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Ep. 879 What Happened to the Market Yesterday

2018-12-25 | 🔗

In this episode I address the stock market dive and the top fake news stories of 2018.News Picks:Here are the top fake news stories for 2018.

President Trump has a shutdown message.

Why is Bob Corker going after the president, again?

The Democrats are all in on radical leftism for 2019.

An alternative view on interest rates.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know how merry christmas how how very christie love christmas this guy or you a christmas guy not particularly the napo jumbo oval boxing day guy ceramic boxing day guy how are you today produced which i have to ask you that email hunting ho ho we ain't got no snow yet where was this florida so no one even ass the snow is down here that like what does that wide starve what it was that if it happened people would be all confused there was for the internet they think there was like a volcanic eruption they think there like ass coming out of the sky the internet they figure it out pretty quickly so that's nice and worn down here seventy three degrees today so are you know
of florida whether it's beautiful swam of dounia i welcome thereby gino show on this christmas day i told you reader we give you show and i i got some good stuff way that i got a lot of emails yesterday joe after the disastrous day the stock market had dad you gotta explain let's go and i need always it panic time now it's not it's not so i want to go to today what i think is going on with the economy and also go to the best stuff new stories of twenty eight ten have amber effie over at the daily caller who put together the definitive list of fake news for twenty eighteen so it should be a fund show i'm hoping you all having a great christmas morning hope you in your kids all gotta good visit from santa now i know my keys tat a blast so they loved it are today show brought to buy deborah the zebra dot com slash stand or fear but the zebra december the archives ashley
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de edgy zebra z be our a dot com slashed air shack it check it kiddos yeah right what's gonna unstuck oh but bad day yesterday not the your christmas eve six hundred fifty put records about loud i that the emails where voluminous you know i'm a show is pretty heavy on economics after a very long time still covered spidey attended that take over some of our attention for a while but this so worthy time especially during christmas is wonderful day to tell everybody if you want my opinion many give it here it's not good but i dont think its panic time let me tell you first what is going on the lot of you know the serenity and a lot of really bright financial people so if you do in your grace i mean email if you don't you disagree semi anymore i'll read it folks
people are just chasing some yield right now i mean it's the history of humankind is to make money and make your money make money on its own if you make money by taking the cap well you have accumulated it and lending it out and getting an interest rate of return that surpasses inflation you are making honey based on your accumulating capital by now doing anything other than making investment decisions you're not thinking ditches anymore that is the story of humankind story of economic growth if you have money and you have a big million dollar idea what do you do joe you take your money and you put it into your idea if you do have a million dollar idea but you think other companies in the stock market that are publicly trading companies or if you want to be a venture capitalist or whatever private financing you can enter your money invested else when you can chase yield on your money you can chased return and you want to make more money with a right interest rate environment were rising interest rate environment they just raise the rate its now two point five
the federal reserve just race rates to two point five percent in a rising rate environment show there are always there are going to be other investment options outside of the stock market where you will be able to get yield on your money for less risk now having said you're having state the obvious there two point five percent is not a historically high interest rate i think in the while the interest rates are very low money this following freely in the quantitative easing environment with extremely low interest rates over the last decade or so money was easy to find the interest rate on money wasn't hard there wasn't hard to pay back they were historically low people or chasing money where they couldn't find yield elsewhere they couldn't find a return because a lot of he's interest rates are benchmark the federal fronds rate so if you can't find a return on anything else out their bonds or thing what do you do you put your money in the stock market focused
again i auto meanness oversimplify this but sometimes makes there is being fascinated with economics and economists in general is they never you a definitive answer and they always want to talk down to you as if you're the stupid one when a lot of them not all of them are the ones who always give you the wrong answer there met when it was a joke about a kindness i need a one arm economies because there are always telling you while on one hand put that on the other hand they always seem to have the wrong answer you no other jokes he's predictive you know seventy two out of the last five recessions i've waited predicting a recession every six months through this is what a lot of economists who i'm not knocking them a lot of my very bright i have a lot of respect for thomas saw rest aubert's get that a barbaric who did some great work on gun government a government bonds being net worth or not i mean there alone good people out there who are very smart but if they had
the answers all the time then we wouldn't constantly get this wrong i can argue and make it pretty different in case you the housing crisis we had was function largely of a lot of loose money is well so the economist sign in order to get some e mails back from people i'm just asking like be civil about and understand that people like myself who i education's in finance so i did my this degree in but comics is my personal passion that other people out there have alternative use based on history and common sense we flooded the money we have flooded the market with cheap money for a long time that money once make money this is the king sent show that money was making money in interest rate the nominated vehicles because interest rates were historically low so if you're trying to make money in your money and you're not making money on interest rates and bonds and things like that interest be denominated assets where you gonna put it you're gonna put the stock market which ran
stock market prices a p ratios alot of prices are a lot of stock market my in my humble opinion a lot of stocks are overpriced right now because people were chasing you which are now simply making a bit you know what what i perceived to be a modest correction yesterday was bad we're down quite a bit but considering the run up job we ve had over the past few years if you and did your money just you know three four years ago when they went somewhere when some stocks were still cheap you're still doing ok you'll be fine in the long run so i think it's people chasing healed who are now reversing the trend because interest rates are going up and they don't have to worry about the risk of the market so they could take them the rising interest rate environment put indifferent vehicles with a risk isn't there i don't think it's time to panic now on the interest rate front because i'm getting a lot of feedback about this
by the way so you know because i'm always open to alternative perspectives on some other shows out there challenge the host all you want in today's show notes i haven't article the end by louis would heal who have tremendous respect for and even more to vote bright guys who complain we disagree with me i have there article up in the washington times saying this is a catastrophic mistake the fed rate interest rates i want you read both sides and hear me out one of us right one of us is wrong either thing or a bad thing i don't think the raising of interest rates right now where they are is as disastrous a decision as spot folks let not as well you know one of the few areas i disagree with the prisoner here's why now so precise explain why i think the market is correcting a bit chasing yield interest rates are going up there simply finding other vehicles ponds and otherwise they don't have the ring
give equities in stocks if they can catch yield ought to make money under money i don't think it's time to panic folks the markers there good inflation is low the other restless world markets are in a lot of trouble the united states just productive productivity is going up wages are going up growth rate we're going up right now out there's only one big panic marker icy and it's a big one it's our debt situation our that's right so it's not all peaches and cream but on the growth metrics the united states is doing fine when the growth rates dipping into the negative and we start hitting recession god forbid recessionary numbers that it's time to panic the growth rates are doing just fine now again a few retiring tomorrow and that money to invest in the stock market it's your pension i'm not trying to minimize make no mistake the
albums you're having way now i'm just saying i know what you're say because it's christmas and i want you to be optimistic and all i get that i do but i'm telling you that i don't believe we are in aid slow growth no growth environment i believe stocks are correcting a bit they'll find the floor once they find that floor we'll see growth again that growth may be you may about in a little high that growth maybe a little slower we might do shoot up to twenty five thousand again in a month take a year may take seven months it may take a monster may take a little more than a year but we'll get back there our stock values or more commensurate with the value of the companies they represent long term i wouldn't panic people are simply taking money from one vehicle putting them in another ok another reason not to worry folks there's money to theirs money to loan out there when you look at what
putting a financial institutions that this credit is not hard to find it shifts in the house you know what are the reasons he wanted you want to keep interest rates low during oath periods is because you want businesses we could business opportunities show to be able to find money to invest in those opportunities produce productive base this ventures pay their employees while i get that there is money to loan right now there's really know disastrous signs you can always find some hallmarks of hay this could be it but a trouble but there's no disastrous signs of short people not being able to find money to fund quality business ventures out their larger available i had a move to fail and let's get ohotny loans or away money is available credits available economies growing again not
i don't see any really flashing red for now i get the debt situations bad and i want to minimize it one more reason not to panic here ladies and gentlemen overseas is a mess right now we have it global economy we are the only ones you s citizens looking for yield searching for yield and looking for ways to make money i think that's obvious it's not like some dan gino islamic while really other people looking to make money can they are problem is how do you make money on your money as i started the shop mania to make money you can work you can develop income what if you're at that your life we developed a bug a large dash of capital you that money to earn money for you wear it this business opportunities happening ladies and gentlemen news for us they are happening right here and a great old usa oh that's where we are right now we are the hottest world economy
the reason money in the united states is not that hard to find the right now to fund business ventures global capital is rushing into the united states to take advantage of the growing for three and four percent u s economy overseas is a mess you don't really have any competition right now these economy is not dead they want to do a lot of its potemkin village anyway a lot of the chinese economy to general fraud in and of itself state you know state funded companies that are just the mass balance sheets than are awful horrible investments environs these policies are really reckon the instead that the country's air quality china's amass right now japan and slow growth environment yeah some some hot countries overseas so some of the baltic states but in in in terms of availability in a pool of healthy companies that are growing ladies gentlemen they listen puts
your head apply put your chin ban uranium the states of amerika whatever if it's just i gotcha ho jon looks like captain morgan right now all we need is a me up in the air that's a good idea that we need this video by colleagues showed worrying gub exude just words the details make it nice nice why you're here it states citizen you already powerhouse economy right now growing foreign three percent these flooding in that's good news that's good news now to give you some historical context for a moment armies interest rates going up i'm gonna lie emails pryingly a lot a negative one dead flight nowhere to be found why you say in these in this interest rates are or not a bad and what why don't get it they shouldn't be raising gives you crushing the economy there
crushing the economy folks we are gone to have two at some point normalize normal as our our central bank policy our federal reserve policies in our interest rates the federal reserve is whole thing trillions of dollars in assets trillions of dollars and assets through its quantitative easing programme it is going bought a lot of government bonds so in other words our guns and our only sanction federal bank they said we require government anthony i don't care what they tie if it's a central bank is never fully separatist nonsense our ideas states government actually that's a good question romania that georgia job put another question i love this the central bank the united states essentially printed money to buy shown debt which aid more debt why because we
it did more money which made your money worth less cause it's quantitative easing were holding judd u s car denominated assets in the federalist there are moaning that at the same time they are upping interest rates which is late the kind of a double whammy effect because when the federal reserve think about in reverse its easier understand when the federal reserve printing money to buy who s denominated assets it can drive interest rates down because it can zella tell you get what i'm saying the federal government but if the federal reserve comes because you know what whereby it at whatever they can tell it then they got up the interest rate here to sell tell you gave them say and the federal government but if the federal reserve comes because you know what whereby it at whatever they can operate efficiently lower interest rates by printing their own money i'm trying to say is it's kind of a double whammy at the same time but danger here is were holding hundreds of billions trillions of dollars and assets the federal reserve sheep that we're gonna have to get rid of that when you refer
the process of lowering interest rates by printing money it's by default to raise interest rates by not printing money and a matter of fact having to sell those bonds and absurd our money out of the economy this affair reserves holding the bonds you're gonna have to get rid of them right right right so it double whammy this double whammy could be very bad if we hold onto this for too long now is inflation that's it some critical mass now no not even close it's not but i can make the substantive case to you that a lot of the inflation is being claimed by the fact it when you look at things like commodity a thousand productivity enhancements and you look it there are oil revolutionary shell revolution that oh this is kind of tamed our arab by situation in other words is being hidden by productivity it would be a lot more expensive right now if you compounded the inflation if we weren't producing tons of it
productivity enhancements in things like a washing machines and stuff like that commodities type items now the king petition and the enhancements in factory floor programme just in time production scales these but would have been a lot cheaper if it weren't for the fact inflation creep dub what i'm saying is that we ve been so effective at producing oil washing machines and frigida frigid raiders that uk make a strong case that these items would have been even cheaper right now if it wasn't for inflation but the fact that prices are still going down a little bit many people inflation is under control completely when in fact i don't believe it really is i believe being matched by productivity enhancements really effective new production makes just in time production methods oil production energy prices being relatively contain i dont believe
that inflation is totally contained and what we see with inflation in the passes when it creeps on you and a creep zanu fast it's really hard to squash you think i'm making this up when it fishing creep up on a show any jimmy carter i know you remember that i do member what a whole mortgage was back there like fifteen percent cut interest rates on all mortgage everybody was raven about with everybody was terrified crushed inflation crush inflation with what all the greater optimists didn't see coming the answer no they didn't because operative once did while the our economies are don't worry about it will be ok no we weren't ok june to nineteen eighty one inflation pete accuse me the other the inflation rate and take the united states fourteen point eight percent for point eight percent oh there
over there you're monies worth bless you better spending money right of mars worth crap so what did vulgar do vulgar came in but the interest rate dramatically and pretty much crushed it crashed inflation he added use rates and mortgages word beg you know between twelve and fifteen percent for not higher if you're gonna do it to it now this was nineteen eighty one the bump up in interest rates to dramatically higher mad higher we're talking ten points plus higher than we are now a two point five percent cause brief recession joe what did it also do it again popped up interest rates made people save a bit again not get to consumption happy concern
she can lead to inflation if its incentive it's not backed by real growth people start buying stuff on loaned money driving up there they survive which causes them to borrow more money vulgar coming squashing that end up interest rates made people say i maybe if we save this money at these elevated interest rates we can do pretty well oh down a little over exuberance nineteen eighty one slight recession night eighty two eighty three by eighty four we are rock in an role and right for reagan's reelection six percent growth in eighty four twice what did the the rachel i went there tromp ended three percent what trumps do and i will not take that as a shot it's not three percent is good six percent is amazing though panic we're not even close to where we were under vulgar
where money almost completely dried up are you gonna get a mortgage fifteen percent you that folks happened in my lifetime of momentum only forty four i remember it i remember jade by in a house and was sixty seconds and cool revenue or something go and my tell me to mortgage is gonna be thirteen percent and privacy the numbers is again i was like wow that's a lot of interest right the rules as you know at seven percent interest ten years at their doubles the folks this is when are you understand what i'm even close to that they think about this politeness in perspective i'm trying to keep a smiley face offer but ours don't panic i nobody ike censures rate heights nobody i understand the president's concern they do typical he led the some short term recessionary because it what is it
with this incentivize is consumption and buying for savers because the interest rates more you can make more but when you say if that money where do you think of what he calls it or burn it the money saved that goes back into the economy into really super productive companies that can take advantage of that money why just think about it folks listen walk through this with me if interest rates were ten percent who is can i borrow money a ten percent if the product is putting out there isn't gonna make them ten or fear ten percent of their money back the answer is no body so what happens at high interest rates companies that are struggling and only a marginal investments wind up you know just treading water for awhile companies have really good bold ideas will borrow that money they'll pay back the savers a tremendous interest rate they'll put it into actually no will succeed those products
don't change our lives computers and a i and all this stuff a new medical technology and the world's at our place in the long run it's not all bad think about this in two thousand seven joe in two thousand seven the interest rates were five percent right before we took that another dive into another many recession we're only two points five now in other words historically making folks we're not even close really high elevated interest rates were not you have the squash inflation before it starts to permeate your economy not after one final point on this folks god forbid there is a recession even lives one you need room for cut according to traditional federal reserve pulse and which they wouldn't do this but they do i wish we would
stop doing this interest rate targeting and start keeping that you know got sumner has some interesting theories on this stuff about the ability to keep them further purchasing power of the eu dollar relative stable instead of focusing exclusively on things like interest rates i maybe poorly summarizing his work i'm sorry he's very bright but this rule the cotonou recession has been a traditional staple of economic policy are words when there's a recession lowell interest rates allow people to get their hands on monday at a cheaper interest rate folks are we going to lower interest rates a two point five percent almost know where to go we were at five percent right before the dip last time if we raise rates now when we can sore bit of it it is a good it gives us some leeway again i don't mean to sound pollyanna fish but i think we're in a good spot
if we can get our hands on government spending tromp has been great regulation he great on tax cuts on deregulation as such i should say he's been great on tax cuts he's been great on immigration policy he's been fantastic god bringing a semblance of justice back to our court systems all i ask be patient gonna have some stock market corrections you may however many dip many recession remember what happened in eighty one with reagan they were calling for eh reagan's head and by eighty four he one forty nine out of fifty states here tamed inflation success for businesses it got their hands on money built out productive capabilities new products into the market your mom bought more remember that did it you know inflation is not a good thing but this inflation is not always an awful thing either inflation means your money buys less right simple as that inflation screw
four debtors deflation great for savers why because the patient your money buys more i'm not passing deferred deflation debt spirals and things like that we rush to pay off their quicker because the debts worth more to write i get that thing rights if you all a lot of money inflation your best friend because you're monies worth last but so dead so where'd you oh if you make a hundred thousand a year and inflationary army a hundred thousand dollar despise less but if you three hundred thousand dollars on your credit card you all a whole lot lot has still because at three you're thousands worthless the opposite happens deflation that tat you have worth more pay off because the dollars furthermore what your money worth more to devices saving building up capital is saving that putting that money back into economy that can build out a productive capability this is not all bad listener usually recommend on books because there
i do sometimes with their only if there really good there's a got thereby hunter louis call why keynes was wrong it's very readable is very you can get through in a couple days i came was wrong by hundred louis read the book is a fan cast manifesto on everything i'm telling you know about it inflation is and always bad how inflation isn't always great how they did it common knowledge out there i use airports there that you know inflation horrible thing all the time and in every circumstance and inflation is an as an awful thing all the time and every circumstance read it for a person active on what that means it's really it explains a lot of what i just said very very good but ok
i'll keep putting listener rights in calvin till bore from fisherfolk new jersey what he says he really likes to listen to you when you're talking about the economy but i want to know what what it would take to scare you about the second what it would take to scare me there you know i like to cite but maybe we should do this once in awhile holiday specials where you will you take questions you know tweet the producer joey's at joe has witnessed the unwanted are intimidated let me get to this red many and asia a dog food company going to use natural ingredients but what kind of beef or carrots can sit in a paper bag for a year lastly we can be processed for every meal of beer healthiest neither can your dog that you're doggie introducing the farmers dark the cup helping dogs live long and healthy lies with nutritious fred ready to serve dog meals delivered directly to your door clever mom getting is convinced americans to feed unhealthy kibble and can wash that stuff is growth but the farmers dogs dear
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my mother or laws dogs absolutely nothing although once in a while baby boy the maltese york email once in awhile once in a while he pushes the peace aside once in a while but i can't eat vetches the average is either baby baby boy that's all follow me around so it's like my feet those kind of way always if he's always out my he'll always i it's unbelievable he never leaves myself when i do the show and they're here he's right at my my feet are everytime baby boy ok what would scare me that's a good question i think we should do this segment once in a while i would be great shall here's what would scare me at some point we are going to reach a catastrophic debt situation with our national that that is we are not going to be able to grow out of it
how far away we are from that from that point in our debt holbein cesares s kind age did you hear that the background to the them up but i know sorry so have you don't have to cut that out there just you know what are usually joe cuts it out but in the interests of editing because this christmas i have a pool hose in my poor and die is it has reigned in florida forever and i hope the alarm on ten i forgot that was ago i spoke out i was there with the shell so what would scary sooner or later we're gonna reaches catastrophic dead point now the best analogy i can give to you isn't it ology with regard to your personal finances because when it comes to macro economics are people sometimes tough time making the transition hating the i grow in the macro or so unbelievably different at the spheres don't mary up at some point but they do in many respects so the best i could say is let's
you're a twenty one year old harvard computers this and you are a genius you are a world class computer scientists right but you're twenty one you have no assets you have no job you're a ninja right no income no assets no job say you have a credit card and an order the finance your education and your lifestyle your pouring out too that credit card a hundred and fifty two hundred thousand dollars a year for all four years in college two years a grad school year upwards or by the time you're down close to a million thousand that you have now made a dollar yet can we i agree that would be catastrophic but is it now seriously is anything about a job the track what you write in terms of a man you look at a job because neither you nor i your genius computer scientists it went to harvard right joanna really hard and got to where we are now but it was a lot
you know people help this one way if you really are the world's premier computer scientist with a graduate degree in a i computers technic quantum mechanics and you are it ladies and gentlemen is that million dollars you ve accumulated whatever in a bar tab education room board food is it really up the answer is probably not joe pre when i it is and our listeners are many of us here would be terrible it would ruin entire life but the chances are this kid is going to graduate harvard graduate school get is job and he's gonna be courted every major tech company in the business he's probably gonna have roughly five six hundred thousand dollars were the salary if not more while he's pretty paths he's gonna leave after two years start is all company whatever they do dot whatever it is he's probably going to make another couple million dollars there and the guy will be worth pattern a wise thirty's ten twenty million so
god no cause you asked me what would scare me on a good note that is always a bad thing if it somewhat productive in other words sky was using is debt to get through school live a life did not all but was good he probably spent a lot of it on like bar stuff and hang out and hotel occasions on a weekend to the mall thieves or whatever but most of it was his education dna states is in a similar scenario we're wasting a ton of money entitled programmes that are out of control right now my wasting a lot of money i mean just completely entire there the projection for future spending is not in any way commensurate with our ability to pay for a soul the programmes we can afford but there is also some good spending a military that can protect our economic vibrant our borders are law foresman apparatus at court system that can protect contract law so someone
tat is in bad it's not all a catastrophe now what's the problem joe what would scare me is if the third year into that harvard kids education all of a sudden he comes back with a two point two gpa these not as smart as we thought he was wrought row what we the analogy to the u s economy folks is it happens when big government policies start to take over again pack sites which suck money out of the economy the regulatory front we elect another democrat the economy slows down all the sun our gpa goes down to one one point five and to again all the sudden at five hundred thousand dollar salary coming to arbitrate there anymore now they're like yeah we'll get fifty thousand you can start a mailroom but i have a million dollars in that year don't care too bad so said the point is we need a more years of this
we need a more years of deregulation we need a more years of strong tax reform eight more years a vibrant growth to be able to make the we have manageable what terrifies me is the debt is accumulating so quickly and the interest rate so quickly on that debt that that is soon going to spiral way past our ability to grow out of it and we're going to be sadly that kid in the mailroom soon if we don't stop this soon dad is the biggest alarm red you have read siren going off thing ding ding ding ding ding ding right now i'll ringing after class that is what terrifies me if we could just but a lid on our spending and get off all of this administrative state whilst of keeping these trump tax cuts and deregulatory reform going i think we're on a glide pair prosperity you ve never seen before but
is entirely entirely dependent an us getting a lid on spending joe or all wearing the living crap out of this economy so fast that does it even matter but but of all things ass they happen either he's spending the million dollars because he's gotta two point two gpa he goes down to spain twenty thousand a year would unmanageable dead or he gets gpa back up the forties not worried about the millions ass you get one of those things ass to happen folks and right now we're yet the four point all gpa but he spending five minutes a year days blotted out bigtime bad news i call good i like that segment all right to fake news stories amber happy the daily call this is great i love this peace pouring it that's a media do less reached for the day on christmas folks to be all in our and holidays i just had three cookies by the way
but i think lee out there you know you are least at the nice video i don't want to say what it is because i don't want to outcome at all but i was a really cool video of smith you know you are but that was very nice you to do that so thanks a lot but its holidays and i should say that being that the show i had a little note we all tend to a rough i just got a gift from one of my travel agents second so not be also wave i never by life i'd say that ever ever but i dont know how to say be lying otherwise that a lot of money i do out and fourthly now with a lot of stuff taken off i need the other people have to help me up am i am i jerry saying what a straight face what am i one of my friends because i can't do it one of my friend sent me a box of these cookies there were really good eye three or four from which turned the seven of almost turned into the whole box with squatting day i had a hard work out a museum
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it's great stuff i'm not kidding you'll feel awesome not gone would i've been five and felt great forever i d always afraid sums gonna change all right amber athey the five rarely do i include in article two days in a row and show knows but this one so good i put it in so nice to put it in twice faintly who stories of twenty eight here we go through some of the finer ones are fake their story number one the wash it impose blames the tragic death of a seven year old migrant on the border patrol i talked about this last week this was a grotesque story that's it shouldn't solve the intelligence of just about every rational human being out there ladies and gentlemen that was a horrible story everybody knows it's a christmas i'm not going to write suck about it last week but when the fall timeline of events came out his amber the kitchen or piece it showed pretty clearly that our heroic border patrol agents is good men and women that do a good job
keeping our nation secure and our border did everything they could to chad to us you know try to say that girls life horrible fake news story washed impose should have been ashamed of itself number two cnn and the hill spread reach acted sexual assault claim against cavenaugh by gush we all heard this one folks these claims and cabinet that got progressively ridiculous as the brick hammond confirmation hearing went on they started out with christine glossy ford they turned into a bunch of one guy say and i with the idea of a story about a story attack the woman ladies and gentlemen these stories were nonsense many of whom were retracted unfortunately lot of more reported by but these outlets you can see that in the link she liked to the story amber
but see it the hills spreading these nonsensical claims against break cavanaugh which were absurd that that we are the best weaker ratings in a long time the cabin august people were furious member that young man yeah this once body the boston glow attica active elizabeth warren story as amber says making her less native american wherever they show the boston glow this we reported tat elizabeth warrant fake indiana lives with warrant was somewhere between one thirty second and one five hundred and twelve native american however the pay eventually issued to corrections that damage warrants ancestral claims even further admitting that she's equally between one sixty fourth and one one thousand and twenty fourth native american the globe admitted which may it remains joe and i are about as much native american s elizabeth war by the way the stories absolutely decimated her presidential potential she is in the then they know it they know they screwed up big time
this was one of my favorites and life it's i mean one of the more horrible stories in the year to the new york times accuses nicky early of purchasing expensive curtains member this story eleven i am hog this tremendous show nicky haley's new york apartment there her curtains cost fifty two thousand seven hundred one dollars however new our times its own article later admitted that the curtains were approved in twenty sixteen and happened nicky hell he had no say in the matter when barack obama was the place don't let them little fact new york times get in away of a duty of a story you out there and you wonder why we call it fake news this one's way this was actually still going on number five the media still blaming republicans for the steel dossier a guy's ladies and gentlemen this is why again nobody trusts the media these guys are done sir divers for information it's all garbage their tabloids our dead republicans thing to do with the steel dossier
the washington free beacon and other republican campaigns did pay for opposition research and donald trump some of which the free bacon as a contract with fusion the dossier what not part of that that was exclusively a damn credit operation after hillary clinton steam took off the funding of the opposition research this is not in dispute this is a fact ass a sea too and joe biden language as a c r t s argue to date is a fact it's a fact we did not pay for the daddy i'm not absolving republicans of any responsibility read my book i go into republicans role in the spreading of the dossier the production and financing the dossier was a democrat operation man the media will
can you repair this nonsense it's embarrassing this romanesque six all this there is a great when i love this fear accuses tag this is one of my favorites theoretical this ted crews are being scared to come on their programme in wake of the horrible parkland for florida shooting ted crews afraid to go on a programme right lady cinema is the problem he had done fifteen minute he'd have you on the network literally the day prior to this at the cat cruiser debate would bernie sanders on the network can listen you don't have the like tat whose lover marheyo i appreciate what ted cruz has done to advance the conservative cause greatly one of these days out i'll tell a person is a good one just say you know i don't want to bore you now but about ted crews and why i think he's a lot better many people given credit for folks he appeared on the network the day before
scared up here i just was there i question there i was there yesterday for fifteen minutes did you miss that do not pay it should do your own network oh my gosh yes my cabinet o o oh my my personal fades these two reporters ethnic clashes who continue to claim in april report that they have it's that michael cohen was in prague ladies and gentlemen with the problem i call comedy i e if you wish to show you familiar with the story the dossier against trop said my we'll trumps lawyer went to prague to basically arrange this hacking thing michael cohen did not go to prague yet classy these two reporters in april continue to say they have evidence that there is no evidence of this i don't have to
making this up if a source is playing for idiots i'm not really sure i've just telling you first she isn't gonna happen at either is michael cohen in prague and my class you won't let it go this is a definitive list sob china i but can wrap it up a little early for christmas for you but i want to be sure i get to the good was henry impetuous russell and by the great ruslan buses andrea mitchell did joe you the switchover sizzle above andrea mitchell report that brenda snipes sneaky snipes the brow county election official dounia florida who can get through election without screwing things up to a point adrian mitchell reports apprentice lives is the republican and its these court hardly a democrat efficiently someone doing the bidding of democratic candidates out there andrea she's a democrat this is not the thought hard this is complicated she's nice you stupid i don't
the bug she's not a republican she's just not there's just no republican it's that just that i can that some sort of registration says start a republican she added let me say it i was talking about arrived at that be rude amato go up and the snipes i'm not being like that at all about a registration for she's got it doesn't ring dad she's a democrat atomic cry with a day because he would sound like republican can it she's a democrat that's not registration says ah ah this was a good whether this will be my last one circuit there's a lot on here
bob laddie davis member lie davis and a trump tower meeting yeah laddie avis went out and see and unreported in july that michael cohen trumps again was prepared to tell robert mahler that the present knowledge in advance of the infamous tromp power being which i still believe was a set up between junior the russians the collins lawyer lanni davis said no the cnn reporters guy quote mixed stop and co and had no information related to the hour of need a kind of a screw up their guys though you pick boy but still one more here looking for some good ones here there's a lot and here this is the definitive guide i read through the whole thing and i have a list here there's a lot of cavanaugh stuff ah oh oh ok promises less want this
the cabinet one but it is it's so stupid remember zena bash she was a woman sitting behind brad cabin on the brake cavanaugh hearings and some was communicating with our you could see iran screen all the time she was like oh i think he was over cabinets left shoulder at one point someone communicating with our being at the cabinet here's a broadcast live she gives you ok symbol so of course see and enforce we're a fortune scam and believes the ok support which i joked in my viral speech to because it so stupid is a fortune scam at the ok symbols a symbol of white power its a scam what happen networks fell forward people reported out there that yes listen she was sugar wide powers about no no areas she was saying ok to somebody would clearly texts that are as something was watching television you knuckle heads what is wrong with you people wish list
i hope that was a lot more there in the article but he could go on for a long time but i figured wrap up a little early today on christmas spend time at your family i hope you are enjoying your day for those he listened to the show cooking christmas dinner enjoy our chris this is a very important holiday for me i m a practising christian i'm a sinner unfortunately i wish i buy pray every night to be a better man for the strength to embrace offering i need to embrace it join the lord almighty in the second creation but it is an important day for me outside of a gift giving been saved by jesus it's a long time ago so i want to acknowledge at christmas day i want to thank you all for everything you ve done for me joe and i tat an extraordinary year the show us all that is the same number two position and conservative part guess logic few so merry christmas i really really deeply appreciate everything you ve done for us it means the world's methinks world
feedback on the show and i will show you all tomorrow you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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