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Ep. 867 Explosive Revelations on the Clinton Foundation

2018-12-07 | 🔗

In this episode I address the explosive new revelations about a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and the devastating allegations being aired. I also discuss a socialist’s appearance on the Tucker Carlson show and why it matters for the 2020 presidential election. 

News Picks:   A federal judge opens up discovery into the Clinton private email system.   Explosive revelations by John Solomon regarding the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.    Is there an FBI email chain out there that’s going to blow up the Spygate case?    President Trump unloads on Mueller.    The feds ramp up the probe into the Podesta Group and this former Obama administration official.   10 key questions for Jim Comey.   The Bush family praises President Trump for his actions during the funeral of George H.W. Bush.    Another enormous oil field discovered in the United States. This is terrific economic news.   Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want thereby geo shrubberies joe how are you today ok running relegates usage ourselves a little funny the producer gel roadshow today not me i'm in my studio but do you know sometimes i'm on the road and i record shows of rum from far flung cases producer job powerful hoed now macgyver like studio in a hotel room because that's how good job you how are you re doing ok about laying in earnest ripping a little bit a hair you ok now i know we gotta go out of you listen last night i told you i would brief you on what was going on but handy as i had predicted after these
oh george w bush services were over sean had on the reason i told you to watch on monday john solomon in aid just incredibly detailed option actually devastating report to the clinton came alice i was really a to four two things came out last night one of about the collins and what about an email chain about five abuse which ladies and gentlemen is worth your time i'm gonna get to that but has been a lot of news this week i missed including something had happened on a tucker cross and show the other day that i want to get you for so please don't go anywhere to very important show i today show brought you buy but he's a man crates mankind its we love man creates listen is a guy i gotta admit it's really hard to buys guess my wife has trouble with me all the time manufactured just bought me a birthday present in we are both like ok she loves me to tell you now sometimes doesn't work out even if
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pick it up in new york and a pretty powerful position up in new york that's usually uses a springboard for something bigger it's in new york city by the way i know it sounds like a public advocate but it is actually very powerful political position in new york city so she's running for this position she was our tucker carson and they were talking a story that is fascinated me in recent days show and it's about bernie sanders folks these people on the left are frauds listen to me they are phonemes they frauds they are fakes the one thing you can be proud of the one and not the one thing but the one big thing you can be proud of his conservative or a libertarian or a good solid and suppose republican right right one who align themselves with liberty and freedom the one thing joe you know go with this you can be proud of his you're not hypocrites we may lose elections the left the mean and call us things than ends in essen phobias and it's the phobic phobia forms when they lie about as the media can attack us you know history can be unkind to us despite our continued fight for freedom liberty
may we were the leaders the republican party the civil rights that was us you can be proud of the fact that you are not hypocrites we believe in capitalism and economic freedom because we believe everybody should spend their money not the government everybody able to spend their hard earned resources on themselves we believe taxes are necessary but limited taxes we believe in choice for us and for liberals economic freedom for us and for liberals health their choices personalized healthcare choices for us and for liberal liberals dump we in any of this step and we lay the exact same way we work hard we we pay the do we have to pay we obey the law and we do it because we are not hypocrites liberals do not live the way they want others to live their phony he was the genesis of the story and the constant fear is on tucker carlson bernie sanders one of the biggest frauds out their fraud this guy a total hypocrite he's purchase now three homes bernie sanders he is worth a please
we worked well over a million dollars right now yet this is a i claiming that capitalism is the enemy and socialism in the sharing of the resources the way to go a new stuff ray brought with him at the daily collar that shows he spent his is team is spent upwards of three hundred thousand dollars in private jet travel motoring around the country while why would you do that oh yes why you choose that joe joe you fly commercial you are manufactured just blew commercial yesterday commercial yesterday yeah what happened boy yet why did he ever flight he flew to much commercial etc they georgia the fly private jets and you know although i'd love to i don't either listen i'd love to i promise you if this show reaches a rush limbaugh like levels i'll be in private jets you know why because i'm not a phoney i like the inconvenience of commercial travel but you know what they are
budget oh and the armor cost crew cannot afford to fly private jets because i dont have ten thousand dollars to pay for a flight between palm beach and new york where i traveller i'd owed happen then but i don't care that people why commercial apply private matter fact j p appear j the private jet is now wait a rock and roll if you ve got the don't you know yourself out baby get on i reject jet all you want but i'm not a hypocrite i ll the idea of economic freedom and working really really hard your entire life to earn enough money for the convenience of not having to get in there in the cattle car and go to us that the tests they feel up and get on at airport and run out of overhead space i get it yet per these this big fraud big phony who works for the government
he's a government but not a government put him private sector took three hundred thousand dollars and private flight joe in the words of left wing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that he was doing where's your right job spewing too few being what was he ever what what are these days will give you what you are what you says although we could show of describing the joe and one of these days and anyway i'm innocent beer it yeah spirit that end it is a body these all over the private jet so on a play this cut of tucker karlsson doing a great job are pinning down socialists no mickey cancer was bernie sanders porter i believe pinning her down on the hypocrisy of of calling
for others to live this environmentally sensitive life you know by small cars don't allow your cows to fort proudly it's a big deal now methane emissions from cows and stuff and belching from cows right you got but don't buy suvs do not care why private jets but don't worry we'll do it because where and total aggregate so he pins or that so play this caught tucker talking only making cuts and i want you to pay close attention to our answer because the hysterical part of this is the liberal think they got over on talker what they really did is islamic courts expose the grotesque parker left for all to see and i'm gonna to call it outright if this got so if your out boring you say nothing is more important than climate change i'm a better person and you are because i care more than you by the way i have won the largest has in nashville and i fly private and i take a suburban to the private airport to the fbi
why should i be around sincerely why does one witness individual choices are not going to solve the disaster that we are facing you hear it do you know where to see you here answer perhaps there is a credible at folks with the enemy only reason i bring it is up to you is i pay attention two accounts out i've told you this repeatedly i'm on some email lists and i follow select progressive groups and liberals on twitter i want to see who because again i'm afraid the black my account and i to see what they're talking about because they think like the borg did from that star trek shop they it was a hive mine and when lip catch onto something they all spreading amongst themselves and try to pitch it to their media tat look what we got over on tucker we got over unpuckering there talking about know me he wins a battle of the wits versus tucker carson noticed what he said she didn't win anything she expose the complete total utter hypocrisy the left in one answer to a question again
personal with no mickey i choose how you know i met her she's been nice to me if it's working or green or some person she says this is unbelievable when asked why liberals are such hypocrites and never live like they want others to live whether it's on carry not paying is taxes on a body park in rhode island to avoid the massachusetts taxes weather it's uh you know him we clinton and bill clinton with their real estate empire apparently trying to avoid paying higher taxes al sharp in his battle with the irs all whether limousine liberals like al gore and bernie sanders owning multiple homes claiming everybody else are we need to spread the wealth around you don't need all this stuff but they do right she could an answer that so tat when she says well individual decisions don't matter don't make a difference oh oh yes no making you are right
individual decisions don't matter why because we don't trust individuals to act outside of their own self interest that is why republicans libertarians and conservatives do not power do not empower individuals in the government and give them power over other people's lives because we don't trust them to make decisions that are right for other people we only trust air quotes them to make decisions in their own self interest she gave up the entire fallacy of liberalism progressive elements socialism in one answer and the liberals are celebrating this in other words show the rituals are selfish so we can trust them to make the right call but let's empower individuals over our lives in government because when will definitely make the right call right i covered this on my internet tv show last night i am astounded
founded that the liberals are i'm telling you they are celebrating this do not discount what i'm saying i follow these people they are real ricky cards finally got tucker pin them that you got nothing you admit it on national television the entire hypocrisy scheming and the big lie of the left that in visuals cannot be trusted to make good choices but somehow liberals believe you give this same individuals government power that they will somehow magically be transformed into angels and will then make the right choice s rhetoric about what she said how stupid this was s right am i explained in its ombudsman joe mandate egypt by this grounder but that i cannot but we ve there like they are all over the port in you doubt me go to speller name right no making constant scale and ask tee i think right
put our name in twitter and input talker and look at the left we got toto going crazy on their twitter feed she d you ve got out of it you got another you abolish your attire ideology one answer individuals are greedy they do what's right for them so those decision should matter ricky those same individuals like bernie sanders who we can't ass to make the right decision you want stand right you want in their power to make decisions for others how do you reconcile those two things no making you are well this and are putting out and no making cuts i mean it's not personal i kits gotta be a jerk i've met her inviting you on my show somebody out there who knows her twitter joe and i will interview earn on a friday it'll be a fair interview i will allow you to answer but i'll even give you the prep time i'll give the cliffs notes now i but you to reconcile that to me how
who can explain to me how bernie sanders individual choices which you acknowledge your bad rachel yes you joe the lip moreover have told us what why yes you ve oh by gas goes go by thousands that are too big don't fly you know private because you're you're gonna spew carbon dioxide they have told us these choices are bad right they have in clear they fought against them the all rich did you know the evil they did the thirst and how a bow tie wearing crowd consuming too many resources liberals i've been crystal clear and socialist and the environmental climate change scare tacticians right tacticians they have but this repeated these are bad choices so no making giving you the questions of run you have i acknowledge bernie sanders made bad choice right you're saying those bad choices don't matter why don't be or number one and secondly if individuals can only be expected to make bad choices why
the hell do you want those same individuals to be empowered to realise this is the biggest failure scheme of the left fred was fifty one right of men were angels we wouldn't government but we the limit government because men already angels doesn't know make you find it odd is well joe these same individual she thinks will be transformed into angels even though she says herself their individual choices don't matter because they were bad choices now i'm not saying you are but i dont care of bernie sanders takes a private jet i care about bernice hypocrisy or we clear folks is a difference i do not care that bernie sanders wise private ip celebrate him buying three homes i am packing his hypocrisy nodded ability to earn money do not mistake the two
it is the left that suggesting these are bad choice is not me i'm packing his hypocrisy only not its choices power on three homes jonah confer bauhaus another house i'd like to give this one to my mother in law by cat i can't right now we just don't have enough money i imagine packing is choices the left is i am packing is hypocrisy hypocrisy is he wants you to live away that he can't live himself but why joe because bernie is interested in bernie why bernie fly private jets when bernie sanders could darn well jump on a delta jet blue southwestern united flight why joe let me ask reciprocal you're not a trick journey if you add the choice to fly down here where you are right as in florida today if you had the chance to fly private jet or how you flew down you flew down
a whole lot of spirit look forward to come and their raw job what would you take not a trick i take them i have a jet baby what why why would you do that because i've been unfavourable that's why it's very because its carter ball people act in their own self interest that's why everybody would choose it but bernie suggesting nobody should make that choice that everybody should pact themselves into a commercial flight because there no way to live because it it'll prevent may carbon dioxide emissions from being spewed into the atmosphere carbon taxes on a poisoned by the way the ebb spewed the atmosphere just like in the burning voice right and as we would all collectively spewed may these choices we could cut carbon dioxide emissions but he doesn't leave that wages he's acting this self interest now showing you that this these individuals and they get in power in government
decisions that are just as awful i'd like to know make you to reconcile of that's the first question is that is how are these individuals who are expected to make tat choice is expected to make better choices when we give the massive power over other peoples live question number one they become angels or they are they are they are they a dane which superpowers the minute there are elected to office but secondly i'd like we'll make you to answer me this question how it that some of the dirtiest places on earth their environment happened to be socialist economy any more socialist they are the great the likelihood that the air and water and the environment will be dirtier think about it the biggest environmental disasters in the history of the world job what is the one thing they all have in common socialism because when
everybody own something nobody does when everybody who owns the park in the neighborhood nobody owns and i always think when i lived in sovereign a park and stuart landing we had this this park and it was nice but i gotta tell you the grass was terribly maintained it was overtaken clover and weeds and everything and yet everybody's neighbourhood one in the house was meticulously maintain why is that what's the difference it was the same neighborhood same grass the reason is because nobody own apart because everybody owned it therefore no he cares it's not theirs when everybody owns lichens hush lissom air quotes own supporters of the economy and no one has specific ownership over anything nobody owns it nobody cares that's why the environment sucks in these countries that's why china you can barely ever been to china in beijing you can barely breed the air i been there is awful i couldn't even run outside i like to run back then look
the environmental disasters the biggest ones in human history all in socialist countries the aral sea disaster the pen disaster the era of the aral sea the premise is asked to mexico is a socialist that a largely socialist economy chernobyl the yankees river in china kevin william supports us this out in one of his books about the idiots guide to socialism these were all in socialist countries the list either way goes on and on and on because when everybody own something nobody owns it no making and explain that how do you supporting the fact that it in any relatively freedom loving capitalist country like the united states of america the greatest emissions reductions joe of carbon dioxide have up in where here here here because being economically and environmentally efficient is turned into
business opportunity in the united states spanish one this one final storm didn't mean mean to take this place is so important vote because we have that three hundred and twenty election around the corner and we have a group of hypocritical fraudulent socialist bernie sanders elizabeth warren and others running and you will be confronted with this exact same answer to your question well if you i believe so strongly in socialism and things like that how come you don't live that way carry with his taxes al sharp them with his taxes bernie sanders with the environment bernie sanders with his homes and capitalism and they are going to give you this will individual choices don't matter europe at the same individuals you're trying to get power over my life that's your answer that is your answer explained that so you're saying individual sock and are self interested but let's empower them frida matters economic
environmental efficiency is turned into a business in the united states there's money in it and when there's money in something people do it people don't do stuff if the goodwill ladies and gentlemen whilst times the meanest russ robert so we seventy contacts become a joke you people desire to be lovely to but people when it comes to money making opportunities will generally to go where the business opportunities follow theirs and a need that keep it in your back pocket i want now when i was final story i'm out here with this but get ready for that answer right and twenty twenty it's come on you're going to need that keep it in your backpack i want know when i was running and western maryland and congressional district six for office whereupon i want you a paper making plant and i was talking to plan i knew the guy was a fat really fucked you know so much when you run a frog as you go on these tours and people doing for photo album it is genuinely a fascinating tore like i'd never i didn't know the details of the paper making industry but the guy
let me say it is not an environmentalist per se at all fact a republican cares the farmers want to dirty environment but he was excited to me how it vienna paper making the sugar probably vouch for this house we thirty years ago that which is tremendous waste and the industry joe bad paul bad paper just got thrown out are discarded or whatever he's like and that doesn't happen now here's how we do it he was showing how they recycle everything from the water to the paper that come out right work goes back in nepal i mean it was amazing the level of efficiency why joe because resources got expensive resource just got expensive as our population grows and its company started looking for more efficient ways to use them now the level so well one we made them artificially expensive know that doesn't work that way you know me
things artificially expensive by taxing them and sucking money out of the economy to give to the government that could have been used in the paper factory to figure out a better way to make use of the darn resources this the stupidity left bumper uncle bob well so necessity to get gas prices really high nap the resources are scarce it is in a free market if resources are scarce they will be more expensive and what will happen people will find ways to be more efficient but resources but you don't things artificially more expensive by taxing them sucking the money to make it more efficient and make the technology to build the technology to find new resources you don't make an economy most recently your track industry in a free market economy when oil becomes really really expensive because its harder and harder to find and is less of it what people do they choose their money and they said listen we can
really rich joe if we can find new ways to attract oil from rocks and what was enhancement sheriff racking frank technology by the way story in the show notes today major league economic fine hugh or field reserves discovered in new mexico in texas forty six point three billion barrels just discovered yeah baby oil that was onyx tractable fifty years ago because the free market their capital figured out a way to make more oil appear when we couldn't get it before when they government comes in and says economically stupid things like barack obama's well if we just a girl more expensive you're sucking money out of the private economy in the form of taxes that go into building efficient factories that re use paper pulp and find ways to suck oil at iraq's people
we literally suck oil at of rocks now joe this is why the free market works get that government out of the way so i am finally i am extending this invite to know me cause it the affair interview i'll give you a significant amount of time i will broad i said i will let you answer the questions but i am even giving you the questions in advance i want to know those ass she does blue what the left in iraq celebrating its unbelievable now let's get to the other juicy stop to lock on our john solomon as i told you many times john solomon from the hell i'm convinced knows this entire story and leaks in dribs and drabs out stories individually because it doesn't want overwhelm you all at once solomon the whole thing and now it's all coming up before we get to that the buzzy gift on everybody's list this year is the greatest toothbrush ever this is like a power washing free about
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as i told you on monday i think they had a delay the report i am glad they did until after the services because this is such an amazing incredible profound story about what's going on that you all need to digest so what broke last night while i start with the clinton foundation one first cause this seems to really ass an eight people ladies and gentlemen there has been a flurry of activity in the last couple of weeks and months surrounding people in the obama sphere and clinton's sphere now i've been tellin you from beginning and i dont me you know sometimes it came out wrong i'd ever method and a condescending way i use use your queensland take it easy that things are running behind the scenes are not happening i just i'm gonna say things i mean actions against the clinton's the obama's and others there are clearly some portions of the judicial machinery rolling against the obama administration to cleanse now that's the upside the downside is this
i believe high level managers in the oj give its sessions had refused himself were are throwing monkey wrenches into this stuff word delaying it now i find it awfully convenient that if you read two specific stories i haven't shown us today please please please go to the show notes up on gino dotcom or you have to do is click on today's part guess all the articles are linked right there if i get awfully suspicious with a wink at a nod job writers sessions is leaving they know he was leaving a couple months ago probably the mid term that had probably been planned out earlier the session was going to leave all of a sudden if you read this new york post story about the pedestrian is tied to the contains if you read this new york poster about gregg craig obama's former chief of staff and this solomon story i'm about to go into the hill they all say the same thing there's a common thread and what's the common thread the commentary is this there's been a flurry
activity in the year the justice department in the past few weeks investigators have been reaching out recently why do you think that's happening it's how an because what i just told you this stuff clearly been going on either at the rank and file field office level and little rock in the fbi or the investigative level and specific fbi field offices and i believe the management of the of the fbi and the oj although not willing to make these cases go away were slow walking them hoping for a better result in the mid term than they got maybe winning the senate to and now that they ve got whittaker in air all of a sudden you're starting to see all this stuff come down well let's that solomon one first because this is huge vote there is a whistle blower report that has just been uncovered gmos on john show last night talking about very detailed a sick thousand page report at its surface by an independent
from called mba analytics llc run by a according to solomon run by accomplished ex federal criminal investigated who alleged this this thing is accordingly solomon sources they allege that the foundation this isn't news to you but the fact that they now have someone on the inside talk about this who allegedly written foundation engaged in illegal activities and may be liable for millions of dollars in the link with taxes and penalty listen worse not have that is new what's new what's new here is the fact that people apparently in the little rock field office the fbi had been eager to get this case rock n roll on and i think they have been people at the top level at the oj i've been trying to make it go away a kind of explains the disconnect with what happened with the queen
quit whistle blower couldn't foundation whistleblower who had his home rate and i still believe that an effort on the audio jays part member they are not speaking with one like minds your folks the department of justice it appears there's a disconnect between the rose and stein crew infraction d o j and king humps in the oj any fbi believe it's an effort by upper level people in the bureau and the de oj to get a hold of what this clinton whistle blower foundation guy has that's a separate why i covered on monday this story about this new company they came forward to support is absolutely dammit now the report goes on as in addition to the irs the firm they talk about the firmly together from its investigating the clinton foundation orange partners joe within this have had cod
with prosecutors in the main justice department in washington and fbi agents and little rock arkansas and last week listen listen listen all of a sudden now they ve had contact would mean the oj now that whittaker takes over now that sessions is outright in other words rosen style can't block anything anymore and less a federal prosecutors suddenly asked for documents from their private investigation why would they do that folks things are heating up with the clinton foundation listen to this forty eight page submission dated august eleven twenty seven p seventeen two zero one seven or eight this is not new supports it claims with ninety five exhibits including internal legal reviews that the foundation conduct iran itself in
thousand eight two thousand levin these reviews flag serious concerns about legal compliance this is work gets really juicy improper commingling of personal and charity business and quid pro while promises made to donors while hillary clinton with secretary of state what have i been telling you for a year now skulk of all skulk of our project the rush technology silicon valley type project the russians smoke this up with were they how will these tech companies to try to move to russia and the scope of our project was deemed by our own intelligence people to be one thing and one thing only and by russian and tell people to steal our our technology which they believe was later on used to develop a hypersonic mistletoe attacked the united states this is colinton supported this project skulk of all
russian stealing our stuff i use technology twenty other of the twenty seven or are so companies that boring he's in the scope of our project we're clinton foundation donors folks what is this quid pro quo about here this gets better the submission again are talking about nba analytics that did this analysis this multi this thousand page report on the clear foundation by the way you may say why would accompany do that well apparently the company it's a good government company there committed to good government principles and your look for some it says in the end after signing sotheby's that what they do say go after these fake charities that are trying to a tax laws and an air they get some kind of a reward from the government for doing it for saving the government tax money so some of you may be questioned emotive there's always nobody just does things out of a good you know unlike no making caused people are
just in themselves as companies clearly in the money making businesses well but they go away they investigate fake charity charities are doing the right thing is probably more precisely to say it when it comes to our laws the submission this is crazy off sites cited interview its investigators conducted with andrew castle that quotes foundations long time cfo that's financial officer i give is unable to stop former president clinton from coal mingling personal business and charitable activities inside it innovation and that this f o joe knows quote where all although bodies are bury listen things are happening i am not telling you it's all gonna be tied up in a neat little bo there's a bunch of white nights in government remember how we open the show everybody in government is acting in their own self interest republicans democrats everyone
that's why we as conservatives libertarian try to limit government being they're all acting for themselves i'm not suggesting you they're a bunch of angels in their i'm siege thank you though that finally the report he did oversight of the department of justice in the fbi by both you the public people play devin newness and groups like you watch and others tom fitness group which by the way just got a legal judgment against the clinton foundation they now have i believe ten days or choose me hillary clinton steam to produce evidence on that email case judy to watch us all over them what i'm suggesting to you is the deal j self interested people all of em are running out of options to hide this stuff and some entrepreneurial fbi investigative and doing good work you know to advance their careers and otherwise are tired of having their clinton foundation case sideline are now finally starting a new track and we here are finally starting to make some headway main justice i believe now because sessions is out there
this was a bad guy just here were accused which was an awful decision and i'm sure they were going to indicate somehow that this was somehow tied to russia folks this is a devastating devastating case now this all ties together with what i told you they delayed the hearing mark meadows was a terrific republican congressmen who is a responsible for government oversight in on on his committee meadows call john huber follow me here john hubert the united states attorney assigned but looking into clinton malfeasance the email case foundation others are not special council attorney he is its standard the oj attorney but he was assigned by sessions to look into this now his hearing makes sense they have thursday is going to be a huge solomon pointed to this last night on handed where he talked about this peace this is
i was talking about a monday this is huge piece you know i know i get emails with some of you you i've heard a lot about bombshells of no folks this is significant this is a significant maneuver because it only has to possible endings now the two possible when things are this joe meadows and everyone else now knows the evident evidence at a minimum is out there i'm not em up this in everyone's innocent until proven guilty yet we're not going to do with the police they tyrants on the left you i'm we suggesting to you there is likely a significant amount of evidence of a head do exchanges of favours between the clause then foundation and foreign governments while hillary clinton was the most powerful diplomat in that country as the secretary of state this is that this is an enormous enormous problem it has potential serious potential serious criminal liability this is big
now what matter this only has to ending snow ending number one is people in the clinton foundation go down for i are either irs crimes or fraud or eve could be worse depending on how extensive that quid pro quo was where are they z emails or we will at least get an answer about how broken our constitution republicans curious folks fork one people if their guilty if their guilty go down and justice is served or its presents itself at this meadows hearing and we i doubt that our government is doing nothing in delhi dallying and now we finally get an answer of just how broke in the system and its no excuse to give up we gonna fix it countries worth fighting for but it is an issue to be really really super pissed off this meadows hearing should it be key because he's
according to what i am hearing there and solomon brought the supply side unhappy are you solomon knows at all mark meadows is going to ask huber who is ass the gaining this on my own behalf for the department of justice a very critical question joe that it's not gonna be a yes or no because some kind can bail their way out of that he's gonna ask a critical question from what we get it he's going to how many resources and how how much money has been spent on this investigation brilliant brilliant question think about the yes or no question about it mr huber are you guys are investigating yes we are what does that mean he could have made forgot hilary hilary you do it there are no ok thanks he wouldn't be lying right you folks please tell me you know where she was going meadows in those guys are smarter than this matter
jordan and the other guys looking into this they are not stupid mr uber what what do you think about oh it's going great ok thanks i wanna know up no thanks they're going to ask how many assets and how much money has been spent now we know how extensive mahler witch hunt is why joe because they have a month pull attorneys assigned to their case and they spent millions if not tens of millions of dollars investigating this which haunted the donald trump we know it you can a hard number on the gravity the investigation nobody knows what we ve spent on investigating the clinton foundation that potential malfeasance or miss reasons there but we will we will soon now is this explain as i said to you earlier in the week the flurry of activity things happen to things happen sessions is out whittaker is in
and meadows in jordan have been brilliant tacticians in putting huber on the spot in saying no don't i'll just tell us is investigation going on we want to know the degree of it by putting a price tag on because the price tag will indicate just how seriously you took this thing go bingo nice night now there's another flurry of activity that just the rap that one the clinton foundation looks to be in very very serious trouble but this other flurry of activity involves the pedestrians only fidessa who i've been working with some people on some overseas lobbying deals some of them were intermingled with business by paul man there is a story in the new york posts that is in the show is please read it please read the solomon peace today they are so good
there's a story in the new york post about a reform outside of the mahler probe to look into potential fairer violations foreign agent registration act by people in the clinton sphere and the obama sphere now mahler is not a good guy i can't say this enough mahler is here for one reason run one keep the attend donald trump no matter what but having some experience working federal cases you can't simply erase stuff and make stuff go away it's not that easy one evidence has accumulated in statements or otherwise you can delete and make it go away without taking on very serious liability yourself so was always gonna be a risk and mahler probe joe given they know of entangling people and the democrats space you could you tracking it's not good mahler be it a good guy or a white had and he's he's trying
we doubt the clinton influence and the governments not due to any of that it's a simple strategic matter of an order for molly to keep the attention on trumped team some people in the obama space as i said to you joe a long time ago how to be horse traded out they had to theirs too much intermingling here the two cases i believe one of them maybe tony podesta basing this on a new york posts report that one these cases that was referred outside of the mahler probe was now fair let me be clear what fair is if you are a lobbyist for a foreign government pursue it certain restrictions you have to register its the united states it's illegal to lobby the u s government if your foreign govern suddenly good all you just have to register so the public gets to know what the saudis the russians the chinese you know what the south africans with that we want to know who's trying to influence our public officials so there's a thing called fair this registration as it is
what mahler is mailing man afford on now there was no way to do that given the co mingling of man affords business with people in the obama space greg obama's former white house counsel and that's the brothers associated with the quantity there is no way that i could have been used to nail metaphor without simultaneously referring out i'm not telling you there's gonna be a neat bow on this just telling you if you read the report and the post its clear that there's been a flurry of activity in recent weeks why because waiter occurs in charge because meadows in them are starting to ask questions all of a sudden these cases that got sidelined in an effort to universally keep the heat on donald trump decline
foundation podesta scam knobs gregg craig all of these cases now flurry of new activity folks this unbelievable this is unbelievable it's gonna be one more thing i just want to remove my eyed and neglected this on the couldn't foundation peace side they were talking about interviews that the government's conducted with the clinton foundation it says the report even raised the possibility of donors were expecting favours its state or from the former presidents government connections return for money oh my gosh court summit of use reporting cod to those raise funds or donors some of
i have been an expectation of quid pro quo benefits in return for gifts now i just want to drive sorry forgot that i had a third way texted me to us but this gregg craig thing is interesting when we get back to me to be this disjointed on it but i forgot at their core the quid pro quo things unbelievable the story of actively granting podesta john podesta had a babby she'd be tony predestined fidessa group had a relationship with manner for they were actively bob and some lobbying activity for foreign governments podesta is and is brother john possess is intimately tied to the clinton space that point is simple to explain it we're gonna nail man afford for lobbying for foreign governments and not registering and he had business ties the pretence that you have to investigate the possessed a group to that's what the support is saying this employees and understand rachel i think whittaker
the oj are heavily looking into that now the other interesting component this is gregg craig gregg craig was obama's former white house council this has been a position obama's whitehouse council his lawyer the lawyer who had provides direct legal advice to the executive officer the present a former barack obama when he was in office think about people have been in that position and how their intimately involved in this case this is where it gets to see red craig was the initial obama whitehouse council he leaves the job he goes to work with scared north's scallon arbs had people investigated by the smaller probe one of em associated with them a guy named vander schwann mahler prosecute this is for the same thing they got man afford on so bob as former white house counsel is intimate
involved in this entire case of lobbying for you could prominent viktor yanukovych shoe specifically of lobbying on behalf of the former ukrainian administration in the united states government and not registry gregg craig intimately involved in some of this obama's former white house council who replaces gregg craig pa bauer power bower go after helios think about all the people who were giving obama's advice obama's who were involved in this thing bob bower joe goes to work it perkins kui the same law firm hires fusion gps to fabricate the dossier on donald trump attitude export bowers place turn rumbler obama's fixer the same woman representing an informant no mahler case george nator obama people are knee deep in this i think right
craig is gonna be thrown over thrown overboard there's going i too i have this story is never change i been consistent from the start on this that there is going to have to be some horse trading it sir body in the obama clinton orbit would have to go down because they can't make the evidence disappear they care and the ep is that your bomb administrashn officials are knee deep in this is is legion it's everywhere i got so much more than just fascinates me it's incredible the two two major i did we get to the finest stuff i finally today show brought you by bodies a filter by around country millions of americans are turning up the first for the first time and in spending a week freezing at night why because you neglected the change out
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are we have new activity i think is very good news on the clinton foundation on the possessed a group tied to the clinton space on gregg craig obama's former white house lawyer and i think there is going to be some significant action red solomons report there's gonna be whirling it's only gonna go to one of two ways either we're going down or we will know conclusively that there was evidence of it joe criminality and nothing happened and we are way more broken his republic to meet on finally one story they said solomon broke this week as well there is supposedly according solomon sources and email chain out there and fbi email chain that is absolutely devastating apparently this b i chain indicates a couple of things folks it indicates that the fbi before they walk that evidence into the fire court and swore that it was true serious concerns syria this concerns about the viability of that evidence
you may sell what what's the breaking user of course we knew the fbi knew that you had suspicions that ass he was fake folks not new you know what's new it may be at an email and written down that's it piece of information that was their tidbits i think shown monitor the blue up on monday shell but again due to the events with george w bush they headed the lay it that's a hue story to have it in writing basically we sort of this vague documents but bags solomon doesn't have the email chain in the peace i haven't shown oats today and yesterday shot but he's got a new sources of never steers wrong accordingly sources joe this email chain exists which would be devastating devastated i can wait solomon is indicated that there are sources in the fbi who knew full well christopher cynthia was talking to the media while they were still using him why
there's a big deal up until now joe we ve been told that christopher steel was used by the fbi and was fired immediately after they found out he was talking to the media that's right that he was killed not suitable for use anymore steel that's according to solomon what these email say that christmas i was talking to the media the f b i knew it and they kept using them until they reached critical mass now why does that matter because folks the fbi in their war into the court to get a warrant by the trump team used media reports to buttress their facts set the same media reports given the media bio crystal still words christopher steel told the b i two plus two equal six times report or to put two equal six the fbi
the courts have two plus two equal sex because we from christopher steel and we heard from yahoo news yahoo news heard two plus two equal sex from christen restates the same information that's not fair vacation that's circular investigating you dig in the fbi i cited a media report acting as if it was an independent piece of investigative confirmation it was the same piece of information from christopher steel thou do you see why the fact that in this we have shame solomon claims is out there that if there too about using him while he's talking to the media the fbi clearly seems to know that information they had was false and at the media reports could have been coming from their source that's not confirmation that's confirmation bias there's another another huge story they spoke broke this week because now we
my wife the thought of a contest that we wanted to do one before the holidays to reward our listeners secondly in email and a full thousands of pages investigation on potential serious quid pro quo or the selling of the united states government potentially bike i been people to foreign actors to be a big weak i folks my wife the thought of a contest that we wanted to do one before the holidays to reward our listeners we want to give you all a copy of a signed copy personalized we're gonna pick did say three to five winners i welcome you to the same my wife did i will see you will see how it goes but here's the contest for you if you're interested we should think about this for a while we love means you know what means are right you do you take your photos in europe messages on him you know means emmi emmi if you not check him out
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