assume who three of them are papadopoulos is probably one of them carter page is likely another one and paul metaphor is probably the third now i'm gonna give you to alternate scenarios here about who these other people could be again speculating a bit on this but i'm speculating based on a body of research we ve done one is likely one is less likely let me give you that they give you the more likely scenario first both are devastating the second one is the horrifying second scenario scenario number one is those two additional people could have been roger stone and mike flint
mike flynn who of course was trumps national security adviser before he was let go you you know that you know the allegation lying which i believe are nonsense but was my when recorded was my when recorded in conversations by someone working in collaboration with the united states intelligence community law enforcement if might flint recorded what was he where did say was what he was saying exculpatory we know he was recorded in unmasked that we know we are fully aware that in other words they tell us on recording with kiss we act which was the subject of the mahler investigation where they live discussed how the russians would vote on an a on israel motion at the u n and potential actions that was the subject of mothers interview into full and we know that but other acts or physical recordings i put out
air because it would fill in a piece of the puzzle a lot of us have been asking for a long time is why did mike when become such a target of bob mahler follow me here if i get confusing salami please but this which scenario number one here i'm going to give each and every two in a minute but the flintstone connection here but to the recording not to each other would make sense my operating theory the entire time in my book based on a lot its foot noted to death is that the mullahs pro began as a smokescreen to avoid covering the real scandal here which was the spying operation on the trump team with no evidence to do it what open questions the entire time joe is always been why the hell they target my aflame it made no sense the fbi acknowledged after interviewing mike flint at the white house they acknowledge that there were no signs of deception in their interview you bob mahler d both down and decides to deadlock
the full assets of his team towards prosecuting my twin for false statements to the fbi that the fbi themselves acknowledge weren't have deceptive that do you understand get it out this way details get lost in space but do you understand that has been a monstrous open question from day one i mean giant thick in size why would they poor get mike flynn it made no semi flintstones or don't you this is where they get their better but theories they is the first which i believe has some merit it was twins objection to the eye ran deal the area india was the bedrock of the obama administration is foreign policy the ira deal was corrupt from the start the exchange you cash palates the the i've out of some sanctions on i ran the remember i told you about the giant solomon breaking use the arrangement ideal where a fbi
informing allege that the russians were helping iranians build their nuclear programme and that the informed me uranium one deal said this to the fbi and yet they still approves the sale of uranium what had fled about the area and the was he's such a threat to the ariane deal that flynn how to be taken down by the multi the array deal was correct number one corrupt number two is a bedrock of the mama legacy if it was exe it was this corrupt and a deal exposed is being offered for the united states which it was flynn was gonna be one of the lead targets for them but why they is secondary benefits you track and that we're good rightly i believe we argue flynn is a target because food and did not support the area and the amount of fact was a vocal opponent of it he had a b take it out he was the former head of the dossier its intelligence agency there is no question flynn new stuff no question flynn
be taken down and mahler team was the perfect vehicle to do it they were going to our jim which something anything going to the fbi are they charged with even though the f b i didn't think he was deceptive but secondly if when is one of those quote up to five people who were actually record it what's in there tapes flynn must know what's in air if he was recorded why because it was recorded was what's in there exculpatory and when i say go patrie meaning what he was recorded saying an indicator of his innocence not his guilt and his innocence in this entire scheme therefore the sky and though becomes watching the scandalous flynn is innocent becomes the recording of flame that wins role and a scandal he wasn't part of please tell your track and we are tracking one hundred percent we got
flynn much go away because or one he doesn't support here iran was vocal against any knows the corruption number to the factor tried to record it on tape be a corrupt and he wasn't corrupt the scandal book tat he was actually recorded what he did nothing wrong so they gotta shut this guy down it makes perfect sense it makes perfect sense especially in conjunction with the fact that he was already the subject of a non masking scandal whereas phone calls were recorded and he was reversed targeted now the only reason i bring up stone is being the potential other target here of the recording remember just to backtrack appeared better instead of the five people were recorded in spied on we are comfortable with the three metaphor page and papa i just suggest you flip the reason i bring up that it could be stone roger stone is because
own is now a writ mahler is been relentless a relentlessly going after stone relentlessly going after stone he has been on stone for months now and it would make perfect that's again that if they have recordings of stone just like mahler should we just like when joe and a record things are in fact exculpatory not indication of criminal action the scandal in itself becomes the recordings the fact that political operators were recorded patio poverty that is this scandal what better way shut these guys up than to charge them and throw him in the clink port way to do it you know they're going to come out go public at some point so let's scenario number one flynn in stone
scenario number two you know i i paul and i can confirm can a lot before the show and i'm a little hesitant to put this out there but i think it's taking a risk on folks given what we're dealing with here you get on information at this point that we put together for the book i am also basing it on other explosive bomb shall launch yesterday that james her former fbi council met up on the hill in aid our financial la behind closed doors meeting with hail investigators this guy was the big lawyer for the fbi during this care during this scandal and according multiple report please please read the show notes today this is all in there from the hell it's upon gino dot com please read them all he seemed to the kate yesterday source indicated that baker said that they met
the fbi attorneys with at least one attorney from perkins cooing what die how before the election so joseph times with these shows i am you may be saying i don't get it you will the lead fbi attorney who is intimately five than the entire investigation spying operation donald trump do we know this we know from the text we know from his position he was the hedge he was the general council for the fbi the biggest law erin the fbi with the most influence use deeply embedded in all of its whose intimately familiar with the woods procedure for verifying information used to spy in the fire a court or interesting he goes up the capitol hill and indicates that they met with least one attorney from perkins kui per
school we was the law firm hired the clinton team to her air fusion gps to spy on the twenty six let me go let me get this straight you the fbi is working with a political opposition look rob research law firm for a present sure campaign during a and pay some folks do you understand like you may say tat we already knew that no no no we never had somewhat admit to it i didn't lose you by the way i want to get out there because scenario too however strange it may sound things law firm that they hired to go dig up information on trop do why is this cuba head fbi lawyer according to ports as that would method that the fbi before the election was meeting with hillary clinton law firm that they hired to go dig up information on trump do you want
is this cuba what tat hell is going on here now because you're so read it all this could you assume show this is in do the prejudices they now have it on data have it on the record there's no france to this now it all now let's get back to this scenario number two about who they hack or these five people who were being spied on an alleged we recorded now by the government and the trump team could those five people the two are in question one of them be done junior folks i this would be
i mean the additive and i am running that adds to really i hate i propose i just what to say i don't i mean it is then the mother of all bombs was the is the president's son recorded it may not be but who are these five people let me proposed eu scenario here do you remember tweet by donald trump that started this whole spy gate investigation joe i just found my wires were tapped and trump tower and everybody said he's crazy yet on level so world dumber for having heard that down world dumber for having ever listened to your show if you ever mistaken we came across it on cnn but one thing we ve you're doubt about donald trump joe
is obviously an emotional guy privacy there's about his family and he cares about what happened here but he's not dumb that tweet is never made sense to a lot of people and now the tweet act it's interesting that the key to my my book by the three i bring this up as the tweet actually starts my book because the tweet is makes all this happened nobody's ever accused trump being done my being serious people of course radical liberals com whatever they want but he's not stupid that tweet went out for a reason was in that meeting a trump tower when vessel net sky the lawyer shows up the meaning that of course that everybody knows about that vessel nets irene out i mention and now they d translator shows up a trump tower the meeting set up by goldstone to meet with don junior and it sets its
famous alleged we're going to pass information about hilary stuff and they show up to talk about russian adoptions and magnets in that's june meeting a trump tower was somewhere in a wire would explain who the two other people are who would the two other people be don junior and jared his son in law they were in that meeting now so was metaphor but remember do the math with me here matter said yesterday were up to five people who may have been recorded hidden they intercepted he said recorded again my sincere apologies rambo get the sound for you but this two critical do not talk about because we're missing sound bite you quoted and before those if people of scenario to and again i wanna be clear speculating a bit here but
doing it on the lack of information and the first chapter the book going all of its how that tweet was not an accident it would be page papadopoulos afford kirshner and don junior if that scenario if that scenario is true now again i believe it's more likely that the two people were probably flintstone based based on the targeting of those individuals by mahler you gave him i'm because i've always he's always asserted and i continue to believe that the model operation is an effort to shut people up it's an effort to shut up key players in this we're spider who's about now ten dollars who is smaller arrested in power security in conjunction with the oh papa tat police mike flynn and he's going to have to stone which would make the spying of them spy
all of them which is the real scandal go away quickly if you can shut them up by prosecuting them i believe that more likely scenario i'm asking due to entertain the second scenario because it makes a world of sense based on the connections of the people in the room with the meeting with don junior jared metaphor we have the trump three you may say dan fair enough you may fairly enough that's a lie connection that's all connection saying the tweet about it why my wires were tapped interim tower he was talk about a cap not necessarily recording it's not just that folks the dawn junior meeting we now know that an the vessel in the sky the russian lawyer who shows up at the meeting alleging to have durden hilary i believe this was set up from the start was working with fusion gps on a different case who was hired by who
against kui who we now know that the general also for the appears admitted they met with probably your track in here but what year that shows up with don jr i'm telling you may have now been recorded don't warrior who shows up is working for fusion gps now it's a different kind but it's the same company fusion gps is higher by a law firm we now know met with the lead lawyer from the fbi during the case where the hell jim call me right now draw jim you to know about any of this now why jim colonies become a partisan hack on twitter disguised probably crap and his pants right now you tell me jim call me to know their jim crow we need more european fbi according to multiple reports has now admitted upon a help they met with the law firm that higher
people that orchestrated this whole debacle folks with somebody recording junior would someone recorded president's kid and his son in law we already have another guy in a meeting poos allegedly connected to russian and tell me not to mention another translator with a hit we have working for hilary state department at a pub system the room pussy finally comes out of nowhere to set this meeting up meaning connections to the trouble but he's never done this before why folks who are the plus two we know the three papa day we know it's page and it's likely manifold are those plus to god forbid don junior
and shared member trump already knows all this ladies and gentlemen this is looking like the biggest political head job in american history i have never in my life seen anything so disgusting i mean this is this is the most grotesque abuse of power in europe in the history of the united states government you know you may say we had teapot dome and all that stuff in watergate folks we ve never had the ability given acknowledging the ability to intercept record the depth of the deep state bureaucracy we have never had the ability to technology or the means to abuse surveillance dragnet like we do right now and its becoming clear as day that the obama administration at something to do with this let me tie that for you to possess gets worse for we get to that region
i get pay for the show i can i mention one sorry to take a break for better again i'm getting a little the motion on i wanted i want a yell mrs important stuff i'm having a wife signing folks on october night for my book at two p it's a life's online they'll be alive can today show not all you do is click on the link i it would be honoured if you'd show up i'm trying to make its special and i really did this for you i'm not big on live signing and stuff like that but a lot of people ask me signing copies idea appreciate it if you'd show up will put the link in the show notes today i will put the link but you know that com its october night the tube m eastern you just click the link you can ask questions my wife will be there by beautiful lovely wife and also you can enter your phone number and i'm give people calls and i will work we'll talk and nina when she asked me whatever you want so it'll be really will you can submit questions is very simple i gotta do is click on a link october at two p m please by one of them
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alluded and just disturbing so now we know according to the fbi general council and reports that he'd indicated they met with per in school we lawyers before the election and unprecedented abusive fbi power to be meeting with a political opposition team we know who did mrs clinton bring on board we know this from multiple reports now that's been out there publicly for among them who did miss miss clinton bring on board as her lawyer and legal adviser right around the time before she announced she was gonna do a presidential campaign mark elias ladies and gentlemen mark elias who has worked with perkins kui for a very very long time but i'm suggesting to you is this plan was set up from the start folks i dont believe this was an operation to just spy on one particular person donald trump i believe at this point is said to you repeatedly that there were operations being set up to speed
on multiple presidential campaign potentially carson ted crews and others i dont think just started with donald trump donald upon the nomination and he became the logical target later but i'm gonna walk you through these facts here because this is chris critical around april twenty five right around the time perkins kui act perkins kui activity april twenty fifth of twenty sixteen source the heat up perkins we is is working with the obama is she's me is working with the clinton team and lawyers for in school we are working with acquainted team we know now the f b i met with perkins could we right before the election the fbi general councils now apparently admitted to this whilst gave a massive payment right around the time this started to perkins coo ee oh ass they used to be obama for america now it's organised
for america so let me die this thing up for you folks in a panic in acute by a packaging and put a ribbon on top we now have a suggestion that up to five people were recorded recorded by the intelligence community and effort to examine investigate and potentially prosecute the trump team we don't know those two people are the two extra people we speculate hired by flintstone which explains paid could have mrs been don junior and jared in that meeting in that meeting is a lawyer is a russian lawyer who also working for fusion gps on the present case that russian lawyer is working for a company high by perkins kui and pay or by mrs clinton to go dig dirt on donald trump we also know that the law firm
that hired the company that hired the russian lawyer law firm received payment not lie before that in april the meeting happened in june receive they pay from obama's former campaign arm obama for erika was in organizing for america this was his former campaigner hundreds of thousands of dollars of a payment made we also know the clinton team before they even announced hired bark elias what a history working with perkins kui so saying that this was not some fly by night operation folks now even more disturbing baker the f b i council that apparently when upon the helen divulges information has said that door you're twenty sixteen alexis using joe that they met with at least one attorney from perkins
we at least he who are the other words now let me read you from john salem is piecemeal europe aims before i get tax and i want to lose this i started with the lead first and that the great part about starting with the leads you know where i'm going but if not wrap it up it kills the point of it so when we were talking about but the up to five people who are recorded question number one was who were the two other people but i said to you the two other take ways in the leaves are where the hell are the tapes they were recorded recorded that means there are tapes where are the tapes and are they exculpatory folks what's on those tapes how do we know how does meadows know that people were actually recorded
well he gives a hint that hill an interview that is due to the tax the text peters broken lisa page and others are sent to send to themselves the tax you know the text peter stroke was the lean vest later in the case of the tragic case of anybody knows what's going on he does my page was another lawyer for the f b i work on the case working with baker may i suggest to you and those texts folks i have this in big bold letters to remind you haven't been a former investigator myself there are probably one direct references to tapes are some kind of recordings but secondly that in some four of email text or charging document there may be direct quotes the wreck quotes from people how did you get those joe how would you get them i have to listen to you now only two ways to listen to you one
have a conversation with joe i'm back i'm having right now i can be writing down joe tell me what you wait for dinner less joe said he ate shrimp shrimp cocktail flog raw which he didn't i assure you what's the other way i can get the requisite recording you talking to somebody else it's obvious met this is not making this up there instigators of what these texts were probably looking at direct quotes if those are and they weren't talking to peter stroke joe obviously todd junior was talking to peter shortly that was might flynn except for the you'd have you later on that there are probably quotes of conversations peter stroke wasn't on are those quotes exculpatory
are they indications of their innocence that's the key question if they are where are the tapes where are the tapes their better be tapes if there were recordings because joe if there are not tapes and those tapes for uses evidence tooth it joe not a federal investigator correct no i wasn't there do you destroying tapes would probably be a big deal just a guy i think destroying tapes would be a bad thing dan big go joe europe i do guys brilliant eyes like a spectre gadget over thank you dan doo doo doo doo doo but i love that you did its ok where are the tapes they say that people who are ready in on this solomon sarah corridor matter others you hear them keep indicating nunez
member the nunez translator that there's a skull but tory evidence out their indicating that the trump team was innocent that they did not do this did not comply with the russians and now i've taught do what i believe a lot of that is its probably in the fbi three o two's and they summaries of their their interviews with people bruce or another but folks i i consider it i have to be care than with you the possibility that there may be recorded conversations out there that are even more damaging not for the trunk team for obama the obama administration may have been spying under political opposition level before whole time having recordings indicating this thing is poor young bob you get it oh yeah all right let me just read you from this chance solomon peace because this is just
prefixes and shown us please read this quote it means you this is talking about the james baker the lawyer who met now those of this saying that the f b i met with railleries basically hilariously i mean this is just so freakin bad it me the fbi had good reason to suspect that dossier was connected to the dnc main law firm and was the product of a dynamic ethnic opposition research effort to defeat trump yet failed to the closer this caused that information to the pfizer court in october of twenty sixteen when the bureau applied for a pfizer warrant to trump campaign adviser carter paid folks it's not a small thing you and i have known forever the dossier is a political document paid for by per in school infusion gps by the hilary team but now knows maybe call me with jim call me and always interviews donors put things like wow we didn't really know paid for the dossier that death
lawyers saying he met would perkins coolly jim did you miss this do you understand how this refutes every main player in this scandals fundamental defence no really really you're an unfortunate victim on them as illicit show the fact that you already know everything is we expose that six months ago the point now is not to repeat to you that this was up critical hit job the point is to repeat here the people who opened denying its political hit job have nowhere to go anymore they have for your lawyer he's still married they met with perkins go we how did you not know that the dossier was before how bout that moving moving onto the disco from the same piecemeal this bombshell that unequivocally shows the real collusion was between the fbi and donald trumps opposition the dnc hilary and a trump hating british intel officer to hide the election round then some conspiracy between putin and chop a now
you will source told john solomon big rosetta view by lawmakers behind closed doors on wednesday sources declined to divulge his testimony others to say other than to say confirmed other evidence about the contact between the port in school we laufer then the f b i folks i'm not trying to bore you to death you with this stuff just trying to get out today are running out you have to be able to debate loony tunes liberal friends to shift the public opinion from the media driven narrative that russia collusion is about trump if russia in conclusion is real but it's a a big hilary team the evidence is now overwhelming call me denials because they now where they're gonna move watch watch this watch the lifting ship the media is going to move in the next few weeks or days two where
oh you know all right the dossier once the documents of the class but the dossier was was the main cobb vehicle use despite the trump team and yes it wasn't verified but the free i know why because that detail just them from obama it was obama's d o j running this thing right right right understand how this solomon peace completely annihilates that line of thinking it was obama's bomb is campaign or that paid the law firm that was meeting with the fbi they were meeting with the fbi tat completely they have nowhere to go jim call me is not telling the truth you're telling me as leave lawyer was hiding this meeting from this it's insane please please read the peace
all right folks i got to roll but i want to leave you with one final got a listener sent me an e mail this morning and you know i read a lot of them but this was really important and i agree with them but i'm going to bring this up he said dan you know with everything go in our breath cabin on this character assassination is this ruthless disgusting in non it's happening to him right now he said you know it's probably a good time you will have a lot of younger listeners to remind them nothing fair anymore its sorry ma am you better understand now everything you do from thirteen arma probably before thirteen given the ruthlessness and the liberals in the media ever a single thing you do when you re lot of you really smart union a reach positions prominence later in life some of you gonna be see yo high powered lawyers doctors may be politicians may the leaders of federal agencies cops whenever it maybe everything you do will be the subject
of ruthless character assassination once you're out and as a conservative i'm not sure a scare you but it was a great email and but this is my public service and ask for the day everything you post on social media every picture you have drinkin either you know i am a member of your kids we took pictures all the time and house parties everything everything is going to be subject if once you reach a position of providence later in life to a if you're assassination effort warning you now with facial recognition technology bar cameras and other stuff and a future folks i'm telling you if your listening and you're you're thirteen or older you better be dead careful what you put on social media on instagram who you give your party with how your party making mistakes any of this stuff none of its gonna be forgiven cavanaugh happen to him has opened up a pandora's box of stupidity that will never be closed democrats
liberals and their media bodies have now figured out tat they can go back to high school and destroy someone's reputation for the rest of their lives i'm telling you careful on your snapchat be careful on your instagram be careful on your facebook be carefully this by the way it goes for adults too i mean lecturing anyone but this is going to be ruthless in the future you crazy putting anything out there on social media that makes you look even mildly foolish you're not because it's all be out there in the future the minute you get a pointed to a corporate important someone finds out you're a conservative we have crossed the rubicon of stupid no turning back
i fucked thanks again for tuna and again please join that live signing on october night next week as my book launch priest pick up the book today spy gates veil bonn amazon had put a lot of work into it all this will make sense once you get through it i really appreciate it and i'll see watermark you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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