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Ep. 853 I Warned You About This

2018-11-19 | 🔗
Summary:In this episode I address the suspicious re-emergence of Barack Obama’s “fixer” in the scheme to take down Trump. I also address the election troubles in Broward County and how these troubles could impact conservatives in future elections. Finally, I debunk liberal economic myths being picked up by a new generation of liberals.  News Picks:Another batch of emails could shed light on the missing Spygate details.    Liberals say they want Scandinavian “socialism.” Here are some eye-opening facts about how it works.   Another new caravan has formed. When will it stop?   Putin’s “niece” keeps mysteriously appearing in press articles on Spygate.   Obama’s “fixer” has a client who keeps showing up in the Mueller probe.   As we predicted, the real election scandal in Florida is down-ballot.    Are Hill Democrats divorcing Facebook?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know by one of the damaging our show sighted be back on monday british joe how are you today if you see i've got a new like day we can't say on the shell because there's no way to do these spelling out as this is not a visual shouted out of your show may be soon in the future but trump gave him a new nickname hardy did you it rides with a bit like a computer bit starts with the letter that adam shift these serious thousand so shrub vat is that the greatest air quotes misspelling of a neighbour in the history of a presidential tweet donald trump forward at joe which i was referring to the battle trump treated to adam shift in this way can and may have accidentally winked at a nod misspelled this name in the tree
adam mamma s age i t t instead of f crazy crazy how there has been a crap i just the george just the mistake this is out of a specific and this has dropped the greatest twitter trawl history of wealth of you u s pilot drop daddy and i get it somehow but out why did they take its not present i folks i don't care just quick note on this boy get started i we ve tried this presidential nonsense for our presidential we tried it with bush we ve tried all these people who run on you know high level decorum and all this up and i spent this into an abyss and countries been a train wreck the entire time i'll take a little bravado a little twitter trawling and a little knew your queen staff and an end to a growing economy any day of the week and twice on sunday charges zack i gotta stay show today including some make explosive raw revelations i was at a conference
get down and now palm beach we get a lot of new leicester so you met me down there i nearly i welcome and i gave the this talk about this spy gate thing and it was just another easy story this weekend that everybody seems to be missing the angela so i got that a lot of other stuff together today show brought you buy but he's a wax or acts as you know i love my sponsors i don't put stuff responses on the show i can't use are wont recommended is where wax are ex comes at hand when i was doing a prior line of work we unaware an ear peace all day and in that area ed significant problems with wax build up true story and you don't even realize what you can hear it builds up over time you don't realize you're not here in anything so how to get it out and you can't use cotton swabs are not made for that folks it's not what you suppose they use them for our very dangerous even says it on the back so i'm gonna get you wax out you have to go to the doktor now here's a review we got
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what did i tell you last week about the florida race and a good friend mary a new email me a lot of regional males absurd in order to respond to all without here florida she's an activist i know she wishes to the show she had at the may shut me an email dad stop telling people do not pay attention to the senate racing governors racial florida that is not what i was saying what i would say it all joe you you're part of what i why is very clear that that's a big deal too i he said to you that i don't think that's what the democrats are playing for i think the democrats were at they saw it as a longshot they figured no downside right now there are basically overturning our democracy bringing in fake votes in florida or why should say fake votes at another but after pretence invalid votes is a precise way to saying after the deadline it wouldn't be valid if they meet the deadline to try overthrow the senate election in the governor s election to their side but what i see
ass if she was although that was a huge longshot that while we're off pakistan that race and i was right the media was paying little to no attention outside of the staff at foxen friends are picked up the story on the agri culture commissioner race in florida which i'm saying to you matters i'm not bring because i'm a floridians this is not on local show it's a national international shop it matters you'll because the democratic figured out now if they can push the issue and keep the media attention focused on these high and races even if they lose down ballot there slip in whatever they want and what they do they are now ready declare nicky freed the winner the of the agro sure commissioner race in florida the democrat despite seventy seven thousand magic ballots showing up nobody explain how this happened to this point my jokes were bad i love that that is done what is it you that's the joker yes yes site i do it like i knew it i forget it you folks died
or do you this was gonna happen called while the public and it with an enormous second amendment advocate manifest ran most of his campaign on it and that agro sure commissioner office which however weird it is controlled the issuance of carry permits firearm carry permits in florida the democrats the good of the report coming up forty thousand on election i he my job losing by close to two to five thousand votes depending on account you do their work ready to declare the democratic winner the innovation percent despite the fact that nobody can explain what happened i warned you this is gonna happen folks now they ve already conceded in the senate race i told you that was going to happen because they could not possibly find enough new vote and they ve we consider the governors raced the democrats i told you it insane or pay attention i just said they are hoping you pay all of europe tat s right to that while ignoring net and exactly what i said was going to happen happen so i
i love your emails males to everybody marian clay appreciate them but i wish you'd listen i was trying to tell you to stay focused on their prize their price was that add commissioner race and they got it nobody here explain how the republic in one on election night more the poor media outlets declared it at an all of a sudden he lost the next day nobody's explain it now what do i think happened this a super important i just you folks i just get upset because i really really when i say stuff on the show my credibility matters and i didn't want think i was making this up i got this from a lot of connected conservative insiders in florida that this was exact the democratic democrat plant take a long shot at the top but take whatever you can down ballot box but being in a lot of these balance after which by the way sorry about that shows what i draw joe so many unnecessary at its in the show it's incredible i feel really bad here's what happened and move on just so you understand the template for the future about how the democrats tests things out in these states and they're gonna ma
i find this strategy for other states and potentially twenty twenty brenda snipes who is now looks like she's going to step down and brower counted the election supervisor brower carry we're all of these mr revolts came in at flip this ag race brenda snipes they it appears now folks they took votes in after the deadline those are now valid vote no i dont know how difficult this is to explain to liberals and why they don't get this or if they're just playing dumb which i assume many are in the interests of advancing their political cause which is stealing elections if you don't vote by a deadline you don't get to vote joe is is this you are the audience ombudsman brother stop me any of this is confusing dude when the store is closed the doors are closed this store is states called robbery if you go in the store after
p m when it closes and you remove started it is not a purchase it's called a theft a good analogy the election store is closed on election day there are some stipulations made for military ballots overseas which i think all of us gray with i don't care if military balance road for or against me you servant a military use you should get a pass on that thing i get it there are an absolutely you are for our nation you the abuse there are separate rules for you totally that's already built there no one's asking to change the rules after the game here are not actually store doesn't stay open after eight p m you get to vote while the store result and when the stores close it's called theft this was why i was emphasising to you the day after the floor and election why it was so devastating that brenda snipes could not come up with a total vote count the total vote count is every
because once you put a ceiling on how many votes made it in while the store was open on election day once put a ceiling on that you can't fabric new votes in valid votes once you put a cap it's over here's how many votes we received election day ended you can continue four days if folks i mean is this my gun how complicated is this if you continue to vote the recent election now if there let's say macabre one by four five percentage points there's no way the democrats are gonna make up hundreds of thousands of votes after election that they be caught easily but joe if as a mac thrace it's less than one percentage point you just need ten twenty thousand votes to find here they are for
from one side to another and you continue to take votes after the deadline because union announce how many total votes there were all of a sudden i have many votes that we need how many votes we need brower to flip that our commissioner is i think twenty thousand ok help keep that annoying open they still have not announced where these votes came from the theory now in florida is that we were all paying attention to the top of the ticket they came in and i just what i said i said bricks got a really good legal t genocide was agendas janet first johnson who came in john trudged than did a great job they came in at the top of the ticket show and if run theory now is that rick's that's lawyers in the sand this is wars were good enough to come and put a lid on this growing total vote count that there was no ceiling for how many votes with how many more how many more amenable all of a sudden a lawyer set excite stores closed and they had to stop because that what happened a flash like i've got to go
shine on them and all of a sudden neighbour like hey man with this is what can we do want to get arrested over this whatever but they catch it in time for them to stop flipping the aggravates in other words the grace was closer than both of em and all of a sudden once they flip data grace they were like okay whatever we can stop now the lawyer bats the theories i'm see another now that theory be easily overturned joe and we will correct it with some transparency and when we find out where those seventy seven thousand boat votes came from but right now we have no idea now what should we do there should be a lawsuit immediately mad caldwell should not sure not under any circumstances concede this election until we find now where those votes came from if they were valid votes and he lost that's fine we're not
democrats we're not going to allege russian collusion we're not going to go ain t first hour break up the starbucks lighten people on fire kicking the crap out of folks breakin windows we're not gonna do any of that spitting on people but that's fine we lost fair and square we don't know we lost fair and square and he had equity the election process is at stake right now it is grossly unfair what happened to the sky and it's about guns and if do this now they will do it in a future whenever there is a race within one point they'll say much just do this let's do this are all leave the open valid question open leslie store open forever till we get enough votes we can flip a few down ballot congressional seat everybody attention is top of the ballot wilson whatever we can still more run into their and our very celebrating look we run disintegration florida when it covers great good we lost another raised we should have one and there are
ones controlling near the fire on permits now in florida shame ok forget it you don't let me cover this reappearance of fixer because this is the fixer i love this story so this weekend i'm sit around and devon nunez had appeared on ana maria barter roma show and you know i have the new ness translate awry i give that i have a lot of the facts in this case canada down about suggesting i've anywhere close to the information he has but we had some good sources in this case we literally wrote a book and spy gate could translate would do necessary nunez the saying a lot and new appears on the upper maria bartolommeo show a lot any had an interesting interview this week and so i wanna hit on this first and then i want to get too reappearance of the obama fixer article i read in a daily basis weak and it's gonna blow your mind and he's gotta it's gonna make all the sense in a world you right now what mahler is really up to and here's a hint it's not about russian collusion but shall first play
some of this and i'll stop it this time i promise make any hand gesticulation show until i need you to stop ok the new fourth bucket asking actually to be classed by now is for months have been reviewing emails between fbi india j and others clearly show that they knew about information that should have been presented to the fire court so it is real evidence that the people within the fbi withheld it's from the fire a court now these are classified and they need to be declassified i ask you this is one of the highest levels even above myself when a size a speaker the speakers have been requesting the department of justice to give us these emails to make as many public as possible yeah and still even though we know what's in those emails a lot of them are still redirected folks again and nunez translator here
i want you to understand what i think is going on behind the scenes newness as he just said has seen a nose within these fbi b we have now been postulating for a long time if you listen to the show that the paper that and the u s intelligence community and it looks like team were set up by people in the eu intelligence community and the u s intelligence community and it looks like law enforcement may involved the spoiling the fbi they were set up to look like they were colluding with the russians when in fact they were not now that's that's old news is nothing new there now this is new fact it nunez goes armoury apart over almost show and says that there is now a fourth tranche of documents that they want unclassified and that for transit a tranche of documents pocket of documents as he called them is a bunch of emu which apparently he is red or understands what's in them is devastating because what does this mean what tried to say their employing our translator here joe is that not
we was their exculpatory of another words evidence that the fbi and ended the oj had that indicated that the pull involved in this role jude russian collusion scheme were not in fact a colluding with the russians but that the people involved did not want to collude with the russians and other which were not implicated in a scheme to do this at all not only were they not guilty that's different they were potentially innocent in other words those it up to those are distinct thing spokesmen not guilty meaning you know what maybe they were involved in some shady activity but the activity doesn't necessarily criminally ogier what look was it legally criminal you get what i'm saying like they're probably not proud of it i'm suggesting to you that the reason nunez wants you to see these emails between the fbi and the d o j and others not only are they not guilty of a crime that
people may not have been guilty of anything at all they may have been innocent entirely and not one of any kind of application in this russian collusion at all now i do i bring this up folks we now know something's going on with the foreign intelligence entities and papadopoulos and page why because when trump threatened to declassify these documents showing that i believe these people were set up by the government out by u s government others we now know that the yacht that for our foreign friendly's objected to this i'm assuming those friendly's based on the evidence in the case or australia and the united kingdom we don't want this information up i want to talk this now too peace i haven't the show notice weak it's an older peace by alley watkins oh i'll alley remember the name alleyway that appeared in november this alley watkins peace is critical that's gonna put this is gonna make sense in a minute suggests be clear what we're talking about here right
nunez goes on broad aromas weaken and says there are eight set of emails a bucket of emails that indicate heavily that these people involved in this pop adopt listen page were not guilty of this were innocent of this russian collusion and that it was not presented to the pfizer court when the f b i went to the five court indicating that was rushing collusion go not it's as simple as that happy eyes you walked in alleging that was a bank robbery knowing the whole time that the guiding robbed the bet that's it that's the story it's that simple what do i think is really going on here now it start enemy since i've put this article in the show notes before but it creep again from a listener send it back to me this week and i'd spit in my hvac should discuss this before but now it makes sense right noone s nose obviously that this was a set up job alley watkins rights is peace for political let me give you the exact date because the data data interesting on the snow
allie watkins eleven nine twenty seventeen so november of twenty seventeen she writes his peace now she it's this piece about the mysterious putin's neats whose introduced the pop adopt was right now think about it right if you are looking to implicate joe arm of cost or joe papa thou placenta in a rush and collusion scheme look we're gonna set this guy up for colluding with the russians what better way to do than to introduce joe to someone you claim is vladimir putin's need so right what better waited well that's what happened papadopoulos he was introduced to this woman olga integrate over as i was introduces putin's knees by this mysterious maltese professor we can't seem to find who claims to his lawyer he wants to tell his story now in front of the senate alleyway hence in november twenty seventeen shall write a piece writes a piece about vinegar dover
olga vinegar over the russians and the russian nieces last year this isn't twenty seventeenth a year ago how she so read in on this well who is alley watkins alley working was the girlfriend of james wore these effort on the senate intel committee that is judged to have been involved in a league scandal and lying about it according to prosecuting documents are with his girlfriend wolf is the guy ladies and gentlemen who was arrested and prosecuted for lying to the fbi about leaking die he means to who alley watkins men who writes his piece about the russians i saw makes sense in a second with me important so now how it looks like we have these pfizer document that he's out this whole scheme right what was presented to the court's what was presented to the courts in the final document was a document about the set up now
the information about the set up that lead people to believe that papadopoulos and page was were innocent or sculptor is left out that's new necessary in other words new necessary and the f b i walked into a pfizer court with a document full of stuff saying papa that policy is guilty left out the stuff improper that position ok that's what defies it it makes sense showed bureau walks court say papadopoulos is colluding with the russians pages colluding with the russians they walk in a corporate that despite the act at emailing each other while you're not guilty reason other reasons there not guilty right that document fleet we now notice it gets leaked as its past from the fire the court to the senate intel committee its alleged now that one of the leakers is jane wolf who works on the senate intel committee and then we it to his girlfriend alleyway kids who then right
to peace in november about this mysterious putin's nieces she liked the key to the whole thing here's what she says in a peace this is crazy what is tell you it tells you is there something in that pfizer application it rejected that will lead to believe that this woman vinegar over it really not a russian asset and may have been working with friendly to set up papadopoulos how else would she know this she's the relationship with with the guy who's or alleged to be the weaker here's what she writes pop up this referred to vinegar over by name in his campaign your emails during the spring of twenty sixteenth sources tell political who are sources the guy and a senate committee i was reading defies application introduced but the hapless in march of that year by a london based academic miss should she was part of what federal investigators suspect listeners they talk about she stopped
by vinegar dover keep my this is the polluter go right or now who's had a relationship with us therefore on the senate intel committee whose alleged to be leaking tour the contents of the five applicashens she was poor what federal investigators suspect may have bit suspect may have been a russian effort to infiltrate trumps campaign team with the help of intermediaries or cut out what a beauty story what a bureau a story to tell ni shows up willing to set up meetings with all of these people in the in the russian federation she meets with a person on the trump team ah the stories beautiful except for the fact that no can find this lady no one knows exactly what our ties to the russian federation are she seems be appearing in this alley watkins peace after she's getting leaks from her boyfriend who's got the pfizer application and yet
nobody can find her and nobody can find miss should either and mr schulz telling people to his lawyer that he was workin for friendly's folks and out as the nunez stuffed the new nest makes sense it doesnt show i can see you missing me here arch i'm a little eddie was alley watkins this rapporteur for political behind was she being used to it it's the case against up adopt ok she's what yeah that's what you're gettin i was this information strategically lee i got through this senate staffer to this report or a politico to write this piece about olga get over this russian carve out knowing the whole time she wasn't a russian carve out at all where that information appear if it was oh dangerous that everybody wanted to keep it hidden outside of donald trump which they
i want it hid the only one who wants this releases donald trump and you and i device application right why does everybody this stuff hidden and new nets and trop wanted out there because in the fire application it's probably discussed at some point what the role this person was worth people connected to our about it in other words was watkins and other people in the media being strategically used to set up story that pop adopt it was working with russians when in fact papadopoulos was meeting with friendly's were setting about right folks it gets worse this story i got that make sense and i sense now them saying this he was set up and they knew it everybody
knows he was set up by western intel friendly's to look like he was colluding with the russians they put it in a fight they knew it wasn't true they then leak defies at a reporters and into five eight says that oh she was a russian carve out she could have been deal with she was not the other nobody knows that all we know is connections are westerns or using her vinegar at dover that's like sal addressing policy i think it means like wine sums in russia may with which is funny because she exclaimed at what point that this is like one the biggest yolks of all of what is a pop up was that i think she manages a wine store and our name is all governor grid over i think john knightley we kidding i ever that right member that when private apple has told us that i think that's an inside joe no no i mean amongst the download even kidding i think this is such bad set up and so embarrassingly stupid that they gave her the maid
all governments grid over even oh she's working with friendly's to set up a that was added she goes i manage a wiser that's like an english jos it being joe wine store any tells me you know what i do i work for a wise to enable joe why store that's pretty crazy where this is some kind of an inside joke i've got more this gets better because we have an array of this up and i'm telling you this is all being hidden i cannot be clear this is a set up everybody knew was a set up they walked into court and law about the set up insisting it was russian collusion they use reporters to further this set up and now that the set ups about to be exposed mothers the clean up while for others the guy trying to make this all go away by keeping the attention on top and i have some more proof of that now let me just get to this first cause i'm gonna pay for the show i appreciate your page yeah i got it they're yeah yeah and this is gonna get good now
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not be discovered as i we say these speeches clean up our four so this make it i'm reading a piece of the daily beast which is in the shower valley base which does in our head pieces on me routinely but whatever no pride i have a piece of work the red i'm gonna put it up i don't you not the motto my bra amounted to giving clicks to them but this piece is worth your time because don't understand what they have of course because they're so far stan collusion nonsense now as they dont understand at the real purpose of what's going on here with the mueller team is to cover this whole thing up now who reappears this weekend well let me read to you a little but peace here from the stairway peace peace and all make sense the chinese former top national security it is come under scrutiny from special council bob mueller to people with knowledge of the probe tell the daily beast the latest to sign that knowledge probus expanded beyond the narrow bounds of russian interference and american american politics let me refer that lessons
it's the latest sign at mullahs probe has absolutely no evidence of collusion whatsoever and is desperately looking this they relevant so is starting to find new alleged crimes because they have to keep the heat on donald trump so the set up of pop adapt listen page using our intelligence community is not discovered i just rephrase that for your daily be the mahler probe member was started cover alleged russian collusion and ever happened so now of course they're branching out into new entrepreneurial criminal endeavours i think they're going to fight for my point again malta's problem it is only designed to keep the heat on trumped to distract you smallest the peace gaza is where it gets interesting mothers team is looking into the communications and political dealings of john hannah the four or cheney adviser who later worked on trumped state department transition to this increase its interactions with lebanese american businessmen and fixer george nay oh who brokered me
is between foreign dignitaries and team trump and jewels samuel okey dokey now joe knows what i know a lot of you know what this means but some of you may not we reported on this well over six months ago it's in my book spy gave a lot of this stuff which is gonna blow your mind mothers ye cooperate or in this case in other words a person giving information to the mahler team to kill anyone we expand this invest the negation into donald trump has been this well connected a guy named george nadir let me read to you from an you see news peace why george nadir cooperating with the mahler probing joe in credit we always seeming to present this new information about new things mauler needs to quote look at its is just casting and i mean that when i say fantastic i mean really crappy in like a flaming pile of dog
funding for that you go start out in a hollow we pray that cut that cairo antarctic so from a navy see that it from an abc news peace nato's lawyers at powerhouse law firm lay them in watkins which include for obama white house cap and so turn rumbler have said image rituals are dredging up all criminal cases to discredit him as an important it's airport witness for mahler folks catherine rumbler she's orange natures lawyer this is mothers ace in the hall he keeps feeding of new information that keeps this investigation into the trump team alive nator whose natures lawyer it's all farmers lawyer catherine ruhmer catherine member fix or show it was one of our most listen to shows even to this day ever ever kathryn rumbler was obama's fixer she
heavily me deep involved than the irs targeting scandal whereas obama's lawyer she had to create should legal strategies to get around what we knew was targeting of conservative groups by the obama administration she was knee deep in the benghazi scandal in the crafting of a narrative afterward she was me deepen the secret service scandal that prostitution thing she was needed deepen the cover up of the white house they involvement in that folks catherine rumbler the white house counselor obama has been knee deep in the handling of all of these are scandals she is the person if anyone there should be like looking into for some of the stuff that went on in the obama administration she mysteriously shows up as the lawyer are the main source of smaller probe who keeps feeding him information about all of these new crimes that now we have dealings with
the israelis and the usa and the saudis keep my nobody's concerns about anything any more that happened in the obama administration what we know now is a set up i'm telling you papadopoulos and page now are concerned about this guy nator whose feeding constantly new information for the multi folks it gets better to show you how to stir being this set up is and how d we connected all the players are the clinton orbit one of the first things mater went to and sad this conversation with mahler about right was this meeting in the seychelles between eric prince whose betsy boss of the trump administrations brother eric meets in the seychelles with this russian so let me be clear on what some neighbours a source for mahler he can speeding up information about stuff entirely unrelated to russian collusion but
these new and and and more fantastic charges each time right the reason talked about nato six months ago is nadir is the guy according to multiple reports who arranges a meeting in the seychelles between eric and again who sisters in the trump administration and this for winchell russian career dmitri of whose the head of the russian direct investment fund follow me because it's a super important what back going on here nato's sets this meeting up there our team according to some reports believes that this with some effort to set up a russian back channel i dont understand show why they need a russian batch out if a was colluding with the russians why did they need a back channel to do it they keep telling us tromp tower meeting with trump junior was that this is it this is that we
now this is the result of stone to translate the whole skin if they were dealing with tromp junior like you shit why did they made a bad channel the interested didn't they just keep making stuff up there was no background so prince who each week career dmitri have in the seychelles this meeting is set up the same guy who's feeding mahler information now and is represented by obama's lawyer folks this it is clear as day here this is from salon doubt casual salon so on not collapse the alarm for landfill on the left leaning website right so why that can't be exposure on a panama papers and international money moving around so keep in mind guy feeding mahler information his main informant right now we spare represented by obama's lawyer keeps bringing up these new things to keep the attention on trump six weeks to go i report
on a meeting he sets up with prince and dimitri appears who dmitri have really is the russian called from the salon peace in his report the clinton machines ties to saudi arabia michael is a cough also notes that two other quit lobbyists ponders richards eleven and davy jones our principles a firm that until last year represented there i direct investment fund our wealth and co funded by vladimir putin when he was prime minister this is investment fund run by the russian meeting with the guy eric prince in the seychelles was quote represented by quit them lobbyists bunglers they were principles and a fine affirm that right please tell me you're following its listen i know this is complicated humbly beg you too i get it i know some of you dont like when i repeat that but it is critical you understand this this is the most disgust
disturbing set up and in human history it this is so horrifying we obviously anybody paying attention what happened you all of the players involved then these job search precious meetings mahler is investigating are all connected to the cliff in orbit oh there was a set up this guy prints whose sister works in the trumpet ministration the demo rats or alleging oh he's he was dealing with them i shall try to create a back channel he was meeting with a russian whose always russian huge investment fund significant business dealings with clear lobbyists and bonn this is so on reporting miss and the meeting was set up between the russian connected to the clinton lobbyists the meeting was set up a guy named major george nadir
lawyer is obama's whitehouse fixer is i beat guys is anyone in the media are going to do this story outside of our least method jeff carson at the airport times as what're you gonna do this story anyone voucher ross to be fair i know sarah john i got i became name all that you get my but there are people in our space radio interested in detroit poland a mainstream media show good spirits berry i just read to you so long that comes report on the connections between a russian meeting with eric prince and clinton lobbyists a meeting that was set up by a guy who's lawyer is obama's what form a white house council you're not even remotely interested by the way this guy nadir was connected clinton white house and to be fair republican white house this is well are you
remotely interested on how nato decided to set up this meeting who told them to do it and why and how he seemingly found obama's whitehouse counselor represented as you become mothers chief guy folks this is ridiculous it is so obvious what's going on i mean thank you my can you just open your eyes can we ask that put it back if none of this is nefarious fine may it's all an innocent mistake bet obama's fix or in the white ass fixed all these problems is seemingly fixing is spy gay problem by providing a source that's now feeding information to mahler to keep the attention on donald trump may it's all innocent is you won't get to ask the questions you gonna tell me i'm making this up so i'm flying
george nader not a source catherine rumours not as warrior career to me three of the russian didn't have this relationship with a firm represented by clinton lobbyists what this is all made up so on dot com not me i want to a just to break this full circle this weekend i'm reading that peace in the daily beast and italy be seems to be completely immune to any of these connections at all the daily bees peace this weaker all now mothers team is looking into the sky john hannah hannah who used to work with dick any and his meetings with george data ladies and gentlemen how many meetings to george nadir set up major seems to be the key figure in all of these suspicious meetings mahler looking into that don't seem to have any criminal connection at all however unsavory these meetings are watching
these sea sadly is full of unsavory meetings all the time people marking the lobbying space folks i got news for you do this all the time where the criminality as joe said last week which i left my bottom where the russians where's that sure kilometer we are going to produce that oh now nato valuable again this week at all now natures he was he set up a meat with the sky and work for cheney and this guy was evolve into trumped up ok so what so what's the point don't we were investigating collusion in the election now we're in ass the gaining lobbyists and who they meet whip at what what are we what are we doing here basic questions showed you think someone would have answerable more coming i got a lot more to get you forces can be its statute and so on
i spend more time on that then i planned but it's an important important story this was so obviously a set up a gush of people just open their eyes we get there i that today also brought you buy buddies agenda so agri jaw line ladies and gentlemen mrs jo leinen the double chin they give your age away not any more using the brand new genocide july treatment with dual peptide an empty i'll technology it shalmaneser most advanced technology ever my wife loves this stuff she'll never sagging july but you know what it's like up who pre emptive measure because she looked so beautiful alyosha arbutus davis rice yes you are forever my mother loves it took it out only tightened baggage online but a plump the lip of filling layers of your skin the contour and define the july within minutes using pep aids and metal lactose together for the first time it works amazingly quicken the results get better every they just try you really dig this no one else the technology or proprietary chemical free base so so
by that double chin right now i hurried now here's the best news george free when you utter jan yourself or under i bags and populists and for results and twelve hours genuine self immediate effects is also free text the word young like the opposite of all because you will tat young to seven seven four five three or go to jan you sell dot com and like my name them bonds you know a check out please do that imagine that bulgin disappearing in about a week which any cells your line treatment one hundred percent
guaranteed or your money back you owe me it we had nothing deposit me most about this stop imagining collar click now text young young to seven seven four five three or viz agenda so that comments like my name a check out that's jane you sell g and you see a backup jenny so backup couple other interesting things i saw this weekend from a wall street journal peace getting a fine i have so much to go on our folks it gets it gets a little overwhelming while she journal pisa read this weekend the arm the democrats or in a little bit of trouble and i want you know i don't want to be overly optimistic about twenty twenty and i gotta say and you get out of the predictions game comes to elections i think a lot of stuff we ve been able to predict and the front has to fruition because we get a lot of homework but it's getting more and more difficult given the dynamic new cycle to predict the results of any election ever i'm i mean i i again i thought
we keep the house by a couple it turns out this year we lost some suburban votes and we lost but the senate we were on target i will say this and twenty twenty there is a big big growth and shall in one specific gum voter demographic actually more than one i voted my graphic that i think is flying under the rain aren't i mentioned it last week and now the wall street journal picked up on the story and i want to read something to you now let's be clear here i said to you last the problem we had in the twenty eighteen metres which is obviously this one its output lipstick on ok we did find in the senate we added a few seats we should have added a few more of what the hell happened in montana arizona i'm still perplexed about mental think despite all the emails from the viewers but we did find in the senate side we did i call on the house i was kind of a split decision on the governor side wrote one of the things it it happened is we lost a lot of operating college educated suburban voters we just did i wish we didn't but we did we lost it
brad seed we lost a lot of suburban seeds barbara comstock in virginia alot of seats we should have held that we didn't you know the mia love see which looks like she may now win ironically but a lot these suburban seats were in a lot of trouble why is is an open question pollsters you interpret for a long time people mad tromp for the twitter i have no idea i mean the economy's firing on all cylinders right now i really don't know what people are upset about outside of personal differences with the president which it's bizarre i don't want you know i don't have em over for dinner i like him personally but i don't know why you even care you get array your job going ok and it is a government generally thing out of your life what's the big deal here swear we i think we have the chance to make up votes dramatically and i know in the past this would have been left off but i brought it up last week i said minority voters are job member this this is an error for a growth area for us in the republican party where the potential is almost limitless now from the
three journal one from the mid terms the latter our vote is up for grabs says the headline in a commentary published by a boston public broadcast w b you on the other his josiana martinez political consult this year help the progressive left this i oughta pray we went house see which used to belong to a more centrist democrat job listen to this this is alive this right is not a conservative miss martinez discuss florida rather where forty four percent of latinos voted for republican gubernatorial candidate rhonda santa's yeah and famous he appeared in a campaign in helping his young child bill president trumps border wall out of place play bricks folks this is only a mystery to identity politics focused liberals who think hispanic voters vote like the board from star trek they
see you listen to me if you happen to be hispanic latino what it doesn't matter spanish cuban costa rican doesn't make my wife's colombian wherever you're from they view you as a bunch of robots not like individuals like the conservative movement does that what city was individually see was a collecting voting black for them even chewy knows in any him into folks they are starting to lose and hemorrhage hispanic votes we ve seen it in texas we ve seen it in florida we ve seen in arizona whether republican governor one handily in a state with a heavy a spanish population i'm telling you we start closing inconsistently on numbers like run the santa scots forty four forty five for but six percent of hispanic voters the left is going to be decimated and
reason is they keep talking to hispanic voters as if their robots and they are missing out on the fact that not every his annex voter sees immigration the economy the way you do but it gets worse for them this is widening twenty twenty i'm telling you trop maybe a transformational figure if we can keep the economy firing also again could change overnight so gonna be dramatic but if trump can hold solid run the sand this gregg abbot like numbers with these spanned doug do see numbers we spent a community they could be in a world trouble the democrats folks a world of trouble and twenty twenty it gets worse for them continues on the wall street journal picture nearby boston globe renee gram recently drafted a memo titled memo two black man stop voting republic it the left is panicking these are two progressives writing art
about how blackened hispanic voters are starting to say republicans may not be so bad what you're saying i would stop don't look doleful republican here's another left this here's what she rights this is heard me she writes brothers we need to talk it's like a stone with assuming that again at some collective mindset brothers we need to talk in the mid term review your my brother no i mean this black voters are there i said you're my but you're not theirs because i've knocked on doors i actually ran frogs and a magician a black voters i ran into care about the stuff i care about life religion superior drearily hard work i have aren't say no i'm telling you might experience knocking on actual boards you're my brothers in liberty brothers
the liberals use that make disrespectful condescending up think like a robot way i mean in brothers in principle they mean it brothers and you better vote for us and we're going to tear you apart you're my brother's you are with us liberty freedom hard work god we contrary spirituality your our brothers our sisters we will defend your rights your liberty no matter what pages want your vote these pull are entirely full of crap brothers they don't mean that you don't mean any of that i can prove it to you you are welcome here any time always i said over we'd love you here you are welcome here any time black hispanic asian when nobody cares man when child you are welcome liberty anytime you leave them you watch what they do to you watch dared speak out for your right to defend yourself dare to speak out for tax freedom
and you watch what happens brothers brothers my caboose they don't mean that she says brothers we need to talk in the mid term elections listen to this about seventeen percent of black men voted to give ted crews other term in the senate around i've been per cent supported georgie gubernatorial candidate brian cap now the peace goes on to support now that now this is the journal not not nada not the right or any more the journal says hey these aren't huge percentages but it's enough to disrupt socratic strategies that have been premise for years on overwhelming support among african americans miss gram is party julie concern that younger black men are more open to voting republican than their elders and your damn right they are because they are starting to see that the defenders of their freedom to our us where your brother's dare not your brother's their entirely full of crap
view you as a vote they see you as a ticket to their power only we see was a ticket to anything we see you as an accomplice in the fight for liberty always will always they are freaking out right now because hispanic voters are starting to wake up in mass that liberty for them to black what does young black men are starting serried is job this job thing this tax freedom healthcare freedom stuff these republicans aren't so bad and it is freaking them our folks just telling you to wrap this up on twenty twenty we are going to lose some suburban voters again i don't have a good theory on what's goin on his personal is it the twitter thing don't know if i did i'd be billion dollar political concern but it is happening can we stop it yes should we stop it yet
maybe economic growth additional growth will stop the hemorrhaging of suburban voters from the republican party but if we can make that up with fifteen twenty percent of the blackmail and forty five percent of the hispanic vote the democratic party i'm telling you will be done for decades they will be finished they have nowhere else to go if we get one can class americans excerpt rural americans the agriculture real community union workers on board who are starting to support trump in large numbers hispanic voters good person that's just a black voters there is no demographic combination of moving the rubik's cube around whether solve the puzzle the democrats anymore none they need ninety percent plus the black community or it's over it over
they can't deal with any less it won't work folks and i'm not puts a smile on my face i ve said forever she was so welcome here and if we do we will please black hispanic voters asian was any one you are welcome with open arms we love you too deaf man seriously come on over you are so welcome here there is no judging no nothing you are a child of god nobody gives a damn about the color of your skin what language you spoke as a child to where you came from this is a liberty movement that will take as many foot soldiers as we can get at if you want to pick up a a liberty stick in enough for liberty and a future and join the front lines whether you are welcome here with open arms open arms the left sees you as a tool to power and that is it i just wish you'd see that they support nothing
support in my experience wiping out why in the room the diminishment of spirituality of your life the destruction of your families that take of your money in your health care they support all at stuff that is not in my experience what the majority of black voters i came into contact with said when i actually met them door to door there's not that is not what therefore are passionate from his folks i really just it is the one area where it is one thing i could change it would just be to get our message better the black and spend a committee we're doing just a terrible job and immediate newness no favours either by constantly fabricating nonsense story here one last thing here a map colombo has really wonderful piece up a bunch you know that com i haven't shown us that i cannot encourage you and strong enough terms three matt is really great at the bunking economic me
spider man and he has a bunch of debunk this articles at punch you know that come into being the sheriffs and if he's got my email is this is a really really good one about scandinavian socialism not socialism mark sweden they don't have social met the bunks lot of miss i'm gonna get it written a little more detail tomorrow show but i just want to tease little but today i read the peace that way in tomorrow show you already read in heap he makes a great point how the left you all we need to be more like denmark and sweden you do he says because quote in america and earlier is subject to the top tax bracket of thirty seven percent till they earned over five hundred thousand dollars in other words you have to be put rich in the united states to pay the tax bracket the left as we want to be more like sweden and denmark and norway really because while an american would need to earn eight times the average income to be subjected our top tax rate the figures sweden and norway or only one point five and one point six and at times of one point three and denmark so how would it
this tax system look if it were more like scandinavia's if the breaks tax code worse flatters denmark's member the left tat bark bernie this be like denmark its social and such socialism wake up take any good its class if the u s tax code word ladders denmark bernie loves it somewhat running seventy thousand dollars would face a top marginal patrick you want to be more like denmark you make sense the uk year your tax rates could be forty six point three percent my eyes like that's your federal tax assets state local property taxes to buy matt sources all this stuff you can check it out that simply first layer of taxation by the way at all can that you should have an additional twenty five percent value added tax on purposes are you like damn apples folks you want to be more like denmark get ready to fork over about sixty percent eu money middle class by the way read the peace are we going to some more than tidbits but for all you dad
mark social it's not socialism number one they don't own the means of production that's what socialism is it's a big tax heavy big gun heavy tax society it will not you're willing to pay sixty percent of your income i go on the record and support that clamour about me and more like scandinavian countries because you're not willing to do that because nobody votes for that stuff i folks say again for tuna in more in this to morrow i fully subscribe to the show its free and helps us move up the charts helps people discovers it means a lot to us please it is free itunes radio we can collect the follow button sound cloud spotify other places as well in czech us out of google podcast please subscribe matters a lot to us
so our thanks for some fresh air and are content to really appreciate it and i will see you all tomorrow happy thanksgiving weak i love this we see all deserve tailbone jean osier did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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