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Ep. 916 Beware of these Landmines

2019-02-14 | 🔗
In this episode I address the astonishing comments by disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe regarding the targeting of the Trump team. I also address the proposed border deal and the pitfalls in it. Finally, I address a study on voter ID which completely debunks liberal talking points.    News Picks: Disgraced former FBI official Andrew McCabe, incredibly, admits to his role in a coup attempt.   Republicans “pounce” by forcing the radical Democrats to vote on their own Bill.    Snowflakes get triggered by “Build the Wall” jerseys at a basketball game.   Another liberal talking point about voter ID is debunked.   Americans still love capitalism. Here are three reasons why they aren't flocking to socialism.       Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i'm out of their thereby gino show producer joe our you today dad do a good man do they gladby good glad that you are doing better today joe had a rough day yesterday but he's back never lets you instead i got a lot of emails joe people very concerned about you so thank you audience loves you i just want you to know maybe make you feel a little bit better after a rough day yes now so expert i love producer jobs yet yeah i know you appreciate that too as always a bullet train taken who's the hay wake up this morning and they may cave former deputy directors admitting his role in a government coup this is just as worded joe joe this war since we hook up this morning we found out that the budget deal maybe full of pitfalls and landmines reminds me of that tori game was it pitfall
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do you yesterday and i will continue to reiterate its a bad deal ivan ology trumps acknowledge it there's no wavering on it there's no that's it can't be any clearer the problem is right now we only control one half of one of one branch of the love of the yacht bob legislative branch we control the senate we control the house so the chance getting a good bill pushed by the nancy pelosi self destructive varlets a you know attack american principles cos this is very very low at this point now getting right to the point there are a couple of land mines and from what i've seen in this bill right away that should give us all yesterday i suggested that the bill was relative we clean joe and provided some funding and we can get the fifty five miles of border is probably the best we're gonna gaff get let's take it and let's fight in december on the sequester because it's really no other option policies already you can't play chicken would peep
who have no will to survive their party you self destructive and they don't care they really have forfeited any semblance of rationale rationality or reasonableness but having said that there appears to be some landmines let's get right you're one of them is never again amount of back pay to pay contract there is during the government shut down ladies and gentlemen that has never been done before it's gonna set a dangerous precedent listen i was a government employees a secret service agent the government should be running efficiently should be running according to its constitutional duties had its not doing that myself celebrate anybody losing a paycheck but to pay people who not even government employees per se but contractors for work that was not done is an extremely dangerous precedent and are the answer for me as that's an absolute no go no i'm sorry the president if that's in there should not sign that that needs to be pulled out secondly it appears that there are only
there was some only language put in there what do i mean by only language show that the one point three seven five billion for this fifty five miles aboard a wall was written such a way that it can only be used in a specific sector of the rio grande valley nowhere else that should be scrap this shit he at the president's discretion if they're going to limit the amount of money he gets to spend from his original five point seven billion dollar request to one point three hundred and seventy five billion it should be an absolute no it should be at the the president's discretion in conjunction with the border professionals who know exactly where this limited amount of money can be spent so that's gotta go to finally it looks like they were going to waive the seventy two our role which needs which ironically joe showing you how what hypocrites democrats are they institute this the need to our room and its policy takes over the speaker the high saying why did every bill on the floor will be debated for
many two hours joe given these giving these representatives congressmen and women a chance to read the billion so of course one of the first bills that comes on the pipeline to see how they waved the seventy two our role because they want to rush this thing through because it's a piece of garbage and we all know it now here's the solution to that here but we need to do i want you know me proposing bad things is great this is your or appointing a bad things is great but mean failing to propose solutions is bad things does you know get they should ass a quickie c r a week long cr joe and in other words it continuing resolution that just funds the government for a week during that week that we should and should be the timeframe where we get to through this monstrosity last night because i'm afraid the land mines i pointed out the pitfalls just now though three alone are just the beginning this could get worse as we dig through these thousand page plus bill so proper
a quickie c r pass it for a week use them we could go through this thing and find out where the it falls are and negotiate and get them out of their due outside this thing if it's a debacle now there at that time the governor shut down would be to morrow i will see our first say a week or so wouldn't require a lot of extensive debate because it would just continue funding at today's levels is not what we want ladies and gentlemen please keep em i not talking about the ideal situation right now we're talking about a situation what is the least worst option we lost the house and we have a party committed to the destruction of american borders our economy our energy our energy economy our health care system the policy christ no longer care about the betterment of eric in society and the citizens who live here they don't care they ve committed to a self destructive self destructive ethos here and there all the rest is gone out the window
the rationality behind we're not debating with by saying party anymore we should not acquiesce on every point so passed we see are weak we w e it would put it would also be a weak see ironically been an alien there about past weeks here give us time to look at this thing let's go the pros in air to dig through this and make sure we don't get stuck with any more significant pitfalls and landmines that the democrats stick in his poison pill selina right ok i got tons of stuff to get through some explosive video audio released this morning from sixty minutes interview disgraced former fbi deputy director andy became an acting director at one point in our view it scott pelee from sixty minutes audio and video cbs put out to tee their sunday interview and andy mackay this guy is a disgrace to humankind i mean this i have nothing but respect for the dead
it'd dedicated men and women of law enforcement i worked with the state local and federal level but let's be candid folks some p go out there at the management level of the fbi this cabal of idiots who spied on and attack the trump team by i've been using their own power or a complete disgrace and the king of the disgraces in a village of disgrace people this guy is the is is at the top at the time of the hierarchy of the imbecile leadership is andy mackay you would think a guy ok central player figure who signed one of the dead now discredited pfizer warrants have relied on debunked dossier would slip her away like the snake he is slither read through the grass it is facing disgrace when the rest of his life a guy who's if ran as a democrat took money from democratic did operating who are connected to hillary clinton who then refuse to refuse himself from the hillary clinton case until the last minute this is
a guy who is a stain on law enforcement our country and anybody who knows he is a complete can't say enough negative things about disgraces human being is but instead of walking away he doubles down he write a book about it experiences and now he's gonna be on sixty minutes so let's play first what is an astonishing piece of audio here i have the video to maybe we'll make into a cut today for twitter but this is andy mikhail interviewing which scott pelee again throw out the entirely discredited eviscerated debunk theory that trump was working at the conjunction with the russian government to get elected play that caught i was speaking to the man who had just run for the presidency and achieve an and won the election for the presidency and who might have done so with the aid of the government of russia our
most formidable adversary on the world stage and that was something that troubled me grey why what would you say about that i mean again reasserting this now entirely discredited debunked he has no evidence we backing for these claims at all and what if you do when you goes on one of the largest news the new shows out there newsmagazine show sixty minutes or so we'll see on sunday the full clip they released this clip from it and now reasserts the same nonsense that present i ve got elected at the age of government of russia that that when he was looking at keeps hammering this nonsense i mean what there comes a point where you jim have to take the al you know you know many of these are alike
so there we have these catchy little say right that us all their cats gonna miss out but i have a teenage daughter to it then i have to say here just take the i'll take the laws your discredited hack your theory has ab we know backing it off not bob mother the house not the senate not even the pole medical hacks like shifty shift and swore well these discredited conspiracy theories now amazingly sitting in congress have produce they scintilla of evidence that you as a former fbi deputy director that you keep putting out there just tat what tat the owl and move on you ve got nothing this is it discredited nonsensical conspiracy theory you were the deputy director of the fbi and by the way my sources on this my sources on this tell me clearly that mackay was a briefer than that folks believe me that's not meant to be a complimentary term and law enforcement
give you some inside baseball job i'm i may have told you this before but because i showed you with you some stuff kind o t r but more put it out there on the show because the guide us at my me talk perhaps oprah a guy i know who's been a source for me who knows mackay well told me that a cave was a brief for and that is that that that's a pejorative used to describe fbi agents who never did any real sweet work never did the bank aubrey brief cases the taskforce cases on drugs d never really put the need the silver bracelets i e the handcuffs on people their briefcase the words they walk in wait there you know that the there there what they're they're nice required tie not though you know their grief back hair there finally press suit they walk in and they briefed administration officials doj officials and higher ups in the fbi they look the part they talk to part but they don't have the trifecta because they don't act up
but is there not actual street guys and not being actual street guy they have verloc but little experience with investigative procedures used to lock up actual bad guys so ably may it is in fact a failed politician who manage so there is way up to the top of the fbi's snake he's a fraud is a phoney and the guy you know directly made crystal clear that this guy had very little respect amongst the rank and file fbi just alison i'm that's telling you what i heard from a quality source of my journey fbi and you know otherwise you want to send me something my emails on a website read it up opening periods telling you this guy was crystal clear that my cave was nothing more than a suit and an empty wanted that he was a briefer very good at briefing very bad doing actual cobb stuff and it shows
he's trying to save as tattered reputation out there were a couple side and a lot together so that was number one him reasserting this absurd now the bump theory that president trump one this election the aid of the russian government which is just nonsense but this scott pelee the sixty minutes interviewer on cbs this morning we cut this quick ripe got on the air the sky i being another portion of the interview to err on sunday again on sixty minutes that he found to be really really let's say interesting which i find to be deeply disturbing play that cut there were meetings at the justice department in which it was discussed whether the vice president and a majority in the cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the united states under the twenty fifth amendment folks you go again so first joe let's be where is further first sound sound bite of endemic came here
it sees in eighty i and ii mackay admits he's out there of the total paul stupid and that he still buying into a collusion hopes that nobody else in the same rational world actually buys into but secondly that's scott pellets of course citing mccain its equipping the cape of the interview where he may cave apparently amidst the scott pelee that he was one of the main players in joe what we can describe i think fairly at this point as a coup attempt i made a zero you know you're my buddy seven but he's at an unfair the accusation no no not at all that's what it was dead to use the twenty fifth amendment twenty fifth amendment is design to remove a president from office who has suffered some mental or physical incapacitation you know appear in a coma
some kind of brain disease which makes them nk incapable of coherent or reasonable five right some kind of psychological impact incapacitation now if the president dispute that there's a procedure to go to the cabinet and to take votes on this the fact that this actually being discussed show what its clear as day you may not like donald trump that's fine in a still hopefully free constitutional republic your freedom her dislike any darn politician you want as long as you don't threaten them engage any lawbreaking behavior but the fact that serious people or what we thought where serious people at the top of the fbi acknowledged to scott pelee endemic came included that they were indeed bring in a twenty fifth amendment attempt to quote our noses is re in other words count the number of heads in the cabinet with agreed it is an absolute
disgrace and embarrassment this was a coup with ten how after you describe this there is zero evidence whatsoever that there was any incapacitation even talking about this makes us all dumber on behalf of donald trump they dislike of donald trump was driven by personal animists and political aspirations bureaucratic aspirations only it had nothing to do with anything else there's any number of ways to have to pull off a coup and this is one of them joe i gotta tell em i'm actually astonished because make came i once thought was a smart guy now i mean it like a reasonably intelligent guy you told me all yeah did i said you know what these guys they seem to be smart and conniving don't mean is starting to question i really believe after this interview that this guy you know getting folks i don't mean essential i mean it is an actual measure of intellectual aptitude achievement i think a democrat
there's a moron i really this guy isn't any it he's out in our view would sixty minutes now admitting that is they'll believes in a hoax he believes in the fast squander whatever this brought you know what i think that we take that back there is more average obsessed squash bigfoot dinner is of russian collusion i don't even want to compare that do there there there's at least some are what are you doing those clay footprints that bhutto's there's more evidence in a painful memories of the russian collusion of so you when i was pretty clearly more on the former deputy director who instead of just take kingly l sliver no way it through the grass an incomplete humiliation for buying into the hopes he goes the interview and advertisers daddy played fully into the hoax the collusion out and then he says after the hopes and after the firing of
jim call me in this eighth day period where commies fire just to be clear the timeline we're talking evokes mackay in this twenty fifth amendment talk happens in this aid day window joe where trump airs call me and it at an eighty later bob mothers brought on special council so it's just a little over a week night where all this conversation is happening i remember now you're not only is andy may came regard two very sensitive time not only is my cave now more i mean advertising is into is lack of intellectual cognitive ability for admitting we're cool that's what he's doing admit it you a cool attempt under complete the false premises under the twenty fifth the men a great agreed some something else happens here joe he also says that rod rose and sign at the time the deputy attorney general that i wasn't sign was
willing to wear a wire in other words a recording device to get donald trump on some kind of our recording to use to implement the twenty fifth amendment removal procedures for physical and mental incapacitation they are now time out every but he lets take a trio red flag gone the gridiron let's go under the hood for review here i'm not a fan and of rod roses stein i believe he s knee deep in this is well rod rose sign as i have said on this show multiple times has very very severe liability here in the whole spy gate scandal joe because rose and stein sign the fourth pfizer and a player in this in the expanded scope memo let's go over those two things quick as it it relates what's going on what mackay let's not use lose the lead here we're talking about mackay i didn't do a coup at admitting
getting hopes thou by the dossier hopes but he throws rosen stein under the bus here say hey was rod roses diana was gonna where wire against tromp the to hate each other now rose stein as a player and ass she signs the fourth pfizer why is that a problem it's a problem because by the time the third renewal of the initial warrant despite carter page joe by the time the urban renewal the fourth pfizer altogether but the third renewal is sign its prey clear players in the fbi that the document you the spy on carter page the dossier is a hoax so one of the world show any ability for rosen stein and others at this point by the time the third renewal of the happily well ain't the twenty seventh night right that at that point rose and stein clearly dollars he signing a hoax pfizer warm he must
or he's an eighty year too and i i think he's a scope it is eighty mackay my own back out secondly on rosen's dies culpability here listen stein also is is a player in this expanded scope memo now the initial memo to bob mahler when he's appoint a special council from rose in style charges him joe with going an investigating russian collusion now there's an x bandit scope memo a few months after bob mothers appointed and it says mahler don't only look at russian collusion but look at this too that memo it's still classified o devon s and others jim jordan have been more meadows have been trying to get their hands on this mammal there's a reason job the rest they're trying to get their hands on this memo is there is some chatter let's say out there
the people who are familiar with this case that this scope memo charges mahler with going outside of the initial jurisdiction he was he was given to revenge it trump russian collusion and some of the information that they use in their may have come from the dossier to which would then again put rosen stein on the hook foregoing back again to wait debunked fake does to not only get a pfizer warrant the spy but then give mahler the ability to look into the trump team for a document that's already been the now rose and stands on the hook for that road and mikhail clearly at this point dont like each other and i believe it's because a rough day both key players in this remember he may caves and number two at the f b i rose and styles and opportunity o j i think they both think the other guy's gonna flip
simple jailhouse politics joe you arrest you as for robbery and put him in a separate robot do you tell em both you tell him the other guy rapid about it because i'm what happens one wants to beat the other wonder at the other guy out votes we should do this all the time when i was a cop you arrest you guys for robbery you separate you put joe and johnny in a room separate joe hey listen johnny sing and over there big time he's gonna get the deal from the judge and you know what you're gonna get nothing still on end doritos whatever you give em a drink some coffee steward out for five minutes i'll be back you companion a videotape on the table you just label it johnny does nothing the tape joe nine out of ten pounds you stick it on a table anyway and you don't you i'm sure he'll look out and he thinks he's on a videotape right you don't even mention of ease thicket i'll take you home in bad news johnny singing next door have you made a decision yea i want to talk i need the deal first let's do it right now this is that i think mackay because he's not that price
afraid rose and signs going to sing on him track and me john so what is mackay doing mackay is to row broken stein into this twenty fifth amendment thing by six this thing rosen's time was the one who wanted to wear a wire now though and i have already told you used me deepened spute light but rose stein suggesting it was a joke folks for much as i can't stand rose and start i think he's a snake too and ivory told you he's knee deep and given the the evidence on both sides and the caves obvious stupidity at this point i think it pretty clear he knows rosen stein was kidding was like making a sarcastic joke another word show what you want me to do where a wire you get it i'm absolving rosalie sign of culpability in this major spy gate debacle but give the way to the urban and this could change i don't want to make it positive statement at this point but given
the ferocious denials by rosen stein on this and just the impasse possibility of wearing a wire around the president what would you with that information if you recorded the president and they found you reported him this would this they are told the entire reputation addio jane the f b i mean it such an otter absurdity that i although i think mackay this done enough to try to pull that off i don't they grows in stein is dumb and you know what i'm saying jogger what are you gonna do with a record the president imagine that leading to the american public debt is own d o j were wearing recording devices around them i mean that there would be i i dont bigger studies that dumb mackay however i think is and i think my cave is trying ro broad rose and stein into this added deeper level to send a signal to his lawyers and its public statements ride you rat
be out for my role in this i'm coming for you to believe me there's a lot of culpability on the rose steiner make absolutely no mistake so question you have to ask yourself inimitable vines i get a lot more to get you here on the question you have to ask yourself at home who do you trust less at this point that who'd you just more casino trust they did all this players in this case a snake who do you trust less may cave who's got liability on the fact that he didn't refuse himself his wife was running for office is a democrat taking me four major democratic players connected to the clinton's while a cave was a senior fbi official involved in the clinton email investigation he refuses the refuse himself the last minute mackay signature is on one of the five warrants mackay is ready admitted on the record that the dossier was the key to the five warrant in other words job became
already admitted the entire spying process entire spying process on carter page in the trunk team was based on a fake document and the war wouldn't of these six existing without it that's my cape who said that are again because not bride disguise really dumb he's admitting it televise interviewed whose role in a coup not put any lipstick on that and admitting that hasty bought into the russia hoax completely the collusion oaks this guy needs to bring down and rope and other players with him because he doesn't want corroborating evidence against him to come from rosen and stein elsewhere it's pretty clear roses culpability already laid out god is used to and i think grows in style who's a little more savvy than mackay is came to save himself politically and since time is doing your vicious care you know denials of this i mean at these been apps
it will be clear that heat that he was kidding with this twenty fifth amendment think again about china cover for rose and stifle regulus show you know i'm is down on him as everyone else but the question you trust lest i think it's pretty clear who do you trust less the answer is is andrew nkrumah cape i'd i just don't find this guy credible at all not scintilla of evidence that this is a credible actor ok i gotta get to you two are i today show also brought you buy a bodies at he listen i'm a big for the second time a gun owner myself ii carry glock forty three sig sauer three hundred and sixty five i i i i have my i might be cm rifle they were kind enough to send me when the finest rivalry seem out there and the pentagon they live in and the conseil carry laws you want to protect your family when you go out with why you need a great holster to properly and safely carry your firearm what is cheap
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in discussing poles recently word appears younger voters their voters younger millennials people would involve people in college and that younger demographic seemed to four b leaning toward some relatively positive view socialist now as a disgrace how that happened i'm i'm i'm seriously unsure how we have managed how we managed to do such a poor job in our education system of educating our younger men and women about the death and destroy gin impose upon people by socialism what are the reasons that is because of the apologists we have an apologist class out there like a representative cortez bernie and there's elizabeth war and in others who apologize socialism in job that has not been set the bar when it comes to things like fascism and nazi as well which are universally reviled amongst saying people always
you don't hear sane rational people ever talking positively about that you just don't but socialism is managed despite the the hundreds of millions of dead bodies death destruction deprivation torture everything that goes hand in hand with socialism somehow because of the apologies man it's to avoid negative connotations and actually some somewhat well among younger vote i wanted to cover this because it's nice to see that finally amongst the same folks out there that that capitalism taken the lead in this so i wrote this peace if a fox news opinion and i wanted to take a bit of a sarcastic tone with it because i i am actually astounded even talking about this so i said to myself i might go out of work do this peace how do we do it so i said
let's highlight three things we love about capitalism more than socialism to see why we may be getting this result right use privacy room go at this so job numbers the number one reason we prefer capitalism over socialism according to this new law at least according to major tell me if you agree with this if you don't call me out right away i like food the hum i like tat maybe i don't know about you joe but you drew up good that's good town it would lose any idea of you are you nutrition vitamins minerals carbohydrates you know fats in protein shane amino acids essential amino acids know as you know the kind of stuff to survive the idea of death starvation com crazier joe and paul or even else listening i'm not a very appealing idea who so as we put in a peace when we put this thing together i wrote you know like you i for three meals a day and now meat for none of them call me petty but
this is kind of a major issue for me you know much rewrite our nations obesity crisis is a problem that our friends in bread line seriously would kill to experience right but interesting tidbits here did you know joe just the twentieth century alone six seven ten worst famines in the world words socialist countries seven other tat now i know this is an and seven of the top fifty ironically what we and a peace do joe capital does a better job of producing food in socialist countries then socialism does europe where are we time out lead let's review the play on the field its delivery by what do you mean capitalism does a better job of producing food and socialist countries than socialism does one of the little tidbits we put in a peace here
while private agriculture never composed more than four percent of the land mass of the soviet union so think about this there were some components of the soviet union where due to the mass starvation they allowed people the control their own production of food but that was only four percent of the land mass of the soviet union show that four percent yielded a third the nations total protests capitalism even works to feed people in socialist countries better than the socialism that the socialists subscribe do about brad a body foes this is why i took a sarcastic rout the peace and i know you for those you regularly says you know i like the sarcasm because i oh no i care speaking i don't know any other way to break through
the younger generation a guy email made me their side of his filleted from arc of last night and he said a great job but you know don't don't do so gender training your job is to educate yeah thank you i listen i always appreciate your feedback i swear i read it on the air it means a lot to me but i disagree you know anybody can read a bunch of statistics show seriously i could go did you know that seven of the fifteen worst famines words socialist countries and it just leave like a pregnant pause anybody but i think the sarcasm in the entertainment vary with the show is what the reason is the show was taken off like it has a minimal trying to be self congratulatory you do you listen i can only listened wants and soak a job but i'm up i'm i dont know what are you the way to break through these younger millennials out their other than taking somewhat of a semi sarcastic tone of maybe getting people to smile and read a little more about a very serious and very deadly topic socialism is deadly it there's no question
bout that met if it's probably the most deadly governing system known to humankind hundreds of millions of dead but what other way eight debate a two upon your cerebral cortex do you like to eat while i prefer reveals a day without wrought meet many more so not like socialism and we lay out the facts and data later than the p down down in the peace and make it really hit home point number do joe you know although nobody likes inequality in income made out i mean we'd love everybody to be middle class upper middle class we love everybody be wealthy ladies and gentlemen we call that the utopia fallacy the utopia fallacies comparing the world we live in a world that doesn't exist suggest to you the obvious that we would love a world where everybody's wealthy and resources are scarce and comparing
the world that is a standard utopian fallacy there is no sense in comparing of world we live in a world that can't possibly exist or because ladies and gentlemen in the world we live in due to basic rules of physics chemistry biochemistry beneficial ology anatomy biology and anything else resources are scarce all resources are scarce it's only a question of how we allocate them there is always going to be to some degree of wealth income and cap disparity and inequality in any society there's no other way around it the soul its leverage that and they can pay societies that don't exist while we need every from each according to his ability to each according means what's our possible because we can't give anything everything away to everyone all the time because those resources are scarce the the question is how do we allocate those resources a free society and a constitutional republic we alley kate those resources according to a price mechanism that price
mechanism is clear it allows people to work to accumulate assets and spend those assets on things they want i may want to pet rock joe may want to new microphone we made up at the same thing but when we work for money we can bid on those things which sends a signal to a supplier of those things about what's important and what's not there may not how much of a market for pet rocks other than me therefore i can get really cheap on ebay i can walk outside of my house and grab one from rocks i have out in front of my palm trees in front of my job after bid on an already twenty microphone those are expensive i know i've had tuna there complicated to make their great microphones and the price will indicate how many people want them and what the supplier can produce and ford reasonable rate that would socialism does socialism rations resources capitalist is a pricing mechanisms and knows ash resources microphones pet rocks food everything else go to the politically connected that's why people started
and die in mass and socialist system now we point the peace in this income inequality peace on the second point that yeah course i in other words i make a suggestion that socialism will make everyone equally poor here's in it thing little kid better data like you ought to know about socialist countries ironically socialist countries who tend to have a meeting short term effects on poverty jolly nationwide sounds great that mean a decrease poverty industry return to show me confiscating the assets of bill gates the legacy assets of steve jobs and the wealthiest and were stolen names out their people have hurt and giving them to people who are poor we unquestionably equalize income and asset levels in any society that's not it's a mathematical certainty tell it runs the probable to joe there yet i beg you we write memories our job as came to power the vanished
poverty rate was cut in half from fifty four to twenty seven point five percent for two thousand forty two thousand seven do that she has shown tat the socialist crowd worldwide everybody loved oliver stone or look at this job as is the best he's cutting poverty this is socialism out its fight as well as judges said what eventually happened what eventually happens as you run out of other people's money as people fail to continue to produce wealth that's gonna be stolen from them so what happened after that show as i did joint not review this peace before he went to jail predicted it max line chavez read out of other people's money as judges accurately stated and by twenty forty the poverty rate had caught up to where one the two thousand for added two thousand eighteen the poverty rate skyrocketed to night percent ironically job only then did
venezuelans according to the fake socialists out their sean pan oliver stone and these other losers out there who supported chavez only then did this not become real social issues socialism it's always fake socialism when it fails real social in the beginning when they steal other people's assets there no long term survive ability of any socialist system any society of human beings who are incentivize to work based on it payment system they will be rewarded for if the reward for your work your creative endeavours your entrepreneurial per suits if the reward is a government bureaucrat coming in and stealing your money to give to other people that did not work for it is only a matter of time before everybody stops working that's what happened the farms in the soviet union and mouse china where farmers we're having their produce and their food stolen and stop producing food after which other than the need to the basics
bible for their own families which promptly cause mass famines and hundreds of millions of people dead so point number two all the way come in a quality is not a great thing it is a necessary it is a necessary component of a human society full of fallible people and unless you want everybody to be equally poor the only system in human history to drive mass numbers of people hundreds of millions out of poverty it is some semblance of survive ability from the rig of daily life is capitalism it's that socialist mamma and finally the third point i make in the peace you know this part cast were listening to you right now i always appreciate your lists are ship and i write nepeian many of you might listen to my show in a lot of your fox news watching to see me on foxier listeners regular listeners here joe this freedom
breach the kind of matters to me oh yeah i don't know how you feel about it i've been joined by spent decades in the radio industry and joe you been in this business a lot longer than i autism while you work at sea be em and radio stations you been around other other programmes as well as did whoever have like your state goulash operator committed lock you guys up for the content and it shows that ever happened that never has happened now it eyes it now ok ok here and i know you had a probe your memory deep for that so there you have it out and operate overstate goulash committed rip you edison did you a that another where did you ever wake up one morning go damn if i we could have spent some time in a state operated goulash being tortured my arms pull behind my back and beaten on the bottom i've feet with rods because of what send us a damn i really miss that did you ever say that dan i don't i don't think that's ever entered
i mean you don't know maneuver about how they got well listen you know that maybe if its if you really want to probe the depths year might find out if you ever wish for that experience i will happily cover some cognitive baby or therapy we can go see a therapist and you know though do that joseph back on the catch and relax let's probe you're my for this deep i sincerely doubt that there will find it i doubt joe who worked in the radio industries all at once the forefront freedom of speech for an opportune be a one way ticket to the guru like tat the bottom of his feet beaten with bamboo rotten i'm pretty sure joe and i are both did we convert i'm looking out upon the screen our shaking his head say yes freedom speech ladies and gentlemen matters and again we use sarcasm a bit but this podcast not exist where we can be critical of government officials in a state where socialism exists
ladies and gentlemen although sadly we ve seen some breakdowns in granted the spy glass case in our constitutional republic we are not a society marked by political prisoners and the suppressing a political speech thankfully because we have first amendment protections our bill of rights which say these evaporating as we speak but socialism is poor marked by the taking people as political prisoners who speak out against the regime i talked about it the other day i cannot re address the topic in any detail but i talked about the whole mark of socialism is the blurred eyes between the private and public sell you have a private but a free society where you can sit in your house and email your friends and talk to your buddies and say things are not worry about the conversation be recorded and used against you at least we used to you don't have that the socialist regime they have this suppressed the said if you
we're a farmer who refuses to feed people who won't work for your labour then would you its food and your neighbor doesn't want to work and you have to feed him in a socialist system if you refuse to do that speak out you will be put in a political prisoner potentially killed tortured this freedom of speech they kind of matters to me folks and it should matter to you to this paul is is is is you know there's just finally and this is good news and bad news the good news about it is fifty seven percent of people have a positive view cap in which religious economic freedom the problem joe with nepal is twenty five percent of people still think socialism despite the death and destruction that comes with it is a positive thing one one last thing i capitals be sure you understand what capitalism it so you're able to transmit this information to your liberal friends you seem to be confused capitalist greed really socialism is death angry agree death and great great democratic degree everything's marked by greed that famous milton friedman clip
without fail donoghue we play all the time you show me first started we're fell down he was i thought you have a problem milton friedman great conservative economist with eat and edit and freedom at last said missus greed what would you know what political system you know not marked by greed the government of europe adds to the soviet union and stole all peoples that seventy you that's not marked by going was around you should know that the greatest cup maybe you know i shall keep taken up maybe we'll cut dad for tomorrow hook i should cut it didn't just remind me more good good because what play it's a really great cottage is always worthwhile but just quickly on capital is what is it you know as as as i've remarked often on the show capitalist was not even it is like a belief system it's just a couple of things involved freedom is not really an ism like it's some socialism is an actual belief system it's it's it's it's it's faith in you know the war between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat
you know and the makers and suppose they agreed on the use of capital to two are you know suppress the do you know that the working class dost copy ta cap racism is a couple a very simple things it's the abyss what are you view too freely trade your labour for wage to work for money if our complex ism joe that's really just liberty and freedom ego that's just a jabez result of being a free personally ability to work for assets what else is capitalism so the ability to work for a wage and not be in it a slave to a government the bureau secondly it's a pricing system i already discussed this you're not subject the government rationing of scarce resources where the government goes to the farm takes me
stop it and gives it to the politically connected few while everyone else start you get to pay for food which means you can work for which means you can eat but third it's the ability to own private property it's the ability to work to acquire property which you can use it's the benefit of yourself hands your family now what i find it about that too is people that's not an ism again that that sets some kind of belief system is a basic canada human liberty the people who question that i find it if we all know what there should be no private property no there's always private property somebody owns it it's either and you were the government so it's either i've been in the hands of a government that can steal it from you oh and use it to pay off their connected bodies or you own it and you would you worked for and you can use your home your investments to the benefit of you and your family there is no public property that's
myth there is no such thing as collectively owned assets they are owned by someone someone who observed power over them and leverages those assets whatever it may be land money or capital to benefit themselves whether they the government or you was entirely up to you don't get confused about the ism in capitalist rights are and get off a bit of a bit of a tangible stolen step one on their story i want to address these great piece in the shown us today by guy benson from fox a town hall my make sure we encourage you to read it because i think one of our era is a vibe expertise you're not saying what are they one of the few shows out there that focuses almost exclusively a couple times weak on debunking prominent liberal talking points i just enjoy doing it almost everything liberals tell you is false i mean that very little of what they say is
anyway based in any kind of facts and data so one of the things we ve heard joe often from the rolls and in their mass media activists friends out there is it voter i having to produce photo idee card on voting stand it suppresses minority vote has been said so often by the looney tunes in the media and the radical far left this that its managed to be you know it's a gas lit fact fact airports meaningless and eighty fact from liberals its managed to seep its way yeah you to the internet into the current popular thinking and its express so often as a matter of fact rather than a matter of opinion that people think it sure will guide benson has a really wonderful piece in town or about a new study that came out from harvard business school regarding the effects of photo i d on voter turnout so it's because we're talking about the growth of why do they said voter idee leads to the suppression of minority vote which is racist in and of itself to say so
think somehow the blackened hispanic voters are incapable of getting photo ideas is a racist statement you get no pass on i'm i'm not going to let you say it it's a racist think sorry but of course to me we'll call the mercosur liberals on their obvious racism so they did actual study that measured the this correlation joe states that of i did vote or idea that's quote strict has that lead when actual decrease in minority voters at the balls well let's quote from the peace as water was used to say let's go to the videotape let's check this out the new rules from an economic professor at the university of bologna and another at harvard business school indicates that strict voting laws of the type implemented in those ten they studied wait for it do not have a statistically significant effect on voter turnout listen don't labs lead area is get in the way of your stupid narrative i understand there is now
thing we're going to do to penetrate your seven four things why the sculls i get the facts and data domain so this is the normal people out there who may one day coke someone walking over the radical liberal site that their entire fucking point is garbage ok job studies from harvard business school you know that bastion of right wing article again right it's a joke of course honourably you're the liberals love arbored but the harvard business school puts out a study that the bunks one or two points because our strict idea let us have no significant negative effect on registration or turn our overall or for any sub group defined by age gender race or party affiliation the authors studies the papers office found most importantly they write strict idee laws do not decreased participation of ethnic minorities relative to whites you know
i did i can't imagine finding a more conclusive studied the parking a man says liberal talk about jobs sarge debater up it's like no you guys already it's for saving it doesn't matter though they won't kinda tenue heritage but joe we because you're each is it so it so easy to be a liberal because you get to be still all the time and no one ever calls you out on a fury conservative and you say something dump you know you're the subjective twitter tirade first for europe for two three months straight of it but if you're a liberal and you say something stupid it doesn't matter you just get a free path but they will contain you'd apparent this debunk talking point why for a very obvious reason folks it plays into the hall republicans array says they don't why black people about this is a the nonsense stupid talking point it is simply about the tat gritty the ballot it in the it did this is not
complicated only complicated the media people they love the race is that nonsense republicans erases it's all they have that's why they will continue to go to the el on this which is ironic given the fact that we ve seen this debacle in virginia with two i'm in a state officials ah either in black face one of em admitting to another one suspected of being either black face or a clue klux clan alphabet yes it's voter i d measures that are called racist despite the fact that absolutely no evidence whatsoever backs up that absurd assertion so soon i folks thanks again for tuna and i really appreciate a police subscribe to the show if you don't mind on itunes if you have an iphone you can go to the podcast up it's that little purple app is prepared guessing and click the subscribe button is free than cos waiting but it helps us move up the charts there's top charts are not simply based listener ship their based on download we really appreciate that i say every day you guys keep us at the top of the charge by doing that
our also veil both of an android device on i heart sound cloud is while we appreciate you given that a look can also listen up on gino that com you can follow us and i hope that helps us drive up the charts as well thanks again for this then i really appreciate a fox i gotta a special our special thing to talk about tomorrow so dont mr marsh our right to be pretty cool i'll see you why didn't you just ten bond genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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