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Ep. 837 Troubling New Information Surfaces

2018-10-26 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the media’s theories about the suspicious packages delivered to Democrat officials and why their calls for “civility” are disingenuous. I also cover the troubling details of the interview with George Papadopoulos on Fox this morning.    News Picks: An arrest is made in the suspicious packages case.   Michael Avenatti is having a really bad month.    Lee Smith’s new piece addresses the trouble with the Mueller probe.   Who are the activists behind the immigrant caravan?   Socialists are confused as to why people are leaving high-tax states.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i love the damaging our shepherdess jar you today well thank goodness its pride it's friday morning foxen friends this morning for me they asked him on a comment on the outstanding excellent interview brien kill me it would george pop adopt less so we're gonna have some some awesome some of that that pop up with interview in and some of my commentary afterwards but there were just boy joe her this by the information release this morning was just incredible incredible absolute we just stellar stuff so we'll get to that also some updates on new packages that we're just found address there aren't leader corey booker these nuisance this package is to become of analysis as well are today show brought you by bodies at battle box
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acta is arrested in florida southern florida plantation florida and it appears that this suspect has some history according to reporting i'm watching now of making these threats in the past which if you watch there would listen to you choose me if you listen to yesterday's show i covered the only two possible scenarios you're being this person was in mature or this person was a professional and had done this before not professional in the money since getting paid to do but had some experience doing this on the pie then these devices were meant to inspire fear but not in fact love it's looking now basin the reporting and focus is breaking as joe and i are on the right now appears now that this is someone agenda but in the reports were seeing breaking news that it away had some up sadly some experience in doing this type of thing in the past which again leads me to believe that that
that theory i put out there yesterday it was given to me by multiple people in the space by the way who are intimately from what how these operations work that that in fact number two i'm sorry i'm just on watching this as the show breaks today that that number two theory is right that this person may have had some kind of experience in this and that these devices were intentionally amateurish and that those intentionally amateurish devices were designed of course to in fire inspires but fear and terror but where how to sign up to go off based on the faulty design of initiators on the use of certain compounds the way the devices were constructed and the almost hey look at me design of these suspicious packages with the the big besides print the excessive hostage the packaging i addressed this all in the show yesterday of course
more information is the day goes on but i want you to listen to yesterday show if you can if you miss them because it's important here there were only two scenarios are just give you a quick summary there were only two possible scenarios scenario number one was that it was a complete total amateur with no experience at all in doing this who had come lately screwed up and left a ton of evidence behind era components of that the evidence portion of at least that seemed appear to be true the way they tracked him down but secondly that sky had some experience doing this and had intentionally set these devices not to go off why i dont know hopefully now that they ve got a subject in custody they'll get some idea as to motive by one thing on this works in its important before we get to some other news of the day on because should begin lot of this on the television news as it breaks it appears that
he had been under surveillance for that this subject may have been under surveillance for a little while thou i bet relatively speaking in other words they i have had an idea and a name on this subject as far back as yesterday and that may be why the press conferences given by the am pity if you watch them we're so cryptic we i'd say was a lot we can say this we can say that it explains hundred percent why maybe i am i pity and the fbi we're so intensely cryptic they may have been watching this person meaning meaning that they want to tipp him off to the fact that he was being prevailed at the time it makes all the sense in the world now and it also makes sense when i said the other day cable news appears there was so much forensic evidence left behind in the form of dna like in the former fiber in the form of fingerprints remember ladies and gentlemen the way they take fingerprints off burglary seen off of adore door handle or a window is using tape skin oils or left behind
skin oil they drop some powder they lift it using the tape the fact that all this tape was used in some of these systems this packages and devices indicates the there have been some dna there how to have been a print there had i've been some kind of fibre left behind that would lead this person it appears that that forensic analysis happen quickly so again i built couple take away from this suspected custody thirdly there is a history of doing this in the past with corresponds to some things i brought up on my show yesterday thirty if he's been under surveillance probably since yesterday that's why the press conferences were so cryptic fourth we still don't know emotive hopefully an interview will we'll be illuminating with that respect and we'll find out why this person did this and cause all this i did this this major major disaster these are the stretcher tariff system but folks i got a lot more get to today will be more than we more on this in the news today goes on i'm just again for
may for the years scattered portion of the show in the beginning but were watching this break as the show is going on here we want to make sure we get you the latest information or an ape she and i are moving on now the for dependent on trump is one of the more disgusting episodes i've ever seen in my lifetime its gross and you know it brings me to another point and i i've been eager to discuss this tire weak and we ve been so busy with the new cycle but it's important want to take this out to birds i view spectre for a moment because a lot of people in the news talking heads some on both sides of the island i don't do that did you noted two did the distribute blame you i just i'm hearing it from people who were you know republicans wanna be peacemakers and liberals yoo hoo
they want to be peacemakers but they were on the urgent you joe saying while you know i think owen forward we should seek some kind of middle ground avoid avoid this toxic political environment you know we shall we we should all come together in a combined moment folks listen ok great who doesn't support that it would be wrong we great if republicans democrats although ideologically different and willing and able to advocate for their cause joe it would be great if we insisted on not engaging in personal attacks on the other side that would be one lloyd stipulated dope problem ladies and gentlemen and i is what i want to get it you now reason this is not possible in the current polluted you are aware in is not be us and i'm really getting bothered on tv by a lot of these people who keep saying well it's to fall to post it is not the fault of both sides it is not
ladies and gentlemen this is the fault of the left they react by the right is simply every action too far left tactics now there are two things the blame for this because i like to some these things up and indigestible nugget so you take something away from the show their arch reasons the left is the blame for this not us and when i say this i mean this toxic political environment that everybody saint i wish we could make this go away this is getting out of control it's out of control not because of us we are simply bending ourselves against this onslaught on the left and the two things they ve been throwing at us which have changed dramatically in the lead street for decades with left this politics and the left this media joe our identity politics and joe this may sound familiar and the idea it is needed afterwards more familiar than i'd like to do it is needed afterwards
familiar than i'd like to just than ten you'd like to admit we have discussed this before now i'm gonna break therefore this is why there is no middle ground i'm ass liberals who listen to the show and i know you're out there in the media figures as well would be more than happy as it as a passionate conservative to disagree with liberals on taxes health care the economy and social issues but to agree that you were in fact are not bad people and that you your your pay three it's too and we do have a different way for fine i'd be happy to do that i'll make a deal with you i will do that the minute you for but identity politics and stop calling me a massage in is the xenophobia is the phobic mobile phone el gb t cure for islamophobia what else observe there
a race we forgot to big racist firm environment our case the bright verbal fob cabinets case a rapist when you agree to put the identity politics garbage aside because you know it's not true you apps we know the overwhelming majority like eighty nine point nine percent of people you label with these these these horrendous slurs racists in a phobia hate women also you know that's not true yet you one the left insist on doing it you will not this joe no this is true feel it now again bringing this up in context of this this this saw this capricious device incidents that have been going on because i it's incredible that some people left you we need to tone down the rhetoric you're the ones doing it with i'll call you guys racists if we do
it's only because you hope you'll as pillage also you started the fire we we didn't start there's you started this this is a thing weeping even bigger god given rights for everyone liberals conservatives communists everybody you are free express your views in the united states we believe that those rights are granted you by god and protected by the state you believe granted by the state that there is no god there's a difference we respect your ability to speak out we will fight against it we know what's wrong you are wrong we will be vocal about it we're not the ones you do the identity politics scheme so again
why is there no middle ground and combine moment like that like the idea you know that the party of the fifteen the democrats and republicans in the fifties and i must say it all let's go back to thou see on days kind of thing of course they were political severe political disagreements back then you but the era of identity politics joe hadn't hit yet and that's why you saw back in those days split ticket voting and endemic crash you generally loved the country and a lot of damage still do but the radical far left does not it's the intrusion of the radical far left into democratic party that has introduced tactic number one that has wiped out any middle ground whatsoever joe what am i guess what i'm getting at please tell me this makes sense in the audience and bus or is it is impossible to meet in the middle over a campfire kumbaya moment knowing a guy on the other side of the camp fires calling you a racist than a massage monistic photophobia kissed the phobic far before it's impossible it in however possible to meet him
but the camp fire saying what do you think the approach a tax rate is to benefit society philanthropic lee from what what do you think there what do you think the best tax rate is that it should say philanthropic isn't really philanthropy encourage its courage by the that you know that the use of force by the government but what do you think the best tax rate is to raise money for your government priorities and to encourage economic rob that's it actual conversation folks there's data this max there's evidence this historical tax tables we can have a conversation about that i can i have a conversation when i said you know liberal joe beggar donors what do you think appropriate tax rate is to maximize you know governments role in society beneficially first of all that racist that's right there you just raised that's too glad you with the rapid me their cause that's exactly how that conversation would go i didn't even get to this because in the second part and i need it it's not me
that's exactly how this conversation is gone for thirty years that's race you take money out of the government hands they give to minority voting no women sperm your racist anyway women what's that what's the middle ground i just hearing this so often on tv i feel the need that even took an oath i rarely do this when i'm done with this for the day trust me i'm done the reason is i need my met us ahead of you folks i don't pick up i mean i do show private i never walk back in my office a start taking notes for the next day i only did that about episode six twenty eight the famous episode six twenty where i spent entire sunday line and the whole thing out but i walked back and my studio yesterday my notebooks here and i put this note i buy partisanship is impossible identity power dixon punishment this notice it right here in front of me i was actually in the shower thinking about it to be crude but you you know do you unique window into my life so i got back for juvenile might that's why and a region
i was i had fox on serious ex emma my iphone which i put on alleged my shower it doesn't get wet obviously and i hear all these right leaning guys a left leaning guys who i dont think are living in the real world well i think after this moment with the suspicious package's it's time to come together a grade i agree but how do you do that when the left is willing forfeit identity politics and disingenuous fake charges racism massage any homophobia when you're willing to put that aside let's go to the camp fire chat until then there's thing to talk about my own the labs because the only way to fight back at that and by the way for those who can confusion about on the lips it means the exercising of raw political power in other words winning elections the solutions to keep these people from power that's it because they hate you
until they stop hating you there is no middle ground secondly them so show by the way a hundred pounds there will be no camp fire moment until they scrap the identity politics no matter it happens folks this is deeply this curbing i've been on for two days this package incident is excuse for this behaviour none but liberals calling for us for civility why you're calling for us to be aggressively confronted in public you're calling us races we women in you want us to come to the camp fire do what would you think we're suckers but there's another part to this and this is the reason that republic and see every election and almost every liberals as well by the wake supreme court confirmations almost everything in managing in terms of some of you have email me and said i wish
stop using piecework matter key in these kind of like everything's like an end of times event simplest way for me to explain its a great work if you want to check it out i love it when i was a young kid i use did take these verbal advantage classes i've really enjoy because i would admire how people with an expansive vocabulary were so eloquent so when i was even a teenager i was always committed to to be here put it but monarchy is a great where we see everything is kind of end of that in other words every battle is is is is so pressing and so important that it deserves all of our efforts general all our passion but the reason we see it that way and i dont police that was necessarily the case back in and in the fifties and in the forties not again not that the house not to cry back two thousand on days and act like all in the old everybody on the olden days everybody we sent one of an hour no they were brutal political fight back them as well but the reason people are so passionate right now about stick
it's a thereby no matter what and folks i bring this up because it explains the trump phenomenon liberals are concerned there's the back conservatives especially social conservatives support a trump they are i read the articles follow these liberals on the list serbs till i don't get it you guys and ladys claimed to be deeply religious but you support a guy who's got a flawed character ladies and gentlemen you are liberals are totally misreading this now we explain this to the liberals why this is it is pursued firstly because we view every single fighting in the time terms but in it is because you insist on punishing us now this they got a little confusion but its critical you understand this there's no middle ground here liberals confused why we support trumpets as as as a spiritual religious conservative folks because we ve there stood in the past that nominating people we thought were air quotes
high character and i say that because i can vouch for their characters i don't know anymore nominating them the run for president another positions that a lot of people want in their claiming joe they would fight for life in the womb actual life influence in the womb they would fight for economic liberty they would fight today on plant paranoid they would fight for if government and big ball of liberty and an hour firearm rights and you know what they did they got in not all of them there are some good people the mike leaves the gym jordan's or the world i mean these are these are plus folks but there a large number of them who one up there claiming claiming to to to bear the shield of conservative in defence of real people live show actual lives by you the abortion example not disturb your blood up but because it is a question of life or no life it's very simple and what did they do they bail on us the first moment i could give
a hundred names of republicans you ran a staunch supporters of the pro life moment to get religious conservatives and who are problem we decent people and their individual lives job but who got up there and scrutiny over what the left is confused about as this is the first guy who has is scars folks i'm not apologizing for donald trump scars i don't think he does himself he's not been quiet about it i mean it as a slight i mean it in that the guy is is histories an open book he's not bring quiet about it we're all sinners vote the point here is that religious conservatives want to actually save lives and save liberty and this is the first we ve seen in a long time who granted may not be ideologically more deeply to the conservative movement like a ronald reagan was or or a milton friedman when it came to economics ok i get it to piling may not go you know forty feet deep into the
each frontier conservatism the point is this guy fights its he fights with a passion where that passion comes from folks i don't know i don't know donald trump personally the way some media outlets think i do i don't oh joe i'm regulating when i tell you i think it's his desire to win now i say well that sounds corrupt gush what he does and believe in life and the woman and therefore he just wants to win to listen to me do you want to save wives or not this matters to me this matters to me in its large in the womb matter to me these are human beings again i'm using this example but i can use any other one economic liberty matters to me getting government red tape out of my house in my business matter to me
allowing my kid to go to a better school because i choose it matters to me you why when your kid the same matters to me keeping the government out of bankruptcy business bankrupting religious conservatives you don't want to pay cakes matters to me and this guy fights any fight any fight i dont know i i don't know why but he does and it's this is what liberals have come entirely misconstrued about the conservative moment cash guy one and a howard stern show it talked about dating playboy playmates i want to save lives and this is the first guy doing it waste these trying we i've been solved out for decades joe by people claim look at me i go to church on sunday and volunteers soda why great so do i what have you done to advance the cause of life and economic liberty nothing eyesight
onto a democrat that tax i plan and i have abandoned the pro life what we're supposed to clap because you're such a nice guy and you go to church i go to church to joe things it charge jonas getting brownie points how come arm of costs is not elected president chose a good guy dog syria's cyclists jos got battle scar stupid i know what yoda i know know tat i can name for you a ton of people who volunteer their time how come they are not elected president because they can't fight this guy can he doesn't need anybody's money he doesn't need their attention he just wants to win why here it's the win at this point ladies and gentlemen is irrelevant matter there you go so long as him winning doesn't straw your personal life and take away from your civil liberties like me winning by stealing your stuff the fact that here what's the win if it listen to me please take this to the bank cash this check folks if this guy the win
because he is the vainest most arrogant creature on a plan which i not saying he is i've just using a hyperbolic example to explain how little this means why you care people who were really nice people got into office and enacted medicare party and almost bankrupt do you have economy why do you care now i did not get off on a tangent there that ties right back to this there is no by partisan moment right now there is by bipartisan moment because not only is the left engaged in identity politics with vicious character assassination of anybody they oppose calling them races but secondly they insist on not only winning on issues but punishing us have some examples here
ladies and gentlemen it wasn't good enough for the left to win accord victory and gay marriage that wasn't good enough for them they on this cord victory and then what did they immediately do joe they walked into florists and bakers and tried to bankrupt them for not wanting to take part listen this was a strategic misstep of colossal proportions by the left folks it wasn't good enough to win it had to punish vat why we view everything and end of times terms because when we lose to the left joe it's not that we lose a few box in the tax bill it's that they want to come after you they act fifthly seek you out to punish you you may say all what's i wasn't bankrupt that i'm not a flourish there a baker you some other examples it wasn't good enough them to wait on obamacare they
make sure sure that that people were actually punished by doubling their premiums do you take obama didn't notice do you think dated el community rating and guaranteed issue we're gonna explode premiums do you think they are where this now held always right they knew this they absolutely knew this these were not stupid people there often obamacare we're clear it was to make peace market insurance free market ensure over time so unpalatable that there would be a call for a third party government payer option that would crowd out private free market insurance it's cool where day it wasn't just that they wanted to its jude an option for people in the individual market obamacare they wanted to punish people are worried had a real effect on you instead of saying a let's do something about people who are uninsured what maybe
direct subsidies are gonna not suggesting i support these programmes i've just telling you there's a difference between trying to help some people then directly punishing others they did not say ok let's just go out show and look at a subsidy system for people running short day you're insurance away you may in people had insurance policies cancelled millions people had their premiums doubled in my case they had to punish now do you see that case of social issues and the gay marriage front the health care issue how it's not just that the left out a when they had a punish and why the right has no by partisan moment with them because you can't sit down at the camp fire where people are going to call you a racist and bankrupt you and punish you and then take your health care there is no by partisan moment that's why this impossible we
i upon issue come in office we give you back more of your money we can you control over your healthcare we allow you to pick your kids school none of this punishes you you lose nothing ladies and gentlemen you want to pay higher taxes you can voluntarily pay more you you like mike expensive healthcare go buy expensive health care you love this all your kids are now a public school now what's forcing them out the right running against the public school system largely there's is no punishment for voting conservative you vote liberal you are punished all you need some more examples great up in the wall street journal today about exxon our big oil we gotta go after bring that i shut up doped you know what you're talking about patrol william company that that that hires thousands
thousands of people that puts the oil and i don't know i don't i don't go exxon i have no idea what i really it could care less i'm just saying there's an article in the wall street journal today about how the new york state attorney general is absolutely determined to punish exxon bike by nailing them on some climate change thing and the cases so ridiculous it's like five minutes from being thrown out of court despite the fact that excellence how to pay millions of dollars and legal fees again it's not just that the left ass the wind job they have to punish cavanaugh it was good enough to get cavanaugh out my goodness which they lost they to punish they to make sure that charges against cavanaugh we're so disgusting and filthy rapist train rapist an rapist he's drunk bob
they had to make the charges so disgusting that every single person even contemplating on the conservative front show thinking of adopting a nomination to the supreme court was warned in the future that we're coming for you next it's not good enough to win for them they have to punish how do you sit at the camp fire and not view everything and end of times terms when every fight is end of times terms not because of us because a them we in do this we don't all their people train rapist garland didn't get a hearing sorry we ran the setting more garland was never called the gang rape is ever manufacture public said he was a very nice guy they
didn't want to meet with them and work and that's erodes the vice and consent we ran to set it sorry finally the trump election itself not only is not good enough to win they have to punish even when they lose they have to punish punish they lost an election to trump every single one of them thought they would win it has been non stop punishment since fake allusion narratives impeachment threats threats of cod protection and aggression in tee for people beaten people up in the street charges of nazi ism fascism racism i have recently and at an entire network on cnn derek to non stop character assassination of trumpet his family all day it wasn't good enough to even lose they had upon it
folks bi partisanship isn't possible because the left makes it impossible and the left understood that conservatives back trump because he fights back against this maybe you'd open your eyes and understand why the conservative movement has largely united social conservatives as well behind a guy who is finally said enough is enough remember folks left hates trump not because of his ideas they don't their use to these ideas folks they ve hardly these four ever tax cuts obamacare river repeal none of this stuff is no they hate prompt because tromp refuses to refuse the genuflect before them he refuses to yes they're ring he refuses he
adamantly refuses to kiss their collective caboose that's why they're here they would have had a lesser man back down by now i write stuff there yet it really i wrote that ribbed ran out of the sharia share my dad all these republicans and on tv you already know middle ground near dopey a middle ground stop colonists races and stop punishing us for every single thing maybe wind gracefully sometime in a more considered i can joe also brought you by our bodies it hair hey competence is important and sometimes one change can make all the difference hair club knows it they are fighting you to become part of the hair club family to see how getting the most out of your hair could change your life there stanley emotions you're feeling and they know the questions you have hair club is the leader in total hair solutions with the legacy of success for over forty that four zero years whether you look at
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in your hair and your life and its best only with hair club i'm certain you'll love the club hair club dot com slash bond gino go check him out of it moving on little bit so papa dazzle buddy papa d epinay love george george was on this morning on fox and friends i followed up immediately afterwards which was green opera unity for me to get the story at their and finally everybody in the media is action on foxes bananas for a while but be other people in the media as well are catching up to the fact that george opera de was sat up now let me there was a man their bonds the revelation by papa d this morning you foxen for excellent fox and friends interview with brian kill me shoot me it was about ten minutes long i want to play a quick
thirty two forty second caught and it just let put it in on tax first because this is in the world donald trump issue what are we say in the whole time that this is a push collaboration right george pop up less was set up and is not a russian cut out its garbage the person who i believe weapon a in this set up how it back we had happened is still been open air is a guy named joseph mister joseph mistook the maltese professor who allegedly papa is in fact currying in information emil's from the russians have any emails on him he's the one just the information in the gulf people who set up papadopoulos is to pull the information out later the alexander downer and others to make it look like papadopoulos is in fact currying in information emails from the russians that whole requires for that story to be true miss said to be a russian asset i'm sorry if you ve heard this a thousand times but this clip doesn't make sense if you dont deeply understand that the left
entire rushing collusion narrative hinges on the fact that the maltese professor who tall puppet apple is about the russian emails was in fact russian this is obvious right folks if he wasn't rush any obviously has no connections the russian entail or russian emails on have russian information on every will papa day he had something to say this morning about that which was absolutely stunning queue up their cup we meet in rome and i never quite understood exactly why i was meeting this person at this university in rome through my old company which i now found out is some sort of western intelligence front group listen elbows laughing because i dont want to cry regulations now i have a fear of getting blood taken a laugh they had taken over time a medical vague right answer
how do i do i laugh when i get blood taken instead a crying because up six one two hundred thirty pounds in forty three soon to be forty four euro man i've laughing now in lieu of crying because this this is the only the biggest scandal of our time and george goes on fox inferences sporting and add just dropped this this enormous and not get it information so let me get this straight according to pop the apple he meets with miss should actually was talking about and he finds out he has no idea why this reading is set up but he find later the company he's working for that set it up has submitted ties to western intelligence folks if you were writing a book like i did on this and you fabricating a story you couldn't write this story any better for a spy novel what is there what he just said he did not seek out myths should he said
claims he has no idea why this meeting was set up yet the company that's up the meeting that he was working for had significant pies to western intelligence western meaning friendly's mean jobs for those at home or even a tough time following meaning matter russian here maybe somebody with friendly ties a company with friendly ties to western intelligent friendly intelligence assets for some reason why did george papadopoulos to meet with a guy who later claimed to have russian emails play the rest no at the time so the entire meeting with joseph said from beginning to end seems completely orchestrated and the most important fact is just a
couple days ago this man's lawyer one public and stated listen everyone this narrative about my clients joseph myths that is completely wrong he's not a russian agent targeting papadopoulos he was actually working at the behest of the fbi when he was talking with papa doubtless one he was interacting with puppet apple is oh and we need a mole jeez right now we need a mole jeez to pop up on the screen we need the surprise guy emerge with solar let me just be let me be clear what papadopoulos you said so but that will assess number one meeting set up by a company he work forward significant ties not to the russians but the people working with us friendly's so they set up a meeting with a guy who then tells power that was about russian emails despite the fact that he's connected clearly to this company
because i set it up that's connected to western entail he then goes on to say that the guy's lawyer amazingly incredibly two guys lawyer is now alleging that he was working with the fbi now this is a stunning stunning piece of information folks if you have any doubt any longer that this is a set up any doubt i encourage you wanta please read my book i can borrow it from some one if you have them i don't care i wish i could give away thousands of free copies the information unfortunate cakes we have to pay to print them that i have a researcher and a co author and everything is unfortunately a business i behind this i wish they weren't the guy was set up folks it is clear every is day the person he met with at a minimum was not can deeply connected intelligence efficient united kingdom not russia
ladies and gentlemen do you get off the show today do me a favor go in google miss said emma s you d maltese prevent particularly this put in miss and put in the name clare smith claire smith was the united kingdom deeply connected intelligence official united kingdom not russia not union of soviet socialist republics she was the united kingdom intelligence official shows up at a training seminar with miss to train account intelligence officials some have said is training seminars with a uk intelligence official a friendly train other friendly show other friendly the italians and yet we're claiming that suit is a russian agent the liberals that delivered this information pop adopt this ladies and gentlemen joe a u s gonna basic question right now which it should be so let me get this straight
the united kingdom a high ranking intelligence official show about a training seminars to change a train or other friendly's the italians are we're friends or intelligent five eyes but their friends of ours five eyes in the very deep connected but they are intelligence partners of ours in many respects shows up to train them with a guy who's a russian agent nobody's worried about this trip you're telling me a russian age and joseph withstood with a straight face showed up at a training seminars with a who carry intelligence to change to train other friendly's in italy and open worried about this at all remember the fbi i interviewed myths shouldn't february and let him go why they let him go joe if he's a russian age of why they let him go even worse why did the state arm and in a conference myths it was speaking at in february right before he was interviewed by the fbi and there are only two possible explanations your number one explanation number one
joseph miss is like evelyn salt angelina jolie from the salt movies and is so good at covering is russian tracks that he was able to in bed himself in a friendly intelligent seminar with uk and italian officials to train them while simultaneously acting as a russian cut up proudly brilliant not only that when interviewed subsequently by the fbi when leaving a conference with the u s state department where he also manage to cover is russian ties he was let go and f b i found absolutely nothing so explanation number one here the greatest russian spy ever on par evelyn sought i think in the soap box i think a guy i think they changed into a woman and movie about trade and read the book but if this travel and salt said missus evelyn salt
if you believe this i strongly suggest you seek a professionally trained mental health individual to fix you because this would be the dumbest story in human history he's a russian agent who if traits the uk italy the united states and the state department and everybody let them go yeah that's it only believable if you're really really dumb let me suggest the u story number two which is again outcomes razor rightly given all possible explanations accept the one that's the most parsimonious someone said we too are you said that parsimony means cheap now wait beads frugal and explanations that's why it's absolutely correctly trust me give the explanation that requires the least amount of assumptions by assuming number one joe you have to assume the fbi let him go the state carbon let him go the uk let him go any italians use them to train their intelligence officials
while simultaneously assuming you is a russian spy that's a lie stupid right there if you believe that boy that requires a real whole lot of assumptions air folks lack or explanation umber to joseph that's as has been said was not a russian agent and was in fact a western agent that had the ties to western intelligence and that's why he was working with the united kingdom officials and italian officials and u s officials in the state department at this conference he went to or at the longside them in this conference stuff that's why he was interviewed by the fbi and let go i razor otherwise known as keep it simple papadopoulos was set up this is clear as day and you
these conspiracy theories loans out there like this ep abrams and guy but he well this russian guy you know tim of evil one why isn't me arrested if this conspiracy loon abrams him is right why is papa please why was he a rested for lying about his contacts with mr which by the way how wrong they were granted are perfect we explainable again outcomes razor papa apple clearly when asked about his contacts with myths it by the because this is what he was arrested for peace he slipped something out so we obviously realise these contacts were probably wrong so the fbi ask some aid as you did he contact you before or after you joined the trump campaign papadopoulos as before now my wife tell me about this the other day and she wishes to the show so you may be confused as to what happened it's not what happened papadopoulos did not tell the truth about that name
that indicates guilt no it's perfectly explainable folks pop up this doesn't know whom if suit is he was set up the fbi i interception modalities airport he now says oh my gosh who was this guy messina no papadopoulos he has no idea but he knows probably should momentum after the trump pain started why because papa this doesn't want to implicate the truck team is something he has no idea what it is this may not make sense to you so he senses something's wrong maybe so it although he doesn't know what it is they salem hated this guy content you before i left you join the trinity papadopoulos says before understandably deflect tax attention away from miss should contact because he joined the aims and make sense jaws yet but because because it contains papadopoulos not tell the truth that's out there is already pledged tonight's right but it's
prickly explainable when you understand a apples had no idea miss it is mister cutter an international serial killer joy he has no idea only nosey met this guy trying to tell about some some russian email thing that he didn't bite on we know we didn't bite cause they have transcripts of pop up with that are ex cop a tory indicating his innocence so the fbi what about this mr got he made you before refuge ciampi or not he reached out before it's got nothing to do with trump its prickly explainable enemy b i like to play to put a chef avram senate is conspiracy theory nazi right why is pop that was only been charged with a simple false statement if this
i was involved in the biggest russian collusion scheme conspiracy to overthrow the results of an election in the last hundred years in the united states why is papa dapple it's not been charged the answer is because it's made up the guy was set up you have to pay a nut begged to believe otherwise i got more don't go anywhere i got we shall we may go just a few minutes at our brother but this important ituri we brought you by our bodies it robin hood there's a great i was happy to download this solvency investing app to let you buy and sell stocks eighty options encrypt those all commission free its super easy to you will not regret download this as they strive to me financial services work for everyone not just the wealthy it's a nice intimidating way for stock market newcomers to invest for the first time a true confidence it simple and intuitive clear designed with data presented in easy to digest wait trust me download the app you can
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spawn gino that robin hood dot com go check it out super easy to use ok so rapid that up on papadopoulos we pay the interviewing the beginning it is now a crystal clear according to papadopoulos himself that these this the people but set up this meeting with miss should wear ties to western intel it's also becoming clear and i use that cabin for a reason becoming clear mr schulz ties were to western intel this formation a lot of it is already out there and easily search bar on the internet i told you just look up his ties declare smith the uk meaning that's the guy who starts this whole thing who is alleged to be russian was not russian not oh it was alleged to have russian ties his rough
in ties were far subordinated to his ties to western intelligence and no one in the media seems even remotely curious outside of people like kill me to integrate into view great interview this morning on miss it now to the cover up we smith has a tremendous tremendous peace and real clear politics today or real clear investigation whenever the link is it my show now tat punch you know that complete he's please subscribe to my email is our fire these articles write to you i also article today a punch you know that calm about cp out the creepy porn i shall crazy dropping i drop in charges on the creepy poor lawyer fora for misleading people the false statements so that creepy poor lorries haven't really bad might but getting back at least as important article something we will talk about in my books by gay and lee on today in a well done peace is pretty shortly use you write some really long ones this is a good one people
finally catching on joe to what the mahler operation really oh finally them or what have we been saved from the start but emma preparations what it said clean up aisle four up job up on our four that the model operation was designed exclusively not defined evidence of collusion there is none but it's designed to keep the attention on donald trump and away from the oj and fbi malfeasance like their potential connections to myths should and others who set up george papadopoulos now he's peace lays out some really really clear evidence that even lawmakers up on the hail are starting to understand this now that the mahler thing is a smoke job here's a quote from these peace this is the new line of attack here that they're taking with the similar problems with regard to the classification of the fire everybody's asking why why why haven't they declassified yet i told you it's because once they declare to find the games up everybody
there stands at once trump declassified and pulls out the reactions from the fire commences burkina gonna become crystal clear papa apples and others were set up and this was the scam from day one quote from the peace they're moving now towards this declare suffocation would interfere air with mothers investigation approach in other words ladies and gentlemen mothers investigation was set up from the start to create secondary line of attack when this case falls apart the first line of attack i was gonna be impeachment that is not working out the second line of it is going to be an obstruction charge against donald trump if de classifies remember this is new if you read liese opening paragraph the d o j f b i fought declared vacation these documents they ve what was their initial reason joe their initial reason for sale
we can't take pulled over the actions we can't show the public the documents we used to go after donald trump their initial reason was national security national security sources and masses methods that is entirely fallen apart everybody whose read this knows that the twenty pages they want declassified are not gonna burn national security and are not going to burn sources everybody knows that the d j and the bureau management starting to see that stories losing its theme so how they're moving to no no no this is the first time they ve done this joe this is important there and that international security line ago nano off he d show it would interfere air with mothers investigation ah oh oh oh setting them up for an obstruction charge or you is that a little hint the rose
find the o'jays drop and donald trump this was a switch folks this is new this is a new tactic and it confirms every i've been telling you for the last six months did that the eight months on the shelf the model a probe is a scam it is scam to stop you from seeing the truth they are gone to use the mahler probe to drop in ruction charge on president trumps hen diminute this obviously classified switch from their don't do it for national security to an even bigger threat now not all it may interfere with the smaller projects wink and not if you do this you may be looking at obstruction i'm sure someone is quietly drop this into the trumpet now i have a piece from this this is from least miss peace
in the one hundred and seventy eight page court document where d o j officials are claiming a few rejected who interfere with the trumpet eighteen it said that they had the given that this closure of rejected information in the car to page pfizer documents but reasonably be expected to interfere with the pending investigation into russian election interference how convenient you ve already set up an obstruction charge just now less many little ah little curveball they were expecting a high heat and throw the curb this is how devious these people into dear jane fbi are here this is great that gets good here joe that rationale has heightened suspicions among congressional investigators that this special care
so is being used to prevent the disclosure of possible pfizer abuses in crimes committed during the russian probe armor costs than i have only been saying this for the last six months danced a whole purpose now gone so grateful that a lot of these guys up on a hill our finally start nevada like somebody here that's the whole point priscilla mahler problem we will charge you with obstruction if you tell the public what happened to you and that's it that's bad you know what i just summon up the best way possible dear donald trump their dare to tell them what we did to you by buying on you and your team and papadopoulos and said you guys up and we will charge you would obstruction it gets better opened by the fbi in july twenty sixteen the rush investigation was taken over by mahler when deputy it any general rod roses stein appointed a special council in twenty seventeen senior officials told the fbi that
president deirdre standoff tromp listening folks listen listen close up knows have said this repeatedly trump knows what's in those documents and he knows it clears him of all the collusion stuff seti senior source and it shows the f b i was doing some bad things but what's now keeping trop from pulling the curtain back on the russian investigation is the probe himself that's the leverage the old has on trap thing on russia or collusion or anything like that it's the actual investigation if he seemed to be interfering they move to obstructions that is why i told you to be patient with this tromp has political capital right now he has political capital and high approval ratings this is not a criminal investigation i just read that code there is no collusion they will never the evidence of collusion it is the fetch of investigations fetch will never happen and neither will collusion this
say political investigation only trump now has political capital his move a ratings are high and there's a decent chance we retain the house and gain seats in the senate he has no need right now whatsoever to declassify or unredeemed this up why because nothing there that damages him it only damages the bureau and the oj there is no collusion trumpet in this thing out he's waiting to see what happens in the mid terms because he doesn't need to right now is political bank account is high if he loses you can expect a folder classification and sunlight all over this disastrous operation to take the trump team down this disgraceful episode in american history i folks thanks again for tuna and thanks to everybody you picked up my boy spy gave were still in the top top three four hundred bucks on amazon which means a lot of great sales are appreciate it and i please check out the newly redesign bond gino dot com my wife
fan blair and linda worked really hard on it so i go check it out we great articles up there thanks again i will see you on monday spent a crazy we see on good day just ten bond genomes get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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