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Ep. 872 What’s Being Hidden in This Secret Document?

2018-12-14 | 🔗
In this episode I address John Solomon’s bombshell revelation on the Sean Hannity Show last night. I also address the contentious hearing on Capitol Hill regarding the Clinton Foundation. Finally, I cover the persistent liberal myth that tax cuts cost the government revenue.    News Picks: This piece summarizes the troubling efforts to frame Gen. Mike Flynn.   Did FBI investigators delete key messages that would have exposed the scheme to take down the Trump team?    Another deeply troubling revelation by John Solomon last night on the Hannity show. Is this what the government is hiding?   President Trump’s tax cuts are growing the economy, and tax revenue is surging.    The Clinton Foundation hearing exploded on Capitol Hill.   President Trump’s poll numbers are holding steady.    Democrats double down on police state tactics. One is suggesting speech should be regulated.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanna be thereby gino shepherdess ajar you did i do and daddy oh yeah i got it shows yet too many days off site irish the weekends replenish my fee oil supplies they get back to you on monday but that today there's no time for breaks because air again then the hannity show last night if you're missing it at nine o clock you ve taken a mistake he at least once or twice a week they just drop another just that crazy explosive revelation on the show that i have to cover next day and had happened last night with john solomon again who i was repeat over and over knows the entire story and is dripping stuff out in dribs and drabs to make sure it isn't overwhelm you all at the same time but the guy is yet
people are proven wrong so want to cover that but i wanna get somethin something else first it's really important about this sense of java kind of fight fatigue i'm getting out there which is really troubling i'm serious folks i was an activist verse of as a candidate for office podcast came after all that and we got big audience now thanks to you i'm getting a lot of this report i see i have a sneer show but i gotta pay enough it's gonna happen i'm done i gotta redress is really important state you today show brought you buy but he's at man creates a is a guy got to admit it's hard the biased gifts even if we knew what we were we probably wouldn't tell you most of us don't even know what we want till we get it but it doesn't have to be it's hard this year give the guy in your life the perfect give with man crates man crates i got
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last year i was also the acute tell i can much enjoy can see i know jive know joe a long time now i know i know joe in ways i don't know too many other human beings on the planet is he spends an inordinate amount of time listening gripe about stuff off way too much weight is actually quite the opposite the reason i was a little kind us a somber is one about i gotta lotta when i would smile but yeah like a lot of some announcement soon stay to and you hear appear first thus including some big announcements next we stay too wednesday keep your schedule open wednesday and thursday night just let me go big i know you know already but big wake it not keep your schedule yes nice but i'm getting a lot of this out there as a go round and then talk to people meet people out there is a sense of its over we can't win nothing's happening justice is done justice is finished let me just say within this is with regard to the clinton mouthpiece miss fees alleged criminality the fact that the spy
gay players seem to have stated on this others and very little accountability i can't argument any of that i can't i do not dispute facts you are correct up to this wait outside of pandemic cave and so firing that administrative sanctions of the fbi agents involved there been very little accountability at all i can't dispute any that its disappointing one of the things comes up often joe is you know of when are we going least cracking declassify the door and information already release the crack and let it out the classic by the five applications would all this stuff so america can see what that was done the abomination that was done in our name the fact that might flynn oven in handcuffs and has even looking at a sentencing despite judge amidst all venza efforts to get government to show some sunlight here think seems to be happening we found that yesterday that apparently peter stroking lisa page when they were assigned to the special council the bomb mahler probe these too low
birds at hated tromp and texts at each other as much back and forth shall we found yes your story a charge of chuck ross as up at them daily single haven't shown us didn't we and i yesterday that the text messages on their special council phones not direct i phoned show were deleted they more white that after the were reset the factory settings what's happened not what strokes been fired page left the fbi but nothing happens my point find himself having to take a guilty plea to a crime the fbi and even admits he didn't commit and you know what happens to these people nothing nothing zero and you're pissed off then you should be pissed off you should be are we pissed off i'm sorry but i don't have any easy age a few other than this this can continue the people i know better in this movement and when i talk about this movement which could forget the republican party screw that i'm talking
the liberty in freedom movement conservatives libertarians really upset pissed democratic i've had enough of the nonsense we're not there's always a limit to the amount of bs you're going to take a look at the hit that listen their entire that the path relations with the united states has always been filled with people fleeing a tyranny discrimination unwilling willing to fight for where they can that's why they're here people who have come here the original revolutionaries what has been passed down from generation to generation the united states is a fighting spirit we are only going to focus and products for so long before the pair trap catches your ankle that's why we're here that debt exactly i that's why by job people did you leave your job and the secret service and such a great up because i got poked in prodded enough just like many of you and when i go out there and i never get going and early in the morning to w i may i want to use the hosts the radio show there
guess those two radio show there in the morning joe knows that he doesn't early morning at sea to hear your honor joe what my three o clock in the morning four in the morning before you yeah we gotta get in for four show privacy three thirty in the morning i see these truckers undecided road they sleep and in a cab these put you know and always reminded me like americans are hard man were hard like the working class it's getting pole in prodded and your jobs are disappearing because democrats regulate them to death and i do a lot a crappy herbage deals with our countries and all this of all of these jobs that are leaving the heartland steel workers iron workers you know ten her steam fritters carpenters lads papers people a hard americans are hard this is contrary to the snowflake generation on the other side that is not us people here are hard i go to the gym every day i see a euro geysers marine and jim disguise eighty eighty peace
that lifting in the gym how does this guy spy and even handle this do is faulty he's a soppy as a new york pretzel we appreciate my god gimme water this food salty he knows we he still to freak eighty he's dead lifting these marine please do i got tattoos that are so all they look like black dots there's nothing left it the black you know what i'm talking about right just a dot it looks like a big period like the here i'm here i don't even know what it is we're hard people we have always been hard people look at this julia battles of the united states whether it was the the frozen chosen now amount sera it that the list goes on and on and on my uncle was shot in the back and killed in vietnam trying to rescue his friends his name is on that while we gotta run
star with a v cluster rotted for rescuing is bodies he couldn't you himself selfies dead what is this wrap about were giving up did no giving up i'm hearing a lot of it amongst people were really really hard feeling that i dont think they mean it like that but what i don't they understand this is an end game here folks the democrat ernie police state tides right which is a good wait portion of the party whether its latisha james the new attorney general locked up in new york who put out statement working at target trump and his family for everything keep in mind she mentions no criminality at all she just basically says i'm going to abused my office to target president trump she's the democrat attorney general like in new york yeah you know the story whether he had low tech mood of demo craig congressmen from california on cnn
who said he what he he would love to regulate free species police they touch this is not going to continue people eventually when i think they say they are giving up job this i want to be clear so i tied the suffering and don't leave any view confuse i take what they mean is given up entirely on using this system to correct anything it worries me legitimate this worries me because fidelity to the system used to be the hallmark of being a constitutional is but even constitutional isnt conservative giotto trust the system anymore you're right listen to me you are right bingo ding ding ding you're right this some shots ever one with a d in front of their name gets a pass for everything every connected schwab rhino gets a pass for everything you got up
million dollar slush fund and congress to pay off told you were filled up or capitol hill no worries their daddy o truck pays off what many had a relation about a personal money that is unquestionably not a care pay finest disguise but a general this guy we get em for an for an c charge there no justice hillary clinton sits down in an interview with six thousand seven hundred and twenty two lawyers every single person on our team gets immunity and destroy the evidence later no problem at all you gotta punch whistle blowers capital who you haven't even gone to that they expect thousands of pages of of of documents and information about the clinton's a benefiting up a potentially foreign governments never registering as foreign agents but whose in jail for a fairer foreign agency registration violation manner for i don't man afford i have no idea
but why is he in jail and nobody else where's the protesters people working with the pursuit of their connected to the collective this some socks everybody knows it so what am i get across europe there is a fork in the road even people fidelity the rule of law matters are starting to say after of law because there is no rule of law is all the rule of law that applies to us telling you what's gonna happen now take heed democrats and police state liberals you are dealing with a hardened group of eric and who do not take this stuff lying down you have no evidence at all that you're dead dead dead of the american people what we ve passed down from generation to generation is fighting spirit has in any way dissipated you have zero inhabitants of that we are not going to be endlessly what you were going
see if this continues scratch every application of the rule of law to republicans but never to democrats who skate on the exact same things you we're going to see a soft secession in the united states i about this in my second book the fight there's a whole chapter on how virtually what's going to happen is the democrats system that the federal government is all powerful on obamacare joe but the federal government does squat on immigration what is actually written into law there they'd sooner or later and no other pretty loving patriots in those states are going to say you see what i'm doing here middle finger we're out this happening are not doing this any more we are out
you're going to sea states eventually if this continues down this road terry lou what's that watch free speech regulated other tissues james who wants the user attorney general's office to just start randomly prosecuting our political opponents use u s spy assets on presidential candidate people are going to be done with the u take they're going to take this our peoples of the people have nothing to lose and they feel like this system is abandoned them completely the sis this crap is probably the rule of law rule of pirates these people are sick you're going to sea states so they were out you can all as part of the united states or you cannot call as part of the united states when i say a soft secession not a hard won what i mean is these states are going to say double back middle finger brother where we're just not listening what are you going
to invade texas works not doing that when force our immigration was you can't do it this court said we don't care the court's don't matter to us anymore they never matter i begin with you guys are just discretionary you make snapped up and of course function you understand nobody wants this let me be clear nobody you brought this on liberals not us we have we spend a party of law and order matters fidelity institution matters but if the constitution doesn't matter to you it by default does it matter to us because then it's not a constitution it's an unconstitutional a constitution is supposed to be binding not only binding for us states in mass will say enough work doing so palmer carefully what are you gonna do in view it florida now
it is probably not one of states it could do it to purple but you she states like wyoming and other say you know what we're good we're going to pass what are they gonna do and when i say a soft secession i made an already grew file another lawsuit good luck we're gonna have the army invade wyoming no you're not surely not there's no chance of that we're going down this path votes i'm seeing it out there people are real patriots who loved this country to death in the constitutional it's over it's over forget it you the rule of law is god it's dead there's no law there's just a bunch of gresham every bureaucrats and political tyrants put what use weapon eyes government the targeted political opponents and the story at the start chamber now and defies the courts spying on american citizens this all happen since
some mystery it's on a made up spy novel might flannel decorated united states patriot serve for thirty years aloof and a general finds himself having to humiliate himself in court in front of this ridiculous bob mahler witch hunt pop mothers gonna be disgrace in the history books disgrace the joke you're going to sit up folks i'm telling you i wrote about this this is a very a very dangerous thing we're doing here a very jurists thing you are owing to see it if this continues you don't want to force immigration law why these states are being overrun we'll do it ourselves you care to court said no what are you gonna do seriously what are you gonna do you want still folks i worked for the federal government the federal government if they
if these states in mass just started ignores that they have zero power to do anything about it zero what are you a seriously what are you gonna do you have to have the d a or this good service with their three four thousand agents a louisiana remember there are you know they ve folks this is that we're not going to have this is why call it a soft secession cause they're just going to ignore you and theirs nothing you can do about it nothing libraries are relying on a federal government that i'm sorry to tell you outside if our military which is prohibited from acting on our soil due to posse competitors the federal government is a paper tiger that's the exact call for my book it is paper tiger the n y p d alone
city police moment has more police officers then he p i has agents price venture to say that the fbi d and probably secret service serve we close why pretty along one city police department the governments a paper tiger remember this will be soft thankfully but it will happen if this continues there just go to start ignoring this stuff we're not paying ensure that anymore we ve got a subpoena for whatever texas attorney general thank you we're going nor ignore that are you gonna do go or on how do you think that's gonna go down make no mistake what i'm saying here we are hatreds we love this country fidelity constitution the rule of law and the continuance of the republic matter
it is you on the left it did this you dog this up you're endless weapon asean of government you're encroachment on individual rights in this zero sum battle for liberty you constantly stealing away spheres people's locus have control over their own lives taking their money taking their kids education rights away not realising the student loans market taking their health care way regulating their land protecting the sage grouse there's a piece in the wall street journal that about the sage grouse over farmers and ranchers the sage grouse who gives a damn about the sage grouse the answer this over arching growing police state we live in where the federal govern just cannot seem to get enough people are
owing to eventually say no thanks we're not interested in what are you gonna do liberals are soft you understand this they rely on the government to be their bagman they rely on the government to do their dirty work because liberals are soft they don't do the dirty work themselves there we don't warriors they write for vocs vocs with a league like victor always have to say that i get a phone their soft they are i had an fbi agent leslie former fbi's you worked for and i am going to mention her name she unbelievably arguing with me that this one thing was handled appropriately because it was a c i investigation so let me get this straight ass you re categorize something account or intelligence investigation what the criminal laws don't apply then why is by flames in criminal court with
information generated from a see i have to see what they do joe i too should doesn't matter was a c i investigation though it does matter and yes there i said repeatedly did i not joe yes there's no obligation for the fbi to demand when produce a lawyer none there is not even an administrative requirements if one has to have a lawyer simply suggesting to a system where we respect the law and our interest in fair application of a law given them i'm in it so the case you think it would be a good idea the f b i go to the white house counsel and suggest standard procedures for that in the view of my plan like call me new jim call me the fbi directive already admitted he wouldn't have gotten with this anywhere else and this fbi agent on twitter we now where's the sea and analysed is proud of herself that the fbi engaged in chicanery and
a police state efforts to entrap when in a criminal charge of a fair i came all carry though the constitution goes out the window police state working for the sea at workin for senior i get me back and forth and if she calls me boy you call people but you how about that you want to go down that road she's good boy boy what disturbance what we really want to go down that road do those you only a twitter you saw what happened last boy you sure you want to call me that boy my old adage he's the salty yeah fifth her ivy list i personally did not i do not take offence to it i didn't i just find it odd that these identity politics people
you know who will be the first ones to jump down anyone strove for the slightest misstep fine that aubrey to say i get it manifest you know it's funny i know a guy just said oh boy myself met a vague joe at the beginning of the show but these are gonna be politics people this is what they do police staters looking for any justification to justify their police state antics now one last thing on this because this i dont use i try to avoid talking about you know dopey twitter fights with these people but it's this one's important i'm the reason it's important is this is i'm seeing this growing trend now amongst liberals and their media activists friends who are now trying to cover up the flynn this after the fact that flynn was interviewed dwight us without a lawyer wasn't warned about the false statements charge that the fbi i clearly loved him into a sense of complacency that point
give them as allies there i am i since the liberals and their media bodies show their media bootleggers are about to figure out there the emmett solomons requests were the three o two's that might flame was clearly frame i have a killer peace upon you know that calm written by map columbo about the framing of might fall into my showed that you absolutely should read them i'm humbly asking that you do it new out joe is gonna be well there we are under no obligation to warn about aware of just the counter intelligence investigation where they were trying to get information about the russian interference in the election where they really show what date was the flynn interview at the white house i'll tell you january twenty fourth twenty seventh seventeen let me read you there's nothing i like more by the way nothing
then using liberal media activists headlines to debunk liberals and their media activists so the liberal that fits be clear we're saner liberals and their media act mr now suggesting that while they were under no obligation to do anything about lawyers are false statements charges we flint or even hand though is the right way because they were just trying to get information and a counter intelligence work where they here's a headline from the wash deposed the day before the interview the day before article by ellen knock and gregg miller washed imposed headline fbi reviewed flints calls with russian ambassador but found nothing illicit you see the police state mine joe so someone in the fbi leaked to the washed imposed that they reviewed the transcript of the unethical
recorded phone calls of might flynn into the russian ambassador conducting perfectly legal business as the national security adviser incoming nothing wrong the fbi apparently one of the people who reviewed at least that there was nothing illicit about the calls at all so well either how where they talking to my point about it at the wider you see how they see it in former or fbi agent who has invested the skills of about seven year old can't put too do together why were they the c i about what the interview they lead to the post of day before there is nothing wrong with the calls what was it i see our interview about all this how to tie up some loose says so just give the transcript and say i can explain this you know why this what does the analyst can't explain it because they want to
they were targeting mike flynn for prosecution they were not is has nothing to do with the sea i investigation nothing while the post he says it was a cia investigation if you have really craigslist goes about what they found thing unless it what we were tying up fine given the transcript and have lent explain it's in the transcript that's not what they did walked in an interview them read the train script later forty being deceptive and logan act later revise the summary i that's what i was logan statements charge tell me that's not police they tyranny the washington post said day before there was nothing illicit about the cause logan act you're the logan at that but it was a blog and conducting farm is right of crime that has never been successfully charge to anyone in the history of the united states john kerry seems to violate the logan act all the time nothing
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ulcers that complex then we the people holsters dot com slash then get that was off using promo code there not just twenty four hours would free shipping nice notes ok joe queue up that audio so last night most it john solomon added he shows has been just incredible has been so badly we johnson like i was on my site just dropped this you're one level moab on the audience check this out in may of twenty seventeen there was a document identified to a small number of people in the united states government its in the possession of the defence intelligence agency for eighteen months there has been an effort to resist the classifying that document i know that that document contains extraordinary exculpatory information about general flynn i dont believe the president has ever been told about the existence of this document one law make rediscovered it but he was thwarted by the defence intelligence eighty agency and his ability to disclose it i think we all should ask
the the classification get that out it may enlighten the judge it will certainly like the american public what hack was ad watch it at last night i had to do a double take out a well i've got theories on this and i want to add tipper activity tree house guys for putting together a good p can i put my show notes i'd like you to read but i too what am i am when my i saw this too and i beg brought some that out a great hope that's why they do good right so i put their peace in it but a play another clip that they had embedded in the peace which is it my shown us from them i want you to check that out but what a play another clip that i believe if their right of ties these two things together so let me just at this up first where we have so far we know on solemn and is now saying that there is a god can we reject solomon is up to this point
never let us down folks solomons got reflect sources is suggesting there's a document out there in possession of the d i defence intelligence agency which my flame ahead at all because there's a dime out there that has exculpatory in other words evidence indicating might flings innocence in it that this is a profile i'm document apparently enough of that that these people that they don't want now that the aid does not want to release it what the heck is in this document and he says it around may of seven twenty seventeen this document was air courtier discovered what could this document be while check out this sound i pulled from the tree ask who have their check this sound of devon nunez newness excuse me not long after trump gets the office after he goes off
but to the white house it's important joe i think you know worm goes referred for was over their white ass to review some very sensitive information listen to witness has to say that recently environment on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collecting information about u s citizens involved in transition details about u s verses associated with the incoming administration details for no apparent or intelligence value were widely disseminated intelligence report third i confirm that additional names of tromp transition team members were unmasked and finally i want to be clear she would he just said did you i'm gonna play the rest of that but i want to stop that there for he gets its fourth point this was devon nunez not long after donald
tromp selection they had the intelligence community odeon i the office of the director of national intelligence dan coach was appointed he comes in immediately this is it dates times than the one where why and how we're gonna be critical remember the question we are asking you what is this stock the idea is in possession of that solomon his swearing is based is is aware the bombshell status that has some kind of exculpatory information on flint what could it be now keep in mind what happens right about this same time again dan coats in march member they say may have twenty seventeen is found right around march dan coaches approved that had the intelligence committee right after that devon newness heads right over to the i'd house why is him heading two the white us to review this document import ladies and gentlemen because the way intelligence
classified it a very specific level is disseminated spread around and contain this important here there's information that makes it to the white house in the form the presidential daily brief that is kept on computers not connected via any obviously open internet to other computers meaning you have to go to specific places to review its position expenses is a critical key here the information given to the press some at the white house is kept open the on computers on that facility there it is not in fact spread around via open internet obviously anywhere else so to review it you have to go to those specific places why would nunez have to go to the white house complex keep in mind its accomplices not just the white house i work therefore with the beginning of the year of the eyes now executive office building you have the entire they are complex the eighteen acres is quite large one
it is nunez have to go over there to review that paper and when he reviews the paperwork why is he so blown away that goes back gives that press conference you just heard in march where he says i saw indications that people spied on with no connection to rush at all and knows people who were spied on we're trump team members would he say that folks was the president being briefed the a presidential daily brief a document tell urgency receives every day was the president being briefed every day on things that had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with it national intelligence but has everything to do with their political opponents
folks this is a very serious question very serious question what was in their presidential daily brief now to connected again to the d i d i doc is this a d i defence intelligence agency submission this piece of paperwork that made it in the daily brief maybe an internal kind of spying operation against mike flynn the on masking or potential as the tree ass guys speculate i'm not sure they could be right could be wrong we'll see use of the eta database to tap into these days based to use the databases to query information on their former head that was a severe since it a pity be the timeline lines are perfectly that new would go over in march to the white house where documents clearly brief do obama are stored
finds things that are troubling about though about the eu of these intelligence agencies to target political opponents specifically in attracting nunez is very clear there not related to russia all of a sudden march april and may they start this tat other people find this document was this document somehow always submission in a pity be or something else that was uncovered by newness later on in his work or is teams were that indicated with an internal operation using on masking to take down lieutenant general flynn and the unmasked itself uncovered information at flynn wasn't guilty of anything at all folks tell me for you don't let me finish up this nunez clip and see what s in it i want to i want to wrap this up this is really really really important what happened usually play they rested none of this surveillance was related to russia or
investigation of russian activities or the trunk tee what i know right looks like it due to the election you don't know exactly how that was picked up we're trying to get the united states is the person communication incidental it's it's possible until we get the information on friday i believe all illegally was all tat question is was it was it masked why was it unasked if it is imperative that we have no information about the digital unmask was on the dissemination of wives dissemination was so far such specific information about the trump transition it appears in one piece of information i think it might be helpful
it does not do this from what i've seen member december the symbol wow november december and january some and was collecting on trumped team members intelligence joe what's in november or december and january whence the election joe is you remember no november joe you in an election analyse correct how did you know that because he our cities that's not so november december and january in other words the period where go is the outgoing lame duck president and president tropic incoming any names might flynn is its national secure adviser obama aids mike when because he opposes the i ran deal that nunez has gone to the white house to see documents shown to the white house i'm telling you because that's where there are held nunez
goes to the white house and sees documents so disturbing about collection on american citizens entirely unrelated to russia in a period of november december and january wow all of a sudden find out last night that documents uncovered that the de i might have that is supportive and contains a exculpatory in other words in it in an information indicating my point is innocent and nato and turn this document over why now it makes sense because they don't want to reveal planet there permit swap rats on the inside if you watch my viral video from the speech at the breakers item about an amended keep getting to this over and over how clear now there were some there was eight a tiered effort with tee i not crying always should be crying when you that there was a tiered effort to spy on the trump team and democrat political opponents during the campaign its clear as day
plan area if you listen to the speech was obvious they worse simply using as nunez says it was legal joe it was an ethical it wasn't moral but they were using legal on masking tools to just the sitting on the phone calls and operations at the drop team how do you understand why the waters in matter anymore the law i'm sure they cnn fbi analytical europe but it was fine was masking it's ok we could do it we're not suppose to do that it's not moral we're supposed to have for them i've been protected you don't throw em out the window because someone's running for office against you so what i just said say i think jos dealing with the russians we should listen and on his phone calls new as is clear as day they engage reverse targeting thing they pretended to listen to others they were listening to others and foreigners they were listening in really in reverse targeting thing on the people talking to
people overseas now it is mothers large towards foreign collusion in the middle east that i discuss about yesterday makes sense they ve got a cover for all of this because they ve gotta provide a product for doing this the obama team in the clinton team now knows the obama is the above administration was unquestionably using unmet skin and spying tools to spy on american citizens the old the out they're gonna have listened to yesterday's show is their gotta have to rely on mahler to show there were some far in collusion near the fire and collusion amongst russians will not materialise he has now moved on to middle eastern collusion in a desperate attempt to justify planet president obama administration effort to listen in on the trump team and monitor their communications you got that day nothing that a problem mahler adds nothing there how can it be able to cover for this what's means talking about likely likely
is a d i submission somehow or or a their intelligence agency submission that d i somehow has that is a submission likely i agree with them to probably a daily brief that made it the president's hands that are it's a whistle blower another the boy knew no surprise we found the series of these documents after that that's could sit a paper bag for years kite growth we only processed food for every meal to be our healthiest neither can your dog donnie dead and i want to privacy because this is critical this is serious stuff here we shall also brought you by farmers dog dug from companies claims use natural ingredients what kind of beef or carrots can sit a paper bag for years kite growth we don't be processed foods we ought to be our healthiest neither can your dog donnie dead garbage he's petru come he's got your hosting that they get stuff is healthy it's not introduced
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dog that consolations other process garbage go check it out folks is pity b is critical the pretty be component systemic tie up where we arcs i want to cover the current foundation stuff to aiming at a few minutes left here the p the presidential daily brief linked to this and the reason i believed such on solomon said that the internal since community die in this case is hiding this document that could provide explosive exculpatory information for mike flynn is because i believe a number of people are covering for the fact that a lot of information the obama team accumulated in planning on me skin in the use of the internet as a database to spy on their opponents lot of that information was fed where joe directly to that why nunez goes to the white house and gives that speech that stuff is there it is segregated in computers on the white house grounds it was used for white house use what the internal
its communities not want to reveal clearly at this point is the extent of the abyss whose of unmask king what essentially wiretapping a phone calls of political opponents and they misuse and abuse of the annex a database to query for political information if that information understand this the intelligence communities dog in the fight show is they don't want to give up these tools even no they know it my clear might flynn you understand what i'm go with this show that is why the ba and others in the intelligence community they do not want to give up the x that is just how bad plan i was i want to be clear on this i dont think all a lot of omar but all of them are covering for the obama administration do you understand folks some don't get me wrong not apologizing for what they did no mistake this i'm just to be realistic having worked inside the government i think these
talents agencies are covering up what they did not to cover up for obama in every single case but to cover for their role in it because they i want to lose these tools they want be able to spy on americans vienna masking and use of that seven oh two database the obama administration and the democrats or symbiotic with them their goal is to hide this both of em are we tracking i'm is administration and the democratic fusion are all these people involved in the scam they want to make this go away because nobody wants to be the politician associated with massive weapons zation of government and spying on political opponents look what it did to nixon nobody wants that me obama to their goals to make this story go away the italian community stories to make this go away too because they don't want to lose these tools and they don't want to be exposed for have fed this for if fed this line of information to the white house
but the use of these tools like this is your way well it should be i can tell you it's on constitutes currently not illegal but its unconstitutional now joe what there is still no now why i keep bring up this pity be why the presidential daily brief is the key to this whole thing yeah because it links all the players folks intelligence community can no longer say oh it was just a mistake on our part we didn't do it for politics why did you feel so the president then if you we're doing it internally because you had a lead on something why not run it out before you put it in the presidential daily b and a presidential ellie brief can know the president and the political players can all hunger say oh by the way this was just on the intelligence community why because hillary clinton had set this information to the intelligence community fbi through fusion gps and a dossier they don't how plausible deniability anymore the fact that the information may have appeared on the president's desk any attacks
since community will lead an innocent man go to jail potentially over this mike when will you probably orchid shelter but his career his reputation and his finances be ruined over this shows you just how deep the deep state really is that's the connection to the whole thing folks listen to the show again if that didn't make sense email me i swear i will cover this again on monday that is critical you get this someone's covering up a piece of paper that piece of paperwork could could exonerate an innocent man they will not do it because they do not want to blow their role and spying on american citizens any obama team doesn't want to blow its role in facilitating the spying on american citizens through the hiring of fusion gps and other companies to bypass the normal intelligence process and feed it right into the fbi to target their political opponents to the a that pity
is everything everything are a couple points one of getting so yesterday the whistleblowers rap on capital hill the clinton foundation is inadmissible arise from envy analytics couple federal agents and forensics analyse there to say it was up and down is probably an understatement i would like to say that i agree that both the good and the bad of it are the good is it appears there on a pretty exhaustive examination of the clinton foundation and have come at a minimum to the conclusions based on their independent investigation here that the clinic foundation was wait appears at least was acting on me for foreign governments essentially in the role of almost a lobbyist here and not read stirring is a foreign agents are the it's a pretty damn it now the downside iter do a bit of a circus yesterday but i dont think
circus was all bear the actually got into a back and forth with meadows use a good republic in one point you're trying to get to the bottom of this because they don't want to turn over their six thousand pages evidence now i don't think it was all bad because one of the take away from this vote is if this is in fact true and that they clearly foundation was acting as a de facto lobbyists for foreign governments there's gonna be oh room for them for running and invest the investigation fbi investigation because the government just prosecuted paul metaphor for the same thing gonna be no legal room to run part of the good news is i think the squabble with the republican show wasn't necessarily a bad thing and the reason i say that is these people clearly or not partisan if you the hearing yesterday you can see there in this for one thing and one thing only they are fine it's bounty hunters they get
centrally rewards from the irs for finding a covering miss miss visas and malfeasance folks i think the squabbling republicans if anything do bugs the obvious liberal talking point joe all these guys are just a bunch of republican acts they were view yesterday these guys clearly have no loyalty to republicans redeem democrat these are you know that the bobo fat a financial bounty hunters they go find malfeasance and that's what they do and that's how they get paid these guys yeah i'm telling you i think the back and forth actually helps their credibility the information they claim to have in the documents is legitimate which we give it been given no indication it's not any interviews conducted because foundation maybe a little bit of trouble with the justice department eyesight jim beginning of a show i'm not up them that anymore either real this is going to find its way all i can tell you is what happened so the worst some ups and downs
the downs also as they get that at some point they came off a bit unprepared i dont think they were either they were ready for the grilling they got at some point but for all the liberal media types out there said you know this was a big success for the cleansing no no it was it make no mistake the paperwork claimed to have an end and testified to yesterday publicly they wouldn't we destroy their companies reputation otherwise if that is in fact true the clintons are not going to be able to say we shouldn't have registered under farah as law while metaphor got arrested for the same thing they're not gonna have an out you know i really get this pissed off listening to a radio show even listening to you for that now peaty bathing dude his guy the matter was not available hold me now i dont see but imagine at that disarming all this information exchange victoria info about these guys
not doing anything an attractive sitting on obama's that's the whole time and they still insist on going forward with a g o j led case spy on these people predictable it's the connected pity bees the connections of all thing now werewolf doubt when this the aid that make a shall not ass solomon knows everything solomon i'm has also too quick stories on don't sweat michael cow and getting a lot of moses morning cohen gave his first brief to george snuff an optimist folks the guy doesn't have anything they ve been out the sky hammering away at the trump team for months the best they can produce was a fake effie sea via as he seeks use me a federal can commissioner campaign violation charge which trust me when i tell you it's gonna go nowhere they'll tried if they i had a prosecutor to be laughed at a court i bet listen pirate work is a piece of any examiner three even republicans you don't like donald trump up on the hills are laugh in this thing off they ve got nothing corwin is desperate for attention where does seem like some kind of a saint they want to be ratified dots
call he gave this interviews morning when the end it here's the best way to sum this up when take away sound bite from an interview job we do soundbites rightly where every interview has a sound bite at market a whole interview you know if they take sound bite is i've done lying your friend that that was the patient michael call it says he's done line folks thoughts common he's got nothing he probably has some pay out there that don't necessarily paint trapped in a positive light there's nothing collusion criminal whitefoot forget don't sweat cohen really it's and it's not pretty but he did michael politics is going to take down the president is utterly absurd one more thing this harp and yesterday on the shoah recovered the taxes that in the taxi article cnn news in the show notes today please read it's very good remember the liberal talking point that i read to you from bloomberg yesterday these deficits are
and exacerbated by the tax cuts there is no evidence of that at all if deficits being exacerbated by the trump tax got you would expect that the tax cuts would be while costing the government money see it snooze article today the headline the articles about record tax collections the first few months of the fiscal year is however even with these wrecked tax collections are governments still ran a deficit of three hundred and five billion for the first few months of the fiscal year that is because while collecting a record job four hundred and fifty eight billion dollars and taxes the government's sped seven hundred and sixty four billion the record four hundred fifty a billion a federal taxes in october and november of fiscal twenty nineteen which starts in october was up five billion from the four hundred and fifty three billion in total tax is that the federal government collected last year please splain to me again liberals with a straight face
how we are simultaneously collecting record tax revenue after the tax cuts and that the tax cuts are causing the deficit problem or spending more money is such dub argument i'm almost ashamed having to say two days in a but this is how silly your liberal friends can be i folks thanks again opportune and in hey you can vote my wife wants me to put this after the final meme caught this winter the link will be in the show notes that i if you subscribe to your email is please go and vote please i'm humbly beg and here we have a couple a different choices for the last me mother get signed copies of my boy personalized well how the entrance up i think there are three or four we have up there there really funny the link to vote we'll be in the show notes today upon gino dot com in the show notes in the pod guess shown us if you're on my email is you'll get the link please vote we got is a serious joe job sword course no electoral colleges nurses popular vote only to go check it out
subscribed to the show also on itunes sound cloud iheart radio and elsewhere the sound cloud descriptions and other stuff i heart subscriptions they drive us up in the charge of really appreciate its all free thanks la folks see on monday you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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