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Ep. 826 The Left Is Obsessed with Aggressive Confrontation

2018-10-11 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the increasingly aggressive and confrontational Left. I cover a CNN panel that degenerated into chaos, along with recent comments by Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton that should trouble all of us. Finally, I address the media’s latest efforts to cover up the suspicious activities of the FBI in the Trump investigation.    News Picks: In defense of “owning the Libs.”   Why is President Trump holding back on declassification of the FISA documents?   When they go low, Democrats go lower. This piece addresses Eric Holder’s troubling comments.    The stock market slides over interest rate concerns.   The latest, ridiculous “Republicans Pounce” narrative.    The Kavanaugh attacks have energized Republican voters.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Ready to hear the truth about America on his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan bonds. You know about that. A damp on GINO Show producer Joseph. How are you today again in their baby? Read it again, I yes, I know you are- and I say this to you the other day and I witnessed the on Twitter one of the most disgusting panels on CNN I have ever seen. In my entire life. Cnn needs They go off the air or, do a full throated, three hundred and sixty degree apology for one of the most grotesque disgusting panels I have ever seen in my life. I really it is beyond the bounds of even normal stupid, I'm gonna get first and also yesterday show I covered the paragraph. One what we knew in the book and the alpha bag story right and and therefore, on cue, a store
appears in the new Yorker Joe left, leaning rag about what the alpha bag story. Why? With that happen, why me paragraph ones coming out. Somebody maybe see it in a book or something and people in the FBI and others are trying to reappear. Let us walk out that door ass if on you don't go anywhere. I today show brought you by our bodies: it he'll sleep, listen! This is bar none the most the mattress. You will ever sleep on. Not only that the view cannot be the price I have one. I have this. I have the pillow. It is terrific, there's nobody like you, so why would you buy a generic matter bill for everyone else, but you he'll sleep, built asleep. Quiz takes two minutes to comply to complete may use answers to match your body type. In your sleep references to the perfect matters, you can't go wrong whether you are side sleeper hot sleeper. You like plush your firm bed. We
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Five dollars off at helix sleep that consular stand. Hd ally, acts, he'll sleep, that consular stand, that's he'll, sleep the complex there. Thank you, he'll sleep all right. First, starting with the most, Disgusting panel, I have ever seen in the history if cable, news and man I've been on some rough ones, myself, gentle now call D. The next April I who ban was rough. This I'm just gonna. Let you go ahead and play this Joe, but just for a little background. This is a panel about Conyers West, retainer and his support of President Trump Card This is what happens when Niggro, don't read, and we have this now and Now- Donald Trump is going to use it in perverted and he's gonna have somebody who can stand with men. Take pictures with its looking. That's got close in black folks. Are That's is eating trade Congo, western the racial draft; ok, they ve had it with him and
then attention war, like the president, he's all of a sudden. Now the model spokesperson he's ease the token negro of the of the trumpet administration. This is ridiculous, and no one- you taking cotonou- was seriously he's clearly has issues he's already than hospitalized he's already been specialized products I'm not hospitalized. Now, that's not a glitch in the news busters or someone put that together with dead, in a nutshell, messing around with it. Why was that? put in at the end. I don't even. again frozen being candid with you. I don't even know where to start Joe, you see a lot of discussing things in your what thirty years now in this business little over. Third again, have you ever had some and it's a serious crap you have correctly. I'm not trying to put you on the spot. Joe is at the producer for a morning show in the in a very popular morning, show Baltimore for very long time. He's been in
for a long time is between. This show me for four years now. Have you ever Post on the air on the year refer to a black American on Jody What good are the institution? As a quote house negro at but even worse, show not only as a quote house negro Bud, A guy. You are a serious mental mental health issue which out of. Americans have cheese woman terrorist threat. My or who is an embarrassment to media commentators everywhere points it out on a have. You ever seen anything like that happened serious. Well, I really have never love. You ve seen some pretty nasty stuff on around a lot, a crazy stupid stuff that comes under stupid as well. And a host of how to go back and say our eye, but folks not kidding Georgie Sedative spent in this business of a lot longer than me. I have in my life and done lemonade
was down by the way, God lemons? laugh. He thinks this is funny. How earlier on. Paypal loose talk about a house negro. In a negro. They can't read: let's not half negroes, I can't really good. Ladies and gentlemen, during them Joe Biotic, I'm comfortable, quoting them this. We're, quoting music airy, it's on CNN and I'm on costs. Holding quoting them because I know kids listen to the shop. Let me just put this little caviar. Double a buyer! Beware, kids! Ass! If No, you know this because we listened to show your parents are good people, don't ever ever ever in your life use language like that. It is never ever ever appropriate under any circumstances to poke fun? It people for a mental health issue or by the way is serious from about people say all the thought at nice: crazy, no country where
actual mental health, as this is not funny refer to him as a house negro On a national television programme and the hostess laughing folks, listen to me, the left has descended into complete chaos. We have a couple more clubs now Joe was kind enough to put together who? What now you understand, why I have this on the lips thing ever that some of you I get some of it said ingesting. You know on the lives. As you know, it is like a rallying cry out of it, but now do you understand why I wrote tat piece about the new rules have to be an effect, and the new rules are this. We, when I knew my salute- and we must win on this- freedom and liberty and conservatism, because we absolutely have to keep you from power, because these are the a people that when power, is, God forbid, taken back by them the kind of people,
refer to people on national television programmes. That is as out negroes and make fun of their mental health is used by the other hosts last. These are the kind people were dealing with How do you understand why the new rules are? In effect? We must the wind folks. This is a political street fight. Now, oh, you doubt that Joe queue up. I recalled Eric holder, yes, that agriculture, The former led law enforcement officer for the United States of America during the Morocco Bomb Administration, the former attorney general Eric holder, is giving speech, to what he says in the speech in case you think we should acacia one of those, never trappers or so called moderate, moderate anything who thinks we need to go back to like
but she's pretty nice, the robot I promise they'll be nice to us. Maybe they more call US house negroes. Maybe they won't attack us. Ok player recalled they have used the power. They have gotten core the wrong things. They won't keep themselves. They want to cater to the special interests. It is time for us as Democrats to be as tough as they are to be as dedicated as they ought to be, as committed as they'll Michel always is all over my wife. What really type would scarcely have wrought Michel, who says that one day, the low legal low, we could look at new democratic guarantees. Proud and Democrats fight
Feels of democratic party, proud of our history, were proud of our present. It will probably future we can create for this conference, and we want in this just to make a state. Within this told we is right, dude, where you start. I don't know, I don't know. I don't because I for all my instincts here. Did I want a beach. I don't want to. I really don't. I genuinely do not want a poor gasoline here on this file. Here's what I'm worried about folks! I you know when you look back at the history of World war, one modern story, and I don't claimed to be, but I know Jos always been fascinated by history. And this analogy was made, but I don't take credit for it recently in Wall Street Journal peace. I read, but I thought An appropriate one, because I've always been fascinated by for a war, wondered how we got into this just disaster any be seemingly crawled into it. We didn't sprint into it
when you look at the history of World war, one what happened there is there. Was this a skull aiding slowly. That was slow burn tension when you agree Joe on multiple sides of this soon to be conflict and as the tension escalated on each side. The other side was always under the assumption that the other side was going to back down until The tensions reached this fever pitch any type of end, type of flame or spark, or whatever set off this just bomb of events led to one of the most disastrous conflicts in the history of of civilized mankind, world war, one. What is worrying me now? Genuine? We worry me, I'm not melodrama hyperbole for a fact. None of it is, This is getting worse. We How have what the Democrats believer
credible political leaders like Eric holder, I'm gonna play Hillary Clinton and second Hillary Clinton and others Maxine waters. Listen, we don't think they're credible, but that's not the point they do talk. about kicking them. When they're down aggressively conferred people in public and quote getting in their faces. Happening over and over and over again, and I dont know what they expect us to do. Do you expect us to see They are just continue to take it folks. I I've instead to you from the start- and I will say this from now until the show goes off the air. I hope to do it till the day. Go in a box in the ground be cremated, but whatever Frida cluster phobic. So I told my wife burn that thing. Don't bury my body right. I will. There is absolutely no no justification
political pre, emptive ass? Not I'm say if you may planets finer illicit everybody. You know you're welcome, to feel how you want to feel. I know I just know Sorry, we will defend ourselves, though, me is: why are you forcing us to defend their search? Reminding me a bit of on you? Don't go to my ear, who had set at the time. You know we can forgive you for killing our children, but we can never forgive you for making us kill yours. I mean these. Why are you forcing us into a spot here that you are your inviting you're inviting a political violence? Why would you want that? That did that the path tat led down is disastrous. It leads to chaos, it leads to pain, it leads the suffering. Do you not understand what violence is the pain and the horror of have it really of having someone mug you and beat you, and you think this is funny. You think
The king, a guy on the ground, is amusing. I recall: do you think this is funny? Now you would take responsible people Let me be clear. This is where we are this. There is no excuse period, full stop for political violence. There no excuse for aggressively getting in people's, but not that's not how we should be handling our business. You would think respond. but people supposedly Cavalry Clinton and our colder would be looking to dial the preacher down. So we don't have some kind of a conflict, but no, what did they do? They dial up almost forcing conservative, say: hey we're gonna, make you guys defend yourself, because we're going to confront you aggressively in public we're not be suckers, we're not gonna. You beat us we're, not gonna, let you pack, us. Why would you think that, here it will require been on how
applicants retreated from this. What achieving until they take back power. The Democrats, you cannot civil they political party that wants to destroy what. You stand for which you care about. That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and all the Senate there. Twin civility, can start again show. Basically, this is a blackmail effort right am I read this right, YO either vote for us or we will attack you and we will make you defenders is that I mean. Is that seriously where we're going? Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very, very dangerous spot. Now, what's. Doubly worrying me, because this is really really it up. A frightening moment in our history here is the left is soft. Theirs, Now you may see what their sounds like you're saying to separate things here. It's
On one hand, you saying their aggressive in confrontational, but on the other hand, you seeing their saw no those things are not exclusive. There, Mary to each other I did some of this on a show before, but it bears repeating today in the context of what I just played for you chosen on his eggs, he knows exactly where I'm going. With this. The reason large majorities of the radical left. The radical left, nothing about voting Democrats out there all regret. Seven confrontational is Ladies and gentlemen, they have led sheltered lies and they ve had no experience with real world violence. They don't.
The conservative side I'm familiar with it, I run in these circles. I've been in the circle for a long time as an activist is a content producers. It is shot full of people who have served in the military is chock full of people who were fighters. I mean actual like fighters, I people who get on the ground and scrap and mixed martial arts fighters and some people who have worked for a living people. Really I mean listen, go up to any manual, labor New York and look at their hands. They got hands that are that skin is so thick e, shake their hand that it feels like you. You You're like shaken sandpaper ease, hard men and women. They ve been mugged, they ve been rob they ve been in ST fights. they ve seen the horrors of violence. Many of them have seen it in actual combat in war. They come I changed. what changed my life? Why
when I started, I found this love affair. but what makes martial arts on standing and respecting the power, the power of violence, its afraid. Being power, it scares you when you experience it What worries me about the left and what I have said before, and I say again, is these people for doing this, have no experience with the horror that they think they're walking it if everyone we have a story. I once heard about the civil war where it deal with it. Section of the civil war there were? people who showed up and they may came to watch the battle like this- was going to be some kind of like a nerve football game at all. The sun people started screaming and running the holy. This is real, their people dying people, the head, your brain, are blown off by cannon fire. This is real. That's you, Do you understand Joe? You you? I know you're picking up, because you ve heard this. A couple hundred forward
our new listeners. This is important. We hit this right now. This has got we stop. The reason the left is doing this and they become increasingly aggressive. Confrontational is precisely because many of them are snowflakes and have never had experienced forget about with violence with any confrontation at all. They ve grown up in insulated environment, were being a liberal with safe. They ve grown up on college campuses, we're here to give worshipped. If you conservatives nazis up you're you're, no one. It confronts you at all to get up. You get a bit Round of applause. It is their softness. That scares me. because you will slow work, your way into a conflict that once it starts, God forbid, nobody's gonna, be able to easily backtrack from this is a joke. This real people with
real experience the horrors of real world violence cops. You know firemen again, people who worked for live in tough neighborhoods data? They don't work, into casually at the street fight some of my friends, by the way or some of the toughest, makes more toward guys around. I mean it some of the tough around you know some of them are the least likely guys to ever ever get an erotic you know our minds, we have a video, I'm sorry, but this is a point you, you should all watch. If you get the chance there's an old friend of mine spoke at him and e on some, but me, Sarah was a U Fc fighter, whose is it an unbelievably good music. Great guy I loved matter trained him for a while, and I moved. A video on the internet. Mad mad was the do well. You have champion at the time. what makes a long time issues at the time of this video happen.
the most skilled anti hand, combat fighters in the world. I had the training with him for a long time ago, confront some Joan LAS Vegas videos out there. You can see it and it's in a restaurant he's drunk the guy's clearly being belligerent MAC could folks believe me went back into the wood been horrifying. What now can adapt this guy, but he doesn't? The guy gets aggressive weather. starts to physically China, manhandling and matches bay. They put some on his back, gets him in them position and since they are kind of, calm down, Calm down, I want you watch the video calm down until the police show up man, could have seriously disrupt Did this man's life? If you know what I mean, but he didn't. Because this understands the horror violence. He lived it every day That's what hand to hand combat is now, when you have seen stuff it's control Bobby seen, it is done in a sport tight manner, but
There stands a horrifying some trying to psychoanalyze a guy, I'm just suggesting cute at what scares me about the left is at their so soft. At so soft and they are slow, walking themselves into a conflict we want no part of, but once you start that conflict. There is no way for us to pack away. We are not going to let you attack us. It's not gonna happen. Folks, this is scary stuff and I really Hope the people listening to this. Maybe we have a lot of liberal listener. Some of them send me nasty commentary, the media matters, goons listen to a too. I really hope that responsible People on both sides, we can continue to listen, ro flame on issues all you want. I do it so diver. Listen that no one's ever going to question my ability to throw flame on twitter here. What you know you don't like us on taxes. You want to call it crumbs. You wanted tat. They were taken people's health care. I got it that's part of the mix, but calling for people to kick other people when they're down to fight.
what we get in their faces to get up in their faces and confront them telling people when you're the day. A crack nominee for the presidency and twenty sixteen not to treat yours political parties with any degree of civility what there is Where do we go from here I take some pride now leave it with this. you guys and Ladys out in your heart, you ve been through this, if you work for a living, your hands, a raw you is kids, your knees. pass that on your shoulders, hurt you knuckles broken you can do it's a long time. Some of you have some serious ptsd from seeing real world combat the boy in the worst way, your hard, I which the left would see that and say. This is a loser. Why
We doing this. They want scares. I I got a lot more, gets you on one more thing in this, though I just wanted to have a couple articles and shown us today. I want to put one of manure to better. It was an yesterday show up on. You know that come the report, Look! It's pounce narrative, the Democrats, Democrat in the media exit the same thing show an institutional Democratic, this. Basically a swamp right up on the hill. There stood there, not dumb, okay, and you don't have to agree with impact but some of them are starting to see the danger. I mean the danger in conflict when I was just talking up, but also the danger electoral chaos doesn't sell. Chaos is not a brand and some of them are worried about their jobs, the democratic, but in a run from this, so in conjunction with their media, lies they're gonna try to return this turn this around and make it a republican problem. Now we see this all the time on Twitter. It's become a running joke on Twitter.
Michel Davis, the Federalist and others. They Molly Hemingway and people like that around this left and right when they see they pointed out, I'm always sure to kind of pylon Democrats. Have this thing called republicans paths? conservatives pants, if you haven't heard it just go, but you ll see what I mean, but I'll explain it to you briefly: the mob tactics. The left is employing right now, if not selling well in Heartland America, amongst actual Democrat voters, not radically liberal knots right so what to turn it around the Republicans. The media. Does this often they'll take a bad democrats story, but tell me, the actual story, Joe about Republicans parts trying to make the left seem like there's a mob attacking people. Now the left is a bomb attack in people actually happening, but this story becomes Republicans path. We see over and over with Obamacare. When that you know what the computers crashed, the Obamacare computers, publicans pout, it's an effort to cover the story, but make
republicans look like opportunism make em, look like the bad guys when, in fact the story is about the failure of the left and the liberals, it's a gene Its do not for fort. I pray add up, because I saw a piece on talking points memo and, if you'd when you know what to look for. You will see the Republicans pounce narrative everywhere yesterday about Twitter, I see talking points memo headline Republican, sees stoking fears of left, leaning, mobbed, mobilise voters from now noticed use republican sees not Republicans path. They use the use Republicans pounds until conservatives started. making fun of them. This is what Thomas Republican Pounces, ever Republic, its pounds stoking fears of left, leaning, mobs too abolish their voters, but at stoking envy your Leslie moderate, literally attacking people in order
Then we ve seen it all over. My bid store the again because remembered the institutional swap rat Democrats in their media chums have to take an unquestionably bad story. They know this doesn't look at and they have to make it about republic. Its proper gets pounds now feel fracas. A lot of you email me regularly. If you see good publicans pound stories, I'm happy to cover them, but now that you know what to look for, you will see this all the time and you will laugh your bought up and if you follow up John Davidson, Molly Hemingway on Twitter. There really good at picking out republic kids path stories he shot is This is actually what he sees a he's all over it and now he's a really aggressive fighter offer the costs. check him out over the Federalist they re pieces of their molly too, should as a really good job there, the republic. The council now you'll see
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holding it. Forgive me for a little while, but I wanted to make sure you read it in the book, because I dont want play. I don't want to be preemptively attacked and have to defend myself what stuff in the book that wasn't out yet so paragraph ones pretty clear yesterday show did incredible. Numbers on the downloads were phenomenal because we tied up this thing in a neat. Little bow, I it's an honor We recap the entire show, but in case you miss yesterday, show the paragraph now this investigation started into Donald Trump is now becoming crystal clear, was obviously a political hate. We know that there is nothing surprising there, but they needed an excuse and some kind of a criminal see I predicate to do it. They couldn't just when they recommended this were a formal FBI. Investigation just say I'll go investigate may needed something. when they needed something, what did they do? They found this fabricated nonsense, narrative that was being pushed by Glens Simpson, from fusion GPS about alphabet,
These servers and trump towers we're communicating with the Russians now yesterday. Forgive me on this, but yesterday I forgot to get to this. I had some quote from a peace that I neglected to put out there and it's my fault. This is a peace, five Rowan Scarborough from the war, in times it's in yesterday's shone out. This is the how far they went to push this alpha bank narrative. To the FBI and the Justice Department by Glens Simpson. However, this narrative, you ve, heard yesterday she was pre packaged. It was already in this alpha bags, of supporters of agenda. Two thousand seven story: don't you wrote he selling opposition research raillery right? He needs up with something he's, got nothing. So what does he do? He sells them of a pre packaged nonsense. Narrative we already had to twenty seventeen witnesses. From his body, Christopher Steel. They were so eager to get this narrative that this
what happened. This is from a Roman, Scarborough Peace, and I quote it deserves twenty, sixteen, MR or talking about Bruce or before to me the number our official at the object or met with Mr Mr Simpson, who, made note of Mr Simpson saying the New York Times story on October thirty. First downplaying the connection between out for service of the Trump campaign was incorrect. There was communication and it wasn't spam. So member states since the other allegations, are that the servers are communicating between from power and the Russians, it's a bad channel that do you times themselves the participants, a spam email thing: it had nothing to do the trumpet organization that even own the service, the FBI must have. God, it's space like you, wouldn't believe that roads, a brokers on, if Miss or is no taking, is accurate. Then bank lending was clearly pushing the alpha narrative. But Mr Simpson,
Senator Judiciary Committee Chairman shall gradually, and I were republic in a different story. eight months later, were they wade the whole thing down folks, the F B. I is embarrassed and horrified right now that they started an investigation on a spam email case now, waste thing no time at all, because why now that I'm, I want to make that I want to pay out. What is I don't want this come out. That was a lotta like skips. There just think about wrong. If it all over, I know, come out of pretentious hey, look at me The way I dont know someone got a copy of our book a little while ago certainly there were some men scripts floating around If someone in the media got a heads up, I'm not really sure the run up
the scripts out that someone may have read it. I know, There are people who follow what I say on the show Joe. You know that too, because people we ve got and calls for people in the industry. I'm am going to say who have said sky The bureau thinks you shouldn't say that ok, hard pass thanks, will do what we want, but thank you very. watch for your suggestion. We appreciate it. The other day is way ahead of us show the things we story and how the FBI I've tried to lift and shift from that story in the corridor. Page and Papadopoulos. But it seems like this peace and a new Yorker that was just released the other day. way ahead of US show seems we're in a little bit, who is that pee wee freely without really peace appears in the new Yorker at the end of the peace I'm read the last paragraph: two
it's really long. You I'm output in the shown us because it's a waste your time it is a desperate attempt. Maybe this peace looks like it's about two three thousand words a desperate to three thousand word attempt to risk. To date, the alphabet narrative? Now you may be saying Dan, They clearly know right now that these trump tat servers talking to Russia story, it was all garbage, was debunked bunked its nonsense, even the New York Times debunked it. Why would the New Yorker put out this piece? I don't know, but it sir, it appears to me that its aid in other media effort that once this comes out and going to come out very shortly about this entire alpha bag thing and of the F B. I can have its egg illustrates in my it's in the buggy check it out right. We talked about it yesterday, tat their desks We're gonna have to say what Joe it was. An honest mistake right, irregular Someone's gonna have to say: hey, listen it. What, by the way, wasn't an honest
Take it was a b s, narrative being fed by Simpson and steal a main line right into the FBI and the OJ. It wasn't an innocent mistake, It wasn't a casual mistake which makes it our mistake at all what the media, my I'd, I'd covered. This is doing in this new Yorker peace is trying to resuscitate the alpha bag. Narrative tell it their way And make it seem in the end, when the report finally comes out all right, so they use the dopey story about a spam thing to spy on President put hey. Look, there was some It was true. How do I know? Let me read you the rest, less paragraph, four, the peace which says everything Joe, the Enigma they're talking about the things that the the servers the Enigma here, like a puzzle about the servers, for now remains an enigma. No, it doesn't it remain an enigma, this story
he's been to pump six different ways from Sunday New Yorker Guy Dexter. Whatever your name is Dexter lichens at the New York are falcons, whatever I don't care this this. It does not remain an enigma. This case, there's been roundly the sixty four ways from Sunday stop trying to make fresh chap, and it's not gonna happen. It's not a lie. If you believe that it does, I think Dexter does believe it I can't even get past the first sense, so he says the Enigma for now remains an Enigma present, the only people likely to finally resolve the question of alpha bag and the truck. Organization or federal investigators. Oh my gosh, Joe I'm sorry I can away from it might because I. They already looked it. This that stir wakens did you ever have you been they ve all this is a joke. Are you are you? Have you miss
this entire spy gate story. They already looked it is this is spread so roundly the Bob I this is like a durable. This is the big foot. Then there are two, this ridiculous server, two server trip to truck tower to Russia. They are you kidding. I don't know what you're thinking, I'm not sure what this thing is bent upon. Did you, MRS it goes on. This is the last paragraph Max. This is one of his contacts. I get that this is one of his eye of Flickr, contacts here. His name is fair. its, but I'm just gonna call Lecoq cause, that's what I wanted to sell MAX One of these is contacts. That's apparently decided tat. Guy MAX told I know what it is group whispered contacted, maybe because this takes pent up. Did you ever think about that's? Why These techie guys are not be contacted because on, but he said
was it necessary for anyone in the FBI to talk to him About make it is getting right, posts lays out you're. Getting here of this comes Paula, he's gonna come any a writer lucky. This thing is it live she'd, walk right in here and shut the shell right on that she hates that today is the worst. I never we love get me males about it. There People may email us in defence, above all, turned into a thing. This is so funny because it is spent this thing spit upon TAT the utter. Desperation of weapons to bring this. I couldn't New Yorker to try and protect the image of the FBI. To be able to say later all look Dexter afflictions wrote a peace and they are actually was some evidence that this was a back channel. Communication is so embarrassing. Flicking should seek a new line of work, so
a movie if the agents gathered the right information. This guy says from other sources like list I can send in who were the server owners of the server he says I hope Mahler than has all of it again. Signalling out there Mahler like hey. Maybe you should investigate this again to even though the thing is bent the bug, six different ways from Sunday folks It is so frustrating the media is gone. Full blown, Pravda, full blown problem- I dont know, they got wind of the book if they got wins someone else that the alpha bag thing was coming out, that it was gonna, be embarrassing. I don't know who told them, but let me tell you there's no way. This piece is totally completely organic, no way these very same sources who have been to be fair. It afflictions right tax reflect
wakens who wrote this peace may just be to doping to figure out. What's going on. The majority. She won't go with this debt, the sources that are leaking. It may be the ones who know that the alpha bank stories come out and they need like a day Nita up, Patsy in Romania to write the story, so they may in fact, just be using flickerings, who just isn't smart enough to figure out the this thing's already been the book. So much wakens is rolling thing, but I know for a fact that. The media has been cultivated, the whole time for advance for Lee advance leaks on stuff. They have been the entire I'm cultivated. Frame, a narrative and the narrative here is gonna, be when the alpha bag story comes out and a full truth is exposed that, oh it was. innocent mistake. It was not an innocent mistake. It was a story. I just read to you from the washed in times fed the people and the FBI
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this is just it what's happening right now is disturbing getting to the point, the left's war. here on us and there their is increasing aggression and confrontation is not just Helping at this rhetoric folks there are act All things happening behind the scenes to attack them, very essence of the constitutional republic. Now we see this for a long time. king away, our money through a you of excessive government spending, a taxation other stuff, but there's a very frightening. War- and I was attending I got a piece of the daily signals and Monday shone out about the left. Then you'd wore a due process. Now why This come up again and wisest important EU. Why does it matter to you. While we sought with Cavanaugh, where we're is. There was a forfeiting of any claim to due process whatsoever. The left basically said that women aren't be believed, while folks, women, are to be taken seriously, of course, as if anyone any one is a victim of a crime anywhere.
But to assume automatically that an accusation evidence, and the default is to be believed without any corroborating evidence whatsoever. Ladies and gentlemen, do you understand that the absolute essence of the destruction of our republic, as we know it, anybody can make an accusation against any one at any time now up rivers That the cabinet case and bring it up because Prager brings up a great point, we're not just seeing this we're Cavenaugh Joe we're seeing this elsewhere as well, and he brings up to terrific examples. I want to highlight here number one: the Obama Administration WAR on administrative proceedings for alleged sexual assault on college campuses, we saw this with the Obama administration meaning, dear colleague, letters and things like this. The college campuses TAT Day, the lower the standard of evidence to clear and convincing through three other than preponderance, of the evidence that they should where the evident standard in the these trials on their campuses for people, men accused of kind of sexual impropriety
now you may say: well, what's the problem with that? The problem is that the hearings- your Obama administration wanted on campus show they allowed. No, cross examination and it was an automatic near assumption of guilt by some of these guys poor accused of sexual assaults on campus. not allowed to properly defend themselves and what happened Joe later and they were not guilty and what they do he turned around and shoot. Carapaces lost millions of dollars deal, administration wanted this? They don't want due process Ladys I'll get to why folks in a second. but he brings up a great point. This didn't just start with Cavanaugh, so sweet we are talking about these campus trials for men and women to accused of sexual assault. where you are not allowed to cross examined. It was an almost automatic assumption of guilt and a lot of guys we're falsely accused who turned around later sued in one.
Everybody should have the right to defend themselves if they are then guilty proven guilty. Given it you process proceeding, then you have to suffer the consequences of that, but this is deliberate. Second, the left's continued push to expand on call gun less to get people a these terrorism, less people who I have no nexus the terrorism and all this in it, and then they friends away they frame it. What do you want a terrorist Get guns. Are you? Are you an idiot? Are you that stupid? Do you really believe that, yes Republic, the conservatives want. Terrorists have guns of you. Listen you you're just be in a more like. You know. That's done the point. that you can pure on one of these lists for firstly, many people have who showed up at the airport found that they can't fly like you're on a watch list. For what and it's the wrong name, they have no do pray.
Just to get their names up, why, with the Democrats, push for people to be included on these lists because they want a few people as possible to have the right to defend themselves. Now we got this mental, A place where you, God forbid, you seek a doctor for some kind of of metal. The evaluation, what your ears constitutional rights, evaporate forever. They want you put on a list as well. They love list Why do they loveless? They want lists of gun owners. They want lists of people, they accuse us of sexual assault on campus play want to list of all you. Don't potential conservative Supreme court nominees, they love list because they loved the black ball people. That is what they want to do. When you believe in the power of the state you genuflect at the altar of the power of the state. You have to automatically diminish one individual liberty. You can't have big boy. The individual liberty, coexistence. same time is an all powerful state and the waves
All powerful state diminishes individual liberty, you're right to speak out, you're right to speak out on campus you're right to own a fire you right to sit on the Supreme Court and be judged by your work record. The way they do that is to get you on. The list gets you on the list and let this state enforce the Ability to put you on a do not fly, do not own a weapon. Are you're not allowed can college, do not run for office, do not run for Europe. Put your name in four, not for any kind of position as a ceo. This is what they want. They want to frighten. With the submission. This is real. This is happening right now, troubling stuff. read the peace, it's a Monday shone out, it's a good one. The less can then you'd war and due process,
I cannot allow you to defend your suggest something wrapped up. There's I want no more stu. I wanna get twenty com, it's really important, but we had a big dump. Yesterday, the stock market, people again worried, sack, watch it What's the clipboard fought? If you're allowed to defend yourself, Joe either. It say accusations of sexual assault on campus accusations that you should not have your fire on rights and you don't belong in a terrorist? If you are How did you find yourself? What would you present to defend yourself? You would present as evidence that you gave it its right ladies and gentlemen, the left is divorced itself from facts, data and evidence had long ago. They are.
Not remotely interested in having an argument about the real economic effects of tax cuts, the real economic effects of a bold, robust, second amendment- they don't care, they don't want evidence, act on emotion and emotion. They feel that they should be able to wipe out anybody in their way wipe out the reputations whatever it may be, because remember what they say, the ends justify the means. This is their thing. The ends, to find the means. The ends can't justify the means, if you're entitled to defend yourself and produce actual evidence, that's why they. Eight due process. So much movie So there was a big dump in the stock market yesterday and I I just want to issue a warning because I you know I support this present and strongly. I think he's got a terrific terrific job in the economy. But folks its. It would be irresponsible for us to ignore. What's going on right now,
The reason I'm liking this to the stock market store yesterday is a lot of a student by watching you Caputo show at four on the fourth of Eastern on Fox NEWS. Has a lot of good financial people on come on it's well. The market got spooked, because interest rates are going up. traits going up. Adverted, it's not it's. It's not a difficult concept. Understand me: it's not really a fine she'll shall? But you know, I'm fascinated by economics and finance Interest rates are just the cost of money. I mean that's all. He has a price money as a price as well, that's the interest rate. If I give Joe alone at you, know two percent, that's pretty cheap loans have to pay back a lot. If I Joe alone a two thousand percent the price of monies pretty darn high, just gonna, get bankrupted pretty quickly, trying to pay back that off. for interest rate that lot violent, Joe, a dollar two thousand percent. He has a pay that dollar back within a few It shows gonna Army, a whole ball load of money. so as the price of money goes up, people need they need money to do what to grow their businesses. If Joe wants
when fasting is a production studio. There Joe may not have liquid capital that everybody keeps you know. Fifty sixty thousand in a bank account. You may say that I'm going to go to bank in a business one. Well, that's easier A two percent that a ten percent- that's the gene. this is where, according to a lot and their right, the interest rates are going to go up, interest rates- go up. The market get spoke the little bit because it gets more expensive. The costs, the money you invest in, grow your business not trying to panic anyone. I'm just trying to tell you. So you understand that, although good times are rolling now and try he's doing a magnificent job. Ladies and gentlemen, we are walking into a government debt apocalypse that is going to be nearly impossible to extricate ourselves from. If we don't stop this soon, that government debt a popular, We are walking straight into we're, walking right off this cliff. staring us in the face folks.
We have. We owe nearly one hundred percent of our. Entire economy, we owe almost twenty trillion dollars in debt. The United States government, the entire economy- is only worth twenty trillion dollars. Imagine this in your personal finances, your entire net worth equity in your home, your stocks, your bonds, you're safe your checking account your assets or mad following someone of it. We do it's getting bad folks, Now, let me tired all together if dude financial markets, observers which they are very smartly you're saying this in interest rates, are going up. That's making money more expensive to get. If money is more expensive to get people aren't gonna, be investing in their businesses and if they don't invest in their businesses, is gonna be impossible to grow. Why would the? What is that to do with the national debt,
ladies and gentlemen, our national debt right now is interest rates in the economy which are going up but are still relatively low. Historically, how long do you? People are going to lend the business of the United States money? No, That the United States is walking into a dead apocalypse, they possibly more be able to pay their way out of how long you think, it's gonna, go on. Do you? really believe I hate the term? I'd have hearts apes, but let's use your heart of hearts, Pakistan people's it? Do you really believe that let's call it United states that People are going to continue to lend the United States government money money too. It doesn't have that's why we're running up a and deficit every year, we're borrowing money we don't have through the tax base. How long You think they're going to continue to lend us money knowing that the risk of
corruption is growing literally by the day. The answer disturbingly is, I don't know. What do I mean, ladies and gentlemen, I wish I knew when that date happens. Because I would have all my money in cash again not trying to scare anyone. I dont know I dont know. If we, sustained high growth rates. We may be able to keep this up for a little while longer, But sooner or later, like the tulip crisis but he's gonna turn in a tulip and say you know I paid a lot of money for saying to really worth crap. Give me my money back in the United States is. Can you say we have it. And he's gonna tell us friend: they don't have the money. What he may not have the money. I let them ten million dollars United States, I want my money back. We don't have that either then the contagion spreads and what nobody lenses money at all, and then what happens?
where'd you get money, we have to pay interest rates that are like loan sharks. What I say I lenders I will give you twenty percent returns to its old. Then it's over you're in a day. spiral. You cannot possibly get out of bankruptcy. It is over folks. This is real I haven't covered economics in a while on the show I love it is my passion, I'm just simple. Suggesting to you, you I've lawmakers again listen to you when you go to their town halls when you speak to them in their chat rooms. When you see them this national debt is a menace coming ashore and it gets sidelined by the new cycle of the day whether its a case, the Supreme Court, whether its attacks cut bill and we're forget the fact that we are literally walking off a debt apocalypse cliff right now we are working. the cliff, and we are whistling the whole time like nothing's happening. You think, at eight hundred point drop in the stock market due to a small spike, a small
spite in interest rates is a big deal, can what magic the drop when the contagion spreads. No one wants to lend this money and interest rates go up to twenty percent. The stock market be wiped out the stock market, be doubt the five thousand, the Good NEWS, is the Trump economies motoring along at such a hefty pace, Ladies and gentlemen, if we just put a link, on spending. We should cut it. Don't mistake my words, but I'm telling you even They don't have the guts to cut spending and just stopped it. Now, at where it is, There is a good chance that we can avoid this financial apocalypse. That's the Good NEWS. The bad news is there. Is it in the future that none of us know where every he's gonna get hip to the scheme that the United States can't possibly pay this back, and we are going to hit a stock market interest rate skid, like you haven't seen in american history, shows on tape
you don't delete episodes. I wouldn't say that casually. We can fix this. But at a minimum they have got to get a lid on this out of control. Grotesque abuse of government spending I want more quickly than Joe sorry, but you Norman. send it Charlie, so I just found a kind of funny that California is doing its own net neutrality. Now which is kind of a joke? The United States government course fighting back saying where I get exactly do that California Commerce Clause, which is probably clickable apple application of the commerce cos. the fascinating, maybe your California, your big liberal state, to read it out the little goblets one of the first things. California ban, Free internet plans were for people who are poor. Zero rating plans, zero rating, meaning. If you go to certain websites and use the data they will charge you companies, do it like a benefit for lowering of votes. That's the first. They California, whereas for the little guy, take away their free and I swear
showed through that in Arizona covered on Monday. But you know everything's been so crazy. We object, get everybody bought the book. You push this down to thirty yesterday, Amazon we're still going down. I would love to get the number one. I appreciate what you support. Please go pick up my new books by gate avail Barnes Ennoble, Amazon right now, bookstores everywhere. Thank you so much appreciate it see you oughta, mark you just ten bond GINO she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get Dan's podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.