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Ep. 918 The Coup Attempt Against Donald Trump

2019-02-18 | 🔗
In this episode I address the attempted coup against Donald Trump, which was described in a 60 Minutes interview with Andrew McCabe. I also address the victories in the border wall funding fight and the reasons President Trump won the fight.    News Picks: The White House issues a fierce response to discredited former FBI agent Andy McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview.    Here’s the real reason President Trump won the border funding fight. Timing is everything.   This Lawfare piece addresses the President’s victory in the border wall fight.   This piece addresses the positives in the border bill.   President Trump was right, the border wall did work in El Paso.   Five reasons President Trump has already won on the border fight.   Were two Cabinet officials plotting against President Trump?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now i'm out of the demagogy don't shout british joe how are you not do in our i gave you how are you starting with a bit of a chuckle was was a great weak i've got to go up dc with the president on friday which was a lot of fun folks that was great thrilling to be back if you will allow me a personal aside cannot be a little child top on em you know on friday back in the white house for the first time is a civilian and not a secret service in tandem yet i said to the poor one point is pretty interesting i used to stand that that poster and has had your door seven years ago as an age now be an inside it was emotional moment so what are really a great guy was a real threat so i'm
i've got a lot to get to including the disastrous interview by andrew mikhail former deputy director the fbi sixty minutes where he basically admits to a coup but i also want to get too i always wanted to do a weekend special about this how i finally got the pro joe probed through the other border bell and how at at at at at a minimum on the money issue on the money for the board a war which was being hag remedy want a five point seven billion they gave him one three seven five by right if you should we read through the bill which i got to do with some detail now i pointed out are fine friends and others too clearly windsor this it's a simple math question get that led to the show today today show brought you buy a bodies at my patriot supply let me ask you something what are you doing when you put money in a forum karen ira put jumper cables new vehicle you purchased insurance dental insurers eyeglasses insurance you are preparing your preparing for an emergency and the best time to prepare is not when you car batteries dead it's why you're
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get to that i want to start off with how we should the analyzing this interview and why it's important that mackay interview our is stunning because number one top interview by scott ballyhoo candidly should be kind of a shame that was a terrible journalistic endeavour is adjourned she's not opinion guy and he s not questions it matter and here's what i mean job if you restoring the entire interviewed sixty minutes mikhail keeps too king about what's been roof are too numerous ways by jim call me and john brennan as these articulates facts in other words very simply common sense language what the heck they investigating the tribe team for what was as we said on the show just how do we describe it paragraph one what was paragraph one of the investigative report covering why they were investigating the trump team paragraph one in federal investigations which i used to be a part of his age it myself usually lays out why they start
the investigation and how i will give these ample of this bank fraud case i got a call from a bank broad investigator sky bob who call me had set a damn i need you to look into these fraudulent charges it started at three hundred million dollar massive case we looked at four a year and a half but that was paragraph one if you read the report it makes that's its clear as day why i investigated this subject nobody two years later has yet to our ticket a clear reason why that too jim was being investigated nobody i want to give you now the euphemisms used to describe how this started endemic gabe yesterday in the sixty minutes interview job says we had a bunch of articular bull facts articulate please do yeah me who
please articulate that's what articular ball means our tick mobile facts meaning he has the many good articulate the but he chooses not to why were you investigating this guy this was described by jim call me in his interview with bread bear a while back six that's the you get the job where he described the bread bear joe a mosaic of facts they most what the mosaic of fact what are you anyone ever gonna tell us it was described by god bread it as the irish laughed the job breaded always tries to sound smarter than he really is i spent some time runs gazing guph these described that is the key this of intelligence anybody ever go to describe what this is just put yourself in sharpshooters right you're being it ass the gate and is a potential trader the united states for colluding with a foreign power right and every time
we ask why you're being investigated someone goes hits the corpus of intelligence the mosaic of its a mosaic of rags it's the arch killable large very isn't like the austin powers investigate weighty forgotten your evil to put his pinky up those but yeah maybe it's the hour turkey honourable francs miss powers more of its core press winter larger as these padding that bald cadmium member doktor evil but in its pursuit of internal druids mr pa was nobody's describe what it is nobody and scott pelee instead of asking real questions listen i don't know this guy and i don't like to do silly pylons for no reason but this guy had the opportunity to paint andy mackay down for the first time on i examined exactly they weren't investigating the president's team during the campaign
in twenty six team any totally punted he parted he walked off the field he pointed any walked up metaphorically walked out of the stadium and ask them a bunch of softball questions folks i was on fox and friends this morning in my regular monday morning appearance which i always encourage you to watch cuz i'm always kind of feisty even when it's not then six hundred and thirty one and sometimes they do a little later but stupidly six hundred and thirty in the morning the present retreated i would say that was interesting brain decay this was a cool but i brought up this important point this is the top level leave take away from this interview the predicate crime that let the fbi to investigate the trunk team still has not been explain now why is that echo because you and i know what the predicate quote crime it it's the dossier you may cable already admitted as such andy
k is already on the record indicating that the only reason they were investigating tromp eighty bucks let me be fair to make me caves on record as saying that the a warrant to investigate trump which gave them the power do it basically jail to monitor him would not have existed without the dossier mackay majority already admitted that so why are they constantly ducking the question what do more facts because there no mosaic there is no corpus and or are no articular bull facts there only the dossier folks let me just ask you this one simple question taller the listen due to the shell if there was really a mosaic of facts that are articular born comprise a corpus of intelligence don't you take at this point please balls like adam shift eric swell well andy mackay jim call me john breaded jim clapper and others and the people at cnn who are need deepen this collusion hoax don't you think
would have put it out you what are you let me ask you better question joe maybe better friend what do you think they're hiding it for what but because they want to know about all the other day like traveller cover an upward shrub right there give it some time to put the feds together because they love of so much there there there i said this morning are not repeated some friends appears with some of you didn't see it brought upon fox inferences what do you know what i'm a government is that a movie and now i dont get their arab lothar movies drop is adventure movies is that they have a mcgovern it's something somewhere in the movies chasing it gives the movie a reason for being a guide on india adage yeah yeah it raises the loss dark you know it's the arc of a covenant in pulp fiction it's the glimmer you seem perfection right the glowing suit case yet they dared there's there always chasing something it they call it the mcgovern in a movie did the job got me this morning is trop rush
the collusion evidence which there isn't on its that mozambique and as others is that it's the pulp fiction mcgovern it otherwise you see the brief case in publication and clothes but no one ever tells you had said it this is the pop fiction mcgovern you keep here about the mosaic and a corpus many articulates the facts but no one ever tells you what it is there isn't on this is that mcgovern nobody nobody ever put them on the spot scott pelee had the chance to hammer the skype i let's gets the sum of the cuts because they're they're pretty dammit i let's play caught one this is andy mackay again trying to dance around the question of why they were investigated trump adam
there were a number of things that caused us to believe that we had adequate predication or adequate reason facts to open the investigation the president had been speaking in a derogatory way about our investigative efforts for weeks describing it as a witch hunt russia is a ruse i have nothing to do with russia haven't made a phone call to russia in years public undermining the effort of the investigation the president had gone to jim call me at specifically asked him to discontinue the investigation of my flynn which was a part of our russia case the president then fired the director in the firing of the director the present specifically asked rod rosen steam to write a memo justifying the firing and told rod we include russia and the memo rod of course did not do that the point that was on the president's mine
then the president made those public comments that you ve referenced full phone nbc end to the russians which has captured in the oval office put together these circumstances work or take a big fat that indicated that a crime may have been committed president may have been engaged in obstruction of justice in the firing of jim call me you notice when it does not go ahead does did you catch this it doesnt work why rate is strong degree of of legal system education tat i it analyzes i hope i'm not i don't want to i mean this ascent anyway pretentious or at all but maybe as i have done this and interview bad guys in the past i can see right through with this guy's doing jobs just look at what let's like our line by line here he's ease ass there what's going on with the trophy why they suspected him of the russia they pelee now a pin some doubt as to paragraph forty let's filibuster and what does he do he lays out
what he calls the things and the reasons which he later describes in particular by fax joe design sure question do any of those things you describe did any of them happen during the campaign or after the listen you may be producers because i know they were all after none of them more predicate facts predicate so levick again i maybe it makes more sense to analogies here if i huge joe of colluding with russia based on faking patient it's not real therefore i know its false joram across was not colluding with russia and after i huge job of colluding with russia joe goes on twitter tirade insulting people about it or would have on that china knocked i'm just trying to give you an example of maybe we'll make more said joe says these as you are accusing me this are already saying i'm getting shut this crap down i had nothing to do with this you can't go back and you
who jos twitter tirade after he's been falsely accused as evidence that the accusations are true the audience ombudsman does that make sense its replied she adds nothing it it's a robot everybody's using trumps rebuttals laboratory falsely accused and set up as evidence that this up was real got let's go through at one by one what he said he spoke about the investigation and a derogatory way whoa whoa whoa time out everybody gear tee o but let's get this straight here is the former deputy director what point acting director the most powerful law enforcement agency in the known universe the fbi seriously suggesting this why i'm telling you this guy's an eighty mackay a nationally televise interview job that if you feel you ve been
awfully accused by the fbi the president or any other free citizen the president's a free citizen folks occasion to know and you speak about it in a derogatory way that this is just the publication for a federal bureau of investigation in segregation yes what hit me first get just that i know it takes possession in your response ladies and gentlemen it is this and all the talks we brave new world here because if we are in this on brave new world work citing the fbi is evidence for astrogation later on that i've got it toy ladies and gentlemen we don't live in the country we once thought we did and if you think for a second people like me and i know you and my listening audience are going to shut down legitimate criticisms of up actual on members of the management of the f b i guess we're going to be intimidated by half
this police state tyrants like andy mackay you're crazy we should backed his service now now and i respect this man at all not a bit not one bit not an iota this guy one idea general television advertised his efforts in a coup attempt on the present united states and then try to justify an ex post facto with nonsensical day points that have nothing to do with why he started the investigation in first place so that was point one he used the president's comments about being targeted by the fbi as evidence why they target secondly he brings up the flint investigation he told us that the flint thing he did not say that the president did not tell jim call me order him to drop the funding joe
are we know they didn't drop the flint thing not at your question because they didn't drop the one thing this was not a trick i feel bad jokes just try to produce we set about flame how do we know that he didn't donald trump who could have by the way as a unitary executive demanded that they dropped the flint thing the f b i worked for trumped the if we had not the other way round how no he didn't order jim call me to drop the flint case because i didn't drop of when gaze why wait already bought guilty what trouble said is hope you can make this go away to president out of some loyalty to flynn who makes a common europe the director hoping that investigation can go away is not i think an investigation that continued especially when it's already been documented that the president told jim call me in the white house that if he
at any evidence of any of these satellite people acting in cahoots with the russians that he wanted them investigated the media never reports that folks trump ass cold he was genuinely curious if there was someone on his team involved with the russians because if they were he knew nothing about it he asked co me to investigate it so mackay again suggesting that or after all of the investigations have been ongoing into the trump team that trumps comment about hoping it would go away for flynn was a reason to start investigation in the first place is it this point we stayed hack andy mackay trying to reverse engineer a reason for an investigation he knows this corrupt he goes down again and says while the firing of coal
that's another one of his joe articular bull fattened his mosaic according to combing the corpus of intelligence according to brennan no again call me was fire after they started the investigation and tried to trump just like the flint comments were after that i just like the derogatory comments from sites by trop about the investigation were after they started the investigation not before they can't possibly by looking into a simple time limit of their time line of events been reason to start an investigation into tromp by the way the very notion that an fbi employ andrew aid is going to start an obstruction of justice investigation into donald trump because he made personnel decision by firing jim call me joe to you
we stand the damage that would do if this was allowed to stand think about this job again sometimes stories in analogies work better i want you to ask your liberal friends is say donald trump what's joint covers a massive corruption through someone on his national security team source the media whatever it may be massive corrupt at the upper levels of the fbi signal may suggest for example the deputy director and the director that's not a doubt impugning christopher re now or billy now but i just say i'm just as just a story that they work taking bribes offer information they were shuttling off to whatever the vietnamese or the indonesian or whatever it maybe that's that happening but you get the point right back are they seriously suggesting that if the president word a fire them because he believes they work or that other people
f b i commend open an investigation into the president for obstructing justice now you may you saying while that's ridiculous this was an investor case involving the president that he may have obstructed how did he obstructed ladies and gentlemen flynn plug guilty it would charge e f b i don't even think he committed so they couldn't possum obstructed that investigation secondly the investigation to drop is still ongoing do you obstructing it you have no evidence that any of this is true my cape just making this up and trying to reverse engineer a reason why they are investigating this guy because he's panic and finally in the most absurd reason and he says when you put all these together this is my justice i can this guy really is a moron i'm not kidding folks before did he just laid out a bunch of aren't serves reason says this guy may be one of the dumbest guys on the planet his final resist all his public
amidst the to nbc where it where mackay seems to indicate he told lester an embassy interview that he fired to call me because of the russian that's not what he said he said he i'd call me for these reasons that i sent an a rush of things on my mind he did not say fired call me for the russia thing then even if we did fire com for miss steps in the rush investigation it still not obstruction the f b i worked for trouble like the f b i we elect trump there's a way to british trop if you want to repeat they got a peach him you want to get him while this electoral euro vote for the fbi is up that decision they dont override the will of hundreds of millions of voters that dimension folks one more thing the insurance policy text remember the insurance policy text the leading the gate or in the case for the fbi your stroke is taxed thing be a lawyer is having an affair with lisa page this is in august of twenty
sixteen joe in the middle of the campaign sees it he says hey i want you year recognise that thing you threw out nan these office obviously talking about anti mackay it's like an inch or its policy in case we die before forty what is he talking about you notice all these things make cave the referenced as a reason for starting the trump investigation been way after that august twenty sixteen text german aims in deep trouble my guess about kay but i take it in his head is he's alive dumber than we gave him credit for number one we we cannot we gave this can we get this guy some credit for being so much smarter than i don't think that if i really think he's an idiot because he merely indicted himself on sixty minutes less light laying out his role in a coup attempt to take out the president via the twenty fifth amendment i get to that in a second but i think the cave is in a world the trouble joe i think me
cave knows he's underground during jury investigation which he has been confirmed by multiple outlets and i think mackay this sets in jail time and his future he is in a world of trouble one more comment before i get to the second the second cut here you know in this next cutty talks about the twenty fifth amendment that where the cabinet vice president can remove a president from office whose physically or mentally incapacity completely ridiculous does not apply here at all but he describes this questions here but which fascinating your job is is mackay when my was being investigated by the eye g lying to fbi agents who interviewed mackay follow me your job a belied to fbi agents about leaks to the media he was the source on these very specifically about the hillary clinton email investigation he lied three times joe the caves reasons for lying which polly
again glosses over last night he gives the reason but he just moves on whether he was confused by the questioning now joe simple questions a few the source for the fbi on a story if you'd do they say the washed imposed restored the fbi you probably remember when the storm and that you were the source right because you said it does i would think so you you you take sunlight devlin barrett piece in the wall street journal mackay was the source mackay bligh three times mackay nosey was the source but when about it he says well i was confused by the questioner i find it off we ironic i said this to a friend less light of the phone call me about he was on the west coast in a year interviewed in air too much later so you wanna get the skinny i'm i said one of the more fast mating pieces other them a cape stupidity and emitting role is rollin a coup attempt we're cave acknowledges that he's he's he's too stupid to figure out when he was the source on a case or not these key
i wish i was confused by the questioner you weren't you either for the source you weren't so he's too dumb to figure that out yo and invite he you couldn't figure out the electoral college thing in north carolina at some point apparently trumpery this victory in north carolina caves like i don't get that stuff like i was confused so this is really dumb he admits to occur with him doesn't understand the electorate college and does it even understand basic questions about what he's a source but this is the i wear relying on in conjunction with broad roses thy joe to overturn the will of hundreds of millions of americans you voted donald trump at the office do the twenty fifth amendment through wiring up apparently the other did thea be attorney general rod rose and to get them out of it structured have just this case for firing jib going this is the i will reliant on whose do still pretty you're out when he lied or when he did what a knucklehead i forgive me this next caught mackay it is this really i got so much on this i i gotta get to the border funding into its could be
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the twenty fifth amendment was was simply rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort i we have much to contribute to be perfectly honest and that conversations i listened to what he had to say but to be fair it was an unbelievably stressful time i can't even describe for you how many things must have been coursing through the deputy attorney general's mind at that point so it was really something that he kind of threw out in a very frenzied chaos conversation about where we were and what we needed to do next would seem to be coursing through the mind of the deputy attorney general was getting rid of the president of the united states well one way or another i can confirm that but what i can say is the deafening attorney general was
definitely very concerned about the president about him capacity and about his intent at that point in time how did he bring up the idea of the twenty fifth amendment to you honestly i don't remember he was just another kind of topic that he jumped to in the midst of a wide ranging conversation seriously of youth just another topic doktor finally jones scott pelee tries to do some journalism narrative you notice would certainly by giving this guy pass i think it was a terrible interview but did you know finally figures out like how to do basic journalism let's go you're the debt the attorney general let's let's roll play for a better i am i i'm the deputy director the fbi jim call me just been fired and we're having a conversation in the office about invoking the twenty fifth amendment you remove a duly elected present from office for jobs
bird outrageous potentially treasonous means right juice falsely invoke a physical or mental capacity into incapacitation and it to invoke is a soft coup amongst the cabinet to get the president joe mackay doesn't remember may this recipients yeah i remember started we're habit is conversation about my i haven't you gwen rookie card from nineteen eighty three and i put it on ebay and i got for i'll just twenty five says and i thought gwynn was worth eight dollars and we will have an conversely up on the twenty fifth amendment and i do not remember i remember how it up put you remember that tony quimper yes i remember that are you serious listen joe and i are friends of the earth but joe and i have some pretty up and down conversely we get feisty about stop i can remember every
conversation i've had not every single word of it but every the genesis of every conversation i've ever had with joe remy and joe were like no we got to do this and he was like no we got to do that every one of them and folks i promise you joan or i have never mention move or moving trump from office from the twenty mister bennet can you imagine this folks this is absurd this is so stupid the very idea that make cave recall how it was brought up again indicates this guy is either one of the dumbest people's ever serve the upper echelons rights to the fbi or he's a liar or a combination of both now there are two things to things in that cut i want to point out that i hope you didn't miss mc understand understands he's gotta bring up this twenty fifth amendment thing why joe he cell in a book
mackay barcelona a book right now i'm a cave needs money mackay needs money for legal defence mikhail knows he's probably going to jail mackay nosey we investigated by the grand jury and became known these vanished he if we get a security job you that he can do the talking head stuff later cnn and probably welcome with open arms but my caves legal bills are gonna be dramatic of all the people of the three that our agencies i believe have liability here which have been consistent on from the start i think my cave in key we are the ones in the deepest of trouble i have no there will be some form of a prosecution at some point brought against mackay and the like oh bells are going to be tremendous so my caves a pickle here follow folks use what's goin on he's gotta bring up this twenty fifth the amendment because he knows its controversial at this stage in time and it sells books copy joseph s point one point we do became whose a moron is not so
to prove that he doesn't realise that he's indicting himself any potential coup attempt against the president he's not that dumb so does he joe he creates some form of articular bull get upon their psychic distance between him and roses done i have no doubt this conversation happened not zero doubt so he says two things to distance himself from the conversation make no mistake their standing that he's told bring about his efforts in a coup at them first he says well i didn't you're like i had a lot to add to the converse at all really really show europe we always talk about removing the present united states you reacting eta the fbi and you have nothing to add that like they're talking about other
metrics a man and i remember metrics they take their metrics that was the greatest thing they back i gathered a conversation about this that the final few plays an insuperable they're talking about removing a present i became just sitting there like it's a conversation about traffic parking lot at the seven eleven down the road from my house really they're gonna get similar park you gotta remember any of this he had nothing to add folks you actually believers you believe it your mackay but a conversation about a coup a cabinet level hu there trying to incite that's what make no mistake that's what this is that mackay bad nothing to add joe you believe that no dan i dont know that requires that it out here saying that joe to create distance from himself jor el be cool backers but he said something else
he's like alice and i are you i can't really i can't really comment on the specifics of all how well that would have went down you can comment on it again this is him him say what he had nothing to add and he couldn't comment really on what was going on and what was going on the conversation him trying to pull themselves out of it while talking simultaneously to sell books on this controversial coup attempted happen that's why he's putting the blame on rose and start there were two specific points where he moves himself from the conversation almost speaks about it as their purse why care a comment on how the conversation started i dont remember i wouldn't be surprised if mikhail had some role in initiating the conversation and secondly oh i didn't really have anything to add sorry folks i don't believe either one of those things now i've got a couple more things to to get to hear so before i get that i want to bring up a brilliant peace by came strasser
in the wall street journal i believe it was it was put out this weekend she brought she writes for potomac watch as a really good site near rapid calm crimps kim strasbourg is up there which on salmon byron york i yet jeff calls and over an epoch times and chuck ross people i want to give a hatchet children do really terrific work on this case is not just a smoke i mean i appreciate all your accolades for a book in everything but we where a small piece in a really big one once spoke in a big wheel strasser rights kind of about what i would hit the two before folk set of wherein this on brave new world where the fbi single handedly can remove a president they don't like attempt a cabinet level coup she ate investigations because they just don't like the president's comments about their investigations investigate investigate the president because of our of das and and and political apple research if we're in this place these are the
machines came straddle asked in a peace let me read from the peace she says and she may that the questions we all need answer whether the justice system men and the fbi's most controversial actions where appropriate is it acceptable the fbi to use opera research as an excuse to surveillance political campaign to use back and also say it stay in touch with sources it fired they fired christine deemed them unsuitable for use at their core not mine and then brought him back talk to bruce or in a department of justice to shuttle back to the fbi back to the peace to open our intelligence investigations as opposed to criminal ones into political figures why would they but a counter intelligence investigation joe and not a criminal one because it
on our intelligence investigation can leave it almost open ended ladies and gentlemen they never have to produce articular bullpen intended facts that actually lead to an indictment of complaint or an information that has to go into a court of law that would be disclosed to the public those documents this close to the public in other words there last of information and a criminal case in aid and was clearly nonsense whose key was garbage would be disclosed to the public knots ojo went to see i investigation work goes into a pfizer court with the proceedings are what secret she goes on to actively high those investigation is investigations from congressional oversight remember the quote we ve played multiple times jim call me in front of
these define it in the congressional oversight committee where he supposed to notify congress about investigating that are sensitive every three months he waits a what's to notify congress after charms because he clearly knows that now they know about it and when asked why notify congress quarterly about this investigation that peace as well because it was sensitive if that's the reason for this notification knucklehead she goes on to hold meetings about removing president's this is we're doing now folks really answers to these questions if the through to any of these is yes americans deserve to know that this is the brave new world they live in a man kimberly shrapnel what an excellent excellent piece i cannot reckon and her column enough in potomac watch this and i know what the wall street journal sometimes era
and how they can be a little law left the centre on immigration issues knows that's fine amene subscribe to subscribe to your thing you know disclosure i'd do work for fox news and now fox news bones and wash your job i have no business relationship with the wall street journal whatsoever but but the columns and especially hers are definitely worth your time i can't say that enough really really good stuff i've got a ton of other stuff to get your colluding the border control border patrol spending which my wife heard me on fox on friday and she thought i was confusing and i like you patchy joe it's i'm here to i'm here to on confuse you about wide shrub one this i'm just gonna give you simple man you believe in math you'll see why trump completely swelled out there grass on the border while funding are finally case but you by bodies it he'll actually best matters on a market hands down for the money you're not going to find a better deal does nobody and applied like you so why by a generic mattress built for everyone else helix sleep sleep quays it takes two minutes takes even
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this offer he'll sleep dotcom slash dan that's helix sleep tat complex there for two hundred dollars of your mattress order were their presidents staysail going on right now he'll sleep dot com slash day yeah baby our baby aright border funding issue did some appearances and was talking about how he completely smoke them on the border from the issue and set the parameters and let's get the lead out front here in the primaries in the fight the market for success we had used for border funding in trump spy this the democrats over border war funding was at five point seven billion dollar figure where did that come from that five point seven billion dollar figure came from border experts at sea bp ice and others in department of homeland security job who would determine it was two hundred and thirty miles of border that were out of our you know thousands of miles of border that had to be so
you are now we already built about seven hundred miles offensive but this too thirty miles was drunk drug sensitive areas a lot of populations of illegal immigrants coming across so try their needs joe they said this our priority this to hunt thirty miles and to get that you just thirty miles built we need five point seven billion now policy has clearly stated its out there on the record you can watch it on youtube yourself or any other place had stated watch out not one dollar wearing that's exactly what we're not gonna give him one dollar for this border disputes hundred thirty miles of fencing a wall that had to go up not a dollar well in the budget trump got one point three seven five a billion and a lot of conservatives out there
send a bill wasn't great trap as even acknowledge at the overall bill i already discussed some of the pitfalls section two pitfalls she's me section to twenty four about you can now sponsor a company minor and walk in and you can't be deported that was definitely a bad deal but alive the other poison pills which i the show notes did i check out my shown us the articles on this are really terrific i've wanted lost their blogs and one worse examined which lays out that are really good yet paula put it up there were a bipolar dark lot of the poison bill pills were taken out thieves pictures on ice detention bed show not only more weren't aren't there anymore the bed limits were up forty four percent of the cap on ice funding was dump ice funding c b peas up seven percent to huge width but on the real fight where conservatives were like we got smoke joe the democrats beat us we we got one point three seven five billion in funding and we needed five point seven we us so i started
i can through the bill written some pieces deal with my audience over email which is always good to point them out some stuff can't carol had tipp mike liese office had a fascinating thread reappointed some interesting little tidbits i looked up job so keep this in mind this sequence of the spending matters here the order of the spending so much and get to five point seven billion he's already got point three seven five he's already said pursuant to us one u s e united states called ninety seven o five treasury for sure authority that he is going take six hundred million from there and spend it s for he spends the one point three seven five billion so keep my job we ve already got at least one three billion worth a wall no problems no lawsuits no nothing good go up no money not in dispute ok that's gonna take about a bill
sequence matters say take some destroying this out i don't have three three months six months before that spending is gone now we have the six hundred million from the treasury forfeiture fund again no loss each one no credible lawsuits i should say let me be clear on that to be precise isn't gonna beat it credible lawsuit trump as the legal authority thirty one usc ninety seven o five to take that easy money six hundred million and apply it towards peace secondly the war copy joe now we're up to what we're we're up the roughly two billion monsieur i damn we're still short are we because tromp under ten u s e to eighty four perfectly legal tenuous states called you can look this up to eighty four has the authority and the milken budget the military construction budget to move my you'd have to prioritize military projects even if they are at the border though
funds joe again you check out the worst things amateur peace add up to three point five billion dollars joe notice what we haven't even got into yet were now at five point five billion roughly right around what he said he needed we have not even discussed i a dime disputed funds yet these are not dispute over the years the legal authority is there even the hacks in congress on the rhine outside when the swamp rat democrats i have already acknowledged that these funds are not in dispute so are all already acted number before we even got to the national emergency which is potentially too three billion if not more in additional funds now i'm i again i am i owe you an opinion i'm not a big and of the emergency funding move it moved there are now troops
ability to declare a national emergency is not in dispute either nineteen seventy six national emergencies that the press it has the power to declare a national emergency nobody disputes that they will not be sued over that you may say but what are they talking then the lives are gonna shoot trump over the national emergency declaration not the declaration they're gonna shoot em over moving the money but show this gwen matters buddy by the time that this is where trump cards that we saw a hoax teasingly it's out by the time he's even cotton tibet lawsuit and that this who did money for the national emergency act moving the funds around to spend them on the border he's ready spent the five point five billion he media at a build the wall he told you gonna build folks listen to me i'm not some accolade here some just read i'm giving you the fact
i gave you the bill i gave you the titles of the united states code and the sections you can read yourself i gave you the lots of money this is all publicly out there he already one that fine he what how please tell me using simple mathematics if you wouldn't mind how he lost the fight for five point five five point seven billion dollars if he's all right within striking distance so that number dealing with a democratic congress before one watching even been filed over this for over the funding now here's where it gets better the sea going through this spending jaw matters now joe you're not a lawyer i'm not a lawyer but you know you don't to be a lawyer to understand the basics of of legal fury right it's not common said stop you here too and red their blog i have it in the shown us anyway you can
sue regarding me spend the tour of funds that happen been spent so which pakistan a quarter again is vital i'm he spends the allocated funds one point three seven five billion no dispute the sick hundred million treasury funds again no dispute the dream five billion a military construction funds again no dispute folks trump could be innocent in terms of the presidency with a republican congress back and these ah suits won't even matter because you'll have what it what he can do joe is he can you can decide at that point he doesn't need to move those funds around and you can just go back the standard appropriations procedure are you not repair information how do you like that mosaic
mozart art at your local frank you're like dad we're always they catch me the ones that will do whatever they can promote a little ball burger king do like mr giggles or something i want to get a thousand emails today then giggles there's a i've always loved those rules there is party a large jake you're up or fax he's already it needs area the rejected without their simple man you got its policies position was clear where you are how can get a dollar this position was clear i need five points seven billion the bill passes trump gets five point five billion for one lawsuit could even be filed because you can't file a lawsuit about the national emergency funds before their spent and they won't be spent probably for years and at that point troubled chunk could be got off as you already got his thing i don't think he will
i think he's gonna win reelection eva that we get back the house do hopefully but at that point it is closed i can get more money from the republican house this is hard this is where i always laugh you know you get the goon squad like you know the hope of call rick wilson and it all of his acolytes out there the anti trump loser brigade you know rick's upset because he gets destroyed on twitter everyday makes don't become as these are the ones when i say things like this they like and by gino he's just trying to you don't look at a back up trop no matter what number one i like the present i support what he's done it gives record after two years has been incredible but joe did it how do you do the common sense math i just laid out you're just making yourself look like a fool the border fight he clearly want there's no doubt the funding matters but have
said that the overall bill they were issues and i you know you can refer to my show on friday with section to twenty four which could be trouble but the trump administration is saying that you twenty four which allow people to bring and unaccompanied minors claiming to be us answer and i can't be deported tromp administration is saying now that they are going to be very very strict on who can be defined as a sponsor so i will say but i think that is a huge victory on the on the funding issue ok i wanna play speaking to the border a great cut a guy who's become of friend really really nice guy i'm have you seen mark morgan joe on fox you probably have minute remember the name but he was one of the year border chiefs under brok obama yeah i'm so you know yeah you see the boundaries but on a lot lately on fox in these very good extremely articulate with the arctic get up a fact but this guy action as articulates the fact he knows stop he's been on fox adam
i was talking with them a little bit and he does go ahead on cnn which i was like while why'd you do that you are but they hit turned out great it's a long one but i would shows it is down to about it a half way the cnn interviewer tries to keep it this guy was one of the border chief said their obama so nobody knows the border better themselves are former fbi agent i believe it is worrying to pressure really bright guy get i've come to consider a friend this the cnn woman john forgive me i remember now try to confront the border expert on june exit interdiction at the border it doesn't it while for aeroplanes residents that it's wrong that it's a lie that most trunks come through ports of entry
sure we do know there are drugs that are coming as well across the border in between ports of entry but its dna its customs and border statistics that tell us otherwise do you have a problem with the president misleading the public on this again maybe he's twisting the facts here there's a there is some we know of drugs coming across in between ports of entry but that's not the majority so as false social archie previous ghost is twisted she whispered break them down a little so the two systems we're talking about those drugs actually introduce
and if you include so if you look at math heroin cocaine and fetnah the majority come this in a dick did comes into port but if you throw in marijuana which a lot of people don't want to talk about power for pound the overall drugs more or actually seized in between the ports the other element that no everyone every talks to a special new show is the fact that the border is sixty percent poorest meaning which is none if technology personnel or or infrastructure to adequately safeguarded up borders sixty percent we don't know what's getting through so the exports will tell you for pound of narcotics the seas in between the ports there are countless it's getting through that will never know so the present is right i don't know that i really appreciate your perspective thanks for smoke
me out of my old show me look like an area that i set a more why'd you do it but now i'm glad he did so mark of you i know you listen to my show thank you for do maybe you should go back i do that some more so these liberal shows because they looked at woman looked really awful up the future really you look terrible you she was made to look like a fool on our own shop but mark the reason i wanted to play that cut was this is why this is so i wish talking heads the space and mean that as a priority but people go on tv and espousing the serbian opposition i wish they would do more joe sure thing in economics did because you can't prove counterfactual in other words if i were to ask you job right now well what would the economy look like if tromp hadn't cut taxes you can speculate all you want i mean right fairly enough but you i have no idea why because you get caught
you have no idea what would have agreed that the word you can't prove counterfactual i can't prove to you what would happen if you know glass steagall didn't revoked what would happen if the housing crisis nobody knows yet you understand by total it's only a guess joe no idea what would have happened if trumpet and cut taxes because he did you can guess you can make assumptions but it is a guess it will never be a fact i wish more people would call out attempts to prove counterfactual like mark just brilliant did on cnn where the the you're the show makes it really stupid point listen you know we know a lot of the drugs that are interdicted or stop their stopped at the ports of entry so marked two point how do you know about the drugs that are getting in through the poorest border theatre is weak
because they're not interjected i'll show you i know you know how to do asking him to quantify the amount drugs that would be stopped nodded poor eventually in other words that are open border despite the fact that we didn't stop them i don't i have no idea how many dramatize piles affected ill we'd cocaine process cain crack i dont know opiates are coming across southern border why because we have instead didn't we didn't catch them they'd do you understand like this is a bit of a new point i don't mean it overly walk you folks but it's a comment economics where people comment things i can't possibly prove and try to prove a counterfactual but it's done in debate all the time by liberal liberals europe then the reason she's doing that to be clear as she's talking about the ports of entry because they don't put other
where'd you no cars commit to the country and their sea bp and is a sea bp station officers air because they don't want a border all the woman's clearly a liberal they don't want to stop illegal because they want illegal immigrants in the country so what they do is they can they silly emphasised security at the ports of entry jobs only because they don't work security anywhere else so they say stupid things like while theirs really a drug problem between the port eventually on our open borders because most the drugs or stopped at the ports of entry no kidding no cure law we don't know how many piles of drugs are getting aided and secure because their unsecured like marks toward guy anymore glad he called this i've just encouraging you out there those of you gotta do tv listen to the show and who debate your liberal friends to point out you cannot
prove counterfactual you making statement like drugs or a bigger problem at ports of entry because their caught there and not an open borders are making one of the dumbest points never in the history of human kind of course because we're not catching at our borders because their open please call a fighter me how many in your counterfactual how many powers four kilos of cocaine would have been stopped at the border tell me why i dont know why don't you because it wasn't lab and this is just so stupid i while one last thing really but article up at legal insurrection today had tipper we jacobson runs outside really great site i have is one articles in the show notes he lines out folks what's happening with the mega movement right now the make amerika great again movement ladies gentlemen it's a warning and i encourage you read the peace the same thing happened to the tea party moment the movement that
oh me into politics as well joe their early days in the tea party movement everything was evidence of tea party racism and as white wetter we have taken singles teapot the elimination is in other words people at we wanted a knock off and get rid of any one else and and and and we're going after liberals enemy well so those stories that made it a media will later debunked as being media fairy tales about tea party member that gabby giffords rudy try to blame on the tea party guy the boston merit don bomber tried to blame him on a right wing violence the same things happening now with the mass movement we see with this just in jack jesse anna was a small at which now looks like a hoax we seen it with the covington kids all the fun stories about don junior reading eagle insurrection peace latest happening again and how we fight back is we constantly this
credit these media alludes who again i will openly and vigorously defend a free press even when or unfair but when around fair we will discredit these lunatics and make the tabloid journalists they are because their hacks trying to pull the same crap again with the maga moment redeploy check it out cigarette i thanks to give her june and in a really appreciated please subscribed to the show on itunes if you have an iphone you can also follow the show clicking to follow button on hurt radio it's all free but descriptions that would help us move up the charts and helps other people find a content of the shower all word of mouth folks we do very little advertising it's all you but you know the shows grown with you so you're part of my family and i really appreciate hey thanks again the tune in it i see what you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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