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Ep.527 The Alienation of America by Cultural Elitists

2017-08-17 | 🔗
In this episode: Tech companies are acting against "hate speech" and "hate groups." But, who gets to define what "hate speech" is?  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-17/facebook-airbnb-go-on-offense-against-neo-nazis-after-violence   Here are some examples of the growing list of people stigmatized by liberals for speaking out about issues of concern.    On school choice: https://www.wsj.com/articles/randi-weingartens-racial-demagoguery-1502923996   On political advocacy: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/sarah-palins-ny-times-lawsuit-editor-testifies-he-didnt-intend-link-politician-shooting-1030287   On climate science: https://realclimatescience.com/2017/08/winter-comes-early-to-the-arctic-greenland-gains-33-above-normal-ice/   SPONSOR LINKS: www.BrickHouseNutrition.com/Dan www.CRTV.com  Promo Code "Bongino"
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboose is the death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best inherent in on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i wasn't renegade republican with their budget up to show how are you today ready to go brother yeah yeah we're gonna do a really i hope a very detailed in
explanatory show today of where we are in regard to the country race relations everything going on the they wore with the left the left's war with the right the categorization at the right is the far right which is an accurate so have allowed arrows and pointy things because i want to put a lot together for you today on the show before we dig it no one quick if we get a ton of emails on a lighter note our good friend here who emails us a lot at the daniel app on gino account he wanted it up on the rap there the truck i oughta rap there and i have mentioned its great i love it i dont really give a guy's not day because you know let them really to say other than its a great truck i love it it's it did powerful it's a beast and it's like a tank down the streets of palm city florida so i'll but so far the hopefully there be no
problems like i had in my last thought that you know tahoe but that's why i haven't mentioned it because it's been it's just been great it's been a wonderful experience but really great truck can't recommend it highly enough if if you all are into f 150s and stuff like that so that's why i haven't mentioned it so thanks turn on a email i oughta more serious no jump right writing because this is just its crew i don't have any other word to describe what's going on right now my wife and i we're sitting and that we have very open floor plan in our house so i was watching some television yesterday which i had a turn off after i turned on the velocity channel to watch a rebuild of some cars because it was just depressing because my i've who is obviously not as political ass i am and i say that because i like a hundred percent political so there's not uk it's almost impossible to reach the peak of the mountain but my wife has ever is interested in politics she cares about what's going on care deeply about the country she's a patriot she was why
the coverage of what happened in charlottesville and just the the bomb threat on both sides and some of you may say why after yesterday's show worried about bomb there and will listen my object responding to what's going on i'm emotional because i'm really upset about going on ass she looked at me and she's like i don't i can't believe it like this is just there's no rational conversation going on anymore and i was like you're right that's why click on turn iraq as i just couldn't do that anymore here's what i'm worried about folks we are at a really dangerous point in a country right now where are you a fringe elements of our society taking national policy going forward what do i mean by this a very sage point dismay by tucker karlsson last night who i gotta tell you last night show this guy you're tucker kronos ie eight o clock show eastern time on fox news
this guy has a set of brass ones like i have never seen in my life tucker horizontal but i'm not kidding he did a show opener last night he had to know was gonna be controversial now i know joe was probably sleep in because joe s early morning stuff there go on your right yeah but the prince so his opener was that were letting these fringe elements of our society these the unit on these who are these clan groups these these there these racist groups these anti for groups fringe elements were letting them dick a policy going forward and the premises put oh follow me on this one worrying me right now is that now our seeing i say policy i mean private and public i'm not just talk about government policy
yesterday there was a massive response by spotify by facebook by twitter and a number of social media forms and google as well very good daddy very powerful i industry entities and social media entities to down with they deem to be hate speech on the internet now folks i get it your actual emotional response to that which is fair are not fund not accusing you have anything is to say what what's wrong with that you know if there the website it's that you know that the daily nazi then i don't i see that i know what does it want to see that no i know frankly ninety nine point nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine percent of americans don't want to see that garbage either likewise i don't even left leaning groups if you have anti trump groups out they're calling for violence against trump and action on the wider violent action that is it a crime committed crap most america
i don't want to see that either but danger whereas now folks with private and potentially public america pub guidelines governing institutions sanctioning censorship of what they deem to be hate speech is aids reach has no definable category that can't it has no there's no perimeter there's no fence around that property joke right in words what is what does it mean very subjective exact eggs aids the subjectivity of it that creates the problem right we adjust we all acknowledge i think everybody listening to this show based on the tremendous feedback on yesterday show by the way an idea i did the very nice e mail from a pastor who said you know be please be careful with your language towards a new right i listen this show is for you all i did get out more overwhelmingly positive
the rapporteur has just very emotional and yesterday shop because i'm frightened tired of being called the racist i'm tired being all the help a foe billina foe before before minister s the message it is defending the feminists that what i am tired of i'm just tired of it was natural emotional response and play games with you on the air baltimore it about now is there's no perimeter around this aid speech designation we all acknowledge that any group any group with a capital why and why that professes to judge people based on characteristics they have no control her skin color where they were born we all agree take a droll at joe did you have any control over where you were born was not right i got news for you weren't for the moment you are i believe in that the conception you were there shortly after it s you weren't there for the emotional moment i promise you okay so where are you
or board the collar of your skin you have no control all over this and also at we all agree that any group the judges people was cases harshly and negatively by those characteristics are added medical to american values have been everybody gets you can't be a liberty lover and then peter professor legions with these the reins groups you can't so we all get that we get that there are problems the problem i have with that problem is the solution to that problem is not to engage in private book censorship because that censorship becomes a problem potentially greater than the fringe elements itself does that make sense these groups are a problem theirs oh doubt about it if you don't think they're a problem you gotta problem to ok
what i'm trying to get across to you is this solution to that problem which is controllable by more speech my counter acting these groups by whatever it may be by starting your own facebook page getting your own ideas out there the solution to that speech is not a private and public designation of hate speech censorship because that hate speech has a perimeter that grows and grows and grows had i'm going to give you examples during the show which are going to absolutely prove my point on this how dangerous is can get let me walk you to my mother of events it just happened yesterday should really worry you so apple now this puts me in a bind them you know about i own apple stock and disclosure you're my show is on itunes this puts me in a really bad spot you're an apple hit pick your wife and apple phone i have an ipad what do i do now i have a mac with this is being recorded on app who yesterday is
out donating to the southern poverty law centre in response to what happened in charlottesville now what's the problem with that southern poverty law centre is precisely one of these groups that is a problem because there perimeter around me sense of what a hate group or hate speeches has only expanded the jodo include groups our conservative and have nothing to do with hate at all over europe baby google floyd corkins flight corkins is a a a criminal who went to the family research council office in washington dc which i've been too many times and walked into lobby and shot up the place because the southern poverty law center ass he said this is it he's here they had been designated purvey of haider hate group by the sun poverty losses website why because ages didn't support gay marriage so that makes you a hate group given
southern poverty law centre had makes no distinction most people have the fifteen the research council are christians they don't hate people biggest supporter bunch of ideas they support a church it insists that marriage should be an arrogant firm among the non controversial idea by the way amongst most america's their marriage should involve a man and a woman so they d you gave them a hate group so now you have the yes that southern poverty law centre which is at the bedrock of major controversy around who hate groups are and are in now igniting people hate groups based on poles political ideas draw advocacy for violence the family research council is at the theoretical anything violent their entire principle is bedrock christian values so now just because i disagree with you are a political approach to governing people find it
we research council is not saying private institutions can't marry people who were gay that's not their stance their stance was that of public policy this is marriage is a political institution about telling you are i think the government should be out of the marriage bizarre telling you with their stance was right and they designated them a hate group because they had a difference in political opinion which according to which the shooter he took that is some kind of incitement to violence walked into the lobby and shot the place up apple donating money millions to this group the southern poverty law centre that keeps it spending the perimeter around what a hate group is now what is that lead to companies now are using these lists these hate group listing national black lists mass a black list of people who you should not do business with folks let me yes
this because you may say well how does the supply to me let say you re firearms but he operating completely within the law but i bet illicit firearms deal is selling saturday night specials on the street i'm talking about you know joey bag of donuts gone works in palm city florida whenever maybe you are operating totally within the law selling too licensed firearm owners and and and legal firearm by consumers who are buying firearms were self defense hunting shooting sports whatever it may be right right what's to say in the future you may say all stuff like this doesn't happen are you sure it doesn't happen you got some examples of society future you sell a firearm through a guy who oh he something happens to me as some kind of psychotic episode and commits a crime with that are there is your business than blacklisted designated as a purveyor of hate as you saw the firearms are you then
twisted from credit card companies are you then blacklisted from facebook are you then black from ads on spotify you taken off twitter is your domain aim taken down by go daddy folks see how the left uses easy examples of hate groups listen it's these these nazi groups are obvious examples of of of of pure stupidity and and really hate demeanor the whole basis of for existence joe hating people who happened to be jewish in and not why that's obvious but using that example twins judy policy of private and public censorship which tucker unbelievably covered less light on fox did a great job creation is the very definition of a slippery slope precisely because of people like the s plc now again i'm good the examples i promise you i want to set it up first how creating the premise i'm trying to put forward joe here to be crystal clear and this is
you are creating a de facto class of black listed americans by ex ending your quote hate speech hate group umbrella to increase we're almost anyone who disagrees with you politically i mean joe by donated to the family research council am i am i hate group member to i would donate just haven't yet but i what am i a serious question now by creating this national black list of people you we had a very serious problem on both sides here problem number one your alienating an entire class of americans who have nothing to do obvious lee with nazis or white power groups or anything like that but for like your alienating them simply because their why words when you attack people for things like white paper what did you say to them well you know we need
ripped out any in the any statue or any remembering bread rip out of our textbooks any memory of our history any member if the south whatsoever there are people live in the south who obviously never or something but now you have never on the slave never supported slavery never supported this set the south position on maintaining slavery but people who were sucked into that fight you are people who say listen just because we had family members involved in this in the sis war does not make everybody who grew up in the south ever a staying on moral society there are people out there who had who had who fought against the you know any digital fought for very proud things who lived down south who have a history that deserve at some point to be recognised and the fact that this
now for the other side of the civil war does not mean every single person who lived south of the mason dixon line should be shun forever in human history folks dec wonders stand thou that creates and alienated class of people who feel that patch from polite society anymore what that means that mean if if if some point you donated to the family research council if you live now down south if you live outside an urban area down south that use be sure you should be called water a redneck and hey seed and shun from polite conversation what what does it mean what what when game here enemy last year this is mike my am i talked to the liberals listening is i know i have them specially based on the feedback from yesterday do you this is helping you do you think maybe and a better way
forward would be to say this in the united states has gone through a lot we're a nation of collective human beings human beings are sinners we have a check pass like anyone else every nation on earth has been found didn't inactive either initial violence or defence of their national borders do violence at some point we ve made a new miss mistakes like slavery like other nations have but i'm proud of my she because we ve been able to wipe the stain of slavery out of our society and we move forward to such a point that we should celebrate who we are and recognise who we were does not make sense to you would that not be a better approach rather than stigmatizing an entire group of people south of the makes and dixon line and all of their ancestors forever alienating that class of people who now see you is the enemy you know first i'm not here to give liberals advice
i'll get email sounds i know from so fair enough so so why you'd let liberals continue to attack us with this white privileged up and all the other stuff and this race beating you know folks i'm sorry about that be politically and strategically advantageous to people playing up a certain political strategy but if you think for a moment that's gonna led to any kind of mass a way forward or national collective healing from this you're out of your mind it is there is absolutely no way that a productive unit it states going forward economically spiritually morally ethically there is absolutely no way we can continue forward if once if the political i'll conservatives people in the south libertarians if we're stigmatizes racists and at home of that there is no way for any other side sees themselves is morally superior there's no
going forward to do that because the critical theory approach to this which is important because this is what them in left this ideology in critical theory those people are not to be allowed a chance to speak because they are morally repugnant there is no path forward there there is no as forward to an this dialogue between ideas if the ideas one sides puts forward our constantly associated with racism massage any sexism islamophobia whatever photophobia arrest you wanna put in their because there's no way to the idea out because the answer to free question for the left joe has now become a debate hey are you feel about tax cuts it doesn't matter the other side's racism cash they have to say that the less answer to absolutely everything conversation is totally shut down i'm not giving advice to the left them saying that the country finds a better way forward in this you know before
embodiment and the media the purveyors this of critical theory and academia and far left intelligentsia the far left intelligence before that you had a democratic party and j f k and prior to that date reasonably open to the idea that a middle class america and and people from the south and the working class we're not a bunch of dumb deplorable as hillary clinton said this is a new leaders track embedded in critical theory all this ideology that right is full of racism slobs we should all be shut down we're all animals and nothing we say is worth a damn now the case you say to me now now dan that's not right when the left says is stop and they pressure people to be up to be key to be desk the stigmatize with the hake global there are only talking about nazis and clan members the stuff like that they're not talking about
rest of us are really you sure about that because i can screen shot for you on twitter probably five six hundred tweets from people calling me every kind of its than folk known to man report ebay streets by the way give you some examples but i get before i get to that because i'm not really not trying to endlessly tease this thing i just i read you a line from the and handed you today in the wall street journal about cisely this creation of a black listed class of people who will be alienated completely from business arrangements because they'll be boycotted they'll be dr social media all of this this creation of this area in class of people and equality titles this piece is created the politics of pointless this what's this alienated class of people been called racists and everything like that who are now shut out their finding other
which for their anger because they have nothing else you're not allowed to open a business you'll be boycotted nothing so here is a quote from the peace talks about this attack correct the this there guy at the charlottesville right he says fields we think of the lone wolf jihadis out here in europe will explode out of the general population and a homicidal rage these are people who sit endlessly front of a computer screen brainwashing themselves with online propaganda until they snap to make a quote political statement their nets website social media message boards is elevating political paranoia indeed the legitimacy normal politics the point he's trying to make exactly the point i'm trying to make nor more power takes joe is the ability the family research council to put out a policy statement of why they believe the governor sanctioning of gay marriage is not of a
of benefits to society abnormal politics is the designation of such policy statement of and and the people put it out the family research candle at council as hate speech and a hate group at encouraging people that point to violently attacked people through the or your designation of a group which happened with corkins saying that southern poverty law center corkins to do that they didn't that's not what i'm saying but i'm sure it's their designation that has people in front of the computer in the social media firewood age group there i could how do we respond they're not engage didn't debating the politics or the policy there only interesting in countering hate joe here are some examples of how the perimeter of what a hate group in hate speeches expanding to encompass you article today in the wall street journal again which i put said my twitter
now including the show randy why garden the head of the american federation of tee shirts giving a speech a month ago about schools and vouchers said about charter schools and vouchers so now joe if you support school choice carter schools avoutres vouchers am that it wanted to show two days and around with me lose in my mind that this is always a topic as so many take this one stop that schools and voucher she said are only slightly more polite cousins of segregation my main brandywine garden a far left liberal i'll leave the adjectives for another day because really after yesterday's show i want to i want to go to the gym cooler did i say at a busy day to the head of the american federation of teachers a devout liberal and innovation traction two black erica black america
by the way largely support school choice the ability to send their kid shockingly job randy why garda schools at actually work if you support that you are now only slightly more polite cousins of segregation so now our fury school choice supporter which by the with largely benefit minority communities pace on mounds and mounds of research of the academic benefits of children minority children who get the pick a better school over a failing school you are the cousin of segregation so let me ask you this if i aid to a school choice group if i it's a joint group like there's a group out there said the black list as for educational options i've i've remain up you getting a name is accurate a friend of my belongs to does not black does that make it purveyor of hate speech folks
don't tell me it's not happening it's already happened with the family research council so now we have pull donated group the designated people hate groups hey groups are to be boycotted hey groups are to be kept polite society there to be alienated at all costs the problem is the alienation is happening to you randy weingarten unbelief a national disgrace in every respect story number to put in the shower doubts on drudge today molly would reporter the going case against the new york times by sarah pale and you may have missed this it was an editor we covered on the show while ago of your new listener you might not have heard the show is the new york times which unbelievably after untold numbers of d comments if that's even a word which tried to link the
the after these scully shooting no less this get the shooting of congressmen these police are republican by an anti republican bernie sanders supporter tried to link political i once this is a new york times up had to say repellent and linked the shooting of congresswoman gary gabby giffords again too pale and map of up a pack had on our website that target our district the most disingenuous nonsense ever pailin good for her turned around ensued them and said my map which had argued over the congresswoman district had absolutely nothing do with this law oftener guy shooting gabby giffords nothing to do with it at all there's no evidence of that so she soon now the new york i was in court instead of apologizing is doubling doubt on this the new york while we're not going to apologize about this and you don't we
didn't run it and through their at do their credit to be fair they did run a retraction on that part of the story but there's no apology quarter all that's the headline on drudge again are you sure they hate reach hate group umbrella doesn't include but like you what a few donated sarah palin she needed to me disclosure bizarre what has happened that make me a hate group guy i'm sure the left also yes by the way no problem they will they differ acquires no further thinking at all if the left will instinct we respond always a republican of course he's a hate me come on let's just obvious again having no respect for the idea that your alienating a class of people and creating an enemy i don't want a free
joe please remember this but i don't want to forget the point about trade and cultural power for political power so this is really important i want to tie this up i'll let you take a note of this right political power cuz i don't want to forget that on my place aright story number three again drudge today you understand this is just from today's headlines that's it so by the way is intentionally used to associate those types of people with the with the really horrible gets the congressional district to raise money you're a killer here's the our story if you walk in reasonable science on the climate you're a climate than iron a climate by the way is in actually used to associate those types of people with the with the really honourable term holocaust and i offer imbeciles you deny that the holocaust happen don't don't think for a second that word deny or isn't used intentionally by far left groups story
drudge today again i'll put in the showed out from real climate science arctic ice joe member arctic ice guy supposed disappear worrisome to be sunbathing in the arctic right now everything was going to melt we we're all gonna die remember that while this article there that has in any case you think i'm making any of this up they have screenshot of the cover of a well read newspaper from two thousand and seven talking about how the arctic ice was going to be gone by roughly two thousand and twelve or in ten years two thousand and seventeen now here's what actually happened if you believe in things like science and data which you can bring up cause you're a climate that ire because again the perimeter for hate speech keeps moving farther and farther and farther charter school advocates people who this money for republicans everybody's aids beecher now you are now a climate than if you don't believe that when surface by the way as gain five hundred billion tons of ice which is thirty
three percent above normal reed p if you think i'm making it up but liberals don't let tat get in the way of view expanding your perimeter of you the haters and the hate speech and they hate group advocates are don't let the and black thing an alienating everybody you wondering why trump one mom series of euro liberal is you wondering are you genuinely curious why trump one i hate for simplifying elections because there are a lot of complexities but i'm tell if somebody ran that election cycle and knocked on thousands of doors there is a group of peace pull you are alienating with your endless insults and expansion of the hate speech age group umbrella to include anybody disagrees with you that is told we alienating them in this is that point as i told you joe remind me of here ok i was well you are trading what you have you what you
winning and cultural power you are losing in political power report kids are in charge they are charge out of recreation you created you have use your vast cultural power your power over the media and i a question that i dont like it i fight again but there's no question your winning that fight liberals on the media the barroso in hollywood liberals on the idea industry the a liberal zone academia our cultural institutions are dominated by liberals you ve won that war your views your power over the media and culture to shun people in hollywood to humanity people in hollywood to get your man such out in hollywood through your little subtle seems you think i pick up on him i pick up on everyone to try to not only shows by walking dead dead debate pot intended jeffrey de morgan going it echoed
the attack in trompe l estorade totally disingenuity totally out finished with that yoga by no more free promos for that you views your battles and your cultural influence not to winning this is where modest sum this up it wasn't good for you to win a gay marriage issue you you you what you wanted the supreme court left there are still people fighting it but you one of the supreme court level but that wasn't good enough for you you use your media power new cultural power to paint anybody who disagreed as evil morally repugnant but repugnant and i'm cases criminals user cultural power in kentucky to put a woman in jail and celebrated but with those cultural power victories and the painting of the other side is hate speech and hate groups under this umbrella because winning wasn't good enough job it wasn't good enough to win reconciled with the other side you had to win i had to punish
back when ass has been severe the democratic path he's at the lowest level of power they ve had since nineteen twenty two they have been kicked out of power joe just about we were outside of american citys there is not a patch of blue left near the anywhere in america outside of the cities you have trade that cultural power for political power because you will continue to lose so i'm imploring for this baker the country in the future this is only going get worse you may think you're winning may get your narratives out there in the media you may get your gilbert association narratives out there hey hey those guys are with you the nazis but those anti for twice matter they're not with us despite the fact you invite him to the wider and we condemn we condemn them
damn them in their most vicious harsh terms i mean there's nothing i can think lower of those groups claimed to be on the right you're not with us yet those we on the left they to the white house if the screaming what do we want dead cops you can t new this going forward you are going to trade your cultural power through your guilt by association tricks that never apply to you you are going to trade for massive diminution in political power than i i miss you is only going to get worse because what you're seeing your latest bubbles in the city you think is real you're hanging out with your friends pot bellies in washington dc stupid conservative rednecks we got them look in the mirror and a corner now they're all races i promised a massive backlash that's happened to you you see none of it because you don't understand what's going on a real america you
political power is going to decrease to the point of irrelevancy i you're going to celebrate and you think in new one i pray ass the trade off you're making is going to impact you dramatically it already has i folks i do have to rob the bread for a sponsor today i apologize i should do the beginning of the show but they are a good company to help make the show free and i really love them so up thanks for there was a really long monologue the beginning have it does not long in a locker but i did i shall write your buddies brick house nutrition you know a big supporter these guys i got a really nice e mail from a guy works really long shifts the other day who tried daunted dusk i told you and it was it was fantastic so this stuff keeps me go the whole day i told you that gimme the ups and downs brick acids she saw a hole in the energy product industry in the hall was a big one the problem with these energy
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please support our sponsors tried dont the dusk i really appreciate i want to move on a better cosette was kind of a macabre do i get a couple of things i want to talk about one quick thing so yesterday to my disappointment and great chagrin they tromp admitted racial paid out thee a cost sharing subsidies the bail out money that we been discussing the show repeatedly in short there are monthly payments being made under obamacare robot not a trumpet invent this although the the although the courts of law against that these are illegal payments i that's why i am baffled as to why the trump administration still paying them but there are monthly allow payments being made to the health insurance companies that are losing money on the robot care rules now instead of off of reforming obamacare rules like they should have and repealing or i'm a care the republicans and shockingly the trumpet ministries is decided to continue making these payments now the sea yo put out analyses gesture your liberal friends are gonna jump on but your liberal friends aren't
are you the whole truth about the scipio analysis of course see be opened up port yesterday's while she journal causing the oracles jokingly and asia at thy socio strikes again that there will be two percent premium hikes if illegal obamacare subsidies or stop so this unbelievable so now it's like the insurance companies at the left which by the way professes they hate health insurance companies is now saying that if we don't pay off said health insurance companies health insurance companies are gonna charges more so it's like it's like po here you know it just never stops i mean really every single time i just never ever ends with them i mean this is really ridiculous now we have to pay them off or the going to charge charges more for a product we don't want now here's the journal and angle in the journal peace that i gotta be answered i had not considered and i read the report nice i miss this and i dont know how but they did cover this and i figured i bring it up they
most of these insurance companies got you either way your ear screw because even if the pay off payments these bail out monthly bail out payments is cost sharing payments from the government tax which is you the taxpayer to insurance company stop either way the insurance companies make out if you say well how's that well i hadn't consider this increase when premiums go up what am i saying taxpayers money given to other taxpayers to pay for it waited costs of obamacare for insurance you dont want these subsidies are increase when and the tax credits of detail traded subsidies increase when premiums go up what am i saying what i'm telling you is even if the bail out money stops insurance please will then raise your premiums to which the ever made will respond by then giving more taxpayers money to people to pay for inflated premiums
you lose either way that either this army this was the maybe i don't mean this qualitatively and to give our citizens a compliment to the obama minister i mean it is an insult in every way this was strategic liberal brilliance of obamacare with that very few people i miss this i'm a shame on me i missed this they will be allowed you will bail out in health insurance companies while liberals get to sell insult health insurance companies at the same time you will bear them out and if you don't pay now they will raise prices by rays prices people will then access to more of your money to pay for the health insurance and now costs more either and you give the money to the insurance company what a deal folks what a deal you may say ok damn well you just proposed nothing you ve just while the subsidy suck and need the bail out payments are no i didn't proposing it i'm not proposing
i propose that we repeal the damp vague that's the point that the point of trying to make is not that worse yes we are screwed either way under a bombing here that's the point i'm trying to make this is the reasons obamacare has to go the health insurance cover but he's through their liberal supported yes libitum say that raw liberal supporters in the liberal barack obama got over on us they when they get a bit loud every or they get a bail out by it spare for raising prices either way you lose yet liberals still amazingly will still so port this thing and attack health insurance companies despite the fact that we are the health insurance companies because of liberals it doesn't matter we really cannot win all right now one final story i want to get to bed cuz it's kind of gave you just goes back to what i opened up the show with it it's personal to me and it's where i'm really bothered i debated bringing this up a time
going you papa before we get a heavy sigh the poorer see our tv and i want i want to thank everyone by the way what to itunes joy then we have the best audience ever seriously you all ladys out there you are ferociously loyal real honour i mentioned my book three weeks my book was best seller on amazon eyebrows i've been a really humbled by we'd we put out this pod track we got ten times the number of responses they ordinarily get which studying the even my employer believe me i gotta be how about it there are like wow this is crazy yes it s an aid would you might go and i too have given us a review i know i got a few miles i know some people had a few hiccups with most people got through ok we got fifty have you with us i did you guys arrays you really are ladys ike above died anyone we humble by really most humbled by the supported see your tv i i have asked you to prescribe we ve gotta
we're working on show much stuff i'm really honoured to be a part of it but right now as is the now we have we still have the best conservative content out there wouldn't work david and believe it we got mark levine show even crowded shows these days show michel ma can show we got my show coming up he's got subscribe i'd see artie be dot com and what's nice about this this whole blacklisting in earlier native class of americans that they're trying to make all conservative outlets part of rampart of when we don't need that because we rely on you are subscription model but hang on we have to rely on you and i'm just hoping you'll give us a shack go to see our tv dotcom i'll give you a promo code give you ten dollars off provoked mancino bioenergy i no sign up to it and i wanted to thank you and us were brought up the itunes thing because our but he is using promo code quite a bit and maya managements been very very preston i'm i'm i'm flattered and honoured and i want to thank you for giving us a shot
and we have a lot of good things coming down the pipeline our promises so see our tv decamp he's promo code bungee don't go i sign up less story with you know it's not dumb is that so much of a story it's kind of a story married to a personal personal tale of sub misbegotten offer me so i opened up about you'd have facebook and dead and twitter and spotify how their blacklisting these hate groups and how i dont disagree that are these groups are hey groups i disagree with the strategy here's one of the problems and having with facebook and levies i understand bring this up puts the target on me to just like bringing apple in the beginning puts a target me too but i you know i it's the right thing to do sometimes i think the right thing to do should be the right thing to do regardless of the penalty and this is it this is a fight that has to be fought what's critical about a lot of these groups here forget moving on from apple for a moment derek dino give giving money to a group that it's been
involved in some very questionable activity in yes plc but facebook i've got a problem of facebook enemy i've been brain of setting one eyed draw traffic to this thing but what's interesting facebook is taking down all of these pages and yet as a conservative i got an impersonator out there and facebook restarted pedro posters than post the nastiest violet stuff about trump at an email once or twice a week about this page from people hey there's a clown out there if we now know every most the over majority people know it's not me just because of the posts on it but i want to facebook get this page taken down and facebook did zippo nothing about it so just to be clear folks it's ok to steal my actual maim and photo la put file hate filled stuff towards trump that's ok
even when you go now we're taken other avenues and we're i feel pretty good about it and we know who it is and where were we feel pretty confidence i don't worry about that i'm only bring it opted to accentuate the that this is total hypocrisy on facebook path because when you are conservative uk get anything done you said complete this is me it's my picture why is this guy and putting up eight fills out that's ok it's ok if it was a liberal you every step taken down immediately and one final thing about facebook they had a group at facebook or facebook anonymous facebook took the group down a little while ago apparently they were harassing people by the people and equable say we weren't arresting people you know what they were guilty of defending conservative values facebook employs so again is it just you know the rules my group's are ok black lives matter can have their pages this by calling for the death of cops but conserved or ass before joe and wrap up the show with this is given the rules of the road because
derivative start the rules of the road with its job that once you advocate for violence you're done whether you be a lamb or the nazis or the clan or anti for once advocate for violence against another human being you're done we thought as job i'm sure you thought too didn't you think for that reason wrote that's what i thought tat they are not there the rules of the road you and i both thought that the rules road or this if you're a conservative they can be maligned by attaching the conservative group to people on a quote far right there now all right at all then you we'll be malign but left leaning groups who invite these people of the white house are to be absolved of any responsibility because they are fighting the resistance so to say some nonsense punch crap i just wanted to point out that hypocrisy i
thanks again for tuna please go give us a review on itunes i really appreciate him when it did it thanks a lot and i will see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dont com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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