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Ep. 913 The Democrats’ Really Bad Week

2019-02-11 | 🔗

In this episode I address the disastrous rollout of the Green New Deal, and the ridicule that ensued as the details went public. I also address the growing consensus that the real Russian collusion scandal involves the Democrats and key Russian players. Finally, I discuss a devastating new tax in New Jersey and the real reason the Democrats want to shut the government down this week. News Picks:Liberals are lying again, and twisting the numbers, to make it appear that Trump raised your taxes


A new report indicates that drug smugglers are using the caravans to smuggle illegal drugs into the country.


Russian collusion between the Democrats, and the Russians, is very real. 


Why is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lying about her “Green New Deal”


Here’s the link to cached version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s website she claims doesn’t exist.


Andy McCarthy’s new piece paints a grim picture of the continued witch-hunt against President Trump.


Be wary, the “Rain Tax” is coming to New Jersey.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now i've got an idea about gino shrubberies jar you did a man i don't know why we get for you may like to well yeah listen i gotta lotta emails from folks i would appreciate your feedback that try put my email out there on the website have you were wondering why i didn't tell you on friday that i was going to be s toes thing for sure hannity on show on fox the reasons i didn't know i only found out last minute it before the show and i wanted to be sure i could make the flight to get up there for more i in florida i want to put a out there that who's gonna be guess so staying at you you all to name for me and i wasn't there so that was the reason so my apologies but yes but a busy weekend flew up guess shows did who back early saturday morning had a busy sunday put together this show
joel listen them what's the most power weapon in politics ridicule privilege should put the right isn't it isn't it i mean listen asko as as shoe you had pointed out a tweet s stand quail form vice president who are misspelled potato and never lived it down the ridicule was overwhelming i want to get to that today in regard the green new deal i've got a lot to talk about and this is important stuff so don't go away today show party by bodies wax our acts you how much i love my sponsors i only use products its products and services that are used myself or use my family wax or x is not the sexiest product talk about but as i've told you i had to deal with your wax build up now with these i have beach avenue ear and when i was a federal agent you warrior pieces all the time safety here with your expert hearing some of you i had a share that we got about wax or x i used to have to go to the doktor twice to get rid of my stubborn hardened ear wax with my rising costs of health care less doubled
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the cure is awaited diminish your ideas and relegate yoda conspiracy theory looney bin status and there is no more discrediting component of politics than being ridiculed and being considered on serious illicit it is damaging as i said before i'm dan quite found that out the hard way jordanian the bushes vice president with the potato by incident as you view which we did this we can but what do we find now now joe we covered pretty extensively these this green new deal and i got it i got a lot of positive emails upwards of ninety two ninety five percent who appreciated me dismantling this thing piece by piece because it's gonna become the cornerstone of the democrats new agenda going forward no it's not really judge you see how many presidential candidates have signed onto this curse than oh brad elizabeth war in kabul hours and others general is not a joke friday's show was funny and we took a sarcastic approach to it but it was bedrock than facts and data but we did it
we did it for a reason because it's time to ridicule this nonsense to make it a lot i think stock and to make talk anyone whose name is attached to this garbage piece of alexandria acacia cortege wishy dreamy other worldly nonsensical garbage now you don't believe me that ridicules the most powerful weapon in politics there has been a significant amount of backtracking and lying about what's in the green new deal now why without being joe if you were proud of your piece of legislation like president trap a piece from a wash and examined it we have up on the screen now the mysterious case of vocational cortez scrubbed green new deal details right if you are proud of the details of your green new annual why although lying about it right now quickly here when president up in the republicans pass this tax could package the details of it there very proud of it they still run on it now i get to that list
wherein the shell some of the details of the tax package but their very proud of what the proud of economic growth they talk about it all the time what are you saying since friday since the main ridicule of this absurdity of a legislative proposal the green new deal what are you seeing back nine back don't believe that more about that i'm gonna play this god of alexandria case your court as one of our advisers on the new green new deal a professor who ironically i read this is this is crazy idea here and recall him hits in industry at appearance on tucker com and show right before i guess dose of randomly on friday night and this profound surrenders cut walked in right after me and sat the exact same pot i did so i unlike i had very very unique looked homeward big hair and everything so he appeared get to see is hit by this is an adviser to the green new deal package but basically nothing personal
the guy but he's basically lying about what was in it play that cut why would we ever pay people who are quote unwilling to work i wish we never word right and an alias he has never said anything like that right i think you're referring to sensitive documents that some i think some doctors document that somebody other than us has been circulating oh i thought that came right from that was in the background or from her office is my interest you to know no she's actually tweeted it out to laugh at it if you look at our latest tweets it seems that apparently some republicans have put it out there folks this they lie now the professors a bank because amos hockett very nice to me he's literally sat the seat i was sitting and it came in to replace me you said all right how are you i said how are you nice to know who he was he inside a back i that a bit but that is not true that is a baby on with do we affirm level will be read to you
from alexandria case your courtesy website do you a favor to show you how far the left will go to avoid being ridiculed on paying people quote unwilling to work that was in their green new deal a fake hughes i have done you a favor joy i'm but i had to forgive me on twitter ike redone maybe i'm not really sure i got it from so forgive me and i always like to active when appropriate but they took a cast version of alexandria accuse yo cortez is website which i included in the shone out straight for you to click on yourself it's not a scam it's not a scheme it's out of fraud it is our own congressional website the fda cues where this up on our sight so the professor suggesting that we made this up and this was a right wing talking point that where they were going to pay people unwilling to work is a lie it is an outright light i read you from her own website the link with it's in the show notes today and if you see
my email is email you all these articles and links go look at it yourself the cached version here we go i'm reading for alexandria cortez his own website any large scale transformation of society can create the risk of some people slipping through the cracks that's why the green new deal also calls for an upgrade to basic he can securities enjoyed by all people in the u s to ensure ever pretty benefits from the newly created newly created well again cheese that everyone joe and it goes to a list of talking point the last one from our website guarantees to everyone economic security to all who unable or onward going to work is on donors the screen shot right there it is the poor boy i sure you can read now ottawa paula in with the camera but it is the lake is edna show nodes folks listen with
get somethin wrong on the show we correct every that a correct a couple things after five years a show sometimes you gonna write sometimes you get it wrong we try to avoid running with unverified step which leads to some controversy for us and that's fine i would rather be a right i note your ninety nine out of a thousand times and catastrophically wrong you know twice a week you your credibility that way this is its honour website it was there now they took down and their suggesting it with some conspiracy like this professors honor but to understand this this been a disaster for the democrats is green new deal listen to me joseph no mistake and this has been heard highly damaging to the left and we all need to take a second and compound on this this needs be ridiculed i'm sorry listen i get it i know a lot of us are people of faith and we the higher moral standard but there's
no other way to talk about this other than the absurdity of then it is to get them to backtrack from the day jurists proposal this is your talking about the economic structure the united states but this paying people do not work and this dear that they're gonna try to phase out air travel in it for what for first star trek like tell a transporters for back to the future it got time machine devices for flux capacitors this is in their efforts to use that was on our website none of this is in dispute professor who is on there is simply telling the truth as i said he's been backtracking a bit and admitting that it was out there but was her own people who put this out now i want to talk about other things about this before we move on may spend about another five ten minutes on it but it's important you know not a wax philosophically but
maps or it what you know wrote a book about about how bad part sees can gain a political constituency i can actually be good politics but you may say did you just say that right yes i said all right there are some and policies that are collectively bed for the united states that gain a political constituency and can be actually good politics and a lot of those policies folks our policies that have diffuse cos but concentrated interest in other words let's look at something ethanol subsidy listen subsidies within the text and i want to single out ethanol in and of itself but is one a lot of people are familiar with these are generally good policies they benefited specific constituency at the expense of everybody else but after all subsidies persists do out our economy because i was a cock estate and there's a lot of pain about rely on me ethanol industry and will vote and have power
four lobbies i can keep going i may think about other dick in other words the interest joe a very concentrated its concentrated in the ep in all industry right right but the cost that's an all subsidies are very diffuse matter fact most americans barely notice it maybe it's a couple dimes more you know fifty cents more for gasoline that it would have been but they cut the costs are relatively diffuse throughout the economy so it becomes good politics but bad policy the constituency matters people in iowa some form belts state you can vote this unjust are you the economics of subsidies whether it be airline subsidies tech subsidies they dictate what they do it distorts our economy but they become an again i don't mean a single them at that the teachers unions amanda singling out teachers either i'm just saying that can become good policy for the democrat pandering
the special interests and education that a lot of times deeply hurt our kids because why because these national interest and educational donate money to politicians who get reelected bad policy can be good politics because the costs are diffuse but the insured diffuse and end the diffuse and the cottage and the interests of very concentrated now and this is not a political philosophy course today i bring that up because the damage of the green new deal is better gonna be politically profound for the democrats the more thing gains traction because what folks the cost this or not concentrated on excuse me the costs are the costs or high there everywhere any interests are not concentrated to one group they're all over the place it's the exact opposite the interest the people interested in this hour diffuse and the costs are
concentrated the costs are all over the place in other words job you ok green new deal the threat to airlines airline industry the threat of farmers from its threatened elimination the as we talked about with the the cow death squads it wants an amateur account there there were being funny but there's a threat there they were saying how they can they have to get rid of methane emissions from what you know cows with gas problems the threat to farmers the threat to airlines the threat depends funds the threat to the energy and energy industry in general the threat to the can structure industry you couldn't you but they wouldn't be able to find work is from the mass destruction of buildings ladies and gentlemen this is the key of this are not concentrated they are diffuse to so many different people that everybody is gonna feel a significant back the costs are not small the cross the costs of monitoring
monsters any interests interests everyone almost everyone would be touched by this you doubt me middle class taxes if you look at our medicare for all proposal with nearly apple if not triple in some cases the court our enormous it is the opposite of what also said would be good political passing this is bad policy joe and it's bad politics and a demo gradual or a little more savvy and listened strike tongue for saying this but i was talking to guy leaving churches we get anybody can we about pelosi i said joe pull she looks like the reasonable one this this is crazy that's all right i call it the green dream publicity policies a far left radical it's been a disaster for liberty freedom and everything else we represent but nancy pull it is not stupid pollution i understand that the costs it's our so widespread and the interest
and it is so not concentrated but diffused across so many interest groups that this will be a for the democrat party that's why keep trying to play it down this will be a disaster all right big damage folks i'm tellin you big damage talk about something else you met columbo has a great piece of butter website this pernicious rumour that's been circulating amongst left wing media times even our by my this worries us for the radio said deceiving creep up on the local radio station bigger because it basically pure adult economic ignorance there's a rumor percolating out there being propagate left wing media that ladies gentlemen you're you're too axes are somehow going up because your tax reef one may be smaller this year due to the trump test so let me lay out the gas lighting liberal effort to lie
i do you again because this is so easy to debunk it takes the mathematical competence of a four year old to figure it out the left's noon it's gonna be your tax refund is smaller because the trump tax cuts are hurting you underage joe do you understand what makes you so far brother pretty soon ok you are being heard by the trump tactical because you re going to smaller ladies and gentlemen if you think about this rationally map colombo get this peace up it's in my show notes today please it lines out the simple matthew your tax this did not go up now having said that you live in a high tech state new jersey new york california because of the soul limitation now the imitation you have on paying state local taxes your tax bill i have gone up it may have gone up we because you live in a high tax state but it has nothing to do with the trump tax cuts it has everything to do with the fact that you just can't take out the taxes you're paying low billina putting out aside people why
you to believe the left wing media that your taxes are going up because a refund the smaller across the country that is not true what happened here is very simple to figure out the tax rates went down tax rates went down through all the quintals let me read em they stayed rail if we start stable to the mental you're what i need to go to just that the twenty five percent brackish sip it everyone else's taxes went down by presented so what happened joe the pub it's pretty simple your tat decrease so much as a percentage of your income that some employers simply didn't withhold enough so at the end here you may all a little bit more money but the amount you paden taxes to the course of the year the government is less it's not hard to figure out if you paying jumanji dollars a check right and in your task she's owed worse one eighty a check
so twenty dollars less may i point out but matt popolo pointed out put your reply only withheld one seventy do you then you still owe less check even if you all a little bit at the end of the year i mean folks this is not complicated mass joe you can i'm glad you but of course because the left wing media is married to gas lighting fate fact checking and fur all bogus narratives to get you to hate donald trump they want you to believe that the tax the cause you're smaller refund it is not it is the fact that a nut or of employers if you read the peace by that a significantly higher percentage of employers with oh a little bit because the taxes drop so much so now the end of the year you may all a little bit more or get a smaller refund but its uppercut paying more money to the government you paid less paid less money the governments when calculated over
page access is not complicated but its very first training because the media is there just so committed to lie to you all the time that even based math seems to evade them it's it's just disappointing i want to get some other stores you a job on this one maybe i'm close to your heart okey dokey so new jersey speaking of the devastation done by state local taxes and high tax states like new jersey new york in california geez i didn't i didn't say this before the ship he has a far less radical governor guy named filmography let me ass you can you bet in maryland along time very few people know maryland politics like joe does he work radio station del lot of politicians coming in and out joe how successful of a legislative proposal for the democrats was
yeah rain tax in maryland visit a huge success was awful re jos right i was there now i'm leaving joe still up i've been out of maryland for quite a while now but i remember when the red there was a rain taxpayers by liberal governor martineau molly who was innocent in turn the rain tat it was a disaster what was the rain tax i'll type them out signs back to new jersey in a second but staying with me you is important you're going to see this around the country needs liberal states and europe gonna see them suffer the impact that maryland it so much i passed this rain tax which was a tax on the impervious surfaces around your home or your business they called it the rain ex because it was a way to measure the amount of storm water run off the theory being that if you had a lot of parking lot ass water impervious services the rain would not be absorbed in the concrete at least not like it would on during and what would he
it would run off from the parking lot carrying odin since the chesapeake bay or everybody try so maryland the genius democrats in maryland decided to do was to use basically satellite photos and other methods to find out how fly your roof swear on your business to how much park what you add and you would be taxed on the amount of concrete which was matters traffic from maryland businesses i was running for office with some of this was he talked about and i want this a business owner and admirable county who told me his tax bill was gonna be tens of thousands of dollars more he's going to lay off a worker this thing was devastating it was a pole later go abomination a cataclysmic event for the democrats who lieutenant governor now keep in mind the dynamic governor oh molly who ran for present got smoke was term limited his lieutenant anthony brown in a three
one democratic republic in state ray on this rain tax thing on his broad his former ball the governors agenda and in set of the dove that of the decade got smoke by larry hogan republican governor he lost by like three points the lieutenant get the democratic democrats got damaged significantly by the rain that was the race we almost pulled off the upset into even even other congress men i was run it gets had nothing to do with the rain tax it with state legislation phil murphy is now of the liberal radical governor of new jersey is now look signing this thing into effect the rain tax in new jersey ladies i'm tellin you right now this is gonna be devastating it'll be devastating for you your business it is intrusive it is a monster tax increase in a state already tax that confiscatory levels this will be
a disaster for new jersey democrats all across the map they are doing it to themselves votes whether its in fantasy i'd love lay term abortion degree to force the rain tax the democratic gun confiscation democrats are all in on radicalism folks and it is not going to change they think the anger tromp is so significant and severe that it'll be enough to push people to the poles despite the fact they know they are voting in against their best interests they are voting for the distress their local economies their schools their self protection rights everything but they think the anger at trop is enough to slip through this radical agenda i don't think so folks i think you're going to have a real power when this is exposed so i have that article up in the show notes to from the new post about phil murphy and this trend it rain tax it's a total complete complete disaster all right today show also brought you by our bodies
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barton roma he eluded the something that and i'm not trying to take credit for john stuff up please don't take this the wrong way but if you're listen lesser show a lot of this may sound familiar joe enemies they breed up johnston to move in a direction that we have being on the shell for a very long time that the real jim collusion conspiracy is the democrats and the clinton team there collusion with russia and the whole purpose of the mueller probing the high that keep the attention on donald trump so the american p i don't understand the depravity and the depths of the scandal the democrats are really involved it solomon peace on the hill which again is in the show notes please read it which lay now twelve points of collusion i'm some of em for obvious ones reached mentioned multiple times but i'm going to mention a few and the names are gonna sound very familiar to some people but first before we get to that i want to play this
cut of john solomon maria barter roma show and this should really bring about for some of my regular literacy is very disturbing play they cut your piece also goes back to talk about the scope of our project i remember this project because i was covering it is well back in the day in their early two thousands when russia i wanted to become the new silicon valley and they encouraging american companies to go and share information there an you and you say that hillary clinton was involved she was actually was the driving force in the united states invited medvedev to go to the united states and visit silicon valley she arranged for several again if you go over and start sharing information with the russians lights and also endanger hearing you're saying this was a national security issue it was absolutely and i think what we what ends up happening is a few years later of the united states military and the f b i count or intelligence division raises warnings that this spoke of what was actually used by the russians to bleed and
patient of our best technology are best military technology so something that sounded good god put foundation donors involved at the end of the day it became a threat to national security something similar to what we heard in uranium one and so they these are areas of the republicans haven't fully investigated but perhaps in twenty nineteen they'll come my job you remember i don't irish everything six month mentioned my data show on friday and i remember that show six million every these six months ago i have myself but my chronological time meter inside my brain is is losing its track orbit but did show i'm guessing around maybe six seven months ago where we had said it's all about skulk of all the skull cover project what are they grads hiding their hiding a dangerous collusive enterprise between democrats that clinton's and a russian silicon valley project that involve the theft of
sensitive u s technology to build russian weapons used to target the united states now the solomon's don't miss all time he's dripping this out and now he's hammering what really matters the russian collusion conspiracy is one that bob's democrats he mentions two key things skull oh and then uranium one later folks what is oh come on let's go back to this this is cool they joe and i've been hearing this were so long it's like a broken could i wish voice resonate with some lawmakers up on capital oil there don't know the good guy you know about it meadows in jordan and others have been hammering they think ever nunez but we need this to go mainstream what have we spoke about the scope of our project was a row gene technology project they wanted to emulate what happens in tat clubs like silk on valiant else and elsewhere so what russia did is doing
for once operation they got law makers to influence companies go over to russia's skulk evolve share their technology and what was going to be this new technology hub what what i've been joe well well when they were a few months or a significant time period into this thing army and elegance military intelligence and others started to figure out this was not in fact an entrepreneurial tech enterprise for capitalistic purpose is by russia this was an effort to get u s companies share dual use technology that could be used in the development of weapons one of bombs didn't article i'd retina delhi collar while ago which solid reporting was the development by survey of a missile to defeat our missile defence is think about what i'm telling you let me this still this down the key take ways and not bury the lead here the russians tried to end
its democratic politicians to get technology companies too air technology with them that they were going to use to create weapons to attack us it is no more difficult than that that's what the scope of our project was now what's fascinating the scope of our project is follow the money victor wreck sober who solomon writes about in the peace was a clinton foundation daughter vex sober who is closely tied to putin and was a business associated of oscar alike thereupon another player problem and then this whole scheme he was a clear foundation donor in addition folks these cuts these that had got over the scope of our ten of the treaty seven or so companies where significant donors to the clinton foundation themselves think about this companies that had been the hoodwinked
into going overseas by democratic politicians and pushed into it into this russian tech project used to steal our technology to attack and potentially kill us with advance weapons was being supported by who hillary clint was an open advocate for this job here we know that we do of course you know about me any open talking about those presented suggests we should get a little passions am i treated me why organic gives up attached that's why in queens everybody else agreed this isn't yellow in queens this is whisper you a queen here real yelling its driver where everybody else agreed rightly i do yeah i'd folks hilary clinton was a big supporter of this project publicly this she wasn't even quiet about it now you want another tie here it's gonna grow baker to bake bill
then maybe trip overseas to give a speech where he was p five hundred thousand dollars by iran financial institution which was intimately involved with the uranium one deal will resolve our uranium supplies to a rush uncontrolled company so follow me here hilary support spoke about the russians you spoke about a steel our military project bill goes over to russia to give a speech this speech is paid or by a russian back involved in the sale of it to sell our uranium to russia so they can corner rests on uranium supplies cooties bill it did and his team ask specific permission on the trip the emails or out their focus is not some kind of conspiracy theory you can look all this up yourself checking solomons pc has all the information in their to read my
work is all in their bill where did steam joe sends an email that on that trip they want to meet with who victor vex sober the same guy run spoke of our project that's acquaintance foundation donor the proud tat our own intel as indicated was used the steel sensitive technology to develop weapons the russians want to use to attack us folks do you see what their hiding this is all out there the clinton made public statements about scope of all were hilary to be precise this is none of this is in dispute the fact that the companies the tech companies involved and scope of our we're clinton foundation donors the fact that vessel borg was a clinton foundation donor the fact that bill clinton wanted to meet with vessel borg was running spoke about none of this is in dispute this isn't some day
the company juliet anderson x files tail this is real this happen do you see what their covering up now it's amazing how the left whenever they want to run such a conspiracy theory at an you send them a length so the public statements and they did they just ignore it like it didn't happen folks the destruction of the united states was always going to happen from with in the minds of our russian enemies at the upper level of the russian you know former soviet ally government i mean what a potent call the destruction of the soviet empire the greatest catastrophe this century the way they destroy the united states was within they took advantage of the greed power hungry nature of u s politicians like the clinton machine and some democrats amount absolving republican some of whom are corrupt too much trying to give a blanket pass that some rhinos either
but this is an enormous democrats scandal the real risk in conclusion is what they clinton's and the democrats spoke of all the uranium one players in russia now even worse do uranium one deal folks we talked about this the uranium one deal we're bill clinton accept five hundred thousand dollars for the foundation from renaissance a russian bank intimately involved in the iranian one deal he accepts this five hundred thousand dollar payment to go speak over there asked to meet with vex sober right around the time show that what is going on do you rainy one deal we're we're about to our uranium supplies a significant portion of the russians who are so trying to steal military technology the array
you deal needs approval from serious the council inform president of the united states the cypriots it has a number of members who have to sit on it sit on the board approve these deals erica there is one of those people so is hillary clinton the secretary of state now rather and refusing herself because our husband just accepted a payment from a maid your financial players involved in the purchase of the one deal hillary clinton red there's no objection at all the deal writer at the same time our husband is maybe i don't judge household in his nose but it's not because it sticks to the heavens the husband bill clinton accepting five hundred thousand dollars from a bank involving a deal and requesting to meet with a russian running a scope of all project on the same trip that's during our military technology she then we're cues ourselves
this area colder now joe you may be asking as the audience abundant ombudsman why am i bringing up i recall exactly what i was thinking i know you because i can see your face eric holder of course as the attorney general at the time and i recall there is ultimately aware of a case they are working against basically the ten ex case law by no other than rod rosen stein out of the district of maryland when he was the united states attorney former deputy turning general rod rose in style i rose and sign is leading leading the mechanics case why does any of this matter because their running a a fair play case and attacks case taxes accompany connected to rosa tom the player in the arabian one case that involves massive kickbacks joe and an fbi informing who eric holder is unquestionably deeply aware of who
telling the fbi prior to the approval the uranium one deal better genes are running a major influence operation in the united states to try to corner the market a nuclear fuel and through that info so operation they are trying to get a hold of our uranium and even worse the fbi informant paid by the fbi this is a credible guy he's cash checks the fbi job his aim is campbell he also states in the peace that the russian maybe assisting the iranians and building up their nuclear capabilities to attack us do let's this ought again the russians are running a tech up the tec cobb is going he used to steal our military secrets they're paying point than foundation massive amounts of money to russian financial institutions to get them to come over and meet with people in the tec up
while hillary clinton is about to vote or cast a vote on uranium one sale involving some of the same upper level russian players involved in a prior fbi case the rain once there although they know from an fbi informing the attorney general himself who also sits on a board approving this deal that the russians maybe trying to get a hand on our uranium two quarter the market and additionally maybe helping the iranians build their nuclear passees wealth and the clinton's do absolutely nothing about it all they did something joe they cast aside hundred thousand dollar check from one of the financial institutions but do you see other collusion scandal is real the collusion scandal here ladies and gentlemen is one with the russians and the democrats not the republicans this is what you're hiding don't you find awfully convenient as well that mahler was creeping around with virtual borg as well but we ve heard
think about victual bergs connections to the clinton's only about victual bergs alleged connections to trump which are minimal at best mauler sole purpose is to save the reputation of department of justice and keep the heat on trump no matter what and cover up all of this corruption by the democrats and their connections to the russians this why they needed to trot out the movie script the glance movie deepen writing about the russians that are influence operation united states forever why not write about democrats operation because the democrats were paying simpson so just change that aims to involve the republicans unbeliever let me get to the summer got this more here mr solomons pieces terrific eight that issue also brought by bodies at robin hood i have robin supervision to use a sin investing app haven't up on my phone let you buy and sell stocks
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sign up at bonn gino dot robin hood dot com that's bond gino dot robin hood dot com by gino dot robin hood dot com check it out tonight ok folks making things worse as if you could make things worse with this case papers every i wish we shuffling now show his gun serious how he's ever your pay that always paper shuffling by so much to get to unwanted forgets that more russian collusion indicated in the solomon peace in air which is very comprehensive but its very thirty thousand sixty thousand foot so you can get the overall picture remember the lead it is the democratic colluded with the russians money exchange hands russians through the clinton's information in exchange hands tech companies to the russians are the rest since then use the tec to build weapons or or propose weapons to attack us this very serious stuff another
incidents are aware we're very suspicious russian connections start to surface one of the companies joe lobbying for rose it tom which is that the accompany involved in the ten acts uranium one year in russia controlled energy company right one of the big the iron form it in the solomon peace indicates that app go one of the law obvious rose time in the deal was also doing some pro bono in kind work for who joe the clinton foundation so let's get this straight accompany her to lobby on behalf of some of the players involved in some of the deal's we just discussed uranium one another is also doing in kind work for rosa tom as some involvement with jonathan wine from the state department is well another clinton guy we find any of this confusing
i don't be confusing and the fact that its hard to follow lobbyists working for this russian company is also providing in kind work for the collected foundation now echo is suggesting to be clear and to be fair to them they put out a statement saying that this work was never a conflict they were completely separate operations fine but that doesn't discount the fact that for providing lobbying work for rosa tom while providing in kind work for the clear foundation you know if this kind of core relational evidence was brought up in the trunk case joe it be brought up right now this evidence for impeachment working hours would but of course what is it our job circumstantial nobody has anything to worry about finally pc brings up which is critical christopher steel people fish former spy whose me
it is on the dossier who compile the dossier used to spy on donald trump in the fight court christopher steel was working with an eternity working for their pocket this gets a little confused to follow me here a little bit because this is this is what's going to separate the them from the boys and the women from the girls if you want stan miss particular part this will make way phd level player in the spy glass case because its these intricate web of connections you know i know would be eased maybe i'll start you a little pie chart and stuff and little vent diagrams and things like that you're pie chart by women they would be good for the financial allocations of how much money but to make us make more sense as time goes on my wife is really good at that step but this is where you need to follow me a british spy working for fusion gps hired by clinton the gin up information on trump produces this dossier that attacks donald trump and is used aspire that british spy
is working with a lawyer name adam waldman adam waldman is also working with all i pasqua a russian oligarchy tycoon was the former business partner of vex sobered the same guy run in the scope of our project there both connected to putin the words putin's hands are all over people tied to the democrats that does john followed from the top ok maybe it'll be easier putin more anatomy the united states looking too deeply fact our policy in politics and destroy us from with it is closely acted to these two oligarchy all like thereupon conventional burke who used to be business partners they had a bit of a falling out but there still friends report and they still know each other victual burgos onto spoke of our project which use
its influence to steal our military technology and is a clear their crazy the clinton foundation donor he's all partner thereupon got hires a lawyer who is also work with the guy who produced the freight dossier to attack donald trump folks this was a beautiful influence operation by beautiful i mean horrendous i mean elegant there simplicity beijing in horrific it its resolve a simple or get is a top down effort by putin and his intelligence apparatus to cause electoral ass the united states do a rush this information to reform its campaign that primarily hit the democrats this players involved with christopher steel and others go back to putin do darrow pasqua to vex sober i do other russian players arcade average others you solomon mentions in the peace the russian
the collusion scandal ladies and gentlemen is a scandal and an enterprise involving connect genes with the democrats i can't go to all twelve i just mentioned for then i'd like you to read the peace but i want to mention one more and i need to repeat this because we brought it up before but this i believe it will turn out eventually to be the most daring jeanne piece of information of all current measures one thing which i don't mention a lot of these third rate conspiracy theory a lot of people are going again after me on twitter they do goon jonas having aren't the reasons one of them specifically works for the russians i mean you don't believe me just read his own articles he's he's here for the russians in an effort and i want you should his name because he's such a wacko that it's the same way as a following of people for somehow believe this this lunatic but there's an effort out their job
primarily being led by this guy's being paid by the russians to make you believe this isn't a democrat conspiracy this is all about this one guy and and large capital analysis listen that nobody in this is a saint including the guy he talks about all the time and i have actually had long conversations with people about him but don't buy into the nonsense conspiracy theory that this isn't about the russians and the democrats this is about one guy who managed to overthrow the united states by himself the guy's ridiculous promoting this some of you know talk i mention it nuts that he does it's funny he asked ass people for money always already message being paid by the russians on the way has to ask people for money then be misled this wasn't keep the heat where it should be the obama administration john brennan the five eyes play there's that didn't write any help in this to us hillary clinton
the russian companies engaged in a mass of this information campaign now i'm sorry for the site bar but it was important to meet it finally the biggest key of all that this was a russian this information campaign in conjunction with the democrats the trump our meeting with don junior weather russian show up an alleged to have information on hillary clinton negative information which they don't have granted idea a bad meeting accuse me the meetings a bad idea that backwards job juniors already been that has put out all information about has been very open about it meeting up or transfer with these two russians these two russians are again connected to the democrat solemn addresses this it is peace russian lawyer that shows up natalia vessel net skier is working for future gps the company i hired christopher steel whose also work with the russian lawyer connected to russian oligarchs tippecanoe until the van diagram of connections
putin russian oligarchy russian lawyer don junior meeting but you re so well that connects found you know the russian lawyers working for the point they deem and she bring any information about hilary she wants to talk about the matter its key actor in russian adoption the the russian that shows up reenact mansion according to multiple reports is connected deeply to russian intelligence reenact mentioned vineyard lee meets with a bunch of people before and after connected to russians and the russian government who are doing well for the russian government act merchant also admits that he know the very nose the clinton staff so you have a guy with suspected as the russian intelligence you shows up the trump tower who admits
being close to the clinton staff and the quaint but this is suspicious that any entrepreneurial media types out there the the real scandal here is the democrats connection to the russians it is not in fact the republicans either media tide us all together today folks we talked about the beginning the damage is green new deal is doing this is important keep the ridicule going sorry but this is the only way this an utter absurdity of bankrupt america farmers pension funds the airline industry the energy industry hospitals are people on merit care you will all be done keep the ridicule going this is a dangerous plan because it is not diffuse caused the costs are widespread throughout the economy to everyone and the east we are not in fact concentrated the interests are you're all gonna be heard by this second we talked about it
real collusion scandal please read the solomon piece it lays it out i think john solomon knows the whole story and is starting to tie this all together in one big final epic battle scene at the inn where he shut this is all about skulk of and rushing in the united states with the democrats scope uranium one this is important stuff we just laid out talked about rain tax that disaster this was in maryland you're gonna see a pickaxe is on pavement we're going to see this deeply impact liberal stay politics not for the better it wasn't apocalypse in maryland the heavily favoured democratic candidate for governor loss than a route to the republican and any abby observers on the ground joe me and anyone else included who saw it knew the rain taxpayer only finally one last story folks
we're looking at a potential government shut down again on friday the democrats are not going to give up here listen to me they have forfeited any semblance of responsibility to the american citizen anymore i the democrats are in this for one i had set on the five when i was guess toasting once and it is of course always they always do misinformed pretty by the imbeciles at media matters and elsewhere that this was about it political win for trump but what i meant for that is trump is not politicizing the shutdown of the guy what i was trying to say is the democrats are looking to do this is a political thing for them job this as it makes stop me is the devil cancer leading you to believe that this is about immigration with them what we're not putting up all because it don't work and this is really about saying immigration policy and we're getting in the way of the creek de donald trump
it's crazy policies we're trying to put a roadblock in between trop in him damaging the united states that i did not mean trump was playing for it again at this point because it was poorly rigi better than that and i like a poorly word things but that not what i meant the troop was playing politics with the shutter what i meant is and i said trump needed a political win because the democrats have made this all about politics now this is about immigration folks this is about simply shutting down the government the damage president tromp that's all this is about they don't care about the impact don't lines at tea essay on on government tax refund checks the democrats or care at all this is all about political damage to the president which he must win at this point here when this immigration fight because it matters now proving to you again that the i'm a don't give a hoot about immigration irish tax refunds x or anything of the sort there were finally
making some headway on some kind of funding package to keep the government open after rachel and what happens friday saturday night why right before i get on judge janine show on fox i find out and get wind the fact that the debt crash of drought another monkey wrench into the machinery and are now demanding in exchange for any wall funding that they decrease the number of detachment beds available for people who cross it through the country illegally why would the democrats do that you're going to detain lawbreakers you broke out laws came in the country illegally and the democrats want i fewer in number of detaining beds available and the tame and locations of the taming facilities to hold these people why because it's not about immigration the democrats are trying to prove oh something may know donald trump won't agree to because he cares about forcing immigration laws clearly so why don't you big joe the government
shut down again and then try to blame it on trop ladies gentlemen the democrats don't care this is a pure political play at this point this was never about immigration the democrats have been offered police compromises in the past where people in the country illegally would be allowed to stay for some period of time but wouldn't be allowed to vote and they ve turned out down this is not bout immigration it's about a pure power play and a political victory against donald trump now the democrats need to shut down on friday why joe you think a democratic good we glass written oh no i think yes even the neanderthal caveman japan away some some guy email me joe i facebook message me it's always up here he loves you did that really mad he facebook message me stop insulting joe it's and so to the adi site you now when you do it to the gentleman i appreciate your feedback agenda joe and i are very good friends and show is joe plays
characters it's it's a stick chosen with territorial radio is a producer of a highly rated morning show for many years where joe had a bevy of carrier i'm not suggested joe is still need hitherto held show is a care it's a joke so i very sorry to the gentleman who even me that i was so is my guy don't have many good friends believe me i keep my circle you know it's a joke joe joe he put his characters but joe me either doll john did the democrats with their black face scandal allegations of rape against lieutenant governor and the green new farce you think they had a good we who as we know good we that we're getting even here there gay marriage now they had an awful me the democrats or so we hope it will go a jog nor yet it don't joke right take away their civil rights tom banks at guestwick you heard what i have created i have
this is a big score the democrats we do find heard they understand it was a disastrous we the party of identity politics right and supposed they were in it for the little guy is now need deep and scandals of alleged rape very serious charges photo of one of their governors either in black face or a clue cleared out their attorney general in a virgin is state whose also admitted the black face and it said sort it is to me you have this green new deal where you tat your attacking medicare pages hospital workers thou care system the airline industry far cows did less goes on and on they desperately need to change the conversation and may need a government shut down american citizens you know be darned they don't care
they need this shut down i'm telling you they are not going to agree to anything reasonable and if they do it will be a miraculous among lack miraculous play by donald trump because he is arguing against nancy policy and the democrats who are going to shut down this government i think no matter what shrilly pathetic i folks thanks again for two i really appreciate everything i'm sorry about that that's not being able to notify you on friday about how to do but it was very last minute sometimes things change quickly on the fly here i really priest please subscribed to the show on itunes it is free if you have a western iphone if having enjoyed or other device you can follow the show and i hurt radio that is free to you can follow us on sound cloud as well it is a subscribes in the follows had travis up the charts help us move up the charter we really appreciate thanks for tuna folks
i see what you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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