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Ep. 862 Is the Raid on the Clinton Foundation Whistleblower a Headfake?

2018-11-30 | 🔗
Summary:In this episode I address the recent raid on the home of a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and the reasons I think this is another scam. I also address an explosive story regarding potential bias at Google against conservative websites. Finally, I address a Wall Street Journal editorial that destroys the myth that Obama handed Trump a healthy economy.   News Picks: My fiery immigration debate last night with Geraldo Rivera.   Is Trump going to declassify documents devastating to the Democrats?   Is Mueller’s team finally acknowledging that the dossier is a hoax?   Is the FBI finally zeroing in on the Clinton Foundation?   Rudy Giuliani blasts the Mueller probe.   Shady Jim Comey is getting desperate.   An excellent Andy McCarthy piece about the collusion hoax.   Was Google manipulating search results to hurt conservative websites?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Ready to hear the truth about America on his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan bonds. You know I love of the Durban Juno. Shall British Joe our you did. I you know what day it is. It's Friday we at the same time, with love Amelia, we like hat This is an important show today, because there were some breaking news yesterday that is making its way around the twitter sphere, Facebook Sphere and the internet. About a raid on a whistle blower in the Clinton Foundation case and a lot of people are celebrating Joe, probably you is well lotta people I gave this is great. Finally, we get to the bottom of the Clinton foundation. Folks, listen to me No, I'm not so sure that this is. This is good news. Yeah now
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it offers only for the holidays by one gift and get the second. A twenty five percent off at man create Start Flash Dan Man creates that counts. Less then do it. Do it do time, ok, vote This is these: are not the George you're looking for ok not may create those other Georgia. so the story comes out yesterday I get a ton of emails. I this is great. Let me just read to you the headline first, this is from an exclusive story, the daily caller by Richard Pollack. It's is in the show notes today. Please please. ease, read your sign up for my email list. I will send these stories to you every day enough to do the work of finding here is to take. from the story, the the eye is rated, the home of a whistle blower is and who is in possession of documents regarding the Clinton Foundation and uranium one according the whistle blowers lawyer, Michael Sarris, the whistle or Dennis Nathan Kane, had turned the documents over. He had overheard. Parliament of justices Inspector General and both the house
since Senate Intel committees are isn't that special. According to the lawyer, the FBI, rummaged Keynes home for six hours even after the whistle blower handed over the documents, according to his lawyer, I had people's email me all day. Long finally were get near. The bottom of the Clinton foundation. Look there go and after folks again, I don't think this is the case. Here is what I think is going on. First, let's establish some facts here: The whistle blower who, with over. He had already folks the sky. The FBI raided the home of think about what I'm about to tell you processes the whip. Oh blower had all. He turned over these sensitive documents, which allegedly have some damning material about the Clinton Foundation and uranium one. The whistle blower had already turn these documents over the inspector general, the from an already has them what why, with the FBI, go and re
the home of a whistle blower under federal so blower protection guidelines. Why would They do that if they already had the documents you thinkin and think it Joe. I think this is an effort. Again, this all go away now? I'd swear, I was headed, a lie: View were very upset that my speech, the viral speech. I've been putting up a my show notes that I gave in palm beach about this. The spider, case, where I put it together and summed up in twenty minutes, have you ever sat at the end. Miss Sebastian. Gorka was at the speech, asked me a question about who I felt was going to go down on this it's gotta be prosecuted. I said I thought the political players we're going to skate. I'm home being, I am desperate the whole. I praying I'm wrong, but you asked me in my opinion, I'm gonna give it to you
I'm telling you I'm not. What do you think? The purpose of my show is I'm fighting this every day to get the Hillary Clinton team, Hillary Clinton and Morocco Bomb and his team accountable I have zero faith, that anyone has coneys left in Washington DC and I think, what happened yesterday is further evidence that, when I told you which true the only purpose. Ladies and gentlemen, this put the led out there now for an p I raid on a whistle blowers house where the dock so already in possession is because the documents are so devastating that they want to make sure that they had clean up the mess and get this all under FBI custody immediately. Yeah now I'll say this. That concern rid of tree. Our skies have some stories up in their website today that are better really good and- and I want to be careful with this- and I admit There- Did you know that their speculated? I hope, they're wrong too, I'm starting to lean with their theory.
And other theories from people. I've been chatting without their ones: typically on an email communique here that this is an effort by FBI in the OJ people- to desperately make this all the Clinton corruption go away. Folks, why wouldn't listen to me, Why would I say that right? Why would I go and give a speech in front of a group of conservatives right? I speak. And at the end, when asked an honest question, given answer that I do not know You wanted to hear why everybody everybody wants applause when it came to that's what you do. Why would I give an answer when Sebastian ass? We pay. Do you think Hillary Clinton gonna go down there. I said no, I don't. I think they're going to with this all under the rug and ass, the purpose of the malaprop. Why would I give answer, if I don't believe it to be true, would be silly. Why have set your crowd? You never job. Listen you been into public space for a long time in a radio station. You dont want to talk about content that upset your audience, but you want to be honest
You gotta be honest, yeah and folks, us ignoring, what's going on right now, under the hope that they eventually get past if you have one day pretending this stuff, is it real nonsense? That's your credibility. You're gonna, do what is it now? Oh you remember a while ago we did it show I sometimes get emails about the show. Forgive me I don't remember the number, but it was a good six months ago. I did it show where I was getting some information. Let's say But there was a horse trade process going yeah. You remember, I believe, yeah yeah, that the NATO J and the FBI are well aware of their spying efforts on tromp all the Obama administration, malfeasance Hilary thence malfeasance in the uranium one approval the Clinton speeches in Russia for five hundred thousand dollars. The bottom line is the FBI in the OJ understands the role of heavily connect the political players the Jane FBI in this grotesque scandal, in an effort to serve the integrity and
Me I'm saying that what our quotes folks, the intent many of these institutions, because the people of Haiti five entirely! Let down there working men and women ever do a good job. I know a lot of assisting United States attorneys and, if the, but in order to protect integrity, the institution I had said no horse trade show that I believe what's happening right now is Trump team efforts to root out the deep state flogged? Who did this the deep sea? scavengers you tried to take down the Trump team, they care, let them all down at the same time, folks, please follow me. I know it's upsetting, but follow me for a second year. I know I got you, you see them go to choke near Department of Justice. An FBI cannot have fifty or sixty People a day brought out in India, and costs, and political players like that there would be a popular revolt on the left side. telling you that's right. Please email,
he's crazy. Why are you I'm not defending anything? I'm telling you what I'm here it if its doesn't interest, That's fine! I get it I'm just telling you! What I am hearing at what I believe to be true! There was a horse trade going on somewhere by players on both sides, the Trump Anti swamp effort- and this while protection team. I'm I'm telling you what I'm hearing I give you one of them will give you one of us this. Clearly at some point going on how do I know this? Read this? interesting piece in the show notes today by the New York pose I'm not just because it these have been here in this for six months, but people connected who have some contacts our hearing some of the same things. I am a piece of New York Post, traumatic, stress, to be classified documents that are going to destroy the Democrats, the pieces up in the post today. What does that tell you.
for my part, just makes sense. Now in some of the titles I had a title the other day in the pot guess which show produce what was the title Joe presented. Robs holding all the cards. He has the documents he understands the role of Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Steve Stay players of your boy administration, deeps. They players ended Department of Justice and the FBI and the biggest political scandal of our time. He knows it, but, ladies and gentlemen, them at their the deep state swap writers this? What the swap rats there hard to an ox pretending. It's not bear out of a sense of fear bravado isn't doing anything. They have caused to what are their cars. They have the media and they have the secret weapon. What I Telling you all, along Bob Mahler This is a smaller job to keep the
put on Donald Trump. So he doesn't expose these people that this makes sense. This is why I spend my time just ripping apart the bunk and has not said that Bob MA, white had he's a good guy he's not a good guy papa these keys in they are specifically to cover up the d o J, F. These keys in they specifically to cover up the deed, oh J Fbi malfeasance to do what here a headline preserved it been of justice and FBI's reputation at all costs. If we're going to do people in the tank here. We're I do one at a time. That's why I said at the end of this speech. I was it making this up, that I a lot of three letter agency. People were going to go down there, Without wanting to time, it'll be drag over time, and it will not be
perp walk of five or six people out of FBI headquarters. not telling you it's nice or cute, not such socks right that thank you for not diplomatic because we don't have to be diplomatic anymore. This does sock Jos right, plain socks, but folks, this battle against the deep state the trumps been waging since the day he got an office was not going to be resolved overnight. What significant battle again entrenched interests. You ve been doing this. Ladies and gentlemen, for literally decades in reaching themselves in the federal bureaucracy in a department of justice. You take these people. We're all gonna leave overnight this fight. It takes time like you to smile a little bit. It's gonna take time.
Now you say smile you open up the show say and how this Hillary Clinton this raid on this whistle blowers, not a good thing. It's not, but I sense, like I sense with the Kohen, plea yesterday that this isn't this. a panic, move. Folks, it's a panic move, but you got another, nothing Zippo! You got that day. They thought this is what's going on all these things happened. At the same time, we were back the Senate, but when one the obedient went back home, we could be precise. We one more seats in the Senate were now what After this, indeed Psmith when in Mississippi fifty three four seven on the republic inside. Follow me. we win the Senate by a bigger margin. In the mid terms, Trump, This is answers to Bob Mahler Right Do that you see this flurry of activity phone, Weeks about poor man a fort Julian Assange, but Michael One story: the pressure,
Jerome Policy course egos public. you see. The story are yesterday about the Clinton Foundation, leaks and arrayed. You It is flurry of activity. Just in the last week Ladies and gentlemen, is all happened this week at least the stories about it. What does that tell you and me connect the dots Bob Mahler is not going to charge Donald Trump when anything, he can invite. The president that's clear, but he is not. going to charge in his final report, which I believe may be forthcoming,. Mahler is not going to charge the present United States in that report with many crimes. What he is gone, to do as he is going to tell a story? How do I know this now? I know this so the Michael currently Michael Cohen, A couple of things are missing from this point. In my
Collins plea he never plead guilty to any: U S: eighteen USC, three! Seventy one conspiracy charge, in other words as animal aren't you gonna, have another eighty Mccarthy peace and showed us international review is said often and its important folks. I've done I've charge. People were conspiracy at the federal level as an agent, when you see a conspiracy collusion conspiracy to overdrawn election. a conspiracy to overthrow when election like Donald Trump, is, charged with doing with the Russians at some ladies and gentlemen, when you charge people with that, someone has to be charged with the actual conspiracy, Joe. You charge either the big dog or an underling, you get them to lay out the conspiracy and charge and plead guilty with job. Why would you do that? It's a common, explain: amendment put you on the spot, Federal agents perspective, if if, if, if Donald Trump isn't conspiracy,.
You, Hillary Clinton, emails to use them the impact the election? Why do you want someone at some point to plead guilty that, although, ladies and gentlemen, nobody has not met a fortnight pop up but you get people no plead the to anything close to that. Why? Because they don't have it that you understand he put a pleaded the conspiracy to do what Joe to send a message to the co conspirators that we understand the conspiracy here the criminal information, here's the indictment. Here's! What we know you guys are the media, the ad, Madeleine. What happens the conspirators come forward. All right! I want to play. I wonder why. Why do they do that? You think think like a federal agent for a minute. If you have
conspiracy and you get some person to admit to all the components of the conspiracy. What happens to the co conspirators. They realized their screwed and they all try to beat the peat them's beat the other got a door to get a better deal. I wanted no, I want to tell no, I want to tell more because they realize their screwed, because they re conspiracy, their reading the they they understand. There is now a rat in their midst right at what, they do they, like all men, obscured. I better get my lawyer to plead to so I get the deal you God ladies and gentlemen stuff, I think what you do to pressure by people who are I'm in criminal to sound in and give you the I'm just saying, having done this is what you do to pressure, but people poor evolve. Then a criminal conspiracy to come forward and give you the relevant facts. You get someone to plead guilty to it. The Kohen plea whisper. all statements that have nothing to do with conspiracy. This
to me? Mauler has nothing. That's point number one mother's got nothing. Secondly, what is the Senate have to do with this we won significant. We have significant gains in the center where now up the fifty three. Ladies and gentlemen, the impeachment trial happens where. in the Senate, where they two thirds vote, meaning they would need. significant numbers of Republicans to vote with the Democrats to get the president office in an impeachment trial and to set it for? They don't have anywhere close to that therein. listen to me, zero euro chance unless something major surfaces that Donald Trump Rob a bank or something there is zero chance which isn't gonna happen. Zero chance the president is going to be removed from office. Now Does the panic moves this week start to make sense the demo, rats were hoping.
when some seats in the Senate and take back the majority, so at least stay not a chance and impeachment Trop. They lie our the trial is dead? Why someone in a crime you with a crime which is essentially what an impeachment trial is. You will never ever get a conviction for remember they lose going back to the well again, for impeachment is a debt issue. Politically speaking, it's not gonna happen. Panic, makes sense now put this to stories together, the Clinton trade is not good news. It could be, they could be. Let me, let me believe, look, I'm sorry, I don't mean to put any or insert asterisks in there. I don't like the cabin my own stuff, I'm hearing, It's not good news and I am leaning heavily in that direction. There's a small possibility that it is an effort
any new Whittaker era to go get something done. I don't think so I don't think so. And the reason I don't think so, is again. They already had the documents thou I'm up Let it get this because in a more angles here, such as that is such that they already had to die. Why rate a house you already have the stuff on it? Has to do what descended Intel commit put that tax. I won't forget this. Put the stories together. Now why these moves he's, a panic moves are all coming the same time. When seats in the Senate, impeachment is now off the table, at least in the trial they can still impeach in the house because they, but member the trial happens in the set, and, secondly, Bob Mahler and Democrats and liberals and swamp gradual, probably familiar which going out with the Mueller proper starting to realise right now that they have absolutely nothing
The Kohen panic move is evidence of it Cohen plead guilty to work. Lying turbines about when discussions of a real estate deal in Moscow ended. Ladies and gentlemen, why common even lied about that? Have no idea? It's not illegal for an international real estate business man like Donald Trump to do what show in turn national real estate, there's nothing illegal, bought or even a white collar and lied about it. Makes no sense. They ve got nothing now mockery. The Anti Mccarthy in his brilliant national review peace points out. Another fly here, I'm she's we byword than at the end Hardly peace talks about not plead guilty of the conspiracy. Remember that but he is yet plead guilty to the conspiracy when you're a federal agent. You need that to happen so that everyone else who sent the signal. We know what happened. Nobody because it didn't happen now what's put guilty to it, but We're in York is another great peace and has shown that a really good. Please read them, but you know that calm, Roma Melis, please
Erin York is another good peace. What happened a prob? What happened a prompt? He progress What are you talking about, ladies and gentlemen, the dossier. Which was used by the deep state operators here, the FBI and the Department of Justice. The fake does yea paid for by Hillary Clinton, which had all this salacious unverified information, Donald Trump, which Jim call me acknowledge with salacious and unverified? Do you understand dossiers the basis of this entire operation to take down tromp. Listen to me if the dossier: a falls apart, the FBI, in the OJ at some point are going to have technology spied on the Trump team based on nothing but gossip that's been debar. Ok, you already know that that simple step Jim call me desperately need some components of the dossier to be true, something anything Why? Because, let's
back to how I started the show. I refuse me Bob Mahler needed at least some component of it to be true. Call me too. Mahler needs to be true because he needs to keep the collusion fairytale alive, the collusion, Fairytale is summed up in the dossier he needs some of it give it to be true, why? Let's go back, The beginning in the shower, I said what is Bob Mothers Job Bob, whose job is to make the quaint? oh scandalous stuff, go away to preserve the rep mutation of the Justice Department, any FBI, if Bob Mahler can confer Even a single scintilla of evidence about that dossier that blockades trump and a conspiracy even a little bit. What can he say? Job well Greece, this part, was true the rest wasn't But it was an honest mistake why Your job is that he sent his lawyer Michael Call- and I address this in my speech by.
Because, as Byron your points out a key component of the dossier fairy tale about our evil trump conspired to win the election Joe, is that he's and his lawyer, my We'll call- and I address this in my speech by the way- to prague- to cut a deal with texts. Both the steel Heller, Hilary email in exchange for cash. Now, That would be a serious. That would be very serious if done trumps lawyer during the campaign, Michael Cohen, did that went to pray, to arrange for a computer theft and payments first ever stolen information. I got news for you maybe in real trouble. What's the problem, Joe, it's It didn't happen, Ladys and jets. It didn't happen Poland has vigorously deny this. Now. Let me that doubt as Europe. Peace makes sense. If Michael Cohen is now cooperating with the mother team, which we know he is why, in the play deal is an acknowledgement that Michael Cohen went to prison
and engaged in collusion with the Tec, I'd still Hilary females, they got state do it? That's it. The dossier. Ladies and gentlemen, the key component of the dossiers calling for another males, plead guilty to that matter. Fact, as far as we know, he has vigorously denied this to this day and not a scintilla of evidence is surface to say otherwise, in other words, Bob Mahler now is in desperation time, because he realizes the entire dossier is complete, crap and cannot be verified he needs to shut this guy down Cohen. because the whole collusion case revolves around calling making this deal in Prague. Where he's ever been. Now again you understanding the panic mode this week. Why this could we the man afford Assad story which is looking like garbage, because when we get this guy you court
all and everyone around him after losing the Senate, realizing impeachment isn't on the table and real I think the DAS complete garbage desperately in clean up mode? Now there is some kind of a horse trade going on What clean up the mess and damage the people excuse and do damage to the Trump argument they ve got a somehow make key evidence disappear. Or at least get and under their customs now a horse trade right where Donald Trump and his team Trying to clean out the swamp are going to be looking for legal or political accountability, or both on the side of the Obama quit the team who went after him. Joe, do you think tat myths about uranium. One pillory the UN's role, when approving the uranium one contracts to celebrate uranium through the Russians fibre, four thousand dollars played to the current Clinton Foundation to Bill Clinton for speaking fee paid by a ban,
involving the iranian once. So you think these could be damaging documents and a horse trade, though I think you so don't you show who would want custody of them today, J and FBI, which understands it had a role in making a lot of this stuff go away when they knew what was happening, because who was the FBI director during the uranium one thing Ma Bawler Bobby am Waller. But better guy to bring in as a special council to clean up the the OJ, FBI's air, quotes reputation by keep the attention on he on the odd trump, a guy who's reputation would be tarnished if he allowed people to tell the truth most perfect. For this. By the way, who is the United States attorney
on the precursor to the uranium one case: the tenets case where the EP, I inform and said that they listened with in engagements uranium sales with people process, uranium sales, and I gotta tell you. I've got information here that the Russians are helping the Iranians bill. They knew your programme, despite the fact that the Iranians are say and are not trying to build a nuclear programme and they want- and I ran deal with us where their nukes- who is the United States attorney innocuous all right rose and started yet a deputy attorney general, and I'm not sure if you do that- and many of you do, but the liberals, of course ignore that they have ever the incentive, the players at the Justice Department FBI. Now to bury this now, let me read you further from the daily collar peace. let's get back to the rate, but I needed to explain it to you, if you don't understand that the rest,
story doesn't make a lot of sense, so the operating three years they did their taken about the thirty thousand feet. What I'm trying to tell you right now is all this stuff. That's happening to swedish being portrayed by the media's devastating for tromp. I'm telling you! I think, seven devastating for the Mahler team, I think it's panic time they are. There still have to show down Cohen because calling cannot authenticated ass. He ate the dossiers, the whole case for the F B, I d o J. If the dossier falls apart, someone's gonna have to admit they spied on Donald Trump, when no evidence Mahler noses they, shut Cohen down somehow, anyhow, desperately call it Bob now. Mahler desperate to tell a story. He's not gonna be able to impose Finch implicate shop in criminal activity, to keep everybody shut down and is keep for anti eighteen leverage in a hoarse trade Mahler needs to write a story story, is going to be very bad for trumped up a politically because its top I bought mother. Ladies gentlemen, I dont think Trump as any criminal liability in here at all a nun manufacture. I think,
going to be. I say it's gotta be better because can be written by Mahler. Don't take this the wrong way Do you understand he needs that as leverage in a hoarse trade, because Donald Trump knows about everything. I'm telling you Molly role as the FBI, director and uranium one rod roses: tides role as the lead prosecutor, broad rosans, tides role in signing the fine words he understands. All of this Mahler needs leverage mothers average is the report that's gonna, be given to Congress for an impeachment proceeding and impeachment proceeding. May talk was likely before the mid terms when they thought they could pick up a few seats in the Senate and in peace, proceeding now in the Senate? That looks like a dead end, so now mothers only leverage its impeachment anymore folksy candidate, the president, do you want this? Joe please tell me you get this globally. Leverage by Mahler is a really awful horrible report. Written would all kinds of innuendo and nonsense to make the president look bad did Emma Jane politically, so what happens show so he does
get reelected twenty twenty, because impeachment is now after TAT, the idea and to sweep every else under the rug, and I think this Clinton raid is an effort by the bureau to get a hold all of this damaging information. Get it in House get custody of. And make sure this never sees the light of day. I'm gonna tell you more about it. The second, why? Why think? That's true I to show my lot. Javert Joe here a guy. I know what it shows go. Well, when you buy tilted headed We, the people, authors, we the people Allister's. They are the best holsters out their custom made. We, the people holsters they are beautiful. These are gorgeous also Caesar, not those off the shelf. sighed the pants things you get it though the the cop shop with above store not honour. These are custom made precision caught pollsters precursor person, cisely cut for the fire on you have now, they have enormous selection of variety for it, models, hangs in and by the weather, putting out new models all the time and new design. They have.
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sure policies the daily caller Kane Keynes, the informed by the way the whistle Blowers House was rated further told the The aid that potentially damaging classified information had been properly transmitted to the Senate and the house. Intel committees as permitted under the at his lawyer said: the agent immediately directed his ages to begin a sweep of the suburban home anyway process that a whistle blowers who voluntarily turned over damaging information about the Clinton Foundation, the uranium one deal its Mahler and roses, tighter involved in a whistle blower tells the the guy at his house or woman? We know there is a who The FBI agent, hey, I'm a whistle blower already given this stuff over and stuff, is potentially damaging stuff and they re this house anyway. I don't have to tell you were facing a major threat, big frightened at it David came again inform and promptly handed over. The documents is lawyer, told the daily collar, yet even after
surrendering the information to the FBI. The agents continue to rummage through the home for six hours happened in Maryland Joe by you. After scale, getting my approval to do so. D, O J, Ai G, Michael Horowitz, had a member of his staff physically take missed, Keynes classified documents. Disclosure to the house, and Senate Intel committees the info its lawyer told the daily caller white is a better does that matter Let's walk through this again early. This raid, I do not think, is a good thing. It's an effort to Hoover up all this stuff and make it go away, descended into our committee, so Worthing lawyer for this informal sayings informant who has formation and it for who has damaging information, but the Clinton Foundation, uranium, one and the uranium one deal which Bob Mahler and roses. Die were heavily involved in rod roses size, a prosecuting attorney this in full,
returned over information through the I e g, the lawyer, the specific point to say this, who gives it to this I didn't tell committee chose the Senate in calculating. Let's go The senator took me all this same Senate Intel Committee who had this. Therefore James Wolf. Who is alleged in the charging documents to have leaked significance and negative information to the media about the Pfizer warrant. Neutral probe trump was alleged to have lied about it about, since it least of media that was specifically when he was charged with since the same committee. This committee, Senator Mark Warner, Democrat sits on who is told you during this week shows is tax thing with lobbyist for Russian connected the Putin about setting up meetings. We Christopher Steel, who worked for Hillary Clinton, listen process process this. This gets complicated, but it's nice.
It's an effort by people involved in this scheme from day one to target trump and leaked to the press. give dossier information? That's not true! It is an effort to make all this go away, follow, follow the yellow you to eyes the f b I d o J, the inspector general, has information already at a whistle our negative info on couldn't foundation. They re is house anyway the lawyer makes a point to say: hey this, formation was already turned over the Senate Intel Committee? All you made the same committee that has a member actively communicating with lobbyists. Who is the condom between the Russians and Hillary Clinton, opposition researcher, Christopher steal. You mean that lobbyists, so the lobbyists
Who clearly knows the main players who produce this dossier on Donald Trump is communicating what a guy Undecided Intel Committee, whose aware of negative information out there about the Clinton information here? How do we know because the lawyer for their informal says it hey the Senate, Intel Committee has this info ready. the lawyer knows what he sent? In other words, the Senator Tell Committee, that has a known weaker, whose criminally charged. This tell committee that has a known Democrats senator whose communicating with the major players in the dossier scandal descent committee is also aware, Joe of leaked information, horrendously damaging the Hilary. Clayton ROD, roses started Mahler and all of a sudden disguise house gets raided. Why.
now that the tree guys have an interesting theory. I wanna put it how does a theory stairs and but it makes some kind of sense. I'm gonna give you both sides of this first. What's going on, I believe, by the way again, that this is a clean up operation again to get cold that information, but I just want to put put together some. Their stuff years well thereon The two possible scenarios, I'm home, being what I told you is wrong that this is a cover up. Let me give you the other scenario first, this is this. This I've heard from some people as well. I'm not sure I put much credibility at them theory out there, that this is Huber that John Huber, the United States attorney who's been charged with investigating a lot of this Clinton malfeasance that Huber may be closing in on a bad guy in the clinic is, I hope, that's right. But let me just say that here
We're being called to testify December fifth, in front of a congressional committee is not a good sign, so we have to alternate theory, The raid on the Collective Foundation informant is either Good thing cause they're closing in on the job show or the theory. I've been guiding you down the path, the entire time that this is a good thing that this is a raid to make all this go away to keep it for me about horse trade players on the sidelines or at least the mare custody. Here's why I think the rate is a good thing. Theory that hubris closing the couldn't foundations garbage mark meadows, who was a bulldog who is a absolutely terrific congressmen from North Carolina really like metals, alot, meadows and Jim Jordan have been on this case from day one. They are obviously being members of Congress. We clearances read in on the intimate details what's going on the Morrow
Scam, the Pfizer scam, this whole thing, meadows is the one who wants Huber the union it states attorney charge by the Justice Department with investigating this Clinton foundation. He met Hilary email scandal, malfeasance meadows, whose on our side, is all in Cuba up to the hill on December. Fifth,. Ladies and gentlemen, why would meadows do that? If you was closing. It think folks think for a second just think, like a federal agent right. Let's say the United States Attorney Huber. Is we closing it, and this raid is the end game and all these people are going to go down for what we know is massive government wide corruption. You think meadows wouldn't know that I would meadow- is one a signal that everybody involved in a public hearing on December. Fifth: hey a capture,
men? Who does that? Who does that? Listen to meadows is not stupid. There are many members of Congress whom I met. Some are actually pretty dumb marks, not one of them. The reason meadows is calling Huber up. There is to put uber on the hot seat and ask them what the hell is going on. Meadows, is on our side. He's a lead white? Had these, good guy. In this. Why is meadows calling up the EU attorney assignment investigating Hillary Clinton. Scrap he's not doing it. kuipers, knocking out of the park its clear. This day. Now that he's doing it, because you You know what the heck are you doing. It's obvious
it's also obvious, based on the lawyer statements for the informant who carefully mentions that the information was turned over to the Senate Intel Committee, which we know has been corrupted, we have one, We are dealing with the pillory up all researchers and a dossier dealers on text. we have a staff for over their arrest. Being prosecuted for lying about leaking. This I didn't tell committee has been covering this whole thing up and electrically leaking negative information about Europe. Now, if the Senate, Tell Committee has this they sent for. issue about the Hillary Clinton team in a negative information the uranium one case Joe? Why hasn't that? We now seriously I'm asking: why do you, think. Why do you think the negative information about Hilary hasn't leaked from the Senate is not a trick up from the Senate
Tell Committee, but the negative information about Trump. Has we don't have the pressure on our side Thank you are the sedative Tell Committee re fall over applicant swap rats do and rhinos wait, hate, Donald Trump, yes, you're right. All the press is a big part of it too. press those want to run their give stories like dad about. They want to attack Donald Trump. And the rhinos and Democrats habit endless source of leaks through this, therefore, to damage trump Why the lawyer, in this terribly collar peace for the informant on equipped in case the whistle blower is like airy are weak waken. The Senate committee already has the stuff. why read my clients house again because they want it in FBI custody because there clearly looking to make this stuff go away. Don't peace, price for a second, if, on December, fifth, if
Nah Huber shows up for this hearing and it in an Some of this testimony makes it out there that you see meadows and am asked questions about this. What does that rate about? What would we looking for? Exactly hoaxes is devastating stuff Now there is one other possibility so again I just laid out in the beginning why? I think this is a Hoover operation. General information Hoover it up, make it go away. Theory number two is always actually evidence of. In closing in on the Collins. I doubt that there another kind of hybrid theory going on here- the hybrid theory is it this is the FBI versus the I director, General Michael Horowitz, has done a decent job. So far his report, Andy the fees instantly in the car
spire hurricane case. I sees me on the Clinton and email case- was not as slammed dunk offer liberals as they thought it was not. If you actually read the report, which I am sure none of them did the theory floating around out there The eye we had Joe has its negative information about the quotas. How do we know that? Because it's in the past that the whistle blower said he gave the information to the eye. G Michael are with this. The government internal affairs guy who is in charge of getting to the bottom of all this garbage there is up us here that Horwitz, who does prosecutor, your power, he needs the United States attorney to convene a grand jury, and all of that there is a possibility here at the ideas, uncovered significantly damaging information about the coincidence, the uranium one deal and cry fire hurricane is about the issue his report, but the FBI.
who has the power as well to go out and get the same information once they get a hold of it first, so that they can start to prepare their defence. You dig. The idea is not work for the FBI, he's the equipped of an internal affairs officer for the United States government? He is Thus, the gaiety me FBI. There is a and he's indicated at the end of the report. If you paid attention that he could not eliminate political bias, bears guy, an airline What in trouble. Now barber Horwitz is investigating the email, scandal and crossfire hurricane he's already. written, a report on the EU side, what the hell stop and he's index at the end of the report. If you paid attention that he could not eliminate political bias as a reason for shuttling, they Hilary email investigation in favour of an investigation into Donald Trump. Despite the fact there was no evidence, he's already wrote, tat no report written that choose me in a report.
it's already in his report. He said toward the issue, another report soon about FBI malfeasance about the crossfire hurricane debacle, the investigation, the Trump there is, This thing possibility that the FBI knows how damaging this report is: gonna, be in a department of justice, some kind of he's in Theory- one is not necessarily in conflict, but it's say it's a hybrid, because I want to leave you with. The good news is because there may actually be some good guys in this, unlike story number one, whether all try to make this go away. Horowitz report may be damning and Euro may be involved in this search warrant to get a hold of that information to at least be able to mount the Defence that, makes sense, show they need? the information that what there Mobility is innocent and department of Justice, so why we for her. You know why. Ferrar, which reports let's go get any. There may be metaphors. You may say:
then they already have it because they turned it over the Senate, Intel Committee yeah, but the pure It may be so terrified with this guy. Has this whistle blower that that's? Why? In other words, if you read the report, they say he while I gave him the stuff, I gave the inspector general and you notice it says in their job, but they spent search for hours at the house. Look for more womb debut Oh may have this information probably does because I've been leaked from Senator token many people and probably looking to determine the scope of information. This guy really possesses causes potentially very damaging folks putting out there I'm giving you a wide variety of information. I want you to make it form decision yourself. The show no supply this together, but, things I'm using two buttress. My opinions on this are all fact. This is wrap it up here. These are panic. Moves as clear as day impeachment result. Gonna happen. We won back the Senate. Trumped gave us
just to the Mahler, probably clearly what what we were. Not what mother wanted mother its hoping man, a fort, would work out and admit exclusion, he didn't, he was held of course he would work out and admit that works collusion with Wikileaks. He did he was held stone would work out to meet. There was collusion, Roger Stone, he did finally, on a whole was Michael Cohen, he's gonna. I'm calling either now we need to shut I went down because Corwin knows a key piece of the dossier that makes a true or false to strip the Prague is false. How does cover know that, because Cohen ever went abroad, so we forces We need to apply the shots this guy down. These are panic moves, but I've gotta still pump. Nothing so now. What does he do now? needs to write a report because he Not going to have any indicted ball charges, but the report to be politically damaging. He's gonna, say pop as much negative. Our trump did a deal in Russia that negative information. So what? Whereas it is something illegal about that this report,
it's gonna be politically damaging, as mothers purpose now is clearly to get Trump enough political damage. Don T him during the Democrat primary sees that the report will be fodder for watch out twenty plus Democrat. Candidates running for office. You can use a daily against Trump. These are panic. Moves. Finally, on the Clinton Foundation, this raid- I don't think it's good news folks. I think it's a bureau. The AU effort to get their hands on really damaging. Hilary information to allow FBI, the D J and all the players involved, Rosen Stein, modern everyone else to crafted defence, because They must understand that the idea has it bad stuff. That's our idolatrous also bought you by your buddies, a brick house nutrition. One of my favorite favorite products at the right now is foundation.
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You been in the radio possess a long time. I can you buy knowledge at some radio house off the air quietly hate each other do I gotta get out of here it happens all the time mud vertically. More than you know, I can tell What place I worked right. No, they hate each other cuz. I was there. Joe, and I are legit friends like this. This is real and then he said I have friends too, and I find it touching that you felt the need to mention actors. Denise did the same thing to me yesterday and they, which I was talking about, because I think self, praise thanks and I never I tried it never bring up my own stuff because I hate it. Hey. When radio has caused, it opened a wonderful. They are looking to have some kind of aid, but I did not tell Joe to say that so yesterday, I was in the middle of doing my energy tv show and what happened. It came over from the Donald Trump Account which the whole world minors saying go out:
I d bungee knows new book. It's great he's what it is like a brave guy or Somethin Larry's he's a strong warrior for the cause, or something like I feel smart is smart. Yet I said right, I mister president. I mean it through. I know people in your tea may I listen show I sincerely from the bottom my heart. I really deeply appreciate that it is a great honour to have the president states recognise your book on Twitter and I shall the powers twitter account. We drop down to eighteen on Amazon, which is really really I mean the eighteenth bozo book on Amazon in their country during Christmas season, and by season. Thank you. I didn't expect it. I I'd I'd. God got a little, but a wind of it before going to come out, but I expected when it did- and I was like while thank you. So thank you for Mentioning- show you're good man,
I have my career depends on Europe a rear. So thank you leave your married together. I mean outside of my wife, Paula. I don't. They got another guy tucked into a more by the way, on a personal note that they get off track, but so we were Paul is always a key figure in the shy bring Europe every day there was a little innuendo yesterday, I think show corridor to politicians like that. You say that the army- yes, I did so You like to know like Paula is, as all my instagram. If you want to see what we look like most of you know what I look like, but I put a great picture that was taken at the breakers right. After that viral speech, I did, and it's really she's a stunner and comments are amazing. Every comments about her not about me like you may it up. So I go check it out. I'm at Durban GINO just like my Twitter on Instagram. So if you want to see what we always like to beauty in the beast baby it s. Big time is at Joe HANS with a Z. One so make sure you follow him you can see. Is new Elvis he's got a nice lookin avatar that tourism abated beggar
our final story, the David, it's an important one, daily collar- just bring it about- totally brigadier heat had this exclusive, of course about the FBI raid, which again is not good news ability, but they had another story, somehow got their heads, Joe on AID Davis, faded group of email chains. I read this like no way than he rally from Cassiar TV always tells me enough W, which stands for no freakin way It got their hands on an email chain indicating that Google at a minimum and data daily call. It doesn't get engaged and hyper, even though it affected them and hyperbolic languishing to peace at a minimum income. It's the insignificant, detailed email conversations about how to suppress, can servitude, content on their search engine. Now, that's it
breaking news to us that that the Google and these left wing companies like Twitter and Facebook in these other social media meat has. It is not break on you. it thereby sagacious. Our german I've been talking about it all week or stand. We know it, but happens shall, when we say stuff like that, the liberal, books and the media loony tunes come out and say what gives Berger all crazy conspiracy, while well the daily collar who, between Luke Rosy ACT and Shock Ross and is richer Pollack guy These guys are binoculars out of the park and I've been beating the mainstream media to just about every breaking the whose story rosiak broke them. Pakistan, any idea gaze. They had shock Ross Bro the staff and how are they escape? Pollack comes out yesterday with this bombshell about the Clinton Foundation Whistleblower raid, they got in else. Google exact you gotta read the emails from there. postulating about various ways to kind of suppressed, Right board and the daily caller stories from
peering insignificant search results. One guy says we were just like bloggers, their bloggers, so you tell reach across the story about the fine helper, this these in budgets ass it using etc. That that's made up what's lot better put their blood illicit teachers. Can cept the fact that the mainstream media is dead. Editor gettin pizza, religiously by people at the daily collar who just put their shoes on and just work harder. If a try absolutely crazy that they can control the narrative anymore. You gotta read them now. we fair to Google and a peace. It's papers, imposts. I represent the email chain in a way that its damning don't get me wrong, but there is apparently one liberal there and I that because he acknowledges and email Cheney's Hillary Clinton support. I'm not you know trying to disparage a guy, but one Liberals and executive, a Google who said, hey, listen guys! This is a really bad idea,
I'm not a Hilary. I mean I'm a Hilary supporter, but this could backfire on a spectacularly. so I want to be clear and stood. It doesn't appear from the email chain. This was ever strictly implemented, I'm not giving Google it out. They did a lot of dumb things like that ridiculous fact. Checking thing they did. That was already fact checking conservatives getting all the facts are there Google does a lot of stupid stuff. The point is: did it happen at one of the world's most powerful richest companies lobby massively the government we elect that has power over us that there was actual conversation about in the new public square, which is what Google is of shutting down opinions that contradicted anything. Liberals had a say and almost accepted little liberal, your liberal newspapers, as fact its devastating read the peace shown today are awesome. Please read a lot of daily college them. One final storage zone. We got two minutes left and its
port and remain who gets? What are we anti poster who does great work. Had a piece in the Wall Street Journal, which is in yesterday's shown us, it may be subscription only I'm not sure, but yesterday show notes, show number was yes, eight, sixty one, I'm not gonna put get interest shown. Us is one articles, but if you want to read you can try, think it subscription only forgive me, but you may sometimes you get a free couple links before they charge it's worth. Your time the red. It, though I'm in a sum up for you what it says it is A damning piece about stopping the nonsense about the Obama economy being comparable, trop economy- it's not it is I'm just gonna give you some numbers and facts and data in a minute. Thirty seconds battle entirely to puncture, liberal friends, nonsense above the Tropic great economy, stop making it up. You look like an idiot. The average Rick every after a recession based a number of the american history depression. Recession. Recovery is three to four percent Obama's
every two thousand nine afterwards. Two point: two percent to six Orders, the last six corridors are aware of our Brok Obama's presidency, the last six fiscal quarters, meaning three months time: six Obama's growth rate, one point: five percent its first six corridors, three percent one point: five: three Donald Trump: double that just a fact. Folks, I know that's hard for you, liberals at their Donald first year in office, looks he's going to he's going to average three percent growth. That's the first time that's happened since two thousand and five yep, two thousand and five of openings under Trump over the last twenty one months: seventy five thousand a month, of openings for good measure, jobs being created, Brok, Obama, nine hundred. Employed Americans up two hundred fourteen thousand a month of unless twenty one months of the Donald Trump under Barack less twenty one months hundred fifty seventh ass, a full time workers,
Two hundred seventeen thousand amount than their Donald Trump, other Obama hundred forty eight thousand about my weekly earnings. Of two dollars and thirty one cent, since the tax cuts less fumes, thunder Obama a dollar thirty one about. Finally, unemployment, no less twenty one months down twenty three percent down: twenty three percent of the trap only decrease thirteen percent and the robot as tribes, no good. I know facts and data were hard and your schools are very thick, but you may want to let that sink. It I dance like Nelson must sorry rhythm Mr president, yesterday shone out TAT printed highlighted for Europe Ro France. They keep put not this dietetic isolationist Susan powder, stop the inside You're right! Stop financing! upon his economy stock, just admit folks you get recruited in Greece, the show notes today. Thank you for all purchases at the charm store they all
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They said you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.