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Ep. 824 Was There a Soft Coup Attempt?

2018-10-09 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the troubling new revelations by John Solomon about a soft coup effort by senior law enforcement officials to remove President Trump from office. I also address a suspicious redacted footnote in a House report that is getting renewed attention in the FISA abuse investigation. Finally, I address the new liberal narrative being used to attack our republic.    News Picks: My new book, which exposes the players in the Spygate scandal, is available today. Pick up your copy here.   John Solomon’s explosive new piece addresses an alleged soft coup attempt against President Trump.   This suspicious redaction in a footnote in a House report on FISA abuses is getting renewed attention.     Mitch McConnell strikes again. Mitch is using the “new rules” to fight back.    Why is the Left abandoning due process? This piece gives some examples.    The Kavanaugh win is a big one for the GOP.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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dan bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about amerika with your host dan bond thereby gino shell preacher joe our you today i'm hanging in their daniel hannan and ready to go back there was a big night last summer i was feeling from arkell event not thank you to all the collars called in but he called ever forgive me sir if you get your name was i i love producer joe joe picked up all these followers on twitter is at joe has eight josie one following joe it's out i have irma job does hard work on the show through so how do you see those like elvis on twitter account but i yet instead we would call the lesson i have big day today by book drops thank you so much for the work we ve already got reviews up there and before i jump into the show i have i they humble request and i do mean it humbly you all have done just i
you ve done for me in my life i can't i can't articulate and words my gratitude all i can say from the bottom my heart is thank you my audience to death is why put my email out there i try to get back to as many of you as i can you all absolutely wonderful i have favour to ask obvious eve if you would like to please pick up the books by gate by me damn bonn gino than he's mcallister and map columbo we put a lot of work into it on the first reviews are in and i just one ask that you please if take the time to review the book on amazon if you buy it or importance noble because notably what happens with every book i drop is the pearls come on there and airline to ports swear to shocks me why didn't even by the book or a earth they did but they dared to put it like this puts it to its about act carts and suchlike is that the people have the right book but they don't even
just do it so happens with every one of my books thankfully we always have foreign five star reviews overall because people actually read the book to commentary manner listen honestly thing out you read it like it i'm not asking for a bogus review i i just i very kind but you're going to enjoy it just say and the who would only read the book attack so please go in review the ok amazon barnes ennoble i would deeply appreciate there's this effort view by judy s neck it over the whole thing but just to show how and i think she nail this thing she's whether you follow politics closely or casually this book pulls together a ton of factual information in a readable and well organized fashion it is well source it has literally hundreds of footnotes we did that for a reason we pointed out left leaning people who reported on russian collusion before they found that it was fake i generally with active links you can review the quoted passages in their full original context online the writing flows well almost like a spy novel thank you to the need for that at times except
actually happen the chapters work well together but each can stand alone if you want to look at one particular topic yes thank you judy that review that is exactly how we weren't you dont have to read the book in order you don't because written almost like a police reports so you're interested when we're man afford who is i tried to go to the matter chapter you read the viewed in up in your interest in the real story what really happened not the fake collusion now go to the n ray and reverse the book makes sense the way this charge there's diagrams there's a timeline it is the far paid of spy gate book out there now i can say that comfortably that's why we waited so please check it out and amazon thank you enough with the plug appreciate our eye folks last night i was on the market joe and i covered a couple things i want to but one thing i want to cover today some explosive new spy gate information came out from john solomon at the hill job knows a lot john knows everything i am one of the things he released yesterday was
a two fascinating stories i haven't the show notes a punch you know that come the first and is and i'm always hesitant with the adjectives because i don't want to where you outward or appear hyperbolic i want to try to stick to a joe friday just the facts ma am approach but it's i ve been so many explosive revelations in this case it's hard to category and what's more explosive less explosive solomons report last night and not shell says show that the twenty fifth amendment conversation denzil i too have been had by broad rosen's dean and upper level manages the fbi where they were going to in case you missed it there's allegation out there now by people in the fbi four level manages the fbi we're talking and apparently cooperate but the congressional investigators that there was an f under way to record record donald trump in it conversation in an effort to show that he was somehow mentally unfit for office to give to the cabin
to use as a measure to implement the twenty fifth amendment to remove him from office folks listen to me that you want stand what we're talking about here we're talking about a coup and actual coming i can support majority where this is not exe file started without making this up you are actually talking about an effort to remove a duly elected president from office for no here we're not talking about impeachment here we're talking about the enactment of the now the amendment entirely is now the reason this is important folks and i want to be clear on this the reason this is important is donald trump is not obviously physically or mentally unfit for office you may not like demand style fine whatever i don't like it people style upon their what you're doing is clearly a usurpation of powers you don't have to remove an elected president now the solomon stories important not because the story the stories
a few weeks all now the story that leaked about i was in spain and an apparently his will yes corbett to the allegations to discuss recording record in other words using a listening device against the president united states and private conversations to give to the cat there to show how that she be somehow mentally unfit to be in office the store it died down until solomon had this explosive storing it yesterday that baker j spake or one of the lead the general council for the fbi one of the big shot upper level lawyers apace but what he has said that a court his it now he was on the meeting but he know the players who were of course his telling of events what he heard folks this was on a joke be fair to both sides rose stein is saying that listen there compensation happen but it was a joke it was never meant to be serious i'm just telling you what both sides are you can judge the
credibility if i saw each side now motives matter joe correct and rose and stein clearly clearly has a motive to suggest that this conversations nap and joe what do you think is emotive would be keep his job savers but savers but safely compose baker who apparently is now cooperating with congressional investigators james baker again should work air general council for the fbi big shot lawyer upper level manager within the fbi baker as motivation to obviously baker probably doesn't want to go to jail we don't know what his role and leaking information may or may not have been so they both have incentive to tell a story but let's be clear on this folks does when europe criminal investigator you always have to look at motive this is my beef with the fbi not telling the pfizer court that the infirmary they presented was pretty
by hillary clinton automotive did you watch when win the election year bakers motive to cooperate ladies and gentlemen save his own but is not equal to a motive to generate false information i don't i'm not explain this well let me sometimes analogies work but i can see you're low and the media and i get it i know chose the ombudsman can see where i could see him rolled his eyes a betty's equity though when you do it's called when you're a federal agent right and you do let's say what we call color proffer proffered deal right i've got oh hook line and sink or less say on video conducting a bank robber i know it's joey looks like alvarez its job there's the video you're onto your boss did right maybe as part of say and network a bank robber so we nail joe we get him in there jos lawyer knows these past it now use let us be honest with you mean you're a federal agent your worst enemy is the opponents i did the guy you arrested lawyer
he's going to say we want this this and ass my clients like going to cooperate my spirits is a federal agent when you got a guy hook line and secure and you gotta mailed your best friend in the world this is lawyer because here some want to go to jail for bizarre reason the bad guy philip pigs he's gonna get away and the warriors look at him in the face go in brown it's over it's over joe they got you a video here's the still shots and a video may show you don't even need you don't even if only you go right to the lawyer you really you got you joe joe you know what i'm getting at your miranda rights we just shut up for now i want to talk to your look you got a lawyer you go hey lawyer beggar doughnuts your client the boss did he's nailed the law then go to the guy goes hey armor cost bro it's over either talk now are you going to jail for thirty years from ankara you can give these guys upper so what opinion x is typically a proper deal a proper deal
call it a king for a day deal right king are they meaning you come in and thing you said in that proper session against your other bank robbers that you give up will not be here against you under one condition you cannot lie you you lie in there and you tell us a fairytale what happens everything you said that can be used against you and you are screwed so the king they deal is this you will get a free pass we will not use anything you say joe about your role in the bank robbery against you ok but in that problem if you find it and you lie one time it is over and so what who becomes your best friend in the proper the lawyer because the laws i understand that all of this stuff is client puts forth has to be true and if it's not true he's screwed because it's going to be used against them in a truck i have seen what i've done a number of proper session folks i have seen lawyers kicked there
under the table ask for a break pay dank we get a break which mean what it means to be joe my clients ps right now and i don't want this to happen and of course you know you wanted to tell the truth you get yet let's take a break you come back in a guide to the story completely change activists yachts firm here let me talk to these a protracted and he's that's clearly does not understand the rules in this day and you come back in and you start over my mr remembered something here's what i'm sick just think you is this is it huge story that a soft coup was happening the upper levels of the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world that the fbi there are two conflicting stories of the events there is todd rosen stein saying i wasn't serious about recording the president removing from office in isaf coup it was all a joke we know rose in motive he wants that
keep his job he doesn't want to be humiliated he doesn't want to be disbarred he does it work a b a historical embarrassment cautionary tale that is a strong motive to do what joe to lie rose inside if that was a serious conversation is baker alleges there is a very strong motive for rosen stein to and say no no that was all a joke we mark and record the present working to try to room from office that offer story i told you for reasons that the waste your time or press you what my prominent care about any that proffer session skills it so understand the deeper context this story james baker although not a proper session him going up on the hill joe per se fully understands that of his cooperation is laden with lies and be ass that he's going
we entirely discredited not useful late iran as a witness and could potentially go to jail himself if he had a role and illegal leaves his disguise a lawyer folks baker here that's stupid i put forward or credibly now i regret that i am not a sage i was not an i dont know right now conclude simply with one hundred percent certainty who is telling the truth i can tell you based on the evidence potential motives for people to tell story and conflicting virtues of events if is a better man right now and had my entire life in common i had to take aside i i am one hundred percent putting all my chips on gene speakers version of events that since time was dead serious about this i up i'm just i've given you my experience your folks i think
instead i think bakers versions of events that rosen's time was dead serious and this conversation was with serious was is is spot on now now having said that i am sorry but of excited by three showcase solomon it's just i told you i told you weeks ago solomon knows the whole story and he's dripping out dribs and drabs and that these last few days have been just explosive they been overshadowed a bit by the cabin nothing but now that's over time to move on here a deeper understanding of what happened during the time that because it right now i'm telling you that events i believe is rose stein did was in fact serious when when the suggestion came up to take the twenty fifth amendment to get about of office in a coup and recorded on tax matters here's the context and this is contained in solemn as peace job have to remember the window in which type in the time window that's important at is absolutely critical
the time window this alleged meeting happened about recording the present was right around the time jim combed his fire now think folks think for a minute you of the issue of the euro the smartest audience i get emails from you unlike their good you are that's so many you all know mitchell oh judy i've tried to think what paul my you people send emails all the time that i feel you guys are great and ladys but think for a second just because rosen stein joe may have taken part in a meeting in may have been serious about it it's they to understand where the actual suggestion came from solving rose instead of responsibility here if he did play a role in a plot to record the president
but i'm telling you as an investigator here i doubt rosen stein was the one who pop this twenty fifth amendment suggestion jim commies fire joe the number two with the fbi at the time you remember my cape mc caves the number to make apes wife is die hard democrat she is ran for the of the of the state senate the state of virginia with the backing of a hilary acolytes terry mccall of the governor of virginia she's a dime our democratic mackay mccormick caves family has ideological leaning towards the left we already know mikhail refuse to our accuse himself from the hilary investigation despite his family conflict the democratic party all the way up to the end the
airing of jim call me happens who's the number two mackay mackay becomes show that de facto number one reacting fbi director the suggestion by solomon john which is so simple yet so my blowing oh my gosh nicky highly just resigned as the u n and bass say what a sorry folkestone a break up the show but again it's not live show but its life to tape and yet nicky they just resigned oh as the when ambassador wow that is stunning right now you some more in the show you my apologies for breaking up at all you know my show i'm gonna get you the news and this is why what s stunning will start on that occasion wholly can't i have no idea but man that's gonna break up the new cycle today so my case is the number two with the fbi he's now that de facto number one in the window the gym call me is fired this is critical is a critical piece
information this running revelations talk him up for that day just pop that new story there is waste and solomon alludes to this i think he knows this of revenge move by senior level managers the fbi led by andrew became folks this is why my book is so important and save reads like a spy novel this is this stuff actually happen this actually happen what was the i dont jones got his head is it up with people showed patty ladies and gentlemen in the most powerful law enforcement institution in the world the fbi were these senior level managers why are they so angry and petty and small and pull because motivated down when call me was fired they thought they
in gauge in a soft cougar move the president ladies and gentlemen listen to me right now if solomon alluding to that if you read is peace is pretty clear at the end that's where he's going with this that this with some kind of a vindictive retribution thing ladies and gentlemen i am sorry but i love the the the working men and women of the bureau i did i worked with them they are great i will continue to say that but the level managers anybody who sniff this who touch this who was in the room who was near it who knew about it who said nothing who failed to sound the alarm you have apps we have two you must be removed from your position must there is salute no turning back so much no turning back jody agree you cannot pass they retain your position if you were part of a soft coup effort to remove the present united states
there is no way you should have a firearm you should have the power to arrest people and the power to direct law enforcement operations that at this point look what a whore percent political folks the story is street it's in my show notes at the hill bond gino our com by jet i've to winners by john solomon tonight i'm telling you again he knows the whole story as i said yesterday the the elegant part of spiky is it's complicated but it's complicated and simplistic ways how each play interacted with someone to leverage their own and save average their own advantage and save their own bots to try to take down trump that's complicate the big story is not the fbi worked with hilary in the obama administration to take down donald trump and used every single weapon is weapon
as i see law enforcement as i said they could corrupted do it it is not a complicated story the beauty this whole thing is it doesn't get more complicated it gets less complicated if you listen if you miss yesterday shall because of a holiday please since you it we have a sound by during yesterday's show from devon newness maria potter roma it's a minute long he lays out the whole scandal the f b i use them information from the democrats brought it to a fine a court never our fight it spied on trump lied about it we play that yes please go back and listen to it it is a critical peace by devon newness critical that is beauty of this case are you forget the relationship between adam waldman and although there are pasqua and the f b i get that my book you can always reference it just go to the chapter entitled all their past get right but
their stand this it was all part of a concerted effort by people influencing the fbi and the central intelligence agency led by john brennan to take part to politically take this president out this is disgusting this is what most horrifying stories i've ever heard just quick i remind about the twenty fifth amendment two when it is because some of you may not know the twenty fifth amendment was this i'm very physical or mental incapacitation by the present god forbid wounded he has a stroke and the way it works is it vice president the majority of the cabinet submit a letter to the congress that the president is incapacitated device present takes over now obviously the of the universe people who did you i rode out the amendment were brilliant and thought through the consequences that while that would go the majority of the cabinet joe right at the fact i would teach me power if they just like the president they can submit a letter
president georgia joe always mentally incapacitated our folks i'm fine when you talk about so but they designed and out clause for the president to fight back in case this was used that way the clauses isn't it submits a letter saying he's not incapacitated the congress convenes and it takes two thirds of the congress to vote on that that yeah the president is in fact incapacitated so you know say some whenever the press it really is injured any any just that sub any any can't do it and somewhat submits a letter on his behalf and there's a dispute two thirds of the can vote but this was never ever ever meant to be impeachment mechanism folks it was meant for physical or metal incapacitation clearly one thousand percent not the case right now this was a coup effort which solomon so carter gregg jarrett up you know others i'd like
think we played a small role in this as well have exposed overtime and the case become simpler this was a coup a coup a coup and the demo rats band you're talking conspiracy theories that no no you're talking imbecility nonsense that you're just avoiding the facts at this point there is job let's be clear about one thing there is no dispute folks know dispute this conversation noticed but none the less dispute is that right inside says he was kidding james maker says they were not kidding i laid out for you given my experience my knowledge skills abilities what i've done at my expense why i believe that conversation was in fact serious i believe rosen i wasn't joking and i so i believe that the conversation was led by andrew mikhail and i told you why because i believe the cave was angry at the firing of call me at political motivation to lead that comprehensive i mean i know that you work with roses time can can you see
in doing something like this you know i didn't know rod personally but i worked with him and uranium and even the united states attorney for the district marilyn when i was a secret service agent to baltimore office we worked around big case and i can just tell you one experience i found a little bit disturbing in one over dramatize it but i worked really big case for this guy who was he was doing really discuss thinking selling used cars and apartments and i was discussing about that what was discussed easy don't have the used cars or apartments he's taken people's money but it happened i wish it was an unbelievable fraud i mean there are thousands and thousands of victims it was a copper a case who out of getting a guy convicted he wondered threatening me on a recorded phone call is they call me the bunch over guire some yet him and his brother was really disturbing case but roses time as you say in a case got a lot of our action high beams on the front page of of baltimore son it was on one of the four dead one of the sections the front pages like city news
an rosen's time we were going to do a press conference they wanted me to go on i want w b on the jos competitor she to talk about it and they want do more do more media they sent thou josie starman who used to work for a c over and install shut that thou ma one told me later i gonna wanna over dramatize rose inside but someone told me they are not all he wants to do the murky doesn't want anyone else on immediate talking about it i was like i whenever you know self yeah that's a good question i did work with them and can i see him do in this way on some of the people who knew him a lot better than i did yap seattle me to put you on the spot broken i mean i know you did where i live here if you have that question listeners probably have a two hour folks i did not do a reason the beginning of the show on forgive me i always appreciate your patience with sponsors but it's cuz it's a big launch day for me today and i want to make sure i mentioned that i we did put a lot of work into the book and i really i can t get a number one on amazon has information needs to get out there so if you pick it up on my potential has
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not long was only a few months ago that that house intelligence committee report came out but there's been a puzzling piece of information there was a reductive footnote in the peace and that reductive but note had some people confused at the time the footnote was from page this is from solomons piece in the hell please read it is it's to pieces and this is the second one but no forty three on page fifty seven of chapter three the house intelligence committee's report earlier this year in russian interference in the election has some significant reductions right just solomon rights until this past week the footing really had garnered no public entry it's true a lot of us on the inside wonder what it was about but no one is really talking about an immediate job in part because the u s intelligence community black doubt the vast majority of the footnotes verbiage in then of national security before the report was made public so a lot of us were under the impression show that that footnote with some secret source some nasty
security critical piece of information that couldn't be reveal you know what could it be job nobody again it wasn't the subject of a lot of us alive media reports oh it's all come in our folks again or evidence of the big one hundred thousand feet in the air narrative that's finally start to come out that's easy to understand this was a political head on president folks and his campaign this was not a national security operation to interrupt the russian collusion a russian interference in our election that is a made up false fabricated nonsense nonsense narrative what does that have to do with this footnote keep in mind i just explained to you number one the coup attempt now i can explain to you at the investigation was entirely political we have been to believe by the fbi some members of the fbi in conjunction with the media that there was some effort the rub the russian collusion this was april
critical hit pure and simple what was red acted in that footnote on now we know the footnote indicated that fbi office had been taking information from a specific source but who the source was was rejected and again that let people in the media off the hawks out that source you must be a national security source ah ladies and gentlemen that source appears to be michael saucepan who a lawyer working for that mc grath national committee during the election now expect to me please in a coherent rats no sentence you liberal clowns expire into me now how it is a national security a net a national security necessity tub i the name of a democrat lawyer who is main lining aligning information into the upper levels of the fbi that's generated as political opposition please explain to me
that's a national security set wait i'll give you a second thought you cared figures folks think about what we are talking about here again is the case go zadig it's easier and easier to understand they ve happy i hold us wherever we have to protect what joe sources and methods for now so secure what is the national security interests in protecting a democrat party lawyer who pipeline do information there is none can i have another five seconds right solve figure it out because there is you know which solves trying to figure out five seconds he's trying to figure out how safe is capote he there is no answer to this there's none folks this was political ahead it is clear as day remember outcomes razor keep it simple this
was a political weight on the president nothing to do with russians are coloured forget the collusion narrative the collusion narrative applies to one party and one party only the collusion narrative applies to the record contain it doesn't apply the truck team now folks more really terrific points are solomon man i pay i can't have that this guy we did a great job and making him the second piece i have in the show that's the one i just quoted from joe if the redacted twitter in that house intelligence report about job of course that had to be rejected for national security reasons yes if tat gotta to be rejected then why is it that way baker went up to the house to give his testimony the lawyer the same lawyer i just told you about the twenty fifth amendment stuff it rose and say why is it it was done in an unclassified setting when an information was revealed ladies and gentlemen i'm telling you i because the
yo j is starting to realise right now that it's screwed what its high bring to do is its whole thank you may say well house it they release the information with baker and unclassified setting but radagunda how's it it admitting it screwed on are you thinking about this all wrong if i miss anybody stop me right you're good you're good what doing here is the d j understands its going to have to take a bath that this war they political head and a soft coup is now transparently obvious now remember the old jason honest all time how geo because they because for there was not one i know how the damp aren't you know just show started you know why i'm damp on gino job is there and they want to know you all oh no nothing personal but we were there we know today o j knows what happened there the oj is play in small ball their release think things out in dribs and drabs during new cycles cavanaugh nicky haley's resignation today whatever it may be there how
during the new cycle that they can release in dribs and drabs the information for the public its tired of it and never sees the two hundred thousand foot in the sky narrative that this soft coup effort to remove the president by april but equally motivated attack using our weapon eyes intelligent really was in play for the last two years that's why they let baker go up there in an unclassified setting and reveal this information despite the fact that they rejected the that same information and a house ice intelligence investigation report because their dripping drab and it out being for the election another how many times do have to this please please vote please please i'm praying you vote they are hope the house gets taken over by the democrats the com each chairmanships change and as you changed people like devon newness and all these investigators joe are sidelined go by and all all this goes away tat
they can drippin drab it out in the reductions at their own pace under no pressure from noon s and others a trip out all of it over a period of two years and you have come we ve lost interest now some of you may be say now we won't lose interest folks listen a people do think about it does we still don't even have an answer about them where the president was than when he went to sleep tonight i've been gauzy whether we nobody knows manufacturing talk about it now left conspiracy carry pink eyes that nobody gives us that i would say to people ok i will stop talking about bring guys you just answer three question where is the press before what did he do during and why is it why was i stand down order according to multiple people at the scene given just explain that will make it all what what we'll get the answers and we can move on but this i understand this is the exact same strategy drip it out slow slow eventually the new cycle will bury the story in the oj the information
now slowly they'll be no punch to it you'll have lost interest do this joe is one of those shows it really has he stressed out about the republic but also its got me pissed off it should show and i know what i can read the emails and it has a lot of people pissed off a lot and i and some people may go alone i want to i get it i know you want investigation i ought force all like my job for you out envision myself in this and george rose to give you information to give you information to pressure your lawmakers is this not a monarchy and if there was a monarchy it wouldn't be interest in being the monarch anyway all i can do get you the information i'm telling you it's devastate now i want to have a ton of other stuff to get you here but i want to just wrap it up with this quote from john solomon from the second piece again and my shoulder today you need to read it please it's really good right this sums up this whole thing quote there is now concrete storyline back by irrefutable evidence here it is the fbi allowed itself
big political apple research created by one party to the feet another intellection treated like actionable intelligence then to the court is substantiated and then use to justify spying on an advisor for the campaign of their parties we chose the nominee for president in the final days of a presidential election yes yes john solomon therein that there's spy gate and one chapter one paragraph more one more sure paragraph because on and when a month later none of this the f b i can prove the allegation of collusion between tromp and russia where they can prove any of this on provide evidence was leaked to the media to try to society public support for a continued investigation yes john solomon bingo brother that is
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where the democrats lose here ladies in general is what i called last night now want to call again today they lost i want a name this mr this ain't us moments mason what are you talking about the case with the nfl with the parallel here a little while ago on this show that today it's done to the nfl by the protests is chronic it's not the acute damage i have no doubt the nfl will likely recover some if not all of its ratings overtime somehow i they play probably well in the short term when i say over time i mean in the short term argument i made with the nfl these kneeling protests offended deeply so many people that in order for the nfl to grow its brand at the rate necessary to continue to earn the view returns it gets on its product the nfl to make sure it generates chick legions of new customers and how that
why do you know the eighteen to you know whatever fifty plus demo is so important in tv long story short is we have no idea the damage they did to their brand by mothers and fathers who watch this happen in the fell i know you it is also i know it didn't who looked over a little joe i looked over my isabel and amelia and said at ain't us that ain't us my i inherited my love for the i fell in football from my mom my grew up with a single mom a single parent let my father get divorced much credit that crap on my dad i'm show here is a great guy just didn't work out but i grew up with a single mom my mother love football loved it she'd watching every sunday it was a ritual in our house that love of football was passed down to me i loved it
my daughter came in one night i'm not even kidding i was waiting for i watch sixty minutes even oh it's a left leaning shall have liked to see the perspective at least what's going on a little bit like liberals who refuse to do so i was getting ready one eye for sixty minutes and i must have had to auto tuna reminder to the channel then you know happens with sixty minutes on football nights it starts late if the football game goes late so the way my living room set up you can see the tv but the remote wasn't near me so must have auto tune to an end a falcon game that was still on my daughter came in and said dad shut that off the nfl zone proud of her husband s you know what isabel thank you i forgot i really felt within pay attention we cook in something she will never in our entire life watching nfl game again either will my daughter amelia because i too but our one time and i meant it that is not us we do not neil and when i say that
but the actions that's all i know i've learned our media matters guph balls are just what they do and specifically talking about the actions here you do not disrespect our national land is one thing we share in common we will fight for their common cause in the survival of our republic even though we have different political and ideological differences if you agree and that one thing the country or fail to exist you do not disrespect that anthem why am i telling you that story his folks with the democrats don't understand right now is these hysterical histrionics this this these growth tasks sometimes violent aggressive confrontational screaming protest you i have no idea the generational damage you were doing to your party again you may recover in the short term like the nfl in the long run you have alley and aided millions of customers millions because
i'm telling you there are parents all over america watching that woman trying to claw open the doors of the supreme court with their bare hands while pounding on who telling you as my name is thereby gino are look over their sons and daughters and saying tom marry at us that ain't us you are decimating and destroying your brand you are hence my own the lips you cannot let these people rest for a moment this is what they want they want chaos and chaos is not a brand folks kay is not a brand itself this is not us in a democratic and to learn that the hard way i got a couple quick when somebody gets because this is news of the weak finally again
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couple stories i want to motor through that are in the show notes but a really important net never in the history of nicknames as i've said repeatedly has a nickname backfired as bad as don blankenship who is running for senate it west virginia his nicknamed for mitch colonel which was cocaine mitch cocaine it was a nickname it's every back story where he got it from but bottom line is this the way the internet works these days you know it's twitters kind of funny and they mcconnell mcconnell supporters of my wife seven hard time understand than is she's gotta twitters you figure it out you're not twitter is tough understand it was better an insult i running for senate west virginia not against mcconnell was run against the establishment types obviously mcconnell penal being one of them at the time being associated regained alot of his reputation from the supreme court appointments but you get my point everybody
to attack who paul ryan john intermix mcconnell i was away at what joe i mean you and i lived through the tea party women so black ship in an effort to win the senate seed settlement go to the sea i want to fight the establishment man we're gonna buy takedown cocaine mitch to hand it was abbe it was me to be it itself well like it applause i was i don't know blankenship knock em a guy to write about right ever met the i'm just telling you it's happen the midsummer team is actually take it a nickname al qaeda quietly made it like a me i'm not listen no what celebrated drug use outside or whether we should have to put their i've just tell you what's happening ok folks in spain who is this like a rebel like like a rebel without a cosmic name you know if you go to twitter and putting cocaine met you'll see a thousand means at some of amr hysterical one of his eye my neighbours which mcconnell i traffickers in and get supreme court justice is approved and i'm all
like ok it's all over the internet and its method are you abilities in some ways through edgy unquestionably edging questionable marketing the reputation mcconnell you gotta joe now say that because ok bit strikes again i have a piece of bread the show doubts i see two point you know see to confirm a supreme court us have trumpeted two thousand and twenty is what presidential year lex presidential election year right everybody know donald trump's up for re election two thousand and twenty summer to a may you know mitch now that route better ginsburg is you know eighty five if receipt came open and twenty twenty during election year would you guys see to put you know see to confirm a supreme court justice of trump were denominated again we would avoid here we go rules now if you are regularly sousa you see exactly where i'm going with this have you made a mockery
during the last year the obama administration during your presidential election year when merit garland is nominated said we're not do what it was control the senate we're not gonna why it's me but a garland i'm sorry this evil happy fail we will not vote on it and mcconnell it credit where credit is due with colonies of steel stuck to it and go neo corsican that spot after tromp was elected now new rules we were now listen folks these new rules may make you a little uncomfortable not me i dont care not one bit now mcconnell say well for wasn't election year if someone and their culture most shrikes again now thus we win you lose now to be fair mcconnell does caviar niece correct in saying that pay when i was too going about is what an opposition party controls the senate which but i ve been obvious
now you may say dan dopey a hypocrite if we meant that door in an election year no supreme core justice should be confirmed until the next president comes in then we should mean it no matter what we're sorry folks those of the old rules are managed and when liberal starts stealing mass stop stealing maggots and dumping waters on our at wyant and attacking us are more than willing to go back to the old rules till then we win you lose sorry cocaine mitchell its again you see the new year is introducing a new odds that wasn't there before and reporters are all over and i have a great story from washed in examiner to today joe she's me in the show notes about this exact topic just to be clear mcconnell saying hey we're using abiden rule during the last year the obama presence he joe biden give their famous speech in ninety two when the damage that's controlled the senator george h w bush was in office saying we should not he repeated we should not he said it twice sega taken
irma supreme court justice in a presidential election year mcdonalds divide and rule when the republicans and control the senate in the last year of obama's presidency said we will not see merit garland now when asked about it again mcconnell like well i only meant because publicans control the senate and it was there crap present now that is europe president and republicans controls and we're going to plough right through that sucker yeah anodyne i've been thinking that this is a good time for us to do what the hell are we see where you got with gas yet said this is what we want i'm sorry folks acta jus when you want to return to civility stand operating percent principles rules or the senate you want to stop calling supreme court justices gang this and other things like that a fine ok i'm game i'm down totally whereupon the new rules however uncomfortable they may make you listen
feel free to email me criticise me then we should stick by that principle about the senate no matter who's in control fire i get it open to you i'm telling you i am on the entirely opposite side of this week when you lose is the new creedle when the latter what's to stop attacking us then we can go back to some standard set of operating principles until then it is all about winning had tipp cockade mitch i'm not put that twitter there's gotta be ten thousand means with that stuff i want to explain something away to moving on to a different story you know can sometimes you see someone on twitter and you know you get nailed on something and you feel like you do have to explain it and i want to explain its up after it in a war it's just that i went on fox now
yeah i did i'm gonna fox away and confusing trolley car can maybe charlie when a fox s really talk about conny western taylor swift but i want on fox a while ago was talking about the imports of cotonou west statement about opening your eyes and think you yourself and i said to you member the show i centre on he had upon yes to please don't dismiss that and i was very clear joe can attest to this have not call me out i'm going to hold that against you did i say colonies not a conservative he's i said no i'm not looking to aim for political advice that look to him for you no tax reform general tax rate analyses community ray i'm not i'm please suggesting to you as a cultural moment it's important that people with europe's capital was the term i use they have cap young and minority voters come say hey these republicans aren't crazy i was
suggesting and maybe it was unclear it's my fault that's why i'm addressing because the guy on twitter and i'll tell you what he said in a minute is not wrong but i just want to clear up what i said because i think he's misinterpreting when i meant by this i did not that you should like look buccaneer for political endorsements or when policy endorsements items the police suggesting that the way to return into a proper discourse at the cultural level where republicans aren't bad guys and democrats are bad guys and let's talk about policy is when one side acknowledges that the other side ok you guys are acting and goodwill the democrats refuse to do that every time open about euro rapist euro racist you eight women buccaneer moments important because minority voters some and our voters believe that stuff because they use the media the act i call on you should not be dismissed now what what are the other night i went after taylor swift and i said what i say all the time i dont look to my doc
he's a very smart guy lomna death i dont look to my doctor for political advice i have idea is party affiliation i've never ask them i know this he fixed elbows any fixed his shoulders and he's damn good at it folks the guy told me to morrow he was an a supporter i couldn't give a rat's caboose don't care he's good i dont tell us with is an unquestionably beautiful talented singer our view this is amazing i have tons of stuff on itunes unquestionably full stop i made the point maybe a little then i couldn't other bison i'm really i shall use the term the s word i don't give a shit about what she thinks about politics maybe i can allow that back a bit granted right but my aim is that she's probably a talented singer but i don't know my doctor for political advice don't we don't care they're taylor swift through those you mr story endorse the democrats and a candidate in tennessee care and you should neither
so some guy screen shot at my stuff from fox about the importance of kindness a screen shot of my tweet about taylor and said you're being a hypocrite folks on this that some kind of defensive thing i'm just trying to i'm not looking to them for endorsements on policy or candidates i'm simply trying to suggest that the cultures default view that republicans racists and rapists and massages the only that's gonna get corrected in the culture amongst people who actually believe it because of the media is when people cultural capital come out and say folks i don't care who you vote for but that's not true the republicans are not those guys all i was trying to say but fair our criticism on twitter maybe i should have worded differently and are not immune to screw and stuff up and i read it it wasn't like i didn't get a lot of retweet some people say why even highlighting it because listen i'm here like anyone else and when you say something the wrong way or it's not clear to people then you have responsibility and that's what i am but i meant by that is we should not be
taken conyers political endorsement but his voice is an important one and we shouldn't disregarded and that principle whilst the taylor swift to she's she's talented she's a wonderful businesswoman she's brought in billions of dollars a revenue in the entertainment industry folks i simply don't care what she thinks about apples candidate in the united states integration had i dont care and anne frank speaking i know we're gonna guy got a lotta negative feedback from swift event so what i call the swift visa whenever taylor rights i don't know what they're fine bring it i don't know why you should care either i dont understand what deep analysis she has a political wish listen she wants to give advice she and by the way i'm not suggest you should have a voice you ve got twenty one million twitter followers she's a free you say whenever she wants i'll always support that i'm just telling you think characteristics
this way folks please just think for yourself just think for yourself that's all i'm saying now you go and move on this one's important so there is a growing kind of farm yelled the democrats are big an outrage campaigns we in our first it was the travel ban actually first was the electoral college and it was the term presidency in general that it was the travel ban that it was the kid in cages that was actually under the obama administration we had all this stuff that happen the outrage campi so there's a new outrage campaign building and i want you to be aware of folks you heard here first and be ready to respond because it's getting momentum matter fact i took a photo screenshot of this this can the lady and who is an alleged juries not of journalists and activists but worse when nbc believe me this guy's and i call for a second think this guy's a journalist bread is twitter feed he's a hundred percent a democratic activists but this
article by jason welcome today's wall street journal here is the new outrage campaign by democrats its building you heard it here first the right in the wake of just bright cabinets confirmation some of it is opponents have taken joe today out sing the united states senate as undemocratic this it's gonna be the new line of attack get ready here is the tree by can the lady alleged reported nbc it may not happen in our lifetimes kendall any entreated but the idea that north code in new york at the same representation in the senate has to change so ladies and gentlemen federalism and all of the associated constitutional protections for small states the nbc reporter alleged report kinda laney months have thrown out of the window folks this building on the left there saying the combined population of
of all of these midwestern states doesn't even meet the population of new york city in los angeles there's no way these people should get to vote with equal representation in the senate folks listen i don't need to explain to you the constitutional protection is the checks and balances laid out horizontally inverted vertically you get that but the founders in beauty of the found their system of a sip of a system of equal representation house represent apple s representative which is based on population was balanced because there are regional interests in the ec in a collective united states unit that they wanted make sure were balanced out in the congress and the legislator branch think about why that is its obvious folks our people who live in cities and industrial centres whose interests may be different and people who live in primarily agricultural areas the united stage when it was a when when we drew up the constitution with these protections wanted to be ensured that they had
population representation ass represented ass represented but that regional parts of the united states were not left out by a tyranny of the majority agriculture throw interests may not be the same as injured there you know people in cities may love some tariff that helps their tech industry that destroys farm interests in the mid west they to make sure these interests were balanced we are not a directive accuracy that is why that had there are regional interests in the united states that have to be protected you can happen york running what happens in michigan or wisconsin or north dakota although new york does have outside the influence why they have one plus members of the house of representatives and norton code it doesn't the senate has met the balance that one
no point on how ridiculous just to be clear the new narrative dispel things as the u s senators undemocratic look what happened the supreme court doll play this down to it your own peril ironically folks if that was true and the democrats are saying well the population where the people actually lives should get to dictate everything for the country joe let me ask you it's not a trick question yes sir where is there a larger majority in the congress for them publicans and the house of representatives and the set it in the house representatives i'll explain yes yes thank you back huge how did it happen representatives and give a i love this guy what is this video this is going to be great redress folks in the house of representatives
some of this is a figure that right up tat their representatives the irony of this whole thing is if the lamy from nbc the alleged reporters point was true bread cabinet what a bit of poetry because the court by beggar numbers that smaller diapers do you get this how stupid today loose on both arguments where the people live should vote yes they do it's called our representatives this huge republican majority there right now did you miss that what a dope guys is funny stuff horror both sides are just be prepared for the u s and its undemocratic that's gonna be the new meme visa is an activist that aren't i run a little late but i just quickly on the key healy get out spy gate the attempted sabotage
i'm saying she needs to take a break a quote as it's been the honor of a lifetime so we'll see what happens in the coming days this is a question we breaking news and again folks please if you don't mind please pick up my book today i would deeply appreciate some launch day it's available an audio version odd if you like to listen to the book the key no versions on amazon is available barnes a noble the hard covers available available ever where please go check it out spy gate the attempted sabotage of s j trump please help us get the number one i'd appreciate it the book is is it it's the best thing i've ever done are you really going to love it thanks a lot folks see you all tomorrow you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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