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Ep. 861 Don't Believe the Michael Cohen Media Hype

2018-11-29 | 🔗
Summary:In this episode I address the Michael Cohen plea deal. The deal is clearly a desperation move by Bob Mueller’s political witch hunt team. I also discuss the interconnected web of players working to hide the scandal of the century. News Picks: What is Donald Trump’s former lawyer up to with the Mueller team?   In this viral speech, I succinctly address the scheme to pull off the spying scandal of the century.     Who is leaking this critical information from the special counsel probe?   This Lee Smith piece from March describes the Mueller witch hunt perfectly.   The Obama administration used pepper spray and tear gas liberally at the border.    The Trump economy is performing significantly better than the Obama economy. These numbers don’t lie.    Jeff Flake is a disgrace to the Republican Party.    Florida Democrats are trying to change gun laws.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i bought thereby gino show on i just they credibly his ears they all shut out the window before it even start because we let me just get into this matter go call in thing which has happened trumps former attorney who minutes before we started recording joe was even in the car jos like what happened took it the play a surprising guilty plea in new york in federal courts trump law trumps why and media is in a frenzy as they always are joe doing media this is days where our fates over for a job a beach made ladies and gentlemen i know i don't need to tell you this but to the liberal
loony tunes watching right now who were salivating the foam is coming out of the mouth there grabbing their friend is by the shoulders is wait here every body take a turn off the left wing media this is the five now in four hundred and sixty second time we ve heard how this is it finally they got a i'm gonna tell which really going on if you know you ve been following the shell for the last two or three days it probably already makes sense to you what's going on the narratives are being introduced that are slowly collapsing knew who heads or come again to fill the gap sort of whole every body chill i got this void don't worry i one quick correction and yesterday show as nodded slightly embarrassing and ongoing but what shall we needed jays abacus yesterday yeah there is
typo in maths piece about the taxes that his risks the two point six percentage void tax which is still less than america not one point six thank you and me and you are make it part of it well what rights is red rather typo instead look at the numbers as abbreviate by far better bad at the bus totally our fault but it's they thought of the matter is still our point as i still got a lesser percentage boy tax cut then a bit of you for the sick thousand emails we risk yesterday ironic it fought a bad it's there you got laugh it yourselves up those but thank you for the emails i appreciate ok let's get right you today show but if you buy bodies have failed to filter by does not have a problem with basic bad filter vice great erratic millions of americans are turning up the furnace for the first time even though you are flawed as will show you done it and its spending a week
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yes you may go by the way have some good blossoming sanely good news com very soon albuminous i've even told joe yet but i before i don't mean to be tease about it but i can't disclose it yet but you're gonna like an alarming ass a really good stuff coming up i'll tell you joy his shop but i promise you'll be the first time that you have yegg okay he is really going on it's desperation time for the multi ok have to the show for the last few days you seen a series of narrative being introduced through leaks who is leaking them i don't know i don't you know what i spec i'm telling you i'm speculating in i'm doing now because i'm not sure who is leaking them but a series of questions and answers from the mahler probe i have that up at my website today you know that common a bunch a really good articles assyria questions and answers from the trunk team of leak a story about george papadopoulos allegedly having some business dealings with a russian leak of that
rome course stories are that so much of elite courses batman out there in the public on the matter assign story here's what i'm telling you our problem is that the n bob bob or now realises there's a significant senate majority after sidney high smith's wind in mississippi it is now a fifty three forty seven you say we got that math right nice fifty three forty seven republican senate majority all these things are related here's the bottom line mahler has nothing he's never had anything the collusion story is a myth mahler care stan donald trump he hates donald trump mahler needs dropped to go down he desperately want trump to go down he is hiding significant significant stuff that bomb administration did with regards to weapon eyes government he sweeping all of it under the curb any needs to keep the attention on trump
is he doesn't have anything on trop so their floating various narratives out their people either i'm not macho whose doing it people leak leaks from the probe media people who are getting leaks from from our deep players who hate donald trump but their league stories to damage tromp throwing the you know throwing jello up against the wall to save some sticks what if you track and this is really important mothers team try again to out there to get the trump team to make amiss step so their floating this stuff out there what did we see on monday we saw them poor man a met with julian assange story that leaks because its debts preparation time they're trying to get somebody any body on the trump team to say all their common for me next let me tell them the real collusion story you know yesterday show confuse some people they like a lot of good feedback but some people didn't get it today show very simple the molecule
or somebody associated when or anti trump people in the media the swamp are leaking stories to frighten the a team at the submission to get somebody anybody anyone to come forward with a key piece of information indicating any criminality whatsoever on behalf of donald trump or his family but neither is in desperation time because once his special council investigation closes shop and the public purse you're getting overwhelming they can't reopen again can be a new special counsel but it's probably not going to be bought more bob monarchy stand this president this guy has been hunting witches from the start he has nothing please understand what i'm saying there is no criminal ability on donald trump or his family with regard to this collusion thing at all so they are for putting various stories unit desperate to get someone to come so what happened what stories they push fell apart monday they push them
afford story why because man of four it's gonna be the key to this whole russian collusion thing man afore don't you find it we coincidental folks that right around monday or choose they distort becomes out that man afore the key player according to bomb was steam the key players russian collusion scale i mean who would know better than him right show he was a senior level campaign official with the trunk team if there was rushing collusion during the campaign sure the poor metaphor would have known about it do you find it if we coincidental that is a story leaks out about man affords failure to provide information to the money approach that was valuable and prosecution of donald trump right then all of a sudden a story leaks out poor metaphor met with julia and assign about the weak tnc emails it's a pressure tat this is obvious there try
the pressure mad afford to change its mind to test the lie come forward say ok i admit it donald trump colluded frequently met with the russians you get hilary females and impact the election it's a pressure tactic this is so obvious now what happened on monday you say that didn't work why the matter team instead of coming out saying oh gosh they got us now joe they got us on this essentially now we're really in trouble we better get out of this and we better go back to bala provide information about collusion it didn't happen what did matt afford to both mad a fortnight sarge came back basically told to go pound sand and threatened a million dollar put a million dollar pet out there and threatened the lawsuit to the guardian newspaper the published this story saying i never met with assange edison
instead i never met with matter so there you go tat big number one to get someone to flip on trop doesn't work why there's nothing a flip on there's nothing to flip on there there's nothing to flip on folks there's no flipper risky possible because there's no information to give so now gas i wish i could see molly how i need trap i need true i need him so i could see him in his office i could see desperation time it is what happens next papa i've always tries to withdraw his plea it doesn't work now they know up adopt political beata prison in fourteen days by actually twelve days they now since he reported back our earlier and weak what papadopoulos zeta he's free a clear to talk so you better shut the skype is now papa that plus is free and clear job when he gets out of prisoners you better shut the skype is now papadopoulos is free and clear job when he gets out of prison he's got his legal
politicians to the justice system are over he is free to talk as any american citizen he has a first amendment right like anyone else you don't think bob mothers crap in his pants now that in he has no control over papadopoulos at all he has no more scented saying no more leniency no nothing he is now free and clear papadopoulos too so what do we see again we see this morning this why all coming out its desperation that a leak story in info that anonymous informant said george papadopoulos had a business dealing with questions that was going to make a very rich i dont know folks maybe with george gets out of prison we'll have a back on the show i will ask what it's about i don't know about the deal but don't you find it off we suspicious that year and a half of investing actually two years of investigating george papadopoulos hampered zero evidence of any corrupt business dealings with russia remember he was charged with false statements nothing to do
with a russian business deal at all that off all of a sudden this story leaks out after the manner of fort story leaks out and after both of them refused to cooperate any further with the mullah problem one on the counter attack you to listen to me liberal idiots out there i'm sorry to be rude but i mean this you don't find that we consider tells the go pounds and a story leech at a with sought metaphor instead of coming back and cooperating doubles down oh i do me with astonishment of economic issue the newspaper papadopoulos idle do this fourteen days in jail amber sending my plea doesn't work judge says go to jail now mullahs still clear papadopoulos is gonna get out is probably get to talk and tell people what really happened so what do they do a story leaks out hey so some russian out their says you had a business deal with russians in other words joe what do they say papadopoulos you better your pie whole you're soup cooler when you get out of prison right that's it
in fact we what's going on so now this is all failing bizarre report they thought they had jerome coarsely and roger stone roger stone who won i don't even know what at the school republican strategies that are not a scrap and course he whose an author i don't these guys i met stone once i talked to him for about two minutes was getting carded event in florida i dont know him i've never met suit me to rob corset but course and stone who were at the allegations by mahler that they were coordinating some wikileaks release of damaging information on ah mrs clinton ended dnc ma where's investigating them now instead of them following giving information you see the tactic hard pressure threats a ban crapsey rats in prison time you guys better talk to about collusion nobody's doing it because there's no collusion instead
of course in stone folding just like manna fort papadopoulos refused to fold right what happened course we want on tv and did roger stone and said now we're going to fight this matter for courses lawyer is filing a complaint with the department of justice about mahler jody they course eating you are right of course in an interview explaining what he thinks is going on with bob mahler these are not legitimate investigated torreon techniques down from right to call this a witch hunt i've experienced at first hand report hours and i'm angry about it element to file criminal complaint against the department of justice and mueller i'm going to send it to whitaker my lawyers are repairing it right now unfortunately i have to file it with the department of justice who are i'm going to charge today
the me or and admired as is our political criminals do you believe that robert mother and his team are coercing witnesses to provide false testimony by using tactics of imprisonment bankrupting them in legal fees do you believe people are their arms are being twisted to provide false and misleading testimony on behalf of mother and esteem but these tactic one hundred percent yes and i've experienced it personally and that's why i'm angry you get it that explain it yours what's going on they are threatening bankrupting legal fees and continued ali of united states government special council litigation against an american citizens innocent of any collusion who have nothing to do with his folks therein irish case is crap there allegations that course ie and stone have now colluded with julian assange wiki leads to release the emails are being
vigorously denied by both of em who claim repeatedly they have had no contact with the songs about these emails i dont know a dear if they didn't i've just telling you of the occasion open and shut joe you already would have seen criminal charges based on collude conspiracy a conspiracy and based on russian collusion you seen that nobody has been charged with that now the pressure tactic they're getting desperate this cohen move today getting back to this is clear as day a couple of things about this that you should take away from this way this surprise appearance happen where did it happen at the when first so i told was after a bunch of other desperate narratives fell apart get manifold metaphors tell he's not going to cooperate ok let's move on let's go to puppet this isn't gonna he's gonna start talking these are cooperating either are let's get course equal
of course he's not only not cooperating he's on fox news and other cable outlets and other news outlets telling mulder go pounds in while we're in trouble aren't let's go back to michael cohen go colonies trumps lawyer form trumps formerly let's go back and put the squeeze on michael cohen think about it if anybody let us that is probably what they pay now they have real problem with cohen what's problem the mahler team has with cohen joe i'm gonna get to the and then the why in seven amid a produced the issue the mahler team as with coal it before they can use common as a witness against the trump team in their phantom collusion for maybe see news in a public statement since september of twenty seventeen in advance is closed session on capitol hill collins said quote he nothing to do with any russian involvement in our electoral process and he said quote i never saw anything better
of anything that demonstrated president trumps involvement in russian interference in our election or any form of collusion he also said the dossier yea we case was based on that the dossier was quote riddled with total falsehoods and it and surely salacious allegations ladies and gentlemen this is your star witnessed liberals again get out of your cocoon you farming at the mouth lunatics this is star witness now metaphors yours i witnessed on monday he met with such that stories been it's been why refuted now by mr assange matter for everyone else papadopoulos your star witness he now gave you the middle finger she was gonna be a witness coursey now is on the news filing charges against smaller and i have they back to call in the start witness who is on record under oath saying repeatedly there's no evidence that this did not happen and that is that this dossier is total garbage this is the best you can do
remember just found out about number that because you worth six months ahead of the new cycle warning everyone get that this was going to happen now now does it make sense why they had to get corwin into the court today to get call into play guilty to making false statements now you don't have to be a bailey to figure out what's going you too have to be matlock to figure out what's going on here the mahler investigation is dead in the water they have no or evidence color of collusion they have nothing but process crimes phibbs taxi add confessions from co and they have nothing as each witness they thought there was gonna be there there there their golden ticket has collapsed
they are moving on and they now apparently in desperation will rush calling it the court why is of course we went through significant job this court this was please this was a plea deal he went out play guilty today as he took action we know how and this is important not to southern district charges this this was the special council charge but maybe a little confused important more edict from the beginning was to investigate charges related to russian collusion anything not related to the collusion scheme formed out of the special council office special councils office excuse me right back into the standard federal justice system right the prior charges they had on carbon which he pledged to before where why do in the southern district not under the jurisdiction of the special council meaning bad collins charges to that that what was it the tax staff and a taxicab medallion stuff and all the other garbage
it may have been criminal as their alleging but had nothing at all to do a chopper collusion why do we know that because it special council referred it out the special council and those collusion if it's not collusion they send it back into the federal system which is what they did we call it the fact that he took a plea today to charge is levied by the special councils office is significant because it does again that mahler is bringing them back into the collusion side despite the fact that collins on the record saying i have nothing to do with the collusion site you you'd this is so bad i cannot believe how need normally rational same people are being sucker by this you far
the case out to southern district months ago because you basically said this had nothing to do with collusion and now after all of your other witnesses collapse metaphor course you papa dapple is everyone else's collapse mike flynn none of these people are cooperating with you because there's nothing to cooperate on now all of a sudden curry rush let's get him back at the court on our stuff and let's get him to plead guilty to watch yo false statements why because they have the wish that this is where they're gonna be in deep trouble they have to us fabulous that storyline he's stuck to before there was no collusion i just read the quotes common i'm talking about no collusion and data th crap and its unverified nonsense they have to it publish now that that was a lie why firstly because of coincide before there's no collusion in the garbage and that's what mothers cases based on they ve gotta go i to say all i was lying about that job cuts
probably thou mayest were simple question you're a lawyer rachel yes i want your star witness on the stand who is already admitted in court to being a node liar just end up at the you're not a lawyer correct ok well i wasn't hereby point one on tv to have not rest legal why do you want your star with this on the stand telling that the first so the cross examination yes i'm an old liar i've lied repeatedly about donald trump in the past it just a question for you now i dont in i do of course you're down and he's not a lawyer jaw of course you doubt you want your guy i understand that we have a reputation for credibility and honesty you know why your star witnessing the case to be too i'll be up on the stairs yes when i said there was no collusion in the past and i said the dossier was garbage i was actually line let me circle back now beginning where i started what was the least
the story what's the headline for the damn bond gino show today for my folks out there who write for his mahler is desperate desperate who though heck ports on the stand or uses as their main witness a guy who has debunked spoke out against and testified on the road i guess our entire purpose forbade collusion mothers only purpose for existing is russian collusion everything else has to be farmed out they bring a guy back in hours there star witness who is already said the collusion thing is a hoax and the dossiers is garbage what does that tell you if you are a normal sane non tv s infected individual alike who's got the guy's got nothing as this year all he has nothing
nay as no witnesses he has no evidence and he's relying exclusively on the word now of troops our attorney who is already lied and plead guilty to lying on the road folks he's i'm begging you to save yourselves the drama and staring from your friends please spread this show around pity i just tell you liberal friends and the tedious trumped arrangement syndrome infected brains of of your of you anti tromp never trump liberal friends that they reading this thing again for the umpteenth thousand time the wrong way we have over and over this is it this is the end impeachment it's over it's over every single time they fall on their face did take away is this he has to be done how do we know it because
star witness is a guy who's already light on the road about the whole essence for the case collusion in the dossier he's already lied about it this is the best you ve got this is the best you ve got pathetic how many people are falling into this trap so still i really i get frustrated the with dealing with this pity other i've been i've been sending out like social media stuff in twitter stuff all day just hammering these liberal goofball should fall into this trap every time i don't even want to turn off fox right now because i'd like to see the salivating like it's twenty eight days later zombies from twenty eight days later it just you realize you look like idiots you always fall on your face every time this guy is completely not credible today brought you by bodies that we the people holsters this is a really good
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is calm slash dan enter promo code dan you'll get ten dollars off your first holster go check it out you will not regret it ok sorry for the sniffles it's actually is a little chile down here today surprising i mean chile you're probably like we hate you but you know what is it sixty nine she had columns automatic fifty degrees and now really use many have reacted so on a couple other things are moving on from the kohen thing so just leave it at that pick its desperation move everybody take a chill pill cohen is not credible and all he's already debunked this thing himself on the road multiple times you don't want you witness understand as unknown liar no the already plied ethan clearly played their data making false statements this is the best they ve got the desperation of having said that i'm getting tired of the democrats in us falling into their traps in their media narrative now i know a lot of people who listen to the show who were amateur public get alot of feedback on this it's ok
by positive some may be negative but you know i'm not here to avoid controversial issues there's a when conversation out there are problems about the merits of pardoning poor man fort now i dont know paul fort i've never met poor man what i've read some of the and he guilty so that clear on added there obviously some crimes here he believes you community plead guilty i believe and i think many people who ve studied the case i bet mimi literally wrote a book by late thanks everyone about the book it's down the number thirty on amazon right now my books by gate self but thank you guys are awesome ladys out there go pick it up if you want to read the real details of this man a fort everything so here's the thing what manner whatever crimes committed i believe joe the invest negation happened as a result of him joining the trump team in other words whether the crime happened or not the end the geisha happened because of his political affiliation and i believe as an
can citizen and as an activist in the conservative community and a believer in big our rights in our constitution that the over all interests of our justice system supersede the mike cosmic interests of them attacking poor metaphor what am i saying you're an unnecessarily long term manner for nasa be pardon he has to be pardoned i'm sorry folks i dont know him he sounds some of this stuff in their sounds a little strange not my typical work doing business i would not lobby for the people he did i am simply saying thank you that regardless of the character flaws of poor man afford to save our justice system we have to absolute disincentive eyes and at an end fight back against politically based prosecutor that make sense shop yeah yeah they are it's like an old whatever you know joe jaywalk a few years ago any amidst sweaty probably did is that a crime yeah it is it's a while it's you get it but it's against the law you're not supposed to jaywalk but if
one came after joe a democrat prosecutor cassim is a producer the damp gino show yes you can make the cases a while he broke the law i making the case this is not the way the law supposed to function we're supposed to invite the gay crimes not people you are targeting job because of his politics you weren't targeting jaywalking because it was john there's a big difference they marketing poor man afford not because of his fairer violations and the tax stuffy plead guilty to they targeted parliament four because of his association with donald trump and that has to be vigorous we counteracted folks the media and the democratic hacks are now fighting back in april in a pre narrative this is what they do they set up a pre narrative in advance they warn you they're going to say if you pay attention there now going to claim if tromp pardons man afford that its obstruction of justice listen i am giving the administration my best advice here for what it's worth do it now
pardon this guy now build something has to be done to rein in this out of control they should have fired man afford a long time ago misuse me mahler mother a long time ago he is out of control spares no morals or ethics i'm good at a cover a couple things about the mullah probably may not know in a second here he is entirely completely out of control this is not just this this is third world turann a police state nonsense it's going on and listen to me everybody knows it but the democratic so blinded by their hatred for trump that they support papalo that's why he's the most powerful man in america he lived entirely outside of the justice system the constitution he has no control over himself his emotions his attack for donald trump his morals and ethics have gone out the window he should have been fired a year ago a year ago it deserves to be fired now but it's the time right now to fight back
against these intimidating media attack this in other words what to do and joe to scare trump off from pardoning metaphor they're saying now let me floated their decision illusions gone what should we say about this put out a narrative and get some legal assistance this could be impeachment for obstruction of justice how the present united states executive executing his constitutional his constitutional authority to pop people he believes were victims of an over each in the justice system to the legal anna was out there who are really dopey and some of you are just downright stupid i'm sorry you realize that's in the constitution of the present has the power to do that right you understand now you may to respond back while the count this has the power to levy he's charges and the trial and the set at five you go yourselves out on that you have fun but i'm telling you i think it's worth the chance folks do it now do it
over the christmas holiday get rid of this data mahler has completely step satellite now it does it's not going to absolve man afforded legal liability ok because new charges could be filed number one and sex charges can be file that the state level i know you this but the president i'd states cannot pardon people for state charges only federal charge so metaphor it's not in the clear but it will send a message to the media and everyone else that we will not be intimidated by your tactics we will not my speech now up at the as i did down in palm beach this week has gone totally viral closing in on a million well over a million it's up at the show to say listen when you see the scandal that happened to mothers covering up and you her about it it's in the show notes again today it's i put it at the top you will be devastated at did the adjusted the scandal we're looking at your pardon matter for now pardon him now we have got to take us
then this listen to me listen clear folks this mahler ethical and morally they live in a vacuum will not stop something has to give donald tromp has power to and that power is the pardon people power is the fire mauler and these investigators it is time to take a stand this we'll never ever stop couple things about mahler i need to remind you up i've been remiss the past few weeks of i covered this a few months ago but been some more detail based on the emails i've been getting about my speech that water pipes seem to have enjoyed president i listened to you show forever and i guess i was forced to stop to sum it up in twenty minutes i'm serious you get on gmail said the people this speech they said you know i never like that i guess because the shower in such detail sometimes at the big leave gets long you know
so red and it'll make sense but i haven't the mahler plan c as i referred a planet was on masking spying on the trump team effort a park as a mike rogers play me was the use of the five recourse to spy in the trunk team when trump one election they had to implement plan c and that's why talk about the speech which is what clean up our i caught by bringing bob malo to make all that stuff go away who does smaller bring in to make all of the spying stuff in all this crap they pulled on the trump team go i haven't covered this noah cover some of the names joe yeah here's one of his main lawyers and prosecutors in the case on the special council who is actively working depressed you drop a guy by then of erin zebedee who was mothers old chief of staff ok what's us what's so funny and suspicious about as aaron's emily our example evokes yeahs represented who just in cooper whose just in cooper testing cooper yes
special prosecutor on mothers team was the lawyer for just in cooper the guy in the clinton email case who is alleged to have destroyed blackberries and assisted in setting up in that of the eu legal server why coming and now does it make sense how mahler was brought in for one reason even i have only smith's story a tablet mag from march and the shown us and i want you to read it talks about this how mahler sole purpose is to cover clinton malfeasance up by keeping the crow all attention on donald trump at all times all times even there's no criminality that's why they're panicking now with this common story they ve got nothing caboose so what are they bring in people who were into we are familiar with the clinton saga who can keep the attention away from clinton and on donald trump number one hour exactly who represented the guy alleged to have destroyed the blackberries in the clinton case wow what of the lawyers rumour country folks bob dollar
text the lawyer who represented the clinton guy involved in this according to multiple reports and you don't find out please suspicious shop are justified the aberdeen lloyd guesstimate of me you think there hundreds of warriors thousands of lawyers or more than hundreds of thousands of lawyers and the caution there's gotta be more than hundreds or thousands of lawyers in these countries that is enough activated demographic statistical analysis by you conducting unjust seconds by george that but by millions and what i have no idea of all i don't know the number of lorries i've just telling you of all the lawyers in the country bob mahler picks that guy did you notice who represented the cliff teams guy who's alleged to have destroyed the blackberries you don't find that remotely suspicious folk liberals like that no big deal you ready it that's why you say that if it was a demo at present are being targeted by a report
can special counsel and rolls were reversed you would be free cannot but serves because you have no principles s one whose mothers other attorney on the team jimmy re big the initials so so what you donated to causes what's the big deal now i'm not there i just said that it is kind of a side no judy represented someone back in two thousand fifty and manufacture represented an organisation in a case being filed again what's that organization joe the initial r c f and rhymes with hinton foundation what are you i get it would be collected in fact they cause kids that it gets keyser eyes guys a dark genius it's amazing genie ring the lawyer on the special council investigating donald trump was a lawyer for the clinton foundation again of all the lawyers in the country you pay
the guy who's involved with the guy who's alleged to have destroyed the blackberries and you picked a woman who was the actual lawyer for the quick and bad about crazy how about up and liberal state this is perfectly fire all those folks you know asylum is thinking about how to talk about this at a good night s not to leave it at that joe skype plague out sleep a little late but they get about after how to talk about this how to talk about this story said sometimes i thought this is it sometimes stupid is just stupid i care think of any other way in other words there are people who are looking at this and there like triple drooping reverse psychologically analyzing going well now maybe this maybe mahler
is really going after the clinton foundation so to go after that the foundation for the russian collusion we think happened which i write about my book that's a whole others topic he appointed people connected to the clinton space so that convictions against the collective would be more credit i'm not kidding there are people who believe that showed it did make sense you it doesn't make sense as it does the logic they deal i think of it makes the hell is going on there no no i'm telling you that i'm not that this and i get everybody s theories of its fire but there are people out there who have hot water this thing today who are thinking illogically because they are desperate to believe that mahler is acting in a morally and ethically upstanding way and he's a good guy he is not a good guy sometimes what is joe just is mahler appointed
clinton lawyers because mahler can't stand donald trump and he wanted to make sure clinton was protected while tromp was prosecuted it's as simple as that why are you reading into this anything different what do you have a that i'm telling there are people out there who still believe this paper you ve no no doubt he hired we ve been related attorneys cause he's going after clinton and therefore the clinton's will have no way to say it was politically based because their own authorities when after oh my god if you believe what evidence do you have that that is true no you're just making that pray i did she doesn't it well there's no me love will this done there's no middle did what is is sometimes stupid people who do really dumb stop do stupid things and it's just stupid and the appointment of clip embrace lawyers to attack donald trump after the clinton your obama team spied on donald trump
is what it is it's a political effort behind they call it the to attack donald trump why else would you hire these people stop reading into this it's annoying i'm just be an honest i read this stuff all day with no evidence whatsoever people say that mothers good guy he's not a good guy stop stop saying that it is a stupid theory and it's annoying who else thirty higher drew weissmann whose is lead investigator right andrew weissmann who is on emails graduating deputy attorney general at the time sally yeats for defying job travel ban order here i admire you sally you're the best you're the greatest this guy
we weissmann showed up at hillary clinton is a victory party when so much a victory by but you get the boy again there are people nano he hired anti weissmann because at a look better when they prosecute the cliffs gosh really can you be this dumb that is not what's happening he hired weissmann because weissmann is going to go after tromp because he hates donald trump who does weissmann also know so i have a note here bob or knows everyone any pick trumps political enemies for team that's the to take away the picks legal picks on the special counts we're trumps political enemies pure and simple to go after trot but secondly always the best person to sweep the spy gaping under the rug precise
we because he knows all the players and as personal relationships with them and mothers doesn't want to be taken down either who better to protect the reputation department of justice of the fbi then h swampy insider like mahler who's been there i'm tired coddling mahler he has shown no inclination to act morally or ethically in this case it all i thank him for his service in this country in united states military and i mean that but that does not give you a free get out of jail part for free for the rest your life for up ending in destroying the entire justice system i am sorry about that body but you do not get a pass mahler knows everyone why would he applied weissmann as is the prosecutor wealth i told you the rest number two because weissmann can't stand drop and they want to go after trump they don't have collusion evidence by the use of coal in the worst witness in the world and escape weissmann knows everybody why
men was one of the lead lawyers on the enron case the enron debacle where they process you did a bunch of people and work but legally the case became a disaster later on convictions overturned it was a total nightmare for the justice department who scrutiny andy weissmann andy wise who was the fbi director at the time andrew weissmann was working on that case all bob mahler ladies and gentlemen mahler knows everybody listen it gets worse who was one of the other prosecutors almost back to the enron case they all know each other who is one of the other prosecutors on the enron case working with andy weissman why bob mueller and andy was the fbi director and he was screwing up the enron case kathryn rambler obama's the facts obama white house council during all of us literally he'd book
after a murmur was obama's lawyer in the white house while this whole spy gay scandal was going on spying on the twenty obama's i'm a lawyer worked with weissmann on the enron case ladies and gentlemen they know each other there all connected you may say okay so what so rob or worked with weissmann and became obama's white house lawyer while all the spy gates stuff was going on that day you're trying to sweep away who's the attorney one of ramblers cooperating witnesses in the case that guy by the name of george nato who's been providing show evidence for this collusion fake narrative the lawyer for that cooperating witness catherine roma isn't an convenient obama's fixer back again representing a client cooperating with mahler on these fake collusion charge don't worry lips it's all just a coincidence
back under your blank ease with your small and your internet pornography or whatever you do in your basement you feel filthy swabs you do that just wind yourselves to reality who else was on honoured enron prosecution team with anti weissmann lisa monaco whose lisa monica burst was bob mothers old chief of staff obviously some monica what other roles what other raw shoes did she wear lisa monica was a bomb is homeland security and counter terrorism visor inside the white house while the spying thing was going on she knows wise men she knows rumbler she clearly knows obama she was one of his closest advisers one this entire debacle was going on finally who is the one of the last guys to sign often department of justice on verifying the dossier that was not verified delawares this is true
even i wasn't true john carlin who was that he was the department of justice national security division had who else was john carlin he was palm alors old chief of staff so am i the street three bob mahler chiefs of staff are now either in view in this case working to prosecute trump or working with obama when it happened none of this is suspicious you sir john bob dollars a chief of staff at one point was the guy who signed off on the dossier department of justice will make that go away johnny boy don't worry about that lisa go by mothers other chief of staff so bombers homeland security in terrorism adviser inside the white house when they were engaged in the spying operation abolish body and the wise men worked with catherine rumbler while mullah work the fbi obama's white house council ramblers now representing a cooperate or in this case see here folks don't
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read you something it's really disturbing that i haven't discussed in a while but it's very important during the speech that i gave that that the people seemed to enjoy i mentioned at the end there is a paper trail people are upset the asked me about political prosecuted if people in the political round the political prosecutions that's what's happening to trouble they ask me of people in them let round joe are they dont people we're gonna go down i can i just answered honestly folks i eat what do people in like the answer but i do think colonies in a lot of trouble i think a lot of the three letter agency people are a trouble i brand is in trouble and i wanna be crystal clear on this i would of the sea hillary clinton role in this and obama's everyone else being supposed vigour welby i'm not sure though that there is going to be any kind of of legal justice you i wish i could give you a different answer listen i explained a little more detail in the speech there may be and i hope there is no mistake what
i think is going to happen for what i actually want to have you met you're making a big mistake this chasm there are just given my opinion i'm not here to lie to you a base and that on the fact that the justice system it's going to take years to clean out the swamp but take some solace in this there is the stability that these the players in this will go down in the reason is there's a paper trail i alluded to it before there is a verification process to verify pot paperwork that makes it into the pfizer court dossier was part of that paperwork i just discussed it before when i told you about john carlin it's called the woods procedure in other there's a paper trail people said the dossier which symbolises the peoples the dossier was true with the fbi joe and and the oj and it wasn't they signed the document saying it was true they verified right they didn't there's that paper trail there's the pfizer court
someone out a file a fisher paperwork with defies the court where they swore this information is the true to hold true to nothing but the truth and it wasn't it was fake there's also and this is important there is all a money trail of people who were paid to provide information the fbi who got paid alber who got paid despise get paid how many spies digging how much are they get paid what kind of information that they trade invest this is really important stuff folks there is a paper trail having said that though there is also a disappearing paper trail that as i mentioned a few months ago but this is important because it it may provide evidence emotive here's what i mean least mister but back piece which is another piece but it's up in the shown us acres worth your time he says a now intelligence and data experts believe that the cia cloud joe is how the above
i'm administration could have minimized its trail after unmask in u s persons so get if you listen to peace the original plan by the obama team to spy on the trump team with them sk we just wiretapped them to one masking simple as that on merit an odd basically listen to them and on mass their identities right right but joe the volume of request was historic had put in so many unread on masking requested people got suspicious member the susan rice masking samantha power she say thou summit the power the obama you anna ambassador said i didn't for there all right it s release a mask into member that phone there all running away from it why because they know there's a paper trail of these unmasking requests request that makes it look like the obama administration had an unusual interest in players involved with the trump team in their political opponents not just the trump team by there may be others now in order to minimize its footprint member them
asking requests are per hour week there are on record we have those but we don't exactly all the data here's how they did it this in official says this is how they minimized their paper trail he says the and ass a database with its large and ongoing collection of electronic communications basically emails and so can be act as to the nsa's cloud the former senior intel official the usa joe can ordered it and find out if their analyser violating rules in other words folks tapping into the usa database against u s seizures and policies in other words spying on u citizens they can ordered them but it gets better the end say does not audit the cia cloud folks which is already by the cia is i t people amazon web services why
amazon web services employees who are given security closes jos got this look like his heads there's like yeah really yeah really home thereof security the intel official goes on there people in the cia and the office of dirt you're of national intelligence and the national security council can who can move information the usa cloud joe into the cia cloud that's is the likely scenario to explain how obama officials first unmasked u s persons and an shared the information without leaving a trail that could be audited independently or immediately at every step folks in other words there is a key stroke trail at the essay of exactly what they were looking for in that the base of emails was
obama administration in there and their insiders corrupted insiders searching he s database for political information where they having people move that information into the cia cloud so that they could convey oh it and not leave a paper trail now there must be a paper trail of what was moved maybe what was done after it was moved by their hand the be some form of a digital footprint about the information that was taken out of the inner cloud into the cia club where it was gotta be audited inside naked control it now who can the cia at the time joe johnny boombox brennan johnny bread this is why i'm tellin you folks i do think the three better players are going to go down i think eventually and it is going to be in a world of trouble i think call me and macao
mccabe's already in a world of trouble he's already been subjected to a grand jury so that we already know i think troke is in a world the trouble i think pages in a world of trouble i think jim clapper likewise i think sally yeats i just i'm not sure the political will is there not against the do not want the trump tee but with the rhine republicans to pressure enough people to look back at the hilary team in her role in all this folks moving information to the cia clouds so they can mess within all they want what is brennan know about that i may tweet him today and ask him i mean if you know what i'm gonna take a screen shot of this peace and ass john brentwood he knows about the information move from the innocent cloud to the cia clout and ask him if there's i don't of do that if we can check that i wouldn't think folks i think we should check that out right
i listened not actually opportunity agenda romena rear what happened is really important everybody just please relax with the kohen stuff the media is gonna lose their minds like they always do in a couple days is gonna come out that it would have cohen said that trump had russian vodka in nineteen eighty eight he lied about that to the guys at discredited liar he's already admitted to it he's already set on the record that there's no collusion at the dossier say so just answer your liberal friends what stories right and saying there's no das on the road or that there is the end of when he was offered something by the model which one should i see a liar he's not a liar cuz he just admitted to being a liar watch your liberal friends sit there perplexed right at the of course it is you're snowflake here at all and please if you don't mind you have an order yet i don't mean to keep hammering you with this but we put a ton of work into it me then he mcallister map colombo i was deeply we appreciate if you pick it up it is now number thirty on amazon which during the holiday season is really hard to do thanks to you it lays out all this stuff is a evergreen
reference book you can go back to like a police file read over and over again go check it out barnes noble amazon bookstores everywhere really appreciate it thanks a lot i will see you all tomorrow just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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