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Ep. 907 Another Liberal Conspiracy Theory Collapses

2019-02-01 | 🔗
In this episode I address the latest, incredible, job numbers while debunking liberal claims that this is due to Obama’s economic policies. I also address the complete collapse of a prominent liberal conspiracy theory about Donald Trump.    News Picks: Incredible job numbers were just posted.   A deported child molester was just apprehended at the border.   Adam Schiff gets destroyed, again!   Don Trump Jr. fights back against shady Adam Schiff.   This key Spygate figure is giving up some of the players.    President Trump makes bold picks for the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome that adapting gino chaperonage how are you today i got him all now edie i gotta say you little solve these way who with a hair black hair ball it s top of the euro you liquid nurse hats and hide you u accumulated a mass the airborne add a once out of you know those folks i am i am i took in a kitten now when i used to work up at a grocery store up in new york i took a kitten they could find home for a little while to give it away though after lavoisier i was never home i felt bad that poor thing was thereby itself the whole time i need let me name because i thought needs a yeah because i don't
neve campbell's name is evit snapchat if for some reason i don't know what has someone came in and was a fan of a show she was going to mention the name but i might there you go that's the cat's name nev so who knows we need the cat is now yeah damn bonn gino knives and i got a stack show for you today another another adam shift story falls another democratic conspiracy theory collapses i have a good explanation for you get it it's your sat there is constantly product in the right direction but i want to get to the economic numbers first because they're just incredible again our isolation if you buy bodies at harry's listen how makes the finest razors out there i use the morning like six o clock in the morning and i'm still freshly shaven for nighttime hits on fox it's terrific i love harry's harry's is great be smart
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partial government shut down now they predicted the apocalypse now the people you know the democrats remember that show they think that government is now one of the central figures involved in our life and if governments not there yet forget it economies gonna collapsed now the number was staggering and i just want to point out a couple of key notions here that you need to take away from this the democrats argument ladies and gentlemen that's becoming increase we prevalent among the left that huh your taxes are somehow correlated with prosperity economic growth guenaud up of grow from the bottom up is increasingly falling apart middle class wages are rising the unemployment number although it rose to four point oh it rose because of an anomaly you may say how to he had three hundred four thousand jobs joan unemployment rise it because an anomaly the partial government shut down we're a hundred seventy five thousand workers work primarily category
as is unemployed or disregard that number for a moment it really is a meaningless in real terms it is not that this down wasn't just saying that it was a blip and it was correlated to the long term trend right right right but the democrats gay and now we're seeing it reappear joe what did i tell you about seven minute apps so rubber seven minute absence to seven minute abs of course that's one of my favorite chose ever they clip from something thou mary would show just played where the lunatic it's in a car with stellar and he's like this idea you know eight minute abs i've got an idea a major play that again said i mean i do indeed have admitted is so i warn you that the democrats
they are increasingly virulent anti tromp zeal we're going to get more and more ridiculous in an effort to one up each other which stupid economic policy so joe as if thankyou i called it alexandria okay seo cortez what did she do she could for a seventy percent tax rate albeit on a marginal tax rate on people who make ten million or more then we have a list gorgeous i dont only one attacks i joe i want to seizing assets do so now it doesn't only matter that you paid income taxes and after you pay your taxes you bought stuff elizabeth warren wants to catch you the assets you bought after you pay taxes what happened yesterday rep that is a view on omar another round go far left this came out proposal ninety percent accurate but here is your job i told joe did i all it did have admitted labs soon will be its
expert it adds that will be a two minute as there will be no made it more you'll just have to think about ads you won't even have to get the video they'll come out just think about ads in your big at this moment it is part is ponder the idea of having a six pack and you'll get a stupid this is gonna did right zero men at i wore this was coming now ok we'll be sarcastic into a little ridiculous here but i want to give you the numbers because you my show we try to plunder to give you a bit of good i'm not running but i want to give the hard data now you have to refute this argument that somehow the democrats who are trying to in still by gas sliding into the economy that higher taxes are going to be to growth despite the fact that that administration in conjunction with the republicans in the house and senate cut taxes dramatically and the economy is flowering right now is prospering so whether
you make a causal inference or not in other that the tax cuts caused economic growth that's up to you causal inferences are top but at a minimum at a minimum there is clearly a correlation now joe not between higher taxes and growth but lower taxes and growth that did this the controversial but what i just said the count is growing at a rate it didn't i want to the last two years the obama administration its growing at a higher rate now and we cut taxes if you understand you sick logic therefore that means that these lower taxes or at a minimum coralie it would higher growth causes inferences are tough i would i would argue that its causal but i am stan people hasn't to do that but correlation really there's no arguing that there is no correlation whatsoever right now between higher taxes and growth now let's give you some numbers because some of you are still going to stick to this debunked none
ethical line that well brok obama handed off tromp really spectacular economy no he didn't hear them courtesy of a peace by louis woodhull which was in the show notes a while ago or africa but our quoted here louis would have done a great job at the garage for real clear markets ladies and gentlemen let's compare are the last nineteen months this piece is a couple months all but it's still there the the data still accurate just lead compare the last nineteen months of obama to the first night months of tramps m exact let's go let's do this i'm an ratio the employer men ratio last eighteen months of obama nineteen nineteen months of obama was up a plus point seven three percentage points for fur more than twice obama's plus point three five and others ratio people employed drunk double that
but last nineteen months robotic obama first nineteen months for egypt thank thank you for that fine analysis that take you for that that's invent chose invaluable to the show precisely for import like that that's better labour force dissipation otherwise the amber declaring themselves eligible to work in the labour force right it was plus point to two percentage point versus obama's negative point one six that's the words labour force put this maize pathetic showed at data point factual analysis number two by jo or because that's better locate thank you joe you joey georgia's even jos advocating a block of dams where we get very well here's where this gets confusing to now liberals like decide job numbers by obama but what they don't want to tell you is in the last nineteen months those jobs according to data brazil herself who was an that was running the dnc at the time member that the dnc emails that we're late get to that later in those emails dogma
donna brazil's own emails who's running the she's listen people aren't feeling job growth because these are all basically crappy part time jobs under obama right well here's the proof because democrats love to table a lesson t much what obama added here three million jobs when you look at fault equivalent job show quality jobs good jobs jobs you can support a family less nineteen months of obama three point three million first night months under job for point one million that's good he was a huge bad sporadic better back you thank you very much mrs could be chosen tagline like where's the beef market it on a line if you should start alighted t shirt watercress as better one more effort weekly wages who forty two were forty dollars and fifty five cents and jobs and the first nineteen months have tromp versus thirty one dollars and twenty one sense under obama joe could
that's better i you again there we go joe arm across providing phd level economic analysis folks i just put this out there too five the point home that we can be funny sarcastic humours i like that on a friday but the reality is the numbers the data and the facts if you're interested in that kind of stuff back up the fact that the trump despite being at the long tail end of a long unnecessary long recovery that would have been martin joe if obama had pursued the economic growth policies trumpeted economy succeeded despite obama it is now obvious but economy is succeeding now precisely because of some of the policies donald trump pursuit it is clear this the data back it up the facts back it up the economic facts back it up you ignoring this does not make any of this go away the arguments for democrats are falling apart right now it just it really is gets old
its old having to deal with this a bunk this nonsense every day they are constantly reaching for something but where wages are growing actually they are growing i just read to you the numbers what middle i s wages are averaging now versus under obama their higher the appointment cos index that measures wages is up the commerce parliament is indicated middle class wages are up the middle class tax rates were cod mouse people have said fairly enough while i lost my salt deduction in high tax states are rightly gentlemen i understand i certainly sympathise with you but that's not the fault of donald trump your federal tax we're caught if your middle class the child abduction was up the stairs the deduction was up a lot of the empty categories were eliminated you're in the middle class your taxes were cut the rest your taxes are going up in new york new jersey in california in some cases some very few but some cases because you're you live in a state that taxes you're very eye and then there's just
there's no way around that i got a lot again let's get you here too one click other story before we get to this this massive face bomb for adam shift yesterday gel which was a u to shift the heck he took a face bobby even see added by the ways out of acknowledge that shifty and eric swell well the two loons promoting this conspiracy theory there did you are nothing more than conspiracy theories now these guys are a complete joke they should be taken seriously anywhere they should be left out of the provisions for this he laughed that a polite conversation there's enough has completed a latter he took another massive based bomb yesterday but i just quickly before we get to that trumpeted something really strong and i want to give him a pat on the back and his administration for this the other day joe there were three really high quality good judges nominated for the naughty nights the nine circuit court of appeals which covers california in the west coast which frequently
acts as its own legislative body it's been at this as for a long time the night circuit they called the ninety nine for rest now the nothing it is still over well mainly a democrat nominees and and really liberal activists are not even now they don't even act as judges anymore but thou trop is made nominated three people he renominated because a lot of those were shut down the new congress how to take em up against we re nominated to those three it was a good move because there was some consideration or talk that made it into the wall street journal up at column that the three quality judges mr patrick boom attain la collins and brass where the three that were nominated he then they were they were they were concerned they were get original regional and kemal harris and diana
einstein to democratic centres tried to pull a fast want to say why we're not you know we want to do the blue slip privilege we want to stop these street you gave him saying they now they wouldn't have overturn nos three judges debate on sunday ninety nine back towards originally constructions and doing actual judge work what made it easier in say the you know getting up series of judges for a trial it would have been easier for them to pick a conservative judge obviously with more conservative judges so kemal as freaked out so defiance then they tried to block it donald trump stop it you re nominated to the three rumatiz bump down to the dish and by the scots this the other day it's a big deal folks if we nominated up we can operate more judges for the for the night as these spots open up and tromp was re elected we stand a good job how many more judges for the for the night as these spots open up and trap is re elected we stand a good choice of getting some sense of of
judicial restrained back to the night circuit court of appeals i wanted to mention that the other day but there's just the lock on so let me get to this major bombshell news about what happened with donald mumia that's too sweet first is going to take our folks don't go anywhere because air his this is blown up in their faces facebook so let me ask you some what are you doing when you put money in a 401k or ira you store jumper cables jumper cables and your vehicle you purchase health insurance it's your ensuring things in your life that matters your health show your tea with dental insurance he would show home you get fire insurance what insurance and floods and why do you not have food insurance is crazy he answer is you have to prepare and you are preparing when you do this stuff this all make sense you heard that story the other day on the show the russians in the chinese in efforts to create an mp weapon and knock out the electric grid you need a food storage plan pear when times are good not one emergency strike the shells new grocery store be empty the best way to prepares it might be
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where don junior met with these two russians who conveniently where connected to the hillary clinton team and people working for hillary clinton but there are joe has been long blocked the trump team colluded even donald trump son trumped junior met with these russians that's been are all argument all time that it is a key piece of my books by gate where i debunk all the rumour surrounding this meeting and i'm telling you what happened this was a set up those russians were sent to meet with don trumped junior in order to set him up because what was gonna but about a week later while about a week later june teeth and thanks for the reminded this morning from arm my guy i dare you know you're a june fifteen was when the information about the dnc joe hack miracle there can be thrown out was hacked the deal the emails that they were allegedly hack that formation was released a week later after the meeting clear is data me that those russians were sent away
earlier to meet with donald trump because donald trump junior choose me and man afford and kirshner because what happened joe someone got win that these really damaging the end see emails these democratic emails including one by diana brazil and pedestrian others that these workers to be led and they wanted to find a way this is pre election this is right around the time donald trump becomes a nominee they wanted to find way to run interference and pin this on the trump team this the hatching of the collusion narrative they'd already had it nor back pockets from the two thousand seven wall street journal article glenn simpson and others is working for fusion gps and fostered this and from the icon might flynn and twenty fifteen when you want to speak at that dinner not colleagues talking to the russians this is already in the back of their heads but now they find out that dnc emails males are gonna be released so this story is fabricated about a hack that we still can't confer may have happened may not have we taken
made because the fbi's never looked at the servers right but what better way to credit is hack jonah say the russians did it with a story in a movie script already written by glenn simpson for fusion gps what better way to set up the trump team joe than descend to rush weakens the meat which rob junior and it's a look a week before that they were meeting with don junior now what's fascinating about this is there a new york times peace written in july a year later remember what i told you about july twenty seventeen days fascinating ether section of events that happens right around july twenty seventeen five two twenty seventeen is when mahler panics
this is where civil war breaks out between the russian collusion conspiracy theories and the trump team that knows what's going on the whole time that the collusion hoaxes set up georgia if you're not from that you know you have to not me here if you don't know what i'm saying or any but this is important when trying to get across years evidence is now emerged that this whole thing was a set up the story ellie caller yesterday's that the original if this story that don trot met with these russians and income all these dad from his cell phone on this block number right has now completely fallen yesterday they got the cell phone records down trumped junior now call his dad after the meeting adam shift has been promoting this the whole time shifting has been promoting this thing that trump junior with these russians that i call this dad to promote idea that there were some colluding that story is now entirely fallen apart they got the phone records he did not come
is that so adam shift like he always does and swore well and others eric swarm over lying to you what does this have to do this article a year later mahler knows this this was set up meeting where these russians were pushed to meet with trumped junior right before the dnc hack was about to come out to set the trump team up for the trump team knows this now a around july of twenty seventeen man afford commissioner and dont tromp junior brought in to discuss in front of us senate in front of our eyes she may congressional committee at their net committee upon the hail are brought into och about what joe to talk about tromp tower meeting happens july twenty sixth man for the morning rate or metaphor charles happens
my guess is a man goes up their talks about the meeting they get nothing of interest on the collusion hopes mahler starts to find out his entire case pay on this meeting which is set up was in fact is set up and they have to shut man afford down are you may say well then that's a stretch is it because the same week man affords door is hit in unnecessary early morning raid what else happens mahler gets wind of the text messages between the lead investigator peter stroke in the trunk case and his girlfriend lisa page a lawyer for the fbi you know the text message what else is in the text messages we haven't seen folks this mary was a clear set up
why am i saying the because she didn't i get from my regular listeners you're probably listening to the show whether on the treadmill or cook in your kitchener in the car and you may be same yourself then what's the new news here i don't understand you ve been saying that from power meeting was set up the whole time the trump teams known us and they ve known at the entire time joe this is this is what they're holding back why they're holding back on this i dont know if there were for the mahler probed end because was in fact an investigation of donald trump and he doesn't want to be perceived this obstructing a hoax kay i'm not sure joe i can't answer for donald trump why he's not the class y all of this now my guess is that is that this is verification donald trump himself based on a hoax trump knows it's a hoax
gonna let this investigation play out i'm up with nothing a box of air popcorn and then he's gonna released the cracking and when he released crack and we read all this we find out this was set up it is going to be a day stating blow to mahler clearly understands now he has to make arrests and shut these people down why do i say that i was for times peace back from july twenty seven team and all this is happening joe it a man of fort and trumpet prompt junior up the hill there testified about tromp tower meeting right in circa about jim baker the fbi law being undercut it demands a second special council cause they're probably get and win that this was a set up now to disrupt our meeting the story it's about in circa about jim baker the fbi law being under criminal investigation for leaks leaks to who was at the new york times because the new york times in july twenty seventeen are one of the first outlets
break the story about the trunk tower meeting and away a frame it is fascinating trump meeting with these russians tromp junior look at this is so bad but what's fascinating about this whole thing is the new times shockingly gives a spokesperson for donald trump present donald trump lawyer the opportunity to respond to new york times a full blown propaganda out that that's in council progressed gasoline to gas lighting some may even game the chance to respond keep in mind when i'm telling you that what team is known the whole time they ve been set up that this is a scam to quote from the new york times peace in july if twenty seven team on the civil war breaks out between the collusion hoaxes and the good guys on the inside of the trunk team you know they ve been set up he's questioned about this transfer meeting in trumps a lawyer further a spokesman for the presence landmark corolla issued a statement applying that the trump tower meeting
was it set up miss from the sky and the translator who accompanied her to the meeting misrepresented who they were it said it in in our view mr corolla explain that miss vessel skier in our anti magnets key campaign employs a private investigator whose firm view gps produced in detail just ass the that contained unproven allegations against the president a why how to how did we missed this how do we miss this let's get here how do we miss this well the answer is we didn't but now we have it on the new york times reporting it itself the tree team knows things just alluded to the fact that russian lawyer who shows up for this meeting that's a set up with trump this is clear as day to set up because remember again the dnc hack the alleged hack is about
come public news in a week they have to set up the trump team for the trump guy on the record the spokesmen is say ladies and gentlemen in july you have twenty seventeen as the civil war breaks out everyone including the new york times this whole meeting is set up that these people can we live misrepresented who that what do you think that means show misrepresented who they are there some defend it and take more come again there to set up the trunk team they weren't in there to talk about hilary magnates key or anything else tat truck team knows this they ve known it forever i told you you know this guy's not depressed but it is not stupid his great practical advantages the kaiser souci approach you know what do they say but the british trick the devil of reporters convincing quickly doesn't exist trumps the greatest trick trump ever home is letting the media believed that he's some kind of an of skull that's how
he keeps smoke in these idiots out he knows this was a set up their honour where's jeer excuse two years ago talking about this now this is the set up there this was a set up the russians were sent to talk the trump junior at the behest of people involved with people acted till the clinton orbit now what this line you may have missed this line at the end at the russian warriors shows up whose work with fusion gps the cup higher by hilary to set up an attack the trump team that its miss resolute sky the lawyer employs approach investigator whose firm fusion gps produce than entail just ask you is this still do how do you everybody miss this
is the russian lawyer who showed up herself there we have some kind of a business relationship which the eu is that the private investigator talking about who produced the dossier if not joe there's another private investigator produced the dossier whose he or she how do you understand the connection i make you times twenty seventeen teach already out at this whole thing there's suggests the russian lawyer that shows up in this set up of don trunk junior at the trump tower meeting has quite a private investigator who produce the dossier any anti trump does how is the how can this not be steel what business relationship do they have as the times corrected this or they basically giving up the entire scam that the people that showed
for the trump tower meeting what working precisely on that meeting only to set up donald trump what is that the lawyer for perkins kui the one who was talking to jim now let me give you the gym bakery this important too so let's tie that up we call installer yes daily collar story yesterday the ripper the d a crass we're alleging that don trumped junior met with these russians and in call these dad from a block number the call records are now released in or public we don't know who we are but we know one thing by those numbers he did not call his father that is another conspiracy theory hoax promoted by shift the atom ship and eric swallow entirely debunked that's worries generated new interest now again in this trump tower meeting where we start when all of a sudden manifolds houses hit the morning you may say folks well
this set up narrative right now we found out the don trumped junior testified in july about that meeting so dead man afford all of a sudden manifolds houses hit the morning you may say folks well if man of forty it was hit the and maybe that's evidence that the trump tower meeting was in fact collusion its net i been cited in a charging document ever that there was conspiracy generated at that meeting ever so you're telling me mahler has it these hiding it it's clean who is mahler is charging these people were process crimes to shut any investigation into what really happened here a set up in point take away number three is russian lawyer that shows up according to the new york times here a private investigator working for fuel gps who put their there are thus who else
could they be talking about is christoffersen you're working with the russian lawyers shows up do folks tat they did that poor evidence evidence tat this was a set up oh my gosh is anyone in the media gonna open their eyes it's pathetic take your blindfolds off you idiots but dick go here folks again is the trump team knows this the spokesman for the residents lawyer says clear as day he this issued a statement implying that the meeting was a set up like we ve said for ever
now there's some other bombshells i came out yesterday some others staggering stuff the epic times as a piece out about the testimonies now leaked about bill price there who is the number one in the cap during division i've seen ass the do you repeatedly the bill priced impose a higher up there he said chain of command during this whole investigation into trump jim call me number one in cave number two price there is the head of the counter and television reports them a cave and call me if he was running counter and tell the vision and has testified up and up on the hill i'll come we don't have more information from him about this set up while yet times got a hold of some of his testimony in a peace i haven't the show notes today bungee know that com if you subscribe to email this will send it to your daddy just incredible some more epic
frontier tier one level moab bombshells about exactly what went on and what their hiding behind schedule glass rina get to that i don't go anywhere you not go on miss this would be straight run to the n we're gonna run through the tape on this one i find can i show brought you by bodies it man creates ladies gentlemen may increase is one of my favorite sponsors out there listen we all get bad gifts is guys thou not by if we listen to the show she's never ever given a bad gift ever i just want to be sure everybody for the record understands that but some people out there when gay when you get your your your husband that guy in your life you know maybe a body you know a graduate of police captain we want to get him a cool guy give their hard to find and valentine's day coming up and it's really tough to get guy stuff for valentine's day right isn't i'm giving you the answer right here may creates knows what guys like they have hundreds of gift options so you know you'll find the perfect surprise for him i just got an what my paul you can acknowledge is right my wife love this i got the
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the counter and television i inherited the investigation that's his quote now i led with them this first because i'm gonna be candid with you my experiences a federal agent i was secret service agent for twelve years working cases for about seven of those and it isn't common to inherit a case and joy no you kind of dig these inside baseball stored how it is here the way this happens is people in field offices when i got transfer to the melville field office on long island new york from the new york field office some got transferred out now a person as a bunch of criminal cases their working they can no longer work because they're not located in the office they can be called to testify of course they're not going to be the lead age on the case anymore so you inherit cases halfway through which again folks i gotta tell you pretty annoying you never were the case you never met the bad guys you never interviewed him you gotta read through he smiled and try to understand people you ve never met i want to try
on a case like that and i remember the case like it was yesterday and i have to say it was a train wreck i was new i just didn't really understand was going on in the case as well as i should have this by reading it fifteen twenty taught price china wiggle out of this thing i inherited these things i didn't pick these teams i didn't pick peter stroke so to be fair to price and i think he may be trying to do the right thing here in some respects inheriting an investigation is tough here have sense what was going on but that was one take away from the mildest but there's another one in here there's a couple of big bombshells here's the other one he talks at these transfers into this division right after hillary clinton email investigation is opened up now why is this important ladies and gentlemen that we have this key upper echelons figure in the fbi
calls on the record we have his testimony now admits that after hilary cases opened up about the private server joe and any the potential compromising of private server foreign actors getting a hostile foreign act is getting access to hilary sensitive emails all these transfers happen into their headquarters division that's managing these but the transfers are key let me read you from the epic times peace angela thirty twenty fifteen within weeks the fbi's opening of the clinton investigation andrew kay was suddenly promoted to the number three position with him he have be i will new title of associate deputy director mackay was transferred to the wash the fbi headquarters from w foreign wash field office and its direct involved in the clinton investigation began gets better joe oh
who else is transferred two months after the clinton investigation opens peter stroke known trump haider and texture to his girlfriend these surveys is transferred to the fbi headquarters division is well why is important ladies and gentlemen andy mackay the eu is transferred to the number three position when twenty fifteen but is now clearly in a role to have management authority over the clinton case his wife is a democrat who run for office as a state senator in junior and the state of virginia and takes money from a democratic line pack connected to hilary point than acolytes this guy has an actual rested power and financial interests wives and future employment as a politician based on democrat politicians helping his wife out all of us
these magically transferred in to have some kind of a supervisory role under the current investigation at all he reaches back at the w foam this guy there w foe wash he'll live as pulses guy peter stroke into headquarters with them i know trot pater show just funny how those transactions is magical yap it isn't that crazy everything in this i love how everything in this case is always just a massive a coincidence that the left unbelievable it goes on there this one is one i've been pushing for a long time that i wish more people would focus on all thus on the right and but some media figures on the left who may have an idea and actually doing journalism one day job john carlin john carlin there
the national security division at the department of justice at the end of the obama administration john carling is a key figure in this case it has been stated multiple times recovered at last week in a week before that significant portions of this case art in control by carlin in the department of justice people are reported him why does that mean matter we're gonna get to it second why he's matters some of you already know the answer to this but if you don't read from the epic times peace their talk about how this investigation was broken down and its joining the team were to d j lawyers from eastern district of virginia and what turns from the deal jays national security division who according to price there remember choses price as price that's testament were heavily engaged the testimony from pages is lisa page job
carlin who ran the national security division was receiving briefings on both investigations trump and clinton directly from a cape so much age wife is running as a democratic state of virginia taking massive sums of money from hillary clinton acolytes car in the d o j and mackay by running this thing he's getting poor daily briefings as indicated by lisa page whose key ireland what was his prior job so your bobby scream at home into the radio right now or you had five people bob mahler chief of staff have bowed what do you stand by mothers run a clean up operation he's connected to all these people all of us he's gettin acted to all of these people mahler has deep connections to rosen stein deep kennedy since the carlin connect
instead the uranium one investigation that one on when he was the fbi director connections to some of the wiki leagues hacks that one on what he was the fbi director mahler is the perfect clean up guy get knowledge deep suit every single time i know this guy is connected to everyone his former chief there have always running the national security division according to fbi insiders was a key figure in this investigation who also had a sign off on the pfizer wards at some point verifying the information that wanted to the fine words watch procedure which puts him in that chain of command to verify this how did if verify false information answer is he didn't kid brother false information now there's more from this price step testimony when asked about
clinton server anomaly highlighted by representative louis gomer i may have been dying to the story all week folks been some more breakthroughs on the collective email investigation apparently the intelligence community inspector general the equivalent of the internal affairs officer for our intelligence community was doing it ratification at the hillary clinton emails ladies and gentlemen and found me data anomalies indicating that hostile foreign actors we're getting copies of hillary clinton emails listen what i just said hostile foreign actors there's heavy heavy evidence through data tags that hillary clinton emails were being read by hostile foreign actors but i shall be the abbot is troubling it was referred to the fbi who probably did
nothing with it so i step is asked about this in testimony by jim jordan and others he's asked what happened with this clinton server anomaly this method data thing what did you guys do with this process strike i never heard that but he said i would have heard a quote it would have been a big deal folks do you see how listen tat well rating what's going on every damning piece of evidence that emerges against hillary clinton about this scandalous email scandal setting up a private server that was what was hacked far actors are reading or emails every bit of evidence that just at this scandal is a bigger deal than were letting on falls into an information black hole every nonsensical unverified die
see a and rumour and innuendo against donald trump that later turns out to be false and a hoax makes its way into the pfizer court do you three the anomaly year the clinton case no matter how such evidence emerges that hillary clinton violation of u s law trains classified information we negligent over a private server she was unauthorized to have it all goes down and information black hole because the people running this are transferred into the fbi headquarters from the washed in field office and probably selected because of their age detroit pro clinton bias a fact indicated by inspector general horwitz himself who index is that he could not eliminate political bias is a reason for scrapping the evidence on hilary and moving onto the trump investigation mahler is the guy to clear this up malo
the guy who is the come in and keep the heat on donald trump by it endless investigation using process crimes to lock up anyone associated with the trump orbit to buy time to allow this to go away it is clear as day mahler is not a good guy he is doing the right thing pieces both none of this you want to look real russian collusion go back to the july new york times story from twenty seventeen which indicates the russian lawyer that showed up for that i'm tower meeting may have been connected to the same guy being paid by hilary degenerate this it dossier this not bother anyone you want soon collusion it's right in front of your face andrew itself quoted and thank you too my friend for sending that over this morning because i've
forgotten about that peace despite the fact i think it's it's even cited in this is so much here it's you like a fire hose there's more in a price that peace joe he's asked about these trips to london he keeps making there are three trips to london first trip he talks about in this hearing where price step in it states that it was entirely unrelated to you know too to the trump investigation or the hilary investigation but there's this back in trip to london price refuses adamantly refuses to talk about it either that or the third trip to london buddy indicates there for two different purposes but he will not talk about what the purpose of those meetings are folks again put two and two together
i'm not asking anyone here to be matlock too broken down or from a why you five oh i'm just asking people were even mildly skeptical of what's going on to put basic sets of facts together trump has madam president trump to declassify all of the documents on this case defies the documents and where the amount it can public and see what happened who objected to that the intelligence community and foreign partners we now know for multiple reports by cnn the guardian and others that people in the high levels of the london intelligence apparatus we're meeting with people in the u s intelligence agencies including john brennan himself noted political hack and pair sing information to the obama team about the trump team we also know now according to this new york times peace to that there is
a private investigator working for fusion gps use compile the dossier which fits all the characteristics of steel who is work with a russian lawyer that shows up to the term power meeting folks how deeply was the united kingdom involved in this set up what do they know when did they know it and why were we using them folks its we while we were using them surveillance laws in the united kingdom are a lot looser than surveillance laws on citizens here in the united states its pretty clisson chris a clear at this point that the obama administration in an effort to sideline sweep under the rug any specific april trail there's nefarious actions to spy on the trump team during the campaign and potentially other campaigns do that that met a roadblock when ike rogers at the say was not willing to play ball anymore
so what were they using they were using foreign partners five eyes cooperators notably the united kingdom to gather information about u s citizens the obama administration couldn't gather on its own without leaving a deep in detail paper trail price applause over in london three times and that's the one thing he won't talk about this that why is he not talking about if average benign why is he not he talked about its first meeting he's i went over there and it was he said something about he met some london intelligence people invited him over for some kind of information sharing thing he had no problems about that job but this i can meeting which have right around this spring time where the spying operation of the term campaign heats up he won't about that at all peter show taxi talks about all quotas
meaning wars from outside of the continental united states what are wars me loring what like a fish lore are you baiting people in who are those people you are baiting we're trying to get the trunk team to be fish you can bite on your laws at the end of your fishing pole is that what the dinner earned the stroke text we still haven't seen that's all what's in the final document is that from the emails folks what steel doing who was we are working with which we work with key higher up in the upper echelons of the united kingdom intelligence apparatus he had come from but as a prime but investigator so they could detached any official knowledge of a too in other words shall we can't do this officially am i i am i six but we have guy christian steal your used to work with us you spell connected we can kind of their own or folks why
is he refusing to talk about these trips it's bad it so bad it's so bad now let me sum up where we were and i want to end on one final note bob about the idea that this is the disturbing cannot place we are right now i want to leave you in a bad mood on a friday on it but i do want to bring your attention to it this is an interesting line this guy epstein the wall street journal that much some up we were again yesterday story breaks trumped unity not call his dad after this stuff tromp tower meeting debunking another ridiculous left the smith this tower meaning is now going to be the focal point even despite this fact that he never call this that is still gonna be the
the point is why because the trump tower meaning is not evidence of collusion its evidence of the clinton teams effort to set up trumped junior so make sense show the left does they will always call attention to things that did that better that are their issues but they will gas but you make it you believe it's a reproach republican issue they are using the trump tower me because they're trying to cover up the set up the new york times knows this july of twenty seventeen they must know this from a source you have this leads to the new york times about the trump tower meeting was that leak from people associated with the higher ups and the f b i was at a baker early jim baker janet council regime call me we know he's under investigation now for leaks that healy tat due to the new york times does not protect was in an effort to cover up what they knew was set up inquiring mines would want to know but none of those inquiring mines are journalists finally price
seems really shady about this london meaning doesn't want to talk about it again indicating that the uk had a more significant role in the spying operation anybody's letting on he says he wasn't notified about the clinton server anomaly where did they go how is that information buried how did all this information wind up with a black hole he says he inherited the investigations we could take us fingerprints off it he also the carlin bob model old chief us they have had a key role in this entire case and he lets on was that these sit there were significant transfers that headquarters to manage the hillary clinton case it twenty fifteen when it was open which says to me they needed friendly's in their devastating damaging stuff also the trumped our meeting happens conveniently a week before the bombshell that the dnc was hacked by the russians folks they new that was coming out it's pretty crystal clear at this point and the
tower meeting was set up bookmark this episode that all comes out you gonna go yet what city state showed today's date is to one second or some yeah its episode what is it nine o night i was seven nine hours haven't yet i know seven bookmark the date when this comes out usa her to hear first not one final for the week i read an interesting line but this guy i've seen wrote the wall street journal today is talking about how just don't share a set of common values anymore and it's a it's a it's a point i think many of you already know but it's worth accentuating especially on a friday so you understand the fight were in euro ladies gentlemen lot of good things happening i believe the that trumpet the war you we needed right now on the economic front against these culture wars there is no one better to fight back with someone who is not an illusion he doesn't he doesn't need your money he doesn't need your pr he doesn't need a fame he needs nothing he's the perfect gotta do this right
but the problem we're having right now is epstein highlights is we don't share a common set of values anymore we are to do so separate spheres right now with no intersection the right echo far left liberty lovers notably us there is no intersection anymore whereas i don't want to i and what we talk about the halcyon days like the country was ever formerly united is always division in the country but joe it's getting worse and i dont know these irreconcilable anymore you know what you're talking about capitalism versus socialism is i addressed earlier in the show with these confiscatory tax rates those two ideas can exist either control our economic prosperity is free economic american citizens or the government controls that those ideas can coexist i say that because you have to understand the fight weren't second ideas about you gender and things like that you either believe in science or you don't
can't believe there are six hundred and seventy two genders and in believing in end in dna and chromosomes you can't those too ideas are not reconcilable we do believe in science or you don't third religion freedom freedom of religion to protect yourself freedom exists free of government interference a soldier not breaking unless those ideas don't exist anymore with the left they now believe please stay crushing anyone who are who puts an obstacle for their group big government path these two way his can coexist you can't be free and be crushed by the government at the same time i say this because i just want you to be aware of the fight where in these fights come up ahead are not political fights anymore these are cultural clashes about the very identity of the republic about who we are these really not political fight joe about a seventy percent tax rate verses a third
seven percent rate versus a ninety percent rate the very the economic liberty itself is at stake isn't it you know an argument about rights for people who happen to be gay or not this is aid when it comes to this this is and i the very idea of you having the right to your own fundamental big our right to freedom of religion is at stake these are big fights they need you to be in the game twenty twenty i'm up corey booker announced today disturb this here at this hour feel there's gonna be it's gonna be deep it's gonna be one and the democrats side you can have potentially a third party candidate would shoals get ready for the fights ahead folks these are cultural classes about the very identity of the republic the political fights methods the political fight but these are not political fight these are kennedy fights about who we are ass a country and their serious
folks thanks again for another great week shows i appreciate your loyalty to show really means a lot to show has been growing justa geometrically lay i really appreciate it please subscribed to the show on itunes you can also listen on sound cloud you can thyself follow us i hardest subscriptions at drive us up the charts where it enables other people find the show i really pritchett that pick up a copy my books by gay too has been moving up the charts again later the whole set up in the town thanks are due to vote i'll see you all on monday day sir you just heard tan bonn gino show you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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