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Ep. 846 An Interesting Plan Going Forward

2018-11-08 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the behind-the-scenes machinations after the firing of Jeff Sessions. I also address the Thousand Oaks attack. Finally, I discuss the shameful behavior of Jim Acosta at the White House yesterday.    News Picks: Jim Acosta is a disgrace to the media profession.    The midterms weren’t as bad as they could’ve been. Here are some positive signs for Trump 2020.   The loony Democrats are ready to go all in on impeachment.    Is Jeff Sessions going to run for Senate in 2020?   Now is the time for the Senate to get everyone confirmed.    Progressive candidates had a really bad election night.   California’s dreadful politics are becoming a problem for the whole country.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean thereby gino sharply show how are you today i mean another really stack news they woke up this morning to a text can you come on air there's there was another tragic shooting rationally california want to get that couple things i want to make also our roof baker abuse greater gainsborough if that's ok listen we're all you know people of faith many of us here to help he's ok i mean i mean i mean that from the bottom my heart route better ginsburg supreme court justice took a bad fall this morning location look if you ribs she's eighty five so am i mean it i hope i hope i hope she's ok so that just came on the news now i've seen some really is said the dark
awful humour on twitter so funny i'm serious it's it's not funny said the count have we mess around with then it's not usually it's not us it's just a couple of idiots but i will get to that too but go and on this morning before the show ok let's go i didn't do it i asked one to the gym across the yesterday who humiliate himself in the media the lighthouse and one of the most impact sing episodes i've ever seen in the history of up air quotes journalism ok i'm today show brought you buy good friends at saucy you know my wife and i like to have date night friday or saturday night it's important to create for our relationship and you know once in a while the though be maybe a cocktail involved there some adult adult sodas psycho everyone at some when we say it is have a beer wine or liquid delivered will someone finally has decided to do something about it reducing saucy the alcohol delivery app saucy television every wine beer and like a right to your door on demand now if you're in love
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and i just a couple of things i wanted to address on this from a security perspective like i it covered when we covered the disastrous synagogue shooting in the church shooting in southern springs as a former seek service age and i try to be it somewhat helpful in these tragic situations in prison to you the unique security challenges by these places in case you rebar owner or a club owner and your listening in it one of the things i mentioned after the synagogue shooting what are the unique security challenges in churches at everybody's attention is false or towards an altar in it doctors are some kind of a podium where the priest the rabbi that you mom whatever it may be and is conducting a service that lack of attention or a door in the back it's a unique opportunity for bad guys to do their dirty deed that's why i say to people involved and churches and synagogues its impact
that you have at least one if not more people with their eyes towards the back focusing on those entry points now when it comes to bars object we saw this in this incident last night there are other you ex security challenges that you need to pay attention of paper due to its use me not just a fury bar owner but a few ray patron of one of these locations i've been in bars met my wife on a blind date in a bar joe we'd bars typically how many points of entry to their use in a bar usually do one running you get one at the front door and why would they do that because bar have a unique challenge where just about anybody can walk into a mall i mean you have teenagers you have people who are seniors you a middle aged folks bar have restrictions because they serve alcohol they might control people you typically have to be eighteen you can be eighteen and have a respond on ice you can't drink but you have to be taken one to drink so they will card people what are they
these challenges bars have as they have won entrance or one insurance that they use having one entrance on unlike say i'm all or a church or anywhere else creates a problem because it creates a lie typically bars like these lines because it makes the bar look like it's a busy play him soon i'm say may give the appearance as it's kind of a happening happened joint and people be in there with one entrance is typical in a panic situation these are the things you learn to insecurity for a for a living at the way what i had done it before in a panic type situation like this was with some maniac entering the barn deciding to try to shoot the place up people's first in think we'll be to come out or leave or exit where they came in it's it's instinct it's not about them not saying you're not going to fit a lot of people thankfully figured out there was a back door to this location quickly in attempted we view the backdoor i'm just telling you in a panic situation that's not going to come as your first instinct your first instinct is
would be to turn your attention to the fore the shots where they're coming from the noise and i can lead to an escape route which is typically where you came it or you so you thought creates a bottleneck of people and also creates crowd density why because people hush en masse typically towards the door they came in one of the worst examples of this what we saw was in the rhode island fire member that show that horror i mean what that store i could not get out of my head for months fire in rhode island i forget the ban was playing it was a ten years ago i believe now it was an was an right an affair i caught the rhode island bar caught fire and there were multiple exits to the place that were not used everybody tat the pile out of the front door where he came in because that was their instinct and look early tragically there did that the eight mean on illegal we're gets out of my head again it was so disasters they piled on
top of each other a fit through this little choke point of adore meanwhile there were other exits that we're just wide open so that we take away from this this this horrific incident last night halfway number one is if you're gonna do hu a bar understand that that works to a ban guys advantage secondly to turn the tables towards yourself out these have situational awareness through features terrain features terrain features keep in mind the terrain features s kind of a fancy law enforcement jargon way of saying look at the time in your in at all times if you're in bar no there is always going to be a backdoor somewhere that back or is rarely gonna be used by anybody else because people's instinct mean right away because people's instinct is gonna be to go out where they came in nowhere that back door is at all times nowhere a backdoor its critical piece very simple things understand what
backdoors i it focuses takes all of two seconds of your life sway suggested a restaurant yoke seat sitting place where you can see the front door who's coming in ec advise you just seconds second tat could save your life there seconds will make an enormous difference in a situation like this where mass panic sets in if you a plan in advance your instinct will be to follow the plan is to have a kitchen usually there's a door in the kitchen almost always out yes joe is knows these occasions joe was a musician he's play them you probably came in through the kitchen i guess we did with quite a few areas where we always brought over that's a gradually a great point we always brought our protect these into the kitchen matter factor the kitchen staff when i was with obama and bush on the secret service detail used to always say our man we can bring the present to hear this places a mess i don't mean dirty but you know there's people run around i'd say brother or so
there are some cases this is the only place we come in there is nothing unusual about the president coming through your kitchen trust me i chose right there's always a backdoor why because they have true to bring out and they're not gonna bring it out through the bar so they take it out to a back towards a great point well well said always that mine through the kitchen they there always a door in the back that is usually a crash bar to meanness ok there's a it usually a crash bar door because a fire courts we has pushed the crash bar and you get out so just with that in mind that simple it's a little things that matter and one more thing i was on a and this morning and i was offering some france number one and and and some hopefully some expertise to maybe per and some of these casualties in the future and i was there
very common sense question you know what what can you do about this and i made the point that folks i understand these are politically charged debates about firearms i get it i am not trying to my ideology down your throat i'm not i am an avid vogel vigorous supporter of the right to self defence and the right to defend yourself if you believe otherwise that's fine we have a free country there's a process to change that i will fight against it but get it i understand people's unfamiliarity with guns makes him them scared of the gun particular not the person behind it i made a simple point today try to put us the politics for just the thirty seconds to omit it'll will take me to say this why suggestions do you have if someone walked up to a bar whether they procure the fire on legally or illegally and is intent on shooting and killing people i'm asking you a common sense question what are you gonna do what
i'm not messing about why do you think we protect the present united states famous sports people celebrities all of these people are protected why aren't i simple question why do you think that is if they are so ineffective as a self defence mechanism because you can make firearms disappear from the planet they are construct from steel they will be around a very long time and will only grow increasingly more sophisticated you cannot make that happen there are bad people an evil is it is and man's heart since as since if we first became sentient beings and became for where either we're not going anywhere and neither are these firearms what are you gonna do do you the right to defend yourself or not i am asking you a serious question they are not going anywhere you want
there's no such thing as gun control guns have not been controlled since the fireman gunpowder was invented they have not do you not defend yourself or not it is a simple question and if you don't want the friend yourself why are you attacking my ability to defend me and my family not going out like that i'm sorry i've got two kids in a wife i love very much i care a firearm in a state of florida where you're free to defend yourself and i want to say that i have just two asking you a simple question look in the mirror don't have to answer to your friends if you won't have publicly you need to save face to say something else do whatever you to do but i but you in your own time when you sit down to ask yourself what our you gonna do with tragically its every face at some point your life within the other day some yards there and evil murderer in front of you with a firearm what are you gonna do try to talk him out of it
he's a gentleman this isn't the matrix man this is real apparently the guy at the front door for we know this that this sergeant to god this year of soul lost his life and the others as well from what i am hearing in the press reports of its if it changes i push i'll be sure to let you know was unarmed what are you gonna do you only have one option and if a person with a firearm will only be stopped by a nut her parson willing to engage with a firearm there is no other way articles and stop people put out about two pair her spray and and and mace and other things are ladies and gentlemen these are absurd these are absurd even a pistol has an effective range of about twenty five yards pepper spray
i thought out on a good day besides the fact that your pepper everyone else around you probably fight the arch if you're lucky dimension a guy hyped up one adrenaline or even drugs or so probably won't even respond for about thirty seconds you know dan as long as there's been firearms there's been a black market forum as well but every tie every two years nothing you're gonna do i remember being a police officer arresting p with the be unwise pity for p w and as a federal agent is well teepee w criminal possession of a weapon and saying did you get the fire they folks i'm not kidding me with black like what do you mean how did you you buy it johnny on a car like you get anything could get anything else you know i was i was genuinely interested i wasn't trying to conduct associate sociological survey and i mean it i wasn't he would be a political to tom i wasn't even that political when i was a young man as i mean i started to become so later on but you
ask them in the cells you say you know how did you get that but you know what you mean how do i get it i bought it from you know whatever this guy in the corner tony or something deck it was hoped they would look at you like you were not right almost embarrassed you were a cop and you couldn't figure this out is our hard folks black market for firearms is is is as always been a big one always they are not hard to find and pretending otherwise is you know it's just i'm sorry is self defeating and silly you just don't know what you're talking about when actually work the streets is a police officer and a federal agent you see how easy this stuff is too is is the gainer gain a hold up our net so yeah this morning again up so that an admin enough on that but i hope some of that helps if you are a bar owner show me some that up you need that to be wary that show point that front door yet people linda outside you people inside who are going to try to flee out of location makes
are obviously according to code your your exits are bars are lit make sure fewer people inside me outside make sure you have someone who's arm i'm sorry it is common sense is not a political it it's a security issue we don't talk this kind of stuff becomes a presidential security nobody says well it's disarmed the secret service you know it's interesting the politics of the gun debate never enter it when the president and summer you know that it carries involved as they shouldn't because people are serious about it what oh if you walk in a row with a bunch of security professional say i've got an idea for security we're gonna make everything safer by disarming the secret service so we have less guns around ladies and gentlemen i'm not even sure you be laughed out they would seriously seek to have you like evaluating what our insane what are you are you crazy public i'm sorry your kids in a bar or you kids in a school all of us the politics and are less guns more guns but you noticed when it comes to quote important people nobody says that as it
your kids are an important enough really shameful as i said this morning you reside ruth bade ginsburg ruth are better ginsberg took a bad paul i will if i hear anything else on apparently she's been hospitalized so are there that at eighty five that serious specially breaking ribs because i'm not a doktor i don't pretend to be but having bro in bribes myself it is extremely pain call you run the risk of pneumonia as a doctor told me one time now propane was a guy was rest in a matter is procedure jitsu classes in east meadow one time this guy called the big tuna yeah you about four hundred pounds and it was about surrender in a bar and he fell on me one time i was trying to pull the guard and i went to the doctor i'm not by the way i'm not in any way trying to please i'm just trying to tell you but i how i got to this story with the broken ribs i went to the doc there are never this true story the doctor says to me
i got in a car accident was a two days later a car accident icy road along our expressway and i got take by ambulance to the hospital and i'm in the hospital and the doctor says i was i wasn't in a lot of pain but my chest her and he said i have good news and bad news i still don't give me the bat because he knows you have you have a couple broken ribs able pretty badly fractured and up they weren't like broken in half they were like stress fractures and simple what's the good news is the good news is they look like they were how can a couple days ago or someone inside you know that and he was targeted like some some scarring or something like that and i figured out it was big tuna would fall on me a broken my ribs there's the car acts and just made it worse so it was painful but i hope she's ok hope she does fine we'll see our keeping up dated annette stories what i'm getting at the some more breaking news i can upload really a tonne to talk about the negative a twenty
things on my list here am i don't i don't know what i want but to me the things there doing the across thing yes we now again this is one of those stories just sent that to me this morning the sound i saw it yesterday jim acosta for those you missed it cnn fake news reporter who was the white house briefing yesterday where president trump came out to answer a record number of questions i believe you took sixty eight questions he was air an hour and a half i was getting a haircut i went take a shower get out of the shower started doing prep for my enter a tv show and a press conference was still going on i'm not even kidding so you know all those things about brought president transit enemy other media really because he seems they answer more your questions anybody else does so a cost that gets up the white house and just humiliates himself and the media here are you of the exchange between cnn shimmer castor and president donald trump their honey
marilla way that that's gonna invasion honestly i think you should let me run the country you run cnn and if you didn't well you're ratings let me ask you if i may i have a question in its present form may i assure you worried that's enough that's it i wasn't that's not ass one of the other folks that's enough for me ma am i'm miss schwarzenegger that's enough is frozen ride one of you may ask on on the rush investigation are you concerned that you may not good i learned about anything with you may i join my investigation because it's a hoax are you that's enough put down the mike was president are you worried about indictments coming down in this affair i see an end should be ashamed of itself having you work in you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working phocaean and other that's on your rude person the way you treat sarah huckabee is horrible and the way you treat other people a horrible you shouldn't treat people that work in indonesia meter going
engines defence i've travelled with an watched him he's a diligent reporter who thus not only by the end of yours either side are set to be a massive question if i can't you repeatedly large you're the best mr president you repeatedly over the course of justice doubtless when you report fake news which cnn does a lot you the enemy of the people guy gosh eddie have then what is it peter alexander was at the embassy guy gets up next and just be clowns himself as well you know i got a couple of it was in these are always topics is joe knows i'm always hesitant to bring these up because they they sound almost click baby and with joy and i are very diligent about in this showed not wasting your time i have an hour with you you have been gracious and kind enough to spend with me i do not want your time on you know rage cow jabber costello there taken from this now there s a reason to bring this up today there are you will take away from this that i leave a relevant the first one folks i
point four and a half years in the white house i these press conferences these pressures these press avails i'm intimately familiar with how they work i've never seen anything like this listen to me and this is what i am about to tell you this is the president of the united states show some freakin respect you don't have to like this man that's the greatest part of our country and our bill of rights and our constitutional republic you have no fear of death do more destruction because you speak out publicly against the president unless you're too donald trump and you run against obama nay spying but that precise speaking out donald trump involves with you know fear of arm what thank god unless you're
of course of course if you speak out forty made any tv shows up here but again putting conservatism libertarians aside if you're a democratic liberal or anyone who speaks out against trump i can assure you you run almost no risk at all of any recrimination at all thank god and i mean that but this is the president of the united states when i wrote my first book i was very careful in my book and was very actually laudatory an honored this is what upsets me not to make this it's not about me but i want to make a point here i was very upset after my first book to people categorized as some kind of a tell all against obama that's absurd just read the book me it's not a tell all at all this nothing
going off my story the secretive zone inside conversations and people who today are just making it up are you folks you can read the book is out there now my trying to sell bottom to try to make a point here i was in particular bomb obama's inauguration the first one and i write about it in the book in detail but the way i write about its key because i'll tell you folks although i understood that ideologically we had been defeated i newberry obama was big trouble big trouble on the liberal side i understood his ability to tell story his charismatic nature was going to be trouble and i was right we attack sykes obamacare let tell you right now you listen to the wrong show if you think what i wrote it book was nonsense i did say i was honoured to be there and i'll tell you why even though i knew we lost and were in big trouble this is the united states of america and i was there what a quarter million hundred
thousands of people large portion of a black americans who had lived through jim crow i was there and i watched him i walked down pennsylvania avenue was i in zones seven i was why was there i got there are two in the morning and stayed till probably o clock tat monsieur almost twenty four hours kicked up on caffeine i watch people in tears eighty year all a black man in black women in the freezing coy was cold cold standing there for a nine hours some of us tears waving today the first black present a united states of america people who had lived through segregated lunch counters people who had lived through jim crow and the south how do i know because i talked to a lot of no one's gonna tell me what happened and din you know when i saw it meant a lot to me even though i knew we had lost he was upset
any one fair and square and we back and we want eight years later that's how the republic works thou back a lot of the legislative nonsense that we had to put up with but i was proud to be there i felt a sense of dignity even know i'd lost and i wrote about and i wrote about an intricate detail because it meant a lot to me to be air for this historic moment if cost or any appear alexander any these other guys are listening that's president of the united states contrary to your loony tunes conspiracy theories you won this election fair and square and you owe the man some damn respect i thought at one point joe is obviously i was actually listening to it on the app on my phone i thought at one point president should stop this right now he's look this guy right in the eye and say jim
i am the present a united states i am here to defend i swore to defend the constitution i swore to defend the free press what i didn't do as a human being is swear to stand up here and take your insult i am the president of the united states i won this election fair and square i have come out here come out here for you not for me i know the answers to these questions because it's me i came out here for you and you don't have the decorum and their dignity for five minutes to sit there and answer a question respectfully give a follow up and sit out that's the rule the road i've done tons of these things joe the way it works you ask a question you get a follow up maybe you get up a bit and you shit that held down you don't get the right take over the press conference where everyone that this is not a one on one it's a one on one you want to continue probing do your thing the president's bill o reilly
it would perhaps obama i was fine with it morocco agreed during the superbowl to sit down if you would fox news is that the time bill o reilly progressive i had no problem with that at all obama agreed to do it this was not a one on one this was the wider press corps or court so obama would say this is there as core there were other people there you don't have the right to monopolize america's attention jim it's the president of the united states it's not your buddy it's not the librarian it's your school teacher it's not your mama it's not your body your best friend you're drinking pal it's the present united states and the fact that you don't like em doesn't mean squad to me or any one else your there to report the facts there here to give your opinion on that you dislike the president or you disagree with his terminology that was grace and i
myself too hard on twitter about it and again you get these in you know and i respect this guy i'm trying to achieve shop it right i mean it i disagree me all the time some of emerges jerks and i just ignore them but summers our guys and but jonah goldberg from a national review what say tweeted back me somethin like what dan i mean you gonna what he said my god what is the enemy the people now or something like that like the fed finally verify jonah they can i talk to my block the city and then i'm like they were forget it will let him say what he wants a saddle care you're defending that europe pending that you're defending what happened yesterday are you letting your your anger at trump me color common sense what happened yesterday is a disgrace a disgrace in erasing episode those sound pigs it's the questions and age what i said last night and fox i met them is not a question session that was an interrogation and what they want
was a confession the question basically are you a racist president drop you have read reference nationalism you gonna fire mahler basically jeweled short just as weren't questions this great one sk graceful disgraceful episode and more making it even worse this white house in turn this female they get the female whitehouse inter comes to get the might from acosta at a cost what's his hands honour and people like jonah shocking or get i respect your u verse market even though we have significant disagreements about the administration that's fine i don't no i don't i'm not going to attack the guy's intellect is verse mark i've listened ipod guess he's done in a very good but denying back at a cost put his hands honour ass she was approaching mike which she was about suggests
it was an attack joe it was some karate kid three move that suggesting it was violent but denying that he made physical contact with our in an effort to keep the microphone is it just watch the video mass thought you had but my crazy you know cringing hiking actually enjoy conservatives we have a viewpoint but we're not dumb a bucket of why do you want my show jeff may from writers tweets out that's not how it happened sarah say there's alleging there were some physical contacts it is did you miss the video you don't you don't do that this is a young in turn at the white house she comes to grab them because you just give the microphone up you were given walter all opportunities your chances up what i'm one how grotesque will you inappropriate having said that after that joe what happens good for the eu ass they provoke a cost this press credentials good good see by fully
i don't care one bit there are model they didn't tack on a prick apparel added here see it is fifty thousand people you can put it no one shutting down the press gimme a break disguise the most open president with the press in american history bar none he answers questions when he goes to the hilo on the south ass when he goes to marine one here questions on a if one he answers quest the press conferences he answers questions and pressures in the roosevelt room he answers questions at eu level the guy answers questions all day let's please stop with the hyperbolic martyrdom a man the press is under attack i gotta give a rescue loony tunes it is nonsense you making it a humiliating embarrassment out of yourselves the press is not under attack but call on it a fascist the nazi and a russian trader for the law two years worth while to sit back and take it shut up give us all a breaker
there's a thousand report as you could put net poodle put their hands on a white house in turns of course a cost the joe past film is white house past being taken away by the secret service uniform division officer because it costs the jobs could it one thing he's breaking story about what across the cost is a reporter who only seems to break loose joe about acosta it's only does work he breaks news that usually fake but what its the stories he's all over it i had one but it where i had one we're odyssey folks i can't ever read my own handwriting certainly i'm serious i would say right like a doctor i wish i thought like one everything would be ok i can't even read this note but tat day i've thousands to take away from that this is not an attack
on the press this unprecedented access accosted was grossly inappropriate and did make physical contact with the white house in turn and across the has this ability to flout the rules and in pretend like donald trump is the renegade here give us all a break our folks today show also brought you buy a bodies it man create say that meet the metabolism if you are looking for a gift any kind of a gift day an anniversary for your guy out there they are hard to shop for i am aren't they ivy listen i'm impossible to shop for honestly if i'm not by unlike a firearm or or some kind of like vintage cars furthest sixty seven these there is almost nothing you can get me all this guy did send me a really nice would carved eaglewood may it was really so the guy did that that was i got it yes i was really nice is powerful i don't know how you get my address but a super his bag
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got a lot of emails about sessions yesterday one guy and my facebook was particularly upset he said dad dad you know have faith in such as i wonder sometimes if people listen to the show i really need to get it upsets me because leave my is you can tell because every day address any for it may there always overwhelmingly positive ones to edit mean disregard this but the show is for you if anyone has a complainant matters to be i customer satisfaction and not wasting your time as my goal in the show guess what happened session resign you know what what but i have some faith in sessions and and the folks i've already hold me what's going on here there's a good and bad with sessions ethic having clear on this i don't know what i'm whereof the disconnect this happy let me address the bad first with sessions that i end by the way his is resignation yesterday is a good move i unequivocally this point the relationship with the present united states is broken its not fixable and it's not fixable because of one big
nickel in the row joe and an obstacle with sessions decision to refuse himself it was have we not address this multiple times show this isn't on fixable unmitigated disaster his i think early times in march at twenty seventeen and unnecessary decision i don't care what prognosticated political pundits tell you it was a bad call the democrats set him up those contacts he had made with the rest ambassador were perfectly appropriate is rosy united states centre there was absolutely no need to refuse himself from the rush investigation and what is done is let the rush investigation dominate the department of justice and dominate our politics despite the fact that the mahler probe has absolutely no evidence whatsoever of collusion now they have some evidence of russians interfering in our elections at points been stipulated a long time ago good for him for prosecuting it illusion case is dead it's over it's nonsense this is it
he's targeting donald trump not targeting collusion sessions decision to leave was a good one cusack was awful i have said this having said that about sessions there were a lot of good things with sessions to an us ignoring it out of some sense of emotional satisfaction makes us no better than the lips she was doing a really good job on immigration he was doing great job on immigration he was doing great job on discrimination in college applications with the department of justice with these colleges of discriminating against asian americans this stuff was happening ladies and gentlemen we massive amounts of people and the fbi and the department of justice who were forced to leave their jobs or under investigation right now because their roles spike it is this happening at a jew slow of a pace yes did i all of this was happening faster yes
that i wish sessions didn't refuse himself yes but i'm not here to give you easy answers you know when anonymous twitter account or any this other stuff i'm a real person who has actual sources some more right some who are in a mad padding waste what about you what are you guys i've sources do i'm just saying that the stuff that i've been told actually happen i told you about the anti mackay thing the deputy there do the fbi then we find a week later that there isn't act the grand jury panel than the grand jury was looking into andrew mackay the deputy director the fbi who had been terminated this there's stuff happening is happening at the pace we want no but it's happening pointing to a process and the process matters people are being looked at fury
our carter last night on hannity who has impeccable sources there are things going on i wish it was happening faster so the good news is i think this was a good call sessions had to go the bad news is there are people their piling on at this point it's over let's just let it go let it go there our things happening behind the scenes there the grand jury and panel people have left you need the names rebecca e baker mackay commie stroke page the list goes on and on people who have been forced out the only ones who aren't bill price that being one of them at the f b i believe as i've said and many shows are working with the job this department and i believe that because price there seems to be the only one he's a senior manager and the fbi intimately involved inspire gate prices
keeps appearing on press releases for the fbi how is it that everybody around those been fire joe oars walked weighty as it i believe because he's cooperating to question joe cooperating with you if nothing going on whose cooperating with the guy was upset you think i dare you told us to have a deal of some faith in some patience i didn't tell you to be an idiot i'm not telling got to be frustrated by just telling you that your friends having this conversation i got nothing's going on all the deities are doing their duty it slow they're doing it too slow there are things i wish would happen quicker but there are things happening suggestion would sessions is what we pylon at this point let me tell you why not because sensitive about his feelings he's not a snowflake sessions a good man the eu is in a bad he made a bad call in that refusal and awful call and its separation had to happen but joe
it's a real penalty to the pylon at this point and there's a reason a lot of people who were in the know about what's going on have not piled on sessions will get worse the worst god gabbard seaside our take care body number one joe there's assented see coming up in alabama into he thought it sir whose let's see was it says who it now not jeff sessions a democrat dow jones i have a story in the show notes today one about costs the one about the lot of good stories but one about sessions is well i didn't marry nonetheless agnes why bring it up check out the show no city please please subscribed my email is advantageous story about sessions that there behind the scenes about sessions potentially running for that sea folks sessions was a solid conservative vote on just about everything he
also stands a significant chance against incumbent now doug jones and listen it's it's a red state alabama but jones one ease their due i take this for granted a lot accommodating all that's and sets out its each gonna flip we said that montana to look at what happened what then my tat i love you guys and ladys to death what happen how could you not get tester out i'm sorry i don't mean to sound but i live in florida which is a purple state apart this isn't a blood red state like my we got rid of bill nelson what you where would tester the reason i have a democratic cheat on mom so i am so frustrated but what happened in montana i can't even tell you i know the conservatives going to do anything please don't take it the wrong way but this summer a lot of republicans voted for tester how do we know that joe the registration advantage republican democrats overwhelming republic this thereby you voted for tester this he's gonna give you nothing
web browser there was a perfectly good choice now we got to do with this guy for six years i say that don't attack sessions we don't need to attack sessions you're right you looking at me funny funny noise did you hear yeah yeah my i know my have you have to cut this vote i live in florida where the power goes out every two seconds by whole office runs on battery and that was the battery kicking it ok just i saw that look at your face like what the hell's that world carry folks we're ok it's florida we're lightning strikes every so lightly capital the work of my home this is our battery power that's why so clicks on and off when the paragraph sessions will likely run for that see here likely win in a resounding matter we need deceit
let's not pylon at this point is important think long term second who's gonna be the new hiv where are you throw a little plan out at you joe but i think to be printed matter to be fair i've seen other people talk about this to anyone act like this is in any way proprietary information tell you something i'm here and do kindest back channels here put it it would be a really good fit for this attorney general spot right now this nay by not come aid some of you may think that right away some may allow me a lot of people say giuliani and others final all good choice i've heard alex is ours named brought up the each s secretary we talk a woman here nope no hello janis rogers brown name is come up and i'd like her better for the supreme court guy let me give you it shall he's cuban in texas
initials or tc he just want a big risk now you may say was dead now hear me out is not that i don't just bring up simple because a lot of you may be salvaged robot ted crews and being a bit silly alive we may be said dan it's a terrible call do we really right now want to get involved in another open sea senate raise an estate web where where we're bade oh robert francis orourke almost almost pulled off and upset folks live explain to you the tactical genius of this if it happens one you get ted curse almost guaranteed with this new buffer in the senate thanks to the pick ups in florida indiana north dakota thanks to the pick up she's almost got absolutely gag barring some catastrophe guaranteed formation we know and i dont crews personally i am a name dropping he's just the guy's a spectator you learn a brilliant conservative he's
northern qualified he was a solicitor general taxes he's a legal genius and he's the brilliant guy he would be a speck accurate or attorney general to advance the constitutional principles we believe in the downside it's i know joe i can see that look enjoy nobody's things do we really want to go through this again in texas we just got the guy in there just what i want is nato runs again folks taxes is a trap that's it has always been a trap for democrats wendy davis paid i'll think about it they just poured what seventy million dollars into ascendancy in the highest turn out election in mid terms you're going to see in your lifetime probably still wars by four point specials depends when they would do the election whatever but there it if they could not win with this you know airport
rock star beta huda media salivated over this guy had bree advantage in the book daily of debate oh robert francis was the media's dream he's lost significantly what's my point ladies and gentlemen money and people money and people do not grow on trees my not grow on trees my dad used to tell me that they don't let's make did democrat pile again joe their massive money machine their massive people machine into tax as for a race they will unquestionably get smoked in i'm tellin you right now a chance but make waste their assets right before twenty depending on when the selection happens i'm sorry i'm not intimately familiar with how the texas they would probably
an appointment and it would be may put it on twenty twenty whatever it may be but let's let them poor again there asked its into this badal race that did not go where joe they didn't go into indiana they didn't go into montana which was lost by a sliver bidding went to west virginia which was lost by a slimmer they can go with the north dakota where we one didn't go florida where we one didn't go into the georgia race where we want these monies that did not go into those race now those might those races were well funded but ya much money was wasted albedo wasted they lost folks i think the tactically genius plan now i'm a risky cat unlike my friend bag at this conference in my brady's were by best friend then he wants a move to florida he's the most risk averse guy every hardest working i ever met between eighty and one who is afraid is how can i get up your time jemmy while the guy works like eighty hours a week the most risky cat in a well out they wanted
the secret service a run for office in maryland let's do it that's what i'm joe i'll take a risk anywhere where we just started part yet who listens that crap that's what people told us three years ago nobody listens to that for years you ok toward a fifty thousand people they tell you otherwise now but i'm a risky guy i think this is risk we're taking make these democrats waste their money and all their assets in another special in texas or an election in texas where they will unquestionably gets smoke so we can siphoned off their assets from other other places i think it's a genius move and you get ten crews as iter general a reliable constitutional is who will never ever back down ever call me crazy folks but i think it's a genius plan what do you think how you like that yeah that's what this ballsy right
i love it i love it i thought that this warning of like i gotta put that out there had loved the plant are i finally takes your party robot is that we the people holsters aid listen we the people who are custom made holsters made here in the new united states of america i get ponds of compliments about we the people because their horses are the finest out there give it a sample of one early in the game when they came on board and i call a bar the sales rep for our show and i said this is great bring on board instantly they design their own holsters in house they don't use any crap third party molt they build their own mould four precision a precision fit and their beautiful looking holsters they do it right here in las vegas they cut every moment to fit each firearm perfectly when they say they designed a row mould there messing around they have a three day design team that measures every nook and cranny of the fire for the perfect fit you can adjust the camp you can adjust the right what does that mean
where these in the pants holsters these cheap owes you know what i'm talking about these ten dollar one you get in there you know that stores we com you he can adjust the thing he got a firearm rubbing instead what is that illegal crest than your hip bound and you like this is really annoying your sheep to watch a movie you're doing that the tug risky you'll want to do the tiger risky you don't need but we do people also you can adjust the can't and you just the right not only that you can judge attention to you can't do that with these crappy deaf five ninety nine holsters from there from the bookstore duquette this thing you the fireman fiddle more snugly turn once group you want to fight on the fit a little more loosely yeah yeah unscrewing it's as simple even when i'm ivory head ass joe notes he always responded customs the designs in house yet the thin red line then
allied constitution decide camp the constitution was pretty cool and american flag i got that one also just thirty four out they come in a lifetime guarantee but you won't need it every holster ships free and if it's not a perfect fit send it back for reform here we go gonna we the people holsters that calm slashed in we the people holsters that comes lestat listeners at my show can use code dan my first name and you get ten hours off that is just twenty four dollars for the finest holster you will ever where we the people holsters dotcom slashed don't miss out all right one more thing honour on this on the sessions thing and the approach going forward i had a few people really pick up on yesterday with the release the crack and which i which meant release the crack and anna some of whom they like little promos there was a group out there that is about tat took my audio and actually put it
the new class of the type of over the new one where that crack in which with like fifty tentacles the saying goes on forever the initial class of the tides with harry hamelin the cracking like the worst animatronic crack in ever the new one that's a serious crime release the cry again that crack and hard core folks this is the path going forward louise i bring it up again as not to repeat yesterday show but i had mentioned yesterday i'm starting to see it appear in mainstream outlets that donald trump is considering going forward now d classifying the information after the mid terms not not in any way suggesting he heard that on my show yesterday i'm not that arrogant but i and getting wind and traffic from some people declassify breathing at this point there is nothing to lose secondly confirm confirm confirm confirm every mitchell mcconnell please allow me to say this again if your listening
want a line of people like they're doing limbos stick why going in and out of that set it being confirmed from now to your out of office i haven't go up at the show notes from the daily signal there are ready to judicial nominees joe currently waiting a full senate vote had been approved by the judicial committee bracken released a crack and get up there stat a sap now i want you to read this daily signal peace because we limitation of my show to be fair as i my knowledge of internal mechanics of the senate is limited by when i get from people the people who work in their full time understandably we understand floor time how it works and
doing my best because i don't like to be the information limited at all on my show especially cause you invest so much time but i'm trying to understand the so when i read things i find interesting which i this daily signal piece you should check out i liked to pass them on to you joe interest thing a about the release the crack and strategy on confirming everyone to reclassify everything and confirm everyone this was a fantastic table info joe now that we have split government there is going to be as they say in the peace less legislative floor time on the senate because split government is really a significant obstacle towards am i say it is a good thing i've just saying it's that it's it's a fact when governments what the democrats and now gonna run the house the floor tie for passing stuff good or bad is gonna be limited because it is this obstruction
programmes are gonna say we're not doing this the republicans you gotta say we're not doing this so when they say that what gets done nothing but when you have a unified government a republican house and republican senate stuff gets pass and stuff gets through i'm not saying it's good stuff i've just talking about the floor time what does this have to you were released and cracking and confirming everyone i think it's chaired steppin writes a peace in a daily signal makes a brilliant observation show that now that there is less legislative floor time because he's gotta divided govern there's a whole lot of flora time to release the darned cracking get every one of these infra these appointees confirm the democrats to obstruct fine gifts there are thirty hours floored floor debate and keep them in session forever keep them in session perpetuity i want confirmations happening on christmas eve listen mitchell colonel if you listen or someone in your staff is listening you will become
a hero to the conservative moment if you could do this one thing get every single person confirm if we're not going to get anything done in the next two years because the democrats around the house and we're not gonna get better tax cuts spending control or constitutional stuff we need past right if that's not gonna happen and the best can do over two years is static courts with judges who believe in the constitution stack um stack um yes well take it then we will pay tat is a win that is a big win win we'll have generational ramifications for the republican party a rational ramifications do it confirm everyone christmas day thanksgiving new year's confirm everyone
at that point in the daily single piece which you should read is a brilliant want pray i knew you were going to brilliant i saw i saw the finger i sought brilliant there is now a ton of for time to get all these people confirmed do it very frosted it one more final note before we go right away tomorrow shows gonna be stack too because i have so many stories i can't even get to today let me just tease one thing for tomorrow show i have to go wanted to get to this today folks but for by an hour this may change in a future but for now we're doing our show give me some twenty twenty reasons for optimism seawater read the show notes today this a piece about me examiner but i want to get there some real significant green shoots for twenty twenty and the trumpet like i'm want to get to that tomorrow it's gonna be a longer precision someone is passed today but
just one final thing i got some emails from some people regarding i had the conversation about amendment foreign florida worth felons were granted the right to vote and you know when i say something wrong i feel the need to correct it and apologise to you i hope you don't for a second not for a moment i hope you obedient covers attacking your character eighty one point manufacturing the segment is very clear to say gone this we should do the right thing not the easy thing just the conversation i had the other day about the friend i knew is inadequate and i want to get too that tomorrow too there's a new hope you it on the market with a big debate breaking out but i meant what i said you are we welcome in our movement if you can a crime and you are you have found that moment of redemption that matters to me i did i mean to you that's why said i was torn on it and the reason i met i was torn on it is because i
the democrats are pushing this for reasons that i believe then it because i believe it's the right thing i dont believe that's why the democrats are doing this and we clear on this folks i open and i it maybe i should explain that a little boy in a lot you would have simply bounty balloting voter fraud and expanding i don't think it has anything to do with redemption that's my problem that's why said it was torn if you took that an attack or me try and somehow be in any way holier than thou that my sincere in deep apologies i am i am a sinner like everyone else absolute in absolute terms i try my best i try to get back on track but i fall off it all the time i had i was genuinely touched by some of the email you always always welcome here always remember i'm i'm a christian i'm not a preacher i respect whatever religion faith you believe in public
jesus christ dying on the cross that looked over to criminal is last moments of life who asked to meet him in heaven who forgave him right there because the genuine active redemption i believe in that and i feel really awful that some people who have committed crimes in their past and found the path took it as some kind of an attack on him it was not made to be that and my sincere apologies for that i mean that attics broken men and women who had tough lives growing up people who have committed crimes diskin urban of movements for you too we believe big our rights granted by god not by man not mean that as an attack i was strictly that's why kept using the word tactically speaking the democrats are not in this for redemption the democrats her in because they want to pay a voter rules for a different reason altogether it maybe should explain it better my apologies i folks they
so much for all your support support i do read your email sodas paula she wanted me to again thank you for all of the positive emails my getting out of voting how we inspired somehow we deeply appreciate it means a lot please subscribed to the show on itunes radio sound plans you can always snap and you know that calm the subscriptions are free would try our best to keep the show free for hopefully do we really appreciate the subscriptions they move us up the chart so thanks a lot i'll see you just heard in bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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