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Ep. 906 Dont Give The Democrats a Pass on Radicalism

2019-01-31 | 🔗
In this episode I address the latest revelations, with regard to the DOJ and the Clinton team, in the plot to take down Trump team. I also address the radical policies of the Democrats running for President and why Howard Schultz creates a problem for them.    News Picks: Can liberals do basic math? Apparently not.   Did this Spygate figure use her position to research Trump’s children?   A quick synopsis of why our healthcare system is broken.   Senator Lindsey Graham is demanding answers regarding the unnecessary tactics used in the Roger Stone arrest.   Voter fraud is real, and ignoring it won’t make it go away.    President Trump listens to his base on judicial appointments.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i box as i predicted the democrats have gone full blown far left radicalism resort during yesterday's show i told you walk back to that thereby chino shell producer joe how are you did i hang in there be glad to be here as usual we had left the lean governor far left leaning over he ran a centrist by the governor of virginia governor ralph on north them come yesterday on w tee o p a very popular radio stations joe knows dc metro area come out yesterday and try to justify our full blown infanticide yes we have the couple we'll get that later i've got a couple of stories to including another scientists development from the daily collar of which has been done
some great work on some of the background on aspire gate thing that again joe as these these these anomalies continue to develop we get no mainstream media coverage at all it's largely ignored and it's just another enormous story upon another enormous story and spiky case swept under the rug and entirely ignore let's get to it today show brought you by our bodies a brick house nutrition brick ass is one of my original sponsors had been with me from the beginning in there's a reason the reason is there the finest nutritional supplements onto market no doubt about it my my i've been using them now for about two and a half years and one of the product want to pay replace foundation foundation does the two things you want most right with an attritional supper what do you want to do for you if you want to look better and you want to feel better gas nutrition does both with their product foundation it is creating atp blend ladies and gentlemen you have any doubt about the effectiveness of product i take it my family use that i ask you to do this take the mere attest look in the mirror
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literally literally not figuratively literally the literally the most over use where an english language but literally advocating and trying to cover up full blown infanticide play there if a mothers and labour i can tell you exactly what would happen d infant would be delivered that would be kept comfortable infant would be resuscitated if if that's what the mother in the family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and mothers what a discussion ladies and gentlemen you know god help us all what have we become i'm gettin goosebumps here talking about the same
not hyperbolic what have we become were on one of the most listen to radio stations in the entire country that broadcast to the washington dc power centres in why in dc virginia and marilyn that the governor one of the most important states in the union virginia bad i was a lot of these government workers is having a conversation on a major market radio station about keeping a birth child a birth to child comfort while quote comfortable while a decision is made what decision is that decision to that child's life you know you need to see this folks you need see it wouldn't want do i mean by that maybe maybe if the visuals if they ve if the audio is an impact in you maybe all of us need to see this maybe all
us need to go and look up what a partial birth abortion looks like you stand what this guy just said and desperately desperate tried to walk back yesterday he explored who's the democrats for what they become a party of trying to sweep in fact the side under the rug folks if you tried do this to an earthworm and you put it out on instagram or twitter you would be just why ably show probably taken off twitter being an earthworm alive while you decided out of terminated live out for what what is it some kind of science experiment this the human beings we are talking a human life keeping it comfortable this child while we
have to make a decision then what's happening between keeping the infant comfortable and resuscitating the infant what he had to reach such data actually born infant joe than they doctor and he's trying to use medical terminology to gloss over what happens when a partial birth abortion fails and a child is or an alive he does it have here he's trying to science this away what effectively is the murder of a birth child folks this listen i talked about this yesterday how its key you understand how the democrats need to wipe out any kind of objective truth at all the big are you an inalienable right to life liberty the pursuit of happiness none of that can matter when you
what can even specific rights the right to self defence the fruits of your own labour the right to protect yourself and your family to assemble to petition the left doesn't one big our rights they don't want that they need this state they need this data all times should be able to intervene between you and your big our rights and to do that they have to wipe out any objective truth whatsoever even life gross folks just disgusting what happened yesterday all right let's move on used storing opportunity this is important this broke yesterday in the daily collar and again received almost no media coverage almost no media coverage at all so we that yesterday that derive from a daily collar piece it nellie or who is the wife of bruce or whose addio j the number for official in the department of justice who was working for company hired by hilary did they generate this negative information on tromp fusion gps now your was workin for fusion gps we find out
yesterday's some of her testimony had that she gave up in front of congress had leaked in that testimony there's some deeply troubling information that again is being ignored by the mainstream media but but but folks a lot of commentators on this case they seem to miss the big take away here too take away in this whole thing is that we were at the big reveal yesterday is it now you're was assigned to do up ok the opposition research hits on who joe tribes kids why does this matter folks this is huge because now it explains a whole lot again a lot of people miss this connection i don't think you should i think a lot of the entrepreneur researchers out there have been working on this case i there and you know who you are a lot of you are really terrific need to look in this angle now now we find out nellie oars job fusion jp ass the company hired to hit donald trump raillery clayton her huh
works in the oj joe and she is an apple hit guy for troops kids she's assigned to let me quote here to see whether there they were invites of the dealings with people with suspicious ass talking about business dealings jody the trump tower meeting now make sense who is that mr schwab tower beating folk put these things together put to do together i got a lot to do i got a motive do this quickly i get a lot of stories about the democratically to but now what makes sense i've told you that tired time i will stick to this till the day i go in the grave here because the evidence is all over the place that the donald rob junior tromp tower meeting with these two russians at the democrats are appointed look these russian shut off the talk the trump junior collusion collusion collusion that it russians that show up are connected diffuse gps and hillary clinton that's all ladies and gentlemen that's a fact
this is a set up from the start dont julia was set up this is a set up he was framed this is a set up its clear as day the but who show up for this don junior meeting our russian russian lawyer resolute sky and italian vessels skier whose working after the rough russian government but is also working with fusion gps we're bruce oars wife is working intelligence connected guy that shows up already admits he has connections to the clinton sphere now we find out that of the woman were king for fusion gps the company connected to these people that show up there now we find out our primary job was to do for research on trumps kids to save him the same kid by the way dont you junior that the meat happens with forestry
i start potent do what you together you to show this is i mean maybe just because we're on this case all the time it seems so obvious but when i saw this story yesterday and obey my show notes today but you know that com please read it now it's obvious looking into business so she was assigned to looking at the dont trumped juniors business dealings and conveniently a guy they ve done business dealings with them the past rob old stone a british publisher stripe knows other guy they ve done business within the past the go lara family the aguilar family are the ones in conjunction with goldstone death according the allegation set up this meeting with the russians who porcelain these people are set this meeting up guys ladies just asking you to see through the fog of misinformation and disinformation in this case and see what is so transparently obvious at this point a company our by hillary clinton to dirty up donald trump high
woman whose husband works in the department of justice the woman's job is to research trumped juniors business dealings this associates of dont shrub to your right then set up a meeting we to rush into trump tower connected to the same company hired to look into his business dealings and end of liberals later use that meeting is evidence of russian collusion ladies and gentlemen is eyes outcomes razor slicing through the fog right now in all possible scenarios except the one that requires the least amount of assumptions comes razor otherwise known as keep it simple stupid this is obvious hey let's higher this company to look at the trumps business dealings a sudden business associates trump set up a meeting that the liberals are now using as evidence of collusion we too since connected to the exact people who set the meeting up this information
it is so it's crystal clear but very few people are making this connection and i'm imploring some of the better researchers out there you all know who you are you how may daily i'm imploring you to go and do some do some taking on this i'm i'm doing my own but they can she's here are now clear so read the daily all our peace and all make sense or was looking at the trump juniors business deals conveniently business associates of trump junior then set up a meeting we do people connected to the cliff fusion gps where the lady works whose looking at the job junior nellie or i'm talking about here from the peace now you're a former contractor profusion gps told lawmakers on october nineteen during a deposition she recalls that chris theo gave her husband abruzzo the justice department materials from the now infamous anti trump dossier funded by the democrats
or said during the testimony that steel who like car a contractor profusion gps hope that our husband would pay the materials to the fbi so now have an explanation for both the business meeting a trump tower with these russians that the liberals keep using is evidence of collusion it was set up the whole time there was no scotch of hilary emails in that meeting only russian adoption and the magnates key act that's it we now no that oars admitted on the record nellie or that is that she u connected christopher steel to her husband in the justice department a number for official this isn't a rank and file guy with the hopes he would create this information superhighway joe and i have only been talking about for eighty months now the main line information right into fbi headquarters in other words poet quickly connected hilary operatives founded channel into the fbi to pass on
information onto the top there were to the right this is any article this is in our testimony she admit she gave the info we should do our husband with the hopes it would get to the f b i am not making this up rather peace yourself there are quoted here you want to hear the club my understanding was that christie was hoping that bruce her husband the theology official could put in a word with the fbi to follow up in some way what's hard about this what are we think something mainstream media folks entirely on interested in the facts and background on this case are we missing something we missing a connection here are you part of this are you not interested in the woman is on the record talking about information laundering operation from political operatives through just this into the fbi at this dont she admits to researching trump juniors business dealings while a busy this deal is being set up to get russians
go to trump tower connected with the same company what part of this isn't connecting conspiracy do what's a conspiracy she's on the record it's in the peace talks i got mine this was sworn testimony making this operate the peace yourself it goes on she talks about one point now you're her testimony that there was a meeting on july thirty twenty sixteen between christopher steel booked the creator of the dirty dossier a foreign intelligence operative for the for the united kingdom former am i six guy as it were three topics discussed at this meeting on july thirty twenty sixteen when nellie or working for future gps christopher steel working for
using gps and hillary clinton and our huh bruce short the oj meet one christopher steel discusses apparently the fact that the russian but he believes the russians have donald trump quote over a barrel ok that's nonsense steel just setting up what he's going to say later you get what i'm saying joe he's sick christopher steel clearly in this reading trying to set up the fact that the russians can bribed trump because they have stuff on a second she says tat she did she describes them informing steel she says that the meaning christopher steel describes carter pages meeting with these two russians that's did this happen that meeting didn't have it's a why it's in the dock discredited and above that meeting perhaps in that meeting it's a why it's in the dossier it's a lie page it not me with these two russians so clearly
the eu already has components of this dossier laid out ready to present on an information superhighway too is connection bruce or to his wife nellie fur this is fascinating the officers from the daily colloquy steal a former am i six officer who operates at london of this i also too or that a lawyer for russian oligarchy only darrow pasqua was investigating trump campaign chairman poor manifold over a business gone south steel reportedly worked at one point one of the republic is companies the lake i run a given that there are pask is considered a close out i've potent ladies and gentlemen my gosh chose the denseness of people following this case on the liberal side intentional denseness of their skulls is incredible now we have on the record nellie or indicating show that their christoffersen
is getting some of this information from their pasqua an ally of putin who has an interest financially in taking down poor man afford on the trump team and nobody puts to do together joe please tell again as the audience ombudsman you're picking up put on putting down here and he says a sheet christopher steel how has this back channel bruce or in the oj he made with july thirty two twenty sixteen conveniently the following in the following days the fbi opens up a case against tromp crossfire hurricane as or relays this information to anti mikhail sovereignty fbi nellie are already says that we're hoping for a back channel to the fbi for this info even always shady the info she gives them is that cheaply christopher steel passes information to her and her husband at this july thirty meeting saying the russians have something on tromp second
carter page met with these two russians too things widely debunked to nonsensical and third he admits the whole scheme that he's worth with this russian thereupon kafka connected to putin in like manner for because of a bad business deal and an elaborate information is coming from them he paid we have the whole scam that this the russian this information operation funnel through hillary clinton steam into the fbi the guy tat there are pasqua has a grudge against man afford i met a lawyer is investigating this that works for their pasqua guys ladys please please tell me you get this please tell the gap is
russian guy let me pay for the liberals out there have been a tough time russian guy darrow pasqua very mad trump guy metaphor russian guy has a lawyer investigating man afford russian guy and lawyer no like man afford rush russian guy also working for british spy really spy being paid by hilary to generate bad information a truck let's go back to caveman show we haven't used to minimise cape bands this makes it let me try this came out your who should guy don't like trump you you what you dig toilet from don't look at you get that are of key caveman joe gets it rushing i know like job ok russian guy hires lawyer cave man john looking into trump guy does not make sense
say it's cape banjo gets worse didn't guy also has business deal waiting i in trouble orbit while simultaneously having business deal with guy doing research to her trunk makes sense came angelou eva caveman joe gets listen i got a box i gotta like the guy you're breaking kilimanjaro gets it you know that count on no coverage of this from the mainstream media at finally but more peacefully daily call and i want to move on to a couple other things as well a lot of breaking news this week we haven't he hasn't made appears always popular with the odd man without jail cell phone we recently told given the m rate on roger stones house at six o clock in the morning multiple law fbi agents tat gear in an entirely absurd outrageous unnecessary display of force for
a non violent offender with with no threat to flee at all we already heard about that roger stone the arrest but i bring this up because what was stone arrested for jobs john was arrested and is being prosecuted right now for locations that he lied in front of a correct congressional committee its worn testimony this folks i don't know stone i met the guy had a couple of eggs we're not friends we ve never correspond that i have no idea what drives him what doesn't drive him and lying on the roads is in fact a crime the problem is if lying under oath is a crime let me ask you simple question why is inclined simpson from fusion gps under arrest oh yeah yeah that's another one from the daily collar bees bruce or with steel infusion gps found their glenn simpson prior to the twenty sixteen election stop stop full stop
so now we know now yours husband bruce or worship the oj who's got to information laundering operation into the fbi met with british spike service theo and fusion gps found their glenn simpson price or to the twenty sixteen election ok fact establish why does any of that matter let's go on because that conflicts testimony given by glenn simpson as well as a memo released by democrats on the house the entire committee on november a committee on intelligence notably chef day adam share glenn simpson joe testified to the entire committee on november for twenty six twenty seventeen that here did not meet with anyone from the justice department or fbi until after the election but or testified
the rose that he met simpson on august twenty second twenty sixteen notably by for the election folks god forbid glenn simpson is not under investigation right now for lying under oath this is as clear a violation these two stories cannot possibly coexist in reality glenn simpson spoke to or before the election on august twenty second is oars stating or glenn simpson spoke to or after the election as simpson stating those too stories cannot possibly be true if glens it is not under investigation by the mahler probe or someone else in the justice department ladies and gentlemen this justice department is meaningless because it's not the justice department it's the injustice department then this would be a scammer roma on
it is what a joke cases turned into a total farce an abomination of justice we should all be embarrassed by this and listened crash zero celebrating all this stuff in your new police state you newfound love affair for the police state early morning raids tat gear tactical where the people's houses were to complete non a threat matrix of zero hope you proud of yourselves and what you ve done to this country disgraceful loons disgusting what you ve done celebre the destruction of the constitutional republic celebrating history trying to cover up infanticide on a w ethiopia interview you disgust me and everybody listening every jane person listening gross want to get you a couple more stories including kind of it at that
i ain t yesterday show about just how ridiculous now that these democrats are announcing for president their plans are don't i've pie in the sky there there there no pie there's no sky there's no nothing it's sky listen there there's no there is nothing there it's pretty sky there's no there at all i wanna get there before i go to that i am glad to have back as sponsor one of my favorites because i gotta i got a sample once remember they open up the box and ladies and gentlemen as an adult sometimes at forty four it's we give a call for me to get excited about anything any more of it is it's true up so cynical about everything these days but i opened up this box from battle boxes be eighty l no e battle box ba tt l b o acts i opened up any of it these stuff in there's just a boom i said to my wife and look at this and look about so look at those listen mode prescription boxes are full of samples and junk in crap you'll never use let's be honest but not battle bottom
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shorts candidly may heard trump as much as he heard the democrats member he's talking about running is independent joseph as the audience ombudsman i need you to track this and i always thought me for some eggs at so he's talking about running is independent these germans very little chance and independent could win the presidency i'll get to that you too will be part of this but just just stipulate that for a moment so why with the democrats be afraid you know one ross parole ran against but change bush and i know joe remembers well and i do it was one of the first elections i was like intimately involved in at the time i really follow that closely it was perot peel coin then as the governor of arc and saw at the time and george w bush is the incumbent republican president perot rynason into and then i member perot dropped out he was probably getting some poles twenty five thirty percent of the vote parole
rob sound and jobs back into the race anyway i'm getting was seventeen nineteen percent or something like that and the the a kind of schoolyard rule of thumb there was the parole had cost george w bush the presidency by splitting the republic in vote folks i set up a lot on this and i don't have time today to go extensive de because it's almost a show in and of itself and i'm could sit doing an election special on on previous elections apple that'll be for another day but let me just say this it did not conclusive that that's the case tat parole cost h w bush the election george w and it's not in other words age w may have lost where the problems there and i'm it's impossible to prove a counterfactual we don't know what we know is what happened we can't prove what would happen if it didn't happen
because it happened and michael j dot fox at end of crazy scientist from back to the future are not going to have beer lol i was to go back to biff and change time it's not going to work all we know is bro is in it and and clinton won but base some exit pulling another thing it's not clear perot cost each w the presidency why am i bring this up now because now we're gonna have a well funded potentially even more well funded then perot candidate who was willing to dump five hundred million of of of his owner of his own money this race to get on the ballot and fifty states and run a more than credible campaign and add dollars and he's probably gonna get on a debate stage with these three now i brought up at the beginning about each w and and and and and the fact that it may her trump because babysitting him may folksy may strip away a lot of trump voters who get out just look i'm looking for a different option
why are the democratic so scared it's not push up and go and after shalt i may not in any kind of its consistent organ way like a demo he doesn't like shalt be in an area clearly taken some shots but not an organised way like the democrats or republicans of largely steer clear folks it's not that the democrats don't they shoulda could peel away some trump voters is that the debt creates a worried shelters is going to expose them for the mathematics eddie it's they are met of slavery is joe shawls has and will continue to get because he's el funded an incredible just by his name it is money alone he is continuing i want to continue to get media parents is on cable news networks and network outlets abc nbc cbs and he has continued to take to taking a a centrist approach on these far
left radical policies when it comes to things like medicare for all taxes and expose the idiocy them joe and the problem the democrats are having now is they can't explain away as i said yesterday how five plus five is supposed equal twenty six shots has gone on the air about two specific things and is put the democrats send a really big hall even though they know shalt can potentially hurt trump want him out of the race because he let me point to spend i'm sorry short may hurt trumpet the election but he heard the democrats ideas the idea as they want to get out there to specifically medicare for all an elevator tax rates seventy opted upwards of seventeen ninety percent on on what we would consider we would consider wealthy folks in the united states here already come out and challenge those ideas as unamerican and absurd the democrats don't want that they want the anti trump
animals to be so profound joe and fog inducing in the election that they can push economically mathematically unworkable ideas and never have any one challenge armada i'm a little worried i'm not getting us across either i way the democrats were opting for a clear path on the democrats side for far left radicalism the democratic a clear path for one candidate there's no one i did want in this election but what the devil crash do add is the a prominent figures on their side running kamel harris bernie sanders even joe i wear this far left large into obama dynamics you should go with this job they were hoping to having a clear path for high taxes and government run healthcare because they know who won't question of monaco media won't question now
give him a free past time you'll see some white questions but there'll be no follow up they'll baby having the media will largely give him a pass on radicalism right now you got shots in here who risen isn't doesn't need the primary process he can basically use his own wealth to get himself the ballot to run as an independent even though he may bring up tromp and take some trop voters from some rhinos or some people would like trump destroy the democrats ideas and it'll be a two against one you take me imagine the page stage and independent shalt donald trump and say comma harris for four four giggles here kamel hours wins the democratic combination for the presidency now wanted debate stage what are you gonna have you could have kamel hours i think we should have medicare for all you could have howard schulte who is a liberal by the way but is trying to be an economic centres laughing at this
mr assistant i've been a business owner started start your ideas are ridiculous there's no match for that are all doesn't work then you can have trump come out drop a neutron bombs on this day each greek miss hours that's quite simply the dumbest idea i've ever heard centre hours at what are you gonna do it we too want one there's gotta be nobody to savour are you are you u governance and fight but we in front of a national audience the democrats who thought they were going to get a free pass on far left radicalism and a straight one runway right to the general election with no serious push back on their ridiculous economically unworkable tax and healthcare plans now have to deal with shawls and trump out there during the entire election cycle exposing democrats for the insane ideas they did this sort of lively insane ideas they have shown
make it sets producer job time let's our two on one it's a two on one page extract is jobs is already out there call about now but things i wanted just double down on somethin i covered yesterday colombo as a great piece on my site by the way we have a new logo on the site i want to thank blair and linden paula offer doing a job on it i got a new logo bungee nor that calm we put out but everything's being re down so go check that out really nice they didn't really wonderful job but paul is mad at me right now folks by the way because i block losing my marbles before the shell because we're desperately trying to get this video thing up and run in the right way and it's like it such a complicated studio now so you know i always break down the fourth wall sorry paula do you hear me out there
but i don't want to give you second rate stuff all his work and our jos work in art on work and hard and you know it's not up to the standards i wanna keep for you so we're trying to get you we're going to try to get a video clip up today even more sweaty now from my god i love my audience i don't want to give you a second rate stuff it follows work and our jos work and art we can hardened and you know it's not up to the standards i want to keep for you so we're trying to get you video clip as soon as possible but man has a really copies up at the website today about liberals do math and it's a file the yesterday let me read you a quote and again this is just so you understand the oh i like to keep my show simple to take away from this is shops as dangerous as an independent to the left because he exposes their ideas as mathematically unworkable and he's not trump you get a job so they can't you see i'm sure he's crazy we all hate trump don't listen to him he's not true sorry george doesn't like trouble either buddy
also doesn't like these latitudes kooky democratically he's up from apple almost beat about why the liberals cared to basic math she's talking ok seo cortez and who we on castro's proposal to tax people make ten million dollars rates of seventy percent or higher and basically elizabeth warrants nonsensical plan to take away your assets if you wealthy he says if we aren't enough wealthy people are fun what i presented a very cortez desires her seventy percent tax would only raise between sixteen billion successful thirty eight billion a year programmes ladies and gentlemen because trillions ear the map doesn't work but because that is certainly those like rep cortez must know better in one breath she and others such as bernie sanders sites
in the navy in countries is successful examples of socialism but never mention that the middle class and that has links and the peace folks occasionally decisive sortes citations and the sources accuse me the sort asians and making upwards everyday that the middle class pay a fee three percent plus tax rates gentlemen i'm not asking alexandria ok seo cortez to change far less liberal idea i'm not i i know i have no hope of breaking through and frankly candidly she doesn't care what i have to say she does and what do you care when my show us to say we're opposite sides of the ideological spectrum i'm not asking that i just asking her to be honest about what she's proposing so the american people can make a decision you want scandinavian social welfare you can get it but it will cost you a doubling of the tax rate you're paying now if you are a middle class individual yeah vote on a job a fair deal daughter
to spend orbit caused a did spends its candidate he doesn't care he likes court you like you like fifty percent plus tatra but anyway year jet just being honest about it that's all asking on she knows just as well as every other politician that they can't sell this kind of attacks on to the american public because they d american public wants to believe this doesn't apply to them personally outrageous the tax like only applies to people making ten million more it doesn't listen to me we don't have that here i'll get to that of tax it doesn't that tax it apply to you that's where all the money is i just gave you the met there is not even close to enough money in the millionaire sphere in the united states of economic earners to generate
this social welfare programmes or case your cortez sanderson elizabeth worn want kemal harris not the money that the money is with you you will pay double the taxes you're paying now here's the kicker in peace i'd in coordinating with mad at all by the way the liberals who seem to be aware of this are the ones that democrats would rather not run for president she's howard shorts and michael bloomberg i told you that's a smart kid he's my resident fact checker here as super bright i found them at an early early age have endeavoured working with them now for gosh a six year seven years it's a brilliant point show scares the dams because he exposes wet smart people already know these ideas are economically unworkable they are now dead there
pie in the sky i can't say this enough there's no pie there's no sky there's no money there the money is with the middle class now tim warsaw has a really good piece the wash them examiner today talking not exactly this how he just wishes people would be honest and this debate are we obama gloomy wrapped as i don't like to lose my place that's why i'm gonna take us on the howard don't think so he scares them again because he's is speaking the truth but i said to you in the beginning i was going to explain to you very little if any path for victory for an independent just quickly here for if understand the mechanics of how these presidential elections work when they can't be decided in the electoral college schulz has almost no chance of getting two hundred and seventy electoral votes which you need the wind the presidential election you all know that's a smart audience why shelter
i'll get it because they are our reliably red states large pockets of that pending on which stage you factor in around a roughly a hundred and fifty to one hundred and eighty electoral vote shows they will vote red no matter what they did answers of shawls and independent whose pro abortion and otherwise getting red states wyoming utah you tunnel is a non existent youtube you joe you pick it up and put we shall have no chance of winning that those eight set are reliably red we'll garner between a hundred and fifty and two hundred seventy electoral votes there are other states debts has no chance of winning on the left they will vote for medical care for for space aliens tax it's as high as a hundred and fifty two percent they yeah yeah i said i'd mess that up to california new york illinois that's about another hundred two hundred and twenty or so electoral votes in other words dared
you can't get that there's not enough electoral votes there four shots to get to two hundred and seventy so what would you have but if he does rush parole like numbers folks gets thirty percent of the electoral voters and independent that let me nobody gets the electoral votes to seventy you dig me armor cost so what happens next it gets it over to the house of representatives were each state it is to vote for one of em folks do you really believe jim swampy politicians poor but could allow no independence in a real independence at least in the senate side there's a vacant and thence like yeah but angus king and bernie sanders but there were no real independence left do you we believe in the house of representatives a bunch of swamp rodents from both sides are going to vote for an independent whose threatening they come in there and and and scuttle their entire operation so tat
no chance he can't win the electoral college and he not win in the house of representatives i'm telling you he has no chance some miraculous thing happens where where every word i mean we would pick up a miraculous i really can't they will we will unquestionably get kicked in the house of representatives were partisans will vote their party it's as simple as that body is doing significant damage to the democrats because these exposing their ideas is ridiculous i this final rina wrap up that dogs i didn't forget right i was there i just want to make sure i got all the info internet support i today's i shall also bought you by bodies at joe co g code alters i am a big supported the second amendment i bear arms myself i carry a seeger three sixty five o clock forty three to my favorite firearms out there
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that's range the number five dotcom range five dot com a promo code everybody loves promo code for fifteen percent off punch my name in use promo code bond gino bonn gino for fifteen percent off at range five dotcom go check it out ok so just getting back did why the mathematical on work ability of this i discussed how mad wrote in the piece about it there's no money there there's only money with the middle class that's where the pool of money to fund these expanse of government programmes is the democrats which need to be honest warsaw has is peace the worst examined today just kind of hammering home what i said yesterday just wishing in helping people would be honest about the nineteen fiftys the fifth he's in the sixties catch rates were high the top marginal tactics in the fifties and sixtys between seventy and ended some cases ninety percent but worst also we look at the percentage of gdp raised by the income tax in other words ladies german the money they came in those
i personally income tax rates top down raising seven point eight percent of gdp we get a point forward then a gdp now the lower rates the rates now the top thirty seven percent this isn't this is for more stuff this is in telling us that higher rates give the politicians more money to play with he says i'm up i'm being my being picking here it i expect the historian to know these things before they confidently pronounce upon them but then what a wider my training was an economics not history great line by war stuff in other words ladies and gentlemen we're just asking the democrats to be if you're a college kid listening this neoliberal one of your friends aren't you onto my show and you listening i'm not mad at you i'm not really i'm not angry at you i'm angry at liberal ideas i'm angry that libya
managed to somehow smoke you up into making you believe this stuff is true i'm just asking you to open your mind and analyze the facts and data yourself if those facts and data then comport what you want fine if you understand history and the economic economics history history and of itself and the numbers don't comport the idea that higher tax rates will raise additional revenue but you want to do it anyway fine justify but numbers don't say that we have had a high tax rates they did not significant tax revenue they raise the less than what raising now at half of those tax rates literally half its thirty's one point thirty seven percent now they are sandro case you yogurt there's one seventy or more at the top in they did not do that those rates raised worse what the evidence is not working for you if you just a raise them because you like the look of bigger numbers because you
they could sounds cool fine just be honest about that but stop pretending it's gonna get you the money you need to do these expanse of government programmes you want when you know that data doesn't say that what we'll get you the money you want something well but democrats don't want to tell you whether really go it let me give you dirty little secret democrat party what they were we want ladies and gentlemen is that a value added tax a value added tax when you look around the world you now at the visa making bodies very bright and i get a lot of great feedback for me you're probably put in two and two together here saying dan i don't get it you're saying higher taxes won't raise additional revenue but when you look at that eight about countries around the world that have big social safety nets including the scandinavian ones you just mention you clear
indicated that they do raise the money for these social safety nets or may do but they don't do it to an income tax they don't do it do a corporate tax and they don't do it do a capital gains tax either in others hiking the income tax corporate tax on capital gains tax teens that's we'll do not have this i just like you understand that joy just made that case but there is a tax that will no doubt raise that money and it is called a vat now you may be saying well they have a vat in the united kingdom and elsewhere and places over in europe and she's many places over in europe the vat and their raising upwards of forty to forty five percent of gdp almost double what raising here why won't the democrats do that all they will but there too can it be real quiet about how that works and why is that so they value added tax is a regressive tax folks it's not progressive in other words who it is
impact the worst economically the poor or in the middle class what i just told you that that is where the money is the money too acts is not with the millionaires ladies and gentlemen i know that sounds counter a jew especially the liberals that have a tough time with this kind of stuff i get that how is the millionaires and ten millionaires don't have the money to tax because there's not enough of them it's not that they don't have the money they don't have the money you need to expand government as rapidly as you one there's not enough for them the g20 the protest won't show how many millionaires the you know no two to i'll maybe personally maybe four or five now maybe more for five joe we middle class people you know tonnes that
we're talking with a five hundred thousand francs you see my point i mean i was this can giotto did to be solely on how may and that my monsieur how many millionaires do you know how many and millionaires do you know how many hundred millionaires you know some of you were well for you may know two or three five maybe ten what germany middle class people you know you like i don't know i know my entire neighbour is five hundred that's where the money is there's not millionaires to pay for this that the monies in the middle class that's what a vat does how does a vat work well how it works is what they want to keep quiet this is what democrats really want that's how they the money in europe for all this and how they bankrupt their people a valley where did tax builds a tax in at every level production it's very simply explain this way my wife and i used to own a mixed martial arts company awhile ago before we wanted the politics and started doing other things and we would pay
it was like a yoga sock type product that we use before grappling so we would a supplier to buy thread some silicon spray they put on the bottom some elastic some rubber that would be used from the elastic enable compose isaak and this footwear now they can as it materials that the supplier buys the thread that other stuff joe may have cost him fifty cents it wasn't expensive decide he puts together with labour probably in total cost him three dollars may sell it to us for whatever five dollars which we sell to an audience i dunno we saw them for ten dollars or whatever do you see how value is added at every level every level they produce the soft takes thread rubber and silicon adds value through his labour and creates the sack so he buys it for he says he sells to us for three adds roughly two fifty in value
we then sell it to our website and other things and our marketing abilities in our business abilities forsaken we had another five dollars in value you have to pay tax on the difference meanwhile you paid what the end what's on what you're putting out basically is a simple way to say but its built in at every layer production why does this matter though because the fact that its built in it s the level of production and not just with the end buyer like a sales tax shut when you see a sales tax you look at your receipt and you know exactly what you pay tax not all goes i'll a packet t shirts at at whatever at this around the corner he pays me ten dollars and he pays depending on the tax i don't know a dollar two dollars and sales tax you can look on the receipt that's not the way of vat works you can
do vat on a receipt but being built in at every level its hidden because you only see the end receive what you pay but you don't see what everybody else paid before that boot shoe or grapple suck to you it's hidden and they hidden part of the tax is the beauty of it for big government hacks because people actually see what they're paying in taxes they freak out and they don't want to pay more that's that hurry of houses law the idea that no matter what we tax on the income corporate or but all gain side the government cannot is just in capable of getting more money because people hide their money civilians accountants what happened show they see it you see your paced up and you're like way what i a thousand dollars this week and on pay and six
didn't taxes this is insane people refused to do it they find fancy accounts they voted we're of office oh gains the same thing you sell your stocks way when i gotta give this about the money governments crime holding those stocks the business i wait we gotta pay twenty one percent corporate tax we're going to pass it on to the consumer but the beauty you have vat is you can't see it it's bills in this so many levels of production that by the time you buy the products and you're paying five hundred dollars for a pair of boots you just think that's the price of the boat you don't realize joe that two hundred fifty of it is taxes and you just pay it anyway it's the fact that its hidden this is what they want this is the levy tragic elegance of the vat and this is what they're going to push for because you will never ever
from the u s economy via the tax system now income corporate capital gains exercise imposes duties you will never ever again that much money out of the economy as you need an ok seo cortez and everyone else bernie sanders kemal harrison others know that is absolutely true they'll get elected and all of a sudden you start seeing the vat conversation creep up one more note on this because i didn't explained that that portion beware why vat joe regressive why does it impact the poor and the middle class more than it does the rich folks it's obvious consumption as a percentage of people then come wealth consumption food gas car bills clothing things you would pay a vat on this tax which would be substantial built be built at every layer that is a fact
a higher percentage of your wealth and your income if your middle class folks if you wealthy in your ten million dollars on honestly let us be honest we sure there's a for five dollars surprise matter to you what do you care you probably drive apparently your amazon roddy what are you you don't even care you put it on a credit card and just pay the credit our bill every month gas is a hundred dollars a gallon it probably stage but it doesn't affect your income but i assure you gas and t shirts and food double in price due to a vat the on your income is going be dramatic because it's a consumption base tax and people in the middle ass in the poor consumption what they what they spend survive food clothing gas car bills repairs to health care is a far
our greater percentage of their daily expenses and income than it is for the rich rich have so much money ladies and gentlemen at some point said that that health care food or that of its great they need that to survive but it's in infinitesimally small portion of their income the rest they can cut back on a didn't want to pay vat on by in another boat they just don't buy it they don't care they're still be alive but it will affect every single component of your life i think that i want to give a quick shout out to my body dionne via i work over a fox is a great guy and really appreciate we take a look at his book decided that this is not an and add this is simply for the odd i liked the on a lot in a book is really good it's they'll amazon's called blood in the streets the un's a good man a good friend and a young up and coming right it's a fiction peace it's really really good i guess cold blooded
streets available on amazon i really appreciate if you take a look at it the answer good guy and other have a really good cool audience and i love your eye i wanted to do him that favour a lot of people did me favours come up as well but it's a good book i wouldn't recommend that if it wasn't fiction box put down when you start blood in the streets and amazon by my buddy deeds by a good luck with the book the god bless you with that i folks thanks again for june and in please check out website today check out mats piece of the show notes you can always get our show not celebrity in my mailbox by subscribe your email is on a website mancino dot com and please subscribe do the podcast on itunes on i hard you have enjoyed or sound cloud it is free sank at a cost you anything but it's the actual subscriptions that help us out a lot really appreciate folks thanks a lot she also you just heard tan bond genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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