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Ep. 863 It’s About to Hit the Fan

2018-12-03 | 🔗
Summary:In this episode I address the scandalous connections between the players in the Uranium One scandal and the recent actions by the Mueller witch-hunt team. This show ties it all together. Don’t miss it. News Picks: Is the DOJ finally closing in on the Clinton Foundation network?   This Jeff Carlson piece is more evidence that something big is going down.   This older piece from John Solomon sums up the Uranium One scandal.   Why isn’t the DOJ focusing on Clinton collusion?    Geraldo and I had a fiery debate over immigration where I asked this one simple question.   Here’s another accomplishment Barack Obama is disingenuously taking credit for.    Why was Rod Rosenstein informed of the Michael Cohen plea deal before the acting attorney general?   John Solomon’s piece points out the odd circumstances surrounding the entire probe into the Trump team.    Is our government spending problem going to become your problem soon?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, no boy, it's gotta be a big news day today, I'm glad you're here, don't worry. I am going to get the horse. why there's on and refocus everybody's attention straight ahead the media is trying to distract you in the crab, thereby GINO show producer Joe how're. You did a happy day. It's Monday Dan, oh yeah, it's gotta get around here. You're gonna have to listen to this show twice, because I think we have finally figured most of this out. I spent the whole week and work one quick note before we gets The media is desperate. The cover up. What's going on in Paris right now, folks unrelated to disturb me to talk about today, Paris, there are massive protests and riots going on in Paris. Right now. we're a gas tax. It's a Ex riot mud. As my friend,
They are a counter Joe knows and pointed out on Twitter, its hysterical. How CNN covers this? These people are so desperate to get that now If not the story at the CNN covered a job as Iraq it over rising fuel prices rise, fuel prices have been going down. Do you not follow the news fuel prices are in the can oils that, like fifty dollars or below a barrel. Did you media idiot, sincere and miss this? It has nothing to do with jokes rising fuel prices, this has everything to do everything to do with government taxes on fuel. You idiots, oh, my god, I get so sick of these people and a narrative. The narrative just tell the truth. man alive. As would say it's just ridiculous. It's a protest over tax, as you knuckle adds man. I got to permit a blow your mind.
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so whistle disguise last name is came if this guy came Miss became was a whistle blower, in other words providing information through the inspector general, the government, internal Affairs Guy, Michael Horwitz, right and horror, which is investigating the Clinton foundation. This is a good thing job, because a lot of have been concerned about corruption within the Clinton foundation. Why I would you re his house now? I've had a number of conversations with people. I respect greatly. I have a slight difference of opinion with fewer them, but I've been at this. weekend and on Friday night trying. To sum up and get inside my head here from a federal agents perspective. Why? You would do that job. If you are correct breaking with the government on an investigation in right and giving up information on the Clinton Foundation and potential law. You know alleged money laundering or or corrupt activities. Right now do you.
Would you wouldn't I mean the way to ingratiate yourself with a whistle blowers. Providing information freely is probably to do what you probably not to rate is house right, probably not anything right just witnessed guessing that show, and I have not been the subject that knock on would tactfully of an FBI re chosen. I cannot his skull, that's not good, but whatever we gotta get your point. The way to a great show yourself to whistle blowers who are helping. You provide evidence that the case is not to read their house. What am I getting up? There's Q Jeff! theories going on right now, but I don't think they are mutually exclusive. I think both I kind of missing this fight. What theory going on right now is that this is a good thing. This is a map up operation they're. Putting the bow on the their wrapping up the gift that they're ready to present to the OJ to prosecute, take down the Clinton foundation. Now, I just told you why? So are we clearer one hears the leap? There are two
theories going on. I think I I I think I figured again, I don't think their separate, but there's kind of this Fight going autumn looks very, very smart people. I want to be clear on this. I have a lot of respect for I don't just giving you my opinion- and they are very respectful of me too, but I don't I some of them are missing. It free number one, and I a post one of these pieces of it the shown, also uranium, all you see all the different perspective. Please read: the assurance is again, this is a good thing. It's a map up operation and it's just designed to kind of say, get chain custody down on the FBI and their evidence against the Clinton Foundation and get the original evidence night. Our rights, I want to explain that, because it's not entirely illogical. There is clearly something going on right now within the government. John Solomon appeared on Hannity show on Friday night, we'll be on again tonight with Miss. Mr Kane will be on tonight a word, the whistleblowers. Well inanity, do not.
This shop at nine o clock weaken it I do not miss Hannity tonight- trust me on this. One listen to this show and I go listen. I had any tonight at nine o clock it and who make sense, There is clearly something going on it accountant, foundations of theory one is they went to the Skies House to get the evidence to have kind of good solid chain custody have the original evidence. Have the guy's documents that explaining this briefly The theory is that the guy turned over copies of these Doc indicating that was corruption within the Clinton Foundation, the quit sphere and the uranium one case topic that the FBI rights f. I went to the house to get the originals Here's why I have a little bit of an issue with that theory. If you look at the lawyers statement for the whistle blower, the lawyer for the whistleblowers he's not happy about what happened. So if Europe,
so blower and you're just involved in a chain of custody thing and turning over voluntarily information number one. Why would there be a search warrant? You would need a search warrant. Remember in the federal for me to get evidence? If I want to get evidence from John investigating Joe for bank robbery there's a couple ways, I can do it consent, in other words, if Joe the bank with a knife and Joe says: ok, I'm gonna cooperates I turn for the knife, Joe, you can saw its call consent, theirs. thing illegal about that? If Joe gives consent for me to take evidence, I can t, I don't need a warrant. Does everybody understand that consent is? exception to this evidence rules the gathering. Evidence, rules So I found so I'm not saying in precise legally I'm trying to make it easier to understand. That's good government just keep going Jos House and take evidence. They need a warrant, but there are exceptions there's an upper pursued pursuit exception, if they chased someone chases Joe into the house, because he just tried to kidnap a child
in the process of chasing Joe in the house. He sees a bunch of drugs. You don't have to turn that away. There's a vehicle exe, option because of the mobility of it, I'm it's not illegal, I'm just trying to say through exceptions, but the consent. One is a big one when you're a cop in the street or a federal agent. If a subject agrees to turn it over a you can just take it. So my point here is. Why go get a search warrant? If this guy is a whistle blower and it already agreed by consent. You tracking me on the cost for the ombudsman, since I won't be here. If the audience needs you today more than ever, if the guy already consented to turn over key evidence and couldn't foundation case. The whistle blower came, then why? how would the f b I go, get a search warrant hit his door and why would his lawyer be extra super pissed off in a statement he put out there?
I'm knocking anybody else and all these are brilliant people and if you read my stuff and if the only reason I'm not naming names cuz, I don't want people to take any of this. The wrong way. I'm not pretending to be the mastermind of the people, have done great, can, I posted there, articles for you to review independently just suggesting giving my experience. This is what I believe I offer you at the table. I don't mean it in a pat myself on the back way. In my experience, you don't hit a door with a search warrant on a cooperative there's no need to make. So since no none nice consented to give you the infant. The eye it doesn't make sense he's give. The evidence, why would you It is door search more why but his lawyer be upset. So that's why I dont believe theory number one that this is a good thing, Joe, in other words the FBI B Cross the tease and dotting the eyes. I don't pull so that is absolutely correct, don't believe it's absolutely wrong either I get to that effect.
Let me give you your hearing to ok, good news. Hey on me, brother cause. I need you now. Ok theory virtue- which what I put out on friday- and I give you a hybrid theory- is that this is a really bad thing- show that people in me FBI understand that this Clayton Foundation whistleblower knows things about FBI in the corruption in the in the iranian one deal, and this was an for the hit his house to get custody the information themselves, so they have some of an idea about what's going on when their hit to it. Some people email me over the weekend fairly enough lawyers and a lot of smart people. I read your feedback. sit down that doesn't make sense? Were you suggesting that the FBI so justly theory? Number two is the f B. I, this is a cover up operation, Leary number one, the Clinton's or in a word, trouble the FBI's, got them and just get me evidence therein We're too is the f B. I hit the house to make the evidence go by buying ghost it that
not what I was suggesting on Friday, the FBI, the men and women there are not gonna. Do I know it, they are not going. You can't, ladies and gentlemen, no do conspiracy, theory jump the FBI. I think at the at that level. It's a search. What's not a clandestine warrant. Everybody knows you can go, read the document yourself, there's no way they're gonna hit a house and to make all the evidence disappear from our government. Whistleblower peace discussion go, go pay stole my stuff at in someone's gotta put it afore, you and say: hey FBI, where the evidence you collected from mouth or we can collect anything, the copper whistle we're gonna say no. They did they hit my house. Here's the war now about you tracking. Yeah. I was not suggesting the F B. I was trying to make the evidence disappear, and I might forgive me for not making that clear. I was suggesting on Friday that the FBI and the o J red level, people at the FBI, who were involved in this matter.
He aware at this point that their level of parliament in the uranium one spy gay the o scandals involving the Obama earring clinics are very bad and that somebody is closing in on them. They Are looking to probably get a look at this information independently themselves? Now. You know what I'm saying now, Sir, But you may say: well the FBI already. People in the government involved in this already have information because was a whistle blower. He gave information information was also given to the select committee on intelligence in the Senate. So in other words, What, then, why hit the house again? They already have The information to the FBI's involved in this. Why hit the again to get information already have because folks, I believe there trying to find out the scope of what this guy really knows. because he's a whistle blower, don't assumes a full blown cooperative.
Everybody's got secrets. If I was a whistle blower and I stepped off the cliff and I gave him the information air quotes, I would hold something back to cover my ass. He ass, it happens all the time, yes bingo, why is he holding back I suggest to you Friday. Was it not that the bureau is gonna win, stole the ever you kid there's folks, there's no way to do. I'm telling you it doesn't happen not at a warrant. Everybody can look at the details. Are you have to fill out a warrant return to the court? You know this now I, serve a warrant. Our Jos House for a bank robbery and say I didn't I, the lesters legitimately nothing there there's a warrant return which you have to disclose to the court. What you talk, they're gonna know what Why? Because no while I was there what's lobby Sorry about this,
in trying to suggest they were trying to make the evidence disappear there. I believe somebody's trying to get a look at what this whistle blower. Really has bingo folks now my view, the real some of you at your partners together, you like, ok, while I dont get it well. What? If you see I think one day and it's a good thing. the other hand. People are subject people suggesting on one hand it's a good thing: Clinton Foundation screwed. On the other hand, it's a bad thing they're, trying to me this case go away by sea, people, know about them. What's your hybrid theory, folks Evan, this all weekend, I'm pretty sure. I'm closing I hear so stoked about the show I so nervous about is the first time in the air and a bit nervous and while anatomy anxious like there. You can tell by my voice, I mean I saw, wants you to get what I'm saying that a terrified a second I come across David said that my wife, my poor wife,
he jumps out of the shower. That's I do we have this huge bath by Jupiter MIKE I got it. I got it folks, I There is a man, a key we're going on right now in a government. I think both of those theories are true. I think. the Clinton Foundation and the major players involved in the. In the end, the Obama administration. Were involved in a scandal bigger than any of you, and I know about now the details the backbone of the scandal, if you ve been listening to the show you already aware. I believe yes, you all should be sitting there go in is ass this finally coming. I think it is but but story number two has elements of true to a to Joe
these story? Number two is the people involved in. It are absolutely panicking right now and are doing everything they can to get their hands on every bit of information. I can so GonNA, have at some point plausible deniability, guess. They're gonna say: well, I didn't know this, guy did Kobe, did it Mackay? Didn't we didn't do it? Why? Because they are due spread to preserve the reputation of the FBI and J. I told you that was the purpose of the Mahler programme. They want to come in here and We ve all of this garbage under the rug and preserve the reputation of Department of Justice and the FBI at all costs keep the attend. But on tromp I get it parts a little confusing, but let me describe to you this fight right now. This is a Mohammed Ali Joe Frazier level fight going on right now and the fight, I believe, is best summed up by this.
Bribing it is Michael Horwitz versus Bob Mahler in the Senate, Select Committee on intelligence, Michael HOT, Which is the inspector general my a Horwitz, as you well know, was involved. It has been involved in a long and ongoing investigation into the I got an email scandal, the court, foundation. The cross our hurricane Spy Gate Debacle, Horwitz the report has been the The genesis of think about it all of this If we found out about the Clinton, our malfeasance, a lot of the text that came out between stroking page. Where did that come from that Hurwitz. This is go on for a long time. I think our wits is finally put the puzzle together and Mahler probe
yes, I see I, the Senate, Select Committee on intelligence and the Democrats in eighty chop, Republicans that were deeply involved in the spy gate disaster know exactly what's going on and there is a massive fight going on right now between these two now What's fascinating is right about that time? Tat this so blowers home is rated. Dismay common thing happens in this surprise: appearance in court, trumps, lawyer and Michael Cohen. leads to a lying to Congress charge people lie to Congo, all the time why charge Cohen well, The conservative tree ass guys pointed out this weekend, and I saw this on tv and I thought Manna hope somebody rights this up and they did a dead good for them. Conveniently time right around the time in this frame where they hit this FBI, guys house a referral, from the Senate Select Committee on intelligence. We find out this
again for mark more the Democrat on the committee, and it tells us he was the one who has been working with the Mahler probe and referred to. subject lying to Congress to the mullah propping up about this mark Warner. The democrats- with me: deepen this entire spy gate scandal texting with Lobbyists working for a Russian connected the Putin trying to connect What would Dan Jones the Feinstein staffer who's been paid by fusion GPS according to multiple reports, to keep this. ass going at the trump more. The border on the Democrat connected to ever eat this guy's, a Virginia Democrat, we're Terry Mccall of was the governor the they singly area. This guy is the centre of the deep set of corruption in the effort to take down trump He is known the impact your time, what's going on here, Brennan brief them guys aware of all of the Department of Justice, FBI, malfeasance and despite a case and is the centre piece of this whole thing. His taxes,
mysteriously, who did that we ve Tis tax, now war, her goes on face the nation this weekend and tells the young the show that there committee on intelligence, are the ones working with Bob Mahler to get thought people are. act up in charge with lying to Congress, folks or an extended select committee on intelligence that has been knee deep in this entire operation to take down trump. believe understand, understand I'm telling you all this. Why, panicking. Why are all these anti trump moves happening? Cohen, hitting Or the whistle blowers there happened because I believe they know Horwitz is about to issue a report on this or is about to refer people for charges here on the Clinton
Foundation and the massive scandal, and I are panic and in a desperate effort to get the Mahler team to do something anything to keep the should I Donald Trump at all times to do what to frighten Donald Trump away from- we're on redirecting and disclosing all of the documents in this case, exposing this massive scheme inside our government folks. This is, Thyssen Lennox Louis Massive fight going on right? It is clear as day to anybody paying attention that why I'm telling you these stories are not completely different regions, Carlson's piece of my show notes that at the epoch times read it, he talks about four distinct investigations happening at the same time, so cut Geiss. Lady sluggishness really on my tariff,
you're not gonna. Get this. I really am you're good. So far with me, you're, ok, good, we're cool I'll. Let you know the lead. Thank you, the leader, this story, the headline in by Gmos Head Michael, I will now finally has the goods, and this is about the hit the fan by that. Foundation Spy Gate, the relationship between all those everything, everything Mahler Who involved in in the new uranium won his people he knows were involved in the deal FBI effort to spy on Trump. Mahler is knee deep in all of this, just like the Senate Committee on intelligence that spend an active player in the set up of Donald Trump realises that about they hit the fan and is doing everything
they can to work with the Mahler team to keep the heat on Trump and charge. Anyone with anything so that the media keeps the attention on Trump and avoids obvious. Do not miss heard showed a night. You won't tv away. I don't care what you don't have cable go to your friends house. If you Friend, doesn't have cable, go to a bar and have put out attitude at nine, o clock, train, miss this. What are vital? you from day one folks I that kid. Are you how I know I just can tell you. I've this! I can't tell you how and why you makes sense one day when this Invitations is up as a matter of criminality. Attacker morally and ethical statute limitations and burned people. I don't do that. I have told you from the star Joe what about John Sound from now. He Oh the whole thing, folks, beyond stands the whole scandal
been slowly but surely dripping stuff out. To lead you down a path that we are fighting. We are coming to the end up and you should and this is why said, NED viral speech? Listen hoping Hillary Clinton and our team goes down all this, but I was, clear and the speech, as some of you are upset, and I mean that the three Letter people involved Brennan holder at the OJ call me. I am absolutely convinced, Some of these people are facing a serious judicial reckoning in the court system. You should be smiling a little bit today. Something is definitely happening on the cross and peace, and I want to use my thought I met them. He has for this thanked investigations, he sums up in his peace, read it there may be an interconnection here.
Between massive amounts of international money laundering. He ties these four cases together from Chicago to Deutscher bag to the whistleblowers, case to the Ferrucci case, how all These cases may be tied together to an ongoing tee. O J operation began a long time ago. You remember that, take it easy stuff, I can't I I say to you why or how I can just tell you, I'm not making this up You are so mad at me. For that taken. Is we want to see action? Do you understand complicated this cases. I think send, is onto something. that there is a massive operation happening right now to scoop up, pull involved in the laundering of money to influence people in the United States government and the uranium one case is probably at the centre of a lot of us.
big. What I'm telling you stop Is going down, It's going down hard, And the smaller and SSC I teams on the Senate and the Democrats evolve. Our panicking break as there are involved in it now. Let me explain to you why they are panicking who the players are. You know what, before I get to that of the media quick Remsen are because it's gonna take Amanda one erupt into it. You have to buy. My sponsors are very good to me and our audience. I appreciate your patients. Are great companies on today show Us brought you by bodies at I target the eye. The proposed system is the finest system out, therefore, improving your marksmanship with a firearm. Listen, we all know too things matter. If you're going to be responsible fire motor safety, safety first and proficiency God for Nirvana Self Defense scenario. You have to be able to defend yourself, which requires good proficiency in training with the fire. The problem is, it takes time
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describe to you, what I think their hiding and what com or which has uncovered so always. keep the lead. Mine go, Horwitz I believe now is closing in on this massive scandal and which is about to blow the doors off every by so he's about to expose this and as deep state folks involved, are our panicking here's. What I think he's to expose, we have they go back to uranium one and get at least a top line. Executive summary understanding of what the uranium one scandal was and why it matters in relationship to spiky any effort to shut down Donald Trump. uranium once started with an informant back in about two thousand and nine folks. What's going on. According to the allegations about uranium, one scandal is It was a russian company russian Control Company CALL Rosa Tom, it was in. Energy company, Rosa Tom.
An American, a subsidiary called tax ten x, bought into an added American portion recalled tandem. bottom line with it. I'm trying to keep this super simple Nokia is back. Is, in two thousand and nine according to inform it more reports- and I have please read this then I say that a lot, but I have John Solomons peace from last year that the sky I uranium one scandal beautifully in the shoulder it says this is an older peace, but please read it because I dont have I may give you every single small detail, but I'm gonna give you to take away the road, Tom Company, is alleged according to an informal to have been involved in a massive kick back an extortion scheme, so some point. The Russians were selling their reprocessed uranium from broken down Nuclear fuel I came to the United States and the education job better, we're charging by giving
big contracts and building in inflated price prices in its inaction, for the no big contracts to kick back money Acta Russian, russian political figures and other people involved who were profiting from it. So it must be clear. The Russians were selling us, this reprocess nuclear fuel truck and companies Everybody involved were paying inflated prices which were being used as kickbacks to other p. but were involved in this scam but Joe. When you are dealing with the amounts of money involved here and their massive, you can't do it in cash right, might be that movie American made with Tom Cruise, where the guy's a trying to launder he doesn't want to do. Is cash he's buried in the backyard he's got? Forty million in his garage is falling out of the hay barn right. Joe. What do you usually have to do with dirty money? We're gonna watch it
You gotta was known as money laundering appropriately called Marty. What you got watch. It. Let me remind you: TAT now is Jeff Carlson's peace. If you miss, must treat any epoch times today about this International money laundering, ski that all of a sudden we find about. Let's find out about this- we d, O J and german authorities- are investigating massive money. Why now does this start to make sense in their view of the world that this may be bigger than just uranium? One year may have been, in other words, according to what people are alleging, a real russian collusion scandal that involved they massive international money laundering, operation of which even the devastating facts of uranium. One may just be a small piece of the piece. O ghetto budget
a big. This could really be yes, yes, it's coming so there, If that's the state, that is in essence, what the original two thousand nine cases about. I kick back extortion scheme in a in the nuclear fuel industry for the Russians to gain influence. Now it doesn't admire. It gets worse, the dates in mind too, not just the names. this is alleged to have started back in about two thousand and nine Joe. What happens later, according to the informant, is devastating the informant alleges that the Russians that he was told from people with heavily influenced by russian officials. This is an FBI paid in form and not some Joker. He was paid meaning You ve been very european, does not pay crap informants.
This guy was a legitimate, informant. the allegations from me inform our deeply troubling, and I want to highlight two of them: critic Take a for you to understand again what this Harwood smaller fight is about of. Horowitz exposes this. They did o J and the FBI who ignored a lot of this are gonna be finished, at least that the upper levels. Critical allegation number one in the uranium one case. That the Russians were pay in a firm called app called and, let me be clear, app called denies any involvement. I want to give them their fair share too. I'm telling you what the informer said, but the allegation from the above Is that the Russians paid app go this firm together involved in these uranium. One negotiations, while simultaneously providing in kind support to the Clinton Foundation, in other words, the Russians,
we're paying a firm according to the allegations that Also helping out for free in kind, the Clinton Foundation for all kinds of consulting and and and legal type services, consulting services. so, in other words, what the guy saying is the Russian we're trying to influence the Clinton's would free stuff. You got that a denies that, but that's the allegation from the informal you can read it yourself in the report. We'll see where that God legation number two number when number one Russian heavy influence involve and they wanted to invite they wanted to influence the collected, The number two is unbelievable. are you listening to show you know about this already put his worth repeating today, because I'm telling you this is national. It's the fan dead. The conveniently today, before my birthday to us. Allegation. Number two is that the Russians were try.
To get hold of are uranium for two reasons: to become International Energy players in the nuclear fuel industry. Given the fact that the oil prices were so volatile, but secondly,. that the Russians were quietly helping the year, I radiance the Iranians Bill nuclear programme and nuclear infrastructure. The Iranians, who clearly want to build a nuclear weapon in an effort to at least at a minimum, have some defensive or offensive capabilities against the United States who won The rush the allegations are in the uranium one case than that. Russians are simultaneously trying to influence the Clinton's in the Obama administration through the Pang of firms and in kind donations and kickbacks and extortion schemes and pay off awhile?
are trying to do that. The Russians are simultaneously assisting a known enemy, the United States in constructing a nuclear weapon for potentially offensive our defensive capabilities against hostile action by the United States. Do you understand talking about here will be, I read them sponsor of terrorism all over the world. Oh here's, where they now you may Ok, so now the scheme, it's a kick back scheme, It was a russian influence scheme out as a collusion thing. There's the real collusion. It's a russian back scheme. It's a russian influence peddling operation accordingly, really informant, whose opinion forming and it's a russian effort to help our enemies attack us. Why is this so controversial? Why would mean or the SSC. I everybody be freaking out of horror, which is about to drop this bomb soon, no pun intended because
folks. What happened with the investigation of this case by the deal Janey FBI, All the players involved are still involved in the Mahler probe paid off Gonna, be outed, who was the FBI director in two thousand and nine, when this investigation was going down, Joe Bob Mauler, all the same guy, it's out of debt Bob Mahler. It's this, AIM Guy who was the prosecuting United States attorney in ass, the gaining this case of a massive russian influence operation in the United States, a potential money laundering scheme and an effort to help our known enemy in the world's leading supporter of terror. Build a weapon to potentially annihilate people in the United States the United States attorney rod role, Stein the FBI G man at the top level, heavily
involved in the investigation of this case, drew Mackay drew my cave, the deputy director, who is justified. who is, is being looked at by a grand jury right now, Andrew Mackay, who is knee deep in the crossfire hurricane Investigation of the tribe, Andrew what the same guy, whose wife risk if donations when she was running as a Democrat in Virginia from Terry but call of Terry Mccall from Virginia the same guy. Who's connections to the Clinton's go back forever endemic the same guy being investigated for, had checked violations for not refusing himself from the Rest legation. The FBI was conducting into tears Nepal of a Democrat connected to the current is all by the way Virginia the same state senator like committee, intelligence, ranking member Mark Warner. The Democrat who has been
ex thing, Russians providing information to that. the dossier according to me If a boy report, the same guy, was texting the lobbyists for the russian doing that this guy trying to set up meetings between Christopher Steal. The producer of the dossier deal with Russians. These people. All connected. It is a web of stupid six feet thick. These people we're not smart are all involved there. The same pliers Horowitz the notice do wonders and the same guys are, which is investigating, are the same guys investigated Trump. tell you right now. This is a and like end of a world type fight or maybe a little hyperbolic, maybe a lot hyperbolic put
since this is. The first is the heavy weight fight of our generation. Somebody knows all this guy, who knows it Horowitz, knows it's the same guy's going to have to try to keep to eat off them. This cat, This coincidence. now notice, I didn't tell you what I thought the deal malfeasance or Miss visas was. I just told you That a was the FBI director and rod roses time is the prosecuting united the attorney Sergio your next question, be so what so. They investigated a russian influence operation in uranium, one, They investigating right, starting two thousand Nigel when, where they charged. The people involved maker and the others they were Cha in twenty fourteen, how gay? So I took a while no big deal, it happens it does.
What do you think if you were a department of Justice official like ROD, Rosen style was the United States attorney for the four Maryland, where I worked as a secret service agent ass. She worked other runs time when you that would be a major press release. We the Russians trying to pay off terrorism in if we would suppuration the United States to bribe? U S, politicians? What do you think Maybe a little interesting, their feathers, tat baby yet other in a cab right now they were charged and twenty fourteen. But when we hear about it? We heard The press release twenty fifteen right before Labour day and conveniently jobs. The informant in the case was made the sign of non disclosure agreement, the guy who knows everything. I just told you about russian efforts to influence: U S, politicians and others, and if one russian efforts to support the Iranian Nuclear Programme are sworn enemies. The worthy Cooperating witness in that case the form it was there was. I made the sign, a non disclosure agreement. Why? Why would he be me?
did you. Why shut him up. what's even more interesting about this case as point the Solomon piece, which you definitely need to read. joe the plea deal that the people involved this case were locked up for this kickbacks and extortion scheme. The plead the alone, It covers transactions after two thousand and eleven way. Dad come on daddy, oh you're, confusion, as you just said a minute ago, this extortion scheme, for our nuclear fuel and she started in two thousand nine. Why we? Everybody in the bob than this: why would they only? Why would the government only make people take a plea for train actions that happened after twenty eleven, because What happened in twenty ten o the sick I support the committee on foreign investment, the United States, who sits on that.
Eric holder Obama's former attorney general and Hitler Clinton who sit on that serious board in two thousand and an approved what up of the sale of a canadian company called uranium one to the exact same company, Rosa Tom, who is being investigated in two thousand and nine for this kickback extortion scheme? We sold twenty percent of our European to a company that was involved in a massive international scheme to influence? U S, politicians, and what is it the OJ under recalled her too. He sat on the board that approved this thing, along with Hillary Clinton unanimously now does it. Extent Joe, why the plead ELM released on Labour Day my year after the charges. They would only mention stuff that happen after we greed to sell our uranium two sworn enemies.
Now. Does it make sense, a body working to pretend two thousand and ten and two thousand nine stuff map it? Why why We do that, while because that's right around the time that Bill Clinton one overseas and gave a five hundred thousand dollars speech to a russian bank rhenish? this renaissance capital, a financial institution- excuse me that had raided the uranium one deal for the Russians are really good deal about this in time, Bill Clinton gave that five hundred, not five five hundred thousand dollars speech paid for a financial outlay, heavily involved in the uranium one sale. He wanted to He also with Victor Vex sober because his staff was asking to state the partner for permission, Clinton wanted to meet with sobered the head of the skull of all projects which turned later on to be a russian effort to steal our technology to use in their military hardware, to attack us same here.
Where's. The debate with the guy on that trip a project by the way Hillary Clinton deeply the port it and the Clinton Foundation twenty of the twenty seven. What people are? Nineteen of the twenty seven companies involved in this russian technology effort overseas to steal our stop to use in their military hardware right twentieth companies involved donated to the Clinton Foundation, as she actively used our power to support the scope of our project, which will go down in infamy as well. The great russian scam jobs on us of all time be better, not plead guilty to those two thousand nine, two thousand ten charges why because in someone's gonna, have to say to our Calder, hey Dude, You sat on the city support. You knew it Your department of Justice investigating Rosa Tom, the company, the portal
maybe one for a massive international kickback scheme. How did you say yes to this? Waller was the FBI director and Rosen's time was the prosecuting it united, It's attorney! when understand, stay horror, which knows all this their stand. Why now, last week the FBI may be intimately interested in what a whistle blower into uranium one Glyn Foundation case knows why they want to know everything. You're not gonna, make Evidence disappear. They're, probably poring over a right now go a joke what else he's got? How do we defend ourselves against this? Then? I care baby but it's disappear. They didn't What are your very eyes just cite despite a thing happened: Spiky happened in front of your eyes: the guy working for the government to find out present intelligence ass. It was emailing people on the truck me wasn't using a fake name, these people,
stupid, We're not smart people, I'd, never forget Father Bob's arrigo at this act and institute seminar. I was this into an on c span. One day. He said it's, not the governments to beg it's out, it's too stupid and he's right. These people are not smart. They were texting each other four stroke in LISA page texting, each other, the whole corruption scandal is available and it openly available texture and they weren't even classified communications devices. They were using. These people are smart, they're, stupid. and horror, which knows they're stupid. That's why the button I can't believe Warner this week because our face the nation we're gonna have to the tree. Ask us for this out, because faced the nation at towels that the host yeah, Basically, we are working with the Mahler, probably get a bunch of people locked up front. Trusting you think. What are your deeds?
You put this whole thing. You were the one tackling the lobbyists working for the Russian Bear a Pasqua at the centre of this whole thing, the Russian. Were feeding information till the clipping into use against shrub. It's obvious who knows this. Warner knows this The way the guy for who is Ben, Alex there were a ban- everybody's innocent until proven guilty element, but it's you know: I'm like the Democrats amount of police they tyrant, but even though story in the show notes. Today, Fox rose. Sky, Adele, Ferrucci and Jeff Karlsson covers it. Is peace to was locked up a few too for watching four allegations of defrauding the Pentagon out of billions of dollars. Who was broke a donor to all the committees, foundation and Diana Feinstein, the eggs
same woman Mark Warner, took over four on the Senate. Select committee on intelligence, whose Stafford Dan Jones appears in the text mentioning both the russian Christopher Steel and Mark water. Folks, listen me, the same exact people who have been followed information from russian sources into the This system, this ingenuously make trump appear to be a russian polluter? It's all life. This same exact people were involved in an actual scam, with the Russians to sell our nuclear fuel to an enemy who, with supporting the missile programmes of the world's leading sponsor of terror, while being arrested for a massive kick back and extortion scheme. This,
in political players, you targeted, Trop, were involved in making that scheme happen. Let me read you a text. This is from a conservatory ask us here. The text Adam Waldman again a lobbyist working the Russian connected the Putin thereupon Kafka. HU, according to a lot of reports, now, has some suspicious interactions with people involved in the production of the dossier. This guy's connected the pool, he's been forever he's a wealthy guy here lobbyist working for this is a text For this same: U S senator who one on face donation is weak and admitted to using the Mahler probe to get people on a Trump team. Locked up Haldeman Texas text Mark Warner about Christopher Steel and he starts talking.
Got a guy named Dan damage. choose a staff for Diane Feinstein, who is also on the Senate, Select committee intelligence. Here's the text April, twenty fifth, twenty seventeen. from Waldman. I just talked to Chris again you talk about Christine. I can't can so to do a call first he's under a lot of dress for your information here. Dan Jones is coming to see you, I suggest explain to Dan why a call is unnecessary, first step rather than a letter from your perspective, he's I get a letter to get caught, steal it from Mark water to get Christine linked to the United States, the informant for Hillary Clinton, but all the bogus dossier stop why Warner involved in this. Movements the same guy? Why, then, the lobbies working for Darrow Pasqua a Russian we, he tied, the Putin, he's, also work.
Four Christine eddies, also in communications, with Diana Feinstein staffer, who still working with fusion gps. According to multiple reports after the campaign to try to prove the dossier. These are the same people for rookie, charged with up again charged with defrauding the Pentagon, was a donor to Feinstein was a dome couldn't foundation. Now All these cases coming out is starting to come together. I the whole. Take it easy thing, listen, I'm not! I don't want you to think that did not take it easy things like everything's great, it's all peachy, there's gotta be sixty five thousand indictments everybody's going to the to the to the lock I'm not telling you that I'm telling you from a as sober perspective, as I can tell you that people are being. If there is no question in my mind, this is
absolutely that it's the fan back our people right now: war panicking who, You stand there you're involved here from the tree ass, guys again bread and another three that are agency guy need deepen. This remember Scented select committee on intelligence, remember, the lead and Bob Mahler are fighting now, in this end, the times fight against the horror which people who are investigating this massive uranium, one russian global money laundering scheme, because it's the same players, the Mahler team, is death. to keep the heat onto Trop team to keep the heat of the players involved in the investigation of the trunk team who are involved in this and though Horwitz is investigate. Brennan knew all this about the effort it. Launder information the Russians into the? U S, government, to benefit the Hilary tee, how here's a quote from Brennan? Again:
in consultation with the White House. I personally brief full the details of our understanding of russian attempts to interfere in, election. I e the dossier congressional leadership, specifically senators Harry Red Mitch, our cattle Diane Feinstein and Richard Bird, goes on for some house members between the eleventh of August and the sixth of September twenty. Sixteen I provided this same briefing to each of the gang of eight members. Brennan knew what he was doing. He took the dossier, funding by Hillary Clinton. Steam shocked of russian wise from. Russian, this information campaign Brennan, took information at admits to briefing the members of the Senate Select Committee on intelligence, Diane, Feinstein included, who stared
Her leaves too then go work for the company laundering, the information fusion GPS. These those same people The international money laundering, allegations referral key donor to Feinstein the people Bob and the uranium once think scandal. I recalled her Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton rod, Rosen Stein mauler. there is a war going on right now inside the government is clear as day if you're, just paying pension doze do stories. I told you when the beginning are not mutually exclusive. Yes thick, dream is screwed and yes, the we, I d, O J management involved than this thing and smaller people are panicking. Those are not mutually exclusive stories. They are symbiotic. I got one more reason. I want to tie the suffering. This is some really crazy
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We can everything else putting this together for you. Let me read to you from quickly again from John Solomons older piece in the hell about the uranium one scandal you understand how this, going on right now to put the led out there for the fourth or fifth time There is one side of the ledger: the Horwitz probe, the inspector general that is likely right now. Working with d, the d o J Huber and others who I wish would have worked a little faster tongue too. At a minimum, publicly disclose the involvement of a number of prominent political law enforcement and intel players in a massive scheme by Russians and money laundering, people to influence United States government policy. When it comes to nuclear fuel and other things Our probe wooed people involved in the smaller probe art investigating trunk to keep attention off themselves. In conjunction with the SSC I hears from Solomon Sulpicia, you understand how knee deep this is the end,
negation, you start with uranium. One investigation was ultimately supervised by then. U S attorney rod, Rosen Steiner, Obama point. Do you now serves as president trumps, deputy attorney general and then the FBI director age, ok, now the FBI director under Trump. This is a while ago, when using both men I'll play a key role in the car investigation into possible, but still unproven, collusion between Russia and Donald Trump campaign during the twenty. Sixteen election cycle, Mackay Under its under congressional and you Justice Department, inspector General investigation, it connection, with money, his wife's Senate campaign accepted and twenty fifteen from now Virginia Governor, Terry Mccall. Up at a time when APOLLO was reported under investigation by the FBI himself, the probe is not for his stomach conduct, but rather on whether MC caves attendance Violet if the Hatch ACT or other FBI rules they connect.
So the current Russia case are many, the MIC Erin probe. That's the problem. Rosa Tom and the precursor to the rain. When you began in two thousand, I went Bob Mahler now the special council was still FBI directive. Folks, I hear carried you one more good FBI informing connected to the uranium. One controversy told three congressional committees in a written statement. Tat Mars. Gal rooted millions of dollars to America with the expectation and it would be used to benefit Bill Clinton, charitable efforts while secretary state, Hillary Clinton quarterback. They quote a quote. He said in russian relations now. Does it sense? Why Bob Mahler would appoint a bunch of Trump hating Demo, grass for a special council.
Two of my were very heavily involved in the Clinton space. Genie re? Who was a donor and a representative legally of the Clinton Foundation. Wow really the Clinton Foundation, they Bill Clinton, the one who took all that money to go over to Russia and deal with the scope of our guy, or at least he tried to and took five hundred thousand from a bank and farm the iranian one do Jimmy represented the Clinton Foundation fascinating. What about our assembly, another other member, the special council team, sadly, the guy who represented just in Cooper, Justin Cooper, the guy It represents the Cooper, the Clinton staffer, whose alleged to have been personally involved in the destruction of blackberries and email chains. What was it knows? Email chains.
There's somebody in the inspector general's office, Joe no, what was in those email chains was. discovery of Anthony Wieners computer up in New York, a gold mine of thirty three thousand missing emails that may have intimate descriptions of exactly what the Clinton Obama, administration officials were doing when this international money laundering and nuclear energy, kick back and extortion scheme was going on wooden. Nappy, interesting, stay tuned, do do not under any circumstances. Mr Sean had any show right. Ladies and gentlemen, I got more for you this week. I haven't even scratch the surface, but it's fun No, he come out. I told you, Solomon knows at all more common statement also folks, in closing, at the end of the show, I just wanna, also warm acknowledge. I am at a loss for words.
a genuine american hero in a patriot? As we all know, President George W Bush passed at the age of ninety four add some limited working experience with him as secret service agent. I was on the president's detail, but are you keep in mind this guy's, a life of public service was not just their relegated to his presidency was vice president, the CIA director was you ambassador and I just remember working with detail up in bunk poured an arm. now the guys over there on the detail thought of a mess. Moreover, as I said this morning in an appearance on fox- and I meant it more like an can uncle or father figure- I'm he's a good man. Folks I mean I get it. Alot of people can disagree with the politics of the Bush family Georgie's W or that's fine. I mean that's what we do in our system, but he was a good man and dumb I didn't spend the whole show on it today. Obviously, because I did, the coverage is available on the cable news and I think you can get a lot of that there, but I think important data.
Recognize a ban service to the country. He was a is a fighter pilot babies, a company combat experience. He was, he was a good man. Remember also colonies detail once in asking for an autograph picture, and I have called a bunch of other presidential details, some of whom told me to pounce- and I was a young- Secret service agent is guys like all he be happy to do it. I still have their picture so on they pay She had you give me a moment just add just to bring that up thanks. Please After the show appreciatively subscribe on Itunes, it's free odds, a cloud Iheart radio and helps us move up the charts. I really appreciate your support, the chauffeur we agree with a number two conservative parties in the country Leslie do you all the best? I really mean it. You made my life and my that you ve given me some serious meaning on the side I loved you and stuff
I had a seawater bar thanks. Just ten Bonn, GINO she'll get more of their own line in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance podcast, soon, Itunes or sound cloud, and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.