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Ep. 845 What Really Happened Last Night

2018-11-07 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the historic midterm elections and the good, the bad, and the ugly takeaways from the results.   News Picks: A huge win in Florida.   A big win in Missouri.   Four big takeaways from last night’s historic elections.   If Republicans would’ve acted like Republicans, they could’ve done better in the House.    Last night was, most definitely, not a “blue wave.”   Obama loses, again.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gina democrats a banking on a blue wave grass to ride a blue waved and ethical them cereal blue way that i feel very good there is an enormous soon army like blue wave cut coming there was a huge waves can present favours party and knocked down that blew away all right folks it wasn't the greatest night ever but it was not the words tat tipp the geo pre for put out but we cannot forget the most important part of the show producer joe yeah how are you today my friend i'm doing all right man still alive in i'm stonily we are i think we are all children a god folks don't ever forget that that you know in the end its politics and re i still matters we have kids and things like that but i will give you the run down today the good the bad
the ugly and what i promise you will be unique political analysis you will not hear anyone else i spent the whole night putting this go together and i've never been more eager to get on the air so let's get right do with it i shall bring you buy a buddies agenda you sell pay it sets oghee jaw lie ladies and gentlemen is the jo leinen in the double chin they give your age away but not any more my wife and my mother not love this stop it using the brand new jan you sell your line treatment with dual peptide m de l technology germany's most advanced technology ever they not titans soggy jaw line but a the lip of filling lay to the skin the contour and define the shoreline within minutes using pepper it's an meadow lactose together for the first time it works amazingly quick the results get better every day no one says this technology or our proprietary chemical free basis provided that double chin right now here's the best news at yours free when you order you self for under i've under i bags and happiness and for results in twelve hours genuine
immediate effects is also free text the word young why oh you and tax young to seven seven four five three or go jane you sell dot com and like my name at check out imagine that by name of course the embargo imagine double gin disappearing in about a week which any self your line treatment one hundred guaranteed or your money back stop imagining collar click now text the word young to seven seven four five three or his agenda so that combat jan you sell dot com we love jenny so my modem of those crazy over the stunning sister she loves it okay so much to talk about folks let's go through it to take a ways number one it was a very very bad night for progressives ladies and gentlemen progressives we have been told that the left is taking over the country that the country is taking radical large towards the radical far left socialism is the path to the future and as i want to point out to you that left was
as we can see the far left so for was about open eight or over nine depending on what happens in a couple races let me go down some races where radical far less progressive were running and got annihilated in a lot of these races ok first hours on a governor garcia versus doozy do sea winds the republican down in florida matter that a resounding victory but a solid victory by round the santas over far left this andrew gallop stacy abrams again not a huge victory but a victory in georgia in what should have been a good democratic year according to their blue way predictions far left stacy abrams looks like she's gonna lose versus brian camp dwell job joe is marilyn maryland deep blue maryland republican larry hugging the race was called big it eight o clock in the morning yesterday before the paul's even open larry hooligan beats far leftist ben jealous
now one of the more resounding gubernatorial victories we ve seen in a long time in the state of maryland that now has a republican governor who will be overseeing the redistricting process for marilyn in twenty twenty may be able to pick up a few seats there if that redistricting goes well texas senate race beethoven rourke robert friend just did very well yesterday we shouldn't deny that he finished unexpectedly close i thought the wind by six or more did not wound up winning by a little more than two but the far left this goes down in again a win win especially in this cycle the california forty five race looks good for the republic in the eastern you can race in it in nebraska pennsylvania one wireless verse pick fitzpatrick looks like patrick you republicans gonna pull it out brigham and looks he's gonna win a virginia five randy bright
spar leftist in wisconsin one looks like he's gonna go down ladies and gentlemen the progressives got smoke yesterday take away number one programme civism even in what should have been a reason bingley pro democratic you returned the blue wave the blue wave ladies and gentlemen it did not happen follow will be sending emails immediately after the show i have nothing to do with that my lovely wife by the way everywhere i go i get even at the book signing there a pro motley the pro motley forces of the world are aligning everywhere folks it was the night the democrats wants you to believe i would declare it at best a split decision you now we don't have the results of some of these house races yet it looks like in total we could lose this anywhere from twenty six to thirty seat the they might have some of these races are called when they are called the bottom line is the average amount of seats a president loses party loses
the mid term elections first term is between two be five and thirty seats which stands right in line with the historical average what's the catch joe you may be same what then enough sounds bad he lost with the average was the lose folks like we're gonna pick up as i said to you for five scented seats dago we're still at the vote still out now arizona and montana with tester but holly defeated mechanical cabin crew are defeated heidi high camp man barely slip by the cabin off act was real we added significantly and out to our leading the senate this is important now make explain to you why in a little while might brought in indiana the feeding donnelly not only holding the senate but expanding our leading the senate in a red wave leads to nothing more than what i believe to be a split decision at a point i made on fox this morning i want to reiterate folks from out of the naysayers want to give up do not dare give up do not give up ladys in general
fight starts now the democrats started their fight the day after the trump victory remember all the the women's marginal this other stuff i have to ask yourself or a weed lesser people than the democrats the answer is how to them no we're not twenty twenty starts now you want to see back in while low in near in pity that you know what then please just do it on your own and don't take it you don't i'll take the the onset of other people who want this this amount make amerika great again revolution to continue on serious if this is for you this fight that's fine it's after everybody but don't take steam out of everyone else assails twenty twenty now we need take a break i don't i don't listen i do this every day if it there's that anyone who wears me there's no brakes twenty twenty starts today and i'm gonna get to a whole bunch of good signs we have here there are a lot of we candidates unfortunately the top of the ballot in states where
he's going to be at the top of the pallet twenty twenty joe trump trump some of these states that had we candidates at the top of the ballot on the republic inside that we didn't perform well and we're going to have trump back on the top of the ballot in other words show a lot of these seats we lost are going to have the benefit of the turn out donald trump provide in the presidential we may take right back remember this this point of foxes warning ronald reagan eighteen eighty two joe lost one six seats in the house which is really right a babel we're gonna lose in this race maybe a few more ronald reagan keeper my we added significantly in the senate six year seats folks in the senate ronald reagan lost twenty six seats in the house one to win and nineteen eighty four in the largest landslide modern american history winning forty nine and fifty states and barely losing the one lady lost minnesota
which was mandates home state any lost it by on the three thousand votes he gave that state monday or not humiliate amendment fifty two fifty states ronald reagan lost the sale of medicines folks i'm just not true be pollyanna shall want to be clear on this trying to sit here and say let's put lipstick on it it was a great night their allotted downs ok a lot things happened last night that word down as i'm gonna get to those because this because i wanted to do you to fight today always because i always fight the fight matters the sacrifices everything this is that the euro defining moment is the fight you engage and not necessarily results at the end that's what pills after he arrived we still have to know where we lost why we lost in some of the stuff that happen all right let's get to some of the other the other downside to your first that way i'd leave you with some good stuff okay the medicaid expansion
the medicate expansion is is disastrous if it's gonna look safely pass and three out of four states resigned ballot utah idaho nebraska they can't expansion for you all not in those states is a disaster i don't know what you were voting for but your voting yoke now garlic is remembered to show the difference here the federal government when it expands medicaid can borrow money the federal it will borrow money a print money the states don't have that power so people view tar ida hawaii you pass this i'm not sure but you advocate have a balanced budgets most of these states have balanced budgets written into their constitutional have amendments that dictates up meaning if that nebraska a measure cost them seven percent more money as i saw this aid which something like five hundred and ninety one million more dollars over time that money has come from somewhere it asked the come from your cops you're firemen your school teachers nepal can't print nebraska money the brain
europe can only use the money given to it by the federal reserve it has our ability to print its own at a lot of these to have no ability to run up dead meaning that is zero some joe meaning where for that money nicely just called rick's got nine they just called the rick scott race do and they said it this is awesome this is how this is that's why i want to be in the air so bad that i should not a live show last night i'm so excited folks this money has to come from somewhere the medic expansion passing it three or four states is going to come out of the wilds of you if you're cops if you're firemen if your teacher your pension money to that's just a fact i've just you and arithmetic prob arithmetic tautological statement the money ass they come from somewhere everybody wants they give away free stuff doesn't understand that one there's no money fairy the federal government
and act like a money fairy for a temporary temporary amount of time by printing money and in inducing bigtime inflation later but the states can't do that ain't nothin free baby now no painter maybe put out of the short enough in free baby patently maybe will apply the way forward one quick thing i have mentioned and while we have this chums store to me to get off track which store and our sight all of our or proceeds go to go to charity i will this i pay the end of the year how much it is i can tell you right now it's a nice chunk of money but if you want to pick up by gino market that we donate money i will tell you accept will produce the receipt if you like that's fine i'm sure you all trust me but the proceeds go to charity that is not from my personal benefit i but to do it to benefit the a charity so if you want to check out the charm store my website a really appreciate you pick it up mugs and stuff it matters at the end of the year when i think we have a good good thing set up here
secondly on the bedside nice reminded me rachel florida are the big wins it florida descent this at the group at a tory level rick's god takes up illness and bells bill nelson disintegration all good a lot the ballot initiatives of large one very well for those you thinking about moving to florida one of the reasons a lot of rich people move to florida and declare their residence in flowers we have this thing called the homestead exemption in florida where there is a certain amount of the value of your home that is exempt from taxes that was our code codified in the end in the end the state via amendments so if you want to move here you get a big tax break for living down here the the fifty one percent of the time but but but your lot people forget one of the reasons a lot of celebrities move down here and famous people declare the residents in florida is with the homes they cannot take your house oh you not be sued for your house in florida now
if you write it into a contract in other words job for you collateralized you can and the irs can take your house but you be sued for your home in florida i people now that so we did well on an florida big data small thing believe me it's why alot of people move here come the florida was turned this state red red read but on the downside they did pass amendment for giving fell back to what i say the downside is no matter where you stand on the democrats wanted this they push for this in virginia in other places as well and as a distinct possible but we could see millions a million or more people back on the on the ballot who the democrats the democrats push for this heart now up in the air on this because if you do pay your debt to society you know i do this part of me that that you know i think the right there sometimes takes precedence nuts time should always take precedence over the easy thing but in a case like it wasn't so simple but i just
to tell you it wasn't all it wasn't all roses in five least if you're a tactical person on the strategic site random this may win this race by a hundred thousand or less votes you may have a million more voters who the democrats clearly according i'm just given you the strategy component of that bad past giving back convicted felons a right to vote florida surprise people in the republic inside you needed more sixty percent looks like the going at sixty four bad side as well joe poor got walk in wisconsin man turns estate around over new terms bosses spot i mean really showed a spine of steel skywalker the governor wisconsin looks like guy that races now been called for tony s the democratic which is like we gonna set wisconsin back for quite a bit i'm sorry again i wish i had universal good news there a lot good things that came out of this a lot things last night ohio we held the governorship mike the wine one flower
these are gonna be sing swing states and twenty twenty that are now going to have a a solid republic in infrastructure at the top my prayers then race for florida was last night rhonda santa's having said that my listeners in wisconsin who i loved the dead you're right i'm totally sympathise users is not a good day for you and via want to minimize out one bit wisconsin mission in illinois where bruce rounder lost public into j b pritzker these or these are devastating defeats and we should not ladys down but again give the bad up front we have reorganising wisconsin you had decent candidates you had karen housing and leaving me iran they of lost these are races now we should yet and we should have been a little more competitive we weren't we should not downplayed all right out of the congressional siege we lost the latter rhinos now having
add that joe losing rhinos is not a good thing as i said to you i would rather have a rhino in these swinging seats then i would then they have a democrat summit we ass the lot of em we lost the lot of squishy republicans but now we're gonna have democrats and now what's gonna happen we're going to have these committees turned over and shared by paula like adam shift and seen waters but we did not only lose rhinos because there's a narrative out there and are partially correct but again i like to give you both sides and provide weak analysis here ok one of the narratives out there is well joe you know if you were with trump you know or with the can every movement you know you one and you ran conservative yet yeah largely you ran a rhino you lost yet i bet narrative is not an accurate ahmed explained that never in a context of what happened in the district i ran in a minute but we did lose couple of good solid strong conservative house members it
like we're gonna lose day brat and rod blood they brightened virginia rod blamore i had told you about yesterday job is gonna be a bell ma by the way my bible dixon was wrong and i'm not running from that my prediction ass was house was clearly wrong i thought we would hold the house by two to three seats we didn't but prediction on the said it was pretty much a spot on but fifty fifties doesn't do you know that this amount look at me i wish i was half right you can have bitcoin could win half right so are the i really folks i felt like the energy behind a cavanaugh effect may have areas on the house i bet there's a lesson from that you that i learned last night as well now having said that thou about the silent house members we lost the lesson to take from this is not the lessened sadly something when some moderate rob right leaning newspapers are trying to paint there already
moderate rhino kind of newspapers out there the writing up ads angel well on how side man we should learn from this that the trump should have braced rhino wisdom instead ladies and gentlemen that is not and i have the wrecked evidence from you that running as a conservative saying running as an as it as an angry guy as spewing a a of nonsense i'm saying running as a principal conservatives on ideas we know work in sweet he districts is yearbook with greater chance of winning then running is rhino in other words running at a house district as democrat or democrat like being a rhino is a loser and the fact that we lost almost all of these seats we were running is rhinos should tell you something let me give example joe not rub it in but i was told forever because the democrats you to believe this and soda rhino republicans they want believed show that running swishes in squish seats is a way to go
it is not i ran in maryland district six i ran their a couple cycles ago in the exact same election and off cycle election a where the report looking governor barely slip by you got like we're two three percentage points more the vote right he beat anthony he was an unknown at the time larry hoagie we lost that raised by one point and we want on election day it is a heavily heavily democratic district everyone else's run at district everyone is lost by double digits or more ladies and gentlemen go back and look at my campaign as i read as a staunch conservative i did not run my pro life microsecond amendment agenda at all ran i knocked on doors i'm not trying to pat myself on the back i'm trying to tell you passion
conservative candidates that are willing to do the work and get eyeball to eyeball people have a damn good chance of winning even a democrat districts now area because they absolutely hated my guts and remember that each other juno he only came close despite being outspent dramatically by one of the richest members of congress is now running for president ironically upon gino only one because the larry hoag it the republicans it was the whole can affect me what's funny there was no hope can effect than any other congressional district just my non yesterday either yesterday either where the woman running who i left it can that i am not friendly with it all but i was clear you know i i i do not attack attacker and i wanted to win she ran ass a squish as a sickly pro choice candidate in that district tried to play the moderate role and got smoked by eight in points
a nearly seventeen point differential britain seeth i was running against the company who was popular lecture me about the whole in effect to take away cannon its matter hard matters and running on your damn principles matters too in horror which has a great article i have up in the show no today about ten i have a bunch you take away their all good please read them a bunch like four take away standing with horror it's in my opinion is the best i'll cover to my internet tv show again tonight is well horwitz articles terrific he has aligned joe we should all remember anyone listening whose thinking about running there's no lukewarm help you are going to run in a swinging district that was the arts very well aware show them at joad works and other podcast as well
there is no lukewarm hell if we're gonna run in a swinging district our plus one to a deep less five or six in other words in our leading to a democrat leaning almost deep plus five or six district you bet damn well run as a conservative because what's gonna happen if you run is democrat light the democrats going about democrat the moderate you're gonna vote democrat the rope clicking rhinos are going to see you as squishy and they're not gonna get passion about you all and conservatives couldn't give a rat's ass they are not going to show up for you at all i'm sorry i get it to some of you may say sort of personal interest rates it is but it applies to what happened last night this swishes all lost when just run is a damn republican and actual republican every sprat and the plum race were relatively close in racist status they take they shouldn't stood a chance and due to the right
sure thing brats case sorry but it's personal i've spoken of this joe off the record many times before at race meant a lot to me we have chancellor race running as a conservative in set in bed we set up a squish and got smoked again despite the fact that the report can govern around a ballot wanted a landslide they call them the pole what they close at nine joe at nine not even ninety one at night and one second able like races over plenary organ one but tell me about organ effect a media for years have had to deal with these idiots of their budgets one because all why didn't she went because all get does i read the conservative you gotta go knocking on doors if your republic in thinking about running don't forget this lesson email me i'm happy to email your back about it democrats love smoked squish paid
issue it up and submitted out every time more bad news we lost i'm sure i miss something there argued emails from the audience i promise you i know it more bad news i promise i'll get to the good news story but there was no blue wave last night even jake tapir at sea and ethnic nowadays you are to have an article in the shown us about that too we live the good morning kansas can so i just you know i just wish to the tax cuts would spoken about honestly i haven't article up in the debunk this section my website map columbo put together i know the kansas tax cuts were not design perfectly i get it there the tremendous problems with the way they were designed not the eye here behind them they were budget cuts that didn't take effect but the key this tax cuts all at all on the margin work sample
i'm back unfortunately left office with some when he was appointed by the trump administration didn't have a lotta i didn't have high approval we lost a good one less laura kelly the democrat in kansas kansas wound up the increased co back which i'm i have to tell you i was shocked i know there's a lot of local politics it went on there is well aware a lot of republicans that supported laura kelly i get it but we should not have forfeited that sea why does this matter folks what happens in kansas matters to you the debt crops will now use this is a message against tax cuts i promise you take it to the bag cast to check the democrats a craftsman look there was a rebuke of tax cuts in kansas we elected democratic govern number one it's not true read my debunked this piece about the cannes tax cuts or map colombo on my website in the debunked this section you will
stand that they work they weren't design and great but they worked you be misled i'm sorry but secondly as i said to you in yesterday's showing and folks please if you miss yesterday show even though the elections over please go i can listen because there are a number of things that still apply i talk yesterday about the importance of these cuban authorities races what happens in kansas matters too you have that in kansas yeah but your representatives are going to vote nationally based so representatives members in the house in kansas are going to on national issues twenty twenty redistricting meaning how states carve up there congressional seats are largely dick aided by the legislature and the governor despite some ballot measures less like to change it to an independent commission in some states including michigan which was a mistake huge mistake what i'm saying to you is now that is a democrat governor and charging in kansas and its summit other states with these quote in
and the commission's what are they gonna do do you think they're going to carve up states to make it more advantageous or less advantageous for republicans the ets there is less meaning could lose even more seats now understand the importance of electing republican governors in these states that's why i said to you about larry hogan in maryland who list folks we're not friendly makin a lady unfortunately at a falling out but i do you must vote for hogan he's up enough which fan of the second amendment but haven't organ in charge in maryland and charlie baker who just absolutely decimated his opponent massachusetts they are not derivatives i get it charlie baker there public in massachusetts message uses the governor one he one like sixty it took the hurdy you're something in a blue state i get it he's not a you you don't have to email me i get these people don't support you're not advocating for life what are you what what what do you want the devil
who is not only not pro their advocate leadford like pro abortion measures ben jealous so far left liberal that's really i don't get it do you there's not a simple place folks the whole field of ethics is a grey area when you're not sure what's right and right and wrong thing you know a lot of this stuff is sophie's choice i mean the other day how could you tweet about union he's pro choice you wanted remembers way gentlemen i added i dont endorse okay i dont endorse people i just put out what i think the better choice is not the best best choices ronald reagan but he's dead he's not around anymore sometime we live in a world of too bad choices when it comes to my kids and defending their wallets defending their job cancel their prosperity their national defence in a future i would have rather you can i am pro
some guy like email me yesterday insulting mike my christian values the dude hard pass thank you for listening i sincerely appreciated but all their question where i stand on a i ran and put my ass on a ballot in a blue district in maryland as a pro life advocate don't dear lecture me about life i these guys are the best so what what you want to be like the democratic europe up the state to get a bunch of probable ports in air that's what you want life is not z step forward this isn't robber room folks this is the real freedom world where real people have to a car decisions every day you're the present united states sometimes you have to send good men and women into combat to die and the decisions not black and white not everything is that easy irony we affirm that terrorism cannot serve big guy we know me i'm not attack
personally i give my email out not just for the good stuff if you have some bad to say say it to but please attacking my will you put it this thing about you get i told you to offer why can t we haven't done squat for the pro life movement but in the end please wives to me matter you wanna a two representatives going to pass a twenty week abortion act a pain capable infant abortion act do you want that or do you want pro abortion legislation everywhere that's why you get mattered was he ever going to be a pro life guy on now but certainly wasn't going to be a pro abortion guy i'm sorry but i got to pay for the seahawk and i'm getting a little tired of this probably a good time take a quick break up i can issue also brought you by your buddies executive emotional folks and so on
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one more on the bad and this is important actually may go a couple more and then i'll just that way i leave you with a really good news it's not what's going to happen now in the house that's that's really awful it is bad you're going to see now probably some form of an impeachment proceeding europe we also going to see endless investigations into everything from donald trump written a mattress tag off seven years ago to what he eats for dinner to what is access look like it's going to be non stop now that i can just energetic the good part of that is it's gotta humiliate the democrats who will be embarrassed will probably make the same mistake republic instead candidly you know when we spent just a lot of things i'm not saying clinton didn't deserve what was coming i'm not saying that at all i'm just saying you spent an inordinate amount of time for it was a disorganized proceeding at the end and it made them applicants look hazard and not focused on everyday issues now that is what the
mc grath will do now but it's not what's gonna happen it's not gonna happen show you can now put basically combash at least on the congressional side on a lot of the investigations into the malfeasance had happened in the spy gay case bought but now would probably be the time to transition into some of the good news hacker you gotta crack out your how far we can see a bit declassify and confirm here's the good news really stick i really is the cracking polo he's class and the tight and style and release the crack at odds your presidency but if you're listening i know some people do who taught you release a crack at now declare so if i write to give it the weak let this election settling declassify now beat all of them to the punch
adam schefter shippy shifty shift is going to take over from newness and it's gonna go buck while he's gonna win the gate marshmallows in your poetry everything this guy is a lost his wind the long time ago chevy shifty is but i go crazy with all of these investigations release the crack and now declassify everything everything everything you can write after the mid term we're gonna here's the here's the good part two parties the media's gonna go wild you drop her security and investigations the people who are paid attention now have two years before the next election to run with this people like me who are waiting for key pieces of the puzzle for better no spy gave to the book right we can get the information out there and advocate for you this is if there's a negative the negatives out of it but thanksgiving and christmas holidays are coming up don't worry about it released
the cracking declassify now now that will mute a lot of this nonsense secondly mitch mcconnell if you're listening this to get a good job last night the added undecided sides significantly we gotta take that morrissey seat for a mansion it would have been a clean sweep not only that it appears we're gonna hold where we were vulnerable tennessee taylor swift did a great job endorsing breton might abortion popular one by double digit showing again you know i was all for economies think for yourself really mean big for yourself meaning don't it can from conny taylor swift or any of operating do such a great job but are endorsement anywhere else but folks this is the time they should be now that mitch mcconnell they say mere forget signify
leading that we may wind up with fifty five or more depending on what happens you s centres but we have the time breaker in my pants joe there should be a line of nominees for the justice department for replace its recession and rose in time for replaced it's for cabinet replacements for replacements in every federal agencies joseph get debt breakin line of people what were you out the door in the senate at you confirm them from now till the christmas break mitch descended should stay in session from now on christmas everybody the democrats i want to call a floor boat for everyone they were thirty hours of debate for fine you the mini session till the road like they're sleeping on the damn senate floor you confirm every
this is one of those gary old man all the moments from that movie with that natalie poor but she was a kid was it that professional or something you hey hey lieutenant would we need everyone can farm every one did the oj you guys wanted screw around i was gonna say something different fine everybody out everybody out we have these five centres now in some solid conservatives now my braun blackburn we ve got good people and i confirm everyone screw around now we get our people in the oj hey let's take a look at those books hey atoms comes out of wants to take over cover to shift very welcome nobody come out in public that we're doing some work here to bloody legitimate where do it we're looking up
pfizer warrant we're looking at these fbi three o two's bruce oars notes christopher steals relationship will wither with bruce or will look in a pretty price that from the fbi's trip over to london right around the time the puppet doubtless interview came around we're looking at these payment records to define how poorly informed ashraf arab cannot check this out i've got a press coverage that i want to join us confirm declassify release to crack and get the line of people to confirm outer door mitch and don't stop confirm everybody and kick all these old swamp rats out what are you gonna lose what have to lose out any negative publicity from any of this will be muted by the thanksgiving and christmas holiday where nobody cares anymore days jerry sharp yet our guide day sir what or good days guys this is the those yes rigour that bracket honours your day
fi everything confer everyone in the oj sessions out rosen stein out all of you out everybody resign tomorrow get out everyone clean the deck confirm everyone would that be sweet ah what is the democrats would go wild based i think they one last night they still think they one that's why i told you folks yeah i am not minimizing at all michigan illinois wisconsin was a bad day ballot initiatives in florida a couple of my one of my just told you about balin and issues are medicate expansion back on a good site this set it when we use the wonders and what's gonna happen if another supreme court just the seed opens up i not absolutely not wishing yet let everyone anyone i know don't
take this the wrong way no not just suggesting you a lot of people in supreme court of getting old if another seat opens up we now have a buffer we don't have to worry about susan collins anymore or people like jeff like he's gone now we have a five c buffer we can most what do people and still no problem at supreme court would the pact it can be six three all the circuit court nominees all these district court anomalies that are sitting waiting line much like up outside the door i wanted down there tomorrow to the centre i want to see people waiting outside our lines we re cases in hand and suit rachel waiting to get don't leave folks will set up a food outside the port of parties you sit there all day i know that we have to show up to get confirmed its the imagery that i get it don't please i'll send you to put it right if body set up line of up like em up
you pledge to sell me the funding i guess i do yes i do i want nonstop swearing in ceremony my ten should be sitting there all day swearing injustices theo j officials to be i quote adding one requires kind seneca forbade anyone ah mad i could not wait to get on the three by the way a nice job president obama and a good news he showed up the campaign in india georgia and florida nice work there you lost all of a great job obama approving again barack obama's great for one thing joe barack obama barack obama is good for nobody else proper rock obama merely everywhere oh papa showed up his candidates got smoke ok thanks per obama for showing us again how you're good for one thing barack obama please
hope you gets out on the twenty twenty campaign trail to some more good news ladies and gentlemen denying either the trump effect or the cabin our fact makes an idiot atta you i'm sorry i'm sorry i know i have some model to listen to the show republicans and democrats and you're welcome here i don't mean it but sorry you sound foolish denying the fact that the chair perfect was real i hear people my word you know where he went out a pain i red states ladies and gentlemen it doesn't matter in these off cycle elections the democrats typically pickup seeds the lifecycle party that's not empower picks up seats bracken papa what are you lose succeeds in and sixty three how seats and it took twenty ten year yet was folks donald trump went out in states where they were strong and combat listen mechanical stuff to get rid of
joe donnelly was up and oppose the whole time peaceful tough races well bred read it was the mayor and ass for some ran this majority wasn't heritage weren't easy races these words jimmy's the meeting telling people for a year donald trump so nazi fascist is a tyrant he's taking away right is a racist a whole transfer funds colored people destroyed all wise pandemic it should have one one of these the only one day one was joe imagine who voted for cavanaugh this is a combination while actually the trump perfect into ways because trump decided to double down on capital virgil member the shall we did a week a republic would a bailed on cabin or early oh you if this i'm sorry but if this was the bush administration they would avail don cabinet trunk double down and what did he do he forced the democrats into the sporadic yes moment we corey booker
sport because no you're not support at this huge sent it just got its ass kicked trump in another genius political move we have learnt from this we gotta get the video in another genius move double down which forced the democrats the double down on what insanity which export them to the american people who were disgusted with the attacks on cabinet so i dont i dont on want to untangle the cabinet effect in the trunk perfect it's the same thing tromp showed up to two hours to lobby for an advocate for risk is political bank account on under all candidates impulse in up in red states but who relatively moderate dammit at or pretending to be moderate anyone everywhere he showed up the we place they didn't the mansion race in west virginia we're even that was close and made
by the way voted for cabin or folks the cabin effect was real i say this to warn the democrats sudan why you warning democrats because this one win win for everyone i mean it there fancy pretty darn good chance job that there will be now the supreme court opening shoot we want the senate it's our shop now in a split decision but we one big we added a good chunky seats you try this tough again democrats it's bad for report kids could well have to listen to your crap now for another three weeks of their brick apple it was a train rapist he was a gang rape is he was a car rapists he was a red so oh cut by or as a lady julie sweating said member that interview i was speaking to punch not sure but he was buying red solo cops he was i'm not even sure they existed back then but whatever
this is a win win democrats we won we get another opening we are pointing someone you wanna try that again you're gonna lose the presidency and twenty twenty by an even bigger fashion i think you're going to lose that this is the one piece of advice are you benefits everyone i'm not telling you step aside you do we but i'm telling you if you re employment the cabin our strategy it is over for you and twenty twenty get on the senate train or get run down by co cain matches and playing games for those you know that jake mitch does coke it's out the after another baxter schoolgirl at your figure out the actually it is the one mean that is backfired spectacularly not admit the guy who started aright some more good news colorado defeated this oil and gas measure that had set back
built in ladies and gentlemen this was a poorly worded measure i've just telling you you're sick colorado did not have a good day paul this one the governorship but on ballot initiative colorado state economy folks is very heavily weighted into petrol chemicals i the energy industry you would have crushed your entire economy it would have made enormous swaths of land in colorado off limits for development of your energy industry and i'm telling you would have crushed your economy stated washington thankfully got they saw a carbon tax measure that had ago so there some good news and that would have been a disaster let's see and i got a few more let me just get this less region folks anymore because i'm gonna want to miss out on this stuff and sometimes it gets in my head today show finally brought you by bodies a filter by filter by loves being here they loved talking you already and i appreciate your support pay a new studies came at a china discover that air pollution causes huge reduction intelligence this is innovation
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sent you they really like that i appreciated thanks to the guy who bought all the filters for his air as factory ah from filter by appreciated there are great company some more good news happened last night celebrity endorsements still stuck in other words folks the culture war i don't want you to the celebrity endorsements have always been a disaster as i at about conyers so you don't think i'm speaking with forked tongue i am not what i appreciate buccaneer showing up at the white house was a very simple message i hear conservative at all i don't go to kenya west for my political advice i think that's obvious i frank couldn't name one song i died i just don't know but he had a message should think for yourself that is the exact opposite of what the celebrity endorsements were because somebody confused we are but you said nice things about content nor i said nice things about anything think for yourself i'm telling you don't
political advice from conway but big for years it was a good message from a celebrity that's not what not can tell us where my daughter loves her she can do whatever she wants you to free american citizen and i suggest that you be boycott tell us what do whatever you want some music scrape i'm i won't be buying a morbid it's not like a boy cutting i've just i take it that out of my head now i'm sorry just ruined for me again not suggesting any kind of boycott as she's frida outs america's free to have a political opinion it was the wrong one got behind a liberal democrat feel braddock the intend and you know basically took a cheap shot marcia blackburn it was entirely unnecessary and she lost folks why does this matter because the left waste so much time time is zero sum jos twenty four hours a day right if europe spent twelve hours on the campaign trail and six we're gonna be courting celebrities i bruce springsteen and others to get on stage with you
it's time not spent in dinars and restaurants i bought a eyeball but actual voters ladies and gentlemen i cannot explain to you enough into the democrats nobody can about you celebrity endorsements nobody cares our swift has like forty quadrillion followers on done on twitter and the candidate she endorse got annihilated and that raise it doesn't matter poor winfrey showed up gave a really inspiration speech i thought they see it was a good speech was over this i thought what she said was wrong somehow we were involved and voter china suppressed boats which is nonsense but it wasn't inspirational speech looks like she's gonna lose barack obama showing up you all these celebrities jumping in you had what does they will feral jump in industries yet jim call me knocking on doors not much of celebrity but you get the point people dont care
likely the only endorsement that matter in this campaign joe was one donald trump i'm president when you're not get their rise at because donald trump has managed to appeal to a working class guy how ironic is is that all these libraries came the valued i come up i i i was i was waiting tables and i worked hard to get it now i'm a celebrity and you know because i worked hard you should have our product is it that the middle class average american worker appeals more to a new york billionaire because talks your language a ps3 anyone any kids promises another and another point i want to wrap up with are we use it and have so much that i'm looking to strike at two pages a note some like yes or no mean a sound all over the place folks but the really so much going on don't be too upset about the house there are at least
a dozen democrats who won in house districts who have already he disavowed any allegiance to nancy pelosi why does this matter you granted what rather have had the rhinos in their yes we are the ship has they lost already are you running is a rhinos a mistake told you about my race having a bunch of moderate democrats in there who have already publicly pledge not to support full of policy for speaker create fascinating conundrum for the left nancy policy is for all of her redid this ideological positions is a shrewd tacticians votes do not now for a second underpants as you know pelosi listen share ideas are obviously awful i would never show otherwise they got obama
care push through they did a lot of devious stuff you'll have to pass it too you can find out what's in it here's problem these people are now on the record these democrats detaching themselves from policy they are in very very swinging districts may get back to the trump thing in a second twenty twenty why this matters hello the shrewd ladies and gentlemen she is going to push these doesn't democrats i assure you into political suicide i guarantee it there revolts coming up assured by i'm almost positive for its restored with things like impeachment repealing tax cuts she is going to pressure a lot of these dozen democrats who barely barely squeak by taking out incumbent republicans and swinging district into taking stupid vote some of us may hold out yo i promised policy will put the squeeze on some of the more not what does that mean
tis want you to fret too much today get back into fight back in the fight instantly no breaks no time off our decision valley forge we're not eaten flew issue leather life is good sort defendant now not tomorrow these democratic candidates and swinging districts will now have votes on the record those vote we'll be probably for impeachment for the repeal of the tax cuts a doubling down on obamacare ladies and gentlemen when the twenty twenty race comes and needs a swinging districts the ones we lost in pennsylvania the ones we lost in virginia the ones we lost in california yes california has very swinging districts down their best the southern part folks when
ballot comes in twenty twenty who is at the top donald j trump donald trump did not have the opportunity to go and listen to me this is an important point that's why i want to close on this today donald did not have the opportunity to campaign four two hundred plus members of the house of representatives he didn't now but be fair there were probably thirty plus and swinging district donald trump card not go out and campaign single handedly for thirty plus people he couldn't it is not lodge thickly possible the wider there's too much going on i know i worked there for five years he would have been on the road every day for six months doing that entry aging is time they decided to save the senate which he did he put his pole the core capital on the line and he one now having that association with donald trump in
and so in virginia in california where the time but the ticket people were not really inspired i'm not knock and these guys i just sent out a tweet last night god by said god bless anyone who puts her name on about it takes a lot of nerve i'm just saying by as ever by the losses they candidates just didn't inspire voters i'm sorry the people at the top but the tickets and those races did not get their vote out they will not be it top of the ticket and twenty twenty even if they on again be someone on top donald trump meaning the attachment well beyond the ballot meaning all those trouble what they didn't show up they weren't inspired by their house of candidate or their scented candidate running at the time but there's no they're goober torreon candidate will now show up for trump and hopefully will take off the lever below for the republicans down below is well when i'm suggests thank you is combined these two things and jobs
it doesn't make sense as the audience ombudsman please step inhibit there are two things we'll be different and twenty twenty the democrats that one and eat these republicans and swinging districts of flipped out that's all that happened republicans held all the districts most of em they should out almost all of the swinging ones they lost it was around the people running had no record they weren't office the democrats where the challengers policy is going to get them on the record because that's what she does she is a people with this stuff she's going get them on the record for impeachment on tactics everything you're not going to be able to hide behind oprah change opera changing all the stuff obama they're gonna have to run on a record how
i think a record of tat sites and impeachment it's gonna play and swinging suburban districts went donald trump voters show up in mass and twenty twenty answer is probably pretty crappy i am not suggesting we we you know the house is gonna be one back by the margins we had before if we suggesting to you that if we can continue doing the right thing and advocating conservative principles there's a damn good chance at twenty twenty we take a lot if not all of these seats back one more no and it's in a couple of pieces i haven't shown out please read them today folks send it was rewarded the senate where's roared and mcconnell was rewarded why because report gins want fighters they wanted some one to fight they were in spain
aired by what happened with lindsey gram and others in the cabin fight they saw the united states senate finally stand up stopped in games stop jerking around the house was not there i am lighthouse passed a bunch of grotesque spending measures we have been we gone abortion on plan parenthood funding the house was not rewarded i told before and i say it again when republicans act like publicans we win republicans act like macro we get smoke the senate fought in the senate one the republican how side caved in the republic in house i took a bath although it could have been a lot worse is a lesson in there let's see if they take the right one or i folks thanks again for tuna i really appreciate a plea subscribed to the show on itunes iheart sound cloud it's free it helps us move up the charge we really appreciate it wasn't that bad of a knife folks the fight starts again today twenty twenty that i no rest for the weary keep a gun
you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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