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Ep. 831 More Explosive Deep-State Hijinks

2018-10-18 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the explosive new revelations about government insiders sabotaging the Trump team. I also discuss the media’s role in the efforts to take down the Trump administration. Finally, I address the liberal’s new line of attack against the Trump economy.   News Picks: The RNC smashes fundraising records.   Another government insider has been arrested for damaging information leaks.    This BuzzFeed piece is alleged to be one of the stories using the leaked financial information.    Were FBI employees taking free junkets from groups seeking influence?    This federal judge is furious about the handling of the Clinton probe.    Trump’s planning to cut the discretionary budget by 5 percent.   The U.S. is back to being the world’s most competitive economy.   Here’s the Democrats' not-so-secret plan to win the midterms.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know i love the demagogy no show i gotta stacked show for you today produce a job how are you today to a good trying to get the ghosts annamite got so much going or self were rapidly expanding folks and rapidly expanding comes technological growing pays i was doing i head on oxytocin s interests regions as you show on fox business and my kids you dont my attire studio crap out i literally to think going literally i hate literally consumers literally overused broken english literally about five minutes before the window open for they had we had our own plugs ray plugs that been reboots thou was incredible last night so today i was sitting shows good up we can start after about deep state hygiene major made
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many period where jos connection disappeared i couldn't see em if you can figure it out i'd be happy to make me laugh we lost them for a second i became backs folks were city are doing is shown on rapid my hair out trying to make it sound right oh goodness anyway sounded good thank you realize that you fix that obsolete best or a deep state hygiene spokes fully in effect now i i but here in the title to the show so i made sure i got this across let's let's not bury the lead lead first is we had a major expos a on a finn send case about vince as a financial crime enforcement network that's what it stands for fins and it's an acronym it's your crime enforcement network i used to use the secret service and would explain to you how work some one was arrested yesterday a woman and there's some alleged co conspirators in here it's a government anti there we have
representative over there the federal government has a representative offence and it's a network at such a run by the federal government itself someone was arrested for leaking serious information what's the ted i know the story what am i trying to get across it is more evidence that the deal and it's not a conspiracy conspiracy actually happened its theory i should say this actually happen folks so i'm gonna work you threw again from step one how this deep state story i and i listen to me i don't care what you call it if the time no bothers you cause it sounds too conspiratorial and spiles ie or whatever fine i don't care i've gotta play the euphemism i call it the deeps eight the sloppy state the slimy state smarmy state does it matter to me one bit what you call it what i'm telling you is there is an entrenched bureaucracy absolutely hell bent on enforcing their agenda and that agenda is in yours you elected i'll drop and there are people in
better like ticks within the government that are apps lately hell bent on taking down the trump agenda and this arrest of an employee for leaking sensitive financial documents is going to fit right into it there's the legal walk you through it piece by piece why this matters evelyn of deep state hijacks ladies and gentlemen we now know the entire collusion narrative was made up it was made up in conjunction with deep state operators ok i have to walk you through the getting to get to the fence and part at the end or none of this is going to make sense my the deep state is real the sloppy state a crime was invented by people working within the united states government to target the trump team both before ring and after the election before because they want back far to check out some of these refugees are still doing it now they invented this crime why does is what does this have to do with the deep state we now know break news today the james baker the fbi lawyer joe the general council of the fbi pigs
lawyer up an fbi headquarters who was eight a direct bobby was there directly with call me mackay price step stroke all the troll other trump clinton operators in the fbi jim baker is there in the room with them right we now know he's gonna go back to testify a second time up on the hill jim baker as an important now what do with finsen again we're talking about this deep state conspiracy amongst folks to take down the trump t baker met with mike such a lawyer from perkins kui a lawyer perkins kui working with the clinton team in the dnc and it is now on the record according to multiple reports that the fbi working with this hillary clinton lawyers was working with hillary clinton and inaction give information that action give information according to what people are reporting from baker is information about that the trump conspiracy that dossier knows
so we now have people in the upper levels of the f b i can spend too much time some of this is rehash but it's gonna be a port for explaining why the end of this defence and story matters okay so that we have upper level people and the fbi joan fbi general councils like a spy novel that actually happen working but lawyers working for a political campaign to sabotage somebody age there are there opposition political can think about it event but it has been a snap and b that guy people miss those complaints but where's the drops chose out some stuff go as regards but we're back though so now we know what the fbi again we're talking there deep state agents we know bureaucrat the fbi a lawyer at the fbi and and others we working with a political campaigns legal team to generate information about donald trump at his team got it moving on this is under the inventing a crime portion of the deep state hijackings secondly
not just the fbi that's corrupted we already know again if you're a lesser the shown you reading my books by gate you get a detailed analysis of this we know that it did the oj information is being piped into on the information superhighway from christopher steel glenn simpson to bruce war whose number four person at the fbi a burden and aim bruce sorts gonna come up in a few minutes the fence and think don't forget if any you forgot to we as he's than before ranking officials apartment of justice his wife works company hired by mrs clinton too general negative information on donald trump his wife nellie your so a deal gaze official number four so the geo j his wife is essentially working for the company working for mrs clinton i don't want you to forget it is going to be important in a few minutes so information is being pipelines into the fbi to a perkins coolly lawyer working for mrs clinton information being pipelines to the d o j do a guy glenn simpson hired by the clinton too
diffusion gps to generate negative information this is bypassing any traditional law enforcement channels it is main lining like a drug negative informed issues into the highest levels of the government tell me again how this deep state that doesn't exist again i don't care what you call it this falls under the inventor crime headlight this is where the then is invented deep state did on this information superhighway pipelines into these deep state operators the dossier is fake the information it is political that mrs clinton's team djinns up through fusion gps and christopher steel its fake it's not real information is garbage it is extensive garbage time is marvell but used to say in the nick games when they were loosening the fourth court it is extensive garbage time but the formation needs to be there and needs to somehow make it to the fbi but they can't do it through traditional channels joe they can't walk into fbi washed in field office and say hey we asked information about potential counter it
i'll just problems with the trump team why because they ll be laughed out of their rights wait wait who are you guys get when lawyers working for the clinton team to do what the general negative information on tromp wait what all the guys time out so you're tellin me or opposition researchers that are trying to file some kind of a criminal counter intelligencer crime report against your opposition why because you have evidence now that we have a guy who said he heard another guy say hurt and other guys don't you understand folks they would have been laughed you get an appoint i'm sure this information superhighway had a b i blind into the upper levels of the fbi and the oj why why i don't think i've ever addressed this why not just go to the field office if they were so confident that people we're gonna do it they wanted them to do anyway if they were going to get this you have information on top and we're gonna start investigation anyway joe is never thirdly why they went right to the top now the
answer to some of you you may think is obviously a while the other top there the decision makers yeah they they are folks obviously but it's not just that there's another reason here would it be what do you go up to where you when you're into secret service or the fbi joe when you get up to a certain level an essay es level senior active service the appoint since there are political there based on merit promotion exams now there's a debate they're all political i mean a secret service most people tailless and even after the exam there's still a political component to the point i'm trying to make i saw this in the am i pity i saw the secret service you'll see it to outlaw enforcement once you get in here why pity to the captain level and above joe deputies actor inspector one star chief to starchy those our people call appointments call meaning there's no test
someone in the upper level of the mit says i want you to be a deputy inspector there's no test the same thing happens in the secret service once you get do the g s fifteen level as fifteen is an upper level supervise these tests for all that stuff even though with the casting there's still kind of a component to there is still some at least controls over it once you get to the fijians if teach a pretty high level matter know what there equivalent you like a military captain or above its pretty level in the government you can be assessed agent in charge of a major field offices a g s fifteen those are police the call appointments after that into the s he rank senior executives service it's called they're all political you want pick some i'll give you an example george w bush the former director the secret service carl truscott ah he was and he was the president bush a special agent in charge push becomes
president call trust got later on becomes the ape eighty f director move them right over now i realize something happened and later on and then well formed but point being these are appointments that's do you see what i'm gonna do this job reason the information was bypass that the field office level is because these guys down there are not going to risk their careers in the early stages to put everything on the line for a political candidate knowing that by the time they make it into the political appointment rags five or ten years down the road these people are going to be around any more folks please understand what i'm telling you i don't want to i desperately i will vote air of potential in the show matting my back yard i found back but this is where bring insight into how it works really matters and why the show is different thanks man that's gonna joe armor cost is a three four year fbi age and washed in field office very serious credible expertise in russian counter intelligence is it
he's guy you wanna go to to invest eight this russian collusion narrative between the trump de bright he's the guy on the ground work in the cases he goes the players he has the contacts he's working with the agency he knows it they didn't do that folks a bypass joe what right to the top knowing one job would sniff for two reasons upper one job would sniff it out as being total garbage right away we would call as sources in russia or resources in the agency be like hey is collusion narrative years carter page really a russian spidey would have been like dude this thing ever and it would have been squashed but secondly it probably ten years before jos even eligible for some kind of a political appointment joel now although he'd like tat political contacts
joe is a moral ups and morally upstanding guy which most bureau agents are i met with i worked and i'm not gonna tell you otherwise you did you know they are their great i worked them often they are not going to their career for some political hack who just walked into the office knowing that the guy there trying to hurt trump could be president could be president eight years later when the rough where political promotion and a person asking to help pillory click then stream meda you can be around round then now you may say will then the same logic applies to the higher ups no it doesn't it doesn't apply the arabs call me brent in all of them all of them were fully invested in the democratic restructure at this point based on what they did in the clinton that the clinton case their folly best that included clinton's team that they're not smart they know who to go to the pipeline the information right to the top to these deep state operators they pipeline it in
baker at the fbi which i'm assuming made it to call me in my case is no way around it and then they i pointed to the d o j where the guy there pipelining it into brochures whilst working for the company generating the information so far but one deep state hygiene invent a crime by ass the normal channels part number two deeps a pie jinx number two weapon eyes the intel to create the evidence weapon as the icy because murmur but now it's not good enough to just create a crime with deep state operators pay call me bruce or that's not good enough sooner later you're going to have to create some form of evidence why again folks these may seem like what why why because you'd wanna make sure the crime scene plausible now not really decree
wasn't plausible there manufacture evidence there was no crime they invented it so but why would you need to manufacture evidence because at some point their initial plan a of on masking and using an essay type information based on the seven oh two queries which i am reasonably com but it now were used in other words tap into the an essay a base to get information why on masking down trumps gonna words wiretapping is effectively trump team our conversations which we know happened put mike flynn and potentially others with these record on masking requests that words will listen on phone calls and in picking out the identities trumpeting people at something we know that dried up mike roger stopped it so they need evidence for watchdog to put inside of a warrant a file a warrant presenting pfizer judge till to court
legally be able to spy on the trunk team because there at a minimum on ethical immoral and masking efforts were already shut down so they needed evidence so deep state hi jinx portion to number one invent a crime number two weapon eyes the icy to create evidence and the intelligence to back up the fake crime which is exactly what they did the unmasked kings deepened and show for seven oh two queries into the usa database to search to search for data this time the stuff we shot down roger shut it down seems apparent at this point they needed get on the record in some kind of a quote legal way so they use the pfizer court where they knew the trump team would never find out remember this is not an adversarial court like you and i are used to ladies and gentlemen it is not for proceeding where your defence attorney if jos accused of
terrorist like felonious a showed is not even find out about it when they go to the fire court the the court is a secret court its adversarial meaning joe does not have a lawyer there the proceedings are kept secret they went to the fire court because they knew they could spy on the trumpet amusing that ladies and gentlemen now it makes sense why they sought a count intelligence investigation rather and a criminal one please tell me this makes us michael author denise in a book highlights this there's a whole chapter on this it's gonna blow your mind about how they quickly moved from a criminal to account or intelligence investigation this is the reason why folks defies it it does not handle criminal inquiries what court here those criminally greece joe the regular courts the district towards the circuit court view commit a federal crime bank fraud bank robber whenever it is you're going to go to a federal court a district court
theo maybe a circuit court whatever it is but you're going the standard cautious we gotta have a lawyer you gonna get initial appearance you can afford what the charges are against you you're entitled to the fence they didn't want that why back to stay conspiracy number one because they invented a crime there was no evidence dated one go to the regular court system and try to charge donald trump with crime because it was we have evidence of a crime so someone said i got an idea let us use the pfizer court the trump team will never find out we'll say it's a counter intelligence investigation based on this crime we just invented of collusion yeah yeah also you guys are great that guy a touchy role by it appropriate what they did but in order to get to the as a court they had to manufacture some evidence they need
it's something that put in front of a judge to make this thing seem almost remotely credible now you may be fairly asking at this point again i cover this in my books by gay please please pick it up it is in layered detail i promise this red the reviews we have four hundred and one five star views we don't have any you said our five stock its laid out and cricket detail how they made the transition from a criminal case to a c i a case to hide what they were doing now you may say fairly enough well if they are met factoring evidence at this point they know most of this is not true which i'm sure they did that they realise when they went to the courts at this was gonna be memorialize in some paperwork and it would get caught later snow and i'm telling you this for two reasons number one they were absolutely sure hillary clinton would become present remember these are political operators they pipeline
the information into the political bureaucracy the deal jamie fbi not though not the rank and file employees who actually do the investigations these work political operators who are taking a chance joe a worry healer be the next president i'll get promoted i'll be the attorney general brennan what bread and wanted to battle nobody wants to be a cabinet secretary whatever in the clinton administration they all had political gulls ino through stuff here i bet the listeners were wondering why the hell did you keep these texts why are the hell did you can hardly amory stupid because they were done there is no explanation thanks day wanted they all wanted motion but separatism other point here joe to ice i believe this is this is kind of you read the book you see this too i believe they really thought they were going to find something real i think they thought went the crime first weapon as the icy whether due on
ass do queries into the usa database to get the information or what there through the john brennan quote director level meetings member john brown is running the cia he's meeting with british intelligence counterparts he's meeting with others for estonia and other countries as well that according to mould four reports are exchanging information with the brennan team about trump i believe sincerely in my heart that they thought they were going to find something joe and i believe worst case scenario is they thought they later on the information they presented to the fire a corpus gonna materialise in turn out to be true it did that lead to the old moment i the election where they were like ice this has all gone we ve tried everything we ve met with intelligence we met with foreign intelligence anthony's about trump they got nothing the unmanned
things have turned up nothing these seven oh two queries have turned up nothing this is all turned up nothing what do we do now comes to breaking eugenia yesterday i'm sorry for the set up at the set up is critical we're talking about these deep state is real this is a that it's not a conspiracy theory if it actually happen we delay this out a book in thorough detail we have hundreds of footnotes they event the crime they weapon eyes intelligence they throw every single thing trump everything the i see john bread a meeting with foreign intelligence conspiring to tell you can do whatever they want tapping into the trump deep passing u s intelligence show points on man kings everything they get nothing now what happens now they have the weapon eyes law enforcement as well and law enforcement tool
member this is a counter intelligence investigation joe but the fbi has a this law enforcement functions well so now they have the weapon eyes the fbi and the law enforcement their law enforcement credibility and bona fides in their law enforcement tools to make or they find something no matter what because they ve been investigating this guy for a long time without telling anguish remember jim call me hides this investigation from congress for eight months he supposed brief them quarterly i'm cow intelligence investigations he holds investigation for eight months claiming he tells representative at least the father he tells her off it was sensitive that's the reason the congressional briefings you're supposed to tell you about sensitive that he priest in eight months so he holds this thing for months why because i'm telling you call me swore up and down in his head i thought they were going to find something promptly daddy was dirty and he wasn't that's where this next angle comes in here
stories of the show notes today they are must reads they are really really really good their way a finn send employee surname natalie sours who s been arrested on charges of leaking information from fin sent the buzzfeed report as i have the story also have the buzzfeed reporters story she's alleged to have lee the information to had tipp one of my listeners judy who does really good profiles on this than she sent me the speed articles i'm included the buzzfeed articles to their disease there dose the alleged recipients of illegal and shown of danger so you can understand why was leaked according to the report now what vincent why does this matter to you and how does this fall under portion three deep state hijacked the weapon easing of law enforcement tools
vince sends a financial crime and foresman network i use it all the time and i was a secret service agent is very simple back then it was a simple facts it was a fax now i'm sure it's all done over the internet by me i was doing these investigations quite a while ago even alma though you might i know a lot about armor cos you may just have some simple we do as if i had some kind of arm bank fraud it's against armor cost for you know banking felonious mo premium teeth the great you put down every you know you might i know a lot about armor cos you may just have some some bank records are some social security number a birthday you send it vincent and finsen would then sent back to us in a packet should get em shorts all done on the internet now but these two facts and back by six for factual they'd send an email they would send back what are called see to yours and sars thoughts now on a class and federal law enforcement but this is interesting there was an internal employee at vincennes league with leaking this stuff you have to know what they are to understand how devastating this is and how the entire portion
of the unwanted be dramatic about sensitive portions of the federal government which have access to your deepest darkest secrets folks whether it's the essay database whether its subpoena whether it's your bank wreckage a business records were all you the power of the federal government to make donald prompts life in his business an open book for the sole purpose of prosecuting they went after their phone calls they wiretapped their phone calls they went after their bankrupt their business records their meetings paid wet day weapon i foreign intelligence against vincent was the last straw now this is on me take it easy front that some things are happening again i'm not trying to tell you sessions here is the messiah i've just telling you things are happening we now got that they have the will prosecution going on i'm not so sure whilst not cooperating by the way will see i'm a little disappointed that was handle but now we
of this woman natalie sours who was arrested and here's what she was given up the stars in the sea to yours what are they were the sars and a report sars or suspicious activity reports so if i was can i just for being a potential money laundering i would get back these suspicion activity reports on what they are as they are filled out by banking institutions at the base what they are when they send suspicious activity two very simple forms to read their not complicated you don't need an mba and finance not like reading quarterly reports they are sick easy to read reports there's a small synopsis at the end and it and there is little boxes at or check about what they are suspected of doing so job the reason i to yours too if you may gay bank deposit of ten thousand dollars or more a currency transaction report has to be filled out to ask to be is to prevent money laundering so dry the others don't open a bank accounts and dump five hundred thousand in cash and account
c d ars are logged and finsen has them now because you made a deposit of over five hundred thousand dollars does not make you a criminal it just makes that gives government me i arrests and interesting i am not arguing the benefits are merits of it i'm just telling you out goes so what happened typically them overwhelming majority of sars i read suspicious activity reports to follow you get a little but inside baseball him this eighty hours just a standard report whether it species or not it doesn't matter joe the paper ten thousand dollars in a bag it's a city it doesn't mean you did anything wrong it just means the irs is being notified and fin sent off doubt about it happens all the time the suspicious activity reports art in my experience are typically filed for then called structuring meaning let's say joe you know ever or don't let's say that would even if i don't for many small panel i committed serious let's say some guy you know joe we beg doughnuts her whenever he is
rug the onus five hundred thousand but you want to start a bank account but he knew it's about city are most of em do he does at the irs finding out about and you want to generate a city are so what does he do joe he depend it's the money in small bits five thousand here six thousand here seven thousand that's called structuring the bags nuts first the bag does this all the time tobacco file a suspicious activity report now i'm telling ninety nine percent of these things turn out man maybe ninety percent of a turn to be nothing made joe was a legitimate business sky yet a construction company just that a busy year but some of em don't why i'm bringing this up and given you will or backgrounds at the you did that to tell you that in my experience the majority of these things have nothing to do with criminality and all their just suspicious activity reports that have something to do with it just as you know the way by the ita big year this year would have the pod guess and everything we have the power that money i order
it could be a specifically activity report on me to have this information leak joe is devastating there employee now in there this natalie sounds now alleged to have taken me information she's an employee offence and it's gonna get interests they get a minute remember the names she takes the information she was caught with a flash drive and she's alleged to have given it to these buzzfeed employs now when you read the buzzfeed stories they wrote the stories shockingly have nothing do without a they have a lot to do with me well who may have known donald trump people who met at the door tromp tower meeting and how their wish to some suspicious activity on their bank accounts it has nothing to do with donald trump it is that matter because again it feeds into the merit of that they had a fabric hate evidence and when they didn't have it what did they do joe the fbi and there the d j and others had a quote
media leak strategy all remember that one so in other words the evidence not materializing that they actually have a crime so let's leave it to the media to create watching what do you think they wanted a space council investigation by bob mahler oh yes player god oh yes what more time so more as this is what they did create a crime weapon eyes intelligence community give us the evidence the evidence turns out to be a garbage horse manure what they do now we got to cover our tracks lights in age in a week strategy with deep state operators fin and others will get there mason to the media creating the impression show that there's so fishes activity this has nothing to do with shrub will ask for a special council and will keep the investigation attention on trump huh
fully winona midterms gettin impeachment gun he's out a year nobody's weeks of this ever again while that's a conspiracy theory it actually happen for this are happened you you think i'm making this up people showed show here yesterday on the peace from guide the fox news comes up my wife my website check this out the shown us just weeks ago what secret text messages reveal that anti trump fbi officials peter stroke and lisa page had discussed they quote media leak strategy and the russia probe stroke and former deputy there your andrew mackay we're both fired for their conduct during the probe here's the quote from peterson to his girlfriend lisa page stroke is leading the trump investigation folks i had little you just gone to find this phone to tell you i want to talk to you about media leak strategy with d o j before you go then he's
elaborates days later about an article that was published in the washed imposed about carter paid folks it is so obvious what happened here you have to be an idiot this is why pay here put the bog down we re this all out they had a strategy after the evidence they tried to use to buttressed per charge they made up of collusion there strategy to make the evidence in everything and the case go away by lee into the media precious activity reports from finsen and others that had absolutely nothing to do with the trump team but gave the impression that there this haze and cloud of russian influence over the trump team now i told you to remember the names this is where it gets crazy one of the assistant directors at finsen but before i go there subsides i'm time outbreak
there is a call conspirator in this case i am not going to say the name yet cause it's not confirmed but the washed imposes leaked some potential information on what's critical here joe is this woman natalie sour she's been arrested now with the flash drive in hand right one very serious allegations of leaking sars the buzzfeed suspicious giving reports about people involved in the trunk tower me but not the trump people is multiple credit report that she has a co conspirator here no one will say who it is but allegations led to that possibly someone at the upper level management offence and now what's fastened joe is finsen financial crimes unfortunate network has six assistant directors from just happen to work for a guy that the oj at the date oh jesus for shares all who was that guy that they work
did the urging all we worked for bruce or crazy that church lady type it has special rats pressure so the fence and theirs its co conspirator here in other words there is credible this lady was not working alone what are you it is used to work for bruce or that the oj whose why it is working for the company fusion gps ginning up the fake evidence credit to the fbi to prosecute trompe now now now why is this so fascinating well it's fastening because it makes you wonder what direction this information was blowing i'm going to get to that in a second i'm sorry going to pay for the show here but this part blew my mind i had one of those eureka moments this morning don't go anywhere i know as always thanks for your patience or sponsors love to be here they love to talk
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the information flow we have assumed many of you have assumed the job i'm sure you have as well that the information flow this entire time was running from hillary clinton state which is paying fusion gps to jenin negative information trop views gps pace christopher steel these former british by christopher steel goes to his is russian sources which he doesn't even go to russia its alleged buddy had bound gets a lot of the information he it's the russia stuff gives it back diffusion gps fusion does what were they show they pay glided into the fbi where christopher steel becomes a source he sent for aired later on deemed not suitable for use for leak into the media but also its pipelines into the d o j where we know one bar bruce it's going to broussard we know his wife is working for fusion gps swear assuming just to be clear what we're talking about in this deep state take down that the info
patient flow is from hillary clinton paid folks into theo jane fbi worse maybe it's one way yet if we been wrong about this the whole time have we been wrong about not that as we know it information flow happen but you ve been wrong about it the whole time and assuming it was only one way their yellow marker on the street you know the yellow markers two way traffic re with this a two way street folks the fact did finsen that access to all of this banking information is our ledged have been leaking hundreds not thousands of documents on banking material to people in the media and one of them
exit finsen was an employer bruce oars i'm just asking the question was this information being fed to or and then fed back diffusion gps think about it think about where i'm going with this now again some regular listeners you'll get there this part is it some of this is detailed prettier i keep like baby mentioned above we were number eleven other new york times pesaro mrs weeks of rock and roll thanks to you but with this a feedback loop here's what go with us there have been multiple occasions in this case where my gold coins name has crept up it was the wrong michael cohen why does that matter ladies and gentlemen my experience with finsen is if you have a rather joe as a relic relative a unique name so why they are not
a damned bongos met i cannot know if there's another dan bunch you know anywhere in the united states on this we had yolanda somewhere in the world but it's totally unique name michael cohen is not a neat either is john smith john brown sarah maud sarah smith there are threads of thousands if it is almost impossible in my experience as a criminal investigator too narrowly if you don't have an identifier a social security number or something else what's fascinating about this case is information appears in the dossier about michael cohen and his travels overseas joe prague to coordinate this big internet conspiracy to get hilary gmos that's in the dossier according to some very credible reports on this for people been doing real homework on this that i talked to a lot the michael cohen who travelled to prague joe was probably
at that michael cohen it is probably not the one way way way way way does or we need fritz from the infomercials wait there's more have resurfacing you're too how when oh yeah oh years rigel report lawyer for stormy daniels resurface here too you remember months ago him making some allegations are kind of hinting around at the fact they had some suspicious activity staff on michael cohen oh yeah oh years rigel just like your purchase you should his head down michael michael cohen where did that come from words suspicious activity reports from then sent on a michael cohen but not that by
we call it drops lawyer making their way somehow to people associated with the stormy daniels orbit ladies and gentlemen if that is the case this an even bigger deep state eight down than we even thought brook now i should have put the led out here first on this part of a right because this is critical again we're talking about a deep state take down the deep state people doing this they fabricated crime they need evidence the evidence doesn't materialise so they start leaking information later that look suspicious but not necessarily criminal to the media to get a special council to make sure that it there corrupt investigation gets washed down the drain to important you follow this path if the people they were using to get the information fusion gps glenn simpson christopher steal the information was so bad day joe clouds
you don't you see cloud sort of rain what if someone said to him hey glenn overfishing gps listen your stuff you produces dossier it its guard this is a scrap okay this is our budgets not gonna work but i'll tell you there's a source over it finsen that has some suspicious activity reports and we have some tax records and some travel records on a michael cohen hearing at this for me body but you may want to slide is sincere and you know dossier or uses to purchase your claims in the dossier and and tell you what the fbi guys it'll make it seem credible why wouldn't that be fascinated again ass bashful we haven't we have adopted the did this we can base a little while a bad job that would not be crazy
and it would explain how formation got into the dossier about it i go cohen travelling to prague christopher steed glenn simpson have absolutely no access to tax records or anything else you ask amid databases none but the u s government does what if that information was fed them the put the dossier to feed right back to the fbi now the eu have to go to fence and get tax records are travel records but those abbe on these things make me think what's going on there how every year the creepy porn lawyer get us made somewhat he alleges are some suspicious michael cohen financial documents how'd you do that michael
have you got the easy the abbe out these not a less time i checked yo you not a federal agent radiant but deputize rioted miss some did we all he's a sick man that almost four that's funny almost requires a motley far more power go crazy that was actually job how did you get this stuff no i'm serious how did we get his this guy deputies up a deputize out a federal agent officer the court for was this information coming from people at finsen p buried inside the government the intel community was being fed on flash drives and others to encrypted apps back to hillary clinton's people to put into a dossier to use the dossier to put into a pfizer court warrant to then get a warrant to spy on the donald trump t think about it the stories bad enough already
dorothy now though and i believe this is what their hiding dorothy now the sucks i'm ten it's that the fbi but but think about it joe it's it i'm not saying it's defence it's gonna be an o shock story are while the f b i took this information from hilary seem at it turned out to be fake our bad folks how bad would it be if the information i took it to the fighting port was actually provided by government insiders who founded the hillary clinton outsiders to feed it right back to the arts up by about love it it's funny it's just every day i pick up some new little keep it in this case at like why what going on here this is crazy and the fact that we put together this entire file in the book and i'm already familiar with the backward know all the puzzle pieces finally coming to get the right spiky too soon i'm serious we're gonna write the sequel spiky part do like
the naked got naked guarded part do we make it got thirty three to tear up get out right part do because it's all make sites now transition from the criminal to the sea i case to avoid the criminal court so they wouldn't have to show anybody what they were doing the feeding bogus information to the pfizer courts hoping it would materialise later and the evidence would the evidence didn't so they leak information to the media so the mediaeval gina public support for a special council the special council targets the trump team to keep the attention on him hoping to a peach him to cover up what's a deep state insider conspiracy to potentially leak information out to damage the trump team repeatedly you know why nobody trusts the government give them your right you give them your bag crackers they listening get on your emails they were capping to the meadow data tapping into the phone calls tapping into their there
financial records this is gross this is grotesque this is disgusting less red tape i appreciate your patient i got a couple more stories i want to get too but this is just mine but i want a sum that pre against i want you forget anything i just talk i can show also partly by bodies at blink yes if you want to be a european like me the list the books ragged tons of em you just never get all the books you plenary and the book suggestions for indeed always expanding is simply wrong time to read all the book she'd like three sponsor blinkers has solved your long list of must reads once and for all blink as is the only after takes thousands of best selling nonfiction box and distills them down to their most impact will elements you can read or listen to them and under fifteen minutes in the car they have great book by nelson taliban adam smith and which it grew to great sometimes you have time to get to the whole book so you get the blanks get the insights
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stayed hijacked it's not a conspiracy theory if it actually happen they invented a crime they is a crime going right too deep state operators p i lawyer and baker at the top and bruce the old here collusion go investigated the problem is there is no evidence of collusion part two they had a weapon the intelligence community to fabricate the evidence to make the collusion seem real john bread see a director conveniently meets at quota director level with british and elegance and others they don't have to i buy american constitution protectors eight can tap whoever they want and all of a sudden this information exchange happens on the trump team wow isn't that nice on asking happens we know this for a fact record numbers of on masking requests which are effectively wiretaps we know that was misuse of the usa database emails tax phone traffic we know that because it appears in a fire court investigation it appears
ike roger shuts that down now they have to facts kate intelligence once there is oh unethical wiretaps and other methods are happy to get back into the fire court to get to the five court they have to fabricate information they fabricate information they go right to the halo redeem the hell it gives them all they want but the hilary team keeps getting information wrong they keep information on michael call and others and it's the wrong michael cohen which should ask the begs the question right now where the hell was the hilary team get me information for this guy had been said worked reproves sure what's the relationship there where they pipe information or to go back to the to go back to steal infusion gps to go right back to or in the fbi all happening while the lead investigator trump case is late
into the media and texting is girlfriend about a quote media leak strategy and celebrating their leaks to the media about carter page to create public pressure to get a bomb mahler special council so they can make all this stuff go away in the end what a scam arap can do this this shows been a barrage of information is gonna have to resign reason it's been here to follow and understand then almost the other show that we have done for awhile it was sequential you did it only in an end tat actually it was pretty simple but i'm not really enjoy step was the well thank you but a break i understand why did it because i don't rehash all that from armenia to everyone think we talked about this stuff at all the it gives last night breakin if this arrest of the fence and employ and an critically the such as right so we had a fence and a boy leaking sars more about that
people associated with this investigation that nasty enough but the really killer part show in this whole thing is the alleged co conspirator who they're saying is an apple ever manager oh may have worked reproofs heart that the urgent you like hell ones regarding your eyesight i've read this less atomic i cannot wait till i would have recorded the show last night i couldn't to get on the air about this is incredible like every single time you turn your hide there's a new angle on this thing but thank you i appreciate it should it yet this one is pretty easy to find some other connections you know the kathy similar case the fixer for obama's why do some of those shows little more timid this one's easy to follow events cry weapon eyes in the entire to fabricate the evidence when it doesn't work out weapon is the media to gather evidence for a special council taking all go away and you government leaks to do it's as simple as that impression when you're not yet rider and ultimately you be able to sit
let's see what else oh this is an important story might like to give you a little bit of a heads up on democratic democrat liberal narratives before they happen now had tipple three journal i did not pick this when i myself come from a source sometimes i am i right some conservative activist circles and l del feed me stuff they'll say listen here's were here and you know whenever on this straight out of wall journal but you haven't heard much about it s kind of buried inside the story folks this can it be the new liberal narrative go and forward on tax hikes in the economy right after the mid term they're not going to say it now because it beyond the record for tax hikes but after mid terms you heard here first uses gonna happen so the democratic fully taken over by the socialist swinging their party obviously the scots the donald trump tactics they hate them because the democrats need to control your money murmured don't mistake format democrats want more of it they understand fully that the tax cuts will i grew up the economy and that they'll probably take i saw your money could be making was really then
really there not don't they don't care about them here by controlling the money even if it's less of it don't please don't ever that mistake the democrats care about controlling the economy it is not necessarily the amount they just want to make sure that your these flows through them first because that's what socialists do there and then control people right i bring this up because they look for an excuse after the mid term that's notable f the mid term is to raise taxes simultaneously blaming it on the trunk team in the republicans you will have a hacker they can do that how they can raise taxes which was at the tax cuts was a trump republican policy ah the democratic very clever pay are very clever i always i can't stand their ideology but i always respected tactical manoeuvring here's the new narrative show it's gotta be the debt ceiling that debt seal it will become an up and
the debt ceiling again which is a joke and others is a statutory limited debt the united states government supposed to take audience was superseded its way if all the time it doesn't matter it's become a total joke unfortunately i wish it didn't but the debt ceiling made is gonna happen after the mid term joe so in a very clever bit of democratic kind legerdemain here here's what they're gonna dope they're going to you know what we're up against the death silly and which remember as i said during yesterday's show has nothing to do with the tax cuts come taxes are at record highs record highs despite the tax cuts because the economy's booming the debt and the tax cuts have thing to do at one another at all ok nothing that is a liberal talking point the debt problem is a spending problem even corporate cyber we spell a hundred billion short even if that we were made up we would still be six hundred and seventy nine billion dollars in debt this year alone it is
spending problem it is not a tax problem but the clever democrats they want to blame it on the tax cuts are what they're going to do after the election is say listen we're up against this debt see when we get there all of a sudden i care about data we can't take on any more debt so the incumbent the us should be that of the right thing to do it is incumbent upon us right now to take responsible democrats fiscally response is a joke we're gonna be fiscally responsible and we are pushed to get rid of these tax cuts manifesto gonna push re tax hike they already are i stress and even higher taxes even more because what we want to do is we can allow the debt ceiling to be surpassed we can allow we ve got to shut down the stats about this is genius folks they taken arguing about tax cuts that has nothing to do with it i just told you yesterday look at the show notes from yesterday's showing the day before the sea and news article in the article upon gino dot com about this the income tax even after being cut
income tax revenue our record highs this is not a tax problem it is not even if you make up two hundred billion they lost in corporate taxes which is nothing worse phil six hundred and seventy nine billion and that it is a spending problem so in that this is what they do love government spending because they love control they don't want to make it is spending problem so they are taking their debt limit argument that ceiling argument and turning it into a tax debate which is gonna refill yes and re frame this is what the democrats are good at their back to their devious strategically they are good at refraining they are going to rephrase the tax argument which please tell me your clear on this is not a dead argument that tax argue is a growth are it has nothing to do with the debt they are going to reef in the tax argument as a debt argument they met on the trump team and say hey listen the debt
you republicans are all into the national debt rap against the debts you you're gonna have to raise taxes if they take back congress please please if you haven't voted yet please vote please please please vote take ten friends with you folks email ten friends call ten friends social media opposed ten ten ten this is critical if they take back the house of representatives i can guarantee you one of their first agenda items is going to be the debt seal is coming up sorry folks we got to raise taxes pay after that it will not pay off the debt it has nothing to do with it we just cut access and raised record income tax revenue but another slick devious struck the democratic ploy to frame a tax tiger argument which is a liberal socialist argument they can derivative way looking to pay now that they are completely separate entities i saw it in the wall street journal today be here and on the show here be ready for it guys and ladys out their activists don't wait
the leaders you're the leaders be prepared and off this argument immediately you are made to them is really if the tax cuts and do it how can we raise record income tax revenue and by the way due to the one time expense i acknowledge we felt little short in the corporate side but even with that hundred billion dollars actual we'd still be six hundred seventy nine billion dollars short with last year's budget how exactly this that skype plough what what are we gonna do but the extra six hundred seventy nine billion you suggesting cutting spending no no i'm not suggesting that ok so you're a hypocrite you really care about the dead you only care but i can taxes frauds frauds get ready get ready its common folks thanks again for tuna today i really appreciate all the help yesterday with the serbs options on itunes i told you we had a mass of drop off in iowa space downloads everything else is growing exponentially downloads and our bungee no sight so please if you don't mind it's free subscribe
if you been unsubscribe that i tunes please recent ascribed to the show it is completely free if you wouldn't mind subscribe sound cloud please subscribe i heart obama spotify you can always listened at a website but the subscriptions really help us alive is completely free i thank you all came through in the clutch huge yesterday and play if you're not getting our emails if you are getting our emails please go to punch you know tat calm and subscribe to the email is there some of you may been unsubscribe that we did a transition i'm sorry if you're not getting please recent trap we got five hon dread emails yesterday this begins his man you guys are you guys a great you got europe credible thank you and thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for making the new york times put my book number eleven here do you heart bets let's that must have killed the tucker karlsson was number to judge mean was fifteen
pillow riley was number why that bus that slated wayward another eleven a thank you break it up my book you all the best the trench down at least so i thank you i really appreciate i'll see you oughta you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of their own line in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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