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Ep. 839 Don’t Fall into the Trap Being Set for You

2018-10-30 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address President Trump’s new plan to end a controversial component of our immigration policy. I also address the growing problem of social media and internet censorship and a new plot being hatched by liberals to attack free speech. Finally, I address the embarrassing lies being told about Obamacare in an effort to get liberals elected.    News Picks: Sarah Huckabee Sanders unloads on the hapless Jim Acosta.   Shots were fired at this GOP office in Florida.    Is President Trump planning to end birthright citizenship?   The radical Left is doubling down on speech suppression and de-platforming.   This prominent Democrat believes a social media company should be charged as accomplices to murder.     This Christian news site is under attack by the radical Left.    Another liberal fraud exposed in the school choice debate.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Ready to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks. With your host Dan Bonn Jean, I wanted the damp GINO Shell priest show. How are you today always happy to be here on a Tuesday? Yes, and it is yes, you know this is an unusually stack Newsday in a week stack Newsday so out. Let me get right to it. Some waste any time your brought you our bodies at my patriot, supply, prepare Ernest matters, you ensure everything in your life that matters your teeth, your health, your house, your car, why you wouldn't ensure your food supply is bizarre when an emergency strikes what's your first impulse, if your answer is run to the grocery store, your likely fine, Kay and plenty of empty shells which is true. I've seen that in Florida how'd you avoid this. It's simple used today to make a plant four things, it may happen: a hurricane Earthquake Blizzard even social unrest, the practical place to start is by storing up food in Europe.
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Planning on issuing an executive order to end birthright citizenship. Thankfully is an a really awful policy that creates incentives. That all miss align with with american immigration interest. Now this this is huge news. It just came out this morning. I I believe for the election, because this is an issue that resonate with Americans. Ladies and gentlemen, America is the only country in the world that allows us where, if you, the United States in your child is born here. They are given citizenship as a function of being born in the United States. Now, unlike other Bro outlets that are going to give you a bunch of nonsense and junk. I am going to break this down for you. According to digestible tidbits and the point, you need the information you need to r. why birth I'd. Citizenship is not in fact. In the constitution, like liberals are going to argue to you number one, it all with its
All is rural centres around the fourteenth amendment. Let me read this to you now and you may After you see this and you re you hear this. Excuse me job precision matters after you hear this you're going they will. Then I don't get it. You just read. The fourteenth amendment, and it says the opposite of what you said. I'm telling you birth, it citizenship is not new constitution. Hang with me, here's the fourteenth amendment, folks or persons born or naturalised in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, yes, our citizens of the United States and of this eight wherein they reside. Now you may be confused, I get it Don't worry is Joe past. She said well on confuse you. I promise Again, the fourteenth remember clearly says all persons born or naturalised in the United States, but read second clause there and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,.
Our citizens of the United States that second clause matters take away number one. The reason trump stands a very good chance of winning this on executive order Contrary to what the liberals tell you the case of Burma, right citizenship for people who are in the country illegally, not resident aliens, not green card holders. Job. Let me be crystal clear folk. Do not listen to the liberal media if they tell you they are lying, has ever been decided by the Supreme Court. Never it maybe if Trump implements its executive order, but it has never been decided by the Supreme Court. Now. This subject to the jurisdiction thereof, portion of this is critical.
Here and I wanna had Tipp Andy Mccarthy on this Anti Mccarthy wrote a piece a long time ago. I never forgot it says as you are, a citizen, the United States. If you are born in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction of what does that mean? There are to this sanctions, two distinct components of jurisdiction. I know you remember this John, because this was a brilliant point by Mccarthy, it's from forgive me I don't remember the article this eons ago, but it was a great one happens to be very skilled lawyer there. political jurisdiction- and oratorial jurisdiction, it would widely assumed. In the main, the writing of the Fourteenth amendment leave by many people of analyze, the history of it that these subjects. to the jurisdiction thereof, met police they call jurisdiction of the United States. Ok, what does that mean? I don't want to lose you. It's gonna be a hot issue from now
but to election day, and you need to know what's going on lip. Those will argue that it made territorial jurisdiction, meaning if you were or in the territory of the United States, and therefore that's what the jurisdiction, man, then you are, in fact the citizen you were born here are subject to the jurisdiction, Europe. That's that's the simple one. simply means born of the United States Citizen, that's liberals interpreted. The second interpreted, can I just say interpreted, guess you said interpreted in turn: I'm sorry, I'm not promise. You have feeling great this for my groggy, I'm making up new words, that's how liberal. I don't even know what I like usually combined words. I don't even know what I was combining interpret with that's how liberals in Turkey tat if her teeth amendment meaning territorial jurisdiction, meaning you're born here. You're, a citizen That is not what the writers of the Fourteenth amendment intended. What they meant was.
Lydia CALL Jurisdiction, subject to the jurisdiction, arab meaning folks There two United States citizens who give birth to a child on portuguese soil. Still, have an american citizen at birth, Joe how's, that how is that? they were born in the United States territory, the child of the boy The girl was not born there. That son was not border. He was born in Portugal. How is it that people like John Mccain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. I believe how it's done Mercator or was it a? U S, citizen God, rest a man. So how was he a? U S, citizen because, ladies and gentlemen, subject to the jurisdiction thereof, meant the police
gold, jurisdiction of the United States, meaning United States citizens, whether in Alaska Montana, Spain, Portugal, across Ghana or anywhere else are still Joe. You know. Stayed citizens object to the political jurisdiction arab. There are, Ex laws that apply to you. There are: U S, laws that apply to you. It does not matter that you are overseas, you don't two- unless you relinquish your- u et citizenship, then Joe, you are no longer subject to the quote: people a call jurisdiction. If that's what they were talking about, the founders egg. Now liberals what this case in court Liberals are afraid when I'm telling you is true- and it is that the the the writers of the Fourteenth amendment clearly when referring to the political jurisdiction, not territorial jurisdiction and it so to take
ways your folks. This is important. This article is an ax ios, which is up at par bunch. Dot com- please I'm sorry, as some of you had a problem with the email was a one time glitch promised. But if you're on my email list, I will email you the best aggregated news articles. Are they the axiom one is pretty good, it short and sweet. They do a decent job. Even I think they have a left, leaning back. They still do a pretty decent job. It gives you the but when the cot emigrate can I read you in a second what some immigration scholars have set on this the to take a do I believe the liberal high case a case of illegal people here illegally. I've had a child has not been decided by the Supreme Court. It hasn't, secondly,
These subject to the jurisdiction thereof refers to political jurisdiction, not territorial jurisdiction. If was the case how they hack arc kids porn outside of United States too, to american citizen parents. How but they citizens. fair question right powers, it neither terror, boreal jurisdiction. If it applies means they were subject to the territory territory, Oh jurisdiction of Portugal, not the United States, If the kids porn in Portugal. Folks, this is a sound, sensible policy. You should not be able to enter the country illegally and get the fits of citizenship for for your your offspring. If you broke the law, while other people are bus than there, but waiting on lines to get here, the legal way for it
cases decades. It's not right This is an issue I believe. Donald Trump is again has its finger on the pulse of America with IP this will resonate. I leave. This was a very if a tactically strategic but but smart, Move for the United States economy in the United States immigration process, this is not view by people who were here legally largely as a fair policy. Let me read you from the actually us peace, because this is important. It's gonna be all over the news that I quote the legal challenges reports force the courts to the side of the constitutional debate over the Fourteenth amendment, which I just read to you, it said the next point here. It's as few immigration and constitutional scholars believe it is within the president's power to change birthright citizenship,
former: U S: citizenship and immigration services, council, Linden Male, tell tales. Axioms bought some conservatives have argued the case that they give both sides in this. It's up to you to read that the fourteenth. It was only intended to provide citizenship to chill born in the. U S too long, A permanent residents lawful permanent residence. Inquired all those who are under the political jurisdiction they hit. I did states are man, that's my. Let me add living that sort. Should it be clear that the quote continues, not to authorize immigrants or those on temporary visas. Folks it's all the sense in the world. give it to a liberal to lie to you and misinterpret with the fourteenth amendments has already been decided by the Supreme Court. It has not I know what the heck is, that that would Schulz no, not pay from where
begins now. Is that right, kiss, listen, job being show a born, indifferent years suggests. I didn't know that recently, I'm pretty get the red instead be one would strike out what I was totally totally caught off guard. But, yes, as you wish some of your joke, sometimes which the audience fills me and on immediately a thanking already. yes thank the. How, with Elizabeth WAR I did a perfect that completely missed completely the Fourteenth amendment room but political jurisdiction, not territorial, and it has not been decided by the Supreme Court. This is going to a hot issue. I suspect from now to election day, and it will generate a ferocious response to the left, The sum this up Emma patient policy to the left is not about immigration or compassion for immigrants. Let me be absolutely one: four percent crystal clear: it is about replacing votes, they are losing from
working class Americans. They are hemorrhaging because liberals have become a party of identity, politics, an elite ism, they know it and what they need to do is they need to find voters somewhere else. Weather it's in the minority community, whether it's a further division of Amerika. racial gender categories that they can and manipulate. They need a fine new voters and they think they can do it. You almost unrestricted immigration. This is about compassion for immigrants, policy, if it is a policy change in its executive order, comes out, will be absolutely devastating for the Democrats devastate, ok moving as I really am stacked up today. Folks, I, as I've, warned you repeatedly Joe. Have I not about these social media sensors? out there. I cannot say this and shrank enough terms. It supported. It is grotesque. We have to fight back, but but
be? U t? Please These do not lobby or in any advocate for the intervention of the United States government and the regulation of these social media companies that are unquestionably, I agree with you. Support stipulated suppressing free speech and conservative thought I've, just social media companies by the way web hosting companies, is why there is an excellent, excellent article. T J media today I have up in the show notes for those are you reading along at home, please read it. We are, in a very very dangerous time there have been people like? I had Tipp Tucker Karlsson, who has been all over this. These suppressed in a free speech with social media and internet companies between De Platt, forming meaning shutting down all avenues for conservative websites. There was a recent attack yesterday on life site news, whose weapon
same company, gave them twelve hours to find a new home for their website. It is pro life site. This is happening everywhere, folks, idle, go into a lot of details about what have Joe and I in a programme, but I assure you it's happened here as well and granted because I don't want to be I proposed and the reason I stay away from the details is: there are other people who are facing it far worse, but it I'm not gonna lighting. It's happened on us to a couple different ways. I again. I avoid the details because I want to make the show about me. I want to keep it about the issue. Great article in Pga media describing what the left's play and is, ladies and gentlemen, for those of you clamouring what set up the problem and set up the proposed solution, and let me debunked the proposed solution, so it makes sense it would put the lead up front. Ok, your twitter, you tube Facebook. Our website think, companies they are working, whether in hand, or an ideological tandem? Meaning
although they may not be conspiring directly with one another. Hey. Let's do this. Let's do that. Let's get rid of this guy, let's get rid of Acta, although they may not be directly conspiring Joe they all liberally? Companies that have unquestionably on question we targeted and de platform voices out there who are I'm not going to say conservative cause some of em. Aren't there just not liberal, might now Joe Some of these voices are people who are obviously deeply disturbed and and and troubled some of them some just people who don't agreement. Liberals, no one's going to argue that a A white supremacist advocating for Nazi ISM on Twitter is but this casting human fell for the worst kind. The problem folks is when you start to equate that with ideological differences like some are trying to do. You have a real issue. I want to get that a second, so the problem is, these companies are cancelling their accounts. There kicking people off
He spoke in Twitter, they are taking what democratizing videos on Youtube. They are taking their web hosting the second problem, there are actually some conservatives out there even show kingly some libertarians who I've seen or questionable libertarians pool advocating for the government to get involved here and to somehow regulate these social media companies. Folks this is, exactly exactly what the left Watts, I did it, so a few months ago, when I told you about Democrat Senator Mark Warner how he wanted this like internet kind of bill of rights built into the law. This he's a I'm a crab senator folks. There the reason he wants. Government intervention. I'm an explaining the reason now in light of this new peace. So Pga media has a piece about these southern Poverty LAW centre, a group that was in
of them was five themselves as a Motivational factor of a debate. they carers, Floyd Corkins, who shot up the family Research Council, this other poverty loss are a discredited. Debunked grew that tax conservative constantly that was just sued successfully for over three million dollars in a defamation case. Southern Poverty law centre, and seeing an opportunity job with this sitting. I tack and this this this this guy, who is sending the suspicious packages to CNN and others, mentioning his name. Sorry, he didn't deserve it. He will be the guy you can look up his name yourself, their second any notoriety. For me, this is, she's package guy in the synagogue, shooting the left. Ladies and gentlemen, never lets a crisis go to waste. To quote quote, want Rama Manual ever they
since an opportunity. Ladies and gentlemen, Google ox news. news controversy, there's no controversy, I'm tellin you going because the left This is an opportunity to go after fox and everyone else do don't you I did a little odd after these incidents. The law because, after life site news, a pro life site, you there's people of articles over the last few days just put up about Fox in the box traversing, and this they're not cut, made up a cartel freight controversies. Nobody's write articles about CNN, despite the fact that they had a lady on CNN, our Jake Tapir show who usually shuts this kind of stuff down by the way a tap show who said the trouble is radicalized more people than ISIS no nobody's threatening to boycott CNN. Although I think we should put the articles about box left is all of they know when a crisis is about the head and they
vain to suppress free speech. The southern poverty, law centre, Joe, you peace is now leading an effort to quote their new effort change the terms. What did I tell you? What did I tell you? What's gonna happen predicted again too three months ago. I wish I was wrong. change the terms, meaning what they want besides, like twitter web hosting companies social media companies Youtube Facebook, snapchat others. I want them to change their terms and other words they're. You know when you get out of jail when you sign up for twitter right, you have to click the I agree to these terms and conditions. They want them to change the terms the quote, show. reduce hateful activities on our plan for how careless sounds great. Everybody wants statue. Oh yes, don't we,
Joe loser want have poodles one April activities removed from their plans, want peace in love, and we all do. We all do I think we all want to sit around sink Fire songs guess moors. We all want to do that sit there reminisce about the halcyon days. We all want to do. The problem, folks is how they define hateful activities. Yes, they want to set up beak I wish I was wrong on this. I'd suckers or fallen for this They want to set up Joe a flag or programme flag american flag, a fly, your programme where our side group show that are independent, independent outside groups can flag what they determined to be hateful content. Conservative carpet pay full content,
flag and they can be immediately taken down. Now. There's nothing left would love more after. They change the terms to get the government involved. change the unification decency to get this written into federal, walk. That's the next step. they they can't be sued because I'll be basing it on a federal law. Let me read you from the Pga media peace. I told you this was coming and people are going down this black hole of pretty note. Although governments gonna help us here, you are yes Joe, like they ve helped, you pull monolithic boy just ten, twenty seven eastern time that we only thirty minutes, I'm sorry! I have to wrap this up because it not of Jos thinking too, we can be sure that, where the governments actually helped you ok the cover to cover their taking too you're going to rescue us. Oh yeah oh yeah. That's gonna happen. The Pga media peace, the difficult
Comes, however, in the application of these terms quote chain The terms calls on tech companies to quote, allow for individuals and organisations or who are those individuals and organisations to be of but Our government actors- there are clear on this because once they get their footnote door police May the governments the next Step- trust me on this one. Please trust me to quote flag hateful activities as well as flag groups and individuals engaged and hateful activities to create a trusted flag or for vat is well established civil and human rights organizations to expedite review of potential hateful activities. for these groups. Gonna, be all people like this poverty loss and who we are a political or they attack political opponents.
organisation that has been sued successfully for millions of dollars by people who were DIS, ingenuously label? Hey groups, an organisation that was cited by a guy who walked into the family Research Council and shot the place up? they were on their quote hate list. Folks, do you see what's coming, I humbly and respectfully begging you not to fall down this suckers trap. you may say well then, what if these companies Put your arguing their private, they can do what they want so can't they just do, and Some of these companies, by the way we saw with Amazon, have already used the southern Poverty law centre. Ape again a lip our group committed to liberal ideas. They have nothing to do with hate groups they use due back in the day. They are now political organization aiming to take down political opponents. may I say well, then, how do we fight back?
because if you saying that government should get Bob what's to stop these companies from just changing the terms, then- and in the southern Property LAW centre, ladies and gentlemen, up selling yourselves short, we are for, Forty two, forty five, maybe upwards, of forty percent of the population, conservatives Republicans libertarians, Moderate Democrat send free thinkers. How long you you know, I get it! I in the in the in the temporary in the short term. Right We all want instant gratification. We do we all want, they gotta, be punished. Twitter, twitter. Screwed us today for it they still No care run ads on twitter tell us why we just get any reason because we're conservative folks, we can fight back there will be a market alternative people
are going only going to take this for so long. This happen. with the mainstream media, the mainstream media is going bankrupt. The Washington All of these outlets poor having issues drawing in there. You know during steady income streams, these old, legacy. Media outlets are dying, is slow death and are withering on the vine. Because What happened? Alternative This popped up, we had OX news at popped up, get bright part concerned. But a review other outlets. That's it. You know what we're going Every the real issues going to give you real opinion. We're not going to give you this fake propaganda nonsense, but this of takes time. I've sorry, I can't give you instant gratification. Other shows my try. We gotta go we gotta get em. Now it will happen. Conservative economy, just like the conservative media outlets, is going. A conservative media outlets is going to emerge. Out of this. There are going to be companies, your eye, lady,
Gentlemen, it's already happening. I already use this example. I listened to serious in the car, often I'll, put on Fox NEWS, one fourteen. I listen there commercials, for it is not even a sponsors and patriot software, something a pay The whole em all is the our ties, patriots, that's their thing,. you're going to see this web hosting company is going to say you under threat of attack for Liberal outlets that wanted that want to quantity, platform, life, site news and others whereby us you're safe here. You're, seeing it now free speech, platforms developing everywhere. it's going to happen, it's going to happen, you're want to see eventually alternatives to twitter. Everybody thought Myspace. Myspace right got my member Myspace.
This was, it was a juggernaut, the social media information sharing space, my Myspace dead now dead alternatives always develop. When there's a need Let me just leave you with his points. I believe you have a lot to get to an amount of Sarajevo I'd tab. I do I didn't you meet, spend ass much time on it. When I was a big, doctor in the Secret Service Academy. I was a coordinator for a class and we were lucky enough at the time. A guy in there who new people and he got Roger Ales down our giraffes. Who is since departed? God rest his soul, Roger Ales from from formerly a Fox NEWS corporation, any came How to give an interesting speech at the graduation survey service years ago gosh, I can't even all over our probably a decade ago,. We're sitting there and what he said when the idea for Fox NEWS came about our member. The speech like it was yesterday that it TAT in the room,
and someone said to him like what? What what will who are we marketing to and in his answer, was, was was kind of funny he's like marketing too he's like what do you mean marketed to like the markets authority, there there's forty forty five percent of America that have no alternative for news for real moves. Like the markets there, like all we marketing to forty percent of America, can you imagine a prospect of a product that appeals to forty percent of its hard corvette stone. The forty, percent of american unwanted corvette. I don't even When I add one now, there are scars, but I don't want one Coca COLA. Mcdonald and if you add a market Bic about it. a product that appeal, the forty percent you're talking over a hundred million people. You pay, like wait and nobody's doing it. Let me get this straight. there's a hole in the market for hundred and forty million customers and no end and Ale Seti laughed like he was again,
there is no alternative source for people. Look it for real news about. We start Fox. Ok, he was nobody thought of it sooner this things happening now twitter and He spoke Youtube and others have come to rely on the fact that our yeah yeah, we don't there's not going to be any competition. We have these crowd effect that setting a free media said the same thing all now these have grown up Walter, Cronkite and Peter Jennings. This is and Tom broken my generated, what they're not gonna leave us. They did quickly go by. No, they did And the same thing is going to happen, but when you do what's your political opponents want you to do in this case, introducing the government into regulating this through terms condition, changes and an independent matters that can report to the government on flagging hate speech. They will all he fled conservative content and they will have
governments protection against lawsuit. This is a huge, catastrophic error, and judgment this episode. Eight thirty, nine is it happens in ten years. I want you to go back and listen with damn. I wish you were going to listen to. It is a bad idea. The left is in. Full blown war on free speech, all born warrant free speech attacking Fox their sponsors where posters for pro life sites, social media accounts, Facebook account the left is all An odd police state weapon zation, they are all in a speech suppression. They are all in folks on aggressive confrontation. All in. Do not allow them the monopoly power of the force of government do not let these social media companies. Let them
Very themselves: in a history of awful business decisions discriminating against forty percent of Americans, who I'm telling you will find an alternative. We always have don't sell yourself short, ok, sorry, but a very passionate about this, and I just can't believe many people who claim to be small government keep fallen into this trap, lookin for government protection against what the government wants they. Looking for you, I don't love enough. I made my point. I foresee any issue also brought you by bodies have filter by a new study. Just came out of China is discovered that air pollution This is a huge reduction in intelligence. This is, in addition to the well known, impacts on physical health, high pollution, those led to Chile, a significant traps and test scores with language and rhythm attack, the average impact equivalent that having lost an entire year of education. Now we know, what's going on at the O. J never change the airfield is over there. This is
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Ok, moving on in what's become a going horrendous, bad joke gotta be a heavy Newsday folks, I'm sorry, but I got a lot to get to hear the Democrats are at as a standard. the political hubris I have. I have not seen in my lifetime amazingly, are running on this legislative storm. This dumpster fire of legislation, this apocalyptic cataclysmic joke of a piece of legislation. Obamacare Democrats are actually running on this status. I dont get this. I don't! I folks, I genuinely don't get this. There are some. The poles are starting to turn in this disasters. Favor I dont get it. I dont get it at all. This thing is a total dumpster fire. You a premiums right now on Obamacare. What I've done a thousand chosen is our, but
the premiums, are what they are and your access is shrinking, precise we because of what Obamacare did. This is legislative cataclysm it due to two things to say: that cannot work because it requires the nor in the laws of physics and arithmetic tab open how care instituted community rating and guaranteed issue. Community rating is the deep price controls by the government. I repeat, issue means they have to issue insurance at any time. Here's an analogy and what oh balmy care is. This is all you need to know about, while barbecue doesn't work and why you're premiums arrive. community rating means they have to charge people a government. describe formula despite what those p Health care costs actually are now that Democrats are running on this. Economic stupidity is bizarre, Joe. If your help care costs, God forbid, you're, sick or a hundred thousand dollars a year to those health care.
us go away because I gave up It's a campaign speech. Says that people who cost more than with short notice he pays them either Joe or me, the taxpayers, somebody pay those cos. Community rating when Obamacare says people who cost more to ensure, notably people who are older and just because of the chronological effects of tie me included. Even if forty three people, who were there tend to be sick or and have more ailments. This is not in this. Is that traversing point it's a statistical fact, Obamacare said you can charge people who are older or sick or more than you charge. People who younger and healthier? Therefore, Since I just told you, based on pure economic common sense, that if your men, Cost don't disappear, what happens people who are older and sicker their cost.
Are covered by people who are younger and healthier because the cost don't go anywhere. Now you may say: well that sounds fare. Well does it. You know what let's talk about a little but a tough love. Your folks. Who is it a better economic position, Joe you, your son, me me, you gotta, go Yes, you do you think so to better economic position me or my fifteen year old daughter did not a trick. You you, I would Yes, that's folks the younger generation are our kids they're, not space aliens are not x men. There are not like you know, from from from Jupiter they're not did exist on the rings of Saturn. These are our kids we're sickly saying, because the costs go nowhere, that us whoever to stab list history of work and savings, that we should pay our medical bills, that our kids should pay our medical pills force, while re reimburse our kids for paying our medical bills, because now
living at home, because I can't afford the right at this point: this makes sense. Do you understand? That's what community rating is it really plans according to a government formula, not according to the cost of people's actual healthcare, which simply means your kids are paying your bills, simple that making it even worse? Is that, You'd have guaranteed issue, meaning now say: you're kids can afford that which they can't many can't people been. Doff insurance plans are premiums or up. A lot of people cannot afford Obamacare bomb care any in India. In the end, And then health market that people are not inspired by their simple in ensuring chiefly by the employer the government, these are people in the independent market right away. Of those people- have chosen to pay the tax penalty instead. But now the. the visual mandate is God's, will lot of that's washed away, so what's happening these young?
Folks, don't have the money, so not paying off. Guaranteed issue. Another absolutely economically illiterate. Stupid legislative disaster built into Obamacare, says job that oh, you can get insurance, any time. Also what happens these kids wait, these younger folks, they until they get into a car accident, God forbid, then Of a sudden, a callback on insurance and the insurance companies have to give them insurance. meaning now they have not paid any premiums and who's paying ensures pills. You are don't go anywhere. There's no money fairy, there's no easy answers here. There's no campaign speech that makes us costs go away. Those medical costs are real and they are happening.
so community rating is price controls. Guaranteed issue means when you don't want to pay those prices. You can just wait till you go to the hospital and Lickety split you're gonna get insurance paid for by you. The Democrats are running on this? Why I bring this up now not to rehash an old Obamacare episode, but folks you're a ballot measures on the state in four states. Another component of Obama care to make this doubly disastrous was the expansion of Medicaid, ironically to people poor young single. Without kids and are capable of working thirty, states have expanded medicate under Obamacare for our states, it's on the ballot coming up. If you see this ballot measure vote, no no vote A and oh no Nebraska Utah, Idaho, Montana. Europe.
Why should you vote no on this, the medic expansion is a scam It is a way to get more people on the government dole to get other people work to pay for their insurance rate. Irony of this, as pointed out in a Wall Street Journal peace. Today, Brill may I might add. It extends government provided healthcare. In other words you you're paying for it too. I'm a adults without children who are above the poverty. Manufacture up to a hundred thirty eight percent of the poverty line. Ironically,. the federal government says. Don't worry states will pay ninety percent of the bill as if the federal government Joe gets its money from a bunch of Martians. It gets money from you with that man where it comes from here's the kicker again. As pointed out in this journal peace, there is a very good one.
It guarantees, which is a false care teapot row with it for a minute that the federal We will pay ninety percent of the medical bills when you expanded, primates working adults without kids could show you Since your thing about this, the federal women only pays about fifty to seventy percent of the bill for pregnant women and and you can actually use some government- invented intervention. Kids with a parents, kids, you were poor where the United States government, probably as a legitimate interest. So let me get this straight. You're, a working adult man, prime age and you're supposed to pay our tax dollars a greater percentage of your health care, then you would actually pay for poor, pregnant women and kids. You can actually use it. That's all public air, that actually happen this medicate expansion has been a disaster. It is a threat
party payer problem. It is a government sponsored healthcare programme which takes the incentive for the doktor and the patient to keep costs and quality high, because your Paying therefore, you don't care about the costs and, if you're the doktor, you don't care about the quality either, because your patient is in paying the government is. The Medicare expansion, where Montana their voting Ray authorizing Montana, just to be clear, that's why it's on the ballot show was all our budget by seventy percent. who taught suggesting attacks hike to pay for this. These are republic in states vote this down. In massive numbers. I want this thing to fail. Ninety nine to one it is economic We impossible to keep this programme going and it defeats the purpose of the United States. and liberal policies. What they say are being compassionate it
actually takes money away from government. Programmes that are supplied and believe me? I am not suggesting these programmes work well, either I've just suggesting the irony of these programmes are they take go away, money and funds from say, pray women and kids, who the cover in court to help out, and it gives it the prime age working adults above the poverty le? How does that make any sense Answer- is it makes sense in an initial in liberal bizarre, a land where nothing makes sense, speed, of things not making censure you have that cut a Hilary? Yes, sir, I'm really fired up about liberals that I got this Obamacare story, the Bob you can say raise the school choice story and Hilary Joe. This is act Yoda you not mess with this right. This is an actual pull. This is why Hilary actually said this didn't touch it He was talking just the other day and a form the one where she said she would consider being present.
aid one of the most I mean, I can't believe she actually said this she claims to be some identity. Politics warrior member! Yes, really shown a black community. How you're welcome here here? He is a joke. Hillary Clinton made about black men. This This is not about messing with you, for she actually said this that if this week, by anyone else, you would never ever be permitted to the polite public space again play that what do you think of corn, Booker's and even coming hinting at I don't want anything about him saying. Take them in the shins, essentially start to get to that kind of political. Have zero colder, Erika a worker who we are, I know they all look alike. No. They. This is where we need the video Joe. What why why? What
Joe said that to me this morning now I had seen at last night. I was going to send it to him, but he beat me in the punch, so all black men look like they do really, because Corey Booker looks nothing like Eric holder, nothing, nothing at all about They might have of the Erika holder has a mustache. They look nothing like it metaphysic. If you would Jaber recalled his head in his most Easter. Doesn't look like gory Booker. I mean what kind of joke that's funny or Ben, look alike. Now they did why we ve you understood we're all dumber for having to be talking about. This tat was Hillary Clinton and it gonna well done well that they it's its. They think it's funny is how listen to me listen to me well. Listen to me good where's, my
her mother, say you listen here. My grandmother used to say my grandmother when she was mad. She had that irish tempera lover to death. God rest his soul. She shall kill you dead if you'd you listen here, she'd never met that she had the biggest hard ever If you were to say that On the air Jos radio station erratic conservative out, they hang up on, you mean imperfect, no one could show, dump it and it s just what is it second, the lights it you would dump it at the bottom and you'd say that guy was a more on and they would get off the phone. If you want to say that I too conservative rally they'd shut the MIKE off Eddie But when you say that a liberal rally, the lady says well done again black voters should I you were props. If you listen to the show, we did yesterday how sharp and picture props in a photo up today. You all look alike, you don't obviously all look like you are not perhaps you are not alone,
oh up, you are God's children. Every one of you. With an independent, free thinking, soul and bigger God. Given rights, you are not a prop, you are not a photo up and no you don't all look alike cash stupid. So strong, how are you a liberal? How are you and liberal anymore how are really when they're not pumping economically illiterates, stupid, irrational programs like Obama, care and lying team Europe, our public, our shall cry, but it cannot work. Then they're saying our people are proper, spoke swaps and they all look alike. I have this. the story in the show notes today about a A opponent of school choice: she let a group Joe called She's against school choice The kids and others who are in crappy schools make no monsieur
but your kids out a crappy school. She wants to make sure they lock the doors buying your kid. Her name is sharing Kirsch. She leads group in Arizona against school choice called ironically save our school, which should be the same. Called destroy our school she's, a School choice. Joe. Where do you think she sends her kids, private school? A charter school, you judge either the stories that we show to send this out. You know this choice, as is a sensitive issue to me, because I knew a de facto school choice say my entire life, Saint, Patrick Catholic school, which has since now close, sadly taking us on, we were kids, sometimes my mom paid. Sometimes she didn't, but allowing stay save my bought the public schools by me, Pierre Sixty eight in queens word disastrous.
that opportunity does exist for black minority students and white students and poor school districts and other everyone else, such as by racial category. Anyone in a poor school district, because liberals want to keep you out out of good schools. want to keep you in their failure factory. So they can get teacher union money, so they can lobby Democrats for pensions and higher salaries period full stop. Thank you. Well Joe sharing curse and save our schools fighting again school joy sensor, kid to which our school by the way, interesting little kid bitterness, Chicago School teachers. Thirty nine percent of them, send their kids, the private school. Some of this teachers, you know, are blaming teachers, Yola, Grandpapa Union interests, so teachers unions advocates against school choice nearly forty percent of the teachers and their kids, the private school, but yet again about the rest of us. You know, Jason Riley statistic there: twenty thousand public schools in the country, just two thousand jobs,
I in the Wall Street Journal just two thousand and twenty thousand public schools are responsible for half the dropouts fear black a fifty percent chance sending your kid to one of those failure. Factory dropout schools. You know damn well listening that if that was an epidemic in one suburban America. There would be they would Storming the damn state houses in every state, but the fact that its Black America, the Democrats, don't give a rat's ass they couldn't care any less, that you have a fifty percent shot. If your skin is black of sending your kid to a failure, factory school, they don't care, not one bit rebels disgusting them in its sister horrible. the environment. We live in right now, just gross Tina media manipulation of war. On free speech. There open border
their police state tyranny, their endorsement of government spying on their political opponents. There there failure to enact any kind of a health care reform that makes even remotely economic sense, the war again. Education for poor kids, it's just disgusting, it's just gross! I one more quick store before I get it, Can I Mr Ivan teasing now since yesterday, because it's a good one, it is an important one. More liberal stupidity. So if you re going on a new Jersey for U S embassy, putting Bob you again in an end now, the just morally a nap Robert Menendez, just Horrible, human being bobbin, India, Democrats Centre that should corruption charges against the sky? If you read the word disgusting prostitution under age power, the tooth it they're just grow, soon. Read them yourself. You read
charges Mendez is was it was sanctioned by the Senate. It's just that disaster. Now, what ironic about this has pointed out the Wall Street Journal again today, and what I thought was a very good piece of you know was interesting job in that Roy. or Mason Alabama whenever their charges against Roy, more all these outlets- we're saying, ah you know Republicans, do the right thing: you can vote Roy more? You got a vote for Doug Jonesy was a dyed in the wool liberal in Baby you gotta go. You got to do the right. We don't like this Roy, more guy, and Republicans turned out, but they didn't DOW Jones want in a lot she republican state. as I have always don't expect. No right so prosody, even if you accept the charges against more expect app. absolutely no reciprocity from the left. You now, for God knows what charges by the way, there is no court proceedings for these are document.
Legal charges against Melendez who aid when the case against, but they didn't retry. He was not he's not found guilty. It was jury. Whenever was dominant s case. There are newspapers in New Jersey endorsing Minute Menendez, one of em doors has this and the headline reeds, and I quote, choke it down and vote for me that may be the worst title, the headline in the history of Indonesia. I now I add that that gross sex. I told expressing no reciprocity from the left on civility or principles at all. None when he didn't blame Bernie Sanders, and rightly so, for Thee rampage on the Alexandria baseball fielding its Republicans. I said to you with the time expect no reciprocity whatsoever from black, because they're not principle expect not in this case
In other words, there are no Democrat, saying hey, listen, sometimes a clean up our own mass, guy Mendez is bad news. for you can we fight to fight later? Not that you expect. None of it, because they are not principled people. Sorry onto the economic story, which is important, today show also brought you by our bodies: a recast, nutrition, brick, ass nutrition. We talk about foundation, but I want to get back to feel degrees because feel the greens is terrific product. There is no doubt, their personal trainer nutritionist? nurse. Anyone in the medical field under nutrition field, who is, would deny the advice I'm about to give you you have got to eat your fruits and vegetables for optimal health, cognitive, have physical health. Of the muscles, your joint, your bones, your blood, every all of your organs, you have to eat these life, giving enhancing foods God put on this earth are fruits and vegetables the collar. Compounds in their the macro nutrients, the micro nutrients. It will enhance your life. What's the problem there hard to prepare their perishable
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picking up tonight. It's available recounts nutrition that calm, Slash, Nan. That's brick, house nutrition, that calm slashed in brick, house nutrition, that calm flashed and pick up a jar of feel the greens that I am actually press I'm going to actually get through the content I plan today, unlike yesterday, show where I went on for right about, but yes, ratio is good, began, a lotta gay feedback. So thank you. Folks is big cannon, from going on right now in the economic field and its bay, sickly summed up this way how the hell are Idris rates and inflation so low, given that we printed this not at a money and we're at all this debt. In other words, when you print the lot of money governments which we have been doing, visa visa, quantitative, easing and other pro seems like that, when you print all this money, you get inflation. The it's very simple. Why? If you know an economy has a hundred dollars chasing a hundred widgets and
whenever whoever's running that economy prince another hundred dollars, you now have two hundred dollars chasing a hundred widgets and what happens every widget can facts. fetch an extra hour more because there's two hundred thousand circulation you get that just on hard maintained that it it's a simplistic of inflation. Granted by In the essence of time, we have printed a boat load money and created new money, electronically and otherwise to quantity. It is pleasing and other measures. The federal government to Federal Reserve notes, the issuance of Federal Reserve Notes and through the Federal Reserve itself, which is, I mean to say, cause. I federal government aid scheme Niccolo. They claim to be at the pet that they're not aspirin a boat load of money, the mystery amongst economists out there s been how the heck are interest rates still so low and not through the roof, because one of the ways to combat relation and what happens? Typically, when you get money and me so the amounts of money in circulation is interesting,
its go up interest rates, starting with it when they print the money they can suppress interest rates, but eventually what winds up happening? Is it its harder and harder to attract money into the United States because of the decreasing are you a that dollar? So they have to pay higher returns eventually, so they pay. Those higher returns in the form of interest is overdue. Give us money, Momo give you five percent will have to give you ten percent, and it is the money becomes worth less and less and less. As a woman, I will give you fifteen percent. What are they mysteries has been how the hell are richer, hits the goals we have low. Given that we printed record amounts of money, not only that how is violation been so Tang, starting to pick up a little bit. but there's a theory I put out on the show before that's a fascinating one, and I just want to put it out there now, because Starting to creep up again as the economy heats up a little bit and everybody
afraid of this inflation that they think it's gonna to Hannibal. By the way. I think there is a good chance it may happen, but one of em, Joe is that prices are still low. That's when inflation is remember. Use example: the two hundred dollars printed rather than one hundred and two dollars now chasing everyone widgets than one doubt well. What are they theories here is that productivity is so high, do enhancements and technology Joe tat? We producing so many more widgets than we who would ordinarily that its keep. the prices low, despite the fact that we are creating all this new money, in other words, scenario, number one. We a hundred dollars and a hundred widgets every widget fetches. Without we print hundred extra dollars every which it now fetch two toodles price goes up, but what? If we built a hundred more widgets,
Now you have two hundred widgets and two hundred dollars which keeps the price the same as it was with a hundred dollars. Adjured widgets writing every widget fetches a dollar I get. It is simplistic, but it's not. It's still relevant Sometimes simple is better than pet cemetery sometimes there is better, sometimes simple is better outcomes. Razor right, one of the theory tat. Their Joe is This sharing economy, Goober air be in b, massive technology interchanges in companies that are figuring out quicker and better ways to do things at lightning speed that where producing so much stuff and sharing. So many existing capital resources we have now tap prices are going to stay low for a long time because we're just producing so much extra stuff. That's showing up in regular GDP counts. In other words, you have all these people saving a fortune on
taxi in livery services that are Ojo, just paying for who were not taxation. Simply I'm just saying that uppercut does a lot cheaper in many respects and the cap requires no extra investment, so no one, to borrow money at an interest rate, why Joe already has his car- It was just an unused Joe. What is your car doing right now? It's around we from the driveway doing nothing if Joseph dad can. I borrow your car. I want to offer for five hours. It doesn't our job at all, he doesn't need to buy a new car. He doesn't need to borrow money and all the people little Joe drives around in the upper save potential. sing prices because again a month that? Please don't you know, I'm not knocking your business. I use no competition for money. Joe. Does it mean to borrow money, you doesn't either pay energy already has the car was just doing nothing.
and, secondly, inflation may be tame because there's this enhanced productivity from things like goober and other other things out there that are suppressing prices because, again a method he's tony mom, I'm not knocking your business. I use livery services myself because I really liked them into drivers really go, but they tend to be, or expensive price These are being driven down for transportation despite massive printing money because of the Higgs like Oberon lived it Perfect sense just think, just think how much harder and how much more valuable the salary you have now would be if we could just get a hold of the printing of money in the massive debt. Let me do Quick thought. Experiment. Jungle wrap this up now right.
Just imagine IRAN that Ireland with a hundred hours and they print no extra money cause. I don't have to take on any extra that. And instead of a hundred widgets, every widget fetches dollar can. Yeah economy is so productive. You have Goober, Airbus be a sharing economy, technology growing so fast that they produce five hundred widgets now think about it, instead of them having to charge more for the widgets and a hundred dollars. charge less, because every widget now can only fetch a fraction of the dollar useless in the past meeting what the price goes down your money. go so instead of by one which you cannot buy three or four grace with the same money just happening How much richer? We would all be in our fifty to seventy five to a hundred thousand dollars hours. If, in this
exploding economy, all new widgets and technologies and sharing economy of wasted resources, Jos, Carson and driving that are now being utilized. Think of her. much cheaper. Everything would be if we could just get out of the catastrophic Situation were in, which requires us to print boatloads of money which keeps prices elevated, even stable, when they would be going down. Shit really, a shame, shame, but thank God, it's happening away, be broke I just want to get too that's important as a peace and wash your journal, but it yesterday I want to get this more socialism stuff too interesting. Serbia. S are out there and the AIDS. Fascinating, don't miss tomorrow shows at another piece in the journal. Today it has some proposals on college campuses, boy, you're, mine, Folks thanks give opportunities. Police subscribed to the show on Itunes.
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