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Ep. 866 Bob Mueller’s Best Friend is the Media

2018-12-06 | 🔗

In this episode I address the media’s central role in advancing the set up of Mike Flynn, and the spying operation on the Trump team. This episode will disturb and trouble you. News Picks:This NY Times piece from March, 2017 lays out in detail how the media got played by Obama Administration officials trying to advance the collusion hoax.


Is this it? Is any evidence of collusion ever going to surface?


Is this FBI email chain going to sink the Spygate conspirators?


The Russians have a new weapon.


Secret Facebook documents have been leaked.


President Trump is prepping for all out political war.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanted the damaging our shrubberies joe how are you today up away by an amazing i get it i get it it's a joke folks yesterday show what burgers crazy everybody out their shared it thank you very much today i am going to double and triple down on this and i want to show you exactly how the media was complicit in this complicit in entire debacle so you understand where we're going and there is absolute no co miscommunication ah monday i laid out the scandal they're trying to high please go back and listen again uranium one this international money laundering scheme and all of the politicians who were soaked up on it
who's they we lout we laid out again what this scandal the obama administration how a targeted the trump team to make this scheme they'll go away because of the trunk team expose them they would be lost so they implicated the trump team in this yesterday show i talked about mike flynn and the the persecution prosecution is is a nonsensical term in this case of the past the creation of might flynn play fully into this scheme and how might win was always gonna be the linchpin of this fake narrative and today kurt c of a listener caught onto something that i missed i am going to prove to you that the media was complicit in this the whole time i also want to have tipple listener judy if you want to go back and listen to the episode i cited yesterday about shoes me mike flynn to show you how airily we predicted this whole thing
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all right all right our i haven't heard everywhere matthew mckenna urea a entrepreneurial listener who doesn't miss anything i'll be yesterday's dad you already spoke about this new york times peace from a long time ago back in march but is this awfully reminiscent of what's going on now sound like the media knew about this story the whole time it was put now pieces to advance the narrative in other words the narrative this collusion thing was real and that might flynn was gonna be the centre of it his communications with the rock go here for politics and let's go back to videotape folks i'm gonna walk through this march lights is march first she's we march twenty seventy here is the title of the peace up you know what i'll put it must show notes that i
ok even though its in new york times you need to read this how then times had this story whole time and were being played to advance this now he's a title the bees are administration rush to preserve intelligence of russian election act bob administration at evidence of russian intelligence election asking why isn't that great a rush to preserve it because the truck team was gonna get rid of it stunning let's walk through the peace folks and you will see how the new crimes was used as a megaphone washington post to advance the narrative that trump cards but the russians and the centre piece the whole thing was might flint i'm good read it from the end first i'm gonna go through some quotes a in tell about the russians hacking that was aid to the media ladies and gentlemen was really the collusion narrative this whole
idea that the russians hacked the election through he reached an all that they had the beginning states governed the obama administration did not know this they needed a story to feed to the hacks and the media upon intended to advance the idea the trumpet won the election by colluding with the russians and this is how they were going to take them down to hide their own malfeasance right there for as crazy as the media is joe you see i'm go with this they can't just throw out to the media trump colluded with them just when the election how and not give anything bad the media doesn't want to be suit folks defending the new york times at the post please i get every job emails lots of you misinterprets up we suggesting you these are liberal hacks at the times but they're not stupid don't want to be sued so they it's something these sources in the obama administration needed a narrative to give to the media the now it was going to be the obama team ass ever is that the russians have the election and natural people are gonna
i did get rid of it the title of the peace obama administration joe rush to preserve the intelligence of russian election hacking except for the fact that and have the intelligence they had evidence of russians trying to engage in this information efforts in the united states and again for the umpteenth time the russians are not our friends at all they are g political enemies they can't stand the united states the russian government period there that's not debating that i'm simply wasted i think you the title of this new york times peace is this scandal they bought oh collided sinker the fact that the russians and hack the election and that's why all this stuff was going on without a job theirs they have the electric there's evidence this information campaign but the times or in the title so that happen that's the election was the doesn't thought me ombudsman joe if this doesn't make sense hacking
the election was the vehicle to feed to thirsty new york times reporters a story that the team members were involved in this that they can't just while collusion and not give him anything and was always gonna be the linchpin to this you doubt me let me read the end of the peace first and then i'll go down and orders from some active region the whole peace not war avenue you can do that yourself but a matter its view select cut out here there can turns about the contacts the contacts between the russians and atrocity right where some the by a series of phone calls between a bath russian ambassador kiss we act and michael t flynn who had been point they become mr tribes national security adviser the call began on december twenty ninth she's how does the new york times know this she's amazing it's amazing how they have all these wiretap intercepted
of course we all the areas of you know how the new york times i put this very familiar with this is a joke but it's not you know the new york times got access to wire mike windfall calls from the dominican republic from the white paper what city terms gets them from the above images vote listen we're not laugh because its body were left because we be crying otherwise this is how stupid this scandal is how dumb now people were so ignorant did such a crap job covering their tracks they left a paper trail of stupid everywhere so times already knows about this december twenty nine focal because from what she did both the big december twenty nine shortly after ambassador kiss we act with some to the state department in the form that retaliation for russian election meddling the united states it going to expel suspected russian intelligence operators and impose
other sanctions hear this his great job so let's be clear yesterday show you gotta listen if you haven't heard please send twenty nine to events happened it's not a coincidence the orbit my team waits for the flynn to leave the country when these in the dominican republic on december twenty nine the open administration calls kiss we act your reading a right here in new york times causing free access heyward spelling your diplomats here goes on if we act your was i rate and threatened they fall swell russian response according to people familiar with the exchange what thanks go one on the obama team per se and right now get here phone as fall get up on his phone is he gonna call who did a car when we got up we got thing they did they did we gotta let me read the opening sense again but concern the context where cemented cemented their consent
by the way are not concerns it's the obama team desperate to connect the trump team to the russians that's the concerns it concerns about the context where cemented by a series of phone calls between kisyak and flint how the hell are they listened to those calls because they call hastily act in the times has it right here just react it's the russians that a maryland in new york kiss we act i write and threatened a forceful in response according to people familiar with the exchange more sources crazy how the new york times as all this oh oh it gets better this is nice it miss cute but a day later mister putin said his government would not retaliate propping up waiter posts from mr tromp praising the russian president and pay slang obama whitehouse officials how that obama white house officials puzzled you idiots they were listening it on funds call on the twenty ninth we understand how stupid these new york times people are joe if they please
tell me this makes sense brother father wherever it is was that macho manners than i thought in writing i always get the pop culture references wrong from my star ski and hearts remade thing the other day dare i say said make it gun part do it was hot shouts part without giving the email guys i'm always screwing that's up to you this is the new york times the obama administration with stun that the russians didn't forcefully respond how were used you were listening and on a false hopes you idiots you stand did do wonders in this the pines doesn't even pick this up the guy actually wrote this in the pieces of matthew schmidt about much your road to peace you can read it yourself so you bring kiss react in you kick out as diplomats you immediately get up on his phone you know he's gonna call flynn same day you record because you have the transcripts of the phone calls where they
when tries to talk them off the ledge which is perfectly legal regime coming national secure adviser jar perfectly legal it's done all the time the russians don't respond force we what'd you our world war two three shoes we already had were worth you now what what what do you want to happen you want nuclear counterstrike by the russians the opposite ministration was surprised you were not surprise you knucklehead you listened in on the call applying these loans at the new york times don't even pick up the inconsistency there they listened in on the call but the take away from this point again oh i'm not understand what the headline of the show is today the meat india was complicit in this the whole time the new our times and the washington post were being used as an alibi
my administration megaphone both before after leaving office to keep alive a since fairy tale the trump do the linchpin might flynn colluded with the russians to win the election you understand then the story was nonsense using the media knowing the media would dutifully report all of this stuff without doing even basic journalistic homework like really you guys were surprised the rapporteur not think to ask that so listening to the ambassador talk to flynn and agree the russian shouldn't respond forcefully then why are you telling me now that the bomb administration was quote puzzled the next day the lack of a forceful response you guys then do journalism brow where were you ever do that stuff but how to do the end first because that's the media began the me he is complicit role here
make sure you understand number one that was collusion but the collusion narrative is gonna be forced on the media using this hacking of this hacking nonsense that they had no evidence of russians impact the election they're gonna make sure flynn is the linchpin and are using the media to do it i d take screening so all this keep this organised retain chopin took a walk to put together this was like three hours usually takes me about two seconds you have to get out through the media there propaganda arm not just the flint is the linchpin and this is really about hacking joe when it's really about a fake collusion error drew near they have to get it there is well that day used far and spies but that they have to cover this because they circumvented i'm saying this wrong i hate when i do this
the united states government the obama administration in the media did not want to it they spied on the trumpet nobody likes a spy and nobody likes a rat they was gonna get out that they had kind of circumvented the rules so they i use the media to get out there this idea that all job foreigners came to us we didn't we didn't institute areas you know we were spy and our job but only because a bunch of foreign and intel agencies came to us that is what happened now but i warn listen how administration officials trying to cover up the fact joe get if we're not clear stop me for the audience they but it would mean that they spied on u s citizens the trumpet right there also dont want to admit they asked foreign asked foreign governments to do it for them listen to how they portray this to their media propaganda on their media oh horn to me
it seem like this is all innocent from the new york times march first twenty seventy american allies including the british and the dutch had provide information describing meetings in european cities between russian officials and others closer she's president vladimir putin and associate of president elect tromp according to them the former american officials who sid anonymity in discussing classified intelligence separately amiss again intelligence noticed how they puts separately to make like these two things are related separately american tell agencies had intercepting communications of russian officials some of them with the kremlin discussing contact with trump associate bye oh yes notice by the way erroneous is right
how to this day has been a for treason working spirits see to collude with the russians nope he's been arrested for trading u s government secrets with the russians ladies and gentlemen do you see now why this like sayer sponsored ma current business deal in russia has become a in japan of mothers prosecution because they are trying to make this new york times story makes sense they notice how they talk about american in other words foreign intelligence that was being used to spy on trumped people for for the obama administration what's let's not make this sound like you think other than it was the chimes will try but i'm not gonna let it happen pull out the obama translating area following a change as at the apartment translate all innocent don't work they had provided information is that not a shop describing meetings between russia officials and others close to the russians
russian president and associates of present electronic so what what's so what who about quarter page you gave a speech in russia i bet suddenly hall that's not even immoral now the kind to this speech i dont know what if we want to give a speech and rush about childhood adoption you gotta be worried about me accused the conspiracy notice how the new york times joe according to three more american officials who were noticed they were west anonymity oh yes what is how they framed this like something there's something going on given but he's folks know one nobody to this day has been accused of proven or prosecuted for any kind of treason its activity with the russians could piracy to collude none of that stop there nothing it's all process garbage but please how this new york times pieces oh and a man
building was never built a guy named steel sectors involved with this deal in russia but they never i don t know paperwork was signed the building was never built a guy named feel it favours involved would michael cohen fish what's the crime but this new york pledge because you get the impression joe associated were tromp remaining with russia's saw what was so what john kerry just met with the iranians you know the deaf to erica crowd nano john kerry former secretary of state whose now joe citizen shall remember this generally not figurative about messing with you not just met the iranians the deaf to america crowd why isn't he under investigation joe nowhere in this peace anywhere does it say that dave company they met with
genes and committed espionage or anything like that or collusion ten for all it says is that three not cool heads america officials who are probably obama people leading to the time pulled the times it somewhat met with russians and then i love this part you have to know read this crap separately america intelligence agencies had intercepted communications of russian officials some of them within the crime discussing contacts with the russian associates who are these people if you transcripts and you have been intercepting separately which it when i say separately put in there for reason it's meant to give do the impression joe that these far an allies of ours who i'm starting to question their now lie status in a lot of these cases work the early spying on transfer obama when we're spying on trumped furrow for what seems
be innocuous business dealings with russia the eric and intel agencies were clearly using this as a predicate to go and unmask unmask the and listening on phone conversation how do we know because they have darn transcripts of winds call they were listening all look they were that is why the check this out mr obama present mr present look what we got we got a bunch of information from the dutch and the british down the australians all these people back with crew look there pass us all this if we trumps meeting with russia man we better one masks and folks based on what there there were in russia are missing that's not illegal the british shut it was you stay at other times now has this this is this is pretend report
first they don't ask a basic question like why the obama administration was puzzled even though they listened in on the phone calls which would have on puzzle them and when this little snippet here from the peace did not know the new york times is entrepreneurial enough joe to ask a basic question like hey i'm so american allies were feeding us information about the trump team doing business in russia with any of that illegal oh no no no words an illegal but we were listening anyway ok mr new our times guy reporter you think you may want to ask that one next time judges just rolled out there just throw it out there also solve ponder heads off porforio arc softball dad's gonna love that in gosh you call this journalism is propaganda let's move
there is even more tidbits in their so first the new year time to make sure that this is about hacking hacking that's why they're their obama team was investigating collusion russians hacked and they're not produce any evidence that the peace second the new york times providing cover as to why foreign allies were spying on u s citizens third within them number two to be i should say they try this can act american on masking from me and tell the receiving from farms or separately american intelligence agencies separately my did you get it yes now another interesting part about two before baviaan quick add will note here it's funny how they keep about these contacts with quote tromp associates and people close to putin
you guys remember my george papadopoulos interview if interview if you dont you better go back and she better that's better that sway to demanding never liked them the audience i love humbly and respectfully request to be polite and i mean that that you listen to them but the police interview with joy proper dapple is meets with joseph myths said the guy who allegedly tells papadopoulos about the hilary dirt who does he bring rhythm are one of the meetings you remember joe you member olga vinegar over he hit yeah yeah and how does move should introduce this woman he brings along to the meeting with papadopoulos then these have potent yeah stereo ass bingo bang bang bang bang bang went away to chicken better so joe myths should the guy i am absolutely convinced in this case communicating information somehow due west
intelligence back to the united states based on what is own lawyer says brings men to the second meeting who claim the bee potent me at this point let me read this once again does it make sense now a marrow and allies including the british are where did some of those meetings happen all in the united kingdom dams and what can we do you think that is up allies including the british and dutch provided from so about meetings between people close to russia's president vladimir putin and associates of president like trump card fits the bill of an ogre vinegar dover george papadopoulos meaning then die yet she wasn't putin's niece yet it was a scam and a new york times fell right in that darn trap because are not doing journalists and are not
king basic questions of these anonymous sources like really who exactly putin's inner circle where they meeting with all good vinegar dover what does it mean they ogre great store is something i forget someone told me the trains each all good a shop pollutants niece you because she wasn't who told you to say that ah you didn't think to ask those questions did you kind of fits right to the story these anonymous american and tell people are telling the new york times in march right job would they tell him that story they tell him that story as they're trying to cement the narrative in the public mind do the new york times propaganda out that the trump people were elicited meeting with russians but they don't have any of that all they a legitimate business deals and a bunch of set ups that west
an intelligence like our allies tried to enact and blew up spectacularly what else is in this duty of a peace i can't thank the guy enough we send me to take a member would you talked about this thing what was that this picture you gotta bring me something it lays out the whole scheme especially in light of the information in yesterday's show from when they must get rid of sessions point number three the obama administration ass the cement flynn in is the linchpin a flint so and then the hack narrative that is let us do it hacking in collusion with shrub there the cover for their use of foreign spies and eight absolutely the set the narrative the jeff sessions has got to go he got to go
but show uncover all this stuff is the attorney general so they absolutely have to get rid of sessions but they can't get rid of it its believed that sessions was going to be a strong trump ally running the justice department and was going to do what show uncover all this of these the attorney general so they absolute we have to get rid of sessions but they can't get rid of sessions you know why jeff sessions was acquire boy had nothing on sessions in the new yorker lad that play new york times worry i can only imagine a conversation we are do this march first peace with the new york times we're going to clean all this stuff in the same peace this is like spy gate that that the many series in the york times they lay out the whole narrative they just don't know they got play the narrative
starts moving along about sessions i be read this this is delicious arrived the disclosures about these contacts show between these fictitious rations and the trump team or the business deals right that this closure about the context came as new questions were raised new questions new questions this issue obama people leading to the new york times fake information about sessions came new questions were raised about attorney general jeff sessions ties to russia everybody's died the russia sat inside your russian errors should where russia to re bodies a rush it where's you're too we need slip it's your song you get that we need snippets of jos too he's got a tool for this we could play the chorus every time three bodies connected to the russians that is peace everyone new questions arrays about attorney general sessions ties the russia keep in mind
this guy's only been in politics since sixteen forty two jeff sessions not a soul on a planet has ever tie jeff sessions to russia now is the attorney general they're trying to make up a russian political chief sessions to russia and these areas at the new york times right up goes on here but he's a people my every source and this piece is unnamed because they are castrated man children paid out set of co on them their name on the record according hu a former senior american fish official coward punk loser that's not in a peace but it should be sessions met with the russian ambassador ambassador surgeon sergei kisyak twice last year
are you a senator you areas castle guess we see him pass it on to right are you people this stupid the new york times are you this stupid can you be this dumb you actually put this in place were united states senator met with the russian ambassador oh my god donald trump bet we kept job this the kind of stuff that happens when nations are pointing nuclear weapons at each other use flaming piles of dog waste argue this dumb sessions met with the russian passer all by gosh sideways every member of this staff on hill you idiots do always journalism this gets even better job they print this anyway by the way that details of the media were not clear what the contact appeared the contrary
testimony mr sessions no it didn't provided congress during his confirmation hearing in january when he said he quote did not have communications with the rushes that's not what are you said you lying steaming pile of bob stuff he was asked a question about in his role as a campaign surrogate further truck team his coming vacations with russians that's what he answered no to its on tape did you guys at the new york times miss that are you incapable of doing he's sick homework can you be this dumb you are being used as a propaganda mouthpiece by the democrats in it bob administration ministration officials to cover a massive malfeasance and miss visas you
being hughes why cheap robber dog toys to destroy the reputation of sessions and you sucked it up by this see reporting what he said in its context insinuating that when a u s senator mitchell to foreign ambassador it somehow nefarious use morons morons costs are you stupid read this peace click on at one time and in new york times to see how dumb these people were you see why there so eager to make this one case go away they don't want flint can anybody about anything oh he provided substantial the cooperation substantial cooperation why do you assume that spare what a feast
i didn't collaboration on the leak investigation to the more on who leaked his name had committed a federal felony in violation of title eighty seven ninety three who leaked his name to the washington post you think he may have information on that no they automatically assume substantial cooperation is he sellen out donald trump you're idiot you guys are morons sorry about the folks but they are they need to be called out and i'm sorry about that you don't you try to play nice with these idiots anymore their attacking the very fabric of our society the constitutional republic since until proven guilty non weapon ice government the rip it at all apart at the same time and he's morons at the new york times katy would do pay sycamore our eyes so just back up again the times does their dirty work gets the king collusion confident conflates the two gets the idea
i fear that this has all been cemented by flints contact with the russians gives them a reason that they were contacting foreign governments the obama administration apologises for them in the peace ah scabbard assertions that use the new york times for that too there's more folks if it gets better let me just get this at this reading and i will get right back to it this is why you got to pay for the show these companies i want to be here they like sport no show and i appreciate you support them but through december twenty fifth the twenty three me dna kids are on sale twenty dreamy helped you understand what your dna could tell you but you and your family story its name for that three pairs of chromosomes it make up your dna a twenty three emmy can occur gift for everyone you love there's never been a better way to give the gift of genetic discovery to your parents or siblings your aunt your grandparents and everyone else in your lip it's a one gift you can buy the if you need tire family it'll be unique for each love i just took it
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the exposure of the obama team at all costs joseph oh mamma i didn't do it susan rice e mail just minutes after obama leaves office and obama bomb to do everything by the book member that susan i seem ass she said to herself it really protect no matter what protect the ground protective can't let that go so how we gonna do that let's go to our parties at the new york times folks is the same peace this is the same you gotta read this thing these people got played like fiddles here we go new york times march first twenty seventeen ok quick captive to less conserving god rest you saw brother you're a good man remit we are far though he passed yet amen let's get always radio suggest stationed there be cease to say headline so in order ask in solving we loved you less headline new york
march first twenty seventy at the obama white ass mister tribe state stoked fears among some that intelligence could be covered up or destroyed now no no no no that's not but their say this is what obama people are feeding the slides what are they really concerned about joe their concern the trunk team in sessions finding out everything obama did to frame the truck deep rushing collusion there don't worry chop destroying evidence there worried our trump producing it be hague dear friends why it's better the obama white ass is worried that trump would cover up or straw intelligence or their sources would be expose you mean like despise you use that truck the ones our changed hands what far this gets greece is good this is the slides are so dumb what followed with
wish to preserve the intelligence that underscored the deep anxiety with which the white house in america intelligence agencies had come to view the threat from moscow cover up for a bomb at all costs obama white ass they were do anything wrong there it just trying desperately to make sure that all of this intelligence didn't go away that's not what they were doing they were spreading the intelligence the classifying certain things spreading it up on the hill so capitol hill hacks and swap rats could go to the media and have tippets of information it could bleak about the fake darcy eight that's what this is about this has nothing to do at all with obama trying to preserve evidence he's trying
to destroy it gets better i can't i me the same idea i take rehab them in school the new york times also needs to make sure that in evidence trail a continuing evidence trail of leaked what i'm calling evidence but what really is fake evidence the dossier and nonsensical collusion charges allegations when was working with the rushes the i'm administration was out of office they you didn't obama at the time was the ultimate declassify he could class violent classify as you wish the obviously loses that power
in january when trump takes power they're afraid the trump team is gonna find out what's going on in order to get their version of events as well italy disseminated as possible job so that the trump team can't shut this fake dossier nonsense down they start so if we pushing out information to key players i want you to listen to this headline new york times there was also an effort to pass reports and other sensitive materials to congress or was there really in one instead the state upon what the hell is the state department doing the state the cachet of documents mark secret to someone joe knows this turn ben cardan of maryland days for the january twentieth inauguration of donald trump the documents that the documents
ass yet detailing russian efforts to intervene in elections worldwide were sent them response to a request from mr cardan atop democrat on the foreign relations committee and were shared with republicans swap rats paddle why wow mac gray what has set a record enough to do his job but i'm unexplained please do is you lookin at me with at well why but i know that and i guess how you that europe is yet sir he said the cartons get an interesting role in all this senator odin was one of the primary proponents i ran against centre cardan for the united states senate i lost to him in two thousand and twelve and marilyn he was a big proponent of the magnates key asked the man ski act which sanction the russians who were in other than the death of sergei magnates key from coming into the country the russians hated this thing so what better
advocate then a known anti russia warrior up on the health and liberal democrat benjamin card what a perfect guy to leak information through to win shore cause he's got joe street credit on the russians he was the magnates key guy card and right away magnates key the same act that the sky the lawyer and re mention who meet with tripod junior trump tower the people connected clinton sphere remember this guy is working for the company workin for clayton she knows the clinton's a nose the staffers they show up and they are talking about here will resume males what are they talk about all the man its key act which was senator cartons baby what better guy play upon they held and senator card with the rush of st tread took away there and make sure that we bang that drum that trump collude
with the evil russians what this what plan dude at the same times and again it only even ask basic questions sequesters ok wasn't centric ordinarily bother magnates key didn't those pull it showed up to lobby down trumped junior who said it was about hilary worried day lobbying against the magnets kiev to while they were connected to the clinton space nobody thinks they asked it six journalism fellers whenever one but don't skinny questions the senior administration officials of course are leaking that it was given a card
cartons unknown anti russia guy because of the magnets gear it leaves in evidence trail folks it leaves in evidence so i'm looking for something else you i knew i'd taken some screenshots and one of them i missed and it's ok i now they have the high despise for well actually you at first they have to get the wikileaks information out there remember what i told you yesterday wikileaks the key to this whole thing now we understand fully right now the mahler probe that they have absolutely zero evidence of collusion its fake it's made up i do you yesterday that's i'm sorry that some of them we showed the genoa may have brought this up in the past too i'm not trying to take credit for that bob mahler narrative
the reason they are charging everybody would false statements and you can see it in this new york times peace with the narratives already out there right the narratives already out there they are going to conflate wiki leaks with the russian and then claim that the truck team was tied to wiki weeks even now listen to me we he i don't trust you in a far as i can throw i am simply suggesting to you that wikileaks been categorical and their denials that day at the emails from the russians the demo cried narrative russians gave the wiki weeks russians now here's let me walk you two from the start quickly russia access to the dnc gives the emails to wikileaks wikileaks leaks from the trunk team knew about it that's the liberal narrative ma or is trying to show now that that's what happened
by indicating that jerome courses stone and others may have had contact wikileaks what's the problem wiki leases denying categorically they got this stuff from the russians how can it be collusion f f f if three weeks is telling the truth if they didn't get information from the russians what telly all they were doing was bad journalism by exposing this stuff what are they going to do now i'm a little confused anderson sorry but i yesterday and explained i want explain again tonight or is trying to take this connected events russia wikileaks and insinuate to his report that their connected but he doesn't have the evidence to do that yet he doesn't know russia gave wiki effect if he does
imported out there let's see it these also tried to say russia wiki wikileaks trump team the problem is still to this day there is no evidence that donald trump or his close like people involved two skippy had any knowledge at all whatsoever that wiki leech was going to dump this stuff mothers writing his report to make you think that this report comes out as i said to you yesterday the reason is charging all of these trump people with false statements show is when the evidence is loose his report is going to indicate that you know what we but have tied this case up joe and made those connections but we charge everyone but lying and a roll liars that's a great what do i mean what aid a disgusting way to handle this case now what if george papa apple is didn't why do i send my point did likewise we tied up this wikileaks russia trump team angle a long time ago measures
one pointed out to me well said why is it then that in all the prosecuting documents mahler puts that there are we would agree to the bottom of this rush investigation but papa dapple why screwed the whole thing up because there's no bottom to get to anyone the right of report insisting these connections are there and when he doesn't have the evidence to prove it he's gonna blame it on papadopoulos up flynn lying you get it i would have had a job but there are liars impeach him anyway here's the washington post as you may know your times march first doing their due diligence making sure for the wikileaks i go gets out there early proud there we got the warning signs had been building throughout this summer but were far from clear
as wikileaks was pushing out email stolen from the dmz to online publication a man i can in began picking up conversations or had they do that its russian officials were discussing contacts with trump associates notice they know put criminal contacts you spoke contact and europe allies allies we're start the pass along information about people close to mr trump meeting with the russians in the netherlands britain and other countries when they russians or were they meeting with olga great store pollutants and should niece pogo vinegar dover that's not a real made folks as the new york times even consider the fact that these so called meetings were set up the whole time as that even a card to them how these european allies knew about these meetings maybe they set them up ah now read my book it's cool here is day the its trail is thick is thieves
these were set ups just when was set up always out of the country let's kick some russians outlets listener focal why you're a liar just like this scourge make that episode with a lying harp thing ripe what more that's bothers all case we would have had it everybody lied to us gets better joe also there already setting up the wikileaks narrative for their bodies wikileaks leaked on behalf russians russian stole the emails trump team was in community what wikileaks all all you put that out there near times this is great show this may be and i don't need this is a joke and i get the they get ourselves why dismayed the biggest spot in human history not that kind of but this may be the biggest but it an art both in the history of journalism so they said this whole thing people
talking of russians are by cash this is crazy but what was going on in the meetings was unclear to the officials any intercepting communications did little to clarify matters the russians appeared were arguing about how far to go and interfering in the presidential election so basically you it's we wait with this whole peace that these feelings with the russians and trump associates we're nefarious bye bye biggest but ever what was going on was unclear any intercepting communications didn't clarify the matter so you're saying trump colluded with the russians but that none of it communications actually show that you no idea what was actually going on in the meat it all yeah you really now babbling about new york times this is great that's really terrific journalism nice job fellows nice job you guys
a pure sir that's the companion to the policy for idiots the pall kits her for more rights you don't get the pulitzer i see serious this piece is let me get this this is so embarrassing for this is why in my book they spy gape please pick it up other please freedom you bob tell you we put so much work either this is why we used articles like this in the footnotes to show you how left wing media was used as a vehicle to proper began dies you and none of them to ask basic questions and told the whole story of the spy gate scandal to trap and set up the truck team because they thought this was real i got one more and it's a good one
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jos like impressed himself he started his chin to the southern arise because he knows it is little joke took it and he's called big joe now is that scares me do you there every because a monster so lucky nice guy he's the lifted my basement joanna used record to show my basement cement apart marilyn now we get big fancy studios instead of an assembly fancy take them our test look in the mirror now take a little metal snatch snapshot hayleigh takes notes on how many push up she do whenever bench prescott back seven days later your number through the roof you gonna look like a million bucks go give it a shot recast mission accomplished in that's brick house nutrition outcome slash then brick house fishing that comes and pick up foundation today it's worth your time i write so there's one more thing joe is one more thing they gotta they just want the new york times just there was a lot is actually like tonnes tidbits
but the pieces really long and i had to pick out like the the eight top pieces propaganda the new york times priority is in getting out give us your eight beth biggest hits hats allocation acacia keeping her what do they keep your feet on the ground but he preaching for the stars they add up here the poppy here is the final one they had a make sure at all costs while they disseminated low level information about the dossier and the fake collusion and olga grape shop and all this fake pop the apple is set up stuff that they were trying to work while disseminated that widely throughout the government why joe to make sure people add the information to lead to their sources and the media she's me so they could go a cable news talk about you was going with the russians they to be sure that other piece
ism information were hidden at all costs listen to this this gets good so just beekeeper my before you this some stuff how to get to the media to keep the collusion fairytale alive others i've had to be hidden at all costs because it directly implicated the obama administration on the biggest spying scandal of all time listen new york times march first twenty seventy the art said when he says the opposite they mean hiding their talk about disseminating information source of the opposite happened with most sensitive intelligence including the names of sources and identities of foreigners who were regularly monitor officials heightened the already small number of people who can access that information they knew information could not be kept from the new president or his top advisers but why
be sure they narrowed the number of people who might see the information official said i would they do that think about this this is the most dastardly thing they know their spy networks the fine how and other central intelligence agency you intelligence and foreign intelligence assets that have been spying on the trump team it's as simple oh trop is gonna find out he's the president of the united states this is going to be there close them the minute he gets a new director of national intelligence if not sooner as he gets into office track and me so far the obama administration while disseminating wildly conspiracy theories about russian collusion to anyone who will take the information on the hill the actual heard of actions a talk spies pay
some spies working with foreign governments on what to set people up it has to be hidden and kept to a limited number of people why would they do that they did it so untrue came in office that only him and a small group of trump insiders would know about it therefore joe if only they knew about it when they hughes trump repeatedly of color dealing with the russians and arabs protecting the investigation afterwards who the only person who can expose the names of the people involved in the scheme trump is closed circle of insiders and the minute they expose their rather than say hundreds of other people may have known about it what were the democrats gonna cry which they did augustine i should have just this obstruction please tell
you followed then ease talbot you followed that it is a genius will abide j genius i mean disgusting it was a genius move by the obama administration away out the door the names of the spies spread but the rumours and myths about the dossier in a p tape and all that make sure everybody's on the loose talk about that but do not there any circumstances get why i'd dissemination of the fact that obama's administration actually employed intelligence assets to spy on trump keep it classified we know fortunately for them trumpets gonna find out but here's what we do given that we trump and closed circle of advisers will notice if disclose that information will accuse of obstruction of justice because we're investigating him right now for collusion do you dig you shelly i plan on the table
what new york times got played again for fools they democrats fetid to hear fellows come on each chow each cheerios issues a guys come on these fat this to them they found the new york times sucked it right up there now if they are put out in advance they said yes this information was clapped and kept in a closed circle when damn well when trump found out about it they were going to accuse him of obstruction when he expose the plot to take his team down well freakin genius and like said by genius i mean an abomination of human kind i mean a moral and ethical failure of the highest order i mean an insult to the threat of our constitutional republic folks the show notes will be beam are one of us must reads today i hear
giving the new york times clicks but you need to read this peace just to sum up the week i know it's been a business i know monday i told you that story still out there don't worry again i'm sorry yeah you know it didn't happen when it did that monday on the show me sean's on and i promise you they're on the stuff this isn't going anywhere it's been a busy week we had the funeral yesterday of george w bush in d c where'd you see hilary give millennia trumped aside i i was kind of kind of your at a funeral just i mean shake a hand what many of you have shown in that order let me just shake the trumps heads a funeral gosh by folks get back on the topic i i am absolutely determine this week to make sure all of you understand exactly the panic that's going on right now monday show again what their covering up
tuesday shall estimation of the plot yesterday shall why mike flynn so key to this whole thing me i ran deal the fact he spied on them they had to make that all go away today show they use the media to go all their stories out there in advance without the media even doing basic journalistic homework how pathetic i folks for listening i deeply appreciate you spread michel round our numbers this week right you been burgers later off the charts are you to channel is going crazy thank you so much please subscribe to the show its free gotta i too you open up your podcast app it's very simple click subscribe you can also click get all the episodes but it's all free town cloud you can subscribe there you can
a follow on iheart radio it's all free but the subscriptions are but really help us move up the charts and other people find shall we deeply appreciate that i can ask you that an offer really appreciated i read the show no say you know that come thanks a lot for you just ten bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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