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Ep. 830 Dear Swamp Rats, Get with the Program!

2018-10-17 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the outrageous attacks by GOP insiders on the Trump team and on conservative commentators. I also discuss the explosive Facebook scandal and what it means for you.   News Picks: Ben Sasse picked the wrong fight, again.   The economy is booming. Job openings are at record highs.    The federal government is raking in record income tax revenue.   Did Facebook inflate its video views?   What is going on in Puerto Rico? Did the FBI find something?   Did Elizabeth Warren plagiarize her recipes for “Pow Wow Chow”?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanted it thereby gino shall we should show our you'd do well then how about you baby don't go on that not got no i'm not i'm really frankly god kiote try to keep it family friendly i am i i just dumb you don't have a tough time with these bullshit swamp rats who just do i understand the fight wherein it is just unbelievable i mean last night again you know this ben sas from the brescia who yeah i get it i get it the guy votes right allotted no question about that he typically does support a lot of conservative causes not all the time but the guy is a complete phony i'm sorry who does not understand the fight where i'm going to get into why this matters in a minute night cuz i can see some of you might and joe you as well might be saying well if he
but what does what he worried about in we doesn't understand a fiber in and he's destroying the political capital of a movement that needs political capital to move the country back to saturday that's the problem i don't care if you with the conservative cause a hundred percent of the time if you spend your entire time outside of voting destroying the political bank account of the president now there's people who are trying to bring the country back to saturday because you don't understand the real fight were in that i'm sorry but you're not a net positive to our cause you're in that negative i'll get it to work didn't mean and what a phoney this guy is because i'm really really upset about this and i'm getting some feedback from could serve as a locality votes would as also what are you worried about right now let's get right to betray showed if you buy a bodies at my patriot supply listen food insurance matters you in short everything in your life that matters your health your home your car your teeth eye glass average sometimes why would you not ensure your food supply you need food to live you know that
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emergency food kits include meals at last of the twenty five years and storage order now prepare yourself there is no surprises ahead and there are no surprise that if your prepared eighty it forward one eight nine ninety six or prepared the end our com that's eighty eight forward one eight to six or prepare within that come folks years what's goin on so ben senator from nebraska who again i've stipulate be honest unlike bends being with you he does conservative and sometimes he says things in your like you want to clap and you say very well said the problem have with this guy what he did what's going on right now in its indicative of a this isn't so you understand and forces is it me nit picking on sassy the i have no interest in that this is it me picking a ball dan were you know your friends with hannity so that's why not that's not what this is about this is about people in republican movement who don't we stand a bigger fine i want to be clear on this and sas the problem with ass is going to explain it so here's what he did he has said
book out i don't even know if title it looks like a piece of crap to be candid with you but cs as this new book out any spends an inordinate amount of time apparently whether i didn't read the book so i don't know i packing sean hannity is being some kind of fate conservative or something like that now what i thought now to show you know you're u europe radio stations and you you run hannity any station let me just ask you joan i have that a coordinated with issue before the verb way with you for the ship do you think it's i suppose that when ben sas was run for office back and twenty fourteen and was in a competitive primary chain osborne you think it's possible his people were literally like begging ticket on the shown added he showed given its now the number one radio show in the country for conservatives national conservative radio people always get there ass kissed valleys angle votes on its way it is now what's arc and me about this is i know sas is people were desperate to get him on the show sas would go on the show he would use sean show to get out
the conservative audience raise my u win this competitive primary when a lot of conservative groups were endorsing his opponent now all of a sudden that he's the senator ask any winds he has spent this entire time going their sean for what he perceived to be an unnecessary or whatever allegiance to the trump agenda which is a complete which is it he's a fraud sean is fighting in this conservative movement for so long and first many people folks obviously a little sensitive to me because i know behind the scenes which on hannity is done for events i nobody's for our law enforcement i nobody continues to do i know what he doesn't advertised publicly i know what his producers i know what his people have done now disclosure right i do some business which some people associated with sean not theirs no way changed my opinion on this folks in no way
candide whereas he's not that's the difference now he asked me to do this no one told me to say this sas is killing us doesn't understand where sean does cause he's been in this fight a long time that this is be candid about this this is not a fight over issues for us it is for the left it's not so by problem to sum this up is sas does not recognize the fight he's under some kind of mythical illusion that by attacking sean hannity and directly he has fired a sean is some kind of divisive agent that he's you watch your curry favour with the left and the meat the people who will then see the republicans is reasonable and all of a sudden there's gonna be this kumbaya moment the country's gonna go forward locked arm in arm singing nice little songs cutesy little songs around a campfire that is not going to happen ben
attacking sean for one reason one reason only you're probably looking for a job at msnbc or cnn and you think by doing it is going to increase your future income or lead to book sales amongst moderates will somehow by your dopey book that's what you're doing at least be honest and say how much you you you kissed his caboose when you are trying to get on the errand get elected because you know he's got a conservative voice this guy's been fighting for conservative principles since you were a college pro president what the college midland i don't know what it is even though the name sir matrona knocked the cancer so remember the name that's what's ass did before ladies and gentlemen i understand the fight ben sas is epidemic and what's wrong at this movement right now he doesn't get the fight and he's ready for the new rules the new rules are we have to win using a political power we don't have to say
professor morals or ethics to do it but we have to get republicans elected we have to get right bookings elected not because i even believe republicans are the solution to the problem anymore i just believe the democrats are the problem we can fix the republicans the democrats not be fixed anymore they are not for this they are not looking for rapprochement they're not looking for some kind of you're no peace pipe smoking they're not looking for that do you recognizes fight sas is one of these guys i always use the boxing analogy he's in the ring boxing with other guy who is decided to attach razor blades to his boxing glove and he is appealing to the wrath the rest the media reference has already been paid off by the guy with the razor blades he's not going to say the fight you either fight back fight back as hard as you can very alive or you get smoke that's it i think that they can can appeal to the wrath of i appeal to the media by attacking shown how we will agree
nepal and people will really love us and yet no ben they won't they hate you they can't stay they are using you was a tool like they use and became like they used wrongly afterwards it is the myth of the cogeneration republican that the media that's all that last generation republicans was totally reasonable trumps just crazy they do this the time it's about ideas to us i get that we should argue the effectiveness of low reasonable tax rates we should argue the effectiveness of patient controlled health care rather than third party payer systems we should argue the effectiveness of parental control over where their kids go to school we should argue the effectiveness of of reasonable red tape requirements on business not overwhelming bureaucracy i but i get that bob also have to understand that that is not what the left is arguing back to us we can do i dont shows like that this is what i dont shows this is what will you joe
but we also understand that it's not just about ideas to them to them it's about damage and destroying the political bank accounts of republican candidates so they can take power and evaporate your liberty if you don't understand that and you are not willing to fight back at sometimes viciously in that aggressively in the in the physical sense i mean it viciously in the rhetoric arena cash donald trump uses harsh language you don't get it you don't stare what's going on by turning me tension back on them and making sure they understand the impact of their own aggressively cases com rotational rhetoric there never learn that lesson and put the razor blade boxing gloves down and put the standard boxing gloves on and fight regular it's not gonna happen ladies and gentlemen to the left this is not about ideas it is about power that is why we have to win and we
and not win we'd senators like bents ass a republican by some of you may not i should have as i should assume that some of you may not disguise a republican who ben seemingly all of its political capital attacking donald trump and show inanity that's a huge job tree urging grenades right now that's number one including you attack donald trump attack shot amity and by the way get around to the media while you are you crazy are you nuts now for those are you listening who i know i'll get some negative feedback on the show and that's fine by the way folks i am not here to play that way you know the meandering middle an opinion shall i give my opinion it's free if it's for you i appreciate it if it's not for you and you're still here i still appreciate it if it's not for you and you too now i appreciate that to this show isn't for everyone but don't air lecture me about how i dont get it and what are you everybody should have to kiss trouble spot absent
only one hundred percent no that is now what i'm saying how many times on the show have we said your worship golden cash said even in a in in a peace that written up on me recently hit peace by illiberal alan they got a hold of me they asked me about tromp i said i think he's the right guy for the right moment but i have some disagreements i've been clear on those i don't the trade policy and that does not mean i i spend my time attacking the president i find those areas of agreement i try to highlight them when there are areas of disagreement i try to handle a tactfully i don't spend my time attacking donald trump because he's our guide for the moment because we need is political capital to take back power to do what you to keep them crash from taking power so they don't take our liberty what did you miss that you don't understand that you clown sound you don't get it you got
just what the president on certain economic issues agreed be to go talk to wear ross commerce secretary go sit down with them as a place called we the office make a data fact pace argument like we do amongst ourselves because we're up actually about ideas make that argument to the president is team you dont started can the president publicly and shown how did right now one were literally in a fight for things like free liberty they want to take your health care they're running on single payer they want to take away more of your money to tat sight they want a ride institute the regulatory state their real consequences to your stupidity not for them do you think about attacking me on the left to listen don't tell me all your not being a team player you're all about you i know i'm not about anyone i'm not all about anyone don't give me that nonsense let me give
example i've had a pull the lever multiple times for republican candidates republican candidates i did not agree with i've played taken what for the team i've said repeatedly on the show my reply donna congressmen i like personally very much but i strongly apt robust we vigorously disagree with many of its positions i don't think he's been a strong conservative on many issues waste my concerns into primary but i am for him my wife and i both in the general election don't dare lex by not being a team player i've sacrificed i actually did showed up at a fundraiser for him in the last election cycle i should i'll bet a parade wear them down in palm beach even though he turned out later not to be the biggest conservative i have two points the lever why not because he is the answer to my problems but because the democrats are my problem is that makes dont lecture me for a second about
being a team player you're not team player you're the one who decides to air your grievances publicly against conservative outlets and against trump because you don't understand that the de roo the real opponent is here i've been burned repeatedly i ve been asked multiple times by g p candidates talk about a lot on the show because i want to seem like i'm from you know i'm a necessarily pat myself on the back not necessary but i've been here repeatedly by g o p candidates to help them out i've shown up at events have supported them they ve turned out later to be complete rhinos after promising everybody me included they we're gonna be tea party guys they were going the conservatives and it didn't happen i've been burned over and over i've donated i donated money to a guy who ran for governor and one turned around and stuck it to us later on afterwards
a substantial amount by the way to his pack or whatever it was his group even if was a pack at the time so don't tell me i'm not a team player i've done that all up support the lever and where and i've i've been advocating on the show have i not i've been recreating on the show for the last few months that get out and vote straight ticket republican knowing some of the candidates on there are not the best in the world but the bottom line is the democrats are your problem right now even if the republicans are not the answer to it i understand that i play on the team i get it joe i've you know this and i would have this is it who i promises the last parliament wrap this up don't tell me i'm not a geo p team player joe you and i know damn well who i'm talking about their candidates in maryland the one at the top of the tickets to who i supported gave followed
here's to everything who the minute after he won the governorship ran away from me and my support is like there was no tomorrow because i was a conservative and he had a run midlife i never will pass them on the radio i never went out told the story publicly about what happened because you and i want you know what end even now go out he's blue states that ever looking governors and vote for the republican governor are they conservatives no but the potomac rats are your problem here alternative is far worse than they were real things at stake in places like marilyn larry logan needs to get reelected you know why redistricting at stake you have the ecb it's that you have real people's eyes you think i'm gonna make it all listen larry insulted me gosh i get me a diaper amount of wet my pants i feel so bad you know what he's a good guy he added a political game after the election and that's fine it happens move on but i'm getting tired of gettin lectured from these people but of dan you know what are you going to have
generous ass because he attacked trop no i'm going after centres as does he doesn't understand the real fight waste time going after trump and sean hannity and other people with this self righteous be asked what his nose up in the air this latest snob while real fight out there is amongst within with our lives matter these some of these anti cop groups out there what are you dedicate your energy that and when it comes to republicans like my beef with hope after the election handle it behind the scenes while why not do that because you i'll get it and you look at us like where idiots look at these cretin republic as i'm a conservative free trader i believe in austria in school economics i've done my homework i understand third party payer systems and the economics of a broken healthcare system don't give me that crap team people been sucking up forever and voting for fools like this guy says and i you know what
i'll tell you right now if sas was run in florida against pill nelson eat despite this i now we ve been after this because i their stand a fight that's not the quest the question is does he i went after handed you kid me you big phony after tat really trying to get on his shoulder and primary over and over you nobody p we put on the map he tell you some joe you know this brother yes i do without that you would have never heard of the damned bond shall ever this wouldn't exist that is in asking that's a fact listen i really hard to get here but just about everybody in the conservative content space am i i'm joe no weather is rational and bob whether its our club in whether it shone hannity back anyone else you name a name everybody got a boost from someone everyone everyone
got that boost from sean and mark fat i would ever be here for them and for them by and by the way i'm not the only one joe so ben maybe you should reconsider your you know your entire attack line against sean issue apology and move on you gotta beef which on its support of whatever trump policy you don't like fine but to make it have of your book tore for i'm sorry folks again my apologies but is really undermine because i am so tired of fake republicans trying to and licked the boots of the media people because they know they're leaving office to try and get jobs and appear lacked a reasonable guy after it drives me wild you know what you stand up for something in this movement you are gonna be painted by the media as a wild eyed crazy conspiracy theories a period that's it that's what they do
you got a plough through stick to the truth stick to the facts verify what you can verify get the information out there and don't take the edge off your knuckles for a minute do not become by the looney tunes media i media doesn't matter at media matters does other the idea of the hopping did post do not be by them at all double triple down when they go after you hurry to get a lot more to get too so excuse my we're just at last night have just fired up and have a really good piece upon gino com at the show notes today that's ass you can get a little background them go and after hannity just repeatedly repeatedly on real then say something you'll have to trumpet had yet to dig up when you really get your an ad together dope your fool you don't i get sorry you know one more thing i'm sorry ben you lie oliver we like aggressively approaches people at sea packing up ben united
emma dating anyone pal ok give it a rest the phoney you know aggressive tough guy act police pard pass give us all a break i too shall also brought you by bodies at filter by here like yeah man you but in this industry a long time ago how many things we'll call a radio show kiss in your ass to get right you know what a elation time yeah everytime right this is candidates so itself for the county council at any right after the election when they got to pay themselves as matters on a lot of talk too short for economic costs of sepia why what are you talking about you just called the radio station two weeks ago kiss it are as before the elections it all the time folks this dude but our business thirty years i've only been in this business five or six stem i'm telling you i see it all the time they tell you once this issue shows off the rails and show you when i was guess tossing radioset am i going to say where it's not chose it was a different one he probably zones but there was a
candidate for congress got a lot of trouble helping out i didn't do anything wrong i purpose i put her on it was an equal time complaint made i got in a lot of trouble i practically almost lost the gig over this candidate their me going out on a limb to help supporting the congressional seat and becomes a total complete rhino after that and like this vows me now never get it thank you not they're all their forties i'm telling you again i get it the real fight bore him it's not a fighter whose better republicans are democrats it's a fight of whose worse any aids the democrats are far worse far worse boat ye opie will clean it up in a primers i'll tell you that
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joe deride murdoch was on fox news this morning i really like alike is commentary and the royal mentioning peace and his part laces convent nice egg way from where we're sas just the all sas things about understanding the real fight vote this is about is to us we should stick to ideas within the republican party fight for free trade fight for economic lever fight for low marginal tax rates this is the kind of stuff that matters but stand on the democrats there in this right now viciously and aggressively to attack people and destroy lives if you don't understand i fight back away now having said that wisest fight important the remark i can fascinating fascinating segment on fire friends this morning tat is definitely worth your time maybe that the years an opt out i am sorry but i didn't happen right before i got in the air but i heard the there i'll give you just what he was talking about and is this these mid term elections are critical because if we can
hold the house and hold the house by at least the decent number five or six seats in the house of representatives member the democratically twenty three seats right if we lose a few but we still hold the majority therefore we hold the chairmanships and we control the house representatives were majority rules ripe and we an ad in the senate add two or three seats buffering our now or fifty one forty nine majority joe the premise smart i put out there and this could be butter destruction for the damage it's not forever listen nothing in politics is permanent but this could be a a cage long shift in democratic politics now i want to add to this we saw this in the past or any one thing about them crash we ve learned is our only loosely married to ideas why joe what matters to them crass more than anything power control
baby control but we haven't said that while they already had a debate that you know it's been a long time that was in an early podcast control power control synonymous to them the democrats too democrats the ends justify the meat daily power and control folks they will say anything to do it if they have to lobby for tax cuts to get power to then raise your taxes still do it they will not tell you the truth republicans goodra that is our married to ideas you i've no home and the republican party none if you live here and paint platform is raise taxes we love open my care and by the a public education is grain you all you want now you may be able to win in the blue states we have run as a fake democrat but as a republican you will have no home democratic say whatever even leaders even party leaders they now dns such a really how come knew you can california are lobbying then to get rid of the soul
limitations on taxes the statement tat said the eu can only for that this is an appeal point don't forget this because it plays into the re murder it's going to be a little layered it's going to be a little come but his work your time telling you right now that good republicans that run and do the right thing will never forfeit their ideas and the republican leadership the core the but he will never come out against economic liberty they won't good report understand bedrock face democrats understand power and control the solved what happened with the salter deduction is a perfect example that donald trump republican party tax cuts ripe at a salt limitation state and local taxes used to be able to the doktor taxes you paid to the state locally which in maryland just joe knows where he lives right now can be quite significant there was a put on the deductions you can take you can only take now about ten thousand dollars in the statement tax deductions now joe if the demo that's really believe in socialism
i'll even lighten up a bit if the democrats really believe in the power of big government in higher taxes than this i have been a policy democrats would support why because if you can only deduct now from your federal taxes sake thousand dollars and the taxes you pay and europe abs let's say you're a millionaire was a big palestine in in silicon valley right california jar her for her lover lover your pay and joe on that for paying a significant amount of of state local taxes you're on your play in way more than ten thousand dollars be let's say your pay a ninety thousand right you used to be able in the dark ninety thousand right lover now you kid the doktor had ninety thousand anymore you can only do that cancer you lost an eighty thousand dollar tax deduction now that's it great you all right we're principle you would think say ok the tax deduction
disappeared rich people are paying more tax because it by the way this only affects rich people i assure you people on lower incomes categories and lower middle income are not paying more than thousand thousand state local taxes in most cases it most cannot all but in most cases the point i make a year's the democrats in new york in california are the ones to make it a big think about this this is outrageous we can have our citizens paying more taxes to the federal got wait what are you talking about i thought your whole platform was big taxes big from a government control wasn't that if did i miss something why it got in the hey what's the real world that publication implications excuse me of where people had big taxes got in the way of what your votes people were like hey man i mean be rich and be a liberal but i didn't mean higher taxes for me i met for the other guy you don't get this
ex congressmen i'm not for you i'm against it i'm against higher taxes from california and in are therefore ease their frauds and what does this have to with what i'm talking about it means there malleable the geo p good ones or not we believe in a set of bedrock ideas were not moving from those ideas democrats dome don't have a norstar they do its power but while ever you have to get their it doesn't matter what trying to tell you is the roy murdoch is right if we can beat democrats back in this twenty eighteen election hold the house electoral i m talking about of course hold the house add the seats in the senate hold in the trumpery election in twenty twenty folks
you will see a dramatic dramatic shift in the democratic party and this is a good thing this is not a bad thing this is a good thing now you may say while show me some evidence and when i say dramatic shift i mean you will see the law he laughed start to get marginalized and we can go back again to the the standard boxing rules where were in the ring and we're both obeying the rules and we have the twenty ounce gloves and we're not an error to kill one another would just in there for a sporting match ok that would not be a bad thing i have no problem with a democrat party interests in talking about tax is based on actual tactic tax data if the democratic party wants to come out and acknowledge that ok we need taxes but maybe our rates have been too i it's fine folks we should applaud that that is nowhere close to where we are now now you may
give me some evidence as has happened it has happened when did it happened in the past remember the democratic the ship committee without during the pre bill clinton era ladies and gentlemen after the carter and dukakis losses and walter mondeo member card nineteen eighty ran against reagan ran against carter reagan's marxism it can reelect nineteen eighty four annihilates walter markdale too far left candidates while still at that it fairly enough that how far left carta was specimens of deregulation formidable either for another show this question models are far left this rig destroys them the democrat party had been moving laughed and left and left what they do and eighty they nominate someone even more far left dukakis from massachusetts rat so far that he gets dish right to the third election in a row folks what happens the demo that's realize they ve got a big problem the democratically sure committee comes around they start to pull them
democrats more towards the centre what happens well fortunately we get a bill clinton presidency i'm suggested we should elect democrats but what happened in the second term of the bill clinton presidency instead of bingo obamacare folks we actually had some spending restraints in conjunction with the republican congress you gotta remember the percentage of gdp in the second term a bill clinton we spend less than were spending our under bush we what are we going on from that river where conservatives why would never vote for democratic never support colinton or any of us of his ilk if we suggesting to you that if we get democrats in office and we lose i would rather face a second term bill clinton presidency and in live to fight again with a limited government then faced obama obamacare obama judges on the court's you understand that this is what we have to look at this in a real tactical way there's real damage to this bent over road towards a middle they may win an election as workers
we win the issues and can win back later wanted another letter what does it matter you see i'm going with this you i will take a years of limited government spending and a relatively constrained second term first on proclaims out of control but that's because publicans got back in charge but if we except for years that in exchange for three consecutive four consecutive terms of republican president's republican judges a republican congress grand a republican president that's why we need folks we have to understand the tactics here and you have to engage in some game theory we can't look at this simplistically like ben says drop me how did he mean by my dope my book actually contributes to the cause we actually expose something what are you doing attacking shone out and you know what is wrong with you so much murdoch's point is a good one if we win this mid term and we were
the twenty twenty reelect i'm telling you the left is valuable they don't believe than any hard rock principle values other than power they will understand at that point like they have in the past there is already happened folks they will stand that they have to pull their party more towards sanity and that is a good thing that is not a bad thing listen i'm i'm in it i dont i grew up in relatively confrontational environment so i dont mind this but i'm the first want to tell you and i'll meet you again being frank and candid that this is not good for the country it doesn't make me feel good to have to do every day to have to go to war with these people on social media on my show it doesn't if we get more normal people to run into the democratic rational people with rational ideas instead of people call for you go out and get a crowd and you get up on their face
and they send tee for people pod should be would she have video of this support was if a guy in new york city or portland whenever confronting the nine eleven widow your husband nine eleven went algae which as you know in a video she lost her husband a guy confronts or on the street and why he should have died even where was he raping people with his baton like all my god this is what this is not the fault this country matters to me unity matters to me a twenty twenty mid term twenty eighteen twenty twenty mid term will absolutely force a re evaluation on the left its import we understand that i'm just one final note on that so you understand how critical these mid terms our folks if you have not voted yet we have a powerful large audience thanks exclusively to you you have given me my voice and my appreciation is so deep words do it no justice
but i need you to go out and vote please i need you to get ten friends ten ten and ten right that's ro santana emails to your friends to get our vote may ten phone calls made ten facebook twitter posts whenever it is encouraging people to vote included where to register include the polling locations of early voting up in your state like it isn't florida now get people the poles early ion stand some of you have a beef with early voting fine this is not the time for that fight this is too critical we can fight that after the election if you don't like early voting get your votes something could happen to you they can have another hurricane like they hadn't florida some a panhandle some of those votes are not going to get in now that's a conservative area this is big trouble early vote get in there now some good numbers for you leave you a little bit of a smile why does
mid term is important and why sas doesn't get that trying to attack the political bank account tromp what do i mean really what up by an appropriate time for this guy's like the elizabeth warranted talking about the waste ass gonna start asking trumpery dna tests next the democratically about you if you like that you bring idealized i always miss yours people complain and i miss the mom is another argument or damaging yeah yeah i didn't get it and i love it because you got to leave what i don't get it you know i don't get it we leave it in and then i read i can read emails from the audience on how did you miss jones humor about the but i don't know yeah i don't u s of those i don't get it but we leave it to show because joe is a part of this add listen if he's got something it's for you it's not for me if i miss it you'll get it but the damsel twenty three seats is where support and the generic ballot dams are doing very well on the congressional generic bout the makes plainly
political strategic you forget the generic battle folks its meaningless why is it meaningless because the democrats spy acts of self determination are concentrated in cities self selection they have democrats largely choose to live in cities and efficient are forced to live there what does that mean folks cities they run up the score now we went to see the congress do you need the fifty one percent of the vote or ninety nine percent of all i would say fifty one day you will be correct showed dating monetary question ok folks you need fifty one percent of the vote by self selection democrats the congregate in live in cities new year los angeles chicago what does that mean that means in cities like new york chicago and los angeles that have multiple congressional sees because the congressional seats roughly seven hundred thousand people they represent use
our getting congressional races where what like alexandria cassio cortez i think she's in fourteen joe crowley's elsie she's gonna work that's probably seventy two thirty there is i'm congressional seed jobs some of em in maryland wanted baltimore those eliza cummings they get up there now when that seat eighty twenty easy easy but folks thirty additional percent from fifty two eighty doesn't matter he still one republicans are scattered this is a good thing what does that mean that means a generic ballot is meaningless just because if the generic ballot factors in bob people like that new york districts and better voting ninety can democrat what you wanted are concerned about ashen saves me some meaningless if not as meaningful as the gene eric ballot in the toss ups
in other words in districts in the suburbs and the ex where they may be fifty four percent republic in fifty one percent republic in may be sixty percent public and that could be swinging type districts rang what's the generic ballot there forty seven percent g o p forty six percent democrat folks we can do this i don't want to get overly optimistic and i want to get hyperbolic there certainly a chance the democrats can take the house but i'm tell you smile a little bit today but also for long get out and vote get out and bring ten friends detours ballot is in our favour but it requires you not to take the telephone paul it paul but you know that the act not the telephones physical tell thank you everyone yeah clear that up requires you to actually go and vote so please go do that we can do this we can win i assure you we can win please get out and vote
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now in addition to our dna debacle where she tried to prove she had some native american ancestry has been completely humiliated in the process now it too dad show a recipe submission she included in a book called powwow child about you the urgency is so you see included a recipe submission into a buckle and that this is listed folks do not go this is the actual title about power ciao so she's not real native american she's fake yet apparently and she's including recipe submissions from from her from her fake native american industry in a book called pow chow now he has even worse how we cars a brilliant radio host up another up in new england up there how we cars been on this story from day one show has uncovered i have the story in the daily mail that in the recipe this is not a joke folks the recipe she submitted appears to he plagiarize from a new our times august nineteen seventy nine peace a written by
red chef name pierre foreigner p p put this in the new york times and although she messes with the ingredients a little bit it appears that the actual recipe the preparatory guide for the food in the pow wow chow book is a joke is israel's not the onion that she looks like i have been plagiarize for pierre fraud i a french he's i don't even think he's native american at all this is the this story gets worse by the minute and this is again why i am not a fan elizabeth with warrant i dont know our i have no personal adam is towards herb i'm just saying liz seriously wrap it up wrap in its own for the presidential ambitions are over this was a total debacle the dna debacle the native american story just let it go let it go take vice from elsa in frozen and chasse letty co plea this is not working for you every time we
turn a corner there's another devastating elizabeth warren story it is just gonna get uglier for you with powwow chow and you want one thousand whatever native american dna dodd shrub junior had a funny tweet on his time lady is sub treated it they had he had like a little pictogram on there and it was elizabeth words family tree and you know branches out and there's like fifteen layers of branches and at the end there is a little red line going maybe this guy out it's that folks just let it go seriously it's not working the land of sky blue right i sell facebook there's some interesting facebook stuff going on right now folks in addition to their banning of something
but it could pay is i just wanted to explain this to you in terms of a personal story about why it aside this question a lot as my audience i feel like i you know you guys should be read in on a programme before anyone else i get this a lot of my email i used to do a lot of videos sometimes i still do it but i backed away from facebook significantly since my our account is really kind of dried up a little better thing about my three seventy eight we should go up by you know a hundred thousand a year almost and now it is kind of i have backed away i'm here's what and i am saying this do people out their business and folks out there who are put in a lot of time to facebook be very leary ah first i do not believe facebook anymore as a neutral platform they have done you did a bunch of pages is a story and bright bar today about a triple amputee american veteran who has a page called right wing news i don't know anything about the page i wanna be chris we are in a about the guy nothing about advocate
four against our cause i'm simply suggesting to you that facebook is the case under the communications decency act in the past both that area platform a publisher understand the difference in the distinction coz its critical yeah you significant protections of your applied platform if you claim to be an independent platform like facebook is claiming and twitter and you cannot be sued for what's put up on that platform if someone put up there some hate speech or some libelous saw jim slanderous slanderous savareen libelous benefits a video whenever it is if they put sums but that you cannot be held accountable because you're an independent platform publishers joe publishers whose self select their content have different liability standards he spoke is saying now we're not a publisher where a platform as they say more pain usually published some things in the lead other stuff i again i'm do not believe that the government's going
able to fix this however i do believe the legal system may have a way around it sky and here's why bring this up this fascinating angle to the our wounded warrior who had this right wing news story joe he is paid an astonishing three hundred thousand dollars to facebook in advertising fees of his sight to taken down ladies gentlemen i dont know how strong the case what i am not an expert in commercial litigation i want to be clear but some in sum but there has to be some kind of legal case here i again up the gun it gets involved i mean i just lately not through the court system may be clear i think it would be a huge mistake as the liberals are looking for an opportunity to ban they call hate speech which will be conservatives full time that's why don't the legislative options the right one but through the court system i think we should use the court system and somebody should soon there ass the be some breach here of there has to be there's gotta be
a whole here to get facebook on the hook for this this guy pay three hundred thousand dollars to build an audience through them there's gotta be something i've just put it they're gonna motto commercial litigation attorney but there's but be some way where we can fight back where facebook is it's gonna be forced to say there are published you're not a platform to understand distinction right yet they want to make a platform so they can't be sued for what's on website there saying a publisher as they simultaneously adhere to publish your standards platform stands out will delete ears were published at the latest published that as their taking money from people now the big stetson that's it that's lorries bad enough but it sets up if we take up story number two about facebook which is why i backed away not just ideologically because i know facebooks for liberals that's one of em but secondly reason i backed away is i think in my opinion facebooks a scam but what happened
if you saw the story yesterday folks but if you're on facebook in your political group and you put in a lot of time in this you may want to diversify into other platforms you know the instagram which is i think owned by facebook but i listened instagram as you have just sell your facebook for much forget about the ideological putney ideological stuff if its own life spoke the ideologies the same still lives put the the illogical argument side for a second i'm moving to a strictly commercial argument now if europe local candidate a political group or a business i been all three at some point i think facebooks skim appeal currently joe and i've noticed this in the past facebook has this thing called live video facebook live you can put videos lie videos you can put video up on facebook they were trying to a competitor with youtube out enough he saw the story but it turns out show that facebook now occurred multiple accounts in some insiders had of late the information
spain is a story in the wall street journal have a story in international business times and the show notes and i encourage you to read has grossly over inflating its act its duration of view time now i may make the super simple if you're a political candidate if you business and your advertising a pet rock and you do a thirty second commercial for a pat rock anything under that commercial it says go do whatever gives a website pet rock that whatever joe you think the end of that commercial matters to you if that's the call to action because right i mean if people you watch five seconds of the commercial any ended the commercials the call to action pet rocked out whatever you want to know how long people are watching when you have a i'd kiss like we do because my fast me often you know why the more because we there's actually show page for this i see tv there's the embargo show page just one you push to facebook stuff moreover because i don't know
their metrics at all if you have a podcast and we weren't three adds during the shop we three that's it we're about six it's a bad for sixty minutes you're not going to get a lower ratio anywhere by the way folks and we could believe me we can make a whole lot more money but not tat myself on a back i'm simply suggesting it matters to me to give you a lot of content and as few as possible but it also manage to me that when advertisers come to my show to speak to you that we're all in with them that we the port them like they support you and they support to show they want to talk to you and we makes for that their adds a red and we can give the metrics why don't i push facebook because i have no idea how long you listening on facebook none i can tell on you too i can tell on army i can tell him you know that com i could tell roughly on itunes facebook i have no idea they ve been inflating it in other words show their telling people what are the average viewer time is this where
according to some insiders that's not the average viewer time it's a whole lot less meaning joe you just scroll down on facebook hard by two seconds of my show a squirrel pass that i'm not gonna sell that too in advertiser nor am i going to tell you to inflate myself imports we ve got five hundred million downloads show up at four hundred and ninety nine point nine or on facebook meaning probably have you weren't more than half the overwhelming majority of our watch it all we don't include those numbers at all i it is not to wine about facebook but encourage you out there if you're in a business if you're apollo a politician running for office and your call to action at the end is donate to joey beggar doughnuts whatever congress campaign whenever maybe i'm telling you may be gettin smoke you maybe get smoked up facebook number one is not been an ideological friend hours sector they may not be a business friendly either that is why i
we're on their my pay just i probably ban me i am honestly i don't care anymore do whatever you gotta do but that's why i don't push the facebook page to the audience now i will say on some money and our tv show we have the facebook they did does there i can tell some people are commenting towards the end then show so it's not total loss and i'm not suggesting you know everybody in mass just go ahead and cancel your account you have to do it right for you some of you the standard we may need for business and i have said before i think we should see the platform yet the liberals to let us take over but am i ok there's even better at youtube is not necessarily a better alternative either now having said that my wife is asked me for a call action at the end of the show and my wife talks i gotta listen i forgot to do it for the past few days so i need a things from you on this note if if you wouldn't mind folks i don't mean to sound pushy and i you know i i to be very very careful with asks from you but i need a couple
if you would mind we're getting a lot of emails about people who are on our email list for the show notes which we meticulously put together the best article the day i think it's the police a best political email is that my opinion i we do a lot but a lot of work into it we're getting a lot email saying hey i'm not getting your emails anywhere we switched over to a new platform on the website my wife and blair and linda did a phenomenal phenomenal job on the new website but some of the people did not get transport over on the email is so f f if you're getting our emails you have no worries me be clear on that you have no problems this which is that if you are not any a lot of you aren't you been emailing us please go back to my website and know that calm and subscribe to the email is again if you are not getting the emails that your please we do it us a huge favour because we're getting how and we'll have to answer people back individually and but if it has to do with such not opening it we did want you now will we
i played our number so if you're not getting our you please recent scrap one other favour free please i'm sorry it take up time at the end the shop it's important for that the show needs it i need you and i put a lot time is shown i'd appreciate is something happen and i think with the ilo s upgrade and we have been losing were gaining everywhere you tube spotify i google play so cloud iheart radio budget no attack on the show is exploding we have i it for some reason on itunes and i tunes alone we ve been hunting it down cannot seem to figure the riis i hope i have a feeling it may be due to the eu s upgrade i know what prevent similar issues i'm asking please if you listen to us on itunes even if you don t he's gotta itunes and subscribe to the show its free it doesn't cost you anything please hit described but it is the subscribe button that generates the downloads it gets to show to you that generates the revenue to keep the show going so please sir
we ve had some issues related to get him sorry to waste any time at the end of the show on this but it is really critical stuff i have to ask subscribed to the email less if you're not getting your emails employees please subscribe on itunes we ve had some trouble recently without platform we really appreciate ok one my story we'll take a minute but it's important the new rules are still an effect mitchum gradually are moving ahead on the judges this is great because they have done little controversy going on behind the scenes are scheduled a hearing for this wednesday and what is it toper twenty fourth herself for additional fetters a court judges posts cavanaugh remember it's not just the supreme our folks it's the circuit courts in the district courts it matter to have a conservatives on the supreme court went up to now percent of the critical issues are decided at the lower courts when it if they are still stuck with browser doesn't even matter right mcconnell who understands the new rules now i think we hope you stick to it o connell said no move ahead
to hearing schedule wisest important because there are two serve it of judges getting ready to be appointed to the night circuit otherwise known as the naughty night is it to change the balance from democrats look democratic point these liberals through a conservative appoint the judges no but it's got to go a long way towards rebalancing the night the democrats are enough fury over this joe feinstein hair they're like no no votes before the election grass these like hold folks where the judiciary greedy mcconnell soldier on whether you show up or not we're all the nose votes so good for you guys if the ira in grass if you want to grasp these constituents please and the many email callers office thank him for soldiering on getting getting those two people hopefully confirmed for the night by that october over twenty fourth day this good stop people starting to understand the new rules we win they lose our eye folks
it's a lot of us are surprisingly energy ass there was little worried to be giving you the show there but yeah it last night was a little rough but that i really enjoyed that i appreciate your time thanks i will see you all tomorrow you all the best best audience in our part casting seed of arctic you just ten bonn gino she did more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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