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Ep. 887 The Unhinged Democrats

2019-01-04 | 🔗
In this episode I address the latest meltdown by the unhinged Democrats. I also address the latest positive job numbers and the economic challenges ahead. Finally, I address the threat of financial blacklisting and the threat of a cashless economy.    News Picks: The latest job numbers are incredible!   Newly elected liberal congresswoman goes on an obscene anti-Trump tirade.   President Trump makes a surprise appearance at the press briefing.   Financial blacklisting is a real and growing threat to free speech.   The global debt situation is approaching the danger zone.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon her shoulder not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i wasn't it thereby judo show producer joe how are you gonna do well because this is like a game enzo body when it's all that time and radio jet what it what do they call out again that's not that's yet ass a phoney boys i was i was taken so hard this betty affectation saudi arabia you're still sat back thank you again for duty did the five the last few days are beyond again today on friday five pm eastern time on the fox forcible spicy debates i appreciate all the tremendous positive feedback there was a record
emails are some people at some criticisms i don't mind those as long as you guys are cool about it as long as you don't call drop an f bomb i'll be on an email totally cool that's why i give my email out to you the boys just so you see the positive and negative some some people complain me and marie didn't go out there and now find the shell but you memory our food is a liberal and i am obviously conservative but folksy after them it's the fight it's it's not that thereby gino show my pride deeply appreciate that you want to hear me talk more and i love it eighty with marie but you have to pick you up soon as i hope you all understand that i'm not abandoning you it's not out of some sectors of like fear married as an operate like that either we go out of the air when we we have to do it and you gotta other people in it was kennedy was their gregg and jesse and it's it's not my share so i really appreciate it it's a lot of fun to do the scenes it's a lot of fun so why you don't you just
learn to play the horseman by the fact that the list i can only you know it there is our opportunities to move in and yet sometimes you take of sub dodgy can you know this shows that that's five minute segments it's you know it's not that it's not like the yard lincoln douglas debate but its fund and to an end today dogmas it is meant to be a fun cop quick cut spicy spice i really appreciate hey tremendous tremendous economic numbers today will not just to be clear these are on a big firstly but well mainly positive mine blowing economic numbers that is not an exaggeration in case you miss did not just to be clear so today shows not gonna be all peaches and cream there's gonna be so bad medicine some harsh medicine samina sirop of the pickaxe later to but let's start with good news on this friday ok job numbers
now today the u s economy added a staggering and i mean dagger and three hundred and twelve thousand jobs the latest numbers woe i follow these numbers i follow the movement in the fed the markets the non residential real estate investment numbers the productivity number so you don't have to and folks i was expecting obey where back thing one sixty five one sixty seven thousand jobs i thought it could be where from one fifty to two hundred three hundred twelve thousand is it is we're talking about almost double what even the most optimistic rose colored glasses economists we're thinking three hundred twelve thousand is a huge here which number this far in june
recovery from a recession it should are you a couple of things the first away from this is the end it states economy despite some of the shortfalls i'm gonna get to later i maybe i should have done the shown first you left you with the good news on friday but it is on a big you asleep good news than i am and to get the sum of the negative stuff later but they should are you lesson number one despite the worlds troubles right now which i'll get you later global dead what appears be a pretty massive slowdown in china i was reading a report on china this morning that an inside baseball economist who is an expert on analyzing the chinese economy has said at their recent stated growth numbers of six point five percent which is extraordinary are but not for china given its sob sneer industrial revolution type status but they're back you know you from where we are still stealing our technology six point five for them is really not that great but an inside
baseball economist who sees what's going on behind the scenes who said the real chinese growth rates are probably closer to one point six ass bad yeah that's ugly oh folks for as much as i dislike with the chinese are doing to our economy ip theft in august procurement methods over there chinese economy if awarded drastically slow down they do still buy a lot of our stuff a lot of american but he's do sell stuff so it's it's not an best interests to have this bandaid ripped off justice that quickly okay so that's also such as china so that there are other global economies around the world that are struggling as well we ve seen the stagnation obviously italy greece this places in the euro zone i mean outside of germany most of the euro zone struggling a bit too which stagnate growth and government debt having sex at the recent i buy frame it this way is that the u s economy joe is
i mean you run out of adjectives screw adjectives describe it in this in this harsh world global dat stagnant atmosphere but it you know about again this fog is really the only way i can think of it i mean economic freedom tat rates right now r r r r trending in the right direction and liberty direction thanks to president trump and so members of the republican congress and senate they cut the corporate tax rates and of work on dramatic deregulation and the cutting of red tape from the u s economy the glow economy right now is struggling the united states economies not now ladies and gentlemen that explains a lot of why interest rates are so low and why despite the fact that the i did states economy has as taken on a massive amount of debt twenty two trillion which i will get too in the show interest rate still logic because people are still lending us money interest rates go up when interest rates go up when people perceive their their them they lead to people to be at risk i am not going to lend joe money at five percent interest if i don't think he's gonna pay it back
expeditiously expeditions may i need joe to pay me encompassing me with a higher interest rates my lent capital to him at a higher rate of member state because ip leave him to be a risk by dont presumably to be but you get the point i would say give me twenty percent that's what loan sharks there right at the risk of being alone shark is your lending it too risky people that's why not to mention that it's their cross of amerika perker caged and criminality table but that's why they get the interest rate is we're gonna take what are your thumbs if you don't you write to the iraqi one rocky whatever he's that is the enforced guy we said so he told me to break your dogs you do so this is what happens at the united its interest rates are still relatively low because we are there beacon of light right now in this in this global morass of economic stupidity socialism and government debt people
still lending us money because of the what i believe what the trump team is done and that this is not we laudatory i'm not trying to genuflect in front of the present i like with the president's doing but i'm just giving you the facts the president's commitment to cut taxes and getting red tape out of the u s economy has made this place a powder keg of economic growth we want to say hello to the audience i got my little daughter and the rubbish is gonna make it appear five today in some we're gonna watch is gonna be a great one more thing to say hello what what are you a year what's your stuff isa such as after animals whether i travelled over here folks up in new york and i bring my family sometimes so i bring my daughter my what i said to my wife my travel up to now for three days three days folks i've got like a pair of hands earn a toothbrush like that's what i did that's how i travel i travel light they ve got likes it
the two bags i said to my wife go what's in all these bags turns out it's my doctor that's terrible she has a whole suitcase falstaff that'll so great folks this is really funny you gotta have a look at this joke and you see this oh this is my daughter this is gonna be i'm going to make an appearance on one more thing that eighty five though missus so me other daughter we find this schedule she has a schedule for her stuffed animals my youngest that she wrote it out here's the schedule for her stuff that will she wrote this on at the hotel on the hotel stationary morning teepee food treat p b tree he hissed tb again time these these than that of us do a lot of people is the key word is now it ever by the way if you want to see the doubt about bake it is up to now that lives up go to
joseph go to my instagram i met the budgetary and you can see it you're gonna laugh over to put it one more thing tat you get a kick out of getting back to the serious that but these are strong economic numbers and the nice part about these strong economic number show is it's gonna continue in a a a cavalry charge of good news it's gonna continue to incentivize global investors took their money out of other markets and invest them in the united states where the economy is strong and growing i care emphasize you enough how enormous these numbers are three hundred twelve thousand a near doubling but even the rosy estimates are asha put a smile on your face i want to get back to this cause i'm gonna get you a little bit a bad news first then i want to get to the devil hope it's the show that's going to be really but i want to get to the democrats completely showing their butts state jail was kind enough to pull some clips this morning a michigan democratic right
the far left this new congresswoman who got up in front of a group of people and just said she's just a they're losing their minds so i get to that later to but i want to go the downside of this and i want to give you some solutions okay the downside of this is this and i have an article by queen hillyer whose sooner i don't always agree with rights stan examiner but it's a good peace today in its worth reading i think as as is the first the caterer audience you are out there and i know you are i read your emails are all very smart your economy can finance he moves you sent back to me a brilliant i've got a lot of great ideas from them we should able to evaluate ideas and even our people are sometimes you know never trumpery or whatever if you see a good article we should be able to sometimes put that aside and just but i read it for what is there is actually a pretty decent peace and washed in examiner about the global dead polyps is very easy to read it's not that long and i love you to check it out does the downside bob to the rosy economic those things are good now joe growth rates look like they're gonna be substantial let's see what
first cord of what we do if we can get past three percent it's all over fox right now booming economy everybody just going crazy over these numbers but our debt is it short harry i'm dead is now twenty two trillion dollars and heal your rights and peace which is its smart and you know it it's an obvious point when you think about it but it's it's overlooked by people who get lost right now because the debt our national that doesn't seem to be having a real impact on people they're not paying any more interest for their car loans are not paying higher interests for mortgages money is hard to find loans is aren't hard the fine now think about this in your personal life if it a person alive you made a hundred thousand dollars a year and you had a hundred twenty thousand dollars in debt soon or later it's gonna be hard for you to walk into a bank or go to a credit card company and get the capital you need in the loans you need to build out a business or do whatever you want to do it right obvious reasons the bank examiner the loan examiners gonna say listen joe then whatever it is
i want your twenty thousand dollars you you would do you editing our policies in the background i know you can keep those in our so called yourself extra work it's out our yeah that's your problem you don't have the added folks it's a roadshow today we haven't listen i bring me my equipment with these though it sounds good but you're gonna get a policies and a car from amelia underwrote churches the way we really did me right said the down immediately knows what i'm doing i know i see you joe could always so this goes to show like how much of its into this right joe is suffered so much to this that he's concerned about the audio quality than he hears little things that you would never probably even notice and he saw and it costs them forever they get the showed only the worry about its eyes these is therefore an event let's talk about an officer heal your points out in his peace but this global that apocalypse then i was saying that sooner or later people going to stop lending money and are going to for high interest rates like i said before the loan sharks that doesn't
and in the united states because we are still that beacon of freedom and beacon of economic freedom and trump has done the right thing moving the economy in a positive direction so it hasn't hit us yet but here it points out that the problem with this show is it is gonna hit us eventually there eventually going to become a point member all debts are paid i can say this enough the milton friedman quota forget it tattoo this on your forehead figuratively of course all deaths or pay debts are paid by the debt or other that's her either paid by the person who took out the loan and pays it back where the person who gave you alone he pager that because he gave you the money and you never him back he beat it intends to do it but he pager that for all debts or pay these debts are going to have to be repaid but who's gonna bail us out show how you makes a great point that the problem with global dead now metaphorically rather than let me read to you of what i have from the peace because it's it's a really good quote
he says that the world has never had as much debt as it has right now knew two hundred children and fifty trillion job two hundred and fifty trillion dollars in debt reported the wall street journal worse the biggest bar are the u s china the eurozone japan which together have more than two thirds of the world's household that three quarters of its corporate debt and nearly eighty percent government debt ladies and gentlemen what's the problem with that the problem is the fact that the world's bay economies china the u s the euro zone and japan hold that debt who's gonna bail us out show you know in greece and italy have debt problems and they do and their substantial that's a big deal but the reality is greece and italy are
small enough not sarah small economies but their small enough though mistake what i'm saying that their impact on global economy will be readily tivoli minimal if they work how can it be small don't mistake what i'm saying you know we ve gotta we ve seen some of the things we thought were small you know continental illinois and other work you know india the estate crisis another view no other financially i've ripple effect throughout the world but might i'm just he relative to the fall by china at the fall by the collective euro zone countries that would be a disaster that the fault of just italy and greece they can be can be bailed out by other countries that have the capital had the capital do it you don't have any more you even have saint aubert who's gonna bail us out here you're makes a great point once this debt all debts are paid ok the twenty two trillion owed by the united states government thee
did they d trillions owed by in india in title ments by japan and china and euro zone countries and the financial promises made and the borrowing in the end the and basically this closed system borrowing amongst each other sooner or later somebody's gonna want their money back but there's no money and there's no big dog to bail out the big dogs we are the big dog there is nobody out there that's gonna be able to balance out i don't mean two on this day of really great economic news especially on a friday sound so morose and an end i am that's not my intention but again i dont a bee pollyanna it because if we continue to ignore this just title if this this red menace coming ashore as stan once described it we're not gonna
keep the pressure on law makers to try to do something and we all know there mostly cowards and won't do anything unless a crisis regional basically slaps them in the face now i want to suggest path forward out of this i want to give you the chewed the ways out of this and when i say out of this just to be clear when i mean i mean out of this massive debt crisis and the time to do it is now when the economy is good it's not too it for another great depression or great recession i'm gonna give you the two are really awful ways for and i should say a way out of this but what's there's only i bet please let me rephrase us there only three ways can end joe this debt crisis i'm gonna give you the too bad ones first and the one in the end that could potentially save us here hear the two bad ones first we could risk a mask of a massive the fault of the fall at the scale of which has never been seen and in an in in europe civilised human history you're talking about it the fault of
upwards of hundreds of trillions of dollars and that being wiped out meaning every everyone who is up basic no one will be left untouched at some point but he is going to be somebody is gonna be touched by by this either do catastrophically high interest rates or money you're not paid back let me just described when i say the fault i mean these govern this basically just say joe but we're not gonna pay because we can because we don't have the money now what does that mean that means if you own government denominated assets a treasury bills a few oh you own government bonds governments foreign government set of lead the united states money and you will not be paid back that's what the fuck these are just not gonna pay or they'll pages these on the dollar which is by the fault i was literally you just your you'll get screwed you'll be dot you'll have lent people money so we
we know that if you had let these governments money you're just not going to get it back you may sell don't worry i'm safe i don't own government bonds you're not safe ladies and gentlemen i cannot bring up this interest rates argument enough this is this is a key critical argument for a reason you will not be left untouched the minute the united states god forbid the false on time the two trillion in debt in a global economy soon follow for two hundred and fifty trillion in debt to be wiped out overnight in a massive global default interest rates on the globe nobody's gonna lend anybody money it dry show interest raise rees raising his hand up in the air like the statue of liberty yeah you're right they are going to skyrocket through the roof because no he's gonna want to lend anybody money governments are going to want to lend governments money citizens aren't gonna want to lend their governments money banks are gonna wanna went businesses money you are going to be talking about stagnation on a global scale and just a school eric economy like you ve never seen before based
lay the cement of harden capital flows will stop i mean it will be an egg i make this that will take years for confidence to rebuild itself years may be decades we could be looking at the great recession times the great depression again i don't mean to sound apocalyptic i just mean a warn you so that's number one we can escape massive global default interest rates go through the roof of peoples you still get their money back as simple as that pathway number two and remember there are only three ways that there is no other option here path number two is the united states government these foreign governments couldn't flayed away there that monetize there that essentially meaning the united states government could say engaged in some form of quantitative sing and mass geometrically expanded quantitative easing and actually like monopoly money say we're just gonna print money we're going to print loads of money
some money we're gonna poured into the economy we're gonna use that inflated currency to drive the value of our dead we're gonna make that debt worthless and then all of the sudden everything will go away because it with a debt will be easier to pay off because that the monetary value with a debt is lower now you know it out you know try vicinity economics course here and and put it to you i do i'm always fastened by economists i loved the finance and economic has always been personal passion but think about what that does united states governments federal reserve which you know i get it federal reserve are they going to tell you about their independence you know that their subject to political i share the whims of of like anyone else zero human beings over there the pressure to print money always is by fed that's why they want federal central bank independence which we technically have in the united states but i dont i dont really by much you that all the political pressure can be overwhelming
but the pressure to print money gets overwhelming now when you print money you may say well that's an easy way out because remo when you print money the money in circulation worth less because you have more money chasing the same amount of objects save my goods and services when more honey chases the same amount of chairs and computers and whenever the price goes up why because there's more money shapes it a thousand dollar thousand dollars jason hundred computers they're worth a certain amount if there's a hundred thousand dollars jason hundred computers that because computers fetch more money because there's more money in circulation it's not complicated that makes the amount the value of the dollar go down but that also makes the value of the dollar that go down to that make sense show yeah yeah yeah there i'm with you when you when you pay an awful but you're printing all this money on its chasing similar amount of goods the price of those let's go up what we call inflation but that makes the pearl sing power of the dollar go down in other words the price of certain goes up the path
or of one dollar to buy it goes down because you need more dollars because the price one up but remember when there are a lot of money it also makes the value of your dead go down because of the poor the same power of a dollar goes down and it's worth less our dollar then it takes you the pay her back because it's worth less so debt is a really bad thing and the way to get rid of it two inflated away the dollar's worthless a dollar if that is worth less it is easier to pay off governments joe said to me during a break we just took their governments loved that they loved that debt is that this is what they thrive governments loved that cause they love to spend money they don't have endlessly and want to have to rely on a tax base if it's sick that old that old line by john maynard keynes where he was talking about there are basically two ways to tax and economy if you wanted a text me five percent of an economy this is the great when john maynard keynes who is a disaster otherwise dead did under
stand that wet inflation and that means that meets the governments he said if you want a cat an economy attacks it citizens you wanna take basically twenty five percent of what citizens so there's two ways to do it the first way the tax twenty five percent of every dollar you citizens make right if you make a dollar and i get a quarter of that then that's the government taking twenty five percent but he's like this another way to do with its really brilliant theirs i say a dollar in circulation and in the government is prince another thirty three cents up and it takes the thirty three cents they printed and spent it now the economy would have a dollar and zero dollars and thirty three cents right they had a dollar the government printed thirty three cents more there's a dollar zero dollars and thirty three cents in circulation but it's not in circulation the government since it just spends its thirty three france is roughly a quarter of the author thirty three then nobody even knows they like that's great the government is printed my enough to take it out of my wallet but they did because now there's a dollar thirty three eventually in circulation after the government spends it which makes you
dollar worth less because there's more money chasing the same products i can say this so that's pathway to government inflation of all people john maynard keynes the founder of the liberal school of economics basically is the one who shows us exactly how that works now here's the good path you like us to wherever they get to the good news is sounds really horrible matter we are this there is good news and the good news is as i've said do before the trump economy and i do a tribute is the term because i can't stand the lot of the swamp rats up on the hill but are you laughing at back there of a daughter back there is good news for you shep camera psych amateur studio or is the way out of this is is shockingly simple folks if you apply that you have the the basically the rule seven set at seven percent growth rates and an investment will double in ten years if we were to
it seven percent growth now listen i get it that's an unrealistic number in advanced economy to hit year after year but if you will if you are if you like a head seven percent growth for ten years you would basically double the united states economy economy now is worth twenty to twenty one trillion dollars the economy be worth forty trillion ten years now it's probably not realistic we'd all agree i just told you the growth rates hovering around three percent are considered good news heading seven would be more than doubled we would to hit even three point five which is obviously by simple math half of seven then it would take watch out twenty years if it takes ten years at seven percent it would take twenty years at three point five percent if we can hit three point five percent in our lifetimes many of us if we is i got a studio is i believe if we were to
the three point five percent over twenty years the economy with double be worth roughly forty trillion dollars that would be in our lifetimes three point five percent is not only doable it's been done many times matter fact reagan one thousand nine hundred and eighty four eighty five and eighty six hits six five and four percent growth if we could average three five percent over twenty years our economy would be worth double what it is now and today's dollars if we can control inflation relatively speaking in just the years when i'm only sixty four forty four now show if we just hell of a line on spending today and had some lawmakers up in d c grow a spine explain to the people really going on get some kind of a bite artists coalition which some way although there were very do you any less common sense democrats and say we need to explain the american people on a prime time address what a cat tat it can get cash
this is a catastrophic debt situation were looking at if we just put a lead on spending today and insisted on within a few years dialing down the debt and getting spending down and saying to people listen social security recipients i get it if your fifty five and older you ve already planned your lives we ve taken your money we made a mistake we spent the money this isn't gonna work but because your fifty four when will and we screwed up we are going to do existing tax laws and make sure your compensated but people fifty five and you there's nothing we can do this system is bankrupt if we were to say about medicare medicated we don't have the money to continue to fund the third party pay your system we're gonna go to strict safety net we're gonna go to voucher based system where where people can buy insurance in that same market the wealthy and everyone else by this is all fixable if we were to say on the discretionary spending side that we are getting out of anything
does not involve national security or or or our basic functions of government we're out of it we could fix this tomorrow we could get a lid on spending and we can t that is because rubber we're paying hundreds of millions now and interest on the debt alone we could take some of that left over revenue from this economic growth and start to at least try to pay down paid out a pair down some of the debt we have now and we would have the long run trajectory out the problem is we have none of that now it is here your points out this piece the kind of circle back to these amateur peace which is in the show notes and is definitely worth your time the point he brings up the biggest problem of all joe is the fact that is not just that where in a massive amount of debt we ve been here before purse postwar were too we have never been in this kind of debt times where the economy is during all cylinders
we accumulated a large amount of understandable dead world war two to save the world and to save the united states after world war two we made substantial efforts to pay down large swathes of that we never got it all completely paid off contrary to what they tell you but they made an effort the problem now joe is we don't we're out of recession we are not in a mass of at least world war what would happen there was a crisis tomorrow we are already at the red line of that we need a path forward a law turn trajectory additives to reestablish faith in our markets faith in the united states and make sure that that they never comes work full of esther start to say oh my gosh the united states are they ever going hey as back that day comes when a world the trouble i folks i built a proper professional standards they believe the same level of protection
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my experience with washington dc when i ran for office and worked around these guys door my prior liner work some of em a lot of em i mean outside of there's a couple good ones up there like mike lee ran paul jim jordan mark meadows i think there's some of the good guys who really or believe recent erupt there for the right reasons most of em aren't there up there because they like a flock raw lunches and their chauffeured cars and will probably nobody he's in there realises the first time ever that someone's paddle i'm on the back and told him how wonderfully are so they really appreciate that show you know they le data would alfred last night he cited presley it ever
but you will not get elected the congress like you'd never fitted up there he's like you're a dollar he's like that don't be they can be the case bakeries and you don't need to be an air those this people he's ikea the worst he deals are molotov but the gift of donald trump has been to get the democrats to show their boats to the rest of the world actually had a different opening to the show and joe and i changed it and that's where let's where a few minutes after well depending on how you could quickly joanna serene i'd be but joe shooter in a few minutes late even if he's not because i said i don't like this beginning let's start over i wanted to find a way did i say this in a way that makes sense because i don't just like to say out look at this lawmaker not get to what you said and emitted did that she's crazy you that that's anything you know doesn't edify any i need you know you you may feel emotionally really if that hearing that these this insanity of of democratic law makers but i want to
in the why here in the wise important trap is not followed the script the devil crasser use too there is a psychological principle known is learned helplessness if you ever look up seligman itself you know if this is it's a staple of a lot of cycle but she programmes and now when i was a graduate student i always found a fascinating and learned helplessness was the idea that folks this was experiment in the more sicker days of psychological experiments it happened if i'm not amending this i'm not saying any please don't send me emails about how awful y know it was awful i'm just telling you it happen because i got a point email last time as if somehow i was recommending we experiment on animals i love animals it's not what i'm saying so please don't send me those evil that's not what his butt back in the days before after rules of experimentation had now been now been instituted in psychological experimentation schemes
seligman they did these studies on on dogs and shock pats where they were put them on a shock paired with which it which gave them in electric shock i'm gonna not saying this is a good thing i've just telling you what happened and this guy figured out that after a while if you prevented them from getting away in a locked cage whenever was they would eventually stop trying and simple became one never sick the idea was to do that the principle that is established through these various experiments was called learned helplessness in other words it animals and we all are power we are god's children on the web but but still we have what we have the ability say i think therefore i am given enough punishment and the lack of alternatives in options oucho people will learn to be helpless they will just stop trying does that make sense the animals in the experiment if you don't give him an opportunity escape they eventually snapshot right that pretty
was very real however sixty experimentation was people can learn to be help us out later on they figured out to various other experimentation that if you gave the atom a way to get out and a figure out a way out that eventually even if they had learned to be helpless before they would try i later on and re learning how to be not help us which is not i mean i don't think that's particularly groundbreaking but you get that i'm trying to make is the g o p is learn to be helpless over the years they have third under a relentless barrage of academic media far left libya democrats cultural leads in hollywood entertainers calling them they most vicious vile things known to man racists massage unless you ve gone through all of it the xenophobia that transit forbes homophobia as we and the show the fall before biggest forbes anything with a phone or an s at the end you have likely been called by people who
cultural power they wheeled that cultural power they make movies they make music they teach and academia they run media outlets they have the power to hurt you and hurt you bad the power of trumpets whereas in the past we have learned to be helpless and you i've seen republicans the first time the are bomb gets dropped out of you say something joe like you know this and i really think we need to look at police policies in the inner city where what is the media to media folk than others not all of em but a lot of people who say they don't like the passages that sets clearly racist race lithuania and every and what happens everybody piles on and how he would be papaya and entertainers pylon and academic show you fake studies that you're a racist and it's not true i mean it's all completely totally one hundred percent fabricated meant to harm you harm your reputation harm you personally and and the message to nobody else they get out that we don't we need to
policing and intercede diet that is totally ratio in the past the republican under that withering pressure had learned to back down because it is its painful and it's hard to hear no one wants to be called the races you not being a child molester in a murderer is there anything else to be worse to be called me disgusting and the democrats know that and that's why a lot of these vicious liberals do it that's the shock bhajjo it's the shock pad over and when you see no way out because there's nobody there to protect you provide cover nobody else wants the step by step up and say hey joe we beg doughnuts is in a racist he was simply making a comment about policing in inner cities they're afraid to speak up to one joe because they don't wanna be bred that erases still that's right it's the shock pad you learn to be helpless why did trump do trump came in and he is the first
politician i've seen in my lifetime with this kind of platform i'm sure they're been guys at the local levels are a bit i dont know them because i have their platforms were big enough and they haven't made on the national stage but europe has the floor sky in a long time to come in and say there's a way off the shock pen and the way out of the shock pan out of his stay out of this is twitter is the bali pulpit and is to take that fight right back to these doors eggs and call them the exact same names they call us and the liberals hated folks they don't know what to do the liberals suit i not think it make this again overly economical white i really enjoying the show so far but i hope it's not like why give anything like that especially in the economics and finance stuff than this but i want to be
we also want to add something to the side of just one say look at these maniacs and i'll get to the cod i've been together that you bobby best at the end i am suggesting viewed the republican base and at an end and players in the activists movement having a sense learn to be helpless over the years because nobody would back them up they were fraid of saying anything anything i mean you know you meant in programmes like you say affirmative action you say well is this really helping i mean when you look the numbers and you read the books by thomas soul on what's happened people who is alleged to have helped and the actual data its clear there's been a signal figure significant downside to this within the minority queen oh my you can't say that on my college kids here your race you kiss i've just discussing facts and they you're not allowed to say that not allow musing what you're allowed to say whatever you want but the cultural each step down
tromp has provided a way out because he doesn't have that read my joe he says he wants to say he draws all the media fire to himself and he provides air cover for people to get off the shock pad and they ve learned now how not to be helpless anymore in this cultural political battle on the democrat side this has forced the democrats show their buts and to show the american people who they really are their socialists ought not all but most they are big government now make in some cases i bid that their fate they revel in economic confiscation they want your money they want your kids educate they want your health care they want red tape hovering over your business they want the power to tell you know members the lay chuck from our county once said the power of a bureaucrat is that there's no power in yes they want to tell you know all the time you have to come to them to make a campaign donation to get the yes right yeah you want if they want you to grovel each the democrats have understood this day
beatenest down forever and i've watched us be helpless in many cases before the trump europe started but that is made them soft folks their soft do you understand and the term snowflake originated because the democrats didn't know what to do when finally people started to fight back and say what needed to be said i can you know what this immigration policy sucks we don't need millions of illegal immigrants ignoring our immigrant oh my gosh that xenophobic now it's not it's rational i'll tell me when seen phobic i'm bye bye bye bye i've never been married an immigrant if they got you you're going to tell me what siena phobic and not your loons the democrats had joe gotten used to a sitting on the shock cat and learning how to be helpless show that when we eventually fought back and at this singular personification of the fight back beginning and donald trump they were not prepared it's like they were
but you know what it reminds me of idiocy brave heart great movie now my notes so like cliched but it's my there is every guys favorite movie but i'd see only movie ever saw the movie theater twice i loved it so my incited seventy two hours long too and i love that if second time out if i could perceive it meanwhile there eviscerate in a guy from the inside a pretty sure you could say that was as intestines were beginning we have now but whatever was a good book but there's a portion at the end and that a movie after that scene when robert bruce is on the battlefield with the scots and the the british lord whose getting ready to accept the surrender of the scots at the end looks over the other guises hope you washed you're today because it's about to be kissed by a king
in other words the british were expecting robert the bruce the command kiss there but he uses the term i die you know what i'm saying the other term provides a family friendly show donkey diamond yeah yeah exactly at work bends as they get ready to walk out to the battlefield for the surrender of the scots the scots charge the back to genetic and and what well one their freedom and had been on the movie at other movie and for those you it's a great movie it omits show us you see something it's the spoiler say also book twenty years old now but that scene always reminds me of what it's been like for the democrats in the trump europe they are so we use too i hope you wash your bought tonight's about to be kissed by the republicans and all of a sudden you ve got donald trump right right through answer like
what do we do now they don't know what to do the archers we're ready the spearmen were ready the cavalry dispersed they don't know what to do and when they don't know what do they have reacted emotionally and not rationally and this particular clip is a result of that and you win and when your son looks at you mamma look you one bullies don't wear baby daytona there going there the mother now where'd she said at the time was not mother earth it was something else you can figure it out again it's a family friendly show but it's important we play that that was craddock representative rashid at two lieber flames i mean to things tell a i'll be i'm out of michigan eating outside of our capital held in washington dc with a far left radical group now
this is followed a week of insane was bred sherman introduced impeachment articles folks this is not rational this is not reasonable this and make no mistake i want you i'm trying to leave you on a friday with good news and you're probably saying how is this good news no don't listen to me please this is good news i'll bring this up on the five till a day later to if the chance comes up this is very good news because the democrats are unprepared neuron that air acting emotionally you are what the slow degradation of an american political party in a bunch of emotional hysterics listen please i i know a lot of people get upset i know they want to see more action on specially things expire gate nose up i'm totally with you and with you a hundred percent period
but i want you to take some solace and the fact that you are watching a party that previously profess to be the party of the little guy decay into it forty of hollywood academic elites obsessed with political punishment an emotional outbursts on national stage this is all they become they don't and for anything more they have gone down this path before folks there i've been numerous instances in the cyclical cycles of you use the same word twice of humor the history and human political history in the united states where you ve seen political parties move from one you have the ups and downs need the peaks and valleys these natural political vicissitudes right we ve seen this before we saw just recently in our if times many of us in the in nineteen eighty four political race where the democrats thought to combat
reagan they'd run a far left guy by the name of walter mondeo who ran on eighth time radical platform of we're going to raise taxes were given and what happened lost forty nine out of fifty states reagan the only state i lost was minnesota which was mondale's home stay when she would have one except the fact that reagan didn't want to go to minnesota cuz he felt bad for mondale they've tried this before the democrats democrats have tried this far lurch left in two emotional liberal radicalism big government does it forces them to show their butts folks this issue they really are i'm not suggesting to you this isn't who the democrats have always been they have i'm telling you they ve just been better at hiding it in the past what you will see though some morgan news i think you will see it's good news on two fronts number one is going to expose them it for stem the show their butts folks this issue they really are i'm not suggest
few this isn't who the democrats have always been they have i'm telling you they ve just been better at hiding it in the past what you will see though some more good news i think you will see a more moderate brand of democrat coming out of this of this just cesspool of anti trump insanity you may say warehouses good news tat ladys and gentlemen listen to me please it is never it isn't that the democrats now the radical far left wing of the democratic party i kids you not is in eggs stan shawl threat to the financial viability and long term success of the republic the things they they ve they want medical care for all endless government dad you know free every is is what boat will cause it and the actual ipod apocalypse and the destruction of our public it does us no good to have a party like that in power not
cares if we win elections if there's nothing left to win if we can get back to a point where we can get second term bill clinton and the democratic democratic leadership committee came in after the walter mondeo mass and tried to clean up the democrat party and we could have two parties that are at least show the democrats and republicans agree on a common set of principles remember ladies and gentlemen gingrich's clinton enacted some of the most sane rational government budgets we ve seen in in in fifty years you realize one year or the clinton administration we came within eighteen billion dollars of an actual balanced budget worse seven hundred billion dollars in debt now every single year if we can get back to two parties that have an overlapping set of spheres show and in that overlap we agree the united aids is exceptional the defence of our country
our primary goal of our national government the government matters the government can't matter everywhere courts at the states then maybe roads i you know that some of us some states have a it in that like maryland having public education system into their constitution i wish we leave it up to the their free the free market geopolitics but if we could just get back to occur instead of ideas the debt is a problem national defence the priority borders are a big deal folks this is a net good for their country please they will go this i don't mean to like take you down this windy path and i'm not trying to say is not one of the radiation we kill tat we have nothing to say believe me we wrap it up i'm trying to make the point that this receded to leap outburst we're gonna impeach the m f the maxine waters type outbursts the bread german outbursts about impeachment these are a good thing
they are showing their boats to the american people it is going too far a gross re evaluation of the democratic party at some point in the future and then after that hopeful we can get back to the clinton gingrich era not well i don't want to be a democrat present someone up suggesting i'm just suggesting that there were some agreement on basic principles of what the republic stands for balanced budgets border security national security other issues listen we still can debate and we should debate i think we're right on all of the conservatives and the libertarian but if we who's the country right now to this radical group of left wingers i'm telling you the fine and shall viability the republic long term is finished it's over ok ah oh oh oh quit of do the slim maybe one march are legitimate
there's a great story bright barton i really like you to check out just how long have we been talking about blacklisting financial blacklisting how this is going to be the new way of the future listen when the democrats can't win something politically by the way what are they do they they use the culture that the culture that demonize people use the culture academic staff hollywood elite is cultural leads media institutions the demonize people well they the democrats been at war free speech for a very long time but they can't get anything done because even the liberals on the supreme court are generally generally am emphasising generally been in dance of our right to free speech in the country so what do they do they ve been using credit card companies oh yeah two black list individuals and getting them basically kicked out of the financial market black if blacklisted there's a great great piece of bright bar today about how jordan
you're synod dave rubens efforts to create an alternative to patriarch which is a company that allows you to support your favorite conservative and liberal content creators and other folks they have been they believe discriminating against conservatives they had a thing with them as a benjamin car benjamin and it turned into a i support were petersen and are doing by the way hundred percent but the pieces at its not just patriarch joe or youtube or others it's the credit card companies as well who are starting to say well you know we're not going to allow credit card transactions for this for a or for bee receipt and that's where the real problem is gonna because you can have all the you know patria on time it accounts in the world are alternatives you watch to if you can't pay by credit card you know what are you gonna do we get to go to cash economy how you gonna do it in a mail it my and this the real problem and it joe how
times if we said we are going to have to create a conservative economic infrastructure from the ground up over and over and over and repeated the folks going to have to happen it's not enough to just get an alternative to patreon we're going to need you know banks that don't that you shouldn't do any banks that don't discriminate credit card companies that don't discriminate as i've said again repeatedly i'm not asking these credit card companies to say where a conservative credit card your work and conservative bank i'm not no one's asking for that your model of business only has to be where not them another when our conservative liberal but we are definitely one hundred percent not gonna discriminate are now customers are critic our companies are financial transactions we work is at the media is not based on any political content at all if you if you don't permit me crimes you are welcome here and that is gonna do brands is gonna be we're not them sound familiar
kind of like what fox news did roger has yet right right you know when they first started a fox news with iter but they do now to they they save us a fair about we're not the other guys and it was beautiful that's what they did vox eyes liberals over there they higher levels i brought it up on the five the other day they hire for spirited debates but fox brand is where not the other guys will you will get a fair balanced approach eared unlike them and there the number one the cable channel in the world because of it one a story because at one of the thai this in the night of interest rates because this blacklisting in the cash economy you may say what they want to cash economies could be the only way forward folks it would be nearly impossible to institute but it is important i bring this up because we regards what we're talking about before about these past forward and how we find our way out of this debt apocalypse i left one thing out i just want to leave you with this one note if
you were to risk a mask massive default what you're seeing happen around the globe right now what governments or get savvy too is they're trying to lower interest rates artificially by printing a lot of money so we can't sell your dad at a certain interest rate because people don't want to buy it is a government use print money by yourself and you drive down interest rates is it's really disturbing way of creating backdoor inflation in short you put money in the bank at five percent when you do joe you make money you make five percent so they apply are you make it per year whatever it may be however its calculated but i wrote an article about the de basically for steps to government control of the economy and am i go to all of them but the idea negative interest rates in other words driving interest rates so low that if you put money in the bank joe you no positive inch assure you put money in the bank at five percent but you do joe you make money you make five percent so they apply are you make it per year whatever it may be however its calculated a negative interests we think about what that does
you would put money in the bank it would lose money every single day the back with the money in the bank they may say well why would they do that my folks think about the beauty of negative interest rates again but told you before is if the value of money keeps going down and down and down and down and down and down and down every day it's in the bank just going down and down down down down the value of government debt to governments love negative interest rates now the problem negative interest rates is a cash economy because think about it if you take your cash out of the bag shown this negative interest rates the value of your cash money the money you held in cash actual he goes up if you keep it in this way because everyone else's monies going down the right there isn't a bag yours is a safe if joe as a hundred thousand thousand assets it keeps it in a bag and a negative i percent interest rate which has allowed granted
everyone else's lose at a ton of money every year not joe jos bodies this second chose richer forward right now the tree it is in i information countries and what happened joe it led to a booming business for what saves that's why i'm here its people that their money out of the bag is the only real i bring this up is because and i want to tie this into the blacklisting peace this is where the danger of having private companies control the financial system due credit cards the use of credit cards and governments making its incentivize in a capitalist economy this is where it gets so dangerous because folks in the future we may get too point where economies are entirely cashless and i've warned i warned you again it was suggested my peace when i wrote it this is the biggest danger out there because then you were going to have private companies controlling your financial viability because a minute they shut and your company you
our ability to use your credit card there will be no cash it'll be a cash us economy number one and number two if they were to install negative interest rates in the economy to drive down the value of their debt you'll have nowhere to hide folks in a cash economy they'll be no cash to take out is the worst form taxation out their interesting i thought that the terms of the blacklisting i forgot to bring it up for two with the dead article or i folks thanks to give her to that and we have a really great we consider was a holiday we do with the new year and i appreciate you all again tune and into the five it really helps a lot tune and today i ll be there again five o clock five pm eastern time on the five for similar spicy the please subscribe to i guess it is free to do so you can subscribe on itunes you can follow on i heart on spot if i sound cloud now swear really helps us move up the charts i appreciate it thanks a lot folks i will see you all on monday
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