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Ep. 873 The Big Lie Exposed

2018-12-17 | 🔗
In this episode I ask the question, “Is Bob Mueller’s team getting worried about critical evidence?” Also, are key players lying about lying? I address the Obamacare ruling and what it means for your health care. Finally, I cover the recent developments in the net neutrality debate. News Picks: Is Gen. Mike Flynn’s conviction going to be overturned?   Is Bob Mueller’s team concerned about this piece of critical evidence?   Federal judge rules Obamacare is unconstitutional.   Nancy Pelosi is wondering why the media is focused on allegations against Trump. What?   Net neutrality supporters were all wrong. This latest study debunks all of the hysteria over the repeal of net neutrality.   The father of the deceased young migrant girl says the Border Patrol did everything they could do.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean damage you don't shout we should show our united hey man ass ready to go on the morning busy news we get again folks only getting worse or jim call me up on capitol hill today i'm sure we'll be another just litany of be ass this guy is is this a walking bs we were at this point call me is unbelievable that people even take this guy seriously anymore i got a couple things on out there massive decision a well i waited that comfort like friday really saying it out you pull are having a couple adult sodas hanging out with their wives girlfriends boyfriends whatever you do and you sit there tip and back
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the health care in the double deductible have to spend sixty dollars a visit hundred twenty dollars a year to treat my ears now i can do more upload wax our acts in a significant savings that doesn't require me to miss a half a day of work thank you wax our acts right now you could try the wax our existence we use at my house religiously by being in go wax are ex dot com that's go wax are ex dot com you see offer code dan check out for free shipping don't wait you have no idea what you might be with missing because of inner ear wax who knows it might just change your life go wax are extra com offer code then yeah baby ok first before we get to even call me and the other stuff i want to talk about a really serious problem that is being now highlighted thankfully by for those who you know him jordan petersen who has written a very popular book and dave reuben who is who is it
a liberal but dave is on our side when it comes to civil liberties and things like that something happened this past week which is really important folks the deep forming movement has gone now mainstream with the democrats they are make no mistake the democrats are absolutely all in the anti civil liberties movement at the speech movement anti free speech corporate de plaid forming gub gub men prosecution of people for process crimes the democrats are all in on police state tactics and have been for a long time now thankfully we have some form democrats i gave reuben and some thinkers jordan petersen out their fighting back against this you know totalitarian street by the left so what happened what's the solution why am i talking bout petersen how we gonna fix it well here's what happened here's the one there's a guy and i'm sorry i'm not intimately familiar with his work i've heard of him but i dont know that deeply familiar with its contents give me in advance but there's a guy
goes by the name of a sorrow gone of cod on on twitter i think that was a twitter handle i know he had a youtube channel two he does some that apparently the left is deemed controversial again i forgive me not avenant real davy background into a but i'd i can't follow everyone at the same time bottom is there again a liberal pushed to get this guy pushed off of social media and they get him d platforms and the way this this guy who went by the moniker sargon of economists funding his operation is content crew you should be funded by sponsors to try to keep it free he was funding it using patriarch page patriarch whenever the patriarch is is one of these platforms where patron can donate money to your your cause i where you can create content fright prior listen i don't have any problem with it i don't use it day we may have to go to some type of platform in were you know if the lib
continue this but what i would rather the sponsors pay for it and keep this stuff free for you all that's a choice i again i want to be crystal clear about knocking anyone else who does it in the end conservative content asian takes work it takes time and as you got find a way to pay for my job i mean jos at a radio station to where they get they have sponsors and that pays worldly equipment the capital costs and all that other stuff argon chose the patriarch patriotic apparently from what i'm reading in the story and getting accurate information is hard because it's always told from a liberal lens controversial content don't know that i mean i don't i've i've just to look at and see all its contents you are talking about the point of this is this argon apparently didn't break any of the rules of engagement or the operating rules for patria in other words patient just kick them off this platform had said see later you're gone now have warned you about this in the past and started with
alex jones and for wars and of course he had a lot of even a you know conservatives out there who why you know i didn't deserve regardless of what you think about jones everybody warn that this was a slippery slope that would start there was gonna progressively role and come down hill and eventually was going to affect everyone who it was not a liberal way jordan petersen coming to the mix jordan petersen is area very bright i wrote a very successful book who has been speaking out against these culture wars for a long time now and has gained a viral following he used this patriotic as well to the tune of a very nice sum of money per month which again i i'm good for him that's that's if if you content is changing the dialogue changing lives and you put the work into it he puts into it and people want to fund it a mad brother not yourself out the problem i can guarantee you peterson's gonna be next reuben won't be far off the reuben uses dave reuben uses patroness well so
petersen reuben of ever have joined the euro have and i d done the done the wonder twins activate routinely joined together and they are saying now that they are going to start an independent platform independent of patriotic where content creators can openly create their stuff and be funded by the people who enjoy that content folks i have told you this from the start the lib a war on free speech is not a joke good for peter sittin reuben this what has happened i i'm joe we ve what ten shows on this may be more at least there is a valuable nature its vacuums i just hate them there is a vacuum right now from start to finish for an entire business model based on once pull thing joseph and disappears the motto we're not them that's that's that's all you you for
i'm telling you there are billions of dollars to be made just like fox news short back in the day for saying we're not them now only be cleared up about my dont want em out of what a mess up because this is a very very important debate going on right now for money p they are listening to the show money and are looking for a way to make a fortune here it is you need to from start to finish started payment platform like a patriotic type platform go with conservative or just forgiving we don't even he could serve to companies damn companies that deal with servers for the service space you need pay in processes that are not them and there is a fortune to be may what is not them mean folks when the vacuum existed for a media source that was not cnn nbc abc and cbs right before fox news
roger rails and company came in and said what's the problem with the news today the problem is obvious its left wing bias they asked this my question is therefore an opportunity here you ever do swat analysis strikes we this is opportunities threats it's a key component of any business school operation and it's actually pretty helpful you do you do matrix what are our strengths what are our weaknesses what our opportunities what are our threats how do we exert surveyed our strength by taking advantage of opportunity how do we mitigate a weakness by mitigating a threat this is are you handle swat analysis and you figure out an opportunity there is a huge opportunity here so how can we make how can we a leverage our strength money can operatives out there have money a lot of them do they worked very hard they built successful businesses how do we the advantage of an opportunity the answer is start to finish you build these platforms here's what i mean you can't do it from the top down
because once you start this payment company the liberals and the anti civil liberties advocates any eighty free speech advocates out there once i petersen and dave reuben start is the problem i think they're gonna have is liberals gotta go right down the line and say ok dodge petersen as a platform where you can donate money to his cause and dave rubens cause to very count the guys what are they get it actual togo after the payment process right they'll say listen abc payment processor where the processes of credit cards you shouldn't work with them some need business interests need to get together and start a payment processor company and they don't have to say there conservative doesn't even matter all you have to do with what fox news did we nazionale rachel you see it and we're not them at everybody was like tat the y see an insult why they hated cnn at the time because they were liberal maybe they couldn't articulated in some euro
homer like odyssey book you know or some poetry but they knew they didn't like cnn even if they couldn't perfectly artists what the reason was they found fox foxes we're not cnn where fair and balanced and boom it's now a billion dollar enterprise so i say and am sure but listen jordan petersen and dave reuben are very bright guys and are very entrepreneurial smart businessmen i know they figured this part out too but eventually you see them go with this show it's not just good enough to set up a where patria right where you can support them you're going to have get a payment processors well what's the next thing you're probably going to have to go a company it provide servers and computer space that also is not them yet because once liberals you're out they can attack petersen and reuben on their platform they'll go to the payment processes once it concerns but if we're not them payment press circumcision del attacked server covered why are you hosting them this has to be built from the bottom
up like the entire news business was rebuilt with fox news and they mark brand joe clearly it's very simple doesn't have beware conservative we're a liberal where libertarian organization it doesn't have to be any of that i would matter recommend you don't do that i would say listen we everything there not you are welcome here jos important if you were a liberal if you're a communist you're a green party if you're a conservative if europe if europe really really conservative guy if you're libertarian and there are groundless lay the ground rules out very simply there'll be no threats of violence there ll be no lawbreaking but other than that free speech is the way we are going to respect free speech all you have to say is where not them folks this deep platform in you is important it is critical eye
see it we are in this business joe when i have had to deal with things behind the scenes we don't talk about on the show mr not we your time if we not they were interesting they were there a lot of bureaucratic stuff but it is eddie let me list relentless attack by aunt theresa liberties advocates on the left the relentless and this deep laugh forming movement is gonna stay is going to continue so i just want to start with that story because it so critical i want to applaud george petersen and dave reuben i think this is a bold initiative and i think if you are on pay carry on supporting other people and they get this up and running i would we recommend you dump it and go with their company when it starts because remember they are not then there now patriot and if you're money person listen up you start come you don't have the branded conservative it all you just to say we are not the other guy this is very very very important ok
moving on so so much to talk about today jim call me is up capitol hill again today and there is aid a wonderful wonderful he's up in the show notes today upon you know that com and i humbly ask that you subscribe to my email is we will send you the best articles of the day your news they started right this article by margo cleveland who i've site off because a work at the federalists is spectacular by she has a great piece up about these incomes then season the flint prosecution joe and jim call me just losing is marbles issue saying things that you don't make sense anymore so before we get to that i want to pay now this cut a newness who appeared maria barter roma show and foxes weekend was talking about some of these inconsistencies in the flint operation and issues which you call me and is now better person to start off with on a monday morning than the actual devon nunez play that it was clear from
all of our investigation that we have done that that the fbi agents who had interviewed plan did not think that general flannel this line and then it doesn't pass a simple straight face test the general plan would lie when he knows that they have the transcripts of his conversation with the russian ambassador folks okay this is key now why do i bring this up in relationship to jim comin because in jim commies last appearance up on capitol hill and some of his their conversations with capitol hill lawmakers call me has been insisting that believed mike when lie except for the fact that call me did that's not the fbi call me headed actually set right folks are we track and the b i too happy age peter stroke and joe piazza show up at the white house i'll get to that in a second but why they were even there i brought up on fox inference is why there is no reason for them the even be there but that that's it they already that the second but when they get there and they interview i asked
about a conversation with the russian ambassador they already have the answers to folks why is the fbi asking mike flynn questions about the interview they already have the transcript do joe this message as a non federal agent but a rational thinker is why would the fbi be asking questions of mike when they clearly have the answers to an advance they want to save these crews something yes yes it's the only power in other words they are creating an investigation out of thin air to create a crime later screw up into transcript they can prosecuted for they are not concerned clearly about what their ask about the what the cause can't of the universe is gonna be there only concern to get him screw up can charge and why it's obvious how do i know that this again i'll read you a headline from the day before he's enemy on january twenty four twenty seventeen here
washington post headline from january third twenty seventeen the articles in the show notes from last week if you like to read it fbi view reviewed cause calls with russian ambassador but found nothing unless it these are fbi so the worst imposing there's nothing wrong with the calls sorry get ahead of myself said i get to them but here it so obvious that they were set in this gap there was no reason to talk the flint at all none they were trying to get him to trip up so they could charge and now this is critical emily in the documents we now have revealed in the sentencing member flint they're talking about also the fbi agents here's a quote both had the impression at the time that for it was not lying or did not think he was lying but they urgent would lie to the fbi agents who number one have no reason to be there at all the washed imposed quite clear as day the f b i led to them
i should impose somebody in the oj or the f b i leave the washed and posted there was nothing illicit about might flinch corpse nothing illegal about using coming national security adviser not we have no reason to be there when they exit the interview they both at the impression that he was not line margo cleveland goes out of his peace this fact conflicts with former f b i do james core jim commies recent testimony before the house judiciary and oversight committees discussing the agents view of flint interview call me testified tat quote the agents observe knowing dishes of deception physical man crustacean shifting ass you know that sort of thing end quote but the former fbi directorate that his quote recollection was at flynn was they can what was that conclusion of the investigative was obviously lying but they said none of the normal common condition of deception what what what is it gyp call me just said
are you track and folks how easy this is to understand and manipulative nature of jim call me he says here the conclusion that he was obviously lying despite the fact that they have the age is actually in a universe you quote both at the appropriate time and was not lying or did not take up his wife geiss ladys what what is it this is that listen even up brain dead liberal can figure out there's a problem you there's in there please testimony cannot be true or the the agents who interviewed flynn arline somebody's lying near their lot about lying there it's unbelievable this is how to the pros not see this the fbi agents who were in the room peter stroke joe bianca concluded on documented paperwork that they both had the impression at the time that was not lying or did not think he was lying
don't call me is now saying it s what he was obviously like what flying jim joe who conspicuously was in the room with the flint interview jim oh sure call me no he was obviously lying when the two people in the room said he was quote not lying my beloved or i love you guys and lays down you can pass your aim is as this heart and i'm obscure like a dog servitors at play the suffrage workplace and i thank you so much i love you because apologize liberals crazy that comment i get this a lot i play my shop and liberals commit to try some crazy so the lip that are in the shop with a conservative men and women who play this in their shop i'm talks to stop liberals i know you're doing business conservative guys and ladys i dont want to interrupt your business with him maybe it's a mechanic sharper bagel store whenever it is everybody just stop at the liberals i'm talking to you conservative guys point
the liberals intel moses bigger how is it possible that two fbi agents interviewed might flint included and i quote in documented paper it was said he was not lying or did not think he was lying at the fbi right who is not in the interview concluded he was obviously like can you explain that by the way neither are those fbi aids has revised that statement the ones it interviewed ok liberalising back to your business now with those awesome conservatives running the greatest shop ever which is what you are doing business right now to be favoured palm think about that caution talk amongst yourselves think about that how that's possible even worse in this case even worse you may say well like flag could see the liberals wants mike when plead guilty delight folks its yes what happened with mike flynn because everybody knows he was bankrupted by this you clear
i don't understand the justice system or you're just plain stupid maybe you are stupid i don't know i'm i'm hoping you're not accusing me of anything but there's only two out here either you d understand how an unlimited budget federal this system works when they target someone or your blissfully naive the rural justice system when they target you can bankrupt do their lawyers are on salary they will go all day every day forever you the pain and pay an attorney flynn was i grew up did when obviously had an incentive to please this thing even if he knows he didn't do it i'm telling you for didn't do it my flame did not have an odd recollection of what the conversation was about he wasn't lying about sanctions even the f b i thought there was nothing illicit why would flynn why about non crime job going down on this objective asking you to be rational why
flynn what lie about a non crime number one of the fbi top was a non crime according to their own leaks to the washington post the oj fbi secondly joe we now find out through the paperwork that flame knew the call is recorded oh this is relatively new yeah flynn tells anti mackay but a phone call is documented by these these memoranda flint tells mackay the fbi number two hey i know you guys probably have the phone call already where'd she tells me carried just read the transcript we think there is a problem you're picking this up mick mick cave and for its its interests viewed by the way is margo cleave and points out repeated calls who does flynn cos ok but as mikhail call flint now again it may be insignificant but that's that
it's in mothers paperwork it says that when called my cape in other paperwork while this is my cape called flint now it's the only reason that's important is because is flynn trying to get out ahead of that now remember they're calling up after this washington post story by david ignatius follow me here after this story leaks in affair when he led to the washington post of winds name about this non illegal call we made with the russian ambassador depressing tension through the leak is used to create pressure on mike flint even though my foot nothing wrong so far what happens here michael it is now the national secure advisor for present trump this story and his name that he spoke with the russian ambassador about sanctions leaks his name leaks to david ignatius so the washing posts in what is a felony criminal act which you haven't seen any justice on at all there
league is used than to create public pressure about a mythical collusion scandal on mike point although we did nothing wrong some call someone there's mackay cos in this way com a cave net we don't know yet because its two different versions of it bottom all i know is that the number two the fbi michael and get on a phone call me caves as the wind hey we're looking to clear this thing up when set back to my cave hey you guys already have to call like what what do you need to clear up i don't even understand you already have the transcript why am i telling you any of this because do you really believe michael flynn the former director of the d i did the fence intelligence agency a thirty year military heroic military patriots who understands feebly and tell apparatus of the united states
clearly now understands his entire call has been monitored transcribe how do we know because he tells the number two in the fbi then do you think that mike for knowing the culture inscribe would still lie about it this that make any sense he already told the f b i do the number two mackay that they had the transcribed vocal does it makes sense to you now that he just made an honest mistake and forgot they talked about sanctions no noticeable typical liberal up at the empty so let me be clear on this matter when knows the calls transcribe he knows the number to the fbi has transcribed phone call with sanctions are mentioned the two guys fbi that show up agree he was not lying they write down he was not lying but you still insist michael report guilty he edge bankrupted there were just like
your opinion man we haven't you said a while that is an older but getting at that's all the leopard that's their only respond well that's all they ve got they don't have anything they keep saying here he played people i get it i get it people please the for all kinds of reasons a futile no that your ignoring me i'm sorry you're just you don't understand the system folks is absurd what happened flint this is an outrage now getting back to this cleveland brings up another piece another another little you going on here with the flint case in our peace at the federalist we there's the darn three o to now this important after the flame the interview after joe pm and peter stroke interview might when at the white house in concluding wasn't lying
there is a summary of three o two it's called that is written up how do we know that because its referred two in later paperwork and act or excuse me august twenty second three o to written seven months after the interview that refers back to the original one now ideology bring it opposition speculation out there because the judges as before flint sentencing joe he or all our all the au to be produced now to be crystal clear on this all three o jews were not produced at least publicly how do we know this week others because the august twenty second twenty two twenty seven team three or to seven months later was produced it refers to an earlier three o two after the january interview flynn but we i see that source olive in the judge ordered all of them to be produced and
the release we don't see what happened there i bring this up because there is a there's a couple of folk i'm not knocking them by their people speculating that bob mothers t may have destroyed it folks for as much as i can it's the hand mothers team and this this abhorrent disgusting which on a cover up job go cleveland address is something in the peace that pretty much i think god knox that down i don't think the original rio too was destroyed if you your piece i think it's pretty conclusive that it was filed on their seal in other words its out there but was given to the judge undersea as i don't want here's a problem joe and you know this are very concerned about credibility mike liberals you just lie all the time i am you know whenever we say something on the show it does doesn't always go right we try to correct it but i don't want down that rabbit hole that mothers destroyed this trio due to hide evidence if they did will but you'll all get burned me to me
local cleveland lays out in what she does she does it shows the dock at number joe and how this sk we missing the numbers missing doc numbers showing and it may very well i've been produced and has produced under seal now why is this important why does this trio to matter because folks this trio too which i believe nunez has already seen turning it all it back why he so concerned about what happened and mike when this regional three o to written after the original january interview mike flynn ladies and gentlemen is probably the pandora's box of this whole thing when you open it all kinds are nonsense is going to come spewing out that a ridge three hundred two most likely says that mike flynn was not mine make a world of sense why mahler would be looking to hide it then and violet undersea on would want anybody see it big then his entire case against my flynn falls apart but i dope i want to be clear i know believe
it was destroying i believe if you read the peace federalist again you'll see that clearly it was probably produced under seal but molluscs only looking to hide it why joe for the job its reasons that was done today after the interview was written by the fbi agents who probably clearly clearly there stood flynn was not lying it was prosecuted for line to the fbi anyway folks then the situation in the room joe bianca has the talk he has the talk at this point somebody upon on capital hill i'm begging you he's gotta talk this joe bianca has a story to tell we can't asked peter stroke obviously peters milk is shown himself up on capital held to be not committed to the truth but bianca can he interviewed might fled and the biggest question of all joe was he lying or was he not and if you
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so we can give you the nice talking talking points and tidbits embody the body analogy can argue with your liberal friends because that's what we live to do here we like so here's what happened with obamacare obama they were analysed administration when they go obama care pushed through the congress in order to hey for obama care they levied a penalty the panel he was was whatever you individual responsibility payment the penalty was a penalty for not doing something now this they problem for obama because the united states government under the constitution does not have the power to compel you to do something and fine you if you don't when it comes to the end as as it comes to the purchase of products and as the supreme court said themselves notably scalia rest his soul they argue joe if the government
can compel you too by health insurance under the threat of a penalty the lamb i'm u being very careful with the language than job what's to stop the government for saying hey you the broccoli as well and if you don't go and buy broccoli we're gonna penalized for that while the government had no answer for their so weak that we have to be clear on this before we move on obama constitutional problem with obamacare the penalty they live for you not buying healthcare insurance could not be turkey is a penalty for not doing something because there was no constitutional muster that was gonna pass obama because he was close to a campaign cycle at that point argued notably he argue dat on tv in front of george pop your stuff annapolis presumptuous papadopoulos took about a radiance here argued on tv that it was not attacks now there gets a little confusing but you gotta follow this to understand why obamacare in a world of trouble
mama himself argued in a television interview that the penalty which i just told you is not constitutional the constitution does not allow congress the level penalties for non compliance with the behaviour they mandate by it through a penal as you that was never going to pass and the supreme court the supreme court let it themselves so you may say what why would obama than go on tv and argue that that that it in fact you know it was it wasn't attacks if the only way to get out of this is the claim its attacks not a penalty then why didn't obama go on television say george this is attacks like they are in court because it was a loser in the election season obama did not want to be on tape talking to george test from apple saying i'm levying a big tax on america are we i can function now this created problem for a because obama
just argued on television by default that it was a penalty he said the seven opposition tax law put through to touch george these are constitutional so again lip you never tell the truth don't worry about that part liberals have an issue with the truth so what did they do obama's solicitor general turned around in court and argued that it was a penalty was attacked value merely say hold my gosh stand idle at this is like my head spitting obama tv set was a penalty not attacks yes yes yes true and then the solicitor general to go to court and argue the exact opposite that it was in fact a tax round penalty knowing that it would be entirely unconstitutional if it was a penalty for non compliance yes that happen that actually happen well in a stroke of genius and a tax reform package the truck team in europe
book in congress zeroed out the penalty or joe access obama wanted you to believe in court because again because there's always zero out the penalty in other words you didn't buy obamacare there was a penalty and it was zero you you dig saw the judge the judge did a brilliant move by the way judge in response to a lawsuit by a number of states against obamacare who argued well if tax is zero and provides no fun mechanism for this mandate than now a law is apparently unconstitutional because it's not attacks because it zero so the judge said it can't exists the dammit that's themselves had argued on tape that the interview what mandate tax they argued was necessary for the law to exist now that
patsy zero there's no other way to argue it there's no tax therefore there's no law that's the good news that's what up merit the good news is it was deemed on constitutional debate news is nothing is going to happen to the law while its on appeal and democrats are already on track to appeal this thing they will probably appeal to the fifth circuit it will likely go back to the supreme court now that's a doubts of good news constitutional bear do still in effect gonna make it through the courts will probably take up oh maybe upwards of six months to a year the bad news probably why that back in the spring came back to the good news the good news is innocent cream court it is highly unlikely i don't shout trust john roberts i'm sorry folks at all i don't he is clearly abandon conservative principles in a number of respects i even always
by georgia exact georgiana little man job it was john robert i left our part out who in obamacare lawsuit world where it themed constitutional it was john roberts who rewrote it essentially and said no no the penalties attacks just remember if it's called the penalty its unconstitutional obama said it was a penalty on tv argued in court was attacks john roberts in one the most bizarre decisions i've ever agreed with them its attacks each i can but has now what's the problem when it goes back to the supreme court and the taxes zero it's not a tax at all a tax of zero is a non tax so john roberts just argued that we should save the law because i wrote in his attacks and attacks zero he can't then go back and argue that we should save the law again without entirely humiliating himself so it's still in effect
to making its way through the courts but roberts is painted himself in a corner to save his credibility joe they're going to have to scrap this thing or or he just doesn't care i mean not listen let me be clear i'm not predicting anything john roberts maybe entirely willing to throw its credibility out the window i've just say he cannot rule for this thing to continue to exist that is zero tax without making his old decision look ridiculous that we do not the tax in it that it was necessary for the maintenance of law therefore its attacks he is in a world of trouble now just to quote i have a good examiner peace up at the website today in this i'd like you to read if you get a second it's really short but it explains it in a nutshell here's a quote by the judge who ruled against obamacare indicates quote we stated many times unequivocally job do enacted texts and by the president betty
individual mandate is quote a essential to the affordable care act goes on and this essentiality the affordable character makes clear means the mandate must work together with other provisions for the active function as intended in other words what happened ladys and gents simple simple simple simple congress themselves has argued that this thing must work together with tax component of it to work congress that signed the law the president that argue for no bomber now that the tax is in fact zero they are going to have absolutely no way to run with this yeah purrs big trouble big trouble for the democrats ok hey i want quick no policies texted me
the big winner from friday we had another we had our final me waited for the damage you don't mean show contest steve am steve is the mean winter that the audience voted at the website up our genome that come we will add all the winners to the website at punch you know that com you can check out the main some of whom are really funny many of them involve producer joe it's i heard them say sat siri backed activates on my phone there that was that be alright let's get this final one today and i will get you a couple more stories final ed we love concentration brick house has been one of my original sponsors when my favorite products actually just took a nice dose of manufacture is foundation bilbil brick house nutrition thy com slash then foundation is a creating atp blend there is no finer supplement on the market today i am telling you i love this stuff i had been too king it now for what three years two years not sure it is its transformative foundation
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mission that calm slash dan that's brick house nutrition dot com flash then dont forget pick it up to date it is an absolutely wonderful product let's see when we go next this was another did debunking liberalize you that's what i do is we have the odin learned that he showed up at the website not through his wet sell em like crazy people love to analyse already that's easy they'll because a lives on themselves there actually graded cellphone that self cell phones self odes they are good what's your one of the topics known i've been on forever is this neutrality thing here drives the audience crazy i always get emails prologue that's amazing how many conservatives and lovers of liberty and people who risk talk about skeptical she's me the government have been welcome two net neutrality rather governments gotta regulators the internet for doesn't the internet's going to collapse i kept saying folks listen this
all nonsense it scare tactics the government should have nothing to do with the internet everything they govern touches it destroys it is a forest fire it burn down the student loan industry in everything it touches it destroys the government it is a disaster do that now neutrality provisions were a nightmare now that it's copper david but the sum it up the eye it was on net neutrality with a phrase that was you know a bit is a bit is a bin and all information should be treated equally and that neither the try the eye is peace internet service providers be allowed to quote discriminate they use that word deliberately based on content ladies and gentlemen that is not what is happening there a pricing models being developed to deliver the internet more effectively that liberals just didn't like they just like that plans like zero rating plants zero rate plan show where if where other companies that vital digital content work
with ice peace to charge you nothing for downloading their data nothing the net neutrality support is one of those guys think about it there were companies like let's say whatever disney thou provide disney content eighteen t subscribers there were companies like that content providers working with companies like that who said you know what atp we're going to work with you because we want people to watch our stuff where if day watching your platform will subsidize the data it was called zero rating meeting you listen to me you wouldn't pay for someone else what neutrality borders one after that they will ignore not all we cannot have that matter zero rating this is discrimination upright folks you believe that you are i'm sorry but it's not about it you're for you don't understand basic economic saying but pricing models are discriminatory not listen
can i give you an obvious exam if i say that to joe if you happened he hispanic or asian and you come in my shop i'm going to charge you more that clearly against the law a hundred percent that is they discriminatory price model not based on anything sane irrational clearly racist based on the civil rights act would think that that would be clearly illegal a pricing model based on adoption of data is illegal and should never be illegal be the equivalent of suggesting that charging someone extra for class ticket joe good i arbitration why is discrimination the guy in classes consuming more resources on the plane what are those resources joe leg room what do you play her point space right more each more revenue first class has less seeds and how do they compensate for them they charge more your consume
more time there's typically one dedicated flight attendant first class who only is is helping out say why don't know five or ten people on a smaller plain there's probably you know for every fifteen people in the back you are consuming more resources just like people online who are big data hogs are consuming more data it is not discrimination to ask people to pay a market price for resources don't be an economic buffoon discrimination burst last passengers take up space take up more time and get more expensive meals they get better head in blankets due back cost more this is common sense so what happened why am i bringing up the net neutrality debating another interesting article two shown us today by bright part trying to spread wealth around on my list if these conservative i don't just use my own website folks i try to spread the wealth around bright by
the great story not neutral was canned and twenty seventeen it was implement in short and twenty fifteen the obama administration gotta go in and twenty seventeen adjured pie and yes you see in conjunction with the trop administration scrap net neutrality what did the liberals tell us joe description i should forget it it's over the internet is even a headline runnin around on twitter that's what he said and this is the earth the internet it's over it's over chatty it's over staude finished well study came out over the weekend with at which adjured pies been put around on twitter account other people have as well o clock oh o k l a apparently is some company that analyzes data speed remember after net neutral but he was scrap and and copies got discriminate which was nonsense
over we're all gonna be throttled job right everyone where well i look at my pictures i know he didn't even know you know how to get it it's always confused he doesn't know how he's going to feel has no idea how he's going to see his pictures i was going to get his netflix all has no idea what what the court is ruthless study speeds up increase thirty five point eight percent waiver clearly read that wrong peace clearly met decrease now it'd a large breeds are up thirty five point eight percent liberals i'm just screw a simple question again to the liberal in the shop to the real conserving patriot he's got my show on death problem thank the best till the liberalising i've just asking you a simple quest you wanted the government to control the internet to combat dreaded airports you discrimination which was not discrimination is simple market pricing you wanted the government to do that you used every
air tactic in the world if we get rid of neutrality prices through the roof the internet's going to collapse everyone's gonna be throttled no one's going to be able to solve cant download is pictures whenever thou solves download we don't even want to know right so poor saw that that's you you're standing opposite happened the opposite happened get that right download speeds are up thirty five point eight percent clearly upload speeds where thou not all those we're up twenty two percent uploads downloads both up double digit in other words you are lying again you're you're you're european let's take nonsense about how the government if they didn't get involved everything was going to collapse was a straight up lie can you just admit you made this whole thing up that did not happen and i'm i say this with all due respect and i mean no to the report
again through email me and always do about net neutrality i read your emails you are some of you are very very bright they ve sent me all kinds of stuff i learn a lot from your emails i just ask again with all due respect how the republicans you supported net neutrality i was always astonished by and how do you explain this we warned very simply if neutrality went into effect in government started to regulate the internet that like when the government regulates anything else in a similar fashion investment typical it decreases because no one wants to deal with government regulations net neutrality went into effect broadband investment went down net neutrality scrapped internet speeds go up i've just asking you i read your emails i'd like i enjoy your feedback about china set you i'm glad you're here my shell but i'm asking just their basic simple question how do you
splain away the fact that that was all wrong it was wrong the predictions were wrong the apocalyptic predictions were wrong there have been no mass claims of throttling courses maybe individual stuff that always happens there have been oh mass claims of mass content discrimination not with you its be ironically the only caught the discrimination has been social media companies kickin conservatives off of their platforms patriarchy plan forming people as i talked about the beginning but that has nothing to do with net neutrality that was about obtaining a bit is a bit a bit is a bit is not a bit i see on a plane is not a sea is not to see a seat in the bathroom in their jobs it is not the same as a first class seat stop saying that a bit is not a bit is not a bit
not when you're downloading ten quadrillion pits a month because you're watching seventy two netflix movies a day it was wrong the prediction was wrong all right let's story joe was kind enough to pull this off just this extra glint by a democratic in the senate jeff murkily i mean this is just a disgrace get folks do you understand that these people these radical far left this they just kidding stay in this country and even worse they can't stand the fact that who can stand the country it dry i'm crazy no i'm serious if you don't hate that country with them they are absent we committed to this critical theory stuff that the white male page the arctic is running everything and a white male patriarchy symbolic of the imperialist united states and unless we can get another generation to hate the united states a radical for left ideologies gonna die on the vine so they continue every day to politicize
horrifying incidents horrifying insight politicizing just grotesquely try since it is to get you to hate the united states here's jeff berkeley talking about i facility where children brought across the border illegally in regulation in clear violation of u s law here simply talking about what happens that these would listen to his characterization how how horrible and disgusting this is don't call them anything other than child prisons or internment caps that's what's when i hear and were told that there are children who have been here three four five even six months law and a trauma is being inflicted as part of a political strategy to her children deliberately as part of a political strategy we need to have everyone in congress and in america rise up and say this is wrong it has to enjoy ladies and gentlemen this is a sick man dude i'm paper
joe semi this money he's gonna listen is this it's just a troubled men are you with a straight face jeff mercury with a straight amber sober face are suggesting the united states is deliberately looking to her children like you said anthea by putting them in internment camps this man should be immediately voted out of office i dont know when his eyes is term in the senate is up by voting for this this is a sick troubled human being suggests that the patriarch citizens the united states we have been generous country on earth with foreign aid with immigration took in millions and millions of people for years this is a united states senator suggesting that the people of this country through their government are in actually hurting children by putting i'm in the equivalent of internment camps and he's eddies offended if you call them anything else gm jonah these should now
be called anything other than child prisons and internment camps listen to me one we all get past this now sense were put in lipstick on all this stuff in greece in each other up when we get to the hard truth it is time to accept this one simple fact with the radical left not all democrats but the radical left ladies and gentlemen let's stop the nonsense these people hate the country they can't stand the country the patriots who supported the taxpayer base its supporters they think you are people who heard kids who deliberately in turn kids the term it gives i don't have to make that up i just you his sound bite it's not mine we didn't edited selectively that's his sound by insisted that you should all these things internment cans and outward deliberately hurting kids these people hate d i did states of america they are committed to a
radical far left big men i d ology but in order to dismantle the system we have now they must lie to you and insist that this system is exists in a moral vacuum where people hate kids in turn kids and interment can't so that you will in turn dedicate your life to testify against the united states system on but this it is unbelievable those are his words this is so the sickest most array stuff i have ever heard but this is the radical our left ladies and gentlemen the part john f kennedy and harry truman the democratic party of truman cat is done it's dead signal by those people are now moderate republicans this is your new democrat party absolutely abhorrent disgusting alright folks thanks again for tunein so i had to leave you with that one but that is worth highlighting if you're in oregon you should send a nicely of course that's what we do we're not there antifa like the left
you are an email that he will be losing your support from now on because he can sense that the united states is a deliberately hurting kids and that you are a citizen of the united states and you do not support that and he is in fact a liar i appreciate you judy please subscribed to the show it is these subscriptions to the show that drive us up all the top charts we appreciate we ve been in the top fifty podcast news in politics if seemingly forever now thanks to you this inscriptions are you just go to itunes if you have an well the vice click the subscribe button it does not cost anything if you do not have i tunes and you have a samsung device or galaxy whatever it may be sampling galaxy just go to radio you can follow you can also listen up budget no come sir sound cloud spotify now where we really appreciate evokes thanks return it in big surprise this week for you i will see you all
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