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Ep. 840 Exposing the Ringleaders

2018-10-31 | 🔗
Summary:In this episode I address the media’s horrific coverage of the recent atrocities and its role in making the situation worse. I also address and debunk broken liberal talking points on immigration and birthright citizenship. Finally, I expose the ringleaders of the Russian collusion hoax. News Picks: Trump’s treatment by these politicians is atrocious.   Democrats used to agree with Trump on birthright citizenship.   Trump’s critics are wrong about birthright citizenship.   Facebook is doubling down on censorship.   Justice may be coming for Michael Avenatti.   Is Don Lemon serious with this?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn, Jean Happy Halloween, all you, goats and goblins there our committee, thereby GINO shovel. You should show how are you did I do you ought to see my costume it's too and one that is, if you look at it one way, it looks like a lurch from the Adams family and when you look at it from another angle, looks like Bob Mahler Dude, I'm sorry I've as the absurd, but you should be Elvis every single year with a guy like there's, no way they should ever be outside somebody email me the other day, so they looked at your avatar twitter, he's at Joe OZ with Z, one and said you, better, looking Elvis out the hard you that even now I get up, but that is workmanship well take that ask me, I got it. I was just the averages hell bent on getting the Elvis thing:
We should be following my daughter. Yes, my daughter's bad girl. My other daughter is fourteen. So really couldn't give a group that escapement set out on us enough anymore, aright folks, right. You got a lotta news for you today. I'm I've had a couple questions about something. Should the other day about the ringleaders in spiky thing. I did kind of gloss over some of the connections, so I got some news on at the Fourteenth amendment debate about birthright citizenship. Another snuff don't go anywhere today show, but you by bodies at my patriot supply you sure, breathing in your lifetime matters? How can you please? possibly not secure your food supply. That makes no sense when an emergency strikes. What's your first impulse, if your answers, unto the grocery store like every he does here in Florida door and hurry Jane Season, a lot of times. You find chaos and plenty of empty shells. No bottled water lot of the canned food is miss. You try to avoid this. It's simple used today to make a plant the worst time to prepare for hurricane Craig Blizzard Social Unrest, whatever the worst,
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on one eight, ninety six or prepare with Dan Dotcom, all right, so much going on top Joe, you got those cuts, ready, rock right Yemen. Whenever you need a myspace, billions Vasquez rubber. That, earlier than one of my favorite, I was gonna, nay, my daughter Ripley, but my what, so! Let me my daughter is about this. She loves it aim Ripley. She says she's, gonna name her kids at TAT, I loved Vasquez. She was my favorite character in a movie so obvious. Quickly before I get to the ringleaders admiration. He I want to talk about eight today because I'm getting a lot of emails. I mention Victoria new and being the bureaucratic. What I be Ring leader of the spy gate debacle based on her inability to articulate what her role exactly was I kind of glory over the other ones, and I got a pot of emails. People say enemy to dance, major league stuff why'd you leave by, but before you get This argument about civility. That's ongoing with the demo
That's is unbelievable Joe on believable we have the Democratic Party the liberals and the liberal media propaganda machine, insisting that there be civility debate. Ok great! As I said fine, I am I'm always willing to talk about a its roast marshmallows sit around a campfire moment. We can discuss facts and issues again but, as I said, other day, my show until you're willing to put aside identity, politics and punishment. Politics, that's not going to happen, I'm not going to sit around a campfire you know, smoke a piece pipe with you, as you call us racists and homer jobs in transit, phobias and Islamophobia. That's not gonna happen. These are this ass thing, labels their grotesque and as long as you insist on doing that, I'm not interested in any conversation with you. Secondly, isn't good enough for the left to win. The left needs to punish, as I addressed the day they can't win on social issues. They want to make sure you don't make a cake. Your put out of business until
It goes away, there is a b. No As I said, rapprochement spell for those of you who loved then, when hate love or hate to be reproached for embryos is not going to be this at this. This come the Jesus moment between us. There's, not I'm sorry, you for those two things and agree to talk about the facts and unwilling to do it now achieve more tragically ironic about this entire civility conversation, Joe is, the left is absolutely doubling down on ink insane deranged rhetoric. I pulled this Joe this morning. Hence why we started look a little bit late. You won't notice the difference, but I want to play this cut, the compilation of liberals pseudo Republicans trying to get jobs at MSNBC like that complete loser, Steve Schmidt, Lou, a complete, lose one of them. Above all, the talking heads him and MAX boot. Take the crown loser. Olympics listeners appellation of them in it Joe. This is the civil that air quote civil side of the debate play that
president, has radicalized. So many more people than ISIS, we're dad as the biggest terror threat in this country is white men mode radicalized brought out to the right and we have to doing something about them. The has delivered on the things that they care about most. He has delivered racism for these people. He is delivered massage any for these people, the same type of red. The same type of propaganda that you would have seen in Germany in nineteen thirty, eight, the dehumanization turning p into infested vermin for young people in this country are not with this sort of evil nasty authoritarianism. Is the public have to call this out because their souls are on the line he has a giant cold. He also has a party that knows very well that he's a giant culture is erratic behaviour. His ignorance could pose
danger to every single person in this country and literally every inhabitant of the planet. Artisans obviously raises these opposite: demagogy, opposite condones Anti Semitism, stokes up nationalist hatred, all the stuff we ve said: that's propaganda, that's what happened! in that many, this radical group of right wingers, who averted our democracy and really are doing, they can to ruin our country, this whole care. And in the last week of the election is a giant lie. Says trumps Reichstag fire look even lurks in the hearts of men, ass, it does and what trumpets tapped into his evil. We're gonna see if this ring last for thirty days. Two years worth. How you, like we're proctors with their power that people give him is turns to evil We are after the carnage and this man
This moral monster is playing to those based instincts. It's not even the question of whether its presidential behaviour or not it's not minimally human behavior, there's no way that he's gonna prevail, because these evil is dark. It's the opposite of what America stands for, and this has now become a struggle about good versus evil, and the President of the United States is evil, Folks, I'm sorry that was a long caught Joe and I have de facto policy, if not playing anything more than roughly omitted if we don't have to put its fearing that out that was it. Compilation of fake Republican. But but real losers, thieves Schmidt, John high omen: another complete, not bag, who does some cometary NBC? How Dean was thrown in mare there, Don lemon was in there. It was a compilation of radical, far left loony tunes, who are again, our supposedly the ones leading this civility debate, talk
about analogies over and over to Nazi Germany, the hall what cost ash ism racism- and let me just be clear: these are the people were supposed to sit down within, say: ok, we accept your pay, miss that we're all of these things now huh Bp Civil, going forward again. These are people leading the civility debate. Are you serious? Are you out of your mind? I usually don't pull cuts at early while Josiana way back russian ago, but it was important new hard that whole thing. I play a later. A man or a tv show later today too, with the with the actual video. It is on believable that these are the people. The media think should be leading the civility debate, the most uncivil people among us gross discredit. You know it is so disappointed really is folks. Listen to me. Please vote please get out and vote. What the one thing you can do, TAT caused them
we frustrate these people and their there. There, too, radical impulses to too you know to support, it's evil side of society. Must you you evil? Conservatives you're all those things that you send a compilation era that audio compilation the one thing we can do to frustrate them and drive them, while is to keep them from the power they so crave to suppress your freedom in liberty, please get out and vote. It is They one thing you can do to stop these people and their police state anti free speech impulses, keep them out of power. Take ten friends with you it if there is absolutely no excuse for you to be sitting on the sidelines if you are even thinking about a reason to not vote, I'm sorry, but your part of the problem right now. I know that doesn't sound good, I'm not sure Alienate the audience obvious telling you the hard true that day crave, the our you are desperate to give them. If you decide not to show up if the numbers people who show up in this election for the
a book inside our anywhere close so the voter turnout we hadn't presidential, which is rare, obviously The terms are always far lower turn out. If its end, where close these people will not sniff power again, not for x two years will be safe. Here's what we're looking at this what you are you know what, with you decide not to vote? You are voting your voting for that It's really hard to even look at that or listen to that. It really really really really is right. I saw you die gag, obviously Joan I can see each other aid is just he was leaning back, Can a chair like with his hands in his head. Like you can't even vote you can't even let me just explain to a little binary you liked some of you enjoy, but behind the scenes that I've done commentary first CNN and MSNBC in the past a lot of it for CNN The videos are all over Youtube.
And let me explain to you why this stuff happens and why people get crazy, like this complete losers, thieves Schmidt, who claims to be The public is not he's bees by banning him from the Republican Party, I'm making a unilateral decision Erica. You go in a green room and what they do is these people who have no sense of direction in their lives outside of the notoriety they get from cable news. None. Dad a secret service agent, a cop spouse, to my beautiful wife. My identity and my place on the planet is not revolve around me being on cable news. I enjoy doing commentary, I like it. I, like you being able to and I d is out there and arguing form, but it's not my identity. Folks, I had an identity. I met your long before I was consistently doing anything on cable news, a lot of these people live in empty
vacuums. They have no spines and their lives are meaningless outside of the notoriety they get from saying crazy things on cable news. You folks, please don't doubt me. I I live in this environment. Now these p Likes thieves, Schmidt here is the crazy one talking about there. This is like Nazi Germany, where said, ease the guys that the guy needs to see someone Steve What he does? He goes in a green room and he gets from liberals are sitting in the Green room of CNN our he said. I'm NBC in a green room, they said Steve, listen man, the former republic. In that thing you said about Trump and the Nazis. Job tat was grey body. Now was they pattern? hey. A lot of these places have cure eggs, and can I get you a cure egg? It's free! Yet free. Of course Free? It's a cure. I get an agreement by you copy it free. Steve here's a cup for it by the way,
Do you want some half in half an hour hold on? Let me go get if we and Steve feeds off it, they feed of them go out in public in these in these bubble enclaves they living in Dc New York LA where they go. You know these entertainment, academic, political elite bubbles, Joe. You see any you're not far from it out there in Maryland, and what do they do? go to travel on a plane and people see him in an airport and liberalization. Steve If that comparison with Trump to the Nazis, you show spot on man. You shall have your finger on the pulse of what's Goin on an American. No, you don't you lost the election, you idiot, you guys got than the Electoral College, yet you basically here reclined one, the governorship, California, in New York, and got smoked everywhere else. Betsy reminder popping up really. It's a popular vote. Election was unaware that parenting. Hilary Miss that part of the constitution, but we don't do that by popular vote.
But this is what happens in their coasts. Bubble elite show these. Population centres in New York in California, their celebrated they walked around us its guys, Ladys, listen to me. I've seen it. I've been there. Making. This up, I am in, space now in cable news, I have lived through it, but having had a real job in my life spending obviously the secret service. Getting you know, yelled that by very serious people. If you made even the slightest mistake like miss placing a sandbag on a bike rack that was real work that had real sequences, I'm not kidding. If the trips and falls because you must place the sandbag and breaks his nose. You just created an international incident. Tat was, real job. Ok,. And those rules apply to you as well, if you're out there and you're an electrician working on a building in Midtown Manhattan, you just
I'd. One day I wanna Joam havin a rough dams going to put these wires and wrong because it's easier and a freak in building burns down. You just cause people their lives Why you don't do that because you I ve been a real world Joanna, cause works- are now the third biggest conservative pod guests in the country. Thanks to you, this show. After work should alive, radio station live meaning on the air, lie for liberals or have a tough time with the language. Joking You know what I'm hung over tonight. I'm just gonna die Lillian folks, like what you mean down here, I'll make it I when I feel like it doesn't work that way. If Joe screws up to show goes off the air and you what happens, Joey gets fired we in a world of consequences. Cable news. Talking heads civility as they simultaneously call Us Nazis and racist. That's what they're compilation was data live in a world of consequences? Do you understand that their work,
call man of letters they write? to each other in a form, Bennett Orioles in a form of I'm an Terry, their men of letters and women of letters that he Julia. I off who said that Trump has radicalized more people than ISIS. There. They are men and women of letters they write to each other and get the letters and they hear the commentary. They celebrate each other The letters are not read and commentaries not heard amongst people who actually work for a living. It's a self, celebratory circle of idiots. They all think they have them their inner circle right. There their arms around each other, like they're, taking a picture and it's a She will back back padding brigade,
themselves. On the shoulder constantly looking right. Looking left, you're the best know, you're the best know you're the best know you're the best, I'm the best he's the best she's, the best you're, a pepper he's, a pepper there, a pepper to everybody's the past every body and back. Never stops, you call them a nazi double Maxie, nor is it report largely peace, sees Nazi he's dead, not c est of Nazi Nazis of all Nazis he's the Nazi is not see of nazis, in the Nazi is class of Nazis. Let me other, I am going to groom goes our man John, had surpass that well know is not see. Do you, You think this is right This is what they do. I've spent over there
listen. To be fair, saw me, you know some people do it on our side to where you get ass, each other for the craziest soundbites about suggestion, but we Oh, do sound bites like this. This is insane. This is not. If you say, This on on fact be thrown off the air Like you. I know you would be tossed off the air trust me, but its purpose, can acceptable on MSNBC and CNN Day, Sir Court diet, jar, yes, is a K. It has a competition in these stupid Olympics for the gold medal of dumb soundbites. Yes, sir, but it's not to them. In this circle, jerk of stupidity. They said what braided and they didn't have. How can moreover, this lady Julia, I offer wherever they have to saying trope radicalized more people than ISIS apparently was back on a year. You would be kicked off any
respectable, cable news outlets for saying something so outrageously offensive, but you're celebrated She goes into green room at somebody's. Ok,. Yesterday I'm Steve Schmidt and I compared Trump. The Nazis for the ten thousand times now, Julia went out there Julia and Julia Seti radicalized more people than ISIS. How do we go up? What's next? worse than that that at that guy gets Con, Genghis Khan these these Tell us he's I mean, he's baby doc, A proper doctored, this baby, Papa Doc, reporting back peace. Carlos the Jackal. They run out of stupid things to say you know the death of a bottle caps. There, then, brother. It's all so
retaining I've seen it they compete for that they were desperately get on media I'd or get on think deposed, or some left leaning website so that they get bookings from other people. This is how the business works. This is I would works. They What have their own were. More, I'm sorry, I know what's going on folks, but this is super important. You understand the background and why? This stuff happens the when I say this stuff, I mean the insane Nazi comparisons: racist rhetoric, all this stuff on CNN number. One reason that happens: they want bookings number two are not kicked off these stations. For saying this, that you would be thrown off Fox for this, I'm telling you I'm telling you what hundred percent certainty number three A lot of them, but not all of them to have their individual platforms
because they know that stuff doesn't sell and mass, so they don't have any third there's no emergency brake on their behavior. What do I mean by that folks? I have a podcast appeals the same rational people. I can't go, cable news, and nor would I, by the way but If I was trying to be a sensationalist right, just compare gullet, let's compare Obama guy, forbid the like Hitler, you just don't do that! Stop you don't do it. Have an audience. I haven't It's that respects common sense and decency data. Do you understand what I mean by this, showed they don't have that these Smith does not have an individual audience is worried about losing. So we goes on CNN. He needs extra bookings, unease that Contra our she's me MSNBC pennies, To be renewed, he knows you won't be thrown off, so we obviously at each time, trumps repair, guy trumps, a really bad guy trouble
be a fascist. Trop is a fascist. You know trap as some comparison with the Nazis. Trop is a naughty traps worse than a Nazi The Nazi is nazi of all the Nazis and it never stops. There is no emergency brake on he's, not gonna lose an audience. He doesn't have one this is This continues, so You have maniacs like Rick Wilson out there, who is shockingly still allowed on tv John high omen. Tromp is appealing to total ray it's not a these charges were ever levied against Donald Trump until we ran a Republican never, but he was celebrated by people in the civil rights community is disappointing Joe and I jumped I'm serious. I know I bring up Joe a lot but Joe and I back a long way. This is not a new relationship with known each other since twenty eleven, which, in my believe me the way it's an eternity for me, but he knew me before any of this happen.
I'm not trying to give myself it unnecessarily, pretentious, Pat on the back either. I'm just telling you that the opera we presented itself early in my career many times. To say sensationalist things to try to get additional bookings. I'm telling you would never happen. It didn't I have this conversation, my wife listens to the show can vouch. For me, there were men the opportunities, I'm I'm not going to say, which are just leave it out when the secret service thing happened a long time there were a lot of opportunities for stuff, but she say stop and I refused to do it. Because the key to longevity in this business, with your audience and with people who watch, cable news and other things are key to longevity is to have some sulphurous in dignity and speak. The truth you can have some moments. You wish you said things different. You can appear on cable news or a podcast for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of hours. At this point, you cannot do it
not say things wrong once in a while. But when you keep your dignity and you have it ridiculous nonsense like that people will follow and that's why we ve been gracious enough to keep using audience. Unlike that nonsense, garbage being spewed out of the mouths of ridiculous left us all right. I got a lot more to get to that was necessary. Folks, yes, it was understood. What's going on behind the scenes are today show also brought you by bodies guide. Their back Express Vp Anna Use, Express Vps with all the recent news about online security breaches. It's hard not to worry about where your data goes, making it all purchase or simply accessing your email could put your private information at risk. New are being tracked. We know that online by social media sides, marketing cup he's in your mobile or internet provider. Not only can ever your browsing history, but they often sell it to other corporations want to profit from your information as well
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Dot, com, slash, Mancino, that's express VP end calm, slash mancino for three months free with a one year package visit Express VP, n dot slash bond GINO, learn more ok moving up so before I get to this ringleaders thing just quickly on this fourteenth amendment, birthright citizenship, that is really picked up. Ladies and gentlemen, as I said to you yesterday I was glad we got out in front of it. The show did very well for us. It is, argument about the difference between political and territorial jurisdiction. Now I ve respect for the writers of the Wall Street Journal. I always have I've been reading it, since I am a kid and I really enjoy their up as if your regular listened and show. You know that I cite their work, often be talking about some more of it later but I'm sorry, one of the editorial pieces they have today in their editorial column is wrong. I can prove it to you.
Simply by reading a portion of it myself. Ladies and gentlemen, I may two points during yesterday's show. If you missed it, please go back and listen about this birthright citizenship argument, other words Bob, born here of illegal immigrants who get instant citizenship. I said the left going to tell you you think they're gonna The case has already been decided by the Supreme Court. It hasn't and I too you. Secondly, they're gonna make you believe that this is a territorial jurisdiction argument, not a political one, and I do that has not has now. Been decided. That has not been decided the fourteenth amendment. The second clause is critical: all people, or internationalize in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof. That, second, what is important if the writers of the Fourteenth amendment wanted every One point in the United States were to apply to everyone. Why put the second clause and subject to the jurisdiction thereof. Why just put all p
born of the United States? Are citizens? Thank you. Have a nice day. There's a reason that second clauses in their it means people such did to the political jurisdiction of not people who were born here matter fact. Writer of the Fourteenth amendment was pretty clear on this. This did not apply to, people who are not subject to the political jurisdiction, the United States, in other words, People who are citizens of other countries now the Wall Street Journal for some reason, is you know that their there this on immigration. Typically, let me read you abed peace today, which is clearly designed to misdirect, and this is the Wall Street Journal, I normally right, leaning organization or print out that when it comes to especially economics, I told you they were going to try to tell you this was said. This has been decided by the Supreme Court. It has not. Let me read: it quote the supreme or reinforced the meaning of talking about the fourteenth amendment
U S verses. One came arc. Eighteen, ninety eight Solving the citizenship of a child born in San Francisco of chinese parents, barred from citizenship by the chinese exclusion at the court, ruled that the Fourteenth amendment affirmed, ancient and fundamental rule of citizenship by birth, with in territory. In the allegiance and protection of the country include, in all children here born of. Resident aliens. Oh, so you don't get it you're contradicting your own point? They are suggesting here that, because the Supreme Court eighteen. Ninety eight decided children born here of residents, not illegal aliens resident aliens. That's not
point no one job is suggesting that a child born here of green card holders are people legally within the United States resident aliens. Nobody is suggesting those children are not going to be granted citizenship. No one saw my truck is suggesting I he is very clearly and specifically Joe talking about it. Children of parents here illegally in the country. The Wall Street Journal. He writes this as, if we're going to all miss this resident alien portion, I you're not steered by the way. I do want to say one correction. Yesterday a significant one. Get some wrong. We put it out the recently. I I don't know. Why said that there are our other countries that do this yesterday. So there are no other countries where there are very few Canada does in fact do it and there are some countries around the world that do grant Thrice citizenship, but it is a a very, very small portion- might sincere. Apologies had never liked to steer Europe, but this Supreme Court
sat on a wide, even said, I'd candidly folks. I know that I wasn't in the research peace I put out. I just got that had it myself and for forgive me for that but on this specific point they knew they were going to pull up this Supreme Court case. It was not out the children of illegal aliens. It was about each other of amusing, narrow, quote resin aliens, the wall. Street journal would put this in areas beyond me. Now, listen fair enough ladies and gentlemen, you disagree. Fine Europe look in a conservative, libertarian green liberal, progressive whatever you call yourself. This is the united, Fate, we have shout our political arguments by voting for representatives in a constitutional republic that advocate our causes. It's out of direct democracy. You think the constitution that at the end, Keith amendment reads: otherwise: you think that that subject jurisdiction thereof means rhetorical, fair enough! It's not,
terrific job, I've, any listen! That's fine! but you will have to use the word the writers. You will have to use the words of the people who are behind the fourteenth amendment to make a case in a court of law that that meant born territory, the United States, regardless of who me citizenship. You see what I'm saying Joe, I am open to The idea, if you make a if too, if the fourteenth amendment And you can prove to me that it met born in the United States illegal aliens or not. You're a citizen, I am open to the idea that that's what it meant an eye that doesn't mean it: it's a good idea. Job right means I we can advocate the change it I'm telling you is suggesting that this is a settled matter and at that is out of the bounds of polite conversation and at the court is already determined they men. Territorial jurisdiction is a lie. It's a lot
it is absolutely made up and listen to yesterday's show the first twelve minutes where I describe what difference political and territorial jurisdiction is. Ladies and gentlemen. I think our case is Crystal clear that they were talking about let jurisdiction joint born of? U S! Citizens overseas. Argue s, citizens this this then is being abused Krikorian was on last night with Lord Ingram and are of you saw it was explaining just how badly. System is abused. He brought up a number of reasons why we have that what they call. Birth. Tourism in the United States, job people from from Russia, IRAN, Turkey and other countries- Hebrew some reasons again Frank you folks, I had not heard before some people with I come to the United States. Have their children born in the United States. They stay here for a month to get the passport.
For the reasons you have, if you five stop me, if you heard the show, my one of the reasons why cited is some of them do not want to serve any foreign military. So they get a United States passport to get out of foreign military service. One of these Other reasons? Is it's easier to get a? U s job, if the job where they are starts to falter another reason, is just a plain security travelling internationally with the? U S, passport, you're. Not so too. Many restrictions, as some other passports are Believe me, I know my wife at Columbia Passport for a long time. These are very this: was that is never what that amendment was intended to do ever, but argue the case. Otherwise do what we do In a sane, rational constitutional republic, guided by the rule of law, if you really believe the Fourteenth amendment was intended for birthright, citizenship, territory
he'll jurisdiction. You believe that's what that second clause means subject to the jurisdiction or fair enough. If you can, move your point. Fine, then is conservatives need to fight against that get it? so amendment to change that changed adamant. And to read specifically about political jurisdiction, fine, but do not lie to wash do not right up like this suggesting the issue has been resolved. When you know yourself there talking about the children of resident aliens in the. U S, one came our case. It is not true, it is not been decided, stop making stuff up, but you make us all look like idiots when in fact, you're the one misleading people just say this is an open question, but we believe it means born here is portrayed citizenship. Fine, I believe Otherwise, let's make the legal case that's help. Jobs civility works civility again
making me Joe Mark Levine, Anti Mccarthy and others look like a punch, a crazed, lunatics we're just telling you the truth. The cases not been decided it hasn't it this fact. Let's be honest man, so now you have that Harry Red Clip Joe. Yes, I do case They got a republic. You right, Wingers Euro notes here is radically the far left Democrat Harry Red back in the day when he, you know what what wasn't is when he was trying to run in a relatively can I would have stayed and mature, get reelected here's Harry Red talking the damage done by birthright citizenship, give making it easy to be any illegal aliens. Isn't enough, however, offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant, no said no
The country would do that right. Guess again, if you break our laws, entering this country without permission to give birth, to a child We reward that child with you a citizenship, guarantee of full access to all public and social services. This is it provides a that's. A lot of services. Is it any wonder that two thirds of the babies born tax for expensive country? County run, hospitals in LOS Angeles, are born to illegal alien money. That's it. Dan Bond GINO. No, that's there. A crack former Senate majority leader. Minority leader, Harry Red, seems we're in a little bit. I'm sorry Jos GonNA, this Raby. If this is the weirdest added ever need here, that is not our job to play Don t we could- and I set about how to take out. I added
because I swear, I thought he was arrested with me and I don't want to insult a fellow conservative broadcaster. Diabetes he's a good guy, and I do you totally new year. Maybe one day will put the outtakes said there: it's gonna be the weird it's got ever since That is what avatar messing with you with that I gotcha I realise that what is alive show more new right, we're gonna, be it so much trouble area my god. You have no idea where we are going to be apologizing all day. Morally right is crazy. I'm sorry, I'm sorry! You re all right. Enough on that, but you get the point with birthright citizenship the to take. Always again, it is now been decided by the Supreme Court? Secondly, the My question is: if they meant political or territorial jurisdiction, there is a big distinction between the two ok
moving on you know. Yesterday I did Joe about the social media, censorship, Facebook, Twitter, T plaid forming. As a new story out that Google another far left This is left company story, has been removing the video or censoring the video of the liberal maniac protestors, who were removed during a moment of silence from a man. The Blackburn Burn event, Tennessee Marcia Blackburn's republican candidate for Senate she was The shocking story to be covered in the show. She was holding a mom Silence to commemorate the victims of these synagogue attack and well hell during a moment of silence, insane loony. Far left protesters decided to start screaming. Marcia Blackburn is a white supremacist ironic that she was holding. A moment of silence for jewish victims
as white supremacy chance starts it's just not we'll. Google is apparently now censoring that I'm not surprised Are you shouldn't be either and whenever I bring up the fact that I don't There is a government solution to this. I get it. Of email from people who are understandably upset. One guy treated me an idea: listen. I you know that you're commentaries appreciated. This the right way, like don't pleased at the summit, a snowflake? But if you want to start your email like you're, more I'm not reading Eddie, I'm sorry that happens once in awhile. Rarely thank God. It begin how but do you have some kind of informed feedback. I am more than open limit Africa, you no blood of you, I've email back, I had an interesting point, even agree with me: they Daniel mistaken. The one are we have now is political, in other words, we control the branches of government. Why? Would we not exercise the one power we have to regulate these companies when
you ve lost social power, academic power power in the entertainment community. Fair enough point, while I thought explain that. Apparently I haven't and again it is a good point. I get it. I disagree with you. But I respect and value your opinion. The reason is, you are assuming we are going to hold political power in this mid term, whole political power and twenty twenty when it may not happen and the problem is once you grant government of power it never ever gives it up because, as the brilliant chuck occur for or executive further. Our county said to me once and I set on the show repeatedly. I asked him once why government power never goes away and he said Dan because there's no power and yes, There is no power in a government bureaucrat telling you, yes, there only power with a government bureaucrat having the power to tell you, no pay, MR government bureaucratic and I opened a business in your statement. You Chad,
Here's what you have to do first check check check. Well, how do we Greece. The skids little campaign donation helps. There is no power in ass. This He power in government being able to tell you know so. You have to lobby them to get too. Yes, it blows up their egos and inflates their campaign accounts. It was the greatest line. I think I've ever heard about the never ending expanding government Chuck Anchor great line there's no power in yes, when I'm trying tell you what you give the government power to reg Wade social media companies you're, assuming that these social media companies and its government powers gonna be retained by largely republican Congress. What's it becomes a Democrat Congress. It is going to become a platform to regulate the internet in general for hate speech and that hate speech. Do you really believe is going to be categorized as liberal it's going to be republican
aid speech, which is not hate speech at all. Just advocacy for liberty and you are gonna- be sanctioned from the internet by the legal powers. The United States government, which you're going to have the lobbying to get back, but a fair enough criticism. I read my emails: like some house out there, we actually my wife- and I read it now- it was a little unfair for me not to suggest to you solutions. Now, I did say to you yesterday a kind of birth I view solution which granted is probably a long way off, but the bird I view solution was we're. Gonna have to start it can serve. Our economy in some kind of conservative social media platforms, where conservatives can be free to put up their material and not have to worry about being sanctioned by Facebook, twitter and others. Let me just give you some practical stuff that I've thrown out there ready number one. Just cancel your account. Folks,
have some contractual limitations with that stuff Juno's I'm talking about. I am it's not easy for me. I've backed away from Facebook. Like I used to do videos and stuff I've backed away sing. Forget me from Facebook, but just cancel your account, but I mean it this bothers you a lot just cancel your facebook account for space. Audiences been dropping face. Work is now in a full, fledged battle. You see what they did to Gavin Mcguinness. This just can't Your account. I mean this is a real fight. Folks and I get it you may you met. I did that to fight is not Bother me as much as it bothers others, because I know face can twitter are sowing the seeds of its own destruction, and I know the worst. It gets the better. It's gonna get along lines like cable news, it news a networked who's got so left. I knew what it when we young. What is it its?
It's always darkness like right before the dawn right these guph, but it's true. It's always, and I knew the minute I got really bad. There was gonna, be an alternative. An improved Fox news appeared it's going to happen so I dont Worry as much about it- and I say it- or something I don't care, but I do I just my trio of needs. That's. Why have this on the lipstick? As long as we can keep these people from power, its support or they crave to do these things. Other platforms are gonna materialise,. But cancel your accounts. Just cancel on get off the platform. Listen that hurts me too. I mean I need to advertise their so, but I've I dont care. I understand that this means a lot to people and there's no reason for you to be on a platform that treat you like garbage, but a couple positive notes They cannot exist without us if we start to shun these platforms in mass, they can't this.
Again. What happened in the network and cable news wars where it was a battle to be? Who could more bill could be more left. This compromise, Peter Jennings or are, or the CNN crowd it got so bad tap Pull just started tuning out Fox whose presented itself you had a near overnight success. What happened to CNN see and went from the kings of cable news. The finishing fit, the second or whatever, and a cable news races behind a re run of beachfront get away on a She tv. We will win in the long run. We will win this at me. Who is as we have again, we get you love period, It's true. They cannot exist without us. Cnn is there if their model is failing Aramis,
which was originally designed to be a liberal series of nationally syndicated talk. Radio show failed me surely joe- and I know some of the people who work there, EL miserably. They cannot exist in this area. Conservative are issued, be content space. They cannot exist without us tune. It out, cancel your account. The simple, as that one more point on this- need us stay? Need us, Facebook Twitter and Google are under assault right now, economically by a bunch of big acts, social or social democrat european style. I pseudo democracies that are dying to punish them for their success. Oh you doubt me, the fascinating up in the Wall Street Journal today about a
UK inspired two percent tax, two percent tax on revenue. So they do. You know what kind of money that's gonna be for them. Two percent tax on revenues right for Facebook who enjoy the taxes written to almost exclusively hammer facebooking, Google and now and they social media companies, internet companies. They use the kingdom. Supposedly a free market country is looking to hammer them. Are you coming to us for help? Not bags were good. I'll bet? You guys are the free market guys yeah yeah? We are aware free markets, you guys aren't a free market. You discriminate against conservatives. They need us smile a little bit. How long before the liberals who are celebrating the discrimination. These companies have wrought upon fate on Facebook and Twitter on conservative by this criminal, being against us. How long you think it's gonna be before the liberal celebrating it Turner,
I see them as the cash cow. They need to finance other big, government programmes how long theatres there the law. Now what's happening right now, read the I'm not getting there. Is there that the United Kingdom is proposing an absurd outrageous two percent tax on their revenues within brought with it for business within the United Kingdom. You're talking about outrageous amount of money, they are gonna, be forced to fork over facebooks a business folk, it's gotTa Aids or to shareholders. All those who don't give a crap about political politics should report is in politics who care about what about fattening up their wallets They're gonna be ok our facebook, yet we're gonna need some help. It's time for us to lobby the conservatives. Ah you now you need us, A cue You want a meeting. No tax were good. You guys are on your own. No I'm serious what about let em dangle they want to become.
A liberal propaganda machine, twitter, Facebook and others- Google good fight around fights internationally bugs these- these Hungary wolves thirsty for your profits, fight your offer. You lost us a long time ago. You want our help, That's how the free market works, so I am told You do not make these government and in government regulating. They please, I'm telling you be a disaster. They will become. It fertile stopping ground to suppress free speech with the exclusive section of the United States government. Not the solution. Pay me us. These cover you're coming for their money. They have shareholders. They are good. Two needs supporters of ideological, free markets and economic free markets. Dave abandoned one of US on the ideological site they screwed us
They have hammered us relentlessly on these platforms you're gonna need us in the economic free markets, but we're good. What's gonna sit this one out, don't forget! I know people at Facebook who email me people. There are good people. They I get your emails. Makin say your names that worry! You never have! That fear. We never close the name on the show unless specifically authorized but Joe knows it. Apple people, right Facebook, people among a twitter neurologic. People work in there. Love, you to death there, a lot of solid, hard working Americans who subscribe to the values we believe in a working. Those companies make your voice is heard. If you have any kind of voice within those companies whatsoever. You are going to need us. Let us be clear: we do now I need you. We like you. We don't like what you're doing
we like the platform? Obviously, or people would be honor you get. You see the difference. We don't like what you're doing but we are, but we don't need you, don't ever mistake the two. We don't need you. Like we did me Tom Broker and we didn't Bob CNN, we didn't need We found a way around that we always well. We are the entrepreneurs that we don't need government to bail us out. We will find a way out of this tunnel, we'll get there. But you need us to find your way out of the tunnel in long term economic prosperity. We do now. I need you, you are making a catastrophic error in judgment here. Catastrophic, and the fact that you can't see it is is laughable
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Slash Dan pick up ajar feel the greens today, you will not really send me. A reviews may have been over Well, maybe I know we will say overcoat. I've never got a negative review. Overwhelmingly positive field of greens check it out that a brick ass attrition that conflict and our other ringleaders thing. I got a couple emacs about this. The other day I was talking about how its becoming increasingly likely that Victoria New and that the State Department who was the assistant secretary of state, was a key role in the development of the Trump Russia collusion hoax early in the game and- and I said to you that there are multiple ringleaders in this thing- the hallmark of the conspiracy theory, in my opinion, is when its easily explainable nothing The government is easily explainable. It's it's not good It is not smart enough or organised well enough for people to coordinate based. The commands of one person. It just doesn't work that way. It's too disk I what
Then the government- it is too disconnected it's too just disjointed and his father, Bob's Eureka, said one time. I let you score of governments just too stupid he's not talking up the people we started by the design of it. It's just too dumb an organization- it's too big, it's to inefficient, it doesn't respond to incentives because it doesn't have to it cannot get things done efficiently. So, when someone says to you, do you know I know, kill J F K. It was Joey think about it because he said so what I've always sceptical anything easily explainable is usually explainable away, as sometimes nonsense. What I have suggested to back, as I get this all the time people say to me: well coordinated spy gate in this whole attack on Donald Trump, spying on of the operation, the collusion, fake collusion, everything and, I said to you other day, and I was talking about Victoria, new and honour is it the Monday show yet check out the Monday sheriff. You look for recap on it: the foundation
tat. She was likely be bureaucratic. Why, at least responsible, as one of the ringleaders are making your this narrative about collusion, made it to the F B. I can remember the goal was to get Donald Trump investigate right. That's the goal! investigated on a fake collusion story so that what so they can use it later to lead to the press. The show that Donald Trump was a you know one action because of the Russians, even though they knew was nonsense, but I do you later that there were other ringleaders swelling glossed over it man that I get emails dad you got to explain now more. What do you mean so I'll? Take them a few minutes of the show to sum up what exactly em I said, you that there was likely and Intel ringleader too on the entire community. You don't let me backtrack on, but let me give you the war the reason. I think why Newland was the bureaucratic, ringleader, folks Victoria New and had a lot to hide. She had all the relationships to do it as well. She was the support,
There's a the Benghazi talking points: Victoria anew and had a central role in dealings with the with the with Ukraine and ukrainian politicians. But the same ukrainian politicians who were involved in an effort to who's the guy poor man, What was working for who was was not a good guy by the way, but I'm just are you. The incentives were there to make sure our relationships with the Corinthians, our relationship to shrub, Talbot the chief of staff to a guy who the brother in LAW of Coty, Sheer, who was one of the one of the creators of the of the day, Colonel dossiers also acquaint knack alight. I'm sure every incentive in the world the to mass car role. In now, what happened in Ukraine to Mass Corolla? What happened in Benghazi? She had a lot of incentives to make a lot of that stuff. Go Wang, keep the attention of Donald Trump. She had relationships or people in Ukraine there
ukrainian people on Ukraine, a ukrainian politician. I write about my books by gay who alike. Paul metaphor, which paid off by the government of by government officials in Ukraine and Georgia was alleged showing the payment the ledger, never surface folks, never surface. So the why, on her is clear now, why would in? Why would the entire community really? Why would Brennan do it. Post pregnancy, known, partisan, hack, he's always been Brennan had been caught, multiple times doing in approach real things, one of the inappropriate things Brennan was caught doing as head of the CIA is buying on the Senate. Negotiations on the I ran deal. Brennan was also need, deepen the exchange of information between the British in the United States about Donald Trump in an entirely inappropriate manner that did not pass through normal, intelligent channels. How do we know that avenue has told us
Vanunu investigating the case that none of this information was passed through normal five eyes channels, meaning This passes the director level, meaning John Brennan did something at the director level that should have been handled de winter, Officials on the ground equally the gathering of opposition research and Donald Trump, and he did it for reasons that appear that he was hiding it from people who would have vetted it. Determined? It was nonsense. Unlikely, wanted an elevated position in the Hillary Clinton ministration. He had every reason to attack Donald Trump as a partisan here. Every reason to hide his role, just like new, indeed with the Benghazi situation, to hide its role by making short up was impeach later he so at every reason, based on his partisan ideology, to make sure that the republican candidate look bad why. I believe he was the, and why do I believe it by the way, because he met with Jesus H, Q head shows up Capitol Hill to talk
Harry Red Mothers and all of a sudden, a letter get sent over the FBI Investigate Donald Trump, using some of the same points in the dossier that we now know, John Brennan must have seen who was political ringleader, and why so we have the boy a chronic ringleader, I believe, a and the Intel, ringleader and John Brennan, the entire community? I gave you they're incentives, the political ringleaders Harry Red. This one's a little tougher to nail tax over so many people involved in this. But Harry Red is the guy who gets the briefing by John Brennan in August and then there's a letter. The FBI practically demanding an investigation into Tromp for russian collusion. Based on what just read the letter folks ass the dossier based on a fake see I paid for by Hilary. What what Reed's motive, simple, Harry Redesign known, partisan hack, will do anything to stay in power, keep power or maintain power once he leaves office by me
Any connections the people in power I read is as made a boatload load of money during his time in the United States Senate Harry Red is shown a proclivities, proclivity to say anything to get elected, accusing it wrongly have not. Paying is taxes lying repeatedly on the second floor Carry red was the political ringleader, because Harry Reed had no moral compass, everybody knew it and they knew he could be manipulated to he's the but who writes the letter demanding an investigation of the truck? Remember, that's the go. Get trump investigator. To make sure the heat stays on him, so that the heat is not on us for what we did. Finally, who was FBI law enforcement, ringleader. You may say it's obvious call me no! No. I don't think so. I disagree about suggesting tv. Remotely Jim Commies without blame in this I've done. Attire shows on it. He had the investor from Congress. It's already on the record. We ve seen it
Testimony to at least the fanatic, represented from New York to big dog deterrent right he's, not at its Andy me cave deputy director. I am reasonably confident he is the ringleader on the law enforcement side why his wife's for State Senate Virginias Democratic, give significant support from people and inhalers orbit Mack refuses to refuse himself while he's investigating his FBI's investigating Hillary Clinton. He under stands. This was a bad decision. He knows he has a lot to hide he's Politicks be vulnerable he's in a politically. The position is deputy director. He likely wants to be the director or gain some kind of position and the new administration he has ever Incentive in the world to go along with the fake dossier and this investigation and make sure it takes down Donald Trump to kiss the color. The bottom Hillary Clinton in the incoming administration,
Sorry, if I was unclear and at the other dad and mean a gloss over it, I just wanted to focus pretty heavily on a name that was was wasn't getting enough attention and should which is knew it, but those are before ringleaders in this they talk to each other They know each other Harry its familiar with deeply familiar with and in Brennan meets with Harry Red Brennan. Knows Newland Newland knows Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton s ties politically to people tied to Andy, Mackay, Andy Mackay,. Dealing with Brennan. They all know each other It's not easily tied up. There were multiple ringleaders running multiple acts I Thanks again for June it in, I really appreciate it. Please subscribed to my show, I know I say in a lot, but it really does matter to us. You ve been doing a great job, driving us up the Itunes charts and that's how new people find this. It's free. All you have to do is Itunes, it's on your podcast, app up every Iphone as it just put
I guess, and there, in the search there to scroll down or swipe down, put pod guess- and I just put the damage you show hit subscribe, it's free honour on on other phones, Samsung and other phones out there you go to radio you can follow us on I radio again free. You can also listen up on GINO that come every day with a shows, frankly, loaded about five minutes earlier than it is everywhere else on our website. Please subscribed, though, strive us up the charter. We really appreciate it thanks for everything folks, I really appreciate everything you for the show. You just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.
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