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Ep. 910 Now That Was a Speech

2019-02-06 | 🔗
In this episode I address the game-changing State of the Union speech President Trump gave last night. I also address the breaking news on Fox about troubling conflicts of interest in the Mueller witch hunt. Finally, I address the outrageous costs of socialism. News Picks: Inside the RINO operation to primary President Trump.    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plays the victim card, again, after being called on the facts.   Corrupt Jim Comey says there’s “zero chance” Hillary will be prosecuted for her email scandal.   Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Bible verse isn’t even in the Bible.   Radical liberal Connecticut Democrat proposed an insane ammunition tax.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no one speech last guy daddy yo producer joe how're you doing good i didn't stay up i've been catch in this speech bits today why you measure our work a bitter thereby show by the producer jones doing ok what speech last night let me get right to it just in credit i watched my mother in law you sit nera spellbound by the whole thing was great today barbara jeanette filter by according to cdc but seven million people are getting hit with cold and flew this year many think getting sick has to do with the call but that's actually false we get sick we spend more time inside exposed to hire concentrations of airborne pollutants include cold and flew viruses you want to prove your chances call them lucy's start by improving the quality of your air with our friend america's leading provider of back filters is a great company for homes
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did not listen i get it i get it i got a lot of liberalism that i entirely understand that some of you you know what bobo this office is somewhat you know baby being so if an accolade or sycophantic that's fine or whatever i think joe you and i have established repeatedly our credibility on this that we support not because he supports our issues and when he hasn't we have you know we have bob made a strong case i think against the way which we open up to the audience for conversation we email now having said that trust given some good speeches some ok one saw my word so great but last night i don't think there's any question was his best year i've never seen him any better the best way to solve this of joe i stay unless i am get ready go on had any its lake is handed even start eleven pm eastern last night the left this speech the hand of the show on fox and i get a chance this year but i thought what better way to solve this up and what other
politician armoured cars could you see other than trump that could get a group of self interested self centered hack politicians to sing a happy birthday in unison to someone which happened lesson i tore understandably union what are they found it and and joe at the same time get approve a group of liberal as i socialist in some case full blown socialist liberal politicians to choose usa s say edna chamber that happened do folks if you miss this beach less light best a really transformative moment an american politics as of libya the beaver real happened last night at one point a rather oh i got an eighty year old gentleman was a survivor of the hall of course a shooting attempt he hit was his birthday and the entire chamber broke
in unison sedgy happy birthday like only shrub it tries to get this at at at at another point ten acknowledges i think rather peacefully on his behalf he again knowledge is the impact is economic policies have had on with and simultaneously joe ignore oh the op acknowledges that the shimerdas gotta text in it interrupted my flow acknowledges that made their day or now record numbers of women in common even though a lot of those women happened to be democrats and the democrats women in the chamber and illiberal side start share the u s you as i think it only trafficking through the police is a trap original so i wanted play for you one of them or powerful lines of the night and one of the rules i want to bring up this speech to is not just to give you the standard you know posts state of the union coverage but there was a real enviable impact on this ladies and gentlemen the impact of speed
like this is to move public opinion is it not if it doesn't it is a complete save time remember what i've said frequently on the shelf it's the do that matters not the talk the talk is fine and the talk is wonderful but the talk is only wonderful if it motivates subsequent action i'll get to that part there i play this cut this is trump taking it right to the radical far left i haven't heard in a long time on social issues tonight we renew our resolve that erica will never be a socialist country there you go back the short and sweet but where as in the past and i know this because i remembered dino being on trips and dealing with withstand this is part of my prior line of work there was always this focus joe staying up with day with
a perceived to be above the fray the scrap of politics and we don't have to bring up sergeant you are socially ever since i mean outside a reagan very few establishment public politicians will take with which would get into them up the scrap on the idea logical fight between the tyranny of socialism and the benefits of capitalism in a state of the union speech it's more about policy stuff in an intricate policy details not trop on two specific last night trump took it right to the left in the everyday language the american people using their everyday talk and socialism and only term abortion on later abortion where he described exactly what the termination of life looks like he went after round for them it was a wonderful speech there is a wonderfully put together speech moving on the issues again why that do matters not just the talk if it doesn't if if it doesn't check
each people's behaviour now granted folks this may be a blip in nepal data that may change back tomorrow but if the purpose of that speed was the change minds so people will do things differently vote differently support different sets of policy agendas and support is immigration front trump did not back down one bit yesterday and is talk about immigration the need for a wall and the need to control unmitigated illegal immigration to the country citing joe specifically these crimes the test two hundred and sixty six thousand arrest of people in the country illegally over two years forever for murder rape burglary to property crimes to violent crimes and assault he went after with the numbers and dictated to the american people last night what the real costs of immigration were heeded and take the focus group tested talking point did it take the edge off it and as a result of trumpets plain spoken an ability to get a message across like few other politicians we ve seen in our time here
according to cbs news no bastion of russia right wing values seabed s news ran a spot paul after this speech here with the numbers they came up with an immigration just in from our city s news instant pull here following the president stated the union seventy six percent of speech washers said they approved of what they hurt seventy two percent so they approved of the president's ideas for immigration ladies and gentlemen do you want stan the gravity of those numbers will seventy percent folks you can't get seventy percent of school kids to agree they don't want homework on a friday will there's always a couple of those kids in the class here i'll take the homework what always there's always those hard chargers indica seventy percent in a country too i did so significantly in this psychotic tedious trumped arrangement syndrome era seven
percent of people agreed with this that the tone of this speech the or the general of the general lay out of the ideas and speech and agree with its stance on immigration folks again i understand i don't want to be unnecessarily you know hyperbolic about it that these things could change tomorrow they likely will there natural vicissitudes ups and downs hills and valleys that come with being the president and getting too opinion on your side against that based on the news of the day but having said that again if the purpose of this speech because we focus on hard facts and data here was the dew and moving public opinion to act differently when it comes to voting on the dew side clearly last night this reach not only met at school but far surpassed it i've been the plus percent it was a tremendous tremendous speech the abortion front
taking it had on not focus group testing the word talking about what brass north and from virginia said and the democrats love affair with a whit lay term abortion in the strongest terms possible the way normal people speak about it no focus group s determined algae the light of the night president dumb j trop february fifty thousand ninety we were born free and we will stay for your damn right we will there were no focused scoop test talking points here this is a free constitutional republic we have growing slots a growing large swathes of the far left radical porsche democratic party advocating for advocating for governing system that would take away your political and economic freedom and trump less and i stood up in front of that crowd was having absolutely none of it now what was even more telling about last night job
not only what happened but why didn't happen did you notice the democrats sitting on their hands as i said on my fox news appears last night with john when trot said things that even ten years ago have been considered i part unanimous widely accept the tenets of american public policy i'm says last night job we appreciate that the contributions of legal immigrants to our country i welcome here to come here legally but you have and through the contrary legally not illegally the republicans get up democrats stand than their out sit on their ads they said other areas because the democrats made illegal immigration precisely because of what
then freedom it is always said you cannot have a country with open borders are not fair on federal immigration and an open access social entitlements system because you'll be bankrupted because every citizen around the world of every country other than the united states will then be able to stay economic claim to the soul entitlement tax dollars of american citizens rights thing an automatic mathematical bankruptcy but that's what the democrats want because they see power in it that's what they want that's what they need why they sat on their hands when president shrubs after come into the country legally again not a controversial idea even ten years ago but now a seemingly very controversial idea amongst these far left radical democrat second he mentioned horrors of late term abortion the democrats of i sat on their hands again staggeringly he
should the historic unemployment numbers amongst black americans sporadic americans women disabled americans and what happened the democrats nancy policy included sat on their hands folks it was an embarrassing display last night and embarrassing display now let me take some i box for a long time i love boxing but member has said we are now having i am sorry to keep it i'm sorry too where you out with via complaints about me health issues a lot of people have in a lot worse off than me and i thank god every day for the opportunity put in front of me the fact and i'm still breathing is miraculous at times but i i for a long time and am now having really serious problems my right hand i can't make it
instead of my right hand anymore i have those little bones and now you all busted up i broke my hand like two three times and it's not human right button boxing the old adage was what's the best punch in the world the one your opponent never cease common right has the best punch nora i bring that up because listen ladies and gentlemen this was another masterful masterful display of from their trumps strategic he doesn't always get it right but he got it right joe what happened what am i talking about down town downward path i gotta get remember the yard did the government shut down nancy policies decision to camp the state of the union now i along with many others i thought he should walk onto the senate side and done it but now i'm starting to see and put together what he was thinking trump understood as a guy who is intimately for me what messaging and marketing show the value of the
a your minds and the end then the decorum and the surrounding pageantry of the state of the union as its traditionally help i got give him credit he understood that speech needed to happen that way like that even if it was the late and he waited them out joan and you know what it's now looking like a genius political decision i along with many others job thought he should have walked onto the senate side other said he should hold it hold it and i mean it was almost unanimous in the conservative talking space that he should have given the speech somewhere else and just you know basically stop on the wishes of the democrats do not do it when it was carefully to now i starting to make sense it stood to make sense that the democrats never saw this come they never saw the scum a job they did not expect a speech of as powerful as it was and it was it was a fantastic speech
watch the response online i watched my mother in law response she's political but not pollute but like me and i watched the get it data general feel for how you know ragged by a working middle class durden the finger nails americans will respond to it she was really move by it and developing came clear to me yesterday that trump understood the entire time he needed the pageantry of this event to get a message across in a speech and by the way for the speech writers who wrote that speech had tipp too big sound of a fly going to clap the wrong way now because my right hand is killing me today i have to cut usually if you're right handed you clap right hand over left joe i have to do leftover but you ever wrote that speech in the wider support that together my hat goes off to you a magnificent wonderful job that debt the never showcase case you died in that it made my point clear what exactly i'm talking about the democrats did not expect trump
to look is presidential is he dead last night and it is killing them today because he moved public opinion again can move back it likely will but pilot it is a game of age is eight years trench warfare your move up for you six inches you move to feed you lose three feet you move five feet you lose two feet it is a game of inches fee moving slowly methodically and president trumped in himself an enormous paper last night ok i've got more on this a couple more points and i get a move on i got up a lot news to get to together operational support you our bodies at hair club hey confidence is important and sometimes one change can make all the difference hair club since their inviting you to become part of the hair club today to see i'm getting the most eddie you herr can change your life there stand the emotions you're feeling in the questions you have heard clubs the leader in total here
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this from the never trump crab missile segouin nicely to my story about the never trump lunatic you rather a guy who give flowery speeches looks presidential where's that i thought you know tie not speaks it's whatever that may mean but fails to address kate conserve advocate for an advance conservative policies when it matters or would you rather re guy whom maybe at times does things differently choose the handle is speeches in a more if you know of baviaan killer way talking like that our goal of yours at you met in history when an end weeks like normal middle class people do maybe in the past hasn't been the most law conservative but decided that it is time to move the ball words i'm asking you to you prefer the optic surely you prefer the action that's the simplest way to say many actions been i get there
gimme reactions true to because it first thing how now than never trump crowd which is backed people in the past you claim to be pro life concern primitive pro tax cuts shrinking government pro regular reform i did very little if anything on it are the same people now speaking out against trump despite the fact job on me at least the life run this guy's been in there been advocate like we haven't had in a long time on the past the it said things about deposit about democrats he's doing that now what what do you care about do you care about the optics in the looks and the speeches or do you about the action
this area this matter folks you know i've i frequently talk about battlefield morality we trump and i wish this would get through to more people on our side who seem to still be up in the air about this guy when you we are not in any more a battle of ideas the democrats there's no more bad the democrats have now gone full radical they're all in on post birth execution of infants on abortion when you're born they're all in on socialism the government control the means of production confiscatory tax rates therein on all of that you're not to change their minds anytime soon the problem is in a battle of ideas there be some back and forth and you'd see some democrats open through ok what be socialism is a great idea maybe we'll talk about some kind of balance approach ladies gentlemen
it's gone the democrats have gone far left we have candidates for present now openly advocate for the government control and take over the health care system indeed a ninety percent tax rates it's crazy the problem they were in a battlefield morality time we're battlefield these it is an existential fight now this is no time to argue about well the other side made some bad tweets this is that they want us wiped out they want economic freedom wide doubt they want you ability to defend life wiped out they want your ability to practice their religion wiped out i mean look at the questioning of naomi rau is it usually on the federal circuit court of appeals joe you have that by corey poker yes a quarry booker said that one of the most uninformed spartacus or as we call me a sporadic is if you ever seen the movie coolest corey booker's articles claiming that he wants to run for president now i say climate because this is it this is an embarrassing waged are questioning one of trumps nominees yesterday for the further the deceased
of appeals the second most powerful cord and land she's a great concern she's a more than qualify candidate even the american bar association is let those left leaning folks over there i've rated her more than qualified for this position right corey puckered besides he's gonna ask ask army round because basically because she's advocated for freedom religion the idea that people should be able to defend their own religion outside the sub public space but listen to his questions about naomi rau her feeling about the algae b t q community play they are senator i think is civil rights and equal protection laws are two essential values and our system and if i were to be confirmed as a judge i would i would firmly uphold that have you ever had eligibility q leclerc and i can manage i don't have any locked on our working someone working for you i'm
our i treat people as individuals those are the values that i grew up with you know those are the values but ass they called me no irrespective of their race ethnicity sexual orientation i treat people as individuals those are the values that i grew up with you know those are the values i would apply confirmed now much bigger here here again the battlefield morality corey cocoa when he was the mayor of newer jason really is a piece in the wall street journal by this today actually held some some very few but some israel ideas job there was a move toward some form of school choice a newark some form of of a body of law law and order on the street and very very few but some great corey occur in the now battlefield morality far left approach that we have to be wiped out corey booker's as is marching straight in line with a radical approach to the left leaning democrats and he is it acting naomi round this
germany many for the second most powerful courtney land for one reason one reason only because she was ex freedom of religion therefore he stopped questioning her about have you had any algae bt law clerks she's never the judge is this guy that stupid how could she have our corks you get out of course if you ve never been a judge where apparently corey it doesn't do its homework and eddy asteroid equally dumb question have you ever at anybody algae bt are working for you by the way joe i'm pretty confident it's illegal they asked someone their sexual orientation or how she's gonna know that already covered in the brain a job that hoary booker just humiliate himself again but why doing this again ladies and gentlemen we are on a battlefield now where these people want to wipe you out they have to humiliate they wanted to
suppose her for having some connection to a religious freedom of religion and wanted to suppose her and humiliate her and essentially exposed themselves this is why on our side we have to get behind trump when it matters because tribe sees this eddies on a fight back he's willing to get dirty getting decrease in a dark enters fingernails and scrap with these people as we saw last night in the state of the union are moving on i've gotta i the anti tromp agreed is i've got a couple great stories but i want to spend some time and state of the union and i remember that you a guy who does the act or do you want a guy who actually goes out and get it done this guy not into the optic he's into the action action not optics put dad on a teacher migration you also by bravo company manufacturing ladies gentlemen i have two of these rifles they are absolutely incredible they sent me a pistol and
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i dont know if many of you were listening to what used to be the blaze he since left but that thomson a wonderful guy who was a very very close personal and movement who has spoken kindly of me on his show on many occasions was hit by a train and was was killed yesterday or was killed by but maybe there bibbs this morning itself it's i just i i'm just getting a news over over twitter and from friends and dumb godspeed my friend the second creation he was a good man and i really kind of devastated doc was a real patriot man then the cause and now he was a real thinker too we spend a lot of i'm in the phone together talking about ways to get the conservative message out there in the break through this wall so god bless him friend rest peacefully before
all right so we have to move on from this stuff i'm sorry domain to be dead but it gives a good man folks so i read a piece of washing examined or to encourage you ought to read because you have to understand what the other time but the other side is doing in the marshalling of forces where they're looking to go with this stuff an article in the washington examiner which is really troubling to say the least it it talks about this effort to get together a primary opposition towards donald trump some form of a primary opposition towards donald trump on me rhino republic inside i say that because of as i just said you before a battlefield morality these people are interested morn optics than they are an action they don't seem to care that donald trump is actually advanced a conservative football just seem to care that they are powers weaned because of it and the pieces just a job because it says that this this i call me eighty trump losers brigade evan big muffin
from our member the guy who ran for macmillan covered evan egg mc muffin who ran for didn't from you i think i may have gotten more votes for running for congress than ever and about your i gotta get better or worse that he got running for present he was mc muffin ran for president i thank you again on the ballot and one one state so apparently mc muffins part of the losers brigade rick way then you know rick wilson of you all have no teeth fame merit your way if you seen reckon person listen i don't the comment on people's looks but if you're gonna open up the door and suggest that your ideological opposition opposition have any t you may not want to look like we're wilson i'm just saying mike murphy it was always a mccain guy a bunch of former mccain aids and the new skin in centre are apparently meeting and finding trying to find a pathway to channel donald trump off from the right to weaken now there's a couple
take away your i mentioned earlier in the shower i didn't forget that joe joe it shows up in maryland yes i said joe germany there there's a connection joe knows where i'm going serves raw so what the name's getting bands about to say as a potential primary nominee they choosing their going there the options are considered before i get to that one the primary one is an independent candidate and one is supporting a moderate democratic okay salon the primary traditional front running a republic into primary donald trump the name passing around is larry whole get terrible idea there our evolve idea horrible idea larry logan is the republican governor maryland now disclosure i know larry i ran in the same election cycle i lost by a point he managed to pull out that race of re anthony brown he met to get reelected but bye the resounding margin in may
i have supported larry hogan in the past with donations and i thought larry hogan was going to be good for maryland and i think overall has been good from airline but let me just say clary hogan in his team if you are even considering this i'm up oh i swore off predictions forever didn't is just another thing isn't it faded is it's the right you don't me well i've zalm getting back it predicts prediction if i'm wrong but what does other what's this today is show number one hundred and february sixty thousand i did i want to put this out at times david if larry hogan besides to run for the republic in nomination for present against donald trump i'm gonna go no record say larry hogan will lose the battle that not not really no illusions about of course he's gonna lose touch we all know that
let it go on the record and say larry hogan not only will lose the primary badly the nomination but lose the marilyn primary task what are you tell me what john urine merit no publicity folks i note some thank you said only joe talk at its tat joe waited checks whenever he vigilance and open invitation but nobody knows marilyn politics like me and joe nobody should always been involved on the moral and political scene where the claimed in the piece the guy there considering the primary trap as the governor very few people know it like joe he's but on a radio there for decades talking every knucklehead politician i came in and out me including that's how we met joe what do you think hogan would win maryland primary against donald trump the i'd like to think would win them he i think you will address their anxious thing bar i now thread through here i'm sorry i know you'd think i was going to say that britain not
nor i why did not discuss this what you're honest opinion i don't want you to hear yes people jonah all when i disagree i vigorously disagree with you on this one joe i just understand the activists community marilyn i'm gonna get up record outside if hugging decides to run he will now only lose the nomination badly but we will lose the maryland primary now listen i learned we all get has been good for maryland and i don't i really don't republican on republican and it's not an attack hogan has been good and i don't want it diminishes political capital in maryland to move the ball stan this data maryland where there's to govern as a centrist sometimes left leaning republican and its i don't agree with a lot of what he says machine guns and abortion and aids emitted what he can do i'm a political realism in the state of maryland where there's
you know a super majorities all over the place but just tell me i think if we run he will lose in maryland tat for some reason i think i shall be africa of the other word primary there yeah now hell no you don't have a chance of europe here it's all right for you gotta now you think i'm sorry about him running is independent like in a general no no i mean exclusively in the mirror why i say what i say folks not that you need to get me deepen marilyn politics but it's important because it's not it's emblematic of the larger trend trumps popularity amongst republican voters especially have to things like last night is upwards of eighty five and ninety percent they are not what we hope it was the best worst for them and they picked them up republicans reluctantly went back and voted again knowing he wasn't a really good conservative during his first he has a chance in a primary not marco rubio here in florida who was the favourite
many people down you in florida where i've got smoked in this data florida by donald trump at a memory hog will not he will get crushed and unsuspecting even in maryland where popularity is sky marilyn politics is a very conservative place on a republican simon out in maryland care earl county frederick eastern shore these are very conservative places don't be fooled by the big three baltimore city montgomery imprints georgia's they run the state because of the population density but when it comes to reply but can primaries outside of those three counties the state is quite conservative ok the anti trop losers brigade make muffin wilson toothless my murphy mccain as the misgivings that apparently there trying to recruit hoag it now there are
two other options there looking at that are going to be equally fruitless and ridiculous one of them is back in independent care that now joe i met may have confused with you you may have done our story about hogan that's not think that there are now it maybe that i doubt don't they run hogan they'll run him as a republic in the primary and he will get destroyed slowly there looking at backing potentially an independent i don't know if that's a howard schulz type the ceo of star boxes or declared its interest in the race i'm not sure what that is but i think that could be very damaging because for as much as i dislike toothless and mc muffin and mccain crew that wants to get involved and do damage to drop although their success record is in great obviously there not stupid and they can find ways joe to throw significant monkey ranches into the machinery true true they can there
forest fires they burned down everything they touch but they're not dumb and ass writing them off is being decided just punch that's what they do to your all too was deplorable fine you and the rest us we're not going to make the same mistake with you we know exactly what you are but they do you know what they're doing when it comes to sabotage right that could earth there approaches to back a moderate democrat of the gym web type from virginia that's a complete loser they would have to win them crap primary and candidly speaking folks as i just told you we are now in a battlefield morality time where everybody beyond the democrat party whose really fired up is moving more towards the left not to the right that that's over you have no chance the people turning out democrat primaries are gonna be hard left near radicalized voters you have
chance running towards this end so let's grab that let me just go back to one quickly running hogan against and i feel you equally qualified to talk where this given the fact that i know larry and i i i i believe i understand the report can voters in maryland where we almost what a huge up set up there what the examples they frequently psycho where if they ran hogan they could do critical damage to trump is the the eu can and george w bush primary no you remember it a lot of some may not but tat buchanan ran in the republic in primary against george w bush and did fatally damages campaign of course george w bush was not reelected bill clinton one any did some significant damage to george w bush now there's a difference
do you can read to the right of george w bush joe in other words republican primary voters right now who have of absolute the fight around core republican ideas in this president are moving to the right are not moving towards the centre they're moving towards the right so if you're going to try it take out donald trump and a primary you're not gonna do it running towards this sector or of your china even fatally d major campaign you're not going to do it by running towards is left so the exam well they're using while buchanan we could use to buchanan model we can at a minimum damage trump it may be run an independent is silly it's stupid you can read ran to the right man to the left this is just common sense of actually surprise people who claim to be these its political strategic is don't see less but again they are
experts and sabotage they know what they're doing you can't run to the right it'd be a big big loser i've got a couple of the store to get that are really important catherine heritage put out a story on fox which has been getting a lot of traffic catherine this great work two story we ve talked about before but she was she there she does great work she managed to get poor so the testimony now on the record but it's an important story that's worth repeating because you're going to it john had discussed at his radio show and tv show too that's now i didn't get mainstream media traffic you not i'm happy with the they say this in a non celebratory way but that we're a couple weeks ahead of the new cycle here because we use other sources to other people out there and it doing good work on the internet are notably the epic times jeff carson and others and people on me on twitter i have been doing so good
research now the story we got two when we talked about a couple weeks ago which are breaking a fox now is the fact that an weissmann by mothers chief bulldog keeper my ladies and gentlemen this is the key figure in the trump investigation he is the number one vesta gator tromp is using to hammer haven't she'd be mullahs using a hammer donald trump and the is connected all the players in this is the perfect guy to cover up this enormous scandal that the smaller probus become weissmann the perfect i weissmann parents breaks yesterday was briefed about people critical origins of the information from christopher steel in august before the fire ladies and gentlemen this is a huge story we talked about a few weeks ago heritage is got it out there now now fox starting to ask questions the bar mueller like hey your guy eddie weissmann knew that this was political information from christopher steal from the critic couldn't campaign before
a joint the programme before this information was fed into the fisa court to go and attacked donald trump now it's starting to make its way into mainstream media reporting and bob mahler is being forced on the defensive ladies and gentlemen this is a key conflict of interest the whole investigation was started because of a scope memo headaches and its scope memo rod rose inside wrote for bob mahler that one is seen i have made the case do that i believe that scope memo in other words bob mahler go investigate this too the initial skull memo set investigate russian collusion there is that there was an expert did scope memo that is oh classify that i have argued to you probably he has information that was contained in the dossier a dust
we now know mothers led bulldog investigator new had political origins likely knew was garbage and he knew about it last august i'm sorry you before last august even worse folks this is a critical mahler blunder he a guy on his team who is me deep in a political investigation not a criminal what do you get what i'm saying he knows it buddy the wise anyway why because weissmann is one of the key figures in this case whose connected to every body i had a role in the spying operation on trop they need to cover that up by keeping the heat on trump and why sweden has a vested interest in keeping the heat off of him and everybody else and on trump peace the perfect guy
i wasn't wasn't a government attorney any enron case who did he work with least monaco papa it's all chief staff also bird obama's one of his a white house the bug department of homeland security adviser gas said that right john carlin while the old chief of staff who was one of the final guys to sign off on the fires that while he was appointed to deal j national security to is that was mothers all chief of staff mother was working with weissmann on these cases catherine rum i worked on the enron case with weissmann rumbler was brought obama's white ass council while this was going on that's why the body now we know why should i knew this case was political the whole time i'm glad to see foxes on their nail in this now they're gonna
we are in a world of her right now mother is gonna have to answer this question how we can possibly have an investigator on this case was aware the entire time the origins the case in the expanded scope memo were likely entirely political how is it going to answer this he can't we have keep the heat on folks were starting to get results some of this good solid reporting and encourage private was was she has the testimony of peace i have in the show us today from fox news check it out she has the testimony bruce or admits the deal j lawyer that he met with weissmann in august of twenty sixteen and discussed at some point the polluter the origins of this case that he was sceptical view the information from steel in the dossier was in fact true gosh ladies and gentlemen only gets worse only gets worse i've got a couple more things i want to get to important
one quickening before it alex education cortez it keeps going downhill going downhill fast i have another story the show notes from right scoop yeah it's a folks it's really incredible don't be cowed or i dont have said to you my audiences got colonies of steel but i don't we count on twitter respectfully of course i i you know i have to say that a month lecturing me but respectfully going after her silly ideas there silly malefactor dangerous i sit near my mother in law last night in the couch who was a you know was illegal immigrant from colombia and came here from a from out entirely different place for a better life and when they want to alexandria case your cortez my mother in law to be it said he's dangerous her ideas are dangers their danger to your economic future their dangerous to your political future their dangerous to the resistance of a constitution republic you think she's advocating for have been proven to resign
the notably socialism deprivation depravity death starving jen economic destruction but not be cowed at all by her twitter you know bought brigade of pull every time you tweet to her sweet back to her about one of her silly ideas who come after you in liege don't bring intimidated by that raw and the way ladies and gentlemen don't buy into the theory that off we just ignore her she'll go away that is not true i know who told you that why you i believe that the media is in love with alexandria case your court as they are in love with her ideas she will not go away her ideas have to combated at every single turn of the corner because they are dangerous ignoring them will not make them go away ignoring did not make bernie sanders go away it did not make socialism go away as a matter of fact when you paul millennials a lot of things socialism is a good idea
she's not going away i bring this up because it could article in the right scoop again i haven't the show notes today where alexandria case yo cortez was questioning as someone guarding national institute of institute of health funding joe fur revolutionary pharmaceutical drugs and when she was trying to make is that the taxpayers fund the age which they doom and battle out of the research into these powerful pharmacological agencies new drugs that we fund is in turned over to pharmaceutical companies which can make a profit off ok i know it does happen there are drugs agenda must be clear because we do facts here unlike miss cortez representative cortez there are drugs whose origins worrying taxpayer finance public research there is no doubt about that point stipulate the problem is
representative cortez if you read the right scoop each you can see the back and forth seemed to indicate show that this war they widespread issue and that the majority these pharmacological agents out there are coming from taxpayer financing whereas companies can then be right there what ladies but that is not the case a guy named derek low who is actually written on this topic and work for some of these companies wanted to stay the mechanics now this worst indicated thus although there are agents that have been paid for drugs under by an eight it is a very small minority the overwhelming majority of life saving compounds and drug agents and ecological agents that our created are created by private companies or or or publicly traded companies that invest billions of dollars and research that is the programming ladies and gentlemen i have just a fact so what happens cortez instead of just taken me i'll take the al you ah you made that up ok you made it up here
before it somehow that taxpayers are paying for all this is not true it's a relatively one portion instead of taking here she tweet back at the guy this is what happens when you want congress no no no this is what happens when you're uninformed in congress ignoring that ladies and gentlemen is not going to make it go away because impressionable young people who follow representative cortez and believe that the horse of a newer that she speaks yet times will start to believe matter of fact at the end i ages funding every single drug out there and private companies are then reaping the benefits of taxpayers that is not true it is not true the majority of this stuff is funded by companies best thing their own money not true so what she knew she goes right back to victim would do not be
out by it at all she wants to play the vote some game every single time someone corrects or for a ridiculous statement five you do that will stick to the facts because on our side not hers facts don't have aside that's why they're facts by them but according are they do your attacking me because i'm a what's a tanking you because you're a woman thatcher benefactor radical the only kind of democrats got up and clap last night was any mention the historic number of women and conversely celebrated themselves the democrats is this great gently time they ever got up now i want to double down on this because it pains me to say this because a daily basis in total tabloid site it is it's a wall the shameful sites out there because we the daily beast takes the cake but once in a blue moon they are published some with a brain
brian right l is a good piece of i'm not even given him the collects i'll read to you from the peace but prior right as a pre break i who talked about of a case yo cortez is spending ideas at how mathematically redeem kill as they are in this place i want to quote from one final read today folkestone allotted demand this research i appreciate your patient you guys are great these are really great companies a valentine's day is approaching fast what are you gonna do see it all age old lemme flowers aren't original sometimes it on rivalry fresh chocolate i can t say will make me fat sometimes people say this year do something original and indulgent for valentines something that rings about my wife loves is go to indulgences that store make a mental note now it's indulgences that store not thou com indulgences that store make that note this stuff is amazing together with halo healthy tribes indulgences that store has partner to create an indulgent light of hot
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a bit that again i can say at the dairy saw such a tab i'd like matter but here's a quote from talking about the absurd outrageous spending plans of people like alexander a case you cortez and how they the math just doesn't add up i'm a call for the peace he's talking about forty two point five trillion additional dollars and spending that fat free quota free college which we know is in free to quote peter rocky think healthcare is expensive now wait till it's free will that applies to college to medical care for all this stuff it's gotta be really expensive it's going to cost forty two point five trillion additional dollars over ten years right l says in rio they d c b o tells us that raising the remaining thirty five trillion dollars now just we understand he's gone with it he saying if we wiped out the tax cuts engage in some modest spending we would be able to roughly finance seven trillion of it but when the thirty five trillion more to come up with that forty two point five trillion number copy so he says the scipio tells us
raising the remaining thirty five chewing and would require shall get a load of this so listen liberals liberals out there if we're advocating this stuff and you're telling eighteen year olds in twenty year olds in impressionable adults that this matter care for all and free college is going to be free hears that cause from c b o you all worshipped by the way it would require either raising the payroll tax to fifty four percent the payroll a payroll tax a tax on water you're more the fifty four more i talk about your contacts that separate so would pay whatever your rate twenty percent eighteen percent fifty percent whenever effective raining come you would pay payroll tax of fifty four percent or are our job don't worry this one's a lot bow in order to fight as ms cortez his programme sanders bernie since another don't worry
there's an easier rach i'll take it if you do imposed a small ninety percent national sales tax everything would be ok don't worry folks only a ninety percent national sales tax so think about that ninety percent so just to be clear but if you go and buy something for a hundred dollars you would pay a hundred and nine data gathered i'm going home don't worry bugs you ought to have the bay of fifty four percent payroll tax in addition to social security medicare your fight attacks your income tax or those that you would also you do you have to pay only a ninety percent national self i can't you imagine a just actually a doubling of the price of every single figure by dont worry folks it's all free don't worry how do we know because representative occasional cortez sanders told us
three carbo ours is met care for all their work for you guys it's free it scattered cause a ninety percent national cells they the bees goes on it gets even worse but the presidential candidates tell you that it's easier to cling to the just tax the rich and cut defence fantasy that is no less delusional than the rights all tax cuts pay for themselves it's a very heath is peace it's not that bit its he's not a hard right guy when it comes to the tax cuts pay for themselves either the peace can be very open minded even free and liberal friends how about some common sense he says only eight forty two trillion and new spending until we figured out how to close the existing sixteen trillion dollar deficit over the decades don't radically expanse of security measures yet we ve got a handle on their shortfalls that will exceed one point six trillion within a decade and for those who are offended that republicans did not pay for the three trillion tax cuts they should fight to repeal the new law on our foreign up or forty two trillion in new gas on fire now
i do not agree with that i think the tax cuts as evidenced by historical analysis a tax cuts whether they for themselves or not is obviously a causal argument that be hard to make but the fact that tax cuts have been correlated with higher government revenue in the past is not in dispute weather sir john f kennedy tax cuts the reagan tax cuts the george w bush tax even the caliph common coolidge tax cuts obama can i get into an argument would write down over that is is this pieces is pretty good but his point is a sound one ladies and gentlemen these programmes costs money they cost a lot of money they cost a significant amount of money and us arguing with the democrats about this our presenting the facts over time is going to be dangerous because these kids gonna start to believe in the impressionable folks out there that these programmes are free there is not enough money to tax the rich what did i tell you estimates of if we were to acts people on their wealth who a ten million more according to elizabeth warrants plan in other people's plants there is
we about two hundred billion dollars and airport how you are but do that to finance trillions of new spending every year is mathematically impossible they will the tax you the middle class and the only do it would be to have that a national sales tax or a dramatic expansion of the payroll tax to levels you ve never seen before one final story today there's a lawmaker in connecticut woman by the name of gillian gilchrist who is proposing another outrageously stupid idea joe the litany of dopey liberal democrat ideas coming i wasted whenever never have a go it's like that line disneyworld together space mount and never ending and be raining and forty degrees and our right and in the light again on space mountain is always endless over them i thought it well any
i'm a stupid ideas this one's probably a top ten or jimmy gilchrist wants to propose a fifty percent ammo tax ammunition tax on all ammunition purchases on the state of connecticut now why is she doing this ladies and gentlemen an effort basically to attack the second amendment the financial means and to get people blacklisted now what would have fifty percent ammo tax due and ammunition tax would prevent training would prevent there a lot if you listen for you to go to the range it would create a black market for ammunition but it would de facto destroy the second amendment in the state of connecticut for people anywhere outside of the wealthy who could afford such a dramatic expansion in the prices the ammunition they need to train until to load and mean a load their weapons this is going to be what they're going to do now keep in mind you may say what i think
stupid policy it really doesn't sound as catastrophic as you're saying no no no you have to read the tea leaves ladies and gentlemen you have to understand how democrats work you may say yeah be expensive but you know what you can cut your shoe down to once every couple months need still be able to get your hands on a mount know knew what they'll do is there are open the door on a fifty percent tax which become a sixty percent tax which will then become a seventy percent tax we shall then becoming syntax of two hundred sand which will then become a five hundred percent tax and you will the fact we have an ammunition syntax which makes a box of ammunition upwards of regular standard nine millimeter for metal jack you'll be paying about two hundred dollars a box which would do what which would drive people in other states to buy ammunition create a black morning had been effectively shut down the firearms business in the state of connecticut though by the opening offer ever with
the democrats and you need another example from current events about how the democrats work there is a proposal in hawaii joe in the great state of hawaiian to expand the legal purchasing age for cigarettes to what age show what they know when forty five and forty five no one hundred now my kitty joe thinks i'm actually look at his face i got it's a stupid genocide agenda that carried there is a law maker in a white wants spare i'm not making this up deep the elite you're buying age for cigarettes two hundred at other making it daddy they really this is what i'm telling you this is a dog idea it is a back to our way to shut down a firearm self defense self protection industry state of connecticut by making an introductory offer of a fifty percent tax that will soon be
five hundred percent tax which will prevent any body but the very wealthy for being able to train or purchase ammunition in the state of connecticut don't buy it folks the democrats clever lot this is what they do go by opening offer ever listen i hope you watch last night's speech if you get the chance and you didn't see it please watch some of the highlights and the snippets of it i really was an incredible incredible moment and i want a hat if the president died of a few times i watch the speech and politics right moves i was last night i thought he did a wonderful amazing job and i thought his use of the people in the in the crowd who exemplify what's great about america buzz aldrin i'm in some of the other folks yet up to ten year old cancer survivor was really created a bunch of magic
how much i think a lot of people will never forget so really checking is worth your time to check it out i folks thanks again for june again i really appreciate it fully subscribe to the show on itunes it is free if you have an iphone you have an android please go to iheart radio you can follow you can also listen at bongino dot com but it's a subscription that drive us up the charts it's free we really appreciate it thanks folks i'll see you all tomorrow you just ten bungee knows you can also get dance progress on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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