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Ep. 854 The Democrats Are Inventing Scandals

2018-11-20 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the explosive claims being made by Democrats regarding the midterm elections. I also address the fake scandal regarding Ivanka Trump’s email and the federal judge’s ruling on Trump’s asylum order. Finally, I discuss some positive news about the economy.    News Picks: An Obama-appointed federal judge has blocked President Trump’s immigration asylum order.    The Democrats are undermining our democracy by making false claims about election fraud in Georgia.    Yes, we can economically grow out of our fiscal problems. Here’s the evidence.    The Democrats, all of a sudden, are concerned about private email use because Ivanka Trump used private email.    It’s becoming clear that the FBI failed to appropriately vet Chris Steele’s information.   Senior FBI personnel used unsecure devices for sensitive data.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the bags with your host dan bonds you know i love this thereby gino shall reach our union now always glad to be here you know inside your yeah man you good man man i'm really got back a check i get round the by sorry i can't i can't this has got this day the teacher but what these days i about when this attitude limitations whereas yeah man i'm good man i remain suffer you may get some of you have to be real followers a budget out get it i point the statute limitations wears out i promise i'll talk i got a really really busy new showed i allow to happen listen the hazy abrams georgia you lost it still
have you lost but i lost the race for congress by nearly the exact same margin she lost the governors race in georgia i get it sucks your ran a good spirit and raise we don't agree with the early anything you say confiscating our fifteen's in georgia's probably had a good platform to run on he ran a good raise new laws move my gosh it's over somebody get into this they because what's going on in georgia o again is not bout georgia i don't about things on the show that are isolated to one particular region i talk about the national stuff because that's what you guys ladys are concerned about what putting right now with georgia and the sour grapes with a democratic lost handily by the way she didn't lose by like fifty votes or like george w one florida by five hundred thirty seven against score she lost by about one one and a half point again to say margin i lost for congress its things but you can see it and you move on you loss but that's not good enough for them
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you wish the guy or the woman the best the lock and you go in give it the old college try the next time able refuses to do this she gave concessions speech where she said i'm not basically i'm not conceding that this is not a concession but their past refuses to acknowledge that brian camp is needed is the she says she's the legal governor of georgia but that's not the least she wanted analyses the legitimate governor of georgia why why is this happening folks how many times do i have to say this on the show and i hope you you all just really tat hu this onto your you're upper her upper grey matter and you bring the democrats never do anything by mistake they have said the ability again using your charge they have said the ability georgia to me
then in a state that has a large minority population to use it as a wedge issuing twenty twenty to try to not georgia into the swing state column for the presidential election stacy abrams knows full well that she saying about brian camp and this being a stolen election in georgia she knows full well she's not dumb she knows oh well these are specious nonsensical farcical allegations they are totally completely untrue i wanted come down for you in the next say five minutes almost been too long in the segment one by one because not because this is about georgia because georgia is going to become a twenty twenty issue about voters depression fayoum made up fake charges of voters suppression twenty twenty in state large minority populations where they think they have a chance to be dropped so let's get right to it number one i say well bright camp the secretary of state who is now the governor elect to georgia heap a bunch of people
voter of why should he do purge them from the i can't move either purge what they shoulda people's how's your off devout arose wearing like masks like in a movie they heard what do you mean purge people from the voting rules while you do a little homework which liberals listening to show i understand you don't wanna do homework i get this i get that homework starving to you because homework and covers what facts in and i understand liberals you piracy immune to facts and data i get it that there's nothing we can say that crack through your sixty five foot fixed skulls of better it's like you know you have the proton beam facts and data through that i get that we can't do but for people listening who are reasonable and who talk to liberals that may be somewhat persuadable in the future the law the law that brian camp and the state of georgia used to clean their voter roles was alive joe sign
into law by waving who sell miller salmonella miller who is always was democrat popular in georgia ah crazy how that happens is in it and it was i've been to lodge or by what by wide a legislature that was democratic at the top all crazy crazy how that happens isn't it the use it or lose it our use it or lose it law was model after the motor voter registration at which says if you dont vote three consecutive elections they'll send the notification to your house and have multiple opportunities to reinstate erect a registration but this law sir i end by democrats and a democratic governor was design because there's a lot of in and out of moving in and out of states to keep people from voting and multiple states and keep their voting rules clean ladies and gentlemen there is no suppression under this even if you did not vote
voter registration is data sets up heard they uses because they know it's loaded purged joe you can show up on election day with your voter idea which they have in georgia and cast a provisional ballot that will be cast as soon as you could prove you are the person any idea there's no there's no suppression they send notifications to your house there are multiple opportunities to reinstate this a nonsense fact that free made up charge but you'll hear it again surprised without charge yeah how did they do that our let me ask you again did joe you are a pole analyse correct you are a sophisticated executive producer and radio engineer but you are not a poland was right no no so let me ask you a simple question again this is not a set up job right if republicans in georgia we're looking too
suppress the vote to purge that was mysteriously signed into effect by democrats right you would think if those voter roles apart than they were suppressing the vote if the vote with suppressed this is not requesting joe with suppressed who think voter turnout amongst democrats would go down or up think about this this is a hard question if the devil perhaps allegations right their voters it's worse suppressed would voter up with voting have voter turn up in upper been down well i'm going to say down that if you want to lose jobs right voters suppression really was rampant throughout georgia i i once again i'm talking about common sense i'm sorry i know some of you don't get out but the liberals we gotta try to protect the nano i'm not trying to persuade normal people liberals continued is no matter what you tell them none of this will breakthrough it would say
as that voting was actually suppress then yeah yeah i am not so much show voter roles the voter roles expand by twenty percent that's so let me just get this straight so you're saying that somehow the voter rolls were purge and yet the voter roles expanded by twenty percent you say i boil motor turn clearly this down i was it ok let's look at that because again we do facts you i know facts are tough for you guys and ladys i get it if you are the lib side of the fence but chew on this one for a minute ago voter turnout was up sixteen point four percent over the last mid term and twenty forty four jobs voters but you're not folks we're doing a visual you let me say one other voter turn joe by doing my hand going up it's got voted
la fontaine's go up here that we really the underdog joe neanderthal shows that made it appears that a lot of good this is impossible to explain to people using anything other than like basic wage and voter turnout up are you missing is this it's crazy voter not only are so you may now they give you the liberal counter yes the entered all job let me give you the liberal counter because some people will suggest right and that voter turn out when it went up sixteen point four percent it must have one up higher and other states right no voter turnout was only up twelve percent and other states folks this is crazy liberals will you ever get your facts right joe i got one more point is this when the kind of interesting to the democrats other talking so voter turnout up voter roles are up the law
that their citing further purge the votes were signed by democrats there was no part is a voter roles expanded now another thing they set as well these appalling locations the lines and ellison fair enough this this some opened up i'm definitely open to hearing the liberal point of view and this is what we are saying is that factually incorrect reveal what they get from it and what the conclusions i draw are not correct but this part is real they were very long lines meant a lot of them crap leaning counties to vote but big but what i just said joe democrat leaning counties brian camper was the secretary of state no say whatsoever over over the placing a pole locations in a democrat leaning counties where the democrats an account officials that shuddered pull locations folks here this is
i mean this is serious public i am i gonna get it i totally get lines were long and there public and platform if we really believe in liberty and freedom never there should be the case let's make it difficult if i'm not die don't stand for the you do whatever you want i don't stand for that ever but tat was not a decision made by the republicans it was in democratic counties in the county officials made those decisions and i'm sorry joe but why lines is not suppression and it's definitely suppression when democratic county officials make the decision to show appalling location people after their malta the opportunities to vote i mean i did just posted drive me crazy because you're gonna see this joe again you're going to see this reappear in twenty twenty in georgia oil the elect this is
the democrats are whenever they lose they want the institutions shut out the governor georgia is not legitimate they lost the senate the sentence legitimate it's not based fairly enough on population i saw an article today in the wall street journal suggesting that we should carve up states now joe california should become whenever north and south our fournier east and west california so they get more send it sees that florida it be carved up taxes should be carved up new york be carved up now folks this is what the democrats do they want they lose supreme court they want to attack the supreme court and because they are committed to genuflect thing at the altar of power they do i believe in a limited government they have placed all their faith in the power of government to rule over your lives when they lose it they lose their minds and they want the government of all dismantled for a government of new a government can control
joe you and i don't do that because we believe in a higher power than government that higher power of government are god given big our rights legal its granted by god protected by a constitution protecting us against the government keep and bear arms right said she not be infringed freedom is its freedom of the press freedom of assembly freedom to petition these are rights great it was by god not granted to us by government because it we should protect us against what they to bill it's the bill of rights is a bill of negative negative rights for the coming tells them what they can do to you right the democrats don't see it that way they see the government as a medium to control people's lives the central planning component of it there the old the overseer of all they will you your little our rights not guy
you are a born free you were born to government and when they lose that power they erupt why you're seeing that the legitimate zation of the governorship in georgia the senate the supreme court all of it it's gross folks it's really disgusting what's goin on i got a lot of other stars you some of you are a little upset you say miss the swore well cited miss and i cover domain or a tv show on friday we just quickly can such a dumb sorry i i frequently pick up our magellan i both our eye or on the show is days democrat congress from california sees me eric swore well who is one of the more embarrassing members of congress i'm sorry i've heard he's a nice guy personally i'd still care i don't want to have dinner with the guy just really embarrassing fellow he is promoted a bill for a while now to bear confiscate people's firearms from their house yeah he's
big gun grabber i hear he's one of the lead proponents of the russian collusion hoax he has no evidence that there is any collusion albany continues to propagated eddies the more smarmy year kindness smart alex members of congress who thinks he you know he's what those guys i heard this about a member congress once not him but i'm sure it applies to him too he's a smart guy in a room just ask him he'll tell you it's so sore squabbles that guy you know you here this is is cloudy she just enemies watches twitter feed right he sends out a tweet let's forget it miss it i just said i covered a domain or a tv show and a couple pbs ever got you gotta a quick comments he sends out a tweet responds to a guy joe bigs on twitter and i a job exit at that and something on twitter to the effective like if you if you if you come and get our guns you're gonna caused cause some kind of like a war swore well who is a member of congress on his actual congressional account tweets back short
it would be we ve got nukes man ever larger are i gave the books promote dude dude listen maybe the rob schneider thing if they did that whatever the fifty ways to say do you know this real killers around the corner and you could use it dude this is what i was confused deeds to food to why you're member of congress i get it was swore well actually threat being nuclear war against the american population always a congressmen who has no authority do that sets up a ridiculous but still in the realm of dumb tweets this is a platinum this anti gold this is like platinum this is like rare earth mineral stupid ever what which are rare
mamma mamma benningham or something i don't even kryptonite from the supervision was citys is like that but always a tweet i have ever heard in the history of the twitters as i said on fox it read history so stupid even jokingly or sarcastically threatening nuclear war against the american population even it is this joker cloud is a clown i mean the guys the easy easy clown sitting up on capital oil with taxpayer found a job i've been should have resigned from office right after that stupidity but he wants to for president hysterically enough in twenty twenty so joy put together campaign slogan for hope i thought about it from your
our bees drop that everybody happen a love last week we have the least so so swore well twenty twenty we have the nuclear maybe even give you could get arby's guy that's a tough voice talent guy people are paid out we had a voice talent guy he's the one who did our original announcer he's a good guy skype pete wrote me we can hire that guy whatever his name is joey beggar doughnuts who did that we have to meet eriksson twenty two we have the nukes that what are you pig is why we recently dry yea we have new sea gas jet arrest war well i could give you rubber i know jos number i know is email and he's on twitter at joe has with this we want to so i m going we'll get out an early joe may not even charge you will make it an unkind donation your camping very swore he didn't hooks lighted miss the story i just it was so dumb yesterday i was stacked what news especially on that george nato connection that i it did not want to waste your time because a stupid reception but after
the few we males i realize sometimes people the swami to comment on it so there you got me i get you something i'm gonna get you there's a lot of news goin on this thing with ok emails a john in asylum things so i want to missus area folks that issue also brought you our bodies and he sleep ellison they work enough to send a mattress for my daughter my daughter amelia where am i he's got a new bed and my wife once in a while she six a reader a book and shall fall asleep with i'm not kitty mrs not like our idea response you gotta say i'm not making this up my i was like that's a really come here sleep not only is the most comfortable match matched unify before the price you are not going to find anything better there's nobody and a planet like use why by a generic mattress built for everyone else keeluk sleep sleep it takes two minutes to complete that use the answers to match your body type and sleep preferences to perfect mattress
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for sure you know that the region totally met but i feel like i know you walk as i recall your emails and everything in between me so get out you sleep in the same bed of the same purse of her fifteen years of those middle night you wake up and you know what i like your handle wrap over and usually i had an arm or sunday is not an air my where'd you go she was inside she fell asleep by six year old reasoner easily erhard spock as a matter of fact my daughter loves epoch angel your hearts book she really thinks it our she does my little one loves insulin so nice about so the the genoa nuth newer and amusing airports you knew scandalous erupt in all the sun yeah yeah new scandal you need to be really game on the scandalous absolutely incredible so devastating the white house his foot again is another one of those it's over it's over from the media all of a sudden this concern now about private email use on they didn t seem to us
i should say that the media are covered hilary gmail scandal i wanna be dramatic is then we lose credibility i want to do that i was trying to be four but ass they did cover it they just the liberals i should say the liberals because the media was kind of forced that i'm not giving too many credit zenda mechanic became such a big deal they were forced to cover girls i should say now all of a sudden are concerned about private email you saw what happened yesterday it bizarre breaking news that iraq a trump as used they personally male count for some scheduling issues when they entered the white house in that cross over period the i was was personal was under a family domain name for her and jarrett folks again i'm on my got liberals i'm not a hypocrite you know we should use forgotten business government emails period full stop i'm good i don't know caviar provisos events are but but what i an interesting is liberals or now super concerns about this despite the fact use the statement issued by the white house on this there was classified information involved the account was never
transferred at the trump organization and no emails wherever deleted nowheres aright job it was a mistake we got it you call it call with josie audience about people making mistakes the point this is this is to compare is that a male email debacle is outrageous it is so unbelievably disingenuous and stupid we don't have hilary sturdy three thousand missing emails about yoga or she says yoga enough tardy three thousand ties of yoga listen yoke is great i know people do you got my wife love it she did the hot yoga stuff the ok lobbies the pretty okey lobbies or whatever the hack it is she thought it was great you'd only male anyone thirty three thousand times about yoga ok today is that we just simple math on us
there are over three hundred days in a year what are you emailing people a hundred times a day about your man this yoke is good bye achilles feels great my elbow feels great my middle finger feels great bad my neck is loose i did dialing dog or whatever it is dancing dog what does it matter if you even know these poses backward dog leaping dog you know flying i don't even know these yoga pose you know what is it and we're died i'm serious i don't even off but what how the hell are you re making people tardy three thousand times about yoga shows off the rest i met a particular it could be it for various does thanks we can i love it folks tat you can't my email male people turning three thousand dollars but your guess even practical gimme a break private stub we're gonna what how many why don't you go too general weddings a day what happened what would you like that
after an high go in twenty seven dresses you go to a wedding everyday gimme a break folks these scandals are not comparable and unlike the left will our principles it was a mistake she is moreover the emails we have the emails we can all read freedom clearly from what we see now about scheduling issues and there's no classified information fine to prepare this they are required who exchange classified information had people wipe headers off of classified documents delete the dirty three thousand emails and added appears according them bob reporting out there that some of our people lied about it is this is apples and orange is are you kidding me again now
found your liberal friends nonsense you all of a sudden care about private email use all right i got a lot more to get through so much going on today i want to pack it all in a federal judge tyner something appointed by iraq obama a federal judge has now put a hold on donald trumps ability to stop asylum requests from people this caravan that naturally we focus is turning into a really big deal on the volunteer wanna on the border with california are really really really upset folks they are not happy right now they have a caravan of thousands of people with more to come being on the streets right now on there is no ability for the infrastructure the city to handle this this
clearly poorly thought out the logistics are atrocious and people in the end are going are ours is not going to end well for people there's gonna be so the there is the possibility for all kinds of civil unrest year people don wanna are not happy now donald trump signed in order saying that now you will not be able to claim asylum if you fail to enter eddie eagle port of entering the united states in other words folks trumps orders if you walk through the border anywhere outside of a eventually illegally your asylum request is null and void now i believe he had the authority to do that section to twelve after of the immigration nationalization act have said this before but i read it again to twelve immigration nationalization that whenever the press then finds that the entry of any alien sport any class of aliens into the united states would be detrimental for the interests of the united states he may buy proclamation which is what he did and for such peace
it as he shall be necessary which is what he did spare me entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non immigrants pose on the entry of aliens any risk frictions he may deem to be appropriate case closed thank you apparently not a point the judge said now you can't do that it doesn't say anything about avenue declare asylum at newport venture but it does say something about the president being to restrict any class of aliens by proclamation tat he deems would be detrimental to the interests of the united states now that is make sense why brought up what's happening in tijuana because we don't half the draw hypotheticals anymore about what's going to happen when the caravan gets to the border joe there are already here there is already conduct potentially detrimental to the united states happening
the form of civil unrest on the other side of the border this is a clear cut case again your liberal friends and its liberal judge are just making this stuff up then horribly said the conservative views you know it's all over this stuff about legislate from the bench in the damage federal judges are doing by legislating from the bench to our national infrastructure are at an end and out there legislate our ability to legislate away issues right to try to their basis they just making it up as they go along so i have is poorly word the judges are just making it up as they go along what do i think he's gonna happen while i hope congress acts quickly and we can fix this legislatively and you know i put the democrats on the spot reno a lame duck now
this is the perfect opportunity to get this done to amend the law to stay the asylum is is that you cannot declare and make it an asylum declaration outside of legal port of entry in the united states is a perfectly reasonable thing to do i have an article in the show tote about that they do another good article by the way that's nice comes to with the shone out so please i subscribe to my email is there really appreciate that i get these articles out were put up some really good content at our website ok there was an article by john solomon who at the hill as i've told you i'm absolutely convinced based eyes contacts knows the whole spiky collusion hoax story start to finish i'm sure but the way he writes about it at the hill he sound information are slowly but surely i think to not overwhelm you would stuff but
an article last night that's that's interesting and i am not going to spend too much time on its in the show not i'd like you to read it but it's in a covers one the angles the information superhighway have discussed in the show often about the problems with the spying operation to take down the ciampi right so job what we bring up a lot is one of the scandals here we have the spy scandal with a spot in the trunk theme and i call the information superhighway scandal where they shuttled information into the fbi at the highest levels and into the oj right right at the top words bypassing field agents and field operatives and the intelligence community and the fbi that likely would have done what would have sniff that this information as complete total bs folks that you have to understand what would happened and despite a thing is the information from the hillary clinton operation from christopher steel what we know is the dossier the fake information on trop any carpet in fbi
ploy you had worked in the field who was non partisan with a sniff this thing out as being complete bs four minute one so what they do is they shuttled it from steel right to the upper levels of the d j to bruce or who was the number moreover there and could i not bruce george wife happened to work effusion gps we're christopher steel is working to this how they bypass these lower level channels that would have said again this stuff is nonsense now what's the new revelation solomons peace it's interesting job because a quarter guy job martha whose and analysed at the fbi who apparently went up to the hill and testify now martha said at one point testified that while this dossier is being used in the fire court that they were still in the midst of trying trying to i find this notice he doesn't say they verify aid in whole cloth they verified fifty percent of it he said apparently if you read the peace there that they wish to the fbi due east he's main lining it he's like ivf it right into the upper levels of the deal jamie vs or pipe
deal because solomon rights and the beginning of the peace that steel and his company orbits member steals providing this information to the fbi due east he's main lining it he's like being it right into the upper levels of the deal jamie f b i saw bypasses the low levels ripe deals an ability obviously matters here the f b i have worked with him again in the past asked on other things right so steals credibility matters because one of the things you have to do if you gonna use a source as you have to verify that the sources provided you credible information the past right and you have to verify the information it provides as well or make an attempt to so you need to progress bring out information into the court this said to be authenticated decayed and verified invalidated information must be validly right why is a solomon peace imports because now it looks like they did neither
so martha whose is upper level fbi analysed apparently according to solomons peace told capital ill that the very occasion process for the das yea was still going on and we're still true trying try this is like a yoda episode dude do there's no try what does he tell luke right do there is no truck it even do they were tried they couldn't even verify it so prime number two verifying steals information hadn't even happened even worse here's the newport solomon sites a intel intelligence reports deal had put together on the russian government knee effectiveness of vladimir putin is a leader annie in elegance or poor basically said show that our putin's group spawn leadership is falling apart in russia what's the point the point
the assessment was so grossly off base that it conflicted directly with information the cia had what's the problem folks the problem here again view gonna bring information through the courts to spy on trumped he u have to attend kate invalidate the source is being competent and you have the authenticate validate the information as being legitimate the formation was validated and apparently the sources information was in direct conflict with the cia has said about the russian government in other words your source is crap its garbage by the way you check out my instagram a view our thing you very much sent me a photo of motley with an eye nepal are but not that's all my instagram politics is the folks they didn't
you for the information that steel given in the past about russia was it was on board you probably wrong like wrong the power of ten eta conflicted directly with the formation the cia in another words the u s government knew this guy was a crap source so now you're sources crap is information this crap at you still walked in their into the fire a court insists that the information was totally legit folks ray this story it is really got its i've you know the first sight over the first few paragraphs i was like our rights to steal bad so systemic steals information was was was wrong i get it but i really am i put it together like all now i get what he's trying to save you remember i'm telling you solomon knows the whole story what he's too point out to pieces the both prongs we're off steals steel the crap source is information was crap mainly because
one of them right that one man story gets worse by the minute but read the story of the shortest today check it out i got a lot of a couple of economic needs to get finally read some good news yesterday i now wanted to pass it on because it is that its thanksgiving weaken lot of you gonna be around your families always good to see a fact that unites love hang out with folks i don't have the house much so last night i was some friends down and now i went down to jupiter we ate at a really nice italian place it was great the chicken meat also spectacular but you're lying around you want to feel good and i gotta be candid with you the understanding of economics and finance scares me sometimes i almost wish that i could go back tonight understanding spreadsheets in present value analysis because fit ladies and gentlemen read a lot of trouble economic
we owe money that i've i've not convince we're gonna be able to pay back eventually that's it we're gonna come we're gonna become do and when they come do the citizens the united states will have to pay them that monies gonna come out of your wallet i think it's going to impoverish alot of americans at a future have said this before it terrifies me it really does it scares the deposition wherein how government continues to expand so i've read an article yesterday by guy i really like louis would heal he does really terrific work eroded the washed in times please read this peace could put a smile on your face right it's would heal and i think the more they call wrote it it's not that long i'm its best she pretty short but he talks about how there's something i have said in the past on the goods on how we can grow out of his show you i can vouch for me on this i have said this before you didn't ya where we can grow out of that now it has to be growth i mean real economic growth and when i say grow out of this to be precise so leave you in any kind of up you know the confused state on this
i mean grow out of our mass of government debt and entitlements situation we all alot of people a lot of money and theirs sickly nothing but red ink in the future we can grow out of it but i think i may have overrun the the growth numbers even more and would help put some numbers put some penta paper and said listen if we can continue on this growth trajectory we're on now we may be a bad i'm not keep a mine i'm not suggesting that we shouldn't cut government spending don't take this the wrong way i am i'm simply testing if we just put a cap on it we can grow up by doing so let me read you some colchians pieces it's really good and i'd like you to read it before the holidays because goes to show we can reelect donald trump and get good republicans in the congress to stick to their guns getting cap on government spending keep the tax cuts get some more tax cuts in there and juice
the economy for three and four percent growth here's what'll happen smile folks you have in the greatest country on earth and this outlook is nowhere else you become more and wood quote it is true that real gdp growth was only about one point nine percent under president bush in obama that's low folks but the number three point eight percent under clinton three point seven percent under reagan and well over three percent for the twentieth century is a hall despite the great depression accordingly the right name for the can theory being pushed by the keynesian progressive crowd is secular stupidity in other words this this far left keynesian economics is the bedrock of liberal economics they believe in what they secular stagnation would heal a more call it secular stupidity right in other words economy stagnant because everything that's been invented has been invented and this is government's going to have to fix it in future that stupidity just dumb he goes on
the next question is what growth target will get the girl the debt down in other words how quickly to it you have to grow our economy so the money we owe now which manageable folks just think about it from your own perspective right if you make a hundred thousand dollars a year and you owe a million you're a big trouble if you still but that million in you may ten million a year you're not trouble i implore you're not even close their trouble right although use you have the same debt so it won't growth target do we need to get the debt them this is the pc and as shown in the graph and you can see the peace if gdp growth over the next thirty years what average a mere two point six percent show rather than the one point nine percent under the pushing obama years the projected fiscal disaster vanishes goes away and this includes social security and medicare the further we go
in the future with this higher growth target otherwise the longer we can maintain joe even two point six percent ladies and gentlemen that is not a lot it's not a lot we ve average three percent over the last century even factoring in the great depression if we just hit two point six percent rather than obama bush years growth rates which were abysmal right obama the truck or one point five percent growth rate we project out enough should the lower the debt levels become because the that level as a measure of our national income goes down making money final vinyl sense this is because the compounding effect of faster growth far our paces the pace of in spain title spending even with the aging population folks this is on a bashfully good news this is terrific wonderful awesome news at bay
because it means that the trump growth rates we have now three point five percent three percent we can continue this for this this potentially six more years and get a president pants after that or a president trot junior or some solid strong conservative in air president crews and whenever i keep these low taxes low regulation vibrant sure pinocchio economy going folks we in grow out of this what news is it's not all doom and gloom even with the stupid decisions now we would probably be growing a lot faster if we could get the darned government in a government spending offer our backs remember governments things taxation make sure i know it's not too taken on that okay it's just taxation in the future for your kids you pay it is there some money fairy the government takes on that someone's gotta pay it back any answer to pay it back you do the good news is if we
it even basic part gets two point six percent if we can just keep the democrats and their anti business anti free markets at the economics eighty common sense nonsense out of the federal government out of the state governments and that of our wallets we have the chance to grow out of this fiscal disaster we're looking at right now i have to tell you i don't you know i include a lot of different stuff in the show because it's you know i guess as a national showed based on our audience and i want to make sure everybody take something away from this that'll hopefully your lives a little better i i really have committed that's why get up early into a lot of praise for the show but i'm totally candid when i tell you that rarely i read an article that makes me feel really really good about our future rarely because i'm i'm i don't know maybe i'm a bit of a pessimist i don't know maybe it's the secret service agent me we have to envision the worst case scenario but i
this peace and i suggest you read it to you in the washing times you get us in the show notes and i think you ll feel really good about what's happening with the trump economy right now if we can just get people to stop voting against their own economic interests we can keep this we can keep this gravy train going i folks marina what have i want to finish up my socialism story for tomorrow my fake socialism story matt maya writer at my website map colombo put a lot of work into this peace upon tee o thou com debunking missis can the navy and fake socialism socialism stop making that up you need a gift for nowadays they give you a good one my friends ii the people holsters folks they make the best looking most comfortable these things are parts of our beautiful precision measured pulses ever seen not only that with the army it's only twenty four hours we the
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an again i keep ring in the subsequent relates to you in your life as we now or into the twenty twenty election season eighteen is now over it looks like outside of i believe one or two congressional races thing i've been called george has been called lard has been called folks is no rest i'm sorry this may be the wrong show for you if you think otherwise the left is already working do act blue and other places that are already working on twenty twenty what's happened in georgia to kind of circle back the beginning the show is not being done the impact the georgia race that's over brian camp the republicans governor its being done to why anger this by the way minority voters who feel they would disenfranchise when they weren't voters out again was up they are already working on twenty twenty now i bring this up in relationship to might debunking scandinavians ghost socialism peace because a lie the people who won their seats in office and are going to run for president argo
to run far far to the left the door these are the bill clinton era by governments over speech up at the state of the union are done the democrat party right if you want donor money too it's me on this one if you donor money and you want volunteers you will get off the bernie sanders elizabeth warren alexandria cassio cortez far left train and you will jump on a quick or they will run you down there is no room anymore for moderates like a gym web type over you have no chance of getting the for your party you can expect things like medicare for all and this debate denmark and norway in sweden how wonderful these places are to continue to reappear throughout the eu we twenty election cycle because silly liberals and democrats you were confused actual
we believe these places are far better off economically than the united states now i addressed a little bit yesterday is a peace up at my website that map columbo did the book mrs scandinavian socialism here so numbers for you to show you that then norway sweden others are not better off than you are in the united states says even after account for the dollar value transfer payments to government benefits in other words even after factoring in government money given to people right a single lingering income couple earning the average wage with two children will pay an app personal income tax rate of twenty two percent in nordic countries in other words if your middle class person in these nordic countries after factoring all the money government gives you you're still gonna pay a personal income tax rate of twenty two percent in the united states of your middle class person you are gonna pay a rate of fourteen point two percent across all family ties
the average american family earning the average wage get a load of this now let me to set this up because i want this to hit home for you so i want this real the problem with the cost your cortez sanders types is they never make it real for people what their promises of free stuff we're gonna cost free stuff it turns out is really expensive for the middle class joe you let me it is again now across all family types the average american family earning the average wage it paid two to five thousand more in taxes each year net of the valley of any transfer payments then a nordic family note this comparison is of nordic countries scandinavia plus finland and ice he source the two you can click on that the sources he hasn't there now so you're gonna pay more you're gonna pay lot more and all of your free stuff it's not going to add up what why we're macros
that too he says in this fight all of the freebies in scandinavia america its consume much more so in other words you because all well you know when he snorted countries they pay more but they get more wrong sorry americans consume much more to analysis of an oecd king of oecd consumption data by the white house average consumption per person here's where what is more in the united states average consumption per person is thirty one percent lower in denmark that it is in the united states so and if you silly argument as well you know these the countries pay a lot more taxes but they get a lot more stuff no they don't consumption is thirty percent lower so you pay more and get less in denmark than it is in the united states if thirty percent lower in sweden that it is the united states its eighty
percent lower and norway than it is on the united in that it is in the united states vote you understand that again if facts and data hard for you i get this may not be the show for you but this is going be a topic that is going to reimburse we gotta be more the scandinavian countries we gotta be more like these are european social welfare countries they are so much more for their money yes their taxes are high we get it but will pay more and we'll get more know you're paying less and getting more here that's just not a fact you're just making stuff up you're just fabricating it out of thin air now more point in this which mad points out the peace which is really good scandinavians in the united states whose get this we had textron shall please give me a call who who are you i don't know who you are sorry scandal events in the united states are wealthier
and scandinavians in scandinavia what does that tell you folks was you that because largely of the scandinavian economic success story despite their high taxes and consumption their ability to keep their heads above water joe is likely due to cultural work ethic why it's poor because when you take scandinavians out of those countries and you put him in a relatively free market in the united states they get richer had heyward scared that area already be there yeah do you see the analogy other you get when you brad split the scandinavian cultural work ethic from scanned pavia which is suffering it's their citizens with high taxes and they the burden of government and you try
split them in the united states where the burden of government in the tax load is less days exceed at earn more matt puts some in fascinating numbers their worth throughout the united states based on income and this out in scandinavia folks these are not difficult arguments to make if you're interested in reality promise you these are going to become huge campaign issues going forward so i want you to keep take a ways in your head yes pay more in taxes and if we want that here you will pay more to upwards of tuna five thousand dollars more for the average family you pay less taxes now and you consume in other words you get more stuff those are just the numbers those cuts please pay higher taxes and consume less not more secondly
yes those countries do tend to do well economically and grow at times not all the time despite the heavy photo government being on their neck but a lot of due to the scandinavian cultural work ethic when you take those folks and you relocate may relocate to the united states they are worth more economically here than they are in scandinavia if this body you folks i'm sorry but again facts half the matter sometimes i just stay eggs i'm sorry i just get really yet when people doubt the facts and it is stuff i just can't get over cause i'm here and that i'm here and it now because cortez in these others can regulations on your wind i know it's hard to win but this matter care for all stuff and all that is economically entirely unfeasible understand they ve tried this they ve chow this is socialized medicine sit i system even in a liberal state of her mind where they pitch
a bill that was so expensive that the democrat governor turned it down folks i wanna be crystal clear on this we could confiscate all of the corporate taxes in the country and we still after significantly up the income tax rates in the country and we still wouldn't have enough money to pay for quota free healthcare for everyone everywhere p jail roared set you think healthcare is expensive now wait till it's free there is no such thing as free healthcare it is super expensive not only will you pay more you're gonna get home because the governments going to control it and you're gonna have to dial up a bureaucrat to get your track your chest crackdown you don't even like going to the dmz now to get your driver's license you want to a bureaucrat because you had a heart attack and you need to have your life save does it make any sense do you remember the four ways to spend money i wasn't it but i'll just wrap it up on this you miss freedom is one way to spend money you spend money on yourself great big
the quality what you're buying manager spending your money on yourself you wanna low austin i equality spend money on other people cos matters it's your money quality not so much by some for someone else other people spending other people's money on themselves there again even worse does the cost matter no it's not your money but the quality matters to suspending other people's money on yourself what's the worst way to spend money other people spending other people's money on other people other people you guys what matter whose cost no it's not your money quality that does it matter either you're not even spending the money on yourself that's the government that's the government i think other people's body on other people cost nor quality never matter that's government medicine cost gonna matter hell no it's not your health plan you're in a government your protected is the quality of the medicine gotta matter no it's your chest gettin cracked open what do you care wake up these
really really bad ideas i hoped that she effort unit and a one great thing before we go i oppose the apple podcast there was an update to ios and i ve been told by our people who minor our traffic that that new update ain't that thou most at the bottom line is its vote if you listen to us on apple podcast honour pod gets up please make sure your subscribe did helps a slot i really appreciate i humbly ask means a lot to us the subscribed it's free european died for but if you have you may have been unsubscribe without knowing so i ask you please please recent subscribe it helps us keep good the good track of our numbers and what shows do well and don't it's gettin skewed because of this i or something to check that out so follow us on i radio it's all free followers sound cloud spot are we really really appreciated thanks for all your support again happy ex giving week will be producing a show for every day don't worry
i will just so you know because i don't like to be i will be taping theirs they shall wednesday night with job but it still be worth your time so don't miss out right i folks so let us see what you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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