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Ep. 843 The Aftermath

2018-11-05 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the explosive interview with George Papadopoulos, where he reveals some troubling new information. I also address some positive signs for the GOP in the elections. Finally, I address the growing controversy over a Saturday Night Live piece.    News Picks: Here is the George Papadopoulos interview you’ve been waiting for.   This piece summarizes the big revelations in the George Papadopoulos interview.   George Papadopoulos wants congressional investigators to look at this.   The caravan splits as the first group reaches Mexico City.    Is a silent red wave coming?   Here’s the real cost of “Medicare for all.”   The real differences between conservatives and progressives.    Another colossal failure of liberal economics in Flagstaff.   A catastrophic breach of the CIA communications system.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host bonds you know i love the demagogy no shepard who should show how are you today all set for a really big shoe and eliminate the attic vague weekend for us the pop adopt on this interview we did on friday evening we're sorry it took so long joe is it is ever is a perfection is though and wanted to make sure the audio quality was was tight yes so we got it out about nine p stern on friday but forgive us vote you guess so hot so what is this just to let you know we started what about sixty six six years we elsewhere tested to the limit we were marian up a number of different filed different platforms but joe did not want crappy audio and the interview who is revel
i mean there are things in there you are not going to want to miss folks homage to cover a little bit of it later i get upon a news to get through salami degraded to an i appreciate you alternative at an issue about you by bodies a wax are actually how much i love my sponsors i do not take on sponsors rival use the product or care recommend the product highly wax our acts is a perfect product for me i had serious problems of this vessel with it when i was at the secret service german at your piece of my year all the time i have this problem with your wax build up and you you know you're not supposed to stick those those cotton swabs in your ear that's what they're for the for the outer here so you know you have to go to the doctrine just like that to get it out which is terrible wax this isn't the sexiest product but it will help you deal with your wax build up he's a customer view we saw at hope your voice expensive trips the doctors to do so i used to go to the doktor twice a year to get rid of mice rid of my stubborn harden you wax with my rising cost of healthcare health care unless the double deductible i'd have to spend hours per a hundred twenty dollars per year to treat my ears now i can do it my
do it myself with wax or acts and a significant savings that also does require me to miss a half a day a work thank you wax aurex right now you could try the wax access system it's really good you'd be surprised what converter folks by typing in girl wax our acts that calm that's go wax or ex dot com user rico dan my first name a check out for free shipping don't wait you have no idea you might be missing convener your wax who knows it might just change your life gotta go wax are ex dotcom offer code dan thanks for supporting responses we really appreciate couple notes you first you said a big thank you to all of you that donated to the family of an american country do since pass collen johnson a secret service agent friend of mine a marine a warrior and a patriot who was taken from us way too early due to pancreatic cancer you are amazing i have the greatest audience ever and i'm telling you what i say i have not met every one of you but i've corresponded with a lot of you ever email and twitter i love you
love you i mean it in the real like biblical while the sense i'm not a preacher man but you all are amazing good hearted people some of the notes you left on the go find me pay i don't need any other credit by the way please but that really i mean it i just want to take care of the family and help out but some of the notes you left on the gulf on me page for college johnson which is in my show notes from the friday show we're just incredible so thank you don't even a tremendous amount of money you're the best audience in a business now little bit of a monopoly randy on this i want to handle is little more recently but i want to address a few things on elections in the media because something happened this morning that although it's about me folks i don't i try not to bring like twitter fights about me if they don't have some need is some isn't that the above gino rant our butts up and happiness but i just want to point out to you why so many americans are furious i'm at the media and how they pretend to be journalist when in fact they're not they're active it's just be honest right i'm not a journalist pretend to be i appreciate facts but i'm an i'm
conservative in an activist at heart so i'm sorry friends this morning i was discussing the elections i do i thought no very am i minded way i pointed out what in and get into this and a second i thought three races that'll be indicative of how the country can i go in the mid term i'll get to those in a second why they matter but i thought i made pretty reason analysis based on some polling some of the things i ve been told by the democrats about eyes panic voters are gonna come out in your report against donald trump and that's just not happening so what happens i get off the air and immediately philip fake journalist you know complete zero from the wash imposed decides to take a cheap shot me buddy disguises joe and before any treaty rights thereby gino a quote former police your commenting on the mid term in other words i'm not qualified so ok fair enough so i replied back on its feet and i said to him you know it's it's interesting is i'm proud to be a police officer and i am but i
actually had the balls to run for office while you sit behind a desk in pontificate so then its partner at the washed impose aaron blake piles honest it will they should kyra them you know the little one lower third of the screen they should kyra them three times fail congressional and then you folks listen i lost i lost i ran this your eyebrows for office i lost there's no silver metals i'm not a victim snowflake i don't lose but you know i lost part there's no silver lining when you run for officer lose you lose but photo point is to make this about me it's to show you how these media guys who ve never run for office at all at all they were never cops whenever law enforcement must most never even had real jobs these are them people who when you do commentary on fox despite the fact that june joe joe knew me when i read for office first time
ladies and gentlemen whether you win or lose when you run for office three times you learn things you learn things about voter outreach volunteer stuff you know we almost pull up a huge upset in maryland six we learned how to appeal to suburban voters had her appeal a mountain marilyn had a peal of the ex serves the suburbs issues it mattered how to get out there how did you every you may laugh you may how to do everything from sideways side where we need huge wave as i know there are places they go where you can go in and you can later on use cure codes and and and palm cards and figure out what you're out which is the point of trying to make is running for office gives you valuable experience but it goes to show you have these media types this disparity in america how they're the talkers there never the doers they talk about cop issues they talk about laud for some issues about economic issues about healthcare issues about and that each running for office yet they ve many i have never been cops have never been launched many have been in a military some have they have
i have no experience in private business no experience in health care at all yet they are the ones who sit behind a desk and we're supposed to sit here and listen to them pontificate now these two morons deleted their tweets errand blake and philip up but i just goes to show you again at the dragon about this but folks this is why i can encourage you enough to entirely discount what these media people have to say unless they actually have some experience in the field of commentary why we you listen to a media persons analysis of obamacare who's never been in health care doesn't understand healthcare economics these people came then do journalism and we're asking them do economics and healthcare give me a break please if it is everything just for the record i have known you as long as we ve been doing this and before i've never once did you ever ever make up some weeny excuse about why you'd and win an election nine jospin privies some very private conversations are you my life i never file the law
dude matter of fact the race i lost by one point i was encouraged by a couple a prominent conservatives due to some anomalies in the balloting frederick yet in the city of frederick i remember i was in car member piilau file a lawsuit you could still win this race folks is over i lost that's fine you know take your your shots don't ever be a victim don't ever be worth it you get up you dust yourself off you get your ass off the mad and you go back and you find another way to make a difference joe and i a lot of things we tried different formats we got into the podcasting conservative commentary i wrote some books i choose to stay involved i go out i speak uproar candidates i believe in you know force but a great matters and these media people don't have great you know i ran into a guy if four please bear with me this is important i am say where why because i don't want to give away and he didn't you permission to talk about this i don't think your mind but that doesn't mean i can find out who is anyway but i was place and i was i ran into
guys a friend and he's an act is inadequate you know joe you were in the music feel for whilst a big problem in a field in our yeah he's an attic and i had a conversation fallen off the wagon again sick the third or fourth time but he's a good guy he's a guy with a deep soul and he's a deep thinker and i just the scars man i see the thousand miles there in this guy's eyes sometimes in the fact that he thought he was being aim is back again the place i saw em is key i don't really want to say but the place every it was kicked it says to me he's really try it you know to all people out there all you folks out there you listeners and otherwise you know people you know out there who are attics and others but who ve lived hard lives who made real mistakes who ve lost he says you ve been fired from jobs who ve gotten it drugs they should have got into another hard time i care about you i care about european in your opinion matters to me you have lived through the school of heart
you got a mob you swept floors you ve clean floors you ve clean toilet balls you know you ve worked you ve moved back as you ve you you know you ve got a dirt onto your fingernails you ve landscape you ve worked for a living you ve hung sheet rock you build things you build houses you ve done stuff you ve we ve been out there in the real world you made mistakes and you ve learned from them you people out there were recovering and in that present recovery know that a lot of people like us love you man and were therefore we understand that you know it's hard to get through that but your experiences matter at the get off track but that just goes to me too though the disparity between real americans people have had problems with drugs with alcohol people who work people who been fired people have had to get up people who were open businesses that have failed restaurants at a fat and hadn't making you pour your life's savings into i care more about your quote journalism then i do theirs fact that's the trump effect this
in the trunk perfect that's the trump effect this is a guy who had a build stuff he may worth a lot of money but he had to produce something he had a he committed to a building the building had to be built it wasn't talking it wasn't sit behind a desk at the washed imposed with yours stupid detached commentary commenting on elections you ve never run in it was real they had actually build the building numeric that word real problems you want write about the opium crisis how about someone who lived it have this cat i read it to week was again trying to fight back and get his life back i care about his opinion on how easy is to get how did he get it why did i feel so broken he needed to fall back again what's going on i care about their opinion not these media people they are complete we d tat you want to explain away the cnn sucks chance maybe that'll help you are even remotely interested taken part
chances are you serious whenever my folks couple things in the election when you have it show couple races i want you to pay attention to imagine before but they important number one we'll herds race in texas twenty three we have been told by democrats that the or hispanics they they treat them of course like natanz like robots you are not you are gone children who are all individuals it said we even have to say that but the democrats treat you like a bunch of robots hispanic voters will herds lives is resides in southern texas a district by hispanic voters he is a republican running for reelection here dramatically in a race that has gone both ways democratic republic in the past in the presidential if blue wave when i say wave i mean twenty eight or thirty seats or more is gonna happen happen then that's would most certainly be going for the democrat secondly race down here in southern florida carlos
cabello again are these the greatest conservatives in the world folks i'm not saying that i am simply suggesting today are far better than the alternative and if we lose ass we lose the chairmanships these is this bravo straight read there no question i don't care had you congressional rep is they promise you they'll be no worse than the democrats running congress they will be a term it will be a disaster you have a virus salazar running down here in southern florida largely hispanic district lot of venezuelan voters not a cuban voters republican she's against the current meets the danish leyla for an open sea you mean ross leaf this sea was one overwhelmingly by hillary clinton yet salazar very competitive which six asked the you what you already know his voters are not robots brian model gozo local radio station down he was on fox news this week and it made a great point what democrats are blinded by
with their identity politics love affair job is that black vote then hispanic voters are not robots these are sentient free thinking give children of god who think for themselves and their families pissed lumping hispanic voters from california in new york and florida is one one of the most racist things you can do all the same whose they whose they dare not all the same dobbs these are rethinking peep pete my wife in voter i promise you can vote democrat piss voters in florida joe are individuals they have the visual stories many of them can from venezuela where socialism broke them and their families and their businesses many of them came from cuba where the castro regime then their businesses and their families these are free thinking people they don't think democratic identity politics teach him to keep
her eyes on those two races it's not have heard i the wind salazar even if she loses pay attention at slim margin another race that i ran in and i want to just kind of poor lay this after this back and forth you idiots from the washington post who seem to think running for up is a fact that i lost it means nothing that the fact i write about it means more i want you to pay attention to the maryland six district joseph really familiar with its one i ran it used to be how by a republican they redistricting it's now overwhelmingly democrat it's about a democrat plus six district dude i nearly one the race i lost by one the two other aunt rachel ran and it lost by twenty and fifteen why is this race matter focus what about me the racial be over early so you'll get a good barometer maryland congressional district six i say this i dont think that great nor public insides gonna win i hope she does
don't think she will based on what i my sense of district by the attention to the outcome why because it will be indicative of the fact going on across the country in these districts that that that when these competitive house district judge joe knows well marilyn six is too tap replaces it is western mountain maryland and it is the you see suburbs reason my race was close this is important and other two weren't is we managed to get out and maximize the ex serbs in the rural and mountain voters in maryland they turn out was phenomenal yes sir it was incredible and these suburban dc anger at the republican party was not is pronounced backed and because it was a rain tax in maryland
and a lot of suburban democrats in dc suburbs didn't turn out vote because they were tired of democratic governor martineau molly and the rain tax the rest i bring this up now is donald trump has brought in a new batch of working class former democrat mountain maryland exert voters in washington county alleghany county and care in maryland are those new voters in the mid terms donald trump brought in enough to offset a lot of suburban anger that some suburban voters have at the time but ministration gender by the media that man berlin district is indicative of this if if there can the data the republican candidate the losers by even three to four points or winds to see or win but if she loses by even three to four points in a race that was lost in the past by fifteen and twenty
it should say to you that the republicans we'll have a pretty decent night because its indicative of this fight some problems in the suburbs but we are kicking but in the serbs outside of the suburbs the rural areas and mountain areas where new trump vote companies that make sense joe now dare six race been completely ignored by a lot of people and i cannot understand why i almost one it i lost my one by one on election day we lost on the absentee count pay attention folks that race i'm telling you will be a bell whether for what's going on around the country editor close super early one more thing on this and i want to move on i have a great article from rasmussen up at the show notes today i also the great article covering the george pop adopt some of you written up by matt for those you have the time to listen to it it's wonderful please do it he did great it covers the high
it's my columbo wrote a piece of punch you know that com which i will put new shown us today as well so don't forget but one more thing or article by rasmussen saying i stand by and will see what happens i think we add three coming now lying i've got to tell you i made my predictions i stand by and see what happens i think we add three to five houses seats as choose me senate seats and i think we all the house by a slim margin to it maybe even one am optimistic but predict our predictions i'm not duff fortune teller i'm not danced autonomous i i can only tell you based on but i'm seeing with hispanic voters and a big we turn out but here's another reason i think republican stand a chance of holding mass the rest of you should pieces telling joe the recent there's a mess around this isn't some puff highly partisan outfit it's their affair shooter when it comes to pulling the art says here we often these paul's again and a point out some
some eighty judge want to read this year when it talks about but the failures and twenty sixteen based on democrats willingness to say who they're going to vote for in contrast to republicans who can be a little more reserved and yet not tell pulseless andrew so here is a quote from the peace the latest rasmussen reports national telephone online surveys finds that this important folks sixty percent of light we democratic voters say they are more likely to let others know how they intend to vote this year sixty percent of dams are the words will tell the truth right this compares to only forty nine percent of republicans and forty percent of voters not affiliated with either major political party in other words in tendency not affiliated and republicans are less willing to tell pollsters who they are going to vote or now he goes out more more paragraph he describes
this was one of the failures in the twenty sixteen election too in other words you call democrats a bigger born democrat you call republicans don't know or maybe they lie because there is not willing to tell people who voted for joe you think that because of with the poor oh yeah big idea bearable coarser well you have you got a bunch of republic is you don't want to tell you the truth it's gonna screw you pulls up here goes on he says august twenty sixteen fifty two percent of a crass were more likely to let others know how they intended to vote compared to forty six percent of republicans and thirty four kind of on affiliated voters some annulled before and after chumps i've said victory suggested that most pollsters missed hidden support among voters fear of criticism who were unwilling to say where they stood folks again on the predictions are predictions that you now doing the best
i can't based on the data out there i'm only suggesting to you that places like rasmussen who have no skin and partisan game it but they do have skinner prediction game would not put article out there if there wasn't some credence to it i strongly encourage you to read it so although i don't they it's gonna be a red wave we are going to i'm pretty sure we're gonna lose seats there is a chance we hold onto the house i think that's what i believe that's what i believe is going to happen they slim cause i don't believe its limit was i think we're gonna hold onto the house by slim martin i think that has a lot to do with it and it parlez per when i just told you about my old race in maryland six how many mountain voters exe voters for voters rural voters are going to turn out to offset the floor oh we may see from the suburbs and the cities especially in a district like maryland six which has both of those fast dating fascinating question ok can show us
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other things to get you but i want to nail this first the pop up listen if you just covering on this is well doing in a brief recap so what you can expect if you decide to go back and listen to it it's honor if you could subscribe on itunes on a cloud and i heard it's free might the subscribing to my part guesses free we really appreciate it it will be there for you on the feed so also up at bungee know thou come there were some really interesting revelations during the interview oh yeah let me say first i want to thank george for coming on his at one point during the interview he makes a statement about the pfizer about a potential buys a warrant against him now i'll give you a little backroom george right around the time this was all going on this summer of twenty sixteen he was contacted by report as he didn't say who age probe them a little bit for but fair and did you know he was nice enough to come on camacho makin a push him on that he says he this
contacted by reporters from outlets we would now i'm assuming some prominent liberal hours i don't know who they are can be the posts the times i have no idea he doesn't say buddy as he was contacted by reporters writer the time all these leaks we're going on about a pfizer warrant on him ladys general why does this matter because nobody's this is not this is news we have been told that the spying operation of donald trump team joe so far i was limited basically to carter page by at least one comes to the formal vice application process going through the courts to get a warrant against what now looks like an innocent american citizen carter paid it makes we question how many fine words were out there now we do we know that the fbi applied for pfizer's a more than i do the question here and you know maybe we'll get back we'll get george backward episode to at some point you have a large number of follow up questions do we just wanted to wrap it up in an hour the time illicit do indigestible nuggets here and it was so
jennifer when it one of the fine words that was denied in other words try to get a pfizer on him that was denied which would make a lot of sense why because it's john solomon is written in a lot of his heel pieces joe at the helm a calm with john solemn and i've told you from the beginning i think those the whole story john is had this big eagle eye view of this from the start even set it on had any one eye he said he ex george papadopoulos was the initial like hot targeted investigation but we got this guy he's got these connect instead you know the middle eastern the energy industry over there he's been involved with the trump team i think we could tie him up with the russians he thinks at one point the puppet applause angle dies because either there listening in autumn or whatever they do this set up with miss said and it doesn't work out they don't get pop a little as they try to trap a minute doesn't work so papadopoulos thinks that's explain show which makes perfect sense folks this makes perfect sense that explains the guy
between the initial i believe a trap and operation against papadopoulos in april twenty sixteen any fbi failure to interview him until next year so solomons theory was they start ricardo if they realize they ve got nothin joe they ve got nothin they ve got nothin but a beggar the dog food nothing if they are popcorn there's nothing there they move on from papadopoulos they take now we someone joe hoop creeps out there the scream at them carter page what's the problem carter page investigation through finds it turns out to be a dog to gas so what do they do they go back to but the police in january the next year like hey guys bamboos this entrapped the thing is it working we tried poverty we try listen this is important we try to fight on property we didn't get it we find
we get the flies on carter page they can now we got them hope lighted sicker we get nothing there either we better go back to papa day this epics all since in the world now how this was the worst entrap in operation in the history of humankind this stupid legendary in this big without it also makes sense the interview the arrest at the airport the arrest at the airport which happens months after the interview now makes sense so he's interview in january twenty seventeen i think can i think solomons right i think they start targeting papadopoulos they realized they ve got nothing they probably get rejected for a fire they come back the pop adopt january they interview they realize they still got nothing they probably try to back to some one else way very that go anywhere is there's gotta be important will come up again in a minute
they try to move on to some one else you ve track and joe now let's get property didn't work out cable of out of court approach that backed up but they re in january that doesn't work out either they go to someone i get to the someone else thing in a minute because that came up any interviewed through you gotta listen to it the somewhat does it work out either why folks because there's no collusion this is not a hard thing to figure out you can't invent the crime it didn't happen right around the summer time they realize we better go back to papa the again probably to shut him up either to shut him up or in one desperate last attempt try to share his tree and get some information out of it that they didn't have before but there's no information to give papadopoulos were set up how this tie into the interview first he brought up defies the thing to do the fact that there may have been a pfizer and it may
in denied that makes sense it says its papadopoulos was in fact patient zero in this case but it also explains away airport scenario joe wasn't a fascinating man i was that was like as parliament my ball now you guys are we to me a job where odyssey folks we get it done an interview for two hours she sat a respect for georgia's time jos everyone out and yours we try this but up to now and i guess i'll try to have back for portuguese there's a bunch of questions we did an answer he describes his arrest at dulles airport returning from overseas describes it and pretty intricate detail ended details matter i ask him some critical questions that i according to his lawyer hasn't told them yet it explains the targeting of papadopoulos then moving on then coming back to him every time the fbi gets desperate the arrest at the airport
he's returning and i believe he set up with this cash exchange which he describes in even more intricate detail with this guy charles too will someone gives him thousand dollars oversees the sky charles to wheel in it in a hotel seen that he describes you cannot listen to the shop how he was and how we thought this was that he was going to die at this day someone gives him ten thousand dollars conveniently exact amount of money he'd have to declare when during the united states and if he does we could be in a lot of trouble right george doesn't bring the ten thousand dollars back he leaves he senses something's wrong cordon him and he leaves the ten thousand dollars overseas words still there i leave this may be part of the set up he disk i was coming out of the airport in dallas again in me really incredible the tail and he thinks the bill
ro guys you see she's the bureau guys ruffling do stuff i think they're looking for the money why because folks this point i think they know this investigation remember this is twenty seventeen out trumps the president now there in clean up on our foremost they real as collusion is a myth that they have been chasing the white rabbit forever and nothing has happened they get it they know it's over now they have to shut everybody up they need to get papadopoulos get him to work and be a cooperative for something anything they go to the airport joe with every expectation that they're gonna find papa doubtless with what the muddy though jos make any index finger to fantasize where the money you know can be the direct they think they're going to five puppet so with the body papa did as an after body he left the money behind so the f b i got your panic here's mine now
so many suspicious things about this interaction with describes here's but while having done it involved in a lot of cases some of them which involve people coming from overseas or at actions that i was not there green vital i'd never i speak with precision here on this its import having been involved in a couple case that involves a lot of overseas travel i'm familiar with how the process works i ll leave it at that the customs and border protection guys are typically the ones that will assist in any kind of a any kind of a eight an airport like arrests look let me explain to spam not doing a good job but it's important because it explains how anomalous this whole thing is theirs manifest where these flights if the bureau who they d or someone wants to rest someone coming off a plain overseas your back into the united states they will typically work with the sums in border guys and the customs
order guys may be there for first contact typically are why they weren't there for this but that was makes no mention of being confronted by the customs importer guys maybe i'll get some more detail on this if we do another interview teams aspect mentioned it being provided by these fbi guys in suits why with bureau guys leave the sea bp guys out of it why who they trying to keep this thing on the hush hush why we looking for the money what are certain that he wasn't gonna declared where they gonna use it now here's my guess what happened folks they need to keep this on the total hush hush right they problem we have a complaint drawn up in advance it's like a charging document george papadopoulos did ex wisely got it they can't swear to a complaint joe about the ten thousand dollars why
because i don't know he has it they kick go in front of a judge that george papadopoulos came back to dallas with ten thousand dollars because they haven't got to the airport yet but i'll bet here's how a federal system i'll bet they had this thing type up on a word document sitting on the desk of a united states attorney which is fair that's it you don't have to swear to god it didn't happen but the havoc a summary of what you thinks it's perfectly right you just scrambled if it doesn't it it's not a big deal it happens all the time i get to you they had that waiting some finally a charge on the ten thousand dollars they had it waiting there looking for the money they're getting ready to call that united states attorney working for the gump hey we got the money ok let's get a georgiana formats where did this arrest war right now but what happens folks he didn't have the money don't have anything it sounds to me like desperation time kicks in and they need today
you got it you they need apple is going to the media say it i was confronted in the airport but the fbi there's something go and they want to shut this the whole point of the clean up operation clean up i've or you got it they need to shut this guy down but they don't have anything they charge they probably already typed up for some kind of a a failure to raw you know a failure to declare some money laundering charge or whatever it may be isn't there they panic they probably go back to their january interview their likeness it got desperate at the airport in desperately needed shut this guy down you know where i would tears running up as you try to give them money back in a guy said now you can the fbi on such a loose case like this that supposed to be so important russian collusion says they had nothing and at that point they got desperate at the airport in desperately needed shut this guy down you know where i would tears running up as you try
give them money back and a guy said now you can grant wanted actual and point the guy who gives him the folks if this doesn't like send your bs in can it through the roof do i mean where miss a thousand things and media what i just summarizing it's a pre election day and i've got so much stuff to get across to you you're missing if you're not listening to this year you blow it it is such a good job brings up a great point the eu given that ten thousand thousand charles to wheel ripe to wield the way denies any knowledge of of working with intel or anything like that but to wheel nervous he says he sweating yet papadopoulos says he calls them and tell them take the money back in three of us i don't want it why did you folks come on let's pre logical about this if pop up the story is correct and we are giving it ten thousand dollars to work in some consulting capacity and a guy calls you back and says i don't want to be a consultant take your money you say no who is rich enough to like me
ten thousand dollars as a tip for papadopoulos right folks this make any sense jos right this is the dumb thing i've ever heard its becoming clear to me the ten thousand was set up you get my point they went to the airport think it ain't gonna have em on this ten grand a failure to declare whatever it may be some charge they probably didn't get it then their confused their panic they need to arrest this guy on something because they need to shut him up there use them later on users a source inside the trump team possibly but to use them you need some kind of substance base chart something it's gonna threatening multiple years in jail wherever it maybe maybe we'll get him on some money laundering or bank fraud with this money they don't have it what do they do what we got a restaurant something guys we don't have anything what are you gonna arrest felonious loans to small premium think degree they don't have anything
so someone public aid and need tell us the wrong date with an interview in january all let's get him on that but that's not an do incentivize the guide a flip it makes perfect france now to more take away from this so it's clear to me now again they start would papadopoulos list they got nothing they move onto carter page they got nothin on page they panic they go back to but that was january they still got nothing they move on again only to come back to papadopoulos later again in the summer to shut this guy up now it makes sense would papadopoulos a bright at the end of the year you by the way drops of moab on us in the interview and he's ok by the way i think there was another spy in the trough campaign what now he has we did this before to be fair so it's a didn't break my shell bitches description is fascinating he says i can't say who i think it was but let me say this believe it was a low level guy who
involved and embedded in the trunk campaign who may have been feeding information outside of shrimp gpa the some of these same and entities that we're targeting trump folks that's a fastened revelation because it makes perfect sense in the timeline entrap george papadopoulos doesn't work the page o back the papadopoulos page did work at pop apples and january this isn't working out either we got nothin but a false statements charge you wasn't involving collusion let's go who our guy secret guy in the campaign now you may say papadopoulos is just saying that really it's funny because glenn simpson a fusion gps guy who testified under oath bon capitol hill said their oath that there was a source inside the trump campaign but i was really crazy is goin simpson crazy too wait till we find out who that person is how many people that they tried it
it down with this thing folks how many it is on believable had to listen to any of you will be blown away i got one more take away with them guy we males me often noses stop does a really good job and he brought up a question i failed to ask but i want to follow up with which europe because it's very telling eye before we get there finally can issue you by your buddies a brick ass nutrition lawbreaker one of my original sponsors they have the finest nutrition sup it's on the market the people who develop their products they are our top notch tat the doktor they have work they are really really knows his staff this business matters to it one of the best price they have right now i feel the greens in his tremendous it is not now feel the greens are let me tell you what it isn't first hear a lot course is out there the fruit and vegetable powder fruit and vegetable pale you get your fruits and vegetables and appear great you know it stuff is its extract its crap is garbage feel the greens is different feel the greens is actual food
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the greens today send a shoe reviews you're gonna love it brick ass nutrition that calm slash then send this review of the other great ok one last point on this and i want to move on to a couple of things that are really important that we get the election tomorrow vote vote vote vote vote no excuses i said that george we opened up the interview by saint described to us who set up this interview miss said missus the maltese professor who tells a puppet apple is about the russian dirt on hilary it starts this whole thing right that happens in it ro twenty sixteen i said the pot why was this interview recorded and i asked them the key questions when you met with miss said did i ask you to move to a quiet spot did he put a phone in front of you did he sit closer to you than you know when men i've got to get together business meeting i don't sit typically right next to each other at the you should have crossed me so you can look at each other right night ninety angle is seed over closer to you was he act suspiciously and pop up
this gave some interesting answers to that but he seems to think he was recorded by miss said a questioning for joy george me if you know this and show maybe if you can answer on twitter be really helpful didn't miss said pick the spot who pick the spot to me great question horrified at and ask it in other words if you set me up right in your work for the cia or the fbi and you're recording me and there's gonna be physical surveillance in that place it's pretty net you pick the spot right now take the asset year by year you dare you so people can get in there and advance they can position some cameras now three then they that that i bring this up is as i during the interview there are multiple times and this in charging documents investigative documents where conversation with withstood appears to have been monitored by people where they talk about like
on this side and pop up they seem on interested y see what does that mean see minded today who told them that with somebody watching them now if this thing was recorded the myths papadopoulos me and somebody has the tapes again it's all any internet i wanna keep hammering this but it's so good i say it one point zero remember this if we have the tapes daddy the cases over because the liberal democrat and media case against papa but this is he meets with this maltese professor masood who tells him they have russian dirt on hilary the media this case is that skies a russian asset if he's a russian asset and the interim it was transcribed unrecorded how there how did we get a copy of it in the united states intelligence community if the russians were colluding to take down our election have you asked yours
even that basic question i understand the recording is everything if our i see intelligence greeting the fbi has a transcript of a meeting with miss sued why are you not asking yourself the question how the hell we get a copy of that i thought that was the russians doing it so the russians amidst should to go recruit papadopoulos and tell him about dirt on hilary rico i did it and gave it to the u s government why i have no idea be the dumbest spies ever or we at the recording because miss goods connections were to western intelligence or friendly's who turned it over and not to the russians forces that makes sense that's why this question who pick the location which is a good one is so critical who pick the location gotta get that from george if miss should or the
people who set it up who papadopoulos is seems confident now we're working with western intelligence if they picked it just another nail in the coffin at myths should not a russian asset he was working with friendly's why would we have a recording showed us that makes sense during the interview we hammered put furiously why would have a recording if the russian sent an asset to recruit pop up why would they give us the recording systemic that essentially what you may say oh maybe they want to admit to it they i didn't mean to do it then the russians listen i'm not there not our france they are no liars let's be clear on the spot putin and the russians have done i'm trying to interfere in our election process they did points they they did a match i've just suggesting to you why we they deny it and in turn over a tape of them trying to interfere in our election percent make any sense
we would only have a transcript if there is one if miss should was working with friendly's that's why spiritually lonely tools like that set abrams so they can't explain this stuff away they just can't if there's a transcript out there how the hell is that transcript how did it get to our guys who pick the spot critical stuff couple more things want to get too cause is important not just quickly on the saturday night lived the bottle there was a comedian on saturday night live pete davidson who why did escape remarkably unfunded skit poking find it then crenshaw a republican congressional candidate who lost an eye in in battle he is in a man can patriot and hero who is running for congress crenshaw the joke was pretty hard oh he shows a picture of crenshaw who now where's an ipad she lost his right eye and he said that this guy looks like a hit man in a porn movie
this bad enough but then the comedian on saturday lie follows up by saying or i we know he lost his eye and war or whatever folks us i'm not a snowflake there i have a generally high tolerance for comedy i get it you know we'll make bad jokes and i dont think society should be overly sensitive about what comedian say their comedians for reason the problem however this joke is you know what folks here are some red lines in a decent society i am and i i approve a crenshaw crunch patriot and a hero anyone on fox and friends right before me i you know when you're on the edge oh yes well now you can you listen and you re piece of the segment before you question said the writing i guess i'm not demanding an apology i'm you know they want to apologize then do it sincerely if you know don't aim god she brother you're the hero in this and you come out of this looking like exactly who you are and american patriot and europe day look small
i'm not demanding and one nobody cares when i demand but i've got a big enough water and i think this for dont demand anything saturday live looks this small may look like it if they want to apologize reporters but i'm telling you the eyes the american people in the eyes the people that was a disgraceful episode and i told the story i just want to repeat a very quickly on fox morning why this is why this is one of the red line just out of a sense of dignity you don't cross you know my last trips as a presidential protection division good service agent was overseas to afghanistan what barack obama was on my birthday i remember and it was it was an interesting trip the danger is trapped will not one item you know i'm not going to do that in my view by my first book it's the echo into along explanation by what happened there was actually quite interesting but this point i want to make here is about point we were in reminiscence medical facility there
i was with a bomb and on the lead so they're going to me for everything in this and we want to go over the hospital they want a pin they wanted to a purple hard ceremony and i went over but or we went over there is this like gm area and the german i'm talking to this this officer who was in charge of this unit and just ask him i said i was curious because we were going to the hospital but we're meeting with these other guys in the german it was just it wasn't on the seat civil society anticipated joe everything the secret service has drawn down to the second so the commanding officer i said to why are we meeting with the soldiers and there were like sixteen or more so forgive me if the numbers off i don't remember exactly but he because there were twenty of us a couple days ago and i looked at him i said what happened he said we were up do when a mission and one of the afghan soldiers they are working with in a green on green incident shot and killed i think it was four of them and move a bunch of other ones ivory i
i am now i was what do you say i'm sorry god why don't i didn't know what to say i can't even agile when it must have been like to be this military officer running unit where he lost his men to what he thought was a friendly devastating moment followed only by an even worse moment for me emotionally when we went over the hospital and you know he was putting these purple hearts on the survivors you see these guys i mean some really really awful condition its devastate no watch itself snowflake you're right folks there's some stuff that's she's not funny ass you know do the right thing step up ben don't make apology because anybody demands it don't make an apology because it's the right thing to do come out listen pete davidson lost his dad nine eleven really i'm not interested in a pile on right now but peter since you come angle this and sometimes a comedy you say some really stupid
guys a hero it came out wrong it was my mistake americans are very forgiving even of liberal idiots like the writers and saturn i like they are purchased say we screwed up there wasn't funny and thanks crenshaw you know what we're going to move on to write folks i had an uncle who had never met my told she was killed in vietnam even shot in the back gregory ambrose never met the guy skill them max alpha through duck vietnam's trying to save his buddies get the bronze star with a v cluster for his heroism historians amazing every memorial day i put it up on my facebook you can read it yourself my fate we was never the same after that it was pre gregg and posts gregg he was a kid when he was shot he was i dont mean emotionally he was a man and an american hero chronologically he was a kid
my grandmother never ever saw her son and his forties she died broken hearted over that it's not funny it's not whatever and it's not a joke just step up and do the right thing for once nobody's demanding anything would demanding a little bit of courage and dignity so movement moving on so much to get to so there are a lot of ballot measures folks on the ballot tomorrow as well i know getting lost in a lot of the races and you know the care house candidate senate candidates gubernatorial candidates i put out some too it's with some candidates i think we should all get out and vote for him but i couldn't everyone i'm sorry i just try my best here you know you know john james she got bob you get up a new jersey marcia blackboard scott rhonda santa's you got brain
camp in georgia gonna get out forty a bunch of you know how are out and nevada get out vote do the right thing we have to say and up and fight these guys these did you know that the liberal say that this will be disaster if they went be impeachment investigations it'll be a mess okay but there are i what measures on their as well that a really important i want to talk a couple here there's a there's a measuring flagstaff irish now i dance are you bring it out at this is a national show actually international show but i bring it up because issues relate to you there's a ballot measure on flat staff arizona to repeal their minimum wage at least as it was past why because folks i have the art go up the show notes i encourage you to read because economics fails every time what if i told you over and over the great irony of liberalism is even hurts liberals you vote can derivative in liberty it benefits conservatives and liberals that's the irony long story short
the washed examiner peace describes it more detail if you're interested flagstaff arizona voted in a minimum wage they thought it was agreed idea fifteen dollars an hour plus the indexed to the state minimum wage meaning it would have gone up even more what happened joe as this is immediately decamp left flagstaff arizona and they talk about a really troubling story about a company job that provides mrs to disabled folks poison and provides jobs to disable folks and these to say folks are now out of jobs they are out jobs why because flagstaff arizona decided would be a good idea to implement a minimum wage and one of the lines in it is great they ask one of the companies what happened and the company say why they went out of business they said it is not that we do not agree with him in and wage we just couldn't afford it sooner or later economic reality kicked you in the face of that's on the ballot also the issues coming up in this although not specifically on the ballot but in voting for governors will be
you give em was running for governor as a far left radical socialist down here in florida i stacy abrams running an enemy in shoot me in georgia you have these far left candidates running on these medicare for all type issues on their running all over the country is a number of governors races where this happens to be knows or local me florid georgia right my region in the united states right they're running on like medicare for all folks i have a great great article the daily signal up at the show notes today talking about the costs for medicare for all i've got into the national cos liberal and conservative think tanks are both calculated this up the costs thirty two trillion dollars over ten years that's basically the entire federal budget over the next ten years but forget for a second the national casa was the federal level let's go to some state cos florida we're guillemots running for governor and is
one of these medicare for all guys he's a bernie sanders guy here this folks this is your while these are real expenses this isn't a joke to input into she's me to implement a medic care for all in florida the state sales tax joe this is a grave when the state sales tax would go from six percent to thirty nine percent so floridians listen up if kill em that's a medic here for all and you away in a new by whenever a new sofa fur bugs hundred dollars whatever to grow and even numbers out there you are six dollars intact as you are now going to pay thirty nine dollars who taxes on that product now time's up every purchase you may sound good kind an outright carolyn than other statement to intimately familiar with if they implement medicare for all it would cost twenty
four billion dollars like all k that uncertainty bit yeah except for the fact that the entire state budget is only forty four billion that's more than half kind of an issue that has always goes on north korea considering no socialist pan care for means medicare for none because medicare money becoming out of the people on medicare now it would cost forty one nine billion dollars double the car the courage general fund expend expenditures forty one point nine billion in north carolina in vermont would cost four point three billion any tax increase of nine point five percent plus an additional i've been point five percent payroll tax tat you like them apples you like pay and nine point five percent tax increase
less and additional eleven point five percent of your money california this is astonishing it'd it cause for hundred billion dollars two hundred billion in new taxes folks this is serious stuff there are energy issues on the ballot nevada please look in two choice in energy energy in this in your energy choices in nevada in florida there there are a number of ballot initiatives out about choosing a bank about gambling and choosing give this ballot in issues are important do not forget downtown racist ladies and gentlemen this is where you can make a big difference and as is but be based my last shell before election day tomorrow let me just leave you with this doers and their are talkers that i'd love you death i mean and i opened my show saying that all you did for college johnson is family i adore you but please
god i'm not using the lord's name in vain we are in a critical time in american history right now every elections important not just the trump election please i'm begging you to do do not talk to this must change the world i love what i do but if it doesnt motivate you two action everything we ve been discussing for the last three years we ve been doing this is absolutely useless please please get out there and vote i ballot is in get online get online tomorrow get our mind early do not get off that lie no matter what until that lever is pull the that boxes check the country needs you right now this generation we ve had we listen for all our problems we still have a very good he had the valley fourth generation eating shoe lever for the survival of the republic we're not ask him much please go out there if you have to take time off work and do it please show up just wrong for this one last thing and i let you go i'm sorry but i have to this is so important folks turn out is everything they are expecting turn out to be typical mid term turn which depending on the state when you get like
eighty percent of registered voters turn out for a presidential in a lot of states is fifty sometimes even below that if republican voters turn out no model similar to that similar the presidential election i know it's a lot to ask folks i'm tell we will keep the house we will add to the senate we will take back some of these governor ships we will hold some of the governorship we have and we will be sitting air wednesday morning saying ass we did something did something we drew a line in the sand that we said no more as markel vince you're tired of being called a racist massages transit falb homer oh lama form and every other disgusting derived short term book when you have nothing but love for your fellow americans big our love for fellow americans this is your time to get up and do do no more talk the talk is over
painting is done it's time to get on that line a pull that lever please you just in bonn gino she did more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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