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Ep. 892 What Did They Know And When Did They Know It?

2019-01-11 | 🔗
In this episode I address how President Trump’s recent tactics have blindsided the Democrats and changed the “shutdown” game forever. I also discuss stunning new testimony that reveals the deep ties and connections former Obama administration officials, and people tied to Bob Mueller, had in the anti-Trump witch hunt. News Picks: Stunning new information from Chuck Ross about efforts to interfere with our elections.    Jeff Carlson’s new piece highlights the deep ties John Brennan, and others, had to the corrupt investigation into the Trump team.    Yes, the Trump plan would help secure the border.   Border Patrol Chief reveals startling border apprehension numbers.   CNN’s Jim Acosta hilariously tweets the greatest self-own of all time.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn't there thereby juno chaperonage how are you today so i'm doing good namely research shepherd boy joseph chipper guy thinks because he was so used to get up like two o clock in the morning is done tromp has changed the game on shot down show open up talking about that today how this guy has been such a disrupt there and i mean that in a good way taking status quo blowing his nose and throwing it in the garbage getting rid of the old swamp rat mentalities great peace i read this morning about how even chain the game right now not just on trade not just on economic and not just on the economy not just on corridor
it means plough went ahead we cavenaugh but he has now changed the gave this is fascinating joe on how government shut down to work in the future i get to that i also have another i mean another had tipped the chuck rossen jeff karlsson another set of a just incredible pieces some new revelations on some testimony is gonna blow your mind about brennan the obama just how bear had this whole debacle was carson got his hands on some about lisa page testimony which is fantastic i don't go anywhere today show brought you our bodies a gene code listen i'm a big fan of the second amendment like you i'm a firearm motor i could carry permit holder been around in my entire life big advocate for big our god given rights independent understand you live in a concealed carry laws you'll want to protect your family when you go out with why on the great hall sort of probably carry your fire up for more twenty years g code has produced what
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they use the code by gino for an incredible fifteen percent off go check this stuff out this is writ there their top notch holsters did is a game changer there in the waistband what range five dotcom promo code bond gino for fifteen percent off all right let's get right you with first tromp has changed the game on shutdowns interesting piece in the wall street journal today about how the word creeping around the about out sky who again is chronically underestimated by all his political opponents and the hack liberal activists in the mainstream media has man to change the calculation i government shutdowns what does he done and why matter to you well as wash your journal reports in a he's doing everything in its power to obey the office of management budget to a budget to make this partial government shut down as painless as possible moving around money making sure at least than the others and i bought you can fight this that's all you want to tell you what the story just make sure some food stan payments went out the national parks can stay open they can charge
fees for the national parks to keep them open now why this matter to you because think about this in relationship to the government shut in the obama administration remember job obama do obama because he was vindictive and so is it administrations amazing i wanted you to what show that government is the the key component the ascent locus of control in your life that you should revise your life's revolve around government financing it thinking about paying about it loving it being at owning it that when the permit shut down and the obama administration he wanted to make sure it hurt and he wanted to make sure you knew it so you suddenly arguments have arguments baby shot him there remember that awful cyrus down there when i went down there member grab them an activist that aren't i'm glad we have a show but moran for off such matters to me i was down there we're a war to memorial when they the veterans fluent and were blocked blocked from an open air memorial there was
a reason to do that but the obama administration was vindictive they wanted it each you will lessen the america citizens you fight adds this government disaster we have now p s if you wanted to make sure tee i say lines were long because this is what they do trump has changed everything tromp to move around money get his o n b to move are you around to make it that pain free folks are not trying to minimize the effect on many points i want to be clear on this tool i was a government a boy and although i a natural opponent a big government given my libertarian conservative constitutional tendencies i've said repeatedly and i mean it this isn't some wacky bob you say going nonsense the secrets whereas the fbi the air border patrol guys you know people who work to get work inside it put the work which are to be they go to work do not the problem you know the governments to big granted
where the government the lot of a lot of these jobs shouldn't be but the fact that people are working them does it make the people the problem i want to be clear on that so the people aren't you check your email me i hear you then i ve been very good they ve been like listen we're with you were willing to take on this fight but i just want you to understand it you know miss in paychecks is a big deal and i get a lot of people from the private sector have said hey this at a meeting with businesses that of struggle so i get there balance in this debate where we don't need to be you know loony tunes on either side of it unfortunately democrats are always ready to his inertia the point of trying to make here is trumpet everything in its power to make it as painless as possible whether your boy administration tried to make it painful why has this change the gameshow does this came strasser points out the wall street journal today now that we know what a government shut down will look like when they go men is doing its best to have these least
the smallest footprint on the american citizens it's gonna be very difficult your charge you how you see her go at this am a crowd hack presidents who want to make it painful so you know how government is important for you it's gonna make it very differ call for them to emulate the obama model again are you pick it up when i put down please tell me you dig this figure this is another example of donald trump again chronically underestimated by his political opponents every time we then comes out and gives them a back in a political backing you see now in the future the media is going to have to have a really tough time justifying why the i tat say where three and four hundred percent longer why national parks were shut down because conservative media just gonna report while you're not didn't happen trappin administration are you doing this to hurt the american people no no no it's necessary no no it's not necessary no no it's
because we had a government shut down in the trap administration national parks were kept open remember that i a bad choices what was the laugh in a row jokes others show but i really dont know i always see jos hand creeping towards this i have no idea what he's gonna play i'm not kidding for us not to set up he doesn't say for the show here the here are the drop through gonna head out these does though they but he does he bade horrible choices and now those choices are going to be highlighted and what we would call you know the foil effect you put a diamond on a black background that always the chinese now what are you gonna have you we do have this foil of the trump administration with a government shot down which conveniences government workers no doubt but for the america back in there you can have some democratic future trying to hammer you with some democrat future try that
were you with long ps airlines shut down national parks and are going to have to answer consistently at media briefings why they couldn't managed to keep the parks open but the trump administration could genius again he beat sees people at his own get their own game every single time every single time i want quick now before i get to some really really incredible reporting by again chuck russen jeff crossing listen this is a family friendly show and we don't sell out our values here i want sincerely and i mean this from the bottom i heartsick eight units repaper ginsburg is is for as much as i did i agree with our political ideology i think many of you do armies is very ill i think probably little more elderly people are letting on i've i've received a lot of emails pray fascinating emails you know you are from people in the medical profession the sky being what happened to her with the i guess a nodules in the lungs and how this is this very serious i think
maybe a little more serious and people be letting on i wish it best buy mean that you know i'd i wouldn t it be very unchristian even our regional world centres folks to be to be to be getting into this conversation but have said that it is a critical position as she has said in court justice adds a powerful position and spring this out because i have an article today legal insurrection about their output in the show no swell which is a good one about there is now a plan in place which should be joe i wouldn't expect a democrat president to do the opposite of a conservative leaning justice was sick either there is now a play and in place denominate someone else in the event that the with bitter ginsberg steps a side issue sat beside joy we bring this opposite you know it's a short story expecting coney bear it too likely be the nominee she is a good move or than qualified by judge who would who would admirably
i feel that spot in the supreme court two more new now you think haven't i was ugly you think you're sick sadly in the changing of the of the senate rules did the blow pass the democrat filibuster ladies and gentlemen the democrats are already planning you are gone thank see it's gonna make haven't i look like a cakewalk strap yourself in baby oh my gosh its look like a saturday a czech noises it's gonna be a disaster because think about this you will now have changed the company the composition ideologically if the court for potential the agenda racial amy he bears relatively young haven't i was young gore sick as young around it's his young even though he hasn't been with us on everything alito young mean clients mrs can always is not does that i raised young but he's yet you know i will bring a chicken
now i think even in have apologized to but ladies and gentlemen this is going to be a telling you it is to be ugly you can expect a massive protests just like you did me cabinet only large they will consider this some kind of existential fight and what more and more quitting i spent a lot of time on this cosette are of a lot of color to add to it and you can get a lot of this is the news but remember this is a nother check mark against the never trump crowd the people who signed onto the never trump movement and still stick to it is a lot of people i get it objected to trumpet and later on came around including some friends of mine who's she saw what he did on the economy and regulations on justices and acknowledge that he has been whether you agree with and personally i am not a very conservative president if he gets to appoint another a third supreme court justice in two years folks the art
he met for being a never trump during the election and still to this day makes you look like a complete moron you look like a fool hillary clinton would have had three three supreme court justices give us all a briac india now can you imagine in addition in it to the hundreds of opening up on the district and the circuit courts as well member there what eight hundred forty five judges in the country at the federal level by the time trumpet this first term if he gets everybody appoint he's gonna have appointed almost a quarter of the can you magic how bad it would be all right i may get into the attitude where to start is both these stores are so let me start with chuck ross as peace first in a daily calls them basri man this guy is it that they knocked out of the park let me get to the headline first the russians are coming the russians are shocking
and covered a connection here between the a group with that is according to his report that has some funding by soros george soros unknown liberal activists and another group called new knowledge so that democracy integrity project and new knowledge which will win working with the senate select committee on intelligence getting data from social media companies about russian this information efforts this is in his peace why does this matter to you ladies and gentlemen because one of the groups found there's that's receiving some some money from these liberal groups unknown liberal activists is dan jones dan joe is the staff are for try to follow me i'll try this up but you don't worry and i'll keep it umbrella view but i need to give you the details the deeds stories economic sets the group that was working the senate select committee on intelligence to uncover russian this information efforts using social media one of them
it founders was working as a staff for diane feinstein a liberal democrat on that committee left to found the group the group we're working with new knowledge is this aim group that's been implicated in the alabama senate re scandal for planting fake stories about rush in support of the republic and roy more now now our about what's crazier is the same group that democracy integrity project not so aptly named found my dad jones former democrats therefore is this a group that hired fusion gps pilloried squad on trumped doored spike after trot was elected and third the controversy about future gps hired them to continue the russia gate thing against donald trump folks think about this right
i understand tie this together for but these little if these deeds are important so that i integrity projects getting liberal activists money it's being run a liberal who worked for diane feinstein who sits on the senate committee and intelligence this liberal group working with the select committee on intelligence to contain the rush investigation despite being funded by liberals and run by a liberal who worked for a liberal who sat on a committee its now come chuck ross recipes that they had some symbiotic work efforts with a company called new knowledge that is now implicated in a major scandal in alabama that claim roy more the republic in running for senate against a jones was being support by a bunch of russians that was fake it was one of these false wired operations it was frank it's now note the briefing they started a bunch of fake social media accounts under the guys that
they were russian social media accounts joam at followed roy more to say look the republic is supported by the russians the russians are coming the russians are coming the russians are coming why this story important folks because the story about the media it's not story about the democracy integrity project new knowledge roy more or any one else did democrats have figured that the goons in the media the liberal give us hacks and the media are susceptible to this russia story emerald run with it despite any evidence whatsoever that the russians are actually supporting republicans coffee me here please that's a figure this out the media loves this story despite the fact that there's no evidence so instead making the story go away even after they were exposed russia gate spy gay all of this stuff they continue
the double down on this russia story trying to tie the russians to roy moore and trying to continue the russia investigation with the senate committee on intelligence with the same staffers who were working with that with a with a c company fusion gps which fabricated last in the first place tat night you better give up the dossier was avis exposes oaks chris steel was outed for four promote false information and in the dossier glenn simpson is on the record telling conflicting stories about when he was working with the fbi when he wasn't the russian oaks was completely expose the spine operations exposed very same guy on the senate committee on intelligent staff then georgia was working with diana feinstein sitting on our committee is continuing to work with fusion gps after the election to continue promote russia hopes why because
the media refuses to call them out they loved this story and they hate trump not only they continue the rush investigation afterwards as russia's p points out mc collar they try this a big roy bore they say bag roy more look he's being followed by russia's directed at the media will go gleefully picked it up now in their defence because again we're fair here but we try to be and of what at this and call us out that's fine but new york times to their credit did do expose ay and the roy more story in other words that this was a operation that these were not rush in supporting roy more these were democrat supporting roy more democratic activists claiming it was russians you i can show they were free twitter accounts and social media can look these russians reform nor was the what wasted facebook account most pizza eba yeah you got room
why do i say only election i know for spending some time over there i do see i don't know how to rush but was that it goes the pages the peace that has a beer i take in russia those where your pages you could have a better job they were fake they were set up by democrats and why because they know large swathes of the media including the new york times with expose it will continue to grow the rush hour hoax because can't stand donald trump the dark net now it gets better i guess so much i hope on it is a very sad so far you dig targeted done this is quite entertaining draw its great that the member the gist of the story is the democrats if we you're not the media will run with russia's story so they just keep using it there's still work
with fusion gps the same people after the election the hammer this guy and are still using a model on roy more now doubling down on this who is there jones that's running this group doing all this that democracy integrity project working with new knowledge and other company that was involved in alabama thing who are they communicating with a who is your known text messages now communicating with this is this ties in yesterday shall remember so show i told you the whole thing poor man afforded the new york times fake news story that are metaphor which communicating with all like europe ask this russian oligarchy about pulling data in the trunk team and he was a campaign manager revolution while the newer i was issued a massive correction suggesting that it wasn't metaphor communicating with russians he was in fact indicating with ukrainians fine unsavory can we agree job but not
collusion tautological by nature if he's giving informed the ukrainians about polling data with large flood large swathes of it which are publicly available by the way not using just obscurity the facts then hard to categorizes russian collusion unless you think ukraine is part of russia it's not maybe the media needs a geography less or a history of us but what's worse about this is there pasqua who it was a former business partner demand afford huh a lobbyist adam waldman adam woman's text messages or dammit so this russian who they there there there so worried about man affords connections to hire a lobbyist the same lobbyists is working with the guy joe ban jones who start
the company that's been promoting this russia hoax and was working with the company that stuff dead reengaged russia hopes in the alabama senate raise hears from chuck raw suspicion you gotta read this this is our hearts and stop waldman the lobbyists hired by the russian the democrats think is up there are pasqua but they only think he's problem when he's attached a metaphor from his is walmart but also provided text messages remarked seventeen twenty seventeen which stand jones said that democracy integrity project help i had to do trop news stories in other words the dossier is already the pact its march twenty seventeen joe we know it's a hoax trap is the president and dan george who leaves the democrats there for the senate is still play a thing these stories here's a quote from jones in a text our team who helped with this jones wrote to waldman liking reuters article about russian investment in florida properties owned by president trump walden
also exchange messages with warner mark warner yeah the same mark warner democrat honest senate committee on intelligence sent select committee on intelligence this corrupt committee a lobbyist working with the russian we ve been told us a problem there are pasqua is texting a democrat senator warner suggesting that virginia democrat that i was in close contact with jones so walkman whose working for the troubled russian beginners trouble when he's connected demand for the lobby working for the russian is texting a virginia democrats centre on a committee investigating trump texting that hey i'm in close contact with the jones who is fusion gps to continue the russia hoax those crazy we officially answered crazy tat in an april twenty five twenty seventeen text message to water waldman said christopher steal the hoax dossier author had told him
dan jones is coming to see you so now the author of a hoax dossier christopher steel telling the lobbyist working further hold russian whose only trouble when he's connected the metaphor steel told waldman that dan jones is coming to see you talking to that in other words the democratic that former sir effort is coming to see the democrats centre what were they doing i got in here right right think ross knows but he leaves it with this he says the interactions between the devil that centre mark war warner adam war then again the lobbyists christopher steel hope dossier author i'm getting a little bit here and dan jones made one of the enduring puzzles of the senate my committee on intelligence russia probe the committee has refused to discuss the matter folks it's obvious what's going on here it's obvious and i'm an italian to pieces right now
the senate select committee on intelligence which was investigating this whole alleged russian collusion thing from the senate site is stacked with soft the republicans and anti trump vitriolic democrats people like richard burn the republic inside ruby on the committee who's been over squishy on this and on the damage outside you had diane feinstein no longer but you have me warner and others they can't stand trump what do you think what's going on here joe one of this efforts on that committee dan jones working for diane feinstein clearly was working with outside groups while on that committee fusion gps and others it is now a clear as day to funnel anti trust information somewhere where i get that this second job
and after tromp is elected remember joe they never think trap is gonna is gonna win night after trumpet in a stunning victory is elected president elect on election on election day the senate select committee on intelligence knowing its deep involvement in what are likely felony leaks of information classified information panics in panic joe what are they need to do they need make sure trop is impeach than a special council investigations started immediately to keep the attention on donald trump to cover up their misdeeds aid of senior staffer on that team who has been involved in all of this and leaves because the alot more flexibility goes in for a multi million dollar funded by liberal activists including according aroused some soros money in their a group called the mark see integrity project which then continue
who's the russia hoax investigation knowing its a hoax by the way with the sole effort to keep a steady oh of russia's stories going to a compliant media double eat it up put it the media and keep the attention on donald trump the whole time comments the resistance yes sir and the for it is so successful joe so that they emulate the model in the about alabama special election yes i glanced of roy more you got it now the breaking news and the peace we already knew about the alabama thing apparently this was done in the twenty eighteen mid terms to these people have try to keep it family for they have nerve will leave it at that you almost half the like be in awe and in the most disgusting way of the democrats nerve on this they try that sure thing wants it doesn't work they try it twice in alabama it works their men nature
i want to bring out on this now does the prosecution the light prosecution of james wolf and the feinstein release of of glenn simpsons test absolutely damning but a couple of the pointers i want to bring out of this how does the prosecution the light prosecution of james wolf and the fine style release of carve goin simpsons testimony makes sense to say are you right now you put it together some of you are new and haven't been listening lot of this is in my book it'll make sense if you read its by gay but i'll explain it to you quick someone we want the causes peace joe this makes all the sense in the world now right aims wolfe was these staffer on the senate select committee and intelligence who was prosecuted for false eight to the fbi the as the commission and the statements made were the alleged falsehoods
where that he had tat he had not been in contact with reporters about information now does make sense like committee on intelligence was actually using this guy to leak information to the media to keep the heat donald trump and he was there conduit y y know what makes sense they were poor but using wolf because remember at once quite wolf's attorney member he was prosecuted for folks follow me here he was prosecuted for false statements about talking to reporters his authority at one point threatened to call sitting senators on the senate committee on intelligence in his defence really what would they say in its defence maybe that he was instructed to leak that in for me oh you ve taken did you notice
by the way all of the important people that letters about his character joe for his sentencing urine clapper and others all the players in spite of all wolf's a good guy judge don't sentence into much folks why do you i think that is because this guy wolfe was likely the conduit to the media who was instructed by the senate committee on intelligence to continue to promote hoax russia's stories being supplied to jones feinstein and others by fusion gps and are continuing to be supplied to them by future gps after the election now does feinstein league of going citizens testimony makes any oh yeah yeah remember diane feinstein when she sat on the committee they had a briefing by glenn simpson who is a big shot their over a fusion gps an simpsons testimony behind closed doors was leaked by diana einstein she put it
out there and everybody was shocked why would she do that i'd do you in the show i know you remember joe it's obvious why she did that now her stare her dan jones was the one responsible for the misinformation campaign so the best way to get it much of witnesses involved and misinformation campaign to not step on each other and get their stories wrong when they are called by the fbi or a committee to testify is to leave the testimonies simpson so that everybody can coordinate their story it makes all the sense in a world now the prosecution of wolf he was recall call the senators because he's probably the conduit he's the media guy was a media operation they get a false russian collusion story out there that they are still doing now they never give up these people read the peace in the show notes is rectangular i wonder what the cause of peace is just as good right today show brought you
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he got his hands on lisa page lisa pages testimony behind closed doors in congress and there are and i mean this folks i know i am not going to bombshells whatever i may never you know i'm not going to get into that sell trying to hype you up right thing there are some stunning alligator now some of these allegations although stunning if you're gonna regular listen to show may not be stunning to you but many of you just joined in the last few months i always say remember the names it was the best investigative tool i ever got a former boss of mine in the resident the office in melville long island i worked out there when i was a federal age sudan remember the names memorize him because when you see an aim creep up again and investigative report if you don't have a committed to memory you're not gonna make the connection is right it was the best if i ever got you're going to see very very interesting names lisa pages testimony so what did he uncover you so since peace which is in the stone age than a number one how deep and involve this operation
was joe do you remember the name john carlin lou the oj department of just as yet do you remember ass you know john carl now the name we brought up gosh any show i've done on this is named creeps up consistently throughout i'd even on fox in appearance one time that i believe john carlin could be the main an between the white house in the effort to spy on the trump team i believe that from the start lisa pages testimony veal some stunning new information about garland let me get ok here we go sides are confined to screenshots staff to make sure i can quote directly this is from jeff carson's peace in iraq times that i am not arguing i'll get the widest matters don't worry about it i'm in response to a question asking who was mc caves direct counterpart at the deal j on the investigation page responded
would have been john it was either on karl entered task is who would have been who would have reached out to a case now the staffer who is one of the lean investigator ok all right so where's the investigation at the tromp they're asking lisa page the fbi lawyer intimately invite of one of the lead investigators and the current in case i mean literally intimately by having an affair with peter stroke who is one of the lean investigators supervisors on the clinton his and the anti tromp case right she is the ep lawyer assigned to the team this woman knows everything she has all the dirty deeds on this she's asked a question about who is deputy directors direct counterpart in a deal gay coordinating this attack on trump and what did she say it would have been john john carlin who would have reached out to me now now out i'll going on and honour piece the congressional staff were hearing this apparently freaked out right away the congressional
for it was doing this particular line of questioning appeared to mitigate the information reveal by page in other words show the staffers like john carla's name just came up don't worry i'll explain this stand while numerous witnesses have confirmed to us that george task is a career prosecutor was in charge of day to day operation of deal giants investigation carl and another political folks above him had briefing certainly so they had knowledge but didn't have input in the investigation what is going on here why is this congressional staffer so freaked out that bill he'd fbi lawyer on the case on their side it just admitted that the guy at the d o j running this whole anti trump operations john carlin the congressional staffer we have witnessed the that that say otherwise it wasn't carlin that's not what she said who is john carlin chow
let's dig in the memory home you know we could use it we can use a gary canoe drop theirs oh god what occurred good news we carry good if we could gary ghettos apprehend file was john cartilage job prior to being a senior level official at the department of justice clearly now intimately involved in the case against truck he was a chief of staff fur who day dig i know what's bob our colleague who is right i rest or saw miss gill further my fifth grade teacher you don't like the ball cherries don't fall on the pits there's the pits for you folks you're telling me right now just to be clear this we're carson's peace is a must read he gets a hold up it just testimony which i haven't seen before and in there
you find out this fbi lawyers acknowledge that the guy in the oj liaison with the fbi to run this truck thing was bob mothers all chiefest no conflict of interests there at all folks you don't think what i told you about bob mullahs investigation i mean from day one we have been talking about the sole purpose of this thing just like the dan jones operation the senate staffer they did the democracy agri project the senate connect at this so i can indiana tells us what are the purpose the continuing this russia hopes to this day including the mahler probe which is part of the russian hoax the sole purpose is to keep the heat on donald trump why
well obviously damn because they don't like trump yes yes but that's not it that's not it that's a part of it the other purpose is to keep the heat off of the growth ask legal political moral ethical a bureaucratic malfeasance that happen with all these players who have their fingerprints on an illicit spying operation against the truck team it is obvious mahler was the perfect guy of course mother's going to protect his body carlin by keeping a heat on trump of course this guy is so deeply conflicted mahler its outrageous he still involved in this case how can you tell you can tell i ve this is not news to regular listers said carlin same repeatedly but now that we have the testimony and most importantly
the dramatic response by the congressional staff who now senses are oh we can't have come when's name come up carlin was mothers old chief of freaks out now i wasn't carl and brought task is it was task is then you if you have any personal knowledge of them pagers asked he free out because you cannot have carlin they have come up ombudsman armor this makes sense as it is in the mouth gun waller was the only guy out there who is deeply conflicted enough to be willing to run a bogus investigation into the trunk team to keep the heat of all the players mahler knows mps in upon their exit we run bob mothers are you know counterpart when the fbi director on the uranium want investigation this deeply deeply corrupt cabal of nonsense were bill clinton was receiving five hundred thousand
or fees from russian bags involved than the financial analysis of the of the uranium one deal pillar clinton sitting on a board that basically refused to disappear of the uranium one deal all who is the prosecutor rod roses die who is this director bob more modern if every body this is a hoax this whole thing is a hoax i thought i was out on correlate that's perfect for that things on carlini do i not i said this on a fox appearance some ladys that twitters using their talks about us i'm not trying to talk i don't care i this is jeff carlson's work this is now i'm not talking about myself i just suggested i was cute onto carl and a very long time ago by smart people i am not claiming any credit here please this is not a hey look at me i'm karnak has not i just want you to understand that people had fed me
this a long time ago always understood carlin had the keys to the kingdom when by the way ladies gentlemen resigns vehemently right after this pfizer court operation is initiated where they start looking into abuses of the pfizer court of the accused me of and i say database to spy on the truck team that's enough carson peace as well in other words there a database where they can tap into it and start doing about queries there is a risk asked by mike rogers who i believe is a hero in the story from the and hey sums go on our people are clearing this database it appropriately defies the court does a if a full blown investigation of figures out there right they weren't illicit queries being done car resigns right after that after that request is made
he was the head of the d o j national security division ladies and gentlemen this guy is need deepen this the fbi lawyers now admitting he was the deal conduit i'd telling you i said that on five months ago that this was the connection to the white i saw miss if any but he was ready and it is going we carlin communicating with lynch and the white house loretta when she was the agency and the white house how to conduct this operation against trop he has to be read in there's no other way another stunning revelation here in his peace let's see hers it here here we go again this is jeff carlson's peace in my shown us today please read that the f b i may take a previously unknown verification gin file for the field dossier congressional investigators did not previous
we know of its existence now why is that seemingly innocuous piece of information basically ye cap everyone in this because joe the dossier is false it's all oaks there is a formal procedure called the its procedure to verify i information brought into this pfizer court use spy on people procedure is a document that procedure that has verifiable steps to make sure that we don't use pfizer court spy on american citizens without jobs the vacation the dust he could not have been verified because it was false so now find out that the fbi had a previously unknown verification file in other words
a file on what they said they did to verify it do you understand how important this is this is going document and line out what the f b i didn't do to verify information they used to spy on a presidential campaign you say well how do you know it's gonna document but they didn't do because its false that task is false and spend the bump you care to have a verification file on information it's not verified its early gonna document either weak efforts to joe air courtier vera because what they really want to do not very because it was falsely so it's gonna document a a miss visas or malfeasance on the part of the fbi to appropriately investigate and its also
probably going to document on who signed off on it despite the fact that it wasn't verified and who is the last person one of the last people in the oj who would if the sign off on this verified information before it got into the pfizer court remember that john carlin yeah john carl and all john appears again he's one of the last figures in the d o j to sign off you think his name may have appeared in this verification file having signed off on false information i think so i think that's probably you safe bet i'd like to get my hands on it by the way before did this less research i got it i got a lot more don't go anywhere i got a lot more than that
the support you know are the nunez translator devon newness the avenue net is the fantastic republican congressman from california who has been all over this case from day one new national everything i he has been either she had seen the classified information newness nobody as their arms around this case like ever newness i find it trusting that new ness yesterday sub tweeted chalk ross as article about the yeah i did across integrity project in their continued efforts to advance the russia hoax in essence tweets and the russia gate stuff saw coming apart now employing the nunez translator what does that say to you it says to me folks that this whole russia gate nonsense is an ongoing ongoing effort with pilot since our intelligence community law enforcement officials liberal activists groups
target people using our court system for outrage ridiculous charges of spying with foreign governments knowing the american people would look at that obviously in a negative way why would nunez sub tweet ross his peace he's doing because this is a bigger operation than just trump saying this from the start this probably started with mike flynn and an effort to take down their political opponents look at ties the russia they found out that this work so they keep using it why with nunez put that out there why else would nunez sub tweet that i'm tellin you he did it because he knows this is a bigger operation i've got a couple more just bonkers things from our cars peace efforts just incredible i tat i shall also partly by morning recovery i love this product my wife and i have date knights of saturday night it's we love it might look forward to the whole week i really love spending
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lack of verification file which will provide a paper trail now if you listen to my viral speeches breakers it was it was viewed quite a bit in that speech people ask me while what's gonna happen all the players they gonna go down i said listen i don't think a lot political players aren't i hope they do i don't think it's gonna happen but i did say the three letter agency players it were involved in this i think are going to have a reckoning with justice at some point because there's a p portrayal this is the kind of i was talking about a verification file which points out the steps that intelligence fbi acids didn't take and department of justice acids didn't take to verify information is going to leave these people dangling in the wind when one day someone someone hopefully huber and the people involved and that the investigation is get these people roman starting everyone there's a paper trail other stunning allegations from this from the apace testimony across in essence peace lisa
page the fbi lawyer apparently new bruce or worked with him for five years and his wife were proposed r the o j whose wife was working for gps nellie while he was meeting grant with clem simpson from fusion gps after glenn simpson had been this is this a source by the fbi and was fondling information in this information superhighway information laundering operation back into the fbi just to be clear this miss there's an ass the ice and some steals dismissed as an asset christopher steel thus yea author by the fbi he's deem not suitable for use still can t used to meet with or and others continuously and simpson kids continues to be getting that information back into the deal j despite the fact that its theme that suitable for use it was information laundering operation lisa the lead lawyer on this case new bruce or for five years folks all no wages is so obvious they all
we each other this is one big cabal of stupidity now he's it gets really really interested as one unless pieces i pieces i get you tonight but this is good sir john brennan who is key in the in the circle of idiots is one of the key idiots in this case brennan i believe brennan is a central it yet i want to say you don't want to make the mistake of saying to key figures astute there's too many i said where did the hallmarks of a conspiracy theory are when their tied up a nice little balls that's not the way the government works and that's not the way real conspiracies work there are too many players to many missteps but there are a number of critical players in management roles in over i rose involving the operation to take down trumpet i dont think it'll be a mystery for you for me to take
john brennan obviously was one of them the former see a director now brennan's role is key in this because brennan according to multiple reports i've talked about this before in the past is on the record now having met with foreign and elegance officials i quoted the principles level director level and according to see an end reports we also know that foreign in elegant saying she's including people from the united kingdom had been passing information about the trump team to the obama turkey now this is credit well because devon newness is said repeatedly that no official intelligence was used to start the investigation employ the noon s translated with one i just told you and this should start to make sense to you there are visual intelligence channels within the united states in our five eyes counterparts people we work with the australians canadians news the zealanders we work with these votes in a five eyes intelligence operation we share at a different higher more more cooperative
operative level than we do with other countries their friendly's is the easiest way to set the uk be it in there too but there are official channels for intelligence why joe we don't want to start a nuclear war getting intelligence on the present a united states desk based on a tip from i work in a burger join on the corner who as you know a level six i go pathology i dont think its mysterious tell you that information is vetted do proper channels before it makes it through the press no decision makers in our intelligence agencies you track of what i'm saying job near that information better be right yeah your door right or verify well or given a probability assessment that is how official intelligence works that's how the system works evan newness has repeatedly repeatedly said that a critical component of this by gate russia gate operations the fact that no no
official intelligence was used to start this think about this the most critical count intelligence investigation and modern u s history into waste president formerly a candidate and donald trump was started with no official intelligence in other words no appropriately vetted through channels intelligence and how did it all start how it makes a world the sands page testimonies review that while bread and continued to deny knowing about the dossier and downplaying it show oh it was part of a corpus of entail budgets and all this other stuff that brandon i have had the dossier before the fbi ah it is as good as staying
but we know he didn't get it through official channels what is he doing is pregnant conducting his own personal black bag operation here's a question from a representative they don't say who in the jeff karlsson piece about brennan and the answer is dammit the representative says the lisa page the fbi lawyer involvement shrub case we have documents set with suggested in that briefing the dossier was mentioned the hairy red and then obviously there we're going conversations that surprise you that the rector brennan beware the dossier now now keep in mind what the significance of this question a briefing was given to democrat a former democrats senator harry red we had
yeah you're serve because with all due out is the director brennan by the way this is choppy this how should this is verbatim this verbal whose law they want to see if director brennan so we got that information for our source right the every guy got this information from our sugar but the dossier the appeal the bureau in get the dossier until september illicit pages answer now yeah yes sir because with all due out is the director brennan by the way this is copy this how should this is verbatim this verbal whose law they want to see if director brennan so we that information for our source right the every guy got this information from our shock about the dossier the f i got there information from our source the sea i had another source of that information i am there aware of that nor did the cia provided to us if they did
because she goes on to acknowledge they didn't get it until september now the verification while john the karlsruhe make all the said for the world brandon likely got this information way before the f b i did he gets the information before the fbi i did and although the proper thing to do is to turn it over to the appropriate television sources run it through official channels and then get it over the fbi is verified that's not the way this work brandon the information without verifying it goes right harry red knowing harry read will run with it harry he then write a letter to the fbi about the dossier brennan claims to know little about and pressures the fbi into opening an investigation with non official channel intelligence that had been and verify in other words a political
hit job using harry red john brennan as the antagonists in this story you understand important piece of information is that the hack central intelligence agency director brennan was clearly a political animal cod this information in august instead of god to the bureau and i didn't get it till september page i acknowledge that goes who goes to pollute she's because wept to talk to coasted capitol hill to talk to the biggest democratic hack up their harry red knowing what red than before the information is verified will run a letter the fbi about information only in the dossier that's how we know that's what that briefing was about pressuring them to start an investigation on be ass info
guys these pieces are staggering today but there i know karlsson knows a sort of chalk ross they know most of the story but folks expect this all start coming out again soon i get it i got it understand the glacial pace of justice i dont know what's gonna happen i'm guide monotony prediction game anymore but i'm telling you not going what's going on you doing yourself a huge this service because he's pieces start to come together the level of corrupt gin and disgrace that happened inside our government the attack on donald trump is unbelievable so just remember that take away sitting there russia hope stories ongoing it happened to them firms in the alabama special and is continuing now with players taken from the democratic committee in charge of investigating tribe who are working with people can the russians like there are pasco we were told would trouble second
ireland was a key player carlin was mothers chief of staff carlin roles been downplaying up to this point there's a verification file i want the names and i want the dates and i want to see exactly what you did to quote verify this false information lisa page knows bruce or the champion the information superhighway information laundering operation in the oj who is using information from a broken source after he'd been dismissed by the fbi one more sorry i gotta get to this too one more just as important is i think a minute also coordinate carlson's peace lisa page gets into a conversation with a representative about a trip she took in somber of twenty sixteen joe the fbi lawyer apparently at the hearing jumps in right away in silence
we'll talk about that don't you say anything see let's see also por favor what's the trip she started to talk before the fbi legal team jumped in it told it did ticked pipe down she took december twenty sixteen visit to london love their beds right let's just read this vienna headline for the umpteen thousand time sir you understand that this was an information laundering operation run through political players and john bread and never designed to be run do official channels because it was bogus cnn april fourteen twenty seventeen british entails genes path trop associates communications with russians on the eu s counterparts lisa page alright a trip to london in december twenty sixteen with bill price them and john peterson
the investigators in the quiet quiet my read the peace the guy jumps right in silent caesar ah baby we got an international spies story on our heads though we read my book folks it's bigger heavier translated by don't buy it i care barred from a friend but it is all there is the great spies story of all time except for the fact that it actually happened idiots you tried to pull it off we're too stupid to cover their tracks let's get that verification fuss i folks thanks another great weakest shows i really appreciate it if you don't mind please i subscribe to the show its the actual subscriptions on itunes we click the subscribe button or you can go to i radio and click follow you can follow a sense how cloud is well it's free and at no cost you but they have these top charts and how people find our show and its
actually the list those believe me those help do that's how we financed to show but on the people finding aside the subscriptions it matter so if you wouldn't mind reviewing us on itunes subscribing on itunes and if you in my view in my book and amazon i'd appreciate ever please subscribe it helps us a time we really upset j keeps our marketing costs as low as planned also i do show is getting really expensive to produce these days based on the size the audience so thanks for everything i appreciate your loyalty means the world to me i'll see you all on monday have a great weekend just ten bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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