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Ep. 902 Mueller Doubles Down on Police State Tactics

2019-01-25 | 🔗
In this episode I address the breaking news about the early morning raid of political operative Roger Stone’s house by the Mueller team. Mueller is clearly panicking at this point and I make the case that he is getting desperate by using these tactics. I also cover the increasingly troubling use of technology by governments to spy on citizens.  News Picks: Bob Mueller’s team grabs Roger Stone and still produces no evidence of collusion.    Nancy Pelosi admits she’s not serious about reopening the government.   US jobless claims fall to a 49 year low.    Some lawmakers believe only a crisis will end the government shutdown.   Nancy Pelosi is boxed in a corner by Trump’s latest offer.    The Democrat presidential candidates are trying to outdo each other on tax hike proposals.    This piece addresses the Clinton campaign’s role in the framing of the Trump team.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host in bonn jean i want thereby gino show police joe how are you today how i know it's a today yes it is friday yes chronologically at a counter like today is of all the news days how i started lizzie news they today it's gonna be insane news they saw this and let me get right to it hears i want however today breaking news on the swamp the government shut down nancy policy is increasingly cornered i dont tell you that as some kind of political tactic depression dams i'm telling you that big it's the truth she's having she's going to have a very difficult time now going forward if a third paycheck is missed and i want to roger stone news this morning which happened right before i went on the air at fox in france which i described today show
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by no means is aid by some kind of it back alive he's a conservative commentator but we know he's a pretty fair down line observe any as a peace up did i believe it's in the week i have it up at the show notes and i encourage you to read it about suppose you joe is increasingly in a corner of the government shut down because moderate democrats or with the club to be our mobile skeptical of course of the term moderate technocrat but we'll claims people who claim to be moderate democrats who were in swinging type districts are starting put pressure on nancy pelosi as paychecks are starting an amount that miss paycheck are starting to mount up and policy now is having a tough time explaining legislatively what she wants from tromp now listen i've been key did i am not a supporter of dhaka the amnesty off let's get out of the way so nobody mistakes what my principles are they don't change in our support president winner winner values align there is chat around the table right now of a form of legislative relief for these dhaka kids were brought here by their parents i'm advice
u s law again i dont support that so please don't i'm not changing my mind i will never changed my mind on that but there is some of trading that phrase significant pomp and border while funding listen here is the problem talking about the strict political tactics your joy verde laid out my principles what i believe in your free to believe what ever you want as well about doc right on from strict policy whole strategic and tactical front how is nancy pelosi going to explain this way to congressmen and women just that did in a mid term wipe out for republicans at the house level joe how did she go explain and is her or her members on the democrats i gotta go back and explained districts at a fifty fifty democratic republic where they're just one their first term these new democrats when people say what as the government shut down while it shut down because what i can't say that anymore running out of reason so morrissey has a fascinating peace talking about how these democrats are increasingly breaking ranks joe even people in not so swinging districts kleiber stani hoyer from europe
joe said he hired down in southern marilyn who has been in a leadership role on a democrat side in the house before they're all starting detached themselves from the policy the wall the moral approach the walls more they're all moving away from this in other words i think i think you're gonna see a deal don't play may not be the deal i want at this point if if it's a involves doc a trade it's not by the you're going to see a deal and i think the democrats are going to have to fall down this joe because there is simply no way they're going to be able to stick to their guns on guns have already been given up they would trump authority already i promised on a lot of these on a lot of the us so i think the democrats are a lot of trouble policies corner she's in a world of her right now i'm all right one other quick story i want it again to hear of elizabeth war and i warned you about this that as this the crab presidential feel the jos robin his war had as a democrat presidential field on false or twenty twenty we now have come a harrison democrats interface
a fournier elizabeth warren democrats therefore massachusetts we have a bunch of other people in john the lady who i ran against for congress is run in his well you know he's gonna jump in i'm assuming joe biden going to jump into the field expands i warned you in the past that you were going to see increasingly democrats racing to the bottom it more and more outrageous far left proposals in an effort to appear more or progressive to the progressive base it's gonna be voting in their primary blizzard it came out last night with a two percent wealth tax on people fifty million dollars assets are above folks again i've tried the economic arguments over and over again i'll make one here i am assuming i'm wasting my breath on the liberals but on people who are persuadable and reasonable i get it then a lot of you out there like so what's the watson who cares if elizabeth worn let me a as president worn proposes a two percent levy on the
sets remember joe not the income the assets of people fifty million or more so remember that no wait a move money from capital gains income to real estate to trust it would be your your gross assets so armor where the hundred million dollars it would be a two percent levy on those assets not your income man ladies and gentlemen would be devastating to our economy and it would be devastating because how many gimme the economic reason understanding that the liberals listening that their half brain dead and that none of this gonna penetrate they have like a lead shielding around their skulls you know when you go for an extra they give you the lead blanket to put every lead led blanket is if it did you know the facts penetrating their schools are possible aid they rapid around their head again i totally see that the lead you get around there had to take a lead political balaklava what my master sometime visibility is yet so i get it try this anyway a lot of
can say well it only affects people fifty million ass they don't need them it's not what they need number one i don't care what the government thinks we need or don't i'm not interested interested in a sinners men and women who somehow leverage their own power and influence you get elected the congress telling what i need with regards to my money my firearms my kids educational my health care i dont care get out of my life stay out of my life begone don't let the or hitching a button a way out but with regard to the people were fifty million in assistance need anymore concept that's not the point ladies and gentlemen people who have accumulated wealth and assets have done it for a reason income isn't distributed its own its earned because that part and whether good or bad or indifferent i'm not making a moral judgment on the because i dont know every person in the country makes fifty million dollars some of could be shady something could be complete slime backs some of them could be totally benevolent really good people i have no idea
all i know is i don't care they had produce something or a product that society valued enough there people were willing to turn over their money to the person who invented this idea or this product or this service world was clearly a better place because people find those assets worth their time if they didn't they wouldn't turn over their money right having sex that what they do with the money i've tried to remember i need this in the back you had at all times see i cs cs what is cia therefore my abbreviation for consume investor spent when corporations or wealthy fifty million dollars and assets are above however you choose to define wealthy a gardener a substantial pool of assets money wealth there are three things they can do with it and only three things
they can consume that money whether it's a business this can consume the money and spend it on itself if it's a person a very wealthy person he can consume the money by spending it by buying food by buying wine by bringing a private job gosh private jet folks do you realize that working men and women built that private jet and built the parts fort and mine the or the iron or that wanted to steal that they use steel workers many cases put together what are you think drives the economy in the production of products demand demand by people who have assets to levy that demand into actual sales are you an economic idiot the money to be consumed invested are spending are spent i asked consume investor spent so on the first for they can could suit gosh should not surprise really it's a problem you work for a business i got news for your business relies on consumption are you that stupid gives you not figure this out
i mean i'm talking to you my listeners elevated that i'm talking about the liberals have a tough time like alexandria case you cortez juggle understanding even basic economics if you dont consume it you can invest it you can invested in other people's common just like a business can a business can consume it on itself buildeth business it can invest that and other businesses if don't have any good to say europe joe you're worth fifty million dollars here fifty million and assets you don't you can't buy anymore there's nothing else you have a house you have you judge at you you have what it gave a jet skis your backyard evelyn and you don't even go out to eat you live of relatively benign lifestyle and you're in your old age i burn a restaurant there he found the right back the rest of us a yet nothing else to buy what do they do they enjoy the money and other places neither put it in a bank or the bank invests it a fine she'll firm where they invested
evil hedge fund that invested and other businesses and what happens show other businesses scoop up that unused capital and use it to build their own businesses again liberals i know this is tough for you this is basic economics capital flows cash flows i get this is tough because you're not willing to shep but try for a minute to put your economic absurdity aside and in the end the ninja mask of of the x ray ninja mask made of lead aside and let the facts penetrate they don't consume they'll invested invested in other people's companies that will and use it to build their own products and services finally they could spend it this is a simple analogy the business spending on dividends they can give the money back to the owners of the business people on the stock in the former diffidence consume invest spin now
the individuals on the individual front but that what is good consume is obvious for them they consume it they buy food drink jets whatever invest invest in other people's companies this spend part maybe you could invest yourself in your own companies spend it you could say on a per use hey listen i am i've got this idea what about a pet rock member the pet rocco that was the dumbest idea of until the nice old like a million i'm the guy could say not a good idea you know kids like these things called yet but my daughter like stuffed animals they have these animals my they did the doktor was at them i do however think that is a huge i'd really but you know what some guy thought of it where did you get this stuff malta comes in a breakable like plastic egg and two kids break into the eight there called hatch mammals my daughter loves it right somebody thought of that idea so they can consume it on themselves invest that another companies invest in it box for themselves or they can invested in their own company start around think that's what
to money ladies and gentlemen it doesn't get burned under mattresses it doesn't get she'd be hidden under mattresses it doesn't get burned and fireplaces this is all stupid disarmament dense economics elizabeth doesn't understand any of this and its frustrating because i know it's for the simple minded among us to go what what do we care who needs fifty may thus it's not what they need nobody cares what you think they need not listen to the liberals after you don't anything about making money european the private sector and stop telling us governments the answer all our problem you have no indeed what we need back off i don't care what you think you get out of my life get out of my while it get out of my firearm save get out of my kids school get out of my health care i don't care what you think it is what happens with the money that matters need entirely different it is consumed invested or spent and that what leads to a growing economy my gosh i get entire these people really frustrating having to speak in basic econ went away
talking about advanced level you know are marginal propensity to consume keynesian nonsense here we're talking about basic cash was let me get to the stone a story but let me read this versus is important we gotta get our spy this inherent stones gonna take while because what's happening here is is clearly obvious at this point i did issues what you by bodies at bleakest if you're with someone like me the list of books you want to read is always expanding people suggesting new once all the time listen we don't have time to read em all we all know that but our sponsor blink guest like blinking your eyes blinking has solved the long list of must reads once and for all bleakest is the only add that takes thousands of the best selling nonfiction books and distills them down the most impact elements you can read or listen to them and under fifteen minutes on your phone i lesson in my car one of my fate authors designer nicholas tulip who wrote the black swan rotation dr joe crazy about love if blinkers you who expand your now that i love that book
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since they seem to think mother's a good guy could be a white had that is you can just throw that out the window what happened right stone who was a former asia camp is a campaign guy he's up and up oh guy he's always a political guy puts together political strategy and stuff like that you may have seen a monti visa always pretty sharp dress guy i am run into roger stone in a couple of our political events i've seen em we're not friends i dont know roger but did discuss i have met him before it certain events a bizarre roger stone his house was apparently right did this morning in another early morning raid there were some day references about the time if it happened last evening or this morning also there happen to be someone there with a camera who was tipped off to record this thing now ladies and gentlemen
because you're my audience and i'd love you and i mean it i'm gonna have as much man love has i can for you is possible you ever made this show a huge here and i feel like i owe you an apology i mean it i'm kidding around this isn't like joke time i have defended and joe please voucher medicine call me out if you think i'm wrong i have defended the fbi at every opportunity the rank and file of b i have i not yes you have every opportunity i scarcely yet at an his joe well knows because he reads a lot of the emails to me he times to the chagrin of many of you my loyal listeners in the audience who have loudly prick and then if this happened with the fbi the spy gate scandal why do you keep defending these guys and i have defended them be as this scandal to spy on trump and i stand by this construe was clearly an isolated i was isolated to the upper level management it net the case never came through the rank and file but
ladies and gentlemen what happened today with the fbi and the raid on on stones house is just a disgrace i dont know roger stone i dont know what skeelty of or not i know because i've read the indictment that the allegations ojo our process crimes right stone was clearly not a flight risk roger stone is appeared on tv including tucker karlsson appearance i believe on monday night on fox which says me joe you are not a criminal investigator near pass correct josephine ask you a question as european ombudsman demonic roger storm was a flight risk i don't think so then you think when your appearing on fox news on monday that the chances of you fleeing the country with as probably the most recognisable figure outside of donald trump in this case you take a chance getting caught if you were to flee the country a pretty high hey everybody here i am exactly stone was why would you hit disguise house with what appears to be overwhelming force intact cook you guys
clearly this is not a reflection i going to be fair here of every age in the f b i m sure people organ objectives but i have defended them and i i apologize i think for sometimes be implied did myself was clearly what happened this morning an absent but we unnecessary set up a pool of tactics to get stone stone could have surrendered with his lawyer and we know what are they doing what were they if they were arresting the sky for child pornography homicide murder terrorism charges assault on a federal agent they were i think this guy again for more process com crimes obstruction of the investigation and alleged witness tampering you do six a m raid with guys intact ear and multiple car show up at the house folks this not what happened sound good explain to you why this happens i believe this house and because mahler is panicking again
remember the show i did last week where i indicated that just july twenty seventh twenty seventeenth it is critical its clear alors job right now is to cover up the oj and the the imo malfeasance it is clear as day the fbi's role and spying on the trunk team in investigating them for no good reason when ever some think breaks in the case i said this on fox and friends this morning and i want to thank them when he turns it media matters will listen to my shown watch fox went for promoting my stuff they'll call this a conspiracy theory you can call which ones longs people listen that's all i care about the facts of the case no i mean like decks the media matters i oughta thank up unlike you guys are really great here's the link to the shell folks every time there is a key critical break in the case you see bob mahler panics any does things and they do things hastily i'm gonna get to talk do i twenty seventh in a second but today regarding today's case what happened last night last night fox news catherine heritage and a number of other folks started reporting on another
age or break in this case where fbi in the oj officials multiple officials are now indicating that andy caves version of how the case started via the fires and worn is accurate what's not version applies i trouble ladies and gentlemen andrew my cape according to a canoe national testimony that was leaked did he gave andy mackay all members of congress defies are born in other words the warrant to spy on trumped just be votes be very simple about this the whole started the case too aren't to spy on the trump team the carter page one where they can get the to hospital hot from page and his people his people that that warrant would not have existed without that see a andy mikhail the number two with the fbi who was in many kay is the lead on this case supervising peter stroke and others had indicated at bombshell piece of information in other words the whole case joe is a force the whole case is
joke and is a scam that relied on a hoax document that has now been the box but what happened yesterday which prob we explains why bob mahler hit the house this morning yesterday came out that another fbi your official come out said that it was fifty fifty they would have got no war without the dossier in words ladies and gentlemen they didn't believe this case from the start the way probable cause works which is the evidentiary standard needed to secure a warrant to arrest someone or to get a search warrant you have to compile enough evidence to reach a standard known as probable cause ladies and gentlemen as a former federal agent it is a black and white standard it is at probable cause or you either reach probable cause or you do not the level
hello probable cause is called reasonable suspicion it is not enough to secure a warrant it is not enough to arrest someone under any circumstances probable cause is the standard if you knew ten pieces of information to reach probable cause and you have five as indicated by this this now someone patently blow the whistle on the fbi they had fifty fifty shot again without the dossier what does that tell you joe that just by around stephen probably that they only felt it was half in half the dossier was out of it they would have gotten their meaning to the to me ladys german they were not confident all they had occasional this case yesterday this is devastating information followed by the revelation last week that model key investigator put two and two together here ladies and gentlemen please followed by the revelation last week that mothers key invent
the gator andy weissmann revealed last week that why men knew about the political origins of the information and the political motivations of the guy supplying the information that dossier back in august of twenty sixty put two and two together mahler annex mahler finds out his lead investigator knew that the guy who cry it's the information the fake information used to get the worn on trumped team in the treaty that is leading as knew about the political origins of this information back in august of twenty sixteen and this is his leave guy this comes at last week all of a sudden you see the buzz feeding break which pulse berries indicating that that leak may have come from felix sater whose look i'm wondering what sailors connection is who is whose consider a talk sailor who
ironically is alleged to have pushed the russia deal the trumpet our meeting our trump tower she's me project in moscow on trump after they find out he's gonna run for president push later that who did too tall say too that mollified that has led investigator joe knew that this was a political head job what does he find out last night well fox news finds out last night they report last night catherine herod reports that other fbi people are now speaking out that the origins their investigation the warrant was a political head job too that it was based on a political document the fake dossier that mothers team know about mahler has to into the story to what are they do they hit the house at six o clock this morning i have to tell you guys i know you don't care what i think a lot of the people involved in this the bureau folks but i am really disappointed to my own
hence i i get it i get it people are scared no i mean it i am i don't mean people are scared and a frightened childlike way i mean people are scared for the future of our country you the opportunity right here some people in the bureau to stand up and do the right thing i've maybe i was a federal agent to i'm not speaking with forked tongue here oh damn well roger stone was no flight risk oh darn well that if you would call this lawyer that he could turned himself in a meal italy if you would have you know that you know lives you know where it goes he's easily recognisable you just saw em on tv on monday why that act would you hit this guy's house at six o clock in the morning intact year why and the answer is pretty yes someone needed to change the story someone needed to change the narrative and they wanted to in use and aggressive aggressive hit the start on this guy
to scare him into cooperating and this was one of those shake the trees tactics you listen listen dopey may you know it's true joe i've been involved in these i wasn't of the multiple federal wes a guy's gonna turn himself in you're trying to get him to cooperate and you not to in a scare him which i think was happening here you'll let his lawyer turn in a ring from to come to the office and talk you could put the hang of sign of that hit the guy's door six o clock in the morning with guys attack vest ladies and gentlemen this is the kind of stuff it scare in a lot of people the guys of women involved i don't know i really don't know what you were thinking i'm sorry but somebody should have spoken out here no stone frankly i don't know man i don't i don't know the guided to trust them not trust them i've read some of the indictment some of the stuff is troubling in there but they hit the guy
house at six o clock in the morning says to me that something is going on now there were paula thinks what was arrested for he was right indicted didn't die too pursuant to a grand jury for alleged communications witnesses in a case where he's tells him not to turn things over the fbi and upset only he misled the fbi about his contacts with wiki leagues and here accordingly indictment job stone appear to indicate to it pain official on the trump tina quota payload was coming involving some wiki leaks emails were allegedly step taken by the russians and given to wikileaks what's the problem joe we're still not sure wiki leagues got those from the russians now however unsavory this conduct may be trying to gather together hillary clinton email from wikileaks or you may think it is i mean hillary clinton should have been putting the information out on a private email to begin with and it deleting thirty thousand emails but whoever unsavory that conduct is you know what i find
joe what i find out as they are criminalizing on what they perceive to be unsavory political conduct while completely ignoring the unsavory political connections of hillary clinton so we see that which is the exact how many times i gotta tell you this mahler probes soul probe right now so purpose forgive me here is appears to be to cover up all of the misconduct by the hilary team and that the oj and every single time you see a break in this case on the side of reflects positively on the trump team mahler magically pulls out of his magic caboose some kind of arrest tactic or or or or police they tactic to frighten another witnessing get and get media attention back on the people he wants the attention on what the problem ladies and gentlemen though with stone its contacts with wikileaks we're not sure wiki leagues got the information from the russians how does indicate russian collusion wiki
denies it and says they have evidence they didn't get the information from the russians right we still don't know not to mention the fact that phone may have communicated with people on about opposition research does not indicate criminality at all ladies and gentlemen if there is some kind of criminal conspiracy to collude with the russians why hasn't mahler charged anybody with it yet until why because he doesn't have anything don't panic about spokes this is mahler freaking out again needs to change the narrative from the fact that his life investigator andy weissmann new this was a political hit in august of last year and some so blower yesterday talking to congress has indicated that everybody knew was a political hate and at its death warrant would not have existed without the fake dossier political had job there panicking folks now where have we seen this before with mahler suggested
i'm up where we were still tat was hit this morning i believe it was hit because the negative information about mothers investigators and mothers team are starting to come out mahler is to change the narrative early read we ve seen these tactics before now learn how to read the tea leaves in this case ladies and gentlemen when you read hack far left sites like media matters the daily eastern buzzfeed in other than the national choirs left when you these sites you could start to pick up which really going on because these are propagandist whose goal is the usher in the police state and cover up democrats to cover up the democrats crimes and and try to paint trump as a criminal even though they don't have any evidence so once in a while our peruse these sites so i saw it interesting reference in a peace by the early beast today that people in key
whereas some democrats are now looking into again eric prince again now prince ladies and gentlemen this is fascinating because it telling you again that mothers job is to cover all this stuff up learn how to read the tv what his hat mean why are the democrats looking at barrack prince again let me give you a little bit of background on prince grownups photos for jimmy this is important so eric prince is betsy divorce who was a trump cabinet official she is the secretary of education that is her brother eric print she used to own black water they since sold it it's been a change name since them but eric prince is key figure in the mahler probe i've told you from the start this was all a set up of the trump team i believe all these people were pushed in the trump orbit to bay
in the trunk people about russia stuff so they could use it later we ve reference prince before what it prince do and what it what it what is he what why is he such a key figure in the programme y all of a sudden would they be re interested and let me read you in all peace about who is cooperating against their prince this is from a salon dotcom peace a far left site investigators also stopped in question jewels ammo and australian businessmen about his ties to george nato the level he's born investment advisor to the usa whose off stopped and first the dallas airport by mothers people and is now operating with his investigation zahm the question about mr nato's relationship with russia and its content switch trump advisers as well as the movement of money from the usa into the united states you like i don't get this where you go in there
confused enhanced this is set up the trump team was set up eric prince who is betsy vast trump cabinet officials brother in law eric prince went to a meeting in the seychelles at one point the allegations are always at this meeting was an effort to set up a back channel to talk to the russians and people in the middle east javert notice ever there's an and when there's a meeting with someone on the trump team wits to someone directed to the mahler probe or someone connected to the hillary clinton team it's always a back channel jumpy you ever noticed that in that kind of crazy who sets up this meeting in the seychelles a while back that eric prince was at work that's the meeting up and whose air is a guy named george nadir george nato the i just read to you and at last piece by salon who they are trying to do other people now to give up a george nator or give up information about nadir in his contacts here who maders lawyer
maders lawyers catherine rumbler the obama administration fixer so others lawyer the white ass the fixer catherine rumbler is representing this guy nadir whose arranging all of these meetings and one of them is a meeting between eric prince and this russian guy in the seychelles now the democrats all of a sudden you re interested in this why because someone is feeding them this information that this is a big thing now look eric princess post to meet with the russian it was arranged by george nato whose natures lawyer all catherine rumbler former bob a white house counsel of white house fixer all of this stuff all these roads we back the clinton and obama every single one of them let me she ever me continued free from the salon peace in fact mothers but turning up the heat is major related investigations in recent days member made
is represented by obama's lawyer related investigations lawyer is representing this guy he's late the probe you recall this is from the peace that nato has had continued contacts with trumpet his campaign over the past two years or we has who told them to do joe parliament do that did you did that on its own is just an entrepreneurial guy he arranged and attended a meeting a trump tower in december of twenty six dean between jared kirshner and steve batten and are you a ruler mohammed bins i had all my on this was on the time the cushion whom i met with sergei kiss the here we go joe seeking to set up a back channel to put into the russian embassy we go with the budgetary authority is always this always a back channel involving a guy who setting up meetings was represented by a bomb is long overdue always creeps up this guy
in major is i've been talking about this guy forever tore up nator who is but one of them chief cooperators in smaller probe we know this is being raped by obama's lawyer and from the salon peace mahler has been turning up the heat in his native related investigations who's running this thing here's a key piece and the only reason i'm bringing prince up today in light of the roger stone stuff is because this is gonna be eric ladies and gentlemen book ma this episode it's friday i don't know the date somethin i get confused listen to me princes gonna be next stone was today to change the narrative other process crime unrelated to collusion eric prince will be next it will be the same process crimes ladies and gentlemen and it will be about meetings again
again by a guy whose lawyer was perhaps obama's white house counsel stating how this keeps creeping up in it amazing now even another wrinkle to throw a get i've been another terrible you want to see a deuce come in your way who did eric prince meet with in the seychelles however this is arranged by a guy who's rep obama's lawyer whose now working with mahler he met with a guy may korea dmitri who ran the russian direct investment fund one of the primary backers of the skull of all project folks follow me i know today shows confusing but this is the next shoe to drop you heard it here first the ellie beast which is a left wing propaganda site clearly is getting a leak from somebody connected to the case that
does the next roger stone rate to happen it's gonna be prince you have the learned to read the tea leaves you prince me with this guy career dmitri have set up by a guy working with the mahler team who is now ripe by obama's lawyer he meets the guy career dmitri from the russian direct investment fund what was a heavy back or the scope of our project the scope of our project was the russian effort there an effort to build a technology corridor in russia where that spoke of project later was alleged to have stolen significant technology secrets from the united states to build advanced military weapons who is one of the primary backers of the scope of our project hillary clinton
twenty of the twenty seven companies involved and spoke about where big donors to the clinton campaign folks carol dmitri have russian direct investment fund a guy meeting with prince that direct investment one of the big financial backers of this the guy who arranges this meeting is now being right by obama's lawyer ladys jim and this is set up now even better sorry folk suggest i'm i'm just acid with this not that this is just unbelievable how stupid people are not able to put two and two together when it's all out there we haven't brought that curtail name for a long time man i mean i know it i know you're my show your face when i brought it up here who represented the russian direct investment fund
this is from salon dot com a left leaning site in his report on the clinton machines ties the saudi arabia michael this sakharov also notes that two of clinton lobbyists big bottlers richard sullivan david jones our principles and affirm that till late last year represented the russia direct investment fund us sovereign wealth funds cofounded vi bladder mere putin when he was prime minister so a russian that runs a fund started by putin investing in a military project military technique reggie project where they stole our technology backed by hillary clinton in companies backing her a russian connected to all those things hilary putin and money meets with the brother in law with the brother of a trump administration official
that up by a guy who's now rep by an obama lawyer and working with the special council and that guy all of a sudden his name starts creep out and we get into the media wait for the night piece of bad news to drop about the mahler probe maybe it's the ant maybe it's reductive documents being unwritten acted did not sure what it's gonna be but wait for that the drop in you're gonna see princes named creep up again too i got more don't go anywhere i have got a lot more i still haven't even got to cover and again the july twenty seven stuff cause it's important you understand my mother's actually doing right now it's really really static i folks finally today show brought you by a body that man creates hey listen what's the worst valentine's day give guys you ve ever received come on you know it's bad an ugly die a box of
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you spend one hundred dollars are more at main creates dot com slash bonn gino man creates that calm slash podgy oh go check it out i folks i covered less last week a really important that of dates which was a dvd period around july twenty seven where this is what matters going whenever bad information breaks about the case said roger stone is obviously bonds to two mahler being europe is being revealed that his lead bulldog knew this was a political head now people are starting to talk about somalia needs to change a story and i shoot me i said to you last week that july twenty seventh was critical day because a couple things happened on that date july twenty seven twenty seventeen we had this confluence of events mahler is finally notified by the imf you're generally internal affairs officer michael har which is working this case that he has
the text messages from the investigators investigating donald trump lisa page one of the lawyers and peter stroke the investigator and that their devastating so it's awfully can union on that date that the right around that time because clearly mahler gets win that these are gonna come out these text messages which revealed show just how corrupted you read the mess donald trump support as we smell them we need an insurance policy against frumpy and elected you ve seen the text messages votes more are clearly understands that this is a disaster now instead of malo doing the right thing and started realises investigations corrupted from the start mahler doubles down and stupid because it's what they do and a witch hunt i'm get tired of people defend in the sky so what happened stats when papadopoulos is arrested at the airport in a quickie arrest when i've told you what appears to be some kind of a quickie pc arrest at the airport be suspicious of i interviewed george papadopoulos about it we have a number of things affords arrested the day before july twenty six his house is rated in other words like like we
but the stone raid today we saw in the manifold rate in the past but i'm just trying to lay out a set of effective mothers clearly doing this to come rob bad information this is up an ice government fully government used to change the media story to keep the highlighted attention on donald trump and off of mothers malfeasance right now right but this just think other connection that of let's call my friend keeps keeps making around the state he so think about a two job when he if you go back and listened to my george papadopoulos interview it's right around the july twenty seven the week before that time that papadopoulos is hit up by this guy to wheel with this ten thousand dollar offer right you remember this works if you listen to church but i was interviewed papadopoulos meets with this this business guy i get automatic anybody's where face value at this unjust suggesting what he told the story he meets with this guy in a hotel room overseas who gives
ten thousand dollars for some business deal george takes the ten thousand dollars and doesn't bring it back with them into the united states now i have questions about this because what i believe is the f b i didn't have they were trying to get pop adopt list the flip puppet in january papa that police wooden flip and work for the fbi in any the substantive way against the trumpeting that's what i believe that's why it says in one of the fbi down miss georgian is in a second interviewed the f b i reiterated hit this is desire to help meaning don't pointy set up at the fbi i think wanted him to cooperate against tromp i think that's the bombshell and pop up wasn't playing ball and clearly between his first and second interview in january and february twenty seventeen papadopoulos senses something's wrong hence the deletion of his facebook account the self we'll get rid of the cell phone papadopoulos senses something up that he is not in fact pigeon he's the statue he says is that
now there's a lag between his second interview in february where he's not gonna play ball apparently the fbi storms at of interview all the way in july joe they must figure in these text messages that their reading follow me joe that there's something devil dating about their the fbi's work on the populace case molly team clearly read something hence there's this rush to get papadopoulos get locked up into shut his mouth so they lock him up ass he entered the country back in the dallas inconveniently the amount of money this guy gives them and i believe the sloppily arranged i hit on on ana is the exact amount show you would need to declare if you re entering through united states customs the ten thousand dollars now papadopoulos this i bring the money back with him he leaves it overseas i believe in in a foreign account with a lawyer he indicated but isn't it fascinating jonah
it happens that whole ten thousand dollars given the papadopoulos happens right around the week that mahler gets thea text messages again of libya can be for real the folks this all happens around this july twenty seven date mahler gets the whole cases blown wide open clearly he gets a look at that ex messages that his entire team is corrupted andy weissmann we find out new about the political origins of this hit we know according to bruce or zone testimony we now know that mahler new do the text messages that has led investigator peter stroke was corrupted that he hated donald trump that there was a political motivation for this he knows what this mauler and every time he comes out instead of just being honest that this is a corrupt investigation into an innocent man on a fabricated case of collusion he doubles down in what appears to be these these these hastily
organised arrests and weapon eyes government orestes bullying tactics to shut people down as clear as day folks for ten thousand dollars is the exact amount of money you need to declare we need deposited in the u s bank yes sir can be really someone shows up and gives papa apple is ten thousand dollars in this in this question let pass business deal and i really hope if george i think george said the guy with sweat he was nervous why we never tired yet good point that the guy was nerve is that he was nervous papadopoulos story was gonna get hurry back elicited the interview and i asked some very specific questions you know when you pop back into the airport dallas do they show you an arrest warrant and the reason i believe that that i believe in and if i'm through wrong a proven wrong but the reason i believe puppet populaces arrested at this point without a warrant on a probable cause arrests which
very unusual in the pet federal system i've said that repeatedly have already explained that before many shows you list the prior showest understand why but the real i believe that is i think they had a war and based on this ten thousand dollars and the fact that he was going to come back and maybe not declare it or something and papadopoulos never been the ten thousand dollars pack so they didn't have anything so they had a call caller u s attorney and someone probably sent i'll pick him up anywhere we'll pick him up on a false statements charge it's the only thing that makes sense if this guy such a threat to american democracy papadopoulos because he's a key figure in a russian collusion scandal joe there why the heck would they let him go in february after their second interview and not pick him up again at the july the reason ape come up in july is because mothers reading the text messages where it becomes clear as data papadopoulos is part of an elaborate scheme to spy on the trump team and investigate amusing fbi assets in a weapon eyes government political a job it is clear as day and after
just this guy up the ten thousand dollars appears eighty business guy appears papadopoulos comes back the airport doesn't have the ten thousand they panic after pc arrest them right there because the warrant they probably drafted up or edward i need a draft that they had a complaint likely george up about him coming back you can do that advance joe i have a complacent zone would swear to it because nothing happened right ok get over if i think you're gonna come back in the country ten thousand the wrong we send in a word document over hey case this happens here's the paperwork either elsewhere too then the eu faces where we can swear to this it didn't happen doesn't have the ten thousand dollars what are we gonna do i'll pc arrest foresight discharge folks this is really really bad at all happens around the same july twenty seventy where bob
finally finds out through the text messages what a scam this whole thing is we ve seen this tactic before don't be surprised if eric princes next for meeting with a russian connected the two clinton bundlers and a source represented by obama's former white house where hassler focus is the biggest set up in american history the biggest political scandal ever aright two quick stories that in the week with kind of warnings the end on a dour no but just fast this story yesterday on drudge about something i've word you bout repeatedly you're not the conspiracy theories but away at their say what you want i really don't carried my life span a lifetime and preparedness and i've warned you about the threat of e mps electromagnetic pulse nuclear attacks in our atmosphere in all
dad it's just crazy what do you live in another book of eli or something the walking dead report on your agenda china and russia joe have committed to what they call blackout warfare by the way this wasn't like some from crazy like gloomy to incite this from a major publication china russia committed the blackout warfare now black or for and by the way they consider this a nuclear strike which odd i guess as it does it wouldn't cause a meal casualties due to the blast blackout warfare is the debt nation of a nuclear device at the atmospheric level so the blast wouldn't kill anyone on the ground but the wiping out of our electronic infrastructure would there is some the myths that in the blast area in the affected area up the ninety percent of people would die water pumps wouldn't work no electricity cars wouldn't work electric systems will be fried everywhere they really have the caprice did you survive disarray story folks it's not a joke this
i'm crazy you know loony tune stuff this is the real deal russians in the chinese are actively preparing for what they call blackout warfare and an end date they don't considerate a nuclear strike numbers they consider it's like a normal tactical battlefield mechanism to stop their adversary will you bring it up because job which the guy if nuclear strike in its mass devastation and mutually assured destruction and stop even the sickest most arrange regimes in the past from engaging in it but when i try to table don't even consider it a nuclear strike so that their moral limits imposed upon it aren't even their xanadu look it up blackout wharf they have home and in the u s is very little defence against the fair cages we're not protected our transformers are protected we have no ability to rapidly rebuild their electronic infrastructure people would die
by the hundreds of thousands above the blast area the real deal i was all i wanted story speaking a russian china last night tucker had a tucker karlsson at a fascinating guest on talking about this these symbiosis and is this new working of are of major technology companies with big state actors in whatsoever very very dangerous future if we don't i'll take a look at this would open eyes and was marked marks i was on and stein did a great job summarizing aligned by de tocqueville how went to tocqueville came to the united states and gave his initial assessment of the of the new united states he was he remarked at even though the king was the absolute monarch in england he had absolute power right in many respects the king was actually powerless centuries ago and stein brought up as you point out the total notice it
the king sent in emissary to your house to collect taxes which was pretty rare you had no contact with the king at all he may have said he was the absolute monarchy but absent levied tax there is really very little they could do to you the king was what in your everyday life when you told your feel the farm the year tat your well you know you milton macao you you know you yeah you let the goats graze you did what you had to do in that was it but you should think about it now how the chinese government through fit bit in technology fifa type stuff is following their people every single day you wanna talk about absolute absolute power and the story was this and i used to bring this up the difference between public in the personal self right how real purity there's no personal self there's no private self is only a public so the story was that that there was a tech executive in san francisco who had hired this this exchange
didn't type from china who is working here at the permission of the chinese government and she had a long its work but she would walk every day so the text the real there's some kind of joke the tec executive joe you didn't see this digit now the tec executive bad and says to the woman hey you know i can arrange transportation for enough to walk to work every day it was quite a commute apparently and she said no no no no problem i'll take care of it because i'm working here at the of the chinese government and they monitor me to a fit bit type device the number steps i take every day and if i don't need a specific number of steps my social score goes down and i won't be able to get health insurance o mao's folks now you understand why i'm so terrified of big government why scares me in this matter bridge between tech companies that can monitor your location your steps your food and take you heart rate your blood pressure every day and government bureaucrats
being able to see all that you know a long time ago when i discussing why was so afraid of the before this by gay case even develop now you see what i'm so interesting this are you speak out often against the usa and their collection of meditate how dangerous this was because their boot than theirs we as increasingly blurred distinction between the public and private self think about it in a turn echo regime like the one this woman is working for it in china she has no private self nothing she does his pride the number of steps the work she produces hobby being videotape do some device as well she has no private if that is the hallmark of a tyranny the essence a constitutional republic is
having a distinction between the door closes at your house in the garage door clauses that is your time some of you for good some of us use it for not so good as long as criminal that not so good these private freedom means having their private cell having the public eye encroaching on your life in your europe mere your mick ethical motions and you your work product every single day ladies and gentlemen that line is blurring every day this is precisely why the spy glass case fascinates me an early morning raid on roger stone fastening before all the wrong reasons why weapon eyes the ability to go get tax and emails back in the past to create crimes exist for a future case because your investigating people you're not vesta this is why this is so terrifying
just making this up at a whole cloth i'm making just simply making a case to you that the distinction between the public and private self is slowly withering away when a garage door in there front door closes right now it's not really closed anymore the government has away enter your text your conversations three emails fears it isn't a china do the steps you take do your blood pressure to which your eating we all need to be on guard alright folks thanks again for another great weak a listener ship i really appreciate the downloads exploded the sweet rachel we have really good we are you do channels gone really well to so thank you very much i really appreciate poor please subscribe to the show on itunes it is free you can also find hello and i heart like the follow button as free as well but it's so subscriptions at drive us up in that in the chart to keep us at the top of the charts for other people to find a product with thank you very much all that told do to you i appreciate it folks
on monday one day sir you just heard in bonn jean osier you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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