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Ep. 869 The Implosion Begins

2018-12-11 | 🔗
In this episode I address the panic developing among the liberal and media class as their case against the president collapses. I also address a slick, strategic play by Jim Comey to change the narrative. Finally, I discuss the fractures developing in the liberal movement.    News Picks: Jim Comey absolutely humiliated himself on Capitol Hill last week.   This excellent Byron York piece describes the Democrats’ new line of attack now that the collusion hoax has been exposed.   This October 31, 2016, NY Times piece is clear evidence that the investigation into the Trump team was not kept “secret.”   Why is the FBI hiding the reasons behind its raid of a Clinton Foundation whistleblower’s residence?   The Democrats are preparing to go to war with the Trump administration.   The costs of minimum wage hikes are passed on to consumers, according to a new study.   Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no back while we're on the air job have we been five no we have we not been fine fire we're still on the ok great we have not been terminated from our employment it's good to know a lot of fake news out their yeah yeah i'm shocked you are allowed banish big into the right guy just big the right guy i'm still here so i listen i'm going to address a little later in the show by future folks i of course with report he's out there like lack lindner mar kay his body yeah that this loan tune friend who has the right rebecca thirsty so they write reports about me and all they need collects joe
so they throw by name in something you know you're betsy rothstein at their daily call or get a daily collar loves to write the pieces about me when she need some clicks four articles two you have like rick wilson and a couple other clowns out there and they loved to jump on fake news story swaggered into that later what's gonna happen what my future because i want you to know first i want to assure you this show will continue exactly as it is now and there are some other plans and our future so dont worry folks you know these i'm going to expose these lunatics were who they are and how disingenuous one of them actually texted me with the truth and proceeded to write a fake headline i have the tax it's all my twitter yes beautiful just show jump huts we'll get to that later on today show brought you by my friends at i target i target is the single best system out there for improving your proficiency with a firearm if you own a fire of two things matter more than anything safety and proficiency have to be safe with it but you have to be professional well god forbid
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tromp and help hillary clinton i again i don't know david personally i know he's a republican i'd damned absolutely sure it's not a big fan of them tromp i think we all know that there is actually talk i believe of him running against them i think that was the same guy but a peace just as it was fascinating so just set up is premise because i wanted to put this and i do this with all due respect because again i dont want i'm not looking too like start stuff here i just the truth that is why i started on this i got enough white said the old lady to his on the left those fights i welcome but i i really don't want to start to wendy fights republicans and run necessary but that it doesn't matter so this premise folks is key this national review pc put out yesterday he's basically saying that it's time to stop saying the fbi b i was looking to hurt trumpet and help hilary and one of his pieces of evidence for this this this premise you get room go at this right
the fbi they'd that the fact that they dump the hilary investigation investigated tromp and they were looking to hurt shop and help hilary that's not true eddies evidence for this is that they didn't weak the trump investigation they were public about the hilary investigation manufacture as at one point about the trump investigation that quote remain secret now joe who is the produce for the show is we ve been following this case for a long time this is actually in my book do it did not remain secret may i read to you the it'll egg of october thirty first twenty sixty job toper thirty four i'm not trying to be a smart alec guys and ladys i've just pertness this out there because facts matter you can suggested because they they were pop look about the hilary investigation the fbi and that the trumpet ass the geisha remain secret that that's evidence they weren't trying to her trump they did leak
investigation through the media october thirty first twenty sixteen they are web joe r r elections for president in november act over that be november that bit ovenbird damn thing what is no vampire you went to under dollar five jeopardy price for the yes what is no ember october thirty first before november october thirty first twenty sixteen headline new york times investigating donald trump fbi sees no clear link to russia by eric quick blouse and stephen lee myers did you neither do not notice i get a much i'm really not trying to be an instigator here because i think we ve got enough fights with the media clowns on the left and in our liberal activists cronies right i get that put the fish stu matter now to show you i'm not making this up i know you don't think that but i'm gonna put the actual link sort of fake link its honest or the onion i'm gonna put the new york times piece which i hate to do
i'm gonna put it in the show notes today a punch you know that com please i always ask subscribed to my email is i will email you these articles i want you to keep this this article up on your phone or your device because you may need it liberals who will insist now based on french is article that the leak that the the trump investigation the f b i was engaged in was kept secret now what was leaked right before the election the whole he ate them what's your entire premise here i'm i dont understand how you could write a piece like that and i tweeted back to david and i was i was not trying to like pushed the guy's buttons but i tweeted back to where you can correct your article i dont know if he has that is we inaccurate the new york i'm peter liese right before the election about the existence of the trump case was from a law enforcement officials who do you big bills law enforcement officials worthy nypd it was clearly the fbi they were managing the investigation
so not only is your premise that they didn't leak the trump investigation because they want to damage trunk before the elections are not true they lead to them your times just weeks before the election that's not true you're just make you get up a sick man you gotta just for the sake of of of your own integrity that is not accurate statement just think that it somehow so his his whole he's like it's a hoax that the f b i was trying to her trump and and help pilloried that's the inspector general report even set these through general michael horror which has been looking at the fbi's decision to dump and scrap hilary investigation in favour of that tromp investigation clearly said they could not rule out political bias for making that abrupt u turn dont pillory let's
an investigating trop are used just in the eye jeez a hoax or to meet again david i know people read your style good peep readers article national view go check it out i use national review stuff off in my show notes i don't have i don't have any beast with them this grey writers over there ain t mccarthy's up but this is just nonsense the whole article was it you should just really put disclaimer departed none of us i'm about to say here is actually true in the peace that kind of thing i was sorry that was disclaimer none of the below is actually factually correct but it's not you can read the new york times peace yourself and the idea clearly said they could not rule out political bias for the fbi the bizarre decision to close the hilary clay despite mounds of evidence her and her team had patent
criminal liability despite all this evidence and u turn to investigate trop despite no evidence the collusion narrative was actually true according to jim call me himself who couldn't even didn't even bother to try to verify the dossier while he was the fbi either this is a bizarre peace that sense again think it's a hoax somehow that republicans to be concerned at the fbi was looking to her trump and help quickly how is that a hoax you have to back up with evidence you can't just makes how far you know you were saying that i was remembering that old showed the f b i with a firm symbolists junior i can imagine this disclaimer none of what you are about to see is true but hey expect you to build even anyway you thought that audio files should be inserted into that peace it's just not accurate i mean i'm sorry you're obligated somehow for euro credibility tell the truth this happens i get it you know we ve
eight hundred and sixty nine episodes now we ve got a couple where we ve gotta come back and i am saying prediction was off i mean raiment applause the fourth thing on my chief not gonna show i sent a guy's got that one wrong it happened yet but this is important in its critical stuff aren't i got a lot to get through so i want to move on to this call me again yesterday's answers unbelievable and as i've been going through the transcript that some of this stuff is just staggeringly bad one of them in particular which was highlighted by the wall street journal today to did there's a cow of exchanges which you call me which are so unbelievably telling us to this man's hubris his chest hey get me i've jim call me i don't live in the constitution republic late
say more right a form of horrible french you know i am the republic i'm waiting for him did that to say that right that's combing the he's so such an eagle media so gay data take a quick listen to this exchange it's incredible betray gouty hey do you recall who drafted the fbi's initiation document for that late july twenty sixteen russia investigation call me i do not see why daddy out you don't even recall who initiated this thing would you now gotta keep it might already knows the answer to this so he says you disagree that it was peter stroke call me i don't know one way or the other mr gouty no who approved that draft of an initial plan for the rush investigation of late july twenty sixteen pasted rico me i doubt so so this guy the fbi right to forward to be either at the chief curry is about to initiate the a most significant impact folk
intelligence investigation against a presidential candidate in modern united states history he has no memory it all who started or how it start not we're supposed to this guy seriously jim come cove i'm look i'd like to be always point by point actually is facts it at regional chip called has no idea folks know i do so again harping on yesterday show what to say on this too long but just doubling jim com is one of two things he has either a pathological wire or he is simply the most incompetent fbi director in there story of the federal bureau of investigation and aeroplanes you duties in their there's another one again guided by the wall street journal tonight mr daddy the fbi launch counter intelligence investigations what documents are required this is incredible i am not making this is the transcript mr comin
i don't know for sure because it's open far below the directors level but there's documentation and chrome investigations and cia investigations to explain the predication for the opening of a file that is the basis for the opening of a file ok gouty says well well who with the fbi has the authority to launch a counter intelligence investigation into a man your political campaign that eventually have to be approved by you i mean he is the director right mr call me i don't know for a variety of reasons i've never this i've never encountered a circumstance where investigation into a political campaign was launched and so i i know how it would be done regular email is did there now i got an email more than from a guy regular regular email is good guy noses stop and he said you know i picked out something interesting with statements like that listen economies answer here to goudy daddy's asking him
when have pr has the authority to basically initiate a counter intelligence investigation into a major party presidential candidate clearly our procedures i explained this yesterday commies answers very telling peace is i don't know this we ve never watched castigation into political campaign folks why did call me one all this stuff public now it makes for the same reason diane feinstein right the same diane feinstein leaked the testimony of glenn simpson from fusion gps remember that show what did we say when she did that she did it for a very strategic reason yes so that everybody out there the co conspirators in this plot to spy on and take down donald trump and equipment team of political players would all know what glenn simpson from fusion gps the guy who's team pretty the dossier we all know is answer so they could do what joe we bear answering go being lie
because clearly the department of justice is focus now on false statements one thousand one that's the coat title eighteen it's called one thousand one false statements now if the democrats are accused in mass of making false statements to they're not gonna have a case because of the mike flynn and papadopoulos convictions for false statements they are not going to have case the false statements are ok track me here this is important it was a great point so einstein was about a year ago leaks the test only if glenn simpson so that every everybody's wonder why she do that its clear so all the co conspirators could read with simpson said and coordinate their stories they would know i think commie may be doing the same things are great this is why call me wanted a public hearing or one the transcript released immediately his life is clearly going to be now yet we may investigated the treaty but it wasn't investigation into a political campaign
but you better stick to your story because once the political tinge inserted into this case it's gonna become clear the f b i did with the idea is accusing them of doing which is dumping the clinton campaign and picking up the trump campaign investigation clearly because they had political activists donald trump should therefore we didn't have to follow those rules please tell me you track the serious dog whistle a political investigation therefore we didn't have to follow those rules please were you track the serious dog whistle do siri yes yes yes yes yes you get it it always i tell you what this guy's a we're cat yeah that's why don't believe number two that he's the dope visa fbi investigator and modern american history this guy is joe has an allergy to the truth and he's very clever look at what doing here he's suggesting that the investigation that absolutely nothing to do with politics therefore
i don't know how an investigation into political campaigns would start because we never did one but you did you see where you going this is clearly a spy call me and by genius i mean a nasty deceptive manipulative quite disgusting politically tinged it is a strategically genius move by jim call me did not to could see gouty smarter than right so good but he's trying to pin him down on what the procedures are for opening up a political investigation into a political campaign commies play ignorance cause he doesn't beyond the record because he's just claim all i did know because i never looked it up how to investigate a political campaign because it wasn't political despite the fact that the idea is already indicating that there may be political bias that it cannot be ruled out for their decision
this call me mad well slacks their love makes their job jimmy bay jimbo being the jimmy signal jimmy bag about its jimmy bag is as a low tactical little guy at me because exactly what he's though it one more is a good one so gouty began we cover this limit yes miss important given the democratic changing rending evolution here and changing the case who is christopher steel he s coming out my understanding is a christopher steele the formal intel officer of an allied nation to prepare the series of reports in the summer of twenty sixteen that have become known as the steele dossier he's giving a textbook answer right there probably is worth on the sea how long do you have a relationship with the fbi guy gouty s jim coming out there's this guy know anything this risk
of course he knows he's just knows that i dont know if he says i don't know we can't be prosecuted for false statements when did you learn he was working for fusion gps i dont know that i ever knew that you believe that folks you seriously believe that you believe skies is stupid when did you learn the fusion gps was hired by pert perkins kui mr call me i never learn certainly not while i was director well when did you under the dnc at hired perkins going call me i never look again while i was director i think i've read it to me but yet even today i dont know whether its true now you how do you not know whether its true this is all you meant it out in the public space information it's easily research will this guy was the fbi director and he has no idea that a democrat law firm was hired to pay more
if you should jp ass to get the dossier together he doesn't know any of this on believable here here it is now this is a fine what's our why said one more but this is the one that again you journal has this today in our opinion called but this is all in the transcript if you look it up these are so the really really sharp highlights from it so when you that this is all likely being coordinated between the damage that's their activists groups the media somehow jim commies hip to what's going on i explained before they call me tactics in our clear here the claim he was now even didn't know how i but a investigation is started because it needs to know because the negation of to the trump team wasn't political right you i'll get that now now
it appeared at up joe this is a point on software but come an operator but was it my big fat greek wedding river that a month cake pancake member that but what is the point and they can't say but i remember that when i was a forty moving so this is the demo agitated upward so now there jump in this isn't a transcript this is far left radical democrat ted deutsche from arthur it down here by me so tat which the democratic runs in any needs to get call me out of remember where we go on with this call me i'd know how to do a political investigation katrina did what it was a political petty deutscher comes mr deutsch says director call me we believe the fbi the oj ever investigated the trump campaign propeller the purpose is here we go oh body here we got but by bump bump what about this he's tee
he's here this is the driving rate she's tear them up here we don't even have to bend down it gets the boss is one of those driving rages with policies come up from the floor automatically this is how see teddy deutsche telekom opera because he knows they can never ever ever make it public that the ep i stopped investigating hilary investigated trump because they just couldn't stand trumpet was political so deutsch let's call me now on the record again on the record about this am i not only don't believe it i know it's not true in other words that they investigated trump for political purposes mister now we need no get him on the record again i'm sorry would you repeat that mr corbett mr combing answers i know it not to be true i know that we never investigated the trump campaign for political purposes why how mats basil dad
crap joe are we ought to the skylight bad bad that this week about swift notes this rigour baseball bat yeah this guy is petty door tina mob commies there is clearly going to be that i don't know how you investigate someone with political connections like that because we ve never done it before even though
evidence is overwhelming that it happened on its just really really sad ok let me just get into this career thing for a second because i want to get to the what's going on with me because you are my audience i love you oughta death the best though you made us the number two conservative pod guests in the country we hadn't just the epic growth in our listen ship thanks exclusively to you and i have a lot of love for you i mean that no fear like i see all public when i go out if i ever get out of my house anna you all mean everything to me so your title to the truth so here's the deal i work in a couple different places right now i work would see our tv in an hour a tv have a show at five thirty easter time and energy tv i love every point i've worked there is absolutely no ill will and either spock i make that clear and joe can you watch me i get your my producer nuclear buys but can you at first second objectively speaking if you can you can attest to this that there is absolutely no ill will you talked me off the air all the time
no no it's users who know nothing joe and i've just been offered other things that we are we entertained and we thought it was in our best interests to not renew with either company that will not affect this podcast at all and all this pod gas will be exactly where it is now on itunes and punch you know that calm and elsewhere they are great companies i don't have any there's no animists there it's just other opportunities and presented themselves which we are entertaining very good ones now i only say that because and i make this quick and i want to harp on these losers i really hate even given a pr they use my name for click bait and i ignored their last story which was gonna be asked but this one i would stress because the daily beast cider be a good idea yesterday and write a peace that i was dropped from energy tv dropped insinuating somehow i was fired yes yes thank you vets that
absolutely incorrect as a matter of fact i have the tweet here from likely market the writer who heard texted me thursday at one fifteen p m turn time i heard you didn't really within our a tv now if you want a screenshot this tweed i've been humiliating these losers all day on twitter it's out there twitter so how did he here i didn't renew within our atv yet true swarm that into a headline that i was dropped from energy to be so either he didn't renew by my own volition by my choice or they drop me now job you are a philosopher ridge chief correct barometer ass you a basic question can those two things be true at the same time no they can all they cannot either i chose not to renew to pursue other opportunities which i will now i've now it's here when the time is right i it's their limitations to what i can say that you will be very happy about it i promise you will hear first but i have to wait for other its or other people involved but those
things cannot be true now because lack the market is goofy call right i don't even know this guy can't get a story correct just like they blew the last one they actually in the last story this is this is this is really nasty but the writer of the peace to use a guy's a source in a hit peace they try to gets me joe i'm not kidding who has a documented record of contacts with the police that are really deeply disturbed and me and my family have had a like significant we distance ourselves from because he's that troubled he tried to use this guy's a sort of way do a google up at figure out he was a trouble mad to say the least bade him even do that and even do that so these are not serious report is so this the two solutions here the guy text me that i
it and renew without so he knows so some source told him the truth and i chose not to renew despite a very gracious and and and generous offer from energy tv now my folks to show you how lying and disingenuous these people arm opening myself up right now only some serious liability if i'm lying about this right if i'm right about how this went down i could call myself real problem do you think i would do that on my old show if you're fired or drop you're fired or drop that's it you're people get fired stop all time suck it up and move on buttercup but you putting out a story to damage my reputation that i was fired a truck that's already by losers like basement dwellers rick wilson and other zero rights for the daily be schecter or something these guys parity stopped because that you know i'm a conservative who has a second because podcast than the country right now for conservatives on the threat to them so
i want you to believe that folks i chose not to renew it is a great place it's a wonderful place to work i love my time at every tv series at sea or tv i chose not to renew its simple is you can look at tweets lackland heard that why he decided to then write an article saying i was drop shows one of two things it shows either that he has the worst sources in human history for a pseudo journalist or second he has really good sources that told them the truth as like you texted me and he just chose to lie about there is no option see either he knew the truth and lied about it or the worst sources i've ever heard because that's it are you just not true enough for that i want to wait you're comedies be especially give us time and give these guys any pierre aren't i want to get to this
evolution to now this campaign finance i know i cover this little bit yesterday but there's an interesting new angle up at the washington examiner that i gotta get there is a really good one about how they ve evolved from trees in trump committing trees and the democrats at his enemy intermediate bodies to up to our collusion than to obstruction now we're finally that well he committed campaign finance or for but there is an interesting angle pointed out at the executive that zheng zip totally things they have nowhere to go with this now so to get that but i would just get through this pressure can change your willie evolving there will be something else after this if knows what about you
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this thing through because they never think things through because the really not that bright eyes so i i i printed they have a piece in the show notes today from the wash them examiner and whereas i described yesterday joe how i dont even believe this is a campaign finance violation and when i say it i mean the payments occasion miss yesterday shelf the payments drop is alleged to have made from his personal account to some women who he according allegations had some relationships with pale they keep quiet basically keep her mind these powers are not illegal disclosure raymond no one suggesting that they are not you go and even the prosecutors and suggesting that the payments are illegal they're not happens all the time no one's alleging it was an assault or anything like that it was consensual behaviour trump didn't want the rep facial damage according the allegation of paid that pay these women apologizing for anything i'm just telling you what we what we know from the allegations are right now it's you yesterday that i don't know
either this is even a campaign payment because the campaign it is a payment that would have existed only if if the camp i didn't exist with the wood the payment of exists that any that's the measure of any answer to this is probably yes because trumps arguments gonna be as well it doesn't matter but i was run for president i'm this payment out of my personal funds precisely because it was about reputational damage so in other words if campaign hadn't existed would this payment have existed anyway if the answer is yes then it's not a campaign payment are you track and i said this yesterday but it's important its actual important here because of this next all that the washing examiner does a fine job ethylene its pieces in the a city they say president trump would point out that an accusation against him differ in at least one key respect from edwards now but are they talking about
john edwards who had run for president had that affair with that away i think i'm sorry forget the woman's name she was photo turn so he has his affair they have a child together on edwards was accused of using campaign but he was actually tried for this and it was not convicted edward with trifles so you may say a demo what's the problem then i mean what argument you may give you saint john edwards was brought to trial for trying to pay of woman who you know what's the story out because a reputational damage then how are you suggesting trumps gotta get off scot free will edwards wasn't convicted edward this round not guilty number one number two to there's another key difference in the words case and a trump case here it is an important piece press the cutest joe accused edwards of raising donor money to pay off the women are not again not a moral arguments illegal one trump you
his own money which even the most byzantine and restrictive campaign finance laws give candidates a lot of freedom to use unlimited amounts she goes on even more than edwards if the justice department pursued a case against trump it would be on on precedent did grounds so just to be clear need to understand the facts on this because the democrats you gonna make a legal argument there moral argument to be made here listen we could all agree i write it was seedy stuff there is no need to argue that point stipulate and are right whatever i didn't for you know that that for this kind i voted for tax cuts the save them why is there people in the womb i said you all the time new rules are we win you lose i don't care about any stuff i don't care i don't care at all you're free to care that's fine what influence in the womb save i want the economy save i want the national debt hopeful we get control i want a solid strong military that's what i want i don't care
about this stuff anymore you are free to do what you want i bet my care meter is zero but the ass this department if they decide to indict tromp after relieves office one or if the democratic right impeach him you understand john edward you actually raise the money donor money gave their people's money the allegations to this this the woman he had the child with to keep quiet and they still got off edwards tat the truck team trop uses only the cases even worse against donald trump legally speaking you have nowhere to go with this there's is nowhere to go folks we don't care you don't understand we don't care this is what liberals don't get me more finally we have a guy in office who takes the fight back to these maniacs we don't care you have forced us into this magic
in fight where you pushed us into a corner where you you ve called us worse things on the planet races homophobia trend forbes all wise knowing salute we knowing it was gonna get under our skin and forces into an untenable situation where our neighbours even look at us funny or you're trump supporters you must be raised so mike what what are you talking about you have four this fight on us by making this personal and not political we're going you yes liberals did this and now you wonder why we pick a guy for president support him who fights you guys and ladys back on your own terms he makes it personal too he makes a personal to know you attack us we attack back when you are ready to go back to civil political discourse and stop making a personal the identity politics is the
phobia phobia insults against as we are all ready and willing until time we are going to fight and we oh care about the extraneous nonsense you can are we don't the legal argument you have is nonsense nonsense john edwards a democrat got offer in campaign donors money care paying donations made pain payment you got nothing here zero gray pisa reading washing samara girl ok so have you heard me and of unless i believe zone the lives night i'm event that you guys catch our last night some of you you know he's taking lib college as a lot of fun there's another on this shellfish do like a friday so will we just open we have on the website we just open up lives what are we
i had a blast just the bugging liberal colleagues as i one guy called are less find a liberal arts of the levin show in case you missed it and i maybe we can pull it for tomorrow i'll try to grab it it's kind of funny actually and the guy calls in he's trying to make the case that well dad you said christopher steel was a verified source because the f b i use them before and therefore you d punked your own argument i am thinking to myself i did because i clearly bade the case on the show that steel why the information but still wasn't the source so even if christian for steel had they all had been the bunk business by the fbi who deemed him quote not suitable for use that's a quote from the fbi even if the f b i hadn't done that which did so he wasn't suitable for use fbi's onwards use or will the fbi you know they use the old before so therefore information should be trusted joe information steel put in the dossier was in his folks how
many times i mean are you even following the case of europe far left radical mug job do you even new facts brow even basic facts the first theo admitted and sworn deposition that wasn't his information that he got it more russian intel guy therefore christoffersen who had already been discredited as a source even if he hadn't was the azores as alien dorothy constantly points out there is no vicarious credibility you are credible as a source when it's your information not second hand information your passing on from someone else i unless i am a bit big about enough how ineffective that would be useful if the fbi was allowed to take information from not credible source you and give it to a credible source they views before and that would make a credible well what what's the incentive their joe it's pretty simple as that unless you have a source you ve used in the past who is pretty
information and haven't sit in the lobby the fbi office in new york every not credible source that comes into makes up a story you're interested not politically biased attack you to say hey i'm not credible source do me a favor there's a guy in a lobby i want you to tell him that information democratic source comes about chemicals hey i just heard from this guy who's not credible that true was born i marked a dossier time let's get it defies the core do you want this data stupid that is there is no vicarious credibility theo was not the sores he admitted it s a messenger come on is the messenger change do you guys even do facts manage so easy and i call on the show of its national radio show they call it through elliot themselves to make you did that we brought a a collar on one morning a few weeks ago was a lady i forgot what she was told about what it was it was eleven
having fun with it are we shall we should take a clip permitted which i want yeah you know what i'll try to guide think it's a mark levine show he has the pod cancer i want i want you to hear it because it's kind of funny how they can't they just can't wiggle themselves out of this nice and any sir another collar calls later the liberal call guy walter from bethesda maryland and he says well too she was on the other foot and republicans it done this basically politically motivated attacks against people you wouldn't be saying anything of my brow wily did you even read my book like my book as chapter is about the republicans involve the targeting is like are you that much of a knuckle hadda game the chance to apologize he wanted to know what kind of money do are another story here i have folks a very serious story here there is a significant fracture developing on the left now this is had been a common theme running through the show for a very long time but there is a very
very serious schism developing on the left and that schism is developing and is being kind of downplayed by the media because they don't want to appear that the liberal socialist movement is in chaos but it is they don't want that they they kind of downplay the real narratives and in the common thread throughout these stories but know this i said to you long time ago and it's been a constant theme identity politics can't possibly continue are the way its continuing now because the the search for new victims to replace the old victims requires people to pit victim classes again each other your track what i'm saying here the whole central behind identity politics is the not get people to vote for you it's to get you to vote against republican right so what they do is they categorize you in a box and talk about radical left us whatever box base if it for you they don't care what you think you're so i know how joe identifies himself follower of joy
disgrace first father i yes other relationships with other people have the opportunity that can go into liberty with you know and unease in always he's probably it and then his employment i have a good idea where chose priorities are but the left can have that there's no for god there is no place for joe being a dad or in our relations with someone none of that job ass to be identified as some identity grew first why because the debt crash want to explain to you how that group they put you win is under attack by republicans ngo how many so war on women war on minorities to war on intercity this is the democrats whole play they have a garbage steaming pile horse maneuver agenda high taxes or make control of healthcare crappy public
education system bloated government budgets not in his cells it's all garbage so the way the democrats get votes and they've been successful at i got to i got to admit have they been successful at it is republicans are coming for you you are this in order for that to set in they have to put you in a group first whether you like it or not the problem with that is the group they put people in peace belarus sticking to it you seeing texas where people who the democrats identifies hispanic that may be their culture and background but his spanish men and women may not may not all i mean unidentified they're making you'd go away it's just me matter to them how much democrats wanted to matter does it make sense show yeah yeah yeah you're like a sporadic yeah whatever i'm a mom i die work it macy's or whenever i don't vote like a robot don't put me in a box
nobody's listening hispanic voters ted whose gregg gregg at the governor of texas did very well with hispanic voters in florida governor elect i understand that there are bang up job with hispanic both because they don't vote like hispanic votes airports they vote human beings so the problem joel in order to make up for those which they are losing me quote his and a community i say quote because people aren't listening they have to find new victims ah the republicans don't like who's next year they don't like drugs they don't like you either muslim bad there is your bed prohibiting the united states of your muslim no not really but we just made it up tat they have this you're a transgender all the republicans definitely hey you they're trend folks they have to fight new votes the price
problem with finding new votes joe is sometimes in the interests of five new vote you have to pit these new groups you put people in these boxes against other groups you claimed you are championing in the past and there's a nasty little schism developing now you can see to news stories it happened recently i wanted to cover him yesterday but the call stuff was very pressing story number one kevin art miss commedia not a big fan of me said some stuff about trumpeted like but fine i don't you know it's is right to do that so kevin hard had some nasty tweets directed at some more they were they were jokes and an atlas i am that don't take this through a jokes are jokes people need a sense of humor but did you the jokes given is but he apologized form the problem with this is the liberal spokes after member liberals lip
i can't forgive ever because if liberals forgive and say well kevin art made some some off color jokes about people who are gay and is twitter feed whatever years ago if apologize and acknowledge that there is some kind of human frailty and kevin a really doesn't this like a people which i dont know seminar but i'm recently confident that's not the case that he's i'm kind of homophobia reasonably covered i don't know the guy but i don't believe that it was a joke right there is no room for forgiveness and identity politics none they can't have that cause if forgiveness happens then they lose their weapon against conservatives they need you to hate because any time conservative says anything anything like i always give them example of i read this article awhile back that you weren't allowed to call people who were gay homosexual homosexual gay because one of those words is now offensive that the left just the rules only to make sure your painted as a big it
understand how they can't forgive they ve locked themselves in joe what you're a big you're a big you kept me in on big it but now the problem is other groups they ve said republicans can't stand you either black americans which kevin hard happens to be now they ve come after black american two warlike wait i'm not a big it i made a joke now all of a sudden a lotta hollywood people are starting to say this may not be workin out so well because there go into the twitter feed of aimee humor twenty comedian sarah silverman even less funny comedian there go into their twitter feed shown all of a sudden or find a lot of of gay jokes in there and all of a sudden people know what do we do now they wouldn't is on our side we can't let them for if we let them say hey people make bad jokes sometimes if we let them say that then what
if we use the same standard against conservatives and we can't do that because we ve been bludgeoning conservatives over the head with the identity politics thing telling them there's no forgiveness their bigots we discussed it's getting ugly oh there are hollywood who were not happy with what happened kevin heart the cat and unleashed a twitter tirade against all these comedians who had also amy humor sarah seulement may gay jokes as well and all the sudden nobody knows what to do i we allowed to forgive people for of color jokes or not what's the rules now folks this schism is real it's not just there by the way there is a serious fractured developing i told you this i've predicted it repeatedly and predicted again the liberal large towards identity politics cannot possibly continue them
backlash is going to get worse and worse overtime the democrats need to re emerge its way bill clinton john f kennedy like more moderate brand to stay viable identity politics is cannibalistic by me sooner or later group you pretend to defend black america game are complex because you're not really defending you they will have to buy the very tough mission of identity grievance politics sick people on each other groups they claim you belong it i love this this may be when it most buy up tell you more i am thoroughly you join this because it is so true if you see the writing on the wall this absolutely cannot continue it is cannibalistic i'm gonna give you a few more examples of what's going on semi read this and this is good because it's not just there you may slots and isolate example no no no no there's a lot more this schism is
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california air resources board oh why would they be doing that maybe because they believe that maybe this is what the lawsuit about because they believe that california is overly restrictive environmental policies incentivize incentivize heavy traffic they they either they cause heavy try big by trying to constantly may gas more expensive and not building new highways in favour of public transportation by the gas part the gas parts another argument absurd so just to be clear and i too want to confusion sites i frame that these civil rights groups are suing on behalf of of some lower income minority good because the traffic is out of control because these key a forty environmentalist don't want new roads bill and dissimilar schools to be clear are making the case that listen you liberal san francisco and elsewhere but all your money that can afford to live down the block from a copper tino
or whatever outside san francisco all your apple headquarters and stuff like that you are not affected by this six and seven hour commutes we have because you won't build the damn road the civil rights groups are suing the liberal government regulators there are also suing because of the gas taxes and other stuff which take out an inordinate amount of lower income folks i salaries and pensions and income folks if you make million dollars a year as some executive executive apple what are you give a darn about five dollar a gallon gas because taxes does it matter to you but i assure you it matters a whole lot some lower income folks be so not just are some people in hollywood starting to wake up to the fact that identity politics a cannibal rising itself well on the lower end the income scale of starting a band together especially civil rights groups is receiving this lawsuit and starting to sue the very same liberals because their high
the environmental policies don't affect the rich liberals they affect people who are poor who again liberals dish ingenuously fraudulently claimed to champion does an air ladies and gentlemen the schism on the left continue what is happening right now in france germany and the united oh yeah oh yeah we don't do a lot of foreign policy and the show for a number of reasons domestic policies so fascinating but once in a while i see a story that i really tickles my fancy think about these these social democracy so called where liberalism supposed to be thriving what are we saying right now in these three countries were seeing a mere rebellion in germany against unmitigated open borders
immigration policy against antilla merkel it's not the only reason europe senator but it is a significant one wait i thought that was i thought that was cut short adversity right open borders this is great i e that if we don't point importers who needs poor borders are just suggestion that's what the liberals tat all the matters right train patently not because of germany is not quite working out that way where merkel popularity is taken very significant nosedive despite a relatively healthy german economy by the way had tipp to ethic william calls them as a peace up in a journal about this this more walls future france surely frances follow liberals right social democracy france we what's happening in france right out you u buy amidst the story but there's a riots we haven't seen in decades in the street because my throne emmanuel macrones decided
good idea to hide the gas tax in france france where they pay about five to six dollars a gallon right now yes that's true a gas right now and already has a significant gas tax daughter good idea just save the environment just like the california resources board which is bankrupt in cash forty is lower income folk ripe macaroni gotta be a good idea to high tech guess that's not so much listen i never could go get her exact i you know me i violence is never the answer obviously i always think it's not like some silly talking ah but civil disobedience you're free to do what you want leonora pack other people or violate their civil rights i'm some people bake a violent route and france unfortunately by a lot of these yellow vest protesters you're required in france to carry this yellow vast apparently in turkey your car so the yellow vast has become a symbol of this anti tax protest how's that joe i thought friend
this problem eyebrows apparently ladies and gentlemen not just the identity politics liberals suffering a rebellion within their ranks from people now they're cannibalized but the environmental liberal liberals are now suffering a mutiny within them eggs from liberals who don't make as much money as the rich liberals do who are now say wait i'm not so much for that you know five dollar gas tax thing then sound so great to me not quite work in our lives the way you thought it was is it folks everything and when you look at history and the vicissitudes of the ups and downs in the cycles everything changes in everything comes around i mean going back from the right
science through the dark ages dollars you see what happens is is this rebellion against boogie values in and you have luigi values whenever you want to call being reinserting saul cyclical the democrats i believe or at the end of a cycle they have been in a post bill clinton you know too decade era of identity politics and environmental tyranny focused agenda driven stop that is now eating alive their own base i believe it explains the trump effect in the working areas a pencil anyway he won pennsylvania in michigan in wisconsin this explains this rebellion in their ranks quite easily the good news is the demo i still don't see any of his coming they are done bring down i have another piece in the washing samaras showed us i want you to read today the democrats are doubling down on police a purity identity politics and everything else and a complete obstruction of the trump agenda they do not get it that's the good news
emily why you give him a vice i'm not get their immune to advice these people are not smart any more trouble is made them who's there might i'm not giving them any advice they are not going to change this cycle well exhaust itself when the democrats and and in their far left large towards liberalism basically annabelle eyes is in itself a lot if no other explanation hey did i congratulate our meme winifred radio now i didn't really not good so we got a minute a good mom our main winner of the main causes you can still submit whom we are we pick five winners this is now the second one so we need a drum roll for this mean waiter for today our body sean h about going to say your last name we will email you reach out he treated retreated s or sent this email really funny mean i'm outta here up on my instagram because i can't
bob mallory but i can't explain it will lose all its it just let me leaving it involves reductions in the meme we up on my instagram i am at the bonn gino one instagram on the checkmark mark account please is super funny shot age put it together or found that some submitted it you still have time to submit them bonds you know me send them in up on you know that combo pick three more winners just to be clear though there's we'll get copies sign personalize of all my books we will send it to your house so we yesterday's winner and today's winners sean each with the mueller meme it'll be upon my instagram a little later superfluity i u can enjoy the explaining the reductions in the mean do this thing absolutely no justice i folks thanks again for tuna and i appreciate i support a problem
you and when i finalize a lot of stuff i will update you on what's happening just no this is pod guess it's not going anywhere we are now the number to show in the country and yes i was not fired from energy tv fake news or did you know that they enjoy doing that but it is not i will be back tomorrow please subscribed to the show on itunes you can also follow us on i hearts are about the delay and i obviously is not our fault and sound cloud is well you can also follow us on spotify or free we really appreciate your support thanks a lot folks i will see you all tomorrow you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than on line in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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