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Ep. 841 Did the Media Get Played Again?

2018-11-01 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address Trump’s unparalleled gift for trolling the media and the Democrats. They play right into his hands. I also address troubling new undercover videos of the campaign of Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Finally, I discuss the fascinating new report about the behind-the-scenes battle between Mueller and Trump.    News Picks: Shocking new video exposes the lies being told by the Andrew Gillum campaign.   Is “right-wing” terror a more significant problem than radical Islamic terror?   The horrors ahead if the Democrats win the House back.   Did Bob Mueller’s team already subpoena the president?   Why is the FISA court so silent about abuses in the Spygate case?   Rep. Mark Meadows is asking some hard questions about the FISA abuses.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no longer thereby gino shell producer joe how are you today let's roll baby gap lot to get it do today i'm starting to figure out strategy here again with trump and i brought this up to you months ago about his strategy you're getting the democrats to pardon my language you but the show there there are systems but let's i say that right all right so let's get right into the show so i got a lot to cover today show brought you by a buddies at helix sleep is nobody on the planet like you so why buy generic mattress built for everyone else but you know good angie no good helix sleep sleep quiz takes two minutes a complete and they use answers to match your body type in sleep preferences judy perfect mattress
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action into another what i believe to be tactically efficient and smart political move that has the comes again showing themselves to the american people where these whereas they ve hidden little bit better in the past what do i mean by this folks the past when we had democrats run they ve really hidden their entire agenda you know what mamma care joe think about it the best example is openly cares tons of these but let me just give you the obama cabin where they things like you don't feel your plan you can keep your plan obama was big on that but the obama team listen to me ladies and gentlemen make no mistake absolutely knew that they deserve and of all balmy care was going to impact deeply your health care planet there was a strong likelihood your plan will be cancelled they knew this about that's not open for debate fully understood that my point he's at whatever kim's but there comes to that are taxes when that when they were you know in the robot powder worry we're only gonna hike taxes on on people who are wealthy folks us
the way the economy works when you high taxes on people they have to get the money from somewhere we're gonna high taxes corporations who to corporations get their money from you the customer now economics one i want democrats no this is what they do is they hide their agenda in focus group tested talking point the thing about trump is i'm sure a fusion back down has the democrats so furious tat they ve lost their tactical efficiency and are now showing their but why am i bring this up again now bring it up again now in light of the fourteenth amendment ladies and gentlemen the fourteenth amendment birthright citizenship debate tromp is just reignited with this interview with axioms where he suggests potential executive order which would reach the executive agencies to the basically give citizenship to illegal aliens born here i i dope before an election that that was it he i'm not sure is actually going to issue that e ojo that executive order before the mine but i
if the point of it knowing it was going to be challenged by the court was to immediately stop the birthright citizenship process but was to do what to provoke joe a reaction out of the left bravely which the hate this guy so much trouble they cannot get brawl themselves rather just coming out with a more muted tactically efficient response to this job and saying so the effective well it may be an open constitutional question which it is as i am not going to go into this again but you understand has been decided by the supreme court rather than just saying ok folks this is an open constitutional question but you know where democrats in europe they do in the past we support love and peace and compassion for everybody you know what they always focus group tested talking point that's what happened what did they do they came out this is already decided people have a right
this citizenship if they were born here and why do you think again how do you think this appeals to the working class american voter across the country the ushers eight thousand that's what happens the american working class voters says let me get this straight the democrats who in a job listen you are the audience on possible if this doesn't make sense lobby is in the past the democrats in their tactically efficient more strategic approach believe me i believe in perth right citizenship for everybody all around the world they believe in perth right citizenship for people born in russia getting american citizenship day of their open borders crap i am not suggesting their ideologies change please follow my argument because as a critical one their eyes lg has not changed they have opium always been times socialist big government planners borders advocates period full stop i'm simply suggest thank you that in the past they would hide this better because their agro
we should at the republican president was muted by their want to take back power they hate dropped so much driven by because i like to lay out a the reasons why anybody got rid of some were why why why did why the base they have been driven this such anger by the media that tromp busy russian colluder at a trader fascist a nazi that the very basis is giving these campaigns money joe providing volunteers are getting it the face of democratic politicians who are insisting on a new level of animosity so the level of animosity has them riven to saying and doing things that they would have done in the past is layered argument but it's a critical one understanding what's going on in this election cycle because i so believe it explains why there will be significant pick ups by the democrats in this matter on tuesday but i do not think they ll be a blue wave because where
this anger is being driven to its peak insanity is law largely in gerrymander districts already dominated by democrats now i think it he suburban districts where we may take some losses but its end and some rural ex herbs and agriculture informed i'd districts and aunt em rural districts what's happening is the anger by the fringe far left democrats is being mooted by the democrat showing their asses to regular voters euphoric for living our way way way that's not the democratic party of my father and my but the j f k democrats therefore open borders and everybody has a right to be a they never so that before they do brok obama hillary clinton harry reed we're on the side of a more much more vigorous robust our immigration policy we did we play the audio yesterday for mary read play you audio hillary clinton bill clinton para obama call
for and all the people who are here legally shouldn't be working here and they should be able to cross the border without penalty please tell me this makes sense to you but can cause it explains all much about are we are an american politics right now the democrats to lie to you repeatedly over the years they have always been open borders advocates always they have lied to you with public pronouncements about i don't know about right citizenship that doesn't sound right that was harry red replied it yesterday broccoli i'm at hillary clinton you know we need a stronger bar that you should be able to come here and work illegally that that's all i want you can see all that stuff they didn't believe any of that therefore or understand what i'm saying when people in rural districts ex herbs certain suburbs across amerika working class americans who were not hard partisans but a swing voters who may have been registered democratic would consider a republican women
so that in the past obama talking about borders and hillary clinton talking to you shouldn't be here illegally and harry re talking about her birthright citizenship is unfair these swinging voters joe we're like oh all right well am i really crazy about some those republicans he's democrats seem reasonable in the ear of trump driven by these hard partisan districts and the media the media driving the narrative every day that he's a fascist he's a trader he's a racist he's a nazi has the democrat money base and volunteer base so gay top and wired up that they are aware don't unless you promised to impeach trumpet do all this some so wired up that the democrats response to everything tat does is no longer muted and tactical its emotional to appeal to their money donors and there our dear base folks take that to the bank
telling you that's what's going on there responding in a tactically inefficient and emotional way because they think that's what their money base and their volunteers want and it is in effect showing suburban soccer moms you know farmers the cultural communities manufacturers and union workers the real damage brad party do likewise that's not what harry reed said that's obama said years ago that somewhat hillary clinton said so let me get this straight there for open borders and anybody who comes here at any time songs you get burthen american soil you're entitled to the better it's a citizenship that doesn't make sense to me that is how tromp has entirely reset the argument i yes i know i i i i have been so itching to put this out in aid opera format for you to understand the dynamic hosting sites of dads by he's the because
we like this kind of stuff this is the political and analysis that i think that the cultural elites in the media elites are entirely missing there missing this they are missing why trump one pennsylvania despite the state being called fools gold for republicans been one since what does the bush reagan year if it called for school because republicans wanted the pennsylvania pretending make when it's it's it's large the royal college prize and they'd always get smoke yet member it but all of a sudden the whole dynamic is change because the good the media has stirred up at donald trump has been pushing for is entirely irrational responses to trump that are a break from the dead my crowds historic strategic efficiency in their messaging they good in hiding themselves in the past trump is out of them and he's out of them because trop is the greatest troll in american history
i don't mean in a negative way i mean he is effectively used social media and message trolling to get the democrats show the american people who they are now i described an example from the news recently i described the fourteenth amendment but it's not just fourteenth amendment there are other issues as well would trump has acted like the ultimate troll getting them across to show their boats the people that they ve historically been better and hide here's a couple other ones for you i'll give you a perfect example here i live down here in florida the race for governor between a former congressmen rhonda scientists and tallahassee mayor andrew yellow is enough the case where the media has traditionally again more effective strategic messaging gotten the republicans to shut up and escort the democrats into office drew their democratic propaganda efforts in past they would lob charge is now a case you're not familiar with the race down here enflowered its importance example of how trump constantly beat i say again a key component of the recent
you'll get em happens to be black he's a former mayor of tallahassee again a key component of the race entirely irrelevant to conservatives but an obsession of the media obsessed with identity politics and re space charge is now from the star this race from day one it has clearly been the media's plan to paint rod tat this is a racist despite the fact that run around the saint this is a dedicated patriot former member the u s military the charges are poor it they're disgusting but sad sows the mainstream media coverage of this race so from the begin they have been eager to paint any tax on gill m andrew give em the on question oblique troubled mayor of tallahassee the problems and tallahassee are epidemic just look em up where he was the mayor highlighting any of those issues i tweeted out last night highlighting these new videos that broke project very tough videos which are i've the show notes had a folks would be sure to check him out salmon article about this
undercover project very tough video inside guillemots campaign where they have people on his campaign calling florida voters crackers and you know a racist statement we say that they don't have the right to know where give stands on issues any of the other these criticisms of criticisms of gingham we'll be pay did as racist just like they did with obama folks it's made up fabricated the media is not telling you the truth they never do they are interested in me giving up false charges to distract you from guillemots real record down here and to hope and pray that you don't highlight that record to anybody so what do they do any time you open your mouth about kill em you will be accused of being a racist now in the past the media has frightened republicans away with false racism charges because that's what they are not really media their propaganda outlet for the democrats they frightened you away what has dropped to trot doubles down
trump tweets out he says this a disguise a thief when he was the mayor of tallahassee he comes out last night in a rally informers tromp was down here last night and rally and southward in south west florida in area oh very well and what does he do doubles down on attacking kill em and his record he is not going to frightened away and what does it do makes it safe for everyone else to basically say you know what in the past i was a little frightened about this kind of stuff in the past i was terror bite of these media attacks at but not me more not be more trump tromp is double and down on this and i'm going to double down on this too the way this is going so go in their gill m is safe again because you know it's not a re space the attack that's the media making that up but trump
is it is it refusal to back down to false identity politics based media narratives his refusal to do it has now made it safe for everybody else pylon and look at his actual record kill em which is atrocious one more thing one more thing about it and again we're talking about trump doesn't back down there media then gets angry and makes it personal they paint them out to be the worst like i said yesterday you said not so he's an obvious not he's a nazi it's not see if all he's the worst and what that drives the volunteers and drives the democrat base to push their politicians to do the same thing which gets democrat politician off message there here was a tax on gelimer racist everybody back away what its trump do we go hey look at killings record this corruption investigation into into is his administration and tell ass you nobody goes while the florida demo brad a candidate for governor with his administration was under an fbi investigation that's crazy in the past at all would have gone away but is one
poor thing and i want to move on one more thing how he trolls these people any does it successfully joe every time trump year maybe try says a medicine five thousand military personnel down to the border because of this this caravan headed our way threatening across the border illegally what the devil crafts and immediate do joe again in the past in the past what what they have done because they were strategically and tactically efficient in the past ass they would have said you know what i listen as long as they're there and its support fashion we need to secure our borders but we need to become i'm telling you this is what they would said they would have to focus tested juggler but we need to be compassionate joe to look at these people there is an asylum process we need to check him out we need to that's not what they said that's not what they said they like militarized no border military piquet do this policy com to speak here doing so what is trop do instead of
what administration and others that would back down joe what does he do he says we're not going to send five thousand work innocent fifty eight thousand troops except folks up making this up because they find out you don't like that the media that's like that's triple that let's at fifty thousand at what is the left to again stead of engaging in their historical tactical efficiently technically efficient focus group tested talking point ok we now to secure the boy what do they do to erupt all right to do that these people have a right they come in the country they have a right to enter the country illegally and this same moderate democrats the moderate republican swing voters who the past would have responded well to the democrats prior efficient message are now seeing the democrats who they are wait maybe you how is the military and our border when seven thousand plus people and a multiple caravans behind it are approaching the porter and threatening me
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and i was who has been just a terrific congressmen if he is your congressmen north carolina sent his office a nice e mail or give mccall he's been doing a spectacular job keep an older this mark meadows joe sent a letter my colleague who is the chief judge on the pfizer court even and is i know man by the way meadows just like john solomon and others i'm convinced knows everything about what happened in the files abuse case and spying operation on the trump team remember the five secure a court was abused today the five warner carter page to use the to hop rule to spy on the trap administration and he asked he asked about they don't you guys have concerns like joe this has been achieved i get it i got an email you i'm always candid with the audience sometimes my people who were partners and show alike there maybe you shouldn't disclose everything the audience tells you something now that's why i gotta
from a guy this morning i dont know why people email me to tell me that unlike the show or something or order wanna listening but sometimes they do which is ok and a guy you mustn't wang dan i love your great but i've done i don't want to listen anymore because nothing's happening or ok whatever stags appreciate that i don't know why you think nothing's happening i don't know and understand immediately be caves and their grand jury indictment we we have a special council sees me especial investigated huber look at it but that's fine whatever teach zone but i only bring any mail up i give you my email to hear your feedback on the show but i'm ok you're giving up what's so fine it's no kind of get that do not worry about over for me i'm just gonna go back and live my life good for you who have fun on europe will fight the fights here but i do on on understanding and empathizing it but i do understand your frustration ip in light of this story because a lot of you have asked me never sees a lotta emails about this a dead if the
eyes a court was lied to to get this by despite the warrant the spy and donald trump somewhat bows defies court doing i get the same well that's right you're like why aren't defies the judges person now folks would is a federal agent and swearing outwards if you lie down a war got busted court i'd always right that was i kind of a big deal folks european alive trouble degree i adore you probably never if you live in a court of law tat it went out prince by the way so you understand the mechanics of federal local law enforcement if you are caught as it federal agent knowingly lying in a trial or lying to judge on the road that has the exposed to defence attorneys from that point on did you know that what does that mean means you can never work a criminal investigation again oh why job every defence attorneys gotta bring up with the truck that you're a liar you done it has be disclosed
if i swear i warrant and i knowingly lie and the next case i work they have to tell the defence attorney that the defence attorney goes front of a jury pay by the way a damp gino lied about this he lied this last case so how can we trust them mouth so if you are fact caught doing that you are you you probably be fired or let go because your useless in a criminal investigation so fairly not a lot of people of email me of frustration saying hey if all these people when the court lie defies the about is using this fake dossier why the hell isn't the fire court doing anything folks i think people up on the hill or asking the same question so again not sitting here tellin ya down the temperature you shouldn't be frustrated and i'm saying that to sympathise with the guy you mail me even though we even me like a lesser more power i find what every give up i'll get through you know will continue to fight on here but i do their stand to empathize with you your frustration here i am
asking the same questions here our competitors apparently is asking the same question of the chief judge of the fire court now i peace from john solomon in the hell it's very very good it is about this very issue it is up in the show notes today it's up with the gil em a story i have a punch you know that complete check out the show no city their critical but the sound i'm in peace points out that meadows has been asking the same question and he's asking the as a court in a memo to them joe don't you guys aren't you concerned about this like you guys just got work you got one somebody walked into your pfizer court judge collier and lied lied about the information they have being verified and didn't tell you the truth about where it came from now solemn points out the peace show that their me be things going on behind the scenes listen my my sources are not telling me that i'm just tell you it is our job solomon is a trusted source thou i'm not vouch for that i want to be clear so don't say
erica from their mancino john john solomons bees solomons as indicates that there could be some stuff going on behind the scenes we may not know about he's right he's right there may be the court and have closed proceedings that we're not aware just tell you i'm not i'm not hearing that by i don't know i mean i don't know i don't know i'm not gonna take a minority but i understand your frustration now i bring up the article not to talk about other pfizer court maybe you know mark metals once in a while they're not doing a damn thing about being lie to ok great i don't have any than in the past about its or we i bring it up is a very interesting part of his peace i want you to miss let me quote john solomon he says but a troubling whisper has begun inside the justice department quote five these are required to include exculpatory evidence one official told me i background in a recent text message will come again
so evidence that you're not guilty is not to be it any what focus is bizarre because on that emerging sentiment should alarm all of us no matter our political stripe a court that excuse its legal representation for the accused almost certainly will fail to protect civil liberty if it isn't allowed to see proof of evidence or evidentiary flaws folks this is a in the waggery of this case and i understand its complications sometimes newland brennan all the ringleaders yeah job there is a birds i view this case we should never forget the pfizer court folks is a secret court it is not adversarial meaning if i choose to use the spy on joe like they chose to use the spire carter page in the trump team joe has no ability none to find out that he's being either spied on or to please his case that sounds
me like the star chamber folks in it constitutional republic is solomon accurately points out is the fbi in the justice department defence now seriously going to be this just listen to it from the thousand don't try to over analyzes the department of just this apparently in a whisper campaign is putting out the people now that day i've no obligation in the pfizer process if they choose to spy on you no obligation whatsoever to include information you shouldn't be spied on the cheap i'm not a minute i should ease preparation age it is set up again a needed for that you just gotta go right take about what i just told you that now that they ve been busted using the pfizer court and mark meadows is starting to ask questions thank the lord for mark meadows of the fire like a fellows ladys judge collar you lied to you guys even care don't you quota have concerns now that there is
you have the department of justice responses yeah we don't really have legation to put exculpatory evidence there you have to take this out that thirty thousand feet right sixty thousand a hundred thousand feet look at the global picture wait wait or we serious were now suggesting that the united states government the state's government should continue with a secret court not adversarial you have no ability to defend yourself to even find out you being spied on that that those she should be allowed to proceed despite the fact that there is evidence believe in the case of george papadopoulos overwhelming evidence of your innocence you know folks i love i love this country to death i mean i think that's obvious it means everything to me i mean there's never been a group of people and a land with
governing system that organizes saw all that has been successful a prosperous ever in the story of of civilised human beings never but one of the bed rocks mona the bedrock principles that is kept this country prosperous is that basically respect for the rule of law that basic social compact between the government asked that the government is not going to abuse its ability to target people that they our midst go any target crimes not people right target crimes and find people we know five people and in fine crimes later folks if that evaporates this is done this is finished if the united states government people we pay the department of justice is going to seriously try to make the case that they can go into
buys a court despite an american citizens despite evidence that they should not be spied on over it is over this is an important story you know sometimes i get into the new and staff and the details and sometimes i pull it out it's not just about the spy gate thing it is about going forward how that agreement between the citizen ray and the government is going to proceed the government is insisting any citizen can be targeted at any time in a secret court but despite no end its whatsoever that the person guilty matter of fact the opposite that the person is innocent then we are in a world of trouble i have an article up by our resident the bunker mad colombo up a bunch of other com also being the show notes that aids and important one reason i bring it as i was wandering group show last night on fox
folks we soon and by the way when i'm on fox i appreciate and i typically do hannity on tuesday and thursdays ingram wednesdays schedule changes sometimes talker on fridays and fox in france i really appreciate you turn it in i'm apparent my guess agnes do very well thanks to you and i really appreciate that but i've i'm last night and they had a liberalized was me match lap from asia you anna liberal scot i forget us less name for giving us enough guy bottom he made point adams you know what i love to do joe the punk liberal nonsense i wake up every day think about what's gonna be there next talking point and i starting to see this liberal talking point filter its way through the left wing media and the liberal ecosystem and the talking point is that right in terror joe is far more dangerous than islamic expired terrorism and other kinds of tears this is the new by now did you say i have a really heard that there are you sure
because yeah i know it's so we we are sick columbo on the case he wrote a peace and he summarily debunks this nonsense now it came up last night in the debate with this guy scott who mention i didn't get a chance to repeat it on the on the debate panel because it was just so much going on and i had to talk about florida politics so forgive but i wanted to i was sitting in my studio at home there's a a camera on the wall when i do fox and i was like choppin at the bit but it just now the way they didn't flow that way but this guy this liberal scott on the panel with ingram joe made this point that the dead dead nationalist terror or something that that that radical right wing terrorist far more dangerous now you say ok so one guy broken up not on our then that's not what happened you have to understand it was at the heart of don lemons comments as well down lemon has been making some some
some comments lately about how white men are the real problem with terror in this country that is rooted in this same exact thing this idea that right wing terror is a bigger problem now this wasn't imbricated out of thin air folks again the democrats art traditional even other loosen and a little bit very tactically fish in their message they taught me things up without being able to refer to something now they do something is typically made up but there's that you know what i'm saying it'll be it'll be a skewing of statistics it'll be a glass tat full versus have amply depends on the interpretation so mad there's a really good job of breaking down where they're getting this from that right wing terror so much worse and its from a twenty seventeen geo study government accountability office so you may say what what's wrong with that of the government accountability saying right wing terrors more dangerous than islamic expired to inspire terror then maybe we
to take it seriously folks we should take all all crimes dearest is no question about it what i dont like is when people takes testing to make a political message rather than an actual message we can use now here's why the study is flawed at best the premise that right wing terror is is is more of more pronounced threat there was another vitamin c i took a screenshot i didn't that's tibet oh no i wrote it down like here's corey corey booker describes the problem democrats enter from new jersey joe with the study he says quote output listen to the beginning since nine eleven we have eighty five major attacks in our country seventy three percent of them have been by white nationalist hate groups so we he now corey booker this guy and a panel last night referred to me and we don lemon kind of alluding to it as well well
statistics show that they would include body counts since nine eleven considering a nine eleven thousands of people the kind of excuse that the statistics a little bit that's like saying you know george w bush economy was great right up until it wasn't folks big including the nine eleven attack in the united states only the most disturbing attack on the united states soil since pearl harbor is kind of critical into factoring in the threat of islamic terror call me crazy call me crazy but i think i would be at an interesting data point to include about joe my wrong there you're you're pretty much right ready right right i mean considering you know i was up in there will long i went off is today that happen i think i have the right to kind of talk about this a little bit you're good you're good so corey booker point since nine allowed timidity says since nine eleven everyone should have said way tee o time out corey you're suggesting we should not
actor in nine eleven when gauging the danger of radical islamic terror is are you seriously suggesting that so email is office in bed just ask that question nicely we suggesting we eliminate that from the analysis of the terror threat so day point number one where you should basically right off this geo study it as in fact around nine eleven the most them orton data point of all take measures the effect of something on the stock market say we're gonna look at the stock market just not there a stack and the yes and be we're gonna look at every or do you talk but those are two of the most important indexes secondly this geo study determined right wing terrors far more damage that dangerous than islamic expired terror their definition of aid
terror attack is interesting if not bizarre joe they have these incidents here that although horrible and and unquestionably criminal i'm curious as to why they describe them as terror attacks they have then fights and there where people were killed in prison fights they have an incidence of a bunch of us criminal law of what it's premises groups attacking a guy these are quite crimes is no question about it but they don't even know the motive they don't even describe the motive for the attack in other words you're making a of the premise of your argument is that an ideology is far more dangerous a radical right wing ideology then a rat islamic expired ideology joe that's your parent what i'm talking about the practical role crimes are all deprave either all savage you get my point but stopped me
construe the nano but that's the premise you're making the premises use it this ideology to drive people to his one is more dangerous than the other which would mean in your study that you would want to pinpoint the ideology of the cause what i'm suggesting he was prison attacks and crimes in the street that may be hate crimes i dont know if that's terror in the traditional sense we use the word right so what they do is they aggregate the aggregate the number of these incidents and they take out the sadly body count because the body count is important here so they define it or take one of whom is it was is again unquestionably clumsy other one valse imprison attack i'm not sure that's the definition of terror we should be using to allocate scheme this government resources prison attack
no matter how disturbed and savage the people are last point but going to see this come up often they use the frequency not the death toll let me read formats piece on my website quote rather worse the two incidents of incidences issues me instances of right wing terror in the geo study they result they had any puts in quota or only a hundred and six das he meaning that obviously series is not trying to save the downplay it but then resulted in a hundred and six deaths that's a death toll picked up in mere seconds on september eleven when one is lama terror attack and result in over thirty times the death of inflated estimate of right wing terror das who in their right mind we think the right wing is more dangerous again we're talking about danger unclear
generally if your motivated by some what they call right wing sick ideology you kill people your dangerous the question what is more dangerous based on how we should allocate resources to fight back and that's right when they re run up two planes that the buildings and killed thousands of americans i think it's important that's a pretty dramatic threat problem we are more serious threat to engage prison attacks folks read the peace because it's another example of how the demo rats or trying to make a political argument there not trying to make a resource allocation argument what we should be doing rational people is laying the play the playing field for this debate saying joe obviously people over a people were motivated by whatever it may be you don't raise space the ideologies people who are motivated to violence prison
this is all a problem the question is what is the severity of the problem where we as taxpayers are going to give money to law enforcement of military assets to combat it do you want to billions of dollars eventually trillions over the decades to come back you know a prison murder or p planes into the world trade center and killing three thousand people destroyed downtown new york cities infrastructure the democrats do as all the time because they are trying to make a political point to and say political point is that the right wing is a danger to the country and don't worry too much about this other stuff don't get distracted by by this enemy please read the peace because you have to understand how to debate these people i was eager to knock that i did say listen scott while i accept your premise here that there are doubts disturbed
people motivated by troublesome ideologies not limited only to islamic fundamentalism point stipulate the way those this were aggregated do not in fact buttress your point at all they make the opposite point they define terror was open to interpretation the number one a number to the body count from islamic expired terror since you know of including the nine eleven attack is far worse far worse but i didn't get that opportunity i wish i had ok folks today show finally brought you by our friends at pair of thieves listen these are s jaws around ups prolonging are they are jos god of the ordinary people of air like this so breathable when you work out you live in florida like me there's a big deal anything you wear under
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forty percent off when you go to a pair of thieves dot com slash the pair of thieves dot com slashed aunt check this stuff out they have the best draws around we love they are terrific joe got him through so he can vouch for art so crazy story that made headlines and trudged yesterday crazy christ i don't usually posts linked to political because it's you know they call it both rico for a reason it's poetic other bunch of left wing hacksaw but this story is interesting and it's about popular and it is written by a former united states attorney joe who was looking at the door get medici circuit court and he's like hey man bob mother already subpoenaed folks that's that listen to me with alla time any time out
that is not a small story if that's true ok the fact that bob mahler mayo already subpoenaed president tromp personally and nobody about it would be eight one at an unprecedented act of of of secrecy a babby leaks are you know it have set yours you can get your leaks so common in dc uk keep anything secret if weiler subpoenaed the present has been kept secret i'm almost in or not i am not in a qualitatively good way of their ability to hide this thing now the the author of the peace so who can read the dock it understands the intricacies of it was looking back get some reporting done by daring samuelson a political any points out some fascinating things at mahler may have already subpoenaed president drop i just want to read you from the peace because if this
happened underlined its job decide what the hell's going on here let me quote from the peace he's talking about these seas circuit they're dead that there's a docket and on that ok there's some publicly available information but the information is very cryptic and their case has and moving at lightning speed and when he says the case he thinks it may be a subpoena issued a trump and team legally fighting back against a subpoena here's this evidence quote at every level this matter has commanded the immediate and close attention of the judges involve job suggest no no ordinary witness and no ordinary issue is involved meaningless be about trump it goes on but is it the president the docket sheets one final but compelling clue and you can read this piece in the shown us today when the
witness lost the first time in the circuit court before the quick round trip to the district court he petitioned on you really for rehearing and bark meaning the witness thought the case was so important that it merited the very unusual action of convening all ten of the deceased get judges to review the order that is itself telling this witness believes the case the man's very special handling but the disposing of the petition is even more telling this is interesting joe by the way the white house denies as they say trump has not been subpoenaed object it's out there i'm just putting it out there folks you need to be aware what's goin on this is interesting joe trumps soul appointee to the court reviewing this did he see surrogate gregory cats is refused themselves from this says why did he refuse himself we don't know why by custom judges typically dont disclose their reasons for sitting out a matter by catches
obviously served in the trump white house as one of four deputy white ass councils wow would that be a just explosive neutron bomb of rebel and not a good one and that selling it but listen to me i am not saying this in any kind of a celebratory fashion it just to show you the dramatic overreach marbella who thinks he can subpoena a sitting present or import potentially indicted well is a sucker punched the go always sure is daddy o big time as he thinks he can drag him where joe in front of a grand jury the present folks again at supper echo peace i hate giving them clicks we make exceptions sometimes when the information is so critical that i think you need to store it in your cerebral gray mass is an article i think you need to read because it portends trouble on our side f f if any the white house denies this to be crystal clear
they are denying that donald trump was subpoenaed but the air it's late there's more i just read to you one of the snippets i thought was what some of its a little legally wonky but it still an interesting read i read to you and it i thought is the most telling in that number one is moved with lightning speed which is very unusual means something's going on somebody's been subpoenaed of important yes it does you secondly the fact that absolutely appointee has recalled just himself from this from any potential review in this is interesting in and of itself again is it hard evidence that its trump given the trumpet now it's not but the guy who writes the peace rights it from a fairly bland non partisan perspective he does lay out some legal review like looking at it from what is legal expertise of the dock it anymore so a pretty compelling case you also talks about some statements issued by donald trump wanna donald trump attorneys rudy giuliani any any hee
it allows the chronology of statements by the court on the dark it and it's interesting read for unheard of firstly i heard of it at all i mean not even a gurgling brother i'm in the ira's india in it in this you don't have to sydney sana a cause of my friend this earth rightist after i work out and i pulled up there article it was on drudge and i thought man how is this not tell you know it made the news and i want to sell but how is this not a huge store yet a bigger story than it then it then it was so interesting check that out signals but with this while i am on this is i'm sorry but hold on this for a couple days folks will forgive me i want to make sure i get to this there is an interesting report that came out the while she journals the day and i wanted to put it out because i'm i'm puzzled in this election cycle in the mid term see i am genuinely puzzled how this far large a democrat party how
starting to take place in states that are traditionally dominated by liberty loving patriots texas florid i'm and elsewhere we have seen a rebound and explain why in the beginning of the show the media is just a relentless focus on calling donald trump everything from a nazi to a trader has re the energized the far left base which is taking vivian money volunteer work personnel they're taking over the democrats party in pushing them the more radical position so blessed be clear on that meat is making americans believe trump is the worst of the worst the democrats responding by requesting that their candidates respond to what they see as a unique threat to the republic and donald trump pulling the party in turn farther towards these radicals that want them to respond these radicals are the ones with the money in the power now we are seeing this radical left this take over and they brought their they're getting candidates elected in primaries candidates
our four left as you have all robert a rourke out in texas calls himself beta robert francis and in it aren't you haven't you get these are far far left candidates who in a normal election cycle would be would be laughed out of politics in their state because of their far left position right but handling this from a regional practical perspective right i saw this article the journal the other day i thought is it is clear that there what we are proposing big government higher taxes you know the whole litany of far left things they want is it is clear that this this crap and just doesn't work swarms waiting for someone to a very simple piece summing up why big mid spending debt and deficit what their proposing in florida and albinos running for senate not governor but still he can impact national policy so my point of this is that you have these far left candidates running in purple if not ran a red states in texas running
big government heavy tax agendas that's what guillemots kellerman florida wants the height the guide to corporate tax by forty percent he wants proposed medicare for all which would drive florida into a fiscal abyss pedro stands for the same thing if he gets elected through the senate out texas so is there a simple way to just determine if this stuff worked you may say again this is but eight hundred some of your podcast had been about about a big government spending doesn't work i get it but i thought is i gotta do just than just a simple correlation here we go wall street journal this is great a peace they had no editorial com the other day guy brasilia if there's big government debt and deficit spending stuff works i quote here a simple test occurred to me this timid the story suggest that in the years after they hit bottom the countries that adopted collectively large fiscal deficits are ye be government here folks met by the average increase in public debt from twenty two eleven to twenty seventeen as a percentage of gdp would have
speedy recovery for to show for it did did they say here's the primacy shuts up which is quite simple guillaume plato clare a cask all these big government liberals running a red states if your premise that the gulf can rescue the economy that prosperity is is is is gonna be bedrock in big govern spending stimulus programmes and heavy debt while he a very simple question if that's the case given all these countries that suffered economic recession the governments took on all the statue did those countries recover well or didn't day thankyou job foregoing ok well what's the answer there's a chart in in the periphery the pieces are is subscription only but he has a chart near that just as a simple correlation amount of spending and how quick they economy recovered and how well he the summary of the chart as the charts
the evidence does not support the stimulus story pig deficits did not speed up recoveries in fact the relationship is negative justin risks profligacy led the contraction and fiscal responsibility would have been better life fostered what drives to absolutely wild about this guy is that it drives me crazy it's not just that the democrats argument that governments bending debt and deficit drive asperity is a failure its status argument is the opposite a simple chart here's how much countries spend debt here's how fair their recovery happen the argument is the opposite the more debt deficit they took on the war stare recovery was guys ladys do you there is then that gallop robert o roar these other it reads out their running this i what i later another race they tina smith
minnesota monsieur why you bringing that up here's an a race where housewifely karen how's the candidate minnesota running for senate is shockingly in minnesota closing in on tina smith so minnesota europe closing a team what does he want to debate these candidates running is far left this in purple states like minnesota are proposing now make agendas that not only don't work show they lead to negative consequences negative cod we're not positive once it's the exact opposite argument that data is conclusive forget their race in minnesota on china get the some other folks out there who are getting a lot of the attention even though i live in florida minnesota i tina psmith tina psmith them gradual didn't show up for debate stay wide televised debate how's leaves on stage or self the democrats it even show up and now the republican
how's these only six point by folks with their proposing is garbage it doesn't work just giving you a simple core analysis if you're serious about saying these kinds of things up a government leads to increased prosperity you should able to show us evidence you cannot there is no evidence the evidence is in the opposite direction that it causes negative prosperity negative prosper not prosperity eighty asperity pizarro superman prosperity judge you know dairy seinfeld george kissed stanza prosperity re does everything in reverse that episode just it doesn't work out nea crazy we deal with this stuff it's so true i don't want more quick note them and run john stuart the left wing
median pointed out something he rarely does he make a sage point but he did in this case he pointed out that the and i want to tie it back to the beginning of the shell physically decided take a shot at the media and so does the new media guys and ladys out there you know you're not committed to the facts anymore you committed to protecting like your own reputations and that's why you're losing in the ear of tropical trumps gonna double down folks he's right john stewart shockingly is correct i only say that nothing reiterated and i can't hear you know i don't do that bringing because i want to add to it i've run for office couple times no i've been involved in his conservative space for while setting a lot of green rooms folks i'm telling you never in my life has a secret service agent flying on the press plain repeatedly overseas flying with the press never sadly i says what about all from their allotted good people
never in my life seen a group of bigger egomaniac the media folks never the way they talk about themselves away they talk about other people the way they talk amongst themselves about themselves it is i'm not can i get it i know i'm a conservative alot of liberals will get this off say no we just gotta media but yeah exactly joe i have ever seen a bigger group of self congratulatory idiots in my life not all from their allotted good people i remember a couple guys you know who really nice there but a lot of these for our self congratulatory loony tunes who i'm i want you you would not trust what your kids are your car they arts of a market that bright you some of the conversations i had were so deeply disturbing obsess they are so narcissistic even john stewart start to see i'm just saying i folks i have that book signing tonight enviro beach the bureau beach book centre that
tells around my website is at six p m if you're in and around bureau come join us i will see you there tonight please subscribed to the show itunes iheart go check it out upon china that com it's free we want to keep it free we appreciate all you support thanks folks i see autumn on you just heard tan bond genomes ya get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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