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Ep. 893 What are they Hiding?

2019-01-14 | 🔗
In this episode I address the “bombshell” NY Times report on the FBI counter intelligence investigation into the Trump team and why this is real trouble for both the DOJ and FBI. I also discuss the border wall debate and where the Democrats are misleading you.    News Picks: These three simple charts show that walls work.   Did The NY Times blow up the FBI’s stated premise for investigating the Trump team?   This Chuck Ross piece from May, 2018 sheds some light on the disturbing efforts to use spies and the media to set up the Trump team.    Jeff Carlson’s piece from May, 2018 describes the suspicious involvement of key UK intelligence figures in the spying scandal on the Trump team.   Triggered, snowflake students protested a photo of a heroic police officer killed in the line of duty.   Democrats on vacation as the government shutdown continues.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean lambert thereby gino sharply should show how are you today managed monday let's letter written a lot of a busy news weaken the defect bob gel story of course friday night led by the new york times or or based on leaks by the new york times from fbi about donald trump was the subject of a counter intelligence investigation ladies and gentlemen this is a damning report but not for the media reasons that they are trying to gaslight you and tell you why this is to be devastating for the bureau want to go into that today i also got a lot more stacked news waken the weekend let's get right to it on tv shows you by bodies it wax our acts you'll know i appreciate my sponsors only you could companies products and services i can use a wax our
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their intelligence investigation against trop himself there it is maybe there it is formed a being up endurance so the russians now this is a devastated story with the media painting it up to be a devastating story because they want you to should be that the meat wants you to believe that this is allegations that the russians i had some kind of influence donald trump you have to read about two thirds three quarters of a way down to the story until you find out that there is absolutely no evidence of that this is a very damning story folk but for the wrong reasons for the fbi is a damning story because it now shows that the government was weapon eyes to spy on donald drop regular listen to the show may say well what's new here dan what's new is weak
some of you know some of you understand we didn't get and i get a lot of emails or weaken received a bunch from from people saying i what's so the fbi targeted shop with no net forever what's the what's the issue the issue here is that they targeted trump remember we were told during multiple questions in q and a sessions and leak testimonies it the f b i wasn't investigating trump they were invested the trump team that's why we put my tweet that that caviar investigations against a truck team we know they targeted him personally now what's going on here why does this matter to you and why do we need to be really concern folks peace acknowledges the set up by the new york times it acknowledges that the bureau and opened it be formal counter intelligence investigation into the present the united states and
three reasons why they did so all three are utterly and completely absurd i have a really good piece from amali hemingway it saw its tariff at the federalist i encourage you to read it today in the show notes lays out the three reasons now don't don't i am as i lay out the three reasons that the fbi decided on the road to investigate a sitting president did did the three since our farce in a we'll get to that first yet to what's really going on and what their hiding here why there stood the fbi's leaking this story now and a second here are the three reasons first caught new york times peace again framed the nicely by molly hemingway in this peace mr trop had caught the attention of fbi counter intelligence and agents when he called on russia during a and pay news conference in july twenty sixteen to hack into the emails of his opponent did not happen ladies and gentlemen present
tromp did not ask the russians to hack hillary's email you understand the new york times is making this up let me to you the quote probably not greatest quote no world but at no point does president trump asked the russians are candidate trumpet the time to hack hillary's emails here it is russia if you're listening i hope your able to find the thirty day emily emails that are missing he said refer into the deleted emails from the private account of hillary clinton i think you'll be removed any city in being than i to any sentient beings then i q above seventy five this is clearly a joke you mean you may not like the joke fine that hilary clay then the leader emails and at the russians may have gotten a hold of at no point in that bade him quote i just gave you this president trop asked the russians to hack calories emails this i made you understand this is made up so to be clear job the
we i starts investigation at the donald trump personally because because they he d requested that the russians are going to do kill a regime that is not the case that is not what happened the fbi and whoever leaked to the new york times is making this up that not what happened bear joke maybe bad job based on the fact that hillary clinton did in fact delete thirty days emails and people i've told you on the inside i know personally who have direct experience the servant who have told me there was highly likely probability that foreign foreign operators were reading mrs clinton z she d the thirty thousand emails peacemaking joke also about the press interest in finding these thirty thousand emails i'm not defer being the joke you don't have to like it but you're going to stop fbi investigation about why did they start investigation when when barack obama shook dmitri met
lives hands i have a little bit more flexibility after the election why wasn't there an fbi investigation there's no damn at just let me ask you a pretty simple questions about the media so dumb and the liberal act promoting this collusion hopes are so stupid show if you are a candidate for president and we're working with the russians as a russian agent to hack calories emails would you stand up at a press conference and make a joke about it just the quest thank you check their most appropriately time chuckie drop ever does it make any sense of course does this is the media now fabricating reach so that's reason what nominated what they're doing don't go anywhere why they're doing this reason number they gave in the peace that mr schwab had refuse to criticise russia on the campaign trail praising poetic president putin so what what this happens all the time this
happens all the time these are simple foreign policy differences this is a matter of a of a difference of opinion foreign policy by the way regardless of you what you feel our appropriateness or lack of appropriateness of our dealings with russia the trump administration trap harder on russia than obama member the old the hillary clinton reset dude a lot more accessibility after the election obama medvedev folks did you miss any of this do you understand what's going on here we have a fully weapon eyes the operational amongst the federal bureau of investigation that is in forgetting is sitting president because they don't like is foreign policy and he made a joke you wanted then i'll dangerous and damaging this is the third reason this one's the worst one of all and investigators had watched with alarm
the republican party softened its convention platform on the uk in crisis in a way that seem to benefit russia that is a myth that has been the bug repeatedly over and over over and over again i encourage you to read byron york peace that's linked in mali hemingway's piece about this nonsense made up fabricated garbage king point even if it wasn't garbage if the i'll pay decides to change its foreign policy platform towards a foreign country but its platform that is not of the fbi business listen i love you guys and women in the f b i worked with you were great people but to the management of the fbi unit to resign and find a new line of work if you believe it is your job to police the foreign policy alternatives turn presidential candidates getting the line of work turn in europe
junior firearm immediately surrender your tell your your your pension surrender your salary and surrender your position tomorrow you are danger to the republic if you believe this i being that way serious on this there's a federal agent to i set on fire friends this morning i understand the awesome power of having the ability to take away someone's freedom it is a fact being power when abuse if you believe for a second your role when we apply is to police the foreign policy choices of a presidential candidate and get the hell out and get out right now you are a danger an existential threat to the republic anyone who believes that that is not your job it's never your job it's not your job
release the humor choices of a presidential candidate however off color you think they are during a presidential campaign not your job that's opening of the ukraine position is spent above it goes back to aid an activist from tat this who was a yeah oh i had it was on the platform committee at them when the gnp was put together their platform who suggested that they put in into the platform that we are the ukrainians against the russians the language bout arming was changed by the way this is all mounted by the way you're none of this is in the democrat platform keeper by nothing about helping ukrainians fight the rushes and democratically format of the gnp platform was not changed one activist wanted to at some language about arming and me arming language was taken out and replaced with
with resources like a little less are kind of less hoss language it had nothing to do with the changing of the platform the platform condemned the russia condemn the russia repeatedly and provided that we were going to help the ukrainians fight back against russian incursion and crimea and eastern ukraine that is a myth is above the law we introduced the language has departed the geo peace upon them this is made up and even if it was true party platforms change all the time for all kinds of reasons fbi attitude folks this is none of your business none dude i know this is scary starve these three reasons are completely made a brief molly hemingway piece in the show note you will see how ugly this story is still further bureau investigation at this point
maybe the new act when it is for these people at the top at least frivolous nonsense i mean are you serious now what really going on you may be thank you yourself now i know you are very smart i read all your emails and you all get it why would someone at the fbi leaked to the new york times that they invested the president of the united states based on it georgia's accuracy accurately said river nonsense why would like a story like this knowing that when you meet when you put all the media spain which is all total garbage by the wayside when you put aside the media spin and garbage why they leave a story that makes them look bad that makes the f b i look like investigated donald trump because they just didn't like him because
folks i'm tellin you right now there are two things coming down the pipeline that are gonna be devastating to the bureau the f b i need to get out i had member the bureau is in right now a really really bad spots their choice is bad now if worse narrative are catastrophic narrative ok there are oh good narratives tat are going to come out once the pfizer reductions are taken out when trump reed acts and this closes what was in the final documents and there are going to be no good options when the i e g report on the p i malfeasance during the trump investigation remember we haven't seen that report yet once that comes out you gotta be nowhere for the bureau to go and nowhere for them the hide and nowhere for the deal j people to hide either it's all ready bad enough bureau now is trying to give the bad narrative instead of the worse narrative in the catastrophic narrative and the bad narrative exist joe the bad is he fired
call me playing into russian hands the so discord mark my words are going to see this waiting to russian hand sewing discord by firing jib call me we suspect based on a number of of his public statements that he could have been a russian agent here's the information we based on an are going to try to spend their way to make it look like what do you use your weight since my bad like the kids talking stage are sorry nelson it's me from the simpsons this suspicion understand this is it that was an honest mistake folks each of these three reasons there all nonsense they're all maybe we got suckered a little bit but there was nothing no no that is now the real story the real story or people at the top hated this guy they will work
can clearly in conjunction with a bunch of people who should not have been involved in united states politics notably the uk when it comes out it's going to look like an international operation aspire to take down the trump team and the fbi wants to my bad narrative the f b i once the nelson months narrative sorry we screwed up there what the real merit of this was a deliberate attack on the cheap team in conjunction with international actors in a way to circumvent u s law too by on for political reasons and take the truck team down because people at the f b i did not agree with donald trump and didn't like him that's a fact jack they are hiding this now a bunch of stories today in the show notes that i please i need you to read some of them are older
may of last year one by jeff karlsson that was in the markets and one by chuck ross and the daily collar that explains what i think their hiding and there trying to get out ahead of therefore using the nelson months my bad narrative because when the rope here it comes out by the eye g and every day actions are unread acted by trump so you can see what was in the pfizer and international spying operation on donald trump is going to look come out and is going to be exposed and is going to be devastating so the reasons for that international spying operation the fbi is going to have to say all look back at the new york times report from last friday we are was an innocent mistake we thought he was a russian agent look even the new york times said so somebody is trying to get out ahead of this and they are using their media enablers these sick
we need to and in the media to get this narrative out in advance that there is a suspicion that tromp was a russian agent that's why they did this put jobs this week since please tell reminded this sadly yeah big biggest is critical you get this i know i'm gonna walk you through this now and this is good oh by the way one more thing i mentioned the second part as i said there were two things happening now one is gonna be there's gonna be a devastating i e g report and fire reductions that going to show this international conspiracy to spy on donald trump but secondly a lot of start starting a leak out show that the mulder report is gonna be deeply underwhelming that them the report is going to have a lot of speculation and nonsense in there but it's not going to point to any hard collusion all now of course none of this is a mystery to you you no collusion was fake from the start collusions fake now vision was vague yesterday collusion spake today collusion will be faked tomorrow it's a hoax narrative
the problem is once the mulder report comes out and confirms that collusion with a myth that democratic be in a world of trouble because they have hung their hats on this even people who i it got ready in what's goin on are starting to play down what's in the mulder report now chris coon's at others senator from delaware democrat centre starting to play this stuff down i think they are preparing for the public underwhelming mullah report now call bernstein on cnn famous invest it of who can't stand donald trump and is basically lost most of its credibility had said on cnn that he thinks the mullah reports going indicate that trump through his efforts public statements regarding the rush investigation was this this thing the russians in sewing discord in the united states think about this big about this strategic sector
spent elegance of this by the democrats a lead collusion you know is fake against trump started special council investigation to investigate trump for collusion you know is fake trump talks about the fake collusion then use trumps speeches and tweets about the fake collusion to allege that he was helping the russians by sewing discordant united states by obstructing investigation the collusion it didn't happen genius cheese do we understand the strategic sickness did did the arrangement of these people bernstein you probably know something that is gonna be the malo probe now that gonna be underwhelming because it's gonna point to no evidence of collusion at all and he's gonna mahler is going to try to create another fake now because mothers lost all credibility mahler is lost is instigations a joke it's a farce it's a disgrace it in ethical and moral investigation mothers careers ended in shame
but he needs to save himself mahler so his charge is gonna be that its trumps continued talk against is fake collusion probe that is fair to rush enhanced so discordant united states you heard in here first time stare the job got hives step if that is what you're gonna do democrats know that although the media will play this up that's not the narrative this were not the droids they were looking for the choices looking forwards evidence of collusion not evidence that trump what bad again before back against free collusion charges let me read this cost wanna get this is gonna blow your mind what's next hears what there really hiding that's gonna be very damaging for we get to that she also brought you buy carries folks tat harry's
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u s laws on spying on american citizens as a way around it to speak i donald trump using foreign intelligence actors now none of this is new but i wanted to tell you this because i have some older articles here that show you the relationship here let me walk you through this in this i told you about mike flynn this week how i believe this all started with mike flynn in the russian narrative what mike flynn mike flynn was a targeted the obama administration mike flynn was the deputy chief media defence intelligence agency head during the open administration mike flynn was an enemy i ran deal he became a target of the obama administration the obama administration needs the way to discredit mike flynn what better way to discredit mike entered the claim he was a trader guilty of treason collaborating with the russians this started a while back with mike flint the russian narrative i double leave it started initially just with donald trump i think it started rest
test run on mike when how do we know this to be clear were saying the i'm administrations trying to figure out a way to discredit people i believe flynn is the first one of the bunch they did credit them by saying hey he has russian ties he gets invited mike fled back in twenty fourteen to speak at a cambridge intelligent seminar this is when flint first creep on a he's the dna directed at peace first creeping on a radar back and twenty four to twenty forty the obama administration as one of their political enemies all of a sudden i need a way to tie mike flint to the russians to paint flynn as an incredible source conveniently he gets invited this
an intelligent seminar cambridge intelligent seminar over where joe in london remember them from bela topic we're talking about if the uk united in the united states intelligence ties in an effort to spy on tromp to circle our laws get the basic we get the uk to do their dirty we're never going to be allowed in the uk and by the way here i will not go there and i'm afraid together because i observed that even takes out i want to sound like some kind of wacko but i'm still it's like the way though after here and all these stories are my terrified to travel anymore because this stuff actually happened i can't believe it happened and in what are generally democratic free countries he gets invite speak at this cambridge intelligent seminar back in twenty fourteen that intelligent seminar there are allegations show that why happen or russian some woman by the name of look over they had some inappropriate contact at this russia to keep in mind one hour seems to know of no one else has any knowledge that these were inappropriate contacts at all that the
a guy who's there would flints as i didn't notice anything at all but did some allegations start to creep out that this woman are less name is look over that aren't flynn had some inappropriate contact at their cambridge intelligent seminar in other words a whisper campaign against flint starts a devout the russians are here the russians are here the rest you're here they got their claws and might flynn who just conveniently but to be an ideological illogical opponent of the brok obama administration now who is involved with their cambridge intelligent seminar secure members of it they're fine how poor the very same central intelligence agency spy who has been reported be constantly pushing carter page and george papa dapple is about russian hey what do you guys know about the russians would you know but there are other words a spy working for a bomb administration intelligence officials to try probe intersect with the trump team to get information about the russians it's how per who
the ledge by the media i should read by pay who who know if you read the chuck ross peace and the jeff carson peace it how per who is i too have leaked to the media that flint appearance at disk intelligent seminar that he's a part of its twenty fourteen that he had some contact with a russian woman to russia's russia's are coming again what are you just telling you this was the obama administration ammo from the start supper and i was clear a spy a spy work for our intelligence community interact with some from the united states you want to spy on in this case flynn in them somewhere just like he invited a helper invited carter page to speak at a seminar just like you i did george papadopoulos the london all this stuff seems to happen in london where u s laws would now
ply either bring up some contact with the russians or introduce them the some kind of russian now the words look over or spy on them at the thing and indicate that had some inappropriate contact with the russians and where does the information go you would take it would go to appropriate channels right that was the case if i had some allegations that you spoke as as the defence intelligence agency directed at a seminar and you were dealing in appropriately with the russian giotto you think i'd report that fischer channel would hope so that's an hour body known as you said it repeatedly there was no official intelligent used to start these investigations where did they does any intel the intelligence to assent to the media
starting the seed the media with leech stories about plan and the russians flynn later odd start speaking out for the trump can the campaign all of a sudden this whisper campaign heats up in the media and who is alleged to be the source of the media about flynn was dealing with discretion woman at this seminar we invited him to stefan helper the same guy working on behalf of the administration to constantly target members of the trump team now i have this article in the show notes too convenient in december of twenty sixteen right after the election of donald trump that same seminar flynn is invited to speak at where helper that's a mouth for something it didn't happen how per annum by the name of richer dear love the former head of raw the british spying cmu six they both resign from the cambridge intelligent seminar
i know they reside russian influence we gotta get out of here this place has heavy russian influence now let me read you a peace justice from the chair gottschalk raspy while working as a spy for the the ice to find help or interacted on multiple occasions with the media both on record and according to a university of key bridge researcher as an anonymous background source media interactions which occurred between december twenty sixteen march twenty seventeen could be a cause for concern for the f b i help was also named source for allegations about formal national security adviser mike when according to a british researcher a kangaroo cambridge svetlana over this is the same lady you see what you're doing here i'm administration puts their political enemies in around people who were russian or
around their own spies that problem around russians they develop faked nonsense stories about inappropriate relationships and emails and they leave them to the media in an effort to get the media to push for a special council which happened after the election don't you find it awfully odd that help and richer deal at the head of my six who knows christopher steel well as a matter of fact according to jeff karlsson in the peace and its it that all put away all this is in my book if you want all laid out like a police file type formats by gay check it out again i'm sorry i'm innkeeper hit me with a book but it's all there we put a lot of work into this dear love sure dear love who sit however on this seminar flynn was invited to and is alleged to have conducted inappropriate contact with this russian according to help least dear love is alleged to be the person who told christopher steel to go to the bridge the authorities with the dossier information he know
though he was christopher steals boss deals work of raillery clip did they push russian contacts and they make it through the media this is great here this is about about dear love dear love he said he advised steel and boroughs christmas theo to work discreetly with a top british government official pass along information to the fbi dear love described steel as they go to person on russia so just to be clear afore her head of british am six richard dear love o it's on this seminar they invited flint do they i flew in there they then when at an appropriate contact with russian women it's fake its false it's made up there and resign dear love and stefan helper after the election of from the same board claiming the russians were influencing it in appropriately and such like
the exact same time help or starts leaking through the media comes a source for the media about two trump administration and russian contacts by the way that was his event he was the one dear love was involved and not in it in getting this when going some believe we really is it so i'm upset how this how some entrepreneurial media type is not looking into is just beyond disturbing it really is folks it's so so bad now a lot of you have asked who's that the grand poobah here who's the one coordinating all this folks listen there's no easy answer that the hallmark of a conspiracy theory as i've said repeatedly are easy answers there are now easy answers and government there are people with
sometimes symbiotic motive sometimes conflicting motors out of these motives are political some are just visceral some people just can't stand other people and government want to see them pay a price but i can't are you i believe there are a number of key players i believe flynn was a key player on the knee protagonist side i believe brennan the key player on the antagonists side but one guy who epps creeping up his name under the radar that you might not have heard for a long time i was in thing in this case and i say interesting because they can actions your deep is a what it's accompanied by the name of hackler but the people who sit on the board of hacker fascinating hackler say a fusion gps type firm a private market firm stacked with former british officials and on that
pack with board said some very interesting folks when a helper wrote a book is a matter of fact the fawn helper how poor author to books this is the spot working to set up the trump team in my plan he offered he offered those two box with a guy who sits on the board of hack lit and is there u s representative remember hackler are about former uk spies and allegiance connected of people who work in the uk so opera the spy working to set up at the trump team wrote a book with the u s u s a liaison for hackler alexander downer who send it from his sit down with george papadopoulos is a former board of former port member for hack dear love the former head of em i six is deeply connected to a number of people involved hack we christopher steel is associated with tackling all these people work for this former for
fusion gps tied type firm with seems like a partner way to do an end around around official intelligence channels by running it through a private operation now it gets worse folks sir andrew would who is a my british ambassador think about all the come talking about again how this is a devastating you know kingdom foreign intelligence operation designed to take down the trump tonight sir andrew what a former i a uk ambassador is alive to be the one who passes the information to john mccain steam through david kramer the dossier information dear love and help or again dear love former head of my six starts the
college and seminar operation that they invite you know flynn to talk at bob had again former director of the british essay the geese the age q russia's to meet with john brennan in the summer of twenty sixteen quoted the director level to talk about very serious information they have right after brennan goes in priests politicians including harry read up on capitol hill about it for me you need only appeared in the dossier ladies but what does this tell you it is so obvious at this point the united kingdom is me deepen this this is what they are hiding the fbi it's getting out and trying to run interference with the story on friday by painting a add nelson months type narrative because these people at the top we're going to claim they got snooker to every
but he's gonna be looking for a way out soon here's a about their informal meeting between bob had again the british essay had noticed the gc excuse that's but you see it's queues and head bob attic and flew to the u s too personally brief chief cia chief john john bread in the matter seems so important that it was handled i quote the director level face to face but the two agency chiefs eating between had again a appear somewhat unusual had against its counterpart was now cia director breton had gives s counterpart was mike rogers say directly in the united states mike rogers the very same guy who exposed abuses the inner database being used to spy on people in other words rogers is a good guy the uk probably figures it out he's not a quote team player so they have to go to who the
get rid of all john brennan who they know is a total political hack and work with them boy now here's another great line talking about dear love i said this before but this is important for europe former head of my six dear love advice steel and borrows these two partners in that the dossier to work discreetly with a top british gum an official to pass along that information to the fbi about trump whose at top officials whose top officials the fbi i mean it should mean the british government folks this thing is ugly it is really ugly now lisa pages testimony fbi lawyer which recovered last week which jeff karlsson teapot times gotta gonna hold up in page testimony she seems to indicate that brennan knew about the dust yea earlier than even the fbi suggesting
what did this was a sophisticated information laundering operation being run through private actors hackler infusion in circumvention of official channels because why folks and be pass through john bread and who then passed at the political faults up folks up a nail not through official channels because the information was garbage don't you see what's going on the pier always trying to get out ahead of this with this friday story man look we got taken by this too because what's going eventually come out is a bunch of now unofficial non state actors some state actors to artificial channels worked out out of the normal means of communication because information was false many of us knew what was false and discredited if they read it through official channels it would be discredited and this punk and debunk so what did they do they ran it companies like hackler people fusion
using their contacts to shake trees pass at the john mccain staff over david kramer passage then weiner over at the state department passes sidney blumenthal passes bruce or to christopher steal you see how none of this is this is entirely atypical this is met official intelligence channels to stop fake information making it in front of the president's desk you see now why that pity be the presidential deal brief and nunez press conference in march twenty seventeen we're so stating one nunez comes out after reviewing information are kept only at the white house and he says this was here entirely unrelated to russia what he probably saw was briefed the president was getting kept at the white house catalogue at the white house cuz they taught hillary clinton would want win and they could scrap it that indicated that iraq palmer was getting on vetted artifice
your channel intelligence onto its task as a reason enemies to politically spy on trump it is obvious what's happening here now i want you to keep an aim in mind here one of obama's former ambassadors to the united kingdom who s deep can since to obama and the chicago political operation guy by the name of louis assessment louis assessment was a board member on a hack live as well a guy with deep ties the obama administration folks hackle it has a number of highly suspicious players involved in it bored who i believe or political players working
through these channels private channels to get and make sure that political information it was on vetted somehow made it to the president he's an invite sorry board member unhappily former u s ambassador uk jonathan clark by the way is the co author of half per two of helpers box they wrote books together he is the director of u s operations for haglund what a scam talk about bed mojo g me you this is what they are hiding so just to recap where we were friday the new york times releases bombshell that they believe as anti trump the reality is if you read the story it's the beyond that story that looks horrible clearly there trying to get out of what they believe too a major international spy scandal their story is gonna be we were doing there
give three reasons why they were duped those three reasons are not sets there made up their clear foreign positive it's true was light on went light on putin the ukraine platform is changed to be light on russia it wasn't that's it the bunk story and a trump ass they are the rushes to hack calories emails he didn't the fbi's firstly for a reason right now so they have to make up those three reasons that we are going be their story in their sticking to it as to why they spied on a present the united states there doing it because the ties to the united kingdom that i did i make this clear forgive me i don't i get i i want to make sure you understand this because story is this its despite story of the millennium it is this an international spy ring in conjunction with foreign actors we thought were friendly the united states who got involved number of reasons i lay out my book the trumps play
on terrorism billy breaks it had a lot to do with it this far and actors got involved in a u s political race to assist tiller regional parma and attack donald trump and they got caught it's as simple as that merely every significant player in this investigation helper downer steel dear love brennan has some connection to a uk or london based operation at one on it is victory and and the obama administration state department crony where does she set where does she approve the meeting for between gate from the fbi where does she the meeting to happen and the london everything happens it'll work but that is meeting with down or about the alleged russian emails london there's myths certain who tells papadopoulos allegedly about it resembles wearing connections his connection
uk intelligent just look at the pictures on the internet clare smith the link campus in rome where they are clear psmith for a big heavy any of you know a heavy influence i mean when the uk intelligence community deficiency their fair photos together on the internet this was a set up players the uk were heavily involved is his is deeply connected ambassador the united kingdom who knows the whole chicago machine sussman sits on a board of a company that is tied to nearly every significant player in this international spy operation how to get ahead of the british essay comes over to fly to talk the bread and he doesn't talk to rogers because rogers a good guy panicking some about what about the truck team and their spying efforts conveniently
right after trot was inaugurated president what has had again do joe begin resigns unexpectedly theirs and suspicion based on public press reports that he did so because he got caught in a major international spying operation now does it make sense why when trump said he was going to redirect defies the documents show what was the reason we held back because the uk and other foreign actors complain been exposed the f b i try to get out ahead of this let me get a few other things here they should also but you have but he's a genocide everyone twenty eighteens into books which means that turkey neck and double chin are not getting better by just ignoring them a couple gobble unfortunately that we getting worse
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so just to show you how disingenuous the media folks arms on fox and friends this morning in something i've said often and i said on the show this morning's well one of the things that so deep we disturbs me about this gate case that we're looking at a spying scandal using more enforcement actors in the united states to take down political opponents is having been a federal agent you know my myself i mean you know that focuses on about that better materially hey look at me is when actually there and you put handcuffs on someone and you see the ramifications of the great these are bad p for granted i'm not absolving what they did i'm just telling you my story i'm just telling you that it bothered me i we were doing the right thing these people were guilty of bank fraud credit card fraud counterfeiting some worse but i'll never forget hit ned at five o clock in the morning with one of my bank for advice the other parties in the nasa county cops arrested
sky and seen his kids in tears his wife and two years you put the hay saudi noses life is over you know everything stun yoyo bring your phone you don't bring anything whatever you thought your life was is now over and you know you have some empathy you don't i want to be clear again you don't feel bad for what you're doing but as a human being you think to yourself it was tough watching those kids kids don't know kids work i am daddy where you go in and you know you look the kitten you know for the rest the life the kids can remember you and associate with with this really traumatic awful moment governments scares me folks just are you to sign it can speak missy theory and suggesting that you know that the czech booted thugs come in for you to morrow i'm simply suggesting that if we allow this to happen people in our media people and the democratic party don't speak up at what is right now
clearly an obvious international spying scandal on a presidential candidate now the president i d staged by weapon eyes government actors who have the power to take your freedom away then what what's left what's left republic why does any of this matter and of course leave it to the liberal media acts goons losers on the inside i tell that story this morning about the handcuffs and what are they write in there and in companies left leaning blogs president i bought you know says don't put us on president tropical bother you just eddie it's just listen to the cook that's not what i said you guys are just eighty you're making yourself look like fools i'm trying to speak out against a weapon eyes powers of the federal government how dangerous they are that you don't understand that's a reflection on your police state inclinations not mine a judgment on the air i know i said i meant idiots ok
another couple other topics is like going on a government shut down continues listen pop up get ready for a fight this could go on long time folks i'm ready you need to be ready to we followed here the damage you're gonna do nothing but build the momentum if they win this fight to impeach president trump i know what you know an article by map columbo my resident fact checker up on the website of punch you know that common in the show notes at some must read and i want you to and then around your liberal friends and ask him what about what about the articles untrue the articles about the walls work or not so the liberal say further into facts and data there not there the talking points but let's you some facts and data there are some facts and data out there on where walls have been implemented and what happened so sumac gives to specific examples the first one being a wall was conceived constructed between hunger hungary the country hungary in croatia when they had a refugee crisis they baltic anchored did a barrier between hungary and croatia what happened the poppy
they should have refugee streaming it through the country through that waldrip ninety nine percent look at the chart you don't have to i agree with the policy the approach of hungry it'd situation that's fine but when you look the pure data on obstructions and physical barriers to admit in a legal migration at the countries the facts and data are clear but i know you're not interested in a liberal set it secondly israel two thousand to west bank border wall they had a terrorism problem they still do terrorism is she was cut in half the terrorism its incidents after they constructed airport while in the west bank two thousand ten israel structure border wall on the egyptian bore dude unmitigated refugee flow drops ten thousand to near zero the flow refugees into the country don't touch it doesn't work argue their case in a different way that gives that's not it walls though work is not the issue the issue
is whether you agree with open borders and was work its clear is that this is a nonsense talking point it's a short piece by matt i haven't up at the website i want you to check it out another couple quick news stories year there's an era of bee ruling this is a critical review barbie national labour relations borders looking at tossing out a ruling this is just another one of those stories it makes you wonder why saying people have any he's just a liberalism adults are foreseen people for emotional people have no allegiance faction data so there was a this this ruling joint employer standard and the gist of it was the larvae under obama wanted to make it easier for people to union eyes so do that they they created this ruling a joint employer standard meaning if you a franchise ii the franchise if they had kind of say over how you trained or or a policy wise over your employees that that france
eyes and the franchise ye could be they were considered a joint floor and the franchise man the fray try operator could be held accountable this was principal reason a unionized people who work for a fast food change this is it get union money into democratic offered simple as it was a way to hold mcdonald's responsible for mcdonald's franchisees again if because of the fast turn over to that bobo but yes yes exterior exactly ended yeah i remember that we have to remember that shot he's gotta you this is a back we would happen they want the union eyes people are they needed it they need these union so that the joint ports standard was implemented while of course liberalism backfires islamism ineffaceable what happened because any kind of a training programme sent down from say i'm mcdonald's to its franchisees was considered a joint employer thing we're mcdonald's can fail to be held accountable what happened franchisees were then on the hook for all these training costs also what happened as a result of the joint poison lots
one up ninety three percent because why people and now they came out of the issue the franchise ie but mcdonald's headquarters is well and get maybe a couple million out of em instead lawsuits one up through the roof training mob training budgets spiked one one of employers in the wall street journal peace said it any caused by three hundred percent because it now any association with headquarters central destroying basically the whole franchise model and a benefit for doing so would result in this joint employee play implementation folks this was a scam the trump administration thankfully is looking at getting rid of this they can't do it quick enough i encourage you all to speak to your congressman and senator and tell him to get the nlrb to scrap this nonsense this joint employer standard bring our economy costing a ton of money potentially huh thousands of jobs do for small businesses it's a total nightmare i folks i appreciate you all tune and in artesian important show you know no it's been going on for a long time but you have to this today
show the purpose of which was to take it out again to thirty thousand feet and to look at it from a bird's eye view what our people hide why is this story leaked on friday where are they actions why is it so damaging that's what they showed did that it all right its led back to a foreign intelligent spying scandal and it's gonna be a huge black eye any fbi and they are trying to get out ahead of this i thanks again unit in please subscribe to the show it's what helps us move up the top charts on itunes pa pod bay and other measuring metrics that measure top topside guess run a country we haven't been out of the top fifty in forever in our categories we really appreciate the subscriptions do that subscribe an itunes describing and i heart you can follow there it is all free to you we appreciate it and i'll see you all tomorrow you just ten bond genomes you can also get dan's podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bone gino
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