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Ep. 904 What Are They Hiding?

2019-01-29 | 🔗
In this episode I address the latest radical Democrat proposal to take away your healthcare plan. I also address the scandalous cover up of this key piece of paperwork by deep state actors. Finally, I explode the myth that tax cuts are causing our deficit problems.    News Picks: Acting AG Whitaker indicates that the Mueller probe is wrapping up.   This Democrat candidate for president vows to eliminate your job’s insurance plan.   Clueless Washington Post reporter calls Trump supporter “rubes.”   Our debt problem is approaching catastrophic levels.    The polls are not looking good for the Pelosi/Schumer team.   Border Patrol wives issue a scathing letter to Nancy Pelosi.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome here today about gino shall pretty should show how are you did i am done ok what do you do i say that i am very unhappy like why my u gruffly like my seven year old chief is that i didn't get my family life could tell jed producer years ago either you're gonna get me off this term shoulder i give the i'm not used to hearing you like dad ban we work hard the poor guys we're doing what is wrong or draw to put yeah yeah we are trying to get this video thing up for you will soon folks we want to make it perfectly is always of audio content joe there's a great job keeping a sharp and want to disappoint you i would anything else i got a lot to get you today
including some just really free general i think for if frictional had or i don't know the best way to saving ex explosive astonishing troubling descent comments by democratic candidates for president notably comma harris about health care these but a play our comments by the wayside i'll give commentary on our comments but we didn't added it i'm gonna give you our comments about basically taking away your health care now we know all of our brazil we roll call conspiracy theories when we indicate and obamacare with justice trojan horse to make there into the other the free market healthcare system to take that away and take away you're you're you're free market healthcare and given over to the government now they're just openly admitting it my way to that i also want to get too newness nunez said something just incredible maria bartolommeo show this weekend and i i chatted about it be it on yesterday's show but i want to go into a little more detail and i want to talk
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just an honest way to compare car insurance quotes from all the top providers or once go today and start saving here it is folks does he dot com slash dan the zebra calm slash dan spelled vanity hd zebra z be array the zebra dotcom slash don't go check it out do not over pay for car insurance all right let's get to it our common harris was interviewing with jake tapir from cnn and the demo that's are no longer hiding their far left radical large joe they are no longer hiding their desire to take over the mean production the economy including the health care system which is a has a massive footprint our economy creates jobs creates employment in an leads to you no health outcomes hopefully good health outcomes are people utilise it we were people like me and joe did shows on this three and four years ago my podcast warned you that obama there was an entry vehicle into
the government control give government in control of the healthcare system now joe did shows on this remember this we set obama care is a trojan horse now all the left is joe remember when they told us work you're a conspiracy theories obama cares designer i remember this to destroy free market health care you're all crazy not now dare queue up there cut comma harris now its presidential candidate for twenty twenty on a democrat side against donald trump talking exactly about what we would call conspiracy theories for warning you about three four five years ago play that you support the medicare for all bioethics initially cosponsor by senator bernie sanders you're also a corresponding onto i believe totally eliminate private insurance so for people we're like their insurance what they don't get to keep it well listen the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care and
you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company having them give you approval going through the paperwork all of the delay that may require who have us it has not that situation where you gotta wait for approval and the doctor says well i don't know figure insurance companies that cover this let's eliminate all of that let's move on did you hear that folks so if oaks did you hear that there's a couple it take away from that i want you to i want you to tat two on your skull and your brain so you understand where the radical far left is going in this twenty twenty election against donald trump one of them first thing she says which i find tragically tragically comical because she's either one of two things grossly ignorant on how health care economics works or she's lying to you she said joe you know we're gonna get me
sure everybody s health insurance and she does the she she makes the cardinal sin of far left radical liberals when they talk about health care she confuses intentionally i believe because a camel ours is not stupid they'll make any mistakes here this is not an ignorant woman she's very bright she has exactly what she's doing she confuses joe ensure its health insurance and versus access she says i'm sorry if we want to guarantee access for everyone no you don't a guarantee access rivers the hop making got up you wanna go pretty insurance which joe eddie i can do the governments give say everybody gets an insurance planted scope of government insurance sure called joe bag doughnuts insurance plan what can you who's the assurance but no you can't use anywhere nobody's actually going to accept it i did that your answer so much does she talks about guaranteeing access for everyone but what
he really means is guaranteeing insurance but guaranteeing insurance via the government that can't be used because doctors are going to stop working hospitals are going to stop working and care will be rationed which i'll get you in a minute is not in fact access you joe please tell me this makes sense nor always the audience ombudsman ensure it is it sure isn't access stamp confused the two now now we're good it is not access tons of people have government run insurance programmes whether its s chip medical or medicaid there cannot get to a doctor in a reasonable time because they ve stopped expected excepting medicaid patients access is not insurance whenever a democrat says you're going to guarantee access how are you going to do that if a doctor's office if it
takes ten thousand dollars to open the door every morning to pay your staff to pay for the electric used in the sonogram machines the x ray machines whatever it may be to pay the insurance bill and the government says we're only going to pay you nine thousand dollars a day and the doctors offices to shut down because the simple economics of it indicate he would lose or she would lose a thousand dollars every day they opened their door the doktor shuts down that is not access you can't guaranteeing access joe what what are they gonna do pull the doktor they are in handcuffs and say you you will serve these people no matter what what are you how are you gonna do what are you gonna do you can't guarantee access that is absurd outrageous statement that relies exclusively on are not realising thus we are economic ignorance theirs where you can do that you can't carry
the access and guaranteeing insurance means nothing if the insurance doesn't guarantee access both pleased will you understand the difference here a body of using government power can say you all have government health insurance if the insurance doesn't guarantee access to actual health care is ace its self defeating what's the point she's intent confusing the two things secondly i said i'd get to the rationing versus the pricing thing and this is important folks i've indicated and talked about this and try to push people and proud people in the right direction so they understand how to talk to their liberal friends about health care again that's largely useless at times for the liberal but sometimes it third party listening that you can convince but you know liberals the hour an interesting facts and data but when you debate them sometimes is a third party listening and you can convince them such work your time to engage right but liberals
understand the or pretend to not understand the difference between insurance and access insurance doesn't guarantee access access guarantees access and the only way to guarantee access is to engage in indentured servitude where you you force doctors against their will to work against their will which is not possible in a constitutional republic now you may say said before you would care will be rations and a government system we know this because it's already ration in single pay your systems look at the united kingdom where five percent doctors in a survey was conducted a few years ago admitted these early once it admitted joe five percent of doctors in the united kingdom at me to knowing patients at a died on waiting lists i've read to you statistics ten and twenty week waiting lists sometimes more for seeing a specialist in these social or social medicine single pay or systems where the government runs it now i explain
the couple times the why but it's important to reiterate and now why why why government controls medicine is it ration by time rations i time meaning a waiting list it is handed out people based on time you first you go second you go third you go forth you go ten weeks later you got twenty we say why is that ladies and gentlemen there only two ways to allocate resources wait anywhere in the known civilised human race tears only two ways to do it whether its oil whether its food there it's a doctor's time these are scarce resources food is not unlimited a doctor's time is not unlimited gold rare earth minerals they are not unlimited so the way free people allocate resources is by price they allow people to be
that's what you do when you go to ebay or even when you go to a store where i may say i'm a bidding on things in the store you are your bidding on them every day you intimacies or whatever sears where before they want to go out of business i think they were going out of business whatever the local walmart you see a product at bay three dollars out alike there that's too experimenter go at this other breads that you're already bidding on the price you do it every day when the price gets you why you don't buy it when the prey gets too high if you don't buy it the produce that product s the either lower the price forget our consumers to buy their products or what happens show if a lot of people too by the high price by it anyway the initial investment into flat screen televisions ten years ago my hd technology what whether producer say while people must really like this joe night
demand is inelastic year thereby their spending for five thousand dollars there's a heavy mark upon on your so what happens show other producers come in and make the product cheaper so they can get some of the they can get a cut of that revenue to listen i don't want to teach you to death with with greece school economics but the fact that we're having common sense arguments about economics it could be taught in first great is deeply troubling to me that how we handle in a free society the allocation of resources by price who fail then the gaps social services and people who fill in the gaps when people who are really poor can't afford deprived children other things like that that's always been away work oh if you dont price products and services what's the only other way to get those products and services out their rationale to rational if a doctor services were pay their free for everybody government
its everybody gets to go to the doktor all the time then what happens everybody gotta go at the same time everything we're gonna go you know i've been thinking about the sum plastic surgery for this lump on my arm and it's not it's a favor i say that because i cannot see that show i get this fatty to man looks like a potato i know it's not cancers early but i don't take care of it because i don't feel like penguins are dangerous folks around my dying don't worry but it doesn't hurt anyone we cannot do anything about it because i just hope do anything about it but i i don't want to pay right now it is up bothering me but if the government comes out towards curse fire no prices happens joe i call the doctors who have to pay i demand you remove this light coma for my forearm i demand right now government its it did the government said this is free
nobody else with its non serious medical condition i didn't need the services does it too so what happens show because there's no price what happens that doctor the russian is time because it you're scarce resource and what does he say joe ok you can get on a waiting list and then what happens the connected people get to the front of the waiting lists because they know government bureaucrats or they have money that's the ira of ration single pay your government run health care that it actually benefits the connected few who have the money the influence and the government connections to get around the waiting lists while still not paying slag rationally by attrition i suspect there is exactly but people why the dialogue on these waiting with its data tragic outcome of the rationing of scarce government resources common harris knows this now the reason
set this up in this order that insurance is an access accesses access and insurance doesn't guarantee access and if it doesn't it's useless because it's not actually ensuring anything can you can only ration or price healthcare services camilla harris knows this now third i bring it because if you go back and rwandan you listen to that again you the reason joe she uses the advocate for a government take over now of your insurance you you listening on your headphones running in your kitchen in your car working out on the gym listening to my show right now stand that this democratic senator running for president who got twenty times people at a rally in oakland california that's a big crowd folks that's a huge crowd do not george sell these people
putting kamel our she's a legitimate candidate here is advocating for tat king your insurance plan make mistake what she saying there doing the obama dance around the topic anymore they are now openly advocating for wiping out your insurance plan if the government is not paying for it now you get it through your job or elsewhere and if in the individual market you insurance plan is is under at absolute threat right now their words not mine not a conspiracy theory what it actually happens notice what she says in my place there she says you know all this stuff now we have to wait for approval for the insurance company and you have to wait to get to see the doctor and all that stuff let's just get rid of all that folks do use at this
the irony of this the incredibly i gotta get to see the did they take it easy joe who woke up salty this morning even now he's back to joe regular joe is put bewildered befuddled look on his face the whole reasoning behind eliminating the price system is because you i want to generate waiting with when eliminating the prices them will do nothing but actually create waiting lists oh that's why i set this conversation up in a very specific ordered a walk you through this so you understand basic economics of healthcare services and delivery those services the doctors time is scarce you can price it or you can ration it how many hours ironically sing decisions companies in there and there i you know you have to wait for insurance guppies approval now you want to wait for the governments approval and when the government jus approval you want to wait on a doctor's waiting lists because the doktor care prices services if the doktor
care prices services and he gets a cheque for that from it no matter what the same check joe whatever it is a hundred thousand a month fifty thousand amount for services why would he see extra patients because he's a good guy i'm sure doctors are wonderful my was a doktor he's a nice guy i know i'm not knocking doctors but doctors are it eddie it's either folks the this traders staff and the doctors are not going to see five hundred patients a day if they can see the same amount of patients of shoes me for the same amount of money they can see fifty patients are they know they will because there we could get that's not the way the real world works don't be an economic imbecile incentives matter if you could get the same page for doing a quarter of the work i'm guaranteeing you eighty percent of you the eighty twenty rule twenty percent people to eighty percent of the work while eighty percent of people sitting there but eighty percent of people would not we're doing they would a quarter of the work for the same price for you
a real world example using my show and joe you know this and so does palos listen in it why are let me limit has not met somebody here not not joking around i wanna talk andalusia why did we do a show less dear every single week day we did two hundred and sixty shows last year why we did not take one week day off unlike we're the only show i believe podcast in the top charts that did thereby why do you think we did that seriously although we did it out of them we know what our audience wanna we don't want our already brain odd is dounia i am at your door right but joe much as i love my have we met every audience member now now we have it but my audience continues to grow and watch out five ten percent sometimes fifty percent a month now it does because join i produce in other words folks faint and neither is armor cos worsen
still we are working people i mean i think i think marginally we ve had a pretty good decent effect on society that i dont want to but we do it because there is don't want to disappoint our bodies and we don't want you to leave because this is how you when i make a living right there is incentive to produce a product you like that's why we do with that's what it's an folks listen i started to show seriously out of the kindness of our because we like doing it outside who make us any money between europe's sponsor for what your three years cost money having we must enjoy talking about this stuff but we did it once a week we started doing it five days consumers demand for it and eventually we wind up making the living off the show on the show became a huge it it doesn't my heart is in it just like it doesn't mean a doctor's heart isn't in helping people it just means he's not an idiot they're not gonna work for free gosh is this frustrating you
rash in their time there are times rationing will create waiting lists to not only get approval from the government but to get approval from the doctors office to you will sit and stew on awaiting this forever you know i only wanted to spend five minutes on this but i'm sorry folks this is dangerous stuff because the damage parties lost its mere age mornings they had some semblance of economic reality during the clinton years with the democrat leadership committee when they realise their far left lurch in the reagan years underwater mondeo and later under michael dukakis was not working they got wiped out they are right back to the right i call left socialism we ve seen in the past and dumb ideas that are economically unworkable many wrap this up again health insurance is not access if doctors don't take it it is anti access it is to a d
the access aerial did i offer you my military military folks out there it is at the access govern insurance directive that doctors don't use is the back the opposite of access never confuse the two second you can ration or price government control of health care means there is no price meaning we'll be ration there is no other way to allocate scarce resources of you have ten chairs and fifteen people on an island you can price those chairs and those fifteen people can bid autumn or who can rational let's see we got ten so we got a rash and five are you gonna get skirt and who do you think picture the five people get screwed over the government bureaucrats and are not going to pick the five people would all the connections the fighting we'll get sure to get a people what are to be people without the connections merely comical that kamel hours talks about we gotta stop these weight with insurance company so you gonna turn it over the government because there's
a showing the governments involved the post office the envy wade's there ever bright joe now have you ever waited with the agreed never do you what are the one in annapolis up there you go to the apple is one when you go for your license i don't you think i'm gonna do not go to one of these places it does it for you it's because you show you pay extra to let go out there you go to that that is your greatest line ever in the five years you can do is show thank you i'm of cost it to go get airports government services at the envy his tax the values verde pay for joe pace extra money he pays twice to avoid going to the free service it take the greatest example you ve ever give it nice work arbogast may and i did up i doubt whether by them get the some other stuff i spent a lot of time on it but it's important stroke it's coming up this sad this out this twenty twenty presidential election i tell you
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but newness yo drops the same line repeatedly over and over and over again in multiple interviews that means there's something stewing in his skull case and that something stewing means we should all be paying attention to the case of the barroso interview he mentioned again this week and the scope memo what is this a memo why does this matter why is this potentially huge deal about what's going on in charles is one i rose and style decided to bring on bob mahler as the special if so which hunter against donald trump the initial scope memo in other words joe the bullet points about bob mahler here is your scope memo here is what you are supposed to do i said it was to investigate russian interference in our election conveniently occur four months after around august there is a modification made to that scope memo that to this day is classified and nunez claims he hasn't seen although i
i think he has an idea what's in it i dont mean that nay weird disingenuous way like newness creeping around crypto style i just me newness as good sources and nunez never ever he's very disciplined he ever says anything on tv he can't back up he just doesn't he's become very this when from the constant attacks i believe joe even has an idea what's in that modified scope memo now just to be where we see me initial scope memo bob mahler go russia's interference in the election the appendix modified scope memo issued a couple months later is still classified and we haven't seen it now there a couple of things about this now i don't want a repeat of prior but in order to get to where i'm going i've got to repeat a bit of content here so forgive me in advance there are two potential scandals in this scope memo they may both be
there may be an either or but i don't think there's a third option what and other when i'm up to now joe is against ombudsman stop me doesn't make sense i'm getting now what i think their hiding in classifying the scope memo and not letting anybody see in other words by mahler do x y and z we don't we start on what x y and z is right here's option one option one which nunez seems to be poking add is that the food it does seem a paid for by hillary clinton with that you know the p tape allegations in all the nonsense about carter page which has been the bank debts garbage its nonsense it's a fairytale are though whose allegations in the scope memo now this is a significant problem joe because by this time in august of twenty seventeen when the go memos modified by time it's pretty clear to anybody with a brain joe that the dossier is garbage they ve had it now for almost a year the
the eye is headed since all the alleged since september of twenty sixteen we now oh now john brennan is likely had components of it since august the year prior there's no aid to verify this and it's bad enough they used it to spy on a pfizer court warrant show but it would be even worse if they used it in a memo to the hand go back and investigate tromp himself oh in other words think about what i'm telling you folks some of they have called what i just said some of you may be right over your head haven't weep in time arm across the entire time that donald wasn't under investigation yes we can for the gym correct yes we have writer jim call me his briefing with donald trump before he got fired at the white house where he indicated to the president he wasn't under investigation now things are starting to make a little bit of sense folks put too
two together here but to do together three times you get x call me lie to the president and tell the people didn't he wasn't under investigation when in fact later on in august call me at this point is gone but there are indications its entire time that the president that this was that the present the united states and the fbi were invested the president himself is the august scope memo an indication going back is it i want to say this the right way cuz i want to kiss you may be saying well okay then the briefing car by call me call me is fired then in august the snowman was reissued so that's after the fact no no no i'm getting out here is is this memo job an effort to use the dossier in
revise the appendix today to bomb mahler go do this memo the scope member is it an effort to go back and cover their tracks in other words that they were investigating trump our time oh you dig yeah you can't we go with this now who would know this if they were investigated trump the entire time newt ass why would nunez know this because nunez goes to the white house complex in march of twenty seventeen after trumps director of national intelligence finally swears in so now we got a trump guy running our intelligence apparatus convened italy new nets heads right over the white ass complex read some incredibly damaging information goes and is a press conference we played on the show fibres times now where he says folks i have seen information here that indicates that people on the tree campaign we're spied on jaw and what does he say nothing to do with russia
nothing it has nothing to do with what would you do look at how put it together put it together robert you together europe now it makes a world of sense mood finally finds out emergence sniffing around he figures out tat dave pro hopefully been spying on investigating trumped the whole time table i do i m nor trouble when newness finds out and starts to shake the trees roses it's all we're in trouble joe because that's not with the initial scope memo said national scope memo says go investigate russia now find out mobbish team and others are probably investigating trump for contacts all further place for foreign
contact how would they know that folks this mothers interest now in middle eastern contacts george nadir schedules ammo and all these other people that allegedly met with people in the trumps space to us all of this makes sense now here's that let me just take it out that thirty thousand feet i dont want illusion the weeds they were in fact the gaiety trumped the whole time a revised scope memo is just an effort to put on paper and effort to backtrack the original scope memo to cover mollusk papoose so i said to you i did again i didn't lose where i was upset enough this referees that there are two things or or maybe of in the scope member number one that the dossier information is probably in that scope memo as a reason to go back and rewrite and cover their parts that they were investigating trumped the whole time show not the russians the russian
they cover job second is information in that second scope memo information gathered from the spying operation against trump that involves the tramp tramp campaigns contacts with other foreign officials from the united arab emirates and other folks bookmark this show bookmark this show i'm too use what's gonna come out i'm sure of it now this explains why mothers primary informant one of his primary informants in the case this guy george nadir the guy involved according to multiple allegations and reports of setting up meetings between people really into the trump orbit and middle easterners not russians morbid or middle eastern end russians in the case of your prince case why guys lawyer the informant who set these meetings up is being rep
scented by obama's whitehouse council catherine rumbler the whole thing makes sense now second scope memo probably contains illicit information gathered by a maybe questionably legal but all gather immoral and unethical spying operation on trump and his team of got campaign and it also probably contain the bunked information from the dossier as a reason to re write the initial model the charter by what he was supposed to do to cover mothers but in others because they were doing it the whole time this has always been an investigation about trump himself i have some fork in the road here oh mamma to questions was the dossier used in the revised scope memo is information gathered from
an immoral illicit unethical spying operation its trump himself in that in scope memo as an effort to backtrack is our investigating foreign contacts with tromp not because they were illegal or nay article or immoral but precisely they thought they would find information on trump and din in other words this mahler investigating trump for foreign contacts he made despite attitude for doing it but i haven't seen anywhere else has anyone else picked up on the fact that this was any and please understand the nato connection which i think i'm the guy don't haven't seen it out there don't wanna pretty friction with anyone else if you are investigating it thou activity for doing it but i haven't seen anywhere else anyone else picked up on the fact that this was any listed spying operation on trumped the whole time that roses tied and others are probably trying to go back and cover up
the guy who is central figure folks please understand this ranging these meetings that i believe we're all set ups between members of the trunk team and middle eastern anymore case russian contacts with our prince the guy an informant for smaller and his lawyer is obama's fixer you'll find any of this odd is any and in the media listening out there anyone where's bob woodward guy that word what where's is anyone out there looking to do an explosive this stuff is real george nato is really an informant for mother who is are we being represented by catherine rumbler and nato form it is really the guy that set up these meetings between the trump team and middle eastern that we know where spied upon because susan rice is already admitted it he had knowledge of the meeting between you eighty people and trump campaign officials before after it happened what do know that
on the trunk team now they were listening in other words were spying on trump not just the team are you track in here this is huge now it also makes sense why did the democrats are so focused on the term power meeting without junior because it's nunez is indicated in other interviews just weeks ago which we covered on our show too he seems to have hit the fact that hillary clinton was involved in the trunk tower meeting where to russian show up to meet with don junior that are both connected to people connected the hillary clinton without a set up to what news as has been indicating in leaking out through the new nets translator for a long time joe is this was a fancy elaborate set up this was a fix it was in the entire time
pull associated with the clinton campaign and the united states government frame donald trump and one of the lead informants on this framing operations lawyer is all bomb is white house lawyer and is working with mahler right now the second scope memo is simply an administrative paperwork cover up to you fake information to go back and rewrite the scope memo to cover what they were doing the entire time biggest scandal of our lifetime again please read my book listen i again thank you a thousand times and i mean it from the bottom my heart but please it is laid out like the most elaborate police file you won't be able to put it down go to bed on a barge ennobled just pick a borrowed from a friend i really don't care how you read it anymore so here s the thing but please pick it up
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they just when it comes to cyber intrusions and penetrations at the you whether it's the sony hack or the hack into the geo records where my actual personnel wreckage from when i was in the secret service were taken i got a letter in the mouth remember that one interesting analogy the guy makes you write who wrote the peace talks about how we the focus more right now when it comes to cyber joe we have to get out of this old school defensive in reality and get to an offensive mentality eddie eddie makes the analogy knowledge as its missile defence how it is are cheaper to build an offensive nuclear deterrent as your nuclear weapons capability than it is to build defect of capabilities right you know to tibet nuclear weapons is a cheap the tactical to build a defensive avoided nuclear war with is the teacher defence initiative like they did under reagan which was this ingenuously and ridiculously called star wars by democrats who were you know them point care more about the soviet union's defences and ours is far
or expensive joe to build out a defensive network to knock down missiles than it is to build nuclear missiles to use as a deterrent now you can build a second strike capability you buick gary be mutually assured destruction so the p please out how if you analogies missile defence too going on in cyber in the tactical shift we have avoided nuclear war joe is largely because we would actually destroy each other if the russian watch nuclear god forbid weapons here we have a first strike second shrike capability so they launch that's the first like we can fire back even if they were to destroy our silos we have the triad nuclear sobs summers we can still fight back and get guarantee sadly logically that we would mutually be destroyed call convened we call mad mutually assured destruction and mutual restored destruction joe as generated a decades long do no wrong
brush my year where we're all like let's not do that that's not good a problem and one of the reasons as the peace index is that we keep getting hit i've been pretty bad we hit and cyber realm is we haven't at committed in many ways according to their anti kessler i believe wrote the peace today we haven't committed joe to robust offensive capabilities now there's an it kessler when he writes i'm in a quote from the journal peace because he's right here as the u s really needs a second strike cyber weapons programme in other words show you hit us like you algae the missile program or god forbid we were to get here but a new we're going to wipe you out we may all be dead but you're going with us kastler society the u s really needs a second strike recycle cyber weapons programme as well he says in december twenty fifteen the russians launch the cyprus cyber attacks on ukraine shutting down three power plants the u s
and have immediately flickered all the lights in moscow to show them we can measure our elections phil russia's the case social network with endless beta rourke dental videos hey that's only fair the chinese stall plans at thirty five stealth fighter from lockheed we should have made reach traffic light shanghai boy grad announcing stood up to hold back again if korea's zodiac scramble eight run tv signal in pyongyang they'll get the message you know i am mom as you know i am i a total incomplete non intervention is but i'm largely libertarian on a lot of our foreign commitments which i think we should be dialing back but i think kessler is absolutely spot on your folks we need to do el up a similar type restriction strike capability where you mess with us we wipe out your entire grid he talked about in a piece of forgive me take a snapshot and i quote directly how joe some some really talented hacker apparently
upset at a conference at some scandinavian guy and took down an entire countries internet i'm not saying this is good don't get me wrong i'm just suggesting kessler says in a peace that that's the kind of mobility we need in united states cyber and they talk about how paul knocker sony who's running u s cyber command now how should it but they don't know that if you ve been very quiet about what u s cyprus been doing and care what kind of hopes that this is a some of this stuff their developing and i have to tell you i agree this kind of stuff future with our increasing reliance on the interconnected internet based world where everything from home fridge raiders too smart tvs two nuclear power plants to water filtration mechanism these are rob and controlled by the internet of things if we don't send a message folks think about it future what could happen here if they are somewhat more to develop the ability because we have a second rate internet defence you can take out our work filtration plants
are our nuclear production capabilities cooling mechanisms this is dangerous stuff so we'll get it the too much of that stuff on the show but i thought it was an interesting piece and i think the analogy to missile defence is right the reason thankfully we don't get into a nuclear war because it guarantees destruction maybe we need to send a message we get attack from russia from china i like his approach that's flickered i'm lights but see i like that feel you don't like that you dont like them out of her day method goodwill happy how do you like deb apples that's good article check that what a rustle meat is another good piece out there too in the journal three above swale and as a couple take away about the collapse of sir tourism in venezuela which collapses everywhere socialism is tried as we say in the time on the show socialism has a one hundred percent success rate of failure need fails
dries everything it touches it leads the deprivation starvation economic destruction death and basically horror for anyone it touches it is a human tragedy on an epic scale now how socialism has to escape the ever lie things stain that fascism and other forms of brutality like nazi ism did is every due to apologize i had this debate on the five with them because of the way bob great got failed and i were chat on the five and was unless we can gregg is right great brought up the point show that you dare bring up nazi is or fascism in a respectable group of people as a governing system work considering you will be rightly mocked and laughed out of the public space if if not looked at an abject horror for being a moron
a dangerous more and at that why why the historical record is clear fascism and nazis a bit excuses to wipe out and snuff out millions of lives why not socialism which is well he wiped out millions of lives tens of millions why is socialism escaped the state of it and the reason is because of far left apologies i apologise for georgia's we covered on yesterday's show and my article up a punch you know that come about them king liberalized by venezuela that's not real social nobody is real socialism whatever death and destruction in depravity involved it is real socialism but this you take away from a swell i want to get across it in this world rustle made peace in the journal it's very good even putin as acknowledged
bobby tacitly joe that socialism is a failure you say what the heck dad crazy number one and number two what does that have to do with venezuela act i'll get joe putin no socialism is destroying the venezuelan economy show you the tyrant but he's not an idiot he is not an idiot prudence main goal is the the action of the united states is a computer that's what he is putting a complete tyrant you hate this country he thinks the greatest potential we have our generations the collapse of the soviet union he said as much putin's main goal is to do roy the united states from the inside and the outside now joe why would putin gettin in of in backing the socialist venezuelan regime why with that france those goals because no socialism is a disaster here
i'd socialism to stay entrenched in venezuela for two reasons number one it will collapse the venezuelan oil market venezuela is one of the largest oil producers in the world one of the other largest oil producers in the world russian yet they don't this company you think putin is stupid they don't need this competition just what is many oil producers wiped off the market is possible so they can corner the market for petrochemicals day what they did was socialism in venezuela because its destroying a competitor a longer you can keep the socialists in charge where he can gain influence in this regional battle to get some influence in our region airport our hemisphere causing hemisphere chaos which is what he wants he wants these
people just like the cubans show and cuban regime to stay in charge as long as possible detour to pay goals he maintains info and he doesn't get a serious competitors in the oil markets he's a number two so yes putin no socialism stinks any no it will do exactly what is designed to do destroy the venezuelan economy second joe loves this migration chaos this hemisphere chaos is causing loves the fact that hundreds of thousands of venezuelans are pouring the border in our hemisphere into south american countries which is pushing people into central america pushing people into the united states he's watching what's going on in the internal and external chaos is causing he loves this no socialism stinks will destroy their economy will destroy their all markets will allow him to influence the country and push people across their borders cos
chaos everywhere you bob's this but a third take away from the venezuelan crisis unrelated to putin is oh this is blowing up in the democrats faces why as the immigration crisis we have seen positive paul numbers move in trumps direction on the wall an immigration i have a piece up upon gino dot com and the show no today in swing districts the democratic just one congressional tricks that are swinging fifty fifty republican democrats at the democrats just one in the mid terms nepal numbers for trump are silent on the immigration issue and terrible for policy but secondly joe i live in florida and what walter mead makes a very inch you're like yeah ok thanks that's from point a to point number three damages if that's all
after me makes an interesting point that this is blowing up the democrats not just because it's moving the pole numbers on immigration towards trump in many respects but the swinging a state in the union florida which is be hacked full of cuba and venezuelans fleeing this disastrous socialism job is now sweet keeping florida in the republic in column because the people who have fled the disaster of socialism will never vote for a party that advocates is garbage here at home excellent excellent point excellent point ok got a news today and this is gonna be my final story that but it's another important one i have a piece up again in the shown us today from the daily signal very well done piece about a sea el report there was issued on monday joe it's a report everybody should look at people might look at them porches read the peace it's fine
here too the whole report but i got to have a good chunk of it the scipio report on monday joe talks about our debt and deficit situation and our economic outlook when it comes to government spending ladies and gentlemen is not good i don't want to leave you a bad note again but i don't want to leave anybody on in an intellectual vacuum here either we cannot solve these problems if we don't understand the depth of women whose creating them what have we been told by the left forever seemingly in perpetuity in argument we combat all the time on this shop we have been told by last show that its tax cuts that are causing our deficit problems in our debt problems right yeah can't cutting taxes further red right write how many times we are this stupid argument it's the tax cuts the tax are causing a lack of government revenue it's driving us into debt a thriving the annual deficits ladies and gentlemen this is a joe and i have the punt for now five years there is a of data to support that it is factually incorrect it is made up it is an aim
perhaps fable it is nonsense the emperor has no clothes on it is not true all you need do is look at the data which is index it is in this sybil report covered by the daily signal peace i took a snapshot from it let read this to you see you understand what the numbers say and why your liberal friends are lying to you it is not tax cuts causing deficits is spending ok from the peace democrats are quick to democrats democrats are quick to blame the republican tax cuts for exploding deficit but see beheld jackson show the call it lies elsewhere over the next decade you won't tax revenues are estimated to average seventeen twenty five percent of gdp here's the kicker folks slightly above the fifty year historical average always it how is that i thought the trump
experts were costing costing air quotes the gun and all this money how is it that our tax revenue is projected to be slightly above the fifty year historical average how is that how it is because the democrats lying to you that's what they do they lie just like kamel hours telling you that the governments can prevent waiting list when all the government does create waiting list by rationing care the daily no peace goes on me all the cbo projected total spending will rise to twenty two point seven percent of gdp annually that's two point five percentage points of gdp above the historical average i stared few topics on this show that it i think almost solar joe probably it's time to humans do that frustrate me as much as the ridiculous stupid non fact based
non database dopey argument that the tax cuts are causing the deficit problem when literally no data support that and all you are making it up tax revenue is up the projections are up this spending levels are up significantly higher than the tax revenue so if the tax revenue are is meaning its cost costing i hate that term but that's how the liberals because it is hosting the government no money raising the government additional money but spending is up higher and is expanding at a rapid rate it takes an imbecile not able to put two and two together and say clearly its spending that is driving the debt and deficit spending high tax cuts i revenue revenue would not cause a debt think about that if you're sure
a hundred thousand you get a raise yet more revenue making a hundred ten thousand and you spend three hundred thousand what are your deficit problems in debt problems caused by their not cause your job you just gotta raise just like the government did there by your out of control spencer there joe seriously it is hard to understand is complicated i just have you simple not we didn't evenly jays advocates for this this is not complicated brenda is up that's why we more money man i care about i got this at this why wake up every morning there the ambitions you know you can click subscribe and that drives us up the charts it's free and sank into question also if you have any folks tasting opportunities actually ever pick for picking up my book i really appreciate a police subscribe to the show if you don't mind it is free go to
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