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Ep. 905 Who The Democrats Really Are

2019-01-30 | 🔗
In this episode I address the radical, and economically destructive, costs of this new generation of Democrats’ big government plans.    News Picks: Did the FBI ignore evidence that Hillary’s emails were stolen by foreign actors?   An excellent summary regarding the negative effects of heavy taxes and big government.   Are the Democrats already getting tired of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?   Roger Stone pleads not guilty to Mueller’s charges.   Democrats are trying to remove “So help you God” from this oath.    Has a cure for cancer been found?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn't there thereby gino shell producer joe how are you today this political so are just a couple personal notes so i was on hand of the last night my usual tuesday in theirs they appearance for those who you want i get a question sought by what do you want fox it's pretty routine i do tuesdays and disease on hannity friday on talker typical saturday morning and monday morning on fox and friends so if you all are interested i get that question a lot that answers that but does sean announced last night what i've been holding back for a while about to meet with fox news so i now that you ve heard it on fox i put that out there get a lot of questions i like people think i did not work there versa
years i worked elsewhere i did appearances but there were on other networks and i was a minnow had the jobs but now i've sign with them so that the news we been holding back for a while so you heard a lot of it last night for all your eye your kind letters any massive support i really appreciate that we also get letters through her p o box and stuff i want quick question too is anybody out there and elbows surgeon are real they really good one please urge email me alice all info add pod gino please my elbow my left elbow is totally racked with our trade is and i need someone and i can't find a good elbow guy out by gas if we have we have hundreds of thousands of wishes there has to be a high quality elbowed surgeon at their north appears email ass my elbows followed
i'm not very good point of your elbow but in a way i am because you and i guess we bid so busted up people think i'm make do with what else can you do that you know with you i have a thick skin but i take pictures on instagram what they gave a hook arm in my left arm straight anymore i don't want to get through alive today through the democrats really are do they really are i've got a break down how far left these radicals have become so embarrassing humiliating devoid of facts are give today let me ask you something what do you do when you put money in four one k or an ira you store jumper cables new vehicle or when you purchased in short you preparing your preparing doing you have enough money for retirement for a carbon re dying or have assistance for paying for a major unexpected medical build at all make sense the same goes for building a food storage plants we just ah this story about the russians and the chinese out a conspiracy theory about the russians and the chinese planning some
electro magnetic pulse attacks and how their they see this is some kind of asymmetric warfare against the united states this would not the whole electric grid you have to have a food storage plant prepare if for mergers see food and food go into birth shelves go empty you gotta be in big trouble the best way to prepare my patriot supply this week the rustling of food can i've day of about ten of these are that averages two thousand hours per day for four weeks go to my special website prepare within that come and you ll save one you're dollars on it today ensure your food supply of this for weak food kit including breakfast lunches and dinners that less up to twenty five years and stored prepare with my patriot supply that is the smart thing to do it now prepare within that calm that's prepare within that calm prepare with dan dotcom are who the demo that's really our i am getting increasingly bothered and by this radical far left lurch the democrat party where they have abandoned any sense and semblance normality in reason anymore it's insane
go and i don't want to walk you a couple of things one of the things i want to start with is how we were once a country that signal the that although we significantly degree i disagreed on on the issue of life i am pro life from cancer gin to natural death i wanna be crystal clear on that but whereas we once you know had these disagreements we could settle on at least politically that the democrats believe about for she had a minimum should have been safe legal and rare that was when the democrats add some semblance of vocs of normality i again i am pro life i don't even agree with that position but i tell you the democrats understood that termination of life in the womb of life in the womb was not in issue to be handled the haphazard why that is i'll go out the window now folks i'm gonna walk through four or five things democrats have done
pairing for twenty twenty gonna show outrageous and number one is this we ve already seen what happened in new york where far left rat go governor andrew cuomo the new abortion law that permits the termination of life up in the womb up up up into live right near birth where we forget about a heartbeat of courses harpy this is this is a fully formed living being at that stage now this was new york where are they stuff sadly is almost not unexpected anymore tragic horrifying an abomination of a lot but sadly joe almost not unexpected anymore in new york might my home state where i was born and raised which as large increasingly far left over the years and disturbing fashion but what going on a virginia a swinging leaning blue state but a state which unquestionably still has law
swaths of conserving liberty loving patriots is going on a virginia where a lawmakers introduced a bill where you can terminate a life of an infant while the others dilating by another word dad surely you're making this up i am i dad surely you're making this up i am i now i played this for you before the show just send me an email he never does that horrified i had many lest i should show we need this cotonou show this is a law makers in virginia being questioned about just how late into the pregnancy the inference life can be terminated and into try to dance around the issue when being question when she's asked if while the woman is giving birth is dilating if the life or that in it can be terminated listen to our refused to answer the question and finally at the end she has to concede that debt is allowable in her bill so how late
there are trimester would you be willing to do that you now i'm it's very unfortunate that other our physicians eye witnesses were not able to ten today to speak specifically on talking about your bill how now how late in the third trimester could a physician perform an abortion if he indicated it would here the mental health of the of the woman or physical ok i'm not talking about the mental health so i mean through the third trimester the third time mr goes all the way up to forty winks ok but to the end of the third reich master but i think we have a limit in the belt so where its i uttered a woman is about to give worth she has physical signs and that she is about to give birth without still be a point at which
she can request an abortion if she was so certified she dilating mr chairman that would be a you know a decision that the doctor the physician and the woman understand that i'm asking you if your bill allows that my bill would allow that yes oh my gosh joe left the pauses india that's not a mistake it even i've second guys like out we done that's intentional because you can hear this lawmaker who on stands what she's about to say is gonna be devastating to their pro abortion cause that while woman is giving birth that if there's some claim of mental health impairment mental health impairment that her bill allows that infants life to be terminated ladies and gentlemen this is your democrat party this is the damn this is who they are
it's not a mask this issue they are you take off a mask you see the face underneath this is the way so the democrat party this is who they are this is your voting for i am they should and will always be a strong advocate for life conception to natural death but even if you are pro choice even if you are i ask you this is this saying to you is this legalizing and openly supporting infanticide folks this deeply troubling stuff are we even mildly concerned as a country about the moral spain an abomination this is gonna leave behind deeply sorry i didn't get to this sooner especially given the signing of this equally horrible new york law i am i
they have got into this sooner but this for this is virginia not that determine of life as acceptable anywhere but this is virginia always this even being introduced you know i i'm a sinner to ok i say that all the time i'm trying constantly to stay on the righteous path is not always easy i mean it but my gosh the do you have an ounce of empathy these infant shit what what what do you call a child that at ned nine months in the third trimester the end of it is that of blob cells to because it that's a blog of cells than euro blob of cells to in your life is meaningless to but maybe
that's what radical far left this one and all the time prominence of government did diminishment of individual life is a priority gross i mean utterly completely grotesque trouble here from liberals on our one too bad it's disgusting who did democrats really are wanting to get to some other stuff too because this is getting better now joe it only talk we commonly harris twenty four hours felicity yesterday show we play the eclipse of kabul heresy in an interview with jake tapir on see it added a town hall kamel hours there brad centre from california now running for president twenty twenty who announced at the j camperdown all that she wanted yes you listening
insurance cared so your u yes you listening your insurance plan if you get it from your job or elsewhere or any individual market she wants the wiped out and make sure enough what's your eliminate private health insurance and make the government these all control or of your health care now i went into detail yesterday about how absurd ridiculous this is ladies and gentlemen it only took twenty four hours for harris comma harrison her crew to understand what a incredibly deep police go full power this one and they are now trying to backtrack it here is a quote from a state far from kamel harris our seas prince or more moderate health reform plans which would preserve the industry what do you think happened there folks what happened there is you spoke up the people have power you have always had power political capital matters and what political capital is is the ability to move people to your side clearly
what happened here is you moved comma harris to our side the back flash from this was severe it took less than twenty four hours do not then allow the democrats to open their mouths about government controlled health care without a particularly particularly organized and strong response from us all of us out there now so who did democratic we are we addressed about abortion up until dilation in an area and and and basically a fully for then infant child secondly government run here things about this government run healthcare programme so you have the facts and data going forward to see to address some things about this government run healthcare programme so you have the facts and data going forward to see how far left and radical this is you today i hit the the rationing verse pricing model how there
there two ways to allocate scarce resources you can rational price them there is no third way ladies and gentlemen you will win a phd in intergalactic economics if you can tell me another way to allocate scarce resources to people you can ration those resources are you can price them there is no other way so throwing prices them out the window by putting the government control belgrade's prices don't matter because the governments going to control it means there will be rationing there is no other way i discuss that yesterday but today i wanted to say the price tag of doing that because there's a pricing model does it mean there's not a price don't mistake the two a pricing model one of the hallmarks of a capitalist system a free market economy re folks one of the hallmarks of it that way being a con class but these are simple things ability to trade your labour for wage right in a non capitalist system a socialist system that's not what happens from
according to its ability to each accordingly was means what happened show they did socialists see joe warmer costs as a potential radio engineer they stick em in a radio engineer job any tell they tell em what he's paid now may tell the employer how much to pay him as this we used to say you pretended to pay us and we pretended to work for those going to say right that's the way it went down spending some time in russia's and early secret service agent when it back in gee ninety nine when the when the day that the fog of of socialism was still hovering over their economy you go into a souvenir store to buy something they had you know five six people the help and you on one little souvenir one would pick out one but rapid why what happened what everybody had needed jobs in the old soviet days so they gave him jobs paid them nothing and capitalist economy was havin a tough time figuring out what to do it all these people so you can trade your labour for wage you can own free
property property you can a private property that is a hallmark of a capital system socialism the government owns everything but third this is recent day their lives they bid on everything from food and they have to work for that to car on things every single day of their lives they bid on everything from food and they have to work for that to call mr holmes those prices go up new produce come in to get those high prices competition drives now this has happened over and over two out human histories why flat screen tvs you can buy for like three hundred dollars right now when they were five thousand dollars just a few years ago that pricing system matters i bring this up because what we haven't discussed yet in detail at this point is this government run health care even though it won't be free market pricing the gun
that will run it it still has a price nobody's workin for free folks and that price stag is an astonishing thirty two trillion dollars over ten years oh yes thirty two trillion dollars over ten years for this government run healthcare system this is not a joke ladies and gentlemen this war bankrupt as this will put us in a whole instead piteously think about the costs here dirty two trillion over ten years higher amount the government spends in a year is a little over four trillion you're talking about wiping nearly the entire federal budget over ten years it would recall are a doubling of taxes ladies and gentlemen i doubling what you're paying now pick what you're paying now and double it it will devastate our economy what would it all
so require which the democrats are conveniently hiding from you government run healthcare require doubling of the tax rates you pay now you want to make up a double down to my point from yesterday about the waiting lists that what a car kamel irish reach get rid of private insurance is waiting list you take waiting lists or bad now boy you wait till the girl what a p jail work used to say you think healthcare is expensive that way till it's free if required doubling of taxes and a force percent cut in rio estimates the doctors and hospitals ladies and gentlemen the way this system works now in the system now is broken it is broken precisely because the government pays right now for about forty forty five percent of healthcare we have a high bread system that's failing on both fronts the free market side of it is failing because the government is not reimbursing doctors at the cost of the value they add and the framework get side is failing because after overcharge people to reimburse the die
there is for the amounts are not making on the government side i know that didn't make a lot of sense or might explain it again here's what happening now in the broken system we have now because the government can't get its midst off our health care system because the guy it does not have the money to pay for health care for everybody what do they do they pay actors in hospitals low rates for medicaid and medicare patients those doctors respond by limiting or putting on official quotas on the amount of medicate or medicare patients they will accept because they can't make any money on right but the condition of staying in the system may have to take some a medicare patients so if the doctors making any money on medicaid medicare patients and their running businesses they have to pay employees administrative staff there electric bills they have to buy equipment they have to pay rent for their doctors office how joe or they making money there
making money on the free market side by charging more to private free market health care patients who are then covering the dock expenses they wouldn't have to the arabic covered if medicated medicare paid market rates but they don't this is what screwing up the entire system the government's footprint in there if doctors were allowed to charge the value for their business they would probably i'd be a short term spike before other doctors started to realize that was income to be made in certain areas several why's that their charges so much i can go in there and get some of his patients for less it is only work and single place it's been tried flat screen tv is lay sick plastic surgery food which is as a percentage of our our annual income at some of the lowest amounts repaid in human history because what did we do
capitalism works competition drives thou prices but there's no competition right now because there's this struggle to make money off the free market healthcare system from the loss of money on the government reimbursements now the bernie sanders plan enigmatic medicare for all plans which are disastrous would require a forty percent for zero percent cut in reimbursed mr doctors or hospitals ladies and gentlemen medicare and medicaid are bankrupt now i said this unhappy show less like this is a forest i am sorry to inform you i know a lot of people like their medicare new have designed your lives around that it is not your fault that i am not blaming you they ceased is bankrupt there is no money to fund the long term liabilities of medicare medicate or social security none having said that i
of grandparents as well it is not your fault promises were made to you on behalf of a government we elected that made enormous mistakes in inserting their foot near retirement your health care plant i believe we owe you the security of this whether through the general fun taxes or whatever it may be but for anyone age roughly fifty five or younger counting on these programmes is outright foolish you are you're denying math you're trying to tell me five plus five equals fifteen it doesn't there's no man there there no money the law term liabilities should these programmes are approaching a hundred trillion dollar mark we do not of that money we're too a trillion a debt right now suggesting that a forty percent tax cuts in thirty two trillion in it of me forty percent reimbursement caught the doctors nostrils followed up by
doubling of taxes to finance thirty two trillion a new government spending suggested that's realistic in this debt environment where now is idiocy who do you have any idea how many hospitals and doctors would fold and their businesses would fall tomorrow if they were told that overnight the government is taking off the business and their reimbursements would be decreased by forty percent do you have any idea how many of them would follow up shop the answers are staggering staggering how many doctors would have to leave the business there's a darn good chance the dock you ve grown to love and appreciate for his services are services will be at a business or overnight if they were to implement this plant ladies and gentlemen liberalism is a real world cost ok these policies bleed they bleed their real they're not
hi miracle they're not that they're not fables these are real worried policies real people with real power proposing running for the most powerful office in ireland the presidency united states these powers she's plead mad they are real they mean something they will hurt real living people your grandparents you they owe the laws of math and economics like anything else and the law as of math and purely economic say these policies are destructive they will destroy your doktor hid the hospital you go to they will destroy your bank account they will destroy our economy they will destroy your economic future your kids economic future they will ration your health care and you will sit on waiting lists those are facts this is real and along with that abortion law up until birth this is who the democrats are wake up
says who they really are this is joke the party of kennedy is gone gone very it there is no other john f kennedy democrats are now republicans that power but he's disappeared this is the point bernie sanders and harris far left radicals openly speaking in public and advocating for policies that will do exactly what i just said all right i haven't even started i got to get to their tax stuff you can say is a great article national review that's even that's going to you're my is so good at it starts dry you someone said to me this morning listener send me articles all time it is a very good one i'm glad you found it the biggest get through this first up today show also brought to you by a buddies policy genius a life insurance is one of the topics everybody knows a little bit about but the understood
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so no matter how much are how little you know about life insurance you can find the right policy in just minutes at policy genius tat come policy genius tat come policy genius the easy way to compare by life insurance policy genius tat go check them out ok so this is who they are the democrats here's another one this proposal for seventy percent tax rates monstrous tax increases on the wealthiest the americans people who may ten million or more folks i again are we living in a world where facts and data are relevant because if they are not and if europe liberal listening to my show and i know you're out there because i get your nasty emails at times you're welcome listen to the show but i'm asking you if your liberal and you they can
evidence and liberty lovers out there listening my show should be asking your liberal friends that i have some i do you to be asking your chosen maryland surrounded by yeah i'm in martin county florida word it's pretty conservative count i want you to ask the liberal friends do facts and data matter anymore because of facts and data don't in fact matter this conversation is useless but if you're out there with an open mind and you're interested in what actually happens when we tax people at the rates this new this nuke of democrats is proposing these radical far left is actually happens if you're not interested mad you're interested in an emotion and then what shapiro say you know facts don't care about your feelings if you're interested in your feelings about the fact this is not the chauffeur you call this the rachel matthau show we're so whatever where did the shows they did swimming and in our your feelings all i'm not interested in some tom men whatever their all
there the liberals about baby and emotions and feelings devoid of facts and data there isn't just think slip in the wall street journal today how the democrats i made this argument over and over keep saying what we need to go back to the fifties and sixty show where the top tax rate was close the ninety percent i have made my what are my debunked this section of my website i put articles a written by my researcher matt colombo repeatedly banking the idea that that ninety percent tax rate was what people act will we paid at the top in the effective tax rate back then roughly thirty one percent in other words were p actually paying its roughly now about twenty seven percent meaning despite the fact that in the fifties and six these there was a ninety percent tax rate on the ridge of the time the wealthy of the times nobody paid it nobody paid it are you interested in the facts another snippet from the wall street journal tonight here's that take away liberal friends
my conservative power but in the fifties and sixtys we had ninety percent tax rates and look at what we did nobody pay that the effective tax rate actually close to thirty percent it's about twenty seven now roughly the same even better while she journal has another data point today joe in i'm tax revenue collected and nineteen these seven was seven point seven percent of gdp at roughly those ninety percent top marginal rates affecting the wealthiest people of time what is it today income tax revenue is eight point three percent to collect it is a percentage of gdp you're doing they would have say here income tax revenue collected in the fifties at the rates the democrats are suggesting ninety percent was a priest each point lower as a bridge average gdp territory
wow i should say roughly half a percentage point i wanna get you don't don't get the eight new seven ghana shouldn round that that's irresponsible it was roughly half percentage point lower the point is absolutely valid why because nobody pay those rates at ninety percent tax rate tax evasion tax avoidance becomes a national pastime its wide right there past that is a baseball its tax avoidance when you're rates or seventy ninety percent that's exactly what people bid me king it even worse ladies and gentlemen in the fifties and six these there is no internet but always not as mobile as it is now there were the reform international transportation networks and communication networks we have now you can move money out of the country like that you would
still a ninety percent tax rate seventy percent tax rate at marginal rates at the top in his country now you can see capital flight out of this country like you haven't seen before so let's be clear on this the effective tax rate for the entire economy was roughly the same even at the ninety percent tax rates meeting whole lot of people avoided it and secondly the income taxes collected as a percentage of gdp or lower under that high rate not that any of these matters the people out there in the liberals i because you're not searching for the true you're searching for it is to your feelings in your hard feelings bell however our nordic over national view up in the show no separate is very good that hits on this topic and it did so what are slow but give it a shot on a very long peace but it talks about i was trying to find a way to sum it up to make it sound a little space you than meat than the article it's so good a toss
four issues basically with bigger government and its free in terms of the j c d and see beyond i meant but now you can see why you start you don't give it a chance you ll be here get past the first power it touch what are the joint committee on taxation in the sea be all the way evaluate big government spending plans whenever it is health care expansion government control a health care higher tax rates how its change through the years and there's four criteria which work against the socialists at this point the occasion causes and the bernie sanders that make sense show here are four things they're gonna have to overcome if they really want to it sure that they enshrine bigger government and basically instil their form of socialism here in the united states a rip here's number one the sea be out in the joint committee on taxation factor in what we call crowd out ladies and gentlemen you hear from our case yo cortez bernie sanders kamel harris and others
this mistaken illusion that governments bending is somehow net worth in other words that when the guy amidst spends money is spent body which leads to jobs william sate alter shovel ready job we got producers in other words the government's giving people money so joe if if you're i hate to say when you found me but if you economically illiterate now and you don't stay a basic cash flows that may extensive eu especially if you're a liberal and you do know homework it all and feelings matter more than your facts i don't think i like your tone you shouldn't the question is not where the money goes from it's going to spend money on shovel ready jobs people that have jobs and they're going to be able to spend the money i was a great economic prosperity shriver corner the question where did the money come from that that where the money go doubling came from you government
those companies composites value government does not take glass microchips silica plastic and put it in an iphone and make all of those camp composites make this it does not impose a product of higher value than the breaking down of its part government doesn't it value to anything my government simply excellent gives to another and then as as as lyndon johnson economic adviser called it the leaky pocket as its taking money from one person in a bucket and given it to another one the bucket leaks the bureaucrats take money the lobbyists gag everybody gets it gets a cut for it actually makes the somewhat of no value is added at all the point for number one is the juicy tnc be i'll do not count men borrowing as net worth or value added
because the money is simply taken from you and then given back to you and end up your credit cost is taken along the way there is oh value added value added is everything in economics uk a piece of glass a microchip you find out a way to make the next generation iphone it adds to people's lives they use that next generation iphone or enjoy or whatever it is and they find a way to take better pictures to get their bid stunned faster the processors are quicker and that is that airlines that adds value the government doesn't add value the government takes from one person and gives to another with a leaky pocket due in the transfer government borrowing crowds out free markets when government take money it doesn't have and spends it it has taken from people who have money where people not lending their money now joe
who free market businesses that actually add value so here's the free market adding value new phone new medicines new health care better cleaner food that would have been linked to those businesses to build and create more of that is now taken out of those businesses and giving it a leaky bucket to the government which takes its own cut and it just transfer is it the other people with no value added at all b o estimates show that every five hundred billion in borrowing significantly reduces geo p you want to see the geo pe gdp scares me it does reduce a gop to because it made the democrats help people on this planet and people and there's less g congressional representatives and others stood captives friday of this week i read the report and there is a link to that report about our government borrowing if we crowds out free market borrowing and lending which
destroys any value added second joe bernie sanders proposing thirty three trillion dollars in new spending over the next ten years thirty three trillion now a case yo cortez is argued to you this ingenuously in a in early nonsensical argument that all joe all they have to do is tax people who make over ten million and what happens the vs among us i'm sorry but it's true because its bliss in the top twenty sort of taxpayers already pay eighty percent of the taxes the top twenty earners out of every hundred people you select the top earners pay eighty seven cents of every tax dollar out there so don t v looking for me to start making apologies for the fact that rich people are paying more you got the wrong show they know
deserve i'd i'm not that bad person by the way we do ok i don't make ten million maybe one day i will but date i don't what their money in the government economy i want their money in a free market economy where value can be added i'm not envious of them i don't care closure not breaking the law i don't care being a haider s speech twenty toiling don't hey don't worry i why you why you show jealous about it we do your old thing why you care they took it they were they took a really talk you stole it from you so a guy i can what the hell do you up on the street at gunpoint air body tito's pockets how do they steal it from you why do you care we want to be defending ten people may ten million are no i wanna be defending liberty that's what i want to be defined getting the government the hell out of my life and yours i'm tired of it
politics of envy government be worried about we agreed that you want to take someone else's bunny we want to confiscate the welfare but if you want to take up of what you have earned it if not yours but that's not greed but oh the faction data matter so point number one is it jason tease gonna put a limit on this because government borrowing will destroy gdp growth and secondly there is no money there for people who make ten million or more to finance these programmes here's the simple mass joe people there mt of money over ten million that ok seo cortez proposes to tax hey hey joe was only too under forty five billion so if you tax there at our proposed seventy percent rate of evil ten millionaires you're lookin at between a hunt
sixty three hundred eighty billion dollars in revenue over ten years less than one percent of gdp ladies and gentlemen please explain to me which simple math judges with with plain simple arithmetic if you're capable of this on the liberal site how do you expect let's with there and say its two hundred billion raised over ten years and that these people don't move their money out of the country which they will it'll be far less but let's throw the liberals a bone and assume they raise two hundred billion a ten year can you ex please explain to me how to run billion over ten years is going to finance thirty three trillion a new spending i'll wait folks any idea john how do you can reconcile those two numbers yet you can't because it's not gonna happen it's the factory mix fetch is not going to happen gretchen men
it's gonna happen you will not find it through three trillion a new spending with two one billion in it optimistic tax receipts over ten years from those evil millionaires making over ten million dollars it surely knows this is absurd it's not gonna happen prince tried this millionaire tax what happen people like the country they got rid of it joe or even if a member marilyn their former governor martineau maui far less radical liberal whoop governor before larry organ instituted millionaires tax in maryland they said who's gonna raise i think it was what is two hundred million dollars or something like that
losing a hundred million dollars people left maryland they moved out droves and thereafter millionaire number one turning the coroner guideline millionaire close again call it in other parts of europe millionaire trees close intermediaries had about a floured out these are about while got the day laugh vacuum aided the combat zone as quickly as they could listen to me it lost money you don't believe me google it but molly millionaires tax it lost money listen liberal oh do you understand what i'm telling you are going to be don't call him before you are a buffoon if you believe this they it the jura millionaires tax to raise money and raise less money than they did before the idea of a tax is to get buddy people not lose body from people but yeah let's keep
and eventually the working party on french found out this was a stupid idea i say that i shall not try to take a shot about i spent a lot of time it right i don't beat it but then obviously a little more socially liberal country and economically broke even they figured this out since we want you to ask our case your cortez for the basic math here anyone ever on this score tat representative cortez your projected tax on before making ten million or more the marginal rate is projected to opt in its only raise about roughly two your billion dollars how do you propose to finance roughly thirty trillion a new spending with that go what matters not the time but it not the of course particular can't answer to question so that was number two i spend a lot of time in a crowd
number one gonna be a problem with big government socialism second there's no taxpayer for there is no money their third the j c tea in the sea be both factor in a corporate taxes are simply passed on to consumers so end ideas these big government acolytes have that they are gonna don't worry joe don't worry we are only going to tax businesses everybody's like gas the envious among us ghettos people were ten million i get told president assad tat arm we'll just tax the businesses no you won't there are links these two reports showing conclusively that when businesses are tax that higher corporate tax rates they simply pay the prices on you you pay the tax not them the business is simply a tax collector for the government its
paying anything you can corporation the corporal you should pass those costs of the higher prices to consumers this is an art that's an easy one just what point so again any ideas these socialists are gonna have about expanding governor to face these four obstacles began after come crowd out by government borrowing a cat based that's not existed to pay for a catch patient corpse taxes that's u despite it being framed this attacks on businesses and one more fourth one get that a second images like this i read out for another great company that is happy to be here and happy to talk to you hey what's your gift this valentine's day this about taking ten or fifteen your appears with the new general cell july tree but no more turkey next joe no more not free amateur
get you some of this you need some of this party i do no more turkey next machines or sagging job as it were amazingly well just listen to be firm marie adele radio really males i love you darling private really works i mean i've really see a difference and people never believe my age it works the same thing for my mother unless she loves loves geneva and from now about say the brand new genuine shoreline treatment is yours free when you ordered jen you sell for bags and puffing is under the eyes and for results in two of ours just twelve hours the genuine immediate effects is also free here's what you to do tax the word young like the opposite of old presumptuous it will be the opposite will you be young using geneva text young to seven seven four five three or go to jan you sell that coms goodbye to that double chin bags on the arise and even those laugh lines and crosbie they'll be god guaranteed or your money back text young to seven
for five three or go to genuine cell tat come call in the next twenty minutes and get the genuine cell xxvi college and build builder and free express shipping crazy offer for two weeks only crazy taxed young to seven seven five three gotta jen you sell backup that cheap and you see yelled out come jenny so back yeah i so the number for final obstacle in the national review peace that big governed socialists like sanderson cassio cortez are going to have to overcome if they can't do any of that surely they'll say wow i know what to do will expand their big government getting those stock people well just cite the capital gains tax are the words you sell a stock you make money that is a kapital game we will hiked attacks on that
because they know watch out they know that sells to people who are economically illiterate erika what are they say look well does due to people now keep forget that forgetting that by the way that the overwhelming majority of those people are pension funds and middle class people whose retirement depends on investments their pensions funds have made an error i made even calpers the cow forty of pension funds go there's a veneer close to ban can be close gotta because the bankruptcy at some point would all liability even cow present estimates in stocks but they leave that out because when you about that they see the mr money bags guy with the topic in this and that the bespectacled look and any oversize cigar don't worry about it tax capital gains that's not gonna either because the j c p c have done so
homework i'm that defending the sea be oh by the way i'm just telling you what's out there now government policy wise at these lawmakers are going to have to deal with their research indicates that every ten percent hike in the capital gains tax results a drop in the sale of stocks by eight percent now why would that be well most of you out there who are very intelligent of already figured this out some slaying who were maybe of the liberal persuasion may have a tough time where new hide the tax on a sale of stock people don't well the stock they hold it until the capital gains tax goes down there already joe does a ten percent higher than the capital gains tax result in a drop these stocks sales it also as resulted historically and the loss of the government revenue you doubt me
ladies and gentlemen ronald reagan although he was a big tax cutter on the income side compromise in an effort to level the playing field amongst income capital gains a corporate taxes ronald hi yes hide the capital gains tax to twenty eight percent he drew the income tax rate the top rate from seventeen to twenty eight percent in order to make those rates or no one would move money from capital gains to income reagan those rates equal tax already on each side what then when under the reagan administration they hide the capital gains tax rate the cap brigades tax raise the hats bought me a hoax the opposite it happened that their bill clinton yes the opposite bill clinton did the exact opposite bill clinton administration height the income tax rate and dump the capital gains tax rate
the capital gains tax revenue went up up finger at this i argued that listen liberal don't let any these facts get in the way you dopey narratives you have nowhere to go with this your big government kids are gonna be stymied consistently by you having to tell the truth to the american people now let me just say this job if liberal wanna be honest and sell this to the american people i am all for it not for their play but for their honesty in other words subject to your ideology strongly it's the whole goal of my life is too deconstruct false liberal golden calf promises but i would respect you more if you were honest about what you're selling i am hoping that the arms because they're up against a j city will force
rose and the media to cover these pie in the sky programmes honestly if occasion the court has wants to be honest and say folks i proposing massive spending in the green new deal in healthcare i ten million dollars more tax marginal tax rate is not sufficient it's only gonna raising sliver than i am asking you personally to finances therefore going to ask you to double your tax rate and to vote for me increasing your taxes in dublin i would respect or more she would be honest bernie sanders uncommonly harris too they would lose but at least they be principle my problem with this they are not being principle they are lying to you capital gains tax tat get it from the stock buyers and sellers no you won't you will lose money because people will simply holes investments we'll get it from the businesses you won't get from the business is now pass on other people will get
from the ten millionaires now you want there's no tax base for that we'll get it from red barring know you want that just comes from the people too in the former crowded the honest stopping frauds do you ever want to stand for anything ever be principle and at least if you think your ideas are right and defend them we don't this hypocrisy on the conservative side this isn't an issue here we stand for lower access because we believe the government is a toilet ball of government spending and outside of the constitutional rules of government are military and our court system every dollar turned over to the governments at dollar wasted there's no accuracy their lower tax reach matter because economic freedom out of you however your liberal ideology is rife with hypocrisy it is everything wrong with this country it is a fraud scam it's a scheme you're telling me what things in our true you're
the worship golden calves that was along so we talk about who the democratically over the abortion government run healthcare tax rates there's another story i wanted to hear today that i i just found yesterday their war against objectivity folks oh yes i know joe said o because this is one of the initial things we covered with a long long time ago in the show we were doing it my basement we first started didn't realize the show would become as biggest i'm surprised you remember that dude yeah that's why they get like because we used to do a sunday show only if you go back and listen on sound on you see some of his original shows their trip but to explain the why the why matters the why always matters when the sky liberalism when you understand why they do what they do everything makes sense everything as it goes
what the same battle plan the liberals liberal radical with radical left that liberals heat religion for reason it's it's not it's not just that they pronounce god it's it's it's not even religious it's almost a secular hatred of religion if that makes sense eight religion in the constitution family values they can't stand any of that because it creates an objective truth please he's one of supporting and maybe this is the last section of wounded democrats really are they did something yesterday and i'll get too in the second month that it'll make sense to you when you understand what i'm telling you now anything that represents an objective truth not subject to interpretation in other words an objective truth that big our rights the right to economic freedom
the right to freedom the right to self protection the right to practise a religion the right the freaks free speech big all rights and objective is it those rights are granted by god not men that a constant jewish can enshrine those rights in a legal framework but it doesn't grant them it is really a parchment protection legists if we have rights already granted to these are inalienable they were granted to you by god the words they are objective truce not subjected to the whims of men and women liberalism is in direct conflict with objective truth why because objective truth cannot exist in a system where liberalism needs to treat people unequally think about what i'm telling you if freedom liberty the right to self section the right to work and earn your money and spend your money if these are god
given rights to remain free of the change of government if those are objectively true then the subjective thought that taken treat people on it we or or or their assertion that they can treat people any we cannot be true these two holds cannot coexist at the same time objectively subjective truth christian values stated marriages between a man and a woman a woman and you are objectively granted the bigger right by god the practice your religion you believe that religion to be true that cannot this then a world where brussels wants want you to mandatory wanted mandatory that you engage in and partaken a wedding ceremony that objects to your religious beliefs you see folks they cannot coexist these two circles don't overlap at any point liberals me to wipe out the
idea big our rights and objective true because everything is to be determined by the government at a later date economic freedom have economic freedom if you may ten million dollars will treat you want equally what are you talking about then nada that's what a seventy percent tax rate is it is treating p economically unequally compared to people who make million one million five hundred thousand a hundred thousand of fifty thousand people to make war that now what i said point stipulated that is what i said what i that is you are treated unequally that's a tautological statement if i'm paying seventy percent of my income over a certain amount as i work and go work just like you do and paying twenty percent i being treated unequally that's a tautological statement only an area would argue it totally i get it i heard you stipulated
they are also being treated unequally but the idea of objective put that people should be treated equally i cannot coexist with the fact that liberals their very nature requires quist christians to be treated any their religion is given second class status you remember the night columbus you're not allowed to serve and government service your religion says life begins in the womb i knew you when the moon what it says in the bible you're not to be treated seriously you're an inch in the womb you can be wiped out up until then the night what devoid of your life which atta conception your life is wiped out there requires you to be treated equally if you're an infant in the womb bad objective truth that life begins at conception cannot exist if you the inalienable right to life and then you're wiped out
are treated unequally you're dead they will attack anything that creates an objective truth really in god and bring all rights are an objective truth they are not subject to the whims of then they have to be wiped out liberals me it's treat people unequally people cannot be it'd unequally if it is subjectively true that people should be treated equally you you dig this spain's their war on religion and specifically christianity bring this of course is a story haven't shown its today fox news that com please read it about the house committee would knock on natural resources once you strike from the oath people take when they testify in front of him at the end so help me god this is not a small thing ladies and gentlemen
liberals are doing this again for a reason they are doing it because they want to wipe out the influence of religion from your life because it could it's a series of laws and objective truce that you live by that directly conflict with a liberal ideology which requires an expansive subjective government to change the rules on days notice to get to a desired ends and better socialists the ends will justify the means the ends never justify the means and a system of objective true the means are a series of objective two in a free society the means matter the means are everything not to liberals who are the democrats they are people who do not believe any more big our god given rights they must treat people unequally they must wipe out the info
religion in your life because it creates an objective truth of equality amongst people created in the eyes of god that does not coexist with their subjective we need to change the rules on the whim to get to a desired policy goal they cannot treat h out in the womb equally as human being who exit through existed when they can't you have no an ill inalienable right to life that kid coexist with objective two they can't keep people who work for living who make a certain amount of money that can allow them to be treated equally as people who work the same amount but don't make that amount of money doesn't matter they have to be treated unequally that's liberalism is health care they can't treat people people equally they have to institute a system of government enforce rationing were only the connected to the government few we'll get speedy health care they don't want people
equally the people with no influence you're gonna sit on waiting lists objective shoot doesn't exist with them and i m trying to strike so help me god is just another indicator of their war on big our rights and objective truth i thought i had a lot more to get to him i have to get some of it tomorrow haven't another story of his interesting today about a potential cure for cancer nah it's was picked up by their new posts yesterday the jerusalem post on the rise and read the story it's just interesting that we may be on the yeah the horizon of i mean think about it you're not just the cost in in tragic whom suffering all of us have been touched by cancer all of em but you know someone or know someone who knows what it is urge on humankind and i sent out a tweet should i say god please tell me and i meant that i was that uses name in vain please tell me the story is true and you have bless them but the inspiration of fine this but not just the human cost and suffering ladies and gentlemen if we found it
or for cancer which may be on the horizon if you read the story now i get too optimistic but think about the cost of me people can you imagine just an health care alone the trillions of dollars to try to have you know a bit ameliorate the suffering and an ah my gosh i mean just this would be a we should be one of those hinge moments in human history it would it would be a hinge moment in human history equivalent of like care industrial revolution i pray to god it's true identity jude in internet really enjoyed today show i hope you did as well i was enjoy your feedback to thank you very much and serious if there is an elbow surgeon out there who is really good opie please email contacts on the website i would love to hear from you and i yes said thanks for other good dead the kind words about fox please subscribed to the show on itunes it's free you got itunes your podcast app click subscription subscribe
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