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Ep. 894 The Spy Game Explained

2019-01-15 | 🔗
In this episode I address the scandalous new revelation about the FBI’s political attack on the President. I also address the cover up operation to hide the spying scandal. I also address the “trap” President Trump is setting in this government shutdown. Finally, I address the real reason the immigration crisis is exploding.    News Picks: This stunning piece addresses the FBI’s troubled relationship with Chris Steele.   Is President Trump setting a shutdown “trap” for the Democrats?   Another caravan is forming and headed to the border.   CNN’s Jim Acosta's massive facepalm at the border.   This prominent Democrat “won’t oppose” non-citizens voting.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved
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Ready to hear the truth about America on his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan bones. You know I love him. The vampire Juno shall produce Joe, our daddy, I'm pretty good picture sky. Now that we're doing our slow transition, a video will be up up up up a couple weeks. I hope your folks on the video- and we just want to make a perfect Joe is perfection is so is Paul again through and make sure it's right, hey a big. Thank you last night, to everybody who showed up in Palm Beach county at the palm Beach cannot cope. By. I spoke at the Trump Club last night. Folks, are you all the best? I have the greatest audience in the world. I mean you all cholera it's amazing how I was our floored so Joe, I expected a couple hundred people to show up at the event last night and thanks
The work of our Linda Marian Joe Larry Sue and although club members over that have put this Trump club event together about two thousand people showed up. Well, I'm back kidding the pictures on Twitter. It it's too grand for you to check out. I was floored, so thank you for your support. It meant a lot to try to get. If I get the speech, I spoke about spy gay lesson. If I get the speech are trying to throw it up on our Youtube channel. So thank you to every when we saw the tunnel books last night is well, you are really terrific. I've got some just more explosive stuff today on this case, including some pieces, some older pieces by Devon Nunez that are going to shed light on what is really going on here and folks. Why? collusion hoax. It's not. I put this in big letters. This is way bigger than the collusion hoax. This is a huge,
huge, enormous, monstrous scandal about Obama's team spying on the trompe. It's not just about collusion or just Russia, and I've got some older clips from Devon Newness will put through the translator, Joe and that will explain its entire things gonna blow you away today also got a new peace by the epoch times, which is just the amazing. Eight today show brought you by our body it stamps dot. Com you want to New year's resolution can actually keep stop going through the post office to send letters and pack is waiting along lines when you don't have to say time and money this year, basing stamps dot com instead stamps that calm brings all the amazing services of the. U S: postal service right, your computer! This is so easy to use folks, Europe, wait on any lines, will save money. There is no reason for you not to use them start com. If you engage in any type a mailing stamps that com is the faster and more convenient way to get postage simply use your computer to print official. U S postage for any letter package any as a male anywhere. You want to send an email carrier, picks it up, no more
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so folks, obviously, which starting to break now is vivacity yesterday. Show which did very well is the the whole scandal here, that's being covered up in the whole Mahler Probus scandal about the Obama administration, using their executive powers to spy their political opponents, this is the big scandal. I think this is obvious this point, but I think this get lost in the complexity of a very complex case at times, because there's some the different players in so many different intricacies that, when you Oh down one path, you almost get lost down the rabbit hole. I notice that last night giving the speech that you know Joe you know how it is you want to talk about my point. We could talk about MIKE Flint for our Logan accelerates all this stuff, but I guess the point of view. She was gonna- beat again bring it back out to a bird s eye view and explain to people that she's really about the most significant. Catastrophic. In the end, you know near apocalyptic get points where possession of the government to spy on
Opposition political camp, and I say that because if this standard is not idly rebuked by people on both sides of the party were the republic is lost folks, we will have fully weapon eyes. The icy in one till I fortunate communities to attack political approach whenever some president deems it necessary. Now I want to play for you a cut from Devon yes! This is back in March of twenty seventeen he's we'd CNN, on Wolf Blitzer, and I strongly encourage you to listen to all and if you it's on Youtube, I'm gonna play to you. Two important take ways newness, explain something that I think dresses why this you know suppose in New York Times bombshell came out on Friday, the bombs story, of course, on Friday by the New York Times? If you listen yesterday show is that the FBI had when they encounter intelligence investigation into President tromp. The president, not candidate, that President Elect Joe President Trump.
Because they thought he may have been a russian agent. Again, I said to you during yesterday's show that this is a reflection on the FBI's, unbelievably poor judgment or in Credible malfeasance to engage in a political attack on a sitting president creating just like the can't have it any other when now, what's the FBI covering what their covering going to be obviously their role in a massive spying scandal on the present knighted stays. Collusion, and the russian component of it was just a simple angle. Now, how do I know this? I want you to listen to this first cut again. This is Nunez. Let me give you a little bit a background. Devenant S was the republican congressmen from California, who is it we read in on all the details of this case? He's talking a wolf blood Afternoon S had gone over to the White House in March of twenty seventeen to look at some documents presented by a whistle blower Joe. This is import. This is Why didn't you go over to the White House because folks documents within
The intelligence community are silo, many, if not all, depending on the classification level, obviously or not, could be sent over email, Java, Bliss and as the audience ombudsman. If this gets confusing and points Tommy. Ok, these aims- are very sensitive. This information is very sensitive. They cannot occur. not be sent over right, your email system. So it's silos individual computers not connected to the open internet. For you to see the information that was present, that certain branch- CIA, the I e the White House, whatever it may be, you have to physically go there on those computers and see it newness had on over to the White House after Tromp was elected in March. Is I've? Excuse me after the? migration January goes over in March after a day, actor of national intelligence is is finally confirmed, so blower comes out. I guess when he feels he can be he safe. Now, because Trump as a director of national intelligence, the whistle blower comes out and tells Nunez
over to the White House Complex? I want to show you some really troubling documents about some things that may have been seen or done within the White House. Of course, the media loses their minds. Is Nunez went over to the White House to coordinate with Trump the damage control? That's not what any of this is about so Wolf you're from CNN, has a mind and tries to take that angle with Nunez about Hey the optics of this didn't look good, and this is one of new Nessus responses to what went on over there while he was on the white ass. This is very critical with regards to Fridays report. There is no way for the four so. I have been working with to actually too to bring this forward to light. There was no I could view that because they couldn't get it to the House Intelligence Committee. Now we have requested March Fifteenth sent a letter over too the appropriate intelligence agencies asking that they provide us for all the
arrogance, names or unmasked in November December and January, actually going back to June in so we're hopeful that we're going to begin to get through those that those those documents? his name. Is we think that an essay is providing information sometime this week. It'll take our investigators while to go through it, but the bottom, as this is that we have to protect the identities of Americans who are picked up an incidental collection of matter who that is one of the most important roles of the house in committee we are to be doing: oversight folks do you understand what he just said? Listen newness. This is from last year again, or the Nunez translator for a moment to understand how this fits into the story on Friday, the FBI is engaged in a massive CIA operation right now, as of last Friday, as a Friday, they know they're going to expire exposed for their role and spying on President Trump and present a trump. How do I know that What did you just here and equip Nunez gave up
but three month period that he says Ex there was massive on masking, in other words, on masking the unmasked king of identities, of trump people, who will be their phone calls were being listened to and they are there air traffic? They will be spied on. He gives a period where he talks about how this was really troubling. What's the dataset Joe November this year we're in January. What is not? by December and January the transition period by troops the president like? What does that tell you, Paraca Obama, since the election or in a panic in November, sombre January period. They gauge and in an unprecedented doubling in tripling down of this massive spying operation on the Trump team. Now, you may say. Ah, ok, liberal no you're listening you go well clearly had something to do with the fact that the FBI, as they set on Friday, suspected that there was russian collusion. Follow me this is critical. This is the folks to this. Is that I'm telling
this is the biggest scandal of our lifetime. Below pearl excuse and the New York Times narrative as a Friday and the FBI ideal. J narrative is going to be well our bad. I told you the Nelson months, excuse for me ass, a bad we grew up. We thought he was colluding with the Russians. Listen to part two of these in our view, for March of twenty seventeen newness already, is seen all this stuff why they were spying on the trouble. Listen what he says about the Russians and the spying effort, he went over to the White House to take a look at the documents on list what he says about how it's not real, aid to the russian justice critical play that cut, but I will say and be an army, is clear I can on this it bothered me as somebody who supports our national security apparatus. It bother me that this level information will be
polluted and intelligence reports, because it just wasn't necessary from my point of view. We are the only learn not where the calls in question. No, the transition team calls that individuals were unmasked where they involving foreign governments, intercepted by. U S allergens, our discussions by foreign governments about cause they may have had with Trump officials, I am. I can get into that because, as you know, a lot of what we do is classified in nature, but I will that it had absolutely nothing to do with Russia all the reports I saw had nothing to do with Russia, which is why to go and talk to the president about this and why I thought it was wise the next day to go and talk to the president about this and why I thought it was. Why thought this needed his attention and look? We had asking the we already suspected this I mean I had people who had already told me: this existed we ve been asking the agency since March fifteenth to provide us the names that we're unmask folks, typically they d
We understand. What's going on why this Friday story you so damaging the front. Story so damaging from the FBI, because the FBI is desperate to turn back to this narrative Joe. There are no good narrative from the bureau. Now they ve been busted for their role in a massive spying scandal and political opponents. Ok, that period just put a period in that sense and digest that first, because this is a complicated, I saw it in the eyes of the crowd. Lesser as I spoke, this crowd, they loved the speech, but a lot of people who are new to the spy gay controversy I think got lost in it. Then I may have gotten a little too complicated. This is what this is about. The Obama tee spying on political opponents, no different than if I was running against your warm costs for president, and he told the FBI go spy on me and tell me what's going on the excuse. For the spying later, please job Only this may good the ex don't get the excuse
for the spying. Waiter was going to be the insurance policy that all we did it, because we thought we had information. That Trump was a russian agent which they back filled with the dossier and a bunch of nonsense garbage. This is not bout, Russia. This is about spying. That's why my book is called. By gate, spy gate spike eight. This is about spying. Please understand that that is what this whole cases about the FBI's leak too New York Times on Friday, about how they were investigating Trump for being a russian agent. Has nothing to do with Russia? It is a simple Nelson months excuse for to cover for Their role in a massive operation endeavour, Nunez, had already exposed by the way in March of twenty seventeen after tromp was inaugurated, was present for a few months he's They told us also listen to the whole interview which fourteen minutes long up, you know I'll. Try me taken note I'll try to find the link.
Should we put it in a show. No, today it's about fourteen, and it's the interview, I forgive me, I should have thought to do that before it, but those are the key take a ways that this had nothing do with Russia. Nunez has already seen the documents on the White House grounds, meaning folks. It was highly likely that Barack Obama himself was on the spying scandal. This makes sense. Please Please tell me yet I saw my made up, else. Why would newness pay at the White House he's clean? Thursday. In part, one of that that the information he needed to see was only present at the White House. Why would information only be present at the White House because It was needed by the present, the United States or his team, which clearly was marshalling this spying scandal part to just this critical. This had a thing to do with Russia. In other words, the Obama team was listening in on the Trump team to out there,
transition period and earlier by the way he says November December January jail. But then he says I want all the way back to June. Remember that that's in that first do you want to know why didn't listen meeting during the election and the transition. A massive spying operation was going on that was being pipeline right into the oval office. This the scandal now does yesterday's show makes sense. Me yesterday show stands alone. You don't need today show to get enough, but the day after I clearly is leaking this, because this some of this is about to come out some. This is about to come out either in the form of the unrestricted Pfizer documents, the Idee report or where I'm gonna go next. The scope memo now employing Nunez translator put face to face
who nunez traffic. We need like liners, whether you like it, you wrote, automaton robot, voice, Festoon Nunez should initiate phrase to noon S. Congressmen newness was on Fox and friends this morning. He These drops breadcrumbs. You just have to know how to pick him up and eat Anita and make a loaf of bread out of it. and what did he say on Fox and friends this morning he said do think I am you can get right before we came upon the air and I figured it just easier for me to just that translator for anyway, Nunez Joe you are. We really need to get a look at the scope memo, so remember, keep a moment of talking about there clearly documents getting ready to drop that are a b horrifying for the FBI, clearly this is now obvious. I believe it's the Pfizer, I believe it's gotta, be
not just the Pfizer, the unproductive via the Idee report, the inspector general port in the FBI's actions during this whole debacle and the scope memo. What's scope memo. Why does this matter? Why would Nunez drop that today? The scope more is a critical piece of this whole puzzle to uncover. or this massive spying operation that had nothing to do with Russia, Russia, as a cover for the spying operation, this scope memo when Bob Mahler Joe was appointed. I rod, rose and sign is a special council to investigate trouble back in May of twenty seventeen after the fire. Jim Comin, the initial memo that we can see is a memo indicating that mothers charged with investigating basically russian interference in the election, anything that offshoots from that there was another memo and expanded memo issued a bit later from that an expert.
and of the scope of mothers investigation. No, by noon: s and mothers as the scope memo nature I can show you go investigate russian collusion. You probably come back and said. I then I think I've got some more stuff, so what it rose and Stein do he issues a new memo? Expanding the scope of the investigation is called the scope memo that is classified and they d, O J has been oh Ben, to say the least, on keeping This thing hush, hush, quiet and away from the public eye, and the answer is why what are they? so worried about what rose and Stein give Mahler permission to look into after that I've got potential options for you here, and why? this relates to this massive cover up of these spying operation, it was being pipeline did to the White House. First, the scope memo may For one- and this is the least likely the scenarios this-
oh Mamma, when other words roses thine Tellin Mahler. What to go investigate in addition to the initial stop making. in components of the dossier that was already debunked at that point, Why should this be damaging? And why would the deejay want to hide this job? It's now may of twenty nineteen should be around. I take it that the scope memory, expanded scope, memos issued around August its months after that its now the following year after the dossiers already been discredited, so this go. Memo may be trouble for the d o j because they tell Mahler all go head, do more of what you need to do and we're basing it on what were basing it on this crappy dossier. That was already debunked a the year ago, you gotta Joe that's That may be why the scope, but I doubt it that's the least likely scenario, but I want to put that out. Second scenario, which is deeply deeply troubling and why they are so desperate to cover up what mothers doing
Smaller investigating, quote trump teams. Far in contacts the words Joe. Don't you find it awfully odd that a lot of the astrogation. Now at the Mahler team, as I described in a show member to three weeks ago, Joey, I said there that the Mahler team has now done a. U turn, and I knew this a few weeks ago and after this morning I was I remember this. Conversely, I was I was renewed, my interest to talk about a few weeks ago. I told your mother's teams been doing a. U turn lately away from russian collusion and onto middle eastern collusion, apparently some social media company with content. cast. The Middle EAST wanted to help the Trump with their social media operation. By the way, offer. They turned down. Why With the initial memo we saw she, large mauler. We all seen this one from roses. They go investigate our seclusion, but the expansion be classified. If Mahler
just doing russian collusion. What we know is not its already led to the media that they're looking into trumps ties with middle eastern countries too. This is all nonsense by the result. Crap, it's all made up garbage my mother to keep the attention on Trump and other words. Folks, it's pretty clear. What's in the scope memo on this is why I believe option two is so devastating: why the scope memo such trouble, because the scope memo Joe clearly I believe at this point just Mahler gives Malo. The authority should be. Precisely my language gives Malo the authority to investigate all of down or trumps relationships with foreign contacts but Joe what would Rosen's I'd be basing that off me.
Yes, spying operation that occurred within the White House during the transition, whereas Nude S tone, Wolf Blitzer. They were listening in odd shrubs contacts with foreign governments- ah boy wow, that's really, but without once a year now. Do you want this, thereby pull that Nunez Clip in Bulgaria so like we will run and I have a ton of content. I have even got to the shutdown trap or the epoch timescale. Still today, which is just devastating now. Do you want, this, thereby I pull that of Lebanon this simple for the liberals, because I know sometimes you have a really tough time with facts and data penetrate the sculls I get it. Let me make this super easy for you, Obama, spy, Trump team, Trump team elected president, this very bad for Obama, team Obama, team of our tracks higher Ah for
call team. Loyalists higher Mahler use Mahler investigate Trump for far contacts allow hello anybody, pull inside it's what's happening. This is but their covering up, and they have to get it back to the russian collusion, our people within the FBI to cover their tracks. There's no the options for the mouth, the role and spying. Scandals been uncovered, they need to come by. I can clear their tracks nomadic wrap this for you in a second move up so much Gus that so many stories out today. I don't want to spend too much one specific thing: unbelievable story in the show notes today by the way, but when the epoch Tom struck it too in a second, which really really need to check out about the view the whole genesis of this whole thing is just so disgusting arbitration, brought you by bodies at ass, nutrition, brick S. Nutrition makes you feel
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I have to change. We have to investigate when I say Hank us, I dont mean job. What liberals are doing right, I mean we have If they use the law, there were clearly was a spying operation on the Trump team by the Obama team. Felony leaks of information were made to people out there in the media. We already know this. The media was unused to get a special council, a point where the same information they were spying on the Trump team in their contacts with foreign governments, was used to after a narrative for impeachment for Donald Trump to cover the very James scandal. I just mentioned the spying on the Trump team. This as clear as day, they were felony leagues, it's time for handcuffs people have to get arrested. Folks, I'm serious people involved in this have to be lost their jobs. They have to lose their pensions. There can be no legal mercy on them, because if this doesn't stop there public. As we know it is dead. The time for pay since and mercy is over. There is no mercy because there's been
mercy extended the people on the Trump team for process crimes, and even the FBI admitted some of them didn't commit, notably MIKE Flynn. deception, portions of the FBI, people. Aid to come out in handcuffs. The time is now. This is an hour. Rageous scam, outrageous, as I said yesterday, with all due respect that I met up, I met- a person, I'm going to see. Lady your door, gentlemen. Last night at the book signing former FBI agent, thank for everything I was doing again reflected on the fact that the right, fi wages to the F B. I did not know about this folks, you, I keep getting these emails. Why didn't someone at the agency level at ever at the field office level and the F b? I stop this guy's Ladys, because you didn't know this case contained within the upper level management of the FBI. Please tell me, I'm not I'm not telling you the FBI's all full of saints. There are, of course, every agency as back there's a secret service. I bet actors to when I worked there, I'm telling you the act
theirs I worked with over. There were patriots and love the country. It is not. Aren't you signalling it's a fact they did I know this guy it was held in the upper ranks of the FBI amongst a bunch of anti trump idiots who need to be dragged get there. You know the word gas dragged out in handcuffs if they were involved in these felony leaks the time it is now so the epoch of our times excuse me has adjusted donning Pisa yeah, it's gonna be in the show note. This is one of those absolutely must read pieces that just convey some just incredible information. Here's the gist of it christoffersen. Deal who they had been using to reinforce this russian narrative? Remember. The russian collusion narrative, ladies and gentlemen, is just an excuse to cover up the spying, operational Donald Trump. That is it's as simple as that, but they need The russian collusion narrative to set especially after trouble.
in the oval office in fire. Jim call me because they all thought call me would protect them, commies gone and now they know the all going be exposed. So panic, that's it in the FBI, after Jim calmly, just put yourself in those board. Is the FBI one go and our Joe, the bureau. been involved at the upper levels? Anti May Cape Peter Stroke Bill price step, Jim Combing, LISA, page Jim Baker They ve been involved in a massive spying scandal: money presidential candidate now present United States, their leader Jim call me an anti trump ideologues who hates Trump can't seem to do anything. Rachel has just been fired. They did the did these D. The eighty Swell did the exterminator for swamp rats. Donald Trump is in office and there in a panic, so we need days after the call me firing Joe. You see this flurry of activity. That's when the
ledge conversation would rod Rosa Stein, where they want a wire up to get trump on tape, to invoke the twenty fifth amendment or of move allegedly remove from office because he's mentally incompetent yeah. That's when all this happened show, but the epoch I'm expose something devastating in an exclusive report they had yesterday. They got how how they're getting their whole there their midst on this. On the testimony of these, people Joe. I have no idea Bruce or at least a page, but they got a hold of some Bruce or testimony where Bruce or, the AU official, whose working to pipeline all this information about the fake russian collusion into the FBI that day The days following the call me firing Joe, the F B. I try to reconnect with Christopher Steel. We.
you may say, while I was an anticlimactic set up, no, no, no, no, no, no! No it's only at they come act. If, if you miss what I just said, Christopher Steal, the authorised fake dossier with a rush information had already been terminated by the FBI six months earlier. Andy quote not suitable for use, because Christopher steals information could be verified and he was leaking information to the press, like I said yesterday, the Obama spy operation spy on the Trump team leak it to the press, use your foreign intelligent sources to instil this narrative about Tromp Russia use it to cover up our spying operation. Think about a devastating. This revelation is Bruce or was asked by the B. I, according to this report, to reconnect with Christopher Theo by bureau agents after he'd been terminated by the bureau theme,
at suitable for use. Let me read this to you This is always testimony that died in the peace in upon the help on one of the occasions when I talked to the FBI, this is or to tell them that I got a call from Christine. They said o next time talk with him? Can you ask him if he's milling too willing to meet with us, and I conveyed this back to steal. Question from there they say which congressman's questioning of Joe heedless of the question after he'd been terminated or correct, Ah, my gosh. Do you understand how devastating this revelation? Is the bureau whose own debunked source they themselves had deemed not suitable for use. They are now asking Bruce or who is, who is that, acting as
The handler for Christopher Steel after he'd been terminated to reconnect with him after the firing of call me telling you what they got desperate Joe. Call me been fired. They realize they talk, they realize they ve otherwise, the russian narrative hadn't done what they thought it was going to do it hadn't gotten. Promptly resign, his first few days of office, they didn't at this point, habit, needed to do for an impeachment. So what are they? Do they go back to the well again, listen nobody's accusing these people are being smart. Okay. This is one of the most things I have ever seen. This is that the hubris here is incredibly. Did it is beyond stupid? Folks, it gets worse. Theo gets back to them this This allows for those you don't understand. Spy speak arbitrary,
Seventy seven coded language. I want you to figure it out. Show you too, I think you'll get this quickly read this. the cuban I again same committee work. the congressional congressman's. They don't say who it is. The questioners, asking or about communications with steel. At the request of the PS, I want to be clear because it's in a little spy speak, but I think it's pretty obvious what he's talking about they want or The reconnect would steal the FBI after commies been fired their desperate. They need something about Russia, even if its fate just the dossier even after steals been fire. so the questioner is reading a risk. I'm from steel to brew, sores, request to reconnect- and he says talking about steel. I talked with my wife. I mean
He then says you say: thanks will let you know and we will follow up or acknowledges. Yes, that's basically what was said any. As talked with my wife, I'm in. ladies and gentlemen, you think Christopher Steel Jaw. Women? We almost ass, you quicker, we use, we aspire appointed, you work for the central intelligence agency and not nothing. I can talk about them. now, but you wouldn't admit to it on the shelf. You did anyone, but for the sake of the show that you did not, you are not a spy, you have no experience in intelligence, but you weren't, intelligent guy, never been aspire to be. Ok, I'm just going to ask you a basic question: do you really believe in former spy Christopher steal a four? am I six agent, Christopher Steel who is. It was a spy for the union kingdom whose now working in the private market working for the Hillary Clinton team, but still I significant contacts, do you
We believe when he's asked to re, engage by the FBI after being fired by the that this creditors do you we believe he's sitting down with dinner, asking permission from his wife now Joe Who do you think he's asking for permission from underscore just this, just that with our guess out there somebody higher than him somebody working with him, and he did. Maybe someone in the british government may be somebody in the prettiest government ass. You would be right, Sir John folks, listen. This is Christopher Steel obviously not talking to his wife about this? Is obviously really bad Eagle has landed, spies, speak This is really awful spice be for Christopher Steel. Trying
gather permission from his handlers in the United Kingdom to re, engage on a matter. He's already been terminated on for his lack of credibility. now do you understand why the United Kingdom it's our so worried about the unredeemed acted Pfizer warrants and all the paperwork trump is seen. It is clear as day the United Kingdom was likely intimately involved right now or at a minimum people connected to the intelligence commuting. The United Kingdom in re, engaging against the president, after he was present in the United States, you're supposed to be friendly ease. These are supply the be our allies, these yours, Posts to be our bodies- how bad this is now after November,
keep in mind just to keep track of the timeline. How bad this is Bruce or is dealing with Christopher Steel. Steel was passing information source than before personage justice, department, oars, wife Fusion GPS, the same company that hired Christopher Steel to develop this fake dossier information Veal is fired by the bureau November first I can't say this that this date enough, because it so important November, first, twenty sixteen steel is terminated because they find that he's been we can, through the media, he's part of operation to tar and further trump and media. or reconnects would steal, and in order is after, Remember first, Joe, in order to hide feels role in the production of information after November? First, why, Joe, because he's just been fired by the FBI, what do they do
and what of the damage moves? I've ever seen in my life. They brings it almost like money laundering, give him an FBI handler, or that is whose any information from steel, in other words, if steel shuttles, the information through or it almost like money laundering, its information- or we can just say we got from the Department of Justice and Bruce or I given a handler in by the name of Joe Bianca. Remember the names waiters had named sound familiar Joe The anchor went out now, I'm not suggesting Joe Pr- is a bad guy in all this, because I'm not so sure piano is not a whit. Blower himself, so I wanna be careful on this p anchor. Joe Bianca. You remember the name folks, this same guy, who interviewed MIKE Flynn at the White House in that infamous interview with Peter Stroke.
You see how this was a small group of people involved in the FBI. Now I remember it's the same people who keep creeping up everywhere, p Because handling or whose handling steel after he's been terminated to wash the information through the OJ now even worse, Bianca is tat. two or about steals information for months Joe This goes on top of following year, after he's been fired, steel buddy It's really weird after May of twenty seventeen, so we have twenty seventeen. after a year after steals, been fired, theirs you're getting information from steel the dossier author through or wash through the OJ into the FBI to target Our trump is the president. This
is documented in FBI. Three o two's FBI generated paperwork that that Piazza had filled ouch summaries of their interviews with war, about steals information, but usually gets really freaky gdp. After May, twenty seventeen, our acknowledges that he still had meetings with Bianca but Joe the FBI I write up to those meeting suddenly stopped. There's no record. B of the red instead be landed at the left. Socks episode, where you nobody knows Nobody knows where the three o two's our, why they weren't filled out. Why did stop putting down on paper in May twenty seventeen there interviews with or about their use. Fired, terminated FBI asset to gather information on Trump.
I don't have a hard answer folks, but I have a big speculative one for you that day he got a little march and I realize they were leaving a massive paper trail, sir, body at the bureau must have realised that they were putting down on paper the words a terminated source they have at terminated deemed not suitable for use, despite on the present United States. It's the only That makes sense. Why they stopped document, these interviews, oars ignore the interviews happened after May. Keep em up. I want to November to make sure that happened at all the ones that word document he'd already been fired. Steel folks, please read the epoch Times piece today. It is absolutely a horrifying really is its well done. Its long it'll take about ten minutes to get through, but
lays out this whole horrifying timeline. We're in a rough spot, folks but the time for handcuffs is now. I dont care but the media pressure. I know this has to be done right. I believe in it It will just this, not liberal justice, but this clearly a significantly warden scandal, we in the media, the Obama illustration spying on the trunk team senior leaders of our political state department, bureaucratic community law enforcement community, our intelligence community Brennan some CIA folks who were involved, and others too formation wander information into the fire court, never to official channels to spy On the present, the United States and presidential candidate Donald Trump people have to come out in Hancock it is time? No more nonsense. I want to get to the shut, down trap. This is a really great Pisa. Someone on the inside of the White House put out a piece Joe.
then anonymously speaking saying they were a senior official, have no reason to doubt them at the daily call. An the pieces. Just it's pretty damaged. How Trump is set the ball up again? they I've what I tell you Joe every time they always downplayed sharp eye such an area and he's a buffoon, ok I'll get to them. The second today show also brought you by our friend At Bravo Company manufacturing, ladies and gentlemen, they are some of the finest rifle builds on. The market spoke to him the other day on. If I got their company history. It is incredible. These were professional operators who got tired of second rate firearms. They got tired of it. They want Build rifles to the standards to the standards, professionals out there in the field whose actually have to use these things every day in the defence of liberty in defence of their own lives.
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Both linked in there and if such good pieces, I d link is enough in the American think a piece to the daily collar peace, and I encourage you to read them, but read them both and the Ellie collar peace is written by a Trump Administration insider job. You heard this story because it's it's out so apparently accordingly, this insider trump has succeeded again in setting a massive trap for the liberal Democrats opposing his border wall and the trap is working out wonderfully for him at this point here, what's going on many tried explained to you: the peace in a couple short bullets number one. The insider who again, I have no reason to end a daily callers and more than reputable publication. They would not put this out show if they didn't know who this person was now is somebody's didn't say. in some anonymous peace they know who the person is right to see administration official inside the Trump team, whose making a very serious allegation that upwards of aid? This is his peace, eighty five percent or her and always eighty five percent of the people.
Now working within the federal bureaucracy, a working there for two reasons to thwart trump or to waste time. This is the allegation you, whether you believe it or not, you'll have to read the peace. about the bureaucracies talking about soldiers that talk about law enforcement, is talking about. The federal beer actually is clear from the tone of the poor people within the Federal Bureaucracy are therefore to basically shut down the Trump agenda. What troposphere carried out through these. Do this twenty plus they shut down now Joe, is when these eighty five percent of non essential import he's got around there actually getting more done, because the fifty percent of the people of our decision makers, where are we gets better. This is a joke, laugh it is, but this is where these videos gonna beat ISIS. They do you. you'll love it drop his fate
How does it ministries and that things are actually getting done now because they go to the decision makers in these agencies and the eighty five percent of the lower level bureaucrats? Again, not the law in force military folk, but the bureaucrats who have been stopping the non essential points have been stopping and towards the Tropic. Genji jobs are not there to do any Doorn thing about it, so the Trump team has and efficiency in getting things done an end at and removing this bureaucratic obstacle. That's been there from day. One keep in mind. This is not the way the government's supposed to function. Folks, when the people in Europe black select. The president had the executive branch assumed in a normal functioning republic show that the way of the executive is gonna be implemented by the bureaucrats in the executive branch. Anything I said there controversial job Mab we're so far did ok
John Joseph why'd. You even say that also because it's not the liberals, liberal things, liberals think the role of the executive branch bureaucrats artist stop at agenda. They don't like that how a republic functions. Ok, All that these eighty five percent, that the guy alleges or woman alleges are blocking of the implementation of proper gender gone. They are finding unbelievable efficiencies now, but that that's not the only part of the trap here. The allegation. Oh you just read this from the from the daily collar pieces, really good. Since to the funding measures, many federal agencies are now operating more effectively from the top down on a fraction of the workforce, with only select assent Personnel having national security tasks. President, can end. This abuse senior officials can re prioritize during extended, shut down, focus on for results and weed out the saboteurs. We do not want
most employees to return, because we are working better without them all my gosh, you set a devastating indictment of where we are right now, but but here is where the trap it was set. there is a reduction in force initiative in the federal workforce. Rules show that if you are far lower amusing quota, because that's the specific terminology used and that's important forget there were, if you are followed, as a bureau, Within the federal government for a thirty day period or more which were close, an add on. These are I e f reduction in force. Rules are implemented where the president can move players around and start to repay our ties, the workforce and let some people go out Ah again, I'm not talking about the people out there who are getting a job done. He clearly lays out in a peace that the people in the federal government going to work.
their job done doing the right thing. Even during the shut down he's clear, today you are valuable members of this government. You can't make it. function. Without you, this This clearly targeted towards the people, the federal government violating their oath of office by obstructing a duly elected president and the President's say in two things: number one beat it we I need you were working more efficiently. Without you, a number two once that thirty day more closes in, don't be surprised, If we have an air traffic control a moment would Ronald Reagan, bad did not have. This is a real peace. Now no Reagan, Joe knows what I'm talking about for some of young Galicia out there. The air tat the controllers thought it would be a good idea. A federal air traffic control is to play Games Ronald Reagan. When he was president shouted states, they thought they'd shut, the air traffic grid by going out on strike.
Megan, promptly, probably fired all the air traffic controllers kept the managers to take their job in. It was a huge, huge story. At the time I was very young, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I do too learned not to EU member that show they learn that enormous with Reagan again after that, once we hit- thirty day mark when the shut It's got off for thirty days, president Europe as a whole, lot of flexibility start saying I am Are you exactly doing in the bureaucracy? What's your job exactly, he said: is in play in the swamp, Brad, game, anymore suggesting what the authors and insiders putting out there is Nancy Lucien. Chuckie humor may be playing chicken with the wrong cat right now. This as it Joe is not playing games he's a jerk and around, and he can play in the swamp rat game anymore. This guy,
is the exterminator of swamp rats. He come then, with the rat traps, just like determined ex guy. He is stop playing ball. Folks, he's not and with you here this plan along long game. This guy has been strategically underestimated from the start, President Trump, his tax cuts and they never saw that come in a kick them right now teeth the Democrats. They never thought he had the moxie to get it through his deregulatory push his appointment of Gore shook his appointment of cabin or what maybe another appointment. Some point in the future his eyes points on the federal bench of the district circuit level. They never saw this common. They have chronically underestimated the sky policy Jackie Humor thought they understood the game. Remember Nancy policies launch, I'm a master legislator arguments. You sure. Did you see that little wangle once the sturdy day markets. Folks,
don't be surprised at all. If you see doctrine enforce measures taken place and people being asked. who are obstructing the presence agenda not come back at all, while one more time they stepped on it, They sat there, they underestimated this guy and its right into the store you and only hate somebody. So much so Emily let's these flat rate, which is maybe Pelosi insurance like they did they like drinking poison, open like there, but there are their enemy gets hurt by they just don't understand. They have chronically underestimated this guy and his team clearly a step ahead? I have no reason to doubt this peace was written by a legitimate insider and if it was, it is clear that Nancy and shock or get something done, real, quick, because once that thirty day markets, it's a whole different, ballgame chocolate,
things I just want to get you gotta run the show, notes and important story. There is apparently another caravan forming folks we're in a lot of trouble right here. This immigration debate has changed. The media doesn't want to tell you why its change, but these key revenge with families are forming for a very simple reason. A large swath illegal immigration. Migrants into this country in the past vote was unemployed, males or or employed males, and in Mexico and Central America. Looking for better jobs in the United States, you gotta be clear on this. Now. What would happen we're caught at the border, was relatively easy, especially if they were from Mexico to deport them based on those that the delay system works now Families are involved, of course, liberals figure this out near. You know zeal to open our borders when families
Bob and Children Flores kicks in. We can hold children in detention facilities for more than twenty plus stays. Roughly the children have to be set free because we don't have the ability to hold the families. Typically, the family members are set free to. In other words, liberals figured out tat. If we tracked, you in a very dangerous track across our borders, some of whom have suffered greatly. If we do that to get people into the country released and that the country will engage in a large scale. Amnesty later. We clear on that because that's how the debate is changed now. now that the debate has changed and activists in Central America and elsewhere figured out if we put children The caravan do we can get the families into the country and an amnesty measure later, because they release them because a floor as they can forest consent decree. These key revenge, you're gonna form on a regular basis. Now there is another, informing and endorse ever piece in the show notes up my website. Please check it. folks. This is never ever gonna stop until we do so
thing about Flores or we change our immigration rules. It's never going to stop. one last story, the former candidate for governor, almost one the raw governors race in in Georgia, Stacy Abrams again on this immigration line was We actually openly admitted in an interview yesterday that she quote wooden pose non citizens voting. Folks, don't laugh. soft, don't say, are crazy, radical left this. What do you mean it? Nepal is non citizens voting. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens. You get a beta Oh Andrew Guillaume stays the Abrams Bernie Sanders Elizabeth WAR and type radical left this. They propose article idea that initially pulling out so short, all of a sudden it becomes mainstream within the party. This is the next step. Do not play this stuff down Non citizens voting basically the entire globe walking the United States. You
children as a way to get in or visa overstating and becoming effectively voting representatives in the United States to vote away your tax dollars in your voting rights read the story can see the cliff for yourself. I folks again for June, and I really appreciate I hope you did. He shall please subscribe to the podcast. It's free recently, about I tunes. If you don't have an Iphone device you can follow on. I heard if you gotta heart radio good, look up the damp on GINO show please quick to follow, but you cannot follow you also false and sound, clad Spotify helps a slot. It is completely free to you, but it helps us move up. The charts thanks for tuna. folks, I really appreciate it I'll see you all too much. You just heard TAN Bonn, genomes yeah! You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.