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Ep. 868 Jim Comey Exposes the Police State

2018-12-10 | 🔗
In this episode I address the troubling details of Jim Comey’s Capitol Hill testimony. I also address the abusive government practices of the Democrats in the Trump era and their calls for the jailing of President Trump.    News Picks: Is Mark Meadows going to be Trump’s next chief of staff?   Troubling details of Jim Comey’s Capitol Hill testimony are released.   Read the FBI procedures for verifying information in the FISA court yourself and you can see they broke the rules.   Jim Comey admits that the FBI targeted Americans in the counterintelligence probe.   Are the witch hunters going to try to indict President Trump?   Is worthless Adam Schiff threatening the president with jail time?   ABC “journalist” gets destroyed on Twitter for pushing the collusion hoax.   Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no five out of the damaging our shall precision our unity and i'm doing ok for still being road network i ran into joe is army joining and at last night and johnny apple over the weekend i mean since we got off the air on friday i accurate so we can show just what happened between friday on monday morning i don't even eat anything else we had the while a release of the man afford cohen documents may and jim commies embarrassing testimony upon the hill jim call me is is it looking more more every day like a guy who has a real problem with the truth and i think that maybe an understatement i being generous here in my words about jim call me somebody get to a lot of that and the democratic lurched towards the police state is now come full circle we now have adam ship and others calling for
or insinuating that europe should be jailed before he leaves after he leaves office now i mean this is just amazing now but suddenly they target their political enemies weapon eyes government to do it when those political enemies failed i apologise for being targeted yes we target of you i'm sorry i was the subject of a baby and immoral investigation then they threaten to jail you this is dangerous stop so many gets a lot of that and i want to announce a winner quickly on me contests going on still all week monetary from awhile said they mean girls me in sub trying to make russian collusion app and you are our first when are you will get a copy of all my books personally sign so we re how do you on email but you could still submit your damp gino show means we're gonna pick more winners the rest of the week so easy means are less ass dissenters a ton i know it's hard to pick a winter folks odyssey you said so much so we got far more useful
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sessions i want to be precise you indicating that that there could be a significant chance of tramping jail they have their he leaves office and just a quick evolution of the democrats love affair with the police state before i get to call me in the other lizzie told upon capitol hill remember what they did to donald trump first so you understand that we're not just throwing this out there to sound ominous all the democrats are in love with the police they know they did things that are reminiscent of third world police state tactics these are all documented easily research things that can spear see the rest of the world like the surf abrams since any other folks out their promoting the collusion hopes in the media ignore they leave this part of the story donald trump team and team members were unmasked amassed meeting they were listening and as i said on fox and friends this morning on the private phone calls of american citizens that is not enough
few if any one s you why do you know that what we know it because they produce the transcript of lieutenant general might flynn trump team members phone call how do you think they got that guesswork they got it because they recorded it they had transcripts of folks this is known to have happened again we're talking about the democrats new love affair with the police they stop running from it to u democrats it listen to my show out their stop running for just be honest cut the crap i'm sorry but you are making this up this idea that you're in this for the little guy and you're in this to take care of the middle class and you are concerned about civil liberties pulled you are not can serve you you you you have you weren't crackling on burning the sick liberty's burning the constitution a bill of rights any semblance of fourth amendment protections fifth amendment protectors
not that matters to you any more just own it and tell the american people what you're about you are for tv the almost unrestricted at this point weapon zation of government to target the political enemies you ve done it home you care you keep doing it you continue to do it you defend it you vigorously defended because you're fags your but you're not one cent pick people i'm sorry you are not authentic your fakes frauds because you pretend to be something you're not the un asking of truck team members happen you defending it is abhorrent is grotesque we have the misuse of the usa database again we know this happened we know in the forest challenges surveillance core put out peer review in march of twenty seventeen
a review of the misuse of the say database they clearly indicate that there were searches done on the database that did not follow the rules that were about queries searching for it for me they should have been searching for this isn't speck violation this is the stuff the conspiracy theories don't want you to know about that because big day collusion hole conspiracy theories conveniently ignore first they listen your phone calls then they tap into the data base their an unauthorized ways this is all documented staff defies abuse this is why i was ties and to call me now we know they use than unverified dossier to spy on down we know what the kids call me set at the transcripts which i'm going to dig into had some explosive information in there these are police state tactics this is what the third world does to talk their political enemies they listen it on their phone calls
listen in on their email communications or or look into their email communications when that doesn't work that you secrets chamber courts like defies the court with fake information spy and are enemies tell me please please tell me how some of this area of it is untrue you can't you can't matter fact i was chuck ross this morning's twitter for existing good stories up daily collar there's some crazy loon i block this guy cuz he does idiocy was too much for me to take it one time and i'm in live like an idiocy quota for the day before i lose my mind read stupid levels of some like actor loser right robert a rich i don't even know was i blocked a guy easily response to check what will you have been proved you haven't you proven a dossier argue with dipstick how freakin stupid are you to the guy who responded the chuck ross how stupid are you this is now the united states of america we can present in for
they should do a court in any way shape or form as long as no one can disproved so here i gotta get orders sir john if i throw out there that seven generations ago you had someone in your family tat was a victoria mass murder on an epic scale and i put that into the court the document you proclivities towards mass murder i can use it because can't possibly this prove it nobody knows what happened several generations ago you are innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent but this epic loser who response to chuck ross puts out there you haven't disproven it yet do you understand that those are police state tactics just say any you want jogging and as long as it can't be thoroughly disproven it's good to go in the court's just be honest europe punch a third rate ten part dictator hacks folks i'm worried ban i'm not mess around with you i am legitimately
and you only worried about this country sir because there used to be a bipartisan consensus that the police state the use of the police they the weapon asean of government and the abuse of government power for clinical ends that used to be a bipartisan no no we understand it is not anymore they said abrams into an active police states supporting apron said tens he's not argue that bali bring this guy up because peace is easily he's almost like he needs help piece out here on time constantly promoting conspiracy theories and this guy's apparently some kind of teacher somewhere oh i see scobie this where people listen to these wounds they promote conspiracy theories they they completely ignore the police state weapons zation attack donald trump and not only we ignored date they supported well we can't disprove the stuff that was said near the you
special councils folks this is in credible what's going on here now i bring this up they set up the beginning first because it shifts parents this weekend where again insinuating that jail time now they want to not only they target donald trump steam do listened again in their phone calls tapping intermeddle data using the pfizer court and abusing the pfizer court putty information that cannot be fighting narratives to spy on them now there what a jail him afterwards folks let me just put this out there
we are a very thankfully peaceful law abiding group believes in big our rights granted by god thankfully but regarding electoral ramifications and a complete dismantling of the republic because fidelity to the rule of law seems to have disappeared i am genuinely frightened about the future i am not messing with you and i have had this this but many times joseph many times and maybe joe it's because at the to over the head on with his folks but maybe it's my prior experience in federal law enforcement pudding handcuffs on multiple people you know watching their lives just and themselves what they were bad guys i know they were bad guys i'm just telling you as a human being you watch people in their most miserable moment of their life when you ve locked him up for a very serious matter
crime they're gonna go away for a long time and if you have a little bit of mps you knew you start to feel really bad you regret anything they have to go to jail but you feel awful imagine is power being turned on you and you did nothing wrong criminally speaking this is what is happening right now what the truck team if this thing has evolved it is eve the evolution of the case against the trump theme right here in front of me it is evolve joe the early stages from one tromp was first elected to this was treason trump and the russians over through the election results they did they hack the election member that one when they could prove that cause there's no evidence that evolved into collusion while he had a minimum colluded with the russians to impact the election now that that seems there
died down despite seth avram sit in the conspiracy theorists out there who are really embarrassing people that any farther although he obstructed just this clearly by firing call me and others there's no evidence of that either donald trump asked call me to look into is his people out there we thought there were any implications of russian intervention honesty me asked them to do that they ve they leave that out of the story the conspiracy theory media one of church and of justice fell apart joe now they are onto their last and final hurrah which is what shiftless call for the jailing of of trump on or indicating he should be jail now their new theories trump obtain the presidency by fraud this is amazing folks they started treason and now are there saying there was a campaign find it violation traps
there the these these allegations of pay off to these women he had relationships with and that they pay look would have known about these relationships the election because if the public would have known about these relationships then hilary would have won this cure you please tell me folks you get off this is their new theory they went from isn't that collusion to obstruction to campaign finance was this is all they have now they ve got nothing left because you can't invent facts either things printed in the past that indicated treason or collusion they didn't in this case they didn't they left made up there ace in conjunction with their media hack bodies in the end the conspiracy theorist types at the south abrams sins of the world they can spare see theorist made this up now that you're being right we embarrassed because contact with russia not a legal i dont know if we how many times we have to inform people about this there's nothing illegal about there hillary clinton would be in jail because our team
first our surrogates had significant contact vicariously do well they paid to get information on trumped up remember they paid christine from or research christine indicated he got his information from who russian intelligence so of contact russia is illegal hillary clinton steam should be in jail but they leave that out too because there dumb and their manipulate this is now evolved finally into a obtain the press the sea by fraud narrative and the reason again as he paid these people is alleged to have paid these people off and if the public would have known it would have altered the election folks sets a nonsense donald trump's past was no mystery to anybody involved in this presidency nobody donald trump has always been open about it for better or for worse i'm not sanctioning any of this behavior i'm sure he wouldn't anymore either i'm just telling you that the the donald trump's up donald trump stones were known by voters before the election you indicating that him not look
they have some relationship he allegedly had or didn't have out it and it s going to change a vote is absurd but the reason they are here now job democrats understand this is because they don't have anything else they are oh i'll add a lock so now it's going to be this campaign financed thing now let's dismantle this because this is complete utter not that's they just want this guy in jail because their police state tyrants first off the obama campaign now if you'd even there for a second well this is what about ism yap where of course it is course it's what about ism because what about ism is what about the law and what about principle you're suggesting to me that there is a principle and a law the united states indicating that campaign fine
its violations which their alleging against trop i think are not bundling your alleging to me that care painful finance violations are worthy of jailing president reformer present that's what you're suggesting right so you say you're a principle person i'm doing this what obama to show you what a hypocrite and the audience you are you're a phoney because the obama team was fine hundred plus thousand dollars for even worse campaign violations where there's a lot did foreign money coming in these campaigns totally illegal but these this is ladies and gentlemen are typically handled with the effie see at a civil level they levy a fine against the campaign the campaign pays the fine and everybody moves on but again so you get a job the left the saying all europe
donald trump may violated keeping finance what we need to put this guy in jail and a peach him then you say well when upon it didn't you didn't say the same thing towards difference what about is now it's not it's asking you what you're abiding principles are you just said we should put people in jail for campaign paid fighters was now you're suggesting but when it's your guy everything was ok joe making this even worse so get point number one used too pretty standard these are typically civil violations campaign finance violations their obligation to be crystal clear on this the left and this ridiculous this prosecutor in the southern district but by the way maggie have at the new york times so the district in new york is the courts is the system achievements of the district the region of ideology that is prosecuting michael common right now it was third from mother to the southern district natural maggie hey benefiting our time is one of the worst reporters i've ever seen tweeted out this
wanting to just so you know you know that the other point i e for the southern district was a trump appointee now know you're wrong the trump appointee heading sunday districts are accused himself in this case you not wrong about a trump appointee heading the southern district that guy accused himself that's not the guy prosecutors chimera about but don't it's expecting facts were maggie hey permitted the conspiracy theory greece i know it's i get it i know we're being ridiculous i mean they pretend to be journalists but they don't even do a good job in pretending to be journalist folks even their grounds or number one that this is a campaign finance violation is tenuous it best here's why it beer care paint financed violation these payments to these women a lead too bad relationships with chopped joe this is important focus is critical those half to have been payments and campaign
its or in kind contributions in other words they have to have been campaign contributions donald what team is saying these we're not care paying contributions these were payments he decided to make now you may say while what determines what's a king paying contribution and not good question many answer for you there is a very simple test for this if the payment would have existed whether the person was running for office or not it is not a campaign payment let me explain it to you in reverse a little but this is an important point you are going to need this information because your naughty conspiracy theory liberal friends will not let this go until the poem state is fully activated and people are thrown in jail for made up crimes if i were to pay my rent for my house or my mortgage why i'm running for office because i set up a campaign office in
i'd say my bedroom there is a good chance that i would be thing by the ep pc for making a campaign payment because that is not a legitimate campaign payment why joe because the mortgage payment for my house which i've own now for four years existed whether i was running for office or not you track and folks i can spend money this is we're going out in reverse against tropical makes sense in a second i running for office not spend money on items would have not existed had i not been running for office i cannot another words by a bunch of clothes close then i would have worn anyway and say or what the campaign contributions now if i buy a bunch of signs if i if i meetings i dinner meetings with the staff those are probably
to be depending on the circumstances legitimate camera the signs would definitely because you're not gonna have georgia costs were present size otherwise here the issue they have with this chops defence however you know this pretty i'm not suggesting it is trying to fit this is a legitimate one hey these payment what have existed either way because i would have suffered rapid show damage so i was dead these that's it just this is cute i'm not suggesting it's pretty don't please take that as a moral differ i'm telling you trickly on a legal front that number one obama did the same thing i care pain financed by recent we're handle civilly but secondly these specific payments i don't even think we're ok contribution at all because trumps defence is going to be hey it was reputational damage we would have done it anyway and they ll win so not
we do not have a case even if you did it was a civil one but they want to put the president in jail over please tell me you understand the critical difference here because this is important and it speaks to again the democrats weapon zation of the state and the state bureaucracy to go after their political opponents and folks i'm really genuinely frightened by this because there nothing stopping them the media is doing to the media which typically when it's a republican or a conservative will lower the police state thankfully if they see anything like watergate was disgusting behaviour if they see anything like that so called out when it is a democrat whether rich bring guy
see the irs although these skills the democrats them democratic media gets selective amnesia evidence that donald trump team was targeted by police state tactics is overwhelming folks just read my book listen if you can't afford the book i gotta get it from the library someone email me said libraries avenue borrowed from a friend i don't the extra dollar two i make a book i do i just need you to read it i really do your friend on order your book read it on audio book there or listen to it on audio voltaire i need you to read the book to poke lays out distinctively tapping of trumped job teams caused one masking the misuse of the database to abuse the pfizer court this all and the media is sitting there these police state enablers and doing what nothing there
open we advocated for the police state now i want to point something true because this is why they are you see them now doubling down on their hatred for trumps twitter but you're seeing the players involved in this samantha power specifically who was paraca i'm administration acolytes she was you are you it s the u s ambassador choose me the united nations samantha hours name ladies and gentlemen we you was used on unwise masking applications to listen in on the truck team in other words her name was signed the documents to spy on trumped members trump team and other people's calls we don't know about her name on the trump team let me be clear and i d like to be except the events in a conspiracy theory we know her name to be precise here
was on aid an extraordinary number of unmask ing applications and we later on trumped team members were unmasked i don't want to make a connection here i'm i'm not absolutely sure because we don't know exactly who her name was used to unmask good catch needs very fair to cassettes with the left does not like it but that's amid the powers name years on documents used to listen in on american citizens phone calls its dispute at all so donald trump last week tweets out something about the there's no evidence of collusion is no collusion with give an exclamation point samantha power lost her on twitter here's what she tweets out and capps because writers tweeted outshone so following trump tweets no collusion writers then reuters top news a tweets out trump says prosecutors have found no evidence of russian collusion
he has a massively powerful twitter account that is exposing these unbelievable at these detail horrible atrocious police state abuses samantha power hates this because she knows what joe they need to all the narrative the left at all times and a narrative has to be trump colluded with the russians because as long as we're focused on that we're not focused on samantha powers role and the unmasked of american citizens right these bypassing the filter duty is by pet yeahs deliberate media filter all of this stuff the fact that here we and the media has to put the tweet out there is driving submit the power knots years our tears are tweet doll caps stop headline writers if you want to quote this press a headline in an age when many people read only headlines you must write trump prove in liar says but best not to quote him in a headline folks they are losing their marbles because trap is joe just said is by
passing the filter he's getting headlines in the news based on twitter that is counteracting the activists propagandists police they media their bodies at its driving the police state actors involved like samantha power crazy do you have your orders whereas you had your marching orders the marching orders were go advance the collusion hopes at do not dare say anything otherwise now who is a primary a proponent of the russian collusion oaks jim comin now he's testimony on friday ties into all this i'm to get to that let me get to them radio i'm gonna get that a second i wanna get explain how we got this point because this is absolutely unbelievable what's going on right now i folks she also partly by we the people holsters lives near
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police state it is overwhelming so far we talk about two things by talked about the evolution of this case from trees into collusion to obstruction to now campaign finance report because they have nothing else i've talked about the efforts of the obama people to silence any counter narrative and i've talked about the police they tactics used on masking the misuse of i support the misuse of the nsa database who was one of the people involved in this as a cent a key player in the entire spiky debacle jim call me now call me who i'm telling you is evolving into a very very trouble person he seems to be saying things that are either absolutely inaccurate grotesque propaganda or downright lie and listen i'm trying to be nice as to not turn off potential moderates out there who first i'm bizarre reason still think this guy is is inauthentic actor while he he's off epic actor he's just not an authentic
maybe he's a good actor but when you say acted like a part in this he's not being an authentic guy he's not he's transcript of his testimony up on the hill were released on friday about you in a special but i was on the road i was up in new york judge jeanine show i know a lot of you watch that was spicy when it yeah yeah some alone asked me me on facebook and twitter and email i got about five hundred emails about that appearance with ari who happens to be democratic you know why you know even really loud and at last june sometimes i just got a letter all your europe alex plane you later answered sometimes better after just let him go he writes we allowed we talk rather just sitting there looking at you and others i'm sure you just sit here what you figures cross the dear like you just guy body you just have added so that there is a reason it but i take them
and other show which open here soon which is good and i did fox and friends so it and have the chance for this but call me stuff was amazing there's a couple of things he said and and and take away from this that want to just nail this guy on because they are so unbelievably disingenuous number one jim commie still to this day is insisting he was unaware of the source of the dossier folks listen to me ladies and gentlemen sky as the fbi director i can say this up at one job you know that on twitter i use all the time you had one job this joe eyes one job to produce and add flavour to the shop if joe decides not to show up joe is useless i can't really vacant
no automatic producer joe he doesn't have a top or gang around the top or going he doesn't have it it's just him jim commies one job was to authorise the gate the information on the fire of war he saw him testifying incredibly unbelievably in front of congress that today day step three of the police they procedures member step one was on masking too was misuse of the say database step three was to go into the fire a court to get a warrant that they wanted to the pfizer core web with information call me is now on the record saying they can't verify is on believable this is admission so profound i can't believe it is not front page news all over the world i think i'm almost doing you with this nervous your folks i mean it i think i'm almost doing you a disservice because i don't want to go
read the on this but i want you to we stand that despite the fact that we have been talking about this for nearly a year now if not more the admission now formally by an fbi director in front of a capital hell proceeding of congress people the admission that wants into court and raise their right hand and swarthy information in front of a pfizer jet used to spy on what is now the present united states
the admission that they could not verify this and did not verify this information is absolutely mind blowing now let me tell you how they're going to get out of this they're going to try to get out of this and i ice i think so we're clear on what i think the consequence are cuz i owe you kind of an explanation here if you listen to my viral speech at the breakers when i talk about plan a plan b in pnc i put it in the show notes so i was it last the week before why talked about how they had multiple plans to attack the trump team i indicated the end and i got some negative emails that i didn't think the connected political players we're gonna go down they may you someone asked opinion to give it to you but i was very clear that i think the people and with the three letter agencies are gonna go down for this and i think all one of them
aid is already been subjected to some some legal proceedings that are very uncomfortable for him including apparently his name being thrown front for grand jury their other people been fired their jobs have they been like all from their jobs course peter stroke and others but i think there's going to be legal consequences your folks why because of what happened on friday jim call me as the fbi director is either unaware of the paper trail he created trying to verify this information or he is and he's just lying in a desperate attempt to change the narrative in other words i did you a little favor today folks had tipp cheryl atkinson footnotes out there on twitter feed i would like to add two people do the right thing cheryl atkinson on that chuck ross twitter feed today with that lunatic on the left who moreover disapprove yet mania police they tyrant thought yet let's put fake information
are you not as i see as long as a kapital proven its the girl like triple quadruple reverse negative just to get people in ankara very nice but share alike said did us all a favor and put a link i had had i think it's in my book to somewhere but i haven't put it on the shoulders and while it linked to the actual procedures joe called the woods procedures for verifying information in the field the court is in this aid couple of gold nuggets of information so i took some screenshots why because i'm good like that i took some screenshots for you of the actual what it's called the woods proceed to be clear the woods procedure is the procedure the fbi the oj used to verify information before it goes to the fire court as a been wouldst he has why we as european woods and that's the thing you that's a big here because it seems that that be familiar with the woods procedure he isn't he's just giving everybody the middle finger
so here is some really good nuggets from the woods procedure ok this is from i think page two or three of the lake to this will be in the show notes today the lake will be in the show out it is imperative that the facts contained in pfizer corporations are accurate the goal of the procedures set out below is to ensure accuracy with regards to three specific areas this is like folks this is page two or three of the actual procedure for verifying information keeper might call me and bill price step who one of his deputies and the fbi these two senior people just retired by the way the reserves leave the fbi had said that they couldn't verified but it is in its infancy it wasn't this is now on the record but that's not what procedure says has to be done it says again it is
imperative that the facts contain in pfizer declarations are accurate and it goes to three things that have to be done number one the specific itself you must do have to insure accuracy accuracy with regard to the specific facts supporting probable cause for the authority folks the procedures i have a leg again out picture like it's a nice apple link read it for yourself highlighted and show it dear liberal friends it says right here on paper dancin imperative to ensure the accuracy of the facts added even lays out multiple steps to do it including step number one supporting accuracy that the supporting cause issued means supporting fact supporting problem caused by the authority have to be accurate
so you have called we on one hand saying we could ensure they were accurate and you have a written procedure saying ensure their accurate they weren't but thou see i was fake the outlined for the woods procedure point number two they have to ensure accuracy with respect to the existence and nature of any related criminal investigations and prosecutions involving the subject to the pfizer are clear enough if i've open a fine warrant joe to listen to his communications to be sure i don't have another criminal investigation go on as well for joe for bank robbery or whatever fair enough point number three ensure accuracy perspective the existence and nature of any prior are on owing asset relationship between the sub acting the fbi all this is great let me translate that for you
we ask that they're using his spies to back up the data in the fighter think about this chris the first there was the asset they were using they had already known to bruce or that the oj that christopher steel hated donald trump bruce or took no johnny folks he couldn't stand donald trump show your choice to ensure the accuracy of information i quote the exists thence and nature of any prior ongoing asset relationship between the subject and the fbi yeah they entered the asset christophersen hated this subject the ass that was paid by the opposition political campaign tat was left out of the fire jim call me is lying to you he's either lying to you all
so dumb he doesn't even know its own procedures for signing off on three of the four phases which he did folks i just read to you it is i this is what you will never get from the conspiracy theories on the left that you will get here the light it gives them the shone out right it yourself it's by the waves out its outlined in the book to its a fourteen page its it's easy to read our folks that's a fourteen page document it's written with such margins it's really like five pages at best i have it in the show just like the second or third storey down reed procedures yourself about information brought into the fire it lays these things out is lying we didn't verify it i didn't do what i do think it was a big deal jim the procedures are clear is very that the information to be ensured accurate and you have to disclose their nature
the relationship between the subject the fbi any asset or the spy the one people how do you mean information they left all that stuff out photo just ready to you this is a complicated here it gets better again this is from the fbi ideal jays own paper work some my opinion the headquarters provides you're now this is the guy pfizer warrants have to be sworn to the deck oranges headquarters supervisor knee fbi so job may be the case age and on a case brought into the compromise war but an fbi supervisor and headquarters has to go into the accordant swear to this right so the fbi super if it's not his information needs this full package where i giotto make me go in there and tell tale beata so what's gimme the facts so it says headquarters supervisor shall not sign norton
his or her supervisors approve any as an application for which these seizures have not been completed or or in which there is in formation that the supervisor cannot verify either through his or her personal knowledge or through this a means described in the procedure or through some other reliable safe there could be some severe watson i'm pretty sure i know it is impaired p i supervisor into the pfizer court and sorted this they did they basically violated sleep there could be some severe liability here they violated the procedure it says here clear is i shall not sign nor have their supervises approve any pfizer
publication whether they cannot verify do personal knowledge or the means described in these procedures call me just said they couldn't verify it folks two things cannot exist either the watch procedure to verify and mason used to spy on american so we don't use fake stuff brought into court either such procedures exist or they don't and if they exist jim home easy the lie hungary's really stupid you see how the liberals they cut the media will not report on these are facts i have the lake read the leg and then read the transcript of jim commies testimony those two things can exist at the same time now you see why in my speech i didn't lose myself there are certain to sub warrior at the end i said i do you think the three letter agency people involved are going to suffer severe potential civil or criminal liability
because there's a paper trail let me read this more time shall sign or your share of yours provisos sign any pfizer application if these procedures are followed for verifying information call me just sat day word for they followed and yet what did he do here sign a paper trail jim crow is john and caught his signature is on a paper were so always i rose and sties so is sally yeats so is andy mackay ladies and gentlemen these people i believe are all going down at some point sign the document that violated their own procedures and the guy the national security division in the oj john carlin who is also one other than this verification procedure if you read them yourself he was out of it in current version was bob mothers old chief of staff
football is investigating him too of course he's not you see the police stay tyranny we're talking about here the government lays out about two procedures to which your fake information doesn't make it into a court jim call me honor good says they violated the rope procedures and yet the democrats want drop in jail but this is astounding the level of course homes i now i get it i dont tell me parnasse i get it i'm just just trying to keep the chinook kid friendly have been particularly ass thou tonight jones to pay these are an and descend the media's celebrating polio stay tyranny by the left nobody asked a basic questions of jim call me questions wait one more on this on the specific last part one last point
a graph so call me said the information was unverified right folks can we established that we now the transcript can we all agree sap abrams syn the conspiracy theory crowd out there and the media left into cnn crown can we all agree now that the transcript that nobody disputes call me acknowledge now that the information was not verified but he didn't think it was a big deal because he's dopey or he's lying so the information joke this is a simple english tests on that messing with it wouldn't be fair as onawandah do word games like the laughter and what did i do you euphemism challenge if jim call me acknowledging that the information was not verified used to spy on trump would it be fair i'm a mass and with you wouldn't be fair to call it unverified yeah
ok i'm not a trick i took it and when you think i'm an idiot now i'm just because the liberals stout are silly there are dumping crowd and they they play euphemism i do want to do to you from ism came there's a reason i said solve information was not verified which we now know it's fair to call it unverified cannot game its that's fair why do i bring this up from link to the application procedures when the shone out you can read yourself page eleven in such cases either the unverified information must be removed from the declaration prior to signature or the five application will be held until the necessary verification procedures are complete what the hell are we doing here what are we doing we all are doing about this is incredible that some entrepreneurial media type doesn't just like flip the middle finger to them
imposing a new york times york times guys i got to write about this i'm sorry this is such an overwhelming evidence of a corrupt bob cabal of insiders trying to take down the president on fake politically paid for information by hilary i have got to write this georgia nobody has the gall to do it nobody it is incredible that they are pushing this collusion oaks when the biggest scandal in american history is staring them right now face here it is page eleven really yourself in the links information not verified its therefore unverified in such care since the unverified information must be removed or the five applicants we'll be withheld until they can verify is annie when in the media are asking these questions anybody
the dossier was fake it was unverified call me just admitted it this is a massive bombshell the pfizer procedure why it's in writing call me signed it there's a paper trail god help us all joe god help us all of this is allowed to continue people have to go to jail people to be fine so confiscatory that assets are gone forever there has to be a message sent by the united its of america collectively that you don't have the light trump you can hatred i don't care how you feel about the present but these obvious police state abuses of our star chamber
pfizer court are absolutely unacceptable and adhere to send a message these people are going to jail these people's jobs are done their pensions are done and they are going to be fine so massively jim commies book royalty should be taken their houses should be taken everybody has to go down there excessive no it isn't you ruin the republic you took our american flag and he uses his toilet paper you disgraceful human beings this is the stuff that happens in the third world this is disgusting this is growth at don't give me this crap by the way that for public consider you'll be ok with that's p because when i read for office back in maryland the two thousand twelve there are still speeches out there i gave where i was the one talking about an essay abuses and the business records exception and how this was allowing the government to spy on american citizens and how i thought the patriot act sought i was doing that you fake phony frauds and you know what so worthless
dozens of other libertarians and conservatives that hated the patriot act that hated it because was an abuse of our country and our liberty and i didn't care that poor signed it and then recordings and transcripts of those speeches are still out there by juno patriot act slow gimme a lecture you forty pieces a garbage this is discussed a new media types picture disgrace you're an embarrassed two journalism you're the paris summit the tabloids you're an embarrassment to a two bit applied right off the bat page of a national acquire at least they tell the truth sometimes you sanctioning this grotesque abuse of our system is rose it's disgusting i can't stand you people the higher costs get put on you one day and you'll see
how it feels have your liberty taken away you clowns clowns frequent joke this is the fbi direct rule of course it does show you that stupid you didn't know that also the dossier and it was not verified are you really that dumb you don't know the shores so laurie i love job which shows that the age of twelve walks into the fbi and produces documents that damage who knows a spy for the indonesian in the united states all of a sudden i get i swore an open but joe said it was what is oh over we use christopher steel christopher steal the f b i already indicated was not suitable for use after talking to the media don't tell me there's a verified source because he worked on them the defeat the case with the fbi he had told bruce or christopher steal their source that he hated trump pay was being
by hilary he also talking to the media lying about it this is a trifecta call me stop lying you hypocritical phony or what we verified state it wasn't steals information steel seti gotta from russian intel steel was four hilary still always talk to the media steel told the oj officially hated drop you didn't think these were red flags you break loser then they lead steel go as an asset and oars kept county who is your gas joe you ve heard somebody tv show remembers historic day let him go for talking to the media and brought him right back in his chair channel to oh my gosh you can't be this stupid i got a couple more things that came out it's not just the i'm sorry i'm just right i just can't believe our countries being washed down the toilet joe nobody cares
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so folks again number one commies is the source of the dossier aims unverified noted just stupid it's so unbelievable that the media miss that but he said another thing to the six the edited the stupidity here is so epic they asked him i believe it was gouty in the transcript asked him director call me your phone the direct call me can you explain to us what the procedure would be exactly for opening a counter intelligence investigation into a major party presidential candidate now just to be clear you may see while the procedures are differ yes they are when i was in the secret service there were very specific procedures i've said the story a lot so you understand this is not hyperbolic or exaggerate when you were working when a treasury check case which is the lowest level of investigation in the secret service its when someone gets there too three fund check and some are basically steals it there's a lot of its electronic now back then it was a big deal when everybody knew the tax
we're going out people would steal them in a male side of cash and simple joe gets three down thou refund i never got my report the secret service office we get the call go interview joe what happened joe i dont know i was over three thousand thousand ever got my check at its june ok we would do an investigation talk the post this was a big deal when i was a young age if those cases even little cases like that had a political tinge to what there was always a headquarters notification procedure and it's not to be fair folks i want to be clear it's not at all why because actual politician or politicians involves a big deal now no that's really not it it's just that the story would newsworthy and good service has assets for that it's not i'm serious it's not meant about suggesting put that there's not theirs definitely political influence in criminal investigate there is but i'm saying to procedures makes sense because it's gonna be news coverage and aged wanna be prepared what i'm suggesting here is going to be a counter intelligence investigation into a major party presidential candidate
i assure you there are probably some procedures are notations into what notification tat to me how they're gonna handle it the point there is gouty you may babe and jordan but gautier don't ask me what are procedures for doing that exactly which they wouldn't it if they did know the answer we could not write what does call me say well i'm not really sure about that ok jim jumbo jet by jimmy bag opponents you were there through the fbi you i would make the information used was unverified despite the fact that the procedure say unverified information ass to be removed or verified you then admit you didn't really know where it came from which i think is a lie i think you know damn well it came from someone paid by hillary clinton you didn't know sources does he talk again i think he's lying completely and now you're saying you too we even know how a counter investigate account ourselves investigation is started this guy is either one of two things they most pathological you're in the history of law enforcement or the dopey is tat
the directive we have ever had and i genuinely feel better and i will say this despite some negative email i get from my friend why do you defend those guys why because i worked with him i don't know all of em but the ones i worked with the bureau we're good men and women they were silent and listen if that offend you i'm sorry it's maybe not be the right show for you than i am telling you based on my for years i don't know every single fbi agent obviously but the ones i worked with would have never pull crap like this and you know what this is the reason this stuff did not pass through the field offices and they made the leading the greater the case peter stroke headquarters guy because they knew these field office guys would have been like this thanks thanks to the heavens that's why this case was insulated to the upper management and that's why people like me and shown hannity and others out there are we say this is not an entire the working men and women play gentlemen they didn't know you keep email me a lot of people are where were the whistle blowers where to blow the whistle on what the case
payable exclusively by fbi management it was not handled by the by the rank and file workers what are they gonna blow the whistle on this guy is incorporated call me i didn't know the start of sea i confess don't know the procedures folks this is just incredible and i want to just one final thought for the day there is no use provision in these five in his infanticide process the woods procedure for verifying formation pfizer corps another other words this knucklehead who was tweeting back chuck ross while the dossier estimate verified yet that's not what it says you jerk what it sazen procedures is if its unverified you pull it out it doesn't say yet idiots police a tyrant you hacks you did beer disgust me
wait till you're the subject of a of war and you're gettin locked up like we had a lot people up at five p m kicking the doors with the handcuffs on you what your kids watchin you like that you like to police state you hacks you'd disgusting police state supporters wait till it happens to you you're going to come back these episodes that we should listen to that guy maniacs bunch of wounds i folks are about the generally hostile per but i'm really feel about this and you should be to which now we go on the record that they just made this thing up it's unbelievable our aid some good news again to me macarthur still go on submit your means that while we can submit a mighty male info up on gino thou com will pick former winners and congratulations the mad kay
oh i really funny i'll put it up on my instagram please follow me and cigarettes are put all the winners up them at debo gino on instagram it's the verified we check mark account but mackay from a why we reach our email will send you an autograph copy personalized of all my books nice job really funny i fully subscribe to the show itunes it says it's a subscription by non i incorrect you click the follow button it is all free but it helps us move up the charge can also follows on sound kind or you can follow us on spotify to which i know the kids like out there in the younger ones thanks la folks hope you like it showed see autumn you just heard tan bond gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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