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Ep. 847 The 2020 Presidential Election Has Already Begun

2018-11-09 | 🔗

Summary:In this episode I address some positive signs for the Trump 2020 re-election campaign. I discuss why Facebook and Twitter need conservatives more than conservatives need them. I also discuss the controversy behind a powerful new opioid on the market. News Picks:Will President Trump declassify the Spygate documents?

The Democrats are already crying foul over the acting attorney general.

Liberals blew it in some competitive elections.

Was this the Kavanaugh election?

Could Papadopoulos blow the Russia hoax wide open?

The Democrats are desperate to get their hands on social media companies.

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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i love their budget i shall produce joe our you today its fur yes it s likely things are working ok even know it's a bit of a road shouted i folks we had a near catastrophic meltdown of ours toby audition computer thing you're the folks listen i'll that's why i was left behind the scenes my great sphere on this shell as joe well knows year because it will he records show my old it goes into an eminent you care recorded twice dictates once though with show up that and we to show the day at boom the computer like craps out o me my technology we advanced wife at a committed fixed the whole thing that's why the show was up late the other that today our work and good i was very nervous or a lot of breaking to talk by couple names being floated free
gee i saw pam by these name get air getting thrown out there the attorney general near her lord i saw chris christy's name creep up so we have this conversation yesterday about my plan i think go at ted crews and i told you i please listen to yesterday's show if if you missed it because i i love the idea i love the idea of getting democrats do poor money into its excess again pour money into elsewhere to try to when you see they have absolutely no chance of winning and we'd have ted cruises attorney general so i love it all right show brought to you by my favorite product first staving off injury and uncomfortable mice and back pain and nonsense tater haider kate like dictate there's with a teeter i cannot say enough about the next sponsor and i will say a thing they wrote that ninety three years i don't need a body we gotta use a lot of their stuff there i can
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the council s dead that's teeter dotcom slashed at check it out you'll love it i always like tat because whereas in secret service school we had a bunch of southern guys whether us in west one guy love it every time you go elaborate nato's any kind of potatoes hash browns home fries baked potatoes fried potatoes french fried danger he was out tatters jimmy creators tails we are worried about tito dictator writers needs of data is all right so odd twenty twenty election some positive signs we got folks coming up on this twenty twenty elections there we go my computer screen so light twenty twenty reasons for optimism this article is actually in yesterday's show notes i want you to check it out there because a couple things eddies midterms elections i listen they weren't great again it was passed to split decision i hear smoky up us all good so wonderful how this and i like
the press i support the president but we took a beating in the house we added in the senate we want some good governorship but i a positive show so i want to talk to you about each one twenty because the election started way where you for a day off now that's not going to happen i know wasn't that nobody actually he was we're just talk about it before the ship but are disregarded zitkalasa glimmer gums is theirs nowadays all there's no done can we just got done at the midterms can we take a break i'm sorry we can't this is our fight fight matter so i want to point to you some optimistically some positive signs for the twenty twenty election which began yesterday number one when is gentleman historically this election was not bad for trump at all when you consider this in context i'm not trying to put lipstick on it but i just want to give you the number so you understand that all that bad even on the house hillside clinton one thousand ninety four his first
term bill clinton nineteen eighty four his first mid term ladies and gentlemen was an electoral bloodbath it was abysmal awful of one of the worst you're gonna he ever hear about he lost fifty four or how seeds and get a load of this nine set it seats oh nine angie no good now we it depends we may lose thirty we may lose thirty one but we are definitely going to add on the set aside so historically speaking about the clinton ninety four not that bad not great but not that bad secondly one of the biggest routes in electoral history obama twenty ten during the tea party revolution was joe remembers well above twenty turn you lost sixty three six the three how seats and six senate seats and the route continued at the state and local level where he actually wound up losing over a thousand seats ladies and gentlemen yes it was a pretty on now
on tuesday night but historically speaking it wasn't that bad remember the two examples i just gave you bill then in barack obama one reelection both one re election by the way handily handily now one more example not the peace summit to add some of my own cometary thesis is in that examiner peace ronald reagan and i want to correct something i said on fox news because i don't think i think it came out wrong and no one picked up on it but i want to correct in advance i was on fire some friends here today and i cited reagan reagan nineteen eighty to his first mid term lost twenty six seats in the house reagan to win an electoral landslide winning forty nine and fifty states i said that on fox and friends and i think gravy and it that's a good job they didn't misquote me or anything but in me citing that example joe i think they thought i was hit thing that trouble gonna win forty nine out of fifty states to know no i was at stake
i'm saying he lost about the same number as reagan didn't reagan won re election i didn't mean to insinuate that trump is going to win forty nine and fifty stats folks at listen in the current electoral knowledge dynamic gets imports is impossible and sorry i'd love to see trump when new york chances are that are highly unlikely given the demographic changes in the electoral changes receiving state he's acting in forty nine to fifty six is not what i meant i just meant like reagan one reelection a route trumps there the good chance to win reelection two of you saw that head on a one you know i don't want to lose my credibility on that i saw what i was saying at all so i'm just trying to suggest he's got a good shot so there you got up number two folks trot motivates the base like few other candidates we ve seen out there his google rating amongst europe amongst republicans is absolutely sky hi it's in the stratosphere its upwards of nine plus two percent with depending on what paul you read now why does this matter it man because your eyes
quote this guy's article lotta haven't awhile but it's such a good one a rider he wrote a very good piece a long time of this guy brandon finnegan he wrote it at a at national the waste to talk about this peace a lot and even talking about how republicans constantly get this turn out thing wrong and one of the region they get it wrong is they missed the big key to this whole thing is they missed a registration mob in other words the democrats to win elections on turn out because they register more voters by register more voters if you get fifty percent turnout out of a hundred and voters and republicans simple bath ya we don't he's jaded we haven't jays advocates for awhile which really what we needed though dan you know it you get chase abacus out because we had some of the new they may be confused by this and this is for the veterans here that thereby gino show this the real linda thing for us but get jays advocates our right to search out let me ask you what's probably going to be a high a number using basic math do you think fifty percent
four hundred thousand is a higher number or is three percent of nine eight thousand a higher number so let's do this is of a hundred thousand you're not more than half of ninety doesn't get the abacus change this moment and around he's doing the math and it looks like a fifty percent over a hundred thousand they are a hundred thousand j away for those who are new listeners a guy named j sent us and advocates because we use the joke about how liberals get basic math wrong there you go you know is it i think we have brought about a while so there you go jays abacus makes its andre appearance on the show joe is right percent of a hundred thousand mean something so this guy its peace was a good one it said out the democratic the union's their geo tv there get out to vote but their registration staff matters they reggie your voters did you have
hundred thousand voters registered and fifty percent show up and republicans fifty percent show up and we have fewer registered voters we lose its just simple math now we keep missing this is bizarre i'm not saying that there want to speak and categorical terms a lot of republicans get it matter when i was living in maryland say areas county the republican party down there in a traditionally democratic county did such a great job registering voters that they flip the county the county largely republican now because they had registered so many people i'm simply suggesting are you the truck motivates the base but what are basic motivating the base is good enough if we our voters registered first and turn out second you understand all the things have to work in tandem if they don't work intent if one of those pieces is missing it all falls apart motivation registration turn out turn out innovation registration i don't care what particular
where you want to make it sound or make it sound cutesy or turn it into a meme or whenever you want to do trump motivates no republican we ve seen in the past if we old show up at the ag fair the county fair outside the gun show and voters registered you now where kids how to register for obviously but you show up outside of a gun show in euro got owner is probably pretty helpful being out their registered voters right i the democrats are great at this they go to immigration ceremonies they register voters sure thing we have a lot of new words like but emily to become citizens what republic but the democrats are playing a game that a lot of people are going to vote democrat folks it brilliant move we gotta to the gun shows we gotta get to the ag fares the county fares to frederick me fair maryland and register the heck out a new voters we have to should be the first question question
why are you ready shorter you registered arm i don't know if you dont know peter registration for again can't tell a motor reward party to register for but if you can be reasonably competent if you're out a republican boot joe you better the county fares have enough i used go to them recounting fairly onawandah surpass one in maryland love it's better than to stay fair to go there all appendages huge republic intent there it's right across from the am i try to cross from one of the wife of one of one of the bill they haven't ever they have the the exhibits and all the the art in sight it sit there and if their approaching nor public intent there's a damn good chance if they're not registered that they made likely vote republican in the future registration matters why does it because he motivates the base factual matters motivating the pace doesn't mean squad if you're not registered the vote now why does this road motivation matter because turn out why does turn out matter because where spread out democrats aren't its
harder for us to register people as an example of simple logistics think about it folks listen i hate self self praise thinks big my aunt god rest or storage jane she was my godmothers tell me self praise thinks it it does but i've run i know where can i get i know how this works the rest it was harder for me in maryland i ran in congressional district six which is maryland and dc suburbs is to almost completely this think areas three and it was harder for us to register voters if we were in maryland mountains and allegheny county in garrett county there was a house there was walking fifty feet there was another house there was a house walking a hundred feet and other has that's a problem and gaiters burger german town or damascus while certain parts of the mask is put you what room apartment to apartment the democrats oh those are democratic areas they register
this not out of people you can register twenty people for every one time it takes republicans also attend so we're gonna give up no we're not i'm sick telling you that trump is dominating the motivation factor role voters far voters exert voters people who live on there on the fringes of the suburbs there are enough people if we can get to them and yes it's gonna take time and the lodge fictional hard because people are spread out we don't live in cities like democrats do we do i'm saying in concentrations and went on much speaking categories get my point city dominated by democrats ladys harder for us to register voters but we have to do it one one an example in this went on me to go on but this is so important because twenty twenties on its on right now you have you pretend does it doesn't make it go away the presidential election is already started
i really hope can i use this example not because i want a batter you with marilyn politics but i ve run two states are intimately familiar with our politics work and what happened in maryland is a fascinating phenomenon when larry hogan is a republican first one the governorship back in twenty fourteen it was an enormous sobs and what you said your fifteen to one may not see it maybe twenty two wabi nobody took them serious nobody i'm tell they d with somebody really go did the behind the scenes details of what was going on and i think it was disaster nobody it brought him but the noble gave him a shot in hell of winning that race he pulled it off he just you just one reelection didn't overwhelmingly just destroyed ben jealous in a deep blue state a republican but i want later on and i analyze the data is i thought about running for governor in maryland at one point i changed my mind
i am very familiar with the vote tallies in that state and i it said to myself at one point that it wasn't worth doing because i was sure that the rural counties carol county northern frederick alligator a carrot that the vote tallies i was sure i had done my homework and this is listen i'm telling you the truth even makes maya electoral analysis look bad because it shoot matters it done this on a spreadsheet sixty four ways from sunday and i had company conclusion that there was no way there were enough rural votes in maryland to witness wide race for governor to overcome baltimore city principle just county and morocco recounting dc suburbs i dont folksteads maryland has twenty six plus one counties puts the city i had come to the conclusion that those three jurisdictions montgomery prince georgia's in baltimore that the rest of the
one he plus counties there was not enough votes gushers i wrong why i was wrong because i didn't factor in turn out and registration people were passed show remembers shoulders and marrow remember that the rain tax people furious people living in rural areas would voted in who had voted in twenty years more register the vote they were furious the maryland economy was being decimated by the stupid rain tax rate i did not fat therein unprecedented turn out shame on me i got you know i think i could of what harry and larry wonder whether you just one reelection i'm telling you the votes are out there new yorkers california have a lot of people so as the rest of america there are three hundred and thirty million people a large both of them are still she kingly not voting you gotta get out and vote
trot motivates the base like any other twenty twenty start register motivate vote that's that poor folks it's that simple i know the logistics are top you gonna drive we're farm you gonna drive to an excerpt get back in your car drive down road democrats can just go door to door an apartment billy that difficulties i mean that we shouldn't do it we gotta do it are still high on board but at least let me told me this part the democrats the democrats are gonna now own gridlock in the house this is a bad sign for country but again i'm talking about fix you remember the new rules we win you lose that's what we're committed to now because that's how the them crash feel about us we win we the exercise raw political power the one thing we can do constitutionally because we
intimidate or attack people like the left it shown up a tucker carlson's ass that's not our beggar don't set their thing we do it the right way but the right way means we got a win bout practically speaking the devil crafts now being in charge of the house of representatives are coming soon and having likely nancy low a speaker of the house who creates an interesting foil because now democrats own it remember foe you can define yourself in politics sometimes by negation don't ever ever forget this lesson i don't air what any political pundit whose pretend they know what they're talking about tells you they don't if they deny this politics is nice and flowery message and hope and change it does work a lot but you and also define yourself by what you're not by negation that is what the democrats did in this just recent twenty eighty mid term elections joe had
need find themselves on that donald trump right that's it we're you are not donald trump we're gonna go after this guy if you don't like him by the up then we like you got that was there will be we would ask their message was tell me any anyone with their message was i'm not tromp they re i guess you can define they ran against shop you can fine yourself by what you're not in politics now you also should present some kind of a legislative package that's why the democrats didn't do as well as they could have as i just explained compared to the the clinton years and the obama years new enrich had the contract with america the tea party had the tax rebellion and the anti government health care message that they were going to peruse free market solutions and they want the democrats it now message their message was trump's spokesman that was it but they still one
the problem is a lot of people go on tv and off it's the sound cute seer what're you can't and yourself by a negative we need a positive met yet yet it's nice but that's not true the evidence is you're you're just making that up you absolutely win elections by stating what you're not now the damsel the house watch all the cookies if that starts coming out of the house people will die again sab people will die there you go that's what you're gonna get poor world die if we'd all past matter care for all tax like targeted trump can now define himself by what he's not be clearly right now has a what he is i'm for tax that's how do we know that because he passed them we know it tax as we know is for massive government deregulation we know ways for spending cuts it well and i want to be careful
i wanna be to golden coffee they did sign a grow task we high spending but he's come out studies that can assign another one so let's i'm gonna hold him at his word until we prove me wrong we nobody's for limited government we always for reporting constitutional supreme court justices why because we ve two of them are ready we know judges at the district in circuit court level have been amazing we got that put filling out there tactical strategic political puzzle also disco you need to describe yourself by negation what you were not now he's going to have the chance joe to say look look up oh she's doing over the house they run the house and look at this crap look at this steaming pile of horse from a new are coming out of the house ladies and gentlemen i am here to protect you against that this is a good thing got a good thing we lost but it's
good thing messaging wise and tactically it allows trumpeted the fine himself against the foil a diamond always looks better against the deep dark background always that's why you look at diamonds into jewelry store they have that plush black thing and it's not why because the dying looks incredibly a bright when on that background it's a foil europe has a foil now what was his before the republican house has economic wait a vote those guys really sought to do a terrible days patrol republican away what oh he's got pelosi their amount happy we lost the house but i'm telling you for the twenty twenty reelect oh by the way listen to my day after the election show where i discussed here we're gonna get a lot of those house each back now because now a lot of these how seed members and swinging districts are now going to have to the actual votes against their constituents interests
are we able to run and hope he changed stuff anymore they're gonna have records to vote on and on a swing district voters going to like it whenever new democrat house remembers it just one they ceased our voting for tax sykes people we'll die the absolute which of course they will i remember the montage we had people people die people that there was great q that up to now let's try that wanna get right so in a new agenda if if we do if we taxes as republic you joe what'll happen people will die if we implement controlled health care rather than government healthcare what'll happen people will die if we get ginger all of the student loans market by turning it over to free markets what'll happen people will die if we allow parents to choose actual it
schools rather than fairly public schools what'll happen people will die if we get control over the bankrupt entitlement programmes medicare medicaid social security what'll happen people will die if we could troll government spending so we don't go bankrupt him our what'll happen people will die if we allow people to believe in the bill of rights and don't become a government of positive rather than negative constitutional rights for the government what'll happen people will die yes europe actually have wrought you're wrong we ever done that while we do with them but sometimes i think elizabeth workers even better that's the problem you're gonna have to years of his wacko doodle stuff now now he's gotta foil all right i got one more that's the most important and is very sensitive to makes i live in one of these states but this is a critical so did toward the twenty two good sides and reasons for optimism and a relay historic
speaking this was not bad that's number one continent oh boy got rooted far worse one reelection drama the the base so if we get him just stirred turn about we just like larry hoagland it he found votes where i couldn't find them using my math programme the democrats are now a foil they couldn't say that before that in control anything they control the house they will be giving us people will die speech every day for the next two years we now have a foil i just one more than the midst get to this really get paid show appreciate responses have you like me those books you want to read or those people suggest to you is never ending and always expanding i've got an easy solution for you he said at the time a reed all those books or sponsor blink kissed blink asked solve the long list of must reach once and for all bleakest is the only
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rise i s t blinkers dotcom slash dyin to start your freedom they trial that's blinkers el i and k i s tee thou counselor stand to start your free seven they trial relinquished dot com slash dan ok last one of the four take away why twenty twenty maybe look pretty good for us florida and ohio ladies and gentlemen if donald trump does not win florida and ohio in twenty two i see no path to re election for donald trump i don't even see it being be as close as a matter of fact i that is the weirdest thing ever i cannot see the time and joy i gotta go s light up in here thou usually rapture lighting looks good but yeah the eye studio lighting on rather than the already but i can't see the timer on that thing it's driving me crazy that's why you're so the floor oh hi erases were important we won florida in ohio in the mid terms and gubernatorial most of you know that might the wine run
i'm pretty resoundingly in ohio and the scientists a great candidate oh disclosure i had campaign for i don't want anybody be misled i support run i know right when i like best friends but i know wrong i was a good kid there is strong conservative he wanted and surprising fashion by the way down here floor you know wasn't i wasn't a huge margin but it was a pretty handy one why does that matter why doesn't matter for trump one interesting point this washed in examiner peace again as in yesterday's show notes and unlike reprinting articles have a new series of today in yesterday's shone out that talks about some twenty twenty signs here the losers in the ohio hi and florida races richard forgery and andrew gallop respectively listen to this the losers got more votes than the winners in previous elections wow why does tat matter it's a fascinating point if i was like blown away by andrew
kill him and shared courtrai got more stan rick scott and john k sick when they won what does that tell you i mean parlour back to number two trump motivates the base in other words the democrats had their turn out machine their vote registration drives and their vote show up in such unbelievable fashion they got more votes than the guy's a one in the last election and they here who lost got smoked in ohio we means my greatest there that's the commercial regulates the commercial what's a hobbes law a thing tat is there a goal that was forty brow that was forty you daniel
oh hi onward florida they turned out three big mary had they got more still no winners has died and they still lost what i tell you that tells you that the four all the beatings the republican party gets i get it i'm sorry about the party the action i'm not talking about the ideology i mean this strategic pardon the cat parties the leadership the chair people the actual people forget about the ideology tax cuts healthcare egg i'd forget that for some of them at their physical party the inn a structure in these they hit is awesome the democrats turn everything they had and still lost texas to work rock star radio brutal to media losing their minds over plato
we still lost trump turned to vote infrastructure was there the people the offices the machinery to get people out to the polls and to get them register ladies and gentlemen why does that happen it happens because and this is why i think we win new rules we win you lose your rules this is why it matters to me so much i think long time let me give another self deprecating moment self critical moment because it matters i was under the belief a long time ago when barack obama one is first term that it wasn't such a bad thing because the read that americans needed to see how bad liberalism is before we course correct i believe that idea didn't like you know what we'll get sky in and he'll be so bad which he was he was awful the worst economic recovery and modern american history first press
cannot reach three percent gdp growth ever ever obama care trillion a debt in portugal the elected in a mere landslide power matter and sadly alot of people vote based on charisma they dont vote based on i wouldn't play just don't i wish they did the same people who got hurt the worst buy up dummy probity of folks the same people who were dead as stated by obamacare voted i mean in massive marked its young people do you understand the year of the obama care specifically targeted you there method community rating may you pay for your mother's fathers in your grandparents healthcare that's the kid kids young ladys and man i'm talking to you open my care screw you unity rating i love your group
parents in your parents i'm one of em i'm talking to my daughter now but i more assets that my fourteen year old daughter whose for years away from having to get mandatory insurance i can keep from my plan later but for years away from adulthood i have i dont know i'd be a generous a hundred thousand times if a million times more the assets that my daughter obama care my daughter through community rating pay for my health care because they instituted a formula that said you can't charge people this much what what i've been someone how to pay them because all people older people chronologically don't get sick more it's just a matter of fact so paid young kids out there you paid you got worked you got screwed
and yet they voted people don't vote on ideas all the time they vote on charisma get out i want to get too far off point that's my point is that although the young that's good bye obamacare voted obama in the point of view to make its infrastructure and power matter do not fall into this trap i did that all eventual everybody you'll see how bad it is no they won't listen to me won't see how bad it is they will mark f your prolong the great depression per year and people voted a man over and over and over again power matters never ever ever relinquish it under any circumstances new rules we win you lose that's our goal that's the only goal we win these offices everywhere that is the only goal because the left feels the same way
folks when they get in power things change now am we're talking about it want to lose you we're still talking about ohio higher florida why this makes a difference when they got those in power here there are appointments massive numbers of appointments that open up other spots if europe boy did through some kind of a cabinet position or bubbles or more likely than you but some kind of say bureaucratic position she let me just say to say your appointed chief of staff around the scientists the governor elect in florida and you're a chairman of a local okeechobee county republican central committee whatever it is then show what else opens up the ok every county central committee chairmen who then asked recruited from the ranks of the board and in aboard we feel that it may go out to the public you guys anyone it should enjoy in europe do you see how creating a power network power matters especially
women have government people like us they want to restrict power you need you need power to restrict power does not make sense because you let the other guy a power who doesn't want to restrict power they abuse it when we're cuts to show conservatives it give you back your money you're healthcare new firearm right we need to to do that you have to say the legislation protecting this stuff sadly i wish you didn't prejudice fifty on right of memory angels they're not power matters donor give it up the fish that we won the highest office in the land in ohio higher florida means that we'll be appointments there will be spots to fill their will be recruitment there will be more to pull recruitment or cascades all the way down when you lose power all that stuff gets flushed out all of it i'll give you a perfect example again outside of florida nana oh i go
back just maryland that had a republican governor for eight years oh molly i refuse me democrat he had the whole state was up all them crowd appointees everywhere ok comes in starts up we think friends of mine to positions i remember wendy peters the painters gets in it turns into a big political fight you plastic woman by the way when they pay profile goes up times at that then she was in a paper every day priscilla reopen appointed hour there was some conference they want to pare this they did it turn our profound when they peters could run for anything she wants right now she was almost unknown before that she was she was a council of council person or a city council person somewhere forget mount airy i believe now five times that this matters power matters we now run the states in florida ohio it is time to get those appointments in to get the beer and at
the bureau to bureaucracy settled with our appointees and importantly to get the car me committees the republic and chairs in place to get the registration drives up having access to power matters especially when you want to limit infrastructure matters forget florida and ohio the losing candidates turned out more votes than the winner last time they were ready but we were ready here we were the ready you're ready est knots part i get mad at the party alot again applied the party actual people i do sometimes it's almost fashionable you know and sadly suppose you fall naturally eyes politicians at yours and i can't stand parliament so i'm a runaway but these p on the ground than these county committees are you and i folks they do a lot of hard work i buddy
jerry the wolf up in maryland just want a big case when that redistricting maryland six raise these around you can file on the ground people work in her but self knocking on doors have that infrastructure in place it matters big time ok i left hand i want to get you a couple other things again facebook story it's gonna blow your mind i teach this the other a couple weeks ago never think it was going to come true i we the people holsters what are we the people also yet if you have a firearm and you haven't you are missing out huge huge we the people holsters are custom made holsters made right here in the usa they are beautiful they are functional they are comfortable you will see it you will love it when you get it you pull it out of the box you will never wear another holster again but i pray he d people hawsers not only the beautiful and functional uncomfortable but they desire right here in the united states in the great old usa the design of in house they do not use them already balls they measure
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dot com slash their use i'm ok daniel get ten dollars off that just twenty four hours with free shipping gotta we do people hawsers that calm slashed in putting promo code dan get ten dollars off these things are going geese beautiful ok on this facebook story before i get to my last story it in europe the europe my thoughts always run out batteries are so i'd mentioned a few we see how about this serve and facebook twitter but the de platform in its scope the attacks by social media companies and web companies i conservatives which is very real you denying it does not make it go away if you aren't of course but there is something i the liberal cyber attending this is all it up and i want to have to talk or karlsson who has been all over this on fox news he has been covering this every day because it is such a serious story we are being based we free speech rights are under attack not by government but by
i almost by worse by platforms i can shut down completely everywhere all the time government escape this point we are and nobody knows how to get away from facebook i to you though that i think the the loophole in this because i am not for expanding the powers of government that she's trading one demon for the next but there is a a way to do this in a way to do it is by electoral content facebook made a tragic mistake censoring pro life ads on us the be anthony list and they also sensor near by marcia blackburn who joe i don't believe i but i believe these things are connected i don't want to a tribute her winter facebook but marcia blackburn beat feel brightest the democratic tennessee handily a lot of them pay attention she got from them what the streisand effect what from them censoring rats now we talked about this a few weeks ago the streisand effect when barbarous rise in just a bunch of reporters to start taking photos of her house what happened the photos of ass one viral because every just i don't know
these photos don't know you look at it s nobody does might be the wretched stepping up research don't ever when i ran sleepy tells him ran don't touch the red button and you can't do it the fingers over the red bought anything you don't even those with a red button does and he's gotta do it that's the strife in effect so facebook saying ok look at this marcia blackberry pro life had led to one buddy going on in looking at the marshal blackburn wins convincingly again oh they want to unconnected probably not but i'm not going to say it hurt or i don't think it did give her a lot of free attention but i'd say to you that this facebooking is dumb listen i know we have facebook employees at listen and if you have any influence and accompany twitter facebook google you're making a huge mistake fellows and ladys a huge mistake you are abandoned the free free market liberty base side bigger
given right side of this american ideological schism right now you are making enemies in the wrong place what just happened joe by me last week that now there are these european countries that are looking at a tax on facebook on profits for google i'm amazon and others profits earned within their countries this is not are the headquarters is located this is important right now the property of the i'm gonna throw but sales tax and we're talking about taxes on on revenues overall if you had water domicile your company in ireland the traditionally low tax country i think it's twelve point five percent their corporate tax a lot of companies move there because ireland has very reasonable corporate tax rates thanks the donald trump ass republicans like the united states has now we can get it lower it's a lot lower than it was twenty one percent what does that mean joe
if you move to a generally low tax country you can escape your money being confiscated all over the world by governments that just want to steal your dough what does this have to do with facebook while the european sky can't stand ireland by the way i'm not talk about that people about their their economic situation the europeans can standard ireland has a twelve point five percent tax rate because all these companies are moving there to get away from their high tax european states so they said joe you know we're going to do this thing with facebook amazon others we're going to do this thing where you pay taxes where the monies are not what you're headquarters is oh are you and attacks not small folks it's like three percent you are talking about a massive me ass if tax bill for these companies what does this have to do facebook in social media censorship who saving them folks let's take a second and think about this
whose saving them right now yes serve additives you dobbs this conservatives you idiots at these companies not working for a moment the liberal management continue but are the one saving your collective arson right now it looks like this locality tax on facebook and amazon and others which is going to be massive and it's going to cost these companies joe it looks to be going down in flames why because conservatives in ireland in the united states and elsewhere are collectively advocating for the same imbeciles of facebook then our attack conservatives all the time this so frustrating with these morons continue to alienate as were the ones protecting your companies interests while you dobbs continue to attack us
so stupid i merely i'm half of the mind joe sometimes say let him flail flail let em flatter wanting to fail for european other good people who work there but let em flounder let him flail out there let him figure it out of their own but you know what folks this is why i am proud to be a conservative we don't do that i'm sweeter stone principles matter to us and we just don't we don't want to you people lose their jobs we don't want to see good companies fail because they have put management if they're good companies we're making money in providing a service we want to see the workers do well the company do well conservatives hard to say bankrupt and scratch is not so we still find four principles economic liberty of freedom even when these areas that these companies joe continue to attack us ruthlessly i warned you i said you companies if you listening you need conservatives listen to me
you don't need you we don't we like your product we don't like you guys the liberals attacking us what we got worse we wouldn't use it i like twitter like our i don't like the management i like facebook like the management are increased by facebook and twitter i like we like you but we don't need you need you anymore either i have reached the glass path joe and i we reach nearly a quarter million people a day we don't need you anymore it's ice it's cute its helpful i don't need it a market kiss your botz i'm not doing any of that we don't need you anymore you need us don't ever forget that and i that story was in the wall street journal the other day about our pace we conservative oriented lawmakers and all these european countries are the ones fighting for these guys and i thought it matter on as he simply
or fight against us on real unbelievable sorry just like we go and have a check points are just so i know ok good yes exuberant i am my studio lights three committees are this is something i wanted a cover for a long time one more thing by the way it can you do me a favor folks i rarely asked this kind of stuff and worthy of our money or anything like that but i'm asking for a favor i know its post election a lot of you were a little tired i understand that i get it but there is a very very important insight the saying he knows the sky to jim jordan i base but i mean you won't be able to vote on it but you will yeah but a voice your opinion now one put me this is me and my own i would be clear on this jordan is up for wit but now
it will be minority leader in the house chose given me the thumbs up because he knows about the saying he knows the sky to jim jordan is a good man folks i know disclosure no jim jordan a gambler not best as we know but i know jim well enough the congressmen is a dignan i'd good man he's and who cares about life can i tell you quick start when i met him when i was running for senate i had met a lot of people they would give lip service to the pro life stuff yea pro life yeah ok great not him i mean he's at me down and it was like acquisition i'm where i was on life i'm not kidding i never forgotten because it showed me one he understood the issue he understood all the legislation he understood how to advance life how to protect life how to protect the life conception and natural that he understood all the nuances of it any where's the me to death i was running for office i never ever god is my first meeting
a lot of time out of his busy day this guy gives a damn i'm asking you a small favor these if you wouldn't mind send nicely worded email to your congressmen the because this innocent inside baseball election they don't take threats that's not what she should never do anyway i don't need threats like physical i mean like tat you better just send a nice one that you voted rio congressman you would invite only republicans vote in this office a democrat congressmen don't want you to waste your time but if you would well actually they take that back it is to send an email specially republican congressmen butts then email male call the office and you say a voted for you we supported you i would deeply appreciate it if you would consider jim jordan for speaker please if we can do in numbers big enough and you guys and ladys always come throw you always semi emails and stuff it'll make it prince jim jordan is a conservative we need we need him
nothing against the other guys running it is not personal just telling you i know this guy is the guide a lead us into a new conservative future jim george please i'm humbly asking bank ok last story the day slack i think that on this forever there is a new opiate that was just approved by fda and in light of what i was talking about the other day with addiction ladys joe i am having a hard time getting i arms around why this is such a complicated decision with the united states government here why it was and people are in an uproar over there's a new opiate that supposedly multiple times as powerful as like oxy code on which are them with some of the more powerful or allow yes we have now and obviously the there's an addiction problem in the country i have no doubt about that i get to that the second but this
an interesting about it you should get the stuff like this but this article really hit home for me they developed a new opiate show super our full obviously strong addiction potential if its abuse it's called the sylvia d ass you ve i it's only going to be available in hospitals and i can be able to take it home with you it's not going to be prescribed it's available in hospital is only to be used for three days extremely powerful the drug was just approved thankfully and i say thankfully because one of the truck the active component the judgment around for a while joe the way they now deliver it looks like a syringe underneath the tongue you don't injected you just delivered like a sub lingual tablet and the reason they needed this opiate was for a perfectly explainable endless intimate application the battlefield we have soldiers in combat now in the united states i mean in the united states military and elsewhere around the world who are fighting who will
the extra mediating pain of hit by gunfire subject to an indeed some of them swallow some of injections not practical so what they did is they have it's almost like syringe like delivery device chosen that inserts a sub lingual pellet right and then eat the tongue and it deserves instantly that it has the painter leaving effects multiple times as effective as anything we have out there are now well yet yeah why was right it's a miracle moderate sized having that i believe may i get it i've lived with it not personally am my my my family i understand addiction potential but ladies and gentlemen i get this a lot from people too there are people out there hundreds of thousands of people who understand how to responsible uses medication we can't keep stick the government in everybody's lives because somebody four fall off the wagon make mistakes and get addicted i'm sorry we just can't these things are practical applications there are people living
with real pain who these drugs i'd real relief ladies and gentlemen let me be crystal clear i have no i'm not a lobbyist i have no connection these but i dont even know the company that makes the darn drunk i couldn't even what the generic name it maybe that is it your i don't know i'm just saying the fact that people argued against this one is a perfectly applicable use for it in the wrong a world even for our soldiers we have to stop this this did that helicopters society i get it we have a serious addiction problem i totally completely understand i have lived with it i feel live in my family it's horrible its back it is emotionally exhausting it is horrible the government does not have the answer here the government would it
they ban stuff what do they do joe with we talk about yesterday with the guns of they just create a black market which enriches a bunch of drug dealers and makes the situation worse you people healthy maybe public education programmes i don't know i don't have any easy answers for human beings we're all centres we all make mistakes but the fact that these drugs which any proof we have read the story was fascinated that there were how many people are being against this despite the fact that it sat out there it's been invented we already have a problem with friends what all this other stuff and everybody what it gets us very well the addiction potential site well the folks that goes for anything we have to bob being because mommy and daddy overly paternalistic paternalistic society where where everybody else's needs or sidelined because some people make mistakes
addictions a serious thing i live with it that's why have a soft spot for anyone struggling with this you are children of god you are welcome in our movement and with me anytime i totally i've seen it you you get up you fall you up before you get up before there's no clear path sometimes but you're good men and women who struggle that are struggling now god loves you a job we love you on the show you are welcome here you are brothers and sisters but we cannot legit entire society away where there's a perfectly applicable this is for these drugs for people who are really hurting because we have a problem with some people who have gotten into trouble with em it's just its absurd i've read the peace i was like you know what i have to address that tomorrow because i just thought to myself it's just that gun and government coming in pretending to fix things and doing nothing i can do a damn thing they're just make it worse for the heroin sentinel another market me while you have this drug
god forbid a soldier loses an arm on a battlefield than is paying you when i thankfully will never imagined and they can slip this thing under eyes tongue and get him to even field a better for a few minutes while they get a medical attention i'll take it thanks i'll take the chance hurry folks have given my personal tide of the story of men ought to be some i appreciate your time today's but another great weakest shows please view and mine subscribed to the show its free i too i heart sound cloud spotify ah you can also a bunch of other comment please recommend to show to a friend it's been your recommendations aboard amount that have made this thee now number three concern show in the country so conservative parties we really appreciated thanks falafel i'll see you
and i'm on the day you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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