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Ep. 889 It’s Worse Than You Thought

2019-01-08 | 🔗
Don’t miss this show. In this episode I address explosive new connections in the Obama administration’s efforts to spy on the Trump team. I also address inconvenient facts liberals choose to ignore about the immigration crisis and our exploding national debt crisis.    News Picks: Geraldo and I got into a heated debate about immigration last night on the Sean Hannity show.   Was LTG Mike Flynn framed? Who was behind it?    The liberal argument about the wealthy paying their “fair share” is nonsense. These numbers prove it.   Hollywood hypocrites were flanked by armed security as many of them fight against your Right to own a firearm.    A troubling new poll indicates that Democrats are now more positive about socialism than capitalism.    This piece points out the uncomfortable irony of the Democrats’ vile attacks on President Trump.
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i focused clearly messing with you the show is not going to be our job calm down job everybody taken could show as i did this for a reason i wanted to delay and i even joe did now we were mess around before the show i tell them just play it up but i wanted some sense of just a little bit of uncovered ability of course the show is going to remain free to you we have some surprises coming up on the video sites don't worry is likely to change a pot guess robot i did this for reason i've got a funny stuff to get you today some bread can new spy gate stop but i read a fascinating peace for i came on the air in the wall street journal description only but the just them it's simple you know you can read it if you like it's in the opinion column today about government pricing price of government is all wrong and i thought gas there's no way to hammer this home better than analogy the gist of the pieces this that people not understand the price of government so they think they're getting a bargain and the authors the peace that is growing trend in younger voters and
voters you haven't done their homework i mean this in a you know the deplorable like tat about talking down to people way at all people have been if the price of government is a bargain cassettes but they ve been told by the media politicians show they have no reasonable leave other people are ignorant they ve been told otherwise the tip idea the pieces that people think socialism is a good deal because they don't understand the price of government and watch the prey kid you in the face all of a sudden you're like what woe class that much that if you want said the real price of government the demand for the product that demand for more government visa fees socialism with decreased significantly and all the sun capitalism would become a far more appealing enterprise that's accentuate by my opening riff where i'm sure i'd i i'm honored by the fact that many of you love the show and and spread the shy i mean it our show
become more of a beacon of light life and chose to and i mean that sincerely forgive me this the supra analogies but because of every you ve done but i dont think for a second that my show is gonna be worth charging you a hundred dollars a month i enjoy it i enjoy doing it but to pray so my show is free to you it is not free it is read to you because sponsors good sponsors jan you sell patriot supply today bravo company there and i don't mean to make this a rift on the business model either but it shoes to advertise the programme to talk to a substantial audience in that audiences you i got i if the price was paid by you at that amount many view although this and i love my content i love what joe does i love the work we put into it and they show means the world to me i can't with a straight face charge you that amount of money for this product competitors work on a different business model
response sponsor arrange programmes and it's free to you to show is not free nothing's free when the price of the show slams you in the face like a hundred dollars a month all of a sudden people reconsider their demand for even my own product i use the cell deprecating analogy use the price model on my own show to dictate you i'm sure a lot of you were like when you heard that most have you met some of you may have got to be kidding some of you may not we might have been like that you must have been like this guy kidding he thinks you get it give me a hundred dollars a month when i could get you no other products out there for free maybe some of you said i'd pay ten i'd pay twenty am i paid a hundred thousand one call them economics no elasticity of demand if you want to get all walkie on you can look that up power asked the guru inelastic is demand for the product right ok now all of a sudden when a price lambs you innovation like what i like to show a lot but i should like it very much
see how the implementation of it of a price all of it sudden authors your demand for a product ladies and gentlemen this is why socialism is growing in its appeal towards people who don't understand what socialism is because they ve been told the price in their lives to grow government a government growing governments social programmes is minuscule they ve been lied to or by believed it additional pronunciation words minuscule but you can i tell you yeah i'm new correct me if i'm wrong but i think tat i think they're both acceptable now but the original brunettes pronunciation where's monsieur but this is it you been tall and here are some examples you been told the price it governs roaring and i have an eye lights here on my notes for the show today one a bargain government and what bargain joe yeah you been told ladies and gentlemen over the past decade that the price of government to you
your tax bill was twenty seven trillion dollars oh that was not the price of government over the past decade the price of gas it was twenty six percent higher it was thirty five six trillion that where the nine trillion dollars and dead over the obama administration over these past two years the per traps administration that's where the night trillion dollars and that comes from you have been i too about the price of government experts perfectly why the demand for a government keep going up with the land the left leaning ecosystem idea you call ecosystem because people don't understand the price in other words
that nine trillion dollars in debt if it was imposed upon you immediately job as a genuine price you and i had a pay right away ladies and gentlemen your taxes would have been twenty five to fifty percent higher depending on a few factor in state that as well you understand how were being lie to the democrats want it both ways some of us that some of what we ll go on the record and argue for our taxes but most of all they want your prices to be a here's another guy other piece of data from now from the wall street journal peace about independence about when prices lie the price of gas it is a lie think about opening when our price slammed you in the face a lot of you will like oh my gosh i like to show but she stand take it easy
they revenues that awhile social security and medicare these europe listen i get it i get a thousand emails every time as i understand i get it your money was stolen from you i totally understand if you are the five and older living on social security i under stand your money was confiscated and abused i get it and given the status of your the lifecycle chronologically the fact that you were paid into a system and made a promise by a government which is our government its us i fully again i understand those promises should be made right because we elected people that scrooge you over basically but i'm telling you for people fifty i've been yogurt there's no money there forget it social security and medicare joe
the wall and the estimates of what is owed over the next seventy five years will in general estimates are up to four times higher than this is fifty trillion dollars showed that the low when in obligations unpaid obligations downwards we don't have over the next seventy five years joe to pay for that at the lower end woodwork why are a sixty percent packs high oh yes fox table sixty percent tax sight all sudden no social security benefits for people like us you like about my social security of fifty five ok you're gonna have to pay its fields at the tax like a sixty percent through you're like way way way way way i don't want it that bad you want to stay at the price of government is a lie it's a lie with we put smoked up we ve been lied to and what i
and up the showed i gave you a price a price not commensurate with your demand for the show all of a sudden everybody change their mind audrey hours of mud but pay and twelve your box a year why not why not because a lot of people don't have one thousand two hundred dollars you just like a lot of people don't have the money to pay the sixty percent tax id required to pay the social security and medicare benefits for the next seventy five years there's no money the price of government is a lie i'm kind of pay backing on yesterday's show without cost you cortez and castro suggesting sixty to seventy and ninety percent marginal tax rates may say well then i think you're making the case for them that they are right no no no no no no no notice what oh casio cortez said if you that if you
it was the yesterday shall please go back and listened to very good show ok she'll cortez under sixty minutes interviewed radical left this congresswoman from new york has become the new do you know why this rising star on the left is not going for a sixty seventy percent tax high gone you she's are you mean for a sixty seventy percent tax on people who make ten million dollars or more as a top marginal re ladies and gentlemen the that is not where the money is folks that is not even close she is being a job please tell me you understand how it is she is being doubly this on because she's not telling you the cost of government she's lying about the cost of her quote free college and all this other stuff medicare for all she backs and she's making you believe again that
prices gonna fall on someone else just like the price of my show falls on sponsors now and doesn't for that's not a lie that true she won't tell you that she's making you believe it's a sponsor model not the hundred dollars a month i why do about it getting at the shop to make a point you see what i'm saying job here she is lying to you eddies making you believe third parties are going to pay for all this those third parties are who joe ten million dollar people now worth ten million dollar income earners are more that is not where the money is folks there are not enough people who earn ten million or more a year at that tax rate to pay the sixty seventy percent tax social security medicare an endless government is going to cost our now yes par we on castro and bernie sanders are lying to you if they had
credibility at all they would be candid and say listen middle america lower income folks people making a hundred thousand sixty thousand fifty thousand twenty two thousand and ten million euro the money is the middle class is the overwhelming majority of this company population while you are the real money is we are going to you at rates of sixty to seventy percent to pay for the x bending government and socialist empire you all want and then you know what joe i mean this i would respect her put respectful honestly vigorously and furiously disagree that that is a sensible rational but by at least she's being honest and putting our own congressional career on the line by telling the middle class what they need to hear that the cost of government price of government is wrong i'm here to corrected the the government is sixty to seventy percent more of your money that's how work
they implement free college a medicare for all at least she be candid agree but she's nice because some of you email me yesterday and i love i listen i love your emails there was a guy i am tamar tom you don't like to show yesterday he didn't like he thinks we should give no air time whatsoever to liberals i said one back thanks for your feedback i appreciated i strongly disagree in a battle ideas not knowing the other side not knowing your ideological opponents is a disaster i've learned that do running for office many times you you know what they're going to say before they say so i disagree but that's fine i appreciate your feedback but one of the com i got you she's well there you missed point she's only arguing for a tax icrc hello my ten million more know that is the point she's lying about the price of government she's bringing genuine she's pretending
the sponsor paid model with the sponsors being ten millionaires and it's not it's a u model where you're gonna pay a hundred dollars for the show your not just so we're clear i have not i hope what every hope of you want to use it and i'm not i have no intention of charge you for myself please vote but the goal always years been a gay keep it free for you i hope i didn't i upset you with that analogy and i thought about maybe it's dangerous maybe some people listen to now the shell right away disguise folks it's worth it i'm sorry but it's worth sometimes analogies that really hit you in the face are the best ones and i are you don't mean it i mean it's really not for you it's more for the moderate democrats you listen to the show i like and i appreciate your feedback but i just the idea that it was fun to fire i told you before they responded i might just pretend you don't i just brashy pretty convincing i bus i think i'd love your feedback or that if he was convincing he's like this
but i did it is stupid idea you know i don't mind i subscribe in fees at a reasonable but has clearly confessed torreon and really ridiculous edna and an almost mercenary but it management they hit you in the face with what a price is and how that price when it goes up to an excessive ass the hundred dollars a month in this case a sixty percent tax i all of a sudden makes you re evaluate your demand curve for a product oh i don't want it man did this much government at this prize prices real you like while all of a sudden i don't demand government just like you wouldn't demand to show those examples work i hope a working state are it i've got some killer information on this growing growing scandal it's just the you haven't forgotten i get some mean be what happened a spike is another but i only report when this news i'm going to fill your airtime when we don't have anything i united onawandah waste your time show managed with ok today show brought you
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oh that's we could get to the so ladies and gentlemen last week we covered a fascinating component of what we believe to be paragraph one of this devastating operation to take down the trump team in the obama administration and one of the things i discussed last week is i believe now i'm starting to believe that there are multiple investigations into the trump team potentially multiple pfizer warrant secret words despite the trump team drew the obama administration and i could see jos and shows leaning yemeni leans any situated ass an said to you that i believe the initial target in this whole thing was an effort to take down lieutenant general mike flint mike flint was out of the d i did the fence intelligence agency under barack obama mike flynn was a sworn enemy of the i ran deal and was largely a truth teller in the obama administration the old administration didn't like that it's probably they are given my twins position as a senior intelligence and official the obama administration that let's just
they joe fling new stuff flynn probably knew a few things about the shenanigans the obama administration was up to fling had to be taken out flynn became a target the obama team right way now i covered this a little bit unless we show this if you want to listen to what is called the scandal exposed it's a great show we got a pawn of listeners on it and it covers the background on what the obama team in paragraph one did to take out the did to take out where and when i say paragraph one i mean when not in my prior line of work when you started investigation is a paragraph one that describes how it starts in all your reports what was paragraph one what was the initial reason the bomb administration targeted the trump team i believe mike flynn and mike in joining the trump effort to get elected during a trump campaign we're jacques giving speeches i believe paragraph one was in
back some targeting of mike flynn and now i have more reason to believe so thanks a tremendous piece in the epoch times by carson who i've touted his work on the show often because it is tremendous now here's the question i want to ask today was there a two way street in the intelligence community to produce negative intelligence to nail people on the trump team whole stand easy i'll tell you what i mean ladies and gentlemen in a traditional intelligence operations to nail someone who may be a spy in the united states or may be cooperating with foreign government the intelligence by nature ass they go in one direction think about what i'm saying shall we the potential spy in the united states right whatever that did john smith john smith is suspect
to be working with the russians we get in for asian about john smith from it others source who says hey centrally urgent agency fbi there's a mole in the united states a guy's name is john smith i've seen some of his emails i work with them at work i think he's emailing mailing the rush government about state secrets in the united states he has access to a contractor portal this is a bad guy the info nation by nature has to be one way from sources to the central intelligence agency the formation cannot ever by nature be two way and what i mean by two way joe is no ordered at now john smith in the united states and their espionage charges potential criminal charges by the bureau and others halogens agency joe can never go back to the source and say hey
would be really nice if you said this you track and never be two ways i now this very seem obvious but until i accept in that to you at the rest of us i won't make it i know a lot of you get this will forgive me i am in no way trying to talk that i am just trying to establish that the information flow has the by nature be one way now i'm not talk about working with them you know that there are always suggest intelligence people can say hey you know you're a good idea if we you could get us there could you get us the emails could you get us some recorded vehicles that happens all the time in other words proud then suggested information or information central to the case cannot be nature flow the other way it can't they can't say to people who are sources hey listen
would be really nice if you could say this this in this and is now need again get weeds and potential like a would be helpful you know that's what happens all the time but you cannot damn focus information source with the hope that the source will feed back the bogus information that makes the bogus information appear credible why i bring this up because folks i discussed last week show with the carter age warrant on the scandal exposed lee smith federalist did in on bali peace which is in the show notes for that they show you must read and its long but it's good about how incredibly suspicious about how when the administration targeted carter page show for a pfizer warrant it appears tried to get a pfizer worn in the summer in the summer of twenty twenty sixteen a pfizer warrant
was denied all the sudden chris diversity memos carter page up here with new allegations of criminality by carter page and well look in october all of a sudden defies is approved folks pleases children are summed up in the sense kristen steals memos targeted carter pages the principal figure disguised work the russian government he met with these energy officials from russian rosneft they go to the pfizer court with that it appears likely this happened at this point the upham is meeting with energy officials from russia joe is cried the pfizer warrant or the the potential pfizer warn against page appears to have been denied it appears there is then joe instead of one way flow the information it becomes to someone probably went up the christopher steel and are based
in the new information is going to show you i think this is highly likely this point and says a curse you know weaken or not we would be a good idea if we at some new information here indicating this meeting was a crime if you re please pay peace this is it seems to have happened here m o is then updated about this meeting between carter page the meeting tween page in the russians to include information about a bribe that is in that's in fact a new member one october pang all of a sudden defies the courts have ok now we gotta cry in other words folks the question we should all be asking right now is was the information flow to way do you see joel my explaining the unethical nature of a two way information flow in intelligence accountancy i investigation has been to say but but then that's a lie
that is called that's it was a lie leading never happen if the meeting never happened the alleged bride to carter page from the russian energy firm we're gonna give you all the shares and accompany if you can hook us up with the ciampi and get rid of sanctions if tat never happened a meeting then the bride never happened either the question is how did steal get this information who all the other was a bribe folks do you see what the scandal if i don't have a mad explaining this i that that here it is from thirty thousand feet was somebody poking in prodding christopher steel to fabricate information in a dossier in a two way street operation that could be used a funnel to hijack our justice system to get unethical picture illegal wars warrants to spy on americans was that person in the two way street connected to the hillary clinton orbit someone in the clinton team
feeding steel information who was connected the people in the justice department next to people in the fbi who were telling feel this isn't enough this isn't enough we need more we need more we need more do you see the danger of a two way information flow like this this tactic could be employed against any american at any time i need to spy on georgia custom run it against them for office i'm a democratic republic at a a sudden source creeps christopher steel junior i think chose colluding with the russians do you have evidence i think he met with russia's i gotta pfizer a court that's not enough hey us but he feed to that guy rat non show that we need more information all of a sudden a poem is another member joe took a bribe from the russians we go back to the court judge joe took a private investors ok spy on joe this could be applied against any body was all fake was is a two way street i kept there
this last night i'm like this is just profound this is such a a v violation of the general trust between the united states and it and and its law enforcement and intelligence entities now broke yesterday carson's peace that lead me to believe this was a systemic problem not just applied the carter page karlsson who is a tremendous investigator has a piece up she's in the show notes today please again i humbly and most respectfully ask that you read it this is really important stuff these are great investigators their work needs to be you will not hear any of this in the mainstream media because its ignored but guys like carson chalk ross least smith byron york and others are the ones doing the real entrepreneurial work cracking up the greatest political scandal of our time some note something very suspicious joe about
dossier memo is member the dossier just a compilation of christopher steals memos how there appear to be a last minute edition in one of them when it comes to kremlin influence and the kremlin engaging with quote high profile u s players we read his his description of what i mean first remember how i said before about page how pay it appears a member was written page met with the russians the member was probably used to get a pfizer the pfizer's than i another memos written with more information page he was peace prize bingo appears these last minute additions creeping when ever the government needs something geo political on the trunk team it logically appears do christopher steel who was quoted credible source for the fbi even though he's not the source and even know you talking to the media here's what carson rights
in addition to the obvious questions raised by the timing of mike flings name appearing in steals august tenth memo the manner in which flynn is denoted so just we clearly saying there's an august can't memo the dossiers a compilation of memos within at memo mike flints name appears so alluded to that he's been a target of a russian influence operation karlsson saying here but the way his name appears seems very suspicious folks almost like it was added at the last minute alienates spiteful into i that's your party don't worry fell and the plague he goes on all other names in the memo capitalized in the manner intelligence briefings but friends it isn't capitalize in one case appears within parentheses it's over does if his name was suddenly added at the last minute and by someone other than steel let me read you portion the memo he's talking about and he's right right
the patient it's not capitalize its throat at the last minute in a format that applies to what's her name in the actual dossier member nothing everyone else's name is capital as you can see yourself he leads to it quote someone's engaging with several high profile u s players this is from steals memo including stein talking about jail stein capitalized page carter page capitalize and then here's a stone in parentheses and forward the idea director michael fled in standard right funding their recent visit to moscow this is fascinating folks half winds name again by the way in the next paragraph when they talk about this delegation how the russians are supporting u s figures is in these paid engagements to russia they talk outlined in the roof named capitalize presidential care they just i capitalize trump foreign
if the advisor carter page capitalized and former director michael flint and thrown in at the end not cap as you may say okay so they will to capitalize his name folks i would be will to toss this out to us simple error if it was so obvious what's going on here these memos are consistently revised and thrown together at the last minute as political tools whenever they need information to inject of intravenous fully into the pfizer court to get a law enforcement warrant against people on the truck team flynn the target now why do i think this happened here's where it gets a little can using so please follow me this is super important but incredibly interest and this is in the karlsson peace its long but worth your time seriously worth yoga
remember what i talked about in the show the scandal expose last week out flints december twenty fifteen trip to russia we became a big deal after my flight started advocating openly for the trump campaign for present for the presence john solomon covered this mike flynn paid trip to russia in this we have twenty fifty flynn was seated at the same table as vladimir putin interestingly enough the same cia assets the fawn helper who wish to reporting on papadopoulos and carter pages well also does some reporting on that in instance would flint almost there if show they had a central intelligence agency asset ready to provide information on trumped team members at the drop of crazy how that happens how produced keeps random reappearing but this trip to russia which flynn handle
by the book spokes that was out john solomons report now there is senora an excuse for tory information might flynn brief today i despite not being in the aid were about the trip before he left he did a briefing before he left and he did it the thing after he came back this i think the ramifications of this trip to russia everything always done by the numbers with regard to the visa the entire budgets nature the visit nobody appeared that anymore so why was the trip a big deal he answered joe is it wasn't it was only a big deal because my flynn decided to start campaigning for that he remembered the timeline the trip happens in december twenty fifteen but he says anything but all of a sudden right is mike flynn starts to open the advocate for donald trump all of a sudden these memos appear in august
ike wins named seems to be randomly inserted in dossiers about rush points why how in that special just like carter page keeps appearing in these memos it with with with six thus more damaging pieces of information just enough the hurdle of pfizer court warrant despite the fact that none of its true now what's even more interesting remember the names folks there's a journalist in my expiry date that appears in almost every hath chapter michael it's a call from yahoo news michael to call from yahoo news is deeply embedded in this michael is a cough if you again if you read the book you'll see is working with alexander toolbar on the poem and afford angle he's being fed inflation he's a reporter let me just be clear michael
the court has no conservative i have no beef with reporters taking if i'm not knocking jessica if sakharov as from taken information from sources to i'm simply suggesting that the sources this accosts getting information from our democrat embeds in the government who are feeding is a cop what they want to believe that the russians are trying to influence the trump team in flint that's all i'm saying but what's fascinating joe is right around the time mike flynn start speaking out an advocate for the trump team heavily in july twenty sixteen is a cough confronts mike flynn and interviews and watch the first questions out of his mouth transcription of the interviews available carson's piece in the shown us what do you think one of them this question is a cough ass with the child is a killer hey what about tat trip to russia in december if twenty fifth
that nobody cared about till flynn started advocated for trop now you may say all right dad but that's july and the memo where flints name seems to be randomly inserted into this steel memo indicating that flynn may be subjected to may have been the subject of a russian influence operation through payments and things like that that's august tenth who fed is a cough that information who felt as a cough that information we know is a cough has a relationship with people effusion gps was somebody feeding journalists is a coffin others information lies about might flynn in khartoum
age which were being used then and funneled from said journalists to fusion gps where christopher still work to be randomly inserted into memos notice the dossier to be given back to the justice department to be used as a predator for spying ah boy it out that's gonna staying admit think about what i just told you talk about a circle of malfeasance oh you can't get a warrant because you i have nothing so what are you do you drop a hint if you're in the fbi d o j and you're in eighty tromp hack like a lot of these up i will call me stroke cabal pipes were bruce or in the oj was a relationship of christopher steel we know that they met ripe
across by hurricane investigation of the trump started right they float diffusion hey we need something the bureau it appears that we can't walk into a mr corbett nothing we don't have enough we ve already gotten turned down once you need to give us something they float dad diffusion we know oars connected the steel was working for fusion steel probably floats back to fusion we need to produce more stuff you know hilary pay in us for information heller team they know obama they want information they gotta get this trump team spied on they need it all of a sudden a swell let's go to some reporters the reporters get win that they need information all of a sudden who randomly appears to feed the reporters information insiders and the obama administration like alexandra chill loopholes and others who of a sudden produce intel remember the evelyn fork is paid on msnbc when did the inside
the apartment ministration at the defence the parlor one on a mess and be set off the trump team only knew how we found out about their russia the problem is they didn't know they were feeding everybody in their mother who had listened a bunch of reporters who were feeding it back diffusion who are feeding it back to the fbi a ring of stupid now coincidentally not who is used in water the original and subsequent pfizer applications for a fine words the spy in the truck demon rules what reporter is used as a bedrock of of of factual of as ask but he's as appear as like a pig to establish that their their case against carter page in the trunk team is genuine what report
letters reporting is used to purchase their case and devise a court bike you call this guy who when why seems to have information he supposed to ask my point about the trip the russia who told him that who fed that information that this december fifteen trip to russia which trouble even though it wasn't planet report the trip added reported them shortly afterwards the deal no with an once it's a cough get a satisfactory answer from flynn in july interview end its and it's it's a strange answer if you read the transcript flynn appears taken up act by the questioning and says about me paid by the russian government my part i gets that on the record who then feeds that hey we ve got trouble here back to fusion to insert in the august tenth memo make sure you put
flints name in there now people are subject to a russian influence opera jails dichotomy am i find my foot so what have wiped out it's like they had a boy why getting wet when you're just eagerly dissipating phelan job is this not the craziest story apparatus whack did but also a coup fed is off the information at flinch trip the russia was trouble even though it wasn't we the dia already said he followed the rules when is it hammers them in july and flint doesn't come up with the right answer who then gets back to steal fusion is it is a cop that hey got something here russia flint didn't give a great answer he said the russians in pay em but technically aren t did state controlled agency this is
happy ugly i think we ve got the evidence we need who feeds it back to steal and fusion for the das yea and anne who gives that task here obviously steel back to the fbi and the agenda watch back into court with and by the way in the court they swear to it in october they swear to wit and they used a butcher's their case michael take off the same report starts this thing in july ah man is this case fulla gems folks jobs i mean lumps of coal every single too and i you know that's why get out you know what's spike i only report when is something to report and this huge because that they take away for you from this
is that i believe the information flow was a dangerous pernicious two way street it's not that intel was being fed to the bureau the d o j fusion others it's that when info is needed even when it was a lie the request was being made in the other direction to maybe there's nothing wrong with intelligence and she s a you think your warming rob a bank give us some evidence there is something very wrong with the intelligent saying she saying hey we know jos gonna rob a bank because we need him to rob a bank for political purposes and i need you mr intelligent source to prove it you see that distinction area business out of intelligence professionals that email me and i appreciate you must understand that distinction the first things fight we need in full on this that's what sources do already
telling them what the info is when it is in fact false and telling them to go show it is totally different what a train wreck this cases flynn was set up it is so obvious we need it for me page work i've got a new memo we need information on flint look i've got a new member to you forgot the cat last wednesday darn out and i screwed that went up insane you like that yes i got right i'm a dinosaur jeff carlson's peace i was lying there now put tat together go right go this into the scandal exposed unless we greedily smith peace listen they show and red carson's peace and you will see exactly what i'm talking about this was a two way street it was information and intelligence allah card
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out more about them and there are some people who make their products at youtube dotcom slash bravo company usa go check him out folks ok a couple of other stories i dont want to monsieur i forgive me added there's a big a tonight speech tonight nine p m obviously donald trump is gonna give his first oval office speech this is gonna be important it's gonna be about the dangers of open borders policies the dangers presenting themselves at their southern border just a couple doubts on this the fact that the networks were even considering not broadband they are they really will quote deliberating on broadcasting donald trumps first oval office speech is is is is a disgrace that it just beaks err on the adjectives it go on another disgrace the horrible religious awful their terrible people i just want you to understand that the journalism is dead it's over honest reporting is over under
stand i know you already get it the media are full blown activists they are liberal act as they are not to be taken seriously the fact the present a united states the julie elected president i'd states donald j trump is giving his fur oval office address and the net even had a deliberate for a moment on broadcasting it speaks volumes to what shams they are told oh shams hoaxes these are not genuine folks over there now they acquiesced of course because they had to because been to their eternal shame had they not read they refused to broadcast and oval office and by the way everybody should attuned into fox anyway which is what everybody will do so you can watch it on fox don't give any of these people yet that it's supposed to be eight minutes but the fact that this was even an issue is just really just disgraceful i had up ok just one quick story on his side when i was a
in my prior line of work eight one of the five moments in my career when a moment's rose really just unbelievably proud of what i when i did at the time was when president bush gave his speech now to the agreement reached candidate policy wise i never was a proponent of the iraq war ever or the search i want to be clear on that so i dont get a thousand emails i wasn't advocating for that but i was on duty the night at the white house when he gave his famous oval office speech i kind of wrote about it my first point conor did write about it my first book when he gave overall his speech about the surge and estimates of people watching were obviously in the tens of millions in it was everybody around the world watching with such an important speech whether you agreed with the policy which i didn't i'm at the time or or did not but i was outside the oval when that was going on and they leave the door open in the oval office when that's happening and watching it
and just sitting there right outside the office seeing president bush in in front you don't behind the resolute the desk and giving nets each to basically every in important person had go home was a really transformative experience for me we're really hit me like laugh you know this is really for i understand that there was an honour really was even now like i said the policy wasn't my favorite i'm standing probably ten feet away from him and i remember when the guy came to push me the agent the push relieve me like i was like that i thought to myself ass they can of course but the this the quick notes are omitted interrupt you personal stories but watch an apple pie for is pretty incredible also checked out tonight at sea here i have an interesting thread here from james toronto i want to point out to you some more media by media by stories can can be interesting sometimes it their dopey but this is
important because you get to see a lot of this given the prominence of male candidates in what i believe is going to be a twenty twenty enlarge twenty twenty field on a democrat side for the presidency are we already of one announced candidate in an exploratory mode which joe and i of course now is nonsense export and exploring everything's gonna run in italy with worn i'm also expect in a number of other female candidates to jump into the democrat side amy which are distinct possibility kirsty l from new york kemal harris senator from california it's gonna be a pact villona democrats either going to be a lot of female candidates now may bring that up not to bore you with me you know monday details but you can expect a bunch of imposing new york times driven driven drivel about nonsense made up and fake massage any massaging discharge any time you criticise a female candidate it starting already but james toronto who writes the three journal this absolute
this dismantled dave waigel from the washington post and his co author on a wash did post peace and it is a thing of beauty and i just want to point it out there to show you because it's gonna happen your gun see this stuff all throughout the campaign any time a female candidate is mentioned this everything you say it's gotta be massage genetic it doesn't matter so why at i should impose use come after me in the past and it do no kind of silly matter but whenever waigel wrote this peace and it they did the just a video is that questioning elizabeth warrants you know like abilities massaging this thick like they don't question like ability for male candidates like this is just using folks you see worm go with this because a la weight that with this this is so the toronto we did such a thorough debunking on this twitter thread that its a humorous okay so the premise just to be clear at the premises waigel wants you to believe the questioning a female candidates quote like ability is
currently massage initiative because they don't do it for male candidates all really they doubt ok from the washed impose too is toronto he's got headline screenshots i remember well joe so great was so great blog about holding a website the like a baby the problem of tat grew why should they both have high number two rubio critics say he's too likeable for his own good the washington post that toronto these running out of space on twitter of all these headlights peaches screen shot in google checks on this here's a google check from twelve on whether mitt romney was like a box ruth marcus from them both is the drama like a board after win another war supposed article can meet run
become more likeable another had lived for the worse about can mitt romney be likeable why won't get really that thank you jackie really got folks because arms on the terms may i again males who were were being likely washington post about john edwards reliable wasn't enough what i could go on all day let us stop here be adjusted to save you that but this is the wash it this is all from the wash their bows remember why point they never question men being likeable his own michael do car this in back in our nineteen eighty four do car this is a challenge to be likeable folks do you understand why these folks are such clowns they just make it up they just making
they had the wash the posters question like ability of male and female by the way i use another female one just in case you think all right this was only got now they ve questioned other females to the washington post from the fixed i think that's crystallizes hillary clinton the like problem donald trump has like ability epidemic this is i made up story this is the very genesis of fake news ladies and gentlemen fake news its fake its it up but this is how a lie travels around the globe before that ruth is even her eye let us note i was on hannity of the last night with her for some of you saw it at some of you may not have if you still it was pretty explosive it was immigration is always a hot topic are all those very passionate about the topic so am i a china to make a personal why didn't you know her although is is yes a different view than i do but the topic came
up about romeo saying and the americans being killed by but when the country illegally and it was fiery to say the least me and sean both really one at or although pretty heavy when he insisted we were politicizing these need the tragic deaths of these people killed including the police officer by illegal immigrants which i found fascinating could see then proceeded to immediately make the argument political by scuse me the press so dreamers in the country which i found out that you're making a political argument is your accusing us despite the death of many americans due to people in the country illegally and making it political so i just one i have been the show no it's a piece from big pack review samantha chang she wrote bought it in a videos there i encourage you to watch it at short spent six minutes segment but check it out because this has to be dead folks and this is a passionate argued because our national security matters and so to our borders but to quit
points i was trying to make but the you know what our passionate right away and sometimes it doesn't come across the screen there is no global right oaks or claim on u s citizenship none if you are not a citizen the united states you have apps lately no right to be here without our permission it is our country we pay for it families have given lives board some of you have lost guns daughters mothers and fathers of you warriors out there have come back with noble eggs missing limbs missing eyes i dan crunch on your brian who's my congressmen to missing the bottom half above his legs to our country is ours we fought for it we have every right to say who is allowed and not allowed to come in here you have no right as a non u s citizen to declare york on u s citizenship without our permission and we make no apologies for that we have been
most generous country to immigrants in human history we get in millions of people from around the world but you claim nothing without our exe it permission to our lawmakers to a legal process you do it the right way you will be glad we openly welcome and integrated into the fabric of our society you violate our laws no you have to go i don't know her although got there came across last night secondly you can cite to me all the statistics you want about people come into the country illegally being less prone commit crime later their statistics are all folks the reason those statistics are off about the crime bates amongst illegal immigrants show is because most aids do not keep an accurate tally of what the image patients status is of people they arrest i had this i had map colombo array peace on this it is those statistics
are not accurate but the bottom line is their statistics don't matter because if you're in the country illegally and if even one person commits a crime one percent of people in the country illegally should not be here to commit a crime that is it there no other argument to be made we laws for a reason they matter please wash the clip i think you're like folks check out the show notes today they are really some of them it's the best compilation i put together in a long time get the karlsson peace please go listen the scandal expose readily psmith piece of you haven't heard it that's embedded in that as well if you want my plea subscribed to the pod cast on itunes it is free it makes a big difference of course we're not charging anybody i hope that the price of being made a difference in the beginning follow us on iheart sound cloud and elsewhere it is free but it helps us move up the charts to helps other people finer content there but that thanks to you so i really appreciate while doing that we
but banality itunes top charts and forever because you keep subscribing that's actually measured on subscription so we really appreciate that the lad folks i appreciate it i will see you all to martha mrs speech and i will covered on you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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