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Ep. 881 A Presidential Surprise

2018-12-27 | 🔗
In this episode I address the surprise presidential trip to Iraq and the hysterical media response to it. I also discuss three troubling oddities in the Gen. Michael Flynn interview with the FBI. Finally, I address the national debt crisis and the government shutdown endgame. News Picks: President Trump makes a surprise visit to the troops in Iraq.   The Mueller probe is a scam designed to keep the heat on President Trump.   Three oddities in the FBI’s handling of the Gen. Michael Flynn interview.   Rudy Giuliani asks for an investigation of Bob Mueller.   Disturbing video of suspected drug cartel hit men ambushing local police officers.   Are we reaching a breaking point with our national debt?
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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know i wasn't there thereby gino shall producer joe how are you today but you do seamlessly moving between access to perform a shall i noticed tat you thought you'd think i got that i get it not big it god yes a mad what a dad newsday yesterday the media jump at all over president shrub who had the eta music airports you temerity to go visit our troops overseas are my guys oh but we have all out there each is it troops into conflict zone had son of and of course the media how to make it a story a negative story out of that so this is one of those rare circumstances you know i hate personal stories on the show because i don't waste your time but this will not be a waste of your time because this is one of those rare stories where i have unique expertise and insight into this process
situation presidential visit to war zones and i am going to the bank and expose the absence media heresy in stupidity yesterday and embarrassing because i like doing that near actually good doing it them so it needs for this beach we deal with the dramatic music right rather like from braver too i have the soundtrack the brave heart we do you know what if we could run that back we could sell club kick us off range music is that but i don't think you take the good thing is my wish like is so bad it in no way resembles the actual prick of arts out so we have no worries i set out at this no one more mistake that for actual brave art music bid shows off the rails already were emitted in fifty seconds it that's great our identity so brought to you by roof stockade what if there's a way that there was an investing plan
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they do live and on the ground have always been in awe of the sacrifice since they make i mean i mean that with the absolute sincerity from the bottom of my heart so it's really nice to have the commander in chief i remember being there no young when it was present obama nad trip i remember being air and seeing just the locks on their faces it matters to them president trump doing that was a very nice journey the very nice gesture i think perfectly times right now right around the holidays where a lot of these troops awaken up on christmas morning sadly have the skype in with their kids because they can't be there with him you know i always remember that when i get up in christmas honey what my kids because i missed the latter holidays myself as a secret service agent but the differences i wish i was in the united states i wasn't in a war zone so that their debts different level a sacrifice on the scale of sacrifice that's a whole lot higher when our troops do
so he goes yesterday jarred tromp goes to iraqi shows up the pictures per story breaks around about one p m eastern time two o clock and the media the stories come out right away the media narrative yesterday because the media cannot possibly stop hitting pray didn't drop no matter what he does it will always ended by the way this is not helping a media actually i hate to say this but actually somewhat puts a smile on my face a little bit joe because the media for all of their efforts try to paint themselves as independent arbiters of facts and journalism they are not there give us are now exposing themselves on a daily basis as the democratic activists they are and destroying any remaining credibility they have left now i say that a bit of a smile on my face because the good journalists in the end the cream is going to rise to the top and journalism which we need in this country meaning a free press period no doubt about it good journalists are eventually going to rise to the top as they see this nonsense for what it is but the good journals
joe can't rise to the top until the the morons in the group the activists i themselves and their credibility is so little that they only speak to an activist crowd may become worthless and a value chain of journalism so we need two out themselves first and are doing it every day story yesterday instead of just reporting straight facts that the press i visited a war zone he was there with the troops he got a just rousing welcome thumb where's supplies i mean you can just watch the video yourself don't take my word for it you gotta dance vinos account who is no mere social media and messaging guy from the white house he has some videos of it that are just tremendous instead of report at the narrative is well trump only because the the the criticism of him not going during the smith season to visit the troop was troops was withering in other words the media narrative now is look
this is a media success job because we shamed him over christmas into going to visit wrong folks the tree there came out from the clown class alyssum olano you know radical far left the anti civil liberties advocate b c news another the cloud shall trying to shame the president the tweet i came out came out right before and around christmas december twenty fourth christmas eve and christmas day saying listen president trop this guy this is horrible we have this guy ryan hale on twitter tweeting to president sitting on is a two asses not doing anything when other presidents basically when i visited the troops and stop that kind of thing oliver twitter so folks what's the point but with that media narrative just to be clear with it suggesting you're suggesting that their career receive december twenty
earth and christmas day tweets shame the president the leaving the white house and going over to visitors because they shamed him being the first president you know quote not to during the christmas time folks the problem with that is an obvious one if you are thinking sentient beings but my we're not talking to liberals network or media people were talking guy said thinking ok thinking people i was a secret service agent i did in advance it's in a war zone i was the lead advance agent for barack obama's twenty two in december i remember my birthday i was over there for my birthday was it the same before december fifth right around there was i was doing the advance of forget when he landed i do that advance i found out about their trip weeks prior and the advance office knew about their trip we prior to that what does that say folks that tells you that this trip casual yesterday for the credit
number twenty six was likely plan in probably november me way before the media said this but that their december when four twenty five twenty twenty two twenty four twenty five tweet the president what version of wars and was the first present ever he had already said he was going to visit a war zone because they were already planning it to me he has narrative it is he was just responding to criticism how was it spending to criticism if the already planned the trip before that criticism focuses this is hard to understand for you but it supposes these media imbeciles for the looney tunes they are the media suggesting we criticise tromp right around the holidays from visiting true then he visited the troops only because we shame them the problem is the trip was planned before the criticism so people solar that o brien who is absolutely humiliated you know far left out the rest former cnn host
i don't know what she's doing now but solar that o brien who treated a similar type thing bread hume just humiliated or twitter pointing out to the fact that unless trumpet invented some kind of time machine to respond the criticism by travelling back in the future and reverse engineering a trip that solar o brien was of was making make yourself look like a fool which she did she's very good at that on twitter folks these trips land weeks in advance when i did i'm his trip to afghanistan i just had it just returned i think it was from jakarta now maybe prague on modern oh i'm not short honestly folks they all blend in every member it would now this probably prague for the start treaty so i get back i'm super exhausted i'm tired i got a call from the presidential protect here's these trips work the white house staff it that's especially these high entropy very very few people will know about a trip like this big
the security situation being an active war zone or a conflict zones the security situation is very dangerous very you people are ready and on these trips very few i mean a handful problem the operations guy in the white house maybe there you know deputy chief of staff the chief of staff and a limited number of staffers and on the secret service side is probably special agent in charge the deputy special agent in charge g s fifteen and the law advanced age who know about the trip and in somalia where my people whitehouse military office at the highly it's very very limited i'd say realists we probably less than less than twenty people who already on those traps right censure gap tightening up sit tight did upkeep tight so the way it works is i get to call and this was again weeks out from the actual trip to afghanistan by obama just like it happened on this iraqi trip now
and i was tired because i was i was getting off a pretty you know time change from prague and i had taken a couple is often i got a call from the presidential protection division the operation section and they said it'll come in and talk to the d sack the deputy special agent in charge of the president's tots a number two guy so i go in and i thought i was in trouble for somethin i doubt if i dont like maybe something happened on my trip which nothing there were great nothing happened i was i did i did something that i mean you know so i go in i sit down with before i talk to you i need you to sign this sky and he says diana before i talk to you i need you to sign as non disclosure agreement and i'd like to what did i do on this trip like to prague jakarta trips had gone great i got positive reviews i thought that i screw something up so i cited he said listen here's the deal that but now obviously trip already happened dear cigar so says nothing classified by your google and our life
president obama wants to take a trip to afghanistan and i was like while and i knew right away the like we want you to do it now at the time i am i had already done multiple barn advances as elite advantage s pretty and calm and i am not china pat myself on it echoing press you but if you're late best agent on the details are very limited number of people to get one far in advance is a big deal to do you know i think i had done to at that when i did prague in indonesia to do a third is it's a lot minos etc the deal it's uncommon bodies i think you're the guy that can handle it you know where it's a little bit at short notice with us telling you now but can you go four and you know go to andrews tomorrow and fly out afghanistan and do this that was couple weeks before the trip now keep in mind again made new it probably a week or two weeks before that all i'm saying thank you as these things take planning i had to go to
afghanistan when i landed on the ground i forget what they the cover they had by take up his addio d i was i was there to support department fancy we're tell him the troops on the base that it was the secretary fancy or some higher up from the pentagon come in and i've i've super i think only that the two star general on the base actually knew was present obama you know what i'm saying you don't want to give up the trip yet you must have every step wired don't i mean yes but obviously they know that the troops on the base of bright day these are you know these are smart guys i've been there forever they know something's us what was going on so they know there's gonna be a rally solving tell em a story and i think it was general campbell i'm pretty sure he was the two star on the base at the time use abuse big guy is very professional good good guy i would sit in a briefings with them and we will everything was under the guise of that it was some higher up into pentagon coming in and only on game day when air force one landed where people like while it's the president
the actual present europe so just tell debunk tat that story first that the pay it was responding to criticism you can respond the criticism on december twenty turned twenty fourth if you plan to trip and november you can't put don't let them get in the way of another stupid median erudite secondly nother dumb story that needs the banking immediately see and i tweeted this out yesterday a just one of the dumbest mushroom dick you stories i have ever seen i tweeted out this is what happens when you run out of negative anti trop stories to report this kind of stupidity there actually a story on cnn parties i hate to even given the collects but it's almost worth reading for the stupid that you see this job that i think that too two brought their magda hats make amerika great again the red hats to the round four trumped assign may have been guilty of
jack violations in other words political activity when on duty to stick stupid deficits seriously do you understand how knit picky you have to be done now to be clear on this so you don't think i'm speaking with forked tongue i did the advance with rocco bomb in afghanistan people brought every day we'll taking selfies people were brigham pop stickers whatever the president could sign in my arm the dead troops love this mr president i did state get away from the politics from it in a war zone the president shows up unlike the left i don't i thought it was a nice gesture by barack obama to support the troops i don't agree it demands politics but he is the commander in chief we are a constitution republic and i refuse to be a petty about you know petty imbecile like these people on the left folks
everybody was getting his autograph anybody and anyone who could get it at all times this is about had violet argues let me just ask you a simple question do you want to be the military investigator joe showing up in a hanger full of you know five hundred to thousands of trouble getting interviews and prosecuting troops for having the commander in chief signed their hat that's why violations which prohibits federal employs we get involved in politics and very specific and define ways is it i mean is that a stretch your what the answer is it's for you when i for the burmese you it's just par for the course it's just average everyday stupid ladies and gentlemen signing a political a had is not some active political active by troops in a conflict zone and combat zone give a break they stop being so repeatedly they violated a booby hijacked the book that yes we should call it
i mean it's all read the story was so ridiculous i added tweeted thrilling out cnn stuff because i really want to give him clicks but it was so dumb it required by immediate attention aren't i got a lot of other stories to get to spend will but a war on that i intended by the given my experience in the arena i thought it relevant just exposed the media for what they are our folks the democrats are going to have a serious down problem come and soon the shut down partial government shut down as i said the joe the other day you know this and that the world is not and chaos folks our lives for as much as the federal government and politicians and bureaucrats and swamp rats want us to believe it our lives do not while around the comings and goings of the federal government they want us to believe that but that just simply not case we don't do that our lives are revolve around our kids our families and our jobs we are what is it that the vat or
sir seven on this here's the problem the democrats are going to have a president trump thanks we saw a standing fast on his request that money be spent on this wall offence structure barrier whatever you want to call it i don't really care and play the dc euphemisms game i want a barrier that will stop the illegal flow of illegal immigrants into the united states of america you more than welcome to try the legal process the illegal process has to be off limits and we need this barrier and when talk to security professionals in the space law enforcement security you know an importer courage border folks immigration folks they tell you absolutely that these border walls work now that goes without saying how do we know they work because places where border walls have been installed joe el paso near send you see dro and other places illegal immigration and no specific geographic points with our walls has gone down dramatically we would call that a fact
data point out liberals have a hard time with that kind of stuff i know i get it i'm just here that you open your minds to a second you know dvd through the six inch impenetrable fact shield called your skull and digest the walls work because creating a one then i'll say well you know we can get a ladder carry a ladder bonnet thousand mile journey does that how works as you're gonna be a ladder salesmen you understand yes it creates and creates the deterrent the wall creates a deterrent its we don't install worry systems in every home across amerika because we're going to stop burglary we'd like to but that's not gonna happen you quit you created deterrent people are still gonna burglarize homes are going to find ways around here but it's a deterrent if burglary rate is whatever five percent of homes and certain neighbouring you can get down to one
stalling any an eighty eight these after burglary alarm system in great did its job think that's what the walls designed to do here's the problem i see coming up for the democrats the democrats about to take over control of the house of representatives funding measures have to originate folks not sure the democrats are prepared for what's coming this guy as i said yesterday the president presented trop is very effective bypassing the dc morass the swamp that's the media the academics the elites the cultural influencers huh has been very successful at bypassing their gas lighting narratives trumped shut down the government because he's an eighty it and he doesn't always doing it is chaos in the widest trop has been very clear from day one i says they said to this in the episode a few days ago he is very clear about making issue is black and white whereas politicians in the past who missed
can we use focus group tested terms he's had this confused message about what things were about because the focus group could decide what it was about has this unique way of putting his finger on the pulse of the american people and understands full well that this is a black white scenario i shut the government because i want border security that has been message he has cut through all of the nonsense in the far the american people understand what's the problem mc grath you're gonna have now they're blaming it publicans now joe their say well you know republicans run the house you run the senate you have the presidency you know guys should be able to get this together they're not be able to say that soon democrats are preparing to take over the house they are good they have to take some ownership over this suit and once they take owners what were shut down and aunt number one they take ownership of the going to they are georgia has come at a very soon and secondly
the message really starts to sink in and penetrated this is about border security security united states a porter wall which trouble been very successful about painting in black and white terms the democrats are going to a problem just because they are now going to own the control of the house that can pass this funding measures they're going to own it but secondly they're going to own it in light of the fact that europe has made this about border security you really want to be the guy running in two years and twenty twenty in a district you one by one or two points as a first term democrat overrun look in a potentially republican meaning district ores district do you really want to be the one to run is the guy or the woman stood in the way of border security and shut down the government for it i don't think so folks this is an illusion bark losing bargain for the democrats i think president trap is holding a winning hand and i think he needs to hold fast on this this would start to fight we cannot lose this has been a key
signature issue frahm and its critical critical that he still to his guns on this one and not fall i think he will get some good vibes but he needs to stick to guns and this is a key critical issue i am i got a lot more yesterday's show i had three our stories and i had escaped because we're i was so into the that story about the trump and an hour and a real kind of different i feel morality write you a roller yesterday do yeah argue for the feedback i got a lot of emails on that shows who i really appreciate ok can i show also brought to you by our bodies at the farm where's dog eat dog food companies claim these natural ingredients but what kind of b for carrots can a paper bag for a year come on now we can be processed food every day four meals neither can you dogs introduced the farmers dawn the company helping dogs with long and healthy lies with nutritious
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a great piece in the hell please read the shown us i've got a really good articles in their one which i'll get you in a moment at what is an american thinker people are finally coming around joe to the theory we been putting out there for on that the mullah probes sole purpose right now is to cover the crimes of in fact the democrats the obama administration australian the swap rats involved in spying operational shrub since a really good pc american think about this that lays it out pretty gonna get to that effect but there is also another great peace in their health by you a former senior level manager and the fbi a guy by the name of kevin brok who points out some some are a couple of things about the mike flint interview three these i'm going to go into two of em three oddities about the flint interview which folks i gotta tell you i mean when i first saw them at maybe i should say that i was like i've done a lot on me no general flint
maybe it's time to cover something else but you of course headlines really dictate what's inside the store i read the story by this side this gentleman kevin brok and like and this is a really good piece really good and a cup me i was not an fbi age i was a secret service agent so i'm not familiar all i'm familiar with these ledge the judicial process for getting people in the system because it's the same for everyone i am not familiar with you have be paperwork specifically they do fascinated summaries called trio twos and the secret service they were called mars is a different reporting procedure timelines everything this guy who was a senior managing the fbi pointed out these three out of these and i'm going to go with the two of them that are just fascinating i'm going to put out the who's number one he says listen mike point interview at the white house by peter stroke and joe bianca the fbi courses
just days after he you know that president trump takes office and he is the national security adviser at the time we all know the interview where they go an interview him about the train script of his call with the russian ambassador when he was the incoming national secure adviser many of you are familiar with the story at this point this guy was a manager and e f b i says you know there's a kind of interesting part of this that you know people aren't considering here and this is one of them is that there was a threat go to generated immediately on it now the here too in the fbi is just an investigative summit i interviewed joe about our bank robbery i go back and i fill out my summary of what joe said and in the fbi those are called three o toole but what's what so weird about a three o to being generated a media that some odd while i didn't notice he says i it was a counter intelligence investigational which it was
member that asher rep ray i comes of sunday i don't mean to be rude em up and i can if i can pronounce unless him i don't want to be of noxious about as much right to be a jerk i don't want to hear anymore but she as you should analyse the cnn former fbi agent she keep this is one of our big things twitters it it was not a criminal investigation i guess she forgets michael was prosecuted criminally i'm not really sure she's going in any of that but her big thing is this is a counter intelligence investigation so she may have an answer for this machine does again she was in the fbi she probably intimately familiar with their administer it have procedures again i was not happy i was a secret service can be a different administrative procedures but i'd like explain this one away because she keeps saying yeah would they were they are under the guise of a counter intelligence investigation to europe for this peace joseph and why was the three or to generate because counter intelligence investigations joe he says they dont generate three o two's because the information on counter intelligence counter terror typing astrogation is used
we classify and is typically transmitted via e c electronic communication and not vittorio three now it can there may the answer for this fine i'm willing to which unlike the left i've open to hearing your explanation i mean it but this from a former senior level manager at the fbi putting this out there who jobs is obviously by the very nature of his former employment intimately familiar with it paperwork and administrative requirements why they generate a criminal reporting summary form into three or two to be used in criminal trials if it was a cat intelligence investigation and not a criminal trial i'll tell why based on a source i have i why i think that is in a minute but he says there not what they generate knows cases they they communicate on these electronic communications pussy information is typically classified he says another point about this oddly enough they generate three trio too in a what
also be a cia investigation but they just industry or to use in criminal investigations but he's what is interesting is there are two different versions of it with different dates we you know if you less and less we there's apparently in january and is one generated in august and he says the regional what is strangely and its according to him he said this not common when it comes to three o choose its march deliberative material what are you deliberating on deliberating on he said that's not common at all in three attitude that this the three o too is written in a criminal trial was joe so when you go to trial you have an accurate recollection of what the bad guy said so that what you are the fbi agent or me as the fbi agent can testify to what joe said about the bank robbery proceed how am i going to testify relief i don't have any notes so the three oh chew is meant to be testimonial not deliberative deliberative but it's deliberative me i'd i'd know what it means
but i mean in contacts with the rio to what are you liberating on joe said something about the bank robbery or didn't there's no deliberating on it so we as why is the original three o to mark deliberate deliberative material its so our draft and this is a senior manager at the fbi righteous ray i have read this and i might that's terrific point now we ve hit on some of this before the three if not all of this is new but again i deferred expertise when i see it i think the best part of our book despite april we put together is that when we don't know we sought out exports denise what am i co authors on a book did some great work on the on the process the fbi has four actually initiating cia investigations why
cuz me and her don't know that she wasn't fbi agent that it was i but we got the word from an inside or on how it works and i think when you read the book you're going to be like while something is not right here i was a three to generate and on what was supposed to be a counter intelligence investigation the answer folks i think is pretty clearance they needed eight they an excuse to interview my when they had nothing ladies and gentlemen how do we know this because the washington headline the day before they interviewed of my when on january twenty third i've read this headline to you probably ten fifteen times already a senior invest some senior law enforcement officials who leaked to the f from up from the fbi the intelligence community
some senior official leaked to the washington post the day before that the bureau had reviewed mike flinch cause with the russian ambassador found nothing illicit ladies and gentlemen the fbi interview who watch you are under no obligation to talk them jody i need to have anything on you now administrative lee they might have to cite some reason to go but there's no legal prohibition on the fbi interview and you don't want to talk to me don't talk to him it is though as a matter of common decency and want some morals and ethics before you go whenever you someone there should be some predicate crime that's now what they're saying lady ashton who is a former fbi agent and work should see iran is claiming not already really need a practical reason are gone the criminal side because it was a c i investigation that why did you feel the criminal paperwork why
if it was a sly investigation why did you fill out the criminal paper i'm open to the answer now i how i suspect what the answers to be as well they filled out the criminal paperwork because during the interview they caught flynn in what they perceive to be alive then why did they tell jim call me they didn't think it was lying that's on the record there's no where you can go there no exit ramp for u haul they filled it out even though it wasn't a criminal investigation because they sent criminality in the interview by like no no no i'm out red flag on the field good for our view that is what they said they told call me they didn't think he was being deceptive and i didn't think he was like that actually in the report's so we get this straight you these four for am content not because you had nothing remember
the washington post headline today before the f b i found nothing illicit about flints phone call they have nothing they are clearly targeting mike flynn to put him in jail for something but they don't have anything so the reason is gonna be well what will just go in there and say it's because of the collusion investigation and it's a counter intelligence investigation but then screw up joe and fill out criminal paperwork on but they say is a cia investigation the criminal paperwork cry may indicate our own paperwork wasn't committed lying to the fbi where they say you did why this this make any sense will know i mean this is beautiful beautiful piece in the hell i really like you to read you ate the pieces about three oddities molly covering two because the first one is about in a cave call in conflict for the interview rather than you know other guided at its
just kind of administrative things so i did find out when too overwhelming but here's the other one the three o two summary which they but not even filled out if it was a cia investigation they sell off the rights is incorrect while because it's entirely disconnected from actual collusion narrative when understand the fbi's own three o two summary what was said the questioning has nothing to do with collusion and everything it would flings called a kiss we act which accordingly weeks and washed imposed the f b i found nothing illicit about folks if this making sense it's not supposed to because it doesn't make sense how is it that the fbi had no pretty good charge to interview flynn interview anyway under the guise of a cia investigation counter intelligence collusion asked nothing about actual collusion s
about his phone call came out would a criminal investigation for false statements that in a criminal paper work they shouldn't filled out because it was a cia investigation not requiring it in the paper indicated he didn't why this is it's an amazing peace because there are at that there is absolutely no off ran for them here i know there's no theory nowhere for them to go but we viewed on because it was a cia investigation then why'd you fill outcome paper because we already committed a crime then how come you wrote nepal for you to commit a crime did you even show up we showed up we found something illicit sparkles that's not what you to the washington post it says nothing illicit the phone call there is no offering for them are you see why they got their point when upland plea out because they don't have anything they just don't have anything please
read the peace spreading around mike flynn got just completely oh by the system it's really really a shameful what happened shameful ok now three then we'll get to the smaller stuff to smaller stuff is interesting to of the zebra spin reported that americans or overpaying on car insurance by over twenty one billion dollars per searching for a better deal could take hours and results in a barrage of unwanted spam calls we don't like those until now thanks to the zebra that come zebra dot com is the nations leading car insurance comparison site because it's the only place you compare hundreds of policies from all the top carriers and choose the best one for you i could do not want to save money and car insurance is the way to do it they don't sell your information and worry about spam calls just answer a few
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the ongoing investigations into democrats suggests remember the overarching bird's eye view thesis i've been operating on for a long time is arose in style and the co conspirators in the spy gate debacle and spying scandal and donald trump need the way to cover up their misdeeds they had planned the entire time some form of the special council bob mahler is the only guy they could sweet this under the rug because mothers deeply connected to all the players and spy game carlin addio j national security directive mrs former chief of staff you know malo the fbi director during the uranium one case rosen stein was the united states attorney who prosecuted uranium one all of these the bottles have unique ties rod rosen stein anti weissmann where's paypal and mahler himself so mothers the perfect guy why child because he has a vested interest in making this all go away because his name creeps up in a lot of this now
this girl brighter and this american figure peace avenue shown us as a great job of explaining so they get out of have done a great job at he says did you notice how every time here some word about huber john huber the united states attorney appointed to look into democrat mouth since the clinton foundation others and ever time we sense that michael har which the inspector general looking into the oj pfizer abuses and all the others when we send is the just continue to investigate its rider not investigated the progress if it s ears of perpetual investigation do that right now we're look into that our interview those people right now because you may interfere with an ongoing investigation why have this underlined go at the ongoing investigation the mahler probe so that that that's why i said last night on the technical side show we tammy bruce's the guess so's i was on at the end they did two hits last night for them at the end they said
a of the investigation is the just continue to investigate its rider not investigated the proposition addresses a perpetual investigation you think i'm investigate joe for jaywalking tomorrow it's mattress tag ripping off the next day its false statements to the fbi about if he uses hair color or not or so i've been a whole purpose it you don't use your natural colleagues it is then man disguise get the most out yet care you ve ever see that's pretty good thereby beside the young elvis there this is the point to hope a of the investigation is they keep on going their purpose the investigation is to investigate now you may say that that's tautological by the purpose of it ass to investigate no no no it is not the purpose of investigation joseph is to investigate a crime not to investigate one for any reason listen
use this analogy last night on the show on tucker i'll use it again but it is important to understand this i don't expect everyone to know this now you know you have done i work for living not you know you are police officers are federal agents you cannot walk to a federal agencies secret service fbi idea you can't or you we will be left out walking not going or the d a new york feel lover to say i want to investigate your warmer costs for what i don't know something just investing when you find something you won't be laughed out of the office if not investigated yourself the zebedee except you after walk in and make an allegation of a crime if you have a son great hey i think joel i'm a cost is guilty of bologna smallbury raw debts piss serious job we'd better to get our crack investigators and i think it may be guilty of bologna small priori you come what what evidence the app hey
my neighbour i've seen felonious moping first hand while we better look into it that's not what happened here they made an allegation of collusion where no collusion existed for the sole purpose of initiating an investigation whose purpose is just to investigate map to investigate collusion because there is none mother knows it understand the difference the purpose of investing action is not to investigators to investigate a crime if you're going to suggest the purpose of an investigation is to investigate endlessly what you're sick i think we should be a police state that random federal agents with the power to take your life your money you're freedom put you in jail should endlessly investigate human there's been no allegation of a crime welcome the russia exactly this is not how it works we
investigate in a constitutional republic not a third world republic we investigate people because we perceive them to be a valuable witness or somehow connected to criminal baby or there's no evidence that would drop the purpose of the investigation is to keep it on going for the reason i just described to you joe going investigation is going to be used as an excuse to block any put sure looks ease the all lots of deep do flipper key in hillary clinton malfeasance the clinton foundation and the obama administration for us pfizer gate debacle we can't look into that investigation that is the purpose it's a really good piece it so i said i think better than i have one ice listen when some people tell us laurie better it's worth putting out there and i think the right or the peace
as an actual job it's in the show notes today are pointing out exactly this the purpose this investigation is only to investigate a couple the news stories that i'm gonna get you yesterday ladies and gentlemen our debt the situation is at a control i have cbs news article i dreamt that i put them up it is a good one it's written and you know aid partisan manner so it's worth reading we are in traffic that situation i have it said to you over and over i am that you can i mix portions of the show or they've been a little sparse lately because of so much going on with spygate the christmas shall i really really been like you to listen do but the market what's going on and why i don't think we need the panic right now but one thing we definitely need to start getting very anxious about maybe not panic but good very anxious about ladies and gentlemen our debt is out of control we owe the entire amount twenty trillion dollars the entire productive
past the united states economy in any given year we all we have never as the article points out held this kind of a debt load in a general period of non global war we have it at any point in your world war two and other times we ran up debt to pay four and finance you know a major international conflict we have never held this kind of debt load while not being involved in in enormously add a deep footprint military acts like war a war tumor obama we're in conflict now there's no doubt we're in war zones now no doubt about that but not the level stench unwise of our military where war too were one relatively speaking it is a catastrophic amount of debt what's the problem with it problem with it is we're not growing fast enough at this point if we can get two four and five percent of growth you will say which is a lofty goals
we may be able to get a lid on this but if we don't here's the problem interest payments on the debt for folks forget about paying the debt down interest payments although not principle are projected twenty twenty three we're talking about less in five years away these payments annually are projected to be six hundred billion dollars billion not million billion folks we're not even paying down the dead at that point it is just interest payments alone put that in perspective we are talking about almost the entire military budget all together in interest not principle we
not taking this problem seriously folks we are the people as audience the problem is law makers we elected to do something about it are not taking it seriously and the problem with this the situation is at some point member what milton friedman says all debts are paid either by the debtor or the creditor this is again these are cod logical thing but they they escaped the left and big swap rat republicans all deaths are paid we all twenty trillion dollars it is going to be paid by the debtor or the creditor meaning the person who led testimony is gonna pay back that debt how vital make us they never got back they paid for us that's not a good thing folks because i then there never going to lend this money again without an outrageous interest rate payment back all debts or pay either you pay back to
at or the person who let you money pays it by never getting their money back they already paid we will have catastrophically high you think two point five percent interest rates are a big deal now how does fifteen twenty twenty five percent south of the country goes bankrupt who's gonna lend us money joe if we don't pay back the people we owe money to now we'll have greek italy type situation so that happened to us where the world's reserve currency ladies and gentlemen it can happen to us major world economies look at the color some argentina's economy they would they have one of the top i've economies in the world there are they had entire complete collapse in their economy then what happens in the united states will have to print money leading to hide for inflation we walk and wheelbarrows full of money in the local law you know public's to get a loaf of bread we have
start taking this problem seriously now not to be more carbon and and i just don't want to do that on one of the press anybody there is a way out of this if we thus because i understand the jellyfish up on capitol hill don't have the nerve to actually do with no i get that sadly have had to accept that fact i wish i had but there are very few good people up there we just put a lid on spending work on us work hold the ceiling on our federal budget active with what is three point nine four trillion roughly whereat now if we're just knock grow the budget anymore if we can grow the economy and stop growing the budget and we can grow the economy through these tax cuts deregulation and generally control government spending for a while we can grow out of this and make that debt lest impact for if to our national income but we can do
i was spending money like a bunch of loony tunes just cap it for now just happened outta that by means of a number of ideas how did a huge challenge to promote that their petty plan who is in a bad idea cut a penny of spending that's it just put it a penny out of your orders that i can't even do that the weather quick stores i to get him yesterday and i didn't number one is bill bar who is a been nominated for the attorney general spot under down tromp is being attacked for a memo he wrote which assailed ridiculous notion that the president can be a charge which obstruction of justice for administrative decisions like firing jim common folks the bar wheat you call the bar member bar as a private citizen joe he's now the nominee for attorney general but just to be clear as a private citizen wrote a memo
the oj guineas clear in the memo joe yes no inside knowledge of the mother pro ranging like he's writing it as a private citizen this memo and in the memo he lays out a very well articulated case anti mccarthy has done a peace a national review about it that the president cannot be charge for obstruction of justice for hiring and firing decisions within the executive branch in other words you can't charges four obstruction for firing jim comic doing his job doing its job court which was a good looks like an even better decision by the day but he is being i sailed on this thing bill bar because the left is looking for any reason to bottle up anyone looking to get into the department of justice that doesn't come it for italy impeachment donald trump but that's what this is about but is a quote from the wall street journal about the bar memo cause you gonna hear about it mr bars closely reasoned argument addresses the federal statute there criminalize is witness tampering and destruction of evidence he focuses on
part of that law that imposes liability on one who corruptly alter destroys mutilates or conceals a record or other object or attempts to do so with the attempt to impair the objects use an official proceeding or the wise obstructs influences are mps any official proceeding mr bar focuses particularly otherwise clause in other words why did i read that you if you're going obstruct just this chow the president united states and their charge and with that it has a very specific meaning which he just laid out none of them whose things were actually done by donald trump there was no destruction mutilation concealment or altering or a record or object or attempt to do so the investigation into into i flynn which was why a year you know what the allegations well you know you ve possibly could afford call me to stop the flint investigation that the flint investigate continued he fired call me
obvious malfeasance and miss visas and office there was no obstruction mutilation of record so just to be clear on it the obstruct the recent did in a mean whatever whatever the democrats think it mean that it certainly doesn't mean administrative decisions made by the president state another story i wanted to focus on cause it's important is did the department of education under betsy divorce has been doing some really really terrific thing they rescinded and obama discipline policy through a guy this letter that was causing havoc in a lot of inner city and lower income schools and some in the duchess lower income some middle income area schools as well the i'm administration sent out a guidance letter to these schools show this was really really nasty to our publics all system out there saying listen you're dead
plan process for spent suspending students disappointing students no man or how even handed and unbar it is on paper if it leads to elevated levels of suspensions amongst minority students that we're going to measure it using disparate impact and we're going to consider racially bias and basically these kinds that you're gonna get a whole lot of trouble from us and you can open yourself up the lawsuit so dollars it doesn't matter if the procedure on its face shows no signs of bias if there are numbers black students or spanish students or others who are other minority students who are suspended at higher rates than waste and you could be sued anyway so of course show what happened what happened after that is students in school administration i wanna be sued of course and don't want the round the obama administration coming on them obviously will become more sensitive to the suspension of blacker hispanic students
problem ladies and gentlemen is this is like measuring incarceration rates amongst minorities versus people who are white or other racial groups it is meaningless you can prove to me an individual case of discrimination i am all ears discrimination is wrong and evil regardless of the circumstances if someone is treated differently because the color of their skin cultural heritage background race sex as lorries whatever it is it's wrong period but if someone's in jail because they committed a crime it doesn't matter what the color of their skin is what about the victim now what happened of course while schools that happened have elevated rates of suspensions amongst black student joe generally stopped suspending them even know there was still incidents amongst minority students where the note questioning the incident happened there just questioning should we suspend them or not now because well suffer the wrath of the obama administration betsy
often the obstructing we're getting rid of this guidance letter now here's irony of the show me after that decision by the obama administration a lot of these inner city schools suffered serious chaos problems as a result of aid who procedure which basically allowed other minority students there to learn to be bullied and preyed upon bites students in the school with no suspension or anything jason really had a great piece in the wall street journal yesterday about a father a black father he spoke to talk about we pulled this sun at a school in jason says listen there's not a lot of interviews that stick out to me over time but this one did because he asked while the why you put your son and his private school a charter school at ease beckoning to say you know education better result somebody said shaking it's not safe there this is what you want rightly also points out is peace
i as a proportion of students who report be completed school are black students twenty five percent again do you everything about the victims in this job please understand appointed to make it just like reporting incarceration rates the person in jail commit the crime yes or no yes they work in does anybody disputing the commission know nobody but because aristocratic therein rule or black therein jail higher it doesn't matter is the person a criminal or not what's the difference what about the victims same thing with these school disappoint policies what are you kidding he's getting his part cured every day now you can suspending the kid doing it however evil that is because you don't an elevated suspension reach what about the victims as anybody think that more liberal put compassion here folks in chaos in inner city schools that damn
and law and order those parents deserve justice their kids too and in education i folks act showed a lot of information just yesterday show one along in a topic so i we missed a couple of these things please read the show notes are really good and if you don't mind subscribed to the show it is free it moves us up the aren't you can subscribe on itunes by clicking the subscribed button you can also click you can get a waller episodes you can subscribe and sound cloud you follow us hard it's always free but how does move up the charge we really appreciated thanks again for a great week of listen ship even during the christmas holidays had some really staggeringly good number so i'm glad we work on christmas at christmas eve i'm glad we could produce and content for i folks out
the automobile have a great day you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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