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Ep. 874 Their Entire Hoax Just Collapsed

2018-12-18 | 🔗
In this episode I address the stunning new developments that will destroy the entire case against President Trump. I also address a suspicious attack on the Trump tax cuts and the growing calls for “Medicare for all.”    News Picks: Jim Comey humiliates himself again.   Was Christopher Steele paid by Hillary Clinton’s team to challenge the 2016 election results?   A stunning admission by a Clinton ally that will blow up the entire case against President Trump.   This Washington Post investigative reporter is dismissing the dossier as a hoax.    The FBI finally turns over the missing paperwork in the Mike Flynn case.   Here’s the Gen. Mike Flynn 302 for you to read.   Liberals completely blew it on net neutrality.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know what a bad day yesterday for the anti trap cry as scares the conspiracy theories the media eludes the liberal attack dogs not a good day for the entire cabal of lunatics yesterday welcome to the damp gino show produced joe our you today good it was it was a bad day for them it wasn't a unique there was but you never know by the media sinews to pretend that there in time our case against the president a busy falling apart the whole thing is collapsing by the second we had the three o to yesterday from flynn the original three owed to the summer his interview finally outed yesterday its devastating the media wants you to believe especially some of these loony tune anti trappers wants you to believe
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i'm gonna tell you why after play this cut for i'll tell you why he blew up like this the fbi's reputation taking a big hit because the president of the united states with his acolytes has lied about it constantly faced lies a whole lot of good people who watch your network believe that nonsense that's a tragedy that will be undone eventually but that damages jim call me losing his mind blaming fox news and catherine heritage that was catherine harrison fox news ask him that course if his reputation if he had any to do with the reputation of the fbi taking ahead call me cannot take them undoubtedly was responsible for managing the fbi urging the fbi at the time of one of the worst scandals and law enforcement and intelligence gathering in modern u s history jim call me is a joke now why is he a joke you ve that clip everywhere but some of the analysis has been lacking some of its been really good but some of us has been it's been lacking
why is call me now desperate to change the narrative ladies and gentlemen jim commies entire cases entire existence for being has been hiding the fact that his case against donald trump to weapon eyes the fbi was based on one thing and one thing only that is the dossier and yesterday that dossier had one hell of a really bad day folks strap in and get ready you lose he is now understand please he's understand i was on fox last night i was on the shore hannity show janine judge feeling in bob weight by the way one big announcement we'll be fail again for sean hannity on both his radio and television show this coming wednesday so not tonight wednesday and i'll be filling in on the tv show again on thursday so radio show wednesday a tv show wednesday night and tv show wednesday night and thursday night that's my big news i'm superstar cell
a whole our you're stuck with me and i ve stop please please tune in let's blow it up to make sure we get really grace of europe busy boy men you i'd be added more going on to i got more good news for you later but with regard to that so i was on last night judge you name is filling in what ways there's a wonderful job should become a great friend judge he asked me to lay it out for the audience simply what's going on call me i said judges is it it's this simple jim call me the fbi director the fbi rector initiated our signed off an investigation donald trump they base therein astrogation on a dossier that is now frank it's a hoax now i've got it went to the bad day the dossier had yesterday three huge things happen at daily collar chuck as for putting together a tweet yesterday but three things happen but before i get to the dossier bad day i want to talk about specific likely why jim call me is in a panic about this and this is a
part of the analysis that i brought out less on fox but ask its missing from a lot of folks they not getting this folks there is a an established procedure for verifying information like the dossier that i it was information right brought to the fbi by a punch people pay by hilary there is an established procedure joseph we ve talked about this repeatedly this way for them to verify information why very simple judges into as the court and as a matter of tag ready and and fidelity to the constitutional republic in the integrity the system dont want fake information or courts joe support on mars let's arrest them fir trees and insufficient what what are you talking about you have to verify that stupidity it's a procedure it's called the woods procedure it is a document the blind out procedure that creates a per trail the point i to make less light on that issue is at every step
each that there is for work there there's there's there's a trail generated of information how how the heck did jim crow is the fbi director as one of the final authorities to sign off on the dossier and the justice department who simultaneously have to verify the dossier how did a verify a document that we now know is a hoax folks theatres they didn't we know they didn't because built i step who was one of jim commies deputies who in charge of the division investigating donald trump has already acknowledged that they didn't verify it do you are you getting please tell me you're picking disappear jim call me was the b director when they ignored procedures for verifying information and walked into a pfizer court and swore to wit there's a paper trail there where jim call is going to have to at some point acknowledge either he's really dumb and got played by
us information which i and you don't either or do you like the whisper sense jim call me is going to have to acknowledge pays malfeasance that new the information was in fact garbage and that's why he's being so cryptic about the dossier i didn't really know i'm not really sure where the dossier came from that's not true he told george monopolise in an interview when asked why he didn't disclose the origins of the dossier to trap he didn't say he didn't know the origins he responded not really sure pete you didn't say i didn't know the origin of it he knew the dossier is fake any ran with it anyway you are you getting that that is the problem jim call me he's having right now come here is it's it's an established procedure you have to offer the cane verify the information jim call me did not do it now doubled problem why i've been insistent from the start that bob or is not in fact a good guy that bob mahler was brought in
for one reason and one reason only to clean this mess up and salvage the reputation of department of justice and the fbi who knowingly investigated a presidential candidate based on fake false information rang a hoax the loch ness monster bigfoot we don't know about big foot who managed to work now that we are better massive whether you folks beza where they did the sad easy as these this data must be back in a police academy it was a hoax there now oh they have nowhere to go now mothers old chief of staff ladies and gentlemen this is my mother's the perfect i for the clean up operation his old chief of staff john carlin was the head of the d of justice national security division that was what he was one of the last guys he is a big i'm higher up while all this is going on in the oj job karl heinz one of the last guys to sign off that
formation was verified according to the woods procedure in the oj so take about this jim commie desperate an essential political dates about fox news fox lose you fox news people are you crazy people out there to tackle the fbi call me signs off but formation is verified the fbi side there's two etc low pay the d j has the sign off on the dossier to one of the latter people to sign off on the ideology sighted to pop alors old because they have john corwin who's got ability and this too where's ma we're talking about him where's you're not they all had a prescribed procedure they ignored in order to political had a prescribed procedure they ignored in order to politically go after donald trump don't miss this point
now the judge also asked me if i thought they were going to be some political petticoat penalty she doesn't believe so or illegal penalty i hope so i kept take the future i have very little faith in what the governments doing any more but i hope that bill i accidentally column babar less i bill i do it with bell a sorry state of that libertarian guy bill bar the new agee i can only hope that bill bar the new energy and john huber are looking into this i can promise you anything ladies and gentlemen i can i'm not gonna lie to you but i loved the constitutional report it is worth fighting for what you want to do give up all forget it often gonna happen let's leave it now i'm not giving up i'll talk about it every day there's something happens that's what we do here ok so point number one with this call me lashing out because there's up bert he
in that paper trail having verified it ca that is now exposed as a hoax and people who are intimately connected to mall of were involved in verifying this hoax to as an excuse to spy a presidential candidate point number two cs a hoax and it had a really really bad day yesterday what happened with which you called the p dossier you know why the p dossier what happened with the dossier yesterday why what as if the dossier had any credibility before if you been re if you read my books by gay pre if you by the way ready please read it i be put so much work into it and it is an intense body of information the show will be so much more neutral let's say to you once you have the background on it like vitamins and minerals for the sole go check out my books by gay please yesterday three things happened that stage completely collapsed any potential hope that this dossier that
donald trump was gonna be i was going to be shown to be true it is a complete hopes number one central component of the dossier which we have debunked repeatedly so much spent too much time on this one but it just fast to bring up again a central component of this that now even the mainstream media starting to acknowledge is going to he has been completely annihilated destroy decimated centric upon it ass you have courses they michael cohen trump lawyer the story that he the prague to arrange this whole thing with the kremlin connected people in other words trumps lawyer want to prague to connect with the kremlin too to work on hacking hilary females folks that is a central component of the hoax dossier yet that's a big deal if it happened right a huge the by michael cohen as we have repeatedly said has never been to michael co and is now in cooperating with the mahler team and the southern district in new york those are two separate in
astrogation going on and call it has still not admitted to go duprat not only isn't admit had not admitting to going to prague which you would think if he was a kid operator collusion case that the collusion case based on a dossier would say common were you in prague apparently he wasn't how do we know that here is michael i went spokesperson a clip tonight clinton east the law me davis an attorney himself who is this oxman ferko in here is it's an old driven older cup at its import me bring this up again here is any davis on msnbc when asked about mike calling at trip to prague i also want to ask you about one key facts in the steel dossier or perhaps not effects but one key assertion and they say that cohen travel to try terrain arrange seek repayments russian hackers did that trip never happen no everybody america we
of show no no prague ever never posted on the internet when these lawyers from a government will and emory answer that question and he's actually instructed me when i was serving as is just don't answer anymore because it's one of these silly things that constantly gets repeated so the edges no he's never been to prague or even a report has been what about the suburbs brought no what liberals dear lips dear i i start a lot of my tweets dear liberals of what are you brain dead fury we have as your if you had some kind of a survival accident is there's some kind of thing going on what your melon like it's not functioning correctly the whole dossier is contingent cohen going to prague to set up this illusionary hacking of the system that trap was involved in supposing it never happen exactly joe
never happen that's it i click any star lenny maybe she was every motivation in the world this guy is me deep in the clinton spray just google lanni davis hillary clinton if you doubt anything i'm telling you this is what then is the rep europe is representing michael cohen who is now cooperate he doesn't even like trump anymore he is cooperating gets them saying conclusively in no uncertain terms he has never ever never been to prompt this never happened it did not happen so that's point number one sorry repeated put its critical that that the whole cases the dossier call me knows it he signed off on it that does here is entirely discrediting the bug and they have nowhere to go number two greg investigative rapporteur for the washington post the washington post not the washington times at the washstand examiner not the war
three journal conservative review reg miller investigative report for the washed imposed gave a interview that was recorded by c span too i have the article but this show notes tonight it's a piece by believe chuck rasa daily collar there is i play the whole interview but in the interests of time i'll just someone up for you miller himself has said the washington post for two years job has been done currently trying to verify that cocoa and went to prague fine no information at all that that trip happen he says they spent two years and he's relatively confident right now based on sources is well within the cia joe and the fbi that it didn't happen
so now we have michael cohen saying the trip to prague didn't happen we have michael cohen's clinton east a lawyer saying the trip never happen we have gregg miller from the washed imposing for two years the washed imposed job or with miller even what do the steps that they took to try to verify this the washington post reporters he sent the nearly every hotel in prague in a desperate attempt to try to fight calling cohen's name anything nothing zippo it didn't happen they have zero information that it didn't happen not only miller doubles down read the peace by cha across and he says is contacts in the fbi and the cia are saying it didn't happen either that this claim is likely false this is a report for the washington post this is not a reporter for you know
right leaning website so first we have prague now discredit sex we have gregg mail this is kind of two big because it falls under left billina reporters debunking dossier themselves michael is a cough michael israel off the yahoo news reporter who is beneath deepen this entire thing working alexander chaillu pod who expose man afford and and work with the ukrainian people the kind of get narratives out there is a call whose own work on the dossier is cited by the dossier gives me the fbi joe there no reporter more knee deep and embedded making the collusion scandal happen and michael is not what i'm trying to are you folks is michael is a call you wrote a book on about the collusion though you know myth is a coffin eads collusion to happen to us
though i never but i'd say this evening is the coffers going to acknowledge that this dossier is quote his words not mine likely false essex off this guy is been me deep in this hall collusion fairytale to his own detriment is now acknowledging that this dossier is likely false so you the washington post that's been promoting this hoax for two years the collusion hoax acknowledging the bedrock of a whole case the dossier their investigative reporter saying it's bs you have is a cough it's likely false you have lanni davis he's never been to prague the dossier is entirely collapsing that's why prob mahler that have just admitting his entire cases based on a hoax is now moving on to middle eastern collusion go listen last week show and you'll figure that that's it that's a next step use
by the way as a source george nato as an informed bob mahler using george nator nato whose represented by obama's former fixer catherine ramblers white house where nothing to see their folks at all mahler will not let this oh even oh there's nothing to grab onto here is the final and the most devastating devastating peace the dossier debunking puzzle rowan scarborough as a peace up at the washed in times it's in the boy it's in the show no senate please read it but a bunch you know that calm we would deeply appreciate we subscribe to email less we will send you these articles everyday in your inbox the roads our bureau peace the washed in times it must read it is fantastic sky upper oh god his hands on ants to some interrogate of questions christopher steel answered at a lawsuit at a loss if a case he was my explaining what crystal
steel infusion gps pursued three russian bankers whose company appears in the dossier and the company out for bank is alleged i've been somehow colluding with the russians and attempted alpha bank jotham venom this right start i remember our bank we went over we bring an exact alpha bank is in the dossier and in it is a central player in the dossier for the scheme to coordinate with the trump team and the russians right alphabet exude christopher steel astute shoot fusion gps receiver christopher work say this is totally bs the alphabet story that we're servers in russia commute the creating with alpha bagged servers some interim power has been entirely debar they spent the bump the fbi it's been debunk by the new york times it was spam emails
and they don't know how it got the trump tower they think it may be an alpha bank employ you that was staying there the stories been debunked by everyone there was no secret back channel of communication between trump tower and the russians do alphabet servers are we run out that story has been entirely discredit it's been so this credit that alpha back again soon fusion jp s of which christopher steel had to show up in court and give answers to very specific questions retraction steel shows up in court room scarborough gets his hands on some steals answers one of the answers to a question is absolutely devastating for steel the dossier the democrats jim call me and every other obama administration sucker who tried to play us offer false now he's asked about orbit christopher steel company and a few jim gps client their meeting this information gained in the dossier steel
the answer to what the purpose of his dossier was is unbelievable he says quote that the hilary for america would he was considering steps that they legally be entitled to take to choose i wish the validity of the outcome of that election what let me get this straight so now and sworn swore answers in a league the lawsuit chris our steel is now acknowledging that hilary wanted the dossier in case they lost to channel the election voice gentlemen please tell me how this isn't front page news everywhere i don't write joseph the look right now i'm told this before the day how is this not on the front page of every major newspaper in america that not only now is the washed imposed michael it's lanni david
michael cohen and everybody else starting to acknowledge a gym commies case based on a dossier based on a total hoax but now we have in a sworn answer to question at a lawsuit christopher steel acknowledging that the clinton team wanted the dossier to challenge the results of the election in case they lost you know i don't i don't even know where to go with this stuff anymore i don't know how much i can like beat people over the head with before you understand how we are going through right now what is the biggest scandal of of the century now i think the guy who put together the dossier is acknowledging in court just to be crystal clear on what he said he's ology they used foreign information from kremlin connected sources his urgent prior interviews not mine that christopher steel used or an information as it were for we're hillary clinton in the event she lost to get engaged
this information campaign on a fake dossier to challenge and election whose guilt give collusion an election year we are again explained not again he'll is acknowledging here the russian this information its false its fake we know its fate steel is acknowledging he used it and fair to hilary because hilary wanted to use the information to challenge the election if she lost you're not going here that anywhere else on the mainstream media folks i just read it to you that's christopher steel himself it's really just hard to believe what's going on right now it's really i'm serious i'm having a hard time getting around i arms around how bad this really is and how the mainstream media is not showing it out of entrepreneurial integrity where's
craig miller and michael is a zverkov where are their stories now acknowledging hey we screwed up this is a bigger and we thought the fbi targeted a presidential candidate using foreign hoax information because the losing candidate wanting to overthrow the results of the election where's the media the where are you guys where any of you can stand up and grow a pair yeah i know joe it's it's yesterday this is a folks of what this is one of those shows i humbly rick asked you share we share with people who are non believers because all this stuff is documented lanni day we played for you the sound bite prague didn't happen greg our their stories in the show note you can watch the video yourself the washed imposed on reporter debunking dossier is a cop the dossiers likely false christopher steals own words the guy who produce
does he either he's lying or is not well christopher steel he said that it was he produced dear to challenge the election using foreign if rail he's alive if he's a liar than the dossiers alive he produced that that's it you can't have it both ways how are you where are you media people where's bit ignatius where's this cop where they exposing this what is this and i'm gonna go mainstream you don't want to tip chuck ross and least dudley smith and jeff carlsson and all the people out there on the internet and working through the daily collar and other places jeff at the epoch times exposed yes because the mainstream media has is complete is incomplete hibernation vote it is a disgrace it is an intergalactic a lot more to get to kuba emily touched the flint rio to yet which is another being ignored by mainstream media loans it's disgusting aright
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you too for your convenience i request you read it if you get a second i know some of your busy it's not long eleven pages but a lot of its repetitive because they were too which is a little bit suspicious to have filed and you can the reason why any opening where mothers as there were some kind of drafting error and in the title of the report in a lot of people questioning that another is why was the three o two edited so you know until i get definitive answer i'm not gonna get i'm not gonna give you any information at supper julie inaccurate some gonna hold on that but you can read it i put i did the link to the people if in the show notes today not a big what we're talking about there was an aside call the three o two of the flame interview on january twenty fourth now it viciously which drafted the february a belief fifteen which is obvious three weeks after the interview now this is not
standard operating procedure for instance in the hillary clinton case when they interviewed hillary clinton the summary of that in our view was drafted right away immediately apparently when they interviewed my flynn obviously joe there was some sort of deliberative process afterwards because it took them over two weeks to draft this you were the summary the interview what were they deliberating about now there have been so blowers who are out there who are claiming that there have been video conferences where people you have people talking about ways to nail might fall into the wall after the interview now that's not been conferred from the ep because the guy saying we gotta get the video on this viti see if they have it i'm simply suggesting to you that that is that the claim is out there so just to be clear we're talking about flints interviewed at the end of january this year we have that interviews not filed for over two weeks later not soapy that's not standard operating procedure they didn't do
same thing would hillary clinton especially in the case of this magnitude you would think they would a father a poor right away also the original report was added it according to malta's filings because of some kind of drafting error which has a lot of people very suspicious but there are a number of it streamlining damaging pieces of information is three o two and now it's obvious why the f b i did not want this out there now there are some reductions in it to be clear i'm gonna what it is what the problems with three or to our gotta to be clear so you understand what flynn was charged with flint was charged with lying to the fbi about a conversation he had with the russian ambassador kiss we're over primarily two things there were sanctions against israel based on israeli settlements and a u n vote flynn was if we discuss those with the russian ambassador the sanctions and
flynn responded know and he had because they had the transcripts i'm gonna get into that what about the fbi charges are not talk about reality and what happened we get to then the second based on the three of you but the second part of it the second hard about the alleged lies and i say a legit even though he played because i still don't believe you light i think he had to take a plea based on a potential you know him them going after his family in fact they bankrupted this can thing was when obama viciously expells these diplomats rightist winds over in the dominican republic these russian diplomats the russian cough when right away the incoming national security adviser and when asked about the response to that the russians part if they should moderate the response which accords the transcripts of when says that you know mick mick modern basically be careful with response here because we're coming into office soon apparently he lied to the fbi about that too now here's what the trio to actually says
why in a world of troubles i make censure flynn with about hated you talk about sanctions flynn said no as the fbi allegations and they did and on the expulsion did you tell the russians that basically take it easy after we expelled their diplomats who wins it now but apparently he did mister what's the problem and neither is passed it not much let me read you would actually says in the three or to number one they ask flynn from the three or to himself what peter stroke and joe pr arose after the have you two weeks later after they quote deliberation it says the interviewing agents ass when if we recall any conversations with kiss we act the russian ambassador about a year and vote surrounding the issue of israeli settlements when quickly spotted yes good reminder what happened i thought he responded no
didn't you ever in that what they told us jordan where are we told when the eu issue of israeli sanctions and he's really set of shooting the israeli settlements issue came up where we told them lying to the fbi report that flynn lied about this whole thing i believe we were when when asked the he he set when asked about this exact crises is yes good good rima don't forget the reminder work why words joel if someone say yes good from us and we don't you and i had a lot of conversations yesterday if i asked you to specific words of every conversation would you remember them no but if i can who'd you wait and set a jail remember when we talked about the video thing come and upright they like that no remedy told me that if you say yes good reminder what is that suggests to me that you forgot right you're saying good reminder because i q jew and now you remember yes i remember ear not complicate yet see you didn't just announcement now you re or what i'm remembering so flynn apparent
this is where this is how they screwed up it's so obvious and i'm i'm i'm i'm laughing at all the liberal group also think this exonerates them he said s good reminder itself give we a this is where it gets interesting on the twenty december flynn call the litany of countries to include israel the uk goes analysed part of the reason blind calls was the conduct exercise to see how fast the incoming administration could get someone on the light folks this is critical this is critical he might find confusing is calls you get room go with sure issue let me read you some what else couple paragraphs later i'm met a tie this together don't go anywhere possessing the lip these are totally missing this so out of the people which is upset it at the end
if this conversation about the the rotation about the settlements flame is this is the fbi agent saying this who don't they keep i'd by the way we know that because they said that flynn again stated that he appreciated the interviewing agents reminding him that he had another conversation with kiss leah folks now it makes complete sense now it makes complete sense when asked about it asked about his conversations with them ambassador over these anxious israeli settlements is you end vote which clearly doesn't tell the whole story on in the transcript there's no doubt about that if you read the three o to its clear as day when is flynn is peter spoken to this russian ambassador and thirty other countries i too
would you he was in the dominican republic he was on vacation his communications were poor what people do a vacation have a couple also it is maybe maybe you a call you're not so euro europe where you take it a bit of a break flint then he just says in the report he spoke in a thirty countries he a pre the agents indicated when was appreciative of the reminder of another call but chiefly at its clear as day folks what happened and why the agents themselves think when didn't lie a priest we are following me here flints confusing the phone calls why is he thank you the fbi agents for reminding him about the other call because each problem confusing to fall calls and doesn't remember the conversation listen folks i'd have no business ties or no
pre existing personal relationship with mike flint none i have no dog in this fight at all other than justice i'm telling you former federal age case is an abomination they should not ever at the white house anyway the fbi interviewing mike flynn they had no reason to be the wash them most themselves receive the league the day before the ep agent showed up the interview flynn that the fbi found nothing illicit about his calls there was reason for them to be there now we go there they have a transcript of his call they know is exact words which he clearly doesn't remember he tax them for reminding me that numerous calls with kisses its clear data me that flints confusing the phone calls here remember the precise words on the sanctions she why would remember that maybe because quote he talked with up to thirty countries where where is he spoke with thirty countries about
they go down the list flynn was confusing the calls on campus prudent and why did the fbi agents themselves say he wasn't being deceptive and wasn't lie because he wasn't it makes perfect sense he's thanking oh yeah i had a mob number of calls i say to your way you know we talk yesterday you know about the new joe we beg adona shirt and a chump store to pay which called then because we had a couple call the second one idea that reminder i take so yes good remind you know i don't think we talk about an echo maybe he just forgot he spoke to thirty countries now the same day he's on vacation put two and two together
the fbi themselves is acknowledged the agents that interview many wasn't lying does this makes sense why is he thanking them why is he thanking them folks so just a tie this up on the sanctions topic yet he clearly didn't tell the whole story the conversation we have the transcript illegally lead to david ignatius of the washington post a felony we know the transcript eddie clearly discussed sanctions would kiss leah sophie why would he say he did but why would he then fact the fbi for reminding me at multiple conversations with kiss because i said he was on vacation he probably just didn't remember that are you fagged to and understand this was an adversarial interview that is a key lie i appreciated the agents reminding him he had another
our conversation with kiss and you think this is good www police they tyrants how was it but for your case he didn't remember yet another conversely but you which by the way is the easiest way to sum this up we move i hid it ever every out another conversation but you want him remember the details of it and it makes sense to you ah my gun i shall not go heads secondly on the expulsion of the russian diplomats which as according the transcript they did discuss but flynn did i recall how do we know let me read you answer the again the fbi's out alleging in guatemala sludgy oh he lie he knowingly lied about how this conversation about the russian diplomats being expelled and he said he didn't talk about that what he said folks let me give you the answer for
three o to itself the viewing agents ass flynn if he recalled end conversation with kiss in which the suppose were discussed where flynn might have courage kiss we act not to escalate the situation to keep the russians bonds reciprocal or not to engage in a tit for tat flint responded not really i don't remember it wasn't don't do anything folks if when told them not to do anything why is he saying i dont remember because he does remember he sang it was don't do anything he did tell them to moderate their was fun but he clearly says you're not really i don't remember and the fbi agents are sitting there saying he's not but he doesn't look like he's lying to us is it just possible possible
that's when actually doesn't remember the conversation hence why he thanked the fbi for reminding him about multiple conversations talking to thirty different countries the incoming national security adviser he doesn't even remember the call you want him to remember the details the first part of this is critical not really i don't remember this is your open and shut case against the decorated american hero now do you see why they wanted to hide this it's really by the way it's embarrassing straight up embarrassing that the liberal actually believe this adds to in any way buttresses there came makes you look like fools like fifty doesn't remember the call he thanks for reminding about the call when asked about the details of the call on the second point is this i don't even remember
john vacation he says communications are poor this is it joke this is set up the the agency should have even been there in the first place there was no crime no investigate you support to investigate crimes you're not supposed to invent the gay people and produce crimes that's what they did what might for this is a disgrace an absolute disgrace i get a cup i want a couple were i wanna get a couple more stories out something on our rubio i dont get man i just don't get rubio down here in florida what happened this guy wants that so much promise in his turn they tell us the biggest rhino out there so disappointing planning and yet something else roots amazing you know and i should say votes good on a lot of issues but some of this
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i was astounded reading this i had read it twice because i don't want to get the story wrong very anyone on the rubio team i think some miss characterizing it i mean it send me an email and i'll read your statement on the air i m not them i'm not looking too for any reno report look in on republican violence year a political violence on that i if i missed characterizing these please explain to me but a quarter sure jonathan rubio pushing this plan to tax corporate stock by backs the word suggesting joe that when corporations got attacks cut under the trump tax cuts plan that they should be using that corporate tax cuts not for by backs but for investment now that such a great talking point it sounds wonderful but its economic ignorance at its worse on why rubia would be pushing this ladies and gentlemen if businesses get a tax cuts what business is understand or just tax collector for the government you get that right businesses
what they do is they just in corporate taxes into their prices and pass the money onto the government government the businesses are simply tax collector for the government they incorporate into their price economy wide and they passed the money onto the government why we would be interested in creating bigger tax likes to have economy at higher prices so they can pass more money to the government no idea now rubio seems to be suggesting here that when companies by back their stock the company could better use that money to invest in their own company ok great what if the company doesn't have any good ideas so they get this straight centre rubio you want a bill do disincentive i start by backed by taxing the that's what you want to stop them or you want a slow them down because you want we need to invest in non productive enterprises in euro company joe listen you don't you
i did an mba i don't throw my education out there a lot of penn state i loved it i did learn a lot i run a business now my wife it's getting very complicated show now is managing the other stuff but i'm not going to be some tycoon but i'm pretty carpet that when a business season investment opportunity and has the cash and invest in it and when it doesn't it does something else with the cash it can invest in and other companies they can invested in their employees it can invested in bali backs which returns the cash to invite stars in their company who can end use their money to invest in another company that has an actual business opportunity this is like gentlemen is econ one or one this is a complicated stuff here if business say produces widgets they don't many great ideas they get this money from a stock of roma from a of tax cut its their own money by the way
money they would have said to the government that they now have no one's giving them any dates their money now they get this delicate great we ve got some extra money due to a tax got what do we do well let's go employees raises but we don't really have any new product lines so let's do this let's buy back our stock and stock the general company or now be a little wealthier they can take that money to the point back in and rested another company that has a good idea we don't have anything right now it happened all the time rubio is acting i shall now that's a bare bitch pipe stock oh my gosh start by backs are sub so ruby i want some do what it wants a company that makes the widgets to take their own money which are gimme the government now for a tax got to do what to go spend it on reading where's dopey things that aren't gonna make the company any money so that the product like goes out of business and the applies lose their jobs this is if any sense now we really do from the wall street journal peace for it doesn't after
this way ruby peace said supply side theory that increase investment benefits workers in the long run only works if estimate actually increases ok but the wall street journal responds investment has actually increased after two years of nearly zero growth ending a twenty sixteen private non residential investment has since risen smartly despite tightening monetary policy in other words despite interest rates going up and you're getting more expensive investments is increasing due to the trump access lady miss this in other words previously more opportunities to invest than they are doing so and it cases our firms this is important and in cases where firms don't see a good opportunity to expand they are buying at their shares allowing invest there is to use the cash to invest in their businesses we'd better opportunities folks or to figure out why
i get it and earned i want to be fair to the guy i know i've been tough there especially with the spy gazed about that he really cares or anyway because i think he's is is i don't know what's going on with that i have theories but i wanna put about they're not yet i'm comfortable but this is economic ignorance you want a tax by backs now to give more business is earned in the free market that they can invest in their employees invest in their shareholders you can invested elsewhere you wanted tat instead taxes to give it to the government this makes absolutely zero sets ok finest hour by the way just breaking news martha make sally who law the united states senate race to kirsten cinema in arizona democrat martha mc sally was the republican breaking news gonna be appointed to the seat vacated by jeff flake that was awkward i'd buy em i'll enough
there was mccain seat forgive me of that with there was the election for five m confusing mccain see so make it make just two i'll make sally lost the republican so she's now obviously free citizen out there to do our things congresswoman now she is now going be appointed to make and see that was occupied by john kyle the former senator who now says i'm not serving after january following so that this breaking news now so are interesting to put that at the kind of always fascinated by the internal political flows how people move in and out of the seats it's up for you to decide some people thought make sally ran rather lukewarm campaign arizona where she lost the democrats so's i assume a lot of people can be happy about that but i will see what happens ok another story today the euro scott atlas has a decent piece in the wall street journal about thou this push for it well he's talking about how statistic
or use to misrepresent single pair government run healthcare is an important story and i want to talk about it from a different lens sensing this growing tide amongst the democrats especially now after the obama care decision it was deemed unconstitutional by judge red oconnor and taxes on this case he's gonna make its way to the supreme court and democrats ladies and gentlemen starting to panic that obamacare gonna lose in court and we expect from the history books forever we'll be now it will only be remembered as a historical stain on our health care legislative front the democrats or panicking so seeing a doubling down now on the push for medicare for all because when democrats screw up by introducing government at the healthcare instead of dialing back they introduce more of the poison to solve the poison which is the government in healthcare so this medicare we're all pushes being they're gonna be going out there are you gonna hear a lot of it now some of this statistic they're using to push for what is essentially going to be a gun written run healthcare system in the united states under the guy
medicare for all its really medicaid for all which is a broken on functioning ill king healthcare system of forever america's lower income population that's what it's gonna be for you to the democrats you're gonna start throwing out their numbers to justify the imitation of more government in single paragraph care so you track and one of talk and i think atlas censuses and this is why he put his journal peace today you know here is some statistics used to you no advocate for single pay or for all and he debunks that many does a good job here is one of em and i've talked about this on the show before the single payer government run healthcare advocates who constantly bashed u s healthcare system josie wife mortality rates here are some of the worst in the industrialized world in the united states and look at where we have single payer healthcare there's so much better again ladies and gentlemen liberals are wrong and just about everything we covered net neutrality yesterday where they blew it they just make this stuff ok i understand that liberals loved to make stuff up making stuff up
is theirs is their site it's their side hustle the reason infant mortality rates art are worse than the united states than they are overseas according to the statistics and socialized medicine countries is is the measurement is different dna it states measures almost every live birth if if an infant takes on breath and tragically doesn't make it that is measured as a live birth in those statistics of infant mortality tell me get this through this important right this is how it works the i did states measures it according to the standard definition if a child is born alive and takes a breath that is they live births not how europe measures live births they only measure live births after a child and infant has survived for a period of time do you see the difference of
course infant mortality is gonna be higher in the united states when we measure every life birth and they use socialized medicine countries do not they don't measure every live birth you have to survive for a period of time of course that's gonna skew the statistics atlas so talked about our we have a lot we have more premature birth in the united states due to lifestyle factors not the health care system so you can throw that's that the gout its meaning was its it it's an post orangist statistic weed measured in the same way secondly i'll leave you with this here the liberals are arguing for government algeria where life inspect and life expectancy here is worse ladies and gentlemen life expectancy is worse in the united states because of obesity and other health for lifestyle style factors has nothing to do without care system manner fact
our illness outcomes and survival rates from cancer and heart disease and our health care system are far better than socialized medicine we are a wealthy that the united states has a large portion of people who happen to be obese which leads to ourselves outcomes get absolutely nothing to do with anything else ridiculous they're just making this stuff up i want to do that ammunition because i'm tellin you heard of your first that's fight is coming at a guy coming and went back and listen to your entire library in your show joe applauded as he was it's odd how much stuff you said was going to happen and actually happened later go back illicit check it out i know i followed it mc ratzinger there i'd their email groups in everything i know exactly what they think it now you have the mental ammunition to fight back i folks
again for opportunity please do not forget to watch a sean at show on fox watch watch every night but watch wednesday night this wednesday and thursday i will be guessed hosting should be fun i will also be guessed hosting his radio programme on wednesday had up running retinal run and up the new york today i so don't forget to wash gonna be a lot of fun we should support don't forget to subscribe to the show thereby gino show on iheart you can follow on itunes podcast app on spotify helps us move up the charts thanks folks i appreciate it i will see you all tomorrow you just heard tan bond gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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