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Ep. 876 This is the Make-or-Break Moment

2018-12-20 | 🔗
In this episode I address President Trump’s most important fight: the border wall. This is the make-or-break moment for President Trump. I also address the stunning revelations about prominent Republicans' roles in the scheme to take down the Trump team. Finally, I address another privacy scandal brewing at Facebook and what it means for you.    News Picks: The judge in the Gen. Flynn case strikes again, this time ordering asylum seekers back to the United States.   These prominent Republicans have been outed for their roles in the dissemination of the dirty dossier.    What did this John McCain associate do to promote the dirty dossier?   You are the product being sold on Facebook.    One-third of Americans say they would pay for the border wall themselves if Congress doesn’t fund it.   This poll indicates that government is the problem in America.   RINO Jeff Flake cannot stop damaging the Republican Party.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee thereby gee i shall produce joe how are you today you doing their yeah what a day yes velvet version on tv filled adverse shot at vienna radio to even slept there on a radio polar rony straps and allowed the drops the upper for that was that was it else do you buy gas listeners out there what are they give you a little i shouted out even set out shards radio show but for those you listen my part it as you know what they're bees we slip that either was kind enough to slip a mother meat loaf in their rodeos cell go and thank you i ain't a day heart felt and i mean it deep heartfelt thank you for the overwhelming positive view
back yesterday on the my first guest hosting appearance on fox news for sean hannity i'll be back again tonight nine p dot m eastern on the fox news channel thank you to everyone that tuned in and your feedback was tremendous i appreciate it was i think i got one negative they said i sound that a little ass a little you know robotic in the beginning yeah you're right but equal jeff understand i guess the fox news channel and you have to do with the fox way first book or you can do it your way you get one of saves your foreign minister measured out will you be i d exactly it's only the biggest gave a loose channel the planet you have the kind of do it their way first before you could do damage the way but i assure you and i say this out of no heir of hubris pretend should at all i always there is no anxiety about it nothing i just i just did and at an when you you know when you did sean show it's not mine you have to do of course have the producers of put up there it was funny
they have great produces i thought the content was this great so i appreciate all the feedback you all really wonderful and i want you to know that everything you sent off your emails my wife and i read of bread em all it means a lot to me so thanks a lot it was a really interesting speech maybe talk a bit more about after the show some of you published announced of work but i think you're brought you by bodies at helix here which is the best mattress out there right now you will never get a more cost effective more comfortable mattress out there because there's nobody on the planet like you so why would you by a generic mattress bill for everyone else true story we have these rights and it's for my daughter but my wife at night sometimes read my don't read my daughter my youngest amelia stories and my wife what's the mattress so much he falls asleep with my daughter on all sides of my great where's paula jeez not yours you fell asleep but to be on the healing sweet mattress helix sleep of sleep quiz it takes two minutes of your time to complete and they use answers to match your body type in sleep references to the perfect mattress with yours i sleeper hot sleeper like me like a pleasure affirmed beds
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man before i get that i'm gonna get the pressing news about the border wall folks were in a real political crisis right now with the entire trump maggie man i don't know any other way to describe it to sum it up what's going on right now is there is a schism in dc developing over this five billion dollars for the board a wall that donald trump wants to construct a board a wall at our borders something he ran on something he promised and one point six billion dollars that the democrats in the swamp rat republicans want to allocate to which is clearly not enough it's not even close to enough to construct a functional border wall to keep our board security is it's not folks i'm worried i know joe is till we talked about this earlier on reed because i support this present president matters to me i think what he's done for the conservative movement and what he's done to battle the swamp to battle the media's at times
very pernicious influence in our politics i think a lot but this president's done is really reset other political amen dc it has done signal the damage to the swamp rat movement we are swamp rach we as like they're sitting out there what did they free in other at their protest thing like the present for what he has our support parada no justice no peace no swamp no peace you know this as it is why we need a video up you gotta see we chose there would ride out irrationally got up is not going to give up and is network may give up easily right they are not going to let this go bathing the swamp is there said suggest this right president is done significant damage to this the we have now is one of his core campaign promises was this border walk it has now been delayed multiple times i think a lot of voters out there were willing to
the president obvious grace period given that he's dealing with the mechanics of washington d c funding that has to be provided by the congress you know that wasn't it the president catches opened his own while and pay for it that's not the way this works the problem now joe is this is one of those clear black or white moments which are very rare in washington dc almost nothing that happens in washington dc is black or white there's always that great well the war but how much this is one of those moments where the around the table they're all in brother or you're not and what i'm worried about right now as i think the president i did states for as i said i do support him and i think he's got a great team i think he is getting some really really really really bad advice from people he has threatened to to shut down the government over this border over the sport of water five billion dollars so we're clear on the argument is eighty five billion to start can
struction on the necessary components as border wall or the one point six billion chuckie humor nancy in the swamp wants which is basically sadly a drop in a bucket and will not from the border wall even close the amount of our financial support it needs right that's it there's no middle ground and the president has clearly laid out this middle ground now the debt cracks playing this up as a strategic disadvantage follow me here the president very good on messaging because he is simple he's not us simple man but he simply with his messaging it a different hope you understand what i'm saying it's on a knock on him the president does a very good job this public speeches of making ideas simple to digest make amerika great again failed the wall caught your taxes it's very very simple what the press didn t now infamous oval office meeting but chuck humor and nancy policy is he the argument very simple for america digest americans like simple arguments again we are not a simple by a group of people just like i'm so making sergeant at present we just like
we're tired of everything being a well if that but this and if that but none of this is very simple you to fund a border whether or not the president made that arguments simple in the oval office any meat in a black or white airbus arguments simple in the oval office any meat in a black or white air be scenario this is it this is like bits it is like digital zero once right now you will therefore my board a wall or we will shut down the government and americans like simplicity because they feel like dc is constantly confusing them with unnecessary bureaucracy and in an intentional cornea copy of stupidity he made it simple this was a good thing the media is playing this up the liberal media like it's a bad thick and of another way the cell oval office mean the president put himself in a box by say the church humor listen you either get me my five billion for the wall varmint shut this government that no he didn't folks i made this argument last week the president one that i'm telling you one that interaction because he put you understand
liberal media understands this they're just trying to steer europe they want you to believe it president put himself in a box saying off i don't get five billion ominous shut the government down but that's not what happened folks with the president elegantly did is made a very simple black or white argument the chuck humour that you eat secure our border or the government will be shut down that's the argument that was really taken away from them how do i know that look appalling on the issue where immigration was not pulling anywhere close to the top of a mere kins concerns upwards of two years ago before the trump presidency look at the gallup poll yesterday immigration was number two government which number one basically out of control government gallop ask people what their top concern was government immigration was number two at sixteen percent the president has successfully driven this narrative into the americans and he has created a very clear black or white scenario which is not boxed him in which his box chuck humor
humor is going to have to argue the american people would nancy pelosi why they refused to fund border wall while this chaos this caravan and all of this other immigration chaos in our southern borders going on in the news every single day that was the genius of the oval office me democrats are panicking about this and so is the media therefore they're trying to paint that oval office meeting as a loss for the president in an effort to get the present an inner circle of people advising him to make and believe that he's in a corner and is in a bad spot he is not this is the mistake its idea believed the president has a president trump legion german i'm not i'm not mean to be his right hand guy that i know women i have this deep psychological input into what's going on in his surreal gray matter i not
but knowing some of the people who work around them and understanding just from even brief interactions he doesn't appear at all be a guy out of touch he seems to be a guy who's very keen on putting his finger on the pulse of americans are thinking that says may he knows he knows himself right now that he not sign this bill which does not find this border want now the senate the swamp don't want to go home for christmas or you want to get over everybody what's going for christmas i'm sorry fellows but this is what we pay you to do and ladys you have this in d c to govern the country ought to be so sad day you want to get out of town for christmas day or go to this then it pass this bill last night without the border while funding remember what we're talking about five billion versus one point six billion the past them
point six billion the house is going to pass this thing to it's gonna wind up on the president's desk i cannot encourage and strong enough terms the present united states is going to have the freedom carcass bacchus if freedom house freedom caucus backing if he does this meadows jim jordan and the good guys he must vito this bill this is a black or white moment going on with the american population listen i'm not blaming the panama trying to cover form cause he hasn't done anything if he signs the bill listeners there's a week we gotta you mean the panama trying to cover for because he hasn't done anything it if he signs the bill listeners there's a week we gotta call it what it is he hasn't yet but i believe in this i believe he really understands what's going on with the population and the people who are out there who listen to call her she'll get out there in the street who were activists at heart like me who here what the public or say i'm you rush limbaugh call that right yesterday when he said this is a red read my lips moment remember what
brilliant i'd right you're right here and now i'm sure you to a number of places is well everyone it back really on activists group emails i'm a part of conservative activist command limbaugh who has been very very good with is putting its finger on the pulse is well taken callers and be it in this movement for gas thirty years limbos the best were crushed the george w bush presidency was the promise at the convention ray it my lips no new taxes in any subsequently signed a taxi it was there it was it was done done the democrats used against them and they crush them then the he get listening trump we'll get absolutely no credit what however from the democrats or the media make no mistake zero mistake here for signing this bill and an end quote compromising the church humor and its policy it will be used to bury his presidency and twenty twenty you can't given the hammer man you know because to them everything's a nail everything at europe political nail give them a hammer they will now that sucker right at the democrats in the media
that's not they make no distinction good nails bad nails nothing everything's and i hit and this use this ammunition now i you ve been hearing a lot of this i like to provide some obviously you it can alsus or not they d show would be worth your while so what is it i just wanna hit on here because i got a lot of stuff together with facebook and she's so much going on let's game this out you know i went to business school i enjoyed it i went to pen stay where i did i did an mba i really did i enjoyed is one of the few educational experiences i found really rewarding where i feel like i learn things from you no net present valued you know hurdle raids in i chose analysis and outside really did i enjoyed it but one of the best things i took out a business school is this idea of just simple swat analysis not swat like us eighteen swat like shrinks weaknesses opportunities threats but i've got a lot of you want the business worry vienna or which is what you must understand understand that is enough to be a business school person gets a complicated a very simple way to go
theory and strategies out where your advantages are our where you weaknesses aren't had a leverage in my let's game this our trump and the signing of the bit which i'm telling you we should not do do not sign this bill without the border funding it will be a devastating blow to your presidency what's the opera let's view this to a strict strategic game theory analysis what is the opportunity here joe and what is this to the presidency opportunity here is border security porter secure he is a message that is clearly resonate it is a such donald trump has tattooed on his forehead everywhere it is a message donald trump has strategic quickly imbued back into the eric and psyche that borders matter our national sovereignty matters control migration matters this matters we can see it in the polls we can see the trump election we can see it by even some of the calls i took on how to that guy yesterday the end was furious i took up
at the end of the shot out the share in the guise of this and i am ready to throw my mega hat nagorno jiffy scientists bill i was tough the here for me to start but i don't want to avoid the call i knew what he was going to say it was important people heard that tromp has put they are an opportunity for himself what is the opportunity he has made border security and issue where i'm telling you in the past although it's been important it's never been as important as it is now he is done that he is move the needle on how does he the advantage now of strength in this critical black the white moment this is what swat analysis is too low bridge this opportunity to advance the football in this opportunity what is prompt shrink think about it think force what is his strength what is trump straight what pushed this the presidency in a historic electoral college went again the simplicity and elegance of here's what you know alex
this probably a bad work some people say while is a sorry he could be a little gruff fine fair enough i don't wanna dance around euphemisms this implicit of his messaging trump talks like you when i thought he doesn't use focus group tested heard he doesn't do the dance he doesn't play the euphemism game he sits in the oval office says to chuck human yelling either a secure the boredom shut november that nobody nobody would have said that in the past no republic saint john you can't say that you can't say your check that's not how we can and i just did that had now finger you while there you go the american people get if they go ok what's trump about trump wants a secure the borders are where the government shut down yet no one would have said that it would have been confusion in the past why the porter shut that while the government shut out i dont know what another president danced around this focus group tested word isn't have they control strategic inflows of the reach one be visa population because we're gonna be a market sensitive
because our community in everybody's like what the hell are you talking about trumps accept a dab warm shut and a government that you get it secure the border or it's done he has his twitter he has the bali pulpit and he has the ability to cut through the clutter and make very black or white message to the american people if the government is to shut down joe because he vetoes this bill which he should do i can't edison strong enough terms if he vetoes this bill he will be able to say i am doing this because i want to secure the country whereas other republicans in the past would have danced around focus group tested consultant terminology and would have confused this not out of the american people so again how do we take advantage of his strength to take advantage of an operative the opportunities border security he should take advantage of his messaging strength and if they want to shut it down shut it down he will not lose don't doubt it
he's been doubted before he has been questioned before you be the believe in yourself mr president right now are you don't we believe in you you have to fight this now that this is the matrix has obviously being swallowed it and it's a two by two matrix there i'm gonna go to all of them except one unit with its active class and swat analysis but just one more on this what's the threat the threat here has been shut down and ass how do we mitigate the card the currency of a threat we he's right here is what it has shut down think about right out of a piano again not to really want about this but it's important that is sometimes call since work better than assertions to kind of probe the audience in a really it'll it'll calcified in your brain i think if we think about it more together right what is that
weakness here trump has in any in the presence of a threat the threat is the shut down its weakness show is a media now not his weakness trump it's our weakens the media regard of how large of a footprint democrats have in governments shot thou joe will always do what put him the republic in tax matters democrats can put out an edict tomorrow saying we love shut down we love shift has wikipedia thought was tat of the democrats could be protest they get mass out further await us with snow hides wiki he'll have shut down kings the democrats they can be trading baseball cards like the number one draft pick the shutdown is an energy policy at it doesn't matter media boot liquors it but guessers are always going to cover for the democratic republic is oh my gosh agree to people
i ain't going the shot that people are they're not gonna make it they're not gonna be able to cut it folks how do we do that how do we mitigate or control this threat the shut down threat by minimizing a weakness any answer is the exact same as the other one that's how you know it's the right one it's same answer is taking advantage of an opportunity trump is had this eighty do simple messaging twitter the bully pulpit to break through this clatter and combat this medium message and do what the media as an ally i had a democrat and paint the liberal media which they do often as being politicians and activists for uncontrolled borders just like the democratic party in other words trump made the media part of the message the democrat message by pain
thing them consistently and accurately and made most cases as active not journalists what do i mean by he is the ability to mitigate this week the media to minimize the effects of it by not painting them joe as independent arbiters of truth you get what i'm saying he just says hey just want them in with the activists and the liberals cassettes what they are and right whereas report kids again show in the past on to media to can attack god forbid yeah the exit yes that's another grecian you should said the internet you joe wrote a notice you got it you said that i'm here joe's right again is trump strengthen message in the past the media successfully painted this is a compassion and immigration issue were joe just wrote a little note we were but isn't this a security issue the answer is yes of course it is but no republic it has had the holidays to say that the past but trump trumps in oval office doing what again we keep coming back to the same thing in his ability to simplify a message to the point that you just wrote denoted isn't this
our national security yes of course it is but in the past the media dictated the terms of the narrative do their gas lighting efforts and republicans were told you can't find people that by by the barrel that alliance and actual i don't the media just let it go let it rock and roll folks know don't let it rock n roll don't how do you like them apples that's too that's some basic i just i thought to myself this morning like how do we explain this to do anything in the game it out so just gaming they are tromp can't lose either way he can't lose he cannot who's this border fight the porter fight shall tumor and policy if trumps stand strong will fall and if he'd if we stand strong and the report begins in the in the swamp override his veto and tat bill anyway that doesn't accurately adequately and financially fund the border wall request he's making a very simple request then what we do joe even better trump
paints himself as an outsider from the swamp establishment on the republican and democrats sign a message by the way folks network to massive electoral college win it twenty sixteen election think about it gosh if i you know i love you he back on the show because i'm enjoying this a lot because i really like game theory strategy and apply business principles to the real world in the real world politics to buzz i bribed ran for office i know what it's like on the inside what was one donald trump strategic advantages i remember knocking on doors running for congress in the same election cycle donald trump ran i would have conversations with you about this all the time twenty sixteen i would knock on doors of just a democratic and hiv trop sign why you voted for trump the union work or for use guy talks my language think about the advantage here that government shuts down trumps as i am absolutely not signing this bill if you don't find my board oh all right the government shut down two and three weeks the republicans of course
weak kneed most of if not all of them we do have good guys mark meadows jordan and syria and jim jordan the other guys over there the freedom caucus members but the weak need softer publicans who never stand on principle joe after a couple weeks of course take is margaret thatcher said they go wobbly don't go ok now you do what you do if that new rules for granting legal togo wobbly honest i will do that this is jos specialities issues where he is for various characters we ever use those that are worth stoka now they're they're ready to wobbly now and the government is even shut down here so i can expect after two three weeks you will see them go wobbly what will they do they'll sign this border package without the border while funding and to we can then go out there and yes they look i'm not one of these guys not being one of those guys do you understand that twenty sixteen not being airports one of them and by that i mean the unit party the democrats and republicans by not be
one of them he can run in twenty twenty and say look i did what was it for you in the face of a massive onslaught by lobbyists and connected swamp rats and the other side therefore if you're a democrat you can comfortably come over and vote for me because look not allied to the swamp no matter what the are the d is in front of their name folks game it out the present cannot possibly lose by sticking these guns on this and i know some people listen i'm begging you humbly and respectfully please do i sell out your presidency by signing this bill you cannot lose there is no question he has the guts to do it not i think an elite at the same time one a little longer on the segment and i wanted to become join in and i hope you are too i am sorry if you're not but if this segment means a lot to me he is just getting really
bad advice he's getting bad advice i'm sorry he has people around him who were telling him things that are not accurate and i know for a fact that this has the nerve to do this he won't he will help your vault prove went to the stratosphere if you can just please stick to your guns folks i move i'm today show also produces the perfect time of the season for this sponsor thank you by the way everyone who emails me feedback not just me i appreciate as very nice about joe gets it my wife get had set up a bit about sponsors i appreciate i just want you to know if you have feedback about our sponsors that you like send it on my way i send it onto the company's i've i give you my word i send the end they love it they love to read it and i got a really nice email the other day about it company man creates this is the perfect tommy year from increased because you know is a guy you gotta made its
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that comes lash dan that's man crates dot com slash dan feared of love it is really really cool stuff ok ah big big big news i'm out yesterday regarding the dossier and as i have said to you and the reason i wanted to talk about by the way the structure of the showed where i spent a lot of time it together so it flows and make sense the region i address the spending bill the border security bill in the republicans in the swamp first before this story given you know you will take this massive revelation about the spy gate the saga and john mccain and the swamps involvement and they can why would you but their first she wrote a book about it the answer because i wanted to set up to you first how trump has never been a friend of the swamp yes he is a registered republic in who ran under the republican party banner and is now a republican present i have the case to you from day one that what i like about donald trump specifically is i have had issues with the establishment republican party myself it beyond this
this yet jonah was with with this podcast beyond corporate his shop but tromp is not afraid to block the party ladies and gentlemen i have said for months that the attacks on donald trump during the primary do the whole spy gate saga and the distribution of the of the dirty fake hoax dossier do out media outlets the damage donald trump was not just a democrat endeavour read the book i mean i can't why it's my i get it and it gets annoying to keeps it but we but so much work into a dc mcallister map colombo when i on the research side the involvement of republicans in the distribution of a hoax dossier about donald trump is is is is deep it's in there you walk through it now finally yesterday starts making it into some some are promoted outlets today call or chuck ross ever great piece in the show knows today please i encourage you to read it sign up for my email is upon gene
a camel emily's articles write to you it is fine we come out their multiple republicans got a hit although the dossier and read the dossier and that one of em got the dossier specifically from buzzfeed who are these people read to you from this daily collar peace ensure across this is there was a dare more the bull defamation lawsuits do you understand how this information about republicans disseminating looking at distributing and asking for the dossier get out there a lot of it full joe who are mentioned in the dossier was soon federal court for desert the defamation excuse me say hey listen my name in the stasi this is total crap and in those lawsuits acorn you copy of information is coming out because people are forced to go on the record for the first time the other day we reveal that the first steel in a lawsuit overseas about the dossier had a reveal that the purpose of the dossier was for hillary clinton steam to challenge the election after it was over which was enormous revelation think about that prison
steel said on on on the record in a deposition that today see a full of foreign intelligence information from russians russian and intel was used to challenge the u s election think about that let that process and sit from it while another revelation happened yesterday on wednesday federal judge on wednesday reveal just how widely christopher steel distributors infamous anti trumped rca rep adam kensington he's a report this is now this is a republican congress he's out of democrats you seen him on foxhole paul ryan shocker chow stun paul riots chief of staff john bert receives steals reports in december of twenty sixteen before busby but published the dossier in full court documents say that's the did the dossier materials to you think bert paul rise office claims at purchase never met the own did not receive documents directly the british spy ok
in receiving the role how'd you get him there did you asked for why did you ask what did you think too that this yourself for here's what's going on here this was a before fusion jp at the dossier contrary to what you call me keep saying up and up on capital that former a disgrace that be either dossier project was funded exclusively by democrats the hiring of fusion gps though to do opposition work on donald trump was so a republic in project don't forget that we do the truth here we're not protecting any party patronage none of this stop the war didn't free beacon woot i liked their work actually retweet they were sometimes they had an interest obviously in getting information on donald trump i can agree with it are not political opposition research is not illegal it's done all the time
they had he been arrangement with fusion gps to get opposition research on donald trump the das a project or so you understand the facts clear as day black and white that dossier the hopes tat year project was exclusively a function of hillary clinton and democrats do not let jim combing confusion he's trying to inflate the two having that that is not absolve the republican party or people in it not all of them obviously good people out there still but that does not republican party members involved in this for their role in either seeking out or disseminating the stasi up on capital here on apparently a representative kensington i'm all right old chiefest they have got their midst on this thing to from by sweet why they want it what did they do with it i think these are fair question ask i'm not gonna preemptively judge anyone i mean listen you get information on any one you read it fair enough but i like them on the record i get them on a cable news appearances someone some entrepreneurial reporter i hope today i'm sure
ellie callers on it they ve been doing you know yeoman work on this someone needs to get them on the record how did you read this dossier paul ryan chiefest step the most powerful public and congressmen on their why did you re where did you get it from who told you about it did do anything with it ladies and gentlemen i mean you know you have to be a former criminal investigator to think this through did you it to someone else did you did you in any way interface with the intelligence and law enforcement community regarding the stasi did you know was a hoax these are important questions i'm gonna get to what why this was such a big deal why they did this in a second but to follow even worse i have another article in the show not show david kramer a well known and established friendly confidant of then now decease god rest his soul john mccain but the truth matters david kramer
though seat of john mccain has now also been implicated in delhi collar article which is which i put in a show notes as well david kramer john mccain associate is now been out as the source for buzzfeed for the dossier think about that the dossier made it into the entire public discourse the dirty dossier the hostess here when all the nonsense allegations cohen go in prague the ppp tape stuff that nonsense that made it into the public realm and me into the public realm for a reason show it was only put by buzzfeed and am to die donald trump it was always assume that this document out into the public arena because it was handed to buzzfeed now if you read my book or the wise pride always assumed that this vacuum with the dossier was handed the buzzfeed by democrats folks
it appears now according to reporting by the daily collar that it was in fact people connected to some establishment republicans at did this when i thought i was out pull me back never seen a movie past the love backward yes it is embarrassing i have never seen a godfather then is the godfather right that came from sopranos audits now yet it we're talking about the move the guy found they were talking about so that's from this but it is about god for yet so i'm not crazy like you're not going to revenues are always off better but joe getting back to my original point here about why the republicans perceived donald trump to be such a threat because now it is crystal clear we can't run from this anymore this is a swamp versus magda thing this is not a democrat republican thing please don't confuse this at all why would they public in so hell bent on taking down donald trump and his team whether it was
people associated with john mccain people associated with paul ryan adam kissing her other republicans people at the washed in free beacon folks you have to understand donald trump was a threat to two things the kind of pass patronage system that goes on in washington dc and the prestige process in power love to have their butkus they do you know i a kite little candid on the show today i mean it i'm sorry i'm gonna wasting your time so try to avoid personal stories have an hour of your time but sometimes i just if you don't and i'd like to add a little but a collar commentary here i've been of relatively say it i'm a quiet guys they hold my entire life nobody really knew who i wasn't mean your secret service guy my most most my life for a police officer and your friends your neighbors once in a while people see on tv with the secret service but i'd never had any kind of touch of notoriety now
i say this in in with no heir of pretension all don't take it the wrong way but over the last three four years things have changed for me thanks to the grace of god and opportunities being put in front of me that is presented with an opportunity to be involved in a national dialogue in a more pronounced way and i thank the lord for that every day i mean i know joe does as well above us your sinners but both of us are also our believers too and we are very grateful but i also thank god every day that notoriety did not than to me at any other time in my life i knew it had to be forty years old to have been kicked to lebanon three different careers to have lost leap on overseas trips in some of the hottest hot zones in a world protecting president's high disagreed with ice it'll be a rookie cop in new york in the universe the baron and fill it out acts at reports at two o clock in the morning on no sleep i needed to have gone
at school in graduate school and in graduate school again and have been a dad i needed to be made fun of and bullied is a kid i needed to have been through a divorce my parents and i needed to have lived my life and become me first because notoriety is very corrupting it is folks a very poor men in radio person many of us know tell me something once i never forgot he said you know you're gonna you're gonna get somewhat famous in this movement sir and he should remember the role of two hundred every person you treat crap tells two hundred people what a jerk you are and i never forgot that i say that and forgive me the moment our commentary there because it is corrupting power and
out of these men and women who go up on capital hale s first term congressmen or senators have been relatively anonymous their entire lives there now surrounded by lobbyists by money people by of people who were they be attracted to men or women or whatever that are constantly but they gotta i mean you gotta see pack and other things in your surrounded by by people who want to shake your hand and take selfies scares me sir may i kiss your but joe you been i mean you better the events with me i mean it's you see how other people are and i'm not trying to put myself in an elevated status i'm just suggested you folks it having being on the recipient end up having people treat me like crap when i was a secret service agent you know who i am i'm congressmen sort yeah whatever through just keep going i get it daddy i just get there
i get i see european i get it your important you're the smartest guy in the world i'll just ass you right i've been on the receiving end of that i always understood what it feels like to be treated like crap alive these men and women don't this whole internal prestige system upon capitol hill was john mccain kissing opera if we do we need this video up shout price like an actor on this day he's that they really do please this is like a shakespearian play you reject the rights they they're so self important that did it someone like donald trump comes onto the scene has not paid reverence to them with tell me who is not walked into ryan's office and it was not walked into mccain's office or anyone else and has not paid the propria respect to these republicans and much
knocking o was a very nice guy to me i want to be clear i'm just trying to explain to you that this prestige system is very real you go on it sounds artificial dan sounds very flowery no no no no no joe joe haven't politicians have you had it see gosh the radiation two hundred too hot is a bit thousands he's been there forever that lot from a nice guys and women but when you argue that every one of them has an eager yeah yeah i mean have you you always have its part of the business here they trump didn't care trump surgically remove his lips away from the collective but of the establishment swamp whereas everyone else has surgically so their lips to it these people were terror
find a trump the republicans too because he refused to do the patronage game he was not going to kiss there but he was not going to promise them jobs he was not gonna promised their family jobs he was gonna do whatever the hell he wanted he didn't want their money he didn't care about their into ice and saving care about their endorsements but it certainly wasn't though something he counted on i mean who endorse them sessions and abate a couple more that was about it i mean huckabee after they pulled out but his endorse the endorsement game was minimal he refuse he broke the whole mould these guys sit mariner office corrupted by power many of us some of them haiti is corruption is a serious work but many of them tainted by powers probably more precise and i want to be overly harsher hyperbolic but tainted by power in the least who were so disturbed by this outside or coming in that day themselves make sure they played in
go role and the dissemination of this fake dossier against trumped to say watchful we're gonna knock this guy down a peg looking this guy the ppp tape while bb that's bad we can have that look it michael cohen what the prague and a hacked into the dnc mackay media people view seems never gathering wants to ask the people gave it to haze is true how do you think they would something like that happened to them i just i want you to understand with this border fight right now that's why cover that first this mccain story begins in your story the job story and all this coming out now this is not democratic republic and fight do not be confused clearly now a mega movement fight versus the swamp and donald trump does himself no favours by law turning to swamp republican saint arch sign no porter they will never ever
were beyond his side the next time be dossier comes up i promise you republican swamp rats will be the first ones in line to grab and disseminated through the media themselves they hate this guy it is a visceral hatred because refuses to play the patronage game telling you the notoriety taints people they see get they crave it they have to be at all times recognized and have pats on their back and be told how wonderful they are trump didn't do it he didn't do he doesn't do it now you go after public he for ways you right back and is twitter account he doesn't care you hit but it should be it with a right you hadn't really hit you with a cross he had won an opera it gives you a body shouted kidneys you give him for you give him a body shatter the kidneys he knives you that's it's the way he is he's not going back down and drives them crazy he is
the anti patronage game gosh i love that when asked what i'm serious i'm one of my favorite she's having read for office i'm so sensitive to this this this is lacking so pathetic when i ran the first time and now it's funny people who especially in maryland my ran i need who you are making name names not nano sense for airports an open wounds but had no name notoriety at all when i first ran all these politicians higher damning like you you know we like your career in secret service and on all that's great makes regret but i hears we're going to do before the in any we're all just pompous arrogant jerks and now some of them people call me harry potter you whatever seriously party has no name recognition i remember i was living in stevens village roger had come off the bridge chesapeake bay
they do not achieve this guy wave doing the wave down on our way but it is good it is planned that does it is apparent that our does he do it with that's what i did for road you every single day of it set out there would assigned jobs not taxes and ways of people were bombed gino for senate and we won that primary mare we'd be ten people wavered sides of the craziest thing work brother artwork matter now so i met some of you asked me that how i met us how i met joe i was called by you see beyond which is the big talk radio station in baltimore region sean give the morning show the still there that's where joe works as a morning producer a call and they said aid you want to come in and that's where i met joe joe said to me at the time embryos you say i do a little tiger fever looking for some campaign work i like what you have to say that was what seventy six or do you believe that you ever think about doing this for a
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couple more stories here before we roll so this facebook stories getting a lot of traction i'd be remiss if i don't address at facebook apparently has been caught again for watching the until the time and in other data privacy debacle your times is reporting their facebook allowed access to it it's private messengers app to netflix bought and was it a bank i believe in three specific outlets were at some point enabled to this court in new york times reporting were unable to read price messages on facebook in other words access somehow two messages you thought on facebook we're private now facebook is fighting back and saying listen these companies had nobody start party apps had no ability to delete them or reed if a traffic it was really just a means for those companies to communicate whose right or wrong with that depends on what version of the eventual reading
i just want to say to you and make sure you fully understands which many of you do i get a lot of traffic on this with facebook twitter social media and the like instagram i dont think there's a government solution for this i think there is the deficit in problem solving here is not a lack of government deficit as a lack of understanding and i dont say that in my gay hey look at you europe i'm not trying to knock any by you're all busy and people like facebook for us liberal as they can they are people use it your friends around it and they find some value in it and we know that because you use it no one's going to waste all that time on facebook if they didn't find it somewhat useful i've kind of pared down my he spoke usage a little bit beginner because the left leaning platform and i had bothered bothers me at times that that they do what they do but still on their it does benefit us forget the message out there the deficit is not in the amount of government we need to help us solve this
in other words more governmental fixed a facebook privacy but none not the case the deficit here is an understanding you have understand when you get on facebook in instagram and twitter that there they product being sold in their product is not facebook being sold as you you who are the product you information is clearly clear keeping saw how else would facebook make money now there a couple ways in this space to make an armed revenue to keep a company like that profitable you can see the real estate right in other words if i want to make money to keep i mean what do we do on our show on our shared acute wee wee wee two payment miles decent but she's probably appropriate because if it's almost anywhere we have to pay my mom's weak do subscriptions where you all would pay for content yourself we choose keep the show free to you the shows not free that show costs a lot of money and a lot of money
any idea how much money across to put a show with this kind of volume and downloads that you be shocked i keep free to you before sponsors pay to talk to you that's not a mystery we always had one of these reasons i'm always the other sponsors want to be here i'm always very clear they want to talk to you how do i not because they sponsor our show it's no mystery what they're selling the problem with facebook it's still a mystery to some people what their selling they are doing the exact same thing they are selling access to you but whereas our show does not sell your data we have no way to do that i do are you listening out their wisconsin in europe you know you're fishermen i don't sell your your data to accompany it sells fishing ports we don't he read ads for a conservative audience where coming you wanna come in and talk to you it wasn't me our conservative it just means they want to talk to this audience what facebook is selling
access to your data that is but say coagulated at a different level it's more aggregated at a different level i don't have access that that is very valuable what do i mean by that if europe politician right running for office and one new influence a certain pocket of voters and a republican primary enflowered is nineteenth congressional district right it make any sense for you to send an ad about your campaign to a republican voter in texas is first congressional district the answer absolutely no it is a complete one hundred percent total waste of money you have to get to that person what my show offers is a big big audience so my show says to our our our value proposition is our audience and i do i say this with no heir of protection against his true with the sector biggest show in the country right our audience is so big that regardless of
advertisers whether its helix are we the people you are somehow going to find a mattress buyer and you are going to find a holster buyer because you got any hits a darn bay that you're gonna get customer acquisition here's where selling en masse we're not selling anything specific facebook does the opposite with facebook is you volunteer information when you start your facebook account what am i like joe alikes friedrich kayak gudgeon likes books by thomas soul joe likes star wars movies you check all these boxes whatever you like cipher that data is in hence less valuable because our companies don't have to pay for mass distribution they can for very sigh aggregated distribution amongst people they want to talk to specifically accompany could go into facebook and say i want to advertise too conservative voters who go to church
john sunday who are christian who fish and who like barbecue and all the sudden facebook can see here is a foley over fifty thousand people now in of paying for mass distribution who only paying for distribution to fifty thousand people bingo now you may say well there what is now that's the best part the way to go why wouldn't have what then why don't you do that the he's an we don't do that and we sell our entire show absent your personal information is i don't want your personal information i don't be responsible for it now listen if you want just a few volunteered like we sent out for instance once a demographic servant it's very generic we send us and we appreciate the responses but that was just to get idea of what our audience look like that wasn't to sell you there the cell the show in other words we found out our show was of a lot of young p
well listen to the shop which is very valuable but we weren't selling you you know what i mean if you responded to our demographic survey in your college kid i promise you're not getting a sales pitch from someone because your job we just went advertiser say look you try can folks were clear my order is say whatever was fifty percent eighteen two to thirty five or what for the demographic breakdowns we weren't selling you we were selling the date of what the show that's what he's because there actually selling you you to understand that one you volunteered to get on their there's no cutting in a court you are in more data is already part of their there that their data set that they are selling you they are not selling an aggregate product in other words nobody goes onto facebook with demographic breakdown of facebook facebook fifty one percent eighteen to twenty five and buys all a facebook nobody it's a billion users nobody
i kind of money i want to sponsor day for all a facebook it would cost like a hundred million dollars the duello it out and who knows what it costs i've i've never had to do that facebook is asking you for you or info you are being so now as long as you know that it's a fair deal but the deficit is in people not understanding that its people who died no that who feel like they were shall act they feel like while this is right my data with some folks tat is the proposition and these it is very very specific they do it because you are segregated coagulated information in this in these at least in these chunks is very valuable to people who don't have the money to buy all a facebook that's that fritz between the model we do here where we sell a large show the whole shell assuming that the show is large enough that people are going to buy man creates and people are gonna buy helix but the benefit to us is weak
we'll have to intrude on your privacy and i prefer that model and we're gonna stick to that while i love that conversation to facebook its people first about our folks i really appreciate unit in today again if you don't mind please tune into the sean hannity show tonight at nine p m on fox news i will be guessed hosting tonight again please dvr it if you don't mind i please watch and i really appreciate your support and give me your email feedback i read it i read it all last night thanks a lot please grab to our show on itunes sound cloud i heard a radio you can follow it is free to subscribe but is you're subscriptions you actually subscribing to show free that helps us drive up the charts a lot of these top charts rankings are based on subscriptions shockingly not downloads i still can't figure out why but please after the show we really really appreciated thanks a lot
i will see you all again tomorrow you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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