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Ep. 859 What Are They Hiding ?

2018-11-27 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the scheming going on to protect players connected to WikiLeaks from being exposed by the Trump administration. I also discuss the tactics being used by the backers of the migrant caravan to turn public opinion against the United States. Finally, I address Twitter’s shameful censorship tactics and how to fight back.    News Picks: Another strategic leak by the Mueller team about WikiLeaks?   Is the Deep State panicking? Are they about to be exposed?    Bob Mueller is now claiming that Paul Manafort lied to investigators.   The backlash against Twitter is growing.   Border official states that the caravan pushed women and kids to the front of the groups before attacking agents.    Four problems with the new “climate change” report.   Is Obamacare about to lose in court?   The caravan is losing the battle of public opinion.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know about the damage gino chauvinism show our you did i just so glad to be here dad just yes highlighted how i could tell for severe at mississippi get out and vote today yes you're not listening to a show on some massive three week tape delay there is a special election today as many of you know i don't mean to sound like a condescending jerk that's not my intention but blotter people have lives you know they go out there and their brigadier kids the soccer games there lay and bricks their architect thing out houses stuff so you got jobs and lives and people can get distracted don't forget to vote then it raised today mississippi river begin cindy hide smith against my gaspe please get out vote we need that sea don't take any answers rambo had happened would scott brown where we want at sea massachusetts an especial we're turnout was very low
special election today about a run off technically sound really special it's a run on election turn well below let's not the upsets the mississippi get out there oh all right so enough on our public service announced for the patient breaking you just before i came on the air about man afford washings amateurs reporting man matter may have met with the julian assange about the wikileaks this is i just saw this come over palm the title is paramount afforded mystery meetings with wikileaks shoeing sarge ahead of twenty six the election one explain you what's going on here folks because this involves so very serious stuff before we get to that today show brought you wear buddies teeter age scott off the teeter just got off the deed i can't say enough our next sponsor the teeter inversion table do it before me clears my head you get like the cheat high often it's incredible with a team
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mountain of filing answer the poor man afford former limited time campaign official for the trump team in fact lied to him in their cooperation agreement and he made that filing with the court so that came out yesterday so just to be cleared what we're talking about metal tie into this breaking news today and what i think is really going on you okay the special so team which which they vary i'd poor man afford one in trial on some charge is not all they want samantha forebears looking at a significant prison sentence for me afford was opera level trump campaign official was then looking at a second trial at the second trial in order to avoid the second trial because they lost the first man afford agreed to take a plea to plead guilty a second set of charges you track and joe on it now please deal it was promised to the special council that manifold would cooperate
our yesterday out of the blue we see this filing by bob mahler say in a matter i do us this is big trouble you know red alert alert alert danger will robin hood you now it's really going on here before i get to the julian assange stuff which is important here's what's going on here mahler needs to save face show bob molly investigation as if you're regulus of the show as i've said repeatedly is a farce they are not investigating russian collusion for the fifteen million time there's no russian collusion mahler went to matter hoping manifold were probably how do i say this show tat claims about the trump tower trump tower go back and listen to listening yesterday show septuple here the matter exaggerate metaphor was in the trunk tower meeting with don junior and the russians connected to the collective campaign right
they need that meeting it's the only thing may have trying tying the trump team to this russian collusion think right it's the only thing they have that meeting they don't want you to all that the meeting was people connected to the clinton tee so they this meeting new appear like it was a real effort to collude to win the election because it's the only thing they have despite the fact that nothing substance happened that the meeting costs down junior walked out after it turned into a big nothing burger right yeah manner or was it not meeting he was in the meeting i guess is when man afford track job stop be immediately if this doesn't make sense will lie gas is bob mahler at the complete which their bob dollar a total desperation time is now realizing his investigations about to close out how do we know this big they're getting ready to sentence to key players papadopoulos add why does that matter and why i mean the cases probably closing up joe as a
former federal agent myself when you are any key cooperation from someone in other words you're involved at a bank robbery joe in your testified against your cut your co conspirators into bank robbery by i dont want to sentence you until you provided everything possible why is that because what's i've sent into the legal penalty is over you can turn around what the middle finger at sea no thanks to take my jail time now you don't because watch i am hoping for a reduced said did you told said folks as this makes sense you your sentence someone in a federal case or if you're a special council ask for sentencing because the judges gonna do sensing obviously i wanna be quit precise in crystal clear on this trust me on this one please ladies in jets you don't ask for sentencing to happen which is what the mahler team is doing enough fighting it you don't ask for it
happened against papadopoulos and man afford unless now our thou it start to make situation but there are you saying bout out thou it starts to make sense you may submit their and you're saying through separate things you are now saying that the man the mother timor back to court on this sentencing portion the filing it said i hold on this guy lied to us yeah yeah just when i thought i was out pull back here your dark right packard there i've never seen a godfather which is an embarrassment for i've never seen a movie i know it and our folks i get it it's horrible you gonna all email me how terrible it does you line up you know the kind i know the cause you don't write another cut yeah there might euro rise we evolved over of bain and bad and yet try re job to come right out there the matter forward clearly was cooperating and pray
hopefully in my dear i my estimation told mother the truth better rob tower meeting was a big nothing now jody think that's what mahler the witch hunt there once the here right now absolutely not now be if you listen to yesterday show you know that's the whole case that's all they have i promise i get a lot more to get today to not just their self you know some of you are like distortion but there's a lot more but just hang exists is important this is gonna break relatively quickly all of these thoughts gonna happen lickety split man of fort right now we told him the truth about the trump tell me that's not what mahler wants to hear some we are trying to put the squeeze on him goes back as is all he's lying here
probably not lying its mahler again threatening another charge and trying to put off this sensing there lay the hammer automatic effort so manifest tells a let's call it show exaggerated version of events to mahler gotcha you pick it up put on putting down bigger now all of a sudden today because remember what i'm getting at their try and put the squeeze on man afford talented sobs fable annex as european version of the trunk tower meeting cause that's all they have they don't have anything others no collusion can invent the ripe all of a sudden we see this leak come out today joe perfect timing oh paul man may have we julian assange julian assange the wikileaks guy but what we do with that strategically timely what would that be signed to do it
be design joe if you understand how the mahler witch hunters work to put public pressure and look for liberals who still believe in the collusion hoax because they need mental health services immediately they still believe the collusion hopes he wants pop opinion again to turn against man afford by insinuating that ban afforded what this means with a song was to coordinate the lee of the dnc emails which is what wikileaks did you are you track india this strategic week is designed to play at the sea ahead of the media people hate trump and their total phony liberals and the anti tribe crowd it's meant the plant the seed notice you didn't say anything and then if you read the wash them examiner story which are put in the show notes i gotta remember you that your if it doesn't say anything about manner for coordinating this leak or anything like that but it's meant plant the seed now that
the collusion was real manner for coordinated this whole thing with julian assange to put the pressure on this guy to do what jobs to come back to that the ball with mahler and peace art exaggerating the trunk tower story immediately folks are you see now this is all sitting together now near year yet now what i tell you about the mahler probe wrap this up one cause it's important probes designed to do one thing keep the attacks away from the obama administration and clinton team malfeasance spying uk involvement uk spying with the help of the united states pfizer abuse the massive scandal i laid out net speeches has now gone viral i think it's up to six hundred thousand views on youtube o says dan by gino exposure out on you too but there are many many view this ice died said the title for yesterday but it's gone new
we are aware i lay out the whole scam in a half an hour i talk about it how much probe designed to keep the heat off all these players by keeping the attention through media hacks and liberal police they tyrants on donald trump now what is that to do with the leak about man a fort julian assange of irregular or listen to the show you already know but if you're not affiliate here's an hour go from june twentieth twenty eighteen in the guardian where's lobbyist for russian oligarchy visited julian assange now times last year why how long time u s lobbyists for the russian oligarch or lack thereof scott remember the names visited julian assange nine times at the ecuadorean some embassy in london last year according to visitor logs see by the guardian adam woven remember the names
who has worked as a washington lobbyist for the metals tycoon since two thousand and nine had more meetings with the sergeant two thousand and seventeen then all my anyone else the record show we that fascinated crazy how that happens now let me times either for the subsidies does to make any sense keep in mind the lead let's very the lee let's put the lead at the front so you know we're saying the mahler pro but is well aware of obama administration and clinton massive malfeasance and potential criminality their whole part the reason they were appointed pushed by the democrats for appointment is so mahler could hide all of this stuff all of it by keeping it and should on tromp so every time but stories to get some attention and get about that its uranium one scandal all the stuff what does not or do they leak out a story about how the trump team did to folks
everyone the mahler team is interview that's had a connection to the trump orbit has had a bigger can it into the collector or quit or clinton orbit victor pincher factual burg all of there are pasqua all of them have had bigger connections the current in orbit yet their view them to shut them down and shot the mob so that they don't tell the truth about their connections to the quantity i think is going on here is this guy walden all right he is connected deeply waldman is his law connected to vladimir putin is one of his body he's a big time russian oligarchy aright he is connected deeply waldman is his lobbyists so let me just follow me here waldman meets with the science means a lobbyist working for a russian billionaire named like thereupon get there are pasqua is mentally tied to vladimir putin circle who is like dirt pasco also tied to the f b i which sought him out during the
oh crossfire hurricane investigation investigation of the trump sought him out for information into the trump team what i hear is his lobbyists doing then going to the ecuadorean embassy nine times to meet with julian assange about the russians inside the inner circle of putin that were working lobbyists and the russians that we're being sought out by the fbi for information those russian the russian insiders have some in which julian assange about the wikileaks dnc emails before they were released now you may say well then i don't get it so you're saying that this lobbyists that's working for a russian connected the putin went to the embassy and at the since may have had the dnc emails what's the point the point foe is that this same lobbyists whose meeting with julian assange and we don't know about what we know we visit i'm an awful lot
this same lobbyists is connected to the guy who produced the fake dossier against donald trump how do we know that because we have his tax he's texting there the crab senator mark warner those tax mysteriously appeared not that long ago joe nobody knows why nobody knows why they just appeared wild men the same guy meeting with julian assange whose working for russian connected the putin is also working with christopher steal the same guy paid by the clinton team to join up dossier used to take down the trumpet the same guy same guys coach they used tell me those same guy now i'm sorry i you're not my story that was bill clinton in the gulf gay same guys i'm gonna say coach stand is come on guy cover guy where do you drop the fly ball bill clinton with ease
the bad shot in the gulf and was aimed at the same guy the same guy do you want stay under connections here so all our needs to hide all this so what does he do they because story the day after it gets out dead man afford has not proved i did cooperation to the trump team he has nothing to cooperate on so they say are you may be lie maybe he's telling you the truth is just not the truth joe you wanna hear more needs to save face so he needs man afford to ignore you re the version of events of the trump tower me so they leave story to put pressure on matter for met with a sought really because shouted a lobbyist connected to the guy connected to the clinton team met with such manufacturing at nine times and joe just we're clear honest let's go over this again here
had more meetings with the sergeant twenty seventeen than almost anyone else oh oh oh it met spectacular where's that mothers report gives wonder why that never leaks out lobbyists who is the linchpin between clinton team because he's working would steal the russian because he's working with thereupon goes is intimately tied the putin obvious to meet you assad who knows could be about the emails could be about something else this love story doesn't leak out selectively bats already comes out because some entrepreneurial media types decided some point to tell the truth but the lee our clear as day designed to keep the attention on man afford keep the heat on man effort and keep the heat on to make this all go way georgia's emily that's where it makes sense yes please folks tell me you got all that because it is crystal clear if you know what's going on what a complete
scam this is right yet at that really want to hard followed its good deal now think it also explains the jerome course scandal here jerome see is a is a writer and content produce sir in the eye and service written some books jerome corset is now claiming in some of his interviews that the mahler team as it is is going after him and is offered him some kind of a plea deal for cooperation too course he is saying i'm not signing it because they want me to lie and i'm not gonna lie now how do i know they're mahler team again the lead is trying to bury they assange connection to adam waldman whose connected to the clinton sphere through christopher steel how do i know that because mothers whole case against course he is a radio house and
it's against course goes in such course ie and credit andy credit go a radio house and roger stone mahler believe if they knew where had advanced knowledge that wiki we who's going to dump the dnc emails to embarrass hillary clinton democrats that's his whole case i dont know what course he knows i don't know what he doesn't know i haven't spoken to him i don't know him i don't know stone and i don't know critical i've just trying to tell its clear is data me joe that model keeping the heat on anybody connected to wikileaks anybody who can tat wiki these because they are trying to hide the fact that allow obvious talking to a democrat senator via text adam world in talking to mark warner who was on this tell committee investigating the collusion oaks that aid obvious connected the democrats and connected to christopher steel who starts this whole case with this fake dossier egg and trot because he's working for the collective deep he's connected
they're trying to hide that whole thing may i i suggest to you that the democrats you not i am a me i haven't said i haven't even told you what i think they're trying to hide told you that are trying to hide this lobbyists connection to wikileaks but i told you what i think they're trying to hide i think with them her team and democrats desperately want to go away is they may have known in advance show that wiki leagues got the emails from the dnc so you look in your like lean and they knew we had nothing to do with the trump team benefactor i trust the sancho much put aside just send it wasn't a russian source so the day
it creates new in advance that those we're gonna leak out and had already pre plan a fake mythical fable story that the truck team colluded to do it it would make perfect sense then why a bunch of people connected to christoffersen and connected to a democrat up on the hill a democrat centre a prominent one on a intel committee would go to that embassy to meet with assange nine times it would make perfect sense i am not suggesting a soldier's playing ball with them at all i'm simply suggesting it may have been an attempt to weed out from massage what day and what they did not cause member such as the emails he knows this law b is connected to the democrats may a bit in it kept in advance to find out how damaging it was gonna be joe to get a narrative pre prepared when this leak out that we'll drop did it truck did it
and maybe maybe them and a fourth meeting with assange is part of the set up the whole time ah ah when her what better way to do it are you track a b wiki leads has the emails that dnc emails their damaging their banana bad move everybody never grace we shall arrive but i don't agree with hacking the political opponents period full stop but they have a sarcasm he's in the ecuadorean embassy the democrats midst of a heated presidential election the hilary didn't obama to realise these emails freely bad someone books up the idea and says hey are these are gonna leak out how do we turn this to our political advantage the trunk team did what we don't have any evidence of that rather it is party evidence why don't we invite metaphor
cobb sky over to the embassy have over here for a meeting you later great boom in that nice all of a sudden what leaks out that a matter for mandatory the echo embassy which julian assange folks set up is so crystal clear to anyone paying attention to the details that really you have to be where the stupid glasses to avoided at this point to watch up just stick is collected listen yesterday show on the tribe tower midi too because it will make sense he is trying to desperately get man afford i admit that there was some collusion with julian assange to get the emails out there before the election the emails that russians that the democrats tell you the russians hack sorry today shows confusing
books but now this trumps tweet today makes sense i think you know i love all these people out there who are tromp fans wasting think tromp is getting play the game elected president made a billion thou say always think he's an eighty he's not this chops tweet it makes sense trop tweets attacking bob smaller is he specifically mentioned and one of the tweets show that the dnc servers have never been examined a why many tweet that now the eighty travelled accurate fat man you can't control himself so much folks what's the linchpin through the entire fake democrat story the entire fake democrat collusion story is that the russians have the dnc and gave the emails to trump or the trunk team to get him out that's the collusion story that's it that's all it is right that fake it's not real but you want then that's the story show me the russian show
we either rush ends jody understand how that whole story falls apart if the russians didn't have the dnc oh now who knows that person who got the emails julian assange probably knows who gave him the emails because why because he got em is so the dnc servers which truck tweeted about this morning we're never examined by the fbi they are examined by cry strike crowds people who sit on the crowd shrike board have significant imagine the democrats high level democrats in washington dc it was not the fbi that determine the dnc servers we're hack by the russians listen to me take them
a tattoo this on your brain the f b i know federal forget it forget the area no federal law enforcement agency has made determination by their own analysis not because they have i looked at the servers himself personally which you call me as admitted under oath is the best way to do it they have the service they have not come to that determination they were act by the russians based on the amount to be clearer based on their own evaluation the servers because they haven't evaluated the servers now does makes sense why trump put that out there this morning because if the russians i say made up just saying the evidence is not conclusive that the russians did it but who knows that a sound because assigns is the one who the recipient of the dnc emails and he knows we got them from if he did not
them from someone connected at some point to the russian focused on sphere of influence prove the to entire story is garbage uk color with the russians who had the servers if the russians that enact the servers now do you see why julian assange just such a key player in this and bob mahler is so focused on shutting people up proved two assange does it make sense go after roger stone after randy critical go after jerome course i don't know but they said the wikileaks or didn't i have no idea but i find off we suspicious that adam warm and the lobbyists who we know met would wiki leaks according to the guardian julian assange nine times more quote more than anyone else i find it off these strange disguise the communicating with democrat senators he's come allocating on behalf of christopher steel rode up the dossier and he seems to be getting a complete pass let me suggest to you the democrats knew the whole time what assign chad and they set this
when advance they set man afford up in advance and a bunch of other satellite trump players as well to make it look like after this leak that they had a back story that what team did it even know they didn't want a scam what a scam what a scam scam arap moi diana ball i can't believe i'm like i am astonished at at at at the gist nerve of these people it is so obvious what's going on here if the democrats are so confident that russians have two dnc server turn the servers operating happier why do you think truck tweeted that this morning because europe has the intention i am sure of it that donald trump knows that the russians there's a
what chance they did not have that server all story falls apart you want find out where julian assange show got the emails from what's the best way to do it to the united states and ask a but they don't want that the democrats not want julian assange testifying and a public space what are they so afraid of you afraid a song just gonna talk about his meetings with democratic connect the lobbyists russian connected lobbyists afraid julian assange just going to say hey guys i didn't this from the russians the russian collusion thing is a hoax and a whole effort that the two are to set
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termites louis farrakhan eighty semantic just that just a horrible awful human being i louis found on posts away by jesse kelly was and from twitter in iraq war veteran ran for congress almost one seat by the way i was banned you know what they say violating the rules now i don't want to read you content to redo content we talk about this today as i tweeted something out yesterday that got a ton of retweet folks twitter needs to make decisions that because twit is being is immune twitter is immune from lawsuits right now for stuff posted on its twitter for its twitter that common and now it's app based the communications decency act because twitter is claiming it is a platform not a publisher please follow this exists a super important you get this right communications decency act
absolves them of not all but a significant amount of legal liability for things posted on twitter because today is claiming where a platform where not responsible for the content so god forbid joey it doughnuts goes on twitter and makes a criminal threat against show armor causing joe i dont like motley come in for you joe twitter can't be sued for that too can't be sued under the communications decency act because their claiming their platform in other words hey it's not ass well is providing an open forum for people to do stuff now that they are supposed to do something bout it may have these terms of service and things like that but they are shielded right now from a lot of legal liability claiming their platform twitter is not a platform folks there are clearly has turned into a publisher that is far different there is a big difference supposedly
possibly as twitters claiming between twitter and the new york times the new york i've is a publisher they publish their content they have to vent their content if the new york times rights an article about joe armor cuts and licences show was born on jupiter and there for joe is a space alien with alien dna each always perfectly within his right to sue the new york times in hall there butts in a court because they're a publisher they exercise control over what is on their platform you may say now you're probably catch on you go and wait doesn't twitter do the same thing yes exactly exactly twitter it's not a platform twitter is banning conservative thought claiming it violates the rules in terms of service whenever rules terms of service seem to be no conservative thought allowed five i don't know i don't know jesse kelly well i want to begin i know em i met him four times and i dont unfair
a wall of his tweets i'm out here dr i think i've fallen but i'm not sure i mean it doesn't matter now is of twitter but i think i did but you're gonna tell me jesse kelly broke the law violated or threatened someone understand what you're cases other than you just don't like what you do so like an ideology which makes you joe a publisher not a platform folks i am not for met regular i can't say this enough it is the easy cheap way out and it will burn us in the long run i am not for independent social media commissions but let's be candid here twitter is new telephone it is and pretending it's not doesn't do us any good either twitter is telephone of the modern era if the telephone when he got to say are you know what i was a conservative whose espousing whatever tax
spur for four people make five hundred thousand hours we don't like that we're gonna cut his telephone service off it would soon when in court waiter claiming their platform when in fact they are a publisher is outrageous they are the telephone many of our time they are not simply a social media company they become a forum to communicate on a massive scale when you someone down like that you shut down their business you shut down in many cases their livelihood use folks this is real there are real economic and financial damages to this dispute that brings it more into focus at last to austria god i'm glad it i'm gonna help make sense future if it was not the modern day telephone company this wouldn't be as big a deal peoples in time their livelihoods in some cases revolve around this just kelly's had a real job he sat up career in a military one of heroism and patriotism he's radio host because some
i get it some people go what is incomparably twitter what does you some kind of grief the report's content other folks i've had it job i'm in my fourth career now i presume produce conservative content they they thankfully back for you you seem to like we have you know we have the second or third biggest conservative pakistan in a country twitter if we were to be and from twitter to morrow like kelly was jesse kelly would you significant damage these real damages what i suggesting folks twit should lose its platform status and should be declared a publisher tomorrow morning i'm not just that the end what would that do it would open up people who would be allowed to sue them because this is ridiculous and make twitter went to court and defend in terms of service terms nervous on their site clearly our waited towards putting out conservatives may come their friend in court
they are not a platform anymore they have forfeited their platform status the secret to free speech joe again speech you don't like is more speech not less and listen one more thing this before i move on this is an important story and not for i've read regulation but i'm not for government protection joe of a racket either to set clear maybe that's the best way to sum it up i absolutely not for additional regulation we will lose i am small government even when it hurts me personally but that's what am arguing for here the government has given them a legal protection racket by declaring them a platform under the speedier they are not platform they are clearly a publisher at this point and if date intention because financial damages the people and cannot produce a reason why then you know what they should have some legal reality they should have some legal ability she got sick recourse as well this is the telephone company of our time folks
they have screwed over people left and right now last thing on this this is going to twitter is for the people i know some people twitter listen my shell because we get the emails joe got one from a different social media company once am i going to say hello why do you know who you are they listen suggesting jack dorsey the ceo of twitter lessons for people these companies listen let me warn you absolutely no one certain terms tactically speaking you have screwed up you ve crossed the rubicon you screwed up so badly there is almost no returning from this now this rise in effect israel what's that will be done but this a few weeks ago our streisand once according to some stories asked some paparazzi not to take photos of her house what what promptly happen they took more
every popular odyssey showed up and started taking photos allows it started pay these are the photos barbarous rising doesn't want you to say words is called the streisand effect when you make a ross reminds me of the movie gee i jane which you i would ask the watch it when i was younger i do that to me more movie risky becomes a navy shows up at one point the yard guy who runs the seal on the ceiling program brings ernie office and she says you know looking to make a statement here and he's as the greatest light ever peace the heads what would i want to make statements don't make statements about not making statements the latter people who want to make statements don't make statements about making statements that's a great line there's not we don't want to make a statement it gets conservatives but they're making favorites about not making statements by constantly having to the fact tat god conservatives folks the effect is real the more
or they boot conservatives off the platform to more these conservative profiles are going to grow and grow and grow and the more attention is gonna be calcified about twitter being a publisher and not a platform and the more damage its going to ensue i'm telling you i know a lot of you impatient with this and you want the government the fix it they won't tell only make it worse but telling you to smile a little bit because i've apps be sure twitter is on borrowed time i for i care for i can't devolves ever thing i can't it would be unfair to people but telling you now listen to me take it to the bank this is this is real does not speculation not if you ve already figured out what i'm talking about there our very big players very big talking about the bomb genome talk about on a scale twentieth pretty times if not more there are very big players who know exactly what's going on right now a twitter and
forces or marshalling against them right now just be patient stay active stay on them and i want to reiterate my suggestion that we implement a twitter blackout i'm not big on twitter to do it myself we need someone to get involved was a big big following preferably the president himself we don't need i would for because it presents twitter is valuable but we aid to send a message for a day or two keeping book attention on them that this is now a publisher not apply for this is important the communications conundrum of our time how do we fight back against the social media liberal activism run these countries run these company excuse me i want to shut down the telephone service of our time i'm telling you just how we do it we get all these bull involved who one of them's involve right now you ve many figured out who it is
engaged in a prolonged twitter black out that believe me is doing a lot of damage to twitter then it is do said company because twitter functions market place of ideas where did they get there dear from joe you pass joe and i voluntarily take our time to go on their website and free you give them content if that's shuts down and people just thou posting twitters got nothing but a bunch of silly liberal screaming at each other in mama's basements roasting seymour's ah you know watching whatever internet porn on their ipads together they ve got nothing else it's coming twitter better realise here they have crossed the rubicon they have on way too far there's put it out show that i don't think they picked it up there
our twitter seriously and put it back i really don't care anymore yeah it's gonna be financial cost me and you know it to be able to take it on the form and talk to people bear me too aristotle care anymore i don't care anymore for the last few days i've been using twitter only only to bash twitter and our policies by the view followed and mahler but bambi to strike an effect i'll use it but you can't win that ban me too i will be everywhere talking about that highlight what what what what what a publisher and ideological hedge a man you ve become do it god i dare you will see that i saw you watchword be nice to have a farmer with no phone numbers that wouldn't you
unless there unless that unless that unless that illicit the phone book of loses its value twitter when joe armoured cars we know we should all tweet b we should all we should all tweet every day three four times they nothing but hashtag ban that's all we should tweet for like that that's a way to do it don't i know content that all vote even very bigoted just three hashtag ban you think people want to see all day on twitter nothing but hashtag ban exists the boy just like no one wants that the phone book then as a bunch of unlisted numbers that's what we should do for the next week we should between six and seven times they nothing but hashtag ban twitter timelines or be banned ban transparent ban twitter would lose all functionality there's an idea for it started out when someone get that started folks are just not big enough i wish this goes big enough but that better provided we have seven hundred and seventy thousand feet
where'd you need someone would millions and millions are connected to other people millions to do it i dont connect with their political and her song circle so but i stay away from for reason hashtag band i like them couple more serious getting i today show how by wages did this circle this really really great shares this holiday cards right everywhere i know i like em i do i'm not just say an extra sponsor really ivory i enjoy them you know why i like she will people's kids that where they ve grown up like i see joe sometimes when i saw little joe josiah he was little job here tell you where there is little john nor i call them joe but he still be figure out these armies like a muscle guy now you know but i enjoy the chris scarred because i look and i see these kids i grew up with our neighbours babies when i was up in sovereign a park maryland i see my where's kids there in of my call my gosh is this same kid i loved her cars but let's be honest about it it's a real pain and about
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a photo today also you get free custom envelopes and free recipient dressing up text you photos to 2in by the way a free recipient addressing to text cards a texture folder two cars twenty two thousand seven hundred and thirty seven thank you very much for your patience at the great company perfect timing that's ok moving on regarding this caravan this is absolutely disgraceful what has happened here with this with this attack on our border which is what it was and but slap pretend it was otherwise right now so a border official was on cnn the other day and this is important that you understand this because the left on the left try this before listen nothing is us talking to a friend of mine in the in the gym the other day really nice guide a chap with once in a while and he was making a comment that when you study history and he's right
but you realize it there's nothing new under the sun like this is all we ve been here before history technology change but human beings are the same ripe and where the things i wanted to read you went on is the left understands the pr strategy the left understand the pr strategy behind turning public opinion now the question is what are they trying to turn public opinion against and why that matter you the migrant caravan very strategic what's happening here the caravan joe the pub opinion has largely turned against this migrant caravan chaos is not a brand chaos doesn't sell if you read a lot of the material i've been reading and getting some stuff i'm getting from activists groups in dc though the left and a lot of connected groups that were financing the logistics behind me thousands of people they hit the u s border roughly the same time right the people we're doing this show let's be crystal clear they thought this was
going to be a political winner against donald trump because it was but to make his administration look like it was chaotic that let me give you the background and format we run the show stop me when i'm from my folks is that success the left had on two fronts on the top a ban success i mean this success in courts and in the media trouble he's burning muzzled that's a lie that's just it was not but muslims are up anthony and that's just a lot you're an idiot if you believe whatever the media put that out there so they had a lot of success with the travel ban in the media in the courts they also joe had a lot of success in the media politically speaking and in the courts with the flora same settlement the separation of children from their parents who cross the border legally they the left feels like those were huge political winners and legal winners for them in the court's right so what i'm getting from peeps is that the left decided that if you
one or two wins was good the travel ban and this separation children the border politically cause a media in our pockets and alive for us that what our way joe to make this worse for donald trump dentists and tens of thousands of people to the border at the same time to make this look like it orderly a train wreck the trouble administration we could find lawsuits and make it basically open a border on europe yet you tracking they grossly miscalculate crows they miscalculate public opinion is overwhelmingly now plurality wise majority was against this care it has been a political disaster and the eco system as of yet is not complete there was in the judges are not in our pockets right now we obviously lost with judged judge tiger but they haven't opened aboard yet again i m not suggesting that it wasn't a loss in court the legal systems a train wreck pleased i am that defending that it's a mess that judged our decision was awful debate
you can come anywhere you can you can show up anywhere alone the porter and claim asylum it's an absurd outrageous decision i think will win in the supreme court but the left this they're gonna lose that decision and the supreme court and give tromp a victory and their worried because public opinion is going against them listen debbie power you two people i'm getting this from our very well connected the left these groups are panicking where winning on this one because chaos is not salesmanship nobody likes chaos we are winning what does that have to do with the storming of the border what happened this week it well if you read the peace punch you know that com it's up in the show notes today please check it out it's important have a lot of good stories up my shown us today you'll see that the left in an active operation decided to be a good idea to kind of incentivize people to rush the border at one time and do what you push
and in children from the in the front of light allow yes it's your damn right rony us tat dear darn right women and children to the front of the line give women and children heart put them in the front line i would they do that show because they are desperate turn a public relations work back in their direction they need the u s government to defend a border which they did and when they do the left was already prepared with the narrative that existed two weeks ago how did they but have existed we got the storming of the borders just happened is weak and not on our folks none of this was by mistake they wanted the pig your of just one woman with a kid and a tear gas container or peppers breakups anywhere near and that's gonna to be the united states government gases women and kids now here is a high ranking boy official in an article up upon dot com on where he immediately call cnn out this is what
finally constables that people would intentionally take children into this situation this is a what a guy was air what we saw over and over yesterday was at the caravan would push women and children towards the front and then jim throwing rocks at our agents said scott the border patrol official the border chief also shot down the mainstream media narrative of quote peaceful protests and asylum seekers here's what he said i kind of challenge if this was a peaceful protest at the majority's people are claiming asylum we ended up making forty two arrest only eight of for female and they were only future of the world a few children involved the man es majority the people we dealt with were adult males folks where did they learn this tactic ever see the palestinian then he and israel issue and a border guards and other places west bank what are they do
palestinians they have crews ready there to get what they were a document as is human rights abuses on tape and there incredible allegations that some of this stuff by them is staged in order and a pr offensive against israel the left already knows this tactic folks this has been tried and other places before history he repeats itself over and over there is nothing new under the sun the left and the left this groups behind this caravan are absolutely see where go this desperate to change public opinion they needed a hail mary pass their home very pass was hey we tried this before in other international skirmishes to turn pr against israel and other places let's get some women and kids let's put him at the front of the line he's from a border official himself who there let's ro a few rocks and then when the tear gas or pepper three times over in defence of the u s border by border patrol we get
all on tape and we term public opinion against the united states the you understand these people hate this country understand that these people hate this country about the caravan i'm talking about the people doing this now people can people storm the country illegally throw rock supporter which are felt without mistake this for me defending them in their criminal straight up straight up through and through but the people behind the organization of this care of it and the devious tactics the u s to respond using the non lethal deterrence and to use it in a pr offensive against this country these people hate the united states that's why that the segment saying who are they trying to turn public opinion against us these people hate this country don't sugar coated don't run away from it don't be afraid to talk about it
people doing is hate the united states they need you to think of the united states is some imperialist coordinates capitalist empire and in order to do they ve been engaged in a decades long none of none of this is new none of it and anti american anti cost to show republic campaign and anything they can do these are a lot of these people are u s citizens far left liberal radical progressing are engaged in a multi decade long pr camp using liberal media hacks but will immediately get their narrative out there that the united states is an awful place and we are hoping that there was they canister of tear gas anywhere near a kid or an adult or a woman
because they're narrative was gonna be look how bad the united states sucks it gases people just looking for a better living really looking for better living by throwing cinder blocks at our border patrol people i don't think that's the case you see it nothing new here they strong in the present new administration defend our border the public is with everybody sees what the left is doing this was a separation hale mary pass the administration did the right thing and i pay of right at least in this case i am a little disappointed in the mexican gun but in this specific isolated incident they did the right thing too mexican government got arrested some were forty two people are for i wonder if you ever get these acknowledge i told me not or now you're out here to again about the mexico handle this whole situation lot better but at least in that incident utah iraq you're out you're done
we'll never be asylum for you ever coordinated attack against their country make no mistake about it i've tried this before they ve learned this lesson overseas you haven't seen the last of it i folks thanks again for two and then i really appreciate thanks for all the cells at the they embody no story essay the website again all of our proceeds go to charity we really appreciate your generosity did very well yesterday so pick up some stuff if you want and i humbly request of you that you subscribe to our pod guess it is free gratis of no cause to you but it is this christians that help us move up the itunes starts i don't love you know that if you ever get involved with a podcast their top charts where people can find and our pod guess where they go they want to see the popular shows are based almost exclusively on subscriptions not exactly download so eager itunes too answers subscribe button it's totally free if you have an iphone
you have the same song or whatever kind of device a non eu s device just go to radio or sound cloud and you can click follow are you gotta spotify you can also listen on our website but you know that com its has listened to the podcast use play than all the shows are available right there we really appreciated thanks a lot folks i see your you just heard tan bond gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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