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Ep. 882 Don’t Fall for the Latest Anti-Trump “Bombshell”

2018-12-28 | 🔗
In this episode I debunk the latest media “bombshell” on the collusion hoax. I also address the latest tragedy in the illegal immigration crisis and the status of the government shutdown. Finally, I address President Trump’s most important accomplishment.    News Picks: The Democrats don’t want to open the government up.   The repeatedly debunked Michael Cohen/Prague story has resurfaced again.    More reasons to doubt the new Michael Cohen reporting.   A left-wing billionaire assisted in an online disinformation campaign meant to influence an election. But you won’t hear much about it in the liberal media outlets.    Poll says Republicans overwhelmingly support President Trump in the shutdown.   The remaking of the federal courts is the Trump administration’s greatest success.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome here today about gino show producer joe how are you today doing well because it is jerry child gets her cited on friday it's also a big day may just a little personal note for you all have been with me from the start or even the new listeners really enjoy the show a thing is gonna change for you don't worry you will still be able to hear the show on the accounts you have now but that we you'll be leaving cr tvs our last show it see our tv we had a business relationship with them it's not not nothing personal or good folks over there have enjoyed my time don't read into it but we will live we are with them but different company now it won't change anything don't worry the way you're listening now is the way you'll be listening to the show on monday
also it is my last show within our a tv today also good people over there i had a great time do in the show what we stand with them but you know i did not renew on it contract offer which i appreciate but it will be announcing where going and why i did not renew soon jonah hose i can't do it yet unfortunately but yeah they'll be i'd be a lot of fun so a lot of great things ahead i appreciated your interest in all your emails i did what you think i forgot about that our eye today show brought to you by our bodies at brick house nutrition love brick listen we have the new year come about bright ever but he loves the new year's resolutions have what's the one you know what i mean camacho what's everybody's new year's resolution better shape i wanna live better i want to feel better time to start eating right what what better way to start that the start with field of greens we all the key to a good diet to looking better to feel better diverted it for me
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means today let me know i feel when you d give it about a week or so it's i could feel the greens that comic part of the new year's resolution gonna break ass nutrition the coms i stand pick up a battlefield the greens today ok lot emails yesterday about the latest media bombshell what i who's there were bombshell i have to use again the dreaded horrible air quotes michael cohen trumps lawyers cell phone pinged in prague the sky is falling that chick and little people came out again yesterday all the conspiracy theories out there i said abrams and in the other i you know i trump card conspiracy hoaxes they just lie yesterday i got all these emails then are you going to at is yes matt colombo was a nice enough at my website on gino dot com to put together a peace which is in my show notes today
she will summarize what i'm going to talk about but ladies and gentlemen everybody get off the ledge this is there no need to panic and explain to you what i think is going out so first let's explain what happened what i think is wrong the story and on what i think is really going on why the story was launched now number one what happened many of you michael cohen trumps warmer personal tourney president trumps woman personal tourney what are the allegations in the dossier used to spy on the trump team because they had nothing else was that trumps former attorney michael cohen went to prague meet with a russian official a higher up russian official and this russian official him coordinated away to hide payments pay it's made to europeans to hack hilary unity and sees emails basically the collusion conspiracy was was the middle man was michael call and who is in prague arranging it makes sense show any
no this have mentioned before the shell but we do have some new listeners so just say you understand that the bug dossier which was used to spy on tromp spy on trump has key tended in it and the candidates that michael cohen was the middle man in arranging this hacking and all of this work with the russians to influence the campaign they got debts shut up it's easy is that ok came out yesterday well despite peter denials by michael cohen who of note is cooperating with the special council who has no reason to deny it anymore michael count if you golden information to get out of jail joe here think you use it let me hear that let's get the short answer yes i would say yes i think big bang so michael colonies by repeated that isles zero evidence on his passport zero travel records no we'll records or anything like that yesterday a class ii the same to reporters by the way that back in april report
it similar story with with fewer details that there was evidence michael cohen was in the same reporters sky stone another guy without a story saying there's forces are telling them that michael cohen cell phone pinged in prague in there for this evidence he was in prague k that's point number two at the point number three what i think is really happening in a second but first let's dig into the details of this you understand why i'm not worried about this and folks let me be crystal clear on this conspiracy theorist crowd on the left the south abrams sins of the world that meat had from the archie bunker rob reiner the looney too is highly would people who have no idea of actually went on in this case i wrote a book on this i don't i don't want to from a pattern myself on the background of press any body but me mad denise wrote the book this for a year and a half in intimate detail f
but it's presents itself that here the assertions in my book or anything on our part guesses is wrong joe and i will happily corrected and say you know what if michael cohen if he admits he was in prague ok then and he committed a crime have added after kyoto and everyone else involved i am printed new evidence the problem is there is no new evidence now you may say then there is come on we have this mccluskey report that michael cohen's phone cell phone in prague ok multiple multiple problems with this report number one had to boy am jacobson illegal insurrection for pointing this out he says let's focus on the lead where the mccluskey reporters are getting this information quote for people with knowledge of the matter set you like while force producers joe are claiming michael cohen cellphone pinged in prague that must be credible its separate sources
jake says its clear that this is at best a misleading statement before people the question have no personal knowledge hears it from the mccluskey report itself about therefore sources folks for people spoke in macao she on condition of anonymity arca here we go again joe analyse had and back again due to the sensitive we have information shared by their foreign intelligence connections each obtain their information independently from foreign intelligence connections so jacob because i'd say understand what this means none of the four have actual personal knowledge they had communications with foreign intelligence connections these actions may not even have personal knowledge ladies and gentlemen this is an anonymous source basing information on a far and intelligent sort with isn't even claiming personal knowledge of the event themselves
i'm not trying to dance around this let's go do their duty adults right here is that of the pros and cons the pros this could be true an anonymous source is claim from another far and intelligent source who's not claiming any personal knowledge of this themselves they know michael collins phone paint in prague that's the we evidence we have it all that my of course was in prague and at this dossier ports it may be true eat no side on the no side the con side that you'll be khan and that this is in fact not send story cohen has michael cohen and is an his attorney or former attorney now pr guy lining davis has positively on the record and under oath denied tat he was in prague mason michael call has been convicted of lying is not credible correct the problem is mine
call poland has been convicted of lying for underwrote statements he made but joe michael cohen has she replied guilty to like michael cohen never played guilty orban charge with lying about is under rose statements about prague as right bob mahler himself ass right folks mahler team back in april when these very same classy reporters put it story saying there is evidence michael cohen was in prague that was the this is suggests that story back then now there specific added cellphone pinging right this is valid one very clear on this when that sir came out in april bob bob team themselves in a rare public statement said beaver careful about what you hearing in the media folks inside the limited circles okay we haven't said this in a while joe they would come
all that very hall that clear light big like the clue as i have in my back yard a clue that this information is bogus hate that eyes the united under oath and he has never been charged by the mother team with lying about it despite being charged with the with the trump towered checked in moscow that never came through he's been shot replying under oath why not lying why not charged with lying under oath for that if mother had any evidence it's true you take folks do you they don't have a cell phone records come a high oh i know i know its historical be you how many times is seth abrams sit in a conspiracy theory crowd gonna get play by the same story said
on the car sides remember on a side all we have are these anonymous sources coincide denied it mother's not charging with lying about the denials despite him cooperating with mahler third his passport shows no evidence of him being in prague there how do you think he slipped a country what was it most members like um was it that bad man movie the dark night movie where he goes china flip side of the country and like a cargo plane with some like beacon eddie floats in i mean is that how you think michael you take michael collins bruce bruce wayne that he has like the bat plain the pat raptor and the bat beacon eddie you know he's in a bath suit any jobs out a window and a cargo planes oxfam and flies and back to the united states folks do you believe this listen to me you know i'm not a big fan of personal sores i've been prague i
lord made a lightly advance their when barack obama went there to sign this start treaty with dmitri medvedev i was there for a good like period of time relatively speaking i worked with their security forces these guys in prague the wording as in the women we worked it over there were top notch these were not back in raiders these were not scrubbs these were top notch security prose i'm telling you that do you take michael cohen slipped into the a tree like bruce wayne and out on a cargo playing with the bad hook and but knew i can jeanne had been in the french connection have you ever been tinged in prague have thy love that movie by the back with us she'd hack relate the best actor in the firm and i watched the firmness that leaves and affirm it he is judged hack we're just amazing as he popeye doyle is yeah yeah that's it a move so you're gonna pop culture terrible out but here is this is it
such nonsense story it makes no sense that he managed to enter a country without any detection at all its aid to it it you have to say ben disbelieve like you're watching bird box on netflix or something gosh crazy are a fourth yet the senate testimony he provided was under oath i have already said that he is vited under oath testimony to the senate michael calling that is daddy is not in fact in prague i don't want to repeat that sets a number for number five we have a washington post reporter investing rapporteur name gregg miller red miller is not a pro tromp guy i mean ellison asia investigative report on that not gonna guy personally but i think its clear that miller is in they gave guy who's not looking to give
prompt any leeway here in other words he's not a conservative got he's i'm looking to give anybody a pass miller looking into this allegation of bob michael being in prague according to the dossier seemingly in perpetuity miller is i would then there would be no bigger story for miller at the wash the imposed than for him to be able to break the fact that michael when was in fact in prague but a recently gave a talk about that was publicized on c span to it a bookstore this investigate rapporteur and he taught about their efforts to show that michael call in may in fact have been in prague to coordinate this whole collusion fiasco and scandal and this is what gregg miller of the washington post had to say about their efforts to show cohen was in prague what we know trumpet certainly wouldn't be
outside the realm of the possible that this happened but we see no evidence we have we still and it's not for lack of try i mean there's other material in the dossier we we literally spent months trying to run down there's an assertion in there that michael call it trumps lawyer went to prague to settles it's that were needed at the end of the campaign we reporters through every hotel and all over the place trying to i just to try to figure out if he was ever there came away empty men we we ve talked to sources of the fbi and they see i am elsewhere they'll believe that ever happened folks do you stay on the left is getting played now to this as credit whose nodded a trump guy he's knowledge acknowledging listen i'm a reporter first there's just no weapon and so this allegation that does dossier call was in prague i mean i its ferris fair the guy's being out as any makes two key critic
four points on the comments i have met with the only pro side we have isn't not a miss source indicating there was a cell phone paying and i'll get to what i think is going on in a minute i didn't forget that on the concise then i hold no passport records underwrote testimony mother as in charge and now we have a washed impose report to make two more credible eighty in prague god but points here number one joe there's no hotel records now that does mean definitively he wasn't in prague but it would certainly mean he would have to have come in and out on the same day where else what are you stayed is verifies era of light years he landed some happy all over there or where did he did he land than a jet what did he do how did we get there no passport records no customs records no hotel records but he said something else there too his own sources
fbi and cia who joe you can assume reasonably that miller's washed imposed sky then if he has the eye and cia sources leaking to the washington post they're probably i was in a safe assumption say those sources are probably not looking to make trouble of good with dasso safe bad correct yeah even if it is old sources the heavy a hasty resources where the washington post guy himself i say listen this is probably not true how many times are left this gonna get played by this folks now part three so we laid out the story what i think in the second part the cons to it the pros and cons or the prow and the many cards and now i want to tell you what i think is really going on which is part three bullet three this for i believe this is the foreign intelligence cabal that was desperate to
it down the trump candidacy now we know this happened i've if your regular listened the show this is old news we a british intelligence was passing information to the obama administration about the trump team you know what that means this one last time or not what i probably will end up doing it again cnn headline april fourteen twenty seventeen story by jim pseudo pamela brown and eric brenner british and elegance pass tromp associates communications with russians onto you s counterparts ok i read that that headline a lot because we all know this point cnn is never retracted the story that far intelligence operations including what's believed to be some baltic states operations as well were passing information about the trump team to the obama administration ass if in the book in my book i to keep can it but we did a lot of work on a denise
covered aid and interesting angle here about why the british may have been so intimately involved in this in this plan to take down trump he found some interesting stuff in there we are to believe there were other foreign intelligence outlets as well that were passed information about the trompe because remember where the central intelligence agency is not supposed to be spying on united states citizens the the others out there others foreign intelligence counterparty australians the british in others they have no such are at least four they have no such obligation like we have to purchase of to preclude them from responding spying on our now there's five eyes arrangements i are what oversimplify just saying there's no better way to circumvent gathering intelligence on your own political enemies in the united states show than by you far and intelligence partners to do it so what's going on here
this is a cover you see why a moment it class it's pretty clear to me at this point that far an intelligence folks who were involved in the plot to take down trump are now in a bit of a quandary year everybody knows they were involved here the beer people in the intelligence people who were working with them and on the receiving end of this intelligence are now starting to believe they may have been misled every he needs and out on this everybody so what better out for a lot of our intelligence folks here than this look you know we relied on these far and intelligent people and what better out and these far and intelligent people and to say that to leak anonymous stories that hey there was a cell phone record of current being there was i was calling cellphone cloned i dont know why
as i said in my speech at the breakers was it a different michael call in there is some confusion on who exactly this was sure michael call when this happens to be a very common name i'm telling you this i strongly strongly dispute the fact that michael cohen was in prague and i strongly dispute the fact is meeting with this russian official to action payments for this collusion and strong in the strongest possible way i believe this is a nonsense story and i these foreign intel people are leaking this story to gullible reporters at mc who by the way the only ones that are running with this the washington post isn't running with the story they are running with this mccluskey are the only folks who are out there actively promoting this as genuine people may report be reporting on the report it but they are now
reporting this suspect macleod she's out there on an island on their own and i believe they are doing this because these foreign and tell people that either no they were dupe that had the wrong guy the war who still believe may be true and it may have been some kind of cologne phone but there still holding two are trying to cover and provide the reason why they did this a pejorative this makes sense near up i know it's not only the peseta get out i want to repeat you know i don't like being repetitive book but everybody now knows the collusion stories a hoax all the players involved that's it that's the big overarching point to take away their looking our reason now as the mahler investigation is starting to close up they are looking our reason now to justify after mothers report comes and mothers report is not going to be laudatory it's gonna be nasty and it's gonna be side to damage trump politically but mothers poor will have no evidence of russian collusion because arisen kidnap at all
folks who were involved in the spying on trumped basing it on the premise that this collusion was real joe are going to need and excuses to why they did it i believe this far or an intelligence did this cell phone paying is going to be what they're going to hang there had on now whether this telephone ping is a clone phone or if it's a case stake an identity tell agencies that relied upon this paying to do this scandalous spying on the trump team are going to say hey look we got home to and in order to get the story out because their embarrassed to go on the record hence the anonymous sources they had a fine a couple suckers reporters who would be willing to run with this story they can't find suckers shockingly opposed to the times who would be or the negro if this was a credible story so they go back to the wealth of these mccluskey guys who have been where'd you get this story out destroy to save their reputations that make sense yeah yeah yeah but joe brenda mahler team which i've told you as is is is a hack witch hunt investigation
then a mother team the wash imposing a new york times are sceptical of this information heads the april you ve been by the mahler team after the original mccluskey story came out about this saying hey everybody be careful with even mahler doesn't want to hang his hat on this story more dumb shell it's out of your europe suliman the opposite of a partial and eighty three pick these who soccer reporters being to get it out there knowing the twitter sphere and social media would pick up on it and who would have intelligence partner relied on this kind of stuff they are going to say all what was the ping the ping knowing that the paying is either mistaken identity or the pain is a clone phone it is now call in one more piece of information on the concept but we have a great people chuck ross do with the daily collar address is a lot of these points in the show today's while please read the shown us the map columbo peace and chuck ross as peace a very good folks
poland has an alibi that's air tight the day they claim he was in prague he was out in the west coast visiting his son he travel records for it's a nonsense story you to be a hard core x files like conspiracy theories to believe in this stuff it is a see why they're going to say while you know we spied on a but look we relied on the cell phone paying so we thought the dossier was true that's not how any this works you have do some verification and he was there not anonymously source far and intel information that could have been based on a clone phone or a simple case of mistaken identity that's not verification lazy police and intel work it makes sense show that some that up
sorry i got a lot of emails yesterday about that is well see why a this is gonna be there new are we screwed up look work it's the paying thing allowing the pang i don't say i know it is hackers you see job shall formulating a weighty response i admit it through a two forever cast because it is the new year years come up and now you know we love feel the greens i talked about it and beginning to show but also foundation if you want to look better and perform better in the gym there is no better product that their other than foundation go give it a shot how does a creating atp blend available brick nutrition that conflict than just like feel the greens is creating eighty people and make you look better and feel better you don't believe me try the mere attest creating an eighty pete again gives you the equivalent to extra gas tanks in the jim you will look and feel ferocious on this stuff it is incredible try the mirror test give it a shot
given about seven days to load new system follow the label instructions on it's called the foundation in dublin checking up on a mere seven days later unity i back home it's that good girl give it a shot breakdown suggestion that count slash the and check out foundation your love ok let's see moving on on a sad note is the tough way but on a very sad note of sure joe you saw the story you know a real american patriot and here i was taken from us yesterday this police officer hero this patriotic legal immigrant to this country officer erroneous singer who died in those it no california he was a police officer from fiji
he was shot during a traffic stop one a m in the morning pulling over a suspect these suspected of of of dui it was over the suspect and he's i e calls out of the rio shots fired i've been hit he was tragically taken from us this officer a thing you have to see the pictures of him and his it's beautiful family on christmas just hours before he was killed for she was illegal immigrant to this country he's that i put miracle american that we were in this country that we need in this country it's me you know i've been people unlike i you know my wife and other legal immigrants who come here with a strong desire
but they're right hand over their heart and pledge allegiance to our country and our values and entrepreneurship and hard work and patriotism and love of your neighbor love of your country you know me a former caught myself whenever we lose a man or a woman in blue it's always particularly devastating because i remember what that was what that was like when i worked in this five precinct ironically my last day of work tragically ironically went into you have to when you leave the police department i am i pity you only have to get back a couple things you have to get back you patrol home it you have to go you're firearm in your patrol guide you can go get your firearm again later once you are pay for it but we're going back in and here in the night before that we had lost one of ours and the black bunting was on the front of the priests in another tragic loss of life and our own precinct i knew the guy i know personally anyone there anymore it's got never taken other breath of oxygen
never see his kids again never see his mom again never see his family again it never enjoy another good movie never enjoy another good meal gun and empty seat at a time well for his family forever nothing but memories left this officer sing out in california is a memory now for his family because of a guy in this country illegally who kill them folks i was hesitant to tweet about this yesterday because of course you always subject yourself to charges that you're making politics out of this but this isn't politics this is this is a life that was taken from us by a person who unquestionably should not have been in this country and a life taken for this by a person who unquestionably should have been in this country
this guy was a legal immigrant to this country who chose of all jobs to never gonna get rich off it listen police officer salaries are not great i know i worked for one he chose a rather middle class salary as it is supporters community go out there and put himself between that round and he died and he was killed a legal immigrant an american hero you know i'd i dont really it's it's not appropriate at the time to introduce any politics into this stuff because it's about the left does to us but folks would be equally inappropriate to not talk about this because because it is in context of the current political environment over immigration i have never seen a story in my life that's clearly sums up the fight wherein right now there are people around the world
who admire and love this country who would love nothing more nor to their skills their hard work and their love of neighbour friend family and god to come here and bring knows assets to the united states those are the people we desperately need officer sing but this savage this animal who took the exact opposite flipped out both middle fingers at the same time to our system is now come and go as i please i do come and go as i please i will i will do what i do when i want when i want to do it and i have no inhibitions on my behavior it all including inhibitions thing it's killing one of yours so one of yours i mean one of hours because animal is not one of ours he's a savage never has there been so clearly a case that needs to be discussed the monks common sense americans are both sides not men
demonize any wanted i just meant clarion call of what of what this migration debate is currently about stop conflated to our liberals out there and our die save liberals and our democrat friends because liberals or not our friends they are at war with an ideological or that there are democrat gradual persuadable i'm begging you as a fellow america a person who believes in this country and a personal believes in you i have democratic i wish you a very reasonable people we just have disagreements on issues stop conflicting emigrate with illegal immigration we have never been country that treats legal prince to this country badly ever matter of fact they bring like like mr sink when my wife triumph this tremendous skills and character to this country it is the people who have died
regarding the rule of law that have absolutely no business being here whatsoever and because of people like that we lost a man i say to this country that will never take another breath with his family i ask all of you but who support open borders illegal immigration unfettered immigration with no constraint i ask you humbly and respectfully though i disagree with you and want to say something different rhino just look at the picture
go on twitter and put in his name look at the sky we'll get a picture look at his family look at his christmas picture taken hours before is untimely death we need more those people and now we have less because of an illegal immigrant who was the exact opposite of this american hero disgraceful folks absolutely one hundred percent disgraceful a genuine american tragedy get myself together here just ass you look at these pictures and i always think about that black bunting today i left the the i pity for the secret service are members get em myself gosh assists gotta be one of the worst they i'm ever so happy to be a secret service agent so unbelievably taken up
at that one of our own died you know these are fathers and brothers and husbands and you know it's crazy i just want best thing on this folks dominum yarmouth it's friday and i am not trying to put everybody in a bad mood but this is the stuff we have to talk about responsibly on the show one of the things i couldn't get out of my head joe yesterday was i saw a picture with him and in it and a dog officer sing his hero and i love dogs and i i like to take care of my mother in law s dogs they come over a lot and you know what i couldn't get out of my head show it a dog we'll never understand this listen i'm i'm not in any way minimize obviously we lost this hero is families devastated but i'm just trying to be real with you like little things that went through my head after i'd gone through all the empty i always think of the empty seat at the thanksgiving table you know that the wife in the
emily and now i mean little facebook when it's real for you and we're a cop and you remember losing you know ends in coworkers i just kept thinking like dog it this is what was it my head for some reason i can get out the dog will never understand the dogs losses asters owner is body and you and explain that to talk like the dog is just i don't know why that was in my head and i'm just too i give you an authentic account of of you no more obviously not that eloquent today about this you know what i can throw money now if immigration reforms is saved one american citizens life there wouldn't it be worth it especially a guy like that you know i say to people all the time discussing the illegal immigration topic that you can say all you want that most people who come here illegally will not want to commit other crimes although they did break the law coming here that's statistically accurate
but what you can never argue is showed you said that one hundred percent of people who come here illegally should not be here and kate steinway and people like officer sing would be alive if we actually enforced our immigration policy at the border because one hundred percent of people here illegally should not be in the country and did break the law by coming here illegal aright got a couple of things with quick shut down update on a bit of a young lighter note so folks i don't see any quick end to this both sides obviously harden the latest update on i haven't storing the show no safe from the washstand examiner tromp is offered the compromise on the five point seven billion so moving so moving around some funds to be precise to five point seven billion for the wall apparently there
compromise trump compromise on the moving around of some funds i dont have a major issue with that as long as he holds fast i'm getting the war started again started by the red a reasonable amount of funding i really i dont have i don't have any object that because there are ways to move around funding get this thing move and he's already been working on a contract four hundred fifteen miles without which is very good what's the problem the devil it's even offer a counter the democrats basically flipped them then said we're going home how you negotiate or compromise whatever with people not interested in compromise beyond me so i will say what i have said for the last three days shut it down they expect trumpeted did to fall than acquiesce on these big major points nope no thanks not gonna happen stand fast pace drop you are doing the right thing do not waver you are doing the right thing you have set for the black and white principle what you're fighting for
you fall now what i look like you didn't believe in it in the first place don't do it you're doing the right thing i have another article two jonah sedate celeste story nepal the overwhelming number of republican voters support this what he's doing right now this is not the time for both again president trumps now threatening to close the southern border if that's it we need to do in that's what we need to do another mother still another update on the story i discussed yesterday the ridiculous city an absurdity dismayed that word of course you acids yea i like it and said it's so ridiculous that it's ridiculous city the cnn report which was what new low foresee and which is tough because they constantly break through the basement floor of a media laws seemingly daily by their report that troops that it showed up at the iraqi hangar degree president trumpet doozy acidly who brought their own magda had
their own they didn't buy them off the president he doesn't sell mega hats on these trips they brought their to be signed by the president cnn published a ridiculous report advance by a bunch of obama boot liquors informers staffers on twitter that these miller every personnel brought their mag ass to be shine should be investigated for hatch act violations that prohibit political activities while in uniform possibly in the history of fake news dopey media story show i rank this one maybe top two or three number one but i went to leave that spot open because every day something new happens declare fi the rules the air force base humiliated cnn and all the imbeciles that went on their network to advance this can help prosecutors let's go get em in handcuffs folks are you kidding dumbest story ever so there this is from daily caller amber after you
great work over there are fake news story i have on my shown us to a top up her top fake news we have twenty a team which is really good we actually get cited a budget that come to assist you airforces europe made a clear statement thursday that troops at ramstein air base in there was injured by the way sorry not narrow grants that is obvious in germany did not break rules by bringing their own hats for the president to side as well treaty the quote because this is just so ridiculous he did gonna iraqi prisons obviously there no rule against airmen bringing personal items to be signed by the present the aforesaid noting that while troops held that has to be signed and never wore them while in uniform i mean you know i only report this cuz i brought this up the other day i don't mean to dumb you down and kill neurons during the show but it is swear at this weight of such that the fake fake canoes is so vague now
humiliating them every day is become kind of a national pastime this was an outrageous story it was a dumb story make that made to take a shot othello trump and as i told you which was confirmed by the way so you know spinning your wheels ever which i don't do what i say during yesterday's show joe about my trip to afghanistan people were break everything for the president decide everything yes last night on the news they showed video as it a used to present afghanistan much of that was my chair for the answer but i'm telling you i was there to propose an good for personal obama that and give it all is very very nice to side step for the troops that knocking him but what's the principle suppose here that the president's signing presidential memorabilia other things is somehow prosecutable act amongst our troops if that's your principle why wasn't it prosecutable under obama because that's not your principle you say trump and your life so we get
what about isn't to say what about the troops under the obama trips afghanistan it had stuff sign i say what about me that is not a per that's a dumb idea that fighting men and women oversee shouldn't get a presidential autograph a valley paul historical item i don't mean money wise valuable to them and their families but kidding me are you an idiot what a dumb story and now cnn with a thorough strong and honest typical rebuked by the air force showing what fools these anti trump idiots are but i tweeted out yesterday but i mean i meant this this show this helps present trump maybe the is to sell present truck under constant attack by the media another are you reading this all wrong this i like this is so ridiculous and absurd entirely discredits the left wing activists in the media which is gonna be it highlights the people who play by the rules into actual journalists nobody pays it nobody takes you in and seriously anymore but when you
mainstream reporters who are made liberal but try to play affair and knocked stuff like this guys this is just stupid research shows conservatives that there can be some people out there in journalism who put their politics aside so we ve completely this credits the looney tune activists and highlights people and media and appoint number two is its solidifies the base the trump base and in in this battle field morality which i talked about earlier in the week that this is this is a real fight here for survival the media is against us they are this for journalism their sole purpose is to destroy discredit attack conservatives so it solidify as the basis support around trump while also highlighting the liberal media activists were who they are this is not a bad thing there are three by the way yesterday in asia in a shop why was that i get my raptor customize my rafter so folks
i'm that i can do it yet because i'm waitin run trip and i'm expecting hopefully by the end of next month it will be wait till you see what i can take some pictures i'll put them on instagram you going to love it this is going to be pretty be a bad and i love it the guy shall be substantially say you want to do this the bumper and put a little go here and highlight eared some lights there and maybe hook up ribs out i was like yeah as i a manly stop some bars the light cry stuff at every thereby giving the manly is palmprint like a black matt fetish crash bar why are you a floating now i drive it to the gym everyday the car is almost no miles out of that's my offloading as i had a curb what's coming out of the part it or not it powerhouse gyp that's how much but i love manly stop i like guns that i like trucks that's why they add i want they look like a tag so i'm gonna get it done i was in the shop yesterday check it out some of us put some pictures up on my instagram about deepened gino so go check
and i followed me added sudan and you can see what they cars you will look like it's gonna be called the truck me that's all you gotta do you know him can't we did to shut down the air force the heroic officer we lost our hearing this is important folks pumps legacy at this point one he's not a one term present i don t will be i think he has a pretty decent shot and re election but if he were god forbid at this point to be a one to present who knows what would happen he was one of his legacies is going to be a re making the federal courts now i have discussed this theme portance of this before but i wanted to give you some numbers to putting context the success president trumpets had because there is still a large i've never trappers out their joe that regardless of president trumps success on the economy regulatory reform and the federal federal bench they still are a resolute at this present time this guy's not fit for office which is absurd he's
some very very good decisions which have been vance the conservative football down the field significantly but i like numbers and i realize today while i was reading this article in the washing examined which are having a show notes about his remaking the federal bench that i never really put in context to you how in port what president drop is doing on the court's really is numbers matter facts and data matter right first why important while all the obvious reasons dan horwitz wrote a book on this and markel event as is excellent because men in black they talk about how the left when they can't win elections what do they do folks they go to the court's why whilst simple math when the left camp elections because they can't convince people en masse to vote their high tax big government you know abortion anti school choice stuff into office what do they do the left never gives up after almost admire their tenacity you never give up what do they do they go to court appointments when they get
liberals appointed on the court's they sue they get a liberal judge acting as a politician and now what happens instead of having to convince ninety thousand poland congressional race or you know hundreds of a hundred million plus an oppressed actual race that their policies good when they are in fact pernicious and dangerous what do they have to video one judge that's it so what they do as i ve always want to stack the federal bench with politicians acting is judges and get them to advance the political football it can advance electorate because their policy sockets very simple why they left is in love with the bench the federal bench what what's a good way to start that a good way to start that is what one would be to limit the influence of the through these stopping these ridiculous national injunctions where a case is is decided in a district court and a federal judge says well we're gonna put a national injunction this is is this decisions that affect everyone effectively stopping the trumpeting that's what this has to stop this has to stop a sap
there should the national injunctions john robert said the chief justice these to get on this this is wing of national injunctions for every single case involves president trump is absolutely absurd and is entirely destroying the reputation of the court of the reputation to cope with this can thing obviously is appointed judges on the bench you understand the limitations of the rome power let's put this in context now president trop has already confirmed so you understand the math what makes sense of europe this number in your head president trump is already had conferred eighty five federal judges keep that number eighty five in your head when there's this aligning the end about a quarter and will make sense if you have an upward you had before so he's already outcome eighty five judges what does that mean in context courted wash them examiner piece which again is in the shadows as if this writing there are hundred and eighteen vacancies at the district court level and twelve vacancies at the appellate court level for a toll of one hundred and thirty of those
sixty five are currently pending nominations to put this in context show their aid britain sixty five judges on the supreme court you court of appeals and u s dish records that's a total of eight sixty five if all the current vacant get filled than trop will have appointed roughly a corner of them now you see i do that number and before because think about a supreme court appellate courts reports we have eight hundred and sixty five total judges try this already had eighty five confirm their hundred and thirty vacancies if me from a candle in the senate through this new senate where we have now a three vote buffer we now have fifty three republican centres after the new class of the senate is sworn in three because i pencil be a typewriter we can collins and rakowski you're who effectively fake republicans anyway that most of the time instead a good job on cabin also i gotta be fair there we are
a figure this always gonna be one type of late guy eject jeff lake who of wake out i may never was there no was there more appropriately named u s entered and jeff like but now already have thankfully so they can move straight me mcconnell needs to prioritize now because now we have it that the gist of the peace shows now that is a democrat house there is very little chance that any significant trump agenda items gonna get pushed through because can be blocked by the democratic it's it's not transform the democrats hey trap the dynamic house required to pass any legislation is not going to pass anything that benefits truck that's just the fat but what they do they have no role incentive information at all the house is they cannot block confirmation of judges so if you get these huh britain thirty vacancies filled you combined eighty five we ve had already out of the eight hundred and sixty five that's roughly a quarter of the federal bench appointed by donald j tribe who has done a terrific job getting consent
but of judges who understand the limitations of their power pointed to the bench i bring us up because this has to be there ass the be priority number one has to be right now not we shouldn't try i'm not suggesting we shouldn't try for additional tax cuts pending restrained she has the provincial power he's not powerless to present he has the power of the veto power he has executive orders as long as they're lawfully applied we know what to do in a bomb it did but the fair ro judiciary could be almost re made by president in one term we added story number of vacancies when he came into office we can now fill them and stuff the liberal run spread through the courts the supreme court the appeals courts in the district court every time they lose an election this is a game changing moment ok where story the day because this has received very limited coverage cnn now although i think they may have covered the ink the intensity of the coverage has
extremely like anything surprising i mean cnn another liberal outlets or not apt to publish stories that make democrats look bad so we're gonna talk bad it here because it's important folks what's going on or went on and alabama you know we ve heard all this bout brush and this information campaigns and the abuse of social media tactics of a canoes on on facebook this is the influence elections right now you baby saying oh yeah yeah we heard that in contacts of context of what the trump card paper allegedly trying to do which is nonsense garbutt decided at that status fake but this story is not fake news because they i involve he was involved linked in he's above a left wing billionaire has now admitted to involved in an influence campaign in the alabama senate race between doug jones in roy more i have a story in the show doubts about the three of you ve missed it this increase whole story six figure
the sums of money paid to promote this information in the alabama senate race meant to link the papa can roy more to russia who bought it was fake it was fake news financed by a left wing billion now to be fair i than that i've just telling you it's outward will you know we stick to facts here this lead weighing billion air the source it would linked in is appalling rising for now and is egg is open to investigate that doesn't make any of this right and he gets you get no pass there will be no mercy here if this is what we're talking about influence peddling and money spent in elections for fake news and this information campaigns than that exactly what needs to be investigated but allegations are serious that there were fake news
of social media accounts promoting roy more the republicans linked to the russian bought keeping was made up it was all made up and it was done in an effort because informations been leaked about what they were doing joe it was done in an effort to suppress republic in turn out they had a goal of suppressing republican turn out in the alabama centuries which the democrat eventually want of jones they had all they even at a metric they wanted to suppress turn out by five points five percentage points ladies gentlemen can you imagine if this was a story about the trump t secret talking covered trump paid a six figure sum to suppress democratic turn out in key democratic area ladies and gentlemen it would be the scandal of the century but because it involves a left wing billionaire and a democrat george you won the race thousand suggestion jones was involved in this personally this would be a mega story but because it's a democrat
it's not the coverage has been light and sparse what what is it from here and that is that the media cup now that's not the media coverage jos right that in fact is a fight a flock or a path forward are you call a group of a thousand crickets at night making is sound and i with dead silence that's what you're here yet that was cut we need that affect more often that is in fact a media coverage on this which is hello new york times all the news its fit the print while apparent the front page news story if election tampering coverage was based on principle but it's not election air quotes tampering coverage is you start attacking donald trump and if the story doesn't it donald trump it's not fit to print member microsoft dies in the darkness right the washed impose new motto more no new york times all the news its fit the print while apparent if it makes a democrats look bad it is the coverage
ben light light at best scam high folks to get for tuna and i really appreciate it i will be on our mark levine's tonight filling in her eye on the radio so if you want to give us a call you want to talk to me like you make sure you do that again is my last day in the tv that shows on my last one five thirty p m free rate dot com i will be seeing my future plans hopefully very soon it will be clear why i left but i thank you began forms a good run with the forces you're tv i want to thank them as well but that won't change anything for you all don't worry but you could still subscribe at our same account on ice listen i teach you commissioner listen our website bongino dot com please so follow us i heart it is those subscriptions we subscribe to the show its free it's all free that drive us up darts and help other people find the shall we really appreciate if you do that they saliva i will see you all on monday
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