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Ep. 888 The Democrats Are Descending into Madness

2019-01-07 | 🔗

In this episode I address the latest outrageous comments by prominent Democrats about tax policy and immigration. These Democrats are lonely lying to you and this episode throughly discredits their nonsense. News Picks:This piece debunks silly liberal myths about tax policy.


What is “Pay Go” and why do we need it?


The government-class gets to do whatever they wish, seemingly without consequences. 


Even left-leaning Politifact debunked the “terrorists are not crossing the southern border” myth


The media is terrified of President Trump’s Immigration message.

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Ready to hear the truth about America on his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan bones. You know I am a bit amboise GINO show it will be an on sample of liberal myth. Blasting great corn, you copy of of the banking liberal mindsets today, so much liberal, not sets came out over the weekend. I couldn't wait to get back on the air today producer Joe. How are you today? What year mega high speed, new internet connection, as do an hour. I want you to see what it did in my hair. Don't you Can I may see I like that I'm seeing oil spots on is for you, gonna have to use one of those oil strips after use on Fox
That was what they clean in cleaning up rubber, like plastic she's, always take the OIE, icon homesick wages. Yes, squeeze oil squeezing oils, refugees are near phase IDA. I very greasy too, but our great connection with a lot of money, these studio folks, just before we get going big news come up about a couple, a different things a future what's going on, if your interested- if not I understand but tat, some of you may just be here for the content and also some stuff, Joe and I are putting together for you for the show that I think will be very eye. Opening you're, gonna love it all right I want to start out. I wanna hit two things today: the myth, the ninety percent tax rate that is now due to Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, far left radical congresswoman from New York and Houlihan Castro, who is now going to announce he's running for president former Obama. Administration official are now popping
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you want. Some folks are saying they're out there, they're saying this and she's dead, she's a left wing radical first congressmen we're giving our tomb detention. If we would just leave it alone, you know issue. She would go away and she's not going away. She want to see Congress, and you know what for that dossier. As my respect on that front ideologically, I have no respect for our ideas because they're just dumb and they ve been debunked by fax data and history, but she did when a seat in Congress she is not going away. She has millions of followers on social media, she's, charismatic and us ignoring. That is exactly exactly what the left did to Donald Trump. They tried to play down his influence upon Americans. You felt left behind by political process and look what we did. We slammed them right in the face with a huge electoral college victory. Let's not make this. A mistake with people like oh Cassio, Cortez, granted, she's too young to for president, but her influence over the party is substantial. We are moving too,
a dangerous form of liberalism. moving away from, let's say high tax rates to confiscatory tax rates. It's moving away from government there mention in the health care system to government, take overs of the healthcare system, its moving away from infringements on liberty to outright confiscation of your liberty. We can ignore, ignore what I mean. What's your line or get the logic there, these ideas have to be challenged. I had to put that out there because I'm telling you I my life is content, content production for you, and this is a significant debate going on right now and conservative circles. If people like oh Cassio, Cortez should just be ignored, do now, ignore them ideology, she's, promoting of the government conference. you should have your money, you're healthcare. Your liberty in your freedom, is pernicious and dangerous. She's, not the only one, no cheese, the only one I try mentioned, who we are
a stronger and others who are now promoting confiscatory tax rates of upwards and ninety percent Joe Queue up. They could play there Casio Cortez. This was her on sixty minutes this weekend with Anderson Cooper, in a rather like the interview they conducted by. One of the criticisms of you is that your math is fuzzy. The Washington Post recently warned you or Pinocchio No man can therefore mistaking some statistics about Pentagon spending. If people want to really blow up one think you're here or one word there. I would argue that their missing the forest for the trees. I think that there is a lot of people more concerned about being. Cisely sack. Surely semantically, correct and about being morally right. We're factually correct is pilgrim absolutely important.
Whenever I make a mistake, I say: okay, this was clumsy, and then I restate what my point was, but it's it's not the same thing as the president lying about immigrants? It's not the same thing at all. Ok, the vets out right lie: she does not restate her point emit she's clumsy she doesn't. She does that what she does is he claims the Republic Republicans pound, show Republicans Conservatives are pouncing on her mistake and sheep. She plays the victim card. That is not what she does, that mean actually made. She was awarded for Pinocchio by the Washington Post, factual and unwashed at the washed in time will deliberate washed imposed awarded her for Pinocchio the biggest. Why designation possible. What's her assertion that there was nearly twenty one trillion dollars and panic gods. Savings by this
it was so absurd, I'm having a tough time categorizing what she meant that we could pay for government control of care that just the first statement was by saving money from the Pentagon. There is upwards of twenty trillion dollars at twenty one trillion dollars and savings. That is that figure is. ridiculous, the entire government budget for this your last year is only around four trillion dollars where she came up, twenty one trillion dollars seven times. Our annual budget figure is so absurd outrages and she does not correct and say she's, clumsy and the way she just stated it. She plays the damn car it all the time. Ladies and gentlemen, she cannot be ignored. Now I play that because there is another thing she said: she's like well, all you people out there focused on you, know the facts and the semantics and precision no precision. Matters, Miss Cortez, precision matters. You are now a lawmaker. You are lawmaker with massive responsibilities. At you are,
our job, I'm not knocking that. I read for Congress, listen folks! I lost I fought hard, it's! it hurts every day, I'm sorry I lost I couldn't get it done It was a massively democratic seat. I did my best. We came with them one point: but my name on that line. No one full well the consequences of a winner. Alas, it was hard, but I'm proud of what I did. I'm proud of the effort I put in, but I didn't win She managed to win against the very dapple swamp, and I mean it for that. She has my respect its hard to do, but you That's not have my respect for states, illogical things than in claiming victim status and then lying about how she all I just claim on clumsy something that is not what you do anything, but not that's right! Nothing is happening. Connections are made neurons are not connecting here.
Some nonsense like all well, but you know, facts and stuff. It's the general point about it. She sums up the entire essence of liberalism and one absurd outrageous statement. This liberalism Jarvis? Why wanted to play this kind? Sir? I senator Joe yesterday liberalism don't worry folks, this liberalism and one statement by Miss Cortez. Don't worry about the facts. it's just the general point me emotions around that matter. No, it's not the facts. Do matter We are limited and aid in a national economy dictated by tax flows and tax revenues we eliminated. We are. We are limited. Excuse me by actual fact, like the amount of money coming in the amount of debt going out by facts like what the interest rate is gonna, be facts like what divides Money coming into the government's gonna, be on any given cycle to finance programmes. You want to support this stuff matters, it's not about emotion. Now
this up, because in the same interview she's been proposed, sing and wholly on Castro up this game. You see folks were in a dangerous spot right now, swipes that it's a bit the bunker thought the in this presidential, twenty twenty election we now seen Elizabeth Warren come out, announced Houlihan Castro, who is an Obama cabinet level, official is now I was a former Texas Elect. I believe he was a mayor somewhere there come out now and they are going to start announcing and what's gonna happen is Joe. You gonna see this race to the liberal bottom you're gonna say: them all trying to out radical each other for the votes of of progressive Liberal base voters in a primary you're going to see One person like oh Cassio Cortez in this interview with Industry Cooper, proposes a seventeen sixty seventy percent, marginal tax rate, woolly Joe comes out one upsurge, our well. What about a ninety percent tax rate? The Democrats So, when a race to the bottom, they know
for voters are upset, they for economic confiscation and basically at a ninety percent tax rate at a certain marginal tax rate government control of your money? Will you keep ten percent in a government takes night original tax or a government control of your money. Will you keep temper? new government takes night folks, Here's the now here's their argument, remember what I too, Do you about how liberals work? One of the best thing you can do. One of the reasons I really listen. I get it some of you may not tat. You may think there's some kind of still interest in me saying this answer is not. This is from my heart. What reasons. I've always appreciated the opportunity debate on Fox, because I read your We back a lot of you love it I'd, say ninety percent of the emails about my debates. Judge Janine with Chris on my debates on the five. What Marie Harp? Ninety per se, the emails apposite ten percent, Not so much, they say, listen Dan! I like your stuff, but I don't
I can't tolerate rate the liberal side of folks, I'm telling you listen to me. That's a mistake at some mistake. It's the best thing Fox does Why does it matter to you because folks, these debates? Yes, yes, jollies point news melon his noggin. These debates are now going to go away, you conservatives, libertarians, Republicans and even moderate democrats- you listen to the Show- are smart. I well you're. Smart, I read your emails, their brilliant, I brilliant not kidding. I wish you would allow me to post some of my post email of the week and you all, I put it on my website and you can read it be like jar Smart audience. you guys and Ladys out there are brilliant. But the reason your brilliant is because your conservatives and you ve been subjected to media academic and liberal propaganda. For so long. You been forced to discover the facts and the data on your own. In this you become very
diet and an educated just by fighting back against a nonstop onslaught of liberal propaganda. Liberals don't have to do that. Liberals are bathed in it. It's the fact don't default position in Hollywood and academia and in the media there's nothing to fight back Garrick, backed against its consider. did the fault status of truth. You have had a Kate yourself to find out that it is in fact not true. Made you sharp. It's made you frosty. It's made you intellectually sound than a debate having these. Girls come on. These shows the five other shows. Judge Janine right debate on it? brilliant move because exposure to their focus group, tested talking, point and forces you to think this stuff through that way, when you encounter written your political life, your activists, life or you encounter your neighbors who can be convinced that there are on the wrong side of the ideological spectrum, neoliberal neighbors, you are.
already prepared with the mental ammunition, you need to go to battle in a debate with them That's the purpose of this show I bring this up, because this race to the bottom is gonna, be it created now to justify this Creasy call for higher tax rates, a co Cassio Cortez its call for a sixty seventy per cent marginal rate and cash. Its call for a ninety percent rate is gonna be dictated by nonsense. Liberal talking points which listen to me. They all Gunnar share and talking point out. There now is The economy didn't do so bad the fifties and sixtys when we had a ninety percent tax rate. So why shouldn't we? Do it again now, folks, please! This is a garbage nonsense,
talking point resident fact: checker into Bunker MAD Colombo was kind enough to put together a pretty exhaust. the short peace at the same, it's loaded with facts and a short format on my website debunking the myth that the ninety per the tax rate against the rich was the genesis of our economic success in the fifties and Sixtys the p, this up at Bonn, GINO dot com, the peace is also in my show, notes, leading the pack please my email is I'll. Send it to you. I will hit some of the important points here and right now, so you have which you need to fight back against your liberal France. This is just George Twitter, social media. This is gone, to be their argument that a ninety per Actually, it was good for the economy in the fifties and sixty point number one debunking this nonsense. Ladies and gentlemen stated, Posted tax rates are largely of irrelevant, effective tax rates matter. What's the difference just because a tax, is ninety percent? A posted nominal tax rate does now
mean. That's the rate. People are paying the federal government of their revenue. Why as in the fifties and six, these an exhaustive list of deductions and loopholes existed, which got the very wealthy folks who were forced to hey that ninety percent of tax rate the real money at the time in the fifties and Sixtys, it was roughly people who made over three million dollars. There were exists the doctrines and loopholes, we're only a small portion of the population in the fifties and six. These was Actually, even subjected to that rate, so we ask ourselves well if they got out of paying the rate. What is the effective rate people paid? contrast it today if you're Suggestion is mass it hikes in taxes, the top Margie. Right now is roughly thirty, seven percent folks, if you're talking about a top marginal rate over forty to fifty
He points higher where we are now, depending if you go with radical Houlihan Castro's policy or radical or Cassio Cortez this policy. Forty to fifty point tyre, forty two, ports. Are you should at least be able to make the case that the effective tax so the day were substantially higher to you can't cause you be wrong: the effective tax rate in the sixties was roughly about thirty one percent, address to mid two thousands, roughly now about twenty five to twenty eight percent. Depending on the last available accumulated data we have from the IRS and other you're talking about a difference of a few percentage points any effective right. See what I'm saying job the effect and give very wealthy folks, paying with cross the economy in the sixties was right. Please thirty, one percent.
keep in mind that we're sure on the corporate side as well. The effective re today between forty five and twenty eight percent, you may say of the higher fine, that's fine, it was I not by the way. I make no mistake here I am not arguing that the taxes should be higher at all. The taxes should be lower windows, when that, when the TAT Margaret was twenty eight percent in the Reagan era, when it was the twenty eight percent. We had growth rates of six five and four percent. A massive explosion in government revenue, as well as the economy, grew bigger pie government even got a smaller percentage slice of the pie, the pie was so big, they got more money. So if they can explain to me the difference We need effective rates and marginal rates. I'd love to hear. They won't explain that, though, because are arguing for a massive thirty. Forty fifty people a hike in the top marginal rate. When the it's. Your on. The effective rate is only a few points higher Joe. Is this
making sense. Yes, it is the part that your posted rate of ninety percent, nobody paid for it apply to less than Point, zero, two percent of fibres apply to I'm, that's it I think those fibers even pay dad. I'm saying it only applied to point zero. Two percent of files, because it was three million dollars or above also, if you, get match. Peace upon. You know that come about the ninety percent, accurate! Ask your liberal friends. First, two weeks, ok, the ninety percent re great. Ask him the simple question: what was the effective listen, they won't know. The answer you now do very effective rate was close to thirty percent, the effective ray, I was twenty five to twenty eight percent, a minuscule difference. It wasn't a forty point. Difference also ask The revenue collected by the government as a percentage of GDP was.
Obviously going by nominal dollars, is an irrelevant number because of inflation. We can correct for today's thou. but the way they collect tax revenue and they measure tax revenue. Joe, is a problem as a portion of the GDP as a percentage of GDP. In other words, all. We produce what percentage of what we produce is taken in taxes, ladies and gentlemen, you realize that number has been steadily: nineteen to twenty percent. Despite the eight being ninety percent, seven, three percent: twenty eight percent by thirty five percent, thirty nine point six percent and thirty seven percent its? Now, you may be saying this doesn't make any sense there, so that governments taking in generally the same amount of money, despite the top rate that Cassio Cortez, it's up to seventy percent and Castro Once the ninety percent you're saying that, how is it that the money that comes into the government is the same? she's very simple, when you up the top
marginal tax rate upwards of ninety percent, where it was in the fifties and six these you and power a whole lot of accountants to find rich people's way, a rich people, a golden path, that of it there I pay and that they are paying towns there ass thick in Munich body. There, therefore setting up trust they're, not gonna, pay it. Call the house's law Hauser a financial analysts, I believe from the West Coast who determine that regard, What are the top rates in the United States? The amount of money confiscated by the government is roughly seventeen to twenty percent of the economy. Every time look at the charge, the peace folks. A look at the charts, the IMF, the blue line flat per se,
did you Judy pay in tax revenue? Nineteen, twenty percent? Look at the marginal tax rates echoes all over the place. Show up down up down up the dupe tax rate goes up. Accounts get rich tax rate go down. Accountants get less. Rich people pay their taxes, its Shipowners that remember tax evasion- is illegal tax avoidance. Is a national pastime. acts avoidance is not illegal. Tax evasion is tax avoidance by taking advantage of legal loopholes is not illegal. It's a bit by definition. Tautological these little it's the law I can take it give depreciation, get ok I'll! Do that, that's a tax! void in some measure, John Kerry Park.
his boat in Rhode, island there whenever he did to avoid paying taxes? This is what Democrats do everybody? Does it folks, look at the charts. Democrats can't explain that away. And I want to make a couple more points on this point number one: why, Just so, we thou back a bit and rehearse where we are so we have these arguments ready for our liberal friends number one they're going to it, tended to listen to me. This argument is gonna, get hot navvy the tax rates in the fifties. ninety per cent in the sixties and look at the economy that group and by the way that our The percent tax rate was instituted under Truman, not Eisenhower, so dying. I believe around nineteen. Fifty one don't buy that nonsense by the left. Those tat- rates were not effective tax rates, they weren't what people actually paid. They pay That thirty one percent about twenty five twenty eight percent- now second
you're going to hear them try to make, which is even more disingenuous. You Alexandria, YO, Cassio Cortez, again, say it in her Anderson Cooper Interview it's time for the rich, their fair share. This is just dumb. Ok, it's dumb because they never are you what their fair share is the wealthy, because may tell you the share they pay. Now it sounds like more than a fair share matter fact. It sounds like an unfair share. Ladies and gentlemen, the top one percent of tax payers, one out of one hundred taxpayers currently pays thirty, in point, three percent of the tax load. One out of a hundred taxpayers, those blessed with success, pay thirty Seven point three percent, think about what I'm telling you: one out of a hundred people. Paying taxes pays off. Thirty seven percent of every dollar and taxes to the government. Please
explain to me if you can, which you cannot, how that is that's not a fair share. The top ten percent of urge urge I'm your money here, the top percent of earners. Joe pace sixty nine percent of the tax law This country ten, if every one hundred people and that of every one hundred people pay only zero seventy cents of every tax dollar coming into the government. Please accept to me again miss Cortez with all due respect to your victory in your position. Right now, you have a prominent voice. What percentage should top ten percent pay if seventy percent of the tax load isn't enough. Try, explaining that to the people who worked for a living, to grind their way out of lower
come categories. Middle class categories finally have some money in their lives by Lot of these people are seniors. Jove accumulated some capital wealth over A lifetime of grinding you bet and hard work and our thoughts big shoulders and joints in hands from your labour and strong investment than delaying gratifications. You finally have capital. You are now paying. seventy percent of the tax load and Miss Cortez and Mr Castro want even more explain that. Get them on the record job. Get him on the record. I I've one more here. That really upsets me on this, don't go anywhere. I want to make sure you hear this possesses got me fired up to very upset about this
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please you lips out there now miss Cortez amiss Castro. The first question to them should be listened to me if you believe, if you believe that Bring your money. The government is going to aid to net good for society. Your point here, I assume, let me make your point clear for you, because liberals never make their point clear, because obfuscation is the name of the game with them. Ok, Joe, if this It doesn't make sense immediately. Stop me it is critical. You do that. I, sir, we already the pump the ninety percent myth and the effective rate we already debunked nonsense regional pay their fair share, but Here is a critical, critical point. The point there trying to make is: it should be paying more of our money. The government, if we're successful upwards of ninety percent because they got it is a net positive in our life that leads to societal benefits positive. Externalities and direct effect right. The governments are good thing. That's what they're saying it's right there arguing of a few,
sent to them that give more to you. the government, because the government stinks that's what they're saying there's suggests Thank you. That government is some net positive force in your life and therefore turning over more of your assets, turn of a more of your income and working hard daily to finance the government, not your own, well, being your family's well being- is somehow going to lead to a better life for you. That is their point. I ask you this, and you should be asking your liberal friends immediately respond to them. When they suggest these confiscatory ninety percent tax rates wider. You pay that right now, why that's a terrible idea Y know you prairie avow, Joey Voluntary right. There is a box that to posted tax rates, you have to pay the income. Ex tables are minimum rates. Folks, I have to pay
as a portion of my income about, I don't know thirty, two thirty seven percent, depending on you know what kind of the we get it for you. I can't pay less than that, but I can pay more a baby give it up. You know why I just what do you think I know pay more? Why would I do not want pay more? Why would I do not want is not a trick NASH? Why would I do not want to get my money, thereby dont you on that, because I work for an authority on it, your hard work done. This government is a disaster with your body right outside of it military and our courts. In some basic constitutional of government, the government largely flushes your money down a toilet, but I'm not a hypocrite, I believe It's not a net force for good in your life. I believe the governments and go to your prosperity. Hence the bill of rights, which is simple: the limit, the government in a constitution is well what they can do. Article one section eight was also limit. The powers of Congress stated what they could do and what happened. We ve had this expert
serve outrageous role of government life. That now are suggesting that what you work passed, a certain point, upwards of ninety percent of your time, should be spent working to finance the government too now liberals go You pay me by example. Nobody stopping you tax seasons in effect right now, you're all getting your forms in the mail We're getting young people edition out W two's ten. Ninety nine all kinds of different tax forms you're getting together. Your account and tell your account. You want to pay. Ninety percent show US style. repetition alive. Liberals you buddy sign it tell you what block all the personal data post. Your receipt post here to the government showing us. You pay ninety percent of your income. You want chop stature, turns show yours stardom start a big national movement led by example. None of you for
It will do it now, one of you listening we'll! Do it because you top leave. Government is a net force for good in your life. You know it The fraud this is, power trip for you. This is about the theft of other people's money to control their time, their assets and their economic output. You are fraud than I can prove your frauds because Joe and I believe in charity, there is no legal legation whatsoever. For me, Yo or any of our listeners to donate money to charity none, but we do it. Why? I don't have time money? I'm not believe me. I am in no way saying this to be self laudatory at all. Making a simple philosophical point, not a moral one. The film topical point. I'm making here is on principle. I,
leave the charities and the things I give money to are for for a net good society. I believe my money in the case of our donation scholarship Fund for the store, the setting up of the store on our website, where we donate all of our policies to charity and will continue to if you'd like to help the chum store. All of our all of them go to church we just wrote a nice check, thanks to you. Why did we do that? I could have kept in its. Why store I gotta go? you ve been making them more appoint, because I believe that money that you guys donated. Team thousand plus dollars- you don't know you bought it but you get the point you de facto donated believe that eighteen thousand dollars will serve a better societal good, giving Scholarships, the three kids whose families can afford their education- a pretty good local school here, we'll do far more good than it could for me right now,.
I believe that, but I don't believe giving. government, given that money, that government will do anything other than get it flushed down the toilet and wasted on a bunch of nonsense, liberal programmes that do nothing the better our society and frankly candidly, make it worse and liberal. I've got news for you, you believe the same darn thing there is Oh legal penalty, if I don't donate to charity but me- and thousands and millions of other conservative Americans donate substantial portions of their time and their money to charitable causes, despite no legal obligation to do so because they leave because they believe it works. They believe it's cool. it's a benevolent pay believe it is the right thing to do. Why don't you do the same?. If governments, your charity,
government is such a positive force in your life. Then, why you just donate more. Why? Why do you refuse this constantly trying to claim the assets, hard work, blood, sweat and tears of other. Why do you adamantly refuse you phony fraud, hypocrites too, given extra, die of your money? That government? As a matter of fact, your double frauds? Not Only do you insist on not giving extra money the government, despite your absurd ridiculous, disingenuous claims that it is somehow a force for positive Goodenough lives? You? Actually, They do your best, a lot of leadership. Liberals, like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others view do everything in your power to avoid paying taxes to avoid it.
Its absurd, you are frauds, go ahead, pay more stand up, stand for something stop being a phone as you are the next time Miss Cortez, or Mr Castro or Miss Warren Elizabeth Warren, bring up these ridiculous tax claims, Your first question media people should be you think this is a net good for society. I'm curious you paying those tax rates are no I'm not paying. Why not? I taught you believed I thought She believed you don't believe your frauds. I want my money. not going to make a difference or not it's what we say what charity my money does make a difference. My money does make a difference, sir. I know some local kid, three of them, as a matter of fact, there lives are being changed because of your generosity.
I know that I am not it that this with some kind of a cure all that societies ills happened have been fixed. But I know my money makes a difference. by acknowledging that your The visual tax donations will not make a difference. You are arguing for the very futility of the government. You support you fake phony frauds, I'm hearing, some entrepreneurial media type tearing them to ask Miss Cortez, Miss Warren, Mr Castro, he Sanders and any one else running for president what rates they pay daring. You watch the answer I want to get to this
by way of one quick note before I move on to my next story, because is that, though, the talking points out there of the liberals are just growing and magnifying and you need to be armed with the information to fight back folks. there's been a manufacturing renaissance hunted down under Donald Trump. It is frequently gets lost in the outstanding economic numbers we had. Three hundred and twelve Thousand jobs created knows monthly figures I gave you want Friday show which were chips they staggering number. It was nearly double the estimate of the job creation numbers? But one quick note on this because it remember your liberal friend claimed to be a champion of the working class, the manufacturing man and woman people who work on these lines and use their blood, sweat and tears and get dirty their fingernails to build American. Thank you for everything you do a sincere heartfelt from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for Boston, your Cobb, is to make sure we have the products and services we need
hard. I did manual labor for a long time, easy. Clean the lot of Muslims loaded, a grocery cases lifted gotcha ten thousand boxes on delivery lines at the back of a supermarket. It's rough. Clean. The lot of cars painted a lotta houses folks, which frequently forgotten. is the manufacturing renaissance under Donald Trump. I thought the liberals Rennie the little guy working man. Ladies and gentlemen, How many manufacturing jobs you think created were created net in the Obama administration, create. About how we can actually get you, because I know, if you don't know these numbers its eye. we'd say none, because it's a negative number. They lost Many thousand. So let's just do a basic, Paris in here, Joe Joe, you Jane because we have brought out economic is unwelcome. Yes, grab it
for those we were new listeners, this was a frequent component of our show. A long time ago we had an illicit unnamed J who sent us an advocate. This is where we do difficult: math, equations, okay, so jovial administration he fracturing jobs, is that negative twenty thousand turnus lasted so get the abacus. Here I want you to tell me what a bigger number is. Ok, please remember that Obama was in it for the little guy, the manufacturing, Yeager Donald Trump has only been in office for now, two years, roughly two years now, how many manufacturing jobs. Do you think the Donald Trump Administration is lost, like the Obama team, did there is none they of games. Four hundred thousand so get the abacus out just what is the bigger number negative too, eight thousand manufacturing jobs under a box or is the bigger number positive four hundred Thousand other trouble, you do, the
because move the things around it. Please tell us liberals what the bigger number moving in I see and work in the abacus, yet trumps got bigger numbers by these daddy. I care about you job, we J, J. The listener was kind enough to send us the abacus, because liberals have a difficult time with simple magic. That's right! You double China. Four hundred thousand is bigger than I guess why? Yes, I you back to J again. Europe has always comes of because people than ask us who J Sabbath cases there is no chase abacus, its Jays abacha, you all. This is now that some of you before the beginning, with the use it all the time we haven't brought that knows get along just so you know us tax are really stubborn. Thank DR for thousand jobs manufacturing jobs created under tromp negative twenty I in the eight years of Obama Dog and don't let in the wave of another dopey liberal. Our help.
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dot com, slash bond to learn more! You will never go back to this unprotected browsing against. Ok, so Joe Queue up that thought that down for me. If you don't mind, we today. Now. I was listening to and in interviewed, is weakened by Chris Wireless would Sarah Sanders and it was about the immigration crisis at our southern border and the topic came up. Bout terrorist slipping into our southern border- Chris Wallace was very aggressive with Sarah Sanders and I'll cover this fairly, but I if you say something, and you say somethin wrong, fine, but not the play. The cut and I'll get through not day when the president talks about terrorists potentially coming across the border, and here a secretary of Homeland Security needs of ticklish,
HTTP stopped over three thousand, what we call special interest aliens trying to come into the country and the southern border. Those are alien to the entire community has identified, are of concern, but special interest. Aliens are just people who come from countries that have ever produced Terrorists, not terrorists themselves, and the State Department says that there is quote their words, no credible evidence. Terrorists coming across the border from Mexico. We know that roughly nearly four thousand known or suspected terrorist come into our country illegally. and we know that our most vulnerable point of entry know this statistic. I didn't know how to use it, but I studied up on this. Do you know where those four thousand people come on, whether captured by our courts?
always the terrible and certainly onstage amendments as there has been any terrorist coming, requires air land and its vice. Alright, let's dig into this. now what wireless, whose job it is to play them? The middle he's, a news guys and opinion Guy Chris, whilst his job is to call out But he believes to be misstated. Facts on both sides I'm just saying this because I do work. If that's his job, if ye you know he D supposed to call out of sight and he's using a what he believes to be a fact by the State Department that it's just wrong. I dont know what to say: it's just not accurate. There have been incidents now notice how they they say that the new wants there, thou. terra related suspects bags. To note that the no documented cases allotted folks all this stuff is based. we knew political speak meant to disguise the fact it
yes, terror associated terror. Related suspects have been the southern border. This is not even mysterious: let's go down and break it down by the way, a political fact which is aid. It's a joke. It's not even like a serious site, but they are left, leaning, propagandist. Even what a fact which is supposedly a fact checker. It's really a left, leaning site, this left wing yet a tutorial site, disguised ass, a factual errors even acknowledged themselves that people have made claims, notably round the Santa issues that could be the Governor Elect here in Florida, who have made claims about terrorists, socio suspects, trying to cross the southern border. They ve designated that mostly true. I put the Irene we put political fact stuff in my show notes today, but Rita yourself. here are some of the highlights four
peace and others from Poland effect. If further stated that the talking a report that one- U S. Citizen had smuggled two hundred and seventy two Somalis and see the United States to Cuban Mexico until January twenty ten, although he claims He had been approached by AL sure Bob, a terror group members for help supporting people. He said he refused the reports it can you say I well, he said he refused. Maybe he didn't smugly terrorist, despite acknowledging a terror group wanted, To smuggle people across the border and in fact he helped smuggle two hundred. Seventy two Somalis it there, but this is because I am not done also decay in that the southern border, where three Sri Lankans, one of whom said he was a member of the liberation TIGERS of Tamil Eelam On his way to Canada, by the way, a terror group
Also, this is the easiest, a parking lot just reading to you. What's opensource information, you can look up yourself state the told from the State Department, I'm not sure they read this report. goes on. There are many more instances and what was detail by Texas officials to a two thousand sick. House committee on Homeland Security Report said that quote: Joe who you gonna, take the word of the State Department of Homeland Security, peers securing hands down almost securing here's a quote. Each year, judge of illegal aliens from countries known to harbour, terrorists or promote terrorism are found trying to cross the border along the Rio Grande Valley. It said Miss Hezbollah have already entered the United States across the border prior to two thousand and five Are we missing something here here report from immigration reform that come
Guessing you see, I s report, which centre for immigration steady support, I get too in a second, the CIA. Report cites, amongst others, the case of Islamic Convert Virginia native Anthony Joseph Tracy, who was prosecuted for providing, one hundred and seventy Somalis with fraudulently obtained kenyan passports, cuban visas and travel documentation to help them be smuggled across the? U S, border according to twenty two prosecution, record, Tracy admitted the terrorists organization ouch above asked him to provide fragile, travel documents to its operatives in court in court. These are court documents, income, Investigators produce an email from Tracy to what is so in which he admitted. I help them out of Somalis and most are good, but there are some who are bad and I leave them to Allah. Tweet about this this week. It because liberal media types jumped on this clip
wireless, and while this is doing these things, what he does he's gonna go. After both sides? These gonna do background information just a background investigation he got by before. This is wrong and liberal idiot, tied germ for Roma you're. Out it's that are slanted far left jump all over this. Like look trot promoting in it and Sarah say. There's the bug talking point that terrorism, inter related suspension of trying to cross the border. Furthermore, they did you miss this stuff. Here see, I s: DOT, Org Joe Centre for immigration study; here's a report, then the key findings from their background there from only pop the ground reporting. In other words, you can look it up yourself. Fifteen Sis. the terrorists have been apprehended. U S, Mexico, border or en route since two thousand and one this like We represent Joe a significant under count since most, information reflecting border crossings resigned.
in classified or protected government archives and intelligence database, that is a sucker punched, the gonads it sure is bird sure is one more. Affiliations including I'll show Bob ISIS, Hezbollah, the Tamil TIGERS, if all, but that these a fifth people fairly redistributive up and now that the southern border, at least fifteen of them work executed for crimes in North America, can courts folks. This is publicly valuable information. You can look up yourself I get tired of doing this. I don't get tired of the fight I get paid, The bugging easily refuted nonsensical. Talking point that approach
who gave it in the liberal ecosystem as if their fact and then use this as as fodder to attack shrub trump keeps promoting. This debunked took to pump white there have been terror associated suspects nailed trying to cross the southern point. That's a fact: can you not basic research, we're living in a post fact. Should all intellectual society where journalists types are exclusively their gaslight you to leave I do you over and over and over again and repeatedly in an effort to get you to believe that reality is not in fact real. My gosh is frustrating for I just want to remind the little bit before I get to my last point because today show is important. First, we slam the liberals on their tax policy nonsense. Now the wealthy
Did not pay ninety percent tax rates in the fifties and Sixtys that was not an ice in our policy is done under the Truman administration. The effective rates thirty per cent roughly compared to the twenty five twenty eight percent now, in other words, roughly the same tax revenue The government, as a percentage of GDP, was the same because wealthier people got to be experts in paying good accounts and getting out of these ninety percent tax rate. Secondly, others law that amount money into the government's been consistent, regardless of what the tax rates is. That's a simple fact: look at the charts and mats peace. Finally, liberals of frauds. They suggest Accurate rates not willing to pay themselves because they don't believe this money is going to contribute to a net. Couldn't society, it will be flushed down the collective government toilet like nearly every other dollar you give to our broken govern sake. Point I made about the manufacturing renaissance, it's been robust under Donald Trump was an absolute failure under Obama who claims to support the middle class himself. Third point: today: terrorists have:
Try to cross the southern border. Terrorists Associated suspects have repeatedly tried to cross the southern border, its public source information, also It's likely a significant undergown, because many of these cases of terrorists being apprehended at the southern border are classified, are not available to the government even left. Leaning political factor bunk this silly nonsense that no, terror, elated suspects have been trying to cross the border. It's not true, I'm sorry, it's a mediator it's Christmas job to do that, but the facts we got we're not facts, were myths, I don't know what the State Department Toldenarba. They should check with all my security, read the news. My last point for the day. Regarding this ongoing government, a partial government shutdown folks, I said something: unfair this week, eyed and five. I want you to really consider this.
Reviewer, moderate Democrat you just coming around the republican ideas. You found my podcast to a friend or something you. You know you we would summer, when I say you don't agree with other, so that's fine, you are welcome. You'd have to grow in aiding. I say you are always welcome. You find it a little odd that collectively, the country we pay for trade in dollars for an entity that been partially shut down for closing On twenty days soon,. and almost nobody has noticed the difference in their lives at all? Think about that. think about how useless venture government has become in your life that you pay, four trillion dollars a year Alexandria, Cortez and only a cash. I want you to pay upwards of ninety percent of your income pass the certain rate of earnings they want. You work. Ninety percent of the time to finance an entity that
as four trillion dollars has been firstly shut down for days and almost nobody has noticed the difference. now I thought of an analogy Joe. Analogy to make this make a little bit more sense for some of our liberal friends who may be having a difficult time with us user Joe, you have a smartphone. Yes, I do what and it an Android get an android right. I haven't. I, I have an Iphone. May ask a simple quest: no earth to our audience if a corporate entity worth a fragile, a four trillion dollars like apple lorry or Google, the Android or SAM saying that manufacturers, the foreign trade. If a corporate entity worth thousands one one thousand less that I be a fraction a decimal point of what the federal government is airports.
Worth to you and therefore trillion dollar enterprise. If they but a shut down for ten days. Do you understand there would be mass chaos may not like apple I'm, not a huge fan. Will I do I bought some stock recently. You know you may not be. A fan of Google your eye, if Europe, if I phoned just stop working there, is no tech support, nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an enterprise worth a sliver, A hair on the Hague Grain Sand on the beach of government if it shut down for ten minutes there But be mass chaos manner cap I'm not a huge fan. Will I do? I bottoms, I recently you don't you be a fan of Google. I am certainly not. I wish these companies would stop the liberal propaganda nonsense right, but, let's be candid. These are free market enterprises. If they shut down for ten minutes there would be chaos yet a Ford.
Trillion dollar enterprise shuts down for what may yet the twenty days, maybe up to a month suit. And no one's life has skip the beat outside of people employed by that very same enterprise. You don't think that think up a dick. what are you trying to explain that went away to your liberal neighbours? How useless in every government has become in your life. This the massive effort you have put forth to finance this disaster. Good point in a jar of sight of me to be here, no yeah self congratulatory. I guess I've thought about them this morning. I set it on the on the five last week and I couldn't get out of my head. This thought that govern Shut down, and no almost nobody cares, I mean Cares- cares like side of the politicians and the political class
workers will eventually get paid. Almost nobody cares because it doesn't affect your life garbage tat by local government here and Martin County in inflamed frankly floodgates run by a private, company. We could pay ourselves. I still get to the gym. Jim's open. I still work the internet's the works. My phone still works. Email still works. My life is fine. My kid goes too a private school. It still open schools would, then you to function. I mean this is all unbelievable, that this is happening right now and almost nobody noticed. I folks thanks again for two. and I really appreciate it. Please check out the show notes, today's other great peace to by Victor Davis, Hansen and three, that peace and check out the charts by Map Colombo there about the ninety percent tax rate. They're worth your time. Also, policing drive through the show on Itunes,
on. I heart you can follow it is. It helps us move up the charts, it's always free, of course, but it's the subscriptions that helps other for folks by the show. We really appreciate it thanks again, see I just heard TAN Bonn genomes yeah. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.