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Ep. 891 There Will Be No Retreat

2019-01-10 | 🔗
In this episode I address the partial government shutdown. We cannot lose this fight. There must be no retreat. I address the devastating consequences of a surrender in the shutdown fight. I also address the Democrats’ new trick to try and implement government-run healthcare. Finally, I address the devastating correction The NY Times had to issue on the “collusion” case. News Picks: Fantastic new economic numbers you must read about.    My latest commentary, “Americans are all in for the Border Wall.”   Pelosi and Schumer are wasting the President’s time.   New polling shows that Americans understand the crisis at the border.   The NY Times screws up another “collusion” story.   Another angle on The NY Times major screw up.     Copyright Dan Bongino all rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome them thereby gino shepherdess ajar you today man don't get going to give you a better now that you clear that hair but i don't know what that means we only had an take for the horrible sound the facts you never listened again she's perfect thanks the job for doing that before the show that we are we really appreciate that joe at a cough up a massive hereby got it out of my disgust nomadic three hundred over here hey guys always a lot of talk about right before i came on the air might palm pale gave you speech baby a pretty by important foreign policy speech literally right before i came on the air over in egypt fascinating i'll get them wanna get to a bunch of other stuff to yesterday was a tremendous day
for news a lot of good stuff not a bad stuff especially so the new york times which blew it again on major hoax collusion story are the new york times can't seem to get out of the runway our eye to hay show brought you by bodies at i target ladies and gentlemen the eye target price system is the finest system out there for increasing your proficiency with the fire of if you oughta fire of two things matter your skin oh ability and proficiency with it and safety safety safety now one of the best is to increase your proficiency with a firearm god forbid you need to use it to save your life for the life of your family one of the best ways do it is to do a dry fire exercise what is dry fire dry fire is when you safely unloading weapon you check it you check it twice you check it three times and you depressed bigger on a safely unloaded weapon pointed downrange may say but what's the point of that why would you a dry fire your fire on the region without the recoil
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now you can see exactly how well you're performing with your grip your site alignment your site picture gotta our programme com slash stand to pick up your training system tonight the approach that consular stand you will never put this down i mean she's me i target products com i target that common promo code dan forgive me for ten percent off i target pro dotcom go check it out promo code dan for ten percent off check that out today you will regret it ok ladies and gentlemen with regard to this shut but you don't let me get the pump hey offers pay your speech was interesting and i think it was a genius move by the trump administration might bumpo secretaries over needs of this morning gave a pretty profit foreign policy speech reiterated our fight against terror reiterated our alliances overseas again regardless of your position on foreign policy i think the speech was a genius move joe because he did one thing in that reach it with super important especially during a government shut down he reiterated the
point that the united states has traditionally been and will continue to be a force for good in the world why is a genius strategical move right now there are two shutdown joe think of outer right what are they the crowds hate more than anything now in dc right now this is not required got done purser donald trump gotta not a trick question i don't even finished here the question which i was ready to jump and easy because i think he taught i was messing with a minute when he figured out i wasn't there ok he's talking about which i am the democratic trump they cannot give trump a victory on anything activists donor base their allies the liberal when he tunes the socialists they can't stand donald trump he is the embodiment here's the notes murat too he is the dracula vampires the democrat liberal movement right now they cannot stand shrunk they are expect by their donor activists base and there are now it's a virulent radical base who can't stand trump no matter what they are now expected to go against any
he does that's why you're government shut down is still going on believe me folks the demo i don't care about this five billion dollars for the wall i'll get all that second all they care about right now is doing what their volunteers and donors want them to do which is do anything that that the fight against what donald trump all right why there is far policy speech a genius tactical forget about the overall points i get it there are a lot of significant disagreements on foreign policy within the republicans i understand that point stipulated that's what this segment is about it is about their share political genius of doing this speech now during the shut down the take away from this each from pompeo joke is that the united states is a force for good in the world what are the democrats going say this was jean by the way everyone's gonna be forced to carry this speech pompiers the secretary of state you can ignore what are the democrats going to do now when their being interviewed think about this right about how each
donald trump is with regard to the shut that he wants to shut down the united states a wall is immoral you can say what do you think about mike pompiers beach every democrat lawmaker talking head on cable news is going to be asked about mike pomp statements about the united states be it a force for good in the world and children they could say t prs evil you know like immigrants in foreign countries how do you feel about the united states peter force for good focused schoolbooks gps this group rescue me please folks the genius since i love i really get kick animate wednesday sometimes even some pro trump crowd people themselves they el trump short i'm not say obviously that he's without error or without sin or anything else or he's been there you know the eye your politician all the time nobody everybody makes mistakes even scale politician scrubbers raw what
politician in modern american history has been under sold on sheer political talents like donald trump none this was a genius political move you you want to don't say and write your now every democrat lawmaker on tv is gonna be on pvc about the shutdown they will likely be as well about my pompiers speech in each of the take up being the u s is a force for good they will be forced argue in the same talking head appearance on cnn and nbc on one hand out donald trump is the in very embodiment of evil but the other hand how his power see speech to his secretary of state about the u s being forced we're good was really a good they don't know britain is right or or they'll be forced to argue or they go against them how the united states is really an awful horrible place and is a force for evil in the well good luck with that as your wise they get you want tape for your twenty twenty runs for president you get it
as the only somebody's been it's a genius wove the same regrets running for president getting on cable news running there too a peach donald trump everything i've gotta be forced to acknowledge and cable news interviews that america is in fact the forest for good in the world as donald trump is the progressive what a beautiful move so it's really politically genius had tipp to the trump administration moving it just happened i've forgotten the wages with regard to the shut down i am deadly serious when i tell you this we are ready for this fight i am i regret the fact that some of my former coworkers secret service and others who really do work there but often literally put their botswana line every day for us that you are caught them this i mean that you know i'm not always a big valiantly
the gram i'm up and i'm down with lindsay but he did say the right so you know what we're sorry you've been put in the middle of this but this is a fight and existential fight for the oh while that's dramatic there no it's not folks i tweet that last night stand tall mr president we are with you you do the right thing and i ask people are retreating i woke up this morning you been retreated twenty thousand times i was actually stand i wasn't doing it for followers on twitter i assure you i just wanted express a debt of gratitude for the president and his staff for not holding whereas weaker republicans would have done this during the shutdown they shut down is about one thing now now some of you may be thinking booming colluded maybe say as about a border while no no nope nope put nope that is absolutely not what this is about the democrats don't give a damn about the border while trump does they are about the border well but this isn't about this to him either not to control it as such will be our baby now don't miss
what i'm saying this border while matters to tree ran on it it obviously madison minos it matters to his basic that that is not what this is about right now this is about political control and exerting your ability to move the masses and political power if we forfeit this fight and we whose ladies and gentlemen i don't see any coming back any time soon we already from this fight and i ask you right now if not now when if you don't have the guts and the gusto i'm talking a republican lawmakers with all due respect this is no time for us to get wobbly or pick interpol inter party fights excuse me but i am again you i know some of your staff listen i know some of you listen with obvious i'll do respect and i mean that with all due respect i met i'd be silly like it said often you elections i get it you're up there you represent your constituents do not fall down this this is the fight if not now when there should be no retreat no weakness
wobbly we no sweating no running your fingers through your hair and these anxious try it you're trying to get the all my customary chew on my fingernails stop stand tall chest out to retract yours capitola chin up and fight this fight now is the fight joe is absolutely right this is our control and exerting raw political power we have got to win we cannot lose this shot down fight folks democrats or on the wrong side of nearly every critical issue to the united states right now you act we asking and folding now and acknowledging that they took the political high ground when they didn't when they are undermining the interests of the united states is fatal move that will see political control from this point for do out trumps presidency you're good
start the here horror stories about the government your garbage accumulating in the streets ladies and gentlemen the democrats have already shut down government a long time ago the democrats there are some some sadly the republic and allies you don't see that the that the red and if so when i say red menace i'm not going by communism we talk about the debt who have any the cuts have already shut down government obstructing chump trump come on come on up and about how the democrats have already shut down government obstructing chump trump nominees and a historic fashion they have ready shut the government that this is the fight there is no retreat this is we win and you lose no matter the consequences that at this time we cannot lose this fight and i say to the trump team twice twenty is a long way away you are doing the right thing
americans who get it will understand that the sacrifices that need to be made need to be made right now if not now when this is the fight the democrats and to be taught a lesson in this that they cannot bully us through the media anymore this is about control and don't mean control on the socialist liberal way government it's over every component of your life in the diminution of individual liberty that's not what i mean what i mean in its control taking back the power of government the essential constitutional power of government back to its legitimate place at our lives yes which is diminishing the power of government and the only way to diminish the power of government is gonna be to teach the democrats to this budget fight that they cannot bully us it is spent us into a liberty sapping abyss dame to learn this us and now that we are not going to give up that
basis behind them that the republican lawmakers up behind him in the congress in the senate and we are not going to give up there are their fights ahead joe if we fall control now and we we wish we basically empty out zero out our political bank account acknowledging we were weak and we are not and we knowledge we are weak the budget fights ahead the health care fights ahead the debt fights ahead the school choice fights ahead the regulation fights ahead are over the democrats will employ this model every single time just shut down the government wait for some horror stories to fall in take some folding take some pictures of some garbage on the streets of the sea the republicans or fall than the country or fold with it no not today no retreat none if i've gotta wait on a line at the airport i'll get their early if american gotta chip in and clean up some garbage on the streets themselves just say
we gotta do but this is the fight the fight is now there is no better time this is the fight we need to be taught a lesson in this and the lesson they cannot polyester the media any more while slowly walking us off the debt cliff the bankruptcy cliff and the eu he'd liberty clip were they started diminish our values you know tucker sets up the less light on the show i thought it was very powerful tucker so then the fox news sham had me roped in can i watch fox alot obviously doing some commentary on the show is well but i have to tell you joe rarely was i is rope then where my phone is down the volume is up in my eyes are laser beams into the screen like they were last night i mean it brother am i can download it i watched muslim
of course if you saw that now the joe is sir gets to sleep a little bed exactly who figure the more radical tell you more about that later but talker did a monologue last night where he talked about mr president this is your opportunity this is your opportunity speak up for the unspoken for these silent masses of people who have been told their christian values are big it it had been told that their race is that their zena forbes are not welcome on college campuses their love of god is welcome in this country who been call that they're only in it for them they're not in it for the little guy that conservative masses that have been spit on that have been yelled at that have been thrown off campus has he gave examples of people who for the very active speaking out of lost their jobs have lost their livelihood have been humiliated in the public social media space this is our opera indeed a flash too big mental fingers and say not today not today we are done no more retreating we are not
we polyte around anymore and finally we ve got a guy with holidays whole days in the white house with great fruits who says no we're not doing it he was then yesterday he spoke to nancy policy in church humor for a couple of seconds it said i might get my porter war money or not they said no eddie said thanks i'm out see felicia take it easy we are not going to fall no retreat you cannot retreat here you will decimate the base no the president understands is but these laws makers i dont think you get it please the base will up to people who hate you will continue to hate you the people on the phone we'll get over it we have a lot of time people who are your base will evacuate en masse if you fall on this it is a guy guaranteed loser if you fall this shot down is the fight
democrats have already shut down government show now article watch your journal today they shut down government a long time ago donald europe has nominated a number of people for key positions awaiting senate confirmation you want some numbers you want to see the damage it's you care about government who crapped all over government when donald trump joy to staff the very same government would appoint he's only five hundred and forty three nominations trump nominations have been approved over nine hundred oh the same time in the obama administration a home i thought you cared about government but you don't care about government went donald trump oh you ve nearly cut tat number in half i thought you cared about government but you don't care
about government with donald trump tries to appoint people qualified people within the government within the democrat senate but they're putting a hold on these trump nominees you're full of crap and it's steaming right now and you know it you don't give a damn about government you care about eighty trump nonsense this is about donald trump and nothing to do with government the democrats have called they ve issue closer votes closer votes indicating the level of obstruction towards it moving nominations for trump appointees up until this point palm administration we're are only twelve of them trump one hundred and twenty eight closer votes had to be issued go to hell you're done i'm right daddy yo they ve already shot down government they ve put us on endless cycle of debt government programmes we
i'll have a guy house democrat john yarmouth i'm gonna to get to this in a minute ass the sea be able to issue a report about what single player what single pay or health care would look like in the united states but he conveniently wants him to leave out the course oh i'll get to that a second to yeah yeah god forbid we mention the cost of that another article in the journal today you understand this is all about fighting trop this has nothing to do with principles data all care about the border wall they don't care about any of this they care about trump norman he's going down because their trump nominees if they were nominees for anyone else they go through anything trump says will be fought that is the very genius of trumpets pompiers for the policy speech today pompiers but represented tromp administration go out we affirm the united states is a force for good in the world watch these democrats humiliate themselves like cable news arguing that it's not after all
bodies have been buried overseas and defence of liberty and other peoples countries i dare you i dare you to go argue that can karma harris elizabeth warren coolly castro joe biden all of you soon to be normal he's variety potential nominees for president democrats i'd go argue that case go argue i want to see that i promised joe and i will be cut in those videos forever we'll be play a nose on our soon launch video shop here we'll be play a nose in perpetuity good luck with that says it folks not now when went on going to have these fights please understand i don't wanna be doomed
a guy i'm not looking to be the guy breaks superman's back here you know danny downer they have town not i've made i might show reed i'm worried near our debt situation our borders situation endless uncontrolled migration into the united states government control of your health care system all things that are on table your kids economic future folks this it's all very real this is the fight please please don't fold i want to get too yarmouth and also how trumps just unique approach to china is is starting a break the back of what was considered wants to be a chinese charged for the future that was unstoppable now not so much i today show brought you everybody's a filter by haven't seen felt by and what good to have them back i love filter by
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dan censure they are made in the usa they loved this country that's filter be you dot com don't get you re filters anywhere else this is your company filter by backup so as i told you when i started off the show this is all about being anti trump this is all about averaging their anti trump efforts to push for an anti liberty agenda a more expansive government open borders guaranteed bankruptcy destruction of the republic as we know it in case doubt how aggressive the democrats are going to be in the trump era to push this new gender using trump is their foil as their buggy man as their vampire before interesting story in the wall street journal that house democrat john your mom yarmouth from kentucky ass the sea be ojo for report let me quote this year so i get this right here a report on quote i'll translate this the way
design considerations policy makers would confront in developing proposals establish a single payers system in the u s here we go house democrats or already working on a government take over of your health care system they ve been in office one always i've been away i think has been a week and i reckon is is it near last thursday they better office a week they are all already working on ways to take to health care product you have now flush it down the toilet ball and have you call someone basically the dm veto ok your chest get and cracked open how you like them apples that's gonna be there isn't it government pure i can't even monitor a website at obamacare are now going to be responsible for giving you approval to get your hip replace tat was awful darren right it was that was a lot of disease speak but let's translate this again a piece
john forgive me it's subscription only sell but i am i give you with what it's about you don't need only towards much what yarmouth is saying by design considerations to develop proposals to establish a single pairs through them did you say you don't let me read you another because he wants so let's say he wants the design of a single april who noticed what he says this isn't it is fascinating caviar and its speaks to the very essence of the cancer of liberalism the report this is his request report would not necessarily provide cbs estimate of the effects of any particular proposal for a single payer system on fetters spending or national health care spending but why did the extent feasible provided qualitative assessment of how the choices with respect to major design issues would affect such spending in other words let me translate this for you in a normal person language scipio give us
idea of all the benefits of a single pair system but there was a big favor avoid cos cos these guys serious what do they want what do i want government health care what i did why i said that i am able to tell you that you know i've heard somebody those rallies they want he wants a report government run health care this is a very our full house democrat on budget waited committee who wants a report our government healthcare but wants to see beyond the very agency in charge of giving you the cost to downplay the cause is really necessarily need the costs and federal spending or national healthcare spent just give us a qualitative assessment here's what they're looking to do in the trump era and their entire m o is going to be to use trump
the foil everything's gonna be anti trump breathing to rally their base to push the most radical far left agenda you have seen in your lifetime oh borders confiscatory taxes unbelievably high tax rates unprecedented massive new programmes and the crown jewel of every liberals dream is going to be government run healthcare when they control your health care and they give you permission for your health care permission they control everything they literally control your life not figuratively now the journal peacekeepers we want to describe the genius strategy here and by jean i mean lex luther genius i dont mean like bat nanjing just so we're clear opera if a copy you dig then for here's what they want to do according to the journal they wanted yet these congressional committees going on single pay or health care have these back and forth
in front of the media joe using the c b o report that largely ignores the costs they confiscatory costume told you what the cost a single pair healthcare bernie sanders proposal would costs thirty two trillion dollars over ten year that's assuming they cut doctors pay merely in half and that thirty june billion dollars will require near doubling of your taxpayer mouth they don't want to talk about any of that so he went qualitative assessment on what it would do so they have these committees joe get the tv cameras in there and start talking to the american people about all the benefits of single pay your health care they want to keep the cause vague that's a quote a job and they want to make small alterations in the planning of the european model so why why would they want to do that the european single payer model that's fallen apart right now why would they wanted that makes small alterations job because the damage crasser smart i again i be lex looters smart i'm not talk
about bruce wayne here think about it show they don't want the republicans be able to come back on tv and start talking about all the canadians that come into the united states even though they ve already paid through their taxes was for single pair of gearing canada together care services they don't want people talk about the rationing the five percent of doctors in the united kingdom that admit on iraq they know people who have died on waiting lists for health care they don't want to talk about tat we ten months long waiting lists for specialists in inside au countries they don't want to talk about any of this so think about the tactical genius of the democrats plan and this guy yarmouth keep the costs vague talk about the benefits in front of the cameras propaganda as the american people into thinking they want free healthcare but you're gonna pay double for and may enough small alterations to the planned joe that when the rope
but can respond but all the downsides through the european plan what's the democrats aids are going to be no it's not that plan it's not that plan we did something have a different tale pipe really it says raptor looks like it or not and i came to tell pipe out this is like we won't know what's i got me by a rap there are new buying a rap there and change in the tail pipe and saying all etc wrapped or have a different tale pipe really it says raptor secular not on i changed the tale piper this is like we won't know what's in it till we pass it part do son whereas we are that perform from my friend nets nancy philosophy exactly exactly that's a great point hide the cos make small alterations don't worry we'll figure out the course later fuel cooper mr blair you gotta
to find out which one is nancy i wasn't obama i wasn't obama voices but that that was eighty policies that don't worry pass it will all figure and i cant do a good nancy voice make small alteration so that any time we introduce data showing the failure of single parents we're going out on all that's on our plan it's not a rap that we change the tale pipe ladies and gentlemen you almost half the stand in awe the evil genius is on the focus group tested side of the democratic party you can appoint dude a are so good at lying at proper again diving and moving their agenda and using tactical components and foiled to move their agenda forward that almost have to be like i can't believe these people can be so devious but they are introduce a single payer plan in front of the cameras but hide the costs and they asked the c b o to hide the car
so that you can use the c b i would say are while the cbs said it would be ok you just ask them to hide the cos folks they ve never seen anything like trump do you want stand with joe said before and what we were going with this opening segment how it ties into this if we fall control now and we retreat from this shut down fight this is about the wall anymore it's important its critical yes it is of of list of needs that is obviously number one in the shutdown fight but the real fight is about holding onto your political bank account and control and making sure we don't fall to increasingly aggressive liberal movement that will decimate this country if we lose now that we know stopping them going forward this is the fight today if not now when when they introduce single pay or on the floor of the house and it passes
when there is a massive multi million dollar hundred million dollar pr effort to convince america's that the government should be crack in their chest opened the media dont folks they're not on our side we are in this by ourselves it is us the base and the press we are in this by ourselves she's a rogue rebellion developing within the united states for freedom and liberty this is the fight now they need to be shown they cannot win pressuring us in the media anymore talk it was right my site this is the moment about the base for beliefs sitting there with it with it with a champion in front of us saying yes we want this we were on the right side of this this is
what's coming next folks on the china front an important story too ladies and gentlemen you know i am not a fan of tariffs i am a free trader i know i'll always get emails on that that's fine i respect my audience as long as the you know you you know your cursor emails because my by freedom i always read them i appreciate your feedback positive and negative some of its sometimes people get personal that i don't like my skin isn't that but i my emails on the website effort you can check it out i am a free trader but donald trump is doing the right thing right now with china china it is getting ready to fall down this ladies and gentlemen they have to donald trump impositions on terrorists which again i hate as a tool but there's a difference and i thought of a way to describe this morning
tariffs as an end are a financially disastrous idea they are as an ends as a means to get rid of tariffs later they can be an effective tool handled the right way that's not me change my mind ever did no no communication with the dove be another the way house asking me to say anything on this as a way to get rid of terror when china has imposed significant non tariff barrister barriers to our trade to get too and ends of free trade if we have to take a little pain on this is an end we can defeat them at their own game this is the way to do it trump is suffocating china right now make no mistake another up in the wall street journal today joe they are struggling bad who the chinese official prostate posted gdp numbers which i talked about last week of six point five percent or a joke that is not their gdp numbers they are hiding it
you're seeing balance sheets disappear you're seeing p but when china starting to panic these tariffs joe they ship now to us hundred and six billion dollars worth of they saw us we only four hundred and thirty billion back now that's a lot i now suggesting this is insignificant i'm not suggesting it all that those have been hit by these tears and terror as i said and ends are a disaster i am not suggesting at all that these are a good idea for your that they're not impacting you i get it i totally get it i'm telling you those terrorists may be gone relatively quickly because the chinese are suffering bad under this and they know it they export to us almost five times of what we export to them their products are being hammered at the border a tariff is just a tax at the border on products from that country the chinese socks that are sent over here the price of the socks and make make no mistake they are paid by you the economic
of tariffs are horrible there is no question no sensible person will tell you otherwise you will pay that tariff at the border which makes us products more expensive which some less competitive which makes people by less of them member the prey thinking thing we did the other day when i opened up the show joke about the hundred i'll remarking fee the price goes up the man goes down it's an inescapable rule of supply demand economics growth is slowing dramatically in china joe because prices for their products in the united states are being forced out by terrorists at the border and what were asking for back is a simple free trade agreement with them a free trade deal a free trade the a deal where we act move or not i'm not talking about young now from talking about real free trade where we can see the chinese stealing our intellectual property scrap alive their government procurement methods scrap allow
the terrorists they impose on our items for the this time in a long time it appears we're making progress here the chinese can compete with us folks trump knows it you know a gdp per person in china's joe now one is thousand dollars per person you know achieving he per person in the united states is sixty two thousand dollars they cannot compete with us we aren't echoes like powerhouse they are are going right now this is the time to move in why am i bringing this up in terms of the original conversation we had because again ladies and gentlemen the democrats know this they understand fully that the chinese have been decimating our industry for a long time decimating our industries by stealing our technology products and imposing a lot of non trade barriers and companies operating in the inn china the democrats know this
but they will not come out and acknowledge finally is the chinese just so you understand what the end game is the chinese are as i said we were winning you probably say in how you haven't said anything yet the chair these are coming back to the table for some very high and talks ladies and gentlemen people i'm talking to you know the chinese earning right now they are going to have two fold on significant portions of this you're moving towards legitimate free trade we are winning this but we're losing it at home because a lot of the democrats out there again being a b b b being held the being held back by their volunteer the radical liberal volunteers and donors will not give trump a victory on anything ladies and gentlemen the democrats are on the wrong side of nearly every issue right
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what you're missing because a victory wax it might just change your life gonna go wax are acts that come typing promo code dan for free shipping great problem right now this far left march of the democratic party can we be talking about how this is about control if they get control if they win this shut fight the point of programme as they will continue to move forward and go radically left this is not the party of harry truman frankly phocis isn't even a party of second term bill clinton anymore this is a rare medical houlihan astro alexander ok ceo cortez party that is moving radically farther to the left if we lose this fight you are going to see more and more learchus to the left towards socialism single pay or health care anti trump fights that destroy it country like acquiescing to china and things like that you are going to see more and more and more that now another great peace i saw today about set by
by the way she turned up come leo hany and wrote a piece about as a socialism in sweden you are hearing a lot of us your hearing a lot of this socialism in sweden stuff how sweden is the model of alexandria cassio cortez who i got an email yesterday someone thanked me joe i just wanted to cover this briefly they say thank you for covering this and not dismissing the afresh when congresswoman as an afterthought people are folks they don't take her seriously they live if they say our she constantly gets a numbers she does she's been fact checked and has been brought on a lot a large portion of her ball the legend out and watching how people work behind the scenes you can sense charisma right away and how people will because i want to say in any kind of laudatory self congratulatory where have i think been on the other side and worked in
then the white house in seeing congressmen people come in and out and watching how people work behind the scenes you can see its charisma right away and how people will will excite the masses i had again mean that any kind of pat on the back where i just so you can see it i bet if you asked a hundred white out they offers and secret services if they saw bert obama coming four miles they tell you all yet we knew back in a back at the sea broke it john carries nomination for president the democratic national convention everybody though he was gonna be a rock star on the left not by us joe the story a thousand times i called my wife after that speeches in this guy's big trouble she from my wife remembers the conversation like it was yesterday folks brow obama's facts were wrong to brocklebridge
was even when he was present you like your plan you can keep your plan he believes the guy wasn't for gay marriage until he was we live sadly post facts society right now try to argue with a democrat about tax rates of the effects of single payer healthcare and watch them just make stuff up we live in a post facts society fact at alexandria ok seo cortez gets a significant number of major figures wrong by alongside even like she's off by a trillion with a penny but she was off by about twenty trillion all federal it's only four trillion dollars she is very charismatic we used to call it and the secret service we had good agents at the trifecta looked apart act the part of the port agents would show up and you believe you be impressed by the dress and i
look nice they talked apart they gave good briefings and they acted the part they knew it alexandria case your cortez gets those three right why you daniel you put me to a no no no you are making a terrible mistake if you downplay the importance of the freshmen congresswoman on the label movement in the united states let me give you the two to all you need to worry about miss cortez and bade her work listen to me on this forget that data any other fracture doesn't matter they their stand that politics is a game of political bank accounts making the pause
it's an deposits by charismatic we giving speeches in convincing the masses you're on the right side of what they believe in even when they don't know what they believe in time because the fact you're putting out there all wrong these are significant players in the fall left large the democratic party do not underestimate them do at your own peril i bring this up because there is going to be a call like cortez did for more a move towards sweden and sweden type socialism sweden is not a socialist country socialism for the ten thousand time is where they govern and controls the means of production the distribution products services and the production of those services they control the factories there truly employees that is what socialism is by definition sweden norway denmark are free
get economies yes they have big governments that argument we can have we are not arguing socialism versus capitalism in sweden you should be confronting them every time they say that girls you run into it is an arg about the size of government it is not an argument about socialism socialism is a deadly pernicious system where the government controls the means of production and imprisons or execute people who disagree fastened peace in the journal today about sweden and quote socialism matters in socialist joe freedom sweden was one of the freest economies in the world financial and around this these and seven these where there were some rumblings about a bigger role for the government with it they were never socialist but there were some
it gave limitations a big government programmes and sweden started to move away from their free market economy with a heavy a role the government inside attica read to you from this wall street journal peace so you understand just how damaging socialism as they call it was before its socialist experiment they were not socialist the authors he gets that but you get him say before socialist experiment sweden had a smaller government sector than the united states the early ninety nine these government spending and transfer payments balloon seventy percent of gross domestic product and debt had increased eighty percent of gdp but one thousand nine hundred and sixty six and one thousand nine hundred and seventy four sweden lost four hundred thousand private jobs this is as the guy women's role in our economy increased proportion
sixteen point seven million jobs in today's united states before sweden's large towards the left and their expanding the government joe they were one of the richest countries in the world with the fourth highest gdp per person in the world ass for the implementation of the very big government programmes or cassio cortez and others on the left one they dropped to fourteenth fourteen from forth in the nineteenth seven these when the sweden the sixtys and seventys when sweden implemented by government programmes they went from one the richest countries in europe in the region to one percentage point lower than the average
growth rate in europe and to percentage points in growth lower than the growth rate in the united states in other words as sweet expanded the role of government jobs were lost the growth rate sunk below the average in europe over there and they dropped from fourth highest country in the world gdp per person to forty now sweden has been making some moves back towards free markets and a lesser role of government they ve implemented some school joyce models their rear producing some form of private insurance they habits making their national debt and now joe the heritage foundation to do due to those changes the conservative think tank now sweden's freedom to do business their economic freedom index they're here are then the united states their fifteen where five eighty folks you're being lied to your being
i too by a party that is using tromp as a foil to rip the democrats party farther and farther the left farther the left and we ve ever seen they're using trump as a foil folks if we lose this fight now you are going to see more this you are going to see a massive expansion of government like we ve never seen the implemented should have single payer all this stuff is on the rise and don't think for a second it can happen here final story it's important i wanted to get to a yesterday but really there is just so much going on it gets differ to stay ahead of the new cycle there was a major major league new york times retraction which as they become just experts at the promoting fake news when it comes to the collusion fairytale the new york they i can't wait for video
great i have a couple stories up in the show notes today please read them have a couple good stories of my website to about polling trump is winning this fight about the immigration fight but the story from the daily collar and from eagle insurrection two websites i read often about this major screw up what happened now you may have her the liberal celebrating yesterday as a that love collusion we got it poor man of fort donald ups former campaign manager was fired by the way like all by tromp despite it just a short period of time be in there there is a redaction in a document a court document he had filed trying to indicate what his level of cooperation was with the mother to just follow me for about an in the redaction they did it wrong they blacked out the redaction but they didn't if you beaten pasted gel basically the black lines over the over the document and paste
it ought to a new document the black lines disappear because they didn't implement the tool necessary to stop issued in today s debate screw you so manner or its lawyers didn't radagunda dogmas so the media basically saw what man affords this was back to mahler and errors indication in their somehow and the media want while the yesterday that they thought they saw that man it had provided pulling data internal i'm pulling data to arrive and by the name of remember the names o leg or a pass at eighty one while areas so just to be clear they screwed up the reductions in man affords court paperwork in there was i was of what they believed at least the media and the times with the story tat paul matter while working for trump as a campaign manager had shared pauling data with a rush and thereupon could we know is close to put in the mouth here why
they were salivating twitter now because been researching this case forever joe what what's my general rule with the new york times she already which is wait a few days for them to the story right we held joe and i are smart i'm not doing the lucy at the football thing it's absolutely right oppose the reference value brown airy screw up these pop culture evidence we were not going their work joe and i waited which we were on ice and sure enough the new york times had to retract the story tat i read the legal insurrection piece about all the democrats who lost their lives as it turns out and believe me i am not suggesting man affords a good guy any of this was right that metaphor wasn't being in some way mercenary initiative for himself please suggest they do the story that the trumps campaign dramatically was sharing paulie data with the russian is wrong it wasn't there pasqua it was a couple
of ukrainians not good but fired metaphor unawares double your case against trumpets pick out rid of metaphor madame are clearly did some things and was working with some people that we're unsavory can we stipulate that democrats you win metaphor was not on the up and up that's not the case for making here you're trying to make a case the trap is a bad guy trop fired metaphor so you see that the story was a major league screw up legal it's what's gonna just these the title of forgive me for not this right in front of me but i was reading so much is worrying for our hearing the headline of illegal insurrection pieces just classic is by really great guy william jacob sitting this great work reading so sorry that's blockbuster russian collusion story collapses new york times issues a devastating correction you gotta read that trap we finally
prove it colluded with the russians the guy they weren't even rush its neighbour ukraine aids by the way even if it was there a pasqua bad of fort was fired by trump how this reflects polio trop i dont understand even if it was there a peacekeeping sharing appalling data with it wasn't the times out of retracted holy the data was largely public what did you say the google links about balls were one number two thereupon oscar member of the names is largely connected the devil crash involved in is scandal how many times do i have to tell you everything i'm you hear a story about a russian that creep up in the spy gay case just read my book it is all in the book every chapter lays out or new connection its foot noted extensively every time you hear a russians name creep up there is always always that connect
into the democrats in the clinton man of fort was a business plan one point there are pasqua there are possible was also working with a lobbyist by the name of adam waldman so if you're gonna connect a repast get a man afford an alleged connections to their pasqua who is a russian connected putin or a bad thing how do you wayne is connections to a lobbyist waldman was also working with daniel jones who was a democrat on diane feinstein side set its staff while she was working on the fauna honour on a committee involved and looking into this case waldman is do you track in me folksy try it did the bug the silliness and end the absolute vacuous mainstream media is not set their suggests think to us that any connection to their pasco is a russian connected the putin points stipulate makes you get they have collusion
yet the same russian thereupon oscar is work with a lobbyist and paying a lobbyist at the same time this lobbyists is working with christopher steel indicating on his behalf to democratic law makers and their staff were ben is on multiple tax you can read yourself there already out their texting a democrats editor from virginia and a now i and mark warner trying to set up meetings we christopher steel whose working for hilary steam so i dont get it are connections to a repast go bad thing or only when it's a campaign manager was fired by trot what about he's connect so this lobbyists that is clearly advocating a person hired by him a region up information on trumped there's any of that matter it is making this up as you go along do you noted at i bring this up in light of yesterday's show where i discuss with you yesterday how it's incredible equipment
ogling that the media reporting on the up the other situation of natalia vessel that sky the russian law you showed up for the term power meeting without ever acknowledging it is public information now that she was working with the company hired by hilary to join up information on trump and they gave her the talking points we opened reporting that except for conservatives that's a fact all of these russians are connected to the hilary team and where granted i knowledge the meeting a trump tat was a bad idea point stipulated on trumped junior has been incredibly transparent about he put all this emails out there he's got in front of a committee to ask he hasn't though thirty thousand emails like hilary went this hilary steam called up to ask about there connections diffusion gps and air connections to this russian when there's that happen
always thereupon goes a problem i agree point stipulated but why is a problem because his lobbyists is communicating with the democrat lawmaker on the committee assigned to investigate trope why isn't that a problem the answer is because their democrats and the media are in the tank i may put it would have whatever actually metaphor colluding with russia's their ukraine sorry i didn't realize they were different countries waiting there i don't worry type of the soviet empire i'm sorry we stirred up by a few decades has been a wish chasm could be a good cheer this is crazy i'm sorry to get yes again i just i i've seen you strongly any risk from the new york times on
russian collusion fiasco waited there let me just leave you with this final thought on what i think is happiness take a minute i try do this months ago member this show joe we did on the strategic leaks ah i am convey someone within the oj is legal information to the media that is wrong to intent canary trap they are leaking information to the media to find hu the leakers are in other words if somebody the deal jays putting out false from am sure of it that media that information is filtering its way to select people in the oj two out of that information which is wrong and a person linking it to the to the because knows it's wrong is now doing it waiting for the story to run in saying all well i only told that to a few people so it had to be tommy tommy's the legal this has that media can't be this dumb to consistently get these stories
russia there ukrainians sorry son what we're close in a region generally this is being a canary trap it's obvious it so obviously these idiots keep getting nail that it the good showed us that show tar net was good but sorry self praise thanks but i have a lot of fun yesterday i folks thanks again for tuna and it now just search could say is unfair to keep tease that some of you been asking me we are moving to video soon it is not going to affect that's my big announcement you at all so am i don't like god disappoint amount is but you're going to see jos elvis look and face time same channel we have a video a good friend of mine here today we are you're doing a massive build out of my studio joe and i will be on camera we will be working to why be announcing the date give us a couple weeks we want to make sure it's the top notch tech products can i give you any glitch he kind of crap we
do that here chose a professional and so am i don't like disappoint abilities you're going to see jos elvis looking face mass and appearances by my stunning wife paul up the shovel you'll have the option at some point hopefully in the very near future to watch it live but you can only watch a video on youtube channel as well so that was our big announcement i'm getting a lot of questions jeremy from the daily why who tweets me every day with difficult announcement is i know you like this are there's the announcement so just give us a couple weeks will work that's an bugs now but it will not affect you now at all please subscribe to the show on itunes nothing's changed their it's free helps us move up the charts please subscribe to a show and i heard a radio the embassy show us i defy sound cardinals where we really appreciate it i will see you all tomorrow thanks folks has been a great weak
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