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Ep. 870 A Victory for the Good Guys Yesterday

2018-12-12 | 🔗
In this episode I address the stunning information now available in the Mike Flynn sentencing documents. I also address Trump’s big win in the Oval Office yesterday. Finally, I cover the collapse of the dossier and the media’s efforts to change the narrative. News Picks: The Washington Post must have forgotten about all the journalists the Obama administration hired.   Is Andrew Gillum running for president?   Why is this key piece of information from the dossier missing in the Mueller filings?   The sentencing memo shows the disgraceful actions taken against Mike Flynn.   More evidence that the Democrats are looking to impeach Trump.   Clarence Thomas is an American hero.    Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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Ready to hear the truth about America on his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bone Jean. I want a better, thereby GINO, shepherds Joe. How are you today Mullay be back home? It's gotta be back on manage. I was on a little roadshow yeah another bit. Heavy Newsday, sober go and I? Finally, this scam scheme the d a jury that happened to Lieutenant General Might Flynn is all common out disgusting in it just filthy by. Let me get right to the shows. We got a lock on our agenda today. Show bark you Bob he's at Omaha stakes: gosh: do we love almost mistakes? We tore sum up last night. Wife and I, and they are delicious- they mouth in your mouth- I sometimes I don't even have to chew- must sit there like it so that we love Omar stakes, send the holiday give them
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now the first about ten to fifteen pages of the sentencing. Paperwork contained some real explosive. Stop. Folks just for those you miss in the background on this site. Most of you know the general store, but remember Might Flynn was the wait did national secure Advisor for President Donald Trump. He had a conversation January, with the rush ambassador that conversation was was was listened to by the Obama administration is MIKE, wins name was leaked toward the washed imposed. Do reported David Ignatius that one of the most disgusting episodes of spying on an american citizen we ve ever seen in our lives right so not only the people who were spying on my plan, not prosecutor, but they decide to be a good idea to prosecute, might Flynn himself so the yet the FBI, I'm in an effort to wrap plain and a perjury trap sends agents for the White House to interview, might Flint now what
Yesterday, we kind of an inkling of before, but which now confirmed by the sentencing paperwork is. according to the cave, was the number two with the FBI job night and this This is a according to Byron York. The washings amateur Mackay its own account urge went to talk to agents alone without a lawyer present Ladies and gentlemen, this is up another. This is how Yes, yes, of course this happens, I'm not going to lie to you and say you know everything I was a federal agent. You know I I ever urged my clients, clients. Might the people I was investigating, like urged them like pushed the talk without a lawyer, but tell them that it is their option. It is, option to talk with or without a. Why are you don't have to have a lawyer present alot of people choose not to because they do not. They want to cooperate and get it out of the way, but for a case of such pro found significance, do you think It's a good idea for the FBI to quote urge him
to talk alone without a lawyer, present now know and have your darnay and became the number to keep in mind. Is no big flannel a pay, a phantom excellent, because Flynn is involved in cases, a character, witness against they woman who had made accusations against the Anti Mackay, but some type of discriminatory YA work, environment accusation it's out there self fleet, they deem it Kabir, not friends. So we track and folks MC caves and number two at the Fbi- and this is going down. My caves wife is a Democrat was a democratic candidate for office who had received money from Hillary Clinton associated people right Mackay does not like Flynn Flint provide character, witness sub thou. Basically a character witnessed the deposition or statement on being for someone who was making a complaint against the endemic cape, so Cape, says this. According to my caves account of this that I Explain that I thought the quickest way to get this done. The interview with one by the way was to have a
conversation between Flynn and the agents. Only Mackay further wrote, I stated if we can in general when wish to include any one else in the meeting, like the White House counsel for answers that I would need to involve the Department of Justice Flint, this is why no Flynn was not being dishonest points. This will not be necessary and agreed to meet with agents without any additional participants, folks, This was a set up from the start. They walked in there with a transcript the conversation might Flynn had knowing from the moment they got in there. That Flynn was was. I had no idea. This was going to be some kind of criminal interview now I've, I'm hearing from a liable people out there and I ll- leave it at that. They never ever ever. Viewed the FBI, had we had. We say that soon as being on the opposite side of where he was flame
never viewed them, he view them as allies show. He didn't view them as rotational or anything like a flint, always view the FBI is allies. So, when undersea We're Fuentes use the incoming national security advisory. Does this interview at the white ass? They say they want to talk about our conversation with the Russians right at first, is under the assumption? Is national security vices probably has to do with an internet? geopolitics right. Why? Wouldn't you he's never had an issue with the FBI before there are good guys, man they're, all good guys thanks well, who shows up Peter Stroke, and another guy? I believe it was yeah go who shows up for this interview. They show up the interview with fly. All of a sudden. I tell him you're, not our. You don't need a lawyer for this. No big deal. not only that courtiers new reporting. I have this up in an article two shown its please read, because it shows the disgrace what happened to, unlike what Joe they face,
to warn him about it'll eighteen USC, one thousand one- in other words they fair to warn him that if he made statements that were contradictory information, they have that he could be charged with false statements again. Is it me the Tory that they born and no do you think, quick case of such a high profile nature. It's probably a good idea that you ask They have a lawyer present, or you at least suggested at a minimum. You suggest to him that the conversation you're having can be used against him in there. They could prosecuting while statements charge, you think in a case like this. That may be the ethical thing to do. I don't know just drop out there Joe not only they fail to warn him, but that they fail to warn and because they wanted to be quote more relaxed in the actual sentencing paperwork. This is devastating. It says Joe, that's when clearly saw the FBI agents as allies.
You believe this. What happened this guy more relaxed they wanted a more relaxed show that so that he would open up about this conversation inhabit. The russian Flynn failed to recall specific details about the conversation. There's nothing unusual about that folks, nothing at many pride gouty. Yet they were tried. They were threatening the bay crop than they did bank random, actually go after his family to both tell me plug guilty Not understanding and putting that content, you know what you're talking about. Of course, Flynn. Wasn't gonna, remember every single detail, the conversation granted. I accept that they were important details, but I have already explained to you repeatedly on the show why I think Flynn did not recall every single detail that conversation of, Where's Peter Stroke and the other agent interviewing fling can recall every detail of it. Why do they The transcript right in front of bacon just read it. Why not just! give him the transcript and let him look at it and review what he said.
Because I didn't want that they wanted to nail on a false statements charge. Folks. three in the Dominican Republic, when the call my when when they call it, the russian ambassador came up what do people on vacation. They relax. Maybe there few adult soldiers or something? Maybe I don't recall every single sentence, they uttered this guy screwed, My cave set em up you don't need a lawyer here, no big deal just a friendly. Conversation quote: might when clearly show the FBI inches allies. They didn't tell him about the false statements potential. Because they quote, wanted him relaxed now. another piece of information is not new. We ve been this for a while, but it was now that the sensing paperwork is out Joe. This view would when happened in January of twenty seventeen I hears
but you re, really really kind of bacon. My beg us a little bit folks to three. Two. In other words, the summary. It's an FBI. Numerical deadline, Emanation from a summary report of the interview, member that these are typically issued you'd right away after the interview people. three o Ducas went because why cause your memories passed after the end of a unique gonna write report of an interview you do six months later or are you? Why is the FBI three or two in this case? Why does it a date of August twenty. Second, twenty seventeen come on you I'm not kidding seven months later, yes August twenty seconds it happened folk shoe tell you what happened. It's become clear as day what happened. There was probably likely highly likely an initial three o to a summary of what Flint set the summary of Flynn said did not indicate deception. How do we know that? Because
call me is already told people upon the hill and others that the agents who interviewed Flynn did not detect section. This is this is a matter of public record. You can look at yourself well Joe, fewer intending on charges. Someone with false statements. Do you think you want it on the record that you don't think he was being deceptive Of course, not you look like a fool so now, all of a sudden mysteriously, we see three o two with an August twenty second, twenty. Seventy they were they revised where they changed. Was there an amendment? What happened was this or a change to make. It appear that might Flynn was being dishonest when he wasn't waste You haven't seen NOS three o two's. I have a question for you yeah Rio Two's. If, if there was going to be a revision, is our process, for that? Is there no taken for that you know. I think we can good question. Are we on the secret service? We had memorandum reports and there was a reporting I think it was.
Three months? You have to update the case, and even if there was nothing to report, I'd say: there's nothing to report Inga I exactly sure what the process with the FBI three o two here is, but it's clear is that this August. Twenty second, twenty seventeen three o too, must have had some information show that indicated that now they thought Flynn was being deceptive, despite the fact that they didn't think he was being deceptive before that's why this one is so critical, but ass for the clear reporting requirements. I'm not sure I know there's a paper trail that I'm sure that I've got for my friends. I was on- an FBI where's your service, Asia, that yeah yeah, but my life friends- let's just say I told me, is clearly going to be a record regardless. of what the original and what either the amendment of the follow up sat on it. But this August Second, twenty seventh either. I want to see the originals folks. This is this: is incredible source talk to us again before I move on the number
with the F B, I already doesn't like Flint because If winds involvement in this other case against Mackay bright sense, FBI agents to the White House to interview him up a legal behaviour MIKE Flynn, the incoming national, secure adviser talking to the Russians. He recommends that date talk to a lawyer during this year. you, despite the grave importance of what went about to say nobody, else Flynn. This is a criminal investigation matter of fact they even warn of about false statements, because they say We wanted a more relaxed, even worse they say clinch for wines clearly saw them as allies, meaning debating a made a little bit of social engineering on airport. To get him a talk could be more quote, relax. Finally, we have a three I do with it. eight twenty to twenty seventeen date, despite the fact that the interview happened in January. What is that? What's in that? Not one one thing on this as well. This
why? I believe Mahler is a genuinely bad guy right now it was not the Department of Justice, sought prosecution against MIKE Flint nodded happened to Mahler jumped on the scene and MIKE says they thought Flynn had some integral role, and a russian collusion scandal the collusion scandal fell apart. They had to get Flint shut up about what happened to him and all the footprints left behind the Sally Yeats stuff, so it get went to shut up? What do you do? You're, prosecutor on false statements and you're bankrupt them. to get him to shut his mouth Mesa wealth when talk later. Ladies and gentlemen, Flynn was gonna talk later anyway. The point is further. The longer you can delay this path. Elections that everything else to give breathing room for Hillary Clinton and others the better? I think they were hope. The scandal would die down over time. You got me,
everybody's going to talk anyway. All you need to do is by time it's like someone talking now about about details about Watergate. You really want to go story, probably from pages for a day, but no one would care anymore. They need to buy time. Molly was clearly buying time by prosecuting MIKE Flint on a made up fabricated, false statements, short pride guilty of. I see they receive in his family. Guy was bankrupted by this. Remember Tom fitted from judicial wash are we says he says it best. I can't say this enough He says the process for the liberals. Joe, is punishment. It is punishment, use the process to bankrupt you. The government has endless legal resources and legal resources to prosecute prosecute you you do not will eventually run out of money and you will be forced to plead guilty folks. I know it. I've seen it in the system. I worked. It eventually
people stress out. They run out of patience, at a time they run out of money and people wind up play now I've never over draw case, obviously, with some applied guilty programme they would commit that would not only be illegal for us to sign out there, but an ethical, but I'm telling who, having seen as a matter of fact, the process is punishment in and of itself? The left knows it all right. They want quick, think and thanks very but who supports the chum store. I we just added an own the lips, t, shirt and mug. So if you go to this I'm store my website budget that calm again all of our policies, all of them go to charity. We have this put some with. They did logistics company they taken but our caught pollen mine goes to charity. You you were, thus giving scholarships to my wife said a multi year. Scholarships now to students. Are you changed, some live so by we? added own the lib stuff. So go pick it up. We really appreciate that. My wife wanted me to mention that today I suspect she puts a lot of work into it.
Joe? Did you see yesterday. did you see tromp owning the lives and the overall you catch? This happened so busy Dr, neither Joe is doing today anymore jailbirds, the ISA Jos Feisty takes back home, it is it is, it is domain, so yeah Trot is it the oval office? Yesterday, folks, I don't love, you caught this Rinaldi's Edward he's here with Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi. Any. Does this genius move where It brings the press in to negotiate. these too far were far left, the radicals policy and humor, for any oval office and they People also starts you can see or squirm and because she's uncomfortable at the press is their bottom line. Is trump wines are getting into an argument in the press with them, which is a beautiful thing over a government, down a border security years, the rub trop wants five oh yeah for border security to build the fence. Is that a judge?
crack. These numbers cuz this is gonna, be this is gonna, be important when it when I get to Trump totally on the lives and this one trop, once five billion to build a wall. The Democrats only want to do one point? Six billion, which is not enough Trump wants five Democrats want one point, six so he gets into a debate in front of the press about this, about the logistics of it, getting it done and blow she's like well, you got the republican votes, you should do it and Trump brings up the very accurate pointed well. We don't have a what's in the Senate, to overcome you Democrats. So why would I a bill passed in the or try to get a bill past now representatives when a republican allies over their Joe? If it's just going to die in the Senate, I suppose of course, has no answer and energy debates chuck humor into an argument about a government shut down over it and he gets humour to get he bade them into an argument about border security and Trump says I
secure the porter. I will shut the government down if it means securing a border. Folks, the liberals, people like Chrysalis and others who have who have been wrong on just about every these political prognosticated who have a one hundred percent success. Record of failure they have failed, nearly every predictable, we're all over twitter GOSH humor got trouble to own a government shut that they missed the whole thing he intact, early on them. Yesterday getting shoe on the record that they are not for border security and out of the gun. Shut down, it's about bore, Their security was a genius move by trot, so I've got a couple points is one. I want to show you that Silesia and these other, you know guys who are again, these prognosticated liberal Prognosticated, were wrong on everything showing you and demonstrate to you that they were wrong. What
happened immediately after shimmering Pelosi left the of Olaf's, where they claim victory to admit he'll shut. Again, Medea down of a border security, but what happened hello, c and humor Joe, could not run to the cameras, quick enough. If you saw press conferences that the on the Oval office south grounds, you saw another press or up on Capitol Hill folks, they were in a panic to rephrase this thing in a panic. The Democrats just to be clear Trump said this He basically made the merited at the media now has to report. Yes, I will you're the porter will shut this thing down. The Democrats think that's. A win The Democrats in media me, but the Democrats upon capital he'll know it's a big o o was they ran through the cameras they read through the chemist. This is the Trump shut out. This is
This is where we're for border security to wear for border security too. Now they know this shut down. If it happens in the coming days, if they government shut out happens over this funding, the demo that's no, they are scrutiny, are desperate to refrain this now so, number one, the multiple Prescott which has ended in a desperate effort to shut down the narrative Trump is now put out there and immediate media can ignore trompe suppressing the government will be shut down, because we can secure the border tribe- wants that- he told you. We only second actually ever actually have three points about Secondly, Pelosi halfway through started: hey. Can we get the press out here at the press? We get. The perception was freaking out now folks, Joe habit. how many politicians, over the years, W C b, I have you guys interview become a thousand there, sir, but probably in the thousands right Joe.
you ever known a politician who did not like free press coming Now we're make it up. I have you ever met one of Christianity twice laughing because it such a stupid question Joel, w C b ever Baltimore. If you call any parties go, can you come on this warning unless they are dying or hospital, big you're, damn right? Ok, why would pillows We want the cameras out of the oval because My Chris Elizabeth failed political prognosticate, her policy realized right away, that an army in over shutting down the government to secure our borders is a big loser for her waiting, Prescott here she was freaking out. We did. We to do this in private, not it's! Ok! Now we're good added trot comes right back those not all about transit, Wada. This was like a stag epic ownership of the library, their ownership of the lip chapter, one get there
on camera admitting they don't want to secure the border and are willing to shut the government over shut the government that over this is how you own the lips. So what number one they ran and they ran in front of the press to rephrase it because they lost. Secondly,. she wanted, the press out of their staff because she realizes was going badly third Joe what happened the minute they walked out there with the Republicans in Congress. The Republicans in Congress, who were getting wildly he'll get wobbly that Europe they were getting wobbly, the republic. We're not fighting for the five billion for the walls wasted. This number is going to come up again, the Republicans we're still to the one point: six, because a lot of a more widely in their fake republicans right. But what happened The minute Pelosi left, the Republicans came out, said yeah we're gonna go for that,
five billion or back home. Baby law that was lies. The Republicans up on a hill allowed, some good one. The promotion don't have any spines saw Trump complete, We decimate these two because he's a great negotiator in front of the cameras in the oval and instead of the one point, six a billion dollars that they were fighting for. They said you know what now, let's go for that, because now we ve got him in a corner and yet see this analysis and others of the world's insisting somehow Schumacher policy came out of that fully intact. And had one that interaction folks, they drop a huge AL on one. They lost big. Now I want to bring up one final point on this. tromp is entirely strategically unpredictable, he is folks
I again, I don't want a golden calf. Anyone, that's not my intention or genuflect in front of any politician, but I've noticed about Trump that politicians have become used to the stand. boxing rules over the years three minute rounds a minute. Asked. No ox inside your gloves, whatever they box with twelve hours, gloves now no kidney punch is no punches below the belt. Certainly no take, answer grappling when the referee breaks year. When you clinching you break right far. Because this is important. This shows you how Trump so easily manipulated Two senior level politicians who have been at this: their entire lives and just broke them, front of the cameras yesterday. Trump does not followed. rules. He just doesn't you may not like it? You may think it chaotic. I dont know how you describe. It is up to you, I college teach equally unpredictable? He doesn't
follow the rules, the rough ray comes in like the media yesterday, there at the of lava senses, ok, break and in this way The rules the Republican would break and a Democrat would break and they would say, ok, media. Can you leave or can produce by closer than the referee? in this case, tells trumped a break trump backs away for a second and it goes in and bites everybody my Thyssen style, he any takes any. Does he shoots for a double like on? Churches are like this is passing this isn't Emma Bay. They don't know to do that in a panic. They call it out to the rough and immediate save us. Save us get out of here, transparency and nobody's responding the reference leaving them alone. He is in I strategically unpredictable and it, but it does a allow them time to formulate out a plan to it. the pages natural next response, because they don't know what is next responses ever going to be, they don't get it.
Use this analogy unhappy last night, but I think it was Hannity. U S night, I said it, It reminds me a bit of the first. You have. For those of you who missed the first, you have seen the ultimate fighting championship, the first one right. It was the best thing ever. Because the first you have see now nobody knew everybody talk. Karate worked, I mean worked like in the movies. I hang out Matete actually showed some forms of karate can work in USA. Button ironically, went for when he taught like our man. I saw those Chuck Norris movies, her black karate, you know Only a measure can kill uninjured, remember those engine movies. You know, I assure you, that's not true. I wouldn't want to kill measures, but at the major only american television is not true bouts. I'm sure there is some. Rose. You probably believe that, because they have problem with facts, but that's the thing they put the First, she will see nobody knew what the expect from the other guy and a
She came in with this almost mystical former brazilian Jujitsu mystical, because nobody understood it he beat eyes twice its size like that Lickety support. They were panicked in the ring because they didn't know what to expect problem Joe by you have see three and four people understood what grappling was about a kind of had an idea. I love Brazil Gittin immersed, but they had an idea at a minimum how to counteract it. A bit rock grab clinch although the pull guard, whatever the damn crash. My point: is there not at the? U s c, three stage there: still but you have see one where they are. I've not figured out going into the ring. How trap is ever gonna respond it. three is entirely strategically unpredictable and what it does is it forces them into these errors in front of everyone. As I've said repeatedly, it forces them to show their show their buts and they overreacted trump. Instead of yesterday just play in a cool in the oval office, Joe right, instead of
I had a they pay. This guy, so much and he's so strategically unpredictable that, instead of just allowing him to dance around a ring a little bit playing, it say they will win for the attack and they get on board every single time. There's angry instead of just shutting up letting the Sleep digest that they have the job. You understand they have to respond. I hate the sky so much and they know their donors do too. So what does he do? He turns around and owns trying ok, double like single it? Every time scar fall, running fancy catch wrestling, the guy I'll. Do anything he's a gorilla negotiate? is hot great percent. He is, he like he is not in the like. What's light up, larger must give pops out of the jungle like Galileo, but, like I was it there.
The predator was a bill, do picks up just even Torres Gatling, God he's at such moments. All farmers there that's trump peaches, birds the whole far down and the Democrats instead of just sitting there, just have the response and they get burned now there are on the record. We do now support got border security and were willing to shut the government down over it and liberal Prognosticated, like sellers, are still insisting somehow they ve. I know that they want this interaction. It's so embarrassing What do you yesterday completely owned? You completely aren't I had a lot of fun, let's just forward what are you get a couple more things talk. That's been a busy news. We are today, also brought you by bodies it brick house nutrition, we love break our folks. We all know all of us know that fruits and vegetables wholesome healthy fruits, invest
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really excellent work and he talked about a subject. We brought up. We burn up often, but now that the Kohen sensing is happening actually right now in you this record up in New York, Michael Cohen, trumps. A former lawyer, I think it's important, that we put this out their folks. The sentencing paperwork on Cohen is out, and it is Crystal Clear Asbury points out that there is a major major explosive. miss Eyre if they are going to have an explosive piece of infamy, that's not in Spain to any Joe Michael Cohen. who has been charged with some taxi. Medallion staff and some basically some false statements, types of Michael Cohen, the whole case against Donald Trump I'd. I hate the keep reiterating is, but it's important to understand the entire your case against Donald Trump and his team, its appeal
clear as day right now is based on this dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. We know that the dossier has been large, it discredit. Now that it's been discredited, one of the liberal arguments has been repealed: David said. Well, you can't this prove it as if the new standard of justice in the United States is just Evelyn allegation, as long as it can't be disapprove then you're guilt, ladies and gentlemen, that that that's what police states do. I think we know that, but liberals, our police there now the view that they were going to evolve, they were going to evolve from what you know what when the final documents or expose they're going to evolve from while, even though the fur It's a documents used the dossier, the real Lots of stuff is in the reductions, while Trop wants to The actions release them liberals doubt which say to you that that's nonsense, that the reductions, probably backup trumps version of events, that the dossier was the bed after their case and dossiers, in fact, false.
I also said: do that then they're going to fall back on well, you know they really need the dossier because its fake Liberals also need the dossier to prosecute Trump, which again is false, because Andrew Mikhail, the number two in the FBI who clearly after my point, as we addressed in the beginning of the show to the number two happy eyes on the record, saying that the case what I have existed in defies the court's without the dossier show. All of that is false. The fact that the surpluses If, as in the reductions, they don't know that. Why would trip? What about that with the body you in? I mean seriously, I'm sorry, you can't be that dump. Then they ll say you know that now so now, the movie after those two things out of those two things that are soaring and limit the strike and look at this stuff right now now it's cool stuff on tv other going to say well just because as I have said repeatedly to you for
I may not be true, doesn't mean you can't disprove, prove at nation they use now. Why is this important in relationship to the sparrow peace? Now I set this up because, The core can of the yea, as I have said repeatedly to you folks. Is this allegation in there, that Michael call in trumps lawyer went to Prague to work with he's Kremlin Associated officials of them. How calories emails? That's the whole story. You get what I'm saying they were gonna That's the dossiers been discredited they're, going to well, you can't prove the whole thing was false. Folks, the end iron dossier centre. on this story that trumps lawyer, Michael calling, the guy beings Instead, I wait to Prague to award
eight, this entire intrusion into the Dnc email systems to attack Hilary. What's the problem, let me quote Michael Cohen she's got up, and I promise you this, as this is gonna really argue today. Michael common statement I have never, in my life been deprived or anywhere in the Czech Republic, oh folks, the whole dossier the whole prompt colluded with the Russians dossier is bad, rocked in One idea this allegation that my twin want to Prague to get this stuff MIKE. What is that, been deprived. What does that have to do with the sentencing today impulse, berries, piece of? Why does this matter to you, because this Sing documents indicate the Kohen is cooperating on a quote: Russia probe Joe and nowhere anywhere in any other,
I've been seeing documents or any other false statements. Charges is mine Collins statement that he's never the Prague challenged. Nowhere matter of fact, ladies and gentlemen, the word Prague up nowhere in the sense in documents shall put this together. I hope you see I'm leaving you down this road. We this post peace piece in the shown us if The dossier was true collusion was real Michael how in would have already admitted to have gone to Prague. He has it has said. Not only have I never been to Prague, I've never been anywhere in the Czech Republic and although model charge him with false statements, Joe as in charge and when a false statement on that, one. Which says why, Michael When is telling the truth, the dossier is bunk so now how much a year now we reach that they were at the end of the Yellow Brick Road map,
when your liberal friends, in their last ditch attempt at risk, claiming the set up of Donald Trump through the dossier, the fates and if you spend a fake case law that they'll say you were you can't this prove it you could say. Actually We can because the core So the dossiers are common Cohen trip to Prague that never happy never Mahler, never charged him with the false statement on that. Ladies and gentlemen,. Not only that the always false statement they charged him with was the false statement about ongoing conversations about this Moscow Trump our project. It never came to fruition with us, which has nothing at all to do with collusion at all there's another statement Cohen may show that again or has there ever charged. Him would be false, so this dossier,
has been discredited and has been the bank. The conspiracy theories just wanted minute. So he said at one point. I got a photo of some issues that directly sometimes I wanna go measuring at this rate. this is in our Sperry's piece, peace. The name real, clear here's another statement by Michael Cohen, which has Mahler, has not charged him with being false. Towards its true, they have no evidence its false it all. Just like the prompting Cohen never engage with been paid by paid for or converse any member of the Russian Federation or anyone else to hack or enter. With the election care comments. All the Senate. I emphatically state that I had nothing to do: With any russian involvement in our electoral process that has not been challenged anywhere so I ve got a guy. Cooperating, you know is cooperating, you ve been, decade Mahler that he's cooperating on Russia Probe, he made this day
and it's never challenged should tell you which true, he added club call in a document that he saw not a hint of anything that damage created trumps involvement in russian interference in the election either ladies and gentlemen, this case is be asked. The reason. None of this is challenged in the current paperwork, actually care medallion stuff, he may be guilty of of of a budget stuff. I'm not sure I don't know, but I can tell you right. Richard is because there's absolutely no evidence. He was lying about it. Michael Cohen, may be guilty of taxicab medallion stuff. You may be guilty of of a bubble just after I'm not sure I don't know, but I can tell you right now, Michael Cohen, the nature of the sentencing paperwork and the charges against them is absent
we not guilty of making false statements when he says I haven't been to Prague and I don't know anything about russian interference He would never have been given a false statements charge if that was the case on something else, but not that is that make sense show good catch. You beautiful, we I hit did this before, but Spere sums it up really get me in his peace today, a real clear that you understand how important this is. The entire case against Trump Luzhin myth is the dossier Ladies and gentlemen, we know that, because Andy Mackay, the deputy director, the FBI coordinating all this has already told us that was the whole case. The whole cases dossier, is bedrock in this trip to Prague. It never happened. Now we know the sentencing paperwork is out. Now No, it never happened before
it's never been challenged. Prague appears nowhere in the sense in Paypal. It gets worse, believe it or not According to Christopher Steel himself, the guy who puts together the fake dossier used to politically persecuted drop my right. Joe the Prague rumour was source to an anonymous friend, Oven named Kremlin insider Oh even worse,. So now you have accused falsely. So you accuse Don Tromp of colluding with the Russians correct that is I've been thoroughly and entirely debunked. The dossier is discredited its nonsensical. The only but if it we know is true, is that Carter pays took a trip to Russia which is in.
Away illegal, not even close to women. nothing of substance in that dossiers is true, one p two bit Mahler, clearly could not prove this trip the Prague he couldn't. Prove about meeting would be easy enough to figure out. and showed his passport he's ever been to Prague. Do you know how bad I want to cut right now? I don't either because it say if you like, this can't be happening in the United States of America, but it is. But this is the crazy part about the whole thing. Not only is the russian collusion thing been entirely the pump now, but now we're starting to figure out slowly that everybody who colluded with the Russians was in the Clinton space. She hired Christopher Steel married, he got it from an unnamed Kremlin inciting. Ladies gentlemen, what does that tell you? I know. Have you taken this right now.
Was this a russian operation the entire time near kind hurts? Doesn't it You know, I always say we got play, but I don't want you to think we got played, meaning. Like the Democrats warrant, willing participants the the Obama administration, you Russian. I believe this is what I absolutely believe now and if you read my book by the way, this is the conclusion we come to the end of a lot of these chapters as well. I believe that russian still looking too so elect, RO chaos in the United States cassettes what they do they. care who won all they cared about? Was chaos internally, Russia and the United States. a series of nonsensical debunked easily this proved fall stories. to a source, Christopher Steel, new.
The old use that russian compromise that fake cut this this false nonsense right. They use which the Russians new would so discord to put to a dossier which Hillary Clinton steam actively sought out that Darcy bypassed intelligence channels. Why would I do that? Show because the talents, people in the working men and women at the ground level would have caught it as being total garbage unnamed sources, unnamed Kremlin insiders. Second, thirty information, no serious CIA d- I an essay analyse, would have would have given information and out of integrity, but they bypass the official journal, and and main lines like an intravenous drug right into the upper levels of The D J and the FBI: how do we know that because we have some more breaking news. Yesterday,
Revelations from Christopher steals testimony in another case, Joe that came out yesterday, apparently crystal steel, the guy who took this russian disinformation and put it in this, dossier. That's now been discredited, told the United Kingdom, corn and August first then he gave some of this information. Eighty trump information to stroke, Talbot, oh some of you are likely to have dropped out of some of you will like, while really gives you remember the name now, instead of Christopher Steel, The information to actual intelligence assets in the United Kingdom, who would pay, to their intelligence counterparts in the United States, which would have the bug this nonsense immediately. Second or third hand, sources, the guy in a corner, told the guy in a corner, told the barber. no! No, no Christopher still gives it right to stroll Talbot who wished rob. Talbot Oh, he was an upper level State Department official for Bill Clinton. Nice Owen, who is strong tablets brother in law?
Howdy sheer whose business partners we'd Hillary Clinton Fixer, said vicious Blumenthal. Straw Talbot was Bill Clinton's. He was. I want to see like the number two or three in the State Department to Bill Clinton, so steel walks, this fake russian information, not to intelligence channels, it'll be the book he gives it to a guy. He knows, is deeply connected to the Hilary space Stroke Talbot, who magically magic. We find a way to get. This information with other steel and talk about do them into the Pfizer Courts through nothing but political hacks connected to the Hillary Clinton space, Shrub, Talbot Is brother in law? Is a Clinton fixer Cody Sheer Shrub Talbot. Is it that's his brother in law who was Rob Tab, its chief of staff.
Torreon Nuland, whose an upper level manager in the State Department during galleries, time whose Hillary Clinton fixer Victoria, he had no, in this same, why do sit all their multiple dossiers really were their victory anew and involved in the Benghazi talking points? Do they all had something a high? So what did they do? They want to this former British by pass that information in Tell just give a task that we will get it to the FBI and that's exactly what they did. Listen to how deep This is. This is how steal this? I do a little odd chart here for myself today. This is how many different contacts Christopher Steel, who keep her mind, is being paid by the have a to join up vacant for Action on Trump This is how many contacts he had outside
Standard Intelligence, tat channels, Joe he met with the state Department. That's a fact on the record. Christopher steel met with the FBI, but that would be a formal until channel, but he met with the FBI. Popping is information of the bureau. I want to tell you he's doing similar. He met with Bruce nor did the OJ, not a formal intelligence channel or had nothing to do with crossfire hurricane investigation into trouble or his wife were its steel, effusion gps. People forget that were now still that would Jonathan Weiner another. They depart inefficient fact y know already wrote an up and the wash deposed admitting you didn't the also met now. We know which Shrove Talbot brethren but a Cody, Sheer the Clinton fixer. Why would steal meet with all these people, including. people from Yahoo news enemy. Why would he do that Let me ask you a simple question: try to think this through his eye,
not to worry federal agent for the day melt. The few at information you knew was likely false, but you needed this information to be perceived as true. Does it benefit? You are not benefit you have that information flow through me. the pull channels are single time. Let me clear clear the subjects that was a complicated saying, but if you On information to ultimately go where into the Pfizer core right, more the core to prosecute your political enemy? But you know the information is false. You know it has. get into the corn. People to swear, to wit, and people have to believe it sure that I can unknowingly swear to false documents. So do you think it benefits? you too have multiple people tell that same version of events to the guy. a woman swearing out, the document are just one. I think the help of the media would be very beneficial. Yes, yes, Ladies and gentlemen, it is obvious what Christopher Steel did. This guy's got an intelligence background. He talk, information in the dossier. He got from Russians, which is obviously fake. It is distant from she's a chaos campaign and instead of walking it too,
upper intelligent channels like you, should give it to the Brits the Brits will give it. I read. Tat will vetted. That is not what, did. He knew what was false, but he wanted above. So he gave it to Malta or people? Knowing those people would all contact the FBI had say hey. I heard a rumour Donald Trump was born on Mars. I heard that too. I heard that you buy the fourth or fifth time the f b I think about this- has to be chosen. The sources the same guy, it's Marvin Martian Mark the Martian a whole time is the source and Marvin a Martian is Christopher steal. That too was good you're down. He gives it to the State Department, they bring it to the FBI, steel to the FBI himself. He gives it the Bruce or they can take us into the FBI, because at that Then why does it state they gave it to the FBI? He gives it the stroke, Talbot Clinton acolytes it makes to the FBI
where he gives it through the media. They write about it all of a sudden. The same piece of b as garbage appears to be true, but it's not true. Michael Cohen's never been the Prague this piece of information He got from quote one named Kremlin insiders about Cohen, go into practice. Set up. This collusion. Scandal is a lie. It's entirely completely made up. It is a fabrication. It is a myth. Bob Mahler sentencing paid work is the biggest red flag. I have ever seen regarding this dossier there. Is nothing in there on Prague at all. There has never been a false statement. Charge levelled against common for saying he's, never been there ever they ve got. Nothing, can stop it so easy to nail. These people are the wall. So still
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apple elbow, has a great about this peace, which is up on my shoulder its now about how the trumpet illustration is is quote engaged in the fox suffocation of the White House. This story is Larry S and its lack of self reflection. Folks, nobody the media seriously. I gotta cover that. Yesterday we had a broader we entirely fake news story about me in a hurry debate. I was made up where their sources are from, but it doesn't matter if the media does this. All the time I have no ability to self reflected on, so that the gist of the washed impose story is it. This is really. while Tromp as all these people formerly associated with Fox NEWS on the station Heather now on issues me in his innocent in his eye, Ministration John Paul New. As a contributor. They go through this list, the names of course and who pick this up immediately, finds it absent. We hilarious that the Washington Post left this little kid, but our chow
so just to be clear, Joe. The Washington Post principles are what that this is a really bad thing that they hired all these media people. Let me quote Matt from his Peace at the at on our website. Our website, Bob. I hired at least twenty three journalists hilarious we hired nearly as many solely from the one she could, possibly as truckers hired exclusively from Fox MAC goes down the list. Samantha power speed, Schreider destined Thompson. John Kerry assistant Secretary stay for publicly goes down this list of all these people associated with a liberal outlets or the wash the both, so they just because the washed about this fact suffocation of the White House. All these fox people about hired almost two million people from the post alone, as this is a big that doesn't even count. people from other liberal outwards. This is a tool little joke. It's a farce,
it's a made up story, but this is what the media does. Ladies and gentlemen, and for those of you have a problem. Some of the liberals. Email me after shows, however, that It should mean assess what about ism again folks, I can't say this enough. Yes, of course it is, of course it is The reason I constantly point now things that the Obama Clinton administration did, that the media didn't care about, but now seem to care. about now with Donald Trump not to say those things are right or wrong. Hiring people are not hiring people from media. It's the highly what phone and frauds the media are themselves. Because when you have principles like we, as conservatives do is fighting in advocating for the preservation of life fighting in advocating Our second amendment rights fighting in advocating for can I make freedom in school choice. Those principle
don't matter who's in office, Republican Democrat, conservative, libertarian or otherwise. That's because we are principled people. The media, or not, if their principal, Tsar. Hiring people from the media is bad. Then I would back a series of exposes had to be fair, I'm did write about Obama's hiring of that it look bad to beat. You know cause again where fair there not, but the level attention given a half an hour, and her eyes. Selection as the United it's a bastard you when just a Europe, should have to be confirmed still, but the level of attention is in no way commensurate to the Stan hiring Bio bomber of people entirely unqualified from the media and those positions. Now it is qualified by the way they weren't.
and why did they focus on this? The hiring, a media people, because it's not one of their principles? Their principles are watching attack republic, kids, that's their principal don't run away from what about as ever, because what about racism is what about the principles? Don't ever forget that thanks again for tuna- and I really appreciated by the way, thanks to all the lessons on our Youtube Channel, I really appreciate it. You guys are awesome or Youtube Channel has been blowing up. So that really means a lot to me, sir. You know it's. It's really works Scottish Tammany, how many people have listened on Youtube? Now I got some big since coming about that soon it about my future plans, but remember the pod guesses going anywhere. Please subscribe on Itunes, which free it helps us move up. The charter, I thought you have no idea how much you're subscriptions help. Please DR on Iheart? It's a follow. Button subscribe and sow Cloud Spotify to name a whole bunch of other upset that you can also listeners on Amazon Alexa. So, thank you very much appreciated
see what you just heard: TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.