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Ep. 849 Were Warning Signs Missed?

2018-11-13 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the electoral disaster in Arizona and the warning signs that were missed. I also address the continued Democratic Party attacks on Matt Whitaker and the reasons behind the attacks. Finally I address economic warning signs that could cost us everything in the 2020 election.    News Picks: Michelle Obama takes a cheap shot at President Trump.   A troubling piece about vote stealing in Broward County.   5 reasons Kyrsten Sinema upset Martha McSally in Arizona.   Did these “emergency voting centers” help Kyrsten Sinema win?   Is Beto O’Rourke the presidential front-runner for the Democrats in 2020?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee demagogy inertia cycle but pretty suggests our unity man do pretty good traffic here was created access body that baltimore region so that for books you know i i i put out my email for the audio because i love your feedback and i it really is a great one this morning i miss this article what did i tell you a couple weeks ago job that after the middle regardless of what happens is gonna be a cabinet shake up like there is after every mid term for every presidential administration and mohammed american history what did i say joe the headlines applause it's all break down the areas of the red coats or covering the red goes i told you this is gonna have it all
did wells war of the worlds everybody kara cod which we too are receiving solves of set about folks i hold you had somehow i mrs headline and i want to thank you know who you are the listener who may be right but when i get the shows were so tribe four jeff sessions resignation add i hits just tell because it's funny that paragraphs of other bag i told why even use the word they're going to say it tat even though everybody does that every present here a new yorker by eric lack ella c h tribe fire jeff sessions at browsers administration back at the bank you two hours the listener they give you a shoutout more usual worry was it met these met the diet you i said i told you that was gonna happen of course that the chaos line so i thank you for the heads up into a stack showed
yesterday i told you i was gonna dig into arizona my i want to talk about widow because i miss something yesterday heads up by another listener before we get to that today show part you by our bodies at my pay supply folks you in short everything in your life that matters think about it your health your teeth your car people have eyeglass ensure heads how can you not have food insurance it's crazy about meat i'm not trying to insult you but it's true i mean i guess my prior line of work doing what i did was always concerned about back up plans you really really should have food insurance specially if you have you know you have kids can you imagine emergency not having food get it how long is that food in food closet i can call it a pantry gonna less reticent the changes probably not good market swing disasters are weekly events at our news headlines and political unrest and fall out will increase the euro is seen as a t forget scotch meda be dramatic but
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our issues what's going on in florida and arizona that are not localize they may seem it but they're not the issue happening there are use that a resonating nationally now what went on in are sown i'm gonna break down to some very simple points and i have a really terrific article in the show notes up at bonds you know that i'm a few subscribed to my email is sterile email you these articles to you ah by john gabriel whose really funny on twitter at ricochet and it points to five reasons that kirsten cinema one the race the democrat over martha mix alley in a traditionally very red state narrow arizona i'm going to add a few more from some the reading research and from some of the stuff i'm getting from conservative friends of mine on the ground i'm gonna what i'm want to do is about to take these take away too and tell them tell you why you need to worry about this nationally because what in arizona is worrisome people and other states as well number one ladies and gentlemen candidates still matter i am not
piling on martha mc sally i lost races ok i mean i'm in no position to be criticising people she won her gradual race before lost the senate raised about time spent in sliver but just telling you what i'm getting for people on the ground and when the things you're reading this ricochet peace is one the criticisms are mixed sallies re smart them exactly the republican in arizona why she may have lost the race is she played the preventive which was a great analogy gabriel use she played to lose not just hearing this from the article by the way i wouldn't bring it up with if that was the case i'm here he's from a lot of people that she she did not played a win she was aggressive and our campaigning apparent the retail politicking she was out retail politic by cinema who was out there taken has it been undisturbed by this folks i can't we stand how in montana montana a test of the democratic blood red stay bead rose india and some of the emails i got a night off track here
i wanted to say what's this is again the supply nationally and that each matter one of the things people said about rosen they'll is all he seemed wooden and he didn't seem pc like a carpet bag from outer stated came off that way folks this is not a reason to vote for the democratic don't get this like we're looking at the destruction of our country by awful democrat policies and we're seriously talking about this kind of stuff oh he lived at is that you're gonna destroy your state i'm sorry but this is i dont understand what's going on i've had a like bite and vote for a number of crap candidates good people but terrible candidates people who i disagree frankly my own congressmen at my district on a number of issues because i m stand the value of having a republican majority not that are going to solve all your problems but democrats or most assuredly the cause of em i went out his despite lack lustre retail politicking by mc sally some republic
in crossed over and voted for a woman who's on the record saying how much he can't stand that arizona in kirsten cinema is bizarre i don't get it that's the complaint she didn't knock on your door i dont get it but on the army what we can from this side it joe can aids no matter i said this in my race where i knocked on seven thousand doors myself when we almost pulled off and upset you just show up and this the criticism of mixed sally that she ran a preventive and she played to not lose she played a win that's not good folks number two apparently they over did it on the negative adds folks listen to me if there are political consultants out there or if you are a candidate looking to run for office i
begging you i did not run a negative campaign added my raise again we almost one in a deep plus six district heavily democratic distance where the candidature ran before and after me lost by double digit we did run a negative at all i don't care what consultants are telling you ladies and gentlemen meg adds do not work when they are the bedrock of your campaign they just don't people get tired of am i i ran i've i've seen it that these concerns what their obsession with negative adzes but apparently in the arizona raised there was deluge of negative curse than cinema adds i dont people just don't like negative advertising you have to offset it would a sense of optimism saying other persons socks is not a message i'm sorry it's just not and it makes me think of the the alan west race down here against patrick murphy and congressional disregard team where i live now where patrick murphy
democrat and a huge upset wound up went by one point over alum west and one of the things people talked about after the race was the relentless negative advertising against pattern murphy who had had some kind of atm array then his youth folks they tried that against petko in texas been arrested and now in a very suspicious i incident having a car and leaving the scene listen folks so bad stuff but joe would you agree to a people very forgiving and they just don't want to hear endlessly about what happened to a candidate that ate when they were eighteen years old listen to stare i'm not telling you a fair game i'm just saying appeared the people just don't care joe you and i've been scrapped slav happen people are very or giving in the united states they don't want to hear six hundred adds about how murphy it was involved in this saw what i dont know what it was you w i don't remember exactly but
it was as endless and in a better stuff about people just care do you know negative adds against cinema awry grade i know she understood she was in a pink too to saying it ok to fight with the taliban or whatever i get it letters big for itself after a while you have to define yours i'm saying this again not because i want to talk about arizona resolve to a national audience because but one candidates matter takeaway number one everywhere we have twenty two when you come up stop playing not to lose stop playing to just the manage all the republic but gonna be the manage decline we gotta keep government spending the way it is you know we don't want to cut programmes god forbid play win played a wind like your have some freakin component that seems delayed a weird seems to be a big mindset with the republic is playing a ladder you know what i mean is that we can run gets care people like it people like because i don't know what it is it sucks so disaster
hey don't win have a homepage man go swinging on principles it matter to you the democrats do it all the time stopped not to lose security week ten there's no money about explained the people how your fifty i've been older you're ok but fifty five and you're gonna get after fix it or your grandparents are gonna be out in the street about explaining the economics of it how about playing for once govern spending more going bankrupt exotic contriving got to the debt ceiling want to get that yesterday interest rates gonna go up you gotta pay fifteen percent on a mortgage if we don't fix this explain it have some thoughts my gosh again circuit negative as a right enough already what are you stand for i hated tat my campaign i didn't run one of em not one i think so i don't remember one no no i'm fine
i asked me what are you tube and find a negative anna ran against the lights out there the thing was my you know my blood taxes we were going to figure this out the maryland economy i just it wasn't interested in and in all of this year's guy shocks act ice aids is folks i don't care what the consultants tell you it is a loser strategy number free with the mic sally race and again this kind of they're not they are not mutually exclusive of each other this because in alignment number one she played not to lose she wishes to show me with the mccain you know god rest the man saw i don't like speaking of their but she was to show me with the mccain faction people want people who are gonna four republican principles and its clear again i am not talking about that i'm just telling you what happened mccain was not a conservative anymore he sunk theo i'm a care reforms and the obama care repeal we had issues with them on immigration he was just not a conservative any more according to our joint
embryos article she was just to show me with mackay maybe you folks on the ground have a better read of that again this what am i this one i have not independently confirmed do my sources underground this one i'm reading from the article some gonna leave that word is forth the after is figuring it out in red stayed spokes there are dangers signs everywhere how the hell did better finnish within two point six points of ted crews and taxes how ted was won by sixteen points in the last election the gun or one by almost twenty gregg abbot dog do the governor of arizona round his opponent meaning people split ticket voted they had to if the republic in at the top of the ballot think for governor winds by twenty and the senate
candidate republican loses or in ted cruises case only winds by two point six ladies and gentlemen a lot of republicans voted for the republican governor and the democrats centre that's just simple math why because the left is figuring out folks they are figuring out organize and red states and it is big big trouble and they are doing a two way this is not in the peace this is me kind of improving on separate stuff i'm hearing on the ground from activists there two things there using are using education issues the stick the camels knows under the tent and red states we ve seen it oklahoma we ve seen it now rezoning genesis it more in texas they are used teachers pay to organise people because swing republicans moderate republicans independence and almost every democrat will everybody loves teachers and you should do not take that back i teachers my life was changed by good teachers i'm
please saying that because you support good teachers does not make you a democrat but today crowds don't see it the same way are you chose let me make it sounds good indeed bread states they'll organizing voters to come out and they are anything the republican party as the enemies of education and they are using teacher pay as the issue you saw no plumber whatever average big rallies for increased teacher pay increase and what are they doing their bringing out i'm a crowd voters but most importantly there demonizing republic of yugoslavia teachers you know what's he just to make money be ass we're off school choice in education we just want a good teacher to be paid good money and bad teachers to be fired you're fulla crap democrats while metal dammit but liberals one every teacher to be paid like warren buff despite their ability to teach your kids are not that's not fair and folks
joe by the way that's not fair to good teacher oh hell no whereas this network ladies and gentlemen my show in this arena is content production space is a strict meritocracy hence apology s rear monday for friday so this is for you you don't like you turned out and you know what the show goes bankrupt and the story i love that i love that i gotta produce of that when i don't produce you email me about it and i love that i have to come back do you would say hey my bad folks i don't feel bad for it for having apologize i didn't i your it's your show this shows free to what why i don't know my teachers are exempt from that i'm not knocking you idle you guys the ladys i'm not kidding you changed my life litter you changed my life mrs gill further god rest her soul miss your tino you changed my life we grew up poor we went to a catholics who took assad is a near charity case a time sister jane just friend at her and facebook
from saint pancras i dont even accused the why thank you sincerely but i say to the teachers just like i say to people counting on social security who are fifty five and younger the rules of basic me eventually take over state budgets cannot afford to pay every single person to london two thousand dollars a year regardless of skill it just doesn't make sense grant those public numbers unjust given it i'm just trying to get it is exaggeration for effect than a puppy shouldn't do that but they are using teachers pay issue to paint republicans as the let me of education and get moderate republicans to swing to the democrats i now that's how the organizing number two folks the alps are big trouble that mc rats or figuring out how to use these apps out there to one organised money and organised people and the republicans are falling behind again joe of you heard a vote with me now you should
add neither before about two weeks ago and i've been meaning to talk about it but women sidelined by the relentless new cycle vote with each was an app targeted towards democrats that when they downloaded it allows you to it allows the apt to act that's your contacts it allows the vote the aps access your contacts and determine people in your contact list in your phone book who have voted how they re can't say how their vote we have a secret ballot but how their registered and if they voted in the last few elections would tat allows you to send text to them to remind him devote it's a big deal this vote me app is attributed tribute to a lot of their success in some of these swinging district is being attributed to the use of technology this app and others republicans we'd better get on the ball you understood how this works it access is yours attacks send them a text devote well it finds out what
party affiliation is this is a big deal a b these joe biden would say it i don't legal there's nothing wrong with it i'm not impunity integrity of entrepreneurs who figure out how to people you i'm a capitalist even in politics but i say to the brought to the republicans here you're better get on the ball we screw around his slick dead i'll tell you it s big time and work alan behind we can't afford this again and twenty twenty so the number two and take away a good candidates matter mcnally play not to lose number two meg relentless negative ads are a loser how many times have we gonna try this number three gettin too show me with the moderates and a red state like arizona turns off the serve at its base number for the left organizing they're using teachers issues which are not democratic issues republicans want
cheers paid well too as long as you're good using teachers issues and technology to organise even in red states they just they i mean it just what the senate seton paris arizona number five is and kind of related to the other ones but it's a good piece worth reading that kirsten cinema retail that folks she retail that retail politic get it matters cinemas out there on video trashing arizona its them math lab i could crazy like linsey low in sheep she just one dreaming publicans voted for you know why the same reason democrats voted for me he'd districts i hate that keep bringing this up but i'm just telling you because we actually experienced it oaks went cinema shows up at everybody
on the back of their head this idea about it she's got the two two on she says it's ok to fight for the talmud i would never in a million years vote for kirsten cinema no matter what but i'm telling you from experience when you show up like she did she retailed it it was a cautionary tale and you someone's hand very hard to dislike i use the knock on what they call for by for democratic doors for by force meaning i'm a gradual who voted in the last four primaries and generals hard or democrats and my congressional race in maryland because i read study once i think it was a penn state forgive me i could be wrong but i'm a very i'm an analytical guy when i decided to run for congress for the second time i wanted it done scientifically using you
studies research and i wanted to do it the right way i read a study that when you know gone people stores and new meet them face to face there are not more light please vote for you but there are less likely to vote against you what does that mean may sound confusing it means when you're not gonna for by for democratic door do you have a good conversation with them they're not going to vote for you as a republican they darn well may bypass your race in that vote for the democratic either especially if the democrats unimpressive now its clear there were some crossovers in this race or cinema must have done a good job of not only getting republicans not to vote against her but republic is to vote for despite trashing the state we gotta show up the retail politics matter these there is time to sit down with the gas we're still too
in about two thousand and eighteen hotwash stuff for twenty slash twenty started there's no brakes there's no time off retail politics matters folks tax issues scare the living daylights out of everyone if we lose taxes it is over over we will be a minority party forever ok something that happened on the very suspicious side arizona by the way because i'm not jesting to you that all of this was our cinema was so wonderful she was not i boat she wasn't there issued then her and her better comments on arizona are where atrocious but she managed to retail it out she had a little help joe i haven't article from the wash in free beacon up at the show notes today another thing for you to pay attention you cuz we got more elections coming up when it comes suspicious electoral activity joe they opened up
emergency voting centres in arizona now the arizona law says that the early voting is to stop the friday before election day election days on tuesday the friday before wrap it up wrap it up that's the law while the town listen county mayor who would endorse the cinema and she's my palace the night county tollison mayors and accounting asked first saw maricopa county in my cried areas emergency voting centres which were open saturday and monday now state i says that those emergency are they the early voting supposed to wrap up on friday joe it's saturday after friday take a minute the thing is it after our before when you do you monday sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday let member that's i'll oh who
over half the right after all you gotta do is remember the song i just like you you my awful boy most that was too and back in the years where song ever remember saying that i will get we'll get emails saturday's after friday now said it was an emergency but convenient is these emergency voting centres air quotes emergency joe on saturday in monday after friday against state law we're open in democrat areas well look at the map in the p its clear as day the deepest blue parts of arizona in the cities and around them where they opened up these emergency voting senate again getting tired of this stuff but this the kind of stuff republicans republic in elected officials have to be on top of if you wanna make access to the ballot and issued to emergency voting centres fine joe open about everywhere in europe a book in areas to why
opening up emergency voting send what's the emergency winning an election right the emergency we need to get out more votes as this as ben email me yesterday one of my regular emails they had a funny lady said so let me get this straight the public is get devote up to and including election day and democrats get the vote until the democratic winds that's a great plan that's a greater range democrat is democrat voting over yet seriously is it oh dams are we still voted did i miss something democrat but it goes on to when exactly twenty twenty five years outrageous emergency voting satisfying opening up everywhere we have to be prepared for this before twenty twenty one effect hey maricopa county because if we lose our arizona just like i just said texas folks it's over forget it it's over there is no electoral map without arizona in texas you use yes we would take time
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there's a neither media fake news story making its way around about trump and a stop he was supposed to make in france to an american war cemetery fifty five miles at paris ah the store reed media now the media narrative joseph goes like this you probably heard this story if not remind you try bypass than this american cemetery stop what is it northeast of paris eric and more cemetery there were basically because he's lazy any didn't feel like going and it was far wrong folks here's what that that you and i then that's the story right that's not what happened i didn't yesterday show noses of foxes our trump skips visit to american cemetery that that the fox during the fox story tells it straight there doing media story is that trump is some kind of like ignoramus who doesn't want to go to events especially when they involve celebre
our troops that's ridiculous and just frankly stupid elias erroneous is right vince again up in the eurozone is bottom i will obviously in my prior line of work did this as a secret service agent now i've as the motorcade advance agent paris france for george w bush during the trip there i am it we are familiar with working with the french see services and police officers on how it works i spent the almost two weeks of my life their dissent terry is fifty five miles at a paris ladies and gentlemen when the distances that far in a foreign country typically we do is we do what i call the left a left me this closing any classified information this is pretty common sense stuff you can read many newspaper report of a presidential itinerary we will take the prey typically from a hotel to an elsie a landing zone
well then have hiv max the marine one bird sitting there waiting president or the hilo we'll go to another elsie with obesity for set of cars and they'll take him to the event now why would we do that now it's if you're in the media you would this because you know you ve developer ten they know it because they think they know everything they try to do economists health care and security even though they can't even do journalism but we do it for us for reasons number one time i just as it makes hence the spend almost two hours in a car if you can spend fifteen minutes and a healer right but secondly we do it cannot snarl up traffic in major american cities in cities overseas now joe let zat at your question i would ask you just a simple question if you the president united states rising and our goal is to get reelected at all times is not at all why would you not want a snarl up traffic everywhere you go
i'd say probably because when that happens people get pissed off yes i love this guy yes there was not a trick or has just because it pisses people are yeah it's not just the logistics folks i did is yes drove possibly you don't do it for security reasons number one requires a tremendous amount of assets and number two a just peace is people are being hated i'll never forget motorcade i did in pennsylvania where i see no problem a bush gosh i can't even remember i'm sorry but they were running always definitely bush he was running about twenty minutes late so happens when you're twenty minutes later was a twenty two miles along its motorcade i ever did it was twenty two miles we really really really wanted to do the lift by first
logistics reasons we had to do the motorcade it was a long la motorcade right we had a snarl up traffic for twenty minutes member you have to close traffic down about it but maybe ten men before the president leaves you're just close because he gets on the high we got a block off the rams doing that for fifty five miles in france there there is no you can't ladies and gentlemen every one of those entrance ramps has to be covered of any idea how many free police officers and security services gendarme may however may be you have any idea how many assets it would have taken to motorcade the president there now i didn't even i'm sorry i missed it why didn't they lift them i don't even tell you that lift them on heels because the weather was awful it was dangerous it happens all the time
but ladies and gentlemen it was entirely impractical from a security perspective and firms ongoing up all of france's perspective to motorcade president trump fifty five miles cut the crap with the fake news it was president trop guide us respect that you it just making it up i did this don't tell me what happens i give you one more quick story the pensive eight that was the pennsylvania what was the story in the newspaper the next day because bush was twenty minutes late we had a close on the highway ten minutes before him expected departure he didn't we twenty minutes later we had pennsylvania highway shut down for almost forty five minutes joe the next day in a paper they wore fuming yeah fuming that is not the goal of a politician trying to get votes said everybody in a swing state like pennsylvania not good you don't want
do it overseas either this is a fake news story to bottom line the heroes couldn't lift them because a bad weather the motorcade was impractical from an assets perspective security wise and from a political point in fact if you don't shut down the whole country political a snark way i mean in a practical way you're there aren't countries aghast even though you the president draw up the whole country then you may you here because there come back well for foreign leaders did it ladies and gentlemen they don't do it like the secret service on that crap and honour their great people their patriots what are these security services to a great job for their foreign leaders there the u s secret service we don't mess around we take unusual amounts of assets to do our thing because we don't take chances there's a big big france between our footprint and
hungary's prime minister and some are not going to mom just telling you i've been there i've done these international events where all these countries come in and they don't do it like we do it this is fake news one quick this amount in afghanistan were obama we were supposed to do a left supposed to do a live to the embassy in kabul from bog room it's a bit less it's about a fifteen minute flight there was a sandstorm we had a chance late john was a big deal the embassy was excited really excited we had the whole event was plan matter of fact it screwed things so bad the council will lift all together that the sea service agent who is doing the advance at the embassy had to tell everyone i'm sorry he's not coming they were devastated i'm sure that people who are there remember it at the time you if you were there we had to cancel what
the problem joe or secret service personnel and staff had a fly back under support plane which is back up air force one is always to always to have everything to limos two airforce ones always they had a fly back the support plan well what's the problem how is that secret service agent in afghanistan getting back he was but back on the hill never want to come over because we had to cancel we were like oh how we we can't leave him in afghanistan so we i haven't driven back and he was like twenty minutes late and it was a big problem because we had light up the runway in afghanistan a bog room after air force one took off they took off in the dark and your friend is support plain was sitting there which looks like air force one on a fully lit up runway that it only lit up for they for the taxi off and everybody was like guys
we need to get the hell out of here because these these terror it's in the mountains will launch idea of indirect fire mortars and i'll take out your plane if you keep scipio so i'm sitting there on the tarmac like brother where the hell are you he's like world there were you have to worry about speeding tickets they hookey fakirs world there aren't you member how we got the idea may have come back on odyssey thirty i'm not even sure to be honest reviews but either way it took a long time he finally pulled up however there he pulled up in a jeep and he was i tell me a story my pro save it just the plan i dont care we'll talk on the plane weeds jumped up of why they add i tell a pilot just go jack right we were added air and i was like vague god bottom line this happens in the secret service the real world and these these you want to say it so bad these dip
rhymes with hits in a media who don't know even basic stuff about security shrub trumpet crap over the troops you you don't know watch your pie all so you idiots newsrooms russia do actually do cometary like i could probably commodore on commenting stop stuff you don't nothing about you have zero expertise in this at all it's not what happened they can for the left because it was dangerous and the story start making stuff up your dobbs member friend never forget the gang itself gets out of the jeep hey man you'll never guess what happened no care get who heard brought a declining to get out of dodge now the pile up on the political point we only nine hours we're good i'd better tell papa just
got a brother let's just get had there was the loudest i mean i'm tellin you bad he's at la runway was lit for a while they worried about borders as bank do just was because you if the worry about like you know that a stop or even buckler near see better that stuff what you are therefore is what is a poor that guy got the job my hat we are back in her chair like this like it we also look like tat gravity ride with your cheeks and stop in your pitted against the wall he got that thing i've never seen or felt anything like it and i called my i thought i was like we made it our stay out there's only trip i was really worried like something bad was gonna happen well yeah crazy gods yet i ain't gonna work i excited finally today show but you by bodies recast nutrition they make the finest nutrition supplements on a market hey know joe i met an old friend if the gym yesterday i know for sure shock essays nay rate they better had not kidding phossy comes up to be a gym he'd officer he ass he listened because manner
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do anything by action every they do has a purpose the left is attacking acting attorney general right now whittaker because there is a theory then i'm gonna be quick clearance of theory tonic conspiracy theories backed up by some evidence but i want to put it out there for you to entertain there's a theory out there that the conservative trio skies but that's interesting that whittaker who was jeff session chief of staff while he was at the oj may have no one leaving an investigative bread trail behind on a massive leak operation in the united states government that the department of justice is closing in on shutting down and he pointed to three things he curiously time release of the mark warner waldman text where mark warner a democrat centre on the entire committee that's been in the gaining the air quotes collusion nonsense says unmarked seventy i'm going in the skiff to review some documents then we of the arrest of the senate committee staff working with mark water for lying
the fbi about what about leagues and we have curiously tied the release of the fire location where every single thing is blacked out except for one day marked seventy the same warner goes in the skiff to say he's reviewing documents and curiously the same day that wulf the staff right around that time it should say where he starts tat thing his girlfriend and a reporter the eighty two tat and conveniently is eighty two pages in the pfizer application the first one now that's that's that's but the eighty two is important because if james wolf had the floor pfizer application without the reductions and it was eighty two pages the eighty two text makes sense they would be screenshots if that's the case screenshots to his girl why would you screen shot a fully rejected page you wouldn't
he probably if that's the case texted or the full pfizer application if those that's what that is but remember wolves prosecution of tie the suffering a second during wars investigation and prosecution wolf's lawyer ease the staff are now working with descended tell committee on collusion case who had some point may have taken possession of this awful pfizer application which lay the whole scheme to take down trop right at once his lawyer job his lawyer wolf's lawyer threatens to subpoena who the senators on the committee why does this matter it man where's because wolf was not arrested and prosecuted for leaking information he was arrested in prosecuted for lying to the fbi about leaking information do you understand the difference
he was not arrested for the leaks he was arrested for lying about the leaks why would his attorney wulf the staffer in his defence say hey we're going subpoena the u s senators on the committee is the fence in other words he's not lying that's the lawyer talking meaning what joe supporting the senators did the senators ordered him or six ass they him that he led the information and that is the feds folks you track and me no i did not bring this up yesterday i'm sorry i got so lost india is is widow you're the cleaner which was these three houses a line of attack on them that is why we see the one leaving the breadcrumbs on canary trap where the leakers well been exposed and senators maybe the leakers you're right how did i not bring that up the leakers bay
been the centres telling wulf the staff for hake i'll leave this to the press therefore whilst the fence is going to be why did the f b i thought i was authorized to leak and i was told by the centres theirs said joe bags shoe even chewy gets it folks please tracked me here with it whittaker may very well be the guy who was involved in leaving all these clues out there the fight publication the date on the five application the tax about the data reviewed defies application the wolf situation a prosecution in the tax where they in any indictment they release all this information or the prosecuting dogmas they don't need to release it's a simple lying to the fbi giant just say what he lied about but that's not what they do they live out this whole elaborate case and a nato chargeable leaking this is really really curious what's going on right now i think the coming days
we may see some mahler stuff some day instead a rumour there's gonna be indictment jerome course in roger stone for some contacts with liquid wiki leaks and some alleged lies to the fbi's about it we'll see what happens to be a but expect a lot of breaking news don't think for a second his cases over they are attacking whittaker full force but i think whittaker to sum this up is ready in fully on the facts that's some united states centres on the republic in it the crowd outside my being knee deep in a major league leak scandal where they leak sensitive pfizer documents the people in the media or job or someone else to do it and that someone else may in fact be wolf and now explain by whilst authorities like our weedin lie about it matter fact work a subpoena the senators why would they do that why would you do that because maybe he was ordered to doing so
good call on that i'm sorry i missed it yesterday couple other stories i wanna get you folks there's a had a conversation conservative friend of mine you guys see a lot of foxes morning in he's like you know dad i gotta to tell of all the things about your show you i really appreciate economic studies i catch a learn all at night just reading and in order to finance and be a school i just i just really enjoy economic but one of the things i wanted to discuss today with its quickly is folks the debt ceiling is about to go up again in midsummer guys ladies and horwitz wrote a peace on this site to talk about it last week i if you d horowitz on my internet tv show which bears a five thirty pm eastern time it enter atv doc if you want to check it out i do interviews on the show once in a while ladies and gentlemen we are in a race against time right now in the economy and i cannot warn you and stern enough terms i don't mean to do my cobb showed it i'm not trying to the press you especially after what was i think now given that
like we're gonna lose up to thirty four seats may be more i was not a good election ok there's no patent lipstick on that pig not we just we lost and what we did ok in the senate okay and the governor ships do you know in swing stayed spot it was a bad election and we need to accept that the day after day team so bad because it looks like we're gonna lose twenty four now that it's up to thirty four seats and ass for trouble the sub today because we are in a race against time right now our debt that ceiling is gonna go up midsummer to twenty you trillion dollars vote our economy is only worth about twenty twenty one trillion we are looking out right now a catastrophic that situation and here's the race against time and maybe i'm a better off describing the race against time for you to get you a little worried and anxious it matters that's what turns people out of describing in terms of micro rather the macro economic somebody describe it
your household if if joe is a you know joe joe is jos household by joe earn say fifty thousand dollars a year and has fifty thousand thousand debt which is the which is what the united states the position aaron right now you think we're worth their entire gdp is twenty trillion we owe twenty two trillion that's what that ceilings go in a midsummer so we all breathing we make we produce in a year about in terms of the micro if joe gmos fifty thousand any makes fifty as that fifty thousand dollars is a lot of debt and that's going to stay it wouldn't be so bad if jos income grows faster than interest rates because if whose income grows ten percent a year and interest rates on that outstanding debt because we have to pay interest on their debt folks they showed is joe almost was fifty thousand miles your credit card company and a credit card interest rate is five percent but chose income is growing at ten percent the economy
even though it has a lot of debt jos personal economy is is not an catastrophic shape doesn't that make sense you got your track and pretty simple math and are trying to be condescending it's just you have to understand just when we get to the macro it gets confusing if whose economy grows at ten and the debt grows at five were fine what's making the situation in the united states catastrophic is the debt is not a fifty it going up every year dramatically in some key by our estimates by a trillion dollars a year so now joe doesn't only make fifty and fifty in debt job they make fifty one next year but the debt is fifty two so now we have a major problem because even jos income goes up by seven percent interest rate on the deck goes up by six the debt keeps coming up just because of the interest rate because he's taking more debt out every year spending more than he earns
folks we are in a catastrophic race against time right now and i wish republican lawmakers would get their heads out of their pots and finally take a stand let me circle back two point one and what happened in arizona we are playing a to safe sooner or later the combined effect of the eu first on the debt as interest rates go up what you're going to do what interest rates go up as that goes up think about a very sick whether in jos case or the country's case because in order for people to lend joe more money is he takes on more debt joe is a bigger risk so they're gonna want higher interest rates and return to compensate they'll maybe lend joe of money a fifty you know i for fifty thousand wasn't dead but which also seventy emphatic about georgia this is too much i need ten percent saying things happening to the united states interests you're gonna have to go up as are dead goes up because the country is going to become a big risk if interest rates and the debt can t
you took a walk ladies and gentlemen we are gonna have to grow at staggering rates to ourselves grow out of this bankruptcy apocalypse now there are two ways to do this thankfully there unfortunately in this road i should say the parallel pass we can cut amidst spending dramatically which is what we should be doing and have a full court press on entitlement reform if we do that while simultaneously cutting taxes and you see me economy for four and five percent growth like trumps been doing ladies and gentlemen the debt will become entirely manageable and we will be on a glide path into the future for prosperity you ve never seen before upham is we're only focusing on one fork
on this parallel track we are stalled on that we naturally not even stop we're on an otter horrible path on the government spending side were spending more and more and more it is eventually going to become a pure mathematical certainty that we will become bankrupt certainty on the tax got side and the regulation side trump is doing an excellent job i'm begging imploring the audience i have to anyone listening please make this case to the american people and stop playing it say i'm saying that joe because we are at a tipping point right now we hit a recession before that two thousand twenty election folks record this show ordered and keep it on your on your phone if it this rate start to go up because they did that seems uncontrollable and people stop lending us money and we gotta go up to maybe five and five and a half and six percent even ire we were fifty
percent for mortgage is in the eightys the costs money is going to go up the economy could go into recession because we're spending too much and we have to pay higher interest rates if it goes the recession before twenty twenty the general election folks i'm tellin you right now it's gonna get ugly ugly catastrophically ugly the good news is we can stop it if we just put it cap on the spending now i'd love spending cuts but if we please said no more we have too much debt we we're not growing or not we are not growing our budget anymore if we just put a cap on its trump is growing the economy so much do the tax cuts and deregulation that we have the choice to grow our income our national income just like jos income at a higher afraid that the debt will become cabbage bowl and not the problem it is now we're running out of time folks
i can't say this enough the horror which a piece pieces unless we showed somewhere i can see we have a view about exactly this problem this will continue forever if we continue to stick our heads in the sand we have got to get a lid on government spending and i bring it up big the debt ceilings come up again and are going to pump it again and nobody thinks anything about it anymore they just think this is going to go on forever it will not worry one last story here folks in california i love you guys and ladys out there i really feel bad i've travelled out there a lot fires going on now which are just i brought it up yesterday i lived through a house fire it is that the campfires now the deadliest and state history god bless you and i
i know i know i hate even talk about a political stir somberly into the fire but i want to bring it up first please listen to the ending yes irish i've been too afraid is the most devastating the year even though it you lost but this years later you gotta go oh my gosh where are my dad martin boots from milo they burn to its the worst thing ever it really as its harm but california folks i don't know if you read the story just elected a super majority into the senate they already have they are forty senators anna eighty representatives in the california house they finally got to twenty eight meaning they have a super majority now joe california i'm telling i'm just telling you could look i know you listen am i shall i get some of your nasty emails california liberals you now own state completely entirely the states they level politics there are obviously pockets of republicanism left you owns mobile politics you now have absurd the majority of both houses you have the governorship
can it governorship the attorney general you have three thing there's nobody left to blame i'm saying this vote because of your in california and you're moving out of california because you think the taxes or two i the living conditions are poor or you're not happy the job market you know like the income inequality you now nobody knew nobody left to blame but yourself there zero lists enemy is zero oh ability for the republican party state widen california to stop anything anymore anything except do ballot initiatives you have a veto proof super majority i want to put that out there so there's no confusion in the future because the democrats have been sports at this message and gave so that this apps mostly no confusion if there is a mass exodus or continue i should say if when it continues got a california who was at fault make no mistake what you're fling you're not fleeing can however or not of fleeing
libertarianism you're not fleeing economic or healthcare liberty you are fleeing monopolistic democratic control of an entire state with zero ability for a public is to fight back that which you voted in i just read the story today about the superman arnie appears some races were called you now own it i'll let's see what you do with it they had closed type of control in maryland where i came from was voted out by now a second term republican governor because people got time businesses fleeing maryland for virginia you own it california now you try to fix it i folks thanks again for germany and i really appreciate that you listen to the show again help hope you listen yesterday show the show is for you and i'm very sensitive to your feedback it means a lot to me you have invested a lot of time and may have a couple asks if you were my plea subscribe to the show police it me a lot to us it helps us move up the charts it is absolutely free you can subscribe
itunes sound cloud iheart radio spy a fine there are tons of different ways you can listen on my website a punch you know that calm and if you wouldn't mind share in our content we would really appreciate again the subscriptions or free but that's what moves us up the itunes charts and it helps people find us we ve been in the top charts forever now do you and your subscriptions it helps other people find a shout means a lot to us thank you very much i see what you just heard entail bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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