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Ep. 871 Big Trouble for Mueller and the Clinton Foundation

2018-12-13 | 🔗
In this episode I address the emergence of three Clinton Foundation whistleblowers and what they may offer in congressional testimony. I also address the explosive new developments in the Gen. Mike Flynn case. Finally, I address the latest media false narratives about the economy and the Trump tax cuts.    News Picks: Time is up for the Clinton Foundation.   Stunning new developments in the persecution of Gen. Mike Flynn.   What is the FBI hiding with regard to Gen. Mike Flynn?   Excellent! President Trump has canceled the White House Christmas party for the media.   Liberals are now openly bragging about weaponizing government and abusing power.   Are Democrats setting a trap for us with “Medicare for all”?    President Trump’s poll numbers are improving.   Are you prepared for this potential disaster?   Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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dan bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i rather better thereby judo shell producer joe how're you today my good friend what am i doing quite well lad you yes i know you like that is excellent sorry that was a little i walked away from them like a bit because i have so much to talk about today i kid you not the joe sent me a bevy of sound cuts that i can't do it i can't do it daddy yo because i've got about six five thousand things to get loom in addition to a major major u turn in need bob probe i told you this was i told you have you been listening to this show for a here now what i told you seven months ago six months ago i dunno maybe maybe dough audience archives judy can figure out the show i go
into the george nato connection how mahler was going to move away from russian collusion because it did not happen and even a so they get a move on the who job the fact sir the obama fixer is back back yeah again the fixtures you're not gonna want to move from your stereo speakers are headphones for the shops let's get to it today show brought by our bodies if filter by yeah baby filter by we all need air filters why not by him for a company from a company that wants to talk to you people in our audience that some company they can't stand you fill by not only makes the best products would make him here in the united states need air filters buying from our bodies a filter by a country millions of americans are turning up the furnace because it's gettin called why well they neglect the chair there are four others denied sometimes are systems fail than you turn out on but not a thing you here you got a change out the area like tat the like that beg about its there you gotta go
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i had a whole show lined out and all of a sudden i get a email from let's just say a friend and that friend says the switch begun what do i mean both bob this sets out i thought a mystery anybody that bob mothers probe into russian collusion is entirely fallen apart because there is no rush inclusion we know that ok points the period and we move on there is none he can't fabric aid for his heart disease he's trying they can't make collusion happen fatuous we're going to happen and either is russian collusion because you can't reinvent the past having that bob mahler can't stand donald trump can't stand anybody on his team so they ve had to invent crimes such what happened to mike flynn i'll get to that too in a minute to where they accuse them of lying to the fbi despite the two fbi agents had interviewed him saying he wasn't being deceptive stating how that happens so in the
mention of new crimes and scandalous job do you under the shall we did about seven months ago where we pointed out in normally in the case something quite fascinating in this circle of deceit and this web of connections between people in the obama administration and people trying to take out the trump team how appearance of the obama fixer was always interesting who is the obama fixer catherine rum right obama's is white house lawyer just google catherine roma fixer you know they loved the call echo cohen trumps mixer right well obama fix or in the white house to it was his lawyer catherine roma catherine rumbler has been intimately involved in the air quotes here joe fixing of all kinds of obama scandals that secret service scandal that happened in gaza the irs scandal or by a key player and fix or and this was his lawyer catherine rumbler when obama has problem catherine
for example is that commercial would you had a proverb i forgot to us if you ve got a phone you ve gotta fixer you got that you got obama you ve got catherine rubber that's your fixer he brings up the battle rob was on the other can i help you commissioner gourd yes i need this problem fix well what was that problem that had to be fixed afterwards the problems have to be fixed afterwards as they ass the election they had to take trump down so they had a fabricated crime clearly the russian collusion thing didn't happen is falling apart so there was always going to be a u turn towards something else that u turn something else a start to materialise it up early is going to be two things right now which one i already discussed so i'm not gonna harp on too much which is the alleged campaign finance violations which i discuss for two days now you can the sinister issue by the trump team which are bs they're not that campaign donations and all its fabricated made up case so we can forget that but that's not
but enough get i'm gettin some traffic here that when we talked about months ago we start to materialise and that is the george nadir connection was this story is just peaches called this a my note show the flipper row before peruse coming now it's not gonna be russian collusion anymore because that didn't happen it's going to be middle eastern collusion ah hell eastern collusion half sounds bad too the keeper my middle eastern collusion emanate from democrats who supported ideal to give the irate in civilian dollars and unpalatable a cash as well so let's forget that for a minute you're the purse you know middle east connection let bullets and i get it to any of that let's leave that all behind for a minute right because i was the obama administration stay there
inaction to i ran let's leave that all behind but the fixer is creeping up again who was now i'm here in a rumour now and it's a good one that he's making a u turn and he's going to cover this middle eastern connection and his its source in this case is no that george nato originator according to multiple report is one of the guys who set up he has been involved with power petitions for democrats and public administrations forever he's one of these guys that just as connections and connects people nobody really knows what they do how they do it they just do it nay connect people i'd you a while ago that i found it awfully stranger george nato is cooperating with the mahler probe joe he's one of their key witnesses keys their guy he's their deep wrote in the case and his lawyer is the fact sir catherine ruhmer how
how bad how bout that no one finds that even a little bit coincidental that obama's key legal fix serbs is the lawyer for bob mothers main cooperative and now what's going to be his main charge which is going to be middle eastern collusion and the collusion i'm using air quotes again although i hate them the collusion here going to allege mahler so i had we were on the surly euro prepare it's going to be that nato set up meetings with people who work get away for forward shall wait for it had social media companies that they could use tat maybe help influence vote ah really yes yeah that's it now that's a charge now keep in mind let me just explain you what's going on here
a guy named joel's ammo and you can google s name and red multiple press reports about any alex issues that he had a company that that keeper by there's no there no indication or allegation that with the company he owned did is illegal we clear on this child the social media influence accompany there's no allegations air at all that that's a league ok the only allegation is that there was maybe some foreign money involved in this company that had pits kind of an election proposal to the trump into you social media to basically get out the trump so you may say i don't get it what's a credible nobody else gets it either that's george neighbours in the picture right because they got here i'm a fixture here because they're trying to fabricate crimes by lecter we have seen leaking this stuff to the public for you know to the public domain to get the media to pick up on my cache middle eastern money help influence the electric no that's not what happened to propose
plan from this guy joe according to multiple sources animal didn't happen they never accepted the offer keep reminders no allegations that this business arrangement would have been a legal anyway it was hiring of a company to use social media to get out the vote it is go for foreigners to donate to u s elections legal further a presidential campaign to seek out you know social media companies now get out the vote but the fact that this guy zahm other alleging has all their alleging i'm not as he shady ties is a beam alors new direct folks you hearted here first the russian collisions dead but put in a bid to bury that coffin its debt is their derga this is going to end quickly the new guess which isn't knew by the way it's only for the media idiot you haven't been following this case for a long time ago the new
ok so the smaller probably going to be collusion easter people try to influence the election what do weeds what are you at our stand through tweet ape and dupe through our business deals that never happened with the trump campaign how equally as that and i find it off we are that according to multiple reports out there and accorded some good sourcing that we ve got got our myths on ice get off we ironic that the central figure at these meetings again system justly is someone connected to the obama orbit remember nearly every single meaning that the russian collusion narrative was based on was a meeting between someone connected to the trump team and some shady figure that eventually ties to the democrats or the obama administration you tell me the meeting will tie it back to the trumpet the trump tower meat
the russian lawyer who worked for the company whose with hilary peace gps russian intel guy that shows up at the trunk power meeting whose why who's out she's me use lawyer the lawyer wife was the clinton staffer and he the no people in the clinton foundation and the staff there all connect all these meetings this was a set up all of these meetings with the trump team it is clear as day i document this out line by line of my book all of these points oh are connected to the cliff in space or the clinton dossier or people producing negative information for the current is now we see it again so we clear on this the collusion narrative woods fake this now this fake too the collusion narrative is now run its course because trumps not impeached yet or hasn't resigned yet so now they have to move on to narrative number to actually narrative number like today six hundred seventy two but campaign for
france which is going to die soon to because it's a loser case the government already lost their case in court against john edwards that case is going nowhere but now their building mahler what it appears is another case the case now as we didn't get russian collusion so now let's lie and make up middle eastern collusion the middle stern money job eastern money was being used to influence the election watch watch i tell you it's a big conspiracy theorists promoting this i met whose name a lot because believable this lunatic as a following on twitter is guy surf abrams it here it is it's bizarre that people follows he says up that is so insane but he is one of the lead proponents of this this this this ridiculous knots and sickle story of now middle eastern collusion you lose their big time bigtime value this is going to be where they go with this now here's what's really again what's fascinating
the collusion set up where trump team but i believe were absolutely set up by entails oaks with allegiance to the obama administration and these meetings that they set up whether it was withdrawn junior they were all used to paint a picture trumps me with these shady figures these shady figures are connected to your witty it's in a democrat party can be met with shady figures therefore he colluded the same exact template right now going to be used for the middle eastern collusion it is just gonna be the stories gonna be rewritten russia's gonna be blacked out the middle east is gonna be filled in this time again the central player in these meetings and you can go this guy's name yourself or other meetings there looking at whether their meetings between flynn and others that this social media company or campaign people on on the trumpet and its social media company or
of these meetings the central key player in this and the guy who's there is major who is now have cooperated with smaller who is represented thought assuringly by obama's fixer when is anyone in the media coming could you just a mild pit of entrepreneurial reporting and look at the connection here don't they find it a little bit interesting and another one of the means you're lookin out which i described back in that show at or no six months ago or something another one of the means you're looking at a meeting in the seychelles between eric prince and career dmitri have hooray russian direct investment fund at meeting again who was one of the year the fixtures in that meeting allegedly set this thing up nadir again what's fascinating about that
but eric prince who is trumps education secretary betsy divorce it's his its she's me it's her brother prince was the owner of was the ceo black water one time eric prince each of the sky and the seychelles one of mothers original arguments and why he was looking at this or the mother in what they were looking at you was all of this must have been russian collusion because a guy connected to a woman in a trap administration met with a russian in the seychelles and here's the problem joe the russian they met with the russian direct investment fund had bunch of let's say on law it and supporters who work then foundation people they were bon clinton bind were the who knew that every single time you turn over a rock you find someone connected to the clinton's this
person meets then with the trump team and although the persons connected to the clinton's its use shockingly is evidence that the truck team is corrupt your seeing this this about the reason i bring up their meeting in the seychelles between prince and the russian is that creates the subway into the middle east collusion how they need kind of a conduit they need to connect the two foreign influence narrative what is the key men thread joe between the russian collusion investigation and middle eastern collusion investigation which is about to materialise the connections nadir nadir was at the eric prince meeting with career dmitri by the way which according to princess entirely innocuous nato was at that meeting and nato was also at the meeting with the social media executive trying to sell a platform to the trump team that apparently they didn't take nadir is the connection
all of this and neighbours lawyer is obama's fixer that master nadir table you don't get i buy it's a shame that people like and others out there you know least smith and others doing good work on this you have karlsson it's really a shame that where the and then have to expose this on twitter and people and in what what we to believe or legacy media bodies are not media there tabloid alice i can't just do even you sick homework is anybody asking that questioning how business relationship came about how obama's fixer who clean up all his message managed to find the key source for bob mahler is far in collusion probe a key source that bridges the false russian collusion tale to the false measured middle eastern collusion here how did those to connect
why is it that every single person that they meet with or fixes a meeting with the trumpet has some connection to obama hilary flipper risky its common folks are and i got a lot more to get too could include foundation stuff might flynn great peace by margo cleaving the federalist i wonder why i want to talk about hey this is the seas in its the gifting sees it as a dude as at dude i admit it's hard to pious gives us off that's the worst thing ever even if we know what we want and we probably wouldn't tell you but it doesn't have to be so hard this year give that guy in your life or the guys the perfect if we and creates i love man creates they sent me a couple a man create you get up this shock or open yourself that comes with it robot on that mess with is not a joke it comes with a crowbar getting disappears part of the gift it's not you know what i really want to call it its entire experience not only do you get
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you're gonna love this man creates an accomplished allocate speaking of my mother i just a sum that quick as i like to keep the show us linear move one topic the next topic one as is the shift is about to happen russian collusion is dead it's gonna be now far in collusion with middle eastern tinge the bridge to both was made her nato clearly a key witness for mahler according to multiple reports we reported this six seven months ago natures lawyer is the obama fixer now plainly see here at all folks the fixer is fixing it again secondly second story over there margo cleveland is a wonderful piece in the federalist it is in the show notes i strongly strongly encourage you to read it may despite a screenshot everything because it so important ok we got so marvel clean writes about these three o two's now yesterday i had put out there that what's really odd about the mike flynn case joe lieutenant general mike's out with respect to his title
but in the interests of brevity sorry you don't mean include that every time you earned this title but a general mike when i was interviewed by fbi in january at the white house as the incoming national security adviser as a national security by his interview at the white house by these two fbi agents about this trade script of his conversation as the becoming national secure adviser when tromp was present electing the f b i clearly as an agenda as against them as we spoke about yesterday they encourage flynn even though this meeting is of critical importance allegedly to them again what flint did wasn't illegal talking to them ambassadors the incoming national security visor is not only not illegal it would be derelict for him not to do with only gonna take over the government in a few weeks right to things happen for the fbi anti mackay recommence when doesn't have a lawyer present which is outrageous this is clearly a set up given an interview this important not illegal i wanna be clear that's not illegal i'm not going to do the fake news like the left
yes the eyes under no obligation to tell you to get a lawyer but one would think job one would in a case of this significance you would in fact recommend that giving that you try right when you say i mean the absolute i make it as folks again i'm just telling you when i was involved secret service in high high in cases that had media attention to things like that it would like can we be recommended by united states attorney that at some point we get a lawyer involved we start a proper session if there's interesting cooperation get a cooperation agreement on paper it's it's it's probably the best way to go now i have some evidence of that this being the best way specially given the political implications of interviewing mike weight at the white ass i have some evidence is a second but there is another point addressed yesterday too which is they didn't warn him about the false statements charge they did and they and they could because they wanted to keep him in a relaxed mood meeting they wanted to get him to talk and get him
ok himself by tripping over his own words which is clearly a perjury trap at some point now joe regard statement of a woman's some some things i cover from the wall street journal thing interesting pick up call appears on msnbc surpass weaken i miss this yesterday in the shop and showing you that i'm right job that with a kiss would such severe political implications interviewing lieutenant general my plan the national secure adviser at the white house over a case of reach nicholas fabricated made up russian collusion damn well should have had the white house council present here is we call me msnbc this is a quote call me says you know rick regarding by the way sending q fbi agents to the white house with without having flint have an attorney he says it's something i probably wouldn't have done or wouldn't have got no way with more organised administration jumbo jet with by this
guy is so unbelievably i've ever go it's amazing to me people still treat this guy like a boy scout oh jim crow is like this is so sleazy his folks here this is a it's been a while she george i'm not making this up jim commie sending the fbi edged with the interview of without a lawyer present i wouldn't have something i wouldn't have done why wouldn't have you done it opera cause it's on ethical or i wouldn't have got no way with more organised administration so com those two things your folks here its he's asleep bomb takes a shot at donald trump by insinuating that he's administration is an organised folks i have been do presidential transitions literal in the white house i'm patty myself on the back and that trying to impress you you are a card you have important jobs my job as a secret service agent was simple make sure the president then die in your watch right you sit
and the white house it's a job can be boring at times but folks you're there in the sock recent of then i say in this because it's very chaotic every day at the white house every incoming administration is chaotic everyone i watched push obama transition people not being in your obama white ass even find out where the pens were desirous of i closet it's not on i've got the obama team it just needs a new office a new job people don't know what to do if they have to figure it out so call me here and more organised administration trying to take a shot at trump whilst i'm ok mislead knowledge in what a sleaze baggy is saying he would not have done this if it was another administration in other words these bureau agents show up we're interview the sky without attorney present folks always asleep bag he is not good guy he is appearing to come
of these days like a pathological liar is testament in front of congress about not knowing i don't know i don't know this i don't know how i see i investigation begins i don't know where the dossier came from my unheard of christopher steal the guy has to be a liar or he stupid there's no option i bring this up because cleveland margo leaving as an interesting thing let me quote from it she talks about yesterday i brought up the fact that these summary the fbi is has paperwork call the leaves a three it's rio to and atheist and if the three of two but it's three hour to that is the numerical designation for their people which some arises the results of their interviews secret service we call them memorandums a column of three o two's so what's fat creating about this is that
in our view flynn joe in january as i said yesterday but the three o two is not filled out two august twenty second of twenty seven now there's two components of this i want you to pay attention to the bureau interviews flint without a lawyer com realize it's unethical we now admits it they don't say anything about false statements because i want to set him up they go in there the transcript of an unmask phone call they don't fill out the summary of the interview to august twenty second twenty seventeen why is its timing so suspicious let me read you from the peace the august when he second twenty seventeen date is a quote striking detail because that puts the three to report nearly seven months after the flint interview when additive facts already known this revelation takes on much greater significance is gets good this gets good turn up the volume built miss this for
again this margo cleave us peace the federalist and shown us today first text message between peter stroke who was the what are the human joe pr car the agent to interview for info first text message between peter stroke and former fbi attorney lisa page index did shrove rode his notes from the flynn interview shortly after he questioned the national security adviser on january twenty four twenty seventeen specifically on family very fourteen twenty seventeen stroke texts page quote also is andy referring endemic andy good with f f three o too page responded quote launch on f three o too given shrugs role and the questioning of win the day three weeks from the actual interview the notation quote f three o too
and pages position is special counsel to andrew mackay it see extremely likely that these texts exchanges concerns an affair where are you twenty seventeen three o two summary the flint interview why does this matter it highly likely there text back and forth just three weeks after this the three o it is clearly in front of anti mackay because lawyer lisa page fbi lawyer endemic caves a lawyers working with him tells strove to launch on the f three o too it seems highly likely at this point show in other words that they rode up a summary are you track and of the interview it might flynn only three weeks after they interviewed him and genuine so why is it data august twenty seconds oh cleveland goes on really really good work here sharp quote present
tromp fired call me i may nine twenty seventeen so the three or two with a did you call me read muster written before that i then was a new three o to draft and on august twenty second twenty seventeen and by whom reminds one it i go on that i mean of the rewrite show we after then fbi agent peter stroke was removed from bob mothers team after is anti trump text messages came to light raised the possibility that mahler wanted to scrub the evidence of peter strokes taint that could be read the wrong me i'm just quoted here i saw that look all right having this having a secular agents involved in questioning when drafting new he to summary would eliminate
attacks premised on shrugs bias against the president you see where she's cool with this this is really really great work she says the reason there may be what clearly looks to be a quote revise three o to hear seven months after the interview is probably a couple of reasons i'm gonna give you some stuff based on some sources i have to a marked work i wouldn't red otherwise i think there's one thing she's off on theirs couple things going on here after homey is fired their becomes this pressing interest in the fbi to politically take trump out now the fbi not elected officials they can't impeach him but they certainly want to contribute to an information a stream of information fed to the media to be
be used in an impeachment proceeding later they also need a special council appointed after commies fire so the suggestion here i believe she's accurate on this is after com is fired they uncover the text messages by strove to us for in saying how much he hates donald trump shrove the guy you interviews flynn they ve clean this mess up stroke is likely signa at some point to that three to that initial three o two indicating if win wasn't deceptive and probably was relatively milk toaster three or to now they need a new one you ve gotta take out my when they needed scalp in the trump administration and they need to shut flynn up remember flame was a big proponent of scrapping this i ran deal folks then they go back
and it appears they revise the three o too we know they revise the three too because there's an august twenty second twenty seventeen revision months afterwards why the revisions why is this story three major why you bring this up again today discusses yesterday because it's been a major break one thing where i'm sorry where i think leave them is wrong to want to morrow we ve been waiting she's little rock the other agent in the room joe bianca who interviews mike flint with peter stroke i dont believe joe bianca is a bad guy in this folks you ask me a lot fairly enough i get these questions on on facebook and my email is caught just go to the website my emails ere they say dad why defend you know rank and file agents why aren't they speaking out i think some of them are just tell you i don't think bianca's a bad guy and this i think bianca the
the guy in the room when he talks if he talks is going to expose this entire thing and i wouldn't be surprised if people are working on that right now i'm simply trying to save you folks not every body you showed you see what i'm going with this year not everybody who was involved in this is ok with what happened and i believe strongly that there are people who are working behind the scenes to make the truth come out i get it back issued with its hard i totally understand me too but i not so sure that bianca would have been cut conspirator and maliciously revise the three o too i not so sure that an folks the show what is it the symbol is if the thirteen as it is at last my mom's birthday happy birthday look at this moment she is get up it is now the separate thirteen mark this show i think when bianca speaks out
we're going to find a whole different version of events i think the two who was revised don't get me wrong but i dont think pr is the bad guy it more on that i think that's why the grand jury investigation lot of other stuff into andy mackay is come about you track you hear me unless you what s important to understand right now why this story today i'm gonna go back or my stuff judge amis solve it who is looking into this case the wind case sorry are you should take just but sometimes i forget which nobody screenshot what i don't want to print them judge emmett sullivan who is looking into the case users be responsible for the mike flint sentencing ripened yesterday
he put out an edict this was huge news i have another story up at the show notes today punching oh that come demanding what joe or revisions to the three o twos and any memorandum andy my cave wrote after the mike flynn interview you looking for this is get now agree for the fbi she's getting really ugly a federal judge understand this now responsible for sensing and mike flint a federal judge amid sullivan by the way who has a history of calling government on the carpet member the ted stevens case where that that the gulf the case was eventually toss for all kinds of government malfeasance an excuse paternity information that was not revealed that was emmett sullivan and sullivan before the sentencing has now demanded that these three o to show up ladies and gentlemen god forbid there
internal memorandum more emails from andy mackay indicating they knew flynn was being honest than that interview and they met a belated official fbi paperwork seven months later after call me was fired two impugn the character of my when to rope him in on a russian collusion scandal and they changed official fbi documents that that happened shall soon see man when he put it in their joe the charging he's the man they now all the three ozma yeah ah all not just the august twenty second one but i love it what i was india secrets this academy if you screwed something up you know you're the work ethic you see special agent training classes at i forget what i was in against that so bad thing it was one seventy seven if you
good something up they be like gentlemen ladys out here for with four where every time tat bed like move you papoose amelia you knew you screwed up or are you just know it judge emmett celebrate says he i myself i want this forthwith he wants this yesterday stat which tells me this guy is past furious not folks not good for smaller the prosecution team but very good for mike excellent i think these guys are in a world of trouble right now the multi again things happen i wish they were happening faster i wish i could tell you i was totally impressed with the speed of the uncovering corruption spy gate scandal about not it's been horrendous speculation something
may still get off but some things are happening and you know i don't you don't eat the smile about it because it's not that are really smile about when it comes to government corruption but at least take a little small but asylum that i'm sure there are at least a few good act left in the government i'm sure went bianca comes out tell the story it is not going to be good for stroke the mahler team anyone else involved in it that's why i've been in from the start that there three letter agency people who i'm convinced are going to suffer heavy legal consequences for what they did ok i got the clinton found having so much going on and we get this clip foundation whistleblower talk in fact a new cycle you can't stay ahead of it right it's incredible before i give it me just not this one up is a regulation of our sponsors are happy to be on the show and i want to give them their do break ass nutrition brick house nutrition as the finest nutrition supplements on the market they have been with me from the beginning i absolutely love their progress
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ass nutrition dot com slashed pick up a bottle found can i e mail me a results i've never ever got anything but like wholly s up really works at all here i told right little gentleman who ran in that little job would have no he was that there were again of news i called today is just explosive so there is out there are three three not one not to but through clinton foundation whistleblowers scheduled to testify upper capitol hill i have a show no up the shown us today from punch you know that come well story what i had to learn at my website badly for pumping out on but we articles at punch you know that calm her and map a been knocking at apart but folks some of the things that may come up from these three clinton foundation whistleblowers i think the times up for the clinton found that i really do i am convinced
somebody within the clinton foundation is going to suffer some severe criminal potential penalties on this stuff as there is just so much going on here i think this is all in the show notes today my article that a come up in this hearing about the clinton foundation number one foundation ahead a two point two five million dollar far and don't foreign donation from the head of russian over of the russian government uranium company that had business before hillary clinton state department a clear violation of the memorandum of understanding with the obama administration that they can combing overstep bill clinton bag five hundred k for a speech in moscow paid for a criminal link bang the same by the way that scope positively about the uranium one deal maurice brother sits on the board of a mining company that's gordon extremely rare quote gold exe my patient permanent haiti as here bill clinton dispersed billions of u s taxpayer dollars and eighty no conflict
daddy oh don't you work here these approval and you don't let me reward this one hilary data iran approved they can only disapprove maurice failure i should say i disapprove of the russian take over of uranium one which transfer twenty percent of all u s uranium to russian control the russian government control companies one more at least twenty six million acquaintance wealth comes from beekeeping fees by companies and organisations also major clinton foundation donors folks we are going to see some hope the explosive revelations coming out today explosive revelations about the clinton foundation there are three upon the hell i will update you tomorrow thankfully we have a show tomorrow for the weak probably have to do with special because there's joanna forgive me for pile on this all in one show but folks are you who are generous enough me and joe an hour of your time every day in this
volitional act of downloading our show it means that it means a world was i gotta get this element so ok just a back door molly was about to make a flip flipped barring collusion from russian collusion the new collusion gonna be an emphasis on the middle east the connection between both cases is george nator maders lawyer is obama's fixer fastening number two when three o two's judge emmett sullivan now demanding all the three o two's we're gonna find out shortly the differences between the amended three o two seven months later regarding to flee interview any initial one and let me tell you some those amendments better not be substantive they better be well we forgot to put a period here meeting crosses tee if those amendments are initial three or two my point was honest a three or to my twin lied we got a problem though undeclared and they should today whistleblowers are i believe getting ready to blow the stack ok
great story i have a little bit about parliament's cover the meme went about with armenia for today they embody mean contest then badge you know me paula you out there become overloaded text my wife the committee is not stand by one second thoughts we're gonna do this on nuclear power by gino and texting her here my agency please my what i wonder commissioner because we were thinking about doing something different for the mean contest tomorrow the meme this winter for today is more the are who put her on facebook its hysterical i will put the me up at my the ground at the bonn gino on instagram on the verified account it's hysterical now so you may not get it but remember good fellows this the scene a good fellows i love with now what's more years what what's what are we doing
tomorrow we do in that vote on it we gonna do a powerful less one yeah they re about talking to them we get so many mean since in so many good ones so we can pick one we can decide so we're gonna do contest on the website how's it going to work we're going to put on we're going to put a bunch of means we select upright for memes up okay so paul is going to pick for memes and we're going to let the nice job that's how we'll do the last one thank you joe can that you knew she paul it gets shortcut then paul a great that i got around you sooner i hate you the number one study remember the number one star remember she sees the number one started so that's it can i do for the last week but my he are you win and not the meme put up on instruments is trump and the oval office the other day with nancy in shock with his hand
like bobby deniro with billy bathroom drinks around the house the house the house and its trump put his hair about like this with nancy and shot at it says the bottom drinks around the house also you are mikey are the greatest thing ever we will get you assign copies of my books personally so tomorrow my website will put the winning means up and we'll put four five more and you audience you get to pick the final went so you miss paula making it appeared we love it another great story up and that contrary what is this what listen i don't party so i gotta give me some background on this first night because i want to waste your time with this is not a wasted time because it's just again speak back to what i said yesterday how trump as you have seen one nobody knows to expect going in the ring these guys got smoked by hoist gracie because they never knew what to expect nobody can predict trump ever and i thought even though the stories little fluffy it's it's funny what did trump do when
the secret service agent back in a day joe there's a just endless list of white house christmas party so i gotta get me some background on this first night when someone how do they ve been invited to the white house christmas party that's not exactly accurate show there are many but play in a euphemisms games china pick natsir but they are our many white house christmas parties many the number and amount and format has changed i been too many of them i think i've been to four maybe i'm not even sure but the format changes and the way it works is theirs typically a party for the secret service was a party for military there's a party for the press then there's a party for the staff i've changed obama administration at one point change the format of the secret service party we used to have two secret service parties in what why because the bought some as a working so the and not
me i'm at the police don't take this the wrong way i don't like obama's positive my trying to be petty about that i mean it but obama's team cancel the second christmas party one year which i know a couple guys we're like offended about it i really am not trying to be petty people cancel stuff all the time what what kids here take it take job i'm in libya you do not know the story correct i'm gonna give you a multiple choice ok so with their christmas parties that they typically have our they have staff secret service and press whose christmas party you think trump careful this you're just take us there about it that's the big what are we to check their i love this guy i love it i know that's why
how about i was it be a petty widow bobby cancel the christmas party for the secrets of the second one at the first but he came down he shook hands whatever do you they but traps like math we're not doing this press chris reflects this guy he doesn't i'd love fighters i love it i have this thing with fighters i he's idea that's off we're doing depressed christmas party i love it it's a white here's the deal here's why this matters where people who fight against me i quietly respect and as long as they tell the truth but gosh i was this guy takes absolutely no guff from anyone he's idea that's off we're doing press christmas party i love it it's you know whites here's the deal here's why this matters when you go to christmas party i went to the moment obama have a family picture with him you you you
then you said on a photo line it's actually quite tedious for the president the time i did one window obama and a couple with bush i believe you said a photo limit your family and you walk in and the white house military office is pretty strict about it there like eight still basically no talking the president and this georgia people lie just go rude about it but you know insane show its you sit on this photo line you go down heirs to believe the deep room the diplomatic or separate chapter room you basically standing footprints no talking quick reading get the hell out of their right but it's a big honour right sorry but i you know i did i wish to meet with the office of the presidency i dont have obama's for christmas photo to play to my house anywhere but i haven't really gonna burn it you know it the presidencies that done i with the guy but he's a present i tell you
had not the waste your time in the show but because i know a lot of members of the press the liberal pram not knock and like the fox people are there really good thirty only fair ones out there but i know for a fact the liberal press that hates donald trump loved making those pictures i know it because i used to see them would push one day there right an article push towards teacher she's the integrate the next they may be in a picture with smiling with their kids because it's here you may not like tromp like i was in a big fan of obama but its history you part of something even events could you do like you were part of it this is going to eat the press up to listen mark my words this will eat them up it may seem petty it may seem like a nod story it is a day will hate because you know what they get there guess just like i did some of their guests approach from people and now the
press me work all man i was going to bring my now i kick oh yeah i can't go sorry good good for you cancel that nice throw extra party for the secret service and a military guys and your hard work tat which he well because jobs a good guy nice i love this guy read the story you my shoulders today it's fantastic guy last story the dates and important one i am then off my economic benefits but this is critical folks there is so much bs out there about these tax cuts it staggeringly hard to just follow all of it the stupidity is just endless so this morning i made the mistake of reading an article in in bloomberg about the tax cuts that here's the long and short of the democrats are desperate to paint the economy as doing poorly when it's not the numbers speak for themselves we had four point two percent
growth and a quarter last year looks like we're gonna hit three percent growth for the eurobond ever did that that history of his office let's just lay out lay those are that's no liberals have a tough time with facts but issues we feel free to pitch this the euro ro friends because it's true and it will never be the pop obama three percent gdp growth how measure economic growth in any of his presidency in it looks like tromp finally did at issue and it looks like we may be well over three percent for the final numbers recalculation snap at either is almost no doubt amongst credible economist trample be probably well over three percent the democrats can have it they don't want the account you succeed under trump they want the economy appear awful so i've seen a series of articles lately suggesting that the pact caught provided a sugar high and it was in fact go amidst spending that rescued the economy ladies and gentlemen remember gas lighting tell a lie tell a lie
i often and isolate people from the truth the damage that's an hour shifting the narrative now it's not that the tax that's didn't work it's that they weren't the real driver of growth show its they govern spent which to be fair is high value do you have taught the narrative cannot be tax cuts juice the economy than our active is going to be now that it was government spending exhibit number one i saw this coming years bloomberg today why that while the tax cuts got most of the attention spending increases approved after most of the tax changes took effect probable notice how they put that in their probably had an even bigger effect on growth and he go they go to basically try to explain this away this is hysterical bloomberg what the most easily disprove claims trot made about as tax cuts plan is that it wouldn't
swell the budget deficit as a share of gross domestic product of the deficit rose to four percent october up from three point four percent october two thousand and seventeen at two point six percent in october of twenty six ladies and gentlemen this is hysterical this is blue actually suggesting that the pact's cuts are the main contributor here the tax cuts to the swelling deficit as they had met in the same article that the governor spending a lot of money and they think that has to do with the economy being just do you understand how these people make asses of themselves in the very same article but they're so committed to gas lighting in the narrative government spending is what drives economical there so committed to it that they put contrary three claims in the same piece of work deficits are bad trumps tax cuts contributed to the deficit they did not deficits are bad but
spending is what caused the economic growth in this peace they write this spent bad spending good they don't even see it now here's a poet a fact article that political act which is a joke is not political act is not a serious anthony i want to show you how even political fact stumbles over its own fact check the fact check there trying to correct is that the is that the u s government recorded record tax halls after the trump tax cuts and economic growth so just to be clear poop bloomberg boom boom borg these these loans are suggesting government spending cause this why they simultaneously suggesting government spending is a bad thing if that would affect frighted the pump the tax revenue is is gone up here we go polar fact
talking about a treasure airport it says but the same treasure report shows that corporate taxes word down during the first ten months of the fiscal year they were in fact they were down twenty eight five percent a whopping plunge but not a surprising one giving the sweeping corporate scots included in the law corporate tax cuts after the corporate tax rate was cut by trump did drop they are now recovering and some of the monthly tax car a corporate tax got all save had before are now higher than they were before those iraqis recovering now do which is to be expected of course when you attacks cut in the corporate side the meat filing afterwards gonna be for less money you're paying less but is businesses grow and are more money they pay more corporate taxes which is exactly the trend now but here's where this bullet effect fact check it's great total receipts show which include individual and corporate income taxes in other words combined everything open as well
the state taxes excise taxes and tariff duties were up between the first and months of twenty seventeen and the first ten months of twenty eighteen rise was modest left is less than one percent but it was an increase so let's be clear on this political fact is trying to the pump the statement that access to europe by including the statement that taxes are up and it was an increase i just read you from the peace folks you can't have it both ways you can't say the tax cuts have nothing to do with economic growth then fact check it right away economy grew that text urban you went up and simultaneously claim that tax cuts contributed to the deficit when you acknowledge tax revenue went up i dont get it i dont understand i'm so i've ever get if you are having a tough time understanding the stupid it's because
i can't explain away how in the very same piece these people contradict their own premise here are the facts that it juice the economy because more money to spend and businesses take the money invested in the business that's why court tax revenue is going up now not down higher than it was before us whatever is going to be a dip immediately afterwards the tax rate want doubt but that we even to happen on the income side because people started getting wages and a growing economy wage types which more than compensated for the income tax cuts ass these people are so ridiculous tax cuts were tax revenue is up government spending yes is up but governments spend thing is not the cause of the growth governments there is a drag on the growth as bloomberg acknowledges in its own peace
i'm sorry we have to do this on the show but it's your liberal friends you just need that the that in tax revenue is not down political factors self as acknowledged total tax revenue is up corporate tax rates it was now trending up higher than it was before after a slight dip the on the economy is government spending and one biased point if governing spending juice the juice the economy is borne by wants you to believe joe then how come obama ran nine trillion worth at the worth of government debt up during his term any economy never reach three percent growth trump comes into office cuts taxes and we had three percent growth rate of aid is not make any sense only if you're an idiot high folks they the opportunity and i really appreciate it was a busy show today graduate through our meanwhile will get you guys out those give us some time on the box it sir we gotta get a test stuff go on right we will get up here we subscribe to my ipod guessed it is free veil born
itunes it hit the subscribe button it's free helps us move up the charts it's this subscriptions at matter a lot vote please go to my heart could follow one i heard you following sound cloud spot a fly to name you can ways listen free upon gino dot we really appreciate it thanks again see you ought to morrow you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of their own mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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